Paan Singh Tomar (2012) - full transcript

Paan Singh Tomar is a Hindi-language film, based on the true story of a runner employed by the Army and has won Gold medal at Indian National Games but forced to become notorious baaghi. It is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

Paan Singh has killed nine
of them in broad daylight.

He was avenging his brother's death.

The cops are helpless.

What can the cops do anyway?
Paan Singh is on the run.

I believe, he was in the army.

Give me a cigarette.

Come on.

The entire packet.

Here's your money.

There's something going on.

You look pretty pleased.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Look out for the front
page of the newspaper.

I bet you'll see my photo on it.

Is it because you've
joined Paan Singh's gang?

How do you know this? Keep it to yourself.

-The guy wearing the blue shirt?




-Is he the journalist?

I hope he won't squeal.

Not at all.

-He's an army man.

He is very particular about punctuality.


Until the task is complete,
the girl will stay with us.

My dear.

Stay here with this man.

Just for a little while.

He'll give you sweets.

You'll get your favourite sweet.

He'll also show you your favourite movie.

Is that okay?

Please look after her.

Excuse me.

Hold on.

Please keep this with you
and take care of her.

Let's go.

Is she safe out here?

That depends on you.

Take the turn that's adjacent
to the circle down the road.

Come on.


The journalist is here, Subedaar.

I've frisked him.

Excuse me, mister.

How do I address him?

Can I address him as my uncle?

Never mind.

I'll address him as Subedaar.

Thank you, Subedaar.

I'm glad to meet you.

This interview

is very important to me.

-What are you doing? Stop it!
-What's in your shirt?

I was just taking out my notebook.

I thought you had a bomb in there.

Let it be.

Sir, I'm downstairs.

Sit down.

Do you mind sitting on the floor?

You are way younger than I am.

Are you Major Chauhan's nephew?

Yes, he's my uncle.

Why aren't you in the army?


I'm passionate about writing.

With your blessings, I hope to
become a well known writer.

You work at leisure and
it shows on your body.

You need to lose weight.

Start running four kilometers everyday.

-Tomorrow onwards.


-Yes. Tomorrow onwards.
-Tomorrow onwards!

Shall we begin, Sir?

How did you become a dacoit?

Are you a qualified journalist
or still training?

Don't you know the customs
of this locality?

In the ravines we're called rebels.

Dacoits are found in the parliament.


The interview is over.

-No, I'm sorry.
-Take your stuff and leave.

-Subedaar, I'm sorry.
-It's over.

-It's over.
-I meant something else.

Your career?

Here's what I mean.

When did you handle a gun
for the first time?

That's the question.

India got its independence
from the British.

At around that time.

Pandit Nehru became the Prime Minister.

With India beginning her new chapter

my new life started as well.


Look who's on his way.
Daughter-in-law, come here.

Who is that?

Who is he?

Look who's coming.

My son is home!

He is an army man now. Look at him!

He is an army man now!

Mom, there is no direct bus from Gwalior.

Okay. I'm glad you're home.

Look what I brought for you.
And I'm an army recruit now.

You must go check on your wife.

She missed you dearly.

I'm sorry, forgive me.

Apologise to your wife.

Can I get something to eat?

Let me help you.

Don't bother.

I'm used to staying alone.

Don't spoil me.

You want me to go back?


Once you leave I'll jump into the well.

There you are.

You've been hiding here.

You're a good runner.

Just like a rooster.

As swift as a cat.

I've organized a village discourse.

Everyone is busy out there.

Look at me.

Did you also think that I had died?

Don't say that.

I had shown your horoscope to the priest.

He said, you were a born wanderer.

But I knew it.

No matter what

you would come back to me.

This is the army, not a government office.

You can't do as you please.

Why are you late by two days?

Sir, my mother was ill.

Sir, I was getting married.

The army should be your first priority.

And you?

Sir, I had to harvest the standing crop.

You won't be standing here either.

Carry your luggage and run
around the ground ten times.

Left, right, left.

Stand at ease!

I did ten rounds, Sir.

You think I'm an idiot?

I'm a fast runner.
I have no problem with running.

Great. Complete another ten rounds.

With or without my luggage, Sir?

-Your name?

My name is Jitendra Singh.

Who is this guy?

He's a new recruit, Paan Singh Tomar.

For the first time I've seen
someone enjoying his punishment.

That's 37 rupees.

How will you manage with just two rupees?

The military takes care of my needs.

-My wife has delivered a baby girl.

-I need to take care of their needs.
-I understand.

Do you eat to live? Or live to eat?

This is my body's basic requirement.

This is the excess.

-Want some?

-Take it.
-No, thanks.

Paan Singh.
This is a battalion, not a bachelor party.

We have limited supplies.
Don't eat in excess.

I have a large appetite.

Get into sports. There is
no dearth of food there.

The British left behind
two great things, Sir.

One being discipline.

And the other is ice-cream.

I've got some for you.

No, by the time I get home

it will melt and become a milkshake.


Take me into sports.

There is no restriction on food there.

Which sport?

Anything, Sir. I am a fast runner.


Yes, I love running.


If you deliver this ice-cream to
the Major's house before it melts

you'll get to be a sportsman.

The address, Sir?

Make way for me!

Move aside.

The Major has sent this for you.

It hasn't melted.

What is the time right now?

It's nine o'clock. Why?

Tell him I was here in four minutes.

Lord, bless me.

Paan Singh, run!

You're supposed to run
as soon as we signal, you idiot!


God, bless me.

He is the one who delivered
the ice-cream in four minutes.

Congratulations, Paan Singh.
You're the runner-up.

Are these for the athletes?

But he wants to be a sportsman
to satisfy his hunger.

I don't think he is interested in sports.

Hit it hard.

Harder, now.

Load them up.

My father fought against the British.

He asked me to join the military

to serve the country.

I can't do this. I can't operate a gun.

You are an idiot. Just agree.


Alright, I agree.

It's easy.

Strap on the gun, shut one eye,
aim at your target and pull the trigger.

It's as simple as that.

What's going on?

He's new here. I'm teaching him to shoot.

He's new.

You're not tenured either.

But I've often used the gun.

My uncle owns four Mark-3 guns.

Is that so? Then show me your skills.

Nobody else fires.

On your feet.


Where are you from?

From Bhidosa, in Morena district.

I see. The Chambal valley of dacoits.

Not dacoits. They are rebels.

My uncle is a rebel too.
A respected one at that.

The cops have not been able to nab him.

-Recruit Paan Singh.
-Yes, Sir?

Is your uncle a dacoit?

Not a dacoit. He's a rebel.

A noble man.

Stick to the question.

There are no records.

But have you ever been to jail?

No. Even my uncle hasn't.
The police cannot nab us.

I asked you to stick to the question.


Do you trust the government?

No, Sir. The government is a crook.

That's why I'm in the army,
not in government service.

Except the army, everyone is a swindler.

Can you give your life for the country?

Yes. I can take lives too.

This country is our motherland.

If anyone dares harm my motherland,
how can I bear it?

The army believes in discipline.

You need to obey the orders
of your senior officers.

Will you obey every order?

Sir, I'm a fourth grade dropout.

I've learnt more from
experience than books.

If an officer like you gives me an order

I'd stay true to it.

But, Sir, a few officers here
are just for namesake.

They are good for nothing.

I'm not too sure about their orders.

Sir, let me talk to him.

Major Masand, this is the
man you were recommending?

Did you hear what he said?
He shouldn't even be here.

I still have my doubts.

Did I say something wrong, Sir?

You may wait outside.

He's got a bad attitude.
His uncle is a dacoit.

-Army officers are useless, he says.

I have an idea.

We should send him to
the Army Physical Training Center.

He can run as much as he wants to.
That will cool his temper.

We should use him to our advantage.

You haven't seen him run yet.

-Have you had a bath?
-Yes, Sir.

-Doesn't look like.

Greetings, Gurveer.
I hope you're doing well.

Greetings, Sir.

Done with the warm up?

It makes no difference to me.
I'm always ready.

All of you, get ready
for the 5000 meter race.

Everyone on your feet.

Let's begin the race.

-Glory to India, coach.
-Glory to India.

Aren't you from the BG squad?

Yes, Sir.

-You want to run the 5000 meter race?
-Yes, Sir.

Let's go.

What's your name?

My name is Paan Singh Tomar, Sir.

-Glory to India, Sir.
-Glory to India.

Hold on, Paan Singh.
I need to talk to you.

About what?

I need to discuss something important.

Come along.

Don't mind my words.

-Greetings, coach.

You should not take part
in the 5000 metres race.


Not take part in the 5000 meter race?

But I've been sent here for this race.

I have other plans for you.

You are a good runner with a good stamina.

You should run a different race.

I've been practicing for this race.

The Defense Meet is in two months

where I have to win a medal.

Don't be bothered about the Defense Meet.
I want to make you a national champion.

Why can't I take part in
the 5000 metres race?

Listen to me.

If you run the 5000 meter race,
Gurveer will lose.

How does this concern me?

Try to understand.

My daughter is married
to Gurveer's brother.

My daughter is already suffering.

If Gurveer loses, his brother
will trouble my daughter.

I get it, coach.

Since this concerns your daughter,

I can sacrifice anything.

God bless you, my dear.

You are going to fly high!


You will take part in the steeplechase.

Yes, Sir.

I will take part in it, Sir.

Earlier, the steeplechase was
a race meant for horses.

Later, this was introduced into athletics.

Watch carefully.

There are 28 hurdles

and seven water pits throughout the race.

If horses and donkeys can do it,
you are way better than them.

Praise the Lord!

Very good.

Remember you're training
for the National Games!

Use your stamina wisely.

Why do you keep looking behind you?

Stop doing that.

What's wrong?

Sir, I'm thirsty. I'd like some water.

Have you lost it?

It's a race, not a pissing competition.

Paan Singh.

You moron, if you lose this race,

I will bury you right here
under this ground!

What is wrong with you?

-The time?
-It's 9:12:04.

You clocked 9:12:04.
A new national record!

Congratulations! This is unbelievable!

Paan Singh 9:12:04.

You're the national champion.

You broke the record.

I knew you were champion material.

What's the matter? Aren't you happy?

Coach, the thing is...

you are my teacher.

But the next time you shout at me

don't use cuss words.

It's a habit, Paan Singh.

I also have a habit.

I pull the trigger when I hear cuss words.

I cannot tolerate cuss words.

Hanumanta, go get some lemon toffees.

The shop here is no good.

You get better ones near the bus stop.

Take your sister along.

I didn't get anything for you.

Can you make something sweet?
I have some good news to share.

Tell me the good news.
Then, I'll make the sweets.

What if I don't like the news?

I have been promoted.
You are now the wife of an officer.

I broke the national record.

What have you broken this time?

Every time you go out,
you break something.

You're behaving like a silly village girl.

I haven't broken anything.

I've set a new time record in a race.


How would I know?

My sweetheart.

What's wrong with you? Let go of me.

-Stop it.
-Come on.

They're sending me abroad.

Tokyo, Japan.

All the major athletes
from Asia will be there.

What do you want from Tokyo?

Come closer.

-Going abroad?

What do you want from there?

I don't like the fact
that you run in shorts.

The women stare at you.

Should I run in my pajamas?

If I bring home a Japanese wife,
what will you do?

I'll kill myself.

Let me just kill you then.

Shall I?

The kids will be here.



Get away.

Let go of me.

-Water. Drinking water.

-I need it.

Do I have to wear these?

Of course, it's necessary.

With these nails, the shoes
will dig into the earth.

-They are called spikes.

They're called spikes. Come on.

Will Indian athletes
participate without these?

I wasn't given these during practice.
I've been running in canvass shoes.

Now, you're giving these
to me at the competition.

Do you want the audience
to mock Indian athletes?

-Look at the other athletes.
-Why should I?

They get good food and proper facilities.

You provide the bare minimum
and expect us to win.

What's your point?

Whatever you want to make of it.

Don't act smart. Get it?

Wear the shoes and take your position.

You will definitely win. Go for it.

-Don't be upset.
-I had to take my shoes off.

It's okay.

They don't give us enough
facilities and expect us to win.

-Why didn't we get these for practice?

Hi, I am Suchar Singh
and he is Paan Singh.

You know English?

I'm a huge fan! I'm glad to meet you.

-I'm Kazima Haruko.

I don't understand anything.
You handle it.

-Please translate.

Sir, could you please tell us your name.

I see.

Paan Singh Tomar.

His name is Paan Singh Tomar.

-Paan Singh?
-Paan Singh.

Paan Singh Tomar, India.

-From India.

She is in love with you.

What? Love?

A picture, please.

Paan Singh.

He's brought back dirty clothes.

-How is she?
-She's nice.

-Just nice?
-I'm here to do the chores.

-He went to win a medal or a new wife?

I'd almost decided on settling there.

What stopped you?

Your cooking.

The food there is terrible.

Japanese food is weird.

All you remembered, was my cooking.

Hanu, get some lemon toffee.

They are not going anywhere.
Sit right here.

-Here, take the money.
-The kids are not leaving.

-Let the kids go.
-They aren't going.

-Let them eat the toffee.
-They aren't leaving.

Didn't you hear me? Get in.

Lemon toffees, my foot!

They aren't going anywhere.

Hanu, time you took a break from studying.

Go out for a while and
get my clothes from the tailor.

Take your sister along.
She needs a new dress.

Don't hurry with the measurements.

So, you put the kids to work?

Were you really going to bring
that Japanese woman here?


You don't even like me running,
and she is crazy about it.

Look at this.

Look at me.

Hold on.

-What are you doing?
-This is how it's done abroad.

Stupid girl. This is how they kiss.

-Right here.

This is the moment...

to show your valor.

A moment of sacrifice that
every soldier dreams of.


You've undergone rigorous training.

And now it's time to show your strength.

They've started the war
but we shall end it.

Promise yourselves for the
sake of your motherland!

Before you become a martyr,
make sure you kill enough enemies.






-The code will be Bravo.
-Yes, Sir.

-The GS reservation will then be drawn.
-Yes, Sir.

The Battalion moves at 1500 hours.

-Any doubt?
-No, Sir.

Victory to India.


Paan Singh. Stand at ease.

Tell me.

Sir, why can't I go to the battlefront?

It's an army rule.
Athletes are not sent to the front.

Listen to me, Sir.

I won't be able to face
my people in the village.

Sir, please.
The army can take all my medals.

I'm ready to forgo sports.
I cannot lose this opportunity.

Let me go to the battlefront, please.

You will stay right here.

Come on.

What happened, Paan Singh?
Not coming to the front?

On sick leave?




He's lost it. Sir, explain it to him.

There are athletes half his age.
He'll definitely lose.

It's impossible to explain this to him.

He wasn't able to fight in the war

so now, this is his battlefield.

Sir, this is the International
Defense Athletic Meet.

Not a battlefield.

For him, it is.

So, Paan Singh?

You are participating in the
International Athletic Meet.

You've grown older.

What if you lose?

You didn't send me to the battlefield

to put my life at stake.

Now, with my self respect at stake,
the playground will be my battlefield.

That was the most
important race of my life.

-There was no record involved.

-But that race--
-Excuse me.

-Will you help me with this?

The biggest race.

Will you eat something?
The mutton looks delicious.

Why did he eat it first?

This is how my life is.
I need to be alert all the time.

If it is poisoned,
the person who eats first, dies.

-The meat is absolutely delicious.

Don't be shy, have some.


Now I can proclaim
that I have dined with you.

Let it be. Meat is not good for you.

Start running, lose some weight.

-Then you can eat it.

Go on. I can continue talking.


When did you leave the army?

In the recently concluded
International Defense Games

Paan Singh Tomar broke his own record
in the 3000 meter steeplechase race

to establish a brand new record.

-It means, he broke his own record.

What's going on?

What is that good-for-nothing man up to?

What do you mean, Bhanwar?

He's your cousin.

What he said is absolutely right.

Paan is the international
running champion.

He's got a gold medal.

A coward's job is to keep running.
What's the big deal?

What do you mean?

He escaped his responsibilities
and ran to the army.

Let him come back.
I'll present him with a gold medal.

He's a stupid coward. Let's go.


Father, uncle is here.

He also grabbed the land next to the well.

They let animals loose
on the standing crops.

And when we protest, this is what happens.

He has four licensed guns.
We are helpless.

Let's shoot Bhanwar Singh. End of story.

Shut up!

You aren't even as heavy as the gun.

I can't handle this on my own.

We have to do something.

You are still the same.

I'll be back in six months.
Fix your jumping.

Don't ever let your regiment down.

We'll try to beat everyone who
challenges the record you've set.

That's the spirit!

-Glory to India.


Colonel Masand has called from Gwalior.

Sir, I've taken premature retirement.

Are you going to quit the game?

Household duties and farming have taken
precedence over my passion for sports.

The coaching offer remains open for you.


You can be a coach with the army.

-Yes, Sir.
-I want to give you something.

You've helped my son become an army man.
What else can I ask for?

Colonel Masand has sent this for you.

It's ice-cream. Rings a bell?

Let's see, if it melts

by the time you reach home.

This is my biggest medal, Sir.



-Let's go.
-What's the matter?

We've got to attend to our fields.
Let's go.

What happened?

I was there last evening.
Everything was fine.

Are you sure they are responsible?

Here it is.



What's the problem?

Why are you shouting early in the morning?

What is this?

We own the farm,
we worked hard on this crop.

How can you cut it?

This is stealing.

Are you the cop or something?

Answer me.

The field and crops belong to us.

It's ours to burn at
the fest in two weeks.

You can approach the court.

Go away.

Taking matters to court is futile.

This is our crop,
please give it back to us.

According to the documents,
this is our land.

I have paid Matadin for it.

Yes, he sold his share.

Yes, he sold his share.

But this crop is from
my share of the land.

The land was equally
divided by the council.

That's funny.

Listen, little boy.

Take a look at the land
records to get some clarity.

Approach the council or the court.
Don't bother me.

If I get angry, your fate
will be decided right here.

What will you do?

-Tell me.
-Paan Singh, let's go.

What will you do?

Goodbye, brother. Let's go.

Don't scare me with these guns.
I've seen bigger ones.

Hello? Colonel Masand?

Glory to India, Sir.

Subedaar Paan Singh speaking.


I'm in huge trouble, Sir.

My relatives have seized my farm and land.

It's been two years now.

Can your brother

request the Collector of Morena
to solve our case?

He's lying, Sir.

We own the land. They only till the land.

This document will prove who is lying.

My brother has sold his land,
I've have not sold mine.

They've bribed their way
to register the land in their name.

This is our land.

Aren't you related?

Yes, we are cousins.

That's why he is still alive.

That is why we've also spared you, Uncle.

-Wish I could celebrate...
-Shut up.

your death anniversary.

Shut up. Not in front of the collector.


Hanumanta is here.

Got his leaves approved, I guess.

Greetings, Father.

The Bhanwar Singh dispute is still on?

The Collector is here to sort it out.

Calm down, Hanumanta.

The country needs you.

Don't die for such petty issues.

Shut up, will you?

Respect the Collector.

Bhanwar Singh.

The papers prove Paan Singh's
ownership on the land.

You own enough land anyway.

Stop fighting over such small issues.

Solve this amicably.



Sir, their family owns seven licensed guns

which they threaten us with.

Please confiscate them
till this problem is solved.

I came here on Masand's request.

But you have to resolve
it amongst yourselves.

You have the authority.

They keep threatening us with their guns.

An army man petrified by a gun!

Let's fight without weapons then.

This is the aggression of the people of
Chambal valley. Solve it yourselves.


Following your father's
footsteps, aren't you?

Your father never fought in a war.

Since you're spoiling for a fight,
listen to this.

We have enough family members
to destroy you petty novices.

Mind your language, Uncle!

Don't speak rubbish.

-Let's leave, Paan.
-Damn you!

Don't fight. Go away. I said, go!

Paan, leave!

Hail Mother Holika!

Burn it all.

Come on, enjoy the festival of Holi.

It's Paan Singh's crop. Burn it.

Yes, keep burning.

I won't spare anything, dammit!

Not a single grain!

Ramcharan, you look happy.

It's the festival of Holi!

Damn you!

Uncle, let me go.

Don't you dare escape.

Beat him up!

Why are we exerting ourselves?
Just shoot him.

Let him go.

Let him go?
What about his father's fury then?

He can do nothing.

He'll only run to the police.

That's all he can do.


If he had any guts

he'd have used the gun by now.

Tomorrow, we shall get them all.

Let the whole village
know who the boss is.

Who's that?

Who is that over there?

Wait. Careful.

-Don't stop me today, Father. Let me go.
-Stop there.

You don't have the courage
to resolve this farce.

I will settle this with Bhanwar Singh.

Put down your guns.
Violence won't solve anything.

It will not heal my son's wounds.

What about our honor? Our pride?

What about it? We won't shed more blood.

My son is an army man.

The army considers me a national treasure.

Won't the police listen to me?

What's the proof that this is you?

What is this?


-Yes, Sir.

So, who chases whom?

There is no chase here, Sir.

This is a hurdle race, 3000 metres long.

One has to jump across barriers.

It is the most grueling race.

How do we know it's you?

Here is the proof, Sir.

This is me.

This is me.

This is also me.

You were young then.

Why do people abroad
wear such skimpy clothes?


I'm sure you had a good time there.

How did you travel?

By air, or by ship?

This is no time for discussion.
My son's life is in danger.

I've won medals for the country.

I've been the national champion.

I've been in the forces, just like you.

Neither the council, nor the registrar
is hearing my case.

Where do I go?

Listen, this is a land and family dispute.

Without a few dead bodies,
how can we intervene?

-What I'm trying to say--
-This is Morena district.

-The police is revered here.
-I agree.

I'm saying--

What will people say if we
meddle in petty issues?

I'm not asking you to
solve the land dispute.

But they thrashed my son mercilessly

and he's almost dead.

He can't move.

But he's breathing, isn't he?

He isn't dead yet.

Should I wait till he dies?

-Have I run for my country in vain?
-But you got your medals.

Now get out of here.

Get lost.

Go away.

To hell with your medals!

Your duty is to protect people.


Not to feast on their blood.

What did you say?

-You heard it.

-Don't act like you can't hear me.
-Let's go.

You've got corruption
written all over you.

A pimp would do your job better.

-You bloody two-cent of a soldier!
-Good-for-nothing policeman!

Shut your mouth and get out!

Do you want to be beaten up?

I'll beat the life out of you!

I'll rip that uniform off you,
you good-for-nothing policeman!

Get lost!

Where is he?
Tell him to come with the guns.

-I won't spare anyone today.
-We'll kill them all.

You are relaxing here and
Paan Singh's gone to file a complaint.

He's a stubborn man.
We have to get rid of him.

If he were a real man, he
wouldn't keep running to the police.

-We'll kill them all.
-Beat them up.

Beware, there'll be violence today.

Bhanwar Singh is coming.

Run! Bhanwar Singh is here.

He is here with his cronies
and they have guns.

How dare they walk in when father is out!

Do we have no pride?
They need to be taught a lesson!

Please don't go there.

-Wait, don't go.
-What's wrong?

Where are you going with that gun?

-Mother, hide.
-Where is he going?

They are coming.

Why did you have to shoot?

Run to the roof.

Break the door.

-Mother, hurry.
-You go, Bhanwar Singh won't hurt me.

Where is my stick?

Come on, Bhanwar Singh.
I'll teach you a lesson.

Break it down before they run.

Break it.

Push it!


Mother, this way.


Where is he?

What do you think you're doing?

Have some respect.

Get out of my house!

Old woman! Where's your son?


Tough times.

We need to ward off the evil eye.

We need to make offerings.

And arrange a prayer in the village.

Subedaar, don't go home.

Bhanwar Singh and his family
have attacked the house.

There are bullets all over.

The house is destroyed.

They did not even spare mother.

They are on the lookout for you.

Where is my son?

Your wife has taken the
kids to her mother's village.

Is there anyone at home?

No one.


Mother asked me to give
these bangles to you.

Mother, until the situation calms down

we'll live here.


-Where are you going with the gun?

Come back, I say.

I'll be here.

Look, father is here.

What do we do now?

If we go back to the village,
we'll be killed.

The police doesn't care.

Will you lead the rest
of your life at your in-laws'?

We have to get back to the village.

And the police better care.

Hanumanta, get back on duty
tomorrow itself.

-I'm not going to resume.
-Shut up!

Your life has just started, Son.

I've lived mine already.

You will join your unit tomorrow. Say yes.


What about our unit, Uncle?

Our unit?

Our unit leaves tomorrow morning.

Take care of yourself.

Move it.

Mother's calling you, she is not well.


They shot my son!

They shot my son!


-Where is he?
-He has gone to his parent's place.

I've been telling him that
the cops won't spare him.

-Listen everyone!
-Let's go, brother.

This is Paan Singh Tomar's gang.

I haven't settled my scores yet.

And I won't rest until I do.
I will be back!

Bhanwar Singh, now the game has started!

Why are you behaving like
an uneducated person?

Surrender. Serve your sentence,
and start coaching.

I'm ready to do that.

But if I leave, they won't spare
my family and my relatives.

You know how much the game means to me.
God knows it all.

I had approached the cops
and the council in vain.

They have created another rebel
to run in the ravines.

These are my nephews.
They are innocent, Sir.

Would you enlist them in the army?

Why don't you enlist them in your gang?

No one is a rebel by choice.

You and I will never meet again.

My news will keep reaching you.

Matadin is a pious fellow.

He can't kill a fly,
let alone commit a murder.

Bloody scoundrels!

Sir, listen to me.

I wasn't there at all. It's a lie.

-Inspector, please hear me out.

I'll let you go on one condition.

Tell me where I can find Paan Singh.

I swear, I have no idea.

They're lying.

They will not answer easily.
Take them all in.

That's when they'll speak up.

Take them away.

I'm asking for the last time.

Where is Paan Singh?

Don't spare them.

Life has been very difficult.

Bhanwar Singh has made
our lives miserable.

The cops are questioning everyone
about your whereabouts.

We are helpless.

I've arranged for some police uniforms.

When Subedaar was looking for you,
you were holidaying.

Now that the cops have beaten you up,
you come here whining.

Why should he take you into his gang?

-Let us join your gang.

If you become a rebel, you die.

We're not living well, in any case.

Have you tried this with ice-cream?

No, I haven't tasted anything like that.

Tastes amazing.

Here, have some.

Come on. Eat it.

Come on.

The bowl is for you.

I've had ice-cream in
many foreign countries.

But the best is the German one.

One in six different colours.

And another one, you press a button
and the ice-cream flows out like honey.


It's available in Gwalior as well.

Available in Gwalior?

Yes. They're available here.
You've come to the city after a long time.

You wouldn't know.

Did all your relatives join the gang?

Bhanwar Singh filed complaints against
all of them. There was no other option.

-How much is it for?

-Two rupees fifty paise.

How much?

Two rupees fifty paise.

Two rupees fifty paise.

-Where did you get your weapons from?
-We bought them, obviously.

Come here.

-Is singing all that she can do?
-Depends on how much money you have.

Don't bother with this.

It's not nearly enough.

Go on.

Keep it going, I'll be
back with the money.

One move and I'll give
you a bullet for your birthday!

Oh my! A money garland!

Balram, drop it.

You're a rebel. Stop acting like a fool.

What will you do with that cheap garland?

Ramcharan, come here.


Inform the boy's family.

Ask them for a ransom of 1,25,000 rupees.

And if they inform the cops...

he will lose his life.

Do you understand?

Did you get it?


Ask Govardhan, the barber,
to inform the boy's family.

-Right now?

You can stay here with me.

-What are you doing?
-Making sure he doesn't run away.

You think he can outrun me?

Get him to work.

There are no free lunches here.
He'll have to cook for the gang.

So, tell me.

I dealt the cards. It's your turn to play.

You call these cards?

I just taught you how to deal.

-I have a hand.
-You dealt a wrong hand.

-Have you arranged the ransom?
-I have 75,000 rupees.

-It's 1,25,000 to free the boy.
-But this is all I have.

You better shed tears worth 50,000.

If the Subedaar gets emotional,
your son might be freed.

Everything depends on you.

That's not good enough.
You need to cry a river.


Make sure that the Subedaar
doesn't get annoyed.

Otherwise we won't be responsible
for your life and your son's.

-There he is.



I couldn't arrange 1,25,000 rupees.

I sold everything and managed 75,000.

You can check, if you want to.

He is bargaining for his own son.

Don't believe a word.
He is trying to dupe us.

We are rebels, not businessmen.

Give us what you have and leave.

-We'll release him in a week.
-In a week?

Well, what if you turn informer?

I don't have the grit
to inform the police.

Count the money before taking it.

Have mercy.

Get away.

Shall I tell him where we found you?

He was busy with a nautch girl.
We caught him then.

Really? So you are enjoying life

while I'm going bankrupt
trying to save you.

Should I tell the Subedaar

about your misdeeds?

-What about your mistress?
-What about her?

You send 10,000 rupees to her every month.
Shall I tell him that?

Subedaar, kill him.
You want to argue with me!

You didn't even bring the entire ransom.

-I'm your father!
-Bad excuse for a father.

Come here, boy.

Your tears won't help.

Wish you weren't my son.

Bring him here.

Subedaar, kill him.

-Move it.
-You can kill him.

You're playing games with me.

Your son is exactly like you.

What an interesting family!

Now, pay up 75,000 for your son
and another 75,000 for yourself.

Give me 1,50,000 and you can go.

Subedaar, please spare me.

You'll be damned if I decide
to get harsher than this.

Tie both of them up.

This rubbish is spoiling
the peace of the ravines.

Om Prakash, the cloth merchant.

He had lent me four thousand rupees.

But the interest exceeded the loan.

Sir, he's a prominent person.
We should get hold of him.

I'll clear my loan and you'll
get your benefits as well.

Is this a plan or a death invitation?

Sir, all I want is revenge.

Great! Your rivalry and our funeral pyre.

Don't listen to him.

He's made plans to get us killed in UP.

Our corpses will float in the Ganges.

Don't give us this nonsense.

Where is the full house
you were mentioning?

Here's my last card.

-It's wrong.
-It's my set.

We need to get past
the police of three states.

Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
and Rajasthan.

Exactly. He's got plans to get us killed.

I'll handle the Rajasthan police.

You think the cops of Uttar Pradesh
and Madhya Pradesh will welcome us?

Get lost!

-Arrange for a police jeep.

Who can drive well?

I can.

We are at the Rajasthan border.
Hurry up and change.

Let them pass.

There are cops up ahead.

No worries. We're dressed as officers.
Keep driving.

We've got a report stating
that you're sheltering rebels.

Inspector, someone's misinformed you.

-Come with us.
-Listen to me.

-Listen to me. Let me go.
-Don't argue with us.

You don't know me.

I am the head of the political party.
Don't mess with me.

-Let me go.
-Where I will sit?

You aren't the police.

Correct, better late than never.

My name is Subedaar Paan Singh Tomar
and you have been kidnapped.

Got that?

You tricked the police of three states.

Must have created quite a scandal.

That's the pity.

I crossed 28 barriers and 7 water pits
to become the national champion.

Nobody cared.

But when I kidnapped someone and
fooled the cops of three different states

that's when I got famous.

I agree.

-Sports persons are not treated well.
-Stop shedding crocodile tears.

If I was just an athlete

would you have risked so much
to interview me?

You are right.

Is it true you got 4,00,000 rupees
for the Om Prakash kidnapping?

And then we became a complete gang.

Look, I'm buying you a gun.

-Put this there.
-Not this. It's for my prayers.


-Go, keep this there.

There, on the hillock.

What if I need something else?

You'll get everything. Guns,
rifles, grenades, LMG, everything.

Put it there and move away.

-There, I've kept it.
-Okay, now move away.

Why are these guns numbered?

We need to have serial numbers on them.

We have to keep track of the material.

What a shot!

There are no criminals in the army.

This perhaps belonged to a policeman.

It doesn't matter where it comes from.
I just sell it.


You are all over the radio.

Turn it off!

When I brought laurels for the country,
nobody cared.

Now that I'm a rebel, I'm famous.

Let me make this clear.

As the gang gets bigger...

we create more enemies.

Only two things can save us.

The first is...

our loyalty to each other.

And secondly, good health.

Loyalty is our tradition.

I'll train your bodies
to ensure good health.

From tomorrow, your
military training begins.

-Do you agree?

We agree.

You don't sound convinced.

Keep your head close to the ground.

Even a tortoise can beat you.

You resemble a bunch of goats
in a slaughter house.

Lift your gun higher!

Imagine there is constant fire.
You have to clear through.

Be alert.

We need to learn the scout formation.

In this formation,
the first guy remains ahead

while the second and fourth men
are at an equal distance.

Nobody will come in each others way.

Oh my God.

Keep sitting. Next!


I can't do this. Forgive me.

I'm not cut out for this.
If I keep at it, I'll die too soon.

Okay, come and sit here.

Uncle, what is the point of this parade?

Why do this while the
enemy sleeps peacefully?

It's a temporary slumber.

What do you mean?

Very soon, they will be
sleeping permanently.

How much more time?

We have our own gang, our weapons.

All you keep saying is that we have time.

It's not easy to attack them.

They own machine guns.

The house resembles a fort now
with constant patrolling.

The soil's getting damp.

Sowing begins in a few days
and crops don't grow inside the house.

They'll all come to the fields.

Isn't there any alcohol here?

The bars across the district were closed.

Could've bought it from
the market, though.

One shouldn't drink in the day.

Don't preach.

What was that?

They've attacked.

-Paan Singh is back.
-Paan Singh?

Come on.


Who's gang is this?

This is Paan Singh's gang, Inspector.

All of you, stand in a line!


Why not? He was the one
who filed the wrong reports.

-That's because--
-He protects Bhanwar Singh.

He filed a complaint.
I was only investigating it.

Inspector, you forgot your duty.

But, I'm a rebel

and I remember my duties.

You stand by justice, Subedaar.

I have two kids.



This is your uniform.

And look at you.

You dare wear this uniform again.

If you do, you'll die a dog's death.

You are not worthy of this uniform.

Apologize to your uniform. Now!

Come on.

Please forgive me.

Not me, the uniform.

Come on.

Dear uniform, please forgive me.

You can't even apologize properly.

-Now stand straight up.

Run as fast as you can.


Where is Bhanwar Singh?

There he is.

Where will you run to, Bhanwar Singh?

Where are you running off to?

Did you think you could out run me?

Tell me.

Where are your bodyguards?

And your licensed guns?


So, tell me.

All we had was a small piece of land.

You occupied it.

Please forgive me.

How will you till the land?

You can take your land. Take mine too.

-Just let me go.
-You thrashed my son mercilessly.

He was almost dead.

He was beaten to pulp.

What was my mother's fault?

You beat her up using a gun.

You beat my mother
with the butt of the gun!

Forgive me, please.

I won't die with this bullet.

Please have some mercy.

You think I don't have enough bullets?

Or you think I can't aim?

I addressed you as my brother.

My elder brother.

I was an international athlete.

Forgive me.

Tell me where I went wrong.

You snatched away my
opportunities with the sport.

Forgive me.

You forced this gun into my hands.

And now I'm running laps in the ravines.

How will we settle this score?

I want my answers!

Please forgive me, Paan.
You are my brother.

Keep the gun away.

Please forgive me.

As a brother, forgive me.

I can run.

I've been running my whole life.

If that's fate, so be it.

Answer me before you die.

Answer me.

Why are you always in a hurry?

We were discussing something important

and you had to intervene.

Drop your gun now!

I'll get my answers
when we meet in the afterlife.

My questions are still unanswered!

Shut up. Stop singing
that ridiculous song!

The food better be spicy, I warn you.

Or else, you will be
miming the song forever.

Your trust is a great honor.

The arrangements here are fantastic.

This village is peaceful.

Whenever we pass by, we visit you.
Take the money.

-I cannot keep it.
-Keep it.

We have a big gang.

We don't want to be a burden on you.

What if you stop respecting us?

There's word that the Morena and
Gwalior police is on the move.

It's dangerous.

We shall stay here
until things settle down.


Come and get your lunch.

The women folk are coming here to bathe.

Would appreciate if you
could all step outside.

You too, please step outside.

Try it, it's very sweet.

There you go.

You pray a lot. I think God
is going to call for you.

Our Father who art...

What if God asks you to
chant away in heaven?

We've been betrayed.

Everybody, take your positions.


Give me cover.


What's wrong?

Balram, let the cattle loose.

Are you hurt, Brother?

-Where have you been shot?
-My time is up.

-You must leave.
-I won't let you die.

I'm about to die.

I'll get you out of here.

Hold my hand.

Pull it, quick.

Quick, the cops won't swim across.

Three of our men have died.

Their bodies are with the police.

Inform their families and send them money.


-Tell them, I'll visit soon.

We need to do something now.



Until I burn down that village

I will not be at peace.

Come here, dear.

He was a father figure to me as well.

Save your anger for the last round.

We'll teach them a lesson. After that,
nobody in Chambal will dare betray us.

You scoundrel, come outside.

What are you doing?

Don't stop me, Uncle.

I won't spare anybody in the village.

Stop talking nonsense.

Give me the gun.

Get back now.

Go and get the headman and his relatives.

Where do you think you're going?

Listen carefully.

This is the rule of Paan Singh's gang.

Keep moving.

We don't spare the police
and their informers.

But the poor and the innocent have

our complete protection.


Betraying us is an invitation to death.

Forgive me, Sir.

What do you have to say now?

-Forgive us. I made a mistake.

You betrayed us and supported the cops.
Am I right?

I'm sorry.

-Am I right?

You squealed and my pious brother
had to pay the price with his life.

Please forgive me.

How can I forgive you?

It was a mistake.



Yes, Sir.

Is this going to play all night?
Stop the blaring music.


I'll get it done.

Is the interview over?

-Yes, I'm done.
-You must leave.

Hold on.


Understand this.

It was necessary to kill
those nine villagers.

If I didn't kill them...

They were unarmed,
but they were not innocent.


Paan Singh is not a murderer.

I agree.

Will you be promoted
for writing this story?


Buy some sweets for your sister.

Now leave.

There are so many journalists trying

and you say you managed it.

Did you really meet Paan Singh?

Or did you just cook this up?

Stop being skeptical.

I've also dined with him.

See how this shakes the government.

-What's the matter?
-Make way.

These animals will move
in their own sweet time.

-What's the hurry?
-Why are you peeping inside?

Get away.

I'm checking if one round will be enough.

You didn't give us a chance to fire.

In this part of the world,
you shoot when you're in the mood.

I was in the mood today.

Open up the boot.

-Inform his family.

You can come out now.

Don't be scared.
We are real cops in real uniforms.

-Step out.
-Come on.

Back here again? Get your act together.


Paan Singh functions from
the area surrounding Bhind.

But his family and gang members

hail from Morena.

I want Paan Singh to surrender.

After all, he's been a national champion.

He used to win awards for the country.

Now there's an award
for someone who captures him.

Some people prefer an encounter,
instead of surrendering.

How did this happen, Sir?

It's obvious.

We were on the lookout
for Paan Singh's gang.

But we got hold of another gang.

Now, there's one less gang in the area.

Greetings, Subedaar.

Ghesu and Pehelwan, come with me.


Paan Singh.

The cops are getting
too close for comfort.

They killed ten members
of the Setu Mallah gang.

The nine villagers you killed
and that interview

has aggravated the matter.

What is it that you want?

You are the cause of these problems.

If you surrender

things will get better.

I'm not afraid.

If you are, go surrender yourselves.

Don't be naive.

Surrender yourself and
things will get better.


Have you ever run a race?

There is a rule in racing.

Once the race begins,

regardless of whether you win or lose

you have to complete the race.

Over there, close to the horizon

is the finish line.

You have to finish the race.

Whether I win or lose,
I have to finish my race.

Take care of yourself. Goodbye.

What's the urgency?

I just feel like meeting them.

I don't want you to go alone.

The cops are searching the ravines
while I'm headed towards the city.

The police is looking for the whole gang.

We cannot stick together.

We'll disperse in groups of three or four.

Go far away from here.

We shall meet in a month from now
at the Goraiyya river bank.

A month from now.


Don't trust anyone but your gang members.

Isn't this too high?

Paan Singh used to practice
at this height.

Stay right there.

Your colleagues shouldn't get suspicious.

Why, Father?

Because now, I'm not just a father.

You look smart.

Like an army man.

You've become weak.

I've grown old.

I've heard that you are getting married.

The girl is from Jalaun.

Mother has approved of her.

She has four brothers.

I hope my reputation
is not causing trouble.

They have agreed because of you.

No one in their family
has had their pictures in the papers.

My disrepute is of some use then.

How is your mother?

She worries about you.

Tell her I'll be coming to meet her.

Please leave.

Get going.

Will you get into trouble if you meet me?

If you are scared, I'll leave.

Who the hell is scared, dammit?

-I have a suggestion.

Surrender yourself.

There's no other way out.

So, I should accept that I made a mistake

and seek forgiveness?


Be known as a surrendered rebel
for the rest of my life?

Why don't you ask this of the people
who make us rebels?

Ask them to surrender first.

Then, I will.

I'll make a move.

Don't mind me taking these.

I'm also taking this photograph.

Why did you come here?

I missed your abuses, Coach.

Not sure if I will get another chance.

I missed you a lot.

Here he is.

Go ahead, have some.


This is for you.

What else has your astrologer
predicted about my future?

He said you will surrender.

That's all he can say.

All he can predict is my surrender.

Do you know what it means?

He is just trying to please you.

Don't you worry.

This will settle down pretty soon.

When will you come again, Father?

Whenever I happen to pass by.

Will you surrender yourself?

Your astrologer's definition
of surrender is different.

We all have to surrender some day.

No, it's alright.

-Get me some water.

We are a lowly caste, Sir.

Caste and creed are not important.

We should help each other.

Customs which create such discrimination

should be done away with.

Don't you agree?

You are always right.

Tell me something.

There's a boy called Gopi
from Paan Sing's gang.

Is this his wife's village?


He comes here often?

Yes, he does.

He comes for social functions.

His wife lives here.

I want to meet him
the next time he's here.

That would benefit both of you.

Will you enlist my son in the police?

That's what I ask for.

Your wish is my command.

Won't need it now, my dear.

We'll celebrate your induction now.

It's important.
Get it done as soon as possible.

-Sure. It will be done.

Goodbye, Sir.

You seem very concerned.


And how would you do that?

I suggest, we go to Rajasthan.

What's with Rajasthan?
Got a mistress out there?

We are not staying.
We'll cross the border tonight.

Stay a little longer.

Are you tired?

I've got some sweets for you.

We'll leave after eating it.

Hold on.

You eat it first.

Not this one, take the other one.

This can be easily eaten while walking.

Your mother-in-law made this for us?

No, I got it from a
wedding at the village.


Someone very rich has visited the village.
It's a good opportunity.

We need to lie low for a few days.

What happened, Sir?

People shouldn't think that
Paan Singh's gang is afraid of the police.

This news has reached the papers.

Gopi, are the visitors very rich?

A wedding is scheduled for next Saturday.

We can kidnap at least five people.

Uncle, trust me,
we should go to Rajasthan.

We'll deal with this and
then head towards Rajasthan.

I refuse to be subdued by the police.

Gopi, can we trust your wife's family?

Yes. They gave me their daughter.

-Subedaar, let's stop right here.

Looks like the Grim Reaper.


Check if the coast is clear.

And bring the host here.



I'm coming.

The gang's outside the village.
Subedaar's called for you.

-Son, go inform the inspector.
-I'll go get him.

This way.

You guys go ahead.


Are all the arrangements done?

I did my best to organize what I could.

The gang is tired.

We'll stay here for the night and
leave early morning with our catch.


Where is Gopi?

I'm right here.

Leave early for the catch.

Get them out on some pretext.



Leave it.

-You got the booze?

The food is ready.

You will have to eat it first.

What do we do about this?

I'll say that I've quit.

Or I'll find some excuse.

Have you checked the sedatives?

Yes, I have.

Subedaar shouldn't get suspicious.
Or else, we'll be dead.

You quit?

Yes, Sir. I quit.

I was diagnosed with
tuberculosis last year.

-I quit since then.
-I see.

-That's enough for me.
-That's it?

That's my rule.

Alcohol is good only in small amounts.

Give some to everyone.

Pass it around.

Tell them to have some.
They'll sleep well.

Will you have some?


Life was a barren land.

Filled with loneliness and sorrow...

until I met you.

-The rest of my life got screwed.


What happened?

-What happened?
-I told you!

I had warned you!

The cops have surrounded this village!

-The cops are here?

Give me my gun.

-Yes, Sir.

Who informed the cops?

I don't know. Not me, Sir.

Tell me who did it.

I didn't do it.

Trust me, I didn't do it.

Why would I dare do something like that?

I am innocent.

I am obliged to you.

Where is the police?

At the canal.

Let the cattle loose.

The cop manning the LMG
won't hesitate to shoot them.

-Call Gopi.
-The bag of bullets is with him.

He has the bullets?

He ran away in the nick of time!

How many cops are there?

About 500.

There's only one way out of the
village and that's where the cops are.

We have to escape from there.

Get the megaphone.

It's ready.

We leave this way.

Come on.

Where's my gun?

Everyone, go towards the canal.

Stay together.

We move ahead in a scout formation.

Keep moving in a scout formation.

He's been shot!

Get down.

Hey, give it to me. Fast!

Don't shoot me.

I'm the informer, Gopi.

Bloody traitor!

Don't shoot.

Hold your fire.

Somebody, man the LMG!

-Who got shot?

-He's dead.

There's only one way out.

We have to cross the canal.

That's my route.

They will attack me.

Try running away through the fields.

What's the matter, Subedaar?

I think they had poisoned the drinks.



Are you feeling drugged, Jigesh?

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Where are they going?



Inform the CM that the
operation is a success.

-Go and count the bodies.
-Yes, Sir.

We are yet to find Paan Singh's body.

What's happening?

Go and find him.

Subedaar, it's all over. Everyone's dead.

-You are still alive, Ramcharan.

There lies the finish line.

The canal is the final hurdle.

Tell people my story.

That Paan Singh finished his race.

He did not surrender.

We shall meet again.