P.C.H. (1995) - full transcript

Out at Pacific Coast University, five students living in the same apartment building go through personal trials. Stacey was a famous volleyball player and fashion model once; now she's in ...

- Guess what ?
- Today's your lucky day, pal.

Found her.
That's right, I found her.
Stacy ?

I know where she lives,
where she hangs out,
who her friends are.

I know everything about her.
She's in L.A.

When you get to L.A.,
keep heading west
until you hit the coast.

Then hang a right
on p.C.H.

Pacific coast highway.
You owe me, man.

Mary Catherine, Jill.

Hey, Stacy.

Oh, hey, koji.

I-I got this new
cd rom game.

- It's called "killer bees."
It's so cool.
- Really ?

Yeah, but it's for
two or more players, though.

Oh. Well, that's cool.

See ya later.


Guess I'll just be
goin' back to my apartment.

The state is running out
of money ?

I had a Grant.

Please, give me
one good reason...

Why I have to take
calculus ?

It's called the privilege
of being a freshman again.

Yeah, but I want to be
a broadcaster, not an engineer.

Everything has
its price.

You know, I don't remember
college being this hard before.

How do you do it ?

You take classes all day
and you work all night.

I have no life.

But what do you care ?
Next year you're gonna be
in med school.

Or an overqualified

I doubt that.

Maybe I should've spent
more time searching
for a rich husband,

like the rest of the girls
in this college.

Serena, that, I assure you,
would be the biggest mistake
of your life.

Oh ! No !

Did you throw it out ?
You threw it out ?

What was I
supposed to do ?
Was it yours ?

It went bad.
It was all moldy.
What's your problem ?

What is my problem ?
What's my problem ?

I've got no problem.
You want a problem ? Here.

What are you doing ?

That was my hat.

So what ? It was ugly.
What's your problem ?

You need
to seek help.
No, no.

What I need is a roommate
with a little consideration for
other people's things, okay ?

That moldy glob
was a two-month study
of the Santa Monica bay,

which you tossed down the toilet
because it wasn't something
you could eat !

Like I'm not considerate ?

Who is the one who leaves
her stuff everywhere ?

And who is like a basket case
whenever I wanna bring
somebody over ?

You can bring over
anybody you want.
I don't care.

It's just I think you should
charge by the hour, that's all.

Yeah, well you
should thank me !

If it wasn't for me,
you'd never see a guy
in this place.

What is that
supposed to mean ?

Excuse me.
What is that
supposed mean ?

You owe me for the hat.

Oh ! Oh !
Oh, fine. Fine !

Go ahead.
Yes, good-bye.

Roommate number 16,
ladies and gentlemen.

Wasn't she sweet ?

No, we take 'em here,
we put 'em on the yacht,
take 'em up and down the coast.

It promotes my club,
your boat and all that.

And you wanna charge me
full price ? No, no, no.

Let me tell you something.
One hand washes the other.
I'll give you half of that.

Jimmy, look at that.
You see that ?
I'm lookin'.

I'll give you 650, okay ?
We use my bar.
No, my bar, 650.

Okay, we got a deal ?

You see that ?
What ?


See all those people ?
That's right down the road.

How come they're not
drinkin' my booze ?

How come they're
not eatin' my food ?

We got a beach.
We could do all that.
What do you think ?

I think I'm hearin'
a lot of work for Jimmy,
that's what I think.

You want people
in here, Jake ?
Get a better chef.

Get that "wolf" guy.

Like that ?
You want something like that ?

Right out there.

It's a good thing
you don't ask for much.

Hey, Manny ?
This chicken is, like,
still flappin' its wings.

Maybe you could try puttin' it
on the grill this time.
What do you say ?

I like it when my chicken
can actually talk back to me.

Don't start.

What about the guy
on 43 ?

Oh, Randy ?
To be my roommate ?
Oh, please.

What ?
He's your type ?

My type ? Excuse me.

As a rule, I do not
date guys that take longer
to get ready than I do.

Are you jealous ?

You're jealous !

You know, 43 is
a lucky number, Serena.
Four plus three is seven.

You could own this guy.
I feel it.

Go get him. Ruff !

Sometimes I think
that the only things
that matter to you...

Are your car,
volleyball and...

Your Armani suit.

One ahi salad
and one Perrier.

Excuse me.
Sabrina, right ?


This is like, uh,
not even cooked.

Like, it's not
supposed to be cooked.

It's seared.

That's right. It's better
for you. The triglycerides
break down when you cook them.

Yeah ? My triglycerides
broke down once too.

Had to send 'em back
to Italy, get 'em fixed.

Uh, what is this,
a chemistry lesson ?

No. It's biology.

Really. You, uh,
know all about that...

Tri-- tricycle stuff ?


Really ?

You know, Jess,

you might just be able
to help me out with something.


* come in the starry night
come feel the bright light *

* come to the borderland-- **

Next, we'll have
the news for you, followed by
the calendar of campus events.

I'm Stacy Addison,
and you're listening
to "morning injection,"

coming to you live from
pacific coast university
radio kpcu.

She's got beautiful,
thick, jet-black hair.

So, uh, is she good ?

Aw, this one's special.

You haven't slept
with her yet ?

I don't sleep with
every girl I meet.

Yeah, right. Since when ?

Randall ? Randall !

Nice try, Randall.
Could we come on
back in, please ?

- Hello.
- I'm Stacy Addison,

and you're listening
to "morning injection,"

coming to you live from
pacific coast university
radio kpcu.

All right, who is this ?

Larry ?

You nerfball.
Do you have any idea
what time it is ?

It is so late here.

"Morning injection" ?
That's good.

I wonder where
you got that idea.
Huh ?

Who is it ?

All right, calm down.
Geez ! I'm goin'
as fast as I can.

Can I help you ?

Um, "if your...

Favorite dish is spicy
black bean chili and
you're looking for a place--"

oh. Oh. No, no, no.
You see--

you already have
a roommate.

Well, no, actually.
It's just when I wrote that,

I wasn't expecting a guy.
I wasn't expecting you,

Well, now, wait !
Wait. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it like that.
I mean, um--

come in.
Come inside, if you want.

Don't be afraid.
Come on.

Okay, I'm Polly.
Start again.

Hi. I'm Joe.
Nice to meet you, Joe.

Oh, don't mind the face.
I'm just getting beautiful.

Beauty has its price,
you know.

Me, compared to the other girls
around here--

I think I'm getting
ripped off.

Speak any time now, Joe.

Oh, well, come in.
Check it out.

Make yourself at home.

Is it the first time
he called ?

It's the first time
he's talked.

I think he's called before,
but I just assumed
they were wrong numbers.

Well, maybe
it's just a prank.

No. I don't know
what he wants from me.

What do you mean ?
Do you know this guy ?

Hmm ? No. No.

Did you call
the police ?

Yeah. They said
there's nothing
they could do really.

All right, well,

Next time he calls,
press the pound sign.

My computer program
will mute the sound button.

And I can trace the call
if he stays on long enough.

isn't that illegal ?

Only if you get caught.

You got caught.

In most cases like this,
you'd be put on probation.

Chances are,
you'd be suspended.

I guess I'll just have
to take my chances.

Randy, let's be frank
with each other.

If it wasn't for the fact
that your father is
a very wealthy benefactor,

we wouldn't be having
this conversation.

We're putting a new wing
on the library,
thanks to his donations...

And the matching funds
it raised.

That puts you in a very
attractive bargaining position,
and we both know that.

But you're forgetting
one thing.

You chose to come here.

We didn't seek you out
for your father's money.

You came to us,
and that means we have a deal.

We work together,
you graduate.

Right. Good point.

So, here's the deal.

Either you get a "c"
or better on your makeup exam,

or you'll be suspended.

Do you know
what you're saying ?

Yeah, I do.
And we're going to send
a letter to your parents.

Go ahead.
Is that it ?

There's one other thing.

You're going to work
with a tutor
until you take that exam.

I'm gonna what ?

Oh, god.


- are you the, uh--
- you're the one ?

- Biology.
- Professor foley.


Ph balance
can be stabilized.
How ?

I give up. How ?

You didn't read the chapter,
did you ?

Mmm, what's a chapter ?

How to expect to pass
a makeup exam...

If you don't read
the chapter ?

Let's drive somewhere.
Aren't you tired of this place ?

How did you get
this far in life
without opening a book ?

We can go to Jake's,
grab a beer,
watch the sunset.

Do you realize
for every one like you,
there must be...

A hundred people who would die
to go to this college ?

What do you mean, like me ?
Like someone who doesn't
appreciate an opportunity.

I appreciate it, believe me,
I appreciate it.

If I wasn't here, I'd be
at some Ivy league school,

and that would totally be
a waste of space.

Then why are you here ?

Same reason as you.

Punch my ticket,
get a degree. Can't work
for my pop without it.

That's not right, Randy.

Serena, chill.
Look at the big picture.

It's all about money.

Countries go to war
over money.

I can assure you,
if the shoe was on
the other foot,

you'd be exactly
like me.

Still, you can't go
through life paying people
to take your tests, Randy.

I don't always do that.

Sometimes I don't have
to pay at all.

We're done.
No ?

Over here ! It's me !

- Set it up.
- Angle, angle, angle !

Set it up ! Nobody--
nice one !

Oh, yeah !

You'd only have
to play one game.

A one-time challenge match.
A four-member coed team.

We'll take on a team
from south beach.

I'll get some sponsors,
we'll put up some prize money.
What do you say ?

I don't need the money,

I know that.
I checked you out
a long time ago.

I don't know.
I haven't done anything
like this in so long.

I only play for fun, not like
these guys you're talking about.
They're serious.

Who says
you gotta play good ?

The fact that you've been
on every cover of every magazine
gets me cable coverage.

That's the point, Jake.

I don't want the coverage.

I didn't come here
to be seen. Listen.

Throw a stick down the beach.

You'll get 12 gorgeous girls
who would just love to play
Charlie's angels for you.

That's a great idea.
That's really a great idea.

The only difference is,
none of them made it to
the top of the fashion world...

Only to disappear.

I didn't disappear.

I had to quit.

disappear, quit,

If I've insulted you,
I'm sorry.

I just thought you'd like
to throw a team together
for me, that's all.

You hear what
I'm sayin' ?

I know exactly
what you're saying.

I dress up and
perform for you.

You make lots of money,
then I'm supposed
to owe you something.

It could work both ways.

Let me think about it,
okay ?

Thanks for the coffee.

I've been around
a lot of winners, Stacy.

It's always the ones
that come so close
that fascinate me.

How do you put all that
behind you ?

Hey ! Whatcha eatin' ?

A veggie sandwich.
Ohh ! Excuse me.

Joe, I gotta tell you something
about your veggie sandwiches.

I'm getting tired
of them already.
Is that bad to say ?

I'm serious.
You're so healthy.
You have to loosen up.

Life's too short for tofu.
I'm not a tofu nut.

I just like to eat well.

That's just how we do it
in my family.

I bet you're a health major--
a "physical" something.

No, I'm a psychology major,
Psychology !

Tell me what you thought of me
when I first opened the door.

What did you think ?
First thought.

I thought you were
extremely short.

That is-- what is it
with the height thing ?
I don't know.

I'm not makin' fun of you
just 'cause you're tall.
I'm not tall.

I'm physically challenged,
that's all.

You're sexually frustrated,
is what you are.

Okay, we're not going there.

I'm an oceanography major.

Really ?

Soon to be called "history
of the world's toilet."
Is it that bad ?

No. That's crossing boundaries.
You have a lot
of pent-up frustrations.

You, you don't know
that's what the problem is ?
Joe, it's all--

I gotta tell you something.
Okay ?
You don't sense that ?

Shh. Okay ?

Oceans are like
our last chance,

and once we screw that up,
it's over.

I'm sorry.
Did I say something funny ?

No, I would have
never pegged you as
the "save the whales" type.

Really ?

So what would you have
pegged me for, Mr. Joe ?
I don't know.

much less serious.

"Something less serious."

Maybe he was just making
an observation.

That shows he's insightful.

He wasn't critical.
That shows he's sensitive.

Okay. Forty-eight hours,
no arguments.

This is good.
Yeah, this is good.

As you can see here,
there's two schematic drawings:

One of an animal cell,
one of a plant cell.

And like the animal cell,

the plant cell is surrounded
by a plasma membrane
and contains a nucleus.

a lot of the same stuff.

Look how interesting
this is,

how these two things
correlate so much.

The nucleus controls
protein synthesis
in the cytoplasm...

By sending
molecular messages
in the form of r-n-a.

Look at the differences
between the cell walls.

* beneath my hands and fingers *

* caught between
his life stone *

* and gasping
for each breath *

* and my body's
not my own *


* I recall
your stylish whisper *

* the siren's call
that takes me home *

* softly close
and I surrender *

* making thoughts
I can't disown *

* my soul is naked *

* my body's sacred *


* my body's sacred
sacred *

* traces, traces, traces *

* traces alone **

There are options,

Like what ?
I've scoured every Grant,
every scholarship.

I have taken out loans,
all for what ?

I don't know.
We'll find something.

There are ways.
There are things we can do.
There's gotta be something--

you don't understand, Stacy.
You don't know what it's like
to, to--

I've worked for
three and a half years here,

and I'm already established
in this premed program.

And all of a sudden
they want to take
my scholarship away ?

It's absurd !
It doesn't make sense !

I don't know what to do.
I gotta go.

Serena ?

We'll work it out.

Hello ?

- Hello ?
- Hi, Stacy.

Who is this ?

Come on, Stacy.
You know who this is.

What do you want ?

I just wanna talk.

I wanna let you know
that I understand now.

I don't blame you
for anything you did.

Where are you ?

That's not important,
is it ?

Look, Stacy, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have called you
so late.

We'll talk about this later,
okay ?

Hello ? Hello ?


Becky, honey, you ready ?

- Mm-hmm. Almost.
- Everyone's here, darlin'.



Becky, you can give him
your hand now.

* when in silence lingers *

* precious soul
I long to feel you again *

* if you go
let you win *

* would something stand
between us forever *

* just close your eyes
and dream out loud *

* take you far *

* faraway
from the start **

look, there's
a California sign !

Aren't you excited, baby ?
Sit up here with mommy.

Baby, look at that !
Look at that.

We gotta take a picture
to remember this, angel.
Are you ready, baby ?

Say "cheese."
Cheese !

Whoo !
We're free, baby !

We're here !
Yee-haw !

We're in California !
Isn't this exciting ?

What's happening ?

Morning !

What is that ?
We got peaches,

and lots of yogurt.

Where's the coffee ?
I don't drink coffee.

But there's plenty here
for you, sunshine.

I'd rather have warts.
What ?

Come here. Try it.
You might like it.
I wish--

easy, speedy.
Trash can.
Oh, thanks.

Would you please get away
from me with that ?
What is that ?

I don't understand
how you can drink that.

Definitely not
a morning person.
Me ? Uh-uh.

Come see me around midnight.
I'm peaking
right as my shift ends.

It's a beautiful thing.

So, I've never understood
how people can eat like that.

This is good for you.
Good for your skin.
White and bubbly.

-Look at my skin.
I'm radiating.
-Joe, let me tell you something.

My grandfather lived
to be 100 years old,

and he thought that fatty meats
and fried foods were two
of the five basic food groups.

Oh, god.
He did !
And you know what ?

I tend to agree with him.
Every single time I've bought
something that says "fat free,"

turns out to be
"taste free."

Fat-free, cholesterol-free,
sugar-free, sodium-free--

I'll give you free.
Let me tell you something
about free.

Here's a free piece of advice.
Try munching on some cardboard.

That has about as much taste as
the stuff you're about to eat.

Here's mama's milk, okay ?

There we go.

What this means is,
I either have to take
a year off and work...

Or I have to go to another
university that doesn't have
as good a premed program...

As the one that
I'm already in and I love.

And i-- I don't know
what to do.

You want your old room ?
Your brother don't come home
no more.

Is that what you
want me to do ?

Just give up ?

No, mija, that's not
what I mean.

I, I just don't know
what to say to you.

Mama, you're not gonna get
any better if you keep smoking.

Did you bring me
that prescription ?
You don't need a prescription.

Serena, don't look at me
like that.

I can't sleep no more.
It's not like I do this
on purpose.

Where's papa ?

¿ Quien sabe ?

I can just imagine
what he'd say.

Your father worries about you.
He'd say, "come home."

He'd say,
"I told you so."

You two--

you're just like he was--

so sure you could
rise above things.

And now you're facing
the same things he faced.

Well, maybe now you
can understand your papa better.

Mama, it's a budget thing,
it's not racial.

It is !

Next time, you bring me
that prescription, okay ?

Si, mama.

Okay, Johnny.
Let's go do this again,
baby. All right ?

Nice, isn't it ?

Can I help you ?
Yes, I'm lookin' for Jake.

I'm here to audition.
I'm a singer.

He won't be back for a while,
but if you want to rehearse,
be my guest.

That's awfully nice of you.
Are you sure you don't mind ?

I don't mind.
I got a pretty good ear
for what he likes.

Can she sing ?

* I will never forget *

* all the things that
you've done for me *

* the way your heart
was set *

* to always believe
in me *

* everything that I know *

* I've learned from you *

* but there's
just one thing *

* I'm asking you to do *

* if you could only know *

* how much you mean to me *

* but now I know *

* that I've got
to make you see *

* you don't know how much *

* I care for you *

* these feelings
that I hold *

* deep inside my heart *

* you don't know how much *

* I care, I care
for you *

* there's nothing
in our lives *

* that could ever
tear us apart *

* apart **

Nice number, really.

You didn't like it,
did you ?

No, I really liked it.
I'm telling you.
It was good.

He already has a house band.

Where you goin' ?
Let me make some calls.

I don't need this.
I've been in every dive
in this town.

I've been livin' in places
I wouldn't even let my own dog
live in.

What are you lookin' for ?
All I want to do is put a roof
over my head.

- I'm not askin' for much.
- Listen, I got an idea.
You need a place to stay.

- I'm not that kind of girl.
- I'm not that kind of guy.

It just happens to be
I own the condos next door
and this club.

You need a place to stay,
I'll put you up.

Go unpack and come back
at 9:00.

Really ? You mean it ?

- Thank you, um--
- the name's Jake.

Jake. You're Jake.
Oh, my god. Jake.

I'll see you later.
Thank you so much.

I'll see you at 9:00.
Okay, bye-bye.

Hi, honey.
Where's your mommy ?

where'd you go ?
Right here.

There you are !
Runnin' off ! Hi !

I'm Becky.
We're just movin' in.

Hi. Welcome
to the building.

I'm Stacy.
I'm on the second floor.

And this must be Johnny.
Say hi, Johnny.

- This is your
new neighbor, baby.
- He is so cute.

Hey, listen, if you ever
need a baby-sitter, I'd be
more than happy to help.

That is so nice.
I really appreciate that.
Thank you.

Hey, Randy.

Party tomorrow night,

my place,
lots of rich guys.

Well, thank you.
Hold on.
What's the occasion ?

Uh, when you figure one out,
let me know.

We gotta get goin'.
We gotta finish unpackin'.
Say bye-bye.

Bye. It was so nice
meetin' you.
Have a great day.

Hi, Randy.

Come on in.

Hello !
The party can begin !

What's up ?

It was so sweet of you
to invite a new girl in town
to your party.

Thank you so much.
You're not new in town

Hi ! How ya doin' ?

Where's your little boy ?
Oh, he's in good hands.

- Gin !
- Gin ?

You got gin ?
Who taught you this game ?

Thank you for the dress.

You lost ?

Why don't you come
to the party ?
That's okay.

Look, Serena,
I think I gave you
the wrong impression.

Forget it, Randy.
It doesn't matter.

Yeah, I think it does.

The truth is--
I mean--

if you don't want
to help me,
that's your choice.

But if you think
I'm not worth it,
you're wrong.

And if I don't pass
this semester, I'm, uh--

I'm really screwed.

Not that any of this
should matter to you.

Randy, we all have
our problems.

And we all deserve
second chances.

But some things you have
to work out on your own.

By the way,

I finally read
that chapter.

More than you'd ever
want to know about...

Enzymes, ph balance
and catalysts.

I'll tell you about it

Hey. Hey, Johnny.

You wanna play ?
Let's make a road.

My god !

Oh, no !

- No !
- Stacy.

Oh, god ! Let me go !
Let me go !

- Stacy, stop it ! Stop it !
- What's going on ?

What's the matter ?

Oh, no, please !
He's here !


Look ! Look !
In the drawer !

can I go now ?

Yeah, let's go outside
and get some air, okay ?


Mr. Mondello,
this fits the classic behavior
of an obsessed stalker.

Probably watched, waited,
came in the balcony.

We got his prints
on the railing, glass door,
the drawer.

Got an idea who this guy is ?
We won't know until we send it
to the lab.

As soon as we get a match
on the prints,
we'll get back to you.

Okay. Thank you.

Come here, koji.

You see this ?
Know what I want
you to do with this ?

You find him for me, okay ?

Yeah, I'll try.

Jake ?

Everything all right ?

You have any more
problems ?
No, no.

And, uh, thanks again.
Everything's fine.

Not till we catch
this guy.

I feel terrible
about what happened.

I'm putting on a security patrol
until I get
this new system installed.

It's not your fault,

What's the matter ?
You didn't sleep, did you ?
No, no.

Um, I've been thinking,
you know, about your offer.

and everything ?

Yeah. Did you hear
we got cable coverage ?

I got sponsors putting up
prize money to go to charity.
It's gonna be great !

Yeah, I bet.

Uh, but that's what
I wanted to talk to you about.


I probably shouldn't play
in the game,

you know,
under the circumstances
and everything.

Who knows what
this nutcase is up to,

and I don't want
to endanger anybody
you know ?

I can't blame you.
We'll find somebody else.

I just thought it might
be nice for you, that's all.

But, uh, if you'll let me,
I'd still like
to put the team together.

I know a couple locals
that would do it.

And there's this new guy
in the building.

Somebody said he was
all-American at Northwestern
in six-man.

So all you need
is a fourth, really.

- You okay ?
- Oh, yeah. Fine.

You know Jake, right ?
He owns the condo.

Suntan, slick hair.
Yes, and he owns a club
and wants this game.

Hey, Randy.
You know Joe ?

Nice to meet you.
What's up ?

Here comes our other player.
Maybe we should get started.

Ah. Let's go, Joe.

What ?
You didn't tell me
he was gonna be here.

You didn't ask.

Get it, get it !

Okay !

Whoo !
Heh-heh !

* when I was young
I believed in everything *

* I turned my ragman
into king *


* with a Laurel crown
and a velvet robe *

* in my imagination there's
a world no one could touch *

* no, I had a fascination *

* for little things that
don't mean much, now **

You all by yourself ?
What a surprise, huh ?

The bar's closed.

Actually, I, uh,
just wanted to thank you
for all your help.

I didn't do anything.

Yeah, you did.

My makeup exam
is next week.

Good luck.

I still don't know
how you do it--

waitressing, studying
and being on the team.

Why does everybody
ask me that ?

You just don't become
a pediatrician
without working.

Is that what you
want to do ?

They need 'em
where I'm from.

You'll be a good one.

If I ever finish

Why wouldn't you ?

My scholarship
was cancelled,

so I've been looking
for a place to transfer to
next semester.

But everything's full...

Or way too expensive.

You don't know of any openings
in premed, do you ?


I'm really sorry
to hear about that.

It's all right.

I'll find something.

I promised Jake I'd close
before 1:00, so--

can I wait for you ?
It's been a little weird...

Since that guy
broke in.

I'll walk you home.


What were you doing
in New York, anyway ?

Um, my dad was there
for a fight.

Fight ? Why ?

Well, that was actually
the night he beat Cox
for the title.

No way ! Shut up !

That is your father ?

You are much better looking
than he is.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

I do my best to avoid
large, funky men...

Beating about my head,
if it all possible.

Must have a hard head,
your father.

You have no idea.

Look. A beautiful
summer night in California.

Whoever thought I'd be here
looking at the moon
on the water...

With you ?

Why not ?

Well, I'm from Brooklyn,
for one thing, and--

and you're not Jewish.

What, you can't walk
on the beach with goyim ?

Kind of.

you know what, mister ?

No one has ever made me
a fresh-- a fresh
fruit smoothie before.

Oh, yeah ?
Really. Oop !

Oh !
Oh, my god.
I'm a klutz.

Um, why don't we
go home, Polly ?

No, I don't wanna go home.

You sit with me.
Come on, it's nice.

Oh, see ?
Isn't this nice ?

Look at the water.


Whoo ! Um--

why don't we go home,
Polly ?

Come on.

Why do you have to be
such a nice guy, Joe ?

Excuse me.


Made you some coffee.

- Polly, listen, i--
- listen, i-- no, me first.

Okay. Okay,
I'm just gonna talk.

Okay, listen.

Let me guess.
You've got a killer babe
back home,

and you're afraid
I'm gonna hang myself
or something, right ?

How do you know ?
I've been through this

No, it's nothing like that.

I don't have a girlfriend.

I haven't had a girlfriend
in a long time.

Really ?

I don't think
I'll have one...

In the future, either.

Really ? Why ?

It's not my preference.



Oh, well--

wow ! Well,

in a strange way, I take
comfort in the fact that not
only are you turning me down,

but every other female
on the planet as well.

Wow. So, um,

how does your dad
deal with, you know,
your, um--

I don't think
he could handle it.

He doesn't know ?

Don't you think
you should tell him ?

You don't know my father.
No, Joe, I don't,

but that's like the--

I'm sorry.
It's none of my business.

But, um,

don't you think it's better
to have a tough relationship
based on honesty...

Than a no-hassle one
based on bullshit ?

Well, yeah.

Why don't you add world peace
while you're at it ?
Okay, I'm sorry.

But, you know what I mean.
I just--

I just think that anyone
with a heart would...

Find it really easy
to love a guy like you.

Don't roll your eyes at me !
God !

I can be mushy.

Jesus, koji !

You scared me
half to death !

A good way to get killed !
Sorry. I guess
you didn't hear me.

I don't have time
for your computers
right now, koji.

Does the name
Daniel St. germain
ring any bells ?

You're receiving calls
from his cell phone.

And his prints match the ones
found in your apartment.

Listen, Stacy,

if there's something
that you need to talk about,
you can trust me.

You're like
the only person around here
who even talks to me.

I would like for you
to think of me as a friend.

I do, koji,
and you are, and--

I owe you an explanation.

A sixteen-year-old girl...

Grows four inches
in one year.

Now she's a complete outcast.

A total misfit.

Taller than anybody
in her class,
including the guys.

So she takes up sports
and acting.


Just to try and fit in.

And then one day, her
yearbook picture catches the eye
of this magazine publisher...

Looking for the next


I wasn't a misfit
after that.

Campaigns and endorsements
started coming in.

There were lawyers and agents,
and contracts and deals !

And, oh, it was so much !

Daniel decided...

He wanted to manage me,
and I was thrilled !

He was talented and connected
and so charming.

You know, he gave me
this self-confidence.

He made me feel like
I was just as special as
any of those other girls.

And I guess I needed that.

Everything was fine
as long as I followed orders.

But then I grew up...

And he changed.

And then one day...

He decided that my job in life
was to give him a son.

So he started
turning down offers.

I mean, koji,
chances of a lifetime !

I was this close
to really proving that I had it,

that I was just as good
as anybody out there,

that I wasn't just another one
of Daniel's girls.

Maybe that's what he was
afraid of. I don't know.

But when I figured out
what he was doing, I just left.

I ran away,
no good-byes.

And now
he wants you back.


And he's not a very nice person
when he really wants something.

Thank you.

This what you wanted ?

What's your name ?

Johnny. You know
what my name is ?

Yeah. Daniel.

So I'm on my way home
from Japan...

And your mother calls me.

Said on my way back to New York,
I should come see you.

Something about
a letter from the school ?

Care to explain ?

I, uh, I was flunking
this class...

So I had someone
take a midterm for me.

I got caught.

We both know
what that's all about,
don't we ?

You don't want to be here
anymore !

I don't know
if that's true.

Of course it's true.
You're over this, aren't you ?

You could spend
the rest of your life...

On the beach
once you finish school !
That's not why I'm here.

Then, for god's sake,
come back and go
to an Ivy league school !

At least then I'd feel
I was getting something
for my money.

I told you to get a degree,
not a suntan.

Randy, come home.
Spend weekends with us.

Dad, I don't want
the yachts...

Or the horses.

I feel needed here.

You see, I'm on
this volleyball team and--

y-you're on a... what ?

I, I knew
you wouldn't understand.

Son, haven't you had
enough of this ? I have.

I'm tired of this school
shaking me down for money
every time I turn around !

Then don't give it
to 'em !

How long do you think you'd last
here without my donations ?
What do you mean ?

Do you think it's just
a coincidence that you
lose interest in things...

The moment you realize
that hard work is involved ?

First you wanted
to be a pilot.

Then you wanted to be a singer.
Then you wanted
to play baseball.

I'd have more respect for you
if you just came out
and said it to my face !

Said what ?
That you don't want
to finish college.

Because that means
you'll have to come
and work for me,

which means you'll have
to come to work, period !

I don't have to work for you
if I don't want to.

Then what are you gonna do ?
You think you're gonna sponge
off me the rest of your life ?

You're wrong. I didn't break
my ass for the last 35 years
in this business...

To see you play me
for a sucker !

I, uh--

I don't know
what I want to do
with my life yet.

If that frustrates you,
then join the club,

'cause it frustrates
the hell out of me too.

There is one thing
I know for sure.

I never want
to be like you.


But when your tuition
runs out,

and you're tired
of volleyball,

and you decide
that working for the old man
isn't such a bad idea,

I'm gonna remember
what you just said,
and you're gonna regret it.

I feel sorry for you,

Go ahead, throw away the visions
of what your life could've been.

You're about to find out
what hard work really is.

You're early.

Yeah, you said
you wanted to see me, so...
Let's get it over with.

the verdict ?

Your test results
are in the mail. That's not
what I want to talk about.

I want
to talk about you.
Me ?

What's there
to talk about ?

I'm gonna flunk your class.
You're going to have
to put me on probation.

My tuition's gonna run out,
and I'm gonna fail as predicted.

What do you mean,
your tuition is going
to run out ?

My old man cut me off.

He wants to, uh,

buy me a degree
from Princeton or Harvard,

and I don't
want to go.

Why ?
If I can't pass
bio 101 here,

I wouldn't even
last a week there.

It wouldn't be any harder
than it is here.
It's just another school.

I don't want
to be like him,

and he-he
hates me for it.

And that makes
you a failure ?

'Cause he's accomplished
everything he set out to do.

- And wh-what have I done ?
- Nothing ?

That's right.

Why ?

Because I don't care
about all that.
It's not me.

- And whose problem is that ?
- You're supposed to care
about it, aren't you ?

I mean, he-he would
never understand why...

I wouldn't have
the same goal,
ambition he had.

If you think I'm ever--

if he's ever going
to forgive me for that--

what ?

Maybe it's...

Not him that
has to forgive me.

What have you done
that's so unforgivable ?

I just
always assumed that...

Nothing I'd ever do
would ever be
good enough for him.

I never gave myself
a chance to succeed.

I, uh, I kind of
sabotaged myself.

That's possible.

Is this kind of why
you wanted to talk to me ?

I think so.

Good. Good.

Serena !

How was your test ?

Oh... I don't know.
I, uh, guess
I did all right.

I got a 95.

My god, that's great !
Congratulations !

It's not
too bad, huh ?
You aced it.

I, uh,
I got you something.

It's not much.
If you don't like it,
we can always return it.

This isn't
necessary, Randy.

I know, but, uh, it's
the least I could do.

It's very nice. I just--

I can't take this.

Why ? It wouldn't
look good on me.

I just get this feeling
that it's a replacement--

a way for you to say things
without having to say them.

I don't need
a dress, Randy.

Especially one that
I've seen on someone else.

I need to hear you tell me
what this means.

How can I when i--

I can't even
say it to myself ?

Contrary to what
some people think,

talk is not cheap,

you know,

I didn't have
to take this test.

You know,
I-I could've
skipped it,

blown this
whole place off...

And-and I'd be
on some yacht
somewhere right now.

I'd still graduate,
and I'd still have
that job waiting for me.

But I'd never
see you again.

I feel like
I'm a whole new person
when I'm with you.

And if I let that go,
I'll never know
who that person is.

You didn't
see me as a trophy
for your ego or, uh--

or even a meal ticket
for a trust fund.

You saw me for me.

And that's why I wanted
to get you something.

There. I said it.

So, uh, you, uh,
go on your way, and...

I'll just go.

That wasn't so bad, was it ?

You have no idea.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we have a split decision.

The winner
and still champion--

I don't know.

Five, maybe ten years.

I always knew.

I think this
is bothering you so much
because you're the heavy--

Well, let me fin--

this has got
nothing to do with you !

Why-why can't
everything be the same ?

I'm still the same--

I don't appreciate--
I don't appreciate that, dad.

You shouldn't say things
like that to me.

What's going on ?

What ?

Oh !
Did you talk to him ?

And ?

He said he never
wants to see me again.

Oh, my god, Joe.

I'm so sorry.
He can't mean that.

I don't know why I let you
talk me into this !

It's just gonna take him
some time, that's all.

Like you're the expert
on relationships ?

I'm just trying
to be a friend, Joe.

You wanted to be
more than friends, Polly.

Remember ?
Wanted to satisfy
your curiosity ?

Oh, is that
what you think ?
I think
you're still interested.

Maybe you can change me.

Joe, I would not change
a thing about you. Okay ?

How about I leave
like the rest of them, Polly ?
You'd like that, wouldn't you ?

Wait a minute. No !

God ! You know what ? No !
You don't get to do that !

God, I'm so sick
of everybody leaving me !
I do not deserve this !

It's not fair !

I'm sorry.

It's just that my father...

Has this effect on me !

I start to sound like him.

Give me a hug.

Table 16.
What about that guy ?

No, too old.
What about 22 ?

Lousy tip. Too cheap.
Maybe it's me.

Do you think it's me ?
Do I bring out
the worst in people ?

You want
my opinion ?
Shut up !

Thank you.

I'm just kidding, Manny.
Love you, honey.

Don't ever change.

She's just not interested.
It's personal.

I tried, I tried.
What am I gonna do ?

You can't pull the deal.
What are you talking about ?

I got a contract
right here. Contingent ?
Contingent on what ?

You're telling me without Stacy
we're not on the air ?

I just want
you kids to know you did
a hell of a job out there.

I've seen all the hard work, and
I'm really proud of all of you.

But this is the last stop.
Our sponsors are pulling out...

'Cause we're
losing our TV coverage.

That's it. It's all over.
All this for nothing.

I can't believe--
there's got to be more to it.

It's a long story, but
I want you to have the jerseys.

You've earned them.
And who knows ?

Maybe we'll do something else
down the road. I don't know.

Thanks, anyway.
come back tonight.

We'll all have
dinner and drinks.
Thanks, Jake.

Johnny, go press the button
for me, would you, honey ?

Thank you, sweetheart.

Get set for the Bronx, raven.

They're all over.

- Stacy !
- Stacy ?



Even when I look
at you today...

I still see
a 17-year-old ingenue.

You're still so beautiful.

You're welcome.

Why are you here ?

I just want to talk.
I want to listen.
I'm a good listener now.

Okay. What do you
want to talk about ?
I don't know.

How about if we, uh,
talk in the car ?

Yeah, okay.


- Stacy, did I hurt you
in some way ?
- No.

Don't you think I deserved
better than divorce papers
being served to me...

While you were on
another continent ?

Having to hire
a private detective
to find you ?

I'm sorry.


you gave me everything
that you wanted to give me...

But you wouldn't give me
the one thing that I wanted.

- And what was that ?
- My own life.

Do you have any idea
what this does to me ?

To hear you say
these things ?

Stacy, I know you better
than you know yourself.

And you don't know
what you want.

And you liked
everything we had.

You had no life
before you met me.

Before you met me.

I guess
this is something...

You had to do to prove
something to yourself.

Well, fine. Okay.
Your point has been made.

Let's go home.

Aren't you forgetting
about something ?

We have a family now.

It's time we get
on with our lives.

What are you
talking about ?

We don't have a family.

"We don't have
a family" ?

I've seen him
with my own eyes,

and I can't believe you
haven't told me about him.
Saw who ?


This is not what you think.
He's a kid I baby-sit.

That's good.
I'm serious !

He lives in my building.
What have you done ?

What have I done ?

What have you done ?

You were ten weeks pregnant
when you left me.

I never had our baby.

I heard
the heartbeat !

I had a miscarriage !

Then why didn't
you tell me ?

Because I thought--

you thought what ?

I was afraid
what you might do.

You wanted this baby
so much and--

I was scared !

I think we should go now.

Oh, my god !
Oh, my god ! No !

The last time you saw him,
where was he ?

You missed the turnoff.


Where we goin' ?

What's your hurry ?

You in a hurry ?
No, but,
you know--

it's just, you know,
Johnny's mother must be
worried sick.

Do you think maybe
we should call her ?

Do whatever you want.

I got a computer printout,
and that let me know who he was.

I got a tracer--

- Hello ?
- Becky.

I'm so glad
I caught you.

- Stacy, are you all right ?
- We've got Johnny.

He's just fine.

- Who's "we" ?
- So, uh...

Don't you worry, okay ?

- Is Daniel with you ?
- Uh-huh. Yep, that's right.

Okay, don't hang up.
Leave the line open.

Okay. Okay,

Which way are you heading ?

Becky, you have a great time
up in Malibu, okay ?

I love it up there.
You know, just up
past Geoffrey's.


hello ?

- Everything all right ?
- Uh-huh ! Yep, just fine.

Johnny's mother,
she has a very deep voice.

That's it.
Geoffrey's, Malibu.

- You never wanted me
to be happy, did you ?
- Oh, Daniel.

You've always thought
of yourself. Shut up !
Oh, Dan--

Let me finish
just for once !

It's okay, baby.

You killed our baby.

It's all right.

I know.
Let it out.

The last cell he was on
was 54-a western.

That's where
the signal cut off.

So that means that
they've got to be
somewhere in this area.

Every paycheck went up your
nose. Half the time you were
shooting it in your arm !

This is all your fault.
All of it !

this is all I ever wanted.

Don't go ! Come here !
Don't leave me !

Don't leave me !

Shh. Shh.

Oh, Johnny !

Oh, baby !
Oh, Johnny !

Thank you so much.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.

Everybody loves you.

Thank you.

I'm really sorry about all this.
If you'll still have me,

I'd love nothing better
than to be on that beach
in that game.

- It only takes one phone call.
- I can't hide anymore.

Welcome back.

You're just so handsome,
Johnny, aren't you ?

Hey, Jimmy, don't you think
this is a little overdone ?

- How you gonna fill this up ?
- You wanted big, I got you big.

I got the tent here,
I got the grandstand.

- I even got you good weather.
- It's a beautiful day here
in Southern California.

We're here to cover a challenge
volleyball match for charity...

Jake mondello's restaurant
and the south beach all-stars.

Thank you.

How do I look ?

Let's go, guys !

Now entering the stadium--

let's have a big hand
for the south beach all-stars !

And here with us now
is Stacy Addison.

Hi, Stacy. Tell us,
how does it feel...

To be playing against a team
like the south beach all-stars ?

It's a privilege,
and we are honored
to be part of a good cause.

We've been
working hard on this,
and it should be a good game.

Thank you.
And we want to wish you
all the best of luck.

We're gonna need it.

Ladies and gentlemen,
cover girl Stacy Addison.

And stay tuned.
We'll be right back after this.

Hi, I'm Jake mondello.
If you're looking for
a very romantic evening...

With great food,



And dancing,

come down to mondello's,
and don't forget to ask
for me, Jake.

And if you mention
this commercial,

you get free validation
for your parking,

I'm telling you,
and a free drink.

Good luck.
Thanks for showing up.

Good luck.
Yeah, right.

Go, guys !

Be tough out there !

Keep your eye
on the ball !

Here we go !

- Hang tough, mondello's.
- Come on, mondello's.

- You !
- I got it !

Mine !

That's my roommate !

Mine ! Mine !

You !

- Over !
- I'm up !

- Set 'em up !
- You !

- Over !
- You, you !

Angle, angle, angle !
Short !

Nice one.

Go for it !

Go, go !
Angle, angle, angle !

- Mine !
- Way to go !

You !
I got it !

Go, go !

Over here to me !

- That'll work !
- Go !

Yeah !
Whoo !

- Reach, reach, reach !
- I got it !

Here !

And that breaks the tie !

Picking up the big point
off the serve.

A huge play,
and we go to time-out.

It's a tie, folks.
It's anybody's game.

After this time-out,
we'll go down to the wire--

Stacy Addison
and her team of newcomers...

Have managed
to turn this game around,

and they're just one point
away from defeating
the south beach all-stars.

- Go, go !
- You, you !

Get it over !

Go, go !

Here we go !

Reach, reach, reach !

And that's game point,
ladies and gentlemen !

Let's hear it
for team mondello !

Winners by the score 15-13 !

- How about a round
of applause--
- they did it !

This is beach volleyball
at its best.

Be sure to stick around for
the award ceremony coming up.

Stacy !

Whoo, man !

Whoo !
Whoo, yeah !

Thank you !


The team has chosen
to accept this prize money...

In the form
of a scholarship fund...

So that someone
very special to us...

May finish her senior year
and go on to med school--
Serena Gomez.

Oh, Stacy ! God !

- Thanks.
- Serena !
- You guys !

I'd just like
to say one other thing.

To Jake mondello,

our sponsor,
our mentor, our benefactor...

And most of all,
our friend--

thank you very much.

you'll never know how much
this means to me. Thanks.

Thank you.

All right.



* when I was young
I believed in everything *

* I turned my ragman
into king *


* with a Laurel crown
and a velvet robe *

* in my imagination
was a world no one
could touch *

* no, I had
a fascination for *

* little things
that don't mean much now *


* painted ponies
and a little brass ring *

* well, I got that ring
I pulled it down *

* and my little girl's world
came tumbling down *

* 'cause in my imagination
was a world
no one could touch *

* no, I had
a fascination for *

* little things that don't
mean much now *

* in my imagination *
* in my imagination *

* in my imagination *
* in my imagination *

* in my imagination *
* in my imagination *

* in my imagination **
* in my imagination **