Oru Naal Varum (2010) - full transcript

From where is this ringing?

Dhanya! Dear Dhanya!

What? -Phone for your dad.

Dad is taking bath, mom.

You go & give him
the phone.

I'll be back now.

Here. -Hello! Who is
on the line?

Dominic uncle! My dad is
taking bath in a water falls.

Uncle! Call up after 5 minutes. I'll give
the phone to my dad at that time.

Dad! Dominic uncle called
you from your office.

He will call up now also.

Oh! These guys
don't work self.

What, Dominic? I'm performing a site
inspection in the 6th ward here.

How can be there a
water falls in 6th ward?

In that case assume
as 11th ward.

Why do you smile, man?

Building inspector! It's enough
if you stay in that position.

If you play with A.T.P, you will
face the consequences.

I don't need your sorry.
You tell me the matter.

Is that Kuwait man's house?
That is built full if violation.

I'll inspect there according
to my convenience.

I'll decide my needs.

I'll destroy his house
if its needed.

Did you only tell Dominic as
I was taking bath in water falls?

Should I not tell
him, dad?

Did you tell him where we are now?
-I didn't tell him that.

Dad! You went into the water without
taking leave in your office. Right?

Shall we go? Dhanya
has to practice music.

There are only 4 days
for youth festival.

Music teacher will
come by 6 O'clock.

No. Where are our
jeep and that Joker?

Oh no! Sir! Has your
bath got over?

It's over. It's enough
if you start the jeep now.

You come here.

You've earned taking tourists in the
Government jeep, when I was not here. Right?

Who told you? -I've seen you
getting money from tourists.

If the jeep is idle here, it's not
useful for anyone. So...

So... You'll use the Government
jeep as your taxi. Right?

Can you go for picnic by
Government jeep. Right, sir?

You'd remember that you
are not a permanent driver.

If I think, I'll
spoil your job.

Keep our items into
the jeep, man.

Sir! You've called me
as bloody fool. Right?

You spoke without any respect on me
in front of my wife & daughter.

I too feel a lot as you insulted
me in front of them only.

Everybody is winning the prize
giving bribe to judges nowadays.

Will you get me
such a situation?

My daughter doesn't need
such a worst prize.

My teacher has composed
a very good, dad.

If I get the music com petition prize money,
can you get me the medical seat, dad?

You'd write the entrance
exam for that.

If I don't get even after
I write my entrance exam

...I asked whether you
can get me or not.

People ask 40 or 50 lakhs
for a medical seat now.

I'm not interested in
Engineering or Computer.

I too wanted to study in medical
college in my young age.

It didn't happen. So,
it is a luck of patients.

What did you say?

I asked you why you didn't
do medicine, then.

I understood later on that I should a pass
a pre degree to do medicine.

Girija! What's your

I studied in 8th
standard for 4 or 5 years.

But my body doesn't stay in
the place, where I ask to stay.

Teachers hesitated to teach a student,
who studies so deeply in the same class.

I was ready to study
after that also.

It means he didn't have
common sense on that day itself.

Sir! What did you say?

I told that it is going to rain.

I too felt it.

Who is he? He doesn't give any respect
after seeing a Government jeep also.

Girija! -What? -Don't give
way for haughty people.

I agree this, sir.

Leave him, Gopi dear. He may
have some urgency.

His urgency...! He'd understand the range of
ATP officer's jeep. Right? -Then what?

He is playing with us.

No need, Girija. I can't
leave him, ma'am.

Idiot! Are you playing
with a Government jeep?

I want to see your
haughty face.

If I hit you,
you'll get over.

You didn't give me way, when I'm going to
hospital with my wounded daughter.

It's a public property. It's not your
own property. Move, man.

Gopi dear! -Dad!
-Oh no!

I'll call him to the court for
damaging a Government jeep.

Oh! I've forgotten to
write his car number.

If you file a case, they will ask why did you go
to Tamil Nadu by Kerala Government jeep.

We can catch him straightly in
some other situation, sir.

Our jeep's position has become
very bad like a pregnant lady.

Very bad.

Greets, sir.

Greets, sir. -Hey!

Sir is very strict.
He doesn't like greetings.

Who is the owner of this property?
-it's he, who is greeting you, sir.

Is this a house? Aren't Parliament
ministers coming here?

How many people are
staying in this house?

500 people...?
1000? Tell me.

Sir! I built it according to the plan,
what our corporation has approved.

It means you are telling that I'd not
reject it as an ATP officer.

Okay. I won't reject it. But you don't come
to me for a completion certificate.

Don't try to trap our sir talking
legally. He will finish you.

Go & apologize to him.

Why sorry? I'd have not approved this plan
if I got it after I took charge here.

Your house is there in the country, where
crores of people don't have a shelter too.

Pity people don't have water
to wash a tea glass also.

But you've built a
wide swimming pool.

Have you repaired the rain water
harvesting system in your terrace?

I'll repair it before
rainy season, sir.

Will the rain come asking
your permission only.'

You can't get the completion
certificate in any way.

First cement. Then Charcoal.
Then sand.

Again cement. Then net.

You'd build such a system
to purify the water.

You hold it.

You hold it in
that corner.

Hold it in the ground
perfectly, man.

You gave 38 feet in the plan.
But you've built 40 feet.

You'd break this
wall completely.

You'd build 2 feet inside.

Sir! I don't know
the calculations.

When I gave for a contractor...
-Don't tell anything.

I will never agree
the violation.

You've spoiled everything.

Pooja room...? Bathroom only
should come here. Right?

Pooja room should come
there only. Right?

He might be using that Pooja
room as a bathroom, sir.

Sir! Sorry. I made the Pooja room as bathroom
according to our Vastu consultant.

In that case, ask that man to give
you a completion certificate.

You've changed an experienced architect's
plan according to Vastu or something.

Sir! I'd go to Kuwait on this 4th.
-If he goes to Uganda, it is good.

What are these?
These are waste things.

This man doesn't have any
problem in getting our certificate.

Girija! Let's go. -Okay.

It's become a great
problem, sir.

Don't under estimate
our ATP sir.

He is not a person, who can
act against the rule.

That man told that he
would give us Rs.20,000.

If he had told that in time, I'd have
not spoken this much.

Start the jeep.

There was raining, when my son got down
to go for school by today morning.

Ramani asked me a question.

You man! How can our son go
to school without an umbrella?

I told her at that
time as we are pity.

I asked him to go keeping a banana leaf
on his head if we don't have an umbrella.

There's no any word, which she
didn't use in scolding me for it.

There was a great storm in my family,
when I went there last night.

Electricity person removed
our fuse & took away that.

How can I blame him?

Board is already in loss. If we don't
pay our current bill also...

My son asked me as how he can
read in a small candle light.

I told them that Abraham Lincoln
studied in the street light only.

He became an American
president studying in that way.

He tells that lf l promise him that
I'll make him an American president...

He will also study sitting
in the street light.

Sugar candy is Rs.45. I can't
tell about provision items rates.

I'd pay Rs.15 if I want
to buy meals outside.

If this continues,
how can we survive?

Why don't you
tell anything, sir?

Didn't you hear, what
I told until now, then?

What did you say?

I told about my family's present situations.
You'd be ready to agree that, sir.

Kuwait man will give you
Rs.20,000 by today noon.

If it is 2% commission that
you fixed, I'll get only Rs.400.

That's not enough for anything.

You'd pay me 5%
at least, sir.

In that case
I'll get Rs.1000.

Or I won't move further.

Let us get that money first.

You start the jeep, man.

A cool feeling is there in my heart like
the deer, which comes out in the Sun light.

A soft thought, which is like somebody
stretched their fingers with black die.

When my skirt gets
rubbed in the wet sand...

Grass will enjoy singing
and dancing while seeing that.

Crops also will enjoy
singing with desire.

A cool feeling is there in my heart like
the deer, which comes out in the Sun light.

A soft thought, which is like somebody
stretched their fingers with black die.

My playful friend,
who asked me a riddle!

If you forget your tears itself...

If you forget your pleasureful
pain also in that...

When I lied to you, beautiful moon also
got disappeared which took fruits.

Colourful parrot's dream
also has gone.

Cool moon has got disappeared.

Rainy night has gone.

Cool moon has got disappeared.

Rainy night has gone.

A flower whose desire has not
get satisfied by the affection...

It cried seeing the Sun.

Asking him to
show his face again.

A flower whose desire has not
get satisfied by the affection...

It cried seeing the Sun.

She stood with semi stupor.

It's a song, which nobody
knows in a forest path.

My desire is a hot moon,
which can't get diminished.

A cool feeling is there in my heart like
the deer, which comes out in the Sun light.

A soft thought, which is like somebody
stretched their fingers with black die.

When my skirt gets rubbed
in the wet sand...

Grass will enjoy singing
and dancing while seeing that.

Crops also will enjoy
singing with desire.

Dhanya is angry on you.

What's the problem?

She has got the prize money
for her music. Right?

Your didn't promise her regarding her medical
seat even after this. It's her complaint.

Let her write her
entrance exam first

She doesn't have
a great hope in that.

If I promise her now itself, she will
write her entrance exam badly.

If she doesn't get good percentage in entrance,
can you get her a medical seat?

You don't tell her this.

Shouldn't you arrange lakhs
of money for that seat?

I can arrange lakhs of money
if we need it, Raja Lakshmi.

How? Oh. You're getting bribe
for that only, right?

Who told you that
I am getting bribe?

My friend Sathidevi, who studied with me
in 10th standard, told me one day.

Hey! Your hubby Gopi is
getting bribe, right?

She told me to
give her also.

Didn't you reply
her for this?

Should I reply for it?

You fool! We are helping our clients,
who come regarding construction works.

They are giving us their
compliments for that.

Can we call that as a bribe?

Government is paying you the
salary for that job only, right?

You lady!Job is different
and help is different.

Can Government pay me
the salary for my problems?

I made 3 operations
for my dad last year.

He was in hospital for 6 weeks.
I spent 12 lakhs.

Did Government give
me that money?

For how many lakhs we purchased in
last grand Kerala Shopping festival?

Even if it is only 2 years since I came to
this post... I've done these things. Right?

I need to help some
people for that.

I will get their compliment also.

That is not called as a bribe.

Oh! Is it so?

You lady! I'll tell
you something else.

Getting money secretly
is called as bribe.

It's not like that. We do this
by understanding mutually.

Politicians. Police. Vigilance.
Including ministers.

I'm a binomee of many people.

Do you know how many people's
treasure keys are there in my hands?

Tell me now. Am la person,
who is getting bribe?

No. -Oh! Accept like that.

Get me something to drink. My throat
has become dry by talking with you.

It's enough if you give it in
that counter. -Okay, sir. -Go, then.

Sir! What's this?

India is not even developing
because of this only.

Intelligent people will form
a queue in such a place.

People! You'd go & watch
in Europe & America.

You pay us the flight ticket.
We will go & watch it.

Look him. -I won't get anybodys
application if you don't stand in queue.

Ifs a corporation office.
Not a fish market.

Don't create confusion.
Everybody is having necessity.

Stand in queue. I'm asking
you only to stand in queue.

Sir! Can I meet your
ATP today at least?

I'm walking here and there
because of you people only.

Government has created the
building construction rules.

Panchayat & Corporation can't
give permit to even small houses.

We can't be able to
fix the permit fees.

This is not my problem. Right?

This is our problem. Right?

I've told your matter to our sir
yesterday itself. You just wait.

Let me tell him again & see.

Greets. -Greets.

Sir! Did you break
that marriage hall?

Shall I ask you a question, sir?

As we don't know any
gazzetted officer till now...

Which evidence is there to prove me
& Srikumari as married couples?

That too 2 gazzzetted officers. This country
is full of rules, which betray people.

Oh! Is that a marriage
certificate matter?

That can be a simple
matter for you, sir.

But I am struggling in
between life and death, sir.

I didn't create this rule.

Sir! Can you give me
a solution for this?

Let me finish this work.
I'll call you.

You'd call me soon, sir.

Next person.

Where should I submit the
house building application?

Token number 16.

Token number 17.

Where should I submit the
house building application?

This long queue is
there for that only.

Go & stand there.

Sir! You've given all
the documents. Right?

Everything is there, sir.

You just see my particulars.

Plot lay out is okay.
Building plan okay.

-I'm Sukumaran.

Not that. How can you say
that it's not my name?

No.l am asking... How did
you come in front of me?

You man! Everybody is
friends in front of all of us.

We can't be able to
differentiate anybody. Come.

There's time. Let's discuss
everything later on.

What can we discuss? Do you
think everybody as a fool?

If you sing for some more time,
I can build a stage for you.

You'd pay Rs.50 there.
You'll get a token at that time.

If you come, when your token number
comes, I'll give you your receipt.

If it passes soon before
the rainy season, it will be good.

I want to do the
house warming ceremony.

If it delays, we can
prepare butter milk.

Who is next? -You go.

Be careful. You'll
break this it seem s.

Why do you laugh?
-Token number 26.

This man's trick
was wonderful.

Did you watch it, brother?
I've no other way.

I have to go my daughter's
school and pick up her.

If I stand in this queue, she'd be
there in her school only until night.

Brother! Did you also come to get
the house building permit?

I can't tell you about that.

Astrologer told me
that my time is bad.

But I've understood that it is very
bad after coming here only.

A small alteration in my home. Just a slope.
it will be only 600 square feet.

But I renewed my
permit little late.

They've asked its explanation now. lf it is not
up to their satisfaction, they'll break it.

Should you break it
and alter it?

Then... money, which you spent?
-This is not a problem.

It will take place if
I give them bribe.

I killed enemies for our country
working in military for 27 years.

Should I pay them bribe?

Brother! Are you
a military man?

I am very glad in
meeting you.

I'm Sukumaran. Brother! How many
people did you kill in military?

What? Killing... -How can I count the
expired people while attacking them?

I could not
kill anybody until now.

Sukumaran! Are you
working in military?

No. I'd not be a military man
only to kill a person. Right?

That's not needed. It's enough
if you become a thug.

How many worst news we're
seeing in the newspaper daily?

But nobody is ready
to kill this ATP here.

ATP Or...? Who is that?

Town planners are in leave.
So, he is taking charge.

If we want to see his face,
we have to pay minimum Rs.500.

Sukumaran! You've applied
for your house permit. Right?

You are going to meet him.
-Let them be finished.

Who asked you bribe? -No idiot
has told me about it.

If they ask me bribe, I have
no money to pay it also.

Your slippers will get
rubbed like me, then.

Yes. It's 10 years since
Me & Srikumari got married.

We got 2 children also.

We went to Guruvayur
to worship God.

We took a room in a lodge.

What can I tell about that bad time?
There was a police raid suddenly.

Police arrested me &
my wife in prostitution case.

How can they arrest a married
couple in prostitution case?

Police should believe us
a married couple for that, right?

They asked us our
marriage certificate.

They should give me that.

I should get the signature of
2 gazetted officers in that.

Register of our marriage hall.
Our wedding photo.

I'm asking these only here.

What's there for it? Isn't it enough
if we arrange these things?

Can you get me
these things?

He is talking without
knowing anything.

They broke that marriage
hall & altered that.

No gazetted officer is signing
telling that they don't know me.

Our marriage photo has gone
somewhere while shifting our house.

What can I do?

Sir! Here is the file.

I told about the corruption king
ATP, didn't I? It's he.

Everything is there, sir.

There are some mistakes. Head it &
correct everything. -Okay, sir.

Greets, sir.

What a job did you do?

Is that this man?
-Sister! Don't beat me.

What's going on here? -This man
has broken my table, sir.

Catch him, man.

I've told you
already, right?

I'm very busy, dear.

Girija! Start the jeep.

At present, jeep won't move.

Has it got repaired again?

No diesel. -You filled up diesel for
Rs.200 yesterday only. right?

But, it has gone

Are you filling diesel
in our jeep?

If you blame me like this, thunder will
fall on your head. Watch it, then?

Not like you. Thunder
knows the truth.

That will fall on my head only
after falling on your head.

Sir! Shall I call a car?

Why.' -Sir! You told on that day
as you want to inspect my house.

I'll inspect your house
in a convenient time.

Why are you wasting
your time staying here?

Matters will take
place in proper time.

Let your turn come. I'll come
& inspect at that time.

Sir! Please show
grace on me.

Girija! If you have
grace, show him.

I'm a Government servant. I can't show
grace on anyone. Leave the place.

Fill the diesel and come.

Only Rs.100...?
Rs.10 is enough.

Move away, man.

Com e.

Leave me down, dad.
Leave me down.

What should I
leave you down?

Leave me down.

What's the problem?
-My friends are teasing me.

As what? -Somebody
had seen you lifting me.

They are asking me,
am I a kid.

You tell them that you are
always a kid for me. Okay?

She's become a stylish.

Assembly has got
started. -I am sorry.

Go & stand. lf l delay in the evening,
you'd go to Principal's room.

Why do you come
late, dad?

I told you as
a precaution. Go.

Girija! This case is not
very easy as you think.

Sir! Listen to my words.

That car parking is not
there in needed place.

There is a rule as they should build their
building leaving 45 meters from state highway.

That place is not proper according
to building construction rule.

Do you live so luxurious by
refusing bribe money, then?

Sir! See the buildings in Kozhikode hill side,
when K.P.K Mohammad was P.W.D minister.

Everything is violation building.

People are holding 5 to 10
televisions in minister's house.

How did minister buy
this much of televisions?

Television packing.

He's filled lakhs of
money inside that.

Bribe money for
permitting the violation.

Such people only
are brave people.

See. They are waiting there.
Come there & say okay.

Say okay. -Ha]I ! where
do you take this?

Some guests are there,
aren't they.'

To give them ...!

Don't you have
any other work?

They are not our guests.

Whoever m ay com e.
You'll come with a tray.

Apple and sweet. I don't get
this freely in the market.

Sir is a different
Government officer.

Giving water to our guests
is not a great mistake.

That's correct.

They may give you a flat.
Or 30 to 35 lakhs.

We'd take some risk, then.

You have to arrange a great amount
for Dhanya's medical seat. Right?

Sir! You earn bribe money by
chasing & threatening ordinary people.

You got that money's curse.

They are giving this money
happily, aren't they?

I -Come!

He's Vinay Kumar. -Hello!
-He's Benny. -Greets, sir.

We are doing our
works in partnership.

This is our dream
project in true.

You've submitted your application.
Right? -Yeah. We've submitted, sir.

Let the time come.
We can think what to do.

If we get a green signal from you,
we will get confidence.

We are thinking about
some more protects also.

Give & take is our policy.

That only is my policy also.

We don't want to waste
your time now, sir. Okay.

Let's go.

Let me go with them and
come immediately here.

Hello. No. I'm there
in a meeting here.

No. I won't do that.
-Greets, sir.

If I had known sir's such a honorable posting,
that incident would have not happened.

I've repaired your
office table there.

I'll compensate my guilt of
dashing your office jeep also.

What's your name?

Sukumaran Kolapulli.-Kolapulli...?
-Kolapulli is my house name, sir.

I need all the details
including your car number.

Sir! That's not my car.

One of my friend's car.

I don't have even
a cycle as my own.

Whoever's car it may be.
I need its number.

I want to get you 2 years
of imprisonment at least.

I've come to apologize to
you accepting my guilt, sir.

I've told you that car number as you'll be
happy only if you send me to jail.

My house is there
in Katapanai.

There was some rubber.
I sold them.

I've admitted my daughter in
3rd standard here.

I've come here to give her
a high level education.

You need not tell me this much
of details to file a case on you.

No. I have to tell you. I've bought
a plot in Kundanthotu here.

I've planned to build
a house there.

I've given an application in
town panchayat office here.

Sir! If you help me...

Oh! That's okay.

Dad! Let me go.

She's your daughter, right? -Others
daughter won't call me as dad, right?

Your daughter is very fair.
But you are medium colour.

This girl only sang wonderfully in
school on that day. Right?

You're the father of a
good singer, then. Right?

This is not the matter
now. Right?

No... In order to talk sweet...

Sweet conversation will be there
in between friends, right?

I can start talking sweet to have
your friendship also. Right?

Tea. -Keep it there.

Who asked you
to bring tea now?

Daughter told that a fat man
has come to meet you.

This man... On that day...

Nothing. It's enough
if you get inside.

I've understood the cause for
your daughter's fairness now only.

Did you come to test the colour &
complexion of my family members?

Leave the place. I won't talk
official matters in my house.

Why are you
standing yet, man?

Blow the horn.

Nobody has come out.

This is that military man's
house. Right? -Yes.

If he is there
at home, call him.

A government jeep...!!
They are calling you, dad.

Oh no. It may be
that person,then.

Why are you sitting in
the jeep yet, sir?

Come & sit inside, sir.

That new paint house might be the house,
which you built without permission.

My son-in-law had
a bus as his own.

He lost his bus & house
in settling his credits.

They & their 2 children are going here
without hailing any other go.

Is this a reply for
my question?

I had the permission while starting
the building work, sir. Here.

That permission period got
over 3 years ago. Right?

I didn't know that
there is such a rule.

Or... I would have
forgotten it.

That's why I didn't renew it.

If we want to get a current connection in this
house, you have to renew it & give me, sir.

This road is going to be widen. So your
house is allowed beyond 15 meters only.

They decided this road extension matter
only after I built this house. Right?

If I renew it now, it will be against
our present rule. Right?

No. This order... -Here only.

Hold it. Take it there.

Is it so long since sir has come?
-What? -Is it so long since sir has come?

I don't know.
I've come just now.

Sir has come by this jeep.
Right? -I've come by this jeep.

As I drive the jeep looking straight,
I won't look who is there in jeep.

We've met somewhere
here before. Right?

Sir! You don't watch anyone.
How did you see me, then?

How fast you've questioned
me & got a goal?

You're the one, who beaten my sir
on the road, when we came from Kutralam.

I went to sir's house
and apologized to him.

When did it happen?
-Your name is Girijan. Right?

You're his right hand. I know that.
-How it will be if you say so, sir?

No other go except of
breaking your house.

Sir! If you expect anything else,
you need not expect

I'm the one, who killed many people in
my 27 years military experience.

More enemies are there still.
Come killing everybody.

I'll give you the permit at that time.
Girija! Start the jeep.

Have you forgotten me,
sir? Kolapulli Sukumaran.

Sir! My plot is near by only.

Just 5 minutes...
-What should I do now?

Sir! Not 5 minutes. Just 2 minutes,
sir. -Start the jeep, man.

Jeep is not getting started.
-No problem. Let me help you.

Sir! Sukumaran!
Don't forget me, sir.

Don't forget this Kolapulli Sukumar,
who pushed your jeep & helped you, sir.

Don't you have honor
to push his jeep?

You're the image of supporting
the haughty officers.

Is this your house? Did you get
the permit for this house, military man?

Get inside.

He is asking about
the permission.

Dad! There are more
mosquitoes here.

Dad! There are more
mosquitoes here.

Mosquito! Your grandpa is not
paying this flat's rent.

I'm the one, who pays
Rs.7000 rent every month here.

If you bite my daughter here,
I'll kill you immediately.

Do mosquitoes have sting, dad? -Yes, surely.
Even some people also have that.

You're one among them.
Right, dad?

Do you know how mosquitoes
have come here, dad?

Come. Let me show you.

Did you see? There are egg's
outer covering full of this.

If we keep this here,
mosquitoes will come.

This dad doesn't
know anything.

You need not tell that.

You took birth as I know
some things. Right?

What does it mean?
-It means nothing.

Go & study. -Dad is a fool.

Boss! I've got my marriage certificate.
Do you know that?

How did you do it? I made the witness document
ready with 2 gazetted officers seal.

I've found that marriage
hall's register also.

We wore wig, garland & made
our wedding photo ready.

I've got my marriage

Didn't they find
this as duplicate?

Boss! When I gave Rs.1500
for selling my old scooter...

He only gave me this idea.

Finger prints are duplicate.
Officers & we are also duplicate.

Living in this duplicate
world is also a luck.

Lord Guruvayurappan saved you.
Oh no. I won't go there hereafter.

Please give me that.
-Do you want it? Thanks.

Greets, sir. -Greets.

Sir! I'm Sukumaran.

Sir! Don't you know me?

I pushed your jeep. I came to
your house before that.

I came to Kutralam before everything.
Sir! Sukumaran Kolapulli.

When your wife gave me sweet,
you ordered me to keep it in plate.

If you come regarding your
house matter hereafter...

I'll file a nuisance case on you.
Move away, man.

Sir! I have to put the basement
before rainy season.

Sir! If you come to my site
just for 5 minutes...

In pay commission report... According
to staff standardization...

Take it, man.

These files are pending. Right? -Yes.
-I got such troubles along with them.

Where is your site, man?

In Kundathotu side...!

18,19...Come& meet
me on coming 23rd.

If I have convenience,
I'll come & see. -Thank you, sir.

Yes. It's me. From where
do you call me?

I'll come now itself.

I had some work in
the corporation office.

I got your phone while coming
out from there, Meera.

Aditya's number
has got changed.

Truly... I attended your call
without knowing who is calling.

I tried your number
many times.

I didn't call you after when I knew
that your number was not in use.

Do you want to take
coffee? -No thanks.

I hear your voice only after
6 months. Right, Meera?

If I heard it already, I'd have
not got this thrill.

It's better late than
never. Right?

Our daughter is troubling
me to see you.

What can I do? Can I get her mom to her
from my bedroom wardrobe?

When we went to Kutralam, our daughter
fell down on rock & got slight wound.

She has cured now.

Good. Nothing took place wrongly.
-I too thought that only.

We can't converse frankly in
between this crowd. Right?

We see light Sun light &
pleasant breeze outside.

How beautiful place is this!

I'd have brought
you here, Meera.

I've come to know this place's
beauty now only again.

I feel that our separation
for sometime is good.

I realized my mistakes &
ego because of that only. Right?

I was a senseless fellow.
I was very adamant.

I didn't understand a wife's expectation
& a mother's feelings.

I went to my world pushing you
to a lonely atmosphere.

I've got a job.
-Is it so? Where?

In a call center here.
-Very good.

I ordered you not to go for job.
It's my another guilt, which I realized.

I didn't come here to analyze
the right or wrong.

I didn't have a confident shelter
while going out on that day.

I didn't have a job & money.

I've got a job now. I want
my daughter hereafter.

Iran here happily as you called
me after some months.

Did you come
to tell me this?

When should I come
to take my daughter?

Meera! Don't talk
to me so cruelly.

I don't have any
idea to argue.

I only know my pain of staying
apart from her for these months.

Do you only have the
suffer & problem, Meera?

Impossible. I won't give
my daughter at any cost

Don't have such a temper.

I want to see my daughter.

In which school
she is studying now?

Do you want to take her from
there knowing this matter?

I'll complaint in police.

A mother, who didn't even think about
her daughter for these months...!

A mother, who doesn't
have conscience...!

She wants to take her daughter
thinking about her now.

I'll come now itself.
I'll be there.

I was struck in
a great problem.

You should arrange somebody else
to pick up your daughter, then.

Really sorry, ma'am.

Don't create such an apologizing
situation hereafter at least.

Nothing will go without money.
-Girija! Let's go. -Sir!

Sir! Today is 23rd. This jeep will make you late.
That's why I've brought a car, sir.

A/c car, sir. A/c, sir.

Please come. Com e.

Is it enough if I stand here?

Let me come. -Sir! Can you eat fish & egg?
-Why? -To order your lunch, sir.

Where is your site
in Kundanthotu?

Near M.L.A Marotti Sathya
Pradaban's house. Oh!

I told next to Marotti Sathya
Pradaban sir's house.

I'm also coming with you
to guide you. Right?

In this same with
along with me...?

Is there any problem in
that, sir? -Hello!

What eligibility do you have to
travel with such a great officer?

I only brought the car.
-It may be you. So...

Take the car to Kundanthottu.

Sir! I am -Leave the way.

What should I do now? -Can you
ask that question to me?

Sir! My plan. -Hold
your rubbish plan.

How is the party? ls there any
chance to object his project?

You don't interfere
in this case.

Let me take care of it.

That's okay. It means
I won't get any percentage.

Am I right?

Stop here. Oh no.

Why do you like this, man?

It's 15 minutes since
I started waiting here.

I have 4 more site inspections.
Do you know that?

Sir! You've come by the car,
which I brought there.

I didn't get any other auto
immediately. That's why...

That's not my problem.

Where is your plot?

It's that only. Please com e.

Com e.

What are these things?
I don't understand.

Don't you understand this, sir?

I have marked the basement
according to my plan.

Girija! Remove everything.
-Okay, sir. -Oh no.

Before I approve
your plan...

You have marked
the basement.

I'll blast your plot inside.

I didn't expect the
blasting & smoke, sir.

Remove and cut it.
-Come here, man. Sir!

If sir asks me to remove it
& cut it, I will do it.

What, sir? There is a rule
about coastal regulations.

According to that you can build your house
beyond 50 meters only from the shore.

You have to build
a cowshed here.

Why? -To keep 2 cows
here & take care of them.

What's this, sir? -Leave the way.
-Don't laugh. I'll tell another matter also.

This plot has got
notified by Green Belt.

You have to chase some other
plot to build a cowshed also.

How did they build this much
of houses there, then?

That survey number doesn't
come under Green Belt.

Why is it so?

I don't have any responsibility to
tell that reason to you at present.

I have to ask you
this, sir. Sorry.

Girija! Let's go. -Okay.

You remove the
balance sticks also.

I bought this plot
for a great price.

If you buy a plot, where people
can't live, it will be like this only.

Mister! If you buy this plot from defense,
you should leave 100 meters.

If it is railways plot,
you'd leave 30 meters.

This is procedure.
Do you know that?

Sir! You please help me.
-How can I help you?

Sir! He is looking pity.
-I didn't ask your opinion.

You'd tell this always.

He says Girija let
us go, always.

What a kind of man he is!

Are you okay?
-Very good.

Is this the car shed?
Give me that, man. Here!

Hold it, man.

They are standing still.
Let me remove these also.

Hold it down, man.

Good stick.
-Hold it tightly, man.

You'd have one and half meters
space for a car shed from the wall.

This is not even 1 meter.

It means if you wash your cars,
the water will fall in your neighbors kitchen.

Let me tell my neighbor to build
his house leaving some space, sir.

This is kitchen. Petrol bunk is
there nearer to your kitchen.

What will be the state if any spark
flies to bunk from your kitchen?

Let me take care so that
any spark doesn't fly there, sir.

Can you catch the
spark by flying, then?

I can't approve
this plan in away.

Girija! Let's go.

I don't understand anything.
He's left you helpless.

Sir! You've got
a speed post

You'd sign here.

Enough, sir.

This is advocate John
Sebastian's house. Right?

Give the phone to him .

It's taken place
as I expected.

Meera has sent a lawyer notice
to give her my daughter.

That's impossible, John.

I can't give her my daughter.

Okay. Let me come there
by tomorrow morning.

What, dad? -lf l ask you a question,
you'd tell the truth. Right?

Whom do you like more?
Is that your dad or mom?

I don't like you both.

You are telling
that just for fun.

Your dad only got
you this toy. Right?

Your dad only drops you in your
school & combs your hair. Right?

Mom also will do these works.

She's not here now.
That's why... right?

Okay. Let me ask
you a matter.

If your mom comes & calls you,
can you go leaving this pity dad?

I want to go to toilet.

Today itself I will draft for this reply?
Still I've not read it fully.

She didn't care about her daughter's future
also while going out from my house.

There's no any logic in
her sudden demand.

My daughter has got settled
in her new school.

If we change her from there suddenly,
that will affect her studies.

You'd highlight this letter
with that point.

I can do that.

But trying for a compromise before
taking this case to court, is good. Right?

I don't have
any hope, John.

I know about Meera's
character, don't I?

She is very adamant.
She'll stick on her decision.

She's got a decent
job also now.

She might have
got self confidence.

If she takes my daughter also,
my life will be zero.

Let's hope that it
won't take place.

Whatever it is. I'll talk to Meera
before sending your reply.

Let me call you
in the evening.

Take your seat.

I didn't see your
husband here again.

Did he get transferred
from here?

No, ma'am.
He's busy in work.

What's the matter, then?

Ma'am ! You know about
Dhanya's character. Right?

If she gets any wish, she will be very
adamant until she makes that true.

Doing medicine is her
present adamancy.

Is that a craze?

That's a good matter,
isn't it?

It may be. But if she doesn't
get her seat in this year itself...

Her state will become
very serious.

Dhanya is very intelligent &
well studying girl. right?

If she writes the entrance exam,
she will get definitely.

If she doesn't get a seat...

Isn't it enough if you
think about it later on?

What I wanted
to tell you is...!

She has a great respect
on you, Principal.

If you advice her,
she will obey that, ma'am.

I don't understand.

You'd tell her not
to be adamant.

If she doesn't get her seat
in this year, no problem.

If you ask her to
try next year...

Or... Ask her to join
in any other course.

Do you want
to meet her?

What? -3rd standard Anu's mother
wants to meet you, ma'am.

Ask her to come.

Sorry. -No problem , ma'am.
I have no any objection.

Take your seat.

I was not in station, when he
admitted my daughter here.

I've come here some
days before only.

I would like to
see her once.

What? Didn't she come today.'

I don't know. We won't allow visitors
in class time even if she had come.

Ma'am! Don't include
me in visitors group.

I have to go for my
duty at 11 o'clock.

That's why... -What's
your name?


Meera! Sorry! I have to obey according
to the instructions those I got.

I won't allow anybody
to see his daughter.

I'm her mother.

Pity! She's crying.

Her husband only admitted
her daughter in our school.

I have to obey his
words only. Right?

Then her husband & she...
-They may have some problems.

Whatever it may be.
He may be a cruel man.

That man, who doesn't allow a pity
mother to see her daughter.

That will be correct, when we
think from a mother's side.

But... who knows about the reasons
for what he decided like this?

That Principal is a good lady.

But... What can she do?

Where do you work?

In a city Call Center...!

My daughter is also studying
in this school only.

In plus 2.

Can you wait
here for 5 minutes?

I'll come now.

I've come here at correct time.
But I didn't see my daughter.

Didn't you see her? Michael!
Go there & search.

See whether girls are talking
there or not. -Okay, ma'am.

Let me also go &
have a look.

What are these, sister? I don't have
any mood to have anything.

Meera! You're younger
than me. Right?

You got a confidence
to create a situation.

Shouldn't you have a guts
to face that continuously?

Do you know how difficultly
I found my daughter's school?

Didn't that cruel man tell
you about her school also?

I know. Although I was patient.

Meera! Where do
you stay now?

In a women's hostel
of Punjab association.

I think that is Dhanya.

Is this your house, sister?
-Yes. Come.


Do you know howl felt without
seeing you, dear daughter?

Why didn't you come
to see me, mom?

My child!

Meera! Get inside with
your daughter.

It's a way, where
many people walk.

Mister! -Sir! -Did you see
my daughter? -No, sir.


Where were you? Do you know
howl felt without seeing you?

Where did you go?
Tell me.

Dad! I've come now,
haven't I?

You're a child, aren't you?

You can't come & go
according to your wish.

You can watch
the TV. later on.

Where did you go with whom?
Tell me that first

Why do you cry?

Who dropped you here now?

That's my friend's mummy.

Have you started lying
to me nowadays?

Why didn't you tell me as your
mom only dropped you now?

Tell me, dear. Can you
lie to your dad?

Mom told me not to
tell this to you.

Did our daughter
take her breakfast? -No.

Call her.

She told that she
doesn't want to eat anything.

Today only---? Or...

This girl is very adamant.

I was trying to tell
you last night itself.

Medicine entrance
result has come in net.

What happened?
-She didn't get her seat.

She is crying from that time.

Where's she'!?


This entrance exam
is just a formality.

You've got a good
percentage in plus 2, right?

All India entrance result
is going to come.

Even if you don't
get in that also...

I'll take care of that. Com e.

Dad! In this academic
year itself...

I told that I would take
care of it. Right? Come.

Oh! Snake has bitten a person,
who got affected by thunderbolt.

When? Is he alive?
Which snake, sir?

Why do you spoil my peace
coming to my house always?

Peace of everybody, who com es to
your office, is getting spoiled always, sir.

It's enough if you just see
this for one minute, sir.

Here. I've changed the
kitchen to North side.

I've removed that sin &
altered my plot, sir.

There's no any petrol bunk
up to 5 kilo meters, sir.

Look, sir. I've removed
the car shed.

Sir. I've removed
the Pooja room also.

Then, refuse house also.

Why do you say so, sir?

Pooja is here, right? -Yes.

Did you leave 50 meters from
here or not? That alone is enough.

Nearly... -I don't want to hear
your doubting words.

Sir! If you show mercy... -Who are
you to me to show mercy on you?

Are you my relative?

I didn't get the luck of
becoming your relative, sir.

In that case, leave the place.

I'd not see you in this area.
Have you heard my words?

Be ruined. Be spoiled.

Tell me. What's the matter?

Let that incident come
to vigilance court.

No. I can't do anything
before that.

Listen to me.

This stay has got created by
Government anti corruption bureau.

They've sent me here
making me as a chief.

By their faith on me as
I would act honestly.

You're a Government official.
If you yourself interrupt like these...

It's not fair.

This is called as
fence graze the crops.

Mr. Murthy! Please don't call me
regarding this matter hereafter.

14. Here! 15. Okay.

Sir! A client Vasudevan
has come to meet you.

Ask him to come. -Sir!

Greets, sir.

Sir! I will tell you my
complaint with evidence.

City ATP Gopi Krishnan
has asked me bribe.

I can't support such a great crime as I served
for our country in military for 27 years.

That man is torturing me for many days
just for a small house alteration, sir.

That's good. We are suffering from many
months to trap this Gopi Krishnan.

We've received 100's of
complaints about him.

But everything is
without from address.

What can we do without
getting any clear evidence?

When did he ask
you that money?

On coming 12th.

We can catch that man
on the spot on that day.

Dy.S.P Nandha Kumar is
the squad leader here.

I've got a person, by whom
we can trap ATP Gopi Krishnan.

He is there in my cabin now.

That man has asked
money from this person.

Only if people like you come
forward to help us...

lf l say truly...
We will have work.

Giving bribe is easy for people.
They don't have awareness.

Sukumaran! I'm Dy.S.P
Nandha Kumaran.

Kolapuli Sukumar character is
our plan to trap Gopi Krishnan.

You both got introduced
already, then. Right?

Yes, sir.

Sukumaran is my friend.

That was his plot.

I went to meet Gopi Krishnan as Sukumaran
& requested him to approve that.

We can stop that drama now.

Shall I take him, sir?

Shall we all discuss
about our further moves?

Sorry, sir. -You can go.

Umbrella! -Okay.

Will any confusion arise?
-Nothing. Let's talk inside.

Inside...! Please come.

You wait outside
for sometime.

Sir! Please enter.

All the numbers of these notes
are there in our record.

We've applied Phenolphthalein
named powder in these.

This powder will get stuck in that
man's hands while getting this money.

We will come at that time.

We will immerse his powder
hand into Sodium Carbonate line.

That line will turn into
pink at that time.

That will become
our primary evidence.

You hold that money little
tightly while giving him.

If you give little pressure...

It will be easy to make the
power to stuck in his hands.

We will be waiting in many
places in that office.

Vasudevan! You'd go
there at correct time.

You'd give him this.
You'd do that much only.

You wait here. -Okay.

Where do you go?
-I'd like to meet ATP.

What's the m after?

Sir knows that. -You can't
meet our sir today.

Is it enough if you meet somebody else?
-I don't want to meet anybody else.

Go to Chennai,then.

Chennai. -Military brother. Sir has gone
to Chennai by yesterday evening itself.

No. That is...

Lord Eswara!

What happened?

Come carefully, man.

What, sir? What happened?
-Start your auto fast.


What happened?
-I don't understand anything, sir.

Go fast, man.
-I'm going, sir.

Dad !

Dad !

Leave the way.

Please come.

This is an unlucky dying
pain of a person, John.

Husband and wife have filed
case for their own child.

I've spoken many
times with Meera.

She is not ready for
any type of compromise.

There's no use in
thinking hereafter.

Com e. Our case may
be the first case.

Opponent Nandha Kumar
was an irresponsible husband.

He treated his wife... My client
Meera as a slave.

He tried to dump his wife in the
kitchen & treat her as a cook.

He didn't allow her
to go for any job.

He's an irresponsible husband.

I can tell confidently
as he will be an irresponsible dad too.

Mr.Nandha Kumar is a 100%
committed Government servant.

He could not reach home
at correct time many times.

He thought his wife to take
care of her child freely only.

I don't know for which reason opponent is
insisting him to give his daughter.

She went out from home without
thinking about her child also.

She didn't even turn back & see
her child for the past 6 months.

How did she get affection
on her child suddenly?

My client didn't have any other go to
take care & bring up her child on that day.

It means she has got a situation
to take care of her child.

If her situation again becomes bad, we have
to think that she won't take care of her.

Opponent is a selfish lady.

She is young. She may marry
somebody else in future.

She can get children also
in that relationship.

We can guess about this
child's situation at that moment.

Who won't get married?

Can you say confidently that Mr.Nandha Kumar
won't get married & have children?

We have to think about child's
care & safety only in this case.

He doesn't drop his child in
school at correct time.

He doesn't pick up her
at correct time also.

That child is living in
a great tragedy only.

He took his daughter
somewhere for picnic.

His child fell on the rock &
she got wound.

We have to save her child from such
an irresponsible man. I tell this only.

Let's meet, then.

Why.' -I told my advocate in some situation
as our daughter fell on rock.

I didn't think that
he would tell that in court.

That's not a problem.

If the war gets started, our aim
should be the victory alone.

Other things are secondary.

Meera! Do you want to com e?
Let me drop you.

You man! Stop there itself.

You man! Not only
for animals and birds.

A permanent shelter is necessary for
all the creatures in this world.

You didn't help a person, who tried
to build that. Not only that.

You've spoiled him also.

What do you stop me?
What happened?

You don't know anything, do you?
You'll get punished definitely.

This is a curse of
a pitiable person.

Just a second.

Sir! Do you participate
in tournaments?

Are you a member
in this club?

If you are not a member, think about it.
Good club & good court.

You are not a member
now, aren't you?

Who brought you here, man?

Nobody brought me here,
sir. I've come myself.

Go out. Get out.

I've changed my plan. -Don't you
understand m y words?

It's not an office, mister.

We are friends.

My mood has gone.
You people play it.

Who's that, Gopi?
-An interrupting person.

Sir! Let me tell you a truth.
I have a great problem, sir.

Problem less people are
not there anywhere.

I don't want anything
to drink now.

Sir! This plan is 45 meters
beyond from the shore now.

I've forgotten to
tell you a matter.

I've shown some lakhs in plot to
get saved from capital gain tax.

I know that it is a crime. Although if you
have any need, you can use it, sir.

If you don't have any need,
you can return it.

That money is not
necessity for me.

I've told it thinking that
it may be useful to you.

Who's that? Girijan!

How did you get my number?

We've taken that from your application
that you submitted in our office.

I have to tell you an important matter.
Where do you stay?

Let me come there.
-I've stayed in distance now.

Tell me the matter
over phone.

That matter should not
be told over phone.

That's why I told that
I would come there.

Finding my place
is very tough.

That's not a problem. It's enough if you
tell me your area. I'll come there.

Let's do one thing. I'll come to
my site. Yes. There only.

Dad! I'm ready.

You just wait for 5 minutes.

It's emergency. -If it becomes late, they will
make me to stand outside, dad.

If they make my daughter to
stand outside, I'll beat them.

If they beat you, dad...

He won't be alive, then.

You're a lucky person, Sukumaran!

How did you convince him?

Did you admire our sir?

Sir told me in the morning.

That Sukumaran is a honest &
intelligent man. We have to help him.

I've got stunned truly.

Is it so? I can't believe it.

What should I do hereafter?

Sir is a person, who didn't get
bribe from anyone until now.

You told that you got
some amount in your hand.

Right? Sir doesn't need
that amount freely.

He told that he'd use that
money now & return it back.

I don't have any problem even if
he doesn't return that to me.

Oh no. Sir is very
honest in that matter.

You'd not be without getting his money,
when he return it to you.

Not only that. Sir asked you to come
to his house afternoon.

Did he take my
whole plan, then?

He's taken everything.

Sir used to approve close people's
plans with seal in his house only.

Shall I go? You've taken
the goal, haven't you?

Okay. Okay.

Dad! You've applied more powder
on your face. What happened?

Is it more?

Dear! I'm trying for a seat in Chennai's
Shanmuganandha medical college.

You'll get it by next week.

Thanks, dad.

Can I tell everybody
boldly hereafter?

To whom you want to tell?

Principal asked me
to go to school.

Shall I tell this to
my teachers?

Tell them. How can
you go to school?

Girijan uncle told me as
he would drop me in school.

Is he there outside? -Yes.

Let me get down &
send back your jeep, dad.

Mom! Let me go.

Good morning, sir. -Welcome.

Is it not late, sir? -No. Com e.
Let's sit inside. -I'll come.

Take your seat.

You pushed me in the
road on that day.

That pain was there in
me for these days.

That's why I treated
you badly.

That's not a problem.

You've shown grace on
me at least now. Right, sir?

I only troubled you, sir.

But I will become a friend today,
whom you can never forget, sir.

I didn't bring my house plan.

There are some
corrections in that.

You can alter it to any level.

I won't even inspect it. Isn't it
enough if I approve it blindly?

This is... Brother!
Please receive it.

Give me.

Arrest Kolapulli Sukumar.

What's this? I don't understand.

Getting bribe is alone not a crime.
Giving bribe is also a crime. Arrest him.

Everybody knows
that here, mister.

Each & everything
knows that matter.

I've given complaint in police against Dy.S.P,
who tries to arrest a honest officer.

That's why they arrest you.

Words you told have
become meaningful.

I'll become a person, whom you
can never forget from today.

In kids games police will arrest thieves
in different costumes. Mr.Nandha Kumar.

I only called them.

If a matter takes place, everybody
should know that. Right?

Move away. Please.

Dy.S.P Nandha Kumar got arrested while trying
to trap ATP officer in corruption case.

The incident took place in Gandhi
nagar ATP officer's house.

Local police only arrested
Dy.S.P Nandha Kumar.

Come immediately. They show
your hubby in television.

Why? -Come & see. They tell that
they arrested him. -Arrest...?

Dy.S.P tried to trap a honest officer
& he got trapped himself now.

...We knew this only now.

Over to our reporter Arun Shukla's
report from corporation office.

To talk about
this matter to us...

ATP Gopi Krishnan is there
with us to tell about Dy.S.P.

Let's hear his words.

Sir! I'm an honest
Government officer.

I can't be involved in any
crime against the law & order.

He told that I asked bribe.
I hate the word bribe itself.

I asked him to bring bribe & taught
him a lesson through police.

Society thinks that all the Government
officers are getting bribe.

This incident will be useful
to change that opinion.

How much'! -Rs.?.0.

Mom! Anu's dad didn't
come to school today.

She got hidden, when I came
out from Principal's room.

She told me,
when I asked her.

If she stands in front
of Principal's room

Her dad will come there.

She will meet our Principal &
complaint about her. So she was hidden.

Why didn't he come
to take his daughter?

Who knows that?

Dear! Come here. Sit here.

We can find any solution. Okay?

Do you know what happened here
after when you went out?

What, mom?

Dad made a person to get caught
by police, who came to trap your dad.

Our house was full of
media people & police.

A great commotion took place.

They are showing that
now also in 'l'.V.


That thief came to our house for many
times like an innocent man.

You've seen him,
haven't you?

We knew this much
only now.

Dear! Why do you cry.'

He is my dad.

Dear! You don't worry.

I'll call the police &
tell them now itself.

As they should release your dad
immediately & Anu is waiting here.

Your dad will come now.

Don't cry. You stay with her.

Is that Punjab association
Women's hostel?

Can you give the phone to Meera,
who is staying there?

Meera! I'm Raja Lakshmi sister.

Yes. It's that person only.

I too have seen the T.V.
Is that your hubby, sister?

How did my daughter
come there?

Okay. Let me come
there immediately.

Sir is a tricky person. He's caught
the cock waiting cunningly.

Will anybody think that humble
person as a vigilance officer?

Sir! How did you come to know
that matter already?

Whatever it is. You've trapped
a very great person.

Sir! You'd accept it. It will be a lesson
to other officers also, who try to catch us.

Whatever it is.
Gopi sir is the star now.

Tell as in this century, man.

My daughter asked the reason of
the excess powder on my face.

She doesn't know that my beautiful
face is going to come in TV. right?

Sorry for the interruption.
Let's meet later on. -Giriia! Let's go.

I wanted to tell you that
I'm going to go with them.

Only 2 pegs. 3... 5...

Did you see me in
all the channels?

Who is this child? -Police arrested
her dad only from here.

But... How did this
child come here?



His wife. Anu also is studying
in Dhanya's school only.

We got introduced in
that way only.

There are misunderstandings
in between us.

That is the primary cause
for our separation.

I know very well that Nandhu
would have not done any crime.

But... How did this
incident take place?

I've planned to go to Delhi.

I have postponed that
program to tomorrow.

In true... I planned to break that Dy.S.P's
hands & legs though my goondas.

But Gopi Krishnan's this
plan is very nice.

Is Kerala there under
this Dy.S.P's control?

We've created many buildings in Green Belt
with many great officers consent than him.

We've got many flats approval
against the rule also.

What is his loss because
of these matters?

Dy.S.P Saravanan was
there before him.

He was a very good person.

What did I do him?
I renovated his house.

I'd have got only Rs.50000 at that time.
-That amount only.

I used to give him
1% in my profits.

He didn't even come to our
office for raid after that.

That pig didn't know about
Gopi Krishnan's power.

That's why he got arrested.

My garbage plant is there
in Puttandharai. Right?

That health officer told many health
reasons objected that protect.

This Gopi Krishnan told him.

As I am the deciding authority.
You go & mind your job...!

That man did his duty.
I built my plant also.

I'll be there with such people always.
-That's how K.N.C has become K.N.C.

I've forgotten to tell a matter.

Minister Thangappan called me
as soon as this news came in T.V.

He told me to tell his
thanks to Gopi Krishnan.

I told him at that time.
Thangappan brother!

Nandha Kumar may
get the bail in future.

This case also may
get postponed.

But his shadow also should not
fall in vigilance department.

Thangappan brother has promised
me as he would do that.

That's the correct
treatment for him.

Okay. Why didn't you
people give me a drink?

Oh! We've forgotten that by
our excitement of seeing K.N.C.

I'll get you now.

Shall I go?

Did you take your breakfast?

Do you want some juice,
biscuit or anything like that?

If you have any inconvenience,
you can tell me that too.

I will help you.

Shall I tell what
you may think now?

Why did you try to
trap me? Right?

I only should answer for it.

Have you seen worms
after killing a rat?

I've come to enjoy
that feeling and situation.

Let me advice you also.

You vigilance officers should stop using this
Phinaphthalene & Sodium Carbonate.

That's an old concept. You can arrest
silly thieves only by that concept.

In the beginning of last year...

Another officer tried to arrest
me with the same concept.

I got money wearing
glouse in my hands.

I threw the money & glouse somewhere in
the next minute before his move.

They went off with

I went to my home with
money after sometime.

Consequence. He lost his money & he didn't
even get succeeded in his attempt.

In a ruling, where the government
has gone to thieves hands...

A government employee
shouldn't try for this level.

Defeating you people
is not my aim.

But I understood later on...!

Destroying me completely
is your idea.

About my excess properties.
I'm a binomi of somebody else.

I know that you people
are watching me keenly.

I also wanted to
keep you in jail.

You can't even stamp vigilance
office steps hereafter.

You may think that
you are very clever.

But cleverness alone is not
enough to face somebody.

You should have wisdom also.

You don't have that.

Shall I leave?
-Please wait, sir.

No need of more days. I'll destroy
you completely one day.

It's just a dream . -No. It's an incident,
which is going to take place.

If you think about the rule alone,
is it enough, lawyer?

Is there no any value for
poor people's tears?

He's destroyed my house worth 1
and half lakhs, which I saved difficultly.

That man told about the road
extension. It's a clear cut lie.

But we can't give evidence
of his words only. Right?

It was a building without permission.
That's why he destroyed that.

This only is therein notice.

Then... How did you tell...

Court doesn't understand about
a person's true feelings sometimes.

Lord Eswara! -Okay. Let's meet
on 14th as I told.

Lawyer! Nothing else.

I'll get my pension
by next 5th only.

I'll pay your fees at that time.
-That's not a problem.

Let's meet later on,
then. -Okay.

Take your seat.

Sir! This is S.P's letter.

I want to trace the numbers from which
ATP Gopi Krishnan received calls recently.

Wait for 2 minutes.

Is there Sunny?
-He's there in lawn, sir.

Why did you come here, sir?
I wanted to see you in lock up.

You've got bail,
haven't you, sir?

I want to talk something to you.
-Just a minute.

Meera has filed a case in court
as I'd give her my daughter.

Sir! you've told me that already,
haven't you?

What's the position of
your case now, sir?

Let that be in any position.

I involved over in my profession.
That's Meera's complaint.

It means I loved my profession
more than my family.

But I can't bear this matter ever.
-What happened, sir?

You don't know anything,
do you? Rascal!

You're a criminal, who betrayed
a person the one, who believed you.

I don't have any idea
to talk with you here.

S.P. Abraham sir is waiting
for you. Come there.

If you talk to roughly as
you're a higher official...

Who told you like this?

Didn't you inform about vigilance
movements to Gopi Krishnan often?

My God! From where did you get this
information? -Shut up, scoundrel.

I have all the information
about your mobile's calls.

Come with me.

Where? I'm not a dog to come
behind you obeying your order.

Get up, man.

All the people have watched the arrest
of this person in many channels.

Her child is there a
great tragedy now.

Not only that. Other children will tease her
saying her as an accuser's daughter.

This is her state in the place,
where she stays.

My client got arrested while
trapping an accused, who got bribe.

My client got released by his
higher officials orders...

Stamping him as an accused is
the greatest guilt.

I'm talking about my client's
daughter's sentimental problems.

No any channel or paper has revealed
about Mr. Nandha Kumar's release.

That's why her daughter's problems
are getting continued.

That's why I request the court to order him
to give his daughter to my client soon.

I'm K.N.C here.

How is Koniac?

No...? Shit.
You've spoiled my mood.

I'm coming to this resort driving from
a long distance is for relaxation only.

I won't take whisky and all.

If you have any Indian brandy,
you send me that.

Is that Gopi? Come.

Didn't they com e?
-They've taken some other cottage.

I've stayed here in order
to get relaxed lonely.

Good matter.
In which cottage are they?

Cottage number 20.
Gopi! Come. Take your seat.

Money transportation is risky.

So we've brought the gold coins
of worth 35 lakhs exactly.

Get that.

If you sell your coins & change it as money
while paying medical seat capital fees.


That's not a problem.-Then go.

Come here after finishing your job.
Let's enjoy here together.

Please come, sir.

Greets !

Did K.N.C tell you the matters?
-He's told me.

It's good as you people involved
him also in your project

He will be a great support
to all of you.

We can do many protects
united hereafter. -Surely.

Benny! Get us that bag.

There are 272 coins
according to today's rate.

Do you want to count it?
-Hey! No need.

In that case, accept
this valuable box, sir.

Let your project get succeeded.
My wishes for that. -Thank you, sir.

You should co-operate with us.

Gold coins. Right? Enough. We can file
a case on you for having an excess wealth.

You tried to send me out from
vigilance believing talkative words.

But department had a great confidence
on me. I promised them at that time.

As I will be peaceful only
if I send you to jail...!

I told that I'd destroy you completely.
Do you remember that?

You teased me at that time.
What do you say now, Gopi Krishnan sir?

If a person is smart, I'll appreciate
him even if he is my enemy.

A dedicated person only can trace
out our such a secret dealing.

I'm very glad in getting defeated
in front of you, Mr. Nandha Kumar.

Accept it.

What's that? -I'm okay. Sir!

Vigilance! Giriia! Let's go.

Where is that man?
-Who's that, sir?

I asked about Gopi Krishnan,
who was there in this jeep.

I also have come in search
of Gopi Krishnan sir only.

It's 2 or 3 days
since I had seen him.

Why did you drive your jeep
in such a great speed, then?

Look it, sir. It's showing
a speed limit up to 140.

But I never had gone
beyond 110, sir.

Is that an over speed, sir?

He asks about Gopi Krishnan.

What happened?
-What will happen?

A great problem has got
solved very easily.

Sir! Get inside.

If I don't get her flowers daily,
my wife will fight with me. Excuse me.

Raji! Get me a Horlicks
in a pure glass.

I'm very tired. My body has
become lean after many days.

Sir! Do you want to have Horlicks?

Don't you want it?

If you want to take rest,
you can relax inside.

I'm going to lay down inside.

You didn't even call me, did you?

Did you forget that today
is the judgment day?

I didn't forget it, John. I feel
that my time is very bad now.

If my fate is there against me,
I don't have an ability to hear that.

I can't lose my daughter, John.

How will it be if you become
childish like this, Nandhan?

I'm waiting here.

Come immediately.

While considering about all the aspects
in front of the court in this case...

When we think about that child's care
& safety are important...

This court gives judgment as
child's dad Nandha Kumar...

...should give his child
to his wife Meera.

Where should
I bring our daughter?

I'll call you.

Child! Change your dress.

I've asked you to change your dress.
-Let this program get over, dad.

It'll become late, then.
-Today is a holiday. Right?

Why should I change
my dress, then?

We have to go out.
-Let's go after 10 minutes, dad.

If I tell, won't you listen to me?

Come here. -Leave me, dad.
Did you take birth to trouble me?

Move inside. -I won't come.
I want to watch T.V.

I won't com e, dad. I want
to watch TV. -Listen to me. Here.

Dad! I won't com e.

Where are we going, dad?

You don't question me. Come.

I could not tell anything
to my daughter.

It's enough if you tell her
everything, Meera.

These are daughter's dresses,
toys & books.

If I have these, I will worry a lot thinking
my daughter throughout my lifetime.

Com e, dear.

Isn't my dad coming? -Your mother is
your father, mother & everybody hereafter.

Mom! Do you know? We are going
by flight tomorrow to Chennai.

Is it so? But your dad
didn't tell me anything.

Dad told me not to tell you this now as
he wants to give you a surprise in airport.

But I could not hide
this secret until then.

Is it enough if I wear saree
while traveling through the flight?

Not enough. You have
to wear jeans minimum.

Hey! How can I get jeans now?

I'll get defeated
in front of my mom.

We have our flight
at 110' clock in the morning.

We'd reach the airport
before 10 o' clock at least.

Girijan uncle will come here
in Jeep in time.

We have to pack everything now
itself. I'm going to pack my things.

Oh God! Did police arrest Gopi sir?

Don't you people
know this person, then?

No, sir.
He is not belong to this area.

I didn't call you without disturbing
you in the morning itself.

A person is dead here, sir.

Suicide. I think he has consumed
poison. We've got a small bottle.

We can't identify that person.

Move! All of you move.

Sir! Do you know this person?

Sir! Do you know this person?

No.l don't know him.

It's enough if you both sit there.
Let me come finishing the check in.

Com e.

Dad! Do you want anything to drink?
-No need. -Mom! For you?

Let me come having a cool drink.

Today is not good totally, Raji.

What happened?
lam also watching you.

You don't have any excitement.

Do you feel seeing that expired
person by today morning?

It may be. I'm getting
afraid thinking about him.

Will our matter get
succeeded or not!

Everything will
take place well, dear.

You have to identify your bag.

Please come.

I'll be back now.

Which is your bag in these?
-This is my bag, sir.

Okay. Open it.

I've identified my bag. Right?
Why do you ask me to open it?

We are enforcement officers.

We want to check your bag.

Where did my dad go?

How many lakhs are there in this? -35.
For my daughter's medicine admission.

That's not a problem. You can go
telling this matter to our senior.

Get inside.

Sorry, Mr.Gopi.

We tried to trap you, when you agree in
contact in this airport obeying the rules here.

That's why, we called
enforcement officers.

You could not run and get saved
as it is a heavy bag. Right?

Your intelligence & wisdom didn't
work out here. Right? Pity!

Do you remember
my these words?

That only took place here.

Like the story of an old king, who won
trying again & again after many failures too.

We can trap any intelligent
person also if his time is bad.

Each & everybody, who is involved
in corruption, should analyze themselves.

As we have
a bad mindset or not...!

Gopi Krishnan!
You didn't think about that.

That's why you've got caught
as your time is bad.

Gopi dear! -They've announced
the boarding, dad.

We didn't think about you.

You need to postpone your Chennai
journey to some other day.

It's good if you go home now.

For our daughter's admission...!

It's an important matter
more than that.

We have to take Mr. Gopi Krishnan.

What happened?
Why do you take him with you?

Don't worry.
Let me tell you a matter.

Valmiki monk was a criminal.

But his family was not ready
to share his sins.

That has affected that
monk very much.

His mind got changed. He did penance,
became a great sage & wrote Ramayanam.

I don't ask your hubby
to write Ramayana.

But a wife & children only should
correct a person, who gets bribe.

You both didn't do that.

Court only will decide
his fate hereafter.

Com e. Let's go.

Com e.

Oh mom! Mom!

Accused Gopi Krishnan is the one,
who is fully involved in corruption.

We'd not find the birth place of 35 lakhs,
which we seized from him.

An ATP officer can't save
a huge amount of 35 lakhs...

...from his salary in
such a short period.

We've seized only 35. It means
he might have earned more than that.

He might have bought many properties
on his wife & daughter's name.

That's why we need to take the
accused to many places for enquiry.

We need to question him.

That's why we request you to leave the
accused in the vigilance custody for 4 days.

Bag, which they seized from
the airport is not my client's bag.

How can be that 35 lakhs
be my client's money, then?

Vigilance department
Dy.S.P. Nandha Kumar...

...only created this case
on my client for his revenge.

My client made Dy.S.P to get arrested
in a bribe giving case here before.

This man is keep on threatening
my client from that onwards.

If we let my client under
that cruel Dy.S.P's custody...

...I suspect that my client
will come in present state.

Not only that.
My client is a heart patient also.


I request this honorable court not to leave
my client in vigilance custody at any cost.

Defendants argument as it is
not accuser's bag is a great lie.

Vigilance was keep on watching the
accuser's family until they reach the airport.

They've noted his bag before
when they got into the jeep itself.

Not only that. Accused has agreed that
bag as his own bag to enforcement officers.

He tells him as
a heart patient, then.

Public says that this man
doesn't have any heart.

I leave the accused under vigilance officers
custody for 24 hours from today 3 o' clock.

Do you believe that...

...you can destroy the corruption
in corporation by arresting Gopi Krishnan?

It's a warning for other officers,
who are involved in corruption.

Many days thief will get
trapped in net one day.

We are glad by arresting this criminal,
who were torturing people from many days.

Kerala without any corruption.
That's our dream.

We calculate him as
a beginning step of our project

Allow us to go now. We have
to enquire him hot. Move away.

Which hospital?

Mr. Gopi Krishnan.
Please come with me.


I got a call while getting
started from the court.

We can face these mishappenings only
if we understand the reality of our life.

I know that advising
others is very easy.

When the advising people get any
mishappening in their personal life...

They will get broken also.

Let that doesn't happen
in your case, Gopi Krishnan.

Your daughter has taken suicide attempt.
She's in a critical stage in l.C.U here.

Sister! Sir!

Gopi dear! Our daughter...!

You call the advocate.

It's ringing, K.N.C.

What a job did you do, man?

I told you not to leave him in
their custody at any cost, didn't I?

Gopi Krishnan is involved in our
association dealings. Do you know that?

If vigilance officers enquire him ,
who knows that he won't tell anything?

We have got 100's of problems.

Which is secret or not...!

If that comes out,
do you know what will take place?

What do you know?
You've left him. Go & eat well, fool.

We have to do something
immediately, K.N.C.

We should do. We have to do.

The problem has gone
beyond our hands.

We've got a limited time only
to question you.

How it will be
if you cry like this?

My only daughter is struggling
in between death & life.

Kill me also now.

You worry a lot as it is your
own daughter suffers, don't you?

Military man has committed suicide. There's
a value for his family's tears also, mister.

Enjoying by harming a person,
is not a good character.

You need only peace now.

Okay. We will come
in the morning. Come.

That man has got broken,

Although, sir! He had
tormented us well! Right?

Somebody is fearing about the truths,
which are going to come out from you.

You may know about them.

They might be your close friends until
you got trapped under our custody.

You should not be alive.

They want this only now.

This will be the price of relationship with
them, who save wealth in an illegal way.

I'm working in vigilance anti corruption
bureau from the past 12 years.

We'd not catch this accused
on that day,

...who got 35 lakhs worth
gold coins from Samorin builders.

Accused ran off & got saved.

When we got the information
as the accused...

...go to Chennai changing
the coins as currency...

We went to airport informing
to our seniors.

We took this accused in custody,
who got caught by enforcement.

We've seen 35 lakhs in his bag.

They are telling that gold coins
got changed as 35 lakhs.

Why did they delay to produce
these material objects in the court?

This is my question.

They got sometime to count
those currencies & submit.

They got to note those
numbers also. -No.

They got to create
those evidences exactly.

It's just an imagination
of defendant, sir.

From which bag did
you seize his money?

From a pale pink colour bag.

Can you identify the bag
if you see that again?

I can identify that.

Produce the M.O.

Is this his bag? -Yes.

Show the M.O.

What's that?

Sir! This is a bar soap.

I'm telling from the beginning as
they filed this case to revenge my client.

Enforcement officers seized
these soap bars only in the airport.

It's an united plan to spoil the honor
of a prestigious Government officer.

That's why he misused
the Government officers.

Sol request this honorable judge to file
a case against Dy.S.P,

...who is the cause for this plan.

Do you want to tell anything?

They've changed it. It's like a hoodwinking
art of changing 35 lakhs as soaps.

It won't take place in
any other place except India.

This incident implies the cruelty of
criminals, who earn violating the law.

Finding such criminals as soon as
possible, who cheat our judicial trial...

I can only produce them in front
of the honorable judge now.

I knew these matters.

I also prayed for her.

It'll be good if you come with me
just for 5 minutes. Please.

I'll be back soon.

It's our office.
Please get down for a minute.

Our chief S.P.Vinod Abraham sir wants
to meet you, Mr. Gopi Krishnan.

I don't say that violation
& corruption only...

...will win according
to your reply in our enquiry.

But we can bring the criminals
in front of the society totally.

Some amount of black
money will come out.

It'll give peace in people's heart, who
feel that our country has got corrupted fully.

Let that at least happen.

I have a practical opinion. I can bring
at least one person in a good way.

If we both get united,
we can do many good things.

That's why we've changed the evidence
in the court discussing a lot together.

Please come.

An assistance town planning officer's
statement has brought out many crimes.

'Vigilance & anti corruption bureau have
raided in many places at the same time.

They break & alter 55 buildings
partially or fully...

...those got built violating
rules in our corporation.

Officers have found many
black money & binomi properties.

Honest vigilance Dy.S.P has got
a great appreciation by our Government.

Dad !

I could not manage this child.

She is crying always
in order to see her dad.

Let me leave, then.

If she cries to see her
mom hereafter...


Why didn't you sing after
when I gave you a song? Oh Moon!

“My didn't you look at me after when
I blossom ed like a lilly flower? Oh Breeze!

I can't express you my love in a word.
-My wish won't get satisfied by only look.

Sing again, you moon!

Why didn't you sing after
when I gave you a song? Oh Moon!

“My didn't you look at me after when
I blossom ed like a lilly flower? Oh Breeze!

I've forgotten my words without
having capability to tell my wish.

My inner golden dreams are
coming out. I've got admired in that.

Two thoughts,
which have joined in the story.

Showering pleasureful feelings...!

Unknowingly... Why don't you
take care of me secretly, breeze?

Why didn't you sing after when
I gave you a song? Oh Moon!

“My didn't you look at me after when
I blossom ed like a lilly flower? Oh Breeze!

I can't express you my love in a word.
-My wish won't get satisfied by only look.

Sing again, you moon!

Why didn't you sing after when
I gave you a song? Oh Moon!

“My didn't you look at me after when
I blossom ed like a lilly flower? Oh Breeze!