Outside the Wall (1950) - full transcript

Larry Nelson, paroled from prison after serving nearly half of his thirty-year sentence, is determined to not fall into the clutches of the law again, and takes a quiet job at a country sanitarium. Thete, he meets and falls for a nurse, Charlotte Maynard, and he knows the only way to enter her web is to have a lot of money, for Miss Maynard is somewhat of a gold-digger. There is a $1,000,000 robbery of an armored car, and one of the robbery gang turns up at the sanitarium. So Nelson works a money-making, shady deal with an inmate, but soon finds himself a clay pigeon for other members of the gang. Meanwhile,sweet-and-wholesome nurse, Ann Taylor, is doing her best to make Larry see he needs to take another direction.

This is Philadelphia, city of brotherly
love, where the Continental Congress

signed the Declaration of Independence
on July 4th, 1776.

This is Philadelphia seen from
a vantage point

which few Philadelphians care to visit.

But just forty five years after the
birth of American freedom,

the founding fathers of
the city chose a site

in a district known as Cherry Hill,

And there they built a prison modeled
on the lines of a medieval fortress.

Its grim walls have stood since 1821.

Within them, many men have paid
the price of crime.

Its records are rich
with strange stories,

but none more strange
than the one we are about to tell.

- Mr. Paul.
- Yes?

The warden wants the 3725.


The warden wants you, Larry.
What goes on?

He's probably gonna give me
the weekend in town.

Get a lawyer in Philadelphia
and good luck.

Hi, Larry.

- Where are you staying in?
- Warden's office.

Good bye, baby.

- What's he gonna get, Max?
- Weekend in town.

- Bring me a couple of pints, Larry.
- Bring me a couple of tomatoes.

Me too, brother,
how I miss my vegetables!

- 3725
- Okay.

- How are you, Larry?
- Okay, Sir.

Sit down. I've got some news for you.

Your petition to the Pardon Board
has been acted on... favorably.

I can't tell you when you're
gonna get out of here.

But just as soon as the pardon
comes down from Harrisburg,

you'll be released.

You mean... I mean they're really
gonna turn me loose?

Don't you want to go?

Yes, sir.

Just... it's kind of a shock having
to leave home after all these years.

None of my family are living.
I don't know a soul on the outside.

I don't even know yet
what I'm going to do.

You will adjust yourself in time.


Thank you, sir.

That's all, Larry.

Yes, sir.

- Hey, Larry.
- Yes, Perkins.

What's on your mind?

I hear you're going out soon.

How long have you been inside?

Fifteen years.
I was 14 when I came here.

I beat up a guard at the Reformatory
and he died.

It was an accident.

What's it like out there?

The only thing I know is the sound

keeps getting louder every year.

Yeah. That's the traffic.

Freezes the guts in a guy who is
just fresh outta stir.

Why, these fellows, slap-happy jerks,
seem they'll begin to kill.

All things have stepped up considerably,
so this is a solid new way.

Everybody's got the jitters.
A buck ain't worth a buck anymore.

I haven't touched a buck for so long,
I wouldn't know what it felt like.

Still feels good.

I'm like a guy with spotted wings
crazy to try 'em.

I'm scared stiff.

Some guys get so stir-bugs...
I can't stand it.

They wanna come back in here.

Can't all be bad outside.

Oh, tell the world it ain't.

Hey look, you know anything
about dames?

Only what I've heard.

Oh, you have you got a lot to learn.

There ain't nothing in all the world
like a dame.

They can be sweet and wonderful

and they can tear your heart out.

Somewhere there's a right one
for every guy.

Sure it's tough finding her.

You've been born all over again, kid.

Only this time you're a man.

I'm getting kinda sleepy.

You have six hundred and seventy two
dollars and fifty cents on the books.

- Is that right?
- That's right.

Quite a bankroll.

Well, it took me 15 years to earn it.

So long, Nelson.
Don't come back.

Not if I can help it.

This will introduce you to Dr. Fletcher
at the Philadelphia General Hospital.

You've had a good training here, Larry.

Now I asked him to put you to work as
assistant on the hospital laboratory.

Will he know I'm a con, sir?

That'll be all right with Fletcher,
but be sure to place this in his hands.

I get it, sir.


It's gonna seem like a new world
you're going back to, Larry.

For a good many years your living
has been regimented

every move thought out in advance.

But when you go through these gates,
you're on your own.

It's your life, my boy.

Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, good pushing!

What's that?

Come on.

Give back! Give him a little of that!

Well done!
Give him a little of that!

Hey, don't you know better
than cross against the signal?

Oh, a con, eh?
That cap is a dead giveaway.

Go ahead, fella.

Here we go!

Here we go!

What do you wanna do?
Spoil us the game?

Mind your own business,
you big drip!

What'll you have brother?


Pull a pop.

You want a straw with it?


You look lost.

So am I.

Buying the lady a drink, mister?


What's that you got?

Soda pop.

Why you don't pour us a chaser?

To you, good-looker.

What's the matter?

First time I've ever tasted it.

Hey, you on the level with that line?

Where you've been all your life?

I've been away.

Oh, a stranger in town.

Drink up fella and let's live a little.

You hurt me!

That's what you wanted.

What you think I wanted?

A filthy flat some place with kids
and clothes to scrub?

You dumb cluck!
What hick town do you come from?

I just got out of the pen.
Fifteen years for murder.

The only thing I know
about women

is what I learn from thieves,
kidnappers and murderers.

They told me about your kind,
but I didn't wanna believe them.

Go on, get out of here!

Is it something I can do for you?

I... I'd like to see Dr. Fletcher.

Oh, I'm so sorry, the doctor's
out of town today,

but if you'll come back tomorrow...

I have a letter for him.

Wouldn't you like to leave
your letter here?

I'll see that he gets it.

I... I was told to put the letter
in Dr. Fletcher's hands.

If you tell me what it's about,
maybe I can help you.

It's about a job.

Then, I suggest that you go
to our Employment Bureau

and save time by filing
your application.


Yes, they'll need a record
of your experience and background.

- Shall I tell them you are coming?
- No, no... I...

I think I'd better come back
some other time.

Thank you.

Hey, is this fish fresh?

Sure it's fresh, you can smell it.

- You're telling me!
- A joker.

Two cheeseburgers on rye, well.

Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, nut burgers,
so many burgers I've gotta think of.

What's the matter with you?
You're taking a wov or something?


Then why don't you get wild?

Larry, you like it here,
don't you, huh?

Of course I like it.

Well, you know,
dishwashers never stay very long.

You're the first guy since I hit this
town that didn't try to shove me around.

Well, Larry I like to do my people like
I like to have them do by me.

It's expensive sometimes,
but it pays.

You know, I remember the time...

- A bowl of chili.
- A bowl of chili.

Good night.

Well, Bertie, another week.
Here's your money.

You gotta take out
for them dishes I broke.

This is a tip, goodwill comes high.

If that's the case, how about a raise?

Sometimes it comes a little too high.

A little late, fellas,
Sorry the place is closed.

That's what you think.
This is a stick-up.

No, no, wait a minute now...

One squawk outta you
and you'll get hurt.

Hold it fella,
or you'll stop a slug.

Larry, do what he tells you to do.

You... you mustn't interfere
with a stick up playing dumb.

He won't interfere,
he won't live that long.

Look, I've seen a lot
of your kind of guys,

listened to them spill their guts
and they were all scared,

just like you're scared now.

This is a good man. Why don't you
get out and leave him alone?

Please, please, don't get mad
about him.

He's a strange sort of a fella,
maybe he don't understand.

Oh, shut up you, old goat!

Larry, where are you going?

Gonna find a place like the one
I guess came from.

Must gotta peace there,
There's none outside.


- Dr. Stone?
- That's me.

I'm Larry Nelson. They send me down
from the main office.

If it's all right with you,
I'm your new lab assistant.

Uh... have any experience?

- About five years.
- Well that's more than I expected.

Make yourself comfortable, boy.

Well, Larry, they title this job
"lab assistant",

but actually it's a combination
of errand boy, janitor,

nursemaid to guinea pigs
and all-around factotum.

It pays cigarette money, room, board
and no advancement. Need it that much?


We treat TB patients at Jewel Lake,
active and convalescent.

It's an ideal location because
nothing exciting ever happens here.

My last assistant couldn't take it.

I can take it.

Sit down, sit down.

Say when.

Oh, no, none for me sir.
I never touch it.

I thought the younger generation
started at birth.

Okay, Larry.

I'll send you up to Dr. Duval
for a physical.

After that, go to
the supervisor's office

and have your quarters
assigned to you.

Be here at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Dr. Duval is upstairs
in the administration building.

And, Larry, we're gonna get along fine.

I'm sure we will, sir.

- Say, is it Dr. Duval's office?
- Yes.

Are you Mr. Nelson?

Yeah, yeah, I was sent up here
for a physical.

I know.

- Hmm?
- To the waist.

I'll do the preliminary.

Hurry, please.

Get on the scale.

Over here.

Over here.

Sit down.

Give me your arm.

That's all.
This way, please.

All ready, Dr. Duval.

Well, go on in.

Larry Nelson?

My name is Wormser, Gus,
one of the orderlies.

I bunk right next door.
How are you doing?

- Okay.
- Good.

Storing your gear, huh?

Getting everything shipshape.
That's swell.

I'm glad to see a new face aboard.

The last guy worked for Dr. Stone
with the G. I. and won the war.

Talked too much.

- No, thanks.
- I mean if you got one.

I think so... I...

- Yeah.
- Thanks. Match?

Were you in the war?

No, they wouldn't take me.

I was in the Merchant Marine.
Boy, that's the life. I'm nuts about it.

I'd still be a sailor
if it wasn't for my wife.

- Is she with you?
- Ugh! No!

She's hunting me. I owe her dough.
That's why I'm buried in this hideaway.

- Cigarette?
- No, thanks.


You see, Larry, I've got a complex.

I'm a marrying guy.

I've been married three times already
and every hitch a howling success.

I don't dare turn myself loose.

Okay, I'll get spliced again.

Hey, how about some chow?
They've got a pretty good mess.

Come on, I'll show you where it is.

- Meet any of the nurses, yet?
- Only one.

Here it comes a trim little sloop.

Good lines, a little broad on the
pinion, but okay, have you seen?

- How are you, Florie?
- Well.

Florie is a craft without a skipper.

I try to sign on,
but she wouldn't have me.

She blinked the light to you, boy,
did you get that?

Mmm, not interested.

Don't be too sure. In every guy's life,
a little rain must fall.

- Come to a dull day.
- Uh-uh...

- Hello, miss Prentice.
- Good evening.

Lay off that one, brother,
that's a freighter, strictly for cargo.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Let's tie up alongside these two
luxury liners. How about the gaps?

We're nearly finished.
You're very welcome.

Miss Maynard, miss Taylor,
Larry Nelson, Dr. Stone's new assistant.


I prepared Mr. Nelson for his physical.

Some guys get all the breaks.

I weighed him, took his dimensions,
gave him a Mantoux test.

We're acquainted.

You're practically married.

Sit down, fella.

I... I think I better find
another spot.

Oh, what's the matter?
Don't you like us?

How... how can I tell?

Well, for Pete's sake,
don't strain yourself.

Holy cow, we won't bite you!

Not tonight but will go on,
practicing on these steaks.

You like it here Mr. Nelson?


Ever worked in a lab before?

- Yeah.
- Where?


Larry is a guy of few words.

Perhaps he hasn't many words.

Maybe he's all brawn,
like so many perfect specimens.

What do you mean by that?

That's what Dr. Duval calls you.

The most perfect physical specimen
he's ever examined.

Do you agree with the doctor?

I'm not interested in specimens.
I lean toward brains and good manners.

It's only good manners that keeps me
from busting you right in the nose.


Charlotte, you asked for it.

You're no better than a common thug.

After this when you pick up one of
these characters, keep them to yourself.

You should scrape
the paint off that girl.

She didn't mean it.
Charlotte blows up easily.

Be seeing you.


Are you beginning to fall for that dame?

I'm wondering what she'd do
if I did bust her in the nose.

Somebody said you wanted me.
What can I do for you?

You can do a thing for me.

I want you to help Gus take
this patient to his room.

It's on this floor, number 37.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, come on,
what are you waiting for?

- That's all, Gus.
- Aye, aye, skipper.

Just a minute, please. I want you
to prepare the patient for bed.

- Do you know how?
- Yes, ma'am.

I'll be back
in a little while, Mr. Stoker.

He can see that you make
comfortable for the night.

Be careful.

So Stoker's your new name, huh?

What are you doing here?

I work here.
Been here for a week now.

- On the lam?
- Uh-uh.

I got a pardon.

How come you pick this place?

Oh, I needed a spot.

When they turned me loose,
I was scared.

Went too fast for me in the outside.

I did not react.

Then I arrived on time here.

I can do time.
I feel safe.

I've been reading about you, Jack.

The million-dollar bandit.

It was a 20 grand reward on my head.

You've reading about that too?

I suppose you'd be calling the copper.

If they catch up with me,
I'll burn.

You'll burn, all right,
but I won't be the cause of it.

I've gotta get well and get out
of this place,

if I got a chance, Larry.

You'll get just about the same chance

you gave those three guards
in the armored car.

Just stay back, skid.

That's the same talk
all the croakers give me.

What do you wanna do? Lie here?

Three years ago, when I had you
in the hospital at the pen,

your right lung was spotted
and your left was affected.

What are you beefing about?

How many crooks like you
get a chance to die in bed?

I'm not dying.

I can't die.
I won't.

I've got a million shrouded away.

A lot of good that's gonna do you.

Anything else I can do for you?

Not right now.

Have a good night.



What are you doing?

Just trying to figure things out.

That's a big order.

You stick too close to this place.

I'll admit there isn't much
to do on the evening.

Just to run down to the village.

Have you been there?


I'm on my way there now.

Would you like to take a little ride?

I know it's a reversing vision
of a pickup, but you look so lonesome.

So am I.

Believe me,
my intentions are honorable.

You like to be alone, don't you?

The more I see of this outside,
of the world I mean,

more I realize what a wonderful place
it was meant to be.

Why do people push each other around

and snap and snarl and fight
to get there first?

Oh, is it that bad?
I hadn't noticed.

What are you doing about it?

Just keeping out of the way.

You're ducking here, eh?
Does that fix anything?

Larry, you never know contentment

until you find understanding
the people around you.

Also you've got to make them
understand you.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

I don't think you're trying very hard.

- See that?
- Uh-huh.

You know what it is?


A mockingbird.

It's tough going for him too,
but he does his best.

All night long she sings there hard out

to keep up with mates courage
as she sits upon her eggs.

I don't know anybody's sitting
on eggs and I can't sing.

You know that's the first time
I've heard you laugh?

You ought to try it more often.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to lecture you.

I didn't mind.

I kind of liked it.


Nice try, but I think I'll walk back.

But I don't want you to walk back.

All right, Joe.

It's such a warm night.

Can't we go in for a little while
and have something cool to drink?

My idea is we go dutch.

Well, I... I've got money but I...

Please, we may find
some laughs in here.

Take your order, folks?

Two Horse's Necks.

What's a Horse's Neck?

Ginger ale with lemon peel.

How are you, shipmates?
Stepping out? I'll buy you a drink.

Why, he docked the Queen Mary

Two Horse's Necks.

Wow! Look who is here!

- You know her?
- Sure, how're you, miss Taylor?

- Hello.
- Mr. Nelson, Mr. Chaney.

- A pleasure.
- Hi.

Why don't you come over
to our table?

- No, thanks.
- We're not staying long.

Okay, just tried to be polite.


A character!

Who is Chaney?

Somebody Charlotte met here one night.
I believe he's from New York.

Wouldn't you like to dance?

I've never danced in my life.

I'll show you the steps.

Come on, it will be fun.

Take a chance.

I'm not much good
at this sort of thing, am I?

Just follow me
and you'll be all right.

It's enough.

Hold me a little closer
and it'll be easier.

There, isn't that much better?

Yeah, much better.

How does Nelson come
to date you tonight?

He didn't. I dated him.

Oh, well, was he interesting?

I'm afraid you'd have found it
a dull evening.

You know something?

I don't think he knows
anything about women.

Maybe he needs somebody
to teach him.

They're looking for you,
miss Maynard.

Guess once you said you wanted me.

I don't want you,
but Mr. Stoker does.

- Mr. Stoker?
- Yes, number 37.

Did you know him
before you came here?

I never even heard of the guy

Well, he's been asking for you.

You better go see what he wants.

Yeah, I'd say... I will.

What's on your mind, Stoker?

You're a solid guy, Larry.

You didn't turn me in.

What do you want?

I need your help.

There's nothing I can do
to help you.

I have to have somebody
to work with me into this joint.

So I took a chance on my ex-wife

She is a smart Dame

and she's safe as long
as she collects a grand a week.

But I'm afraid to have her
come here.

She might be followed.

I have to have somebody
to take the money to her.

May collapse your lung.

You'd be pretty sick for a while.
You won't be able to...

Just stop boy, will you?
Think it over, will you?

Your name is Stoker,
I never saw you before.

I don't even know you're here.

- Larry...
- Yes, doctor.

You're a great disappointment.

There's a mistake, sir?

No, that's just the trouble.

When I hide you at starvation wages,

I expected to get a drifter
who would gum up the works.

Instead, you reorganize the lab,
you keep me straight on my notes,

you work like a dog from early morning
to late at night,

I can't get you a raise
and you're breaking my heart.

Get out of here, will you?

Get yourself some sun, buy a beer,
find yourself a girl.

Dr. Duval would like to discuss
number 37 plates with you, doctor.

Oh, would he?

What would he mean?
Okay, so I'll go up and see him.



You're a strange guy.

You know, in this little place everybody
knows everything about everybody else.

Nobody knows anything about you.

There's nothing to know.

How old are you?


Ever been married?


Have a girl?


You must have had plenty.

I never had a girl.

- Stop.
- It's the truth Charlotte.

Rather you've either discovered
a wonderful new line

or else you're a man that every woman
should meet just once in her life.

Would you be my girl?

You're sweet, Larry,
but I'm afraid it wouldn't work.

Why not?

I might get serious about you.

And I can't afford that.

Larry, the men I go with
have cars and money to spend.

- This money is so important?
- It is to me.

You see, all my life I've wanted
nice things and never had them.

Never had money enough.

Don't get enough now.

But when I finish here,
I'll have a nursing background

that'll allow me a job with some
swank doctor in a big town.

With a start like that,
I can do all right by myself.

suppose I had money.

Oh, I suggest an impossibility.

I said suppose I have money.

You've got hands like I have.

You would have much chance
if you really got it.

Al right, suppose you did have it.

Would you go out with me then?

It's an exciting plan.

But I'm too practical to dream.

I'm sorry, Larry.

I don't wanna start
something I can't finish.

Okay, Jack, it's a deal.

Good boy.
Close the blinds.

Give me that leather bag.

There's an even 30 grand here.

This isn't hot stuff.
This is safe.

It'll be the last if I can handle
things for myself.

It's her address in Philly and a note.

She gets a grand a week.

This one will do now.

What if she asks why she gets paid off?

Don't tell her they're gonna operate.

Tell her I'm gonna live, see...

Good enough, Jack.
I'll take care of it.

- Miss Bentner?
- Yes.

- Celia Bentner?
- Yes.

- I'm Larry Nelson.
- Oh, come in, Mr. Nelson.

I'm a friend of your ex-husband,
Jack Bernard.

So you said on the phone.

But I'm afraid
that's no recommendation.

I haven't seen Jack in five years.

if I never see him again,
that will be too soon.

You don't have to play it smart with me.

You recognize this handwriting,
don't you?

So he gave you
a letter of introduction.

I see.

Oh, yes.

Same old scrawl,
a bit more shaky than it used to be.

You do fit the description, though
I must say it hardly does you justice.

Is this all you have
to prove your identity?

Not quite.

I've got this.

Oh, very nice.
Thank you, Mr. Nelson.

- Well, I think I'd better...
- Oh, no...

Sit down.

How long have you known Jack?

Just since he's been
at the sanatorium.


I've never known him
to trust a stranger like this.

Though I must say
I don't blame you.

Is he going to die?

Any TB patient has a chance to recover,
providing he has the proper environment

and the proper frame of mind.

Usually it takes a long time,
it takes courage as well.

He's got the guts,
he'll pull through.

I'll be back next week.

Don't go dashing off like that.
I look forward to seeing you again.

You know, if you and I
could see eye-to-eye,

it might be profitable
for both of us.

You know what I mean?



Did you recognize him?

Yeah, that's the same guy I met
at the tavern at Jewel Lake.

A chump.

You know, I don't go
for that line he gave you.

Jack must have known him
before the sanatorium.

Of course he did.

One of the fellas from the car stick-up
was never identified.

He escaped with Jack when the hideout
was raided and dropped out of sight.

- How do you like it?
- Could be.

Tail him, Red.
Stay with it.

Find out what you can.

...so I said to this guy.
- Oh, blow me down!

Well, what's the matter?

Get a load of my boy.

- Pretty sharp, huh?
- Yes.

Well, where are you going?
To a masquerade?

I got something I wanna show you.
Come on outside.

Not you, Gus.

I'll be right back.

Don't be too sure of that.

Looks like his ship came in.

Maybe he struck oil.

You are on vacation, aren't you?

Well, doc gave me some time off.

- Even got days.
- Got 'em.


- Philadelphia?
- What for?

- For you.
- For me?

This is mine.


Say, what kind of a game is this?

No, I own it.
I've got a bill of sale, see?

Come on, come on, get in.

Uh... You'd better drive.
I'm a little bit rusty.

See, tell me something, why did you
show up here looking like a scarecrow

and take that job in the lab?

What are you, Larry?
A crook?

I'm not a crook.
Nobody's after me.

Well, where did you get the money
for all this?

Or why didn't you use it before?

I just found out what money can buy.

But don't ask me any more questions.
You'll have to take me as I am.

I'll take you.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Yes, wonderful.



It... it is real platinum, isn't it?

It's what the man said.

Real stones too.

Oh, it must have cost a great deal.

It didn't break me.
There's plenty more where that came from.

I've been rotten to you, haven't I?

Just another "this is mine".
Oh, Larry you couldn't understand.

It's just a shiny piece of junk to me,
but... but that's what you want.

Oh, it is, it is, I love it.

Didn't anybody ever tell you that the boy
is supposed to do the kissing,

not the girl?

So they operated on Jack.

Did you know about that?

Of course, I have a way
of keeping myself informed.

Don't you think I have any interest
in the poor sick, darling?

When is he going to die?

I hate to disappoint you but I think
maybe he's gonna beat this rap.

You mean death or the law?

Maybe both.

That remains to be seen.

Oh, you're always in such
a hurry, Mr. Nelson.

Aren't you ready
to talk business yet?

Not with you.

Oh, what a pity!

There he is.

Nelson, you wanna save yourself
a lot of trouble.

You're going to tell us the truth.

We believe you were in
on that armored car holdup,

that you escaped with Jack Bernard
when the gang's hideout was raided

and the rest of the boys were killed.

The loot from the armored car stick-up,

roughly a million dollars,
haven't been recovered.

You expect us to believe
that you don't know where it's hidden?

Go right ahead and believe
whatever you wanna believe.

I don't know anything about it
and I care less.

Has it ever occurred to you that
the sense of touch is an amazing thing?

Apparently, there are delicate nerves
which extend to our fingertips.

For that reason, the tissue under our
fingernails is extremely sensitive.

Have you ever had a splinter
thrust under your nail accidentally?

Do you remember how it felt?

You don't have to prove
anything to us, Nelson.

We know you can't take it.

Don't you think it's a little stupid
when you can stop it

simply by telling us
what we want to know?

Come on, get it over.

No matter how great's your endurance,
every mind has its breaking point.

Hold it.
He's no good to us dead.


Bet you'd show up, Larry.

The nights are endless
and I can't sleep.

What happened to you?

I ran into a little trouble right after
I left Celia's apartment.

Three of her friends
were laying for me.

Couldn't see them well. They held
a light on my eyes when I was there.

Only one of them talked.

Kind of worked on me
with a surgical knife.

I know him.

I thought the payoff
might keep Celia straight,

but she wants it all,

so she crossed me
and hooked up with Garth.

You see what it means, don't you, Larry?
They're getting ready to move in.

What'd you tell them?

What could I tell them? I don't know
any more about it than they do.

See, tell me this, Jack.

Who was your friend that was on the
armored car heist with you,

who escaped when your hideout
was raided?

- His name was Dubois.
- Where is he now?


Caught a slug in the chest
during the raid.

That's who they think I am.

It's gonna be great if the coppers
got the same idea.

Oh, I'd like you clear,
you couldn't die.

We're in this together, Larry.

I've got an idea.

It might be worthwhile for me
to steer clear of you and your pals.

I'm kind of getting used to this outside.

Maybe in time I'll even like it.

Sure you'll like it,
You like it now.

You got yourself a dame.
Mind up.

Dames cost money.

Where are you gonna get it
if you don't get it from me?

Just that, Jack.

Here's what's left of your money.

What I spent I earned...
and I don't want any more of it.

Anything I can do for you now is...
wish you luck.

It's not that easy.

Can you prove where you were
the day of that armored car heist?

I don't think so.

Dubois is at the bottom of a river
where he'll never be found.

All the others were killed in the raid.

I'm the only man alive
who knows who Dubois was.

Your only alibi.

You can't fall out now.
You've gone too far.

I'll take my chances on that.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Larry, what have you been doing
to yourself?

I relaxed and I'm all right.

Got everything I need here?

I know how to use them
better than you.

Sit down.

Sit down, Larry.

My goodness, what a mess!

You in a fight?

Not exactly.

You have a bad bump here.

The scalp is lacerated,
but there's no break indicated.

It is solid ivory.

What'd you do to your hand?

I got caught in a buzzsaw.

Larry, what on earth happened to you?

All right, it's none of my business.

Just forget about it, will you?

Of course.

I haven't seen much of you lately.


But Charlotte has, hasn't she?

I don't blame you,
she's very attractive.

Ann, is it true that all girls
are crazy about money?

No, it isn't true.

It's natural for any girl to want
the most you can get out of life.

When she is in love,
she forgets about such things.

That's a beautiful watch
you gave Charlotte.

She promised me she wouldn't tell
who gave it to her.

She's proud of it.
That's all.

But... should... shouldn't a girl
keep her promise?

Larry, there are all kinds
of women in the world.

You probably know as much
about them as I do.

I didn't have any around where I was.

Knew your mother, didn't you?

I didn't know her very long.

I cut my teeth on life in the streets.

At ten I was one of a dozen
little stinkers around the gang.

Reform schools couldn't hold me.
I broke out of one after the other.

Finally, when I was 15 they buried me
in the toughest joint in the state.

One day I was working
on a high wall.

A guard that hated me
slapped me down.

I hit him, he fell off
and was killed.

I was only kid, but they called it
murder and sent me away for life.

A few months ago they pardoned me,
but I was 15 years away from the world.

I never meant to tell this
to anybody on the outside.

Why I've told you?

It is good for you
to tell somebody.

Well, you'll be all right now.

If you need more help, just call on me.

I'm always around.


Thanks, Ann.

I may not see you after tonight.
I'm getting out of here.

Larry, what are you running away from?

I'm in a jam.

Wouldn't you like to tell me
about it?

I suppose you've read
about Jack Bernard.

He held up an armored car
and got away with a million.

- Yes.
- He's here.

- Here?
- A patient in the sanatorium.

- Did you report it to the police?
- No.

Don't you think you should?

I can't... 'cause another member
of the gang was never identified.

They're hunting him too.

- Larry, you're not...
- No, no, no...

He's dead, but the police
don't know that. Only Bernard knows it.

And if I turn against him,
he'll swear I'm that guy.

- But you can prove that...
- I can't prove anything.

At the time of the holdup
I was tramping along the road.

Bernard is the only man alive
who can clear me.

You've got to go to the police,
you've got!

They wouldn't believe me,
my record alone would convict me.

You don't know what it's like inside.

I used to be afraid of freedom.
Now I can't do without it.


You'll never be free until you learn
to accept your responsibilities.

Good-bye, Ann.

Hi, Charlotte.

- What are you doing here?
- I wanna see Mr. Stoker.


But there's a strict order
he's to have no visitors.

Sure, I know.
That's why I came straight to you.

I've gotta see him tonight.
It's urgent.

Give me ten minutes.

Oh, I wouldn't dare.
Let me call his room.

Who is gonna find out about it?

Do you want me to get fired?

Oh... I got good news for you.

Look, wanna see a pretty picture?

A C-note. That's what it's worth to me
if I talk to him tonight..

Come on, be a smart kid.
What harm can it do?

- But if you excite him...
- Why should I excite him?

I wanna help him get well.

- Ten minutes?
- That's all I need.

When I go, I'll duck out the back way.

What do you want?

If you didn't know,
you're going bye-bye, fellow.

No, wait a minute Red. You can't
taking me out of here, it'll kill me.

You're breaking my heart.

No, no, Red, wait!

A yip out of you and I'll put you
to sleep with a broken jaw.

Larry, what are you doing here?
Where are you going?

- Stoker's room.
- What for?

I wanna talk to him.

But you can't go in now,
he's asleep.

I've got to see him!

You know what you'll get if you insist
on going there. Larry, please...

What's the matter with you?

What happened in there?
Where's Stoker?

I don't know.

Couldn't make it by himself,
not that way.

Who was in here?


Don't give me that,
somebody was in here.

That's why you tried to keep me
out of here just now.

Who was it?

Who was it?

Oh, it's Chaney. He said he was
an old friend of Mr. Stoker's.

I didn't dream he meant any harm,
why should I?



So that's it.

How long have you known that guy?

About a month or six weeks.

And he showed up here about
the same time Stoker was brought in.

Yes, just about.

How well did you know him?
What did he have on you?

Nothing, I went out with him,
that's all.

No nurse in her right mind would do
a thing like you did tonight

unless she was made to do it.

- Did he threaten you with something?
- No.

- He hold a gun on you?
- Of course not.

Then, what did he give you?


Are you trying to say that I take...

Don't waste your breath on lies. I know
you a lot better than you think I do.

What did he give you?
Come on, spill it.

Spill it!

A hundred dollars.

So for a stinking $100,
you throw your patients life away.

Where's Ann?

- Somewhere on this floor, why?
- Go get her.

- What for?
- I said 'get her'!

Ann, Stoker has been kidnapped.


I think I know where he's been taken.

What did he say in that note?

I've only been there once before,
but I'm sure I can find the place again.

I've got to find it.
I've got to keep him alive.

- I need your help, Ann.
- Of course.

Get your car and take this
to the nearest police station.

Tell them to keep it safe.

Tell them to come to a log cottage
in the hills back up there.

It's on the road overlooking a lake.

It's a summer place
closed for the season.

That's all I know.

- Let me do it.
- Go ahead, Ann.

I'll do my best.

Why did you drag her into this?

Because I know I can trust her.

Don't report this until morning
I may have him back before then.

Have a good time
on your hundred bucks.

Hold it, Nelson.
Don't move.

Take it easy. I came here
to make a deal with you, boys.


what have you got
to trade with?

We'll take you to him.

Jack, Jack...

How is he?

I don't know, I've tried everything,
but I can't do marvels.

Perhaps we played a little
too rough with Jack.

Nelson, you know about these things.

See what you think.

He's dead.

It sort of complicates things,
doesn't it?

Not too much,
we still have you.

- Where's everybody?
- Upstairs.

Nelson's here.

That's swell.
Come on, get up there.

- Got anything out of Jack?
- Not a word. He's dead.


Who is this?
Why did you bring her here?

Wait a minute, wait.

After you guys got away,

I saw Nelson find a note that Jack
had hidden in a picture frame.

Then he sent for this nurse,
gave her the note

and told her to head
for the nearest police station.

Only I couldn't find the note,
so I brought her along.

I'll find it.

It won't do you any good to search me.
I haven't got it on me.

What did you do with it?

Do you think I'll tell you that?

Search her anyway. If you don't find it,
maybe I can make her talk.

Nelson will tell you, I'm pretty good
at that sort of thing.

I'll do the talking.

You're right.
My name is not Nelson, it's Dubois.

I was the jerk
on the armored car heist.

Both of us escaped
when our hideout was raided,

only I was never identified
by the coppers.

Miss Taylor here knows all about it.

At the sanatorium I could only
get to Jack at night. She helped me.

She was to go with me
after the final cut was made.

What about Charlotte?

Do you know what she is?
I didn't dare to trust the dame.

And the note?

It's a claim check ticket for a locker
trunk at a storage place in Philadelphia.


Is the cash from the armored car
in that trunk?


Ann was supposed to wait for me
in Philly.

I had to do what I could for Jack.
I owed him that much.

Well, what did you do with the note?

Come on, come on, tell him.

Tell him.
Can't you see what's at stake?

I pushed it down
back of the seat of my car.

It's still there.

Where's your car?

In the parking lot at the sanatorium.

Might not be safe for us
to go back there now.

It'll be safe for me.
I could get it for you.

The parking lot's open 24 hours a day.
I could bring it back tonight.

All right.
We'll play it that way.

We'll keep miss Taylor here.
Chaney and Latzo will go with you.

Don't let him out of your sight.

Wait a minute.

There's a key on a chain
around Jack's neck.

Must be the key to the trunk.

That's funny.

What's the matter?

Face is wet with perspiration.

Wasn't that way when he died?

I don't remember.

Miss Taylor, you're a nurse.

Would you say this man is dead?

Yes, quite dead.

- What about the key?
- I'll keep that.

Back Dubois claim the trunk.
You stay with him every minute.

And don't get me ideas about what to do.

Don't think I'm falling out on this deal.
I want an equal cut with the rest of you.

Don't worry. You'll get your cut.
Both of you.

Okay, come on.

Well, you... you caught me napping.

What do you want?

A trunk.

A trunk?

Huh? How long has it been here?

I don't know, maybe...
maybe 30 days.

30 days. Er...

I hope I can find it.

So does he.

Can't you be a little more careful?

Of that piece of junk? Ha!
If there's mine, I'd burn it up.

Sign here, sir.
That'll be three dollars.

Be sure to write in the name
that's on the claim check.

then sign your own, please.

Getting a guy out at this time of night
for a dime's worth of dirty underwear!

Ha, ha!

Thank you, sir, and good night.

You guys must be going someplace.


What do you got in there, dead bodies?

- Seven dead bodies.
- Midgets.

Ha, ha! Okay fellas.

Here they come.

- Everything all right?
- No trouble at all.

Seven dead bodies.

What are you talking about?

That's what he said was in there.

That's what it represents,
isn't it?

Three guards that died
in the armored car,

three of the mob
that were killed...

Jack Bernard....

Let's finish this and get out of here.

Not until we find out what's inside.

This guy might have been stringing us.

We'll find out.

There's your inheritance, Celia.

Going to the figures on the tags,
there's gotta be...

We'll go into that later.
Right now, we better hit the road.

Don't forget,
we have some unfinished business.

That's right, we've got to settle
with our partner.

We promised you an even cut,
didn't we?

You said I'd get what you all get and
that's just the way it's gonna work out.

He means we'll be caught.

You are caught.

Stuff's got you right now.

It's plenty there and more, but not one
of you are satisfied with an even share.

Each and every one of is figuring
how he can get it all.

Come on!

Call back the ranger station
and report this fire.

- Get those people!
- That's him! Get the man!

Larry, you can't go back in there,
you can't!

I can do, I gotta get Stoker!

Hold it, you're under arrest
and so are you.

No, no! There's a man alive in there,
Jack Bernard!

So you did call the coppers...

Jack, you gotta clean me.
Tell them, tell them who I am.

Sure I will.
He's Dubois,

the only guy left who was with me
in the armored car stick-up.

Write that in your book
and use it to fry him.

No! Don't do this!

You've got minutes to live,
take 'em.

Don't take him with you.

Dubois is in the river,

under a pier,
foot of Pine Street,

with a weight to keep him there.

I always was a sucker for a dame.

Transcription from scratch and subtitles
made by gamboler[noirestyle]