Out of the Dark (1988) - full transcript

Suite Nothings, is a sleazy L.A. phone *fantasy* hot-line...in other words a phone-sex service, voiced by failed models, in which callers get to divulge their fantasies over the phone. Among them is Bobo, an individual who's twisted sense of humor, is matched only by his warped mental state. Dressed in an eerily comical mask of all things a clown, he begins murderous vendetta against these hot-line workers. As a body-count in this city steadily increases, this so-called ringmaster in his own personnel circus of fear and fatal pain, who makes his victims walk a tightrope of sheer terror moments before he brutally ends their lives. Bobo is going to prove why no one should talk to strangers...especially when they are as strange and insane as he is.

Is this Jo Ann?

I've been waiting for your
call all evening.

What's that music you're

Oh, it makes me hot.

Are your lights turned
down low?

I got the picture you sent me.
I want to know more about you.

Tell me.

Oh, I was thinking of you when that picture was being taken.

Oh yeah.

I bet you were.

What's that you're smoking?
A joint?

Why don't you loosen up your
pants a little?

You're never gonna guess what happened to me on the bus this morning.

I mean, it was a morning just like any other.
Except, you know...

...I wasn't wearing
any panties.

So there I am, riding along on the bus.
And I see this really sexy guy.

And he reminds me of you.
And suddenly...

I start to get really horny.
Oh, I start to get really horny.

And suddenly...

So, I'm on this bus.
And my face is starting to get red.

People are staring and stuff but I didn't care because it felt so good.

I slowly pulled my skirt up around my hips and I put my hand inside.

Oh, oh.

I want to touch you.

I want to feel your nipples.

Oh, I want you to lick them.

Hard. Oh, are you hard?
Oh yeah.

Nobody can handle nipples
like Bobo.

Was that Mr. Short Fuse again?

Hey, he wants to throw away four bucks a minute...
it's his business.

Girls, I'd like you to meet Camille.
She's interested in working with us.

She's sweet,
so be sweet back.



Okay, that's enough.

You know my motto,
"Keep the customers coming."

Okay, let me teach you something about the phone biz.

Oh, let's get off together.

Oh, beat your willie.
Beat it hard.

We have recorded messages that cost the customer about $2.00.

But that's just
to whet the appetite.

They pay a little more money,
they hear the real thing.

Now don't you cry again.

If I have to reprimand you
one more time...

I'm getting out
the leather belt.

Are there any benefits?
Assuming that I get the job.

And that I hire you.

I videotaped myself
doing commercial copy.

I brought along some samples
if you want to see.

This is an audio business.

Video tape doesn't do me
any good at all.

I also did some voiceover work for a Saturday morning cartoon.

I was Ookla the Mok in
The Barbarians.

We don't get many requests
for animated creatures.

You never know, it might
strike somebody's fancy.

Well, let's give you a shot
at this.

Pretend that you're talking
to a client.

Let's say his name
is Richard.

He's young and he's lonely and he wants to speak with a young girl.

Oh Richard, I have been
waiting for a man like you.

Give me your throbbing muscle
o' love!

I want to feel that heat of your manhood right in between my thighs.

My body is burning
with desire!

How was that?

Anyone up for
a late night movie?

Thanks, but I've got a man who loves me just waiting at home.


I've got a warm pillow and
the All News Network.

Dumb duds.

I suppose once again the highlight of my evening will be walking the dog.

Hey kid, you gonna
take the job?

Yeah, I guess so.

To tell you the truth,
I was expecting something a little more different.


Naked women?

Tattoos and pierced nipples?

Wearing too much make up?

In a dingy basement?



You mean I tattooed my tushie
for nothing?



Asberry, it's dinner time.



You scared
the hell out of me.

Oh, baby.

Oh! Okay, okay.

Haha, you missed!

Alright, I gotta go.
Good night. Asb?

Okay, once more.


I got it!

You're out!

Uh-uh. You're out.

It looks as if we have Tit Skies in front of us today.

You're just a kid, you know that?
You're a naughty little boy.

What are you gonna do to me?



Thanks for the mammaries.

What are you doing standing
around here half naked?

Looking at mug shots.

Well, you're
getting me real aroused.


Might have to...

Hey, there's one picture that
turned out pretty good, huh?

Is that a pimple?

Hey, tell Jo Ann
her headshots are ready.

Oh, this one
turned out better.


You're catching me
at a bad time.

Jo Ann's...

Jo Ann's are beautiful.

Listen, I'm busy right now and I don't want to discuss it.

I will call you back, okay?

She's so pretty.

Is that Dennis again?

Drunk again.


Hell of a way
to start the day, you know?

He still treats me like I'm his god damn gofer or something.

Don't let it bother you.

Easy for you to say.

You know, after you
shoot this spread,

maybe you should get out of
LA for a while.

That's not a bad idea.

You know,
a friend of mine has a cabin in the desert where he says

nobody has the phone number,
you're never disturbed,

you just lay back, veg out,
and don't think about anything.

- Well, I'm sure I'd think
about something. -Oh, yeah.

You afraid I'm going to
leave you behind, huh?

Maybe you better start
behaving, huh?

Get down there and get
those people back.

Another grisly crime strikes
the city of angels.

Lieutenant, we found the girl's purse and some of her clothing.

Her name is Jo Ann Trailer.
She isn't a hooker.

We found this business card from some photographer of hers.

You know this guy?


Who's investigating all those
prostitute murders?

I think it's Langella.

Great, Langella my buddy.


Is he on his way?

Dispatch says he should
be here any minute.

They said the only evidence they found
was a baseball bat next to the body.

Any prints?

Clean as a whistle.

I got some news for Langella.
This ain't his man.

What we got here is a whole new psycho out on the streets.


Just tell me what you want.

Uh-huh. No problem.

Girl, get your butt in here.
Jo Ann didn't show up for her shift,

and we are swamped!

Swamped with the desire for a ride on your hot baloney pony.

Oh, oh! Feels so good.

You were supposed to be here at 1:30 to shoot those pictures.

Oh, oh, I'm getting so close.

Oh, oh, thank you sir,
that was wonderful.

You're getting pretty good
at that.

Yeah, right.

Hey, hold your horses.
Where are you going?

Ruth, I told you a week ago,
I have to get my headshots done. Today.



Okay, but you be back here
in two hours.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute. Listen up girls.

For those of you
who don't know it,

our Kevin has been assigned by Modern Photo
magazine to do a layout on phone fantasy girls.


All right!

Hey, what about me?

Okay, back to work.

Hey, could somebody pick up
line four?

This guy wants a three-way.

Sorry, I'm busy.

Guess that leaves me.

Hey baby, it's Donna.

Mmm, your lust rod is just
pumping more action

than one little girl can
possibly enjoy alone.

Ah, ohhh, ah!

Oh please, fire some of that
love in my direction.

Fly honey, fly!

- Why? I would have been early.
- Oh, you would have?


Hey Barbara, how you doing?

I'm fine, Dave, how are you?

All right. You don't know
what you missed last weekend.

It was so
beautiful at the marina.

You gotta come out on my boat.
How about this weekend? I'm free.

I told you David, I'm taken.

Ah. Oh!

Better get back to work, huh?

Yeah, goodbye Dave.

Hey, keep up the voices.


So, who was that?

Oh, just one of my many fans.

I didn't know you went to
art school.

Yeah, believe it or not,
I do have ambitions

beyond shooting weddings and
bar mitzvahs.

So, you want to start with a
more wholesome look?

I guess not.

What's the matter?

Don't you like it?


Yes, very much, but I thought
we were doing headshots.

And I thought I'd give you a
few for your private files.

Listen Barbara, I don't know if this is,
uh... You don't need...

I just might be more than you
can handle.

Oh yeah?

Well, that sounds exciting.

Mmm, wait, why don't you
stand behind the smoke, okay?


Good girl.

Kevin Silvers?


Lieutenant Meyers and
Lieutenant McDonald

would like to ask you
a couple of questions.

What's the problem?

Are you acquainted with a
Jo Ann Trailer?


How did you know her?

I shot her.

I'm a photographer,
she's kind of a friend. What's happened?

Jo Ann was killed
early this morning.

They found her body underneath the bridge in McArthur Park.

- Oh no.
- So, who's this?

Can you excuse me a minute?

Take a look.

Nice looking girl.

Think I've seen her in a
couple of porno films.

So, uh...

Who's the girl?

Her name's Barbara.
She works with, uh, Jo Ann.

Is she your girlfriend?

No, she's just a client.

How do you know these girls?

Through my girlfriend.

They all work together.

Where do they work?

Downtown. It's a company
called Suite Nothings.

It's a phone fantasy company.

You mean phone sex business,

It's not quite like that.
A lot of actresses do it.

It's like waiting tables
or selling clothes.

I see. So, what's the location of this phone sex...
phone fantasy business?

It's uh...
Wait, I got a card.

Here. Ask for Ruth.
She's in charge.

We'll be in touch.

Thank you.

Let me know if I can do

Thank you, I will.

I think he's a liar
and a punk.

And I want to keep
tabs on him.

Anybody that photographs phone sex girls gotta be a little bit kinky.

Maybe he's just trying to
make a buck.

Come on Frank, try to be a
little liberal.

Hey, come on,
just think about it.

Have you seen those girls?

Don't you think he gets a
little bit sexually aroused?

Don't you think he gets
a little bit...

...frustrated when he
can't get any closer to them

than the length of his
camera lens?

Who says he isn't getting any

Look at the guy.

Probably gets more ass
than a toilet seat.

I'm not ruling him out.

I just think there are a lot of guys who wanted to get close to this girl.

I want you to get me everything you can on this guy.

I think he's a little
too cool.

McDONALD: Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary

these last couple of weeks?

Strange calls?
People hanging around?

Some of the girls have been complaining about this one caller.

He's got a deep voice.
He usually gets violent and then he hangs up.

- Could they identify
his voice? -Probably.

I know how you're feeling,

but we need you to come to the morgue with us to identify the body.

Fine, whatever I can do
to help.

Great. Let's go.

Hi, this is Sue...

Oh, hello!

McDONALD: We really appreciate you doing this.

I got the commercial!

Everyone, say hello to
the new spokeswoman

for Frolly Lumber
and Hardware!

Jo Ann was killed last night.




Cops were here talking
to Ruth this afternoon.

I think they talked to
Kevin too.

Why Kevin?

They found his card in
Jo Ann's purse.


I'm sure he set them straight.

Oh shit, I'm on my
scooter tonight.

My first day and look
what happens.

Jo Ann's murder had nothing to do with her working at Suite Nothings.

Barbara, can I get a ride
home with you tonight?


Take the bus, child.
Have you seen her scooter?

It's just that I don't want
to go home alone. Please?

As long as you don't mind
getting caught in the rain.



I'm so sorry.

Dammit, Dave.

Why can't you be
more careful?

You get me so excited, Barbara,
I can't control myself.

Let me get some
paper towels.

Don't worry about it.

Accidents will happen, right?

I'm Dave Stringer.

So Dave, you working
here tonight?

Oh God, as usual.

Right around the corner,
you know.

Well, we gotta go, Dave.

Listen, I'm really sorry
to hear about, was it, Jo Ann?

Yeah, it was quite a shock.

Yeah, I'll bet.

Anyway, you take it
easy, Dave.

And you be careful now,
you hear?

You, be careful.

What a weirdo.


I heard he gives
great accounting.


- Will you wait for me
to get in? -Huh?

I said wait for me
to get inside.

- Sure, no problem.
- Okay.

So what's your fucking
problem, huh?



Madre di dios!



It's time for Bobo.

Put this here...

Stop it!
Cut it out! Relax.

Don't call me.
I'll call you.


Is this Mrs. Ruth Wilson?

Sergeant Mullen of the
LAPD here.

I'm sorry to be calling
you so late, Mrs. Wilson,

but a young woman whom we believe to be Barbara Pritty

was found dead this evening

and we need to get
a positive ID on the bod.


We found your phone number in the dead girl's purse.

Can you come down and
identify the body?

Mrs. Wilson, are you there?

The morgue opens
at 9:00 a.m.

We'd like to get this wrapped up before lunchtime if possible.

Where was she?

I wasn't there myself.

The report says Silverlake,
not a very good area for a single girl at night.

I know this is shocking news but can we count on you for the ID, ma'am?

I'll be there at 10:00 a.m.

10 o' clock. Okay. Thanks a lot.
And have a good night.

I heard the phone ring.
Was that Daddy?

No, it wasn't darling.

Daddy just wants to
be alone.


Is he mad at me?

No, he's not mad at you.

Sometimes people just
need a change.

They get tired of
where they are.

You're not gonna get
tired of me, are you?


Come and sleep with
me tonight.

How come?

I'm scared.

Did you have a nightmare?


Kind of.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I wish there was something
I could do to cheer you up.


We could shoot hoops.

No way.

Yeah, we could play horse!

I tell you what,
the winner gets an all expenses trip for two to the desert!

And the best part is,
I'll let you win.



You shoot first.

Why don't you go first?

All right.

How' your free throw?

I'm improving.

We'll see.



I'm sorry.

Now you owe me.

What do you want?


I'll let you think of

Oh, God.



Sorry to disturb you
this time of morning.

There was another
murder last night.

Your friend from yesterday,
Barbara Pritty.

She's dead?

That's usually what
happens after a murder.

Come on in.

Do you know where she
went after she left here?

Back to work.

She went back to work after
everything that's happened.

I guess she wanted to talk
to the other girls.

Where did you go when
she left here?


He was with me.

You get quite an assortment through here.
Now who's this?

This is my girlfriend, Kristi.

And you say he was
with you all last night?

We were dancing and then
we came home together.


What do you do?

I work for the same service.

Is there any way one of these callers could track you girls down?

I'm sure that anybody with half a brain could find our building

and follow us home at night.

If you get any strange calls,
or see anyone suspicious hanging around,

give us a call.

I will.

And as for you...

We'll be in touch.

Where were you last night?

I was here.


Where were you?

So, who do you think you are,
the fabulous Langella? Come off it.

We'll see if Mr.
Slick Langella is still top dog around here after this.

What have you got?

How about 16 unpaid parking tickets,
a DWI and 2 counts of minor possession.

So what?

Being a pot smoker
doesn't make him a killer.

Hold on.
I saved the best for last.

He was convicted of assault on an old
girlfriend who also happened to be a minor.

So what do you think of
this Silvers guy now?

You hunches have proved
wrong before, Frank.

Remember that case
in Santa Barbara?

Watch your mouth.

Do you always play
devil's advocate?

It's what I live for.

They say my girls are
the only link to this guy.

So they risk another girl's life while they try to find...

What's wrong, honey?

Ruth, could I talk to Kevin
alone for a minute?

Sure, no problem.

What's up?

Why didn't you tell me
about your old girlfriend?

It's a part of my life
I'm not particularly proud of.

I can't believe that you couldn't trust me enough to tell me, Kevin.

I guess I was ashamed
to tell you. I don't know.

You know...

I don't know who to
believe around here anymore.

What's that supposed
to mean?

Meyers is sitting here
telling me

about how you have access to the girls and about your past.


Look at me, please.

Let's see those blues, okay.

I love you.

You know that, don't you?

I know.

And I love you, too.

But we need to decide
what we're gonna do here.

Yeah, I know.

There you are.


Can't you wait out in the
hall a minute?

Now you're paying off
Modern Phot, huh?

How much did it cost you
to get them to dump me?

What the hell are you
talking about?

I'm talking about that spread on the girl.
It should've been mine.

I can do pink shots better than you any day.
Hell, I started you.

You started me.

You call sweeping up your studio and trying to make decent prints

out of your shitty negatives.
You call that a start?


I've got my own job now.
And I'm doing fine, thanks.

Jealousy, that's what it is.

He's jealous of my talent,
that what it is.

Don't think I don't know
about the lab.

What about the lab?

You paid off some guy to
ruin my negatives.

Fifteen rolls of color overexposed.
I know about that.

I think you're drunk and I think you should go home.

What about that wedding shoot last week I got fired from?

How'd you get to those
people, huh?

Tell 'em I was drunk.
You son of a bitch!

Stop it.
Stop it!

You're pathetic.

You get out of here and don't you show yourself around here

or I'll have your ass
thrown in jail. You hear me?

We'll see whose ass
gets thrown in jail, pal.

You're gonna get yours,

What goes around comes around,
you know what I mean?


Take it easy, Kevin.

What is going on
around here?

Nothing. It's okay, Ruth.

He's just drunk.
It's my fault, I'm sorry.

Who was just drunk?

Dennis is violent, Kevin,
and he's out to get you.

Honey, I'm already
in trouble.

Our pal Meyers seems to think I'm the
one running around killing everybody.


What about the
Mexican woman?

The one whose husband was murdered.
She saw the killer.

The police questioned
her and she said

she didn't see enough
of the guy to identify him.

Maybe she saw enough
to disidentify you.

He was a good-for-nothing bum.

All he did was sit and watch television and make me bring him beers.

My husband was
standing about...

Well, I'm not sure.

Could you go stand over there, please?
Yeah, over there.

Stop, right there.
He was standing right there.

First he say he can't
see anything.

I can't see anything.

Oh, me.

Uh, I can't see anything.

So he walk a little further and he call out, "Hello?"


Right. Yeah, that's good.

Then he look on the ground and he sees something.

The other body, I think.
And he turned back to go to the house.

That's when the shovel
severed his skull.

And he dropped right
about there.

There was blood everywhere.
It took my kids forever to clean up the mess.

But the killer, did you
see his face?

No, like I told the police,
he was wearing a mask.

Did you see the mask,
can you describe it?

Some kind of clown.

Well, thank you for
your help.

No problem.
Are you from television?



We did get something.

What is it?

Got me.

All right.
I apologize for not going to see Claudine the other day.

I had stuff.

I don't care.
I'm glad you didn't show.

I didn't come to
talk about that.

Oh, you mean I'm gonna be privileged
to receive something other than your

passing moral judgment.

Where'd you get these?

Kevin's dark room.

I want you to stay away
from Kevin.

I know about that
magazine thing.

How come he gets to shoot the girls and I don't?

Because Modern Photo
didn't ask you.

I taught that scumbag
everything he knows.

He owes me.

He owes you nothing!

You're a two-bit
porno photographer.

You couldn't get hired to photograph
a backyard barbeque with a Polaroid.

Kevin shot his share
of smut, you know?

Not since he left you.


...rose above all that.


I came here to tell you that I want you to stay away from Claudine.

And from my girls,
and from Kevin,

and from anybody else
I know.

That's not fair, Ruth.

There's an element of risk

involved in all of this.
You're doing the right thing.

Good. There you are.
I need to talk to you.

We need your help
to catch this killer.

We've already talked to the girls and they're willing to go along.

I don't want you
scaring my girls.

You come to me first
with any proposition.

We want to lure this guy
to the office.

Forget it!

There's no danger to the girls.
They won't even be here.

How are you gonna
manage that?

We're gonna forward any calls that come in to this number

to the homes
of one of the girls.

That way, when the guy

she'll be in the comfort and safety of her own living room,

with a police escort
at the front door.

She is going to lure him to the office with offers of...
sexual favors.

The only thing is, when he gets here,
he'll have half the LAPD waiting to fuck him.

I don't know.

Camille has already

What? Are you sure,

That guy's a nut.
We've gotta get him locked up.

And if Meyers and McDonald say I'm gonna be safe, well,

I believe them.

Let's get this show
on the road.

No they don't
validate parking here.

That's one of the tradeoffs for my comparatively low fee, though.

Bob, you gotta keep track
of your expenses.

It'll make your life easier.
It'll make my work a hell of a lot easier.

So now, come back here
next week,

and I want a complete list of your expenditures.

- Okay?
- Okay, Mr. Turner.

Oh yeah. I am so wet, man.
I wish you could feel it.

I like feel it too!

Okay cowboy, time to
pull out your trigger.

Okay, I fast draw!


It's so, it's so big!

Oh, thank you, thank you.

I've never seen a big
trigger like yours before.

Shoot me! Shoot me fast!

Okay, okay!

I'm gonna come again!

This girl's not bad huh?

Excuse me for a second.
I gotta go to the bathroom.

Stay put and shut up.
I'm trying to listen.

There's nothing to hear, Lieutenant.
This isn't the right caller.

I'm trying to study her speech patterns so I
can pick out any sudden changes in her voice.

Sure you are.

Call me up again.
You know my number.

Oh yeah, I call you!

What a putz.

Another putz.

- Take a break.
- This is my job, okay.

Mine too. We're working
together here.

Hey, will you two
shut the fuck up?


Hi Mama, I'm still here.

Two days, ten candy bars,
and at least 20 phone calls later.

I'm so bored to death,
it isn't funny.

But I made some
new commercial copy.

Zoom in to close up.

When was the last time you
reached for a granola bar,

and all you got was a soggy stick of
wheat germ stuck between your fingers

with gooey chocolate chips
melting all over your hands?

But with Connie's Cookie Bars,
that'll never happen again!

I'll work on it Ma, I promise.




Who is this?

This is...


Who's this?

This is your friendly
Dr. Bobo.

It's him.

Are you sure?


What can I do for you?

Well, this time,
I especially want to do something for you.

And what's that?

I want to get you off.

Well, I'll get off just
hearing you get off.

Come on, come on,
get him into the office.


Listen to me.
Are you listening, Karen?

Go on.

I want you

to lift up your skirt.

Now touch yourself.

In and out.

Are you doing that?

Oh yeah.

It feels so good.
You're getting me off.

I think you're lying to me.

Don't you dare fucking
lie to me, you...

...brown haired,
brown eyed little bitch!

I want you to pluck your hairs
out one by one...

What the hell's this guy
trying to pull?

...and I think you know which
ones I mean.

I happen to like 'em young.

I want to hear you
quiver with anticipation

and frequent pain!

That's more like it.

It feels good, doesn't it?

Oh yeah.

Why don't you come over
and you can touch me yourself?

Oh, no.

Just do as tell you.

Come on.

I need to be with you.
I want you to touch me yourself.

That's not the way
the game is played!

Now you do as
you're told!

Jo Ann didn't do
what she was told.

She seemed like such a major leaguer over the phone.

And look what happened to her.

She said I could play with her breasts,
but when we got to the park, she wouldn't let me.

So now I've got her nipples
neatly filed away!

Under N, for "No tits."

Isn't this going on a
bit long?

I'm getting worried about her.

I don't like being lied to.

You told me your name
was Karen.

Well, I don't take well
to lies.

You don't know the way
it makes me feel, Camille!

What the hell's going on?

It's going to be a
bumpy ride!

I got a trace on the call.
It's coming from a phone booth in the girl's neighborhood.

Get a car over there now!

Let's go.

Stay inside.


No, I'm sorry...

Out of my way.

You fucked up, didn't you?

I'm sorry.

You said nobody would
get hurt!

You killed her!

I told you to stay away from my girls but you couldn't listen to me!

Why couldn't you listen
to me!

Son of a bitch!

Hey, hey, hey!

What did you do!

You okay?


You sure?

Want me to stay with
you today?

No. It's okay.

I got a lot to do.
I'll be fine.

I'll walk you up.

Can I have a kiss,

Can I have a good one?

You again.
You're such a klutz.

I keep telling you.
You are a real kid, Kevin.

You act like a little child.

Kevin, do you have that piece of glass that we found in the lawn?


Get it for me, would you?

Careful, it's sharp.

Who's that?

I don't know.

Just a false alarm.

Oh my God...

What's his name?

Dave Stringer.

Do you know that he
owns a yacht in the marina?

Kevin, look.

Can you believe it?

Holy shit.

I can't either.

Should we tell Meyers?


We gotta make sure of
this first.

He'll just think we're making this up to cover my ass.

Know where his office is?

We've got the lock.
This deadbolt ain't gonna budge.

Wait a minute.

Hi Russ!

Oh hi, Kristi.

Where is everybody?

We're having some problems
down at the company.

Listen, could you do me
a favor?

I'm impressed.

Thank you.

You take Stringer's desk.

I'll... I'll play secretary.


The usual, please.

Oh, shit.

I can't find anything.

Keep looking.

Oh, God.

What is it?

A lot of smut.
Foreign literature.

And here we discover the secret life of David Stringer.

This is too weird.

I just wish I could get in
to this thing here.

Give me a lighter.


Someone's coming.

It's probably the janitor.
Just use your charm, okay?


It's Stringer.

Then stall him.

- Hi, Dave!
- What are you doing in my office?

Just looking for you. I came by,
the door was open and... I was looking for you.

The door wasn't open.
What do you want?

What do I want?
I wanted to ask you some questions about my taxes.

You know,
I was wondering that maybe I should use the long form this year...

You really think I'm stupid?

I know what you girls
think of me.

You all laugh at me behind
my back, I know all about it.

That's fine. Laugh all you want.
But stay the hell out of my office.

And if you know what's good for you,
stay away from me, too.

- Wait.
- You can go now.

And I suggest you take your tax questions someplace else this year.

You know, I feel really
awful about this, Dave.

I'm not trying to bother you.

Do you think that we could go somewhere else and talk about this?

And don't patronize me.



Hey baby,
want some brown sugar?

Oh, yeah!

Hey, sweet thing!

Come on!

Thanks. Keep the change.

Why don't we just go back to your loft or something?

Look. I'm not taking
any chances with this guy.

And this, to me, seems like
the perfect place to hide out.


- Wait here.
- Okay.

Behave yourself.

Behave myself?
What am I going to do?

Well, what do you expect
for $50?


Yeah? What can I do
for you?

I need a room.

How long?

For the night.

Two of you?

No, I'm alone.

I'm sure.

Is there a problem?

No. Just unusual, that's all.


We got a kind of limited
clientele here.

Usually families on their way through,
or couples looking for an hourly rate.

We don't get many
single men.

So uh, what's your story?

I just need a room.
I mean, that's all.

You want a story, read a
book or something.

You don't have to be ashamed
if you have a friend with you.

She or he is welcome.

Can I just have a room,

Okay, okay.

Fill this out.

Thank you.

Hey Kevin, isn't this place
a tad bit seedy?

Even for us?

You have to think of this as
an adventure in sleaze.

You should see the guy who
runs the place.

Really? What's he like?


I was wondering, if, um...

You and I could, um...

We, uh...

...if we could, uh...

...take that picture home.

- That one there.
- Which one?

That one.

Stop it.

So what I want to do...
I want to take it home and I want to mount it.

Is that all you wanna do?

Hold up.

You really want me to?


You sure?


Oh, God.

You think we get cable here?

Excuse me?

I'll show you cable...

Oh, God...

Can we do it again?

He swore it would stay up
a week, the son of a bitch,

and then it dropped
like a wet noodle.

You should stick with the utility stocks like I do.
They don't go up so fast.

They pays you a nice
steady dividend.

You heard about Microbionics?


They opened at seven
and then my broker said...

- Oh, hey.
- What?

Take a look.

I think he's in the market.

You up for a threesome?

I don't know.
Count me out, honey.

If I turn a trick just before I go home,
Janice always complains about the smell.

I'll see ya later, babe.

I'm Lee. Wanna date?

Follow me.

Help yourself.

I'll be out in a second.

You doing all right out there,

Well, you're still dressed!

These girls are so damned

Oh, Jesus!


Right here.

What's going on?

Something happened last night.

Oh, shit.

The police are here.

Get dressed.

Go back to bed, Meyers.
This isn't your guy.

How do you know?

Different M.O.

With little bodies
still in the tub.

And the lady was a prostitute.

Definitely the work of
my psycho.

I'm just gonna snoop around
a little.

Now, just wait a minute.

You don't mind, do you?

As a matter of fact. I do.


Snoop around...

That stupid schmuck couldn't
find his pecker in his pocket.

C'mon guys, I gotta take a piss and the stiff's making me hungry.
Let's go, hurry up.

Get it in there.


Oh boy.

Listen, we're running a legitimate business here.
There's no garbage here.

Mostly all we get is young

Cut the malarkey.

Have you ever seen this guy hanging around your legitimate business?

Hey, Langella!

I think I may have a surprise
for you.

You can find it,
I'll look at it.

It's scary in here all the time and I,
this isn't my real hair you know,

and I wasn't sure
what it was...

My wig is...

Just open the door.


Come on, come on!

Are you sure this is the key?

I don't know why
it's not opening.

- He's gone.
- I can see that.

Thanks for sharing that
with us.

Take this.

- Why?
- Just in case.

Oh, I don't know.

Take it.

I'll see you at 4 o'clock.


I'm not gonna play games
with you.

Kristi and I were there last
night, okay?

What's that supposed to be?
Some big confession? I know you were there!

McDONALD: You and Kristi?
The clerk said you were alone.

I was trying to protect her...

Protect her by escaping out
of the back fucking window?

I didn't want anybody else to know she was there,
and I'm not stupid.

I know I'm a suspect and I know it's not gonna look good me being there.

You're not acting smart!

McDONALD: You were with Kristi.
You had an alibi and you blew it!

Now you're in even
deeper shit.

I'm telling you the truth.

No, you're not telling us the truth.
This is bullshit. We've heard it a thousand times.

What do you want from me?

I want the truth,
not bullshit!

There's four girls dead.

And we're gonna pin this one
on you.

So cut the bullshit,
we want the truth.

What time is it?

It's time for you to fess up.

It's 3 o'clock.

You gotta let me go.

Kristi's gonna meet me at the office,
and she's not safe alone there.

We'll see how safe she's gonna be
when you spend a fucking night in a cell!

You can't keep me here
all night.

Watch me.

McDONALD: Let's take it from the top again.

Maybe you're leaving
something out.

I get a phone call, don't I?

How 'bout my one phone call?

I want my one phone call,

Thank you.


Kristi? It's me.

Kevin, where are you?

Meyers has me and he's not
letting me go.


Listen, honey,

we've gotta work fast on
this. Go to Stringer's office,

get back in that closet,

find anything,

and just bring in something here to show
these idiots they got the wrong guy, okay?




Be careful.

I will.


You believe me, don't you?

I don't know.

Got a smoke?

I don't have a light...


I warned you.

You've gone too far
this time.

Stay the hell away from me.

What's your fucking problem,

I know you're the killer.

You whores are all alike.

Why can't you just leave
him out, huh?

Son of a bitch!

See how it feels to be
the victim!

You know, I almost wish I
were the killer.

God know I'm almost as pissed off as he is,
but he's able to do something about it.

Fuck it all.

You lying bastard.

Yeah, I'm a lying bastard.

That's right.

You're out of your mind!

You oughta know, you fucking
bitch! Yeah, go ahead and run.

Leave me alone!

You're not going
fucking anywhere!

You're not going anywhere!
You hear me?

Come here you fucking...

Somebody help me!

What do you want from me?

I want you to rot in hell you
murdering son of a bitch!

Oh, jeez.



I didn't see him.
He just came outta nowhere!

Will someone
call an ambulance?

Serves you right.

Ya goober.

I think, I think he's still

Why doesn't somebody
check his pulse?

The guy just came running
right out in front of my car.

I think the guy was trying to
commit suicide.

That's a nice watch.

What do you think a watch
like that costs?

This is perfect.

This is perfect, Kevin!

Aren't there's some
blankets in the car?

- You know where there's some blankets in the car?
- I'll go check.

I'll go check.

Well, you get
the fire started.

Mmm, you get the fire


I don't know how!

Everything all right, honey?

If you look in the kitchen,
I think there's some cocoa somewhere.

Was I your next victim?

Answer me.

I could never hurt you,

Stringer was innocent.

You stay back. Please.
Just stay back.

Honey... it's not there.

Turn yourself in, Kevin.

Tell them that you want
to see a doctor.

You're right.

'Cause I do need help.

I just can't be alone,
you see.

Bad things happen
when I'm alone.

If somebody had been around this whole time,
then none of this would have happened.

And all those...

...those... those girls would
still be alive now.

Kevin, why didn't you tell me?

I would have helped you.

I love you.

That's easy for you to say

You don't really know me.

Yes I do.

Did I ever tell you I used
to be a professional clown?

You didn't know that, huh?

A circus...

It was a great life.

Touring around...

Then one day,

the circus just... broke up.

Everybody kept...
getting killed.


I know this doesn't mean a
hell of a lot right now.

I really do love you.

I really think

that what we have

can kill that side of me,

that... dark side.

If you don't love
me anymore,

Then I think the best thing
to do

is for you to take this,

and kill me now.



How could you ask me
to kill you?

I love you, don't you
know that?

I love you too.

I want you to help me,

I will help you, I promise.

I won't let anybody hurt

Did you fall for it?

What do you mean?

How did you fail my test?

What test?

Bobo was just
giving you a little test.

To see what kind of smarts
you had, honey.

And I'm afraid you didn't
do very well.


That's right, Bobo the fucking
clown, you dumb shit!

Kevin, please!


You think Bobo is some
kind of fucking idiot?

- Stop it!
- Turn yourself in? Get help?

You know what they do to
killer clowns?

They send them to fucking
funny farm,

you stupid bitch!

I really should be wearing the
mask for this.

It's hard to get into this
shit without it.

It's just an integral part of
the character.


All right, Kevin.


I'm gonna call the police.

I want you to sit over there.


Until they get here.

No extra business allowed in
Bobo's hat?

Shut up!

Hello, Officer?

Yes, I'd like to report
attempted murder.

My boyfriend, Bobo the Clown,
he tried to strangle me with his belt.

Oh, I know clowns don't really
wear belts.

Wouldn't do that
if I were you.

I'm gonna shoot, Kevin.

I mean it, I'll shoot.

You think I'm dumb?

You think that gun's really

Why don't you just relax...

and let Bobo do his thing?

Who could be calling
at this hour?

Operator, may I help you?

Los Angeles Police Department,

One moment please.

LAPD, hold please.

Hello, LAPD.

Lieutenant Meyers,
homicide division, please.

I'm sorry, Lieutenant Meyers is on vacation,
can someone else help you?

No. Extra. Business.

They said you were on

Now I am.

Come on, let's go.