Pa-la Pa-la ying ji fa (2001) - full transcript

Phillip, a dance instructor who holds a class devoted to the latest dance craze, Para Para. While in Shanghai, Phillip meets Yee, a spoiled rich girl who is running away from her impending arranged marriage. Soon, Yee begins using Phillip's dance studio as a sanctuary from her responsibilities, and an attraction begins to form between the two. However, Yee is called back to Japan to be married before long, and Phillip must use more than his dance skills and charisma to prevent her from taking her vows.

Hello, people of Shanghai!

Does your body feel like moving?

Do you want to dance?

Hey, look.

Look at that hunk on stage!

He's single and 26 years
and 38 months old.

He has a body

of 40.05, 25.52,


Are you lonely?

Do you want to get to know him?


No matter what age or gender,

he'll be your teacher.

That's right.

He's Dance Fit Studio's

Philip Wong!


We've combined exercising
with self-defense.

It's a brand new and fresh idea!

Join our studio today!

Come join our Dance Fit Studio!

You're watching 100 women
performing this kung fu dance.

This dance is a combination

of kung fu and dancing.

It will be so--

-Hey, don't block the camera!

Everyone, sit down, please.

I'm crashing with your girl.

That's double trouble.

Give up and close down the studio.

Your students can come to me

at King King Dance

like your girlfriend did.

King, give us a chance.

Don't ruin our show.

Get out! Shorty Henry!

You think you'll be taller up there?

I don't care what you are talking about.
Anyway, no fighting here!

We're not fighting.
This is a dance contest.

That's fine.

Clear the stage. Hurry.

-Excuse me. Make way.

-Come back!
-I'm his friend.

-Let me through!
-Wait! No entry!

You're useless!

I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Sorry. Are you okay?

Who are you?

Me? I'm your surprise guest.

Hi, handsome. Do you want a drink?

I don't drink.


I hate smokers!

Both of you are so tall.

I can't buy you drinks.

-You're also so tall!

Yes? Any drinks?

-Two, please.

What a surprise.

We came to see you.

You're too cool.

And you're hot.

When can we go out?

All right. Call me then.

I'll turn off my phone.

You're too cool.

And you're hot.


Help me out here.

When people talk to me,

let's entertain them, okay?


What's your name?

What a long name.

Are you a foreigner?

Is your dad a foreigner? Your mom?

Which country?

Are you mixed? Impossible.

You don't look like one.

I see. You're faking it.

Hey! Where are you from?

How rude. I was still talking to her.

You're a waste to the Earth's resources.

So useless.

You should act more like a man.

Comfort a lonely woman's heart.

Don't pick on them.

That's who I am.

That's right. He is like that.

What's wrong with that? He's honest.

I pity you, Henry.

No woman likes you.

You, please go away!

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

The surprise guest...

You really don't know her?

You've asked me that 20 times.

I don't know.

She's pink.


What are you talking about?

True pink.

It felt like it.

Your dad named you well.

Shut up.

Dreamy Wong!

-Yes, Dreamy Wong!
-Yes, Dreamy Wong!


Here's to our...



I wish

that it'll come true.

By all standards, I should be happy.

Because I'm quite good looking.

And my business is going well.

I'm big...

Not that.

I'm bighearted,

In other words,

I shouldn't be unhappy.

But there's one thing
that makes me very sad.

I'm colorblind.


I can't see any colors.

Only black and white.


My thoughts are gray as well.

I feel that I'm dull,

insecure, and lack confidence.

Thank goodness there's dancing.

When I dance,

I'm in control.

Just a little.


-How strange.
-He's crazy.

Why is he wearing that?

He's so weird.


- Philip!

What did you do?
You know I can't see colors.

What's on my jacket?

You said women turn you down.

To avoid them,
I prepared a jacket for you.

It says...

What is it?

"I'm horny."

"I'm horny?"

It's you. Help me.

Surprise Guest?

What is it?

-The bad guys are after me.
-Who are you?

-What is he saying?
-He says that you got in his way.

What's going on?


Let go.

-No fighting!

-He hit me!
-These Japanese...

Stop! You first.

They are after that girl.

-What girl?

Where is she?

She's gone.



You're lucky this time.

They didn't arrest you.

So strange.

Seeing her...

I felt...

A fireball...

A pink fireball is coming at me.

A pink fireball?

But fire is red!

It felt like fire.


I've never felt that way before.

It's as if...

I can see colors.


Are your eyes okay now?

You're doomed! That’s the end of you.

Pink means that a woman is trouble.

Next time you see her, stay away from her.


-You're worse!
-You're worse!

-You are!
-You are!

You're worse!

We've been here for two hours.

Where's she?

There are millions of people in Shanghai.

It's hard to run into her again.

But I met her twice.

That's Surprise Guest!

Is she that plump?

Sorry, Miss P.

Do you know her?


Is her name P?

For "Pig."

The problem with women

is they only like how you look
at the beginning.

But later, they'll find you boring.

Don't give them time.

You have to be quick.

Go for a one-night stand.

Sorry, I'm not doing it without love.

I'm different from you.

Oh, no. Not again.

I was cursed.

I said something wrong when I was small.

Aunty, please don't be my stepmother.

Dad says stepmothers eat boys.


I'll curse you all.

You'll never know women's love.

Once they know you love them,

they'll leave you.

-So, you will never find true love!
-That's a mighty curse.

Since then,

all of Dad's girlfriends left.

Whenever I tell a woman that I love them,

they dump me right away.

Even up until now,

my romances end badly.


Isn't that a horrible curse?

It's not a curse.

They dumped you because you're boring.

You are boring!

And if that nonsense could kill,

you deserve to die.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, and right...

Left, again.


One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.


He's funny...

How's your head?


That day when you left,

I was so worried.

Right. I forgot to thank you.

I'm Yuri Yao. Just call me Yuri.

I'm Philip Wong.

Dreamy Wong, right?

Your students told me.

What a coincidence
that you came to my school.

No. The last two meetings
were coincidences.

This time, I came to see you.

-You came to see me?

I actually need a bodyguard.

-A bodyguard?

I've been followed
since I arrived in Shanghai.

I think they wanted to kidnap me.

-Those Japanese men?

But why you?

Why Japanese men?

Are you Japanese?
Do you come from a rich family?

Have you called the cops?

I know, you must have a lot of enemies.

Why do you have so many questions?

All right, I'll answer them all.

Yes, my family has some money.

We also have some enemies.

I'm the chairman's daughter
of Japan's Sakura Department Store.

Therefore, no cops and no publicity.

You answered more than I asked.

So we get along well.

I thought I'd bore you.

No, this is fun.

I do that too.

Thank you

for appreciating me.

There's no need to be that grateful.

It's no big deal.

Why do you want me to be your bodyguard?

I'm new to this town.
I don't know anybody.

You seem silly and nice.
And you fight well.

And you're quite handsome too.

I have questions.

Go on.

Are you Japanese?

You speak Cantonese so well.

Is your dad Japanese? Or is it your mom?

And your name, Yuri, is not Japanese.

Tell me.

The name was given
when I was studying in Hong Kong.

My full name is Yuriko Sakurada.

From HKSG.


My dad's dad is from Honshu
and his mom, Kyushu.

My mom's mom is from Suzhou
and her dad, Guangzhou.

Therefore, HKSG.

I'm going to Suzhou, come with me.

Of course! I can go with you!

Anywhere you go!

No need to pay me.

Why not?

You appreciate me.

I'll show you around.

All right! Thank you, then!

We'll meet here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

Are you okay? Come out.


You're so cute.

If my husband hears that
I'm going to Suzhou with you,

he'll be pissed!

What? Your husband?

My husband? Not yet.

He will be at the end of March.

See? Isn't this a huge sparkly diamond?

Very sparkly.

It's from my fiancée.

After this Shanghai trip,
I'll return to Japan,

I'll order my wedding gown
and plan the wedding.

Are you really okay? Come.


Your voice sounds hoarse.

Were you trying to flirt with me?

Are you disappointed?

Will you still be my bodyguard?

Or will you do it for money?

Should I go tomorrow?

Or shouldn't I?

Should I?

To make that decision,

I need to think carefully.


Channel One, I will go.

Channel Two, I won't.

Channel Three?

Please go.

I can't.

Please go.

I can't go.

You can.

Go to hell!

It's a bad omen.

Heads, I'll go.

Tails, I won't go.

A coin from heaven!

What was that?


Two again.

Even number

means I will go.

I cannot escape my fate.


Try again.

You have done this

for the sixth time already.

I counted wrong. I need to do that again.

Here. Use these.


I'm not superstitious.

Are you sure?

Be her bodyguard and take it as a trip.

Why the fuss?

Just go.

You know I like her, right?

What if I will like her more?

She's getting married.

Then, don't go.

If anything happens to her,

I'll never forgive myself.

So, go!

Didn't you hear me?

She's engaged.

I can't have feelings for her.

Don't overthink it.

-What if I can't control myself?

Then go to hell!

No way. If I do, I'll miss my date.

I must at least tell her that I can't go.

Listen to me.

Are you all right?

He doesn't have much hair.

Even numbers, I'll go.
Odd numbers, I won't.

Don't move. I'm counting!

Go to hell!

Wake up, Henry!


Seriously, which shirt should I wear?

Which bag?

This bag with this shirt.

Any bag will do.

You're right.

Just friends on a simple trip.

Keep it simple.

I never said that.

It’s too complicated for me.

It's in your mind.

I can tell from your face.

Can you?

I'm with you.

Yes, you are.

Hurry, go.

-It's almost two o'clock.
-It's not.

-It is.
-It's only seven now!

I'm early.

It's the right decision.

Because she may be too.

A cup of coffee

freshens me up.

Two cups and I'll be fresher.

It's still early.

To be even fresher,

make it three.

Four cups, I'm super fresh.

It's nine now.

She'll come soon.

Oh, no.

Not now.

Goodness, please.

Don't go.

I have to stay here.

She'll be here any second.

It hurts!

She can't see me like this.

It hurts!




I'm late.

Has she come?

Has she left?

Two whole minutes.

Crap. Hurry!

She's gone!

She might think I fooled her.

Stupid coffee.

Stupid restroom. I should have stayed.

-Have you been waiting long?

-You thought I wouldn't come, right?

Come here.

Morning, Dreamy!

King? Why are you here?

We met last night at a disco.

You are not in good terms with each other?

It's okay. You fight well
and he knows the way.

I'm safer with both of you.

And it won't look like a date. Let's go.

Yuri, he doesn't have to go.

Three people are too crowded.

I have relatives in Suzhou.

I paid you to rent this?

My cousin got married yesterday.

His car is great.

I borrowed it for good luck.

Fine. Who's driving?

That's a good move! You drive.

Get in, King.

What's wrong?

I don't have a license.

Don't have a license? I know why.

You're cute.

I try to be.

-All right. Let's go!

Hey, Yuri.

Didn't we buy candy?

-Take them out.


Tell Philip to get a green one.

We like the green ones.

Philip, take the green one. It's good.

I like them all.

Come on, take one.

Well? Why aren't you taking it?

You can't?

That one?

Isn't it good?

I said the green ones are the best.

We like it too.

Yes, it's good.

You said he couldn't do it.

He was just lucky.

Why? Are you feeling hot?

Yes, it's very hot.

Turn on the air conditioner.

Yes, he's sweating like a pig.

Okay, I'll turn it on.

He's sweating after one candy?

I don't have the full address.

It's been more than 40 years,
it's hard to find.

I want to find that well.

What's so important about it?

I exist because of it.

No well, no me.

Years ago, my great-grandma

refused to let Grandma marry Grandpa.

One night,

they attempted suicide

by jumping into a well.


Will you do anything for me?


What did you say?

Tell me.

One second.


I'm hurrying.

Then, say it.



We are in love.

I'll do anything!



If you jump,

I'll jump.

All right.

-Let's jump together.

-Who are you?

Someone jumped into the well!

-A woman came by

and rescued them.

Their parents were moved by their love

and permitted the wedding.

If I find a man like Grandpa,

I'll marry him.

If you jump,

I'll jump.


I mean

your fiancée.

He'll do anything for you.

Of course.

Or I'll strangle him.

-You're so noisy.

Where are we?

We're at your uncle's restaurant.

And we have no food!

They're coming.


Let's go.

Let's go to the kitchen.


It's hot.


Smells so good!

You've never had this before?

I have. It's soy sauce chicken.

My favorite.

Have some soup.


Taste it.

How is it?


Try the chicken.


You eat green chicken?

It's green in color, you colorblind.

Don't worry. Food coloring is edible.

And the tea!

I was joking.

Are you really colorblind?

You were so lucky

that you picked the green candy.

Or we would have known.

No wonder you have no driving license.
You're colorblind.

How do you cross the street?

Not being able to see the traffic lights.

Yes, I know.

You look at the symbols
at the traffic lights.

That's a great idea.
How did you think of that?

Of course he did. He has no other choice.

Are you angry?

He's upset. Stop talking.

Don't go away.

Sorry, I didn't mean it.

Don't be angry. I apologize.

Sorry, I didn't mean it.

I was joking.

Come on, it's okay to be colorblind.

Onion is blind and deaf,
but it's confident.

Who? Do you know him well?

I saw it in a movie.

Happiness is the most important thing.

Self-confidence will follow.

Don't be angry. I'm sorry.

It's just colors. I'm sorry.

There she is!

They're after me! Protect me!

Try and take me!

Good move!

Hurry up! Help us!

No, thanks. See you!

Damn it! He left us!

Let's go. Come on.

This is fun.

Come here.



Go, hurry!

Go to hell.

You bully.

Go to hell!

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

-It's fun.
-Excuse me.

Excuse me.



-Where are they?

Where are they?

Over that way.

-Over that way.
-That way!

You're still laughing?

Isn't this exciting?

Hold on to me. Don't let go.

-I can't.

-Are you okay?

-Are you really okay?
-It's exciting.

I fell, you fell.

You're right. You fell, I fell.

Come here. You're all dirty.


The moon and the trees!

This must be my grandparents' well!

You can see that from most wells.

Are you sure?

Of course! I say it is!

I'm so happy I found it!


Are you not angry anymore?

Just a little.

Don't think too much.
That's just to thank you.

I know.

Give me your phone.

I know how to get us out.

Coward! I despise you!

I don't want to see you again!

That's all?

I risked my life coming back here.

Give me more as severance.

It's still not enough? Take this!

What a bitch! Fine!

Both of you deserve each other.

Rot together then!


Sit over here.

He took the car! How do we go back?

That's great. We'll stay another day.


Are you hungry?

Of course! We were down the well
for so long!

I'll buy some food.

Isn't this romantic?

You're quiet. Why won't you answer me?

You were quiet
even after we made fun of you.


I'm not a good talker.

I always make mistakes.

So I'd rather talk less.

It's okay. I'm like that too.

Just follow your heart.

Speak your mind.

Are you insecure about everything?


When I dance, I find myself.

That's easy.

Dance when you talk.

You'll be confident.

For example, "I want to take you out."

Like this. Or better still,

-"I love--"
-I can't say that!

You can't say that?

Then, show it.

Dance it out.

Express your feelings
and express your thoughts.

It's easy.

Good idea.


You're a bad dancer.

Do you know that? Why's that?

I know. I don't know how to dance.

You can teach me!

Sure. I'll teach you an easy one.

It's called "Para Para".

-You can do that?

"Para Para" describes

the leaves falling to the ground.

They float and float

and float and float.

Like cherry blossoms in Japan.

They fall like snowflakes.

They are short-lived but glorious.

If only love is like that.
It will be so cool.

Better than you, loyal and boring.

What kind of love do you prefer?

You're the latter type.

-Come, teach me.


Do it like this.

Like this.

-Slow down. I can't do it.
-And like this.

Slow down. I'm stupid.

You have to be really slow.

Here, turn your hand in

like a floating leaf.

Softly and downward.

Stop staring.

Teach me.

Step and 45 degrees.

And here, then turn.

I can't do it!



We'll miss the train!

What train? I'm not ready to leave.

-Let's stay longer!


This hotel is huge.

Yes, it is.

I've never stayed in such a huge hotel.

Let's spend the night here.


In two separate rooms.


Two single rooms, please.

Yuri, run!

Who are you kidding?

Wait! He's my friend!

Let him go!

Call the police!



They are my bodyguards.


Mom dislikes me traveling alone.

She made them follow me

like some ghosts.

I had hoped you could help me lose them.

But you couldn't.

Why didn't you tell me?

You wouldn't have joined me then.

I wanted drama, fun, and excitement.


Miss, Madam wants to speak to you.

Yes, Mom.

I know.



What did she say?

I can't stay here.
I'm flying to Japan tomorrow.


So soon?

Are you sure you're not mad
about what I did?

I'm not.

I ran into you twice.

That's fate and I believe in it.

Stop here.

This is where I live.

Thanks for the lift.

I live on the third floor.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Have a good trip.

Will you come to Japan later?

I'll bring you to see the cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms?


You'll be married.

Come to my wedding.

I'm going.

-Let's go.

Come and see me off at 9 o'clock.



The TV's on.


Channel One, I'll go.

Channel Two, I won't.

Channel Two.

I shouldn't go.

Channel One?

It's telling me to go.

I shouldn't.

So I'll go.

No. Yes.

No. Yes.

I've had it!

Choose a channel!

Why can't I?

You're the one
who can't make up your mind.

I saw everything.

You like her so go chase after her.

How can I?

It's only been three days.

There you go.

You feel insecure again.

If it's like that, just give up.

Hide under the bed and cry.

Stay sad.

Play the tragic hero.

You're in too deep.

Sorry, sir.

Once more.

You're so tall.

How can I...

So rude!

I'm polite.

But you're not.


Go and see Lu Lu.

She can break the curse. Try it.


Why not?

It will help. Girls call you rude.




-Go! It won't hurt.
-Don't push me!

I said no!

I'm not superstitious!

I'm Lu Lu.


It's not hard to break this curse.

Isn't that great?

Like an opera performance.

Pay attention.

Can she tell?

The crystal ball,

tarot cards and star charts

all predict

that there's a woman
who'll stay with you forever.


she's already appeared in your life.

Your destinies

are very closely knit.

Pay attention to the people around you.

And you can say goodbye to the curse.

Not me, I like women.

Don’t look at me. It’s not me.

Look to your right.

I don't ask for much love.

He doesn't have to say

that he loves me.

I'll be the woman behind him!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

I'm so freaking cold.

Freezing cold?


Hong Kong people speak a strange language.

"Freezing cold!"


I am freezing cold.

Coco is high strung, so what?

When your dance school
in Hong Kong failed,

she founded Dance Fit
here in Shanghai with you.

And it's very successful.

She deserves it.

Give yourself a chance to be loved.

Enjoy it.

Let Coco love you.


Of course.

I'll do that.

She wined and dined with you.


I have no feelings for her.

Suit yourself.

Don't call yourself Philip,

Mr. Stubborn.

Philip, it's for your cold.
Take the pills.

Chest out, belly in.

Chest out, belly in.

When did you come back?

Shouldn't you be in Japan?

You're so happy to see me.

I came to get my trousseau.

Just kidding, let's go!


Any new girlfriend since I left?

No woman can tolerate me.

How do I get a girlfriend?

You have to be confident.

You're so nice.

I feel safe when I'm with you.

You'll do anything to help me.

And take care of me.

I wish I'd known you before he did.


He has known me since we were born.

He watched me grow up.

Is he good looking?

He's old and ugly.

He's protective too.

Stop daydreaming. Let's go.

Do you know why I came back?

Your trousseau.

Before I met you,

I have never dated anyone

other than my fiancée, Shunichi Kikukawa.

And after we met?

After we met,

it's very different.

It's not about how long
we've known each other,

but it's how we feel.

I never thought of him while I was here.

But I missed you every day back in Japan.

Love is different from friendship.

You know what?

I've decided not to marry him.

What are you doing?

Calling my mom.

I'll tell her to cancel the wedding.

Are you happy?

Answer me.

Dreamy Wong!

This is for you.

Thank you.

I caught the flu.

It’s okay.

Chairman, welcome to Shanghai.

We're ready.

I came to find my daughter.

She should still be in town.

Before she leaves,

I must find her.

-Show them.

I am announcing

that my son-in-law and I

will give a reward of three million yuan.

Find her first.

Whoever finds my daughter

will get all the money.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

You've gotten sick.

Do you need a doctor?

No doctors.

I hate doctors.

You take care of me.

I want congee.



Here's your congee,

then take your medicine.

I've never made congee before.



It's 3:00 a.m. Time for medicine.

Do you have to be so punctual?

Yes, you'll get well faster.

-Get up.

Congee is ready.

Congee again?

I'm feeling better now. Let's eat out.

I don't want to eat congee every day.

It's only been two days.


Two days.

Two days?

Let's go. My mom will find me.

-Let's go now.
-You must eat.

You're too weak.

Actually, I'm still sick.

You are?

What shall we do?

I have heartache.

Do you treat all women so nicely?

Or just me?

Come, tell me.

Tell me you only love me.

You will only treat me so well.

Then my heart will recover.

Tell me, good friend.

I love to hear it.

I shouldn't.

You shouldn't?

Get out!

Get out. I never want to see you again!

Go to hell!

I'll get the door.

"I shouldn't."


-Is Yuri here?
-She's in the room.

The whole of Shanghai is looking for her.

There's a three million dollar reward.

If they know she's here,

they'll come after her.

Look, Yuri.

Money again? My mom is good at this.

Let's go.


-Open the door!

The stairs!

-Open the door!
-Open the door!

-Yuri's here.
-Come out.

-Faster. Over here.

-Go up there.
-I'll find her.

-Let's go!
-I'll find her!

Mr. Wong, here are two tickets
on the next flight to Beijing.

It takes off at 3:00 p.m. at Gate 17.

Thank you.

Beijing first, then the Siberian Express

to Eastern Europe stopping by Russia.

Then we'll fly to Paris
and sail to Morocco.

They won't guess that route.

We'll enjoy ourselves in Africa.

-Isn't it exciting?

I've always wanted to go there.

I love lions and elephants.

You don't want to?

I'll go anywhere with you.


-Let's go.

-Help me, Philip!

-Yuri's fiancée has captured Nancy and me.

They're pointing knives at us.

They said
if you don't bring Yuri back now,

he'll throw us into the river.

I think he's a man of his word.



What is it?

Henry said

I must go take care of something.


We're taking off in two hours.

It's close by. I'll be back soon.

-I'll go with you.

It's dangerous.


Hide! Come out only when I call!

-I'll be right back.


Are you Philip Wong?

Are you Shunichi Kikukawa?

You dirty scumbag!

You captured my friends.

And you're eating cake!

Where are they?

You came so soon.

Such a good friend!

You said they were pointing knives!

Why are you eating chicken?

My daughter canceled her wedding for you?

I thought you'd be handsome.

But you're not.

Are you her mother?

I don't know you.

Call me Madam Sakurada.

This is my son-in-law.

I'm Shunichi Kikukawa. Nice to meet you.

You're Shunichi Kikukawa?

Yes. I'm just the interpreter.

Ask before you grab people next time.

Mom, let me talk to him.

Sorry because Yuriko caused you
so much trouble.

She's a playful girl.

And she loves making jokes.

She said she wants to cancel the wedding.

I'm sorry.


no one knows her better than I do.

She doesn't mean it.

It hurts!

Therefore, I hope

you'll forgive Yuri.


Both of us have the same necklace.


It's a present from Yuri.

Now, do you understand?

Bring her back.

We'll talk together and we'll know.

If Yuri really loves you,

you're untouchable.

-Don't talk to me!

You cried for help to get me to come back

and you're eating chicken!

Why did you lie to me?

Her mom and fiancée are understanding.

So we called you to come back to help.

Wake up!

We're doing it for you.

She's a powerful princess.

He's a powerful man.

They're made for each other!

A perfect match!

-A great pair!
-Match made in Heaven!

Your backgrounds are different.

They're made for each other!

So are you and Coco!

Don't break them up.

Don't block their way.

Don't block my way!



Are you all right?

Have you thought about this?

It isn't a moment of passion, is it?

Of course it is, that's love.

No one knows what's next.

But I know.

I won't regret this.

Africa is really far. Are you sure?

We may have problems.

You're not just playing around?

Do you think I am?

Why did you lie to me?

Shunichi Kikukawa is not bad.

Why did you say he's old and ugly?

Did you check up on me?

When did you see him?

What else are you hiding from me?

Don't you trust me?

You have no faith in me?

I have no faith in myself.

I'm afraid that I'm not good enough.

I cannot give you happiness.

I'm also afraid of many other things.

Like what?

I'm not even afraid of you,
but are you afraid of me?

I asked you to say you like me.

You said you shouldn't.

Do you know

how a woman feels hearing that?

It sounds like I'm being fooled.

I know.

You don't want to be responsible.

You're selfish.

Otherwise, say it.



You can't say it.

Because you're the one who's playing.

And you betrayed me.

Thank you.

Split the three million dollars
among yourselves.

No need, it's so much money.

No need.

No need.

Henry, give the money back!

Thank you.

Yuri, I didn't!

No, you didn't like me.

I was wrong about you.

It's okay.

He bullied me.

Silly girl, no one does that
when I'm around.

No one can harm you.

Too soft, I can't hear him.

I can't translate.

Mom, I'll return to Japan,
and marry Kikukawa.

You scared me to death.

Let's go.

Let's go this way.

She said, "Let's go."

End of translation.

Amazing dancing!

Everything's back to normal.

You've worked hard. Dry off first.


I didn't betray you.

They followed me.

Can I stop them?

They gave me money.

How could I say no?

-Should we do that too, sir?
-What's wrong?

-Are you all right?
-Are you all right?

Are you still angry?

Will you feel better if you hit me?

No problem.

I'll let you!

Hit me!

I'll have three years of bad luck.


Just once.

We've been friends

since I left Malaysia.

Twenty years.

It's for your own good.

Your relationship had to be tested.

It's better to test it sooner.

So you can find out.

Are you still angry at me?


Can't you see I've changed?

Let's have fun!

That's right.

Leave some for me.


You're here.

We came to see you.

You're not so cool today.

He's hot now.

When can we go out?

Will you turn off your phone?

Call me, I'll keep it on.

For you.

But you turned it off for me.

You're different.


Hey, there are two of them.

Can you handle both?

Let me have one.


"Handle them?"

What are you saying?

Selfishness brings bad luck.

-Stop it!
-Where to?

Your home.

What for?

For some coffee.

Let's go, I don't want to see him.

Am I famous for my coffee?

They taste good.

Got it!

It's coffee time.

-Where's the coffee?
-Yes, coffee.

Yuri and Shunichi Kikukawa

-will get married in Tokyo on the 31st.
-My coffee.

You're not invited!

Where are you going?

-You're handsome.
-I'm lonely.

-What are you looking at?
-Aren't you getting us coffee?

Who are they?

-Where are you?

March 31.


Marriage? Whose marriage?


Dreamy Wong!


Why are you here?

Do you want some distractions?

Might as well be me.

I'm not too bad.

Don't do that.

Or do you want a threesome?


Okay, you're a bore.

But I'll do that for a friend.

Come on.

Nancy, what are you doing? Get up!

Here's one more!

Although I'm not gay,

and you wouldn't share with me just now,

I'll let you do it!

For my good friend who was hurt by love,

I will sacrifice myself

to rescue you from the abyss.

Although I'm too plump,

I hope you don't mind.

You got it wrong.

What kind of person do you think I am?

It's only a coffee date.

I know you don't like coffee.

You just miss Yuri.

-I'm not finished yet.
-Don't try to stop me.


I've decided.

I'm going to Japan tomorrow for her.

I don't care.

As a traitor,

I should repay you by going with you.

-We'll go too.
-We'll go too.

Are you traitors?

Do you have passports?

You know the way, traitor?

It's easy.

Fly to Narita Airport, Tokyo.

-Everyone knows that.
-Everyone knows that.

Take the JR Express to Shinjuku.

There'll be a Sakura Department Store.

See? Here's one of them.

One of them? How can we find her?

Start with this branch.

How many are there?

Sakura Enterprise will hold
a wedding ceremony tomorrow, 11:00 a.m.

at Summer Shrine.

Let's crash the party!

The wedding for
Sakura Enterprise's chairman's daughter...


After she drinks it,

they'll be legally married!

Say it now.

I object!


I object!

I object!

I object!

-What do you think you're doing?

I object!

-Get them out!


I must speak to you!


you can't. The press is here.

Don't use violence.


Let him speak.

Let me go!

Let go of him.

You may speak.

Many people told me to come.

But most of all,

I wanted to see you.

Because I'm afraid

of losing you.

If I didn't come,

I'll regret it all my life.

I have always

felt insecure

and lack confidence.

I only saw black and white.

Then, I met you.

I can see colors.

You filled

my life with colors.

You appreciate me the most.

You said

you'll choose cherry blossoms

for their short-lived glory.

I want to tell you

that I'll choose that too.

So l had to take this chance.

I may not be able

to change your mind.

But I must say it.

I didn't dare to say these words before

because I was afraid of losing you.


if I don't dare to say them,

I can't tell you

that I'll take care of you
for the rest of your life.


I love you!

I love you?

-He loves her?

-He said he loves her?

I'm touched.

Thank you.

This is the best wedding gift.

But sorry.

You're too late.

I wish to complete the ceremony.

You can go.

Give him this.

As a present to thank him for coming.

Yes, sir.

Take this. It's from them.

As gratitude for coming.

You may go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


What a waste.

You didn't open the fan?

No. I don't want to.

Don't take my fan!

No, look.

"April 1." That's today.

"I'll wait for you,
11:00 a.m. at Ueno Park."

One hour ago, not too bad.

It's no use. She's already married.

And it's April Fool's Day.

Up to you.

Better late than never.

We're leaving.

Great! Hurry!


Or Shunichi Kikukawa.




My girlfriend.

Excuse me?

He doesn't understand.

Yuri's dad and my late dad were friends.

They planned our wedding

in conjunction with our companies merging.

When the news spread,

our share prices kept going up.

To maintain this trend,

even though Yuri and I are like siblings,

we had to get married

which I needed to get my inheritance.

But she nearly canceled it for you.

Fortunately, at the airport,

I was able to explain it to her.

And she was willing
to be my wife for a month.

She also wanted to test you.

We were worried,

but you came.

The fan was not made in vain.

We'll secretly divorce soon.

Where is Yuri?

Dreamy Wong!

You're late!

Come, see the cherry blossoms



I've been practicing.


We are in love.

I'll do anything!

You're a waste to the Earth's resources.

How wasteful...

Why did you laugh at this?

Wait! He's my...

Henry said

I must go take care of...

Someone jumped into the well! Help!

It dropped.

Express your feelings

-and express your thoughts.
-That’s a good one.

What did she say?

She ordered me to stay in Shanghai.

What did she say?

She ordered me...


Your wig looks like a mop.

It’s ugly.

Do you know her?

He has known me since we were born.
He watched me grow up.

Is he good looking?

Just like our director.

Subtitle translation by Cheuk Lok Cheung