Paanch (2003) - full transcript

Four friends (Luke, Murgi, Joy and Pondy) wasted by youth and self destruction play together in a band along with a fifth female member (Shiuli). Luke the lead singer and self-imposed leader of the pack ensures his dominance in the group by providing accommodation, drugs and food for his wasted and broke friends. Pondy is fascinated by Shiuli who sleeps with rich guys for money. The movie revolves around a kidnapping plot gone wrong, in which the 4 male band members plan to kidnap another friend Nikhil. Nikhil is part of the plot and agrees to get himself kidnapped to extract money out of his rich but miser father. In the process excess of drugs and uncontrolled anger leads to the murder of Nikhil by Luke. Luke blackmails all others and ensures that nobody leaves or confides into the cops. Meanwhile Shiuli also gets entangled into the plot. The money hungry youngsters then go on to kill the father of Nikhil and a cop (Sharat Saxena) investigating the murder. The plot thickens with a set of betrayal and counter-betrayal leading to an interesting end.

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I used to be afraid of him

We all used to be afraid of him

I met him at the college

He was.. He was a big shot there.

He would sing at the college functions..,
and I used to play the drums

When I flunked the third year,
the hostel people chucked me out.

So did my folks at home.

I had nowhere to stay, and I was broke.

He had his own place, so..
he asked me to tag along.

"How old is this building?"

"How will that information be relevant
to you? huh?" "Come.."

-"How many more steps to go?"
-"Plenty. Keep up"

"Isn't there a lift in here?"
-"Oh yes there is.

But its turned off by 7 PM"
-"Why so?"

"Because they have to restart it again
at 8:30 AM That's why"

-"So to come down, do we
have to use the staircase again"

"There's the balcony of course.
You can leap from there"

"What is that?"

"The world's biggest trash can"

"Don't lean over like that,
you gonna fall over. Come.."



"Fatso ...

"Hey Fatso..
What are you watching.. Huh?"

"Juhi Chawla"

"Can you actually see her"
-"I see her as inverted"

"So un-invert her"

"She is wearing a skirt mate.."
-"Know what I am gonna do to the skirt... "

"Hey Chicken.. cluk cluk..
what are you reading huh?"

"This here.. is your bunk.
Got it?"

"So finally here eh?" -"Yeah mate"
"What did your pop say back home..?"

"Is this why we sent you to study.."

"And listen up.."

"This is my room."

"Don't even peek inside
without permission"


His mother was from Mumbai.
His father from Goa.

Both had separated.

The house was on his mother's name,
she died later.

We all stayed at his place only. we didn't had to pay any rent.
It was because of him that we used to get work.

He would take care of the money matters.
We all did what Luke would tell us to.

One room at his place was his..

The other was taken by us.

I joined him First. Then came Joy,
and then Pondy.

"He would always have issues with Pondy."
"He was an a**hole.. That is why."

"Keep a check on the language."

You all stayed together..
What would you do for a living?

"Why did you hit me?"

"Is this is how you gonna play?"
-"But why did you hit me?"

"So should I wave down to you? huh?"

"Why are you staring at me?"

"Lower your gaze..

"Go. Prepare a joint"

"Pondy.. I am telling this to you.
Go and prepare a joint"

"What are you staring at?"

"Hey Joy.. Go n check up
why Shiuli hasn't arrived yet"

"I will see to it"

"What are you laughing at huh?"
-"Sit down you Dick. I'll see to it"

"Don't call me Dick like that."
-"So what should I call you ?"

"That is my name"
-"And what is your name Pondy"

"Luke, Don't come in between on this"
-"I'm actually behind you Pondy"

"Hey buzz off!"
-"Look how he snapped on the
mention of that babe"

"Don't call Shiuli a babe"
-"shouldn't call Shiuli a babe, or him a nut,
the what should I call em.. do tell"

"Look.. stay away from me."

"Otherwise there'll be problems here"


"Hey get off my back!"

"Pondy will create problems..
Pondy will create problems"

"Hey Pondy, forget about Shiuli,"

"look I too have hair like her"
- "Scoot!"

"Hi Shiuli"

"Get lost you"

That all was what we had for life.

Our friend.

The place where we practiced
all day was his father's godown.

His father was loaded.
But he himself was a pauper.

He even had to ask around
for his fix of booze.

He would attend all our shows..
Would be there on all our rehearsals.

"Hey Pondy.."

"Want some tea..?
Make one for me as well"

That is all what we used to do.
We would smoke Ganja.. smoke Pot.

We would eat at local eatery.
Everything used to be on credit.

If there was money,
we would get booze too.

For 5-6 days we would simply
lounge about just like that. Stoned.

As Luke would say
"We would get a hard on"

We would wait for Shiuli.

"Hi Pondy"
"Pondy, this is Nimit."

"Nimit, this is Pondy"

Hi guys.


"Guys this is Nimit"
"Nimit, this is Joy, Luke, Chicken, Nikhil.."


"Why is he named Pondy?"

Everyday she'd come with a new guy."

And Pondy didn't like it.

Everybody used to tease him..
Especially Luke.

Why you got a 'hard on' eh?

"So what?"
-"a 'hard on'"

That is what we had for life.

Sometimes we used to perform as well

"Am I a pimp of that b!bitch?"

"Luke.. Luke.. Luke.. Luke.."



"What happened huh?"


"What's the matter eh?"

"Why did you came here like this?"
-"Do I look like an idiot?"

-"I slog and play for that b!bitch,
and she is with somebody else?"

-"Is the word a55hole plastered here?"

-"Why are you smiling?"

-"Why.. why did you smiled?"
"What did she do..?"

"Come back here you..!"

"He walked away!
.. Is he some kinda hotshot?"

"Are we idiots working for his dad or what?"

-"Don't hit me!"

"And what'll you do about it?"

"Look.. you wanna act up, do it
at your place. Get it?"
"We Don't need you"

-"Hey Luke. Take it easy.."
"What easy man!"

"We slogging it out there.. and this.."
-"Why you hitting me"

"So should I worship you instead?"

Bloody Motherf***in idiot.."
-"At least ask him what's wrong?"

"What else..

The moment he sees that babe.."
-"Why drag Shiuli in all the time?"

-"Heard that? Here she comes.."

"Luke I am going"
-"So leave.. should I hail a cab for you?"

"What about my money?"

"Let the payment arrive first!"

"Should I come like this only? "

"Don't blow my share. Will collect it tomorrow. ok?"
-"Yea fine."

"Come let's go"
-"Hey Hotshot.. Come over here"

"Look here.. Pure Gold."

"And here .. Pure Muscle"

"You have it?"
-"Hey take a hike Mister.."

"By the way, you too ...

".. are pretty solid eh"

"Had to really slog for this show..

"Come Luke.. Let it go now"

"What leave it man?"

"Did you see exactly the kinda importance
she gives to this chap here?"

"That rat called her and
she strutted away with him"

"hasn't got a dime on him..
But he has to throw his tantrums!"

"Hey.. Have you got the moolah..huh?"

"Leave alone sleeping,
she wont even sit with you"

"Hey Pondy, she comes here just to sing.
Getting it?"

Luke was a no non sense guy.
That is why we used to be afraid of him.

He used to speak the truth..
but the bitter truth.

"Never mattered to him how
the others would feel like."

"All of us had the same problem.. Money.
.. and money only."

We didn't had any of it.

"You all are a nobody, still I gave you a show..
and you and that drummer ruined everything!"

-"So the public was carrying your daddy dear
on the shoulders back there?"

"Don't act smart with me ok?
Been conducting shows for 50 yrs."

"I know well how the public reacts"

"Two penny groups formed and dissolved
right in front of me"

"And if that bloody drummer ever dared
to show himself again..

"I am Manas Ranjan Chaudhary.. I will.."
-"Hey you Chaudhary..

"Firstly, Lower your voice.."

"Don't want to give the pay-check, Fine.
But no need to badmouth our friend."

"And you gonna fire us?
..I sack you instead."

"We Don't want to perform at your shows."

"Even I Don't want to work with you guys.
..Go to hell the lot of you."

"Hey.. I Don't plan to visit your place."

-"Hey what happened?"

"Nothing dude"
-"Should I deal with him?"

"No no..This Romeo.. Thanks to what
he did on-stage there.."

"Ruined everything..
Now we Don't get paid"

"But all that was during the last song.."

"Whether it was the last song or at Hong Kong
.. You did it, yes?"

"The money is gone. Get it?"
"And keep your trap shut now"

Something had to go wrong every time.

We were deep in debts.
We had to arrange for money to clear the account.

Pondy needed money to take shiuli out.

We needed money for ration,
to pay for our conveyance.

"Boss, this isn't going to work this way"

-"What do you mean?"
"Tomorrow I start looking for a job"

-"What job?"

"Unless we pay our debts,
our meals will be gone."

"Will go and see what he says tomorrow"

-"And what good will that be?"
"At least wont be smoking ganja the whole day long"

"Hey Luke, what is to be done
regarding dinner?"

"How about a tight slap from my side?"

"Wont pay you cash but will provide meals.
Will that work for you?"

"The kitchen is that side.
Get busy"

"Will inform Shiuli"

"Your order sir..?"
-"A half fried Egg"


"The yellow part shouldn't be running..
And listen.."

"The white part shouldn't be overcooked"

"And listen..

"Sprinkle the salt only on the white,
not the yellow part"

"And listen..

"The egg shouldn't be hard"
"And listen.."

"That half fried egg should be
from freshly laid eggs"

"Sir, the hen's name is champa.
That ok with you?"

"What did you say?"
"What did you just say?"
"What is the name of the chicken"

"Hey, whom are you calling a chicken?"

"He says here that the name
of the chicken is Champa"

"Hey, what are you doing"
-"How dare you raise your hand"

"This place isn't your father's
that you are hitting him"

-"What kind of misbehaviour is this?"

-"I will lodge a complain against you guys"

"Sir he is hitting him.."
"Went to take the order.. got slapped.."

"Now if.. some outsiders comes in
.. he'll beat us?"

"How can somebody..
We came here to work.."

"Forget it mate"
"There is only one way here.. "

"Whatever you want, just snatch it."

-"How can it be like that,
it happened only once. Wont be always like that."

"It will chicken, it will"

"Its written in our fate"

"There is only one principal:
Look after yourself, to hell with others"

"Lets grab some stuff"

"Come now 'Champa'. Come along.."

"Who's there?"
-"You got the stuff?"

"How much do you want"
-"Lemme see it first"
"Come in"

"Go straight up"

"Go on.."
-"Come upstairs quickly"
"Right behind you"

"Look Chicken.. Hey watch it!"

"Tape recorder,
fridge.. the fcuker has it all!"

"Want some water?

"Check this out.."

"Hey, what are you doing?"
"Drinking water? exercising?"

-"Do you actually use it,
or is it just a showpiece?"

"Every morning..
Don't you see my muscles?"

-"Alright.. Now let us see the stuff"
"This is from Manali"

-"And that one?"
"From Afghanistan. Expensive stuff"

-"So You'll sell me the cheaper one eh?"

-"Hmm.. How much for this?"

-"Hey, selling me whole of Kabul or what?"
"Ok, cough out 450 .."

-"Yeah, ok. That'll do"

"Hey hand the money first.
Need to see the money for this.."

-"what you trying here shorty?"
"You owe me 2000 already, need
to pay all of it here. "

"Getting it?"
-"Ok, I'll pay"

-"I need the stuff first"
"Payment comes first"

-"look shorty, I'm asking coolly.. Hand me the stuff.
Else I'll rip yours so bad,

"that you'll have to get it mended

"Told you about paying first. Hey! take him
along with you and scoot."

"Come Luke, let's go"
-"So you wont budge huh?" -"Nope"

"You wont hand it to me?" -"Nope"
"HEY You hit me? What do you think of me eh?"

"Hey you, tell him. Take him away with you"

"You'll come to my house and threaten me eh?"

"Let go of my hand!"

-"You bloody dumbell.. "
"Hey what are you doing!"

-"Lay a hand on me eh?"

"Let it go Luke"

"You practice with the dumbells right?"
-"PLS Don't HURT ME"

"Get it..
That Afghanistan stuff"

"Get aside"

"Move.. Get the stuff.
Lets see.."

"I Don't have anymore of it"
-"Is that right huh? Will beat after stripping you"

-"Now.. Where is the stuff."
"Don't have it"

-"Don't have it eh? I am gonna.. "


"Yes, come on"

"Here it is"
-"That's it?" -"Nothing else?"

"No" -"Bloody will burn stuff around"
"No bro, please!"

-"Sure you Don't have it?"
"I Don't have anymore"

-"Come here"
-"This is only a sample beating.."

-"Next time it'll be the real thing. Get it?"
-"GET IT?"

"Yes, I understand"

"Now say sorry"

"Its not Saari. Say Sorry"

"You fcuking idiot.."

"Not sorry you idiot"

"Leave it dude. Enough already."

"Dress up shorty"

"Bloody acting pricey, and dared to touch me.."
-"Hey,What's going on in here?"

"Erm this here was...

"Get inside"

"What the hell man..
Gonna get me killed like this"

-"Ticket Ticket"

-"Ticket Ticket" "Money Money?"

"Haven't got it"
-"Then get down"

"Buddy we'll alight real soon"

-"Come on dude, just close-by"

-"Down. Take your hand off"
"Don't touch him ok?"

"It is close-by, my stop"
-"Down I said,get down now"

"Why you pushing me mate?"

"My stop is really close-by"
-"Get Down"

"Why are you stuck on this?"
-"Get off"

-"This is not your Dad's coach"

"You fcuker.."
-"Luke.. Luke.. Stop it mate"

"Move to that side"

"Gonna rip you open.. Get there"

"Move it.. Move it"
-"On your knees!"

-"Luke.. let it go man"

-"Enough Luke.. Enough"

"Money.. Gimme your money"
-"What are you doing man"

"Dad's coach huh?"
-"Leave it Luke"
"This is MY coach!"

-"Leave it mate.."

"This is my Dad's coach Get it?"
"I am going to smash this to pieces"
-"Luke Police!

"This is my Dad's coach Get it!"
-"Luke Police!"

-"Luke Police is coming"
-"Luke Police.. RUN"

-"What? Let them come" - "Luke.."
-"Hey why are you panicking.. Run Goddamnit haha"

That was the first time I saw the devilish intent on his face.
-"Was he always like that?"

"He was impulsive right from the beginning,
but he never did beat anybody like that."

"Yea, as if he showered his love upon me.."
"He was the biggest mofo ever"

"Hey.. Shut up"

"Sir, Luke was like that from the very beginning."
"This guy may have realised it that day,

"..but ever since I knew him,
he was like that only"

"He wasn't like that always"
-"Yeah, he was your God isn't it?

Keep shut!"
-"Pondy.. Shut up now."

"Whatever has happened, has happened.
What's the use?"

"It shouldn't have happened"
-"Kadam.." -"Yes Sir"

"Take him away"
-"But why Sir?"

"Make him sit outside..
bring him in When we are done here"

-"Told you to zip it"

"Excuse me Sir..

"Can I have a cigarette please?"

"Sir.. can I take one as well?"

"Sprayed Gucci Envy there ?

"Been sniffing it like forever.."
-"Mind your own business Fatso"

-"What's going on in here?"
"Ah Luke! Did you get the stuff?"

-"What stuff are you talking about whacko?"

-"Green.. or greenbacks?"

"So much money Luke..
Where'd you get it from!?"

-"Earned it myself..
Pondy my dear, prepare a joint.."

"Do it yourself"


-"Are you in a bad mood sweetheart?"

"What is wrong with him guys?"
-"He has tasted blood today"

"What's wrong?"

"You are insane Luke"


"Because I thrashed that conductor.. huh?"

"You should have seen your face when
you were bashing the conductor in"

"wasn't I looking good back then?"

"Leave it"

"Hey.. Speak up."

"wasn't I looking good"

"Leave it be"
"Everything is a joke to you. You wont get it"

"Then explain it to me"

"Hey.. Go ahead"

"Oi.. Don't fcuk around with me"

"hahaha Fcuker got all worked up"

"Finally the lad is up..
Will achieve something relevant now"

-"He wont do jack.. will take a leak
and will again hit the sack"

"Take my name in any of the music company.."

"Manish Ranjan. They all know me."

That day we had a very good show.
Manish Ranjan was there as well.

He was a friend of Nikhil's.
A well known PRO in the music industry.

If we hadn't bumped into him that day, we would have
continued to perform at the nondescript clubs.

But he made us dream big.

He assured that he'll help us climb the steps.

He was giving us an opportunity,

and we..
we were ready to do anything for it.

"What happened?"
-"He is still inside"

"We'll see.
He was making pretty tall claims"


"What kinda demo cassette is this?"
-"Why? isn't it any good?"

"Come inside"
"Come on"

"I Don't like this guy"
-"Do you like me?"

"Don't say anything to her"
-"I am not saying.. I am asking"

"So Don't ask"
-"So you ask her instead"

"What should I ask her"
-"The same that I was asking"

"And what were you asking?"
-"Does she likes me?"

"What kinda tape
have you got the recording on?"

"what should have I done?"
-"The sound variation is too much. You still are.."

"You should have done this professionally.

Via some good sound engineer"

"You need to invest money
if you want good results"

"You have the fire in you, and people
should be made aware of that.."

"How much will it cost?"

"Around 5 Lakh rupees"
-"How much.. fiv.."

"Why, what happened"
-"No nothing. The fire got doused mate"

"Hey, I'll get you some discount..
as you are Nikhil's friend!"

"Otherwise with such a cassette,
you wont be even able to enter any such office"

"Okay, I'll try.

"Come on gang"
-"Close the door"

"The tuft was out of place a bit.
Was getting my hair set"

"You Don't need to do
any setting chicken dude"

"What are you doing?"

"What are up to?"

"Hey have you lost it or what?"

"Hey.. gonna get yourself killed one day by me!"

"Bloody Fatso!"

"Don't mess with him I am telling you"

"He is gonna thrash you.."

"got a problem with me?"
-"We're thinking about your problems only"

"you happen to be my father?"
-"Ask that from your mother"

"Luke I will..."
-"Yeah come on.."

"Why are you guys always after Pondy"

"Leave it man. No point
in engaging with these losers"

"Fcukers.. always bickering with each other,
and yet stick together"

"You see our problem is..
We are very frustrated from inside."

"We all are failures except for Shiuli."

"And we are dead broke as well.
Any other social enquiry Sir?"

"Hey, Your Dad is loaded.. right?"
"Get us some money?"

"If Dad was ready to dole out some cash for me,
why would I be hanging around in here?"

"Let's do this Luke..
We abduct this Fcuker"

"His money, his agent.. and our Album"

"That's a pretty cool idea"
-"Wh.. what did you say?"

"That its a pretty cool idea"
-"See.. he got all worked up"

"No I am serious"
"Luke its a terrific idea"

"See.. My dad has a lot of black money.

"You kidnap me, ask for 2Lakhs."

"Hand over 1 Lakh to me, rest is yours"

"Hey what are you thinking?"

"Take a seat. How much have you had?"

"I haven't lost it idiot.."

"Mother swear"
"My father has so much money, and look here..

I Don't have 10 rupees with me"

"He clings to his money as if
he'll take it with him when he dies"


If we have to ask for ransom,
why not 5 instead of 2?"

"Album will be released, and so will be our debts.
Wot say?"

"5 will be too much"

"Just assume that we abducted you multiple times"

"5 or 2..? Everything will get covered.
Wot say huh?"

"Come on man.. speak up!"

"Yeah ok"
-"Hey Luke.." -"What?"

"Are you actually serious?"

"Why.. aren't you?"

"I thought we are just fooling around"

"Do you have a single dime on you?"
"No.. right?"

"He is making the sacrifice..
and its you who is freaking out?"

"Look here.. First we need to decide
whether we want to do this or not"

First we need to decide whether we want to do this or not"
"If you aren't coming, will do this by myself."

"Joy.. you in?"
-"No question about it Luke!"
-"You ?"

"You Chicken..?"

"Don't think too much.. Just say Yes or No.."

"Say yes dude!"

"Pondy you?"

"Everybody is in"

Luke had decided.

With time everybody agreed to it.
Pondy was hesitant first, but then he too came on-board.

All of a sudden everybody started to believe
that something will happen.

Even before seeing the money,
we became Pop stars.

"This idea was Nikhil's own?"

"You said Pandey was reluctant?"


"He was always scared"

"He was afraid that something might go wrong"

"When he started thinking about the money,
he started thinking about Shiuli"

"And after all, we were not committing a crime."

"Asking Nikhil's father 5 lakh rupees.. For his son"
"That wasn't a crime?"

"It was Nikhil's own idea."

"We asked his money for his own sake"
-"Where will we keep you?"

"Here, in the godown"
-"What if somebody comes in to check?"

"You been conducting rehearsals in here since eternity.
Anybody ever peeked in?"

"Did anybody..?"

"Hey Luke..
think it over once again man"

"What is there to think about?"
"we actually kidnapping him? huh?"

"This is all staged.
Who's gonna snitch?"

"What if he reneged?"

"If he does so.. I will screw him over.
Get it?"

"Cut this drivel out."

"Man he is getting himself abducted.
Why bother? We get money in the end, right?"

"You want Shiuli or not?"

"Or do you want to roam around
alone your entire life?"

"Look.. once you have the moolah with you..

"She'll come all by herself clinging to you"

"Come.. let's get on with it"

"I am scared buddy."


"What did I say to you?"

"You coming or not?"
"Don't fcuk with me!"

"You do one thing.. Stay in the godown with Nikhil.

"Be the good friend of his.. Okay?"

"Now scoot"

I felt that something is about to give.
Didn't knew why.

I had decided that whatever
is that we are going do,

I wont expose myself.

I didn't wanted to get caught
if things went awry

"What you thinking Chicken?"


"You too scared like Pondy?"


"I am not coming along
to the restaurant tomorrow"


"I will stay with Nikhil
in the godown tomorrow."

"Switch on the lights"

"Hey Nikhil.. "


"Get up"
"Get up you drunkard"

"Here.. take this"

"What is this?"
-"Love letter.. for your Dad"

"But this is blank"
-"Because you haven't written it yet"

"What is this?"
-"Its a pen"
-"Either write with it, or shove it up"

"Read it chicken"

"These people will.."

"..kill me"
"What is this?"

"Hey you.. Is this a doctor's prescription?"

"My handwriting is all fcuked up"

"Chicken.. you write it"

"My father recognizes my handwriting"
-"But can he decipher it as well?"

"He reads 5 big ones as 5 big blows..
I wont take the beating"

"Here, hand it over"
-"Pass it on to him"

"what's the restaurant's phone number"
-"I don't have it"

"Hey.. how are we to call up your Dad then?"
-"Call him on his mobile"

"Mobile phone will reveal our number as well"
-"Then do it from a telephone booth"

"Even that is gonna show up on a mobile phone"
-"what is the landline number?"
"So how does that matters?"

"What is it!"

-"Jot it down"

"Memorized it Luke"
-"Memorized? Ah my sweetheart!"

"Come, lets head out"
-"Let's wear goggles before that"

"His father is standing right there"
-"don't look there"

"Maybe he is looking our way only"

-"Didn't I just say not to look there?"

"His father actually came to eat here!"

-"Come, lets move out"
"Let the order arrive?"
-"How much are you gonna stuff Fatso?"

-"I am actually hungry"
"Tell me something new"

"Dial the number"
-"Who is gonna talk to him?"

"What's happening?"
-"Its ringing"

"Hello.. Ya Listen up, we have your son.
That table in front of you.."

"There isn't any table?"
Got no son either?"

"You got a daughter instead..? 30 yrs old?
Hey Mr Vasudev.."

"Oh Mrs Gupta is it?"
"I too was wondering why is your voice so lady like"

"Hang up the phone you idiot."
"Look over there.

"Did he picked up the phone?"
"What number did you dial"

"98200463.. some Orange carrier number it was."
- (mocking) "Not orange.. a papaya you.."

"It was 98210xxx.. a BPL carrier number"

"Ya Hello.."

..He gave us an incorrect number!"
-"Told you so"

"Hold on a minute.. "

-"Hello.. I received a call from this no?"

"Vasudev, we have your son"
-"Who is speaking"

"Listen you half blind fellow.. stop asking questions"

"The apple of your dead eye is with us"

"if you don't want him back in instalments,
look at the corner table there"

"Beneath the tablecloth there is a letter,
your son wrote it"

"Read it carefully. I ll call you in the evening.

"Your father doesn't looks like yours actually"

"That is why the jerk doesn't gives me money"

"Did you got your looks from your mother?"
-"don't know man"

"Must have been sired by his neighbour"

"Hey I happen to be next to him!"

"Hey chicken, see the door will you?"

"Yeah Siuli.. Hi"
-"Hi.. Open up?"

"Errm.. What do you want?"
-"What do I want?

-"I am not here to kill time that you are asking me that"
"Open up!"

"What is that you want?"

-"Come on, Open the door Chicken"

"Why can't you say that we don't have practice today?!?"

"I am coming SHUT UP!"

"There is no practice today"

"Why are you throwing attitude here?

"I aint here for the practice either"

"So are you here to 'show' something to us"

"Stay within your limits. I am not Pondy"

"Hey Luke.. Show some Respect"

"There he is.. loverboy"

-"Hi.. "What's up?

"You guys got a new female singer?"

"Not able to fathom this attitude of you guys"

"Nobody ever questioned like this before"

"Problem is, that we are in some
serious tension over here"

"What tension?"
"It's like.."

"Me, and chicken.. and the rest of us..."

"Should I hand you a loudspeaker?"

"Climb atop a tower and bark from there"

"Keep your trap shut. Getting it?"

"Oh Wow.."

"Where did you find those goggles?
-"It is mine"

"Bought em.. or a 'good night' gift?"

"How does that concern you?"

"Joy, let's go and check something out."
"Does that concern you?"

"Didn't find anyone today?
You are all by yourself.."

"I got all you guys for company"

"Let's move"

"As you say dear brother"

"Hey.. Why are you sulking?"
-"How can you speak like that?"

"You grafted my face on a playboy model,
and I can't even talk like that?"

"Bloody Hypocrite"
-"Who told her?"

"Yea so tell me..
What's going on in here?"

"Nothing..just got some tension.."
-"What tension?"

"Some.. something"
-"Hey, wont you tell it to me?"

"Luke forbade us"

"Why are you all so scared of Luke?"

"Nobody is scared ok.."
-(mocking) "Luke forbade us"

-"He Bloody treats all of you as if he sired you all"

"Tell me.. Does he have any girlfriend?"

-"Cuz he is a stud, that's why"

"Not a coward like you all."
-"Hey.. I am not a coward ok"

-"Oh really? Then why wont you tell
me what is it?"

"We all kidnapped Nikhil here"

"Hey..Have you gone insane?"
-"don't be afraid mate.. I am here for you."

"Kidnapped? But He looks fine sitting there.."

"You ll get us killed"
-"Shiuli is also one of us"

"But the handwriting isn't that of my son"

-"Please show me the letter"


"Hmm.. That's where Luke met with Deshpande the first time?"

"Bring a cup of tea"

"Do you always speak like that?"
-"Shouldn't I?"

"Answer the question"
-"My ways are according to the pedigree"

"Is that bad?"
-"Cant you reply in a simple yes or a no?"

"You are asking the question incorrectly"
-"You ll speak properly with me"

"This is not that godown of you guys"

"I ll throw you behind the bars in a flash. Savvy?"
"Nobody ll know where you disappeared to"

"How can I speak decently? I Didn't ask for all this"

"I am not exactly enjoying my stay here"

"I came here on my own.. "

"I haven't done anything. Never even touched anybody"
"You can ask these people here if you like"

"If I accompanied these guys,
it was only because of money"

"I was born in a family of beggars"

"Nothing can be attained without money,
hence I used to roam around with boys"

"I wasn't"

"If I had any clue what becomes
of one while chasing money.."

"Had I known earlier..
I would have never entered their group"

"I was doing pretty okay with my singing"

"I committed a mistake"
"Shoot me for it"

"I wasn't born like this"

"Okay now stop it"
-"What do you mean stop it!?"

"Shiuli.. Shiuli calm down"
-"No. Tell them"

"I am telling them. Calm down now"

"That bloody Luke! I am gonna.. "

"He wont be forgetting me in a hurry!"
-"Pipe Down!"

"Give this to her"

"Whatever happened, she was there"

"But never did anything"

"Take your hand off"

"Hey Nikhil..

"That father of yours is a total jerk. He went ahead and.."

"What is she still doing here?"
-"Erm.. Shiuli is with us in this"

"What? Come again?"
-"I was.. Shiuli is also with us"

"Damn you"
"I told you not to.. Didn't I?"
-"Why you hitting me?"

"What did I tell you?"
-"Told you to shut your mouth? huh?"

"Are you our father or something?"
-"Should I tell you.. should I?"

"Now that I know about this, what is the point
in beating him?"

"You keep your trap shut. Getting it? Zip it"

"Look, I am not your wife okay.. don't yell at me"

"Are you trying to get beat up?"
-"Go ahead. Let's see if you can touch me"

"Just.. Just a minute"
"Luke, let it go man"

-"I am not a coward like the others"
"Yea, I know that"

"Why man?"

"This one here is a real fcukin idiot"
"..n your father is a fcukin idiot"

-"Drop it, why all the swearing?"
"So what should I do?

"That patch eyed jerk has informed the police"

"And that Inspector..
He was bombarding me with questions"
-"Which inspector?"

-"That guy is pally with my Dad"

"And you couldn't have told this earlier?"
-"How would I know about this"

(mimicking) "How would I know about this"

"Why it had to be me to be stuck
with all these idiots here"

"Hey don't call me that.
don't vent Pondy's anger on me"

"And why not?"
"Your idea..

your father..

..and this pig"
"He is telling the whore everything"

"I am working out all the details.
I am taking the pains"

"This chicken, he ll be pocketing money for sitting here"

"This Pondy.. will be collecting money
for blabbering on the loudspeaker here"

"And you, son of your neighbour, eh.."

"You ll be getting the cut because you were born rich. No?"

"Luke.. this is the limit ok?"

"All of you go to hell. I don't want anything"

"You.. pack your stuff up and take a hike. Move.. Get going"

"Why should I leave this place? This is MY godown"
"YOU get going. Scoot"

(mocking)"This is not your godown.
Your jerk of a Dad owns this godown"

"Bloody.. I am going to..."

"You fcuker. You gonna raise your hand on me? Me??"

"You really have acquired some balls it seems"

"You think you are doing some favor on us?
By duping your dad?"

-"I am abusing your pop."

"Do you even respect him?..
Why did you attempted this scam here?"

"Keep this in mind..
The day MY Dad struck me, he wasn't
able to wipe afterwards."

"Fcuker dared to hit Luke.."
"What are you all staring at.. huh?"




"Get up.. Get up!"

"Stand Up"
-"Look here Luke.. This is.."





"Goddamn it!"

"What is it..?"

"Yea let the a$$hole die"
-"He is dead"

"I am leaving"

"I Didn't do anything"

"You are not going anywhere"
"Nobody from here is going anywhere"

"I am not a part of this"

"All this has happened because of this"

"You really were keen on staying with us..
Now stay with us"

"I am not a part .."

"You just saw what happened here.."


Go to her place"

"Pick her stuff up, and come over to our pad"

"Go now!"

"What to with him?"
-"Will take care of him. Go.."

"Stuff him in this"

"Make it quick"

I am bailing out of here"

"What is he saying?"


"don't say nothing."

"I can see the lips moving"

"I aint blind"
"Speak up what you were saying"

"Luke, I am going away"

"Where? To God's place?"

"don't scare me Luke.
I am going back to my place.

"I wont say anything to anybody"

"You gonna say something IF you
get to leave this place"

"Let him go Luke.
He wont say anything."

"And who ll play the drums?

"Nikhil's pop?"

"Look here you jerks,

"don't even think about leaving"

"The letter that is with Deshpandey..

"You wrote that chicken"

"I wont go down like this"

"If I go, I ll take all of you along"

"So sweetheart,

"Drop the idea of running away "

"Else m gonna chop you so fine..

That your folks will break their backs
picking up the pieces"

"We should not carry with our practice here"


"Nobody will suspect us then"
-"You out of your mind?"

"We stop practicing here,
THEN people will suspect us"

"We ll conduct our practice here itself"

"What happened to Nikhil, where he vanished to..
We are unaware of all that"

"But Nikhil isn't here anymore"

"It doesn't feel nice mate"

"You don't feel good..

"Wont you ask how I feel about this?"

"Leave it be"

"We will practice here itself. Final"

"And from now on..

"Nobody will discuss anything about this"

"I will still say this. We haven't done anything"

"We don't need to share the responsibility of Luke's crime"

"Luke is my friend"
"He was Nikhil's friend too"

"Joy, what kind of a friend is he?
No friend behaves like that"

-"Let go of me"
"Look at me.

"Look at me and tell me..
Am I not your friend? huh?

"Am I not your friend?"
-"You're nobody's friend. You are a WHORE.

"Wherever the dough is,
You'll be right next to it"

"And Luke Didn't kill him intentionally.."

"He lost it.. and it was because of you!"

"I Didn't do anything.
No need to say all this to me"

"I know Luke from our childhood days.
He does everything for us"

"He does all that because he gets his cronies in you guys..
Who can't stand up to him"

"You all are afraid of him.
That is why he feeds you all"

"Shut up. You have blabbered enough."

"I will whack you so hard,

you ll get plastered like
a painting right here! SAVVY?"

"Is this your home?"

"Who smokes pot in here?"
-"Excuse me?"

"Stop this pot smoking business.
It isn't anything good."

"Place looks like an opium den"
"Who are you?"

-"How is she related to you?"

"A Friend"
-"She lives here sir"

"With you?"
"There are others as well"

"Where are they? That guy Luke..
Where are they ?"

"Running some errands sir"
-"Who else lives here?"

"Chicken does, Pondy as well"


"What kinda name is that?"

"I know of only one type of Pondy.. the XXX movies
sold at the railway station"

"And who is that?"
-"This is Luke here Sir"

"THIS is Luke?"
-"Yeah. He claims to be.
Says that he watches everybody"

"And who would that be?"
-"That too is Luke Sir"

"This too is Luke? You mean, all here are Luke?"
-"No sir, that over there is me"

"The little guy?"
-"Yes.. yes"

"I ll take a look inside. How many rooms are there?"
"I ll come with you sir"

"No you stay here"


"Did you go inside? I told you not to.. Didn't I.. huh?"

"Did you go inside? I told you not to..
Didn't I.. huh?"

"Calm down Luke!"
"I Didn't open the door.."
-"Then who did?"

"Deshpandey is here"

"Inspector Deshpandey!"

"Hello Sir"
-"From where are you coming in such a baffled state?"

"Had gone out to ask about Nikhil"
-"Found anything?"

"Yeah.. That he came to our show and
nobody saw him since then"

"Who smokes this over here?"

"don't be afraid.. You all are Nikhil's friends so
I wont say anything to you."

"I do Sir."
-"Just you?"

"We all do"
-"Where do you purchase this?"


"That I.. wont tell you Sir"

"Look I am letting all you go..
Just tell me the vendor for this"

"Do one thing Sir, arrest me."
"I wont tell you his name"

"I went up to him and not
the other way round"

"I am Sorry"

And you wont tell me about these
magazines either eh?"

"Nikhil is like a nephew to me. You get any news
regarding him, let me know "

"Letting all of you off the hook"

"Next time this place should be all cleaned up"
-"Yes Sir"

Pondy was really scared.

Because of that letter, I was scared as well.

Nobody knew Luke better than me.

I had seen the devil inside him not once,
but several times in fact.

If he had lost it, he would have killed everybody.


"Pondy you ok?"

"Come on out now"

"Pondy come out"

"You okay?"

"All this Shouldn't have happened mate"

"Forget it"
"Come along"

"Where am I gonna sleep"

"I am sleepy"
-"So who is stopping you?"

"And you all are gonna keep sitting around here?"

"Turn the music off"
-"I wanna hear it"

"I said turn it off"

"You have spoken enough Luke. No more now"
"Nikhil was our friend."

"Nobody is going to talk anything about Nikhil"
-"You gonna hit me like you did to him?"

"Hey sm@rtass.. I will actually do that too"

"If you don't turn it off, m gonna kill you"

"You don't want to listen to it, get up yourself
and turn it off"

"Why are you messing with him mate?"
-"I want to listen to the music"

"don't turn it on again"

"What is happening here?"

"What is all this guys"
-"He has gone nuts"

"Need to send him where Nikhil is"

"Hey Shut up mate. Shut up Pondy"

"Both of you gone crazy?"
-"He is the one who has gone crazy..

-"He is not getting it"
"I am not getting it? You killed Nikhil!"

and I am the one who is crazy?"
-"Hey.. Listen carefully..

"Nikhil got killed due to the
stupidity of you guys"

"don't you try to shift your guilt onto us"
-"My guilt?"

"Your guilt, YES"
-"When you were to get money, everything was fine eh?"

"I was not. I told you that if
anything goes awry, I am not in with you"

"You took it as a green signal from me"
-"Yeah, I took it the wrong way..

"He couldn't have actually said it clearly"

"Hey, what do you think.. that I wasn't aware of what was
going inside your head?"

"If I don't have the money, Shiuli wont sleep with me"

"Hey Luke.. Speak about me with respect."
"I am not a keep of yours.. understand?"

"Yeah okay, fine"
-"Yes, it is okay..

"..We all are here"
-"Knock some sense into him will you?"
-"Hey you.."

"So you gonna kill me?"

"I am off to sleep"
"Scram now.. Scram"

"This one is crazy, the other one is crazy..
world seems to have gone crazy. keeps messing with everybody.."

" Mate, there isn't going to be
a bigger Jack@ss than you, you understand that? "

"M@therfuckn bast@rd.. am gonna.."

"Speak up now.. go on.. go on"
-"What was it.. nobody would be a bigger WHAT?"


"Huh.. I swear I will.. why wont you talk now huh?"

"You really have a soft corner for Nikhil, right?"

"Go and tell Deshpandey, that I committed the murder,
and I will kill you as well"

"One slice and you ll get deflated right here"


"Bloody Coward!"

"Pint sized midget, isn't taller than this"

"And speaks up like this .. "

"What are you looking at huh?"
"Should I sing a lullaby for you?"

"What are you laughing at?"

"No I mean what .. what exactly huh?"

"Am I a joker?"
-"Hey Luke"
"Have I got horns on my head? Is it?

-"What man.. what the fcuk"
"You $hat in your pants man"

"Hey come.. give me a push"

"There is no need to get emotional.
You and I both know Luke well."

"If you are going to get all worked up like this,
we all gonna end up as stiffs."

-"What is the guarantee that we
eventually we wont?"

"There is a guarantee. Even he is scared."

"He wont reveal, but he is scared $hitless."

"Why do you think he asked Joy
to bring Shiuli over here?"

"Didn't you noticed how he was uttering
'Sir' in front of Deshpandey?"

"Ever seen such politness from him?"
-"Be it Sir, be it politeness.. How does it matter
to me?"

"I Didn't do anything."
"Ask him if I told him or not..,

"That if anything happens, I am
not a party to all this "
-"Whatever has happened, has happened."

"Even I don't want the noose around my neck.
I too know that I Didn't do anything."

"I too was standing over there like you guys"

"Look, we know, that we Didn't do anything"

"But if one of us gets caught..

"the rest will be done for as well"
-"Why would we be in a soup?"

"Mate we kidnapped Nikhil"
-"But we never 'kidnapped' Nikhil!"

"Pondy you think people will believe
all this was Nikhil's idea.. huh?"

"That you ll go to Deshpandey, say that
Sir, Nikhil told us to kidnap?"

"That his father is rolling in cash. From
5 Lakhs, give one lakh to me, and keep the rest?"

"People will laugh at you"

"Leave it. Here, have some beer"

"Hey take a swig"
-"I don't want to.."

"You idiot have ruined yourself with all that Ganja,
Have some beer. Will give you some strength"

"What is it"
-"Somebody has come to see you"
"Who is it?"

-"See for yourself"

"Yeah Ranjan.."
-"Hey Luke.."

"What happened mate, you were supposed to show up?"
-"Yeah, something showed up"

"Did you arrange for the money?"

"Make it happen buddy. I have spoken with the studio"

"Even with the cassette company"
-"How can we get the recording done?"

"I will get you a decent discount as well"
"Will cost you only 3Lakhs."

"Got you a waiver of 2 Lakhs"
-"Money doesn't grows on tree yeah?"

"That friend of yours.. Nikhil..
his father is loaded"

"Ask him for a loan?"
-"His father gonna give us the loan? Forget it"

"What ll be your cut from those 3 Lakhs?"

"1..? 2..? Or..."

"You keep shut"

"Now decide what you guys wanna do..
You seemed good, hence I was interested"

"Yeah I ll be there"

"I will try to manage something Ranjan.
Hey listen..Shut the door pls"

"Now whom are you going to kidnap
for the money Luke?"

"Hey Shiuli.. You are blabbering
a bit too much okay.."

"Keep your tongue in check"
"People are on their edge here, will eat you alive"

"You gonna do that to me..?
-"Leave my hand"

"Go ahead.."

-"You are afraid are you?"

-"Aren't you hungry too?"

"Look here Shiuli!"

-"Wont you go ahead"

"don't I look sexy to you?"

"don't I?"
-"So you wont budge eh?"

-"You wont eh?"

"Whatever happened between Luke and Shivli..

"I saw that""

"That day.. I woke up early"

"What did happen?"

"Whatever happened between them.."

"What was it?"

"Should I provide the details?"

"We need money"
-"And where are you going to get them from?"

"From Nikhil's father's place"
-"Have you gone mental?"

"Either keep staring at each other while sitting here..
OR get that recording done and be set for life"

"And what ll you say..
That we still have Nikhil with us?"

"No need to say anything"

"isn't Police looking for him?"
"We all will go and pick up the cash"

"And his father would have left
the doors open for us?"
-"Keep quiet"

"No.. it ll be even mentioned pls come and take
the money. After all, its your friend's father's money!"

"So essentially its your father's money"
-"Somebody take her away"

"How many doors will there
be to keep me away Luke?"

"If you keep blabbering, I will bury you.
Getting it?"

"So you gonna bury your keep?"

"Hey, you told them
What you did to me?"

"Wh.. what did you do?..

"What.. what did you do?"

"She was getting horny. Slapped her twice"

"Should I treat you the same?"
-"Lay off.. shoo"

"Hey Luke, I Didn't knew..
that you swung both ways"

"What are you laughing at whacko?"
"Take her away"
-"Come come now"

"Carry me over there pls?"
-"Yeah ok smarta$$"

"Got burnt?"

"What are you staring at me like this?"

"We are going over there to rob,
and not kill somebody"

"Nobody will be there till midnight"
"They ll be at the restaurant"

"We ll go there, and clean up whatever
money we can find"
"Wot say?"

"How will we enter the place?"

"When do we do it?"


"Should I turn on the lights?"

"You brought the torch for fun?"

"Shut the door"

"Where is joy?"

-"A little louder pls?"


"When the entire neighbourhood is here..
tell them we came to rob"

"Got nothing between your ears?"
"Go and look inside"

"Must have got stuck in a door or something"

"This Pondy.. keeps his brain stashed away"

"There is a lot of cash in here"

"Let's leave them and make a dash for it?"

"What are they doing in there?"

"Go and take a look"

-"You go"

"I ll go"

"So you don't trust me?"

"Do you?"

"I am not a turncoat like you guys"
-"Yea I know that"

"Mate chicken.. there is something fishy in there"

"So go and check it out"'

"Lets go together then"

"No you go ahead"

"Eating so quietly as if
its somebody's funeral"

"Oh Uncle!"

"Hey look.. Nikhil's stash"

"Everybody is getting a move on,
and you are silent?"

"Wont you join them?"

"Hey Who turned off the music man!"
-"What is going on in my house?"

"Hey Uncle it's you!
Nikhil's home!!"

-"Nikhil's home?..Where is he?"
"No no Not like this uncle"

"You ll have to dance first!"
-"No no no"

"Please please please"

"Shut up!"

"Aey Joy, he wont dance"
-"He wont?"

"Leave me.. let me go"
-"He isn't there, nope"

"Then where is he?"
-"You ll have to seek him out"

"Leave me..
let go of me"

"Nikhil... Son .."

"What are you doing..?

"Why are you doing it?"
"What are you doing..?

"Hey.. Turn off the music"


"Where is nikhil"
-"He isn't upstairs"

"Then do one thing.. Ask the police"
-"I am asking.. Where is Nikhil?"

"No, call the police up, and ask them
where is Nikhil?"

"You are joking here?"
-"No uncle, ring up the police..

"..and you ll know where Nikhil is.
Should I dial it for you?"

"What is in that bag?"

"Money. Since you refused to give it up..

..we helped ourselves."
"Make the call pls"

"Yeah Luke. Got the money?"

"3 Lakhs.. All of it!"

"When do you want to get the recording done?"

"Right Now"

"That's good"

"Yeah.. Sahara studio?
This is Anish Ranjan this side"

"Where is the studio"

(singing) "Stay over here.. don't leave us"

"Hey, hey.. Come here"
-"We got a booking here"

"Whose production?"

"Anish Ranjan got it booked"
-"Anish Ranjan who?"

"He is.. He is the agent.
Look up in the roster file"

"What's the need to look in the file? I know that
Studio's own project is going on"

"Hey smarty, we paid the advance"
-"To whom did you handed the advance?"

"To your Mother.. You.. Check the file"

"Err.. Luke"

"If he is saying so.. then..."

That Ranjan pulled a fast one on us?"

"Where is Ranjan?"
-"Ranjan.. left the company"

"You nut,I am talking about Anish Ranjan"
-"Yeah, he left yesterday"

"Yesterday only he met me here,
took 3Lakhs from me"

"Hey what are you doing.."
"This happens to be our office"

"So why should I care about the office?"


"Hey get out of my way will YOU

"Bloody thief!"

"I am Luke. Ranjan introduced me to you"

"He has taken money from me"

"What do you mean so?"
"Paid 3 LAKHS to him, for booking the studio"

"Listen, Ranjan no longer works here"
"He was bringing in fresh talent, That is All"
"Now You can leave"

"Luke leave that one. It is mine!"
-"Are you going to fiddle with it?"

"Here, shove it up.. Go on"

"Luke, this is me mate.. Joy"
-"What should I do.. I thought you were an asshole"

"Will you take a leak on my head? huh?"
"Should I worship you jack@ss?"

"Why are you speaking like this mate?"
-"So how should I be doing it?
Like that Ranjan you d!#@head?"

"Why are you venting his anger on me?"





"Will the money return to us if you go on breaking things here?"

"Reply to me"

-"He wont be able to reply"

"First time the fcuker has
been outdone by somebody"

-"You fcukin..!"

Stop it here!"

"He ll get killed by my hands"

-"Go ahead.. Kill me!"
"At least I ll be spared from your insanity"

"I am standing right here.. Kill me"

"Go to hell you fcukers"

"You are bleeding. Go clean it up"

"Will that also wash away the murders?"
-"Keep quiet you"

"You go ahead"

"Let me see"
"What did I say?"

"Ok.. It isn't too bad"

"Come on now"

"Sorry. Ok"
"Wanna have some beer?"

"Should I sock you again?"


"Come on"

"What are you, a kid?"
"How old are you?"

"Come now.. come come come"
"Wash up and come along"


"What has happened has happened"

"We have enough money with us."

"We can live comfortably. Can make a demo as well"

"No point in quarrelling"
-"Was I the one quarrelling here?"

"Okay I get it. I am sitting guilty here"

"Forget whatever happened earlier"

"We killed 2 people.
Is that to be forgotten as well?"



"Hide away the cash"
"Clean this up guys!"

"Why are you staring at my face? Clean this up!"

"What are you hiding there?
Show it to me"
"Bring it over here"

"You were drinking?
Go, rinse and come back"

"And You.. stand over here"

"What happened to your face
-"Slipped in the bathroom Sir"

"I see
You two stand over here"

"Hurry up and fall in"

"Hey.. Do I have to tell you separately?

"What happened sir""
-"Let the girl come back"

"Come and stand in between over here"


"Now tell me honestly..
When was the last time that you met Nikhil?"

"I mentioned it to you Sir.. he was at the performance.
Nobody saw him ever since"

"What is the name of your Band?"
-"Parasites is the name"

"Parasites means?"
-"It means.."

-"Something which makes home in else's body"


"Why have you named it so?"
-"Just like that"

"You killed Nikhil at the Godown?"

"You guys are impossible.
The guy whose godown you practiced at.."

You kidnap him, then you kill him..

and then you kill his father"
"What'll become of you fcukers"

"We didn't do anything Sir"
-"Where is the money?"

"What money are you talking about?"
-"Hey.., don't try to act smart.

Where is the money?
In there?"

"Are you gonna fetch it, or should I go in there?"

"Constable, go with him"

"And listen up..

"Inform Trivedi on the walkie talkie
that these are the very guys.."

"Bring in the force! Tell him"
-"Yes Sir"

"We.. We didn't do anything sir. He did it all"
"He killed Nikhil"

"..I wanted to bail out,
but he didn't let me"

"He killed Nikhil's father, idea of the robbery
was his as well. He was the one who struck me"

"He forcibly kept Shiuli here.."
"He kept us terrorised here"

"Shut up now. Whatever you have to say,
say it at the station. Get your statement
recorded there."

"This is what you become at such a young age"

"What ll become of you?"
"Should have thought about your parents you idiot"


"Sit on him."

"Let go of me"
"Dare assault a policeman!?"

"The fcuk I will.."

"Police wont let you get away"




"N..N.. NO LUKE"
-"Gonna kill me?"

-"Should I pull the trigger?"

"Fcuking A$$hole, m gonna .."

"Look at him shake.. NNNN No"

"The fcuk I will do to you.."
"Look over there"

"You committed a murder"
"Now no turning back.. ok?"

"Where is Pondy?"

"*Check the bathroom, he ll be there only
Go and Bring him here"

"Pondy, open the door"

"Pondy open the door and come out mate"

"Look Pondy, don't do anything
stupid in there mate"

"Whatever has happened, has happened."


"He wont come out like that.

Shiuli, you go and get him out"
"Go will you!"

""Hey come out mate!"

"He isn't opening up. I hope he
isn't up to anything stupid"

"Pondy.. Pondy open the door"


"Pondy pls come outside
What ll you gain by harming yourself"

"But I killed somebody"

"Whatever had to happen, has happened.

"Please come outside"

"Please listen to me."
"Open up the door"

"We should leave this place"

"What is to think here?
Let us pack up and leave"

"It is not that easy.
We been living here since long"

"People know us around here."
"We leave these bodies rotting over here..

"Everybody will come to know about this"

"Our faces will be plastered on the TV..
India's most wanted"

"Gonna chop and feed em to the Kites?

"Hey Chicken.."

"isn't there any more beer?"

"This one is finished."

"Everything will be OK"

"Got everything?"
"Shiuli, come with me"

"Hey Chicken, switch off the lights"

"Cottage for five please?"

"Luke, there are only 4 beds here"

"There is the bathtub for you"

"Gonna put the cash away in the locker"

"Shiuli, you were right..

..Luke is nobody's friend"

"I am with you"
-"What is the point now?"

"We can still get away"

"Hey sit down pretty boy and listen to this"

"Hey Fatso.. Wait up mate"
"Wait, come over here"

"We ll go and tell everything to the police"

"Will they let us go?"


"I am ready to go to the prison"

"But I cant stay with this a$$hole Luke"
-"If we go to the police.."

"Then Luke will claim
that we all were complicit"

"Luke will speak up if he ll be alive
in the first place"

Nikhil was killed by Luke,

His father and Insp. Deshpandey's
murder was with Joy's complicity"

The constable was killed by Pondy"

Me and Shiuli were not involved, hence Joy and Pondy decided
that they ll themselves finish Luke off.

These two wanted to save us from any jail term

"Actually Sir, Me and Pondy never wanted
Chicken and Shiuli to be sentenced..

"..As they were innocent"

"And then you chucked his body in the valley"
-"Yes. Pondy and Joy..

".. went to the local police station"

"From there, they were sent here."

"Later on,

"Me and Shiuli decided that..

..we should go too"

"You think that we
should also go to the police?"

"We should"

"Let's go.. "

"By the way Chicken.. the money
which Luke kept in the locker?"

"We couldn't find the key"

"We ll get it"

"Kadam.. "
-"Yes Sir"

"That..get that fourth one in here"
-"Ok Sir"

"You got that?"
-"Yes Sir"

"What happened?
Told him everything?"


"Hey.. Sir has sent for you"

"Yes Sir.."

"We are going to the Magistrate's tomorrow"

"You and the girl might be let off,
but will have to leave Mumbai"

"Joy and Pondy?"

"They ll be sentenced"

"How long?"

"5 yrs.. 7 yrs.. don't know"

"Why were you swearing repeatedly in front him?"
-"Buddy, sit quietly"

"It was your fault"
-"Sit quietly, why did you supported.. What happened?"

"What happened?"

"We both have been banished"
-"And what about us?"

"These two have come for a pardon
and to sign witness papers"

"And these two, they have come
to sign the confession papers"

"I have the details here"

"You will come to see me right?"

"Take care of yourself"
-"Come on"

"Hey, just a minute"
-"What happened?"

"We didn't say thank you to the inspector"

"Let it be"
-"No it doesn't looks nice.

"You go ahead, I wont be long"

"No no more"
-"Shut.. shut up.. "

"I am set"

"Now shut up and drink"
- "Ok ok"

"I divided the money in 3 equal parts"

"Everybody gets 3 Lakhs apiece"

"Nobody suspected anything"

If I wasn't up early that day.."

"When exactly?"

"The very day when that agent went away
and you two got 'busy' afterwards"

"Even I would have ended up in the prison
like Joy and Pondy"

"Kismat my friend"

"Your fate saved you"
-"Good Kismet?!?"

"Say thanks to me..."

"That was some plan I came up with"

"Ah you are my darling, baby"

"Now they ll be looking for my corpse in the valley
with their sniffer dogs"

"Hey Luke... "

"BUT.. If I hadn't woken up that day..

"I too would have been a goner"
-"Oh shut up will you"

"No no"
-"It is done and dusted with"

"If I hadn't been up.. Who would have
narrated the story to the police?"

"Shiuli! Who else?"

"She? What could she have done?"

"The story that I concocted.."

"That bloody fatso was sitting right there"

"He never sniffed anything. Did he?"

"Had she narrated it,
she would have messed it up "

"Hey, you think I am an idiot like Joy?

-"Leave it you guys"

"No.. I am not saying that"
-"Finish Finish..
This Topic is done"

"Tell me something"

"But if I wasn't up that day"
-"Ah Dammit.."

"No, listen to what I am saying.."
-"He is still stuck there"

"But if I hadn't woken up,

"What would have you done?"
-"Leave it mate"

"You would have killed us..

"No if I hadn't gotten up.. THEN.."
-"Then you'd have been dead.

You would have been dead, so would have been Pondy and Joy"
"You all would be dead"

"You all would be dead"

"And Shiuli would have killed me"

"She would have killed me in that story you a$$hole"

"Kill Luke in reality, bah"

"After that, Luke and Shiuli's happy ending,
and THE END for all of you"



"I ll get more. Where are they?"


-"What happened? huh?"

"Very sharp girl"

"I got lucky. Had I had kept sleeping that day..

"..I would have slept for another 5 yrs"

"Some brains she got.. eh?"


"Where have you kept em?"

"There on the shelf"


"I ll go and get em mate"
-"Wh What?"

"Gonna get some booze"
-"You gonna get it?"

"Oh beer, Ya"
-"Just a moment..
Move your feet"

"Hey babe..... babe..

Hey babe..

"Hey the bottle is here babe"

"What are you doing?"

-"What do you think"

"Hey hey hey.. Shiuli shiuli shiuli..

"What are you doing? Chicken is out there"
"Get aside"

"Will he keep sitting out there always?"


"My plan.. Your execution.."

"Why are you giving him 3 Lakhs?"

"Where is she?"
-"She's knocked out"

"Hey.. hey.. that's enough"
"Otherwise I ll be knocked out as well"

-"Drink up mate"
"No no no.. please"

"No no no"

"What happened?"

-"Let's go for a walk"

"Now?" "No no"
-"The breeze is good"

"Not now"
Nowhere .."
-"Let's go buddy"

"No mate"
-"Come come come"
"What buddy?"

"Come get up"
-"Hey.. Thing is..

"I don't have faith in you"
-"You silly fellow you!"

"Wait..Listen up..
You wont kill me off now.. would you?"

"Should I hit you?"

"If I had to, would you have been here?"
-"Yeah, that is true"

"Now bottom's up with this one"

"Beer isn't allowed outside"
-"No no no"
"Bottom's up I said"

"Nice.. nice breeze eh?"

"Its gonna rain"

"No it wont rain"
-"didn't I just say.. rain is approaching"

"It wont rain"

"It wont rain"

"Make a bet"
-"It wont be raining"

"Then make a bet!"

"Yeah okay.. the bet is on"
-"How much?"

"Whatever you say"

"3 Lakh"

"Okay done"

"3.. 3 Lakh the wager, that it ll rain"


"No no no.."
-"What happened"
"You wont pay up"

-"You wont pay 3 Lakhs"
"Why wont I pay up?"

"Because you are Luke. you wont pay 3 Lakhs"

"And this is Luke speaking that I ll pay"

"Sure about it?"
-"What did I just say?"

"3 Lakhs?"
-"3 Lakhs"
"You ll give 3 Lakhs?"

"Want be to give you 3 kicks?"
-"Nah nah.."

"You ll pay up 3 Lakhs ya?"
"Yes I will"

"So you agree that it ll rain"

-"No you agree it ll rain"

"You are tight. Come along.."
-"No you are agreeing that it ll rain"

"Yes pops, okay it ll rain"

"The Rain is coming alright"

"Rain wont be coming"
-"Rain is coming"

"Look up there.. there's the Moon"
-"There is rain"

"How can it rain?"
-"I feel like taking a leak"

"Come let's take a leak together"

"We ll take a lot of piss"
-"Lot of piss yes"

"Heck a lot of it"
-"Heck a lot yes"

"We'll carry away a fort with it"
-"Will carry a for.."

"You come on now"

"No, will carry a for..fort away"

"Carry away a fort.. "

"Need to carry away a fort.. "
-"Yeah, so do it forcefully"

"I am done"

"I am done"

"Wont drown the fort?"

"You do it"
-"Okay, I ll try"

"That's it, that is all I could"

"Come. Let's go"
"Come on now.."

"Move it..!"

"What happened?.. huh?"
"Why are you looking like that?"

"You drama queen.."
Keep this inside"

"Come come.. Keep it inside Chicken"

"Enough jokes ok. Keep it away"
"Do it"

"Keep this back inside.

Chicken.. this is me saying it. Keep it inside"

"Okay, I ll give you 3 Lakhs"

"It ll rain, we ll get drenched,
Okay? Okay?

"Now keep this inside"
"Do it will you..?"

"Chicken, don't fuck with my brains"
"Keep this inside"

"I am saying it nicely, KEEP THIS INSIDE"


"You gonna kill Luke?"
Is that so?"

"Ok, go ahead"
"Do it. Do it.."

"Do it, Do it.. Do it...
See here, the neck has a vein here.."

"You have to cut that..
"Immediately the person goes .."

"Come on now.. go for it.Kill me..
"Go ahead, don't hesitate"

"Save mee... Somebody save mee..."

"That morning I woke up..

" I was at the door"

"didn't I mention it Luke..

..that I have faith in you"


"I know that you are alive"


"Hey run along, check if the girl is safe..

..It took us long"

"That girl came to tell me, that Luke is alive..
-"What are you saying Sir"

"Yeah! And that.. Chicken, he is going to kill him"

"What happened?"

..the girl isn't here"
-"She isn't? Then where'd she go?"

Spaceshot, corvusalbus