Oththa Seruppu Size 7 (2019) - full transcript

An emotionally unstable murder suspect explains the modus operandi behind the crimes he had committed to a few cops which helps in unfolding some intriguing revelation.


Did you seize any weapons
or assets from him?

No weapons, sir. We've taken
only his phone, ID and a wallet.

Is there any link between
the victim Thambidurai and...

Oh! Is that him?

-Any past enmity with the victim?
-Nothing as per our investigation.

Since the victim is a big shot,
there's a lot of pressure.

I know! I've doubled my
blood pressure pills.

Sir, Deputy Commissioner is coming.

-David, didn't you go to a hospital?
-Tomorrow, sir.

Take rest.
I'll call you if needed.

Has he said anything yet?

Being an auspicious day,
he says he's observing silence.

That's rich.
Commits a murder and then acts pious!

-You're going along with this?
-He wanted the whole night, sir.

They've given him just an hour.

Ten minutes to go, sir.

-When did you pick him?
-Around 3:30 p.m., sir.

He came to fetch his son
from the school.

-Who? Is that the boy sitting outside?
-Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

-Has he eaten yet?
-Rosie must've given him something.

Saami, when will you go on
your pilgrimage?

Right after we crack this case.

We've got a mail from
the Human Rights Commission.

-What is it?

They've asked us to conduct
a humane investigation...

Oh! He's such a big shot, eh?

-Hey! Masilamani!

You don't have to talk.

Don't waste time and just write down
how you committed the murder.

Give him a paper.


Use this to write.

-Thilaka, I'm at work. Tell me.
-Got a minute?

-Is our daughter back from her tuition?

Will you be home for dinner?

I might be a bit late.
Could you send some with the driver?

-How many people?
-For 3-4 people.

-Vegetarian for Saami.
-Sure thing. I'll send it.

I didn't know what else to do.

It's with a heavy heart that I...

Is the paper flying?

-Saami, reduce the fan speed.
-Okay, sir.

Hey, time to end your vow.
Get up and sit in the chair.

Let me just sign it.

What took you so long to sign it?

"With Lord Perumal's grace...

I, Masilamani, rail
from Melur near Madurai."

-Sir, it's hail.
-You've spelt it as "rail"!

"I've been working as a security guard
at BCC Club for 2.5 years.

I'm very poor. I have no one,
but my wife and Mahesh.

My wife worked as a housekeeper
at the same club.

Mahesh loves kites. I love Mahesh."


"With Lord Perumal's grace..."

Why drag Lord Perumal into every page?

"I know my writing style will annoy you.

But this is the way I express myself.
I didn't kill Thambidurai."

Do killers confess readily?
They all just want to irritate us.

Continue reading.

"So being an innocent,

I solemnly seek your forgiveness

from the bottom of my heart
and request you to release me.

Gratefully, Masilamani."

Sir, people like him must be
interrogated in our usual style!

Venkatesh, he says it's not him.
Why torture him unnecessarily?

Sit down, Masilamani.

-So, Venkatesh...

Can we check for other probable suspects?

-Why, sir? I don't get it.
-Ask for some coffee. You'll get it.

-Masilamani, what would you like?
-Got it now, sir.

I don't want anything.

-Tea or coffee?
-I'm on a fast today.

Isn't your fasting time over?

-You ended my vow of silence.

Today... on every 11th lunar day...

not a drop of water
touches my tongue.

What is the prayer about?

The boy you saw outside...

my son, Mahesh.

He doesn't have much time left.

That's why...

I'm praying for that.


-Sir, I'd asked for medicines...
-They're getting it all.

-The kite?
-They're getting that too.


-You were saying something?
-I also think you're right.

The CCTV camera at the
crime scene was turned the other way.

From the footage,
we only see him entering and leaving

and there is no strong evidence
to prove his guilt.

-Is the camera on?
-Yes, sir.

Sir, coffee.


how did you get the wound
on your forehead?

-That is...
-There was...

Ten days ago, he had a row with
a rickshaw driver at Besant Nagar.

He bashed up his head.
I think a complaint has also been filed.

See. You find stitches
like these on slippers!

This is the plight of the poor!

-Oh! Oh!

Don't worry about it. They'll clean it.

Wait, wait.


Give him a few more sheets.


Please write your
entire statement again.

Write it down.

Saami, he'll get busted now.

Sit in the chair and write.

What are you doing there?

What is this?

What the heck is this?

I asked you to rewrite it,
and you are giving me a carbon copy?

Why did you write with a carbon copy?

There was a carbon paper
in the file you gave me.

Thought I'd make a copy,
in case coffee gets spilled on it.

Or else you'd ask me to rewrite it.

To check if I wrote the same thing.

Neither you nor can I rewrite
the same content.

Not only that,
when you present me at the court,

it's good to have a copy
of my statement, right?

-Hey! Are you acting smart?

-He needs to be hanged upside down.
-Patience, patience.

-He's shouting, sir.
-I asked you to shut up!

I'm scared, sir.

-Look, I'll bash you now.

Please tell him.

-Calm down, Venkat.
-He just won't shut up!

Did you see how calmly
he's dealing with us?

You're very clever man!

Within two hours of your arrest,
you had the Human Rights send us a letter.

For your trial in court,

you make a copy of your statement!

So you always plan
everything well, right?

Including this murder.

I didn't plan to go
to the Human Rights, sir.

I wouldn't be able to withstand
the police torture.

-Is this the one?

I worked with Lawyer Vedachalam
for two years.

I told him that the cops are taking me.
He suggested... what's the name?

Ah, yes! Human Rights.
He got them to mail you.

-I'm not as smart as you think, sir.
-Yeah, I can see that.

An inspector, one SI and two constables
are enough to handle this case.

But the DC is interested now,
so you can imagine the seriousness.

Don't test my patience.
I'll tear you to pieces!

-Tell the truth! Now!
-Venkat, hold on.

We shouldn't treat anyone as
a criminal until proven guilty.

-No, sir, he...
-Is that right, Masilamani?

That's why I don't look into his eyes.
He's terrifying!

-You are soft-hearted though.
-I may talk softly,

but my treatment would be very rough.
You can't tolerate that.

I could let you go right now...

frame you in another case
and bump you off in an "encounter".

Do you want to risk it?

This jerk doesn't deserve
so much respect.

Human Rights, my foot!

-Just permit me to...

My sympathies aren't for him.
It's for his son sitting outside.

I am being patient for the boy's sake.

Hey, Masilamani, sit down!

Sit down!

We need the smoke for the
mosquitoes, not the entire town!


We're not here
to listen to your stories.

We'll change our interrogation methods
until we get what we want.

So, it's in your interest to cooperate.
Got it?

-Rosie, can you give me that kite?
-It's yours. Wait.

-Coming, sir.

-Got all the medicines?
-Yes, sir.

This syrup was available only
in a particular pharmacy.

-OK. Keep it there and shut the door.
-Yes, sir.

Masi, it's quite breezy.
Shall I let it go?

It's perfect for flying.
Shall I let it go?

Masilamani... Masilamani!


Recognize this?

How could I not?

I buy it twice a month for Mahesh.

Because this is very sweet...

he gulps it down.

Try giving him the pills
and he'll spit it right out.

-Giving him the pills is quite a task!
-What's he diagnosed with?

"Duchenne muscular dystrophy" it seems!

I've said it so many times that
now I've mastered the pronunciation.

-Does that mean it is...
-It means...

all his organs will slowly
cease to function and...

He lost his legs first.

Now, he's lost his eyes too.

Then the tissues around
his lungs will stop functioning and...

he'll find it hard to breathe and...

He's got only five to six years left.

Oh! How long has he had this?

Since he was in the womb.

So you buy this syrup twice a month?


-Give me the forensic report.
-Just a minute, sir.


The prescription,
a pharmacy bill from your area.

They were found at the crime scene.

With this evidence, it took us a month
to confirm you're the killer.

So stop fooling us with
all your stories.


You better pay attention
while he's talking to you!

This is also expiring soon,
just like Mahesh.

Please ask Rosie to put these
eye drops into Mahesh's eyes.

Don't let any of the men do it.

If they aren't gentle with his eyes,
it could become septic.

-Coming, sir.

-Eye drops for his son.
-Okay, sir.

This needs to be pierced open.

When you pierce a hole with a pin,

make sure it isn't rusted.

Otherwise, that'll become another problem.

Policemen are usually rough...

Hey! Do you confess to the crime or not?

With all this evidence here...

how could I deny it?

Saami, move aside.

Hey, tell the truth. Sir is here.

I am talking
because I trust the Commissioner.

Why drag the Commissioner into this?

These reports will ultimately
go to him, right?

-That's why...
-Saami, turn the camera on.

Saami, just a minute.

Erase the footage after the coffee spill
and continue from here.

Okay, sir.

Saami sir.

-Is the camera on?
-Yes, it is on!

Move that towel away.
It's blocking the view.

Done! Start speaking.

-Shall I start?
-Go ahead.

Why did you commit the murder?

-Shall I begin with how I did it?

It's about fat.

Fattened by wealth.

To burn that fat,
he goes for a walk every day.

His shoes alone cost 24,000.
My three months' salary!

This month I didn't go to work at all.
Wonder how much I'll lose.

Masilamani! Over here.
Face the camera and talk.

I'd been watching Thambidurai
for a while.

He bought his mistress a very big house.

He spends his nights there.

And he parks his Benz

away from prying eyes
at a temple nearby.

Every morning, he goes for a walk
then heads home.

There's a dingy alley on that route.

He takes a leak there every day
before heading home.

That alley would be pitch-dark!

I thought I'd finish him off
right there, but...

They installed a CCTV camera over there.

I crept behind the CCTV camera
and turned it away.

Since Traffic Ramasamy
held a protest there,

the wall is peppered with

giant government hoardings,
all over the place.

I hid behind those banners.

That thing people wear in winters...
The monkey cap.

I wore that and...

Show how you did it.

How do I enact wearing a monkey cap now?


Why are you looking at me like that?

How can you be funny
after committing a murder?

Go. Go there and enact it.

Well, I...

I'm not that good an actor, sir.
I'll still try my best.

He talks like an Oscar nominee!

-Leave it, Saami.

On that day, I wore a similar monkey cap
and hid behind the banners...

waiting for him.

Hello? Hello.

-Can you hear me?
-Here he comes.

Is the signal weak just like you are?

He's nearing.

Hold the phone properly.
I can't hear you.


-Senthil? What's the matter?
-What's the matter?

His piss is spraying on my feet.

I'm scared he'd spot me.

But he's busy ogling at a starlet
on the banner!

Pay the couple 500,000 rupees each
and get their power of attorney.

If they refuse, finish them off.
Got it?

The police?

Money can tempt even a corpse.
Why are cops any different?

AC sir, did you notice
how he mocked the police?

I can see who's mocking us.
Go on.

He wet his pants and bends over.

I wanted to take my chance
to finish him off while he was bent.

My pant and hands got wet.

-Wait, wait.
-I move in slowly...

Who is it? Let go of me!

Leave me! Get off of me!

He slides...

Masilamani, what weapon did you use?

-Dhanaselvam, the murder weapon...
-They use it to fly kites...

I'll tell you, sir!

I told you Mahesh loves to fly kites.

Who knows how long will he live?

Tell me, honey!

What's wrong with our child?

What is the doctor saying?

Okay, it's okay.

Don't hide it. Tell me the truth, honey.

-Why are you asking me?
-Who else do I ask?

We need to ask God...

Why is He testing us?

They said he'd live only for
10 to 12 years.

-What are you saying?
-Masilamani? Masilamani?

Half the time you speak to us
and the rest with yourself.

I don't understand!

-I think he's mentally disturbed.
-I think he's pretending.

We'll see.

You slit his throat.
You didn't say what happened next?

Yeah... that...

I moved my hand back and forth...

When I found out that
I used a kite string...

-Can't hear you.

I took the string and the kite...

Mahesh and I go to the Marina beach.

There... "Masi, Masi...

-It's quite breezy.
-It's breezy.

-Shall I let it go? Tell me, quick!
-Shall I let it go? Tell me, quick!

-Shall I?
-Shall I?

He'd laugh. He'd laugh so heartily.
Don't know...

-how long will he...

Tell us how you killed the guy.
Stop reeling kites!


This is how I speak.

Listen, if you can...

or write whatever you want.

I'll sign it and give it back.


-Let him speak as he wishes.
-Isn't that what he's doing?

Look at him! Even as we speak...


Go away! Go away.

You wanted to know...
how I slit his throat, right?

The string... that is made specially
to fly kites...

that was...

If you hold it with bare hands,
it tears the skin.

I inquired about the gloves,
they say it's 75!

If I had 75, I would rather
buy my son a health drink.


I wrapped both my hands...

tight with a kerchief...

I put the kite string
over the man who bent over...

and slit his throat repeatedly.

The vein in his throat bursts open...


gushing out.

As he...

slumps down...

he was still trembling.

Blood was still dripping down.

When I saw that,
I was filled with anger... anger!

I took a big rock nearby...

What are you doing?

-Sir, why is he violent...

-He's acting so weird!
-Let's see what he does.


Saami, get someone to clean that.

-Yes, tell me.

Please call Rosie. I need to pee.

I wore a sacred scarf...

and spoke of murder. Forgive me, Lord!

-Saami sir.
-Tell me.

If Mahesh asks, just tell him- "Your dad
is attending a police interview

and since he's promptly answering
all the questions

they're confused about
what to ask him next."

Please don't mind.
I usually tell my son a story.

I'm actually a guard at the club.

But I've told him that I'm the manager.

You have a quirky sense of humor!

No one would believe you killed someone.

But you believe me, don't you, sir?

Don't sneak up on me.
Are you mopping the floor or me?

-OK, move your leg.
-New at work?

Tell me, sir.

Uh oh... Rosie!

Why did you have to trouble
the AC or DC for this?

He's cooperated well
with a full confession.


Call my wife and tell her
I'll be home for dinner.

Okay, sir.


Write down everything
you've just said so far.

-Give him some papers.
-Yes, sir

-Here you go, sir.
-What is this?

-I've written and signed it too.

Are you kidding me?

I didn't ask that!

Didn't you tell us about slitting
his throat, bashing him with a rock?

Write that down!
Why are you giving me the old one?

That's what I've written.

-What have you written?

"With Lord Perumal's grace.
From, Masilamani.

I hail from Melur... no one
but my wife and Mahesh...

I know my words will annoy you.
I didn't kill Thambidurai.

His bad karma took my form
and killed him...

Instead of why I killed,
I'll tell you how I killed him."

I thought someone burst out laughing
to mock you.

I'd kept the tap open then.
Someone must've turned the motor on...

You continue reading, sir.

"He goes for a walk every day.
So I waited for him on his usual route.

Since he was talking while peeing,
his pant got wet.

As he bent over, I slit his neck
and smashed his male organ with a rock.

God has punished him appropriately."

-He's messing with us, sir!
-That is...

That's the trouble
if you are not educated.

I neglected studies then
and I'm struggling now.

AC sir didn't read the letter right,
and now you're all struggling!

What would the AC have thought?

Who would readily admit to their crimes?

-Isn't it, sir?

Go, sit.

Get him to sign the declaration form

and arrange to produce him
in the court tomorrow.

Hey, sign this!

Venkatesh, I'll leave.

Oh no!

Sir, sir!

-You're leaving without a word!
-Should I inform you too?

The poor have no say!

Am I a politician
that you'd listen to me?

Sir, look. Everything here
is written in English.

How can I sign this without
understanding the content?


Don't get on my nerves!

Sorry, sir. Give it to me.

-Stop playing with him.
-Give it to me. Getting on my nerves.

Give him the Tamil form
and get it signed.

Meanwhile, may I ask you something?

What? Make it quick!

Sir... last January 16th...

in Mattuthavani near Madurai...

a murder took place
early in the morning.

Have you found the killer yet?

He is a big nuisance!

Hey! Why should we find the killer?

We need to ask the Madurai superintendent.

Sir, you can...

It'd be nice if you can ask him
and let me know.

Here, sign this

OK, fine! I'll sign it.

Hope all the details are correct.
Because I'm signing without specs...

Hold on!

Why did you ask about that murder?

If they've arrested someone for it...

-please release him.

I committed that murder.

What the heck? Sir, this is...

Sir, sir...

Please don't panic.
I beg you to remain calm.

I'll tell you the truth.

I can lie about this case and get away...

But if I lie about that case,
an innocent may get caught.

Sir, your phone is ringing.

-Must be your wife.
-Saami, tell them I'm busy.

-You go on.
-Hello? Madam?

-Sir, it's...
-You said you'd be home for dinner?

-Yes. But, tell her I can't come now!
-Sir is busy... What, madam?


-She says appam must be eaten hot!

-Do you have any sense?
-Sorry, sir!

-Saami sir!
-Sir is...

-Saami sir!
-Please hang up.

Why disturb DC for petty issues?

Can't you handle it yourself?

The fact is, appam
tastes better when eaten hot.

Go home and come back.

If your wife waits at home for you
and worried if you're late...

is a great blessing!

You eat and then come back.

I'll write a detailed account of what
happened and sign it.

Enough! No need for all your details!

-Just tell me what happened!
-I'll tell you.

That... Saami sir?

-Is that on?
-It is. You speak!

What do you think of yourself?

I want to somehow get off this case...

Oh yeah?
We'll definitely set you free!

We arrest you for a murder

and you confess to a murder
that was committed earlier.

-And you still believe you'll be freed?
-I don't believe in me.

I trust in you and my savior Perumal.

In fact, I see my Lord Perumal in you!

They say elder's actions
are akin to the Lord's.

It doesn't matter
if you or Perumal does it.

Even the day before,
I met with Perumal's PA...

Lord Perumal's PA, huh?

Yeah, I meant the priest who helps us
send our prayers to the Lord.

I handed him a request to be
placed before Perumal's eyes... no, feet.

The day he notices my request...

I'll be free that day!

-Hey! Masilamani?
-Sir, sir?

-Please have some water.
-I can take care of myself.

Just tell me what happened.

Please ask someone to check
if the details I gave are correct.


-For God's sake, call the Madurai SP!
-Yes, sir.

OK, go ahead!

January 16th was the harvest festival.

I went to Madurai on the 13th...

-Madurai SP Rahul's on the line.
-Put him on the speaker.

I rented a room.

Called you to get something clarified.

On January 16th last year,
in your district...

Masilamani, what's that place?

Hmm... Maatu... Mattuthavani, sir.

Yeah, is there a murder case filed in
Mattuthavani on that day early morning?

Let me check.

You go on, Masilamani.

What should I say, sir?

From the point when I checked in
at Amudha lodge, right?

At Amudha Lodge...

I stayed at Amudha lodge.

From the Thamukam grounds
where I stayed...

to Mattuthavani...

Tell me, Rahul.

At 5:45 a.m., while he was walking,
Vasudevan, a chit fund company owner

was brutally murdered.

Has the accused been found, Rahul?

No, sir. There's something fishy
about the case.

The accused went there and
turned the CCTV camera away.

Even the tracking dog Caesar went up to
Thamukam grounds and came back.

Apart from the evidence, we've learned
that the killer came from Tirupati...

We couldn't proceed further.

We have a man here claiming
that he committed the murder.


-A photo, please.
-Put that down and look here.

Just a minute, sir.

Can I quickly meet Mahesh and come back?

Why do you want to meet him?

Now and then, I have to crack jokes
and make him laugh.

Else that's it.
He'll keep a long face.

The sooner you tell us the truth,
the quicker you're out of here.

Else, you both will stay put.
Get it?

You assume I'm clueless and you're
torturing me in a different way.

I went to fetch him from school at 3:30.

Your jeep showed up
and brought us both here.

You have him there and me here.

If he misses me and starts crying...
you'll find it difficult to handle him.

He'll stop breathing.

It happened once. That's it!

We almost died watching him in pain.

If something like that
happens again...

I don't know...
I don't know what I'll do.

Whoever it is, I won't care.

Everyone... I'll kill everyone!

-Hey, watch your words!
-I'll kill you and go to jail.

-Stop! You too!
-What's left for me here?

Masilamani! Calm down.

-He's so rude! Always, "Why? Why now?"
-That's all part of an inquiry.

-Not everyone talks the same way!

You want to see your son, right?

We'll go once we take the picture.
Face the camera first.

-Masilamani? Look here?

One minute.

They make you cry and take a photo!

Enough! Just send one.

Don't waste time picking the photos!

I am Masilamani, I hardly got money

You are my wealth, my dear


So, why did you go to Tirupati?

Why else?
To pray for Mahesh's good health.

But why did you go particularly
before this murder?

It's a first murder for me!
I went to pray so that it goes smoothly...

and not get caught by cops like you.

OK, how did you carry out this murder?

-Shall I tell you why I did it?
-Stop torturing us!

We ask you "why",
you want to tell us "how".

If we ask you "how",
you want to say "why"?

I don't mean to hurt your feelings, sir.

-I'll tell you how I did it.
-Tell me!

Tell you what, sir? "Why"? Or "how"?

Say any damn thing you want!

Criminals getting away
after committing a crime

are outnumbered by those
who aren't able to get away!

At the BCC Club where I work,

Vasudevan aka Madurai Vasu
was the secretary for two years.

I decided to finish him
only for her sake.

They're blackmailing me!

They're threatening to post it all
on the Internet.

Blackmail, huh?

Had you told me,
I would've finished them off!

I didn't because I knew
you'd get mad.

I was furious...

when Usha hesitantly blurted it out.

Who is Usha?

This sacred thread

Shall be the foundation of my life

I tie this around your neck

May you live a hundred seasons

This sacred thread

On one side,
they would've written "Masilamani".

On the other side, against the yellow,
and in red text,

it'll be "Fair maiden, graceful
- M. Usha, PGDCA...

-in a beautiful, bold font.
-What's PGDCA?

An ordinary computer course
that hardly requires any qualification.

God! Sir?

In our village, it's considered
a great qualification!

On that day...

I was all dressed up as the groom...

That was the first time
I was wearing a silk scarf.

I was floating on cloud nine...

When she comes...

She was looking like a beautiful,
bronze lamp draped in silk.

They bring her to me
and make her sit down...

I was feeling goose bumps all over!

The boys were all teasing, screaming...
"It's a mismatch, mismatch!"

She was way out of my... my league!

We don't have time to listen
to your love story!

Just tell us
how you committed the murder?


Why did you kill Vasudevan?

That Vasu...

That Vasu...

I watched that Vasudevan struggle...

There he goes again!

Hey! Go!

Mahesh? Mahesh!
Constable, please come here!

Baby sparrows, sir.

They're trapped by a cat
like how I'm trapped by you.

Don't be upset
that I'm calling you a cat.

See it through the sparrow's eyes,
and you'll understand.

You'll realize... the relentless panic...
every minute.

At least here, there's just one cat.

Nothing. All it takes is for a passerby
to throw a stone at it.

That's it!

That's why I dropped a huge rock on him!

Saami, go check the inverter.

Who's that?

-Mahesh is having a panic attack,

and finding it hard to breathe.

It looks alarming!
Shall we inform his father?

Arrange to take him to the hospital.

Even if something happens,

don't inform him unless I tell you.
Got it?

You checked in.

You stoned him.
What happened in between?

The power is back.

The first day, I waited.
I waited even on the second day.

On the third day,
I stoned him to death.

15th... 13th, 14th, 15th...

Why are you all giving me strange looks?

Do you think I'm rambling?

Some nonsense.

So many deaths...

fresh in my mind.

This is the only way I narrate.

Am I a seasoned killer, sir?

Saami sir, remember what the DC said...

"Remove the part after the coffee spill
and join this footage."

Also, put all my random ramblings
in the correct order.

-Sir, I'd be grateful if you allowed it.
-I got it.

-Just say whatever you feel.
-I feel like peeing, sir.

You've kept me locked up
for a long time.

-Look at his arrogance.
-I've been controlling it.

I can't hold any longer.
Can I pee?

-I'll be back in a second.

Getting thrashed by cops in those days
would make criminals pee right there.

But you haven't beaten me at all.

You understand well enough to treat
a criminal with humanity.

If only I were that understanding,
why would I...

come here and...


DC sir, an important thing.

-That's why when I was peeing...
-Tell me, Masilamani.

This guy Vasu would always
be in a big group and partying.

Hard to catch him alone.

These rabid dogs party all night
and grow a big belly.

And to lose that belly,
they go on a walk every morning.

He does it too.

I figured out his walking route... God!

It was just as dark
at Gandhi park as today.

Saami, get me that cigarette.

I was there at 4:30 a.m.

There was a life-size garbage bin
on one side.

A wall on the other side.

In the small gap between the
bin and wall, I hide like a lizard.

He parks his car and walks in.

He was smoking too.

God! God! God!

We don't need to
kill people like him.

They'll keep coughing and damage their
lungs and will soon kill themselves!

Did you quit?

If you kick the habit,
it'll benefit your health, DC sir.

Look who is advising whom!

From the looks of it, he'll become a
saint and make us feel guilty, sir.

-He's coming!

G Vasudevan.

Suddenly he's right next to me.

Imagine my plight!

Will this do, sir?

-It's tiring to play the parts...
-Why don't act a little faster!

You want me to act faster, sir?

I was here, he was tying his
shoe laces for so long...

Finally, when he walks away,
I run after him!

I turn around and see two mad dogs
chasing me.

I run back to Amudha lodge,
hit my head hard and fell back.

I wrap myself in a blanket and
there are 50 ghosts, scaring me!

I couldn't sleep all night, sir!

The next morning I ran back
to the same spot, sir.

I wait, looking around. But he doesn't
turn up at his usual time, sir.

He comes ten minutes later
with another woman!

She's also walking with him.

She may have been his wife or
someone else's.

He's a total womanizer!


It's very hard to speak
without a break, sir.

Can I take short breaks, sir?

If you finish, we'll close the case
and be on our way.

We're hoping you'd get to the point,
but you keep beating about the...

On the third day,
I decide to finish him off...

I took some cow dung and...

put it in front of me.

It stinks, sir.

I put it there and waited.

I was a bit calmer today, sir.

After two days of practice,
I was calm, sir.

He's coming sir.

He's coming, sir. Coming, sir.

He comes...

steps right on the dung...

and cursed "shit", sir.

I was wondering what to do next.

He bends down to get rid of the dung
from his shoes.

That's it, sir.

I watched him...

I wrapped the kite string on my hands...

flung it over his neck...
and moved it back and forth...

He was screaming, sir!

I saw a couple of people approaching.

I was worried they'd hear
his noise...

Masilamani. Masilamani?


The same thing happened
the other day.

Early morning...

from a nearby mosque...

I heard "Allah"!

Drowning out this dog's screams...

in that sound, sir.

He fell dead in front of me.

I could've been caught red-handed.

I took off and ran straight
to that mosque...

that's where I prayed
and got this protective locket, sir.

-Lord Allah saved me, sir!
-Allah saved you, huh?

Do you realize the police
have arrested you?

What's with that sarcastic laugh?

I somehow feel, it's the police
that are trapped.

Are you mocking us?

The real mockery is that,
highly educated police officers...

are trapped between the criminals,
the law, the rich and the politicians!

Only the poor like me are
subjected to God's grace.

The truth is... 'Power' is God!

When a man in a powerful position
commits a murder,

he just calmly puts his shades on
and walks off, sir.

The police never get a clue
and even if they do...

they'll be quiet. Right, sir?

Rascal! Always... keep
insulting the police!

Stop it, stop it! Venkat!

Look at him, sir.

I hit him once. Look at his
exaggerated drama!

Oh no... Honey!

Somebody help my husband!

Honey? God!

They beat my husband and took the jewels.


Call the Joint Commissioner's office

and see if there's a
psychologist on call now.

Had I finished him off then...

all my problems would've been solved.

That's where I messed up.


Masilamani, what's the problem?

Tell us who's responsible for your
problems. We'll take action.

I don't know why.

Tell us, Masilamani.
We'll definitely take action.


You can't take any action against
the person I'll tell about next.

He is...

He's more powerful than all of you.

He was already shot once.

Yet, he didn't die.

When he laughs, I tell you...

A toothless grin is a sight to see.

Ah, Saami sir.

-My wallet?
-It's safe with us.

-That's why I'm worried!
-Gosh! Is there even 100 rupees in it?


The one I'd only seen on
100 and 500 rupee bills...

for the first time,
I saw him on a 2000-rupee bill.

Masilamani? Here.

A member of the club...
a doctor, tipped me.

I took it and...

gave it to Usha.

Whoa! A 2000-rupee bill!

I have a dress
that has the same color.

She hugs me tight,
I hug her tighter...

I kissed her all over her face!

Why this sudden love?

She pressed me to her bosom and...

"Each kiss of yours is worth ten million!"

Yeah! You're showing me
a 2000-rupee bill now.

Ten million, huh?

All of this is for
the toothless old man!

Not for you!

-Wake him up!
-I wish I'd worked harder, kept her happy.

-Masilamani? Get up!
-I wonder how.

You know where you are?

I said, get up! Up!

I'm a loser, sir!


If a candy colored bill ruins my life...

who will I be mad at?
Tell me.

He's the one to blame.
He indulged and spoilt my wife!

Hey! How dare you break Gandhi's photo?

Venkat? Forget the case!
I'll beat you to pulp right now!

Please bash him up, sir.
And finish him off for good.

I didn't hit Gandhi!
I know he's a Mahatma...

But he is on that bill!

Those who have none
hate those who have plenty, sir.

That anger, the desperation,
the envy... That's what it was!

Forget it, sir.

Let's burn down all the money out there.

Let's restart from zero again.

We'll both work hard and earn a living.
Let's see then!

Everyone should be born naked.

Why are some wrapped in a loincloth
while some are swathed in money?

So what about people like me?

Shame... shamed...
can't tolerate shame...

This keeps beeping over and over!

A DC, an AC and an inspector are
in the middle of an interrogation here.

-Saami, take that walkie-talkie from him.
-Thought, I'd... here, sir.

Glass shards are all over the place.

The JC's office called.
They're sending Dr Surya.

This wound too.

Need to remove these stitches.
It's been 10 days.


Sorry, we didn't realize your
mental state and disturbed you.

Take rest. Let's start afresh
in the morning.

-Saami, clean up here.

-Remove the camera.
-OK, sir.


...tell the Commissioner
that we'll continue tomorrow.

Let them take everything.
Ask them to leave the camera behind.

Because I'll record any
details I missed...

-with the camera.
-Change the memory card.

I'll be nervous when I see all of you
and I'm unable to speak properly.

You? Really?

DC sir, my Mahesh?

Don't worry. They'll put him in
Rosie's room. She'll look after him.

Ask her to take good care of him, sir.

The one in the front
is the "On" button, right?

-Oh! OK. I knew that.

-Saami sir! Just a minute!
-Tell me, I'm right here!

Please buy Mahesh a pizza for dinner.
He's been asking for a long time.

Ensure there's cheese all over.

-And an orange juice without ice.

After dinner, give him his medicines...

-and put eye drops in his left eye.

Please tell him, daddy's been selected
in the police interview...

and I have to do
target practice all night.

He loves the Power Rangers.
Tell him daddy's a Power Ranger now...

and he'll shoot down criminals.
Bam! Bam!

He'll be happy to hear it.

Please don't light up mosquito coils
like you did it in here.

The smoke will make him breathless.

I've already warned you about the
consequences of his breathing problem.

Use one of these electric repellents.


You've shut the door, huh!

-Saami sir, can you hear me?
-Yes, I can.

-Tell me.
-Hear me out as you lock the door.

He'll have to pee a
couple of times at night.

Ask Rosie to wrap him
in a blanket and put him to bed.


I'll let you know
if there's anything else, okay?

Last night, the kid was very serious.

We just brought him from the hospital.

He keeps calling out for Masi.

It's the children who suffer...

the consequences of their
parents' actions.

Your son wanted us to give you this toy.
I'm leaving it here.

Masilamani? What are you doing there?

When I heard of Dr Surya,
I thought it was a man.

I wasn't expecting
a woman "psychologist".

How did you know
that I'm a psychologist?

-I've seen you. Even spoke to you!
-You've spoken to me, huh?

-You come on a "Doctor Show" on TV, right?

I was a caller by the name,
'Royapuram Ramesh'.

-Regarding what problem?
-I'm unable to sleep, doctor.

Since when?

That... is for many years.

But for the last 10-11 days,
I haven't slept at all.

What do you do all night
if you can't sleep?

I stay awake.

Good joke!

Then you must laugh!

You should see Mahesh laugh!
I learned all the jokes for him.

It's better for bonds to break away
than wilt slowly.

Some bonds die while
still being alive...

while some others live forever

even when long gone.

If that...

If that's the way it is...

what can one do but smile?

Since when did you
start talking randomly?

Since the start of the affair...

It's no affair, honey.


Why couldn't you tell me that?


Why don't you tell me that?

Without consulting me...

if you take all decisions, then...

-what am I here for... I...
-Who are you talking about?

If I say I was talking about Usha,
you'd ask, "Who is Usha?"

One must be alert, right?

Usha is your beautiful wife.

-You know that she's beautiful?
-Oh Yeah!

Including the fact
that she's a fan of Ilayaraja.

I saw your complete video yesterday.

-You've understood me completely?
-No, just half of it.

I'll try to understand
the rest while we're talking.

Did they ask you to talk to me
and check if I'm telling the truth?

I'm not a lie detector.

-I'm here to see how I can help you.
-Is this your chief doctor?

No, he's Mozart.

The world famous music composer.


He's a great man!

He makes you...

Sorry, you were asking me something.

Tell me about yourself, your parents...
when did you get married?

What grade is Mahesh in?

What do you like?
Tell me... what's your favorite flower?

The banana flower.

What does this tell you?

-You're not a fan of fragrance.
-What do you mean?

-Is it about my marriage?

You prefer things that don't give out
fragrance over the aromatic ones.

What's a banana flower?

You say banana flowers aren't fragrant...

but Usha makes these fritters
with them. Wow!

With coriander and mint shreds.
And bits of crunchy fried dal...

Just "wow!".

I gobble a dozen of them.

If there's freshly ground coconut
chutney, it'll be another half a dozen!

You love your wife's cooking.

I love my wife!

I have no idea how much I love her.

How should she know?

Do you lend a hand when she cooks?

A hand? I lend my entire self to her.


As the oil in the frying pan heats up,
she flattens the batter.

I approach her from behind...

and lean against her back...

I open the petals of the
banana flower, one by one...

and make it look like a bouquet.

Since she's by the fire, she'd have
sweat beads here and there...

I use the banana bouquet to gently dab
and wipe off the sweat...

She'd feel... ticklish.

-She can't handle it and she screams.
-Hey, fire here, be quiet.

As we fall down and roll around,
we make a giant mess.

After that... we did...

Such houses don't have
a separate bedroom and a kitchen.


She suddenly runs to check on
the fritters and they'd be burnt.

She pretends to be angry,
and is glaring at me...

-she'd smile...
-Rascal! If you do this again...

I'd have goose bumps all over!

I can feel it even now!

That's how...

That's how happy we were
until Mahesh was born in the 8th month.

He didn't cry at all when he was born.

But we've been crying ever since.

The doctor said he's terminally ill.
Felt like we were struck by a lightning.

But it was only after
coming to this club...

that lightning really struck.

What happened?

This is how he'd go and speak
to the birds for no apparent reason.

There is a reason for everything.

They're squeaking like my Mahesh.
High pitched and flippant.

-"Masi", "Masi", he'd say.

What exactly happened at the club?

All our problems started with 'Bill'.

Don't you want to know who 'Bill' is?

That is an illicit affair!

-It's OK, leave it.

-I'll get it cleaned.
-Wait, Saami. I got it.

Things turned awry only after
she indulged in illicit affairs.

'Bill' and 'illicit affair'.
You do the math.

You're a cycliogist!

I'm a Psychologist!


Sl... Slightologist? No.


-Got it right, didn't I?
-Hello. I said that!

Who asked you to say it?
Wait, I'll pronounce it correctly.


Look at that. You're saying it wrong now!

-Is Masilamani cracking jokes?
-He's such a nice person.

I haven't seen anyone love his
wife and kids like him.

We're being pressured to
release the quarry owner.

We struggle to arrest but the officials
pressure us to release the guy!

And we must obey without a word.
Why arrest anyone then?

Damn! Did we join the
police force for this?

I've got the entire report, sir.

Ma'am, how many kids do you have?

I don't have kids, Masilamani.

The haves don't have kids!
And the have-nots...

This is how he keeps confusing us.

Mr. Venkatesh, he's very kind hearted.
Look at him!


-I see a criminal as a criminal!
-Mother bird brought food for her babies.

She... either took it or stole it.
It's not like she earned it!

Theft, murders started
only when we started earning and saving.

Leave that aside. Do you know Dr Ramesh?

Hey! Let me go!

I'll pay you anything you want.
Just let me go!

I'll pay you any...

He believes money can buy anything.

My... family doctor. He's like family.

If Mahesh so much as sneezes,
Usha will run straight to him.

When did you last see him?

When... whenever I see him,
he'd look fresh.

I didn't ask about his looks.
I asked when you last saw him?

Last time I saw him,
he tipped me with a 2000-rupee bill.

I gave it to Usha
and things turned a bit ugly...

-Then I broke Gandhi's photo, remember?

-What is that noise?
-I'll check, sir.

That's nothing.

The cat was really
torturing those birds...

that's why, when I saw it climbing up
the bathroom tank,

I grabbed it and threw it in the drum.
With one punch, I made an air hole...

-for it to stay alive.
-You haven't seen Dr Ramesh since?

Oh! You're cross-questioning me?

I thought you were just questioning me.

His wife lives in London.

Guys at the club said
that he must've moved there.

-He's might've gone to London.
-Have you ever been there?

-To London?
-To Pondicherry!

If I haven't been to London,
how could I have gone to Pondicherry?

-Saami, what's going on there?
-Nothing, sir. It's the cat!

You've released the bad guy?
That's what you'd do!

But you leave the poor birds to die.

This is your signature, right?

I'm even scared to tell the truth
that it's mine.

Wonder if you'll believe that!

On August 13th, you went to Pondicherry,
Kottakuppam Police Station. Is that right?

That's correct. But Kottakuppam isn't in
Pondicherry. It's in Tamil Nadu.

On the Pondicherry border.

When you said Pondicherry,
I got confused, I thought I was lying!

Hey! Why did you go to
Kottakuppam Station?

Everything is clear here...

Actually, since it's a photocopy,
it's not that clear.

So I'll clear it up for you.

Masilamani? Don't think
of you as very smart.

On August 13th, the doctor was found
murdered in Pondicherry.


The doctor was murdered?

What are you saying? Who...

Cut the drama, you imbecile!

Sir! AC sir.

If you're nice to me,
I'll be nice to you.

Or what?

I'll still be nice!

Was that you, Ma'am? The way you burst out
laughing, I thought the tap was open...

-It's been like this since yesterday!
-Hey! You killed the doctor!

Just because you didn't find the killer,
will you frame me for all the murders?

I shouldn't have let you out last night.

You start with a grand action plan.

When I admitted to the Madurai murder
that you couldn't solve...

why would I refuse the one
that you've solved?

That's what's confusing to us too!

Well, it confuses you
if I've done it or not. Correct?

I'm sure it's you.

-How are you so sure, sir?

We wouldn't have suspected you
even if you hadn't confessed killing Vasu.

This murder is exactly like
your other two murders.

Early morning, Dr Ramesh's neck
was slit with a kite string.

His male organ was smashed
with a rock.

Not only that. We've found a size 7
slipper at the three crime scenes.

-Dhanaselvam, what's his foot size?
-11, sir.

OK. We'll figure that later.

Crimes executed in a similar pattern
are called MO in our department.

That means Method of Operation.

So, this murder's MO is the same as
your other murders.

Since you committed those murders,
you must've committed this one!

Is that so?

Please remember what you just said, sir.

Don't change it later.

-Ma'am, you're my witness.
-Tell me.

Since, the third murder is just like
the other two...

that means the accused in those
murders is responsible for this too.

I also murdered the doctor, sir.

Why are you confessing in installments?

Not one, not two.
This is the third murder, right?


This was the second murder.

The third is my arrest and torture here!

The first one was in Madurai!

You know Vasudevan? It's him!

I killed him first!

I commit the murders
and you give me the count?

-I'm not cheating anyone!

I'm going to my mom's place for two days
and then to a temple and be back.

Take care of Mahesh, okay?

I've poured water in the leftover rice.

-Have it for breakfast.
-That's what she told me and left.

But Pondicherry Selvam told me...

Trust me! I saw Usha
at a resort in Pondicherry.

Not wanting to believe.
I asked rickshaw driver Ameen.

I swear, bro...

She got on the bus to the temple.
I dropped her there.

What should I believe now?

Masilamani, eat something first. Here.

Doctor, ask him about Ameen.

Who is Ameen?

376 rupees!

Whoa! I can't have such costly food.

I'll give it to Mahesh when I get home.

-Who is Ameen?
-Saami, I heard when she asked.

You think I'm deaf?
You keep asking who Ameen is...

Ameen is an auto rickshaw driver
from our area.

He drops Mahesh to school
or the hospital in an emergency.

He'd do anything for Usha.
Adores her like a sister.

-He adores her.
-OK. Sit and eat.

He called her a sister, but acted like
a pimp and made me shrivel in shame!

You were saying something... go on.

I said, go on!

RMB was the name of that
resort in Pondicherry.

I went there and hid
behind the compound wall...

and as I was... waiting...

Dhanaselvam, sir!

Dhanaselvam sir, Please turn that off!

There are already so many noises
in my head! And this...

I see many cars whirring past me.

On the other side,
I saw a bus leaving for Chennai.

I saw a car coming.

I was confirming that there are no
CCTV cameras anywhere in the area...

The car stops right in front of me.

He gets down from the car

and starts talking on his Bluetooth.

-Tell me, Usha.
-You don't worry...

You don't worry. Plan...

There's a contraceptive
pill called "Plan B".

Get it from my clinic and take it.
You have nothing to worry about.

Yeah. As a Doctor, I know best!

Is this what a doctor does?

He opens the car's trunk
to take out something.

-I had a strip...
-He leans in, searching. That's when...

I took the kite string and...

flung it tightly over his neck...

I'll give you money! Let me go!

I'll pay you any amount! I'll pay...

When you have money...
a Plan B, C, D...

This is my Plan E!

He... falls down.

That's it.

I threw a rock on
where I needed to throw.

He was smashed and died.

Before forgetting, I took the slipper...

from my shoulder bag and placed it there.

I walked in darkness...

since I'd left Mahesh there...

I went straight to Selvam's house...

I can't find my child there!

When I asked about Mahesh...

Selvam said, "Since you were missing,
he ran out looking for you."

"Don't know where he went."

When I heard he was missing...

I lost all my senses.

It's bright now...

but I can't see a thing!

I burst out... crying!

-The boy was crying...
-The tea shop Nair tells me that...

"He's at the Kottakuppam Police Station."

I run there and...

see that the child is crying.

The statement I signed there
is the one you have.

Don't worry, Masi... Masi is here.

If I'd lost him that day...

you wouldn't have had
any of this trouble.

I'd have killed myself too.

-Saami sir?
-Tell me.

It's 11 o'clock,

Please get Mahesh a falooda ice cream.

Without ice cream.

Without ice cream...

Hold on! I might've stepped...

It's okay... you're alright.

Hope my good karma saves Mahesh.

What is that, Masilamani?

A cockroach. I almost stepped on...

Thank God. If I had squished it...

I'd have sinned.

You don't want even
a cockroach to die.

How did you commit so many murders?

Did that... betray me?

DC sir...

He talks about betrayal.
He smashed the victims' male organs.

This definitely involves a woman.

Either, the three victims must have
misbehaved with his wife...

-or his wife must've...

Is Usha my wife or yours?
You keep on making stuff?

Back in the village,
you have no idea how she was.

I should never have brought that
naive girl to this club.

Enticed by the 8000 rupees salary
and free lodging...

bringing her to this club was the
reason her mind got messed up.

Usha is a real beauty! But you know the
wannabe ladies who'd come to the club...

they would have pockmarked faces
and exaggerated pouts.

Decked up in diamond necklaces.
And... in those short dresses...

-What are they called?
-That's a dress. You could say a "frock".

They'd strut about in those.
And she'd keep gawking at them.

They send those dresses for laundry...

that... once those dried up,
and since she was desperate...

she'd try on one of them...

and when I come home...
she would stand...

Honey, how do I look?

"Wow", that's how she looked!

That's it!

She pushes me down...

and then... you know what!

After that, she lays snuggled
next to me...

Why has God made us so poor, honey?

Imagine how I'd look in their jewels?

What can we do?

God is testing us in this life.

-May be in the next...
-I don't believe in a next life, honey!

I want to live now.

I felt that was fair.

But do you know that those mongrels
had recorded a video of her bathing?

Even I didn't know.

And... they started threatening
her with that.

When she refused their advances,
they threatened they'd leak it online.

That's it.


sits down and...

starts screaming and weeping!

How would I feel!

How could I do nothing?

Won't you be furious?

-That's why I...

You would kill them?

Then what are cops for?

-To loot...
-How dare you!

To loot money from the rich
and the lives of the poor!

-Let me show you what we are!
-Patience, Venkatesh. Patience.

-Let him hit me, sir. He already hit...
-Wait, please wait.

Let go of me. I'll thrash him...

I'm already bleeding from
yesterday's beating. Enough!

Can't be patient like you.
I'm stepping out for some time, sorry!


A minister's brother was also
murdered using the same MO in Salem.

-Shall we enquire about it too?

Hey! Stop irritating!
Ask the Commissioner if you want.

Sorry, sir.

-Bring something to eat for him.
-OK, sir.


Did you file a complaint about the
blackmail in the police station?

I did, at the D1 Police Station...

it's on the left before Kalaivanar hall.
I filed a complaint there...

-I'll check.

The head constable there told me...

"Don't lock horns with the rich.

Instead relocate to other place."

I felt he had a point...

I made calls to my earlier workplaces.

First, there was a
senior Lawyer Vedachalam...

When I worked there, I used to see
many lawyers and officers like you.

That's where I learned a few techniques.

I gave a small demo
when you asked me to write my statement.

You spilled coffee on it
and asked me to write it again.

I gave you a carbon copy!
I learned all that from there.

Then I worked at actor
Vijay Kumar's house for some time.

He does not say...

-Then at the Minister's house...
-He has a purpose for everything.

-Were you talking to me, sir?

Oh! To ma'am. OK, sir.

I worked at the Minister's house
for about a month.

My old pal, Sekar was still a guard
at the Minister's house.

I asked him if I could get a job.

He said, "There was an
incident two years ago."

Remember? The next day you came
and asked me about it.

"They aren't hiring anyone after that."

They don't want any trouble.

"They only hire relatives
from their native place."

They've somehow managed to
keep it a secret so far.

We couldn't suddenly relocate...

I endured and continued working there.

But those men... continued bothering...

my Usha...

That's why I murdered those three
in cold blood!

Did you see?

The blood is still on my hands.

No matter how much I wash,
it doesn't go away!

I understand, Masilamani.

You did everything for your wife.

You constantly talk about Usha...

Where is Usha now?


Find me if you can.

I don't know where... she went...

Masilamani, I asked you
where is Usha now?

She's missing.

She's missing?

Since when?

That is... for 10-11 days.

-I'll check, sir.

I searched for her everywhere
until I reached Thiruvannamalai.

Since her mom's house was in Vandavasi,

I filed a complaint at both the stations.

An FIR has been filed, sir.

Told you!

Saami sir, I don't know
about the past...

but henceforth,
I'll only speak the truth.

If you were to cross-check
that every single time,

you won't just get tired,
you'll be retired!


How old is your wife?

No one can say... she's 32.

-Will check, sir.

Sir, look at this photo.

Masilamani, these are our
routine formalities.

This photo is from the
government hospital mortuary.

Check if this is your wife?

Look at it and then tell me.

Don't look at me.
Look at the phone!

That is Usha.

On that day...

she was wearing a red dress.

You knew your wife was in the mortuary?

Why did you file a missing
complaint then?

When I filed the complaint,
she was really missing.

That was back then!

Why didn't you tell us until
we found out about this?



You killed your wife
and staged a drama?

Isn't that true?

Why should your guess be right?

It's my statement that should be true!

He planned his wife's murder
and made it look like an accident.

Yes! It was me!

-It was me!

It was I who killed... slaughtered...

-and murdered her!
-Masilamani? Relax, be quiet.

-Is that enough?
-Why raise your voice?

-Isn't that the truth?

Please don't get tense.

I'm very certain you couldn't
have killed your wife.

Tell us... what happened?

You're a godsend!

These guys... only read
my mouth when I speak.

But you look into my eyes
and read my mind.

If only I knew how to read minds...

I would've known what Usha wanted...

and gone far away with my child.

Like this...

I wouldn't have to leave my boy
out there and suffer like this.

I killed...

my Usha, huh!

Usha is...

Mahesh's mother.

How could anyone kill a mother?

And they've brought out sticks, guns,
as if they witnessed it!

I'm going to beat him to pulp!

Masilamani, I'm saying this
for your benefit.

Just tell us what really happened.

I've never seen my dad.

They say I'm like my mom.

My mom isn't very pretty.

She's short and dark...

with a flat nose.

Mothers don't... need to be pretty.

She took me along to see the bride.

She appeared like a
doll made of sandalwood.

The moment I saw her...

I was awestruck!

It wasn't a big deal that
I agreed to marry her.

But she agreed to marry me...

was the quire of fate.

What should I have done?

"Oh! I don't deserve you...

I can sleep on a foam pillow.
How can I sleep if it's gold?"

I should've said, "No, thank you"
and left.

How would a beggar feel winning
a jackpot with a single lottery ticket?

I agreed to marry her in that excitement.

It was a blunder.

A bigger blunder was...

bringing her to this club.

Remember, I kept telling you...

She'd yearn for all the riches looking
at the ladies at the club.

When the tender meat is hung...
in the meat shops...

and you see the dogs salivate
for some meat pieces?

The rabid dogs at the club
were just like these dogs.

They used my poverty against me.

When I noticed one day...

that Usha had Mahesh in one hand
and a cell phone in the other.

I asked her where she got it.

She said the club secretary's wife
gave it to her.

I couldn't believe it.

Later, I hear people gossip...

that something was going on
between the secretary and Usha.

I felt awkward when I heard that.

If I falsely accuse her
and if her heart breaks...

and if she takes an extreme step...

So I stayed quiet.

Later, I find out...

it's not just the secretary...

the doctor, the real estate owner...

It's disgusting to even talk about it.

Then one day, when I open the cupboard
to get my torch light...

I find some jewels and
a wad of 2000-rupee bills.

OK. I figured she's got all that
by sleeping around...

I was furious and raging mad!

What would any man in my place do?

Chop his wife's head
and bring it to the police station.

Twirling his moustache with machismo.

But I can't do that, can I?

Usha was my life.

I thought I'd end my life...

I tie her sari...

around my neck
to hang myself to death.

But she finds me
and falls at my feet...

Oh no! Please...
Don't do it, honey. Listen to me.

-I messed up. Forgive me, honey!
-No! No, Let me die!

I'll go. At least take care of Mahesh.

I only did this for our Mahesh, honey.
For his medical expenses.

I hoped we can get him treated abroad.
That's why I did this.

Given our situation, I didn't know
what else to do, honey.

When she mentioned Mahesh...

I melted.

What could I do?

Then I told her, "We don't need this.

Instead of Mahesh living to a 100,
in disgust and humiliation,

let's keep him alive as long as
possible with dignity and integrity."

I said, "If he dies,

let's die with him."

She calmed down and agreed with me.

Later, I find that...

it's again... she's continuing it.

I lost control and kept hitting her!

Then she says... "No, honey...

They've recorded videos
of me with them...

and they blackmailed me..."

Then, I told you, right?

That's when I filed a complaint

and the constable asked me relocate...

and then Vedachalam, the Minister...

and all that.

Realizing that the rich and powerful...

get no punishment for their
crimes in this country...

I slit their throats...

Masilamani, calm down.

I understand your pain.

-It's missing.

I hid it in the BCC Club's motor room.

I leave a single slipper
at every murder, right?

I put the other slippers from the pairs
in a plastic bag and hid it there.

If that's missing,
Usha must've sniffed me out.

I thought I'd ask her,
but she goes missing the next day.

That's when I filed
the missing complaint.

Three days later, she shows up
at the doorstep in a yellow sari.

Her cheeks are bruised.

Before I could ask her, she says,
"As penance for my sins,

I went to the temple and
pierced my cheeks with spears."

I asked her, "Didn't it hurt"?

Not as much as I hurt you, honey.

That's it.

She fell at my feet.

Hugged me tight.

I melted. That's how I am!

That day, she convinced
that her body was soiled...

but her heart was always mine.

Then... that evening, she's all
decked up with jasmine flowers...

and asks, "Shall we go to the beach?".
Before I could answer, our son...

is ready with his kite and says,
"Come, Masi. Come. Let's go!"

Then... praying that life should
be peaceful at least from now on...

I went to the beach with them.

There, Mahesh found a group to play
with and went away with them.

Usha takes a cloth, blindfolds me
and spins me around...

Honey, find me if you can.

She asks me to find her.

Playing hide-and-seek on the beach
seemed childish.

But it was still fun.

The cloth she tied was
some slippery nylon fabric...

it slid down on one side.

I sneaked a peek.

She was signaling someone.

When I turned around...

The rickshaw driver was pulling out a log.

And when I looked at her
and turned around

and before I could fathom...

I thought he was bluffing.
But he has really experienced pain.

I get up again...

he hits me again!

If it continued, he would've killed me,
so I played dead.

Looks like he's dead. Give it, quick!

I'm scared... All the jewels, huh?

-I look up.
-Can I get...

She was giving the driver
all her jewelry...

She screams, "Oh no!
He's beating up my husband!"

"He's running away with my jewels!".

He's running away with my jewels!".

I was dumbstruck!

"I did it for Mahesh...

They blackmailed me."

Was it all a lie?


I even forgave her for betraying me.

But to think she'll have
someone kill me...

I could never have imagined it!

Filled with furiousness,
I chase that rickshaw driver...

and I see her running the other way.

I leave him
and start chasing her...

She runs hard, looking at me
back-and-forth, crosses the road and...

God! Hey! Come on...

The vehicle's tire runs over
her pretty face.

So much blood... blood everywhere.

People gather around...

I merge with the crowd...

and look at the vehicle.

It's a vehicle
that brings cash to ATMs.

-Masi? Leave me.
-I panic and run.

I saw Mahesh crying instead of me.

I asked him what happened...

and he shows me his kite.


-He says it's torn.
-I want a new kite...


Please gather yourself.

These interrogations can wait.

Attend to your wife's last rites first.

Today is the 10th day.
I should've performed her last rites.

The moment she decided to kill me...

she was dead to me
and I burnt all traces of her...

from my heart.

Today is the last date.

If nobody claims the body,
they'll bury it.

Mahesh should not know
about his mom's death.

You can carry on with your formalities.

Masilamani, you may have thousands
of issues, but she was still your wife.

The issue was, I had only thousands.

If I'd had millions,
she'd still be my wife.

You could've told us
that your wife was immoral.

When I found out,
I couldn't tell it to anyone.

But when you caught me...

I couldn't help, but say it.

No matter how disgusting it is inside...

a man and wife won't wash
their dirty linen in public.

-DC sir, I'll leave now.
-What's your opinion?

My opinion...

-I'm not sure if you can accept it.
-Tell me anyway.

Motherhood is not defined
only by the female gender.

It's to do with an unconditional love.

The punishment you seek
for Masilamani...

shouldn't affect the child
who's only got 5-6 years left.

Not only that. Masilamani does not
look like a patient who needs a treatment.

I'll send you a detailed report.

-Masilamani, I'll see you later.
-Ma'am, one minute...

Please... give this kite to Mahesh?

-Tell him that daddy will meet him soon.
-I'll pray for Mahesh.

Instead of that, if something were
to happen to me...

could you take care of Mahesh
like your own son?

Nothing will happen to you.

He won't bother you for too long.


-Your dad asked me to give this.

When will Masi come?

Very soon.

I wonder when.

DC sir, those shades look great on you!

Please ask Thilaka ma'am
to pack lunch for me too.

My taste buds died along with Usha.

Why do you need lunch? We're done here.

Get some food for Masilamani.


Take care of further formalities.

Make sure you find
a good home for the child.

-OK, sir.
-Saami, anything else?

What about that slipper?

Oh yeah! I forgot to ask!

Why leave a size seven slipper that's not
even your size at the three crime scenes?

Not three, sir.

At the four crime scenes...

Four? But you didn't kill
your wife, right?

-It was an accident, right?
-She did die in an accident...


That's why I asked if Thilaka ma'am
could send me some food...

Hey! If you don't tell me how many
you've killed, I'll kill you myself!

Do you understand now, sir?

Only circumstance makes
someone a murderer.

Saami sir, I'm starving.

-Please get biryani for Mahesh and me.
-Who was the fourth victim?


Two and half years ago, on April 18th...

I think it was Good Friday.

Minister Perumalsamy's brother, Murugesan

was going for a walk at 5:40 a.m.
from his mistress's house.

Someone slit his throat
with a kite string

and smashed his male organ with a rock.

And he also turned the CCTV camera away.

Importantly, he has accidentally left
behind a single size 7 slipper.

It's been over two and half years now.

and the cops still haven't found
the killer for that murder...

was also committed by me, sir.

Why are you all shocked?

What? You just admitted to killing
a Minister's brother!

Do you understand its consequences?

When that murder took place...

I was working at the Minister's house.

Yes. It's Masilamani.
Tell me, I'll note down.


So, from March 10 to April 24, 2017,
you've worked at the Minister's house.

Why did you do it?

To facilitate this murder...

I took up a job there.

What is the motive for this murder?


If you press charges against me
and produce me at the court...

I'll tell the entire truth to the judge.


it'd be better if you could check
with the Commissioner if that's okay.

Why do you want us to check
this specifically with the Commissioner?

Our Commissioner was
the SP in Salem at that time.

He conducted a special investigation.

He even got a promotion during that time.

When you talk about this case,
your eyes seem a little dodgy.

That is...

Hunger is blocking my ears
and blurring my vision.

If you permit me,
I'll have some food and then continue.

-We've bought his food.
-Give it to him and you all eat too.

-OK, sir.
-Saami sir, please make Mahesh eat.

Venkat, I need to speak to the
Commissioner. I'll call you if needed.

-All of you please wait outside.
-OK, sir.

He confessed to having committed
all the three murders, sir.

When we were about to conclude the case,

he suddenly talks about
a two-year-old unsolved case

and confessed that he killed
Minister Perumalsamy's brother.

Yes, sir.

He says he'll tell about the motive
only in the court.


How are you so sure
he didn't do it, sir?

Don't mistake me.
But why should we get the Minister's...

Sorry, sir.

I better take voluntary retirement!

DC sir...

I need the police to even search for
meat pieces in this biryani!

Saami sir? Is this biryani
or just steamed rice?

A rickshaw driver's corpse has
been found under Poonamallee flyover.

The corpse is fully decomposed.
That murder too has the same MO.

-What, Masilamani?

Are you going to say that
you didn't kill this guy?

How can I not kill him?

But that's my last murder.

I don't have any reason
left to kill anyone else.

Usha isn't even alive anymore.

Killing someone is no joke, sir.

It's even easy to find the killer
in two-three years.

But that is nothing compared
to the killing.

Good God!

Why would you bring it up
while I'm eating?

I can't eat now!

I can't.

-Saami, wait outside.
-OK, sir.

Sorry, sir. What did the
Commissioner say?

Did he say that I wouldn't have
committed this murder?

How do you know that?

Only he knows every
detail about this murder.

Then why do you confess to
a murder you didn't commit?

When did I confess?
It was you who said that...

"Crimes executed in a similar pattern
will be committed by the same person."

You had a name for that.
Yeah... MO... Method of Operation.

-Even in the doctor's murder, you said...
-Hello. Tell me, sir.

the killer has to be the same person
who committed the other two murders.

Going by the MO, I should've murdered
the Minister's brother too?

But, sir...

He's still arguing
he committed that murder.

If it's okay with you,
can I put him on a video call?

Masilamani? The Commissioner
is on the line.

Greetings, sir.

Why are you confessing to a
murder you didn't commit?

Before that, I just want
to say something?

When I was working at
Minister Perumalsamy's house in Salem,

you were the Salem SP then.

Exactly two days before the murder,

as you got off the car,
your left shoe lace got loose.

-I tied it for you.

-Just answer my question!
-Just one more thing...

The night after the murder,
you came to his house again.

Then you asked for soda
to mix in your drink, sir.

I ran out and got it for you.

You looked at me and asked in a
deep voice, "Where are you from?".

I still cannot forget that deep voice...
Oops! The call was disconnected.

He hung up, sir.

You don't waste a single word, do you?
Sit down.

No, sir, he'll call back
and I have to stand again, so...

There's a hidden meaning there too!

From what you say, it looks like the
Commissioner is involved in this too.

Damn! Guys like these earn a bad
name to the whole department.

Shall we continue the video call, sir?

Yes, sir. It is sensitive, indeed.
I'll step out and talk to you.

Sir? Can you please ask Saami
to bring my things?


What? Lockup death?

The right thing to do is to press
charges and produce him in the court.

Instead, you talk about lockup death?

No, sir. This is inhumane.

Sir, I'm already in the mood to resign.

What, sir? You want to handle it yourself?

Please come, sir.

Looks like that Minister
has killed his own brother.

And the Commissioner has helped him.
He should be beaten to death!

Saami? Don't let anyone in until
the Commissioner arrives.

Okay, sir.

Why are you so upset, sir?

Did the Commissioner
ask you to release me?

Should only the rich and powerful escape
using the loopholes in your law?

Why can't a poor guy like me escape?
I have a sick child to tend.

-I'm thinking about that too.
-What's there to think about?

Either, press charges for all the murders
and produce me at the court.

Then the Minister will also be dragged in.
Let the court decide his fate.

Or frame someone else for
all these murders

and release me, sir.

OK. Say, I release you...

Do you think the Minister will spare you?

Sir, I mentioned this yesterday.

You probably weren't paying attention.

-What's that?
-I said I sent a petition to Perumal's PA.

-You thought Perumal was Lord Perumal.

But in my case, since God's namesake
himself is the criminal,

I sent my petition directly
to the criminal.

Perumalsamy, Minister of Social Welfare.
His PA is Mr. Vijayakumar.

Please call him and ask him
to give my petition to the Minister.

It's in a blue envelope.

It says BCC Club.

-Shall I give you his number, sir?
-Tell me.


If you know it by heart,
there must be something!

Before the Commissioner arrives,
let me see if I can help you.

-Mr. Vijaykumar, DC Balakrishnan here.
-Hello, sir.

Among the Minister's latest petitions,
you'll find a blue 'BCC Club' envelope.

Show it to the Minister at once
and let me know what he says.

Okay, sir. I'll call you back.

OK. What have you written
in the petition?

Not written, sir.

-I have sent!
-Sent what?

A flash drive.

Not the bits and pieces,
tell me everything.

Well, sir...

Mahesh is right outside.

He has a cell phone.
Please ask someone to bring it to me.

But he won't give it to anyone.

If you allow me, I'll call him
and he'll send it.

Thanks, sir.

Mahesh dear!

I'm coming... I'm coming very soon!

Do one thing for me. Please give
your cell phone to Saami.

Just for a minute. Okay?

I have a bad habit, sir.

In my free time, I would record
videos of me singing.

When I was working
at the Minister's house...

-they'd make me all the chores.

"Clean all the rooms", they'd say.

One day, when I was cleaning
and when no one was around,

I was singing and recording
with my phone,

I suddenly heard cars honking.
The Minister had come.

That's it. I rushed out,
forgetting my cell phone. Come in, Saami.

-The kid's cell phone.
-Later, when I went back and got it...

The Commissioner will be
here in ten minutes.

When I checked it, I was shocked!

I am outside, sir.

The Minister and his guy were
planning something.

I went to buy a wonderful lamp

I went to...

Stumbling upon this was
my greatest luck.

I went to buy a wonderful lamp

Greetings, sir. I'm sorry.
-Hey! Get out!

-Inform me when the SP arrives.
-Okay, sir.

Balu, see if that jerk's gone.

He's gone.

What's bothering you, chief?

This dog Murugesan is in our party
and working for the opposition.

He's getting on my nerves!

-Your brother Murugesan?
-Yes, him.

He's enjoying my mistress of many years!


-See how disgusting they are!
-When that mongrel is on his walk...

I want to smash his genitals
and kill him.

Leave it to me, chief!
You attend your meetings peacefully.

Do a neat job, Balu. Don't mess up!

Tell me, Vijayakumar.

DC Sir, the Minister said
he'd speak to the Commissioner.

You release him at once.

You don't need to instruct me.

He has given a petition. Only after
the Minister sees his petition...

It's only after seeing the petition that
he's asking you forgive and release him.

These are high level matters.
Please understand!

-Thanks for making me understand.
-Thanks, Vijayakumar sir.

I sent the petition because
the cops were onto me.

Sir, please send him away!

I've taken a copy of this
and given it to my friend.

If my life is in danger
because of the Minister,

I've sent a polite warning
to the Minister that this will be...

all over the TV in the next one hour.

That's why he's forgiven me gracefully.

OK. Masilamani?

How will you arrange money
for your son's treatment?

If Masilamani is alive, that'll do, sir.

Like how the drowning victims...

are given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation...

I'll give him my own breath...

and save him for as long as I can, sir.


-Why, sir?
-Keep it. Buy something for your son.

Gandhi's smile has now a whole
new meaning to me, sir.

Ma... Masi!


See! I didn't cry at all!

I was down with fever yesterday.

Wow! Have you fixed Mummy's toy?

You promised to take me to the beach!


When will mummy come back?

Mummy's not coming. We should get
a passport and visa to meet her.

Is there a beach there?

A way bigger beach than this.

Wow! Then we can happily
fly kites there, right?

-Why not?
-I don't need help

with the string anymore.

I can fly it myself.

You're better than me now.
See how high it's flying already!

This is nothing.
I can fly it as high as an airplane.


Mahesh, it's quite breezy.

Shall I let the kite go?
Tell me, tell me quick, Mahesh!

Hold on, Masi! Don't be in a hurry!
Let it go when I tell you.

-Yeah, right!
-Be ready, be ready!

-Let it go now!

Chief, you didn't care
about killing your own brother.

Why don't you kill Masilamani
and add him to the psycho killer's list?

Hey! If we kill him, his friend's
flash drive will ruin our lives.

-What's his name again?

If he had other motives, by now
he'd have blackmailed us for money!

-That helpless creature must've

kept it for his safety.

If he starts wagging his tail,
I know how to chop it off.

-What do you say?
-What's there to say?

You simply give orders.
I'll take the risk and do it.

Dingus! What a risk taker!

When I ask you to finish off someone,
you leave a slipper behind!

A small slip.

What a game he's played
with that single slipper!

I'll kill you and add you
to that Masilamani's list!

Translated by:
Saurabh R. Sawant