P Storm (2019) - full transcript

William Luk, goes undercover as a prisoner to investigate correctional officers who are receiving bribes.

Illegal road racing in progress.

All units standby

6 cars have passed.

Roger that!

Kill the engine!
Driver's license and I.D. card!

Kill the engine!
Driver's license and I.D. card!

Step out of the vehicle

and take the breath test.

I hereby announce

the defendant William Luk Chi Lim

is guilty of dangerous driving.

On account of his guilty plea

and is his first of fence,

he is hereby sentenced to

3 months in jail.

I.D. card...

Hurry up!

Superintendent on rounds!

Get out!


Which gang?


Say "No, Sir!"

No, Sir!

A white hand? (First-timer)

What do you mean?

Letting people see you butt naked.

You feel ashamed?

Listen up,

I suggest you leave your dignity

with your belongings.

Dignity is a contraband around here.

Just do as you're told.

If I say sneeze,

don't you dare cough.

If I want you to have a cold,

you better not have a flu.


Yes, Sir

Go get examined.

"Suburbs of Hong Kong"


Don't squirt at me...


"Gross injustice, usurping land"

Call the Police!

Call the Police!

Come on...

May the Lord grant you grace and peace

and be with you.

Friends, family,

brothers and sisters in Christ,

Liu Mu Chi's body

will be cremated today.

All rise

May the Lord show mercy

and in His name,

lead our brother Liu Mu Chi

back home to Heaven.

Now that his body will be cremated,

we entrust his soul to the Lord.

May the Lord take him.

Thank you, fellow alumni

for bidding your former Principal farewell.

I will not let Grandpa

die under such mysterious circumstances.

I will seek justice.


3 years ago in north-eastern
New Territories,

an old man called Liu Mu Chi

was killed over a land dispute.

5 people turned themselves in afterwards

and the Police finally

arrested the mastermind Cao Yuen Yuen.

He was sentenced to jail for 6 years.

6 weeks ago, someone filed a report.

Miss Liu,

Master Yuen has a message for you.

He'll be out of parole

on account of his good behavior.

He'll be out soon.

Take good care of yourself.

He wants to thank you in person.

Cao Yuen Yuen threatened me.

That means he made no amends.

He's still a hell-bent bully.

Good behavior can never be the reason

he's released early after serving
only half his term.

He must have bribed someone in jail.

Cao Yuen Yuen, typical rich 2G.

12 years ago,

his mother Cao Bai

applied for his permanent residency

under the investment immigration scheme.

He took his mother's last name.

His father's identity unknown.

He studied in the U.S.

And returned to Hong Kong 5 years ago.

He built luxury flats
in the New Territories

and made a killing.

The Long-term Prison Sentences Review Board

received a report
from the Correctional Services (HKCS)

stating he earned his MBA degree

and qualifies for early
parole on good behavior.

But we got word

he has not been studying at all.

We suspect HKCS staff
is covering up for him

and supplying him with contrabands.

Do you have suspects?

We checked everyone's bank records.


No proof, no suspects?

William wants to go
inside and check it out.

No one from the Disciplined Services

has ever conducted an
investigation as an inmate.


does not recommend it.

There's a black sheep in every flock.

Help us nail the rotten apple.

Yes, Sir

William Luk will go to jail
via the proper channels.

I hope you can arrange

to put him in Cao Yuen Yuen's cell.


Eat while you can.

Your meals in jail won't be so palatable.

Why do I get the feeling

you're jumping for joy
about me going to jail?

Are you nuts? Of course not!

We're friends.

I won't rub it in.

But then again...

I have never been to jail,

but here's a few friendly reminders...

Get liquid soap.

If you drop the bar of soap,

never pick it up.


I want to tell you something.


I checked the list of inmates.

Wong Man Ban.

You should know him.

You sent him there yourself.

Superintendent Wong Man Ban?

Who are you?

William Luk,
Principal investigator of ICAC.

We need you to come in for questioning.

We graduated from the same class.

You should know

how he is.

Be careful.


Wish me luck.

Don't pick up the soap.

"Chek O Prison"

"Chief Superintendent Office"

This year,

you want early parole again?

Yes, Sir

Give me a reason

for the Review Board.

I've been working with you.

What does that mean?

See you next year.

Thank you, Sir!


Double check...

3 blankets,


pillow case, towel,

toothpaste, toothbrush, mug, soap.

Name tag.


Mr. Luk?

I also have the word "Luk" in my name.

I'm the 7th child in my family.

Everyone calls me Fluke.


Lower bunk in the middle.

Cell C.

Nothing to report.


often overanalyze everything.

Don't think so much.

Know your place

and you'll fit right in.

Chin Sir!

One more in the playground.

Last chance, place your bets.

Hurry up!

Anyone passing by,

don't miss your chance.

Place your bets.

Place your bets.

Don't hesitate.

Hey, buddy!

You're in luck.

We have a big party on your first day.

What party?

You'll soon find out.

How long are you here for?

3 months.

3 months?

That's 2 months after holidays.

It'll be quick.

Come on...

I'll give you the rundown...

Over there are ex-cops.

Wong Man Ban

used to be a Superintendent.

His followers are from
the Disciplined Services.

They're all fighters.

On the other side...

the Princelings.

Look at Cao Yuen Yuen.

Like his hair?

He's a rich 2G, mega rich.

His followers get all the perks,

which explains the size.

Don't overdo it.

The rules are simple. There's none.

Each group sends a representative.

Whoever is still standing is the winner.

Not in the face.

Don't want the officers to see any bruises.

Hit him...

Holding him...

Hit his head...

Damn! I placed 20 butts on Wong Man Ban.

We're in the same cell.

20 butts mean 20 smokes.

Block him... hit him...

1... 2... 1... 2... keep your rhythm!

Sham Sir!

Is this OK?

Cao Yuen Yuen thinks he owns
the place because he's loaded.

I want Wong Man Ban to
put him in his place.

Get up!

Get up! Come on...

Stop it!


Come here!

What will it be?

Come here!



I won!

Nobody would listen.

Several hundred smokes are at stake.

We must declare a winner.

How about

we take a vote?

Let a new comer

be the referee.

Hey, you!

Come here!

Come here!

You're new?

Play fair!


Too late to solicit votes now.

Hey, new comer,

welcome to prison.

You'll do fine here.

It's your call.

Don't you dare call it a tie!

Master Yuen wins!

Let's see who gets the last laugh.


We have a winner.

Break it up...

It's OK...

Sit down...

We have visitors from the Police.

Keep eating.

We have poultry, fish and veggies.

Sweet soup and congee.

Once a week, we serve meatballs.

Who did that?

Sorry, Sir!

I'm always hungry.

My hand is not steady enough.

Sit down!

Sit down!


Sit down!

Fancy seeing you here.

Perfect for rich 2Gs like you.

You were brilliant

to find people to take the rap for you

and I can't convict you for murder.

Don't play any games in here.

Or I'll fix you.


Threatening and hitting
an inmate in the face

is against regulations.

Shut up

Butt out

Let go!

Lau Sir!

Let's take a look at the workshop.


Finish eating.

What is it, Chief?


Time's up.

Return to your cells.

Sorry, Chief!

A bunch of losers!

You're dead meat!


Just because you did me
a favor doesn't make you one of us.

I just didn't like what I saw.

Sir, I feel sick.

What's wrong?

It's my stomach.

Follow me.

Send him off.

Get up...

Very good fighter.

Chief, I'm back.

What happened?

Who did this?

Not me.

You... tell me.

I didn't see anything.


Who did this?

I don't know.

The chairs are broken.

Everyone, back to your cells.

Your orientation is just beginning.

I just want to apologize.

I couldn't help it.

Don't take it to heart.

Now we're even.

Personal grudge?

Then you can't stay on
the sidelines anymore.

Stick with Master Yuen.

You're better off.

A white hand (first-timer)

must know which side to pick.

I'm a black hand (repeater).

I started at a reformatory at 16.

Have been in and out of jail a dozen times.

All my belongings...

They're yours now.

I'm getting out tomorrow.

Be careful!

Wipe off the blood.


You know martial arts?

"Chek O Prison"

Hey, buddy!



Come on...

The Chief is brilliant!


Luk Sir,

I don't think you came to see me.

New target?

I guarantee

you're a dead man.

You still owe me.

What's this?

New recruit?

What's this?

He wants my forgiveness.

We're now even.

Tea time.

Take it easy!


Where are your manners?

Take it easy!

Give it here!

What are you doing?

Stop it!

I need back up...

Stop it!

Stay down!


Stay down!

Get a doctor! Quick!

Hands on his head

Put pressure on it.

I'll write the report.

The lock on the kitchen door is broken.

The inmates broke in for food
and started a fight.

We heard the racket

and stopped them.




The MRl indicates

your brain is fine.

But you're in over your head.

The HKCS wants to kill the operation.

So does our Commissioner.

Your heart beat is too fast.

From a medical point of view,

that means you're not convinced.

Just now

I talked myself blue in the face

before the Commissioner agreed
to keep the operation.


I'll go see the Commissioner of the HKCS.

He'll take some convincing.


Senpai, you put me in the hot seat.

Check out these 8 names.

Be careful out there!


William Luk is injured.

We want to stop this operation.

We can't bear the responsibility.

But Luk Sir put in so much work.

All the more reasons to carry on.

Someone filed a report

about the mismanagement of one prison

and unfair treatment of the inmates.

It's the same prison Luk
Sir is investigating.

Who filed the report?

Wong Ka On.

He's new to the district.

Graduated from Stanley 3 months ago,

first in his class.

I'm meeting him tomorrow at HQ.

Ching Sir, care to join us?


It's bad enough we can't fix Cao Yuen Yuen,

you put us in isolation for a week.

The entire cell took the rap.

No more window shopping for you.

You're a fighter. Start fighting!

What are you doing?

Luk Chi Lim!

Pack your things.

We're moving you.

You got cover now? Good

This way...

Take the lower bunk.

Open up!


What are you in for?

Dangerous driving.

What do you do?

Security manager.


What's going on?

Sit down!

Keep eating!

Back to your cell

Pack your things.

You're lucky you're alive.

Let's talk.

About what?

You're covering for him now?

Stop it!

I have had enough of you.

How long you intend to keep this up?

You like to fight?

Here's your chance.

End this once and for all.

One on one.

Take your turn to throw punches.

Whoever goes down will shut up.

Stop it.

When did I say you can start?


in the mess hall,

Wong Man Ban started the fight.

I'm warning you.

I want peace and quiet.


And you!

Shut the hell up!


I'm holding you responsible
if anything happens to him.

Get out!

Move it! Get up... out


Hey, buddy! I'm back! Amazing, isn't it?


I thought this is your long term home.

No. I need to do some stretching.

Enjoy your stay.

I didn't get to use the things you left me.

Want them back?

I don't mind.

You're with me now.

We're brothers.

Congrats You're with the strong team.

It's a safe bet.

"Chek O Prison"

You must be dying to know

why I'm back so soon.

Here's the deal...

I went to see my girlfriend
as soon as I got out.

When I got home,

a loan shark was spraying
paint on the wall.

Never implicate the wife and child, right?

I'm back with a misdemeanor.

People often ask me,

Fluke, you like being a black hand?

Here's how I see it...

Rent is over $3,000 a month,

not counting utilities.

A lunch box is at least $50.

Free room and board in here

saves me $10,000 a month.

If you're sick,

no long queues at the ER.

That's why I always tell young people,

saving up for a down payment is stupid.

Wait listing for public
housing is a waste of time.

No, thank you.

Going to jail

is the only way out for
young people in Hong Kong.

You aim high.

Sort of.

I intend to run for District Councilor.

What is he drinking?

Beer. Definitely not piss.

He doesn't care if people saw him?

He also reads the racing journal.

He used to own horses

and gets all kinds of inside scoop.

The older officers won bets thanks to him.

Don't be jealous. He's a VIP.

The Super struck a deal with him.
They can't touch him.

Get out!

Don't step out of line.

2 months ago,

your daughter had a
nice wedding in the U.S.

It's OK.

Of course ok.

Mr. Yiu spent US$150K on it.

After your son takes the HKDSE,

where does he want to go to college?

The U.S.

His older sister can look after him.

Yes, the U.S. is good.

I'll tell Mr. Yiu to get to work.


Which company did Luk Chi Lim work for?

Luk Chi Lim is not your concern.

Look it up.

Then tell me.


Tell Mr. Yiu three things.

About the Super's son.

Check the dirt on Luk Chi Lim.

Find out

last time when
Wong Man Ban ambushed me,

what did he want?

I'll do that later.

Do it now!

"Lawyer Yiu Kwan Ho"


Come here!

You did that on purpose!

You want to play games?

Hurry up and apologize!


Sorry, Sir!


I was at HQ the other day.

I met Ching Sir of ICAC.

Ching Tak Ming asked
me to look out for you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Trust me.

Yiu Kwan Ho, a lawyer.

"Sothetak Auction House"

I wish to see your Security Manager

Mr. Luk Chi Lim.

Mr. Yiu, our Security
Manager is not Mr. Luk.


Mr. Luk is a friend of mine.

We had drinks but I haven't
seen him in a while.

I have a client who inherited

several pieces of antique.

He wants to sell them

and I thought of Mr. Luk.

But I couldn't get in touch with him.

Let me check.

Sorry, for the past two years,

we don't have a Luk Chi Lim working for us.

Luk Chi Lim looks fishy.



One of you

betrayed me.

Fess up

and I'll go easy on you.

Sorry, Chief!

Wong Man Ban made me do it.


Going out soon?

Did Cao Yuen Yuen make any arrangements?

There's nothing worse than
picking the wrong side.

Let's be friends.

When will he be alone?

I'm sorry, Chief

He put you in the hospital for a week.

I'll give you the pleasure.

A lawyer came by

looking for Luk Chi Lim.

Hello, Mr. Yiu,

I'm the manager.

The Luk Chi Lim you were asking for

was involved in embezzlement.

Since we had no proof,

we fired him and had him black-listed.

His file is confidential,

that's why there was no record of him.

But no matter,

if you wish to auction something,

we're happy to help you.


An embezzler?

I'm short on cash.

You're greedy? Good.

Open wide!

No. 3.


Wow, you gained weight!

I'm pregnant.

No way!

How far along?

6 months.

6 months?

Boy or girl?

Boy, I want him to be a crook like me.

Girl, I want her to be smart like me.

The baby has nothing to do with you.

We should break up.

What? Are you nuts?

We've been together 2 years.

You go to jail for a few months.

You come out for a few months.

Then you go back in.

I never see you.

After the baby is born

and wants to know where Daddy is.

I wouldn't know what to say.

A sailor?

Nobody does that anymore.

I came to see you last time I was out.

I met a guy who owns a tea house.

It's his baby.

I'm going to marry him.


Sit down!

Don't look me up anymore.




- Let's go!
- Donut!

Come on

IQ test.

My last name is wong,

my girlfriend is Hung.

Why is our baby an orange?

Because we mixed yellow with red.

Isn't that stupid?

My girlfriend

always cracks up when she hears my jokes.

She's very attached to me.

When I'm out,

she follows me round-the-clock

because she's afraid I'll ditch her.


She's timid

and is a coward about pain.

But 6 months ago,

she tattooed my name right here

and said she'll stick with me
for the rest of my life.

But today,

she dropped by

and told me she's having
someone else's baby.

I don't blame her.

It was my fault.

Whatever makes her happy, right?

What if it's your baby?

If she doesn't care about you,

she would have moved
and changed her phone number

so you couldn't find her.


Are you shitting me?

It's just a hunch.

No, whatever you say must be right.

I'm going to be a Daddy

That's a big deal.

Go to sleep.

You have kids, buddy?

Give me a few pointers.

You can be my kid's godfather.

Then he can go to your school.

You can adopt. Think about it.


These 8 names

came from Luk Sir.

We looked them up.

Everyone checks out.

But there's one coincidence.

All their kids

have applied for scholarships

to go abroad or get into
local international Schools.

Yiu Kwan Ho

handled the deeds

when Cao Yuen Yuen
bought land for development.

He's the Honorary Secretary
of a charity trust?


Keep digging.

Luk Sir's name list must mean something.

Yes, Sir

What is it?

After we threatened the girl,

I paid

the security guard

to help me keep an eye on her.

Last week, that guy

intercepted a letter.

She had the nerve to call ICAC,

and they opened a file.

Chin Sir,

that's against the rules.

Let them have their he-he chat.

That's the human touch.

Go get her.

Live cast.



What's wrong?

That bitch ratted on me to the ICAC.

I want her dead.

Hello, Tony?

Go get the girl.

Be right there!

I need to make an urgent phone call.


Coco and I are having buffet after work.

Want to come?

No, thanks.

I have a boxing session with the coach.

Maybe next time.

I checked their bank accounts.

For the time being...

William Luk.

Talk to me...

The Boss found out my
girlfriend came to us.

Don't worry.

I'll take good care of Auntie.

I'll be waiting when you get out.

Who gave you this?

I found it.

What's going on?

Where did you get the phone?

Who gave it to you?

I found it.

Get back to work.

New comers don't know

picking things up can be serious.

Tell me if you need a phone.

You should have told me.

Let's go

Yes, Sir

"St. Mary's Hospital"


Can I help you?

I'm looking for one of your
nurses, Natalie.

Grab her!



Let her go!

Let me...


After them!

Hey, what are you doing?

This way!


Get in!

Let's go, Boss!


They let her get away!

You again?

Leave him alone.

Pretend you didn't see anything.

We're going for drinks after work.

You must come with us.

This is an ICAC safe house.

We'll give you round-the-clock protection.


Don't mention it.

Miss Liu,

there's also a secret chamber.

The walls are bullet-proof.

Hide inside when you're under attack.

Mark, show her the way.

This way!

You can get out from here.

We'll escort you to safety when necessary.

Where did you learn to drive?


I'm sorry...

That won't get you off the hook!

Calm down, sir!

Butt out, bitch

Come on...

Hey! Stop! what are you doing?

Let's get this straight...


Mr. Yuan,

I'm sorry!

I need to move you.

Cao Yuen Yuen!

Cao Yuen Yuen!

You have visitors.

Go change!

No. 4.


you lost weight.

Didn't they take care of you?

Didn't Mr. Yiu make the arrangements?

What's wrong?

You're such a trouble maker.

What do you mean?

If you didn't land in jail,

we wouldn't be in this mess.

What have I done?

You were callous

when it comes to business.

I'm in jail

and you're on the run.

Don't take that attitude with me

5 years ago, I took $200M from you

and became a property
developer in Hong Kong.

Since then,
I made more than 10 times the money.

At my age,

what you made was small change.

What? Are you implying you're better?

Without my money,

you're just a piece of shit.

He's doing very well.

Why can't you praise him for once?

He made a little money,

and is beside himself

and thinks he's God.

If I praised him,

he'd raise Hell.

Never mind...

Why must you fight every time you see him?

You better stay on your toes

and get out of jail on time.

I will not wait another day.

I have to go, son.

Take care of yourself.

Give him the phone!

Hey, he wants to talk to you.

Nothing will go wrong



someone from the Supreme
People's Procuratorate

is here to see you.

Yuan Zheng Yun,


Estimated net worth is over $20B.

He's the money launderer
for a Mainland official.

We've been investigating
him for over a year.

Just when we were about to bust him,

he got away.

We suspect he came to Hong Kong
using a fake passport.

He has a mistress called Cao Bai.

12 years ago, she emigrated
to Hong Kong with her son.

His name is Cao Yuen Yuen.

As far as we know,

he's currently in jail.

You're onto him too?

We're investigating a corruption case.

Cao Yuen Yuen is the target.

Cao Yuen Yuen did everything
possible to get out early

so he can leave with Yuan Zheng Yun.

The lawyer called Yiu Kwan Ho,

runs a charity trust in Hong Kong

for Yuan Zheng Yun.

We put a tail on him

trying to find Yuan Zheng Yun.


We'll look into it

and keep you posted.


Thank you!

Let me tell you a story.

A kid in Primary 4

was beaten up by 4 high school students
in the playground.

He went home crying.

His father

didn't even look up

and just

tossed a key to the bike on the table.

There was always a brick on the bike.

The kid

rode the bike back

holding the brick in his hand

and beat up

the high school students badly.

Of course he was hurt in the process.

When he got home,

he thought his old man would praise him.

But he only told him

he was late for dinner

and they have finished dinner.

He would have nothing to eat.

Is that stupid or what?

All parents are alike.

No matter how good you are

at whatever you do,

it was never good enough for them.

But the kid was lucky

to have a father.


Mine was dead when I was born.

Nobody cared about me.

I'm going to bed.


I will

show him

I'm the better man.


A colleague came from the Mainland.

He's looking for your Boss' father.

I heard he embezzled a lot of money.

Since you're friends with the Boss,

find out if he knows anything.

The Boss' old man

visited him on the 23rd.


I think your Boss cut short his vacation

so he can go away with his old man.

Once he leaves Hong Kong,

we may never find him again.


the lawyer you wanted me to contact...

I did.

He's very helpful.

I will follow up with him.

You don't look so good.

Drink more water.

There's a water dispenser outside.




Get the fingerprints on the racing journal.

Cross check with the HKCS officers.

Then check the handwriting
of the betting records.

I'm sure one of the officers
gave them to Cao Yuen Yuen.

Yes, Sir

Where would you like to go, Sir?

The interview room.

What brings you here out of the blue?

Did l...

overlook something?

No, just a routine inspection.



"Yang Jin Cheng, Cao Bai"

"visitors' log"


Now to the laundry room.


Very well!


On the 23rd of this month,

Cao Yuen Yuen had 2 visitors.

Yang Jin Cheng

and Cao Bai.

Thank you.

Is Luk Sir OK?

He's fine, thank you!


check Yang Jin Cheng's
entry and exit records.

Find out which hotel he's in.

Sham Sir!


Sit down!

Thank you, Sir!

The rookie wong Ka On

is unreliable.


He's not a team player.

I took him to the night club,

he sat on the sidelines all night,

did not ask for a girl

and only drank ginseng tea.


The stock reached the target price.



Is it true?


Keep in touch.

What happened?

Transferred to a desk job at HQ.

Be careful!

You two clean this area.

Yes, Sir








Oh no...

Sorry, Sir!

I'll mop it up right away.

Sir, your shoes are wet. Let me...

No need!

Sorry, Sir!

"Confirmation Of Scholarship"



Yuan Zheng Yun used
a West African passport enter Hong Kong

under the name Yang Jin Cheng.

He checked into Admiralty Hotel.

But on the day Director Hong was attacked.

He checked out already.

We have been monitoring Yiu Kwan Ho's phone

but he's very careful.

After he spotted the tail we put on him,

he only talks about hitting
on women on the phone.

Nothing we can use.

Yuan Zheng Yun's charity fund

owns a private jet.

It arrived from Beijing 7 days ago.

I contacted the Civil
Aviation Department (CAD)

and asked them to keep an
eye on its flight plan.

Keep following Yiu Kwan Ho.

He's the key man.

Yes, Sir

The thought of

seeing my girlfriend
and baby tomorrow makes me excited.

Take a look... what do you think?

Get ready for a spot check.

I'm missing a document.

Hey, the show is on.

Spot check?

Spot check!

Get in line!

Hurry up!

Luk Chi Lim! Wong Lam Luk

Which beds are yours?

Luk Chi Lim!

Come here.

Frisk him.

Take off your shoes.

Lift your foot!

Left foot.

What's that?

Sorry, Sir! It's mine.

I drew a picture of my baby.

24 weeks.

He had it under his foot.

What's wrong with your mouth?

I just bit my tongue.

You know...

Pack it up!

Thank you, Sir!

Open up!

This is for the baby.

Thank you!

What was in the bag?


I have been a complete failure.

I have done nothing remotely respectable.

Kids nowadays

like Iron Man or Spider Man.

If the kid should ask me,


are you a hero? What can you do?

I can't possibly tell him

I'm good at being an asshole

and kissing people's ass.

I don't want the kid to look down on me.

If I have the chance,

I'd like to hold my head up high

and tell the kid I have
done something worthy.

The phone number you gave me...

This is the log for the past 2 weeks.

The last number of each entry
stands for the cell tower.

This day was the last
day she used her phone.

This is the cell tower number.


this is Natalie.

Something came up, I need a few days off.

This is the location
map of the cell towers.

I have circled it in red.

The owner should be nearby?



Thank you!


check out a place for me.

"Chek O Prison"

Wong Lam Luk, get ready for your release.

Yes, Sir

As before, you get my belongings.

Want me to keep them for you?

You're not coming back?

Not if you kill me.

I'm getting back on the right track.

The job I had before I came here

was a boring desk job.

After I met you, I started to smile more.

Good You have a charming smile.

Who cares what tomorrow will bring?

Keep your sense of humor, buddy!

Life should be simple.

Take care!


see you around.

Master Yuen, thanks for everything.

Fuck you

Thank you, Sir!


Mr. Ching?

You have something for me?


This is from your friend Luk Chi Lim.

I'll let you enjoy it.

Please get me the bill.

It's $3,650.

Say that again!

You friend ordered a lobster,

chili sauce and abalone, 2 cans each.


It took me all night

but I still couldn't find it.

It must have been stolen.

There's something fishy about Luk Chi Lim
and Wong Lam Luk.

This concerns you too.

Go find it.

Not bad


Cough it up

Cough what up?

I hate it when people betray me.

This is your last chance.

If you don't believe me,

nothing I say will help.

Carry on!

Call Yiu Kwan Ho.

Grab him!

Open up!

You want to play games?

Take him to the roof!


What's going on?

Keep it down!

Come here!


What is it?


What is it?

Are you mistaken?

Take it easy, buddy!

You must have the wrong guy

Take it easy, buddy!

No! Don't...

Where is it?

Who are you working for?

Where is what?

I really don't know.

Where is it?

Speak up!

"Fuck you"

That's it?




Ching Sir!

The document from Luk Sir

is the confirmation letter of a scholarship

approved by Yuan Zheng Yun's charity trust

for Superintendent Sham Kwok Keung's son.

Part of the amount paid for the tuition.

Majority of the money

is deposited into his
son's bank account in the U.S.

We found out

9 scholarships approved
by the Trust in the past 2 years,

are connected to HKCS officers.

Either they sent the kids abroad

or 6 years' subsidy

for local International Schools.

Tuition for international Schools

costs $20K a month,

in 6 years, that's $1 M.

The Trust pays out bribe money.

We have enough to nail them.

Yuan Zheng Yun is the
Chairman of the Trust,

Cao Yuen Yuen is his illegitimate son,

they have no legal relationship.

It's easy for Cao Yuen Yuen

to deny knowledge of
how the Trust operates.

We need more solid proof.


Your friend took me to a restaurant...

- well?
- Very expensive!

The food is nothing special,

not good enough for your Boss.

I'll think of something.

How is my friend?

As you know,

he likes to sleep.

Can't wake him up.

I'm worried he may have
Obstructive Sleep Apnea

and may never wake up.

You're out in 2 days,

the whole team

can't wait.


You're leaving tomorrow.

This is your farewell.

Prison rules, we don't say goodbye.

What's your plan?

No money, no plan.

Not much you can do with a rap sheet.

Come with me to Canada.

You'll never have to
worry about money again.

"37 Kam Sheung Road,
Pat Heung, Yuen Long"

Here's the girl.

Finish her off!

I want a live cast.


Scared of me?

Spit it out.

Since you hate me,

should I tell you something?

Here's a present for you.

Your pal is from the ICAC.

He put me in here.

Don't thank me.

All my life,

I hate it when people betray me.

I swore

whoever did that,

I will watch him die.

In the worst way possible.

CAD just received the application
of Yuan Zheng Yun's private jet.

It's bound for Canada tomorrow.

Monitor him.

Yes, Sir


We found out from Yiu
Kwan Ho's second phone,

he booked a chopper for tomorrow.

"37 Kam Sheung Road"

You're late.

Have you any idea

how much I hate her?

Live cast is not good enough.

I want to watch her die in person.

Take this!

Can't do it,

Luk Sir?

ICAC, right?

We have proof you bribed prison officers.

We know you'll get out ahead of schedule.

I want to get out 3 hours
ahead of Luk Chi Lim.

That's impossible!

Your early release papers
have been approved.

You're leaving the day after tomorrow.


Before I came,

it's already in your account.

Take a look.

"Online transfer complete"

Siu Kwong Hon, ICAC Senior investigator!

Sham Kwok Keung, Chin Kwok Fung,

you are suspected of accepting bribes.

We need to search your offices.

Give me that!

Go up!

"Supervision Order"

Cao Yuen Yuen's parole is tomorrow.

But you signed his release papers today.

That means he's already out of jail.

There must be a mistake.

Cao Yuen Yuen?

Maybe he's out working.


- Go find him!
- Yes, Sir!

Cut the crap!

Cao Yuen Yuen is engaged in open fire

with our ICAC colleagues.


Get up!


What's another dead body
after so many others?

Go to Hell!

His gun is not loaded.

Come back!

Get off!

Get off or I'll blow her head off!

Take off!

I said take off!

HQ, ask CAD to track


Give me your hand.

Give it to me

It's going to crash Jump!



You're under arrest!

Where's william Luk?

Tell him

I'm not spiteful, but I have a good memory.

Help me go near him.

I'll write your parole report.

Wong Sir,

ICAC is good for our word.

North side.



Here you go.

Cel will show you

where to pick up Yuan Zheng Yun and Cao Bai

and then escort you across the border.

Thank you so much!

Don't mention it!

- Thanks!
- If you ever find yourself in Beijing,

you must look me up.

Let me show you around.


- Goodbye!
- Goodbye.

Cao Yuen Yuen, convicted of bribery,
illegal possession of firearms

and attempted murder.
Sentenced to jail for 25 years.

Sham Kwok Keung, ex-Superintendent of HKCS,

convicted of misconduct and accepting
advantage by a public servant.

Sentenced to jail for 12 years.

Chin Kwok Fung, ex-officer of HKCS,

convicted of misconduct and accepting
advantage by a public servant.

Sentenced to jail for 8 years.

Yiu Kwan ho, ex-lawyer,
convicted of bribery

and abetting bribery.
Sentenced to jail for 6 years.

Yuan Zheng Yun, transferred back
to the Mainland to stand trial.

Convicted of bribery and in possession
of huge assets from unknown sources.

Sentenced to life imprisonment

and confiscation of all assets.

7 other HKCS officers are
convicted of misconduct

and accepting advantages
by a public servant.

Sentenced to jail for 4 to 6 years.

A total of 9 officers

were convicted in this case.

Out of over 6,600 officers of the HKCS,

the number was insignificant.

Starting today,

I want this district

nice and clean.

I'm counting on you.

Yes, Sir

Thank you!

For my early parole.

What case are you working on?

I can't tell you.

What about you?

Eyes & Ears Security Consultants?

Investigating mistresses?

And security systems.

I trade intel.

That's great!

When I retire,

save me a spot.

You're too clean for this job.

What about Luk Sir?

Waiting for a promotion?

Getting promoted is not
why I work for ICAC.


He works for you?

Wong Man Ban.

Brother Ban.



Here, drink this.

You drove?

I want to look at this world soberly.

Yes, don't drink and drive.

What's this?

It's Chek O.

That's the Chek O set.

What the hell?

Luk Sir!


You're a Dad?

I came to pick you up.

Don't congratulate me.

We have proven

the baby is not yours.

Thank you, Luk Sir

For telling him it's not his baby.

You made it sound like
we're having an affair.

We're just pulling your leg.

But if you misbehave again,

the baby is definitely not yours.

I promise, I won't go to jail again.

Boy or girl?

You have a name yet?


I'm counting on you to get me into ICAC.

You have a rap sheet a mile long.

How can you work for ICAC?

You need undercovers, right?

By the way, Luk Sir.

I have something to report.

- What?
- why is it

there are so many drug
stores near my house?

You suppose they are colluding

with the property developers?

Looks like your wife

has the potential to work for ICAC.

You should ask me.

I helped him with the case.