P.S. Girls (2016) - full transcript

Eun-joo dreams of being a plastic surgery specialist while she works as a nurse. At night, she has a job as Nabi, having sex on the phone to come up with money for her dad's medical bills. La Belle's madam Big Mama pays her girls in advance and forces them to do sexual activities like body cams while she rips them off their money. At La Belle are Candy, Cherry, Eunmi and other girls with stories but have sex on the phone with men. Meanwhile, Joon-ho, Eun-joo's hospital director starts showing interest in Eun-joo who looks like his dead wife and they develop a romantic relationship. However, Eun-joo doesn't open up to him so he starts to feel disappointed. Joon-ho starts getting obssessed with her the more she pushes away from him until one day he sees her going to her night job. He watches her from afar. In-ik, a nurse at a cosmetic surgery clinic, finds out about Eun-joo and Joon-ho and gets jealous. Then one day, Eun-joo is having phone sex when she gets a weird call and feels as if someone is watching her.

(Blackstone Hotel VIP room card)

(10th floor)

Why don't you hold an umbrella?

I thought the rain was about to stop

Don't catch a cold!

come over

is this new

Didn't you want me to wear black?

Like it?

uh...i like it

Are you worried about getting pregnant?

that's too heavy for us

Then we should get married!

you know i don't like formality

i like you cool

but you're too cool

Do you think it's not good for us now?

you know we're just bored

i want to marry you

Who in this world would

Married to a friend with benefits? Ok?

I like it now!

Doctor Kim is full on Friday

I need a chart of Patient Ting Hee


I am sorry…

he can at 2 o'clock on friday

see you then

Did you meet Dr. Kim yesterday?


no wonder oh... you look so good in the morning

what's the secret?

You know…

I'm good in bed

You are taking advantage of it!

I am you and I will marry him

You will be able to avoid that demon head "Aunt" far away

You can also fulfill your dream of learning

No! I don't want to be an accessory

i will pay off my debt soon

Then I'm leaving the country


I shouldn't have introduced you to Big Mom

don't say that

if not you

My father didn't have the money for the surgery...he died

Forget about it, I'm happy with my life now

You always have to think of a way!

Oh, look at that hunk

Is he electric discharge with you?

What a turnoff!

keep eating

do you like this

A little more! Don't rub your breasts!

Like this?

Pinch yourself to the point of bulging!

Have! I'm touching it...

Brother is hard!

Is it hard enough? People are excited...


Can you put your finger in it?

Can I have a look at the video footage?

Sorry, the lens is fixed!

How dare you fucking slut steal my guest

- you bitch - what the fuck are you doing?

What? you are fucked

let me go!

Both bitches stop me

Oh shit!

Are the two sluts crazy?

Call me halfway through work?

I answer the phone halfway

She rushed in and pulled my hair!

my beautiful hair

This bitch stole my client again

I must kill her today!


I didn't steal your customers, they ordered me

Why don't you show off your figure too?

Do you think I don't want to?

That's enough for the two of you. It's our prime time.

Get back to work!

I have to kill you!

God! so comfortable

oh bro...

put it in now

You are a big GG! people will hurt

Oh...it's awesome, it's so cool...

Fuck bitch, what time is it?

I just stopped by...

Why do you treat me like this?

Don't go back to work yet!

my measurements

34 24 26

The breasts are not big but very straight, so I put silicone pads in my underwear


College students can also have... plastic surgery

I'm a water snake with a big ass


You have to be a little fleshy so you can hug and touch it.

If I'm too skinny, won't it hurt when our fried rice hits a bone?

Cherry, I heard you have two jobs


I'm so good I can work three jobs


look what this slut is saying

How fucking rude!

stop talking

Let's keep drinking the bar

your life is better than mine

Look at me, I'm getting old!

let's go together...


Stop talking about that, I have other things to do

You are enough

1 , 2 , 3

Fuck it!

I don't know it's so late, I have to go

Are you leaving already?

Enjoy the food ~ see you tomorrow...

- be careful on the road - bye..

The wine is good to drink! a little more

good enough wine

don't eat that

please i'm starving

- mine's gone - why don't you eat more?

I have something to do

i go with you


- Don't be clingy - let others follow...

Good night

The needle will sting a little

what the hell!

I'm sorry you must be in pain...


There is an appointment at two o'clock

No way! It is not allowed

Appointment times can't be changed, it's not fair to other people



Is it four o'clock in the afternoon?

Please wait


I've changed it for you to Friday at four o'clock in the afternoon

see you then!

What are you doing?

You seem to be in a bad mood today, very sensitive

so i want to help you

If patients are allowed to ask for anything

The hospital will be in chaos

I know

But it's 4:00 p.m. on a Friday.


Why put it here?

please put it on the counter

you and him must be fine

you guys look very close

I can't keep a straight face in front of him

he is our boss

Makes sense!

We have no special relationship, don't think about it!

I didn't think about it even though he was rich

He is divorced with two children

Nurse Yun

can you be quiet

i don't mean to make you sad

Are you kidding me?

This month's performance is only half of last month's

We can't even pay the electricity bill! Die thirty-eight!

It's not our fault!

It's been a bad time

- the guest doesn't want more than 10 minutes - how dare you talk back

you are the worst

Your guests certainly won't come back...

Because you keep repeating, the same words suck

oh... i'm coming...

like a chicken

stop cliche

Don't be stupid! do it with heart

Caidie, you need to show more

How many times do I have to say that?

you owe the most

so that the debt can be paid off

No matter how long it takes, I will pay it off

so don't tell me that anymore

i know some of you

Sleeping with clients behind my back

If I catch you, you will die!


hi... i'm here


you fucking bitches

Why make my baby angry?

Do it right!

How is it going?

What do you think?

I'm rich so it's not a problem at all

- bring it in - yes!

get ready soon

If performance declines further

I want to get back the money I borrowed from you

you know what i mean


Seung Sik?

What do you want me to do today to make you happy?


do you like this

Do you want me to suck my dick like this?

Brother can't come out like this!

damn it!

Hello...Zhu Hao?

oh...i see

I'll start first

I mean, I can't I might get caught

Like you said

I meet other girls and don't want phone sex anymore

and then?


They are too childish and immature

Let's meet!

I have to pay first, right?

how much is it? 20 dollars?

no? That $30?

Well, Zheng Gu

oh oh i shouldn't have said my real name

It's okay, no one knows anyway


Only I know your real name is Eunmi, right?


look! You are different to me!

something i have to tell you

What's up?


I'm shy when I see strangers

So you dare not do video?

It's Luo

I will transfer the money to you now, please check

Let's discuss how to meet tomorrow

Okay, bye

Please use


Why only order one?

It tastes delicious when shared by two people

for you

We haven't dated outside in a long time

what's wrong with you it doesn't feel like you

What should I do normally?

Am I the sweetest man in the world?

Oh really?

If you marry me, you will win the lottery!

I don't want to win the lottery!

All right…

I have to go

Why do you have to work part-time at night?

you have been busy during the day

Just tell me if you need money

here we go again

We agreed to respect our respective space

Ah... You said you have something for me?

At this


i think you may need lo

thank you very much

try this baby

I think you must be very handsome in clothes

Why are you buying these?

Wouldn't it be better to plant cash directly?

I'm going to travel to Japan next week

don’t worry

i will work hard to make money

i will give you cash

How nice! You can just wear it for a trip to Japan

You are in great shape! Looks good on anything!


you know how to make me happy

come here i'll make you happy

Do you want to ride a motorcycle?

- what? - let's take the car out and play

how? Isn't it cool?

Mmmmm... that's awesome!

- come on, baby - hurry up?

Oh my God


if you touch another woman i will kill you

baby i only have you

you sure?

certainly! go make money

I am Nabi

How old are you?

20 years old

to be honest

I'm 30


What exactly do you want sir?

show off what you're good at

I'm wearing a red thong now

The front is mesh...

Do you usually dress like this?

Sometimes I wear more lewd ones

for example?

i have a pair of panties

There are holes in the "vital parts"

you are so funny...

what! Have a little imagination

There is a hole in the panties, it's at the...little sister

You don't need to take it off at all, you can go straight to Huanglong...

For example, in places like subway toilets

You push my legs and put my cock in it

What a lewd nympho!

Isn't that what you're calling for?

not every man is the same

Yeah? Want me to be your psychologist?

Are you kidding me?

- I said that's not what I want - so what do you want?

I think you have dialed the wrong number

This is not a normal phone number. It may not be what you are looking for

You can just hang up without wasting money

Why don't you talk about who you're actually dating right now

And there are people in bed?

what are you talking about?

Forget it, Nabi



(How long are you going? I'm waiting for you)


Are you alright?

Can't you have a drink with me tonight?


Well... since you have a date, so be it

you are hot

you have a dirty ass

oh! I'm freezing Hojo!

sugar, give it to me

Take it all!

Fuck bitch!


I made soup for you

Do not be like that

I have no mouth

What about your hospital work?

I leave early today

Dr. Jin didn't ask?

i made up excuses

What the hell happened?

Didn't I say yesterday, I don't know those people at all

Didn't I also advise you, don't invite guests to meet outside

I can only be unlucky!

i should have guessed

He has no reason to give me so much money

Don't you call the police?

How can I call the police!

Did you see their faces clearly?

do you know?

they took me to a room

and make me drink something

Then I'm at a loss

I got dizzy and took a shower

then unconscious

what happened?


Hello! where have you been

groan...it hurts

What are you doing here?

did you do it

what are you saying?

Did you ask someone to beat Tangtang?

You are such a coward

Don't you know what that bitch is doing out there?

You shouldn't have done that, make her face

It's that bitch who stole my guests

Where did you learn it, are you pulling people's legs like this?

You are the smelly old crow!

What quail? Want to rebel?

you're just a rotten chicken

Pay back the money you owe and leave your grandma!

When you use the money, you never think about paying it back? right?

You are cornered!

That shouldn't hurt her face, she still has to work during the day

She's trying her best to find a way to pay you back

Hold! so i just want to warn you

so funny! i want you to give me my money back



I'm so sorry, sir

cheer up at work

- do you know? - I'm very sorry

Haven't had lunch yet?

I eat when I'm hungry because I eat alone

Do you want to eat with me next time?


Is it seaweed rice rolls? looks delicious

Do you want it? i have another

Really can? How much do I eat?


I'm surprised...

What's up?

You work hard!

When you are admitted to be a doctor, you will hire me as a nurse

maybe a lifetime

don't talk stupid

I will wait no matter how long you take

to hire me...

Somewhat off topic but…

Doctor Kim is very lonely

What did you say?

He's been depressed ever since his wife committed suicide

Is it suicide?

i thought they were divorced

do not you know?

i shouldn't have said

They...are not divorced

she actually committed suicide

Looks like Dr Kim loves his wife very much and is obsessed with her

The story goes like this...

Hmm... please just pretend you don't know

After all, it's his painful past. I may be talking too much.

I just came

Where are you?

Are you kidding?



do i look ok Ugly?

How did you get out of the hospital?

you know i can't afford the hospital

But still have to...

Are you really okay?

It's fake!


make mom feel guilty

You are too ridiculous!

It hurts me so cheap!

take a break you look tired

to you

Why are you so emotional recently?

don't do that at work

Who cares? We are in love!

in love?

What happened this time?

Do you feel good talking like that?

I'm leaving!

I'm not finished yet!

it's hot outside

What holiday is it today? so early?

Did coming early annoy you again?

By the way, why haven't I talked to Cherry yet?

How would I know

Every time she makes money, she loses contact

Die thirty-eight!

I say let's talk!

sit down

you're right

I should pay attention to my words and deeds in the workplace

Also, can you stop talking about marriage?

it is good!

Let's live together, if having in-laws and children bothers you

I'll help you get a suite and give you living expenses!

What nonsense are you talking about?

- what? - do you want to punish me?

Because I love you!

i don't want to lie to you

i hope your life is better

stop making those sex calls

who are you?

are you spying on me

You have sex with clients, like Nurse Li, don't you?


i knew you would

I can't believe you're digging my privacy

We're fucked!

Ah, where are you going?

Does anyone know where Cherry lives?

did you call her


her phone is off

Do you know where Cherry lives?

have no idea

i heard she lives in a prefab

maybe she doesn't want to connect with people

Look at Luo again

If I find her, I'll break her legs


- Oh, it's too hot! - oh my god

I shouldn't bother you like this

do you have burns

no i'm fine

How clumsy!

i took off your pants

Your big GG is right in front of me

i start licking it

you're right

You really want to know my story?

i really don't want to

we are done tonight

sorry last time

i dirty your clothes

please don't get me wrong i am happy to be with you

you don't have to be so polite


I know no one in the company likes me

Not at all! Who said this?

It has been a long time

I'm used to it too

I'm very sorry

don't say that i'm fine

do you know?

I really like you

you are pretty


Thank you

what happened?

What's wrong?

you look sad and gloomy

will i?

I'm going to the bathroom

Eun Joo, be careful

it's ok i can go by myself

Eun Joo...

Eun Joo

so i don't know what to do

Eun Joo?

Eun Joo, don't you need to go home?

(Today is Sunday, hope you rest more)

What are you doing?

You like playing tricks!

Are you crazy? What if someone sees it?

look at us

Anyway, everyone should know about us

Do you think I don't know?

I know you well even if you don't tell me

Think I'll be here at the beck and call?

Dare to play me?

Nurse Li has a call for you

Find me?

It's the patient who had the nose surgery that day.



where were you last night



Are you cool?

I just asked you a question!

I said your body is getting more and more flirtatious

Because you're a real whore!

He rudely pushed me against the wall

take off my pants

start raping me

I'm totally insensitive, I'm not mentally prepared

he is rough and hurts me

I have goosebumps all over

I keep shaking

i'm going to kill him

after he raped me

stare at me coldly

like watching a dirty whore

i guess he is angry

i know...but not because of him

i'm going to call him

Is this the only reason?

i didn't go home but nothing happened

Then why didn't you tell him?

He doesn't trust me anymore anyway

Why do you think so?

men are always subjective

to come like this

I don't think it's easy to leave him

Do you want to break up with him?

I have no idea

Break up if you're not sure!

who are you?

Why are you interested in my private life?

stop calling me

I won't take it

if you want it like this

It's me Junhe

what! impossible!

maybe i'm not

talk next time


Must ×, Hey Hey Erf you,

What service do you want sir?

Is sir there?

Then let me make a sound?


it's you right?



How can you trick me into doing this behind my back!

i didn't sell myself

just sex calls

I do this...

can pay your hospital bills

I'll wait and come back

Wow! Butterfly

Call me again if you want someone like Nabi to serve you

Shut up!

Screw you!

Thank you so much!

There is no need to collect money, right?

the bastard

How much money do you have?

Nurse Li can't work because of a car accident

Post a job ad for me

yes! Physician Kim

take this

I'm too small for you to wear

Don't keep wearing the same old T-shirts!

You are a nurse working in an aesthetic clinic

Dress decently!

Is this okay? Will I look good in it?

Of course it looks good

Would you like to have lunch with me?

wow! thank you for the night

My pleasure

Where did you sleep last night?

I ran to a nearby bathhouse

Sorry! Thank you!

You're welcome! let's go to lunch

- thanks - take it easy

Hope you like it

I can't remember the last time I ate here

shall we start lo?

funny to say

but my dream is to have lunch with you

it feels so good to eat together

outside of work


We've been together for a long time but this is the first time

the two of us eat alone

yes! What a first!

I've thought about it many times!

- what ? - Oh! nothing

Please use

oh! It was so delicious!


Didn't you say you won't answer my calls?

The visitor is a guest!

Am I just a guest? Is it that simple?

who are you?

Who am I?

you must be curious

yes i am curious

stop now! If you are trying to trick me!

Whether it is Junhe or not

I don't want to do that either

Then why don't you just quit?

You are…

Junhe, is that you?

I told you I don't know who I am

then let's talk about something else

talk about yourself

if i were junhe

I want you to break up with him?

- hey - hi

Have a drink with me if you're free tonight

no, he's waiting for me


My new guy, I guess he looks like a lot of gold

I see...then be careful

Is there a problem?

nothing, you go

Sure! I'll call you again!

(Suspected of murder, under investigation)

I am home

I shake it casually


i came to you

don't turn on the light


ok, i'll take a shower first

please... take it easy



i beg you

you hurt me

it hurts... lighten

answer me

answer what?

Where did you... go that night?

please tell me

I sleep out

but did nothing

Why are you hitting someone?

Shameless bitch!

say it one more time

tell me again

You do the same to your wife, don't you?


you do

I want to commit suicide too!

Hit me!

hit me!

Rather than seeing other men having sex with you

i would rather kill you

die! You die!

i stayed up late last night

A conspiracy j , t ?

Another murder?

Let's just resign

Is that exaggerated?

How can it be possible to sleep until dawn after lurking and monitoring all day long?

You bastard, you're so unprofessional

should i ask for a replacement


it's really hot

- so is it true? - No

3 months ago...

How long have you known Cherry?

About two years?

two years...

thanks you can go


do you know?

If anyone thinks of anything suspicious

Call me

hey, bring that woman in


hey mom

Please wait


Do you have anything to add?

i have doubts about a person

hope you like this

I know you don't like spicy

so i make spicy

I try my best but I like spicy food very much

please try

How about it? Is it better than the restaurant outside?

oh! It is too sweet?

It's okay, I'll eat then

Really tasty!

what happened?

That bastard found the police coming

Watch him make a mess on purpose

really useless

Hello! don't touch that, come here

(Nurse Kim Eun-joo)

(a week ago)

(Nurse Kim Eun-joo)

go out!

No! Let's go out and talk!

i know you can fuck anyone

But I didn't know you went to that bastard's house


I gotta go! I don't want to talk to you anymore!


Where are you going?

we'll talk inside

let me go

I think I'm going crazy, if I keep seeing you


you have no idea how much i love you

you and that bastard

Are you crazy?

we go inside

come with me

go in

let's talk

follow me

Eun Joo don't be afraid

I promise he won't bother you anymore

Nurse Yun

Don't be afraid I'll fix it soon!

After that, we hid where no one knew

live together

Don't touch Eun Joo

Oh, no!

This dress is very expensive!

Blood can't wash away

This is the clothes my boss gave me

I will wear it for a long time

I've warned you enough

Why don't you know when enough is enough?

Why are you still pestering Eun Joo?


Let me do it!



Don't talk. The ambulance is coming soon.


i love you so much

You love that bastard over me

you crazy

i never liked you

why do you say that

how happy we are together

Have lunch and drinks

Now the maniac who followed you is gone

we can be happy

Yeah? Eun Joo!

don't come near me anymore

Let's just go with him!


Good idea!


we go to heaven together


Is that so, Nabi?

(a few months later)

Can you be a little imaginative?

I have a hole in my panties, it's where my little sister is

no need to take off

You can go straight to Huanglong

For example, in places like subway toilets

you just push my legs

and put the little brother in

Imagine your fingers running between my thighs on the bus

bus in motion

passengers are asleep

i'm soaked

and i have dewaxing

So no fluff...in "there"

my skin is smooth

Come on, want to lick me?

Guests, please wash your hands and come quickly...

I'm your friend with benefits "Nai Die", thank you for calling!

You are so flirtatious!

Thank you!

How rude!

you are great

You paid off such a huge debt!

Congratulations, Nabi

thank you all…

What are your plans now?

I'm going to travel for a while

I'll call you after get off work

drink together

your treat!

Ziyu...I'm waiting for the phone call at home, you call me

What the hell are you waiting for? Not going to work yet?

What a bitch she is!

Let's get to work!

Goodbye, Butterfly...