Pa Happy She Ta Yer (2015) - full transcript

Miss Happy stars Pancake Khemanit as a happy-go-lucky woman named Happy, who often annoys her best friend Golfie (Ben Chalatit). Unfortunately, Happy is diagnosed with having an irregular heartbeat that will likely cause her death within a month. In an effort to survive, Happy looks up information and finds a YouTube video made by Tul, played by Jitpanu Klomkaew (Ball). Tul's video claims that Happy can stay alive if she dances in the way shown in the video.

May you have a long life,
beauty, happiness, health.

Today I'd like to discuss
death with you.


Death is about dharma.


It's nature's way.


Everybody dies someday.

Even someone who tries to evade death.

Is that possible?


That's what I thought.

One should lead a peaceful life.

Live quietly.


Okay, I've turned it down.

And when it's already light and quiet,

you still suffer, keep smiling.

Whenever you smile, you can be happy.



Shit what? It's me.

When will you quit talking to
a monk online?

What's so bad about it, Muay Lek?

Just log in, and there he is.

No need to go to the temple.

It's bliss.

Where is Golf?

Is he up now?

Here I am. Meeting you again with T26.

Don't forget, folks.

T26 is derived from our daily routines.
Easy peasy.

First, we start from... Golfy's sure,
you all know how to iron your clothes.

Press, press, press, press.

What do we gain from this move?

We got waistline, waistline.


Chest firm.

Now up the beat!

Advance, advance!

Press, press, press, press.

Stay focused on the iron all the time,
so your clothes won't burn.

After ironing the clothes, what's next?

It's clothes hanging. Pick them up.

Shake, shake,

shake, shake, and hang!

Very easy. Easy step.

And what do we do after hanging?

We collect them.

Pick and throw, pick and throw.

Faster, faster.

What do we gain from this move?

Nothing. It's just for fun.

Faster, faster.

Faster, faster, faster.

Hey, Golf.

What's with you?

Why haven't you had a shower?

I just woke up.

Tidying up my bed, see?

-Hurry up, we'll be late for work.
-I am on it, okay?

Hey, hey.

What's up?

The preaching this morning was great.

When I hear a good teaching,
I feel great and weirdly refreshed.

You're weird.

People don't take their breath
with their arms wide open like that.

I told you not to watch Thai soaps
or Thai advertisements too much.

You watch them and remember.

When you remember, you copy them.
And it eventually becomes overacting.

Overacting suits my type
better than yours.

You should leave this to us, okay?

You kinky head.


I'll breathe without
my arms wide open, then.

Oh, man. Still on your shoulders.

I don't think she gets my point.

Don't you think
it's tiring being around her?

I feel the same about you.

Hello, Nop.

How is it going? On the way to work?

Hey, I can't stand those who cover
their whole face with a tablet.

Last night I was searching
for places to go on New Years.

Guess what I found?

This is it!
The amazing bridge of the River Kwai!

Since when is that old bridge exciting?

We have been going there
since we were three.

If you see the bridge of the Thames,

won't you be in shock, Frizzy?

Um, yeah.

As if she cares.

No, nothing important.

I just want to say,

if a cow is not moving...

If a cow is not moving,

then it's moo-ing.

Lame joke again.

How dare you pull this donkey joke?

It's not a donkey, but a cow!



Isn't that cute?

All right, all right.

You're going to work now?

Okay, stay focused. See you later.


Nop wants to see me this evening.
He has something he wants to talk about.


He might have a surprise for me!


I really hate your acting, frizzy head.

Isn't he cute?

Yeah, but he's never asked you
to be his girlfriend.

I'm sorry.

What did you say sorry for?

They've known each other
since they were three.

Almost 30 now, and still just friends.

When will you guys become a couple?

Traffic on Rama1
in front of Siam Square.

One lane is blocked
due to the construction.

One should take other ways
instead of Henri Dunant Rd.

Let's do this.
I'll pull over so you guys can get out.

Come on, we're almost there.

No, I'll make a U-turn.

It's just a little further.

I said I won't.
I need to refill my gas.

Refill your gas?

When we flagged you down,

hadn't you just come out of the station?

Well, I have another job.

Your job is to take us to our destination.

My mom has just died.

I'll pray for her.

My wife is giving birth.

You're single.

How do you know?

'Cause you're an ugly bastard,
inside and out!

If you have a wife,
I can bear a child.


Shit! Are you getting out or not?


You shouldn't have backed down
for him.

We lost, see?


Lose the fight, win the war.

Oh, classic.

You should think positive.

We got out of the taxi
to exercise by walking.

Oh, let me win the fight then.

So I don't burn my triglycerides
in the early morning.

You are a scaredy-cat, aren't you?

Scared of what?

Afraid of the walking challenge.

Who's afraid, kinky head?

All right.

Loser buys a Starbucks treat.

First pole is the finish line.

Better get your 500-baht bill out, curly.

Oh, good shock absorber!

I will count to three.

Okay, three!


You bloody cheater.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

I won. You owe me a Starbucks treat.

Muay Lek.


This headphone needs to be checked.

-Wow, the color.
-See what's wrong.

Excuse me.


Do you have selfie sticks?

Selfie stick, yes. Here, the latest model.

Here, this one.

I give you the best price, 350 baht.

Try this.

Like it?

Have a longer one?

Longer? You've come to the right place.

I told you the latest model, right?

Here it is, longer.


Is it better?

Any longer than this?

-Longer than this?

That would be a fishing pole.

It might work.

- How is it?
- You guys.

Golf, Pii.

Peak called
a midday meeting, it's important.

We're in economic recession,

the shop owner told me

that they have to reduce the costs.

So one of us

will have to get laid off.

I don't want to.

But it's necessary.

I chose the most reasonable solution.

Based on performance?

Based on a lucky draw.

Are you kidding?

I always mean what I say.


All of our names are in the bowl.

But not your name?


Three pieces.

I'll begin now.

Uh, let's take this one I have
in my hand

as the game changer.

Hold this please.

Pii Suk.

If you chose the other one,
it might not be Pii's name.

It could actually be your name
because there are three pieces.

Muay, pick it up.
Take a look and see who it is.

Open it, read it out loud.


That's it. Gotcha!

Whose name is that?

It's mine.

Isn't it Prajuab?

The fortune-teller told me
to change it two days ago.

He said it would bring me a goddamn luck.

Yeah, it's goddamn but there is no luck.

What now? Should we try again?


So what now?

Let's leave it this way.

It's my name that was called first.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am.

I think if it was Golf's name,

he would do the same.

No, I wouldn't.

Oh, did I say that out loud?

Muay Lek.

I don't feel well.

I have butterflies in my stomach.

I can't think straight, I feel like shit.

You feel like a bastard.

Oh, you're so blunt.



We die at 80 on average.

If I retire at 60,
I will have 20 years of free time.

Which means...

7,300 days.

But if I retire today,

that means I would have
18,250 days of free time.

Look! It's the silver lining!

What a happy thought.

It's a crazy thought.

You think you're an optimist.

But you're just comforting yourself.


I'm comforting myself.

But if it keeps me smiling,

what's wrong with it?

I'm okay, I really am.

It's fine, I'm happy.

It's good.

Even though I'm unemployed,
I still have both of you

and Nop.



Since when?

Three days ago.

How did you meet her?

Just by shaking BeeTalk.


The first time I shook for a friend,
I got her,

and the second shake was her.

I thought it was a fluke.

And the third was still her.

It's just spot on.

Yeah, so freaky spot on.

When I heard "thud, thud, thud"
in your room last night,

you weren't chopping pork then?

I don't have pork,

only Sweety.

Nop, darling. Sweety is ready.

Here is Sweety, my girlfriend.

This is Pii Suk,
my close friend since kindergarten.

Oh, hi.


I know how you feel about me,
I really tried.

But in the end,

I think you're not...

I'll never think of you that way.

I like people for what's inside.

I have a good heart,
if you're talking about inside.

I mean inside the clothes.

I don't know what you mean.

He meant the boobs!

Hey, girl, are those boobs or a 3D movie?

Those are really poking our eyes.

Thank you.

Just think about it one more time?

Two, three, maybe four more times?

Pii, that's enough.

You're too persistent.

Nop, darling. Let's get back.

I have an exam tomorrow.
My dad will be worried.

Oh, Sweety.

Don't you see that
Nop is talking to my friend?

When people are talking,
you shouldn't interrupt.

Don't you know what manners are?

See you later.

Pii, what are you thinking?

Don't tell me you want him back?


Oh, my God! Golf!




Does she have any insurance?

Yes, here.

One moment.

I've just checked.

She is insured with Thai Life Insurance.

We will contact your insurance,
so you don't need to pay the advance.

-That's great.

Thank you.


You were hit by a car and
crashed your head into a bin.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is

your brain and body scan results
look fine.

But the bad news is,

you have an acute cardiac arrhythmia.

You might only have one month.



it's not you.




You have had this
since you were born.

But the symptoms have just appeared

because you are probably feeling
stressed out

and it affects your heart condition.

There is no treatment for it.

If you go to other doctors,

they will all have the same diagnosis.

I'm sorry that I have to tell you this.

But you should make your time worthwhile.


We're worried about you.

Don't worry.

How could we not?
You're always like this.

Like this? How?

It's good.

I don't have to rush to work.

I don’t have to daydream

about being with Nop.

Although having
a good boyfriend is my dream.

Stopping dreaming is good.

At least I won't be too tired.

And next month...

I won't wake up to see
friends like you two.

I barely have any relatives.

My parents have passed away.

What else is left to worry about?

I can just die tomorrow.

I'm happy. It's bliss.

If I see her sadness, I cry.

Are you gonna leave her there?

You're right.

Hang in there, you still have friends.


She's smiling.


I take photos and make videos,
mostly at events:

weddings, graduations,
ordination ceremonies.

Anywhere they pay me, I'm willing to go.

But what you're about to see

is what I least want to do.

It's the video of the house owner,

and she is dying.


My name is Barbara.

The doctor told me
I have last stage heart condition.

She asked me to record
all her memories for her son

before she leaves this world.

I will do anything I want.

Mom, here's the medicine.


Help, help.

Mom, Mom.

I know you will eventually leave.

But I want you to live on

even for one more day.

Barbara, what are you looking for?

I'm looking for these.

This pair of shoes.

I think there must be
a complicated scientific reason

or it could simply be

that God hasn't come to take her away yet.

Or it could be no reason at all.

She just wants to wear her old shoes
and dance every midday.

And that allowed her to live a long time,
so much longer than the doctor said.


life gives you the opportunity
to do what you want.

That's all.

-Hey, Golf.

-It's almost midday.
-Tell me about it.

I don't know what dance moves
to do. Help me out.

I don't know, I don't like this idea.

Muay Lek, help me think.

You can do whatever. Just improvise.

Improvise, huh?



We are in McDonald's.

Don't worry, I'll be gentle.


Right next to you.

Just wait and see.

She can never make it gentle.

See? A lucky touch before she starts.

There, the little bird flaps.

Look at those Chinese ghost's long arms.

Gosh, I almost had a heart attack.


if you want to go full-on like this,

why don't you do the cover dance?

Cover dance? That's a good idea.

All three of us, awesome!

Cover, cover, cover, cover.

Let's do that, Golf. I'd love that.

Come on, Golf.

Let's dance.


I can't think of a dance routine.


I have no idea, honey.

Why don't you let Pii
dance like your morning routines?

You saw it?


T26 is a visionary dance
of our daily routines

that mixes the moves with cha-cha.

It's joyful, energetic, and imaginative.

More importantly,
it's way better than T25.


How so?

Well, how long do you dance T25?

Twenty-five minutes, right?


But the T26 that I invented,

you will only need 26 seconds.

My T26

will stimulate your seven chakras

to be energetic and full of joy.

Your diabetes will be better.

Your rash will be gone.

Your kidney will be clean.
Your rosy complexion will return.

Your face will be firm,
firm, firm, firm, firm.

Your brain will be speedy fast.

Wanna try?


Let's try it now!

When comes to Pii Suk,
she never lets me down, not even once!

I like it.

If you do, get in position!


Muay Lek, here.

-Me too?
-Yes, you too.

Are you ready?

Over here.

Are you ready?

Start marching in place.

Stomp your feet.

Our imaginative T26 today is derived from

the road bike cycling position.

Road bike.

Are you ready?

-Are you ready?

Ready? Ready?

Yeah, ready.

Road bike, in position.

Start cycling.











Pii Suk.


What you just did,

it went way further
than the T26 that I invented.

But it was so much fun. It's great.


When you dance,
how is your heart condition?

I am okay. Everything is great.

It's brilliant, guys.

Golf, you're so good.

Muay Lek, talking about all my skills,

what you just saw is only a little,

tiny bit.

That's all.

Why are you pointing your leg?

I've got a leg cramp.

Hello, please come to Siam Fitness.
Let's work out.

Hello, welcome to Siam Fitness.

Hello, welcome to Siam Fitness.

Oh, hello.

-I'm from Siam Fitness.

Today I would like
to make you a good offer.

You know our world is polluted these days.


With also high levels of
stress and diseases.

So you should take
good care of yourself.

And you will be healthy,

no diseases, no illness
and no extra pounds.

Yeah, that's right.

Don't look at me, Muay Lek. I'm not fat,
I just have a very low waistline.

And for today, Siam Fitness is offering
a special promotion.

If you apply now,

you will get three months free service
at 15 branches nationwide.

Fifteen branches.

It's not just that.

You'll also get coupons for yoga,
hot yoga and fly yoga,

three hours free.

- And also...
- Excuse me.

Guys, it's almost time.

Let's get it done.

- What time?
- Let's do it.





What are you counting for?





If now's not convenient,
I'll come by later.

We are, but please wait until after this.



Eight. Ready?

-Please let me go.

-Let me go.


-Please let me go, I yield.




How's that?

That feels better.

Hey, where were we?

That's all right, I'll go now.


For today's T26,

it's an easy move that you all
have experienced in buying jeans

from Platinum mall and
find that they are too small.

It's putting on skinny jeans move.

Put on.

Put on.

Pull them up, pull them up.


And take off.

Right off, left off.

Oops, stuck, shake it off.

Shake it off.

Stuck at your foot, kick it off.

Kick off.

It's gone now.


Good work, everybody.
Great, now you feel better about yourself?

Do you feel good? You've done well.


Are you the offspring of Cinderella?


For today's T26...

Pii, will you behave? I'm serious.


For today's T26,

Golfy invented these moves for
my very own dear friend

who has a heart condition.
And for those who think that

you easily get tired even if you haven't
done much or can't catch your breath.

We'll begin with massaging our heart.





Very good, chicken pose.




Left peck then right peck.

Go, go.

And the other side, go, go.

Left, left, Pii.

Here comes the wing pose.

And fly.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, recharge, ready to fly.





Hey, Pii.



I wanna be alone.

Muay Lek, Muay Lek.

Golf, Golf, Golf, Golf, Golf.

Hey, enough!

Just give me a chance to answer.

What's up?

I've got an idea.

What idea?

Are you sure it's here?

The account of Barbara's video IP address
is here.

Here, look.

How can I help you?

Oh, we're not ordering anything.
I came here to meet you.

I'd like to know more about
Barbara dancing for life.

It's real, isn't it?


It's not very sentimental.

Start over.

Come on, why do you want it
so sentimental?

You said this is just for fun.

Just for fun, you know.
Now you make it like...

What does this mean?

It is like what you're thinking.

Bob, Barbara.

What do you want?

I was dumping shit.

Yeah, what's up?

Barbara is a copywriter.

Bob is an art director.

We work at the same advertising company.
We're partners of this place.

The thing is,

Bob and Barbara are not mother and son.

Then what are they?

I'm his wife.

I'm her husband.

These guys watched that video
about dancing

and they thought it was real.


There you go.

I told you not to do it.

Now some people believed it.

Who would have thought?

Golf, Muay Lek, let's go home.

There, it's midday now.

And these two are not dancing.

Do you get it now?

It's not real.


You can say you made that video
just for a laugh,

you can be careless and selfish,
you can say anything.

But don't say it's not real.

Or is it our fault?

That guy probably just made it
for a laugh like your T26.

Unfortunately, we believed it.

I still feel sorry for Pii.

I wish she didn't have to go through
difficult situations again.

I went back to watch
the clip we made.

How come the view count is up
from four to 28?

I have checked the IP address.

There is one account that has been
watching the clip every day.

Who would watch it every day?

If you won't end this, I will.



Nop, don't come near me yet.


Don't tell me she's still dancing.

What are you doing?

Please don't ask, Nop.

You saw that, right?

Broke up with me because I'm too good.

Actually, it's because you're a bastard.

Barbara, we're all entitled
to do whatever we want.

YouTube doesn’t ban us
from making untrue stories.

Why do we have to be wrong?

I'll buy you a new lighter.

No need.

I bought this because it doesn't work.

I want to quit smoking but I'm too lazy
to chew gum. So I do this instead.

Do I look stupid?

But I believe that it's good for me.


In some people's lives,
all they have left is to believe.

When you were young,
didn't your teachers teach you

What you should do
if you bully your friends until they cry?


Are you sure?

The IP address shows
the girl's address is here?




What's up?

No, what's up with you?

How did you end up here?

I fell at home.
He found me and brought me here.

Who is he?

That guy who made the clip.

I see.

Hey, and why did he go to our place?

I'm confused, what's going on?

I really want to know.
You have to tell me everything, come on.

Where is he now? Do tell.

I don't know how and why
he went to our place.


He brought me here,
isn't that good enough?

And I already told him to go back.

What did the doctor say?

He said that for today...

I’m okay.

Oh, come on.

I'm not only asking about today,
I want to know about other days, too.

Then ask me other days, one day at a time.



That means you feel very strong now.


Strong enough to hang out with us?

Should I get dressed now?

Patient room 409.

The name is Pii Suk, the fluffy hair.

She has checked out?


Take us out for ice cream.

Is this the best you can do?

But I like it.

Muay Lek, what's your flavor? Green tea?


That's yucky.

It's not yucky. I like wasabi.

I had a dream of having four scoops
of wasabi ice cream all at once.

Muay Lek, your dream is too easy.

How about yours?

My dream is to dance T26

on a big screen

so that the world can see
how beautiful and talented I am.

And you, Pii?


You already know mine.

I just want to have a boyfriend.

To be with someone, you know.

It must be happy.

Miss Pii Suk.

Don't you want to give an opportunity
to this guy next to you?

What guy?


No, please don't do this.
I'm scared. It's jinxed.

Like I want you so bad!

I have goosebumps.


Actually, I have my eye on someone.

Are you sure?

We don't have feelings for each other,
but become lovers. I'm not too thin?

Why me?

I have three reasons.

First, I don't know many guys.

Second, if it's the other guys,
I will have to explain the reasons why

but you already know everything.
And third...

You're cute.

I'm blushing.

You don't need to move out to Oui's.

You can just live here
and watch Pii be happy.


I don't want to see your friend

go blindly into this
because she wants a guy so badly.

How about you? When you moved out
to live with the firefighter,

Pii never said a word.


What do you mean?

Why did you agree with my request?

I think I should do more than
just buying a postcard to apologize.



I can't imagine
what sort of couple we will become.


Let's start from this move.

It's fun, right?


Oh, hey! Have you ever had a girlfriend?

I did.

What was she like?

Pretty, sexy, petite, big boobs.

That again.

May you have a long life,
beauty, happiness, health.

Hey, hey, hey,

Why did you break up?

She and I were partners in a coffee shop.

That's irrelevant.

Then someone wanted to take over
our coffee shop, but I didn't sell it.

So what?

He then took over my girlfriend.


That's so wrong.

Love is about heart, not about money.

But it's okay. Whatever happens,
I'll be by your side.

Your skill level is so low.

Eight scoops for two people.
Blended together. Let's drink.

You will get the three of us
on a screen this big?

Yes. But I can't ask my friend for
too long, or he will get fired.

Come on. This makes me happy enough.

Let's go.


Three, four.

Someone is here for me.

It feels great.

You still watch this clip?

It's not real.

Girls with fake boobs...
Why do guys like looking at them?

It's not the same.

What's the difference? It's the same.

At the end of the day,
it's about our beliefs.

If we believe,
we won't care if it's real or not.


Why did you make that video?

Do I have to tell you?

It's just for fun, right?
You didn't mean to be serious.

You think life is funny?
That's not right, you know?

You should think of other people,
it should be logical.

-My mom died.
-You should be reasonable... What?

She had cancer.

Most people say if we'd had faith in
the higher spirits, she'd have survived.

I went to almost every temple,

made offerings at places I went.

But in the end,

she didn't make it.


So you made the video out of
sarcasm to fool people.

Such a bastard.

Not really.

To admit that you're a bastard,
that is not a bastard.


He is gone.

Is it a good idea
to bring her out to drink?

She looks so miserable.

Just watch my sorcerous power. I'll make
her stop being miserable in three seconds.


So we're lovers now?


Did you see my power?


Kinky hair,
being sad is not your style.

Let me tell you this,
if I could die for you, I would.

Hmm. That doesn't sound convincing.

When did you ever do anything
for anyone? Fat ass.


let's do this.

Right here, right now,
what do you want me to do? Tell me.

I'll do it for you.


Yeah, I swear on my ancestor's name.

Will you chat up a girl,
then hug her for me?

That's absurd.

It's easier to ask me to join the army.


Fine, okay.

Pick one, fine.

Which one do you want me to chat up?
Pick one now.

But only on one condition,
if I do this for you, you don't die.

-It's a deal.
-Very good.

At six o'clock.

Hello, we have a promotion today.
Are you interested?

Yes, what's the offer?

-We have--
-Hey, it's okay.

I will just take everything.

I have been very stressed.
I just want to get drunk.

What are you stressed about?

You don't want to hear this.
It's kind of boring.

If you want to let it out,
I'm willing to hear.

But will you be able to do it?
You're working.

Of course. I'm almost finished.

-I'll take all the promotion offers.
-All right.

You're very drunk.

I'm drunk, you're stressed.
I think we're even.


You're cute.

- Thank you
- You took me home.

So I'll give you a reward.


What do you want?

Just give me a hug.


Let's hug.

I'm hugging you now.

Hey, look. I have something to show you.

-Isn't that pretty?
-Yes, very much.

Look, I work at night, right?

And I go to belly dance class during
the day. Belly dance, you know?


My dance teacher said that
I was born for this.

-Look here.

Come here.

Have a seat.

Look at me dancing.


I think that'd be all for now.



Can we hug now?

Yes, darling.


Let's hug.



Will you kiss me?

Let's hug first...

Please kiss me.

Kiss me.

I'm a bit sweaty.
Let me clean myself. Just a jiffy.


What now?

Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her.

Kiss my ass. My lips will be rotten.

-We have a problem.

What's going on?

My boyfriend is here.

Your boyfriend?


What now?

Are you gay?

Yes, I'm gay. How?

I don't believe it.

Yeah, bitch.
My parents don't believe it either.


Will you stop asking questions? My heart
skips a beat now. Let's find a way out.

Who are you?


So I'm not home and
you bring another guy in?

Please listen to me.

The thing is I...
I'm not a real man. I'm transgender.

-You had an operation?
-I did.

I told you already
how much I hate transgender.

It's okay when you bring men in,
but a transgender, I'll kill him.

I'm not transgender.

I'm a man.

What the hell?

I'm sorry that I pretended
to be transgender.

It's gone a bit too far.

Can you look more understanding?



I didn’t know she had a boyfriend.

Well, if I did,
I wouldn't have gotten involved with her.

But I haven't slept with her yet.

You don't have to be angry at her.
You can be angry at me. But I'm sorry.

My principle is,
if I'm wrong, I apologize.

If I'm mean, I'm sorry.

But right now,

I think all of us
understand one another.

I think I should leave.


Can I talk to you a bit more?

Sure, bring it on.
I have a lot of free time.

What are you laughing at?

I had to pretend to be manly for seven
hours. My gayhood is hurt, you know?

I am very good friends with him now.

I even know his parents' names.

He asked me to join his Harley club.


Hey. I was almost dead
because of you, Pii.


Thank you.

But you didn't get to hug her.

So I can die, right?

Really, Pii?

I’m kidding, come on.

You can go now.
Take a shower then go to work.


I'm drunk and sleepy
and you dragged me out to tell the story.

Muay Lek, let's go.

Are you whining?

I couldn't sleep the whole night.

-I don't know what I was thinking.
-You slept with her already.

I've tried to find the reason why.

You like sleeping with her.

I know she might look a bit off.

But I want her to live.

So you can keep sleeping with her.

She is a good person.

But you've definitely slept with her.

We're being serious here.

Will you stop being an asshole?

But I'm certain,

I don't want her to die.

-Just look.


Our company is currently trying to target
clients who live in apartments.

So we have an offer
to our clients which...


Many people call this place
Nature's Window.

I have an acute cardiac arrhythmia.

The doctor told me that it couldn't
be cured and I would die in three months.

I traveled around,
beating the time I have left.

Eventually, I found this place.

Gozo island, one of the islands in Malta.

It's where people say that the air is
pure and the best in the world.

Isn't that crazy?

The doctor told me
I only had three months to live.

But I have lived much longer than that.

The condition is still there
but I'm still alive.

If you ever make it here,
you might see a man standing right here.

It's me.

That's me.

Bob found it and he showed it to me.

I don't know if it's real.

There is only one viewer.

Less than mine.

He could just be a bastard who wanted
to make this video to fool people.

But I wanted you to watch it.

Maybe it's worth a try.

Well, it doesn't look very convincing.

How could it be possible?
Just take fresh air every morning.

-But it might--
-Let's go.

I'll go.


I want you to think thoroughly.
And you believe this video clip?

I don’t believe in the video clip.

I believe in you.

I believe in you since you came back.


you're going because you want to be cured
or you really love this guy?


a bit of both.

Will it be more for the latter?

What if I say yes, will you be mad at me?


I'm not mad because of your stupid reason.

But I'm mad at you, kinky head.

You believed that clip of Barbara, bitch.
That was stupid enough.

Now you believe in that old man in Malta.

Seriously, I've just heard
the name of this country.

What are you smiling at?

And that old man, does he really exist?
You never figured it out.

You were stupid once, I understand.

But twice or more, it's getting annoying.

So when you're stupid,
you'll find the truth at the end.

Then when you find the truth,
you'll be hurt.

How many more times will you be
both stupid and hurt, kinky head?

Golf. I know you're mad at me.

But I know that you always
support me, right?

Don't think that you know me.

Are you sure you know him well?

Does he love you the way you love him?

You're making an effort to go with him,
have you ever asked him?


So, actually,

do you love me?

There. He is struggling.
That's what I thought.




You didn't get to hear his answer.

I don’t want to hear it.

But I want to know.

I don't want to know, I don't care.

But you're the one that asked.

I asked just because I could.


It's beautiful.


Where is the old man?


he might be an older version of me.

You can call me a bastard.


Phew, that's better.

No, no.

Over there, look.


I took that video clip to remind myself.

I didn't believe anyone would believe it.

Is it real?

-Well, the thing is--
-Uncle, please don't say it yet.

I want to find out myself.

Are you sure?


Anyway, Uncle, the hole over there,
do they call it Nature's Window?


They call it Nature's Window.

They believe that

if you want to be with someone,
go shout out the name there.

And it becomes true.

But you two don't seem to need that.

I have to.

What is your girlfriend doing?

She is not my girlfriend.

But you guys came together.


Hey, hey.

What's your name?



Tool is hard to shout out.
Do you have a real name?

It's Boriboon.

Boriboon, damn.


You don't know each other's name?

And you came together.




You should shout out my name, too.
So we can be a couple.

We already are.

To Golfy, the fatso, I sent you
many emails and you haven't replied yet.

I sent you a photo, are we good?
It's very beautiful here.

Quit being mad at me, fatty.

You told me you're mad at her. But you're
looking at her email. Miss her, huh?

What email? I am watching the T26
that I've just uploaded.

I have a new move.
I'll go home and write it down.

This is a small city.
There are not many places to go.

But it's beautiful.

I never get bored of coming out every day.

That's true.

Stay here a while,
don't get bored so soon.

Yes. I will stay a long time.

Let's find something to eat.

-Do you still have the alarm for--
-No, it's not mine.

It's mine.

I see.

I set it for dancing.

-Dancing for what?
-I watched some video clip.

Please don't tell me...
It's Barbara and Bob.


-She danced and she survived.

-And you believe it?
-Not only do I believe it, I love it.

He looks like you. But he can't be you.


Do you have more questions?

-I don't think so.
-I'll excuse myself.

Today's T26
is something we can improvise on the road.

First, flag down a taxi.

Lean and look out for a taxi. When we see
one, we flag down, flag down, flag down.

First one is done. Second one is easier.

Beauty and the Taxi.

Butt lift.

Side kick.

Here we are.

The third one, phone in one hand.

Flag down, flag down, flag down.

While waiting for a taxi,
we play with our phone.

Flag down, flag down, flag down.

Play with the phone.

Looking out, flag down,
flag down, flag down.

Good work, guys.

Come here.

Okay, keep going.


Pii sent me an email from Malta.

Why are you telling me?

Pii asked us to meet her there.

I'm busy.

Hey, she bought me the ticket.

I don't care.

She bought it for you, too.

I am not going...

What is that?


Finally, she's trying to make up with me.

It's me we're talking about.

But I won't make up with her that easily.

She might have to wait longer.

That'd be all.

Playing hard to get.

Don't be slacking. Let's continue.

You see a taxi. Look out.

Flag down, flag down,
flag down, very good.

Should I get my hair permed?

You better straighten it out.
If you made it more kinky,

it would be my armpit hair.

You never told me about your boyfriend.
What does he do?

He is a firefighter.


You've never introduced him to us.

We had not made it two months yet.
He got killed in a fire.


Are you gaining weight lately?

Shut your mouth, bitch.

As for me, it's not fat,

I just have a low waistline.

Are you happy now?