På liv och död (1943) - full transcript

A train accident in northern Sweden is possibly a sabotage.


I wonder how it happened.

It's sabotage, of course.

What else could it be?

Could also be an accident.

A biscuit?

It was an ammunition train.

I think it's horrible.

Never mind about that...
Let's just enjoy ourselves.

Well, I think he's awful.

Awful? On your honeymoon?

Shame on you, Mr Jonsson!

No, not him. But Mr Granlund
says the accident was sabotage.

That's stupid.

Don't listen to that whippersnapper.

Didn't I say that?

You should be careful
what you say, Mrs Lewen.

Or keep your voice down.

Listen, my young friend,
you're far too young to criticise me

If I think you're a whippersnapper,
I'll say that.

Oh? That's the difference
in out upbringing.

Even if I thought you were a bitch,
I wouldn't say it out loud.


Just because you're young
and inherited a company

doesn't mean you have to
be called a whippersnapper.

I totally agree with Kirre.

Old people don't have
any respect for the young.

It may not always be
that easy to have it.

Was that a dig at me?

Aren’t you finished yet?

We can catch up with you.

You'll join us,
won't you, Kirre?

- I don't think so.
- What do you mean?

You have to practice
standing on the slopes!

I'd rather be sitting down.
I can't do that after Nisinsnaska.

- Tsasinnjaska is the name!
- Well, it hurt, anyway.

Are you still not ready?

Can't I skip this?

I'll break my neck.

In that case, I promise
we'll send a wreath.

Be happy that we want you with us.

Only so that you'll have
someone to laugh at.

Now we'll have an easy run downhill.

Keep your skis together.

- Is that the way we have to go?
- That's the general idea.

You have to try.

What have I done
to deserve this?

Why did I get myself into this??

Are you scared?

No, I'm terrified.

- See you down there.
- Don't be too sure.

Hurry up, Kirre.
We're freezing!

Yeah... who isn't?!

Come on!

Look out!



You're to go back now
and check your weapons and kit.

I'll be taking the platoon, equipped
for the two-day march, at 0730 tomorrow...

for handover to the new
platoon leader, 2nd Lt Holm...

...who's coming on
the evening train.

Sandstrom and Pettersson...

...are to be at the office
at 1900 hours...

...to pick up the ensign's baggage.

By the right, quick march!

Hey, boys...

Anyone have any idea
what sort of guy Holm is?

Just another conscript ensign.

Not regular army?
Will he fit in here?

We'll get to teach him
how to ski.

I know just the slope.



At ease.


A message has come
from regiment HQ.


No, your application is granted.

You can leave Friday night.

I can go home?
Thank you, sergeant.

I know how much
you've looked forward to it.


Imagine! Home again
on Saturday.

In proper clothes,
missus on my knee...

And I get to see Lill-Petter
for the first time.

It's too good to be true.


Gentlemen... Moments like these,
one never forgets.

First day in long pants...

Your first experience of love...

And when he gets demobbed.

We have suffered with Peterson.

Through snapshots
we have followed Lill-Petter.

How he's grown from 3,460 grams...

No, 3,760.

Yes, I'm sorry.
From 3,760 to 5,340.

We appreciate the idea of 5 kilos
in these days of rationing.

Four cheers for Peterson's
reunion with wife and bub.

Hurra, Hurra, Hurra, Hurra!

Do you also think
it was sabotage?

It seems the most likely.

We'll see what comes out
of the report.

But there was a secret transmitter
that was in operation.

There doesn't have to
be a connection.

But then, it was the first time
it was heard from.

Was it traced?

It's somewhere in Stockholm.

Before the radio cars could get out,
it had stopped transmitting.

Damned bad luck.

Sure is.

We want to know who's transmitting
and who's receiving.

Come in.

Captain, 2nd Lt Holm reporting.

- Welcome.
- Thank you, Captain.

- Good trip?
- Yes thanks.

Holm is our new platoon leader.

Holm, this is Lt Lonnback.

Haven't we met before?

I was under you
when I was conscripted.

So you were.

- I won't take any more of your time.
- Good night, Captain.

Sit down, Holm.

If I might suggest,
so that it will be easier...

You went to Karlberg?

Yes, six months of training.

We don't have time
for more, unfortunately.

I have my own, thanks.

You'll get a real
baptism of fire, here.

Your platoon will do
shooting practice...

...and after that,
a 30-kilometre march.

Sergeant Lundblad
set up exercise.

Then it will be overnight
in the mountains.

I guess you're good with skis?

Yes, Captain.

Good enough, anyway.

I could probably be
a bit fitter.

I'm unfamiliar with the conditions
around here.

That's understandable.

You'll have a very good deputy,
in Sergeant Lundblad.

Don't hesitate to ask him,
if you're unsure about something.

Of course, Captain.

There should be two men
waiting outside for you.

It's getting late.

You have a long day
ahead of you.

Good night.

All the best.



One more thing.

That train accident
that happened last night...

It was probably no accident.

Saboteurs are active.

Keep your eyes open.

Report anything suspicious.

Anything you see.

You don't believe
that any of our boys...?

I believe nothing.

We must ever observe
the utmost vigilance.


Good night.

- A3.
- Miss.

- But C8, then?
- C8... Miss.


Hit submarine.

Infantryman 83
Peterson reporting.

Good. My luggage is in the hall.
Follow me with it.


Where are you off to, boys?

A plane has crashed.

Seems pretty lively
around here.

Train and plane crashes
a day apart.

Yes, Ensign,
We're not far from the Norwegian border.


Leader, 2nd Commando Platoon.
-- 'tenshun!!


Good morning, men.

Good morning, Sir.


I'm Ensign Holm, and I'll be
in charge of you for the next 6 months.

I hope we'll get along,
and work well together.

The first step in the two-day exercise
is to be field shooting on patrol.

MARKSMANSHIP - 8am - 1pm

Anything for me, Miss?

Yes, a registered letter.

There you are.

What was that?
The thing you just stuck in your pocket?

Just a bill I received just now.

They have shooting practice.
Shall we watch?

I don't know...

No, what if you got shot?

- Darling, I shan't get shot!
- You never know!

Are you coming to see
the shooting practice?

So long as there aren't
any birch trees in the way.

Isn't it dangerous?
Are we able to do that?

We needn't get too close.

Their artillery fires a long way.


Advance for shooters... 200.

Target on far right...


Cop this, you ugly bastard!

How about the right eye as well?!

Yeah... little happier, please.

They're shooting really well today.

What now?
Have we got a audience?

We'd better get rid of them.

It's so loud!
Please, can't we go home?

There's no danger.

Glad we're not a target.

Here comes a guy
to move us on, I'd say.

I'm sorry, but you can't be here.
You'll have to be on your way.

Please, Ensign,
we'll just stay here.

You're not allowed to be here.

If I asked you really,
really nicely?

Gittan, come on now.

Keep your flirting
for Saturday's dance.

- Are you coming on Saturday, Lieutenant?
- I'm an Ensign.

Would you please do as I ask.

You're all to leave this area
right away.

What a meany!

But awfully cute, actually.

Pity he's only an ensign.
They're so common this year.

Are civilians always such a nuisance?

Yeah... anything's possible.

They get themselves lost sometimes
and we have to go find them.

They should be forbidden
from going out alone.

They don't always know
what they're getting into.

- How are you feeling, Kirre baby?
- Don't do that!

Order me an orange drink,
would you please?

Mr Persson, I must ask you...
I need some help with this yarn.

It's got all tangled.

Hop to it, Lasse!...
Give Mrs Lewen a hand.

Hold this... No, not like that!
This is the way to do it.


Enjoying yourself?

Was the shooting exciting?

We were forced to leave.

By a cute little Ensign.

Oh, he wasn't so little.

He was awfully cute.

If only he'd been a lieutenant.

Two more orange drinks.

Lasse, where have you been today?

I had some training
on the slopes.

Has anyone lost
a notebook?

- I found it outside.
- No.

I don't carry one.

Maybe it's Kirre's.

I wonder if there's anything in it.

A-K-2, B-6,


Isn't it impolite
to read other people's notes?

Are you solving
mathematical equations?

I was peeping in your notebook.

Mine? No, this is not mine.

Miss, give this to Miss Winberg.
Tell her it was found.

Darling, I'll just duck out
and buy some papers.

- I'll come with you.
- No, don't do that...

You'll catch a chill.

Jonseman, you don't
want me with you?

Are you already tired of me?

Snookums, how can you think
something like that?!

Bye for now!


Hi, I'm picking this up.

A small squarish package.

Careful with it.
It's fragile.

- There you are.
- Thanks.

- Thank you, Sergeant.
- Shouldn't we take a break?

Thinking of me?

Of everyone.

It's not suitable here.

- We'll soon be there.
- Will we?

We'll keep going.

Well, Sandstrom,
how does it taste?

Good, Sergeant,
with a bit more salt.

Thanks, Sandstrom.

Sorry, but are you making
a ballroom here, Sir?

Maybe it's big enough now.

There's room for four...

but only you and the sergeant
will be sleeping in it.

It's starting to feel quite homely.

Yes, I'm going to miss this.

You're leaving us, Pettersson?

Day after tomorrow.

For months I've been longing
for my wife and Lill-Petter.


That's right, you don't know.
He's our kid.

I've only seen him in a photo.

Then I can understand how
you'd want to get home.

At the same time I can't help feeling
pretty low about leaving.

Living in the wilderness
gets in your blood.

Sure does.

They can be a bitch sometimes,

but there's something special
about the mountains, the emptiness,

and everything.

And the boys of course.

They'll be missed.

Along with the duty.


- Chow's on!
- Thanks.

Thanks for the help, Pettersson.

How are you finding him?

He seems a bit pooped.

That's only to be expected.

There's been some steep climbing.

How will he be taking the lead, though?

Sarge will probably
take the easier route.

What is it?


Don't tell me
it's pork and peas!

That smells good to me!

Same old dishes as usual.

Enough to drive you crazy!

I'm starting to feel homesick
for the "Royal".

I'll say!

And all this fresh air's
so dangerous.

It can debilitate the strongest of us.

I don't understand why they have to
move us every day... Here.

I think we'll enjoy this
meal, don't you agree...

...old girl?

What's bugging you today, my pet?

I know you're hiding
something from me.

Darling, you mustn't
be like that!

I saw you fooling around
with something in the closet.

And why did you keep
your suitcase locked?

Can you keep something
absolutely to yourself?

Yes, what is it?

I'm the saboteur
they talk about.


I have dynamite in my suitcase.

What are you saying?!

Enough to blow the shop
to smithereens.

What shop?

Darling, I'm kidding you!

Don't do that...
You scare me!

A saboteur is not going
to admit to it!

How am I supposed to know that?

Hey... do you think the ensign
will come on Saturday?

Which one?

You needn't play dumb...

I saw how interested you were.

Gittan, sometimes
you're unbearable.

Don't be like that...
we both like cute guys.

Don't say that...
you'll make me blush.

If Kirre was a lieutenant,
I'd marry him.

Then I'm lucky I didn't join the army.

Don't you want to marry me?

Nor jump off the Eiffel Tower, either.

You're mean!

You're too childish
to even think of marriage.

- Not at all!
- Oh yes!

I maybe look quite young.

But I have an awfully old mind.

That reply definitely calls
for another drink.

Would you take my mess-kit with you?

I'm going down to my quarters.

You check the bivouacs, Sergeant.
We'll rise at 6.

You don't snore,
do you, Sergeant?

Not that I know of.
Good night, Ensign.

- Goodnight, boys.
- Good night, Ensign.

He won't need any
sleeping pills tonight.

Everybody up!
It's 6 o'clock!

Berra, wake up!

Get moving, slowcoaches!

What is it?
Grub time?

It's 6 o'clock!

Thanks, we're awake.


Ensign Holm!


Good morning, Sergeant.

I didn't sleep well, last night.

Yes, I heard that.

Do you mean I snored?

Yeah... a bit.

I was so damned tired yesterday.

But... where did I put my ski-boots?

I packed them away.

Otherwise they wouldn't have
been much good for you today.

We'd best go over today's program.

The first 20km is uphill, right?

Then two ways downhill
to choose from.

One is 10km longer,
but much less steep

So which one?

There's nothing stopping
us taking the longer way

Not that much time difference

Why not the shorter, anyway?

There are some pretty steep drops.

Are you worried
about the boys?

About the boys?
Not at all.

Well don't fret about me

I shan't try to race anyone.

Hey, are you sure this run is easy?

Yes, I told you it was.

The worst you can do
is fall over.

It's not so funny
after 400 times.

You packed mine, too, eh?

Coming with us today?

No, I'll go on my own.

I've already done
that particular run.

- Not beyond you?
- I don't think so.

Isn't it a bit silly
to go off on your own?

Have you never done it.


- I ski as well as you do.
- Not quite.

Well, quite well enough.
Don't you worry.

Do what you like.

No one want to come?

Forget it.
See you later.

- Just be careful!
- Sure.

Repeat... Sergeant in the lead.

Poor thing...
He doesn't dare.

We'll probably change
to the other way.

Otherwise we'll be sending him home
in a box, on tomorrow's train.

This is somewhat steeper
than I expected.

Maybe best we take
the longer route anyway?

The turnoff is half an hour back.

It looks like a snowstorm coming in.

We shan't take the risk.

We'll re-assemble at the bottom.
Just take it carefully.

Don't stand there staring.
Get going!

A nice little hill, that.


- Thank God we got home OK.
- Just in time.

Ulla, Miss Sjovall back?

No, I haven't seen her.
Wasn't she with you?

No, she's be running into a headwind
the whole way home.

That wouldn't bother her.


Isn't she home within an
hour we'll need to search.

Warn Kalle and Birger.

That serious?

We'd better tell the army.

I hate having to bother them again.

That was a shitty bit of weather.

Sure was. I couldn't see
2 metres in front of me.

Exercise completed.

First and second sections
to the sauna.

By the right, quick march!

You were great
on that downhill run.

Put us others to shame.

Where did you learn
to ski like that?

I had a lot of school excursions
in the mountains.

I've taken lots of holidays there.

I've done 12-14 trips up this way.

But I always get stiff
in my legs.

The sauna will fix that.

Come in.

Message from HQ.

Two patrols are needed
to search for a tourist.

She's got herself lost.

Very good.

Well then...
Forget about the sauna.

I can take one group
and Hagberg the other...

So you can stay here.

No, I'll go.

Of course it had to be
some dollybird...

She should get
a good spanking.

Pick 9 men.
Volunteers if possible.

Pettersson... Are you going to
leave these behind when you go?

Can I swap with you?
You're are much better.

- Yeah, sure.
- You're a pal!


Platoon... A tourist has gone missing.
I need 3 men. Any volunteers?


Get ready as quickly as possible.

Looks like I'll need them
one more time.

You get them tomorrow, Berra.

We meet here.

You take the sandwiches
and I'll take the thermoses.

I should have forbidden her.

You'd have no right
to forbid her.


- How are you?
- You look exhausted!

It's quite alright.
I turned back when I saw the storm coming.

Well done.

Give her a hand.

Number 11.

Check her for frostbite.

This is Persson.

Have the patrols left?


She's arrived home.

Try and stop them,
if it's possible.


They've left.

The exercise will be good for them.

Andersson... you take the north side.

Help! Help!

Help! Help!



Help me...


Thanks anyway.

They haven't found him?

Something must be done.

They've searched all night.

Is there nothing we cab do?!

No, nothing except wait.

Why don't you go
and lie down for a while?

Calm yourself down.

Do you imagine I could sleep now?!

Dear God, don't let anything
happen to him!

Calm yourself down.
He's probably alright.

Would you mind
turning that off?

Are YOU going to start
with that, now!?

That guy should have been
leaving the army today.

Well he he has, hasn't he?

Do you know what you are?

You are stupid,
vacuous and a bitch.

Who doesn't cry about a stranger
having an accident?

It'd be better if it was you.

You're drunk.

You here the truth
from children and drunks.

Existence is meaningless.

People are dying
morning, noon and night.

That's what so goddamned terrible... WAR.

People killing each other,
just so some...

No, your too young
to understand.

Kirre!... Have you become a conchy?

No, but I have ideals,
however strange that may seem.


Good evening.

Who is it?

Only me. May I come in?

Dear child...

You mustn't cry any more.

You need to sleep.

I can't sleep!

It should have been me
that died instead!

There, there. I understand
how you feel.

But you can't help
that the accident occurred.

No, but if I hadn't
gone out alone...

...it never would have happened.

Why did it have to happen?


When one gets to
be as old as I am,

there's no point any
more in asking "why".

Hear that?

What is?

It sounds like
someone telegraphing.

Someone’s probably
left a radio on.

You try and sleep now.

Then you'll feel better
in the morning.

I'm sure I won't...
but thanks anyway.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

Goodnight, Mrs Lewen.

Hi! What can I do for you?

I'm here to see
the company chief.

What's new?

If it hadn't been
for that accident...

A terrible business.

I want to speak with that girl.

Have you heard?
That transmitter has been active again.

A lot of suspicious things
have been happening.

Are you coming to the dance
this evening?

- I don't think so.
- Why not?

Alright then.

Got your chosen one?

Could be!

She not coming?


Is she not coming...
your chosen one?

She's likely returned home.

She still might turn up.

I'll go and have a shot
at tripping the light fantastic.

May I have the honour?

- Certainly, Ensign.
- It's Lieutenant Lonnback.

You're a lieutenant?

- Wasn't this our dance?
- Next one, Kirre, next one!

Show you how a uniform
can be useful.

Where's Miss Sjovall
this evening?

She's in the lounge.
She didn't want to come down.

Why don't you try
and persuade her?

I guess I can try.

- Have you been a lieutenant long?
- Yes, about a year.

Isn't it dangerous,
if there should be war?

Let's hope it doesn't happen.

Isn't it terrifying?

Haven't you heard of
"the Swedish tiger"?

- I'm dumbstruck.
- So am I.

Aren't you coming down
to join us?

Sorry Kirre, I don't want to.

You don't have to dance.

You'll only get more depressed
sitting, thinking about it.

Come along.

There's an admirer
waiting for you down there.


You'll see who it is
when you come down.

Come along!

Ensign Holm.
May I have the honour?

No thanks.

A dance would do you good.

I'd rather us sit.

Don't give up.
A girl like her needs to be persuaded.


I'm still here.

Go and dance
with the nice ensign.

Off you go!

Why were you so reluctant
to dance with me?

Why didn't you want to?

I don't know.

That man wasn't your fiance,
was he??

Not at all.
It was just an emotional thing.

Do I seem so repulsive?

No. Really, all I want to do
is forget about the reason.

You aren't engaged,
are you Lieutenant?

- Oh no.
- How come?

I just haven't met
the right one for me.

I've done a cooking course.

And I really love children.

Are you staying long up here?

Another 10 days.

But I can't wait
to get away from here.


Because of that boy's accident.

How does it affect you personally?

I was the one
they were searching for.

- Was it YOU?
- Yes.

What the hell got into him?

Youngsters, youngsters...!

You should have heard her!
She'll be posting our banns before long.

Why looking so glum?

Didn't finish the dance?

I left her on the dance floor,

Are you enemies already?

In the melodramas,
that doesn't happen till Act 2.

She was the cause
behind Pettersson's death.

All because of her stupidity.

That's why you stopped
dancing with her?

Is that a feeling of duty?
It's too easy to judge.

Yes, in this case.

She's been down at Astrom to ask
if she could help the family.

She's utterly shattered.

She should be.

The girl was most unlucky,

and you have to carry on
like an oaf towards her!

Totally oafish!

As if she isn't going
through hell already.

Do the right thing
and apologise.

I didn't know she'd been to Astrom.

All right.

Who is it?

Forgive me for behaving
so stupidly.

I'm truly sorry.

But the death of that boy and the way
it happened, got me so upset.

You don't have to explain.

If I were you, I'd have
felt exactly the same

It was stupid of me to see you as nothing
more than a scatter-brained society girl.

Tell me you forgive me.

Of course.

How about we go down?

I must look a mess.

We can sit somewhere and talk.

Yes, I'd like that.

Are all the officers
as sweet as you?

They're much sweeter!

They can't be!

How long will you
be posted here?

Quite a long time.

Can men posted here,
get married?

Oh yes, they can.

I wonder what Mum and Dad
would say.

About what?

About us getting married,
of course.

It's after 12...
I really just be off.

Can't you stay
for a little while.

Whereabouts is Holm?

Holm? He's off canoodling
with Karin.

I wonder if he can
make it home alone.

I'm sure he can.

Actually, I'd like to become a doctor.

A private secretary isn't so bad.

No, of course not.

Isn't life sometimes empty
for an independent young lady?

Yes, of course you can be envious
of those with a home and children.

Hopefully, it's not too late.

- How strange!
- What is?

That I should tell you that.

I've never said it to anyone.

Who'd be leaving at this time?

Maybe a guest who lingered.

No, it's after one o’clock.

That late?!

So we've been sitting here
for three hours.

So pleasant.

Time flies in good company.

That was meant as a compliment,
not a boast.

If we're going to be
up early for an outing...

...it's best we go now.

I guess you're right

I'll fetch you at 10.

I think I'll be ready.

Thanks for a truly pleasant evening.

Thanks yourself.


Gosh it's cold!

If at least something happened.

Take your mind off freezing


I thought I heard something.

Quiet, a moment.

No, it was nothing.

I'm sure I heard something.

What would it have been?

Who is it?

Only me.

How was he?
I'm dying of curiosity!

Go on dying then!

What do you mean?

I tell you everything!

He was very nice.

And my lieutenant.

I'm going to bed.
Good night.

Don't you want to know
what he said to me?

No. I couldn't care less.

He almost proposed to me!

Don't rush into it.

You might get a chance
at a captain.

- You know, you're right!
- Goodnight!

Hey, Berra.. look!

What on earth?!

Go and report it
and come back.

Did he go off?

I kept an eye on him...

He slipped into the hotel.

We have his cap.

If we find his skis,
we can pin him down.

This looks like them.

Yes, you can tell
they've just been used.

Wait... I'll put a mark on them.

Here they are.

I also have a marked pair.

- You know what we are?
- Completely taken in.


He's one smart cookie.

But we have the cap.

Identify all the all the marked skis.

Yes, Ensign.

Where do I start?

No, I don't know whose cap it is.
There are so many the same.

Yes, it's a common type.

Look, it has "LP" here.

Who could that be?

Lasse Persson,
the ski instructor.

Is he staying here?

Yes, he has a room
in the basement.

Thanks for your help.

- Can we keep this between ourselves?
- Certainly.

Yes, this is my cap.
What about it?

Were you out last night,
after 1 o'clock?

No, I was asleep by 12.

Can anyone back you up on that?


What's this all about?

A skier was seen
in a forbidden area last night.

He fled our patrol and dropped
this cap on the way.

I can assure you
it wasn't me.

How do you explain your cap?

He took the wrong one.

Easy to do. There are many the same,
hanging in the hall.

And it would have been quite dark.

Well, that was all
I wanted to ask you. Thanks.

Do you believe it was Persson?

Not really.

He seems a decent sort of chap.

Sounded truthful.

There were 10 pairs of skis marked?


All done the same way.

I wonder what he was up to.

Placed an explosive device, perhaps?

He wasn't anywhere near
the railway embankment.

No, that's too closely watched.

But then...

what if he placed a charge
on the slope above it...

It explodes...

...starting an avalanche
into the embankment.

That has to be stopped!

Easy to say.

A couple of platoons could
comb the area today.

But they's probably find nothing.

It snowed last night.

Send the company adjutant in.

- Let me know if you find anything.
- Yes, Captain.

Gosh, I'm thirsty!

A drink would go down really well.

This is all very exciting.

I thought spies and saboteurs
only happened in books.


I really shouldn't have said
anything to you about it.

Maybe I'm the mysterious X-27!

The girl with the innocent smile.

Wait... maybe you could be useful.

Sherlock Holmes needs a Watson...

Do you think it's Persson?

Not at all.

Me neither.

But on the other hand...

...what do we know
about the skier?

Our mysterious skier.

Well, we know he's a very good skier.

His skis are marked.

He took Persson's cap.

Yes... I just thought of something.

You spoke of a secret transmitter.

The other evening, Mrs Lewen and I
suddenly heard something that went...


We thought it was a radio.

Certainly sounds like a receiver.
Where was it coming from?

I don't know.
You couldn't tell.

Who is there nearby?

Old Mrs Lewen
and the Jonsson couple.

Gittan Kronberg above.

No one below?

Yes, Persson's in the basement,
right beneath.

Wait, we'll compare with my list.

Sit over here,
so I can see.

Jonsson's skis are marked.

But maybe he has
a different cap.

He may have taken another's
to lead us astray.

Gittan's skis are marked.

Who could imagine Gittan
as a saboteur?!

She doesn't seem very bright,
does she?

Can be an act.

Nobody could act that well.

Lewen's probably
not a great skier.

That only leaves Lasse Persson.

Persson or Jonsson,
seems to be the choice.

- Thanks for today.
- Thanks.

Now keep your eyes
and ears open.

Trust your Watson!

The list of the ski-owners...
Can I borrow it?

- You've got a plan?
- Maybe I have.

Do they know
their skis were marked?

Only the one
who did the new marking.

When shall I see you again?

Not until Thursday.
We've got a training run.

- I hope you do yourself proud.
- And the same to you.

While I'm away I'll leave it to you,
Watson, to solve the mystery.

I'll do what I can.

Bye bye!

Where's Lt Lonnback?

He went on ahead.

Did you find anything?

Nothing at all.

What ski-wax are you using today?

I'm trying out Lapp-Glide.

That's the top one.

Did he mark your skis too?

What do you mean?

Some old guy from the Ski Association
was doing an insurance check.


Don't know anything about it.

The others got left behind.

Did he mark your skis too?


The railway guy.

They put a sticker on
when you check in.

There are the others.
Let's go on.

Those exercises are such a bore.

I don't see my fiance for 3 days.

Does he know
that he's your fiance?

No it'll be a surprise for him.

How smooth a run
did you have?

- Great.
- Me too.

Did he mark your skis, too?


The guy from the insurance company.

No, I haven't seen any marks.

Was this guy cute?

Cute? Really classy!

A cross between
Tyrone Power and Cary Grant.

You're kidding!

Shall we go back now?

You're too late...
He left yesterday.

What a bore!
I didn't get to meet him.

The Prime Minister's speech
has got some notice.


London has taken it as a warning
to leave Norway alone.

Was that what
he meant it to be?

Hard to say.
We have to be prepared for anything.

Like, you need to learn
to ski properly?

No, you can rest assured
about that.

Speaking of skis...
Did yours get marked?


Cleverly done, eh?

Sure was.

Imagine the army guys finding
10 marked pairs of skis.

Who told you about it?

Yes, who was it...?

One of the privates.

Don't mention it to Holm, eh?

The kid could get into trouble.

No, I shan't.
Trust me.

In connection with the battalion's
fire attack against the enemy bivouac...

...with ground and paratroops...

...at 5.15, with my platoon I will block
the northern part of the pass....

...and sty my enemy communications.


Battalion HQ.

Ensign Holm?
They haven't come back as yet.

We're expecting them
some time today.

Tell him to come to Fjallasen
as soon as he can.

It's desperately important.

This is Miss Sjovall.
Thank you.

Granlund to open.

Has to be worth a krona.

I'm out.

No cards for me.

- I fold.
- So do I.

I raise you a krona, Kirre.

And one krona more.

You're bluffing, Kirre.
I'll raise you.

Can I see what you've got?

Only if you pay.

- Shall we share?
- No way.

Double the stake?

You seem nervous, Kirre.

You've chewed up a matchstick.

Three jacks is all I have.

Excuse me.

Two pairs!
God, how you bluff!

- What's happened?
- Come with me.

It's you, Kirre.


- So you think it's Granlund?
- Yes.

It can't be anyone else

His explanation may be true.

You think it's impossible he knew
about it from anyone else?

There's no one.

But then... he's such a hopeless skier.

That was just faked...
Gave him an alibi, whatever happened.

Maybe you're right.
It makes sense.

Good evening.

We've no proof.
There's nothing we can do.

There could be something in his room
that would expose him.


Go back and keep him playing.

- I'll be right back.
- What'll you do?

Find proof...
if there is any.

Full hand.

I have 4 nines.

I don't want to
play any more!

- I thought you'd left us.
- I'm back in.

I'll just dash upstairs
for some cigarettes.

Have one of mine.

Thanks, but I prefer
my own brand.

- Kirre?
- Yes?

Could you be a dear
and get me a lemonade?


- Kirre?
- Yes?

Could you get it now.
I'm so thirsty.


- Three kings.
- I have three aces.

Didn't you have a full hand?

Yes, of course.

You have it.

Here... want a cigarette?

How come your hand's shaking?

Has the gambling devil
got hold of you?

Miss Sjovall? Ensign Holm
is in the hall, to see you.

- Excuse me.
- Everybody's running.

How did you go. I thought
he'd come up and find you.

Found nothing..


But I have an idea... come on.

You're back? 1.50 to play.

Why did he have to go again?

A train's coming in at 11.30.
They have to guard the station.

Why would they need to guard it?

They can't be too careful.

They're frightened that something
might happen here.

Hopefully it wouldn't
be like before.

Don't say that, Mr Granlund!

So, who's calling?

What are you doing here?

Calm down
No one saw me.

I have news.

You could tell me tomorrow.

I don't want it known
that were connected.

It will be too late tomorrow.

The train comes tonight.
Karin told me.

11.30 at the station.

- Where from?
- Like the last train.

How's the weather?

Moonlight, worst luck.

Don't carry any papers.

- In case something happens to me?
- Exactly.

Don't drop anything.

Like what?

Like a notebook.

An accident.

It could have led to prison
for both of us.

And the ski cap you dropped...

For God's sake!
That was deliberate!

A cap with someone else's initials.

I'm scared about Sjovall.
She heard the transmission.

I don't like her asking about the marks.
And I don't like your answer.

Train... ...tonight.

I told you.

1... ...43.

That must be wrong.

No, they're never wrong.

Never make mistakes.

But Holm, then?

Don't you understand?

They suspect you.
They've been fooling you.

Looks as though they're
trying to catch me out.

But they don't know the train
will come two hours later.


That train must not arrive.

It won't.

I have a strong feeling it will be hit
by an avalanche about 1.45.

I guess that's enough for tonight.

Good night, everyone.

What's the time?

20 past 12.

Is it that late?

Does it matter?

Not at all.

Poor little Holm...

Now he's stuck, freezing,
at the station.

Poor guy.

It's nice for us civilians
to have our army.

We wouldn't feel so relaxed
without them.

Have you never been called up?

Oh yes.

For 6 months, I was looking
for secret transmitters.

Well I'm gong to bed, too.

Goodnight. Pleasant dreams
about me.

He's actually awfully cute.


Sergeant, new orders.

Platoon... at the ready!

Where are you headed to?

There's a train coming at 1.43.

- !.43?!
- Why?

- Is there something...?
- No, it was nothing.

Good morning, sweetie-pie.

Good morning.

I had such a good sleep!

I wish we could
stay another week...

It's so lovely and quiet.

But what's this about?

I'm here with congratulations.

What about?

Today we've been married
a whole two weeks!

Have we really been
married that long?

A little gift...
to commemorate the day.

Was this what you were
putting in your bag?

Yes, it wasn't dynamite.

But look at this...

"Vol de Nuit."

Exactly the one I wanted!


Was Holm shot?

Yes, and another five seconds
and the train would have been hit.

Was he badly hurt?

No, it wasn't serious.

That Granlund was a saboteur...

He always seemed
a bit of a rotter.

I feel sorry for him.

Sorry? For a traitor?

Good morning.
Who has my tickets?

Are you leaving us, Mrs Lewen?

I don't feel very safe
staying here.

The whole place
could be blown up.

To think that I'd chatted
with that Granlund person...

...who turned out
to be so awful.

Oh, I'm so upset!

You poor thing, Mrs Lewen.

Terrible business.
I hope we see you back here.

I doubt it very much.

Your book is in my room,
Miss Sjovall.

Thanks for the loan.

A pleasure.
Have a good journey.

Goodbye, Mrs Lewen.

Poor old girl.
She was terribly upset.

You did well, Ensign.

So tell me, how long
will you be bandaged up?

Only a few weeks.

Then you'll be ready to get back
to field service training.

Look after yourself.

Hello again.

I didn't realise
you were on the train.

Mrs Lewen, I know why
you were at Fjallasen.

Yes, my doctor said
that I should.

Did he also say that you should get
Kirre to blow up an ammunition train?

What are you talking about?

That was the radio transmission
we heard... the Morse code.

What has that got
to do with me?

The receiver was in your room.

In any case, it would be hard
for you to prove now.

You can search my baggage
if you like...

but I assure you that you
won't find it there either.

You're careful, aren't you!

Maybe I am.

Granlund wasn't so careful.

What do you mean?

Recognise it?

He stupidly threw it into
his wastepaper basket.

What's that to do with me?

A great deal.

He made a few too many notes.

Maybe it was deliberate...

...so he could spread the blame.

Mrs Lewen, I don't wish
to hurt you physically.

Let me avoid a nasty fight
and press the emergency brake.

It'll be the best for you
if you own up to it.

If you confess, you'll have a better chance
at a lighter sentence.

I'll hang on to this.

The train's stopping.

So, are you coming?

I hate you.

But there are others
who can continue my work.

They can't stop us.

Darling, how are you?

I'm OK. Granlund was a poor shot.

You sure you're OK?

Where have you been all day?

I got a saboteur to surrender.

Are you serious?

One can be as good as another!

Come and sit in the sun
for a while?

Have you been a major long, Major?


I asked if you'd been a major very long.

There wasn't much to it, really.

- You know what you are?
- Damned stupid?

You're the world's
most gifted girl.

- Gifted?!
- Yes.

You don't seem very flattered.

A girl doesn't want
to just be called gifted.

Not by a smart young man...

...who'd she'd become interested in.

So that's the way it is!

Would she rather hear
that she is

...cute, nice, soft
and feminine?

I guess she would.

Well, that's what I think.

Well, say it then!

You are... cute, and nice,
and soft and feminine.

Yes, and gifted!

♫ Your sun arises over evil and good...

♫ for the world as well as me.

♫ Oh may I have the patience

♫ and love that comes from thee.


God save the king
and the fatherland!

God save the king
and the fatherland!


Fellow Rangers...
the situation, as you are aware...

...is that the military readiness
we maintain, is absolutely necessary.

We have had, in recent days,
been reminded...

...how every location
must be ready...

...to take the initiative.

This readiness
has not been in vain.

It is thanks to it...

..and the sacrifices our people have
willingly made and are making...

...that the storm-waves of war
have not swept over our country.

Till now, only a few sparks
from the fires have blown our way.

Should the waves of war roll against us
in all their violence

...we shall unleash our fighting skills...

...with the same calm determination...

that we put into our strenuous and
often dangerous mountain maneuvers.

Company, move off!

First platoon, forward march.

Subtitles by FatPlank for KG