P.I. Private Investigations (1987) - full transcript

A young architect finds himself being stalked by a gang of criminals who believe he knows something that could expose their activities.

(Phone ringing)

Woman: (On radio) And was
awarded $3.3 million Monday
by jurors...

(Dial tone)

Man: (On phone) I like to, uh,
place an ad.

Man 2: (On phone) Sorry
about that. We can get in
by Thursday.

(Man talking on phone)

(Phone ringing)

(Phone hanging up)

Woman: Morning,
San Francisco times.

San Francisco times?

Good morning,
San Francisco times.
Man: Hi, could you...

Woman: Good morning,
San Francisco times.

Man: Extension 53, please.
Woman: One moment, please.

(Phone ringing)

Woman: Good morning,
San Francisco times.

Kim: Charles Bradley's office?

Woman: Uh, one moment please.

(Phone ringing)

Woman: Charles Bradley's

Kim: Charles Bradley, please.

Woman: He's in a meeting.
May I take a message?

Kim: Tell him it's Kim.

He'll want to speak to me.

Woman: Hold on, okay.

Charles: Kim, Bradley.

Kim: I have all
the information
we talked about.

It's very valuable.

Charles: I'm sure it is.

How much do you want?

Kim: I know too much.

They want me dead.

I have to leave the country.

How much?
Kim: $250,000.

By Thursday.

All right.
I'll get it.

Where do we meet?

Kim: There's an old
movie ranch.

40 miles north of L.A.
(Door closing)

Kim: It's always deserted.
(Footsteps approaching)

I'll meet you.

It's me.

Cop: Kim called Bradley.
They fixed a meeting.

You got a pencil?

Cop: 619




you got it?



(Heavily breathing)

Come on, man!


(Glass shattering)

(Phone ringing)

(Answering machine)
Hi, this is Joey.
I'm not here right now.

Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

Wait for the beep.

Charles: Joseph, this is your
father, I'm going to be

in Los Angeles
at the end of the week.

Perhaps, we could have
dinner, if I'm not too busy.

Give me a call.

Bradley. Bradley!
(Dial tone)


(Cat meowing)

Piece of shit!

Sam: What was that?
What'd you call me?

No, Sam, not you. I'm talking
to the computer.

Sam: Oh, sorry.

All right, now read out
all the dimensions
back to me.

Sam: Uh, 66.14.

Joey: You can't do that, Sam.

Sam: Well, why not?
It's twice what I need.

Sam, I told you.
You have a stress
factor of three.

Sam: Three?
Yes, three.

I'm looking at it right now.


Yeah, look,
it's coming up...

Hold on,
it's coming up right now.

Oh, no!

Oh, Joey, I'm sorry.


It's all right, Denise.
It's not your fault.
Don't worry about it.

Sam: It's not my fault, pal.

Sam, I know
it's not your fault.

Joey: All right?
I wasn't talking to you.

I have a problem here.
I have to go.

Sam: All right, bye.

Janet: I'm so excited
about this.

I promise,
you won't regret it.

You don't know how
much this promotion
means to me.

Janet, I've got
great confidence
in your abilities.

Watson: You catch on to things
real fast. We're very
proud of you.

Joey, are you gonna
let Janet get away
with that?

You did all the work.
That's your promotion.


Thanks, Joey.

Sounds good.

I'll get there
when I get there.

Right, I'll catch you
later, man.


So what's with
you anyway?

Watson promoted
Janet today.

Janet, Janet...

Oh, she's the new chick
you were telling me about.

Yeah, she's got Watson
wrapped around her
little finger.

It's disgustingly sick.

What are you gonna
do about it?

Joey: What can I do?
He's the boss. Nothing.


Just uh...

I've had some bad breaks.
You know, I just haven't
been lucky like you.

Eddie: Lucky?

Hey, luck didn't have
anything to do with it.

Joey: Look, I'm not
saying you don't have
any talent, Eddie

I'm just saying
you're the luckiest guy
I've ever met.

Eddie: Oh, that's
bullshit, Joey.

Eddie: Hey, I've had
plenty of bad luck, man.

Like what?

Well, like when my car
got stolen last week.

Eddie, the cops
found it

two days later,

with a full tank of gas.

Joey, you want
something bad,

you work your ass
off for it and then
you get it.

I mean, your problem
is you blame everything

that goes wrong
on bad luck.

And that is bullshit.



(Tires screeching)

Luck didn't have anything
to do with it, Joey.

If it wasn't for bad luck...

(Both singing)
¶ I wouldn't have
no luck at all. ¶

(mimicking guitar sound)


Want me to wait?

Uh, no, I called in.
They said it was ready.

Okay, listen,
you stop by
the studio sometime.

All right, Eddie.

Thanks a lot.

Drive safe.

(Tires screeching)

(Engine starting)

(Engine dying)

(Engine dying)

(Engine starts)

¶ Sun beats hard
on an empty beach

¶ where I tried so hard

¶ but couldn't
reach the stars

¶ in your eyes

¶ you were just a child

¶ when I came to you

¶ and we were friends

¶ till love stepped in

¶ and you stepped away

¶ yeah ¶

(Answering machine beeping)

Charles: Joseph, this is your
father, I'm going to be

in Los Angeles
at the end of the week.

Perhaps, we could have
dinner, if I'm not too busy.

Give me a call.

I won't hold my breath.

(Answering machine beeping)

Uh, this is frank
at speed motor works
on olympic.

Your car is done. I'll try you
at the office. Thank you.

(Answering machine beeping)

Melissa: Joey, I hope
this is your number.

Anyway, it's Melissa.

Dave and I are meeting
at palermo's at nine.
Wanna join US?

What's with
the weird message? Bye.

(Answering machine beeping)

Cop: Got a pencil?
Man: Shoot.

Cop: 619




You got it?
Man: Yup.

Cop: Got a pencil?
Man: Shoot.

Cop: 619




You got it?
Man: Yup.



Man: Black male, 31.
Name's Howard white.

Two gunshot wounds
in the chest.

He's hung up in the shower
with a vacuum cleaner chord.

Wexler: Okay, tell those guys
with the paper they'll get
a statement in the morning.

Hi, I'm lieutenant wexler.
Are you Joey Bradley?

Yes, sir.

Have you ever seen
this man before?

No, sir.

Wexler: Sorry about
all this mess.

But we have
to do our job.

Oh, uh, right.
I found this, um...

This tape
in my machine.

It's not mine.
I don't know
whose it is.

There's some voices
on it and a long number.

I copied the number down.

Does this number
mean anything to you?

No, not a thing.

Joey: Must have meant
something to him
though, huh?

Man: Hey, lieutenant,
something's burning
in here.

Oh, shit!

(Fire alarm beeping)

Goddamn it!

It was a p.I.
From San Francisco.

He had to be working
with Bradley's paper.

Man: So, why kill him
in his son's apartment?

I followed him there.

How was I supposed
to know it was
his son's apartment?

Man: Great.

Now the kid has the number
and we can't let him talk
to his old man

or he'll figure out
we know about
the meeting.

That's a shame.
I'll have to hit him.

Man: Yeah, he left US
no choice.

Don't fuck it up.

I won't.

Ah! Come on!


Damn it!

Get a tattoo.

Uh, and a lottery
ticket, too please.

Thief: Okay, come on.
(Engine starts)

(Gun fires)

(Siren wailing)

Kim: (On tape)
For the last two years,

I middle-manned the illicit
sale of large quantities
of police confiscated drugs.

Heroin, cocaine.

To protect myself,

I kept complete records
of all transactions

including photographs
and recordings
of phone conversations.

Charles: (On tape)
You dealt directly
with the cops?

Kim: Yes.

This evidence can put
the ringleader and the other
cops in jail.

I know you're already
doing a story on this.

Charles: How do you
know that?

Kim: I just know.

Are you interested?

Charles: Yes, of course
I'm interested. But...

Only if it's exclusive.

Kim: I'm sure we can come
to some arrangement.

It'll take me a few days
to gather things together.

Then, I will call you.

Cliff. I've been
working on this story
for six months.

It's at least
a statewide operation.

Kim claims there's a 100 kilos
of confiscated cocaine
missing from police vaults.

Lot of cops
are involved.

The ringleader's based
in L.A., but we don't know
who he is.

Kim is handing US
this whole thing
on a silver platter.

Cliff: Jesus Christ!

Charles, you're not the FBI.
Now, this is risky!

Cliff, this is the story
we need.
We can scoop everyone.

We can even scoop the FBI.

I'm telling you,
there's a pulitzer here.

Look, a quarter of a million
dollars is a lot to gamble.

I know.
I know.

Kim has sold me
information before.

He's scum but
he's never cheated me.

Besides, he's
in big trouble.
He needs US.

Well, the board will
never approve this.

I'll have to get
the money from
the private account.

Well, whatever it takes,
but it'll have to be fast.

Meeting's on Thursday.

Kim: You will come
alone, Charles.

Many would
like me dead.

There won't be any
second chances, so don't
do anything stupid.

These are my conditions.

Do you accept?

Charles: Yes.


one of these days,
you're gonna go too far
for a goddamn story.


you can't ever go
too far to find
a good goddamn story.


You don't have
any idea who
tried to kill you?

No idea.

You know, you shouldn't
go back to your
apartment tonight.

They tried once,
they might try again.

Do you have some place
where you can stay?
Some safe place?


My sister's
out of town.

I could stay at her place.
I guess, it'll be safe there.

That's good.
I'll take you.

Joey: Yeah,
it's right here.

Looks all right.

Remember, stay inside.
Keep the door locked.

Don't tell anybody
where you are.

An officer will
be here shortly.

He'll spend
the night with you.

We'll take you
into headquarters
in the morning.

Try to get this mess
straightened out.

All right.
Uh, thanks a lot.

(Locking door)

(Phone ringing)

(Answering machine)
Hi, this is Kate. I'm out
of town till the 20th.

But I check in,
so leave a message.
Thanks, bye.

Hi, Kate, this
is ed mcfarlen calling.

Just wanted to let you
know I'm coming
into L.A. on Friday.

And, uh,
how's about dinner?

I'll be staying over
at the Marquis,
so give me a call.


Larry: Howard's dead.

They found him
in your son's apartment.

Larry, what the hell
was Howard white
doing in my son's apartment?

We agreed it would
be a drop-off spot
if anything happened.

I didn't want
him involved.
Larry: I'm sorry.

Do you know
where he is now?
No, I don't.

I suggest you find him.




Officer Ryan,
Los Angeles
police department.

Um, all right,
I'm gonna buzz you in.

It's 301.
That's on the third floor.


Joey: Officer Ryan?

That's me.

Come on in.


How you doing?


I'm okay.
I'm just watching
some TV.

Mmm, what are
you making?

Uh, if...

If you want something
to eat, I can make you chili
or I got some spam...

I'm not so sure
how to make it though.

That's okay.
No thanks, i'm...

I'm fine.

Joey: Are you all right?

Yeah, I'd like a glass
of water if that's
not too much trouble.

No, no.
I think you should
have it.

Joey: I'm not so sure
about glasses but I'll see
what I've got.

Everything's kind
of a mess.


The place is pretty empty,
isn't it?

Yeah, my sister
just bought it.
She's moving in.

Not bad.

Guess that leaves
you all alone, huh?

Yeah, she's down
in San Diego getting
the rest of her stuff.

Yeah, well...

It's nice.


Bathroom big
enough for two.

It's a great life.

When you got the money...

Of course, they don't
make this on my salary.

I'm not gonna blame you.

You see...

I just keep the peace.

Man: (On TV)

I'm sorry.

Man: (On TV) The bullet
fired from outside
smashed the window.

(Phone ringing)

(Answering machine)
Hi, this is Kate. I'm out
of town till the 20th.

But I check in,
so leave a message.
Thanks, bye.

(Answering machine beeping)

Joseph, this is
your father. I thought
you might be at Kate's.

If you get this message,
please call me. It's urgent.


Hey, what's going on?

Ow, shit!



(Car horn blares)

(Tires screeching)


Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!
Are you all right?

Are you crazy?
You ran right in front of me.
I didn't even see you!

I'm all right,
I'm all right.

Look, you wanna go
to a hospital or...

A hospital?

Uh, yeah, yeah, the...

The hospital,
or should I call
the cops? I don't know!

Oh, my god.

At least you're all right,
it was your fault, you know.

You sure
you're all right?

No hospitals, no cops.
Let me just sit
in your car for a sec.

My car? Wait, hold on,
I'll help you.

Here, here, let me...

Woman: Hey, is he okay?
Is he all right?

Everything's fine!
Everything's okay.

Shit! Why me?
Why tonight?

Woman: Are you sure?
Are you sure he's okay?

He's fine.

Could you drive, please?
That man is after me.

After you? Why?

Just start the car.

Let's go!


Just tell me
where you want me
to take you, okay?


Great, this is just
what I wanted to have
happen to me.

Man: (On TV)
Bill collectors.

We make bill collectors
leave you alone, and
that means leave you alone!

I am Hugh slate,
of the law firm
slate and Leoni.

We can stop
the telephone calls.

We can stop the lawsuits,
garnishments and foreclosures.

For recorded information,
phone US in Los Angeles,
day or night.

Pick up your phone
and dial. No bills.

Hey, how are you feeling?

Jesus, you had me
worried there for a while.
You passed out, you know.

Oh, yeah.

Your pants are ripped.

I washed them. Your leg's
all right, you just scraped
some skin off, that's all.

You want some
hot chocolate?


No thanks.

Water would be great, though.

Want some more?


And some aspirin,
if you have any.

Oh, I'll be right back.

(Line ringing)

Hello, this is Charles
Bradley, I am unable to take
your call at this time.

Please leave the time
and date of your message
at the sound of the tone.


Dad, this is Joey.

I think I'm in some kind
of trouble and I need
to talk to you.

I'm going to Eddie's,
I'll call you from there.

Um, I don't have
any aspirin.

I don't like TV much.

I had cable for free,
but they caught me.

Does anyone else
know that I'm here?

Nope, I guess not.

Why did you bring me here?

You don't even know me.

No, I know
plenty about you.

Your name is Joseph Bradley,

you're 24 years old,
you're an architect,

and you're single.

Besides, I...

Hit you with my car,
so it's the least I could do.

Very impressive.

(Clears throat)

Who are you?

Jenny fox. Hi.

I live here by myself.

I work for Thomas brothers.
You know, the map people?

Yeah. I can get you
a map book cheap.

Thanks, I already
have one.

You still have
your seven dollars.

Where are my pants?

Well, I told you, they were
ripped and I washed them,
they're still wet.

What am I supposed
to wear then?

Oh, just hang on!

Here, these ought to fit you.

Very nice.

Are these yours?

No, my ex's.

What happened?

Don't be nosy.


This will go with the pants
better than your shirt.

Look, you're in some kind
of trouble, aren't you?

Don't be so nosy, huh?

Got any shoes?



You're gonna love these.

Uh, no, there's gotta be
something else around
here that I can wear.

Well, I'm really sorry, this
isn't the men's department
at Macy's, you know.

I think that's
a very cute outfit.

Yeah, well...

I feel like a smurf.

So, where are we?

At my place.

Yeah, but where is that?

Silver lake.

Wallpaper comes in
pretty handy, huh?

You can talk to me,
you know. It's all right.

Maybe I can help you.

Well, if you really want
to be a good samaritan,
there is one thing...

Oh, and what might that be?

A ride, right there.

Yeah, if that's
what you want, sure.

Wait a minute,
what's this?

Mace. For dogs
and rapists, in case
you need it.

I don't think so,
I don't think I'm going
to be getting raped today.

Go on, take it.
You never know.

I'll, uh...

Get these clothes
back to you.

Oh, no, you keep 'em.
I don't need 'em.


My good deed for the day.

Oh, look, you're not
going to sue me, are you?

'Cause I don't have
any insurance or anything...
No, really, it's okay.

Don't worry about it.

(Electronic whirring)

(Music playing
over speaker)


Where the fuck
have you been?

It's a long story.

Come in here a minute,
I've gotta talk to you.

Be right back, guys.

Yeah, dig
those threads, man.

Is this image change
a permanent thing or what?


Your father called.


He called here?


Said it was real important
that you meet some guy
named Larry?

Larry who?

I don't know,
I wrote it down.

Let's have a look.

"Baldwin hills oil field,
7:00 A.M."

Yeah, he said you're not
gonna be able to reach him,
he's not staying at home.

He said you just be there
7:00 A.M., no matter what.

You sure it was my father?
Yeah, I'm sure.


And he said you should
stay away from the cops.

Jesus, Joey, what kind
of weird shit is your
old man up to now?

I don't know, Eddie.

Somebody tried
to kill me last night.


I'm not going
to any oil field, fuck!

If someone's trying
to kill you,

don't you think you should
do what your father says?

Look, I don't care,
I'm not going.

He was serious, man.
Now you do it!

Since when do you
give a shit
what my father says?

You don't even like him!
Hey, that's got nothing
to do with this!

You're in
deep shit here.

I am not going
to any oil field.

You're going!
No, I'm not!

Yes, you are.

All right.

Give me your keys.

What, my car keys?


I don't have a car
anymore, Eddie,

it was totaled
last night!

Come on, Eddie,
we've got work to do.
Give him the car, man!

You don't drive
like I do, Joey.

Nobody drives
like you do, Eddie.

(Engine starts)

Be careful, Joey.

(Tires screeching)

(Vehicle approaching)


Is that you?

Who wants to know?

My name's Larry, i'm
a private investigator working
for your father's paper.

Hold it!

Hey, look, I'm here
to help you, man.

Your father wants me
to take you to San Francisco.
Didn't he talk to you?

No, we don't talk much.

Why San Francisco?

He's concerned
for your safety.
Look, I...

I'll explain it all
to you in the car.
We've gotta get going.

Look, I'm not going
anywhere until I figure
out what's going on.

Look, I'm not
in a very good mood.

This is serious.

Your father is...

Your father
is onto some crooked cops.

He's got a meeting set up
with an informer that could
blow this thing wide open.

He doesn't want you
screwing it up.

Yeah, well, you don't look
very much like a private
investigator to me.

You wanna get in the car,

or you want some cop
to shoot your ass off?

It's your funeral.

Who was the dead guy
in my apartment?

My partner.



Nice shot, Lou.
Don't even
fantasize about it!

Now, drop it.
I said, drop it!

Beaned you!

Right in the potato,
didn't I?


Get up.

He said, get up!

Shut up!

Nobody told you
to talk, shut up!

Yeah, yeah,
this is the guy.

Well, well, Joey.

It's time we had
a little fun, huh?

Let's go, Joey.

Do you know where?

Where what? I don't know
what you're talking about.

Well, that's too bad,
lover, 'cause you're
gonna make it real hard

on your friend there.

Joey: Wait, stop, tell me
what you want to know.

Gil: You come on, boy. You
know what I'm talking about,
don't ya? You know where?

Joey: No, stop, no!




Look at the man! Look!

You're next, Joey!


Come on, boy.

Joey: Who are you guys?
I don't even know
who you guys are!

Gil: Come on, Joey.
Joey: I swear I don't know!

We've got a little
surprise for you, boy.

Little Joey.

Right down here, Joey.

Talk to US, Joey.

Talk to you about what?
I don't know what
you're talking about.

You know when and where
it's going to happen?

When and where what?
I don't know anything!

Come on, Joey!

Does anybody know?

Does anybody know what?
I don't... just tell me what
you want to... aah! Know!

I got something for you.



Ugh! Oh, you...

I'll get you for this!


(Phone rings)

Joey? It's Eddie,

I've been trying
to call you.

What's going on?
Are you okay?

I... I don't know.
I think I need some help.

Need some help?
Why? Where are you?


Joey? Joey? Joey!

(Tires screeching)

Stupid jerk!


(Baby crying)

Joey, what's happening?


Look, I gotta go now,
there's a cop
pulling me over, all right?

Your father said to stay
away from the cops!

Call me back in five minutes,
I've gotta go. Please.

Okay, five minutes.
I'll call back.

(Officer on loudspeaker)
Step outside of the car

and put your hands
behind your head.

Step out of the car and put
your hands behind your head.

Keep your back to me
and put your hands
behind your head.

Now back up
to the patrol car.

(Radio chatter)

Keep your head forward.

Okay, stop.
Get down on your knees.

(Handcuffs clinking)

Okay, get up.

What's the problem here?

You're driving
a stolen car.

Stolen? Wait,
it was stolen!
Last week, it was stolen.

But it was returned.
Look! You can call my friend,
Eddie. It's his car!

I was just talking
to him on the phone.

Look, check the computer,
it should be on there!

(Phone ringing)

Morning, cliff,
you got the money?


Hear anything
from Larry or Joseph?

Uh, not yet...

I don't like this, Charles,
maybe we should back off.

Cliff, if they wanted
Joseph dead, he'd be dead.


They don't know
we have Kim.

We are now
holding all the cards.

Officer: '85 Porsche.


It's a red one.


I'll be right here.


(Door opens and closes)

What did you hear
from Lou and Gil?


They're out there
tailing that p.I.,
Larry what's-his-name.

Last I heard, they were
going to the oil fields?


Shit, you all right?

What's the matter with you?
Nothing, why?

You been snorting
that stuff again?
Come on.

I told you, you're
not supposed to be
doing that shit.

You're not supposed
to be selling it, either.

Wexler: You're doing too much.

You're screwing up.

Come on. It's all luck.

That kid is
one lucky bastard,
that's all.

There's no such thing
as luck, either you're
smart or you're stupid.

Joey Bradley is out there
somewhere, walking around
with that number in his head.

What if he talks
to his old man?

What if they
figure it out?

I don't want
to take that chance.

Do you?

You know how long
an ex-cop lasts
in the federal penitentiary?

Why don't you relax?

Everything's going to be fine.


There's been nothing
on Bradley's phone tap,

he's on his way.

The meeting is definitely on.

Excuse me.

Officer Hollister?
I'm Eddie Gordon.

Came down to get
my car, the red Porsche?

Hollister: Hey!
You're Eddie Gordon,
the singer, aren't you?

Yeah, yeah, that's me.

Hey, man, I saw you
on soul train.
I like your stuff.

Oh, you caught that, thanks.

Eddie: Uh, what is
this man doing in handcuffs?

Suspicion of auto theft.

Oh, he didn't
steal my car,
I loaned it to him.

Hollister: You know this guy?

Eddie: Know him? Yeah,
he's my gardener.

Well, you think you could
take those cuffs off him?

Hollister: Well, you see,
it's not that simple.

I don't even have
a good ID on this guy.

Man, come on, officer.
I mean, this is
all a big mistake,

and my car
was stolen last week
and already returned.

What do you say?

You'll never guess who's here.

Come on, I'll show you.

You always let your
gardener take your car?

Eddie: Ah, well, his Mercedes
was in the shop.

I think that's the guy
who tried to kill me.


Never mind.

Oh, excuse me.

Would you excuse me?

(Stamps foot)
Oh! Today, not tomorrow.

Pardon me, officer.

Thank you.

Corporal, you take 3rd street,
I'll take 4th street,
and we'll squeeze him, okay?

What are you doing, huh?
What are you doing?

What are you doing against
the car? What's the hell's
the matter with you?

Just fixed up the car.
Get out of here!

(Door closes)

(Door opens)



Know what you want?

Can I borrow your
pencil for just a second?




Waitress: Order of scrambled
eggs, wheat toast, no butter
and a side of browns.

Excuse me.

I, uh...

I'm really hungry
and I don't have any money.


I will give you this
$50 winning lottery
ticket if you let me order

anything I want.

Must be cash to place
a purchase.

No, no. I know.
Wait, wait, wait. I'll give
it you right now.

Right here.

No can do.

Look, this is a winner.

You are winner.
Winning ticket.

Qualifies you for the
big spin, grand prize.

Take it.



All I want from you
is a cheeseburger.

Waitress: Ordering a...

(Door opens)


Get outta here, lady.


Excuse me.

Janet, I've got
a client breathing down
my neck on this project.

I need some answers now.

I'm sure that I could make
this work if Joey was here.

Where is he?

You're the one that's
supposed to be the expert
on this project.

You hear me?
What the hell is going on?

Fucking door.

Where the hell have you been?

Where you been?

Janet: Joey!
Man: Where you been?

Man: Joey, boy, are you okay?

(Joey yells)

Get out.

(Indistincy chatter)


No, don't stop.

Come on, the TV.

Police officer!
Hold or I shoot.

Robber: Oh, shit,
it's the cops.

Get outta here.
Would you get in the car?

Fucking criminals.




I'm sorry.

Shh. Don't yell.
It's me, Joey.

And you tell me you
won't hurt me, stupid.

What are you doing?
You scared me to death.

Look at the
mess you've made.

You have a lot of nerve
barging in here like this.
What're you...

What're you thinking of?

I didn't want anyone
to know I was here.

There are some very
dangerous people after me.


Well, I just might join
them if you pull anymore
stunts like this.

I'm sorry.

For once I go to the store,
look what happens.

Look, I haven't eaten
in two days, okay.

Can't you wait?
I'll fix you something.

I can't.

Oh, I...

I ripped your shirt a little.

Nasty bruise.


Not half as bad as
the one you gave me.

Oh, you're just saying that.

I bet you say that to all
the girls who run you over.

Wanna see my bruises?

Don't you think you should
tell me what's going on?

Don't be so nosy.

(Clock ticking)


Do you know, Joey?

What you talking about?
I swear...


I swear to god, you guys.
I don't know anything.

Wexler: Wanna talk, punk?
What does it mean?


He doesn't know anything.

Fuck you, Joey.

What's wrong?

What happened?

I was having a nightmare.

Oh, gosh, you scared me.

I'm sorry.

Are you all right?


Oh, god, no.



What're you doing?

Six-nineteen is the date.

Today's date.

9:30 is the time.

A.M., which is one
hour from now.




I don't get it. The meeting,
the meeting, the meeting.

Do you know when
it's gonna happen?

Yes, I know when it's
gonna happen. But where?

What're you doing?




108, d-4.

That's it.

What's what?

Then wexler must have
known the entire time.

He was afraid that
I'd figure it out and tell.

Tell who?

My father. He's meeting
an informant
and it's an ambush.


Joey: What time is it?

It's almost 9:15.


How close are we?

I don't know.
It's at least five miles.

Come on. Come on.

Wait. That's it. That's it.
That's box canyon road.

Turn around.

(Tires screeching)

Bang, bang.

You're dead.

(Car approaching)

Joey: Now how much time
do we have left?

Seven minutes.

How close?

About half a mile.

It's just around the
corner and over that hill.

What're you doing?
I'm gonna go ahead
and check it out.

Stay with the car.



Just give it to US, Bradley.



Hand it over.
Ryan: Shoot him.

Shoot him. Shoot that bastard.

Drop it, lover.

Jenny: Joey!

Joey, are you all right?

Yeah. It's about
time you showed up.

Pull over.


(Shouting) Pull over.

I can't hear you, Joey.

Ryan: Wait a minute!
Come on!

Wexler! Wexler!

Son of a bitch.

Kim, glad you could make it.

Who is the bag man?

My brother-in-law.

Stupid man.


Jenny, get out of the car.

What're you doing?
Get out of the car.
I'm going back.

Forget it. Joey,
we're not going back.
They're gonna kill you.

They're gonna kill me
if I don't go back.

Look, we'll just go
get some help, okay.

Where are we gonna go, huh?
We gonna tell the police?

Wexler is the police.

Jenny, just put the window
down a little bit.


Right. I just don't have time.

Now my dad is
still back there.

Would you please
open the door?

Watch how you
drive my car, okay?


Now what?

(Car honking)

(Engine revving)


Come on.

Come on!

Okay, motherfucker.

Get outta here.

(Gun shots)

(Person approaching)


Don't touch me!

Just don't touch me, okay.

Are you all right, son?


Just back away, please.

Jenny: Joey!


Are you all right?

Charles: Joey, i'm...

I'm so sorry.

I was wrong.

My part of the deal, Bradley.


Other way.

(Answering machine)
Hi, this is Joey.
I'm not here right now.

Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

Charles: (On machine)
Hi, Joey. It's dad. I'm
coming to L.A. this weekend

and I hope we can get together
for dinner or something.

My schedules flexible so I'll
talk to you soon, son. Bye.

(Phone ringing)

(Answering machine)
Hi, this is Joey.
I'm not here right now.

Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.


Eddie: (On machine)
Hey, Joey. It's Eddie.

You made it on
the front page, huh?

What's going on this
weekend? Call me.

Host: (On radio) Now, it's
the cafe owner from east
Los Angeles, Mr. Fred ho.

Welcome, Mr. Ho.
Fred: Thank you.

(People cheering)

Host: Well, that must be
your family we hear out there.
Fred: Yes.

Host: Well, that's great.
Now are you ready
to take the spin.

Fred: Yes.

Host: All right.
For $1,000,000,
Mr. Ho, go for it.

(Wheel spinning)

Host: Keep your
fingers crossed.

(People cheering)

Host: Yes, yes.

Looking for 1,000,000.

Here it comes.


Mr. Fred ho of east L.A.,

you have won $1,000,000.

¶ My features form with
a change in the weather

¶ we can

¶ we can work it out

¶ my features form with
a change in the weather

¶ we can

¶ we can work it out

¶ when the wind blows

¶ when the mothers talk

¶ when the wind blows

¶ when the wind blows

¶ when the mothers talk

¶ when the wind blows

¶ we can

¶ only we can

¶ work it out

¶ it's not that you're
not good enough

¶ it's just that we can
make you better

¶ given that you pay the price

¶ we can keep you
young and tender

¶ follow in the footsteps
of a funeral pyre

¶ you were paid not listen
now your house is on fire

¶ wake me up when
things get started

¶ when everything
starts to happen

¶ happen

¶ my features form with
a change in the weather

¶ we can

¶ we can work it out

¶ my features form with
a change in the weather

¶ we can

¶ we can work it out

¶ when the wind blows

¶ when the mothers talk

¶ when the wind blows

¶ when the wind blows

¶ when the mothers talk

¶ when the wind blows

¶ we can

¶ only we can

¶ work it out ¶