P (2005) - full transcript

Whilst growing up in rural Thailand, a young orphan girl is taught the ways of magic by her grandmother. But when grandmother falls sick, Dau is lured to Bangkok to find work so that she can buy medicine. She finds herself working in a go-go bar, and her journey from naiveté to maturity is swift. She uses the magical skills her grandmother taught her to her advantage, but in doing so makes enemies within the bar. As her magic gets darker, and the consequences increasingly horrific, she gradually loses control, and something evil takes over.

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Okay, has everyone finished their work?

Make sure you've written your name at the
bottom, and pass your pictures to the centre.

And tomorrow don't forget
to bring your homework.

Your hair's too long.
Make sure you get it cut before tomorrow.

Okay. You can go.

Don't run! There's no hurry.


A ghost!

There are evil spirits that
will try to capture your soul!

They can be found anywhere.

These are the ghosts
you have to be scared of

the ghosts who will go inside
your head and steal your thoughts.

...ghosts that will
suck away your breath...

and ghosts who will go inside your
stomach and eat you from the inside.

But we are Khmer

We know things not
many Thai people know.

There are special incantations.

There are herbs we can use.

And there are rituals we can perform.

These are the things you must learn.

They are our protection.



What is it?

It is not only ghosts who will
try to harm you in this life.

There are people too who
will wish evil upon you

because they will be jealous of you.

You have powers that they cannot have.



What is it?


It's the witch's grand daughter.

Let me see! I've never seen her.

Shh. She'll hear you.

That's really her?

She's scary!

If she doesn't see us,
she can't harm us.

My father says he's heard strange
things at their house at night.

They talk, but the words they
use aren't Thai or Khmer.

What? What are they speaking?

They're chanting spells.

My brother went to school with her.

He said no-one would even
dare to catch her eye.

She could kill you with one look!

Let's go before she sees us.

She's coming this way!

Shh. Stay very quiet.
She doesn't know we're here.

Keep still!

Grandmother, why did you shut the door?

Bandits! Bandits will get in!

There aren't any bandits round here.

And even if there were,
what could they steal from us?

Ow. The light hurts my eyes.

I'm making your medicine, Grandmother.

I try every day,
but you don't get any better.

The rituals and herbs aren't working.

Your power is strong

But there are things even stronger.

I have to go to the village for rice.

You don't have to go.

The rice man will
bring it on his rounds.

He stopped coming years ago.

Now everyone goes to
the market or to town.

I'm going to buy you some
new medicine as well.

I won't take it. I don't trust it.

The foreigners put poison in it,
so our men can't fight.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

Is your mother here?

Excuse me.

Come here, child.

How is your grandmother?

She's still no better.

Really. That's too bad.

What is it you need?

I need some rice,
and medicine for Grandmother.

Yes, of course.

I want to help you. I really do.

But you've run up a bill of
three hundred Baht for rice.

I'd like to say'never mind, forget it. '

But then all my customers
would expect the same favour.


Do you really love your grandmother?

Very much.

Well then, you must try to
find the money to support her.

How can I do that?

I have one friend in Bangkok.

She could maybe help you out.

But I probably shouldn't
even mention it.

She's probably found someone already.

I could call and find out.

But you'd have to be prepared
to leave this evening.

There's 200 Baht for yourticket andfood.

If you come back within three months,
mother will be very angry. Understand?

I understand.

The bus will be here soon.

You must be Aaw, right? I thought it
would be you. No luggage I suppose?

We'd better go right away.
Mamasang's waiting for you.

First time in the city?


It's scary the first time, I know.
Are you hungry?

The food here's expensive.

We'll grab something near the bar.

Bar! What bar?

it's going to be weird the first day.

Just try not to look too terrified.

I'm not scared.

Really? You look like you're
about to wet yourself.

There's nothing to be scared of now.

The scary stuff comes later!

I'll take you exploring another day.

That's Mamasang.

She decides who can work here.

What if she says no?

Hey, lighten up!

Excuse me.

What is it?

This isthe girl from Si Saket.

What's your name?


Aaw? Foreigners won't be able to say it.

We'll have to change it.

We haven't got a Dau. You can be Dau.

How old are you?


You'll have to buy your costume.
But the bar will loan you the money.

We start at five.
Don't be late or your salary will be cut.

That's all you need to know now.

Pookie will explain everything
else as you go along.

I think she liked you. You'll do okay.

I've got some business to finish up.

You can stay with me tonight,
but meanwhile you can lie down here.

Get some sleep. You look like crap.

Wait a second!

Why are you being so nice to me?

I get a finder's fee -

Five hundred Baht if you stay amonth.

Hey, it's after five already.
Change into your costume.

Yesterday was bad. No customers.

I had to dance all night.
I was exhausted.

Hey. What are you looking at?

Haven't you ever seen a girl before?

Or are you a dyke?


I didn't mean to stare.

All the new girls are just as bad.

I think they're getting them
straight out of the jungle.

It's apity not everyone's lucky enough
to be born in the Bangkok slums.

Hurry up! On the stage!
Why are you all late? Hurry!

Lek, you're amess!
Go and comb your hair.

Why do I have to tell you every day?

Dau! Dau!


You can be in group one.
That means on the stage now.

What stage?

What stage do you think?

Go on. Just watch what the others do

and try not to look like
you're scared shitless. Go!

Hey! That's my place.


Dau! Dau! Dance!

You've got to try. Move it, girl!

Come on. Shake that booty! Just try!

What are you looking at, jungle girl?

A customer wants to buy you a drink.

Sit next to him, and be polite.

Only ever order orange juice or cola

and you get forty Baht from each drink.



What's your name?

Aaw. Sorry... I mean Dau.

How old are you, Dau?




And how old on your ID card?

Eighteen, really.

I'd show it to you,
but I left it at home.

Have you been working here long?

It's my first day.

Do you like it?

I don't know. I'm not sure.

Would you like to go and have some fun?

I can't. I have to work.

Really? Let me speak to Mamasang.

How can I help?

If l wanted to take Dau out,
would that be okay with you?

Of course.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

I don't want to go.
I'm scared of foreigners.

Dau. Look around. You see any Thai men?


This is a bar for foreigners.

If you want to work here,
you'd better learn to like them.

Normally, if you don't like someone,
you don't have to go with them.

But this man's one ofthe owners,
so we have to look after him.

And if he wants you to stay with him, do
what he says, and he'll give you money.

How much?

If you're good, lots. Now off you go!

You're a pretty girl, Dau.

That's not true.

No-one thinks I'm pretty.

I think you're pretty.

I understand.

You come from a small village.

You came to the city because
you need money, right?

If you want money,
you'll get money- lots of it.

But you'll have to learn what to do.

You want to learn?


First thing, you mustn't be shy.

You have a pretty body. Don't be shy.

Now you take off my shirt.

Have you ever seen a man before?

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.

I'll show you what to do.

Now, open your mouth.

Open your mouth.

Dau. Let's go home.

Hey, I know it's not four star,
but it's okay for the price.

It's not that. The room's fine.

He made me do things - ugly things -
things I've never done before.

Do men really like doing
horrible things like that?

It hurt so much.

I thought l was going to die.

It was your first time?


I didn't know. I'm sorry.

I don't understand.
Do girls ever like that?

I don't know. Some girls maybe.
Not me, that's for sure.

You don't?

Howmuch money did he give you?

Two thousand Baht.

Next time you'll get another 2000 Baht,
and the next time.

And by then it won't hurt any more.

Don't worry. When you've got money to
send home, you'll feel better about it.

What do you want, jungle girl?

You dance very well.

I only like boys. Sorry.

Can you teach me to dance like that?

What? You want me to teach you to dance?

You think foreigners want to
see you dance? Listen to me.

They're only here forthe girls.
Nothing else.

They just come to screw young girls.

Make the most of it. In two year's
time you'll be old and shagged out.

Then you won't remember half
the men you've been with.

But you'll know where the lift is
in everyfour star hotel in Bangkok.

Before long, a customer will want
you to stop work and be his mistress.

But after one month you'll miss the bar.

It's got into your blood.
Then you're stuck here.

Because wherever you go,
the bar will call you back.

When that happens, ask me again.

I've got a customer.
He's no oil painting, but he's loaded.

I'll try and make it a quickie,
but I'll give you the key. You're okay?

Don't worry.

See you later.



How are you?

I'm fine.

You're drinking alone tonight?

Dau. It is Dau, isn't it?


Dau, I have a wife.

Yesterday, l took you out
because l felt sorry for you.

But I never sleep with prostitutes.

But yesterday...

Yesterday you weren't a prostitute.

Excuse me.

You weren't blessed with good looks

but there are spells which
can make you appear pretty.

Spells can make even the ugliest
girl seem pretty to aman.

Stick out your tongue!

I said, stick your tongue out!

If you want it to work,
you have to stick your tongue out!

everytime you open your mouth to speak

...everyone will know that you're just a Khmer
peasant girl, with no more brain than a buffalo.

Abuffalo, buffalo, BUFFALO!

Go for it, Dau!

l think you'll soon be out of a job.

The bar has a rising star. Take a look.

Don't worry. She can rise,
but she can fall just as quickly.



Would you like to go home with me?


It'll be four thousand Baht.

But if that's too much,
I can find someone cheaper.

No. Four thousand is fine.

That's my customer.

Funny he didn't mention that.

Nobody here likes girls who
steal other girl's customers.

It'll get you in trouble!

I'm so sorry.

I thought you were just
here to dance in the show.

I didn't think you were
interested in customers.

May! Quickly!
Mamasang's calling you for the show.

Don't think this is over!

If you want to make money,
it's not so hard.

You just have to remember the rules.

Some foreigners love to spend money,
but others are trickier.

You don't want to waste your
time with the stingy ones.

So you have to work out
whether they can afford you.

Try asking the time. Then you can
check out his watch real or fake?

On a real Rolex the hands move smoothly,
and they're quieter.

Or ask for his business card.

When he opens his wallet

you can quickly see how much cash he has,
and how many credit cards.

Some girls tell every
man that he's handsome.

But if he's really ugly, tell him looks
aren't as important as what's on the inside.

Foreigners aren't like Thai men.

They seem to believe
almost anything you say.

Always remember to wear a condom.
Or AIDS will get you.

One more thing.

When you sleep with a guy,
and you climb into bed

and see that he's as
small as a girl's lipstick

you've got to bullshit
that he's really big.

But if he really is big,
look scared and say it'll hurt too much.

Then he'll go easy on you,
and probably give you a bigger tip.

It's okay to fib to aforeigner.

They're happier not
knowing the whole truth.

But never lie to your friends.

There are many times they'll need your help,
and plenty of times you'll need theirs.

The girls who cheat their
friends don't last long.

Foreigners come and go, but your friends
are going to be there every night.

He doesn't know it yet,
but he's going to take me home.

Do you really think he's handsome?

Handsome doesn't pay a girl's rent.

He'll get anything he wants,
and I'll get everything l want.

And when l tellthis fat smelly pig how
handsome he is, l just think about his money.

He's so ugly that a hungry
tiger would run away from him.

A snake wouldn't even bite him because
it'd worry about getting bad breath.

But he's going to have to pay
a thousand more than usual.

What's up with you?

Have you seen the new girl?


She looks very young.

Yeah. So what?

Girls that young can work here?

None of us should be working here.

And as soon as l find a rich man to take
me awayfrom this place, I'm outta here!

I didn't think you even liked men.

You've got that right.

But I sure do like their money.

There's one other sort of
magic you should know about.

But you've got to use it very carefully.

Because it can turn against you.

And if you use it too often, and
without a good purpose, you'll change.

It'll turn you into something hideous.

There are rules you need
to remember all your life.

If you forget,
the magic will turn against you.

You must never eat rawmeat.

You must never pass
underneath a clothesline.

You can pass on your
knowledge to anyone you want

but you must never accept any payment.

That snake really freaked me out.
I'm never going in that toilet again.

I read in the newspaper that someone
found a snake in their drain pipe.

It said there are thousands
of them in Bangkok.

Did you see how much blood there was?


I did. The floor was covered.

Hard to believe something so
small could make so much blood.

Jun said when they eventually got the
snake off it, it was hanging on by athread.

Hey. No-one's to mention
this in front of customers.

Otherwise they won't dare to
set foot inside the place.

Dau, why aren't you getting changed?

Excuse me.

I've been practicing
my dancing for ages.

Do you think I could dance in the show?

May's been the star of
the show for along time.

If l give you a chance,
she's not going to be pleased.

I don't want any trouble.

I'll see you here tomorrow at five.

You get one chance to
show me what you can do.

...Yes, a one-eyed snake!

Hi. I'm Dau.

I know.


May was talking about you.

I see.

How old are you?


Did they tell you lie about your age?


You know that if you work here,
you're going to have to go with men?

I know. And I know that
afterwards they give me money.

You don't know a thing.
You don't know what these men want.

Look, all you have to do is screw them.

You're just jealous because
I'm prettier than you.

And all the men are going to
want to take me instead of you.

But don't think you can scare me away!

You're meant to look like a sexy
showgirl, not a circus clown!

It'stoo weird.

The first time ever I slip,
and it's when she's watching me.

Yeah, that sucks.
Is your back feeling better?

It still hurts abit there.

Take your shirt off. I'll take alook.

There, right?

Yes. That helps.

So you don't like men.

Does that mean... you prefer girls?

Some girls.


What about me?

If you think I could like you,
you're dreaming.

Why? Don't you think I'm gorgeous?

I only like pretty girls.

Come on. You know l'm to die for.

Yeah, right!

Always remember.

Never pass underneath a clothesline.

Go on. Tell us what you used.

Simple. Any girl's best friend
a little Vaseline on the pole.

You seriously did that?

Just on the top - only alittle.

What'll you do if she tries again?

I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve
that'll get her running back to the jungle.

Who does she think she is anyway,
stealing our customers?

Don't worry.
I've dealt with girls like her before.

It was you, wasn't it?
The owner, and now May.

You put a spell on them didn't you?

Yes. I used magic.

But I only wanted to
hurt her alittle bit.

I don't know.

You really think I caused that?

Yes. I think it was
your magic that did it.

Don't hate me.

I'll never do it again. I promise.

Maybe it was May's karma.

Maybe it was her come up pance
for all the bad stuff she's done.

You really believe that?

The doctors thought she would live.

But she won't work in a bar again.

The sword went into her
left eye and blinded it.

Do you think I'm a bad person?

No. But maybe you
should be more careful.

Can you really do anything with magic?

No. Just some things.

Can you make someone's breasts bigger?

I could.

Teach me how.

I'd better not.

Please. I'll do something for you.

You can pass on your
knowledge to anyone you want.


Here's akiss. Is that enough?

But you must never accept any payment.

I think it's working. Look!
They're bigger already.

You remember the spell I made you read?

It was just a bit from an old hymn book.

Great! What do you want to eat?

Rawpork salad.

You're joking, right? You hate it.

I know. But now l really want some.

You're sure you're not pregnant?

How is it?

Never eat rawmeat!

Really good!

Have some more.

Never eat rawmeat!

It's good for you.

You'll change into something hideous!

How about one more time?

Go and take a shower. I'll join you.

Well, Hello. Have you come to join me?

Are you okay? You look...

Miss! Your ID card. Miss!
You've forgotten your ID card.

Dau! Dau! It's time for work.

You've slept all day!

I feel like I've been
asleep for a whole year.

If l hadn't woken you up,
you probably would have done.

I had a really bad dream.

What about?

I was with a customer.

He was in the shower,
and there was blood everywhere.

I think I killed him.

Was he rich?

I don't know.

I think I killed him before he paid me.

How many times do I have to tell you...

If you're going to kill a customer,
make sure he pays you first.

The hospital says May is
out of lntensive Care.

I'm going to take her a card and flowers

and I'm collecting money for her.
She's worked here for a long time.

The sword show is cancelled.

All other shows will carry on.
Dau will take May's place.

Are you sure it's safe?

I heard they'll rob you
for a 100 Baht here.

Don't be a wimp!
This is where I grew up. It's fine!


Now we see who the real wimp is!

Shut up and keep going.

This man had better
be as good as you say.

He is. He knows everything.
He knows all kinds of magic.

If he can do magic, why doesn't he magic
himself some money, and get out ofthis dump.

Just because you're a snob,
doesn't mean everyone is.

Some people like it here.

That's why you and May live in
a plush apartment near the park!

I thought you weren't scared.

How about you?

Who is it?

My name's New.

What do you want?

If he's meant to know everything,
why doesn't he know what you want?

It's about your friend's accident,
I suppose.

Yes. How do you know?

I've been waiting for you all day.

Sit down.

Make yourselves comfortable.

What do you need me to do?

And do you have money?

How much?

Five hundred Baht.

Pay him.

Your friend had an accident
because someone put a curse on her.

It's a gir lwho has studied magic,
and studied hard.

But she hasn't learned
to control her powers.

And she's made some bad mistakes.

Evil has found an entrance to her heart.

And now it is growing inside her.

As I am with you,
I can feel the evil close by.

It is someone you know.

Now all we can do is wait.

As the evil grows stronger
it will take physical form.

We must find out where
this girl is living.

Each night the evil will
leave the girl and hunt.

But each morning it
will return to her body.

That will be our time to catch it.

Now we share the same karma.
This task binds us.

That's better. There was a power cut!

Now l can watch the
sexy TV karaoke ladies.

You have a job.

Find out where she sleeps!

Good night.


A guest on the second floor says there's a
foreigner moaning loudly in the room next door.

Can you check it out?

A foreigner moaning! That's unusual?

And you want me to go and interrupt him?

You'd better check.

Hello! Is anyone there?

Sir. Sir!

Is something wrong?

Dau. Are you having a nightmare?

Who is it? Who's there?

We've got nothing for you to steal.
Go away!

Go away! Leave us alone!

Go away!

What is it?

Don't! Leave me alone!

What is it? What have I done?

A nightmare! A really bad nightmare.

Why are we both having nightmares?

Is it because of the magic?

I don't know.

Sorry, this is a members club.

I see. And members can be American,
English, German, Japanese anything but Thai.

I don't know what your problem is.

If you're coming to find your daughter,
wife or girlfriend, I can't help you.

The girls come of their own free will.

We don't need your problems.

It's you who's making problems.

I'm a policeman.

Are you sure you have the
right license for dancing?

Do you know General Salawat?
He helps us with problems like this.

I'm looking for one particular girl.

I have her ID card.

What's it about?

A tourist was found dead
in a hotel bathroom.

Very messy.

On the night of his death
he was with this girl.

A witness saw her run out
leaving her ID card behind.

I'm sorry.
We don't have anyone here by that name.

We have reliable information
that she works here.

Hey, did Dau lose her ID card?

She does work here then?

Yes. She's the star of the show.

She used to work here. But not for ages.

This isn't a murder enquiry.
The man died of natural causes.

But the doctors can't work
out what was wrong with him.

That's why I need to speak to Dau.

She might be able to tell us what
symptoms he had before he died.

If you see her, tell her to call me.

Here's my card.

Thank you.

Will you speak to her?

Tell her I'm sorry,
and see if she'll have me back.

I'll speak to hertonight.

I don't want to have to go to Sexy Lady.
It's full ofJapanese.

What's wrong with that?
Japanese men can be cute.

They're even more boring than Germans.

And tell that little cow Dau
that I'm looking for her.

You know, maybe we really
should be looking for her.


Just think. Who took over
May's job after the accident?


Exactly. Maybe she did it.

She's from Si Saket.
The Khmers all know magic.

But that would mean she.

...is the one who has
the evil inside her.

And the foreigner who died...

Her victim!

That's right.

I know she lives with Pookie.
I'll find out where.

Right. Then we can find the evil spirit.

Exactly. I'll call you when I know
something. Where are you going tonight?

Nowhere. It's boring.
Maybe I'll go and see a film.

I've got to go. I'll call you.

Hey, I've got to pay for the food?

Dau, how are you?

I'm fine. How was work?

Same as always.

Mamasang caught Joy going out to buy
whisky, so she's going to get fined.

Gaio was back.
Her man went back to Germany.

Bim says she's going to get married again
- for the sixth time.

Orn managed to drop her
new Nokia down the toilet.

Mee was asking around where I live.

I think she suspects
something about May.

And everyone wanted to
know where you were.

Mamasang doesn't believe you're sick.

And I don't know what to tell her.

I know you haven't slept for two days.

If there's something wrong,
you can tell me.

I've seen you all night
just sitting there.

Drugs! Are you that stupid?

You don't understand.

Yes I do. You're hooked on amphetamines.

No. I can't go to sleep.

Of course not - if you take this stuff.

When I sleep I have nightmares.
They're so real.

It's like it's really happening.

I don't know any more what's
real and what's a dream.

Do you know what's happening to me?

Things will get better. Don't be scared.

That stuff's making you a bit crazy.

But I'll look after you.
All the magic stuff's in the past now.

I feel so sleepy.

That's good. You need to sleep.

But the bad dreams will come again.

If l see you're having a bad dream,
I'll wake you up.

You'll look after me?

Of course.




You're the only one...

Only one who?

Who's ever been nice to me.

I told you already.
I just want the 500 Baht.

Dau! What do you want?

It's me. Pookie! Don't you know me?

Leave me alone!

Dau! You have to wake up!
You're dreaming again. Wake up! Dau!


Let me out of here!

Dau, don't kill me! Please!

It wasn't me. It was May.

Let me go!

Don't kill me!

It's real, isn't it?

It isn't just a dream.

Do you still want to help me?

Dau, how long will it take?

I don't know.

If it can't get out to eat,
maybe it'll die.

You think the handcuffs will stop it?


Hello New. This is Mee.

Where are you?
I've been waiting almost an hour.

Now l'm going to have to go work.
I'll call you later.

That's all.

How are you?


I can't.

It must look horrible.

Everything's going to be better.

We just have to keep going.

New! New's dead?

No. She's never ill.

You're sure it really is New?

...own costumes,
but the bar will loan you the money.

The bar opens at five.

Don't be late, or you'll be fined.

Mamasang. I need to talk to you.

Can it wait?
I'm just talking to the new girls.

It can't wait.

Did you know that New's dead?

Jun, take the girls downstairs
to fit for costumes.

Come on girls.

What's this about?
You've just terrified the new girls.

Dau killed New!

And you're going to
tell me where she lives.

If you don't, there are going to be
police crawling all over this place.

Now that really will
scare the new girls!

I've got a comic book.
Do you want me to read to you?

What one is it?

It's a ghost story.

Thanks alot!

Do you think it's still there?

I can feel it. It's in there.

It's hungry. It's very hungry.

It's hurting.

Do you want some rawmeat?


Now it needs the real thing.


Hello! Are you there?

What is it? What do you want?

It's Mee. I came the other day.

Remember me?

Yes, I remember.

You'd better come in.

The girl I came with before - New.
She's dead.

I know

You're drunk, aren't you?

Of course I'm drunk. It's one of
an old man's few pleasures left.

One time in my life I'd
like to be by the water

drinking abeer and watching the sunset.

But don't worry.
I'll sort out your evil spirit.

Have no doubt.

But now l'm allowed to get drunk!

She killed my one best friend.

My other best friend is in ahospital
with he rface half sliced off.

How do you think you're
going to help me like this?

Now night's falling.
It's going to go out and kill again.

...and the only person
who can help me is drunk!


Would you be so kind
as to shut your face!

It's already dark.

The evil spirit will have
already gone out to feed.

We must wait till morning.

Khun Nit rented it to me for 100 Baht.
We can watch the soap operas.

Dau? Are you asleep?

Let me go!


Let me go.

I can't. I can't do that.

You know l won't hurt you.

Have I ever hurt you?

I know.

Then, please, let me go.

Let me out ofhere.

I can't.
This is the only way I can help you.



I think I'm dying.

Don't say that!
You've got to keep going.

You can't give up!

Don't let me die. I don't want to die.

What can I do?

Let me free.


Free to kill people?

I'll kill bad people.
I'll only kill foreigners

the ones who hurt us, who use us.

I won't kill anyone else.

Let me go.

I don't want to die here.

I don't want you to die.

Then help me.

I want to help. I just don't know how.

Dau loves Pookie.

Pookie loves Dau.


I can't let you go.

You bitch! You whore!
That's what you are.

A filthy lesbian whore!

When you die,
you're going straight to hell!

Say what you want. I'm not listening.

Because I know it's
not really you talking.

Let me go now, and I'll spare your life.

Otherwise I'm going to get out of here,
even if have to gnaw through my own arms.

And I'll come for you first, Pookie!

I'll eat you raw. I'll start with
your liver, then your kidney.

When I reach your lungs you'll
know what pain really is.

I'll take days. I'll take weeks...

...before lfinally let you die!

Stop it! Stop!
I know it's not Dau talking.

Let me go! Let... me... go!

It's time. Let's go.

Hurry up!




What is it?

It's gone.

I can feel it. It's gone.

We killed it.

It's gone? Really?

It's really gone.

Do you want something to eat?

I'm starving. But please, no rawmeat!

Okay. I promise.

You're really fine?

I'm sure!

Oh Dau. I'm so happy!

I thought I might lose you forever.

I don't ever want to leave you.

I know. I was just so scared.

Can I get some fresh air?
This place stinks!



I'm here to help you.

But you have to help me too.

Shut your eyes, and let your mind empty.

Listen only to mywords.

Your body will feel heavy,
and you will fall into a deep sleep.

Where are you?

Come out!

I command you to come out!

You knew you would die,
yet you still came.

You must want to die.

That's all that's left for you,
isn't it?

You know you've failed.

Your skills are blotted
out by cheap drink.

Now you have no more power
than a backwards child.

You can fool others,
but not me, old man!

And you know you are going to die.

You just don't yet know how.

Let's find out!

Dau, don't!

Don't kill me!

I'm still young.

I don't want to die yet!


Do you know what I do?

I enter your body,
and l work my way through.

I eat your kidneys, the liver,
the spleen, the heart, the lungs.


I'm not going to do that to you.

I won't eat you from the inside.

I'm goingto eat you from the outside!

It'll be just as tasty.


Are you still hungry?

I'm May. Do you remember me?

You took away my beauty!
You took away everything I had!

Now finish it off.

Come and get it!

Let's die together!