Paandav (1995) - full transcript

Inspector Vijay lives with his elder brother, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ashwini Kumar; and sister-in-law, Jyoti, in a upper middle-class community in India. Assigned an investigation, which leads Vijay to conclude that the crime was committed by K.K. Kelva's man, he risks his life to arrest him, and hold him in prison until such time a date is fixed for a court hearing. Vijay also interrogates his prisoner, often using excessive force. Shortly thereafter, Vijay is instructed to release the prisoner - and the person who instructs him thus is no other than his very own brother, Ashwini, who it seems on the pay-roll of Kelva and his gangsters. What can Vijay possibly do to bring an end to this illicit relationship?

Mr. K. K. did summon me?

Keep this in mind, acp choughule

I shouldn't have to
remember you again!


- You have to present yourself
here daily, without fail! - Yes!

- Yes.- If you get
thrown out of K. K's service...

...and lose the income
you receive through it..

..then all your whims and vices
will beggar your official pay!

I'll be there morning and
night Sir! Give me a chance!

In the morning, our truck
will be laden with goods...

...and proceed from
Dahisar to Coloba!

Fix it so that the truck
does not have to stop...

...for any reason
other than trafic signale.

Sir, arranging for this,
in one night...

...and a truck laden with
good going through the city.

If i could get a day'e notice...

The truck will leave
Dahisar tomorrow it self!

If it doesn't reach Colaba,
you will be disposed off!

And sent to place where
Earth is a distant sight!

The truck will reach there. The
truck will get there, Mr. K.K!

- Choughule! - Yes! - The
number of the truck is...

Amazing, someone has
brought news of my defeat...

...and that person
stands so close to me?

When failure comes
face to face with K.K... has face K.K's ire!

Remember, that day in the
college and the cricket match?

We were one down and batting.

The bowler made the delivery,
i went forward...

...the ball glanced off my pads.
The fielders appealed...

...i turned, and the umpire
raised a finger against me!

K.K was out!

Do you remember how you had it out?

Thought the umpire's
head was a ball and...out!

The umpire was out!

I was young and it
was my first crime... the court forgave me.

But this wasn't
just my first crime... was the first link in the
chain of my criminal career!

At that time, the umpire was right!

But i couldn't accept it!

Today, you are wrong,
and don't accept it!

Who is lording over
the city, right now?

How dare this person go against me?

He is trying to beat
me on my own turf?

I can't accept my defeat!

A.K search every nook
and cranny of the city!

I want my goods back!

Along with the
corpse of that person!

I'm touching your feet, Sir!

You may touch my feet,
when your hands are free!

Hariya! - Yes, Sir.

- How much are those goods of
K.K's worth? - 5 crores, Sir!

The bugger sent me
to jail for 7 years...

...and meanwhile seems to
have done well for himself!

And in the jail, for 7 years, i
drew his picture on the walls.

For 7 years, on the jail walls,
that's all that i did!

I have just been planning
strategies, against K.K!

I have finally made the first move!

Now that jerk will serve me...

...with readymade meals
i'll eat on and on!

Should i call up K.K?

He has just been
scammed out of 5 crores!

He won't be able to
utter a word right now!

Let the jerk flop around a bit!
Like a fish taken out of water!

K.K must have already hauled the
police over the coals, for this!

He may be acting cunning with
the help of Inspector Choughule!

This black marketeering of his... a white collar job for
these decent folk, Hariya!

The police officers
are also auctioned off!

Name a high price, and buy
a Choughule, for yourself!

Now, i will also place my bid... this auction of Khaki uniforms!

Sir, you summoned me?

Inspector Vijay, an
empty truck was found...

...on the Bombay Poona Highway!

No report was filed at
any police station...

...but it seems, bullets were fired,
and the truck was looted!

Please investigate this matter.

Vijay, Inspector Vijay!

If you are unable to respect
your seniors or to take orders...

...then get yourself transferred!

Sir, the criminals you have told
me to find out about...

...i heard it, and i
also heard the order...

...that is given, once
the criminals are caught!

To release those criminals!

It may have become your habit to
catch criminals to release them.

I am trying to inculcate that habit!

The law and order
that governs society...

...has placed a limit on our power!

We can't cross it, can we?

Some officers, like you and me,
Sir who're trapped in limits...

...whereas, 75% of the police
uniforms disguise criminals!

Who either commit illegal
activities or have them committed.

Its not as if i have turned a
blind eye to the fact that...

...our department has a handful
of honest officers, like you!

With their support i'm
fighting crime thriving in this city!

Yes, i have got a new
ACP transferred here.

He will join up for duty tomorrow.

What difference is a new
officer going to make, Sir?

Criminals are not a few
people, they are a clan!

What difference can a few honest
officers & their service arms...

...make to the
strength of organised crime?

But Sir, so long as i am wearing
a uniform, i will keep the faith.

Come on, get down! Out of the way!
Come on! Go on the footpath!

Tell me, has the police
landed up early for a change?

I don't know! - Hey listen!

Did you people see that?

This is the power of the police!

The innocent keep running away!

And the criminals, keep
strolling arm in arm with us!

Come on guys, let's get to work!

Let's play at investigation first!

So Diwali was celebrated!

Go on, check how many
firecrackers were burst!

What a fruitless exercise!

Hey, Ajay!

Stop the car!

- License please! - Why?
What's the matter?

It's a serious matter Madam!

Show me, whatever i
ask you to show me!

Do you have any
other identification?

Have a look at my passport!

This says, the identification
mark is a mole on your back!

May i see it?

If you don't mind.

Here you are, turn around!

What's going on here?

Sir, he's checking the
identification mark!

Checking the mark, is he?

-Have you seen his
identification? - No!

So, you didn't see. Madam,
before you go to such an extent.

First you should always
check the officer's i card.

Because, the one who is
standing here... he is a fake officer.

He is in a habit of putting on a
uniform and seeing here and there.

Please leave!

Go on Madam!

So taking a chance, were you?

Vijay, you might have surely
been a match box in your last birth.

You can't trap a
female and if i trap her...

...then your match
stick starts burning.

Hey, come on track.

Or else you'll
remember your previous and...

...present birth at a time.

Dear, if any intelligent
girl falls in your trap...

...that day, you'll
be trashed by her.

Amazing, i was quite rough,
while picking his pocket!

He still didn't feel it?

Uncle, do you know, i
just committed a crime!

I picked your pocket!

Uncle, before i venture much
further on this path of crime...

...please stop me, Sir!

There is only one way for that!
Hand me over to the police!

No my dear, i know, that
whan with the rising prices...

...and the struggle to live,
there is no way left, but this!

Here, my dear, keep
this wallet with you!

Look at this! Hands which
should have henna on them...

...are picking pockets!

Old man! I was trying to
get henna on my hands!

I made a wrong
choice with the target!

Seems all the holy men have
come down from the Himalayas!

How strange these kind people are!

Ritu, if your love
affair is so serious... can't have Vijay,
without committing a serious offence!

What should i do then?

Do you see that bag, there?

Pick up that bag and run away!

I? - Sure, i'm with you!

Come along!

Hey, my bag! Stop thief! A
thief stole the bag! Thief!

Sir, not here, there!

Good day, Inspector!

You're back here?

Well, you do know,
that i am helpless!

Sir, this girl picks bags...

In broad daylight, she
picks pockets and steals bags!

You are left watching!

Then she comes to you,
saying, she has committed a crime!

She wants to be booked for it,
only in this police station!

-Yes, but how do you know this?-
I've a request for all of you.

You all please leave this place!

And you, get lost!

One moment, please!

How can we just let her go?
She's committed a crime...

...she must be pinished!

Ajay, you too? - Yes.

Inspector, we are the
public of your beat!

Do you consider us
such enemies, that... won't even lodge a complaint!

And do you love this girl so
much you will let her go scoot free?

If a journalist finds
out about this corruption...

...he will ruin reputation!

- His honour is our
honour, right? - Yes!

And any one of these
patriotic eye witnesses...

-... can spill this story
to a journalist! - Yes!

Sir, matters are getting
out of hand! File the report!

- You do your work, go on! -
Inspector, i have a request!

Tell me. - Don't put her in jail!
Criminals don't improve in jail...

...they are created there!

I shall pay for her bail!
Excuse me a moment, come here, Sir!

You look like a very emotional guy!

Don't you understand this
is not a matter of theft?

This is an affair of the heart!

Just look at their faces?
Go on take a look!

I get it! Inspector,
please put this girl in jail!

Yes, the matter is quite serious!

If you don't put her in jail...

..we will stage a protest
outside from tomorrow! Yes!

Inspector, it would ne better,
if you do put her in jail!

Come on everyone, let's go!
Thank you Sir! Thanks all of you!

If i need your help, we
shall meet again! Bye, bye.

Oh my! What a grip!

- You like staying behind
bars, don't you? - You bet!

One hour inside the lock up
will teach you! Come let's go.

Oh wow.

"My heart is restless for you."

"I see you, and i feel a fever!"

"My heart is restless for you."

"My heart is restless for you."

"My heart is restless for you."

"My heart is restless for you."

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"This is called love, my love!"

"I see you, and i feel a fever!"

"This is called love, my love!"

"I see you, and i feel a fever!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"My restless heart...

...God knows, what
has happened to it!"

"Tell me, where is my heart?"

"It is lost in dreams of you!"

"Since i have laid
eyes on you my love!"

"My fever just keeps on growing,
hear me, my love!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"This is called love, my love!"

"I see you, and i feel a fever!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"What kind of madness is this?"

"You are the only one i see!"

"There are thousands of
wonders in this world!"

"You are the only one i see desire!"

"My lips only say your name!
And my eyes see only you."

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"My heart is restless for you."

"I see you, and i feel a fever!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"This is called love, my love!"

"When i see you, and i feel a fever!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

"It could be 103 degrees or 104!"

- Sir. - Release her.

Yes sir.

She has learnt a lesson now.

Come on, Inspector, i have
my hand in the right place!

You release me today,
i'll return tomorrow!

She won't improve!

She is incorrigible!

Daata, when did you come?
I'd almost forgotten about you!

K.K! This style of
yours is old hat now!

You forget favours
that you have done!

You took such
trouble to send me to jail!

7 years, i thought
of only you in jail!

And as soon as i was
out i sent you a message.


Have you been searching for your
missing father for past 5 hours?

The same one who looted 5
crores worth of your goods!

Look at me, K.K. I am that
missing father of yours!

You are very fond of
being a father, Daata!

Then have the courage
to give birth, as well!

You can't give birth to a child,
so you adopted one instead?

Try adopting me, and i'll
suck your blood from your body!

Stay away from me, Daata!

And this thimbleful of water,
you have stolen from my ocean... doesn't affect me one bit!

I shall convert this
ocean into a creek K.K!

You're lording it over the city,
with this Choughule as your man!

So, i've become pally with cops,
after 7 years in jail!

Besides, that 5 crores of
yours can be put to use as well!

Daata, you'll need a long
life to spend this 5 crores!

And sadly, your life
is not long anymore!

Watch the life lines, on your
palms grow shorter, after today!

How did he get the information,

There must be an informer
in the police department!

All of them get sold off!

You taught us well!

No one bids higher,
than you, Mr.K.K!

It's not possible than Daata
has found a pal among the police!

Give David a token
to rub out Daata...

...before he begins
putting that 5 crores to work...

...put an end to his life!

Come on!



Send a telegram to this
address to Capt. Vikas Sood!

Please tell him to come immediately.

And yes, 24246! That's the
number in Cochin, get it for me!

If Captain Sood calls, tell
him his wife is in hospital!

Leave averything, and do this first!


How is my mother?

She's fine my boy!

How are you?

Uncle, why did those
people shoot at my mother?

Did you see those people?

Uncle, call my papa
and ask him to come here!

He will make my mother all right!

Yes, my boy! But son,
did you see those people?

Inspector, can i speak
to you for a minute?

-Tell me. - My
name is Nisha Tiwari.

I am a responsible journalist.

I brought that woman and
that child to the hospital.

I have sent word to
her husband, Capt. Sood!

Please go back to
the police station...

...and record this
complaint in a huge register...

...and your job is done!

Look, i have to
take their statements.

Even if you do find
out who's the criminal...

...i can tell you for a
fact you can't harm him!

You may go through the
motions of an investigation...

...but don't trouble that child!

Look Madam keep your advice to
yourself and i know my duty...

Everyone knows the duty of the
police & how they carry it out!

The police officers sit in the
police and doze all day long!

Criminals roam
around without any fear!

I admit that all
uniforms are the same colour!

But the thought,
emotions, & humanity...

...of the men wearing
them are different.

I was present at the
scene of the crime.

I saw everything with my own eyes...

...i could pick out the
criminal in a crowd.

You have an eye
witness standing before you.

You have a lot to say about
honesty humanity, don't you?

Now we shall see, how much the
uniform has coloured your blood!

This is the man!

This is David, the hitman!

Patil! - Yes Sir!

I want all the information
on David in half an hour!

Please give the phone
to the Commissioner!

- Inspector Vijay
here Sir! - Tell me.

I want a warrant for David
fot today's shootout, Sir!

-Any witnesses? - We
have an eye witness!

Get the papers ready!

Thank you sir. Thank you very much.

Sir, David has been in the
lock up for the past 2 days!

In the lock up? At
which police station?

The one under Mr.
Choughule's command.

Mr. Choughule's station!

Tell me, where were you,
between 10 and 12 o'clock!

Tell me, whose token did you accept?

Who helped you to get out
of the jail for 2 hours?

Tell me, where
were you for 2 hours?

Sir! - What is it?

This is wrong!

You can't come to Choughule's
station & beat him just like...

I'm hitting him, and
you're feeling the pain?

I am going to uncover
Choughule's schemes, soon!

Get out from here.

Tell me, where were you for 2 hours?

Who gave you the
permission to leave?

Tell me!

I'll tell you, Inspector!

I'll tell you! - Tell me! Quickly!

- You? - The police station
is not your personal fiefdom!

You can't just enter and
behave like a wild man!

You are an inspector, stay
within the limits of your duty!

But Sir... - Not with your fists!

Who permitted you to
come here and beat him up?

If you are so fond of
behaving like a thug...

...take this uniform off & hang
out at a corner cigarette stall!

You can bully people in
the surrounding area, then!

There are many unemployed
youth of your age doing the same!

If you wear this uniform
and behave any way you like... will be stripped of it!

Sorry sir.

Who? Who is it?

Vijay! You scared me so much!

What about what happened to me,
when i saw brother suddenly?

Forget it! You are all
in on this conspiracy!

Now you see, what happened to me?

That was your brother's idea!

Not to let you know
about the transfer!

And Shrivastav Uncle talks
about new inspector... if i don't know him,
and neither does he!

Papa kept telling us all about you!

And you all ganged up against me!

Shall we go? You're in the
kitchen as soon as you're here!

Everyone is coming to dinner!

Sister, i shall get great
food after a very long time!

Should i call Ajay?

He's coming! He knows!

I see, so that guy
is in on this too!

Punk, he claims to be
a great pal of mine!

Where is Chinky?

Hey, my Chinky?

Live long.
- Live long.

You're amazing brother,
you could have told me!

I could have made
for some arrangements!

We wanted to surprise you!

I also wanted to see how you are
fulfilling your police duties!

Brother, i didn't say
anything at the police station!

I had to respect your uniform,
but you were wrong there!

- Wrong? - He was about to
confess, and you came in!

How was i to know that
he was about to confess?

But what is his name?

David? He was in jail for
drunk & disorderly behaviour!

And you pounced on him, as if he...

Forget it brother! As if
you don't know anything!

Innocents are injured and an eye
witness recognises David's photo.

And when we seek him out, we
fint that he is in lock up...

...on a small time charge!

What are you trying to say?

Just this, that using
their rotten tricks...

...criminals fool us very easily!

Actually we are the ones,
who grow criminals!

The fact that police & criminals
are in cahoots, is not new!

That's enough! If you
can't respect your department...

...and your uniform,
throw the uniform away!

Wonderful, what a
reunion of 2 brothers!

Such love, that on meeting,
taking off clothes is necessary!

Bless me, brother!

Brother, you married sister in law,
to eat meals cooked by her!

We're bachelors, and eating out
has ruined our sense of taste!

So, let's eat to our
heart's content, and later...

...both of you can argue at leisure!

Sister, good day!

- You're here? - Bless
me later, feed me first!

Mr. Vijay, do you intend to eat?

Or has the piping hot
shout filled you up?

Stop it, man! What's wrong is wrong!

Elsewhere, people commit
their sins in hading!

And as for our department,
it's all out in the open!

Then go ahead and free
yourself from this world!

Which has too much evil and
too little good happening!

Wear a holy man's clothes,
and set out on a pilgrimage!

Who has stopped you?

Brother, you too would
have seen red...

...if you had seen that woman
bleeding & her son's condition!


- Come to me! My son!
- Papa has come!

How are you, son? Are you all right?

How is your mother?

She died!

Sir, the Nagapada case is
scheduled for today!

I have prepared the sheet, it
has to be submitted in court!

To tell you the truth...

May i come in?
- Yes.

My name is Capt. Vikas Sood!

I have just set fire to
my wife's funeral pyre!

She was injured in day
be fore's incident...

...yesterday, she breathed her last.

Which incident was this?

Sir, this is the shootout...

I just want to know this!

Who are the suspects
in that shootout?

Capt. Sood, i am handling the case.

We are trying, but so far...

I am ashamed to see
your helplessness!

We army men, take care
of the entire country!

And you cops can't take
care of a single city?

-Captain Sood! - If criminals
& crime keep scaring people...

...then these police stations
this crowd of men in Khaki...

...and senior officers like
you, will be meaningless!

-Come along with me, Sir,
i will... - No, Inspector!

I need to understand what he meant!

If you ever do understand...

...remember that an innocent,
has lost his mother!

When he asks me,
where is his mother...

...i will have to say, that his
mother was killed by the cops!


If you are in the city
for some days...

...i will earn your trust
for the cops.

That is a promise!

I'll try to find an answer to
your son's question, too.

Feel the pain! Now you
know the pain i feel!

The police looted my lair!

And you punks heard the
police sirens, and ran here... dry off your wet pants!

Bless me, Daata!

Hariya! - Your command, Daata!

Did you see K.K's antics? He and
Choughule looted all my stuff!

They have made ne a laughing stock!

No, Daata, this
isn't K.K's handiwork!

His lairs were looted too!

K.K's lairs too?

Then did he call for the
military from the capital?

No, Daata, officer Ashwin Kumar
who was transferred recently... flexing his muscles,
to show his power!

This new officer may
not befriend us.

But so what? There are
many ways to control him!

Either buy him out, and
tame him no expenses spared!

Or, get him transferred to a place
which is far from here!

Or else, use his family
members as life insurance!

K.K sir, he is transferred recently.

So, you forget that.

The other thing is that
if we murder an officer...

...then the public won't leave us.

Yes, we have to see that if that
officer accepts bride...

...then what will be his amount.

Pinky my dear! See
what i have brought you!

See, i have brought
you so many things!

- Here's my girl! See
what i got for you! - What?


For your room.

Till you don't make new friends,
sit in the room and watch TV!

Papa, should i call Uncle? - Yes.

Jyoti! - What is it? I'm cooking!

Come here, and look! I
got you Chinese crockery!

From now on, your food-will
be served in this crockery!

Come here!

These days, a lot of
your jobs happen without me!

You got all this, without me?

Well, there are a couple of jobs
that are impossible without you!

You are sorely needed!

Aren't you needing me
a bit too early today?

You've emptied your purse... you intend to
sleep on an empty stomach?

I agree Papa called you
here for a special job...

...he got you a
huge official quarter!

But your salary remains the same!

Then why are you splurging,
this way?

Madam, today, your
husband remembered...

...that he is the
assistant Commissioner of police!

He controls the entire city, and
so should live with some style!

So i thought all these things...

...yes, the washing machine
will come tomorrow!

After seeing it, you will talk
a bit more respectfully to me!

Because, in a day, at
lease 10, 20, 30 men salute me!

The city folk may pamper you no end!

I have always kept you in my heart!

And that's where you'll stay!

The washing machine made
you a bit too romantic!

Brother, by the way, you were right!

Women aren't
romantic at hill stations!

As she gets when in the market
or when she sees the shopping.

See the effect?

After seeing these goods,
the good man ha left you...

...and joined hands with me!

This is called power!

If you want to maintain this power...

...start earning
money by underhand means!

Your job provides ample
chances for that!

What great advice!

I'll call your father & tell him
what his daughter advised me!

Give your father this advice, Madam!

His job provides ample chances too!

This is one trhing that Brother
and Uncle have been unable to do.

They never earned by
underhand means, they never will!

What trust inme! Here
you are! And watch for you!

I was wondering whether
i should give it ot not!

You just might think
it's a bribe and...

Brother the day, such an ill
gotten watch enters this house...

...that day, time will stand still!

Just be a bit careful!

If you feel danger,
then return back.

This new ACP Ashwin Kumar has
posted his men at all our lairs!

D.K, he is wearing
colored glasses now!

We have sent some of
our stuff to his home!

Do your business as coolly
as a lion feeds on prey!

Excuse me.

I am inspector Ajay Sinha.

I need to search you!

What do you mean?

The police has been
searching for you!

I've been informed, you carried
out a drug deal in this hotel.

Drugs? You are mistaken, Inspector!

The truth will be revealed!
Raise your hands!

I say hands up, fast.

-Ajay! - Sir, i just
received a report that she has...

There's a limit to jokes!

- Do you know who she
is? - But Sir, i was...

Stop! Miss Nisha, i apologize,
on behalf of Ajay!

He is my friend. He's a
good guy but he loves to joke.

Your friend cracks good jokes.

Let me praise him a bit!

Ajay, i told you, the
day you meet such a girl...

Now i shall meet her!

You will see how
that ends too, Vijay!

If she doesn't come crying &
begging for love, i'll be shamed.

Come on, now! Enough of this!

You're here again?

Forgive me!

Papa! - What's the matter, son?

This is the man,
who killed my mother!

I'm beginning to get
jealous of this typewriter!

You like it's company more than me!

Let's go out somewhere!

Ajay, i have to complete this article
& send it to the press!

The man to be released tomorrow
is guilty of a crime i witnessed.

And he can't go
without any punishment!

But Nisha, why are you
getting into it?

How long will this go on,
Ajay? Someday, someone has to talk!

This has to be stopped!

These criminals have to be
made to pay for their crimes!

But who is this criminal?


Your people get weapons
in your hands...

...and you ruin a life
as and when you please!

You think this country
was gifted to you father?

I'll kill you.

I'll kill you, kill you bastard!


Captain, you must have
shot a lot of bullets!

Today, you will
have to face a bullet!

If you move a finger, i
shall press the trigger!


We have received such a
small guest for the first time!

Who have you come with?


-Are you Chinky's friend?
- Not at all!

Does Ashwin Uncle live here?

But who are you?


My Papa told me to give
this letter to Ashwin Uncle!

Where is your Papa?

I don't know!

Come along!

This letter is for you!

Who is this little guy?

Sonny! - Sonny?

Respected ACP... had promised
to give me justice!

I read in the papers this morning.

David was not charged, no
case was made against him.

He is being freed today!

Now, i shall get justice on my own!

I won't be able to
live without that!

I don't know what's
going to happen to me!

Please do take care of my son!

If it comes to sending
him to an orphanage...

...make sure it's a good one!

Tank you, Captain Sood!

What kind of behaviour is this?

Everyone wants to
implement his own brand of justice!

How can society go on this way?

I know where and what Capt.
Sood is doing, right now!

Please control your anger!

The tittle boy will get scared!

I know what to do! Don't explain
to me. Go in and do your work!

And take this child with you!

Your uncle scolded me as well!

What is this? Who scolds an adult?

Who can explain to him?

What is the matter, sister-in-law?

Good thing you are here.

Capt. Sood sent a
letter with this child...

...and spoilt your brother's mood!

Capt. Sood sent a letter?
I'll go and find out!

Come on dear.

- Yes, Mr. Vijay! - Palande,
is Capt. Sood there?

Yes, he is in the lock up!

- What? In the lock up?
- Yes Sir! - Why?

- I don't know, Sir! - And
David? - He was set free!

He was set free?

When? - Today!

These are straightforward
bail papers, ACP!

Why are you taking
so long to read them?

Release Capt. Sood!

Choughule's Sir feels very
bad, releasing an innocent!

He's very happy when
criminals like David are released!

ACP Choughule, if you get
hit by a home truth some day...

...then go home today and think!

How you are going
to end up, some day!


Thank you, Vijay.

I won't say Inspector Vijay,
because i hated the police!

I now loathe them!

I have had a glimpse of the
hollowness of this country!

Termites like ACP, have
bored through the interior!

And now, any day this country
can blow away in a strong wind!

How long will you support it
alone with your bare hands?

I am not alone!
You will stand by me!

When people like us get
together these worms are dead!

Hey my car! Stop thief!

Ganga, i gave you a car with 2 crores
worth of cocaine!

And now, you've gone and lost it?

Now, Ganga, don't stand
there with your head bowed!

Now this isn't your fault!

The open car was just 20 paces away!

By the time you got back,
someone took the car off!

How can this be your fault, Ganga?

These legs are at fault,
which are so heavy... poor Ganga can't lift them!

Ganga it hurts, doesn't it?

Hariya, Ganga is very dear to me!

I can't bear to see his pain!

He burnt my money up
to celebrate Diwali!

And he wants to benefit from it!

I am not sorry
that my money is gone!

I have loads of money!

There's so much, it seems the
change generates more money!

But the loss my
reputation suffered...

...i won't be able to tolerate that!

It's not my reputation! It's
like a woman from Jaunpur!

With whom one can do any damn thing!

Hariya! - Your command, Daata.

I want my stuff back!

I need to see if you can
risk your life for my honour!

-As you wish, Daata!
- Hurry up, Hariya, go!

Daata's honour is at stake!

Here it comes again!

I am married.

And Chinky is still too young!

Why is someone honking the horn
out there like a lovelorn Romeo?

This is the behaviour of a
person who is crazy in love!

That may be so! But once one is
in love, one sounds like that!

I think someone is
checking their horn!

Right in front of our house?

Chinky, go and see who it is!

She's not eaten yet! - She'll eat!

Let her go and see who it is!

Hello Chinky.
- Hi.

Do you know me?

I don't know you!
- But i know you?

I know your parents too!

- Is your uncle at home?
- Yes, but who are you?

I am your prospective aunt!

- Call your uncle out! - Why
don't you come in with me?

No, my dear! Till your uncle doesn't
come to fetch her...

...your future aunt
can't come inside!

I'll call uncle!

- Uncle! - Who is it,
Chinky, my child?

My future aunty is here!
Let's go and fetch her!

Has Ritu come?

How do you know her?

Ajay has told me everything!

I talk to her on the phone daily!

I'll fetch her, right away!

This is the first
time she has come home!

i'll fetch her!

Oh my God! you will
be the death of me!

Let's get out of here!

What will Sister think?
I didn't even go in!

- I had promised Chinky...- Look
don't become a relative, okay?

What is this "Sister" chant now?
You're always up to something!

Vijay, you may accept it or not! I
have you written in my fate!

And where did you get this car from?

This belongs to my friend!
I told her my sad story...

...she cried and told me to
take the car right away!

You and your friends, are
birds of the same feather!

People who are in love, have
a totally different style!

-Stop it! - Today, i
will seek out your heart!

"You are a method of love!"

"You are the secret of my heart!"

"You are a method of love!"

"You are the secret of my heart!"

"My partner, my love!"

"You are the one i look up to!"

"At least you could hear
the voice of my heart!"

"At least you could hear
the voice of my heart!"

"You are a method of love!"

"I am guilty of troubling you!"

'I accept any punishment you give!"

"It's enough that you accept it!"

"My love has been paid back in full!"

"I am guilty of troubling you!"

'I accept any punishment you give!"

"It's enough that you accept it!"

"My love has been paid back in full!"

"That's it, stay happy,
grace of my heart!"

"That's it, stay happy,
grace of my heart!"

"You are a method of love!"

"Just tell me, when you love me... will you keep
the promises of love?"

"My love you will see for yourself...

...when you hold me close!"

"Just tell me, when you love me... will you keep
the promises of love?"

"My love you will see for yourself...

...when you hold me close!"

"Tease me anyway your heart desires... on the strings of my love!"

"Tease me anyway your heart desires... on the strings of my love!"

"You are a method of love!"

"You are the secret of my heart!"

"You are a method of love!"

"You are the secret of my heart!"

"My partner, my love!"

"You are the one i look up to!"

"At least you could hear
the voice of my heart!"

"At least you could hear
the voice of my heart!"



Here's a love letter
for you from the law!

A message to signal
Hariya's departure!

These are Hariya's bail papers!

Open the door!

Read it carefully
through and through!

Let Hariya go!

Hey Inspector! You know very well...

...that i was wedded to
the cops for 7 years!

Now i have divorced them!

It is the custom of our village!

One doesn't visit the in
laws home after the divorce!

And listen to this as well!

If any man from my entourage
spends a single night here...

... then you shan't see the
morning sun, the next day!

Do you have a
license for this revolver?

It is a genuine,
state assigned license!

And i am not such a fool,
that in this police station...

Can i see the revolver?

Six bullets were fired!

From your revolver!

The fingerprints on it are yours!

The case? Attempt to kill a
police officer in the station!

Eye witnesses are present!

Patil, what transpired here?

Exactly what you said, Sir!

- Kamble! - Yes Sir?
- What did you see?

You were shot at, Sir!

- And you Inspector?- He
made an attempt to kill you!

Did you hear that?

If i misuse the law,
the way you do...'ll spend the rest of your
days doing hard labour in jail!

And the hard labour will never end!

The next time, you
butt into my work...

I'll empty this
revolver into your chest!

Then i shall interrogate
your corpse!

And you know Daata,
corpses don't get out on bail!

- Yes sir.

If they don't leave by
the count of three...

...then throw the
punks into the jail!

How come you both
are together today?

She was coming here, as you
had promised her something!

And i had promised
you something as well!

So i thought, why not
fulfill both the promises together?

So you fulfill your promise first!
- I am doing the same.

Nisha, this is the file
with Daata's picture...

...and details of all his
dealings, big & small!

And this is the file because of
which, he spent 7 years in jail!

Nisha, by reading
about Daata in the papers...

...i am sure, we'll win the case!

We need public support!
Wait and watch Vijay...

...tomorrow, Daata's
picture will be in the papers!

Wonderful! You fulfilled
your promise, so well!

But i have fulfilled my promise,
with great finesse, too!!

- Which promise?
- Have you forgotten, Vijay?

My first meeting with Nisha!

You must remember, Nisha!
The hotel, the hotel parking!

When you had come to frisk me!

And what had you done?

Do you recall anything, Vijay?

The promise, i had made to you?

Ask her. So, Nisha,
you love me, don't you?

What are you talking about?

Talking about love in
the police station?

Nisha, can you stay
without me for even a moment?

I can't. You know about yourself!

And if i don't meet you for a
day, your heart beats faster?

What kind of a joke is this, Ajay?

This isn't the joke! the joke
is my so called love for you!

What do you think,
that i really love you?

Look Vijay, i have kept my promise!

See how pale she has gone,
on hearing the truth!

What's wrong with you?
Why are you talking crap?

Forget it man!

I haven't hung
around a girl for so long!

My promise is done!
Let us go our own way!

Ajay, tell me this is a lie!

See she's even crying now!

- Ajay...- That day, you
slapped me so smartly!

Today, i slapped you,
and you can't even see it!

You can hear it, can't you?

Ajay! Nisha!

Let her go! I don't
give a damn about her!

If i stay stuck to one girl,
what about the rest?

"I dreamt dreams, i made you mine!"

"And you betrayed me!"

"How can i say, that my...

...dream have betrayed me!"

"I dreamt dreams!"

"I had asked for the joys of love!"

"I have only received
shame and heartbreak!"

The heart got sorrow,
the eyes received tears!"

"I found only loneliness!"

"That unfaithful man,
rewarded me well for my faith!"

"I dreamt dreams, i made you mine!"

"And you have betrayed me!"

"I dreamt dreams!"

"I have no grudges against anyone!"

"I have no complaints."

'Why am i still alive...

...when i have no wish to live?"

"My heart is sinking...

...why do i feel this heartache?"

"Why the light of my life waning?

"I dreamt dreams, and made you mine!"

"You betrayed me!"

"How can i say it?"

"My dreams have betrayed me!"

"I dreamt dreams!"

Big people bow down
to my slightest will!


Everyone respects me!
And this chit of a girl...

...has turned my reputation into
a chutney for public consumption.

And you punks! Hey Hariya!
Hear this loud and clear!

If my picture is printed,
i will riun your mugs!

The chit of a girl, shouldn't
be able to put pen to paper!

Stop all her reading and writing.

Bring her here, i
shall give her a degree!

Hey Hariya!- Your command, Daata!

Cutting grass and picking
flowers are not the same thing!

Her fingers & mouth
may work non stop!

But i can tell you without
touching her, i can tell you...

...the body beneath those clothes... really delicate!

You're finally at your
real level aren't you Daata?

- If you are a man...
- The doctor says i am a man!

I have brought you
here to test that fact!

Daata, if my honour...

What about you
playing with my honour?

I have read the
love letter about me...

...which you'd printed in the papers!

You stripped me
naked before the public!

I will play the same game with you!

I'll strip you and see
the honour you hide within!

I will show everyone! Hey Hariya!

Take her sari off!


No, Hariya!

No... Hariya.

I swear on your mother! She gave
birth to you & your sister too!

The one you make your wife,
will be a woman too!

Your daughter will
mention her as mother.

No Hariya. Hariya.

After behaving this way with me,
can you meet your mother's eyes?

Hariya's eyes see only one
image that of his Daata!

I am the only one he can see!

No one besides me!
He was 4 years old!

Since than i have
had him! He is my pet!

His ears understand my language!

His tongue licks my heel!

You want to print my photo?

I will expose you instead!

Pull it, Hariya! Go on, pull it!

If your wrist does not
understand this bond...

...then i'll explain
it's meaning to you!

This string is called a Rakhi!

And you know, why a
sister ties it to a brother!

After getting related to you,
i shall strip the sari myself!

And i will surrender
myself to this bastard.

But Hariya, the one
who will be seen here...

...won't be an orphaned child!

It will be your own sister!

Hariya, what is this you have done?

Tell me!

Were did you get this
kind of courage from?

That you dared to
put her sari back on?

Against my wishes!

Let her go, Daata!

What she has tied on
to my wrist after that... soul is looking down on me!

Daata, beat me as much
as you want, cut me up!

I won't say a word!

But let her go, Daata!

She made you her brother
with the help of a rag!

But if it were really your sister...

...and i wanted her, then would
you worry about me, or yourself?


Hariya, since when does
your neck have the strength... raise your eyes to mine!

I swear, i used to bend my
head out of respect for you!

Don't think of it as my weakness!

If my real form comes before you...

...then your head will be
cut off your shoulders!

I will flay you alive and
see your real form too, Hariya!

And i will look at leisure!

First, let me respect your sister!

Then i shall see, which of
your real forms can stop me!

Don't put your
hands in such a place...

...that you lose your hands!

Wherever you go, you
will be hailed as a cripple!

And if someone asks you,
who uprooted your arms...

...feel embarrassed to take my name!

There will be two holes in your
shoulders, instead of these arms.

And the reason for
this is my sister!

Enough of this bond of Rakhi!
Pathan, tie Hariya up there!

And fetch his sister to me!

Today i will strip
Hariya's sister before him!

Then the festival of
Rakhi will be done!

Go on! Hit him and break his neck!

Hit him in the head.

Hit him in the head.

Daata there are only two
syllables in your name.

Daa and Ta!

I have been the
power in each of them!

Your made me lick
your heels! I licked!

I danced to every whim of yours!

But understand this! I am not a dog!

I am the lion that you raised!

You love raising lions,
don't you, Daata?

But remember this thing!

You can never ride a lion!

When it's paw is raised, you
don't try to test it's sharpness.

Daata, you were armed & you
thought you are a lion slayer?

If i want, i can snatch
the life from your body...

...and leave the hollow skin behind!

But i won't do that, Daata!

I won't do that, because,
today i earned a relationship!

And for the sake of
that relationship...

... i give you the gift of life!


The cliff named Daata has
lost it's armour called Hariya!

We tried so hard to
crush that cliff to mud!

Hariya is gone! Now, i
shall end Daata's story!

Ajay i know you as well as her!

You are such low down scum!
You don't deserve her!

You didn't say a word,
when she slapped me!

That day you were wrong,
and so is the case today!

She was swayed by you for no reason!

Ajay, that girl was swayed by you... she has no one in this world!

Maybe she found love for the 1st
time & squandered her emotions!

Being without support, if she
does something to harm herself... won't forgive
yourself for life!

- Nisha!

Nisha! Don't cry. What happened?

- What is it? - What happened,
Nisha? - Tell us!

What is it Nisha!

What are you doing here, punk?

Who permitted you
to enter this house?

Brother, Hariya has come with me!

If he leaves, i go too!

- He is a criminal!
- He is my brother, Vijay!

If he weren't there, you
would have heard of my ruin...

...or found my copse on a road!

Daata's people abducted me!

In that pack of animals,
there was only one human being!

It was him! He saved me!

Now those people are
not just after me...

...they are after his life too!


No! - Nisha! - Nisha!


Doctor, will she be all right?

Nothing is certain,
she lost a lot of blood!

- Now she is out of danger!

Thank you doctor. Thank you.

If you have any pride left,
don't ever try to meet Nisha!

Please forgive me, pal!

I can't face myself!

It's such a pity...

...whatever you just said
doesn't have much truth in it!

But i am so used to your lies,
everything you say seems a lie!

No, punish me anyway you want!

But forgive me! Im
beginning to hate myself!

I loathe myself! I am not
worthy of your friendship....

..and neither am i
worthy of Nisha's love!

I now understand what love means!

Nisha, this young
man looks the same...

...but thinks differently!

Nisha! - Ajay!

I was a liar and a rogue!

You are very superior and...

Hey Devdas! Are you in love,
or measuring character?

I'll get going! Take the
matter forward, after i leave!

Come on!

This is Hariya, arrest him!

Why arrest Hariya?

This is Mr. Choughule's order!

- What is his crime?
- Daata's murder!

Daata was killed? When?

I see, you have already
forgotten when you killed him?

This is a lie, Inspector!

That will be proved in
the court! Arrest him!

One minute.

Inspector you can't... - No Vijay!

Let them take me!

Or else the matter will go
out of hand and go higher!

When i haven't committed the
murder, what can they prove?

Come along! - Let's go!

ACP Choughule! May i ask, for
what crime you arrested Hariya?

Didn't you read the papers? He
murdered his Daata yesterday!

What time did the murder
take place, yesterday?

Yesterday afternoon
between 3 and 4 o'clock!

Yesterday, at that time,
Hariya was at my house with me!

He was present at your house?

Tomorrow, you will
say he was with me?

That's an approximation!

Inspector Vijay, the law
doesn't work like that!

I have a steadfast witness,
who was present there himself!

ACP Ashwin Kumar!

ACP Ashwin Kumar? That means,
your brother was there too?

And Hariya was there too?

Fine, i'll phone him, right away!

If this is true,
we'll release Hariya!

ACP Ashwin Kumar? - Speaking!

This is ACP Choughule.

Yes, tell me Choughule.

Inspector Vijay is stating, he
was with you between 3 and 4 pm!

When Daata was murdered!

Hariya? The statement is baseless!

Hariya never came to our house.

Inspector Vijay's
memory is failing him!

He must have his own reasons!

So i should keep
Hariya in jail, right?

Keep him in jail...

...and don't allow him out on
bail under any circumstances!

All right, ACP Sir. I'll
prepare non boilable papers!

Brother, Hariya was with
us yesterday afternoon!

Inspector Vijay, you are
talking to ACP Ashwini Kumar!

Not your brother!

If you wish to vouch for
hardened criminals, do so!

But i won't get into that mess!

You are trying to free the
criminal whom you had booked?

And your revered
brother is stopping his bail!

I don't quite get this!

- Sister, who's come
home? - Nobody! Why?

Whose car is that outside?

Your brother has taken a
new car! Nice, isn't it?

Why don't you go for a spin?

I can't walk Brother's walk.

He's welcome to the
car and the demeanour!

Why are you talking so meanly?

What's the matter with you?

Nothing's happened to me!
Something's happened to Brother!

Where did this car
come from, anyway?

Why? He took some Ioan!

This hire purchase schemes,
buying things on Ioan...

...since when has Brother
been interested in this?

What are you trying to say?

Brother has sold his
soul to criminals...

...and earned money in return!

That is the true name
of this hire purchase!

These Ioans, installments,
or shall we say, that K.K!

Under whose patronage all
crimes take place in this city!

He has bought ACP Ashwin Kumar!

My brother sold himself!

He entered the market and
turned into merchandise!

You are saying all
this about your brother?

Vijay, where are your
values? Your manners!

How long do i wear the
blindfold of manners and values?

Brother's salary is the same.

But this house has an air,
which surpasses it.

A government salary does not
give the shine this house possesses!

He's telling lies, and
earning the wages of sin!

You are saying the first
thing that comes to your mind!

Are you so worthy that you
can suspect your elder brother?

I suspected it earlier,
but now i am sure of it!

Shut your beliefs with your
room door and stay here in peace!

If you say a word against your
brother before me, Vijay, i....

Stuffing your ears with cotton
can't drown the sound of truth!

I used to boast of
Brother's honesty loudly... i can declare his corruption,
even more loudly!

I have felt this
fact with my own hands!

Wonderful, nice to see a
brother & sister in law arguing!

This is the first time, i've
heard you both sing so loudly!

What's the matter?

Ask your brother!

I can't believe this
is the same brother...

...who is dragging your
reputation in the muck!

Where does the muck
come in, without the rain?

What's the matter, brother?

Your attitude has changed,
quite a bit brother!

Your hobbies have changed! Your
interest in people & humanity... now focused towards shiny cars!

First, i suspected your friends.

But now, i am sure of it!

Tell me, brother, isn't K.K the
one who wanted Hariya in jail?

May i offer you some advice, Vijay?

Don't drag K.K between us!

That's it, brother!
That's all i need to hear!

Now the question is if
the food cooked at home...

...every morsel of food is
paid by your official salary...

...or by K.K's wages of sin!

Leave this house, don't
have anything to do with it...

...if it hurts so much!

Then break all your
relations with us.

Now, your brother has to
justify himself to you?

It's better, Vijay, understand
it do the best of your ability!

Jyoti! Don't you interfere!

This is an argument
between two brother!

If it's between two
brothers and i am not concerned...

...then go out and argue!

If someone says anything
against my husband in this house...

...i won't be able to bear it!

Then it could be anyone!

That's enough! Vijay, don't
feel hurt by your sister's words!

Feel bad about what sister said?
Brother, she is my mother!

She has said
something that is very good!

She has so much faith
in you! But brother...

...i don't have any faith in you!

I can't live in this house!

I can't live in this house!

Vijay! - Let him go!

Living with someone, with
so much hate deep within... a sin according to me!

Please go to the
kitchen and do your work!

Can i talk to Ashwin?

Who is this? - K.K.

K.K has called for you. - What?

Go inside and do your work!

Tell me, K.K!

Ashwin, you were going to tell
me about the evening's plans!

Yes, there was something at home...

...Vijay got angry
and left the house!

- Why? - Probably
after seeing the new car!

This is the
beginning of our romance!

If he can't digest this progress...

...latter, there will be so
much progress in your life!

He won't be able to
digest any of that!

Anyway, Ashwin, let
the one who left, go!

Ashwin, if you and i stay together...

...then there will be coins with
our names on them in this city!

We will buy the entire city!

Vijay, look who's here?

I'd told you that
sister would surely...

I see! There was a wager whether i
could stay away, on this day?

Vijay, you couldn't even call once?

If not us,you could
have spoken to Chinky!

No sister!

You're totally wrong there!

Even if you had not come there,
this guy would've come there!

He's been collecting presents
for Chinky for the past week!

That's the faith
that brought me here!

If relationships break
over the smallest things...

... then there would be so many
different worlds under one roof!

Sister, how is Chinky?

She still gets up once in the
night to look into your room!

Hoping that you have come!

Won't you ask about your brother?

I'll meet him in the evening.
Tell Chinky i'm coming home.

The party is not at home,
it's at a hotel.

Holiday Inn!

Sister, brother is
really progressing!

Yes, you are absolutely right.

Yes, right!

Come Jyoti! Meet K.K!

And this is my better half!

Mr. Ashwin, if my
wife were so beautiful...

...i would suspect my friends too!

Good knows, how many
murderes i would commit!

K.K, i was so involved in
the warp and weft of life...

...i didn't pay much
attention to beauty!

Now, imagine this! I was born in
India but never saw Taj Mahal!

Because, i hope to build
a Taj Mahal of my own!

I would've written Taj Mahal in
the fate of this city long ago!

If i had been graced
with such a lovely wife!

Ashwin, just a minute!

At least don't ignore
the praise of an admirer!

The day you experience a
married woman's refusal, Mr. K.K... will forget
your brand of praise!

Listen, explain to your friend!

He is crossing the
limits of decency!

He must be joking!

Jyoti, you take
everything too seriously!

Don't create a scene!

What were you saying?

Sister, brother now has a new hobby!

He worships animals,
now. You do one thing!

Keep a dog at home.

So that you learn
how to deal with dogs!

I can tell you how
to deal with animals!

Your hands are getting
too long for your sleeves!

You raise them, when
you want on anyone!

What about your friend's hands?

Don't take Vijay's
side all the time!

We both can't have blood of
the same colour in our veins!

Brother, i didn't
expect you to do this!

To deal with the eunuchs of
the city, few men may fall short!

But there are still
a few good men left!

Where are you going
early in the morning?

I am taking myself away
from this life and home!

You're leaving this house?

What has happened to you, suddenly?

Suddenly, the world
between these walls and roof...

...appears unknown to me!

Only your name appears familiar!

But even you seem a stranger!

But Jyoti, everything
is as it used to be!

I'm surprised, that
you still don't feel it!

I wish your behaviour at
the party was a bad dream!

Not reality!

Jyoti, the man named K.K
is not an ordinary person!

He is a big man!

He has a reach...

If anyone dares to reach
for your wife's honour...

...then you are not worthy
of being called a husband!

Last night he misbehaved
with me in public!

Tomorrow he will
molest me in the public...

...then too, you won't get
angry nor will your arms be raised!

You will look on,
wearing your cloak of weakness!

- Jyoti! - Why didn't you
shout out, at that moment Ashwin?

Since when have you become so weak!

Your personality has been weakened...

...and your strength
has been purchased.

And now, i can't live, with
this weak & helpless Ashwin.

There can be circumstances,
which make a person weak!

I am not a deity!

But i had begun to
think you were one!

And today, every belief,
faith and respite is orphaned.

For the past & years if i
considered you right, Ashwin... are someone else, now!

Who is wearing your
face and living with me!

But if i was wrong then...'s better to live separately
than to live with you.

Holding you in contempt!

Jyoti, you don't have permission
to leave the house this way!

You have lost the
right to stop me, Ashwin!

Relationships are not just names!

They have to be
maintained with great toil!

Jyoti give me some time!

If i could spend a moment with you...

...would i waste a moment?

I really can't
bear to live with you!

Sir, enough! I
can't take it anymore!

I can't keep up with
this sham, anymore!

The price i have paid so far,
is way beyond my means!

Here's my resignation
and my sincere apologies!

It's only a matter
of a few more days!

Besides only you
and i know the truth!

When you ruin K.K's drug mafia,
then everyone will know... you went along
with him and destroyed him!

You have to make this sacrifice!

No Sir! I won't be
able to do this now!

I wish to return to
my life and my people!

Ashwin, i am dealing with
this truth along with you!

The woman K.K misbehaved
with in the party last night... your wife, but
she is also my daughter!

I have swallowed the gulp
of blood as well, Ashwin!

A commissioner of police watched
& bore everything, impotently!

At the brink of this last step...

...i can't permit you
or myself to be weak!

What luck! My home has become
a palace, by your arrival here!

How come you have
chosen me for this honour?

Ashwin, i've heard you
are divorcing your wife!

That's what i just told that
old father in law of mine!

If you divorce his daughter,
Shrivastav will create a ruckus.

He will declare battle against you.

And it will affect
my business directly.

Wait and watch the
effect on your business K.K!

When we walk backwards,
we walk straighter!

I want to turen your
business into an empire, K.K.

Yes! I have spoken to Shrivastav
about divorce just like that!

He won't let the divorce
happen nor do i want it!

You must have seen
enough evil in me!

I know how to threaten a good
man and bring him to my view!

And besides, i am,
still his only son in law!

That old man will have
to dance to my tune!

I never thought of that!

Shrivastav can be used as well!

Good morning.

Ashwin, this is the last
mile of our friendship!

The place where i have trapped fate!

Whoever sets foot here,
is successful!

K.K i understand that
this white stuff is cocaine!

But why this setup?

This is a plant which produces
the best cocaine in the world!

And once this cocaine hits the
tongue of international markets.

Then people will look at my
success through a telescope!

I'm sorry K.K, the
roots are strong...

...but the trees aren't tall enough!

On the basis of this power...

...the country should've streets
& crossroads named after you!

Customs and ministers
are in my kitty, now!

But the problem is the cops!

This Khaki uniform, crosses
my path at the worst times!

I shall turn the entire
police force of this city...

...into your loyal force, if not
i shan't call myself your pal!

And K.K, after seeing all
this, i don't know why...

...i feel a bit too greedy today!

Sir i have seen every
bit of K.K's sinful empire!

And now, i am ready to
burn the whole thing down!

Then what are we waiting for?

Say the words and i'll hand over
the entire police force to you!

No. I don't want a
single cop with me!

K.K has bought them all over!

If he gets news of our attack...

...he will erase all proof
much before we reach there!

- Then? - I just need 4
men for this operation, Sir!

Vijay, Ajay,
Captain Sood, and Hariya!

I trust them completely Sir!

Such a huge operation,
with just four of them?

And to issue permissions for them... something i can't manage!

I'll need to talk to the minister!

You want this leaving
aside the cops in the state?

It's a big risk i am taking!

All on your gualantee, Commissioner!

Be very sure, that
nothing untoward happens!

Okay sir. - Thank you
very much sir.

Why didn't i think of this?

My duty has blinded me!

I didn't stop to think, i
am accusing my own brother!

And the poison in sister's heart!

Vijay, creating the
hate was part of the plan!

Whatever you did
from your side was fine!

But Uncle!

I don't know how
brother bore our harsh words!

And we said such
harsh words, unknowingly!

The goal was huge, so
everyone had to bear it.

But we did reach our
destination after all!

Brother, when you spoke
against me & cancelled my bail...

...i wanted to kill you!

I kept you in jail, so the
K.K's men wouldn't kill you!

Brother! You kept
thinking about me and i...

...i am ashamed!

Till yesterday i lowered my
heat before the evil called Daata!

But today! I hand myself over to
you & i swear on the river Ganga.

Now i will try to emulate you!

That's it Hariya! Don't
praise me to that extent!

I'm a very ordinary guy! Let's go!


Officer, your devotion to
duty, has taught me a lot!

I was very sad!

My courage had scattered!

I felt that people's corruption
will tear this country apart!

And people like K.K
will enjoy their rule!

But today after seeing
you i belive once again...

...our country can be saved!

Hey Vijay do you
still have any complaints?

You're standing
there looking downcast...

...the way you did as a kid,
when you got your results!

-And your marks were low!
- Forgive me, brother!

Forgive what? Silly boy!

Forgive What? If you
hadn't behaved the way you did...

...i would have thought, i
had failed in bringing you up!

You didn't even spare your brother...

...when it came to judging
right & wrong! Wonderful!

Ashwin, let's discuss
some things about work!

We have very little time!

These are the maps og
K.K's special lairs!

The entrances and exits,
the surrounding buildings!

The distance from the
trees and their heights!

The information about these has
been given in the numbered key.

From tomorow evening at 7
pm, till day after 5 am...

...we have ten hours altogether!

We have to gain control
aver all these lairs, somehow!

ACP Ashwini Kumar, i have
fallen in love with you!

Whether you feel the same or not!

This is a vow of friendship!

That your corpse will be
paraded in great style!

Now the match begins!

Your people are sitting here....

...forsaking your families
and work, to think about me!

So i thought, i should
come and meet you myself!

Ashwin, you have
experienced my friendship!

So you would know very well,
whoever tries to fool K.K...

...that i split open their
akulls and expose their brains!

A.K take these 5 warriors on the
truck and take them to the road!

They are filled with
patriotic fervour!

And we will discuss
things with the commissioner!

We'll have some
booze and make him happy!

Come on!

Ashwin. it was wrong of
you to pitch wits against me!

I shall send you 6 kms
away to make your first move!

You have to return from
yhere, in ten minutes!

If you don't return, i shall
rub your father in law out!

Go on, the first test awaits you!

The distance is great and the
commissioner has very little time.

You can reach back in a
jiffy provided you fly there!

Oh god! They beat
him up so unmercifully!

But his fight was with me!
Then why did he hurt him?

K.K you have committed a big sin!

Brother, i think we are
being set up in this crime!

You're not being set up, Mr. Vijay!

You have already been set up.

Mr. K.K, you know...

...he plays chess with both hands.

You all are trapped!

The first move, Shrivastav death!

The second move is all
of you being arrested!

We are all eye witnesses here!

We are all witnesses!

Jyoyi, you're here?

If i had permission, i
could return to that house!

By accusing you, i have
committed a grave sin!

Since you have gone, that home
has just been a house of brick!

Make it a home once more!

I was your weakness,
instead of your strength!

But Ashwin, don't give up the fight!

You must succeed!

This false accusation
won't stand for long in court.

And now, you have your
4 brothers with you!


I am returning to my home, today.

So couldn't play
against me, could you?

Five moves! First
Shrivastav kicked the bucket....

...then you all landed up here!

In the pavilion!

Ashwin the next match will
be played with your wife!

I am your friend, i must
take care of your wife's youth!

When she needs you every night...

...i will see to that need!

K.K! Scream, shout, cry!

That is all you have to do now!

K.K you will pay for
your disgusting words!

But if you do anything
bestial your end will be so scary...

Scary? Playing with
scary things is K.K's style!

Tonight's match is fixed
with me and your wife!

I wonder what will happen to
that innocent daughter of yours!

I feel so bad for orphans!

So let's do one thing!

Let's send her to the
pavilion above as well!

What do they call it?
A merciful death!

K.K you wait, our next
meeting will be the day you die!

If you commit this sin,
then you will...

Vijay, he can do anything!

We have to get to Jyoyi!

Brother, we must do something!

Officer, there's only one way out!

Jyoyi! - Sister!

Chinky! - Jyoti! - Sister!


Are you all right?

What's wrong with me?

But how have you all reached here?

Vijay ! How did you all get out?

All this? Have you
broken out of jail?

But why?

Why doesn't someone tell me?

Vijay, you tell me,
why did you all do this?

This act of yours will
convince the law even further.

You are all under
arrest, once again.

You escaped jail so easily!

But this time round,
you will go forever!

You guys got fooled by Mr. K.K!

He was just joking with you!

Ashwin, what are you doing?

Forget the public, even i
thought you were innocent!

That you have been falsely set up!

But by running away
before the court's decree... have admitted to your crimes!

Because only those who fear
punishment, run away from jail!

And that promise i had made to you?

I will fulfil it, not today...

...but some other day!

Yes, we are guilty
of escaping from jail!

But not from the fear that...

...we can't prove our innocence
in the Shrivastav murder case!

We are innocent!

Judge, there was only one
reason for our escape from jail!

They may not fear the punishment!

But to prove their guilt, we
have proofs and many witnesses!

I have one witness too!

Who will prove the falsehood of
all your evidence & witnesses!

That witness is the home
Minister Purushottam Sinha!

I request the court,
to call him from Delhi...

...and present him
for the court hearing!

No! No!

If you don't fulfill my wish...

...the child will slip
from my brother's hands!

To make sure that doesn't
happen is your responsibility!

Do you understand?

No! Stop all this!

Let me go!

Brother, stop it!


I was very surprised, your Honour...

...when the court ordered
me to be present in court...

...since they have asked me
to testify on their behalf!

People i have not met in this life...

...and i don't believe
there is more than one life!

No, your Honour, it's not
true i permitted to do anything!

Ashwin Kumar should be allowed
to from his army & rule the city.

I trust the law and police in
my country! I can't permit this!

Do you people want to say
anything in your testimony?

After examining all proofs
and statements of witnesses...

...this court has
reached the conclusion that...

...that the accused, Ashwin
Kumar and his accomplices...

Today, these hands are
threatening the law!

If possible do forgive me.

Come on.

They first escaped from the court!

Then they took the
corpses from the hospital!

And what did the police do?
Kept watching, that's what!

To catch criminals, the
police have to be alert Choughule!

- I feel like giving
you one... - Brother!

They mustn't be in this city!
They must be in another city!

I shall send the police
force out of the city!


When a tamed cat becomes a
man eater, it's very dangerous!

If you can't catch those guys...

...then all 5 of them
will be on our backs!

Sir, i don't know
when they came and went!

Were they to ask before coming?
Seek your blessings while going?

Choughule, they have
just taken the corpses now!

When they take you
away live and kicking... will know how &
when they come and go!

Mr. K.K get me transferred!

You will get transferred!

You will get transferred!

But straight to heaven!

You still can't get one
thing through your fat head?

Why did they take the corpses?

You moron! They took
them to cremate them!

They are Hindus!

They want to commit the
corpses to the holy fire!

Choughule, go out
and find all 5 of them!

If you see smoke
rising from the wilderness...

Smoke rising.

...there they are!

"Oh flower that got burnt,
i swear upon you!"

"Oh flower that was ground
into the dust, i swear by you!"

"We will spill the
blood of the evil killers!"

"Oh flower that got burnt,
i swear upon you!"

"Oh flower that was ground
into the dust, i swear by you!"

"We will spill the
blood of the evil killers!"

"Oh flower that got burnt,
i swear upon you!"

"We have risen as a storm!"

"We will have our revenge!"

"The story of the
evil ones will end now!"

"A whole new...


...will rise from these flames!"

"We will spill the
blood of the evil killers!"

"Oh flower that got burnt,
i swear upon you!"

"Oh flower that was ground
into the dust, i swear by you!"

"We have taken the
ashes from this pyre...

...and smeared our forehesds with it!"

"Our lives will be cursed...

...if a single anemy survives!"

"The five Pandavas are saying...

...war is our sworn duty!"

"We will spill the
blood of the evil killers!"

"Oh flower that got burnt,
i swear upon you!"

"Oh flower who was ground in
the dust, i swear upon you!"

"We will spill the
blood of the evil killers!"

"Oh flower that got burnt,
i swear upon you!"

"Oh flower who was ground in
the dust, i swear upon you!"

We will spill the
blood of the evil killers!

Brother, you all leave from here!

And go straight to the Black
Mountain, we'll meet there.

Captain take them and leave!
I'll hold them off!

Hurry up!

Who is it?

How long will we keep
rinning away from them?

Their death is our goal!

Till when?

I can't bear to put
off their death anumore!

From tomorow, we will
begin to slaughter them!

We will slaughter them one by one!


Don't kill me!

Forgive me!

What did i ever do to you people?

No! Forgive me!

Forgive me!

Mr. K.K, save me!

David was killed in the car park!
The minister in the water!

They will find me and kill me too!

The air just changed
it's course a bit!

And the rats are jumping off
the ship, thinking it's a storm!

Go and hide in our factory!

Listen! - What?

Wipe your sweat off
before you reach there!

The lion's lair can't harbor a rat!

Recognise this place!

Ask these cliffs, they
have been eye witnesses... the two lives that
you put out, so mercilessly!

We cremated them right here!

Not just us, these
mountains are filled the lava...

...whose sole purpose is to
turn your bones to dust!

Today, the volcano will burst &.

You will feel every
ember on your body!

Soon enough, you will be a corpse!

And after that,
you will turn to ash!

That evening the sun set in joy
on the chariot of the 5 Pandavas.

But there were lines of
hope on the sun's face!

The sun had seen that crime
had been erased from the city.

These Pandavas were
definitely punished by the law!

They accepted it as a welcome gift.

Since these Pandavas had
offered the city peace as a gift!