Outside the Wire (2021) - full transcript

In the near future, a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.

Uh, this is Rattlesnake.
Hostiles in the area.


Put the Gumps out!

Let's go, let's go!

Jesus! IED blast ahead!
Gumps down! We cannot move forward!

- Sarge, it's a fuckin' ambush!
- Fuck, they're everywhere!

Take cover!

Take fucking shelter now!

We need to fall back!

Contact! Contact!
West side checkpoint!

Man down! Over!

- Fuck! They took out the APC.
- Sarge, we need to fall back.

I'm not leaving anyone behind!

Bigfoot, where are you? Over!

I'm on my way.
Are we pushing through?

Negative. We cannot move forward.

I think we lost the entire Gump unit,
and we have a man trapped. Over!

Can't see shit!
Where the fuck are the Gumps?

Gomez! Get your ass over here.

- Where the fuck are they shooting from?
- They're fuckin' everywhere.

- Where the fuck are the Gumps?
- I've got you!

We need to get him out of there.
See a way through?

- Yes, sir.
- Okay, we'll provide covering fire.

Gomez, go, go, go!

- Go!
- Open fire!

Contact! Covering fire now!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Two o'clock.

Fuck! Krasnys all over!

Rattlesnake, I need cover!

Concentrate fire on the building.

Sarge, we can't get to him!
It's too far.

I repeat,
I'm not leaving anyone behind.

Let's go! Cover fire, now!


Contact right!

- Cover!
- Contact!

- Go!
- Bigfoot!

Cover fire, now!

- Now!
- Reloading!



I'm hit!

Man down! Man down!

Rattlesnake, come on.
I need cover. I'm hit!

This is Rattlesnake.
I hear you loud and clear.

- We'll be there. Stay where you are.
- Rattlesnake,

this is Rolling Thunder.

Unidentified vehicle
approaching at high speed.

Potential attack.
Requesting permission to engage.

Hold on. I got you, buddy. Come on.

Permission denied. Two of our men trapped.

We have an additional
38 men on the ground.

They're a priority.
I need you to fall back. Over.

Let me get my men out!

Bale, confirm Hellfire
with Captain Brydon.

Yes, sir. Base, this is Rolling Thunder,

requesting permission for air strike.

- I need Sector 9.
- Here, sir.

- Put it up.
- Yes, sir.

Rattlesnake, I need that cover!

Do you copy?

Stay there, hold position.
We'll come get you.

I need you to fall back, over.

I repeat!
Two of our men trapped! Over!

Amber Base,

this is Rolling Thunder.
Do I have permission to engage?

I have a heavily armored truck,
broad wheelbase.

- High risk, mobile launcher.
- Rolling Thunder,

this is Amber Base, hold for command.

Truck's too close to our men
to risk Hellfire.

Rattlesnake, do you copy?
I'm getting fucking hit down here!

Come on!

All right, Fire team,
prepare for cover fire.

That's a launch... That's a launcher, sir.


No launcher visible in my feed.

- Fire request denied.
- I'm positive that's a launcher, sir.

Impact is imminent. Over.

You heard him!

Hold fire till I clear my men!

We have 38 men on ground,

plus two exposed. They'll all die.

It's not your call.

Rattlesnake, do you copy?

- I'm getting fucking hit here!
- Harp?

We'll be there! Stay where you are!

Let's get those two Marines.


Go! Moving out!

Let's get them! Let's go!

West flank, be ready!

Danger close.

Target locked.

- Goddammit!
- Abort, abort!

- Take cover.
- Stand down.

What are you doing, Harp?

DA1 off the rail on three…

Stand down.




Goddammit, Harp!

What the fuck, Harp?

You disobeyed a direct order.

You son of a bitch!

You killed 'em!

You killed 'em!

Two US Marines.


And one US Army Gump destroyed.

I made the call that felt most correct
given the intel available...

At the time.

We know.

With all due respect, Captain,
with 40 men on the ground, I saved 38,

including Master Sergeant Miller
and his convoy.

If Miller had been given the chance,
he would've tried to save all 40.

But you took that option away from him.

When did you do your basic?

Three years ago. Parris Island.

Have you ever experienced
a mass-casualty encounter,

other than from behind your screen?

Have you spent time
in a conflict zone, Harp?

- No, ma'am, but I...
- Thank you, Lieutenant.

Here's your deployment drive.

Captain, this can't be the only option.

They wanted to court-martial you.

- I fought for you.
- What am I gonna tell Olivia?

Tell her you're going on
an all-expenses-paid refresher

in how to make the world a safer place.

- Until when?
- Until you pass the assessment.

And when's that gonna be?

When's that gonna be, sir?

I like you, Harp.

You're precise, efficient.
Brilliant drone pilot.

But you disobeyed a direct order.

Consider yourself lucky today.

Your CO at Camp Nathaniel
is a Captain Leo.

Report to him.

Camp Nathaniel?
That's where the platoon's based.

Keep your head down.
See it as an opportunity

to meet your fellow servicemen.

Let's pray you're a fast learner.


Let's go, guys. Let's get moving!

Straight ahead, straight ahead.

Move it, soldier.
This is your new home, maggots.

Get into three separate lines
to get scanned in.

Pronto! Double-time! Move!

Welcome to Camp Nathaniel.

You'll be seeing a lot of my pretty face.

Get scanned in by the Gumps
and keep it moving.

Your digs are in Sections 2 and 4,
ahead on your left.

Keep it moving, soldier.

Let's go. What are you waiting for?

Come on! Don't be shy.

Look at them straight in the eye.

Do not hesitate.

They smell fear, boys.
Keep it moving, soldiers. Come on!

Hey, eyes on the prize, soldier.
Eyes on the prize. Come on.

Left foot, right foot, keep it going.
Why are you being so slow? Come on!

Excuse me.
Hi, I'm looking for Captain Leo.

- Sorry. I'm looking for Captain Leo.
- Leo?

Oh man. I don't know.
You better talk to Colonel Eckhart.

- He's by the medical tent right there.
- Thank you.

Hey! I am not gonna let my men
be out on inspection here. Move!

Make room. Got another one coming.

Colonel Eckhart?

Lieutenant Harp, sir.

Posted here from Creech Air Force Base.
Looking for Captain Leo.

You must've really fucked up
if they sent you to Leo.

What do you mean, sir?

You don't have permission to speak
until I ask you a question.

You even know why you're here?

- Experientum Auctoriat, sir.
- "Authority of experience."

Don't give it a Latin name, shit.
Explain it to me.

Uh, it's an Ethics Committee dictate, sir.

It proposes UAV pilots would exercise
greater caution if they experienced...

The Ethics Committee is a PR team.

This dictate is a bullshit pass
for pilots who fuck up.

You killed two marines.
You should be in jail.

Someone deemed
the dollar value of your training

to be higher than the lives
of those two men.

If you survive, Air Force keeps a pilot.

You don't, you're a cautionary tale
to all the other fly-by-wire assholes.

- With all due respect, sir...
- I didn't ask you a question, son.

Block 13. Follow the music.

Thank you, Colonel.


…he's not like us.

This is ridiculous.

Can you believe
we have to read all this and file it?


Be quiet!

Remaining charging time
for Gump unit C-45, 20 minutes.

Are you Captain Leo?

Lieutenant Harp, sir.

- My deployment drive, sir.
- Shh!

Lieutenant Thomas Harp.

Tier three UAV pilot,

56,000 flight hours,

99% performance record,
and 99% discipline.

Engaged to Olivia Rose Meyer of Carlsbad.

To be married in Palm Springs.

It's a very nice part of the world.

Did I leave anything out
other than your kills and commendations

or the fact
that you can't appreciate culture,

or you just don't know
when to shut the fuck up?

- No.
- No, Captain.

No, Captain.

Very good.

How many insurgents have you killed, Harp?

- 163.
- Collateral?

My numbers are consistent
with mission goals and flight hours, sir.

Your numbers?

Goddamn, you a cold motherfucker.


Grab that and follow me.

Far too many names
to memorize and recite, sir.

If you could, would you really want to?

I'm aware we kill people, Captain.

If you were aware of that,
you wouldn't be here.

You a quartermaster?

If I were…

Would you be disappointed?

- Why would I be disappointed?
- 'Cause that means you flew 10,000 miles

to sign equipment out of a warehouse.

We all play our part.

The fuck do you think you are?

Some Academy kid?

Daddy pay your way through cadet school
so you could mind your Ps and Qs?

With all due respect,
I put myself through cadet school.



No what, Captain?

No, I'm not a quartermaster.

We have to deliver
these vaccines to a clinic.

Twenty klicks outside the wire.

There's an outbreak of cholera,
and it's spreading fast.

It might be a war zone,
but women and children still get sick.

So you're "hearts and minds," sir?

Yes. I'm hearts and minds.


So, what do you really do?

I chase ghosts.

I'm sorry, what?

MARSOC. Marine Special Operations.

I locate and remove advanced weapons
from insurgents beyond the wire.

And what do you do?
Put them in filing cabinets?

It's the latest
in counter-intel technology.

Beats the hell out
of those Russian hackers.

It's your NDA.

- You can sign it or read all 90 pages.
- Oh. No, sir.

Welcome, Lieutenant.

You ever heard the name Viktor Koval?

Yeah. Heard insurgents say it
on intercepted radio comms.

Forget what you heard in the air.
You're on the ground now, kid.

Viktor Koval is a Krasny warlord.

The Krasny wanna make
the Ukraine a part of Russia.

- Like in the good old days.
- Opposing them

are the Resistance.

They're a militia set up to defend
the independence of the Ukraine.

But the Krasnys are getting stronger
with the full support of Moscow.

It's a war that's got too hot for the UN,

so now we're the assholes
in the middle of it,

in the demilitarized zone.

We're peacekeepers.

We're the only thing stopping these guys
from committing genocide.

You believe that, I have a timeshare
in Florida I want to sell you.

No, we're talking about Viktor Koval,
the Terror of the Balkans.

And nukes.


There's Intel that says
Koval is responsible for the dirty bomb

set off in Kiev,

using Russian uranium.

This motherfucker may be responsible
for 25,000 people's deaths.

My sources tell me he's trying
to get to Systema Perimeter.

Systema Perimeter?

That's Russia's
automated nuclear retaliation system.


Even after Ukraine's independence,

the country still held one-third
of Russia's nuclear arsenal.

Silos scattered across the country
at top-secret locations,

ready to strike anywhere in the world.


But it was shut down like 50 years ago,
after the Cold War.

You believe that?

You really think Russia would dismantle
its one true safeguard against attack?

You telling me
the Russian systems are still functioning?

And Koval…

He's trying to get
to the nukes here in Ukraine?

CIA sources say that
the Kremlin's lost control of Koval.

My informant believes
Koval's gonna make a move for those nukes

in the next 24 hours.

And if all this is true,

imagine what he'll do
if he gets his hands on those silos.

Yeah. A madman with nukes.

A crazy terrorist with nukes.

Downtown Washington,
New York, Paris. Who knows?

What I do know is, there won't be
a pretty little wedding in Palm Springs,

unless you're wearing
factor 500 UV protection.

Now, we deliver
these vaccines to the hospital,

and my informant will
feed us intel on Koval's next plan.

We ride out at dawn.


But that's… now!

Whoa, uh, Captain.

Uh, Sir?

With all due respect, sir,
I think there's been a mistake.

I just got here.

I don't make mistakes, Lieutenant.

No, I don't mean it like that, sir.

Dress, Lieutenant. Double-time.

What's this?

You wear your uniform,
you'll be a standing target.

Thought I'd be guarding the fence, sir.

I don't have any specialist training
as a field agent.

Don't worry.
I'm special enough for both of us.

What the fuck?

What the fuck, Captain.

- You're a...
- Your commanding officer.

Fourth-generation biotech,

and I'm gonna give you
60 seconds to deal with it.

I'm... I'm sorry, what, Captain?

Do you feel as though
you can trust me, Harp?

- I, uh...
- We're about to enter a war zone.

If I continue
to instill shock and distrust,

I'll file your removal papers myself,

and you'll have to deal
with the consequences.


Do you trust me?

Yes, sir.


So, what are you? Like, AI?

Your cell phone's AI. A Gump's AI.

I'm a prototype.
My existence is classified.

You're evading the question, sir.

Ask the right question,
I'll give you the right answer.

Go again?

Okay. What the hell are you?

You want my model number or tech specs?

Both are classified.


Oh, ten-hut!

The fuck are you doing?

Some asshole in Arlington thinks
a vending machine can do a soldier's job.

Aside from that, it's got a fucked rotor.

You want me to take the butt of my gun
and bash your ugly fucking mug in?

No, sir.

Charlie Nine.

Mount up.

This way, Lieutenant.

Only two people have clearance
to know who and what I am.

Colonel Eckhart and you.

Why was I assigned to you?
I'm not qualified to go chasing nukes.

You weren't assigned.

I chose you.

I can't do this alone.
I need eyes on my back.

I needed someone
who could think outside the box.

You got me?

So, we're partners?

Fuck, no.

You're my subordinate.

You respect me like the rest
of your commanding officers.

Don't question my authority,
and we'll get on fine.

Our jeep's over there.

- Captain.
- At ease, soldier.


- Hey, drone boy!
- Come here.

Hey! What the...

Stand down!

You made your point.

You recognize my voice,
you son of a bitch?

They were only 19 years old.

Nothing I say will bring them back.

What are you staring at?

Load up.

Report of hostile activities
in Sector 9.

Eleven miles to the city.

We don't control
any of the area outside the wire.

- The Marines call it...
- "Running the gauntlet."

Because attacks in it are so frequent.


All units be advised.

We are proceeding outside the wire.

Pick up your rifle, Lieutenant.

If they attack,
you're gonna need to shoot back.

Must be nice.

Fight a war, never have to leave home.

When was the last time you saw her?

- Saw who?
- What do you mean "who"?

Olivia Rose Meyer.

Last week.

Last week. Damn.

- You fucking somebody else?
- Get the fuck outta here.

Come on. Look,
I get a sense of arrogance from you.

Guys like you, so dispassionate, so cold,

so into himself.

- Those are the guys that usually wander.
- Yeah? Well, I'm faithful.

- She faithful to you?
- Yeah. She is...

Why am I even
having this conversation?

Fair game, rookie.

I need your head out here,
not thinking about if Olivia's at home

playing "put the beef in my taco"
with her Pilates instructor.

- Her Pilates instructor's a woman.
- Oh, even better!

- She goes both ways. I knew I liked her.
- We're getting married in September.

What do you know about relationships?
Aren't you like three years old?


You got a picture of her?

Come on, man. Pull it out.

Holy shit.

She's a hottie. Congratulations.

- Thank you. She's special.
- Hey!

"My Gummy Bear."
She calls you Gummy Bear?

Aww, my Gummy Bear.

Fucking with you, rookie.

This is Rattlesnake.

We've been moved up to Yellow alert.

So, eyes open. Over.

Look at these poor bastards.
Stuck between us and Koval.

I got a bunch of civilians.
Nine o'clock.

No signs of hostile activity.

Keep your distance.

This is Rattlesnake.

We have reports from base
of aid truck hit. Man down.

Repeat. Aid truck hit.

Road to encampment blocked.

Suspected militia attack.

Get your rifle up.

Proceed with caution.

Execute to follow. Over.

All units prepare to exit the vehicle.
Hostiles in the area.

Stay frosty.

Listen, put the Gumps out.
Form a perimeter

in front of the convoy.

- Get ready, kid.
- All units on the ground.

Defense formation.

Let's keep it calm.
Let's keep it clean.

Gumps out now!

- All Marines, defense formation.
- What the fuck's going on?

Defense formation.

Stay calm.

Stay calm. Nobody do shit.

The fuck?

I said hold fire, goddammit!

Goddamn Gumps pre-empted.
Charlie Nine, hold fire!

Drop the rifle now!


All of you guys, come on!

Let's go.

Put your weapons down!

- Don't you understand?
- Step away! Back!

Captain, just a sec, sir. Sir?


- Sir...
- All right, Harp. Take it easy.

Stand down!

Stand down!
Put your weapons down.

- Put 'em down!
- Tell your men to put their guns down.

Captain, fall back.

Stay calm.

Step away from those Marines!

Goddammit! Tell your men
to lower their weapons now!

That's an order!

- Sarge?
- Lower your weapons.

- Come on...
- Lower your goddamn weapons!

That's an order.



All right.

All right.

Okay, all right.

All right.

Okay, calm down.

All right. I'm unarmed.

Tell your men to put their guns down.

Come on.

You gotta move this truck,
we gotta get our men out of here.

What do you want?

We don't want to fight.
You understand?


- What the fuck?
- What's he doing?

Shh. Shut up.

All right.

Master Sergeant.

Get your men off the street.
Let's get that truck moved.

- Fuck, yeah.
- Copy that.

- I'm sorry.
- Relax!

- Go get those Marines.
- What did you say to him?

Said we had to get vaccines through.

- Is that all it took?
- No, I gave him the aid truck.

They had weapons, though.
They weren't after food.

- They were militia.
- Easy.

They can't be both?

It's our job to identify, neutralize.

It's our job to stay alive
long enough to get our intel

and focus on the bigger picture.

- We gotta get to the clinic.
- Keep your eyes open.

- He's gone.
- Check right.

- I got left.
- Right.

Easy, easy.

Nice and slow.

Just like that. We all go...

For Viktor Koval!

- Krasnys! Nine o'clock!
- Take cover!

Get down!


Fuck! Krasnys, three o'clock.

Take cover!

Try and concentrate fire on the building.
Flush them out into the open.

Got 'em! Stand down!

Cover me!


Go inside!

Stay down!

All right. Fire team…

Suppressing fire.

Suppressing fire. Goddammit!



- Who's hit? Who's hit?
- Medic!


Harp! Goddammit!


Get the gear!

We gotta make it to our contact!

Miller! Shit. Gyah!

We're gonna go ahead on foot!

Copy! We'll take care of this shitshow.

- You get that vaccine delivered.
- Okay.

One, two, go!

Cover fire!

What the fuck?

That was Koval's men attacking us?

Yeah, they hit the supply truck
and waited for the locals to go for food.

Koval's getting closer.
Popping up like a game of whack-a-mole.

Lose the helmet.

Makes you look aggressive.
Trying to cultivate trust.

Keep your gun in the holster.
It might just keep you alive.

Got you.

Miller doesn't know
about our real mission?

What about the colonel?

Eckhart thinks you can manage
this conflict from behind a fence.

War is ugly.

Sometimes you gotta get dirty
to see any real change.

He doesn't like you, you know.


…I feel more than he does.

That gut feeling?


Feeling's all I got, rookie.

Acute sensory perception.

- What? Can you feel pain?
- Of course I can.

I couldn't empathize with you if I didn't.
Like now, what do you feel?

Shit-scared and confused.

That's good.
That means you're here and alive.

Do you ever wonder
why I look like this, Harp?


Chiseled cheekbones?


Why would the Pentagon pick my face
to represent the United States Marines?

Why wouldn't they make me
a blond-haired, blue-eyed,

all-American varsity peckerwood?

Didn't wanna ask.
Thought it might be robotist.


My sleeve might say US,
but my face conveys neutrality.

Makes people calm.

Let's keep moving.

Our contact is waiting for us.

- That's the Damsk encampment, huh?
- It is.

A refugee shelter run by the Resistance.


I've seen it from the air.

They're good people, Harp.

Trust is hard-earned.

Find out what they need
and give it to them.

Most of 'em just wanna live.

You manipulate people?

It's called compassion.

If Koval finds the nukes,
it's the end of the world as we know it.

Let's keep moving.

Hey. Doc.


Bring the other supplies.

I'm in position.


Do you have
the incendiary rounds?

Kill him. Kill them both.

- Harp!
- Yeah?


Who are you?

Who are you?

Fuck yourself, American pig!

I can do this all day.


What do you know about Viktor Koval?

- Give him to us, Americans.
- Tell me!

I hit you in your subclavian artery.
You're gonna bleed out.

So, where were we?

Come on. Tell me!

Or do you wanna spend
your final few moments

with my friends here?

Suit yourself.


Cap, he's still alive.

Not for long.

He's a fanatic.

It always ends the same.

Welcome to the war, kid.

Hey! What the fuck?

- You gotta call this in.
- Nothing to call in yet.

What are you talking about?
We got insurgents. We got a sniper.

That's enough to get command to listen,
to commit a fucking task force...

All we have is enough for command
to hold us up in bureaucracy three days

while they consider
if Perimeter's even a conversation.

We don't have that kind of time.

If their spies and snipers are here,
that means Koval isn't that far behind.

You said we'd deliver
the vaccines to get intel on Koval.

Where the fuck are we going?

I didn't say the intel was at the clinic.

This is a live-fire scenario, son.
Think you can handle it?

Tell me what you're hiding.

I'll walk back to base,
tell 'em you went rogue.

Did your motherboard freeze?

Stop staring at me like that.
Did your motherboard freeze?

Say something!

Why are you such
a pain in my motherfucking ass?

Get in the fucking truck.

- Who programmed you to curse so much?
- Nobody.

I respond to the asshole
that's in front of me.

- Now get in the fucking truck!
- No.

I'm not getting in there.



How long do you think
you'll survive out here on your own?

You were right to fire.

It was a launcher.

You killed two marines but saved 38.

They should've put
a fucking medal on your chest.

I did the right thing.

You mean you stepped outside your box,
and they had to put you back?

- Is that why you think you're here?
- I broke chain of command.

What about you? What's your mandate?

Shit, I'm no expert, but this seems
beyond protocol for a r...

…whatever you are.

Shake my hand.

What do you feel?

A hand. Soft tissue and heat...


Grab my arm.

What do you feel?

Cold. Steel.


I'm not a man, Lieutenant.

I was created to simulate one

to the exact necessity to do my damn job.

I'm a combat soldier.

But I also have the ability to break
the rules in certain circumstances.

- Just like you.
- What kind of circumstances?

In extreme situations, I have
the ability to act of my own volition.

And is this an extreme situation?

Ask me what you really wanna ask.

How come you're so like us?



So, you equate humanity with emotion?

I equate it with fault.

People are stupid,

habitual, and lazy.

Their emotions lead to mistakes.

Maybe humans aren't
emotional enough, Lieutenant.

Stay close, keep your mouth shut,
and pay attention.

Wait here.

Hey, can I play?

These are your informants?

You finally found a friend.

Pleasure to meet you. Lieutenant Harp.

So formal.
You'll be calling me ma'am next.

I hear you had some trouble in Damsk.

The vaccines were delivered.

Let's go, rookie.


I've done everything
you asked me to do, Sofiya.

I'm gonna need you
to level with me, please.

Come on.

Tell me what you know.

In front of him?

You can trust him.

- She can trust you. Right, Harp?
- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, you can trust me.

The violence at the hospital…

It was definitely a Krasny spy?

As Krasny as it gets.


I think Koval's one step away
from operating the silos.

What? How'd you know that?

The nuclear missiles can only be operated
by highly classified access codes.

When the Cold War ended,
an FSK agent got hold of those codes

and hid them in a vault.

Somewhere this side of the city.

Why would he do that?

The agent figured
the codes would fetch a price.

- And Koval met that price.
- I think so.

If he knows where the silos are,
and he gets those codes,

he'll have access to nukes.

- Tell me where those codes are.
- I don't know.

If we did,
we'd have gotten to them already.

Well, tell me who might know.

Come on.


to break into a vault, the Krasny
would need to buy hardware here,

as they wouldn't be able to smuggle it
or get it through our lines.

What? Black market?

There's only one arsehole
with access to the weapons they'd need

who wouldn't think twice
about betraying us.

He's an arms dealer called Varyk Oshlak.

If they went to him,
he might know where it's located.

Can you take us to him?

You'll need weapons of your own.

What's all this?

Sadly, no discounts for the US.

What? Hold up.
You're buying weapons from her?

How do you think I pay for this orphanage?

You know these are illegal weapons, right?

You gonna arrest me, Lieutenant?


- You have to do this for us.
- I know. I will.

- What about him?
- He'll be fine.

It's his first day outside the wire.

His first day?

He's a drone pilot.

How does it feel
to see your work up close?

My work?

Yeah. Most of these kids
weren't orphaned by the civil war.

Your bombs destroyed their homes.

Hey, guys, we gotta get going.
Get in the car.

You sure about this?

That's his car. He's here.

Hungry cowboy.

I'm looking for Oshlak.

He's not here.

Are you Oshlak?


Where's Viktor Koval?


You wanna try that again,
or should I fuck you up a little?

Okay, okay.

Hey, Sofiya.

I haven't seen you for long.

I can see how much you missed me.

Stop. I'll tell you whatever you want.

Did you sell weapons
to a Krasny unit this morning?

Ten men. They took delivery one hour ago.

Details, piece of shit.
What did you sell them?


Russian Gumps?

Where's the vault?

- Well, I'm a dead man if...
- Either I kill you or Koval kills you,

but I'm much closer right now.

- Dnipro Investment.
- Passazryski street.

Let's go.

- What about him?
- Sofiya, no!


Guess he won't be needing his car.

I'm going to kill you!

Be careful.

I will.


Come on! Let's go.

- Fastest way to Passazryski street?
- Head north, take Magistral.

You know the streets by memory?

- Like a fucking cab driver.
- Like a fucking drone pilot.

We can't go up against Koval alone.
We gotta call in for backup.

Come on, Harp.
What's wrong? You scared?

At what point does your program shut down?

- At what point are you violating orders?
- That's why you're here.

Our intel investigation into the Perimeter
is not just cold. It was aborted.

I'm sorry, what?

An intel officer like you
can follow an aborted line,

and it's considered a hunch.
If I do it, it's a fault.

Intel would take me offline,
leaving Koval to win.

What about your internal systems?
At what point do you cross the line?

When you're no longer with me.

I requested your deployment
because I need your help.

That means this whole shitty time,
I'm the one breaking orders?

I'll go to jail! I can't do this shit.

- Tell me to stop the car.
- You'll stop?

Tell me to stop the car!

We're the only ones searching for him.

But if you don't think
it's worth your time, call it in,

they'll shut me down,
and you can fucking walk!

Okay, let me… Let me think.

- You still thinking?
- Yes!

All I'm saying is, calling in for backup
might not be such a bad idea.

That's all I'm saying.

Here we go.
Keep your eyes open, kid.

There's something I need you to do for me.

Are you sure about this?

The Russians have
the capability to detect the signal.

- They put your tracker on your back?
- Cut it out.

- Does it hurt?
- Of course it fucking hurts.


I think I got it.

This means we're partners now?

Take it out.

Give it here.

Patch it.




Let's go.


No matter what happens,
Koval can't leave with those codes.

- You ready?
- Yeah.


Clock my six, Gummy Bear.

Got you.


Fuck. Shit.

Call Eckhart.

Tell him Koval's in the building.

Wait! Wait.

You stupid fuck!

My bad.

Where's the vault?

Get them out of here!

- Alone?
- Now!


It's okay. I'm here. You're safe now.

Harp! Move!

Be right back.


The fuck are you doing, Harp?


Harp! Give me your grenade!



- Cap!
- Call Eckhart! I'mma get Koval!

Fuck. Okay.

Come on, come on.

What fucking bank?

On Passazryski street.
Koval's here. He's going after the codes.

Leo's gone after him.

- Look, sir...
- All right, stop! Stop!

You're not making any sense.
Koval's where?

Of course
I don't make any fucking sense.

Hey! You, go. Go, go.

Go! Go!

- Harp!
- Uh…

Dnipro Investment!

Pull it up.

We found Koval. He's here.

It's a hostage situation.

Krasnys everywhere,
and fucking Russian Gumps.

We need to call in the Marines.

Get me eyes on the ground.

Okay, go! Go!

Go, go, go, go!

That's it.

Good job, Harp.

Fuck! Shit!

Drop your weapons.
Or she will die.


Take it easy, okay?
No one else has to get hurt.

Drop your weapons!

It's okay.

The Marines are coming.
I'm sure we can work this out.


Shit. Don't pre-empt, please.

Okay, easy.

Why don't you let them go, huh?

Easy, easy, hey!

Let them go!

No one else has to get hurt.

- Put it down.
- Okay, fine.

- Come on!
- Look, it's all gonna be okay.



Hey, come on. Come on!

Hey! Hey, you! Come on.

Oh, no! Fuck!


Move! Come on!

Come on!

Come on! Okay.

Back door, okay?

Back door.

Come on.

- Go for Eckhart.
- Gumps are firing on civilians.

- No one in command. Where are the Marines?
- They're not coming.

What are you still doing there?

We're about to take out Koval.
You need to move your ass now.

Take out?

You sent a drone?

ETA to target,
T-minus two minutes.

Unless you wanna be that cautionary tale,
you better move your ass, son.

There's civilians on the ground,
sir, and Leo's still in there.

Captain Leo's collateral.

They're all collateral.

Please, no...

ETA to target, T-minus one minute.

Hey! You gotta go inside now. Come on!

Come on, come on.



Weapons are hot.

Target locked.

Come on. Come on!

We're gonna go in there, okay?
Okay. You ready?

Let's go.

Fuck. Get down, get down!

Target destroyed.


Are we okay?


Stay here.


They're all dead.

I tried to save 'em, you know.

I tried to save 'em.

Now you see your work first-hand.

- Goddamn, you a cold motherfucker.
- I'm aware we kill people, Captain.


I don't wanna die down here!

They were only 19 years old.

Good job, Harp.

Did you get the codes?

The codes. Did you…

I got 'em.

Great, let's call it in.

What the fuck are you up to, Leo? Hmm?

I see you, you know.

You brought me here.

A drone pilot
with a history of gross disobedience,

punished and humiliated,
and with nobody to believe anything I say

unless you back it up, so tell me
what the fuck am I doing here,

and what are you using me for?

Sounds like you don't trust me, Harp.

That makes me upset.

You weren't assigned, Harp.

I chose you. I needed someone
who could think outside the box.

Leo, I'm ordering you
to return us back to base immediately

or be in breach of your moral directives.

And the fact that I can act
of my own volition scares you.

No, you need me to validate you.

Oh, come on! Here we go.

Who validates you?

You follow me, I follow you.

It's kinda like
a paradox of command, isn't it?

- I'm ordering you to stop the fucking car.
- Or what?

My backup system allows me
to relinquish the need for human authority

if said person is exhibiting
improper or impaired judgment.

You, my friend,

have exercised improper,
impaired judgment throughout this mission…

- Do you trust me?
- Yes, sir.

…including the removal
of one fail-safe device.

A what? You told me that was your tracker.

You disabled US military hardware.

Thanks to your air strike back there…

Tell him Koval's in the building.

…Eckhart thinks I'm destroyed.


War is ugly.

Sometimes you gotta get dirty
to see any real change.

Hey, hey! Don't grow balls now.

Put it down.

There you go.

You owe me more than this, man.

Nah, kid.

I just saved your fucking life.


Can't fucking breathe in here.

I can't fucking breathe in here!

The boss is coming! Be quiet.

What the fuck is that?

Sodium pentothal.

It's truth serum.
You'll tell us all we need to know.

The boss?

Jesus Christ.

- Are you the leader of the Resistance?
- Are you our enemy?

No. No, I'm not your fucking enemy.

I-I don't have any information.

It wasn't pentothal.
It was antibiotic for your wounds.

Right. Awesome joke.

Hilarious, comical, very fucking funny.

Can you untie me now?

- Not until I know you're no threat.
- I'm not a threat. Leo is.

- I think he's going after Perimeter.
- No, he's going for Koval.

- Then he's going for Perimeter.
- Koval's dead.

- He died in the bank strike.
- He wasn't there.

He's still very much alive.

Leo's going to take control of
the nuclear missiles for the Resistance.

For us.

I told you I'd get the codes, Viktor.

General Koval.

Why would you try to kill me?

Oh, Leo…

I took insurance.

I am your insurance.

You have the codes?

Give them.

What's stopping me
from killing you and taking it?

You honestly think
I would have them with me, Viktor?

I'm not an idiot.

That would make me human.

That's what he told you.

- We trust in Leo.
- You trust in Leo?

He's more likely to take control
of the nukes himself, and he used you.

- He told you that?
- Not in so many words.

I don't know exactly why he's doing it,
but you can't trust him.

He's a machine, Sofiya.

What do you want?

I want the location of Perimeter.

What do I get in return?

I'll let you live.

I didn't know your kind
had such a sense of humor.

It's incredible
what man is able to create.

I think I know Leo
better than you, Lieutenant Harp.

You see, Leo, he can't lie to himself.

He can't pretend
there's virtue in an immoral act.

That's why he's gone rogue.

- He's learned who the real enemy is.
- The real enemy. Who? The US military?

They rationalize this war
because it serves their fucking agenda.

This is a peacekeeping mission.


Russia wants its former territories back.

The US wants to destabilize Russia
by extending conflict in those countries.

We are the ones
who want fucking peace, Lieutenant Harp.

And if Leo's rogue operation
makes sure you leave us in peace,

if your war machine turns against you,
well then, why should I fucking care?

A crazy terrorist with nukes.

Downtown Washington, New York…

Who knows?

He's gonna launch
a nuclear strike on the US.

Innocent people will die.

Aren't they just collateral?

Or not when it's American lives.

It's not collateral. It's mass murder.
You can't let him do this.

What will you do with so much power?

That's between me and my creator.


What would you do with it, Viktor?

I will guarantee world peace.

- I knew you would say that.
- Well, yeah. Can you say the same?

We'll see.

Now we have a deal.

I take Perimeter.

Then I dictate.

Let's forget what happened.

We can be good allies
in the worst to come.

Don't make me have to ruin
this marvel of American technology.

Viktor Koval,

the Terror of the Balkans.

My man,

what makes you think
that you're still calling shots?

You should have never tried to kill me.

How many people will die?

How many people will die, Sofiya?

Can't answer it, can you?

Enough to teach Americans
about collateral damage.

You're on your own.


Go home. It's over.

Spasiba, Viktor.


Stay where you are!

I said, stay where you are!

Down on the ground!

Dismissed. At ease.

What the hell's going on?

Sergeant Miller has been briefed
on Operation Leo. Go ahead.

Leo's alive, sir.

He's gone AWOL.


I appreciate
that you had a rough time out there.

Captain Leo was destroyed.
We lost his signal immediately.

He lost his signal
'cause I removed his fail-safe.

You did what?

I know I fucked up, okay?
But, sir, you've gotta listen to me.

Leo has the codes,
and he's going after the silos.

He's on his way to Koval.

You said Koval was at the bank.

- He's dead.
- Leo tricked me. Koval was never there.

Wanted me to call in the drone strike
so it would appear he'd been destroyed.

You could've turned back,
he would've been forced to comply.

Leo's smarter than we are. He's stronger,
faster, and he can be very persuasive.

This Viktor Koval Perimeter stuff,
it's all bullshit!

Anything to it,
Intel would've made it priority.

- I am the fucking Intel!
- Sit down!

I saw the heist, sir.

I was eyes on the ground.

Perimeter's real, sir.

- And Leo's going after it.
- I thought Koval was.

Leo's playing the Krasnys
and the Resistance against each other.

They all have the same goal.

Nuke the US mainland.

-But Leo is calling the shots.

Impossible. He can't...

He can! He put a gun to my head and said
something about a paradox of command.

Me using my judgment
triggered his fail-safe directive

to relinquish his need
to follow human authority.

Jesus Christ.

- How do you know he's gonna meet Koval?
- It's a long fucking story.

Sir, we don't have time for this, okay?

- We've gotta find him fast.
- How?

Hmm? You made that practically impossible,

How's he getting around?

Oshlak's car.

Who the fuck is Oshlak?

Arms dealer.
We've been tracking him for months.

It'll take us hours to go through Central.

Do you have a phone?

Corporal Bale.

Bale, it's Harp.

- Harp?
- I need your help fast.

- What's going on?
- I'll explain later

for now, trust me, okay?



- Okay.
- Help me.


Okay. Do we have any surveillance drones
out in the Snovski District

along the Russian border?

Let me see.

- Got a Global Hawk Asset in the area.
- Okay. I need information

on a black Escalade, registration 1209.

- Heading east at high-speed.
- Roger that.

Is this what you're looking for?

Yes, that's him. Okay, okay. Stay on him.

Copy that.

Don't lose him, Bale.

He's in disputed territory
on the Russian border.

I can't send forces over unverified intel.
I will start a war with the Russians.

You don't have to, sir.

I'll go.

Harp, you said it yourself.

He's stronger, faster, smarter.

- Once I find him, I'll call it in.
- And then what?

Can we drone strike the silos
without detonating the warheads?

It'll take out the command center
and disarm the missiles.

What if you don't get to him?

Then deny we had this conversation
and pray I'm wrong about his plans.

Clock's ticking, Colonel.

I fucked up, sir.

Let me do the right thing.

Incendiary rounds.
Designed to go through armored vehicles.

- Those are gonna hurt.
- Might up your chances against Leo.

- Yeah.
- Your vehicle's ready.

GPS is connected to the Global Hawk.

You should be good to go.


Look, Miller, appreciate your support.

- I hope I never see you again after this.
- Yeah. I'll try not to disappoint you.

Good luck.

Harp, we've lost visuals of target.

Copy that.
So where the fuck am I going?

Come on, Bale.

Sending last coordinates now.


You're right at the Russian border.
Be careful.

I want cast-iron confirmation

that we are taking out our operative,
and our operative only. Do you copy?

Copy that, sir.


Eckhart, come in.

Give me a second. Patching through.

Harp, according to your tracker,
you're in the Dastriz Complex.

Been fucking flying
over that place for years.

Do you have visual on Captain Leo

or the Perimeter missiles? Over.

- Negative, sir.
- Copy that.

Drone is in position.

Your confirmation brings the rain.


What the fuck are you doing here, rookie?

The war is fucking bullshit,
but setting off those nukes

- won't solve anything!
- Says the man that killed two to save 38.

- And you'll kill a million.
- And I'll save a hundred million.

We're picking up
significant heat readings.


I see it, Bale. Stand by.

Alpha Three, come in.

Harp, drone is in position to strike.

I need a sit-report. Over.

Harp, I repeat.
Drone in position to strike.

I need a sit-report now.

Designed to go through armored vehicles.

Hey, Leo!

Try this.

That hurt, rookie.

Okay. How do you switch it off?

How the fuck do you switch it off?

Go home.

Go home to Olivia Rose Meyer.

How the fuck do you switch it off?

You can't.

Harp, this is Eckhart.
Can you confirm eyes on Leo? Over.

- Why the fuck are you doing this, Leo?
- Harp, do you copy?

Remove the humanity, increase the fight.


Machine versus machine.

The world's first use
of a fully autonomous cyborg backfires.

What are you saying you want?
You want them to shut the program down?

For a long, long time.


No, no,
it's never that simple with you, Leo.

You've been lying this whole time,
why the fuck would I believe you anyway?

Believe what you want, but this…

…this is the motherfucking truth.

I have to destroy the monster.

Destroy myself.

My creator.

The US.

They need to understand
that these wars must end,

and I am the face of never-ending war.

Millions will die, Leo.

Get the hell outta here.

How about we do it my way?

This is Lieutenant Harp.

Confirming eyes on Leo.

- Over.
- Confirmed.

Positive ID. Preparing to engage.

Weapons are hot.

Target locked.

You just tell us
when to hit that red button, Harp.

Jesus Christ! Better move your ass.

Harp, do you copy?

Don't do it.


You know this makes sense.

It's the greater good.

You, of all people,
should understand that.


The missiles have range to the US.

- We've got to pull the trigger.
- Sir?

For fuck's sake.

The drone strike is imminent.
Clear out of there, Alpha Three.


You're wrong.

Humans can learn to do better.

That is the greater good, Leo.

Harp, goddammit, do you copy?


DA1 off the rail in 30.

I need you to move your ass now.

Please, don't be in there, Harp.

Weapon's away.

Target destroyed.

Missile disarmed.

- Good job, everybody! Well done.
- All right!

Alpha Three, come in.

Harp, this is Eckhart. Do you copy?

Alpha Three, come in.

Come on, kid.

Eckhart, come in.

This is Lieutenant Harp.

Mission complete.

Returning back to base.


Copy that.

Great job, kid.

You just saved the world.

Harp, you should be proud, son.

I already spoke to your captain, Brydon.

You're going home.

Thank you, sir.