P.U.N.K.S. (1999) - full transcript

A group of misfit teens evade a corrupt scientist when they steal and attempt to return a suit that delivers supernatural strength to its wearer.

[music playing]


a winner in this
year's class elections.

Our new class president
is Kenzie Payton.

Congratulations, Kenzie.

Our new vice president
will be Aaron Morley,

class secretary is
Timothy Goundloud.

Class treasurer will
be a Priscilla Grader.

Head cheerleader
is Sally Huggins.

Congratulations, Sally.

Head song leader
is Sally Huggins.

The new head flag
girl is Sally Huggins.

The "Stop Sally
Huggins" committee

will be meeting
again on Tuesday.

Our new student pep commissioner
is Elizabeth Littlefield.

Our new--

Access granted now.

-I voted for you, Drewmeister.

-Thanks, Miles.


The debate club has still
not agreed on its president.

They're still
arguing about that.

Our new student test
commissioner is Anna Hogar.

Our new shop
foreman [inaudible].

-Thank you so much.

Where's my cut, Johnny P.?


Tory [inaudible].

And last but not
least, our new safety

commissioner is Martin Spangler.

-I can't believe I lost safety
commissioner to a computer geek

with a pencil holder.


-Sorry, man.

-Bummer, dude.

That just sucks.

-So much for student council.

-Too bad, Drew.

You ran a clean campaign.

I guess you're not
leadership material.

-Like you are, Spangler.

-Oooh, big talk,
science fair runner-up.

-Yeah, well, my dad is
smarter than your dad.

-So what happened to you?

-Hey, chill.

My dad's smarter
than both your dads.

is a restricted test area.

Crow employees with security
status of G5 or lower

must vacate the test area.

Security team to BioLab,
security team to BioLab.

This is a red
security live subject

test rated highly dangerous.

Authorized augmenter
technicians only.

T-minus 60 seconds and counting.

-Mr. Crow, we can't test the
augmenter on a human subject

until I finish the other test.

It's too soon!

-Seize the day, Mr. Utley There
is no time like the present.


-But they augmenter
is designed to help

paralyzed people to walk!

I designed it specifically to
regenerate atrophied muscles

with electrochemical
bio-static stimulation!

But there could be
serious side effects!

I mean, he could
become psychotic.

He could go into cardiac arrest!

-Relax, he's a convict
and he signed a waiver.

-To do community service!

Not light up like
a Christmas tree!


We have taken every precaution.

Thank you for your concern.


-BP 140 over 85.

The doctor said it would
take ten weeks for me

to be walking again.

-Heh, ten minutes.

-Set it at 400 MIU.


That's too high!

I didn't authorize that!

You didn't pay for it, either.

Sit down.

Hit it!

-I can walk!

I can walk!

I can walk!

I can walk!

Hey, look!


Code blue Electrobiostatic
generator is unstable.

Repeat, generator is unstable.

Code blue.



-Pulse is 200 and rising.

Blood pressure 220 over 140.

-His vitals!

They're off the charts!

We-we've got to shut it
down, please Mr. Crow!

-Absolutely not!

Keep going.

Insulin surge!

Override failure.

System failure.

-Should I tun it off?
Should I shut it down?

-Absolutely not.

That barrier can stop a tank.

Keep going.


Please proceed to
the nearest exit.

Critical system overload.

-Shut it down!

Shut it down!

-How's his pulse?

-It's strong.

-No kidding.

[bell rings] What are

-You eating?

-A rickecake.

It's high in complex


-What's up, Joe?

-Taking the bus?


Mom and dad are
picking me up today.

We're going to have
pizza for my birthday.

-Pizza has killer calories.

-Yeah, can we go?

-Ah, just a family thing.

Dad's idea.

He's trying to make
up for lost time.

-What's this?

Little kiddie comic book?


Give it back!

-Look out, guys!

It's the X-Men!

-Hey, you're going to rip it!

-What are you going
to do about it, huh?



-Come on, Ronnie.

Chill man, we can like,
work this out, right?

-Here you go, lame-o's.

-Sorry I'm late, Pookums.




-Your dad's at a meeting, again.

But he's going to try and
meet us at the pizza place.



Hi guys.


-Hey, honey.

Your friends are here.

Why don't you give them some
cake and save your dad a piece.

-Why do you let him eat that
fat, buttery, death food, mom?

-It's angel food.

-You know it's bad
for dad's heart.

-Oh, sweetheart, I've been
with your father long enough

to know that he's going to
do whatever he wants to do,


Hey, boys, this is you.

-How was pizza?


My dad was a no-show, as usual.

Hey, I'll get back to you.

I'll make it up
to you, I promise.


-Oh, here.

Happy birthday.

Apple cinnamon crisp.

Nature's gift to you.

-You shouldn't have.

-Happy birthday.

It's a computer pad.


-Gee, thanks.

-We just have to hold
on for a couple--

-More weeks.

I know this is a
special project,

but you've been saying
that for a few months now.

-Well, does it mean
anything that I'm

doing something that's
going to help mankind?

-Of course it does.

But that is no consolation
to a kid with a broken heart.

-Did you tell him
how sorry I am?

-That's you job, mister.

-Stupid jocks.

I hate them.

-You know, I bet we
wouldn't get picked on

so much if we band
together like the X-Men.


That way we'd get
beat up as a group.

-no, I'm serious.

Ever notice how jocks like
Ronnie always travel in packs?

They're a team.

-We'll never beat those guys.

-Maybe we could.

If we started a
club or something.

Strength in numbers.

United we stand.

That sort of thing.

-What do we call it?

-Guys who like to get beat up.

-I was thinking more like,
The Action Adventurers.

-Ooh, A.A. That kind
of has a ring to it.

-Who would join?

-No one likes us.

-We'd be like the X-Men.

Everybody has something
they're good at.

Miles, you'd be
the science whiz.

I'd be the idea man.

And Lanny, well, Lanny's
got to be good at something.

-You know what, I
have a better idea.

Let's start a Wrestlemania club.

Right now the Undertaker's
having is way with Mr. Perfect.

Get up poor boy.

-Come here.

Here comes [inaudible].

Drops him like a bad apple.

-One, two--

MOM: What are you
kids doing up there?

-Uh, aerobics.


MOM: OK, work those bodies.


-What's this?

[inaudible] under the ring.


-Oh, yeah, yeah!

-Happy birthday,
13-year-old son.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I'll make it up to you, though.

I promise.

-No big.

-DId you, uh--


Sang it.

Ate it.

Opened it.

-You didn't open this one.

-What's this?

-It's a fish tank.

-Where are the fish?

-Well, you can use it as a
terrarium for other pets.

It's your call.


-Say, how would you
and your friends

like to come to work
with me tomorrow?

You can play on a supercomputer,
and surf the net. huh?

How does that sound?

-Sorry, Mr. U. I can't.

Tomorrow's Saturday.

WWF Royal Rumble?

Don't miss it!


-Is he on steroids?

Project desigates [inaudible]

report to research.

-Go, go, you've almost got it.

Dang, you lost.

-You having fun?

-Yeah, this is cool.

-You boys are
really good at this.


Crow wants you.

-I-- I gotta go.


Dude, what does
your dad do here?

-He's a biochemical engineer.

He designs this robotic gizmo to
stimulate muscles or something

-These files read like a
top secret defense project.

I can't believe it.

Everything's classified.

What do you think APR means?

-Advanced project
research, maybe?

-Couldn't tell you.

-There's one way to find out.

-Do it.



-With all due respect, Mr.
Crow, I designed the augmenter

specifically for
civilian rehabilitation,

and the control
motion unit as well.

Heck, in the wrong hands,
something on that scale

could upset the whole balance
of global power as we know it.

-I will not even dignify
that with a response.

Why don't you just worry about
what you can actually do.

Like get the control motion unit
online before the next demo.

-It won't be ready, sir.

Not even for a hardened convict.

-You're absolutely right.

It would be much more
impressive to the investors

if the inventor himself
wore the augmenter.

-I'm trying to tell
you it's not safe.


So make it safe, because
you're wearing it.


-Well, let me put it this way.

If you don't want your life's
work going up in smoke, if you

don't want to be taken
off this project for good,

you'll go to the mat
for this project.

Got it?

-Yes, sir.


Hey, you know what we're
doing this weekend?

We're going to take
the corporate jet

and we're going to
go squirrel hunting .

You want to come, Hutley?


A gun like this
almost shoots itself.

-What's the sport in that?

-It's the way I like it.

Would you go back to work?

My bird hates you cologne.

-Yes, sir.

I'm sorry.

-Looks like I found something.

An electrobiostatic
stimulation augmenter.

This is cool.

-This classified augmenter
thingy sounds dangerous.

Crow wants to test it on my dad.


-So, my dad has a
heart condition.

I mean, maybe they're
trying to get rid of him.

You know, make it
looks like an accident.

We've got to find out more.

-OK, let me try this.

I can't.

Not without Mr. Crow's
super user password.


We have to leave.

-You don't think Utley is
going to cause us any trouble,

do you?


No, he still thinks
we're going to use

the augmenter for
medical purposes.

The idea would
never occur to him

that we're going to sell
it on the open black market

to foreign regimes.

-Poor sap thinks he's going
to win the Nobel Prize.

-Well, he might.


You know that if
this contract fails,

I lose my entire company.

I'm banking everything on this.

So this is your job.

I want you to keep those big,
beautiful eyes on tall boy.

And I want you to
keep him on schedule.

-Even if it kills him?

-Especially if it kills him.

The government sells to every
Saddam, Dick, and Harry.

Why can't I?

-Hi, Dad.


-I thought we were going
to go fishing today?

-I'm sorry, son.

I have to test something
for Mr. crow this weekend.

-No, no, no, let's go
go-kart racing instead.

-Drew, things will be totally
different after this weekend,


-But you always say that, Dad.

Why can't work wait?

Come on, please?

I mean, just a few days.

-I'll make it up to you, OK.

I promise.

Where's your mother?

-She's in the kitchen.


Oh, they're plastic.

They're beautiful,
you shouldn't have.

-Honey, I have to work all
weekend at the office again.

We're testing the augmenter.

-You know, you promised.

I mean, fist it was
his birthday, now this?

-I know, Honey, I
know, but I just

can't blow it now
that we're so close.

I mean, there's
too much at stake.

Mr. Crow could pull
me off the project

and I'd lose everything.

Besides, he already-- he
already thinks I'm a big wiener.


Buck up, pilgrim.

You know what they say?

A wiener it's just a
winner spelled wrong.



We're on.



Ron, listen to me!

I'll get you the
money that I owe.

Ronnie, big guy, I'm paying you
50% for protection as it is.


I said I'll get it, and I will.


-Hey, Johnny.

We're starting this club
and it's for these guys--

-For what?

Nerds of America?

-No, no.

We're embarking on a
clandestine, highly sensitive,

dangerous operation, and
we need your expertise.

-Gee, thanks.

But spying doesn't pay well.

And besides, I'm booked solid.

-OK, tell you what.

If you don't help us, I'm going
to tell Ronnie and those jock

friends of his that those
autographed Seattle Mariners

baseball cards you
sold him are fakes.


I'm going to kick your butt.

You're gone.

-Uh, you know what?

My schedule just opened up.

-Wow, cool garage.

-Yeah, it's my
dad's old home lab.

Never comes out here anymore.

-I'm in Radio Shack heaven.

Electronics, amps,
transmitters, receivers,

robotics, surveillance

Could I borrow a few parts?

I'm going to come up
with a science project

to beat that Marty Spangler.

-Lofty goal.



-What is this?

-Hey, hey hey.

I wouldn't--


-Touch that.

-I'll be down here.

-Oh, uh, stun gun.

He'll revive in a few minutes.

Come on.

CROW (VOICE): This is Crow,
and this better be important.

You've got 30 seconds.

So do make it short.

-I've recorded his
voice into the computer.

And I'm editing it.

do make it short.

Make it short.

Do it.

[inaudible] This is Crow.

This is Crow.





[inaudible] Do you
have any snacks?



This is Crow.

-A radio [inaudible].

OK, I'm tapping
into core research.

Main menu.

I'm into the directory.

Changing Crow's number to here.

And I'm out.

-Twinkie lite.

-Call this number right here.


Carlson speaking.

- Yeah, that better
be you, Carlson.

I got Crow calling me about
a problem with the server.

-Server problem?

-Yes, now do you want
it fixed, or are you

just going to repeat
everything I say?


-Darn right, you're sorry.

Now I'm going to
need you to type

in the super user password.

We're going to get this thing
straightened out pronto.

-Not unless Mr. Crow tells me.

-No kidding, genius.

I'm the one who
installed the system.

Now, you got the dad-gum
mouse in your hand?

Be a good little boy
and go to the directory.

Select Edward Crow.

CROW (VOICE): This is Crow.

-This is Carlson in systems.

Sir, we got a computer fix-it
guy who wants a password.

CROW (VOICE): You've
got 30 seconds.

-He says you called him.

Should I give him the go-ahead?

CROW (VOICE): Do it.

-Okey doke, just
wanted to clear it.

CROW (VOICE): Do it.

Do it.
Do it.

This is Crow.

Make it short.

[inaudible] Do it.


-I beg your pardon, sir?

CROW (VOICE): Do it.

-All right-y, then.

-We did it, Miles.

-Way to go, Miles.

-Hey, what are you cool
cats scratching at in there?

-We're stealing
top-secret technology

from corporate databases, mom.

-OK, daddy-o.

Don't break anything.

-Well, you've got
your disrupter,

your neuralprocessor,
and you megabyte

deck, micro-surgical
CPBs, adrenal boosters,

and electrochemical amplifier.

If I didn't know
better, I'd swear

it's that electrobistatic
augmentation unit.

-The what?

-An augmenter.

An enhancer.

A booster for the
nervous system.

Pretty powerful.

Judging by this gauge here,
I'd say in 20 minutes,

you could fry your
whole nervous system.

-So what would it do to
someone with a heart condition?

-Kill them in five.

-Guys, my dad's in deep.

-It's bad news if your
dad straps this thing on.

-But they can't make
him wear it if we--

-Steal it?

-Are you insane?

We'll get so busted.

-I really need your help here.

Let's make it our
first official mission.

-Hello, security everywhere.

How can we possibly break in?

-No prob.

I got this cousin.


-OK, I'm about to
charge us $1 a mile.

Pay up, everybody.

Come on, come on.

Cough it up, there
you go, good boy.

-You know, wouldn't
it be dope if we

made up a name
with our initials?

-That'd be cool.

-Well we've got a
Pasiotopolis, an Utley,

a Kitchen, a Nygren, P.U. K.N.


That doesn't sound very rad.

-I like A.A. Personally,
but what about K.N.U.P.?

Silent K.

-Oh, you're going
to make my K silent?

I don't think so.

Let's make your N silent.


-On that's strike fear into
the hearts of our enemies.

Watch out, guys, it's K.N.U.P.?

-Hey, hey, wait.

What about P.U.N.K.?

-Yeah, P.U.N.K.

-That sounds rad.

Like, you know, like cyberpunk.

-So P.U.N.K. it is.




-All right.



-Sam's as tough as they come.

Four older brothers,
all mechanics.

His dad's a repo man, Uncle Al.

-'Sup, cuz.

Nice ride.

SAM: '71 Camaro Rally Sport.

Small block 350, Detroit
Posi, 3800 pound clutch,

Holly double pumper, and a
chrome plated dual snorker air


Pretty tricks.

So what's shaking?

-Oh, no, not this.

-Guys, meet my cousin
Samantha Swoboda.

Sam, the guys.

-These are them, huh?


-Who's the guy eating styrofoam?

-That would be Lanny.

-Um, it's a rice cake.

High in complex carbohydrates.

Um, less than a gram of
far and six grams of fiber.

I just thought yoou should know.

You weren't even close.

-And, uh, where'd
you get this one?

The weenie factory?

-Excuse me.

I have an I.Q. of 160.

-Oh, really?

Well I've got a calculator.

-No way.

She can not go with
us on the mission.

-Says who?

-She's a girl.

Drew, back me up on this.

-Well, technically
it's not in the bylaws.

-Technically there
are no bylaws.

-Who cares what she is?

I mean, Jonny says
that she can help us.

-Her name's Swoboda
for crying out loud.

What are we going to
be called, S.P.U.N.K.?

-That sounds like something
my grandmother drinks.

-OK, she's a trial
member on probation.

-She messes up once, she's out.

Hey digit head get
over it already.

I've got an errand to run.

You guys want see me in
action, you can come along.

-This is it.

My dad's been sick for awhile,
so I've been picking up

some of his repo
jobs on the sly.

I've tagged along so many these,
I can do them in my sleep.

-Isn't this stealing?

-Not if you don't
pay your bills.

See, you got your master
keys, your lock picks,

your right-handed screwdrivers,
your extractos, and of course,

the modified slim jim.

-Miles, she's better than
you on your computer.

-Uh, oh.

Hysterical mama
at three o'clock.

We're busted.


hey you little runny-nosed,

beady-eyed little punks!

Get out of that car!

-No way!

We're not runny-nosed!

Does that look
runny-nosed to you?



-Oh, yeah, good comeback, Lanny.

-OK, OK!

That's it!

-Oh, she looks mad,
you guys, come on.

This isn't a good idea.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, let's book!

WOMAN: I am going
to go get Bruno!

And he's going to put you
in a hurt [inaudible].

-Guys, guys, I think
she's going to get Bruno.

-Chill pill, dudes!


It's just a matter of
breaking open the ignition.

WOMAN: I am so going to get you!


-Finding the wires, and
through the starter contact


WOMAN: [inaudible]

-We should hurry up, now, OK.

WOMAN: Bruno!




BRUNO: Drive now!

-It's shortening together.


BRUNO: Come back with my car!

I get you!

I'll get you!

I'll get you!

Come back with my car!

Come back!

-Nice driving, cuz.

-It was so rad!

It was like that Hummer
Ferrari chasing The Rock!

-Bruno's BMW!

Very nice, Sam.

Hey, where's your dad?

-Home sick.

50 bones man, let's see it?

-Let's see, uh, 50 bucks.

-Hey, have a nice day, huh?

-Better cout that again.

-Yeah, I think he
counted one bill twice.


My dad will be impressed.

-My mistake.

-Yeah, right.

-So cuz, about this job,
how much does it pay?



-First things first.

We need to swear in new members.

-What about--

-The g-i-r-l?

-Forget it, Miles.

This is a tough mission.

We need her skills just as
much as we need yours, OK?

-Oh, you'll live.

-Lanny made these
special gloves.

-You sew?

-Among going things.

-All right, everybody.

Put on your gloves.

Let's take the oath.

Being tired of seeing the
strong pick on the weak.

We, the P.U.N.K.S.,
are hereby united

for one solemn, secret purpose.

To protect the underdog with
nerve, knowledge, and strength.

-To defend the inalienable
rights of the Constitution.

-With liberty and
justice for all.

-On earth as it is in heaven?

-To boldly go where no man has--

-Where no one has gone before.


Guess that's it.

Uh, Amen.


-All right, so I take
out the security cameras?

-No, Jonny and I will do that.

-So I take out
the alarms, right?

-No, Miles does that.

Then break into the lab?

-No, Sam does that.

-So what do I do?


-What's that?

-You're the look out.


-Come on, let's go.





-Rock and roll.


Can you help me out?

I need to use your phone.


-There's a payphone
across the street.

-But that one's broken.

And it's just me
and my pregnant mom.

Our car broke down, and she's
having the baby right now!

You got to help me!

Come on, please!

Come on, I'm growing
a beard here.

Please, please help us.

Thank you so much!

We really need your help,
Come on, please, hurry up

and unlock the door, thanks.

Thank you so very much.

Come on. see.

She's having a baby.

SAM: Oh my goodness, I'm
having a baby over here.

I need a doctor.

-OK, yes.

Oh, thank you so much.

Thanks a lot.

SAM: Oh!





-OK, come on.

You gotta call 911,
call the medic.

Come on.

Don't just stand
there, do something.

Boil some water.

Tear some rags.

Knit some booties.

SAM: Oh!

-Here's this word.

SAM: Oh!


Oh, why me?

-Thanks a mil.


-OK, boys and girls.

We're in.

-Elevators active.

-Am I good, or what?


Got no alarm.

Get this right.

No automated locks.

And no auxiliary to either.


-Let's jam.

-45 seconds.

-If we get the augmenter, can
I enter it in the science fair?

-Let's get it first, Miles, OK.

-Can't you just see the
look on Spangler's face

when I unveil it.

-You are such a nerd.

-This is so sad.

It's no wonder you're
out like a sack of spuds.

I mean, look at this.

Where's your fiber?

Where's your protein?

My god.

What is this?

You can't even salvage this.

And peanut butter.

That's another story.


Super chunky.

That's kind of good.

-Come on.

-I thought you were supposed
to be a pro at this?

-It's a separate code.

You try, nimrod.

-Give me the card.

-All right.



Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.


-That's what you get.

-Yeah, good, good.

-All right.

We cut, we see, we connect
[inaudible] transmitter

and hopefully we receive
signal at master control.

-There's the safe.

-Let's go.

Copying, copying.


-16 minutes 50 seconds.

Aw, it was at 21:50.

What time did we get here?

Anyway, it's five
minutes past the seven.

Or is it a quarter to the seven?

Oh man, I don't know,
this is so brutal.

Ok, it's five minutes
after 30-- or is

it 15 minutes to, I don't--

-What did he say?



-Hey, what's going on in there?

-Guys, we've got company.

We have company.


-I thought you
cut the auxiliary?

-Not for the fire alarm!

-Nice going, gym bag.

Hey, I'm a fourteen
year old kid.

Lighten up!


Oh, it's me.

I got peanut butter on myface.

No, it's a mirror.

COMPUTER VOICE: Deleting files.


-Lanny, meet us in the
safe at the lab, now!

COMPUTER VOICE: Deleting files.

-Whoa, whoa!


Can you guys hear me?

Hurry up!

-Miles, come on,
what are you doing?

-I'm coming, I'm
coming, I'm going.


-Get your hand off the keyboard.

COMPUTER VOICE: Planting virus.

-Total system meltdown.

Crash and burn.

-Let's go.

Fatal system virus.

-Spangler is going to freak.

-Let's blow this joint!

-Hurry up!

I am going as fast as
I can, you [inaudible]!



-All right.

-Come on, let's go!

[interposing voices]

-Step on it!


That's fine.

That's all I need to know.

-It's gone.

-There's butter all
over everything.

Mr. Pena, can't rule
him out as a suspect.

-Are you two finished?

-We've got some prints, here.

-I want you to find
out who was in here

tonight with their
security card.

What did I just say to you?



-Things are starting
to calm down.

-Nice work.


You know, you're not
too bad yourself.

-This is the bomb.

We could sell this
for a fortune.

-Whoa, Jonny, this is
classified intelligence.

I mean, we should be
camouflaging this.

-Yo, wouldn't it be phat if
we painted it like cherry red

with flames?

-It's an augmenter,
not a Camaro.

-So what's your idea, wastoid?

-Hey, wait, wait, everybody.

-Knock it off, you guys.

-What are you're looking at?

-I don't know.

I thought it was a girl,
but I'm open to suggestions.

-Ooh, shot fired over the bow.


Direct hit.


Knock it off you guys.

This isn't about being
cool or making money.

It's about saving my dad.

And if you guys--

-Hey, dangerous.

CROW (VOICE): Mr. Flutey?

-Hey, it's Crow.

CROW (VOICE): Unfortunately, Mr.
Flutey, they took the augmenter

and they erased most of the
files, but hey, I always say,

thank god for back
ups, you know?

-Back ups?



Your buyers are
covered because we

have the prototype
augmenter, that's why.

Well, it runs a little hotter,
it reds a little higher,

but it will do just fine
for the demonstration.


We're still in business.

Yeah, I'm right here.

You know what, I can't
wait to show you the CMU.

The controlled motion unit.

CROW (VOICE): Well, it's
an add-on to the augmenter.

-It allows you to control
who's ever in the suit.

Oh, it's wild, you're
going to love it.

Well, of course I'm confident,
because the police have prints.

I promise you Mr. Flutey, that
in 90-- make that 48 hours,

we will have the thieves.

Goodbye Mr. Flutey.

-Hey, at least none of
us have police records,

so none of our prints
come up on file.

-Well, uh, that's
not entirely true.

-Oh, don't tell me,
you guys have records?

-You know what?

This whole operation is just
really starting to suck.


Excuse my French.

-He's right.

If we go to the feds
with nothing on Crow,

we'll all go to jail
for grand theft.

-I was just talking about we're
all out of granola rice cakes.

-I say we give up Samantha
and Jonny like ugly stepkids.

It's their stinking prints
mucking up the works.


-Yeah, right.

We are not going
down our accomplices.

We'll name names.

-I told you she was trouble.

She's evil.


No, we stick together.

United we stand.

To protect the underdog.

-Not if the dog
leaves fingerprints.

-We hit Crow where he lives.

We tell him if he doesn't turn
over the prototype augmenter

backpack, we'll go public
with the one that we have.

-Mr. Crow?

It's gonna go down like this.

We're gonna meet
in a public place.

Golf course.

Seventh and Main.

I'll be dressed as an Egyptian.

Be there at 4 PM sharp.

And bring the prototype,
or the deal is off.

Got it?

Have a nice day.

-All right, hubcaps.

Be back in an hour.

Stay out of trouble.

-Always, Mom.

[music playing]

-Hey, Drew, Miles, Lanny.


-Some disguises these are.

[radio whistling]

-Hole 9, please don't
climb on those sphinx.

Thank you.

So, uh, what's with the outfits?

-What's with yours?

-I'm working.

-So are we.

Five putters, five balls.

Straight up.


-Good, King Putt.

-So, uh, you seen any
suspicious characters around?

-Besides you?


-That's what happens when
you don't stay in school.

-I heard that.


[radio whistling]

-Hole 9, I mean it!

Don't make me ban
you from the course.

-Nice outfit.

You've got some nerve.

-Well you, you get used
to it, you know? [groans]

-Where's the backpack?

-You have a claim check?

Oh, gee.

[man gasping]

-I don't-- ugh!


Crow's goons are about
to embalm King Putt.

Let's go, guys.

Plan A.


-Hey, you want
some of that, huh?

-You guys want some free tokens?

Or something?

-Start talking or
you'll be swallowing

the whole River Nile.

Hey, over here.

-Leave the king alone.

You want the unit?

-Come and get it.



-Come on!

-Run, guys.

-Let's get him.

-Got him.







-Get back here,
you little twerps!




-Look at them roll!


-All right, guys.

Let's go.

Come on.

-Let's go.

[ball falling in hole]

-Come on!

Into the crypts.

Let's go.

Let's go.

-Can I borrow these?

Thank you so much!

-Here, give me one.



-Hey, nice slice.

-Yeah, well it drifted
a little to the left,

but I'm happy with it.

-Golf clap?

-Golf clap.

[soft clapping]


They didn't bring the Augmentor!

[heavy breathing]

-Come on.
Let's go.

Let's go.

-Let's go this way.

Let's go the other way.







-All right, man!


All right!

-Hold it right there.


Miles, come on.

Help us out.

-Get your hands up.

[electric static]



-Come on.

Crow's still got the prototype.

-Which means he's
still going to test it.

-Hurry, Mom.

Step on it.

These goons are going
to hop us because we're

about to blow up in
the whole operation.




OK, 007s, I'm going.

I think you kids can sit up now.

The coast is clear.

There's one!



-Just kidding.





I think you kids should
cut back on the TV.

[projector clicking]

-Oh, great.

We're back to
Pasiotopolis again.

Go through it again.

Come on.

Right now.

Are you telling me that
you don't recognize one

of these kids from
the golf course?

Not one?

-They were wearing sunglasses.
What can I say.

-(HIGH VOICE) They were
wearing sunglasses!

All right.

What about the security card?

-Sir, they crashed the
entire system files.

We're doing everything we
can around the clock to

rectify the situation.

-It is somebody close to us.

We're going to hear
from them again.

I can feel it.

-Are you with me?


CROW: Are you with me?

-I'm with you, sir.

-You stay on top of your game.

-Yes, sir.

-You find them.

-Crow won't come to
us, we'll go to him.

-We'll set up a
surprise meeting.

Get him alone.

-So how do we do that?

-My dad says Crow hangs out
at Kramer's Bar after work.

[music playing]

[cases dropping]

-We're the band.

-What'll it be, gentlemen?

-Chocolate milk,
uh, on the rocks.


Well, this is all
we have right here.

-We'll have three 57 T-birds
on the little plates.


-So when's your
birthday, big boy?

-Uh, September 5, 19--

LADY: You're a Virgo.

Virgos are very creative people.

They have these
really powerful auras.

You have a very powerful aura.


I have been working out.


-Excuse me will you?

I-- I have to speak to someone.

-You like baseball cards?

-Yeah, sure.

-Check these out.

You're going to flip.

-Edward Crow, you
have something I want.

-You little punk!

-I wouldn't.

It's a very public place.

-August 2, '84.

-In return for the
Augmentor prototype,

I will not release the countless
required conversations,

photographs, the memos,
et cetera, et cetera,

and I will not expose you for
the criminal rat that you are.

Fail to cooperate,
we'll take you down.

It's that simple.

-Are you finished?

I don't think you know who
you're dealing with here

because I would squash
you like a little bug.

I will squeeze your guts
out until they become juice.

-$50 huh?


It's a '79 autographed
Lyman Bostock.

Very rare.



Except Lyman Bostock
died in 1978.

This little hustler is trying
to con me in my own bar.


-Uh, you know what?

If you're a little light on the
cash today, I could always--


-Come on, you.

[electrical hum]


And you!

[inaudible] It's
a battle royale.


Last man standing

kisses the trophy girl!

You Scottish Nozzola,
how does that feel?

I'm such an animal but
with a sensitive side.

You realize this is
going to hurt, right?



Oh, that had to hurt.


Stay there!

-Hey, kid.

Come here!

Woo-hoo. [grunting]



How's that feel?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

How's that feel?


Who's next?

Listen up, cheese butt.

Hey, listen to me.

Failure to comply
with our demand

will result in the
all time greatest,

King Kong monster
wedgie of the century.

And it feels a little like this.

[fabric ripping]


-Oh yeah.


Get out of here.


Dig it!


-This is a fiber-optical
video system.

My dad's a surgeon.

-This is a trans off
of a '73 hardtail.

It turns rotational energy or
torque into electrical energy.

-This, my friends,
is a leaf blower.

It blows leaves.

Illegal in 40 states.

-Crow's going to
be out for blood.

So we better make
ours better than his.

Miles, Samantha, do your stuff.



Crow's on the phone
with that Flutie dude.


CROW (ON RADIO): This is
nothing we can't handle.

Well, we already have IDs on
two of these petty criminals.

Believe me, that
will be my pleasure.

-I will take care of
them in such a way

their mothers won't
recognize them.

just show up at the--

-Shareholder's meeting, OK?

I will make it worth you while.

CROW (ON RADIO): Bye-bye.

-We better crash at your guys'
places for a while in case

they come after us.

-Oh sure.

Hi, Mom, Dad.

This 14-year-old girl is
just sleeping over tonight.

Don't mind me.

I'll be upstairs, in my
room, entering puberty!

Are you nuts?

-You guys can crash
in my basement.

Just don't steal anything.

-We won't.

-So what's with this big
shareholder's meeting?

-I don't know.

But my dad's been
working on a remote

for the Augmentor,
night and day.

In fact, this is the prototype.

CROW: You just refuse to
put yourself on the line,

don't you?

Are one one pathetic
weasel, Utley.

Do you know that?

I'll tell you what
I'm going to do.

I'll wear the Augmentor.

Does that make you happy?

Because I don't want to
leave one scintilla of doubt

about this thing's safety.

-But sir--


Is the remote
control unit online?

-Well, technically, yes.

I've been working out the
bugs on the prototype at home.

-You see?

We are ready.

Don't peck Daddy.

Don't peck Daddy.




-Guess what?

I've got the
prototype suit online.

-What does that mean?

-It means I booted up
the controlled motion

suit we have here.

And it's talking
to the Augmentor

down at Crow Research.

Someone could be testing
even as we speak now.


What if they're
testing it on my dad?

-T minus 10 seconds
for a picture.

-Ladies and gentleman, this
great day for Crow Electronics.

What you are about
to witness is a first

in the history of technology,
the coupling of two fields,

both in their infancies.

On the one hand you have
electro-biostatic stimulation.

On the other, controlled
motion robotics.

Coming together for
the first time ever!

[cell phone ringing]

CROW: It is unbelievable
and unparalleled

in history, ladies
and gentlemen.



-Dad, it's me.

-Son, what, what, what are
you doing calling me at work?

-Are you all right?

-I'm fine.


I'll get back to you.

Um, bye.

-All right, boys,
we've got a picture.

And guess who's
on the Augmentor.

Complete mobility.

I would very much like to--

-Demonstrate this for you.

To show you just
how simple it is.

[electric static]

colleague, Ms. Grimes,

is wearing the
controlled motion unit.

Now the computer is going
to interpret her motion.

And it will send

impulses to my Augmentor.

An easy way to say it--
when she moves, I move.

Ladies and gentlemen,
our demonstration.


-Like that?



[metal scraping]

[bar drops]

-It wasn't me.

I swear!

Well then who--

[blowing raspberries]


you please turn it off?



JONNY: Cartwheel!






Help us, please!



Go, Michael.

Go, Michael!


Would you please!





-Is this part of
the demonstration?


-You're doing great.

-This is your fault, isn't it?

[knocking on glass]






Bust out the karate moves.

SAMANTHA: There you go.



UTLEY: Are you OK, Mr. Crow?

CROW: Will you get
over here, please?

-Mr. Crow!

-Get me out of this, will you?

-Let me help you up, sir.

CROW: You better
figure this out.



Obviously you have to
work out some glitches.

-Mr. Flutie, it will
all be worked out.

-Call me tomorrow.

-I will.

I have you on speed dial.

UTLEY: I'm sorry, sir.

But I told you there were bugs.

-You are a bug!

Now you're going to
wear this Augmentor

tomorrow for the demonstration.

Or you're fired-- no
benefits, no pay, no nothing!

Help me up!

Help me up!

Get off me!

Get off me!

Get off me!

Get off me!


-Yes, sir?

-Follow me.

-Yes, sir.

-Are there any messages?

-Just one.

[slapping computer]

MILES: Check it out.

Eyes and ears of the
augmented P.U.N.K. Everything

you see, hear, and
say in the field

is transmitted right back
here to master control.

-Hey, good job, man.

Good job.

JONNY: This is so cool!

-Incoming, guys.

Guys, come on!

a matter of fact,

we're trying to handle
the situation as we speak.

Well, I think we're just going
to have to bring in that very

special extermination team
right away, don't you?

Well, I've identified
two targets already.

I have great leads
on two others.

-And I think we're
just going to have

to silence them permanently.


All right.

Now there's one other thing.

There's an FBI agent.


Houlihan is Crow
enemy number one.

As soon as we
terminate these punks,

I want to take care of Houlihan.

The address, 1140 Peach Street.

Thank you.

-You know what?

Too rich for my blood.

It's been real, guys.

-Hey, wait!

Maybe we can go to
this Agent Houlihan guy

and ask him for help.

-The already know me.

I trust no one.


-We could get nailed
on the way over there.

-Then I'll wear the Augmentor,
and I'll go to Houlihan's.


I'm sure you will, Drew.

I say we cut our losses,
disappear for a while.

Every man for himself.

-Maybe we'll all be
better off on our own.

-You know what, Drew?

They're right.

Let's just lay low for a while.

-Totally agree.

You know I'm on
probation right now.

[interposing voices]


This isn't just about you.

It's about all of us.

I mean, don't you guys get it?

Crow is the bully
now instead of Ronny.

And the bullies keep
on winning because we

all bolt instead of
sticking together.

I mean, we've come this far
together taking chances.

And now when my dad needs us
the most, how can you all bail?

What happened to the P.U.N.K.S.?

United we stand.

-Nice speech, Utley.

I'm gone.

-I just thought we
were all friends here.

-My friends?

-Yeah, Jonny, why?


I just never really had
any real friends before.

I gotta do what I gotta do.

-He's right, Drew.

We're in over our heads.

We're just kids.

Let your dad handle it.

Make him turn in Crow.

-Drew, I'm sorry.

I just-- I can't.

You gotta understand.

I just-- I can't.

See ya.

-I'm too young to die, Drew.

-Go then.

Get out of here!


[phone ringing]

-I'm not here.

Just picking up
something for the office.

-Utley residence.

It's your boss.

He wants you back at
the office immediately.


-Pat, if the horse
is dead, get off.

[door opening]

-Hey, Drewster?


Son, there's something very
big that I have to do today.

And I need your support.

Dad, don't go.

-I have to.

If I don't do it
now, I might not

have the courage to do it all.

I need to take this.


Dad, please don't go.


Dad, don't go!

Dad, please!

-Drew, please.

Now don't make this any harder.

Are you all right?


I have to get back
to you on that.

[tape rewinding]

CROW (ON TAPE): Oh, and then
there's one other thing.

There's an FBI agent.


Houlihan is Crow
enemy number one.

The address, 1140 Peach Street.

-Hi, I'm Special Agent Houlihan.

You must be Drew.

Are you alone?

-Uh, yes, ma'am.

-I'm glad you called.

You're doing the right thing.

Come in.

Make yourself comfortable.


Can I get you anything?



-No thanks.

I'm fine.

-Well, I'm glad you came.

Tell me what's going on.

-My dad's in trouble.

He works for this
guy named Crow.

-I know.

The FBI has been investigating
Edward Crow for some time now.

Your testimony is just what
we need to solidify the case.

You were right to
come in when you did.

-I was?


Have you ever been deputized?


-We're allowed to
deputize civilians

under special circumstances.


This badge represents
your official appointment.



Now, where is that
little Augmentor?

Hey lover boy,

pay attention to
what you're doing.

-Is this what I think it is?

-United we stand, right?

-You betcha.

You're a full-blown deputy now.

-Gee, thanks.

-You're welcome.
-I hate to say it, Romeo.

But I smell a rat.


-I said you're welcome.

-Get her out of the room?


-How, what?

-How did I get so thirsty?

Maybe I will have
that lemonade, please.

-Drew, it's Miles.

Put your glasses on so
we can get a visual.

sure drinks a lot of coffee.

-You smoke?

HOULIHAN: No, I don't Why?

-Tell her you smoke.

-Just wanted to bum
a cigarette is all.

HOULIHAN: Smoking's bad for you.

You know that?


What can I say.

I'm trying to quit.

Hey, uh, can I
use your bathroom?


The second door to the left.


-Come on.


I gotta eat.

-Drew to master control.

Samantha, Miles--

glad I have you guys back.

-We're all back.

We decided you're
hopeless without us.

-Gee, thanks.

Listen, I think we've
got a problem here.

I'm thinking this is a trap.

EARPIECE): Affirmative.

-We tried to radio contact
Crow but the signal was dead.

He must have found the bug.

Abort the mission.

Get out of there.

-Way ahead of you.

-Going somewhere?

[woman screaming]


-Hey, check this out.


-He's getting away.

Get him!

What are you waiting for?

Move it!

Move it!

-That's all right.

He's not going to lose us.

Let's do it.

[tires squealing]

-Yo, base.

This is Drew.

I've got a situation here.

They're creeping up on me like
a pair of ladies underwear.

Any ideas?

-Go faster.

-I can't lose them.

They're going to run me down.


[zapping and yelling]

-Go right.

Go right.

Go right.




-Is this map right?

According to this
tracker, he just

got on the freeway
doing 60 miles an hour?

[cars honking]

-Oh my god!

I'm on the freeway.

[cars honking]

LANNY: Oh, watch out!

[cars honking]

-Don't worry, Drew.

I got you covered.

Take the next exit.

I gotta plan.

[tires squealing]

-Where is he?

-Looks like the U-district.

-Oh yeah.

That's the ice cream
shop right off Pioneer.

I'd know that in my sleep.

[tires squealing]

[truck horn honking]

-Look out!

[truck horn honking]


[cars crashing]

-Miles says to watch your gauge.

More than 20 minutes
on the Augmentor

could permanently fry
your nervous system.


[tires squealing]

-Drew, it's Lanny.

In this movie on Mars
with Arnold, you know,

his eyes were like
popping out of his head.

They put a homing
device in his head

so that he could track him.

Did anyone, like, you know--


Put anything up my nose?


Jonny, when does this great
plan of yours kick in?

-Right now.

Remember Bruno?

He got his BMW back.

[glass crashing]

[car alarm blaring]

Deputize me, huh?

Chase this.


[tires squealing]


Hey, guy!

There's this guy who's
trashing your car over there.

[gun cocks]

-Car shopping?

-Stop right there.

Not one more step.

You were supposed to
mow the lawn today.

Dad's orders.

-I will later, Mom.

-No, not later.


And when you finish mowing
the lawn, blow the leaves.

And you gotta rake the
grass and put it in a pile.

-Come on, Mom.

-Come on, just pretend you're
on one of your little missions,

you know?

And that like you're this
big international spy, right?

And it's like all cloak and
dagger and the danger's on.

And your cover will be,
let's see, I got it!

A kid doing chores.

-I'm in the middle of
a delicate mission.

-There you go!

That's the spirit!


-Just do it.


[lawn mower]


-Hey, Drew.

See, that wasn't so bad.

-Mr. Crow.

-We've been waiting for you.

-Sir, I've been agonizing
over this for weeks.

And I've come to the conclusion
that I can no longer condone

or be a part of what
this project has become.

My family and my peace
of mind must come first.

Therefore, I am resigning.

-Are you sure?


-Nothing can change your mind.


-All right then.

-What are you doing?

-Make a fist.


-Enjoy your peace of mind.

Good boy.

Good boy.

[door opening]

[wires sizzling]


-Hello, Drew.

Guess what?

You've got exactly one
hour to get that Augmentor

and the files back here to
the lab or your little friends

get it.

-Drew, hurry.

-Drew, oh please, help!

[door slams]

[lock clicks]

-Got it?

On your mark, get set, go.


-A good general knows that
giving a directive is one

thing, having it carried
out is quite another.

With our Augmentor,
not only will a soldier

have super human
strength but a general

can virtually send him
into the teeth of battle

with 100% percent certainty
that that directive

will be carried out.

Now we are very fortunate today
that our demonstration is going

to be carried out one of our
creators, one of our designers.

Say hello.


-Thank you.

I know that you
will be impressed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I
give you the demonstration.




Ha, ha, ha!

Watch this!


-Now, sir?

-No, no.

Not yet.

Give him a few more seconds.

-He's never going to show.

I mean who are we kidding?


You can't come in here.

Hey, you can't come in here!

[air gun blowing]



Hey, shut that thing off, kid.

Shut that thing off.

[punches and groaning]


-Hit it.

[machine whirring]


[warbled yelling]


[bones crunching]


-Pulse is already 210.

His heart is racing.

BP, 240 over 150.

-What you're seeing
is completely normal.


[yelling triumphantly]


Don't mess with my dad.

-All part of the show.

Just adding a little spice.




-I knew he'd show.

Believed in him the whole time.


Augmentor off him.


-Untie us!

-Get it on me.

Get it on me.


-All right, let's
get out of here.

Hurry up.

Jonny, go call the cops.

-Come here, you.


[punching and groaning]

-(WARBLING VOICE) Yo, scumbag!

Let's rock.

-I want my Augmentor back.

-Come and get it.

-Oh yeah!


-Come on!



-Come on!


-Get lost!

-What the?

-Now let me just
tell you something.

My Augmentor has twice
the power of yours.

-Oh yeah?

-Oh yeah.

[alarm blaring]

-Hey, have you guys met?


-Come here you little--




[stick falls]

-Hey, get over here.

I need a cop up here now!


[air blowing]

-Stay back.

Or I'll Poupon you.

Get it?

Poop on you?




CROW: Come here.



-You've got the wrong person!

-Do not let her
pretty face fool you!

Take her.



-Get up!

Boy, I want you to
really feel this.

[machine whirring]


-You had this coming, mister.

[punches and groans]

[glass breaking]


Yo, Drew.

Wake up man!

Yo, this isn't funny.

Come on!

Wake up, brother!





-What on earth happened to you?

-Long story.

How's Dad?

-He's sleeping.


-No, I'm not.

I'm awake.

Son, we know where
you were today.

-You do?

-Mom said she saw you
heading toward my office

on a mountain bike.

You were there
watching the police

take over the
building, weren't you?

-Sort of.

-I want you to know that
your father had nothing

to do with any
illegal activities.

-I know.

-All I ever wanted to do, son,
is help people who were weak.

I'm sorry I neglected you.

I was weak.

I was a weak father.

I let you down.

But no more.

No more, mister!

-It's OK, Dad.

-Ha, ha, ha.


-Guess we better do something
about that black eye.

-Why is he so tired?

-Well, he did mow and
rake the lawn today.


MILES: Let me go.

Get your hands off of me.

All right.
Let me go.

Let me go.

You don't know who
you're messing with.

Oh no.

Oh no you don't.

Oh no!

-All right, creep.

This is safety
commissioner Utley.

Put the kid down.

You're in violation
of safety code B-1523.

-What happened to Spengler?

-He got lead poisoning trying
to invent cold nuclear fusion.

There's a new sheriff in town.


So what are you going to do
about it you little punk?

-That's Mr. P.U.N.K. to you.

You're going to the principal's
office one way or the other.

Now we can do this the
easy way or the hard way.

-Make me.

-Bad choice.


Come to papa, Ronny.




-Hey, you guys listen to this.

"Conspirators Edward Crow,
accomplice Denise Houlihan,

and arms dealer Jack Flutie
were arrested Saturday

for attempting to
sell sensitive defense

technologies to
Middle Eastern buyers.

Now authorities claimed the
perpetrators were brought

to justice by a
special covert team

of operatives code
named the P.U.N.K.S."

-Oh yeah!

-Baby baby!

[music playing]