Our Friend (2019) - full transcript

After receiving life-altering news, a couple finds unexpected support from their best friend, who puts his own life on hold and moves into their family home, bringing an impact much greater and more profound than anyone could have imagined

♪ Who's gonna find The first raccoon? ♪

- ♪ I am going to ♪
- ♪ Who's gonna find The first raccoon? ♪

♪ We gotta keep it down
So they don't get scared ♪

♪ Raccoons get scared
Of very loud songs ♪

♪ But quiet songs
They really like ♪

♪ That is the kind of song They
enjoy ♪ There's a squirrel.

♪ They like to dance
To lots of songs ♪

Right there!
Oh! Whoa.

All right. We're gonna give that one to
Evie, but only 'cause she's in last place.

Was there a way
that you want to do this?

I think we just be honest.

Um, Karen gave me a list
of words to avoid

so we don't leave
the door open for the girls.

Do you remember what they are?

I wrote them down. Um,
on the paper on the dresser.


"Mommy's going to sleep.

Mommy's going on vacation.

Mommy's going away for a while."

Do you want to do the talking
or do you want me to?

I think...

I think you...
you should do the talking.

And I'm just... I'll hold them
real close to me.

All right.

All right.

All right.
I'm gonna bring them in.

Oh, fuck. Goddamn it.

Oh, goddamn this thing.


I don't know that
I can do it.

I don't know if I can do it.

You can do it, baby.

I'm scared too.

These are my babies.

Okay. All right.
I'll go get them.


Come on, you guys.

Yay! Hi, girls.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi, baby. How's your arm, Momo?

Better. It doesn't even
hurt anymore.

You're so tough.

This is gonna be great.
You're a star.

- You're gonna sing and dance?
- Yes.

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot hot, hot.

Goddamn it.

Oh! I have...
You need to fix it!

Oh, God!
MacGyver it! MacGyver it!

Are you kidding? It's worse.

I'm so excited
to see you tonight.

They're gonna say, "There she is. The greatest
living musical theater actress of all time."

I'm not that good.

- Will you come to the cast party?
- Thank you. If I have to.

Will you be nice to Dane?

The asshole who
asked you out on a date?

Okay, well, he's not an
asshole, first of all. Yeah.

And he didn't know that I was married,
so, yeah. He asked me out on a date.

Okay. I'll deal with it.

You gonna hang
out with him? Be nice?

I have to do that?
You need to try to make friends here.

I have friends here.

I have so many friends at work.

You hate those people.


But you talk shit
about them every night.

Yeah. My best friends.

- Oh! No!
- It's so hot!

I love you.

I love you.

Please don't be late tonight,

Late for what?

Glenn. Morning.


I've been tossing
some feature ideas around.

You remember that murder
on 7th and Ward last week?

With the mother and child got caught in the
gang cross fire and only the mother survived.

Yeah. I already gave that
to Lyle.

He's gonna approach it like it's a miracle
the mother lived, blah, blah, blah.

Now she's gotta learn how to live in
a world where there's no son around.

That kind of stuff. Okay. I can see
the irony that he's going for there,

but I was gonna take
a different tack.

Which is to try to stick
to the facts

and report some of the pertinent
information to the community.

For example, paramedics took
20 minutes to get there.

What part of I already
gave it to Lyle didn't you get?

Just the part about Lyle being
a dipshit and a terrible writer.

It's Friday, Teague.
It's Friday.

I've been tired of
you since Wednesday. You know?

Matt Teague.

- Matthew.
- Yeah.

This is, uh, Rick Bragg calling
from The New York Times.

Yes. Yes, sir.

Um, did you write
this feature "Long Way Home"?

Yes, I did.

It's a masterful
piece of writing.

Um, well, thank you, sir.
That means a lot coming from you.

Well earned. Well earned.

Listen, how fast can you make it up
to The Times office here in Atlanta?

Because I need you down here
ASAP to come and lick my asshole.

Well, let me see how quickly
I can get down there.

Uh, it's awfully appetizing.

Maybe you can clean it out since I know
Bradshaw's been in there every week.

Oh, shit!

Oh, man. You should've
seen your fucking face, Teague.

"Oh. Oh, that means a lot to me, sir. Thank
you, sir. That means a lot."

That's funny. Did it take all three
of y'all to come up with that?

Yes, all three.

- Hi, Froot Loop.
- Hey.

Hi. Got you a Coke.

Oh, thanks. Um, well, you know,
in exchange I made you a mix.

Oh, Dang-o-Lang.

Is it as depressing
as the last one?

I was going through
a My Bloody Valentine phase.

You're never gonna let me live it down.
No, I won't.

I'm almost done with
your Zeppelin compilation.

Oh, my God, please,
just save it.

I don't understand. Led Zeppelin is
the greatest rock band of all time.

They are my number one "I don't
get it" band. Favorite band.

"I don't get it."
Favorite band.

"I don't get it" band.

Um, I have some big news. I'm
gonna ask Charlotte out tonight.


Wow. Finally!

I know. I was waiting for the right time.
Good lord.

But then I saw Travis is playing the Saenger
Theatre next week so I got two tickets.

Did you talk to her
at the party last night?

Dane, did you go
to the party last night?

I went to the party
like you told me.

I didn't see her there
and I didn't know anybody,

so I left. I just got
a little...

Well, I think that you
two would be perfect together.

Yeah? Okay. Good, me too.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.


You don't think
she's too pretty for me...

I really don't
like it when you do that.

Do what?

Cut yourself down like
that and doubt yourself.

Don't do that, Dane.

Hi, guys. Looks so nice. This
is gonna be a good-ass show.

Hey, Nicole.
Hi, Charlotte.

Do you have a minute?
Yeah, of course. What's up?

Um, so, you're like really good friends
with Dane from stage crew, right?

Yeah. Has he ever mentioned
anything to you about me?

Only a couple things here and
there every day for the last three months.

Oh, no. That's what I was
worried about. I'm not into him.

And he is such a nice guy.

I know he likes me because he comes
and he tells me jokes. Mm-hmm.

And, um, I kinda started up this
new thing with Aaron anyway.

That Aaron? Stage manager Aaron?

I know, right? He's totally not my normal
type. But he is really goal driven.

- Great.
- Anyways, so I was just wondering

if maybe you had any advice on
how I could let Dane down easy.

Well, let me just think about it
and then I'll come back to you.

Thanks, Nicole.
Yeah. No problem.

Break a leg.
Thank you. You too.


♪ Nobody's on nobody's side ♪

♪ Better learn to go it alone
Recognize you're out On your own ♪

♪ Nobody's on nobody's side ♪

It's not that she's not into me. It's
that... does it have to be so aggressive?

His hands are
superglued to her ass.

Maybe don't look at it anymore. Well, I...
It just feels like it's at me.

I know. You want another drink? That might
be good. I'm gonna get another round.


So, listen, um, I know that Nicole
probably mentioned that I asked her out.

And I just wanted you to know I
had no idea you guys were married.

It's all right. It's fine.

It's fine.

So you write
for The Times-Pic?

Yeah. That's funny.
You re... you re...

Some... you know, I always think
no one's even paying attention.

- And then you run into somebody who's read stuff...
- No, I haven't read anything.

But Nicole mentioned that you write for
the paper and so I... I remembered that.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I'm just
writing features right now,

but it's not exactly
what I wanna be doing.

What do you want to be doing?

I mean, if I'm gonna be
writing for a newspaper,

I wanna write stuff that is...
seems relevant and important

and that might actually
inform someone

and then they do something,
and then it changes the world.

You know, like write about some war here
or some people who are getting screwed here

or there's corruption there or just,
like, not the dog show in Shreveport.

Right. I think that's beautiful.

Thanks, man. What about you?

I've thought about
doing standup comedy.

- Well, that's good.
- Yeah.

You tell jokes?
Or, I guess, write jokes?

I haven't done any of those things
yet, but I've started to think...

I've started to think about
like things I notice are funny.

And then I'll...
I would then go from there.

Like I'd write out a game plan
first. Do you know what I mean?

Which would be jokes, right?

I think you get to jokes.
But you need to start...

Like a bigger message.

No, I just mean like
get a pen, get a pad.

That's funny, man.
You are funny. That's great.

Gotta get out of
my parents' basement first.

I hear that.



Hey, man, if you ever hear of other guys who are
like really asking her out over and over...

I'll take them out back, I'll
string 'em up by their nutsacks.

- Thanks, Dane.
- Nah, I'll make sure that they know that she's, uh...

- you know, she's hitched.
- Married.


Oh, here. I was just...

Um, I'm gonna... I'm gonna go
outside and take this.

No, no, no, go for it.
Sorry. It's just a...

- Matthew Teague?
- Yeah?

This is Rick Bragg
with The New York Times.

- Yeah?
- I just finished reading your piece

on the Lake Charles tornado.

And I think you're worth saving.

Next time you're in Atlanta,
stop by my office.

Hey. I just got a phone call.
It was, um... And I, um...

Yeah? What?
I have to go to...


Are you okay?

Matt, okay, okay, okay.

What's happening?
He's a fainter.

Careful. Careful.

It's when he gets excited
or panicked. What happened?

I have... Rick Bragg called.

The... What?
The New York Times guy?

Yeah. And he said
that I'm worth saving.

- I don't know what that means. What does that mean?
- I don't know.

I don't know. But I think I gotta
drive up there and find out.

Okay. Right now?
I'm all right.

I think so.
Do you want to come?

I... I can't.
I have a performance tomorrow.

You go.

I love you.
I love you.

Dane, it was really nice...
It was nice to meet you.

- Hey. Wait, Matt!
- It was a real pleasure, man.

- Matt! Oh my God.
- Oh, he's down.

♪ We could bind it
In the scythe ♪

♪ We could gather
Throw a fit ♪

♪ Up to par and Katie bar ♪

♪ The kitchen signs... ♪

Check it out! Whoo!

♪ A waste of time
Sitting still ♪

♪ I can hear you
I can hear you ♪

Did you put up
the closed sign or...

Yeah. Yeah.


Hey. Hi!

Hey. What are you doing here?

Oh, I thought you could
use a meal before you take off.

That is so sweet. Hi.

Come on in.

- You get the clock joke, right?
- Yeah.

You sure you can't
stay till the morning?

I told Charlotte
I'd be there by 9:00.

She's had Molly and Evie
since Tuesday.

I'm starting to feel bad.

Yeah. How's Matt holding up?

He's not good.

- He fainted in the hospital two days ago.
- What?

He's been taking care of Nicole on
his own for six months. He's tired.

Yeah. I'd be tired.
Um, I, uh...

We did presents
like two days ago.

I know, but I just
got you something...

You're really good to me.
I'm gonna open this, okay?


Kat, this is the most
expensive one in the whole line.

- I know. I just...
- I've been wanting this.

I know.
I wanted it.

There's something else
in the box.

That's to my apartment.

This is like a really big step.

Yeah, but it's
a good step, right?

Yeah. I know. Yeah.
I figured that we're like over a year now.

So I thought... I don't know.

Thought it was good that, um,
that it was like, maybe...

- Charlotte! Girls!
- Stay outside, Dane!

- Don't come inside, Dane!
- Oh! Holy Moly!

What is that?
What's going on with the smell?

It's something that came out of the dog.
We're not sure which end.

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas.

I'm sorry I'm late. Traffic was bad.
I left New Orleans at 6:00, I guess.

It's not a problem. Aaron was
able to get off work early.

- Um, Matt called the vet. They said they'd stay open for you.
- Right. Yeah, good idea.

He said not to take the girls.

They can stay overnight
at Gale's.

That's the snobby
doctor's wife on August Circle?

Yeah. That's the one. I'm
so sorry to rush out on you.

- No, that's all right. It's great to see you.
- You too.

- How you doing? You holding up all right?
- I'm good, you know.

Just happy to be able to
help in some way, you know?

- How about you?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Good?
- Yeah. My life's really good.

Awesome. Well, Merry Christmas.

Bye, girls! Merry Christmas!
Be good.

Merry Christmas, Charlotte!

Bye, Dane.

- Can we come down now?
- Is the smell gone, Dane?

No. No. I will
give you the all clear.

- I can still smell it.
- Ew!

Okay. I'm just gonna do it.
One, two, three.

Why can't I come with you?

I don't know how long
I'm gonna be in there, Mols.

Is it because my dad's too much of a
chicken to tell us what's going on?

- Maybe.
- She's my dog so I should be there for her.

Well, you're Matt's daughter and so it's
just not really up to me. I'm sorry.

Have you met
Santa's elves before?

Evie, that's a great question.
Thank you.

- Yeah, I met Santa's elves once.
- When?

Once. I met them at
at a tiki bar in New Orleans.

Do you think elves really have pointy ears
or do you think that's just in movies?

These elves had pointy ears
and cigarette breath.

- Hi, girls.
- Hi, Mrs. Abbott.

Go on upstairs.


Hey, man. Um, I just...
I'm just gonna say it.

The vet thinks we should put Gracie
down tonight. She has cancer.

Okay. So, would you
like to come back and hold her?

Uh, you mean while you, uh...

Yeah, you know, most owners like
to be in the room with them.

Okay. I mean, it's not my dog.

Right. But you're the good close
friend of the family. She knows you.

It'd be better than just being with us strangers.
Okay? Well, we're ready when you are.


That tickles.

- I know, but it's in relation.
- Hi, girls!

Hi, Molly. Hi, sweetie.
Greet your Mom.

Hi, Froot Loop.

Hey. How you feeling?

Tired. How are you? How's Kat?

She's good.

- Thanks for being here.
- I wouldn't miss it.

Get over here.
What are you even thinking?

Too far away from me.

Hi, my girls. Look, you're
like a two-headed monster.

I haven't told
Molly about Gracie.

Okay. Just a head's up.
She's pretty pissed off.


I'm gonna talk to her. I just want to separate
Nicole's cancer from the dog's cancer.

And I haven't really figured out how yet.
Do you know what I mean?


Would it help
if I stayed for a while?

You don't need to do this alone if
you don't want to. I could, uh...

I have some vacation days.
I could come help out.

Help you get
to the other side of this.

Okay, great.
We'd love to have you.

All right. Done.

There's a B&B near our house.


Look at that.



Look at this room.
Brought you flowers.

They smell so good. Hi, honey.

The other day, remember?

And that's... and I, uh...
I still got cotton candy.


Hey, Mols, um, I'm using
mayonnaise and mustard.

Is that kind of how
your dad does it?

I guess. He hasn't made
sandwiches in a long time.

I usually end up
making them myself.

I make breakfast and dinner
and make sure Evie showers...

Hey, you know what?
You know what?

Maybe old Dane can take some of that
weight off for ya. How's that sound?

This is not just
a Mom and Dad sandwich.

This is... It's like
a Grandma sandwich.

Speaking of which, I was hoping that from
now on you would call me Grandma Dane.


Molly! Excuse me.

Sure, what?

Sure I'll call you Grandma Dane.

Thank you.

I love this song.

♪ And then I went
On a road trip ♪

♪ And everybody was... ♪

♪ You're stare was holding Ripped
jeans, skin showing Hot night... ♪

♪ Where do you think You're going, baby?
Hey, I just want you ♪

♪ And this is crazy ♪
♪ And you are real nice ♪

♪ Be polite
To the people around you ♪

- Hi there, girls.
- Hi.

Hi, Dane.

Hi, Dane. I made a little extra
last night. How's she doing?

♪ I miss you
so bad I miss you so bad ♪

I've never even heard of pickle soup,
but okay, if that's what you want.

Macaroni and cheese.
All right. Pickle soup it is.

Bye, Dane.
Yeah. Make it a great day, okay?

Hi, Nina. Hi, Emma.

And get really educated, okay?

I wanted to look nice for you.

By the way, I can see that
you're looking at you and not me.

- Don't look at the little square, look at the big square.
- You can't see that.

I can. I'm embarrassed like I'm
just like... It's like a check-in.

So how long do you think
you'll be up there?

I'm hoping like just a couple weeks
or something, max. But I mean...

I just wanna make sure
Matt gets back on his feet.

All right, well, I just wanna make
sure you're taking care of yourself.

I know how you can get,
so I'll let you go,

but waiting for you
and, um, I love you a lot.

I love you too.

Okay. Good night.


I don't know how. It might mean that
I just have to stay a little bit longer.

I can't... Can I call you back
when I can hear you?

It's hard to explain
a lot of things.

The translator left in the
middle and now they're moving us.

There's kind of
a lot going on and...

Yeah. A lot going on.

Hey, you wanna say hi
to Elizabeth? Hang on.

Hey, hey.

That was Elizabeth.

And then the kids are all making this
really amazing, big, colorful mural

for their teachers to
thank them. It's really sweet.

The Atlantic offered me a job
and I have to go to Libya.

Oh. Um, when?

I leave on the 14th.

You leave on the 14th.
So you accepted it already?

Well, we need the money, don't we?
I didn't think I had a choice.

- God.
- I wanna see Dad.

Oh, um, say hi.

Hi, girls. Let me talk to Mom
for a minute, all right?

- Matt... It's okay.
- Let me talk to Mom. Hi.

Why are you so upset about this? I don't
understand. We talked all about it.

We talked about this a hundred times. You wanted
to move to Fairhope to be near your family.

Yeah, but I never, ever wanted
to be a single mother.

- That's not how I imagined my life.
- You're not a single mother.

- And you haven't even told me when...
- I can't give you a timeline.

I can't give you a timeline of every little
thing that's gonna happen. I don't know.

Listen, it's been a really long day. I'm
sorry. Can we just talk about it tomorrow?

All right. Bye.

They took all of our panties.

That must have
been a rough four miles, huh?

You're ridiculous.

Oh, man, she was amazing.
Kelly went to Iraq the next day.


Then she died one week later.

Sometimes I don't know why
we do this job.

Uh, fame and fortune.

Or... tea and biscuits.

Oh, uh, what floor are you?


I'm four.

I'm six.

I'm four.

It's been a long trip, Matt.

Yeah, I know.

Good night, Elizabeth.

Good night.

Oh my word.

I mean, is the whole town...

Well, you need
a good welcoming.

Hello, ladies!

I want y'all to meet one of
my oldest friends Charlotte.

She's amazing. She just moved her
from Baton Rouge with her husband.

And as you can see, she's a little
bit pregnant. Just a little.

So, let's show her a really good time and
welcome her. I can have one glass of wine.

Alison, oh, my God!

Gale. Yes? Hi.

Yes. So nice to meet you.

I've heard so much about you.

You too, for years.

...wet the bed, but like
an unbelievable amount of urine.

- That's how she does.
- Okay.

She's like the mayor of Fairhope.
Oh my God.

You know, and she was like, "Oh,
no, you don't need to dress up."

...the whole mattress. I was like,
"We have to buy a whole new house."

Hey, Momo, will you please go watch
your sister? But give me a kiss first.

Thank you, my girl.

Do you know that eight women
think they're your best friends?

Well, you really
are my best friend.

Mm-hmm. I better be.
It's true.

You are.
I have stories.

Oh, dang.

Are you gonna blackmail me?
If I have to.

You know,
you got a whole new crew.

- Oh, my God.
- I gotta let them know who's boss.

You're frightening.

So I'm here
in Fairhope, Alabama,

visiting my friends
and their kids.

I've been reading to the kids.
It's very interesting.

They see these stories through
like different eyes than we do.

The other day I read, uh,
their daughter Molly

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
You remember that one?

And when I finished, she said,
"That's scary, Dane."

I said, "What's scary about it?
Is it the one fish?

The two fish? The red fish?
The blue fish?

She said, "No.
Your lack of ambition."

Thank you. It's pretty scary
to come up here.

I have a friend who's
been wanting to try standup,

but, uh, he's never done it.

He's a little chicken.

So, being in a rural area
like Fairhope,

it's tough because there's
not good cell phone reception.

- Put your pocket back in.
- Thank you. There's not good cell phone reception,

unlike New Orleans. And I got
a lady back in New Orleans.

And we like to keep the, uh, magic alive
so we like to have a little phone sex,

if you know what I mean.
And the bad service makes it a little hard

because things break up in the
middle of some heated moments.

My girlfriend's not very good
at filling in the blanks.

I mean, we're grown adults. Why would
I want you to, uh, play with my clock?

Thank you.

Thank you so much, Fairhope, Alabama!

That's so rude.
That's so rude.

But no, I spend all day with her sometimes. Like
write jokes and whatever. It's pretty cool.

Yeah. Yeah, and meet people.

When does Matt get back?

He's home for four days.
And then he goes to Libya.

Whoa, when did that happen?

When did it happen
or when did he tell me?

I feel like I...

married a war correspondent,
not a journalist.

I mean, have you told him that?

Matt hears what
he wants to hear.

How's Colleen?

All right. Um, Colleen
broke up with me last week.

I know. She said that

she, um, didn't feel like
our relationship was evolving.

Whatever. She's not stupid.
She's great. She's nice. Eh.

I'm moving on. Um, there's this girl
named Kat that I think I'm gonna ask out.

She's a baker,
which is cool.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Don't be afraid to give
yourself to somebody, Dane.

Promise me.

It's not fair that I'm the only
woman who knows how special you are.

Hey, look who's here.
Hey, girls.

- Daddy!
- Did you bring me a toy?

- Wow. Did you bring me a toy?
- No.

Oh, well, then forget it.
I got it.

Thanks. How you doing? Aaah!

Yeah. Good.

Is she still mad at me?
Oh, yeah.

Oh, good. Hi, babe.

Oh, man, that is a sophisticated looking shirt.

So do we go all in now or do
we save up for the end of the line?

I mean,
maybe leave some for some children, but...

Is there a slice limit? Since you're
monitoring my, you know, plate.

Hey, what are you doing? Get out of there.
Mols, get out of there.

Hey, stay with your sister.
Molly! Watch your sister.

I bet you got
some wild stories, huh?

Hey, one night we'll leave the
wives at home, we'll grab some beers

- and you can tell us some of them.
- Hey, Molly, help your sister!

Yeah, well, I tell Nicole everything pretty
much. But we can hang out sometime...

- Molly, stay with Evie!
- Yeah, right, man. I bet you've had some adventures, huh?

- Shit.
- Are you okay? Is it your foot?


God. What are you doing?
I'm sorry. It was an accident.

Didn't I tell you to watch your sister?
What's the matter with you?

What happened?
Why don't you listen to me?

It's okay.
Come on, Evie. Get up.

It's not your fault, Mols.
Yeah, it is her fault.

I asked her five damn times to watch
her sister. Matt! Watch your mouth.

What? Seriously?
You've been here for two hours.

You're already acting like this?
Acting like what, Nicole? Acting like what?

It's all right. Come on.

Don't take The Atlantic
assignment, Matt.

Stick around, just be with the girls.
Be with Nicole for a little while.

Nicole has you
doing her bidding now?

She's not having
me doing anything.

Why does she think I'm working so much?
We need the money.

I understand. I really do. I just...
My advice is that you sit this one out.

And you think I should be
taking life advice from you?

Yeah. Yeah, actually I do.

And what qualifies you for that?

I'm your best friend, asshole. I'm allowed
to point out your shitty qualities.

Like what?
Like what? Like you're moody.

You're selfish. You're distant.
Is that enough? You want more?

No, that's fine. And as coming from
someone as successful as you are,

I will take it under advisement.

Is that supposed to hurt my feelings
or something? Oh, no, not at all.

I mean, as far back as I can
remember, you've always dreamed

of selling discount
floor hockey equipment.

So when I look at you, I just think
that's the guy I want to take advice from.

Let me do it how he says.
He's got the answers.

Don't take the job.
Won't take the job.

Stay on that track.

I'm gonna go see the girls. You think
I don't know my life's shit right now?

Yeah, well, then don't tell me
what the fuck to do. All right.

Molly and Evangeline.

That's their names
in case you forgot.

Oh, fuck you.
Yeah, fuck you too, Matt.

How did you catch it like that?
Oh! Oh! Touchdown!

Go. Go get the stuff.

Have you noticed that the only thing
Nicole wants to eat is mayonnaise?

I have, yeah. She ate a whole bowl
of it in front of me yesterday.

I thought about submitting her
to an ultimate eating contest.

How's it going
with having Kat around?

Good. We're having
a good weekend.

Just get the minis. Yeah.

Um, how come Nicole's parents don't come down
more often and help? Just out of curiosity.

Well, they have no idea
how sick she really is.

Every time someone comes,
them or anyone else,

she's such a good performer.

She puts on her blonde wig
and her makeup

and she runs around
the house and she entertains,

and makes everybody food
and then they leave.

And they say, "Oh, Nicole's doing
great." And she collapses for three days.

Right. Got it.

Hey. Have you told them
about the affair?

No. No, why? Because once we
agreed to try to make it work,

we said we weren't
gonna tell parents or kids.

Of course.

- Throw.
- Throw.

- Throwing.
- Throwing a baseball.

- Fighting.
- Punching! Fight! Food fight!

Yes! Yes.

Way to go, Mols.

Good teamwork,
girls. Good teamwork.

Hey, everybody. Hi,
Richard, how are ya?

What did y'all get?

Look what Kat made.

Yeah. I know. I saw.
That's great. Hey. Hey.

What? Do you want to get some
rest before I make some food?

No, we're in the middle
of charades, Matt.

Well, you can play
charades from the couch.

I don't want to play charades
from the fucking couch.

Would you rather me just lock
myself in my room all day long?

Would that be easier for you?
Would you like that better? God.

Okay! Who is next?

- I'm next.
- Evie's next.

This big and then this big.
This and this. Yeah, that's it.

How are things back home?

Good. Yeah.
They're really good.

Um, Cooper had
a birthday party.

He made us run a 5K.

And then we did a pub crawl.

I'm sorry I wasn't there.

Yeah, everyone
was asking about you.

Oh. That's nice.
Yeah. I know. It was cute.

Yeah. Have you talked to
Steve about work or...

Um, you know, I actually think they're gonna
take me off the schedule altogether for now, so.

Oh. Well, maybe that's a good
thing. So when you get back,

you'll be able to look for
something more permanent.

Well, what do you mean more permanent?
I was full time at Red Beard's.

No, I know. But you're not gonna work at
Red Beard's for the rest of your life.

Hmm. Would that be a problem?

Anyway, we're gonna sit down and we are
gonna talk it out next time I'm there.

Is there gonna be a next time?

Well, I just mean that you've been
gone for three months now, Dane.

I came... I came home.
Yeah, for a weekend

just so you could grab
more stuff to come back here.

I mean, I thought that you were gonna be
gone for like a couple weeks. What changed?

What changed is I got here and I saw
that one person can't do this job.

Okay? It's... No, between the girls and
Nicole's medicine and the chemo sessions,

Matt can't do this on his own. Yeah,
but they have other people in their life.

Like Nicole's family.
Let me grab those for you.

Thank you.

- Nicole's family lives close by.
- I don't know what you want me to say.

They have other people
in their life besides you, Dane.

I just feel like I'm supposed
to be here right now.

Yeah, well,
people back home are talking.

- What people?
- My family.

My family. They're asking me what kind
of person gives up his entire life.

- His job, his girlfriend...
- I don't know. I would say a good friend.

I would say someone who's running
from something. Jesus. Okay.

Why is it so hard
for you to see my side?

The first layer will
only develop around three months old.

And we call this braiding.

This is a French braid.


Where's Kat?

Um, Kat had to get back
to New Orleans

because they're gonna open the
bakery up early in the morning.

Oh. Momo, upstairs. Bedtime.

Good night.
Good night, honey.

- Good night, Dane.
- Night, Molly.

How was dinner?

Just fine. It was good.

We know you're lying,
Froot Loop.

- Totally lying.
- Spit it out.

Um, I think that Kat is looking for more of a
commitment than I'm, like, ready to give her.

I don't know. I don't know.

Well, I really like her,
so don't lead her on, okay?

I never said that
I'm leading her on.

Well, I just mean that
at your age,

if your heart isn't in it, then you just
have to tell her. Just like, you know.

- It's not that simple.
- Well, the right thing never really is.

Okay, do you have to be so goddamn
self-righteous all the time?

I'm not self-righteous.
Jesus fucking Christ, Nicole.

Oh my God. You need
to grow up, Dane.

- Dane! Dane!
- What's wrong?

Molly, take Evie upstairs.
Everything's all right. Dane!

Okay, okay, okay.

- What's happening to Mom?
- Molly, fucking go upstairs!

It's okay. I'm gonna take her to the hospital. Will you stay?

Yup. Yup, yup, I got it.

Hey, girls, everything's
all right. I'm coming up, okay?

Thanks, Matt.

I'm really, really, really
sorry I yelled at you, Molly.

It's fine.
No, it's not fine.

I didn't want you to see Mom like that.
I just lost my temper. Okay?

Hello, everyone.
Can we talk for a minute, Matt?


Why are you so hard on your dad?

'Cause he's never been around.

And all of a sudden
Mom gets sick

and he thinks he can just
boss everyone around?

'Cause he's your dad.

Shut up, Dane.

"Shut up, Dane."


Did you just elbow me?

'Cause it didn't hurt. At all.

Now it hurts.

Molly, you've broken my body.

I saw you smile.

Nicole's sleeping now.
The surgery to fix her bowel went fine.

Great. Great. Thank you.

When we opened her up,
Matt, the cancer's everywhere.

It's like someone dipped
a paintbrush in it

and flicked it
all around her abdomen.

So... So the chemo's
not working?

No. It's terminal.

So then how long are you...
Are you saying that...

I don't like to give timelines.


I have two kids
who I need to tell something to.

If I had to say,
six months.

It's going to get
very hard, Matt.

With the combination of
the disease and the drugs,

you're gonna see things from
Nicole you've never seen before.

Confusion, anger, lashing out.

Before this is over, when it gets
hard, and it's going to get hard,

I want you to call this woman.

Faith Pruett.

She's an angel.

I'm sorry, Matt.

Hey. There she is.

Hi, babies.

Were you crying?

Yeah, but I was crying
'cause I'm so happy

that we got through this and I
get to come home with you guys.

Come here. Come closer, baby.
We didn't know where you were.

What do you mean?

The nurse, um,
gave us the wrong room number.

Oh. Did that scare you?



I'm sorry, baby.

If that ever happens again...

...you just close your eyes...
go ahead, close your eyes.

You too, my sweet.
Close your eyes.

If that ever happens again,

just close your eyes
and you'll see me right there.

I don't see you.

Look a little closer, baby.

You see me?

I'll always be right there.



We're not gonna tell
the girls I'm dying yet.


Not until my quality of life
declines to the point

where there's just, like, no
more hiding it.

And, um...

And I wanna make a list.

Like a... like a bucket list,
I guess.


I want to finish reading
the girls

the Lord of the Rings books.

And I'd like to reread all
my favorite books too. And...

And, um, I'd like to write
some letters to the girls...

for certain milestones
in their lives.

Like, you know,
first boyfriend and, um...

their wedding day
and first baby and... and...

just things like that in case
they want to hear my advice

or want to feel me.

I'd like to be blonde.

No, I...
um, I wanna have blue hair.

And I also want to go to New York
one last time and see Les Mis.

And, um, Mardi Gras,
I wanna be a Grand Marshal.

And um, I want to sing
on stage with Katy Perry.

- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.

That all seems pretty doable.
Does it?

Yeah. Maybe not the Katy Perry
part, but the other stuff.

Yeah. Well, maybe we just tell
her like that Katy Perry knows.

And just say,
"Go, get onstage."

You okay?

No, I'm fine.
When I make my bucket list,

I want you to make jokes about it.

can you get me the bottle?

Yes. This?


Can I do it?


- Oh!
- Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

What? I was joking.
I was just joking.

Molly, will you tell me
when it's happening?

It's happening.
It's not happening.

- Is it happening yet?
- Yeah, it is.

It just might.

I know. Well,
that's the whole point,

is that it is
a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Her entire life, she's wanted to
be the Grand Marshal of Mardi Gras.

And she's got a couple days left
and so... oh...

Yes. Okay. Thank you very much.
Thank you so much. Thank you.

How long does she have?

They're saying days.

Yes. That's... Indeed.
Indeed to you as well.

Thank you
and a good day. Indeed.

I want to get in the fountain.

Okay. When?

Right now.

Call everybody.
Dane, call everybody.

♪ Ramble on And now the
time The time is now ♪

♪ To sing my song I'm going 'round
the world I gotta find my girl ♪

♪ On my way I've been this
way Ten years to the day ♪

♪ Ramble on Gotta find the
queen Of all my dreams ♪

"...the face opposite seemed quite unconscious
of any secret disquietude but Beth's."

"And after sewing thoughtfully

for a minute, Jo said,
'I think she's growing up.

And so begins to dream dreams and have
hopes and fears and fidgets...'" Okay.

"...shore of the heart where I have roots.
Remember that on that day, at that hour,

I shall lift my arms and my roots
will set off to seek another land.

But if each day, each hour, you feel that you
are destined for me with implacable sweetness.

If each day a flower climbs up
to your lips to seek..."

♪ Ramble on And now the
time The time is now ♪

- Yeah!
- Get him! Get him!

♪ On my way I've been this
way Ten years to the day ♪

♪ I gotta ramble on Gotta find
the queen OF all my dreams ♪

Is that her? Nicole!


Nicole! Yeah! Nicole!

♪ I'm gonna ramble on
Sing my song ♪

♪ Gonna work my way
Going 'round the world ♪

- ♪ Baby, baby ♪
- ♪ Ramble on ♪

♪ Do, do, do, do, do
My baby ♪

What if I don't think of it?

You should hear me at the...

- He made you think of it?
- Yes.

Oh my God.

Okay, so tell us the whole story,
Matt. Like I haven't heard it, so...

Nicole rushed through it the other day,
so we didn't get any of the juicy tidbits.

Sorry, I was really excited.
I may have dropped a couple of details.

It's about... It was an article
I published in The Atlantic

a couple months ago
about a British spy

- who infiltrated the IRA.
- What?

Then Random House called,
said they wanted to turn it into a book.

- Matt!
- Boom!

Oh, my God,
Matt, that's amazing!

That's big pimping, dude!
That's awesome.

Is it like a Jack Ryan,
Clancy-type deal or what?

No, 'cause it's a real...
I eat that shit up. I eat it up.

Tell me about it.

Cheers to you, Matt.

Oh! The door.
That's probably Peter.

That the director?
Yeah. Come meet him.

Anything in my teeth?

- Just a little bit of pork.
- Oh, good.

Hello. We've arrived.

Come in.
You have a lovely home.

Oh. Welcome.
I brought a Sassicaia.

Hope that works. I don't
know what you're making.

Yeah. Sure.
That sounds very, uh, expensive.

This is Peter Cahill.
He is the new director of the theater. Hi.

He's amazing. Just like inspiring
and brilliant, and blah, blah, blah.

His wife's not too bad either.

- Very nice to meet you.
- Barbara. Barbara. Yes! I'm sorry.

Matt, dude, I ran into Dane
a couple weeks back.

I was in New Orleans
for my hotel conference.

Oh, yeah. And he was at the
Shim Sham Club of all places.

Yeah, I gotta call him.
I've been so busy. I miss him.

Well, I wouldn't rush or anything. It's
not like he's got a whole lot going on.

The guy's still working the same job at
Red Beard's. Nothing wrong with that.

Still living in that same little
apartment down on Hennessey Street.

- This is a friend of yours?
- Yeah, he's an old friend of mine and Nicole's.

Yeah. He lived on
their couch in college.

Well, look, we've all had the guests
come and they just won't leave.

You know,
they overstay their welcome.

No, we loved it.
We really loved having Dane there.

He was just, you know,
our best friend.

They were inseparable. I mean, most of
the time I felt like they were married.

And I was just a bystander.

- His nickname was Goldschläger in college.
- Oh my God.

It was Dane's drink of choice.
He'd have two shots,

next thing, he's all emotional,
telling you he loves you.

It was sweet.
Okay. Don't be a jerk, Aaron.

I'm not being a jerk. Jesus Christ,
I'm just telling a story here.

Like the guy would have two shots, next
thing you know, he's bro-hugging everybody.

He's getting all emotional. He's telling
you, "You're my best friend, bro."

Right. He's a hugger. There's nothing wrong with that.

And on that note, let's clear
the table. Yeah. Good. Good.

Hey, Danester.
Rough night, man?

Well, uh, some kid just hurled. Uh, should
I get supplies from the back or, um...

Yeah. That'd be good.
Thank you.

Okay. Thanks, boss man.

Thank you.

There we go. All right.
Let's go, let's go.

Still doing
your joke thing, Dane?

Uh, not as much as I used to,
but a little bit, Uncle Ted.

Have you seen him perform, Bill?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sherry and I have been out a
few times to see his shows.

I'll be darned. Is he funny?

He's very funny.
Puts on a nice show.

Oh! There we go!

Yeah, baby.
There we go.

Hey, Mom, want some cake?

Hey, where you going?

I don't know yet.

Is everything all right?
'Cause, uh, Mom and Dad think

you might be going through one of your things.
You don't exactly seem all right, Dane.

Oh, yeah?
What do I seem like, Davey?

Uh... Just help me get this
in, all right?

All right.

Well, when you get wherever it
is you're going,

would you at least call me?
Let me know you're all right? Yeah.

All right. Oh! Come here.

Jesus, dude.

Hi. What's your name?

Oh, hi. Um, I'm Dane.

I'm Teresa.
Teresa, hi.

Nice to meet you.

Do you want to go
hiking with me today, Dane?

Uh, I was gonna hike
by myself today actually.

Oh, come on.
I could use the company. Huh?

Is this your first stop?

No. I started
like two months ago.

Uh, I, uh, started
at Guadalupe Canyon.

Made my way through Bryce,
Hovenweep. Now I'm here.

Oh. I did Hovenweep
a few years ago.

I got lost for four days.
No water or food. I was delirious.

Holy shit. How did you,
um, how'd you get out?

I have a friend
back in Germany.

Every time I take a trip,
I send her my itinerary.

When she didn't hear from me after
a few days, she called park service.

Oh. That must
have been really scary.

Hmm. Scary? Yeah, I was...

I was fucking like
shitting myself, you know?

Like I really thought I was going to die.
I understand.

I would too.

You have someone back at home that
knows where you are, right, yeah?

Charlotte thinks
Aaron's having an affair.

Does she have any evidence?
Yeah. E-mails.

To someone named Tina
in Arizona.

He downplayed the whole thing.

Said he shouldn't have been e-mailing her and
that nothing physical ever happened, but...

What are they gonna do about it?

Well, I think
if they didn't have kids,

then it would be
a different story.

But she wants to make it
work for them.


Will you remind me
to call Dane tomorrow?


I love you.

I love you.

Dane, are you awake?


Right... Sorry, I was...
I was, uh, totally out.

I made some extra dinner
if you're hungry.

Thanks. You didn't
have to do that.

Oh, it's, uh,
it's my daughter's favorite.

We do a little thing where we
FaceTime and make it together.

Like our own
little cooking show.

That's very sweet.

Mm. It's, uh...

Yeah. That's her.

With my husband.

They look really happy.
That's really sweet.

Can I tell you something?


I asked you
to hike with me, uh...

because I saw you hiking alone the
past couple of days. And, uh...

six years ago,
I went to Zion alone.


I was planning to kill myself.

I didn't have
any reason to live.

Look what I have now.

Hmm? Things can change
that way for you too.

You're not as alone
as you think you are.

Here's my phone number.

If you need someone
to check in on you, call me.

Good night.

Hey, buddy, it's Matt.
I haven't talked to you in a little while.

Just, um, wanted to see how
you were doing.

- Give us a call when you get a chance.
- Hi, Froot Loop!

- Hi, Fart Face!
- Hi, Stinky Butt!

We miss you, Stinky Butt. Talk soon.

Hey, buddy, it's Matt.

I haven't talked to you
in a little while.

Just, um, wanted to see how
you were doing.

- Give us a call when you get a chance.
- Hi, Froot Loop!

- Hi, Fart Face!
- Hi, Stinky Butt!

We miss you, Stinky Butt. Talk soon.

Oh, yes. Don't give this to
children because I put rum in it.

There's rum.
Do you want some? Okay.

I put so much rum in it.
Don't give it to children. Okay.

- Mom!
- Mom!


Hi, babies. Hi, honey.

Ooh, look at you!
You look so good.

Oh, wow, baby. Thank you.
It kinda itches in the back.

Does it? Let me see. Oh, your...
Well, your hair's stuck in there, so.

Can you tie this? Sorry, honey.
Sorry, honey. Yeah.

Oh, that feels better.
Yeah. Better? Okay.

Can I have
the candy corn downstairs?

Yes, you may have it now.

Are you coming, Mom?

Yeah, I'm coming right now.

I'll be right there.


I can feel you,
my little Molly girl.

I see you, silly girl.

It's okay, Momo.

Hi, baby.

You want me to come downstairs?

Good job. You look like you just walked
right out of Woodstock. Trick or treat.

Trick or treat, sir!
Thank you.

Good to see ya.

God, I am so mad at
them right now I could scream.

- What? Why?
- Jeannette and Gale.

They promised they would be here.
That doesn't just piss you right off?

I don't know. It's probably
hard for them to watch.

They're gonna fall away one
by one. I'm pretty sure of it.

Yeah, not me.

Mark my words.

By the end of this, you and Dane
will be the last friends still here.

Would you take that
to Nicole for me, please?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Yo, man.

Hey. Hey. Never saw you as
a doomsday prepper, Matt.

I know. Nicole just keeps
ordering this stuff

'cause she wants us to be prepared,
I guess, you know, for... for whatever.

Yeah. Hey, everyone's around...
everyone's around back.

I, uh... Did I
see Dane back there?

Frigging Goldschläger's still living here, man?
You guys charging this dude rent or what?

No, we're not charging him rent.

Dane's pulling us through here.

- Yo, ease up, man.
- Don't be such an asshole, man.

Whoa. I'll give you a pass, man. I know
you're going through a lot right now.

No, you're not giving me a pass.
I'm giving you a pass

because you're married
to Charlotte who I like.

If y'all split up,
let me know

and I'll drive over to your
house and punch you in your face.

I'm so ugly now.

What are you talking about?

People don't look at me
when they talk to me anymore.

Want me to tell you
the story of how we met?

The old Burger Palace?

We gotta get back
to the Burger Palace.

Oh, man, that house just had
no idea what was going on.

Tuesday, around 11:30,
I walk into the Burger Palace in Mobile.

It's so early for a burger.

Well, you know,
destiny was waiting.

And my heart was pounding
for some reason.

And then you came up to me
and I said,

"Oh, you know, I'm new to town."

And I said,
"Would you show me around?"

And you said, "Why me?"

And I said the only thing
that I could think of

because it was the truth.

I said you were the most
beautiful woman I've ever seen.

And you said, "Okay."

You're the most beautiful woman
I've ever seen.

And you always will be.

He did. He turned around all slow

and flapped his arms. He looked
like a little baby bird.

A cute little baby bird.

- How do they feel? They feel tight?
- Yeah. They're all in.

- Can I plug it in?
- Yeah.


Why do we need them anyway?

So your nail polish
doesn't get all smudged.

Oh, my gosh!

Look at them. It looks like a secret door.
It so magical.

- Yes.
- It looks like a fairy house.

- These are so pretty.
- Oh, you tap it.

Okay, let's do your next lesson.
I'm gonna teach you how to iron.

No. That's boring.
No. Do we have to?


It hurts...

- I know. I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, honey.
- It hurts.

Hey, what happened?
What happened? It's okay.

I didn't see her little arm was there.
I didn't see it. What happened?

- Hey.
- Is she okay?

Yeah. Uh... Hey, Molly. Let's
get some water on that, kid.

You're mad at me? I didn't do...
I didn't do nothing.

I'm like the Mona Lisa.
I've been framed.

Like a painting in a frame.
The Mona... No? Okay.

Does it hurt?

Mm, kind of.


We need to tell the girls.



♪ Who's gonna
see The first raccoon? ♪

♪ And who's gonna see The first raccoon?
And who's... ♪

There's one! There's one.

All right. You know what?
We're gonna give this one to Evie

- because she's in last place.
- Five for me. Three for Dane. One for Evie.

I have two.
You have one.

- Two.
- Hey, guys.

Mom and Dad want to talk to you guys
for one minute. You wanna come in?

Do you guys remember when we
told you all that Mom had cancer?


Well, and you remember when we told you that we
would just tell you anything that was happening?


Well, we had a long talk
with Dr. Felton.

Um, and he said...

that Mom is going to die.

It's okay.

It's okay, honey.
It's okay, honey.

- No!
- It's okay, baby.

No, it's okay. It's okay.

Mommy! Mommy!

♪ Hold fast, hold tight ♪

I can't believe
you're doing this to me.

We can't talk
about this now. Okay?

- Yeah? See what I did for you? Huh?
- Hey, you guys.

Yay! Hazel! Hey, Peter. Nice to see you.
Hey, Matt. How are you?

- Hi! Oh, thank you. Thank you, honey.
- Yay. You were great.

- Thanks.
- You did so good.

- What was that all about? Everything all right?
- Oh, yeah.

That was just theater drama.

You're so cute.
They were so proud.

They loved it.

Hey. Hey, baby.


Hi. What? Hi.

I read your e mail
on the computer.

Said, "He's too much of
a coward to talk to me."

What have I not talked
to you about?

What is it?


Were you not talking about me?

- Um...
- Were you talking about somebody else?

I just, um...

Who is it?
I just, um...

I had a crush
on someone. That's all.


That was...
Somebody from the theater?

Yeah. You had a crush
on that guy Peter?

Why'd you have a crush on him?

Did something happen?

Why don't you just...
We kissed.

He kissed you or you kissed him?

We kissed.

Okay, well, I'm leaving.

No, you should leave.

- You should get out.
- What?

I saw you crying last night
and I read your e-mail.

How stupid do you think I am?
I know that it wasn't just a kiss. Okay?

You're gonna tell me, Matt,
that on all of those trips

and all of the months and months and months that
you spent away from us that you never once...

Never once! Never once.
That never happened, Nicole.

And don't rationalize it. That never
happened! How long has this been going on?

Not long.
How long has it been going on?

Not long.

I'm sorry.

You're such a liar.

Matt, wait! Wait! Wait.

Can I go over to Mia's house
today? Or can she come over?


Wait right here, okay?


You okay?

Uh, no.

No, not okay.

You had a husband and a family.

And you ruined it all...

because you couldn't resist
sleeping with some old man like...

Matt, stop! Stop, Matt!

Mom? Mom, what's happening?

It's fine, honey. Stay upstairs.

It's just... it's fine.
There's just, um...


Hang on.

Matt, open the door!

Dane, hang on.
I'm taking a shit.

Matt, open the door,
please! Matt!

Oh my God.


What did you do that for?

I'm so... I... I was
afraid that maybe you were...

Oh, man.

That's an easy fix. I got...
I have a screwdriver in the car.

It grows in the shade.
So we're in the perfect spot for it.

And at first it looks quite harmless.
But soon, you won't feel your tongue.

Your ears will begin to swell and
there will be a burning sensation.

So here we go.
I'm gonna eat some of it now.

That is such a pretty sky.


Let me see.
Let me see the star.

It's such a bad sun. Oh my gosh.
I totally... It looks like a sunflower.

Mm, let me see it.


- Who wants to go to Cafferty's for sprinkled doughnuts?
- Me! Yes!

Yeah? All right. There's one
left, I heard, so let's get going.

We have to split it?

Wait, I don't want to share.

I wanted it to be...

Do you love him?


Do you love me?


Well, I don't really know
if it's gonna work.

I don't know if it's gonna work.

But I'm willing to try.

You know what? Um, what do you say
we pull a couple of these chairs

and make this whole thing a little
more cozy. Does that sound good?

Okay. We're gonna do that.

- Hey.
- What are you working on?

I'm just trying to write
something about Nicole and...

Um, do you mind running to the store
to grab some sandwiches for book club?

I thought Charlotte
was gonna do that.

Yeah, so did I. Apparently
her daughter has strep.

And then Carol Anne and Tracy
also just didn't show up.

Yeah, I can take a drive.

Okay. Thanks, man.

Matt! Give me back my phone!
Give me back my phone.

You're posting mean stuff about your
friends online I know you don't mean.

- They're not my fucking friends!
- You said Gale was a fake liar. You said Charlotte...

- Fuck Gale!
- Stop, Nicole.

- When's the last time they came to see me?
- Stop.

- Give me my phone. I'm still a valid person, Matt.
- Yeah, you are.

But you gotta take...
I don't want it. I don't want it!

Goddamn it.
Stop! Give me my phone.

- Give me my phone back! Give it to me!
- Nicole!

Nicole. Nicole. Nicole,
easy. Matt, please leave.

Get off of me, Dane!
Matt, I need you to go, bud.

Yeah. Why don't you just leave, Matt.
Easy. Nicole, calm down.

You wonder why I fucked somebody
else, you fucking coward!

Fuck you too, Dane. Fuck me too.
Okay. Why's that? Why fuck me?

I heard you two talking about
me. Conspiring against me.

You wanna take away my phone,
my computer, my credit cards.

You wanna delete me. You wanna
completely delete me! No, I don't.

I am still a valid person and you
just want me to die! I know that.

No. I don't want you to die, Nicole.
Yes, you do. You want me gone!

You know what? I fucking seriously hate you.
I hate you! I'm sorry you feel that way.

"Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way.
I'm so sorry you feel that way, Nicole."

Fuck you! Get out!

Get out! Get out!
I'm not leaving.

I'm not leaving. No,
I'm not leaving, Nicole.

Hi. I'm sorry I'm late.

Mol, sorry I'm late.

Why don't you... Molly,
drop the attitude. All right?

I didn't do anything that bad.
You've never done anything for me.

Okay. Listen, nobody's perfect, okay?
Mom always does everything.

You might as well get used
to that right now.

And I don't think you're
this upset with me

because I'm 15 minutes late
to pick you up from school.

I think you're mad
because Mom is sick. No!

I'm mad because
I'm gonna be stuck with you!



Pack that up.
For what?

We're gonna take a trip.
You and me. All right?

I can't, Dane. I can't.

Matt, you need this.
And Nicole needs it.

I can't take a trip.
I can't leave Nicole.

Your kids need it. I called Nicole's
parents to come in for the weekend.

They're here. Just
pack the fucking bag.

Don't use the F-word.

You haven't...
That's still a type.

- Yeah.
- Like be more specific.

Okay. Like a warm peninsula.

I think nachos are the most fun food because
they... It's like a sharing phenomena.

And what's the joke?
"That's nacho food."

Nacho cheese.

How do you think Nicole's
parents are holding up back home?

Uh, I don't know.

You don't have to
stick around either. I mean...

I know, Matt.

Just so you know,
I'm not sticking around just for you.

I mean,
Nicole's my best friend too.

I'm happy to be here.

That's true.

But I just don't want to leave it.
You're supposed to pack in, pack out.


You see that also, yeah?

Yes, I see that.

That's nice.

What? What's funny to you?
You just did your hair.

I did not.
You just did your hair.

No, I didn't.
It was windy earlier.

First of all, they can't even see us.
They're not looking at your hair.

Second of all, it's weird to
just sit over here and watch.

So we should tell them that
we're here so that they know.

So they don't, you know,
go skinny dipping or something.

Just say, "Someone's over here,"
so they know we're here.

Say something. Tell them that we're here.
I'm going to.

I'm thinking of what to say
so it's not even weirder.

Just say, "There are people here."
It doesn't matter what you say.

There's people here!
It doesn't matter what you say.


Now they'll think that
we're weird in the forest.

- My friend's freaking out 'cause...
- Come join us!

- ...we were here before you.
- We'll go away soon if you wanna wait.

- Come on. Come jump.
- He doesn't know how.

I can jump, but I... not right...

My friend can't jump.

Come on!

- All right!
- Go, Dane!

All right, Tarzan. Come on!

Holy shit. I'm so scared
right now, you have no idea.

Aah! Whoa!

Go! Let go!

Hello, I'm Dane.
Nice to meet you. Dane.

"And in spite of my...

So in spite of my...

Thank God. I'm a happy woman."

I'll read it to you tonight.

"'There's no need
for me to say it.

For even one can see that
I'm far happier than I deserve''

added Jo, glancing from her good
husband to her chubby children,

tumbling on the grass
beside her.

'Fritz is getting gray and stout.
I'm growing as thin as a shadow...'"

That is so funny.
Oh, my God.

That's... that's... that's...

That's so funny.

No. No. No! That's...

That is so funny.

I got it.

Hey, there. You Matt?

I'm Faith. I'm your hospice nurse.
Oh. Okay. Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you. Hi, there.
- I'm Dane.

Dane. With an E.

Dane is a friend.

He's just been staying
with us to help out.

Well, what a nice friend.

Uh, thank you.

Beautiful day out, isn't it?

- It is.
- Yeah. It seems nice.

The experts all week long,
they were calling for rain, rain, rain.

It's been nothing,
but sunshine.

I was just texting
with my girlfriend.

We were supposed to go
to the movies tonight.

The last place I wanna be on a night
like this is stuck in a movie theater.

Know what I mean? So I said,

why don't we grab a six-pack of Corona,
and head on down to the beach. Right?

Sounds nice.

Which... Which room is Nicole in?

Um, she's down here
on the left, end the hall.

Okay. Why don't you go take a little
rest and I'll handle it from here.


Go sit down
and put your feet up.

- Okay, Dane, make him go sit down.
- Yes, ma'am.


How about we open up
a window, Nicole?

Here we go. Ooh,
let some of that fresh air in.

How long has
Nicole been like that?

The cancer? Two years. No, not the cancer.
The way she is right now.


I haven't recognized
Nicole for four months.

And y'all have been taking care
of her yourselves that whole time?

Yes. Yes, ma'am.

Jesus. You poor things.

She needs an anti-psychotic.


Matt, as Nicole's body is dying,
her mind is distressed.

And I know that you want
to help ease that for her.

We need to start preparing
for the end.

Yeah. Yeah.


It's okay, sweetie.

It's okay, sweetie. I'm here.
I'm gonna be here till the end.

And it's... it's not gonna be
much longer. I promise.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry I hurt you.

I shouldn't have left you alone.

I shouldn't have left you
alone so much.

Do you want to race?
One, two, three, go!

Shit! Oh! I can't!

I found one
that I actually like.

♪ Spent my days
With a woman unkind ♪

♪ Smoked my stuff
And drank all my wine ♪

♪ Made up my mind
To make a new start ♪

♪ Going to California
With an aching in my heart ♪

♪ Someone told me
There's a girl out there ♪

♪ With love in her eyes
And flowers in her hair ♪

I'm afraid I'll fall asleep
and then... then she'll be gone.

Oh, what a blessing
that would be.

♪ Took my chances
On a big jet plane ♪

♪ Never let them tell you
That they're all the same ♪

You look just the same as you
did when we were 20 years old.

How you do that,
I don't know. It just works.

I'm gonna miss you, girl.

♪ The mountains and the canyons
Start to tremble and shake ♪

♪ As the children of the sun
Began to wake ♪

We're getting close. It might
be time to have the girls leave.

♪ Seems that The wrath of the
gods Got a punch on the nose ♪

♪ And it started to flow
I think I might be sinking ♪

Thank you so much.

♪ To find a queen
Without a king ♪

♪ They say she plays guitar
And cries and sings ♪

♪ La la la la ♪

♪ Ride a white mare
In the footsteps of dawn ♪

♪ Trying to find A woman who's
never, never Never been born ♪

♪ Standing on a hill
In my mountain of dreams ♪

♪ Telling myself it's not As
hard, hard, hard As it seems ♪

Dane, you need to wake him up.

Hey, Matt. Hey, Matt. Matt.

Hey, Matt. Wake up.
You gotta get up.

I think that may have been
the last one.

They're coming slow.

Is she gone?

♪ If I had
The world to give ♪

♪ I'd give it to you
As long as you live ♪

♪ Would you let it fall ♪

♪ Or hold it all
In your arms ♪

♪ If I had a song to sing ♪

♪ I'd sing it to you
As long as you live ♪

♪ Lullaby ♪

♪ Or maybe a plain serenade ♪

♪ Wouldn't you laugh
Dance and cry ♪

♪ Or be afraid
At the change you made ♪

♪ I may not have the world
To give to you ♪

♪ But maybe I have
A tune or two ♪

♪ Only if you let me
Be your world ♪

♪ Could I ever give
This world to you ♪

♪ Could I ever give
This world to you ♪

♪ I will give what love I
have to give Long as I live ♪

♪ If I had a song to sing ♪

♪ I'd sing it to you
As long as you live ♪

♪ Lullaby ♪

♪ Or maybe a plain serenade ♪

Don't... no, no, no.
Do not start brushing.

Without this.

I already made lunch.
Come sit down and eat.

Dane, there's food.

♪ I may not have the world
To give to you... ♪

Three, two, one!


- We're decorating you.
- Looks a little like

we just rolled the tree down the street
and it collected a bunch of stuff.

Dane! Molly, Evie, dinnertime!

Food. There's food
out here if you want it.

Happy New Year!

♪ If I had a star to give ♪

♪ I'd give it to you
As long as you live ♪

♪ Would you have the time ♪

♪ To watch it shine
Watch it shine ♪

♪ Or ask for the moon
And heaven too ♪

♪ I'd give them to you ♪


Can I have
your attention for 30 seconds?

- Sure.
- Okay, sweetie.

What are they?

I want to give you something.

So, these are letters
from your mom.

What do they say?

I don't know what they say
because I haven't looked at them.

It's just between
you and Mom.

All right, girls. Get out.
I love you both. You got everything?



Have a good day.

Bye, Dad.
I love you.

- Bye, I love you.
- I love you, hon.

Jules, tell me the dates again.

Yeah, well, that...
We're not gonna be able to do

because that's the girls' spring break and
we're gonna go down to see their grandparents.

Um, yeah. We definitely are.

Hey, Jules, hang on. Can I
call you back in one minute?

Would that be all right?
Okay. Thank you.


What are you doing? Sneaking
off without telling anybody?

No, I was... was gonna
come say goodbye.

I put on my goodbye sweater.
You look good.

- Yeah.
- Where are you going?

I should get back, right?
Should get back to New Orleans.

Time for me to get
my shit together, right?

I can't just live
here with you guys.

I don't know, man. Getting
your shit together is overrated.

Yeah. Yeah.

Wow. All right.

You gonna be all right?

I'll be all right.


Thank you doesn't do it, man.

It doesn't do it.

I'm gonna call you
when I get there, okay?

Yeah, call me.
All right.

And Matt...

I thought you were writing
about Nicole.

So did I.

Hey, it's Matt.

Um, yeah,
that is the second week,

but, uh, I think that, uh...

Hey, hey, sorry. Sorry, Jules.
Hang on one second.

Hey, you there?
Sorry about that.

I was just saying goodbye
to a friend.