Opposing Force (1986) - full transcript

A group of elite soldiers, including one woman, sign up for the ultimate training mission. The group parachutes onto a remote island, where their objective is to reach the safety zone before the "opposing force" captures them. Everything does not go as expected, and the training mission turns into the real thing.

This is zulu tango two-niner-six,

blackbird leader to control.

Blackbird leader control, aye.

We are incoming from
escape and evasion training

all candidates on board.

Touchdown runway Romeo seven.

Blackbird, aye.

Sir, lieutenant
Casey reporting as ordered.

Take a seat, lieutenant.

Thank you, sir.

I've looked over your record.

Very impressive.

Thank you sir.

And our computer tells us
you have a good probability

for success in high altitude
reconnaissance training.

I know you fought hard to get in.

Initiative and tenacity,

I admire that.

The only thing I question

I worry that you don't
know what you're in for

with this particular
aspect of the training.

I can imagine it, sir.

Can you?

Lieutenant, this is the toughest escape

and evasion course in the military.

Now most do not get through it.

I'm aware of that, sir.

Well, perhaps you can
tell me more specifically

what you hope to gain from this training?

Do you realize, of course, that as a woman

you won't get a posting?

We're considered a combat
operation even in peacetime.

I know how things are now, sir.

But they may change.

And I wanna be qualified when they do.

Please don't misunderstand me.

I'm not trying to discourage you.

But I do feel it's my duty to warn you.

The course has not been altered

to accommodate you in any way.

There will be no special treatment here.

I wouldn't want it differently, sir.

Well, that'll be all, lieutenant.

Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, is anybody else
here for the killer course?

Yo, that's me. - Right over here.

Hi. - Howdy.

I'm botts. - Botts?

Gilbert Conway nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Brad Stevenson? - Brad.

Bob botts.

Please, sit down.

So, I hear this course is very difficult.

In fact, somebody said a
guy died going through it.

No shit? - Yeah.

Oh, come on, man they say that

about every damn course, right?

How bad can it be?

I've been through them
all except this one.

Not real pleasant but not that tough.

It's a piece of cake as I see it.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Where'd you get
all this info anyway?

I know this chick that works

in the computer center.

So what's that get you?

It got me a
look at the course ranking.

I don't know about all
this computer stuff.

I just want a little action, you know?

Well, I'm just pissed they didn't let us

go into Manila tonight.

There you go.

I know a couple of real nice places.

The object of the course is simple.

Don't get caught.

If you do, escape.

Your base unit and mission,

as outlined in your
fictitious flight protocol,

must be kept secret at any cost.

That is what the opposition
forces will be after.

The maps that we've provided for you

give the approximate location

and description of the safe area.

You will be working in teams of two.

You'll be paired up at drop time.

The drop plane will make only
one return pass over the zone.

If you or your partner
are injured in the jump,

that is the time to fire your signal flare.

Otherwise, it could be a while
before we know you were hurt.

Some of you have been
through what you think

are similar training courses in the past.

Well, let me tell you,

the infamous course at camp lejeune

is a walk in the park compared to this one.

May I remind you that
regulations prohibit discussion

of any kind regarding this course.

That will be all there
will be no questions.

Another first for the military.

Okay, let's get it on.

As I call out your teams,
I want you to hook up.

Be ready to go on my command.

Okay, we got Conway and webb.

Casey and ripkin.

Logan and botts.

Stand in the door!




Son of a bitch!

Damn it!

Logan lands again.

Are you okay?

I think we should head
towards the shoreline

get our bearings from there.

Good idea, you do that.


Botts. - Hello, sir.

You're senior officer, major...

Rank doesn't count out here, botts.

The name's Logan.


Give me that.

Say is your leg okay?

The way I figure if we keep
the beach behind our back,

that way we'll know what's behind us.

Let's go.


That sounds good to me.

11-tango confirmed.

All prisoners accounted
for and no injuries.

What is it, sergeant?

Well, don't you think it's kind of crazy

for them to send a female through here?

Not my decision.

Yes, I know but...

What I mean is what are
we gonna do with her?

Train her just like everybody else.

Yes, sir.

Here I am crawling through
some jungle full of ants

and malaria and god knows what else

just so I can get some
thrills I must be crazy!

Of course, you gotta be a little
crazy I guess to begin with

just to join up in the first place.

I don't know I just...

I always wanted some adventure.

You ain't gonna get it
in denning, new Mexico,

population three and a half I'll tell you.

Every time I see girls they just,

I mean they just... - Botts please.

Oh, shoot, okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, major.

I mean, Logan.

I guess I've been on
kind of a runaway, huh?

Yep. - Don't know why I do that.

I do it all the time.

I'm sorry I'm gonna shut up.

I've always done that.

Drive my mother batso.

She said I used to just babble and babble

in my playpen for hours
and I don't know why.

Botts. - I guess I just

naturally like to. - Botts, botts.

Can you talk to yourself and
keep watch while I go up

to that point and try to get our bearings?

Can you do that? - Yes sir.

I mean, Logan. - All right.

Great. - I'll be back soon.

You go ahead.


God why do you talk so much?

It's not like you got anything to say.

Oh, shit.


Actually the name's Logan.

I know who you are, major.

What's going on?

Well, it looks like
botts is first pigeon.

That's first prisoner taken.

Let's check it out.

Your partner split on you, huh?

How come you
didn't run out on botts?

I thought of it.

But he just seemed kind of helpless.

Look, you've got a
limp and I've got tits.

These aren't great things
to have in the military.

So, why don't we pair up,

and get through the course as best we can?

Kind of sure of yourself, aren't you?

My plan was to stick to the shoreline

as long as possible before heading inland.

Great minds.

They're paired up, and they're

moving along Dakota beach.

The others?

Lone ranger's right here, and the others

are still sitting on
their asses right here.

Well, shake them up, all of them.

My god, those are live
rounds they're using.

Yeah, realism.

Hey, damn it take it easy!

Are you in charge here because
I've been trying to...

Shut your face, asshole!


Hey, man, I'm telling you
there's something wrong here,

and these guys won't say a word.

I don't wanna make waves but
you're in a lot of.

Get him out of here.

Major, how's your leg?

You wanna give it a rest?

Yeah, we should take a break.

I learned a long time ago
it's not who finishes first

that really counts it's who finishes.

How about here, huh?

Oh, boy.

You hurt your leg in the jump?

It's not what I do best.

How long have you been on the ground?

It's kind of obvious.

Your rank and experience,
chest full of medals,

commendations, you must
be trying to re-qualify.

Well, let's just say I
thought it would be easier

behind a desk than it has been.


What about you?

What about me?

What are you doing here?

Oh, I'm sure you've got
that all figured out, major.

Little lady doing her bit
for the feminist cause.

Trying to be the son my father never had.

You know,

something like that.

How did you get here?

I found a loophole.

I think he needs
a little more persuading.

He's pretty beat, captain.

You have a complaint, sergeant?



I'll give you a boost here.


Don't mention it.

Okay, got it.

A simple thank you will do.

I suggest you check yourself out.

I got a couple of leeches on my leg.

See if I got them off my
back if I missed any.

No, I don't see any.

Want me to check you out?


You look fine.

Major, are you embarrassed?

Reel them in, sergeant.

Sector 10. - Yes sir.

Flathead. - Right.

Dakota beach. - Sir.

Sector four, let's go.

Move it! - Right come on, guys.

Let's go!

You spilled your bucket, boy.

Don't you think you better clean it up?

Yes, sir.

Everybody sharp.

Come on.

Casey and Logan
are right on track.

Just keep them moving
in the same direction.

Son of a bitch!

Sounds like ripkin.

So you got me.

Big deal.

Gee, that's too bad.

Big fucking deal.

What's happening?

I don't know.



Just keep your eyes open.

All right.

Oh, Jesus what next?


You're joking.

Here try these earplugs.

You really think we're safe here?

They'd come right in here and do it.


Major, it's time to get going.

Hey, hey!


Are you always like this in the morning?

I just didn't hear you, sorry.

I noticed.

Maybe that's why earplugs
are against regulations.

I think we better find this damn shed

before the sun comes up.


You want some coffee?


What the hell's the matter with you?

We made it.

This is the safe area.

It wasn't really even that hard.

It was too easy, wasn't it?

How the hell should I know?

That's what you're thinking, isn't it?

So I'm beginning to get it.

Is that why you're doing
this for the experience?


I also love to fly.

There's not much on the
ground that interests me

if you know what I mean. - Yeah.

Are you married major?


Me too.

Several times.

You're not that old.

Oh, I wasn't that married.

Hey, take it easy with that.

What the hell are you doing?

We made it safe inside, god damn it!

What are you doing this is the safe area.

Hey, you son of a bitch!

I'm all right.


Major, what in god's
name is going on here?

They're beating the crap out of us!

At this point you know more than I do.

Looks like we're playing the pow game.

The pow game that is not
what I signed up for.

What happened to the
escape and evasion course?

Well, you didn't evade too well, did you?

Maybe you'll do better in the escape.

Where's botts?

That chicken shit?

He's here.

Major, you've gotta stop this.

Now you're senior officer here.

Shut up in there.

Oh, at least he's talking to us.

Get that man out here!

Hey, what is this? - Come on.


Conway Gilbert h., lieutenant.

You can't do that to him!

Shut up in there, shut up!

Get him up, get him up here.

Get him up here.


You will address me as, sir!

You are a captive here!

You will take orders!

You will speak only when you are spoken to!

Do you get that, shit-face?

Yes sir. - What?

Yes sir!


Now get your ugly assed face back in there.

Move in that can, move it, move it.


Now the rest of you bastards
line up here at attention!

Yeah we're moving. - Nevermind.

At attention!

I said attention!


Now just hold that.

This illusion of
freedom don't be the pawns

of those imperialist warmonger capitalists

whose profits are paid for in
the blood of innocent people.

It is futile to try and hold
back the tide of human history.

Your personal contribution
will mean nothing.


Gentlemen, my name is Becker.

I am the commandant.

This is camp Becker.

It is located on Becker's island.

It is staffed by Becker's men.

This is Becker's world.

Beckerland if you prefer.

There are no computers here.

Logic will not serve you.

This is what it's really about.

You people think the world
is all push button.

I'm here to prove to you that
what the military always

comes down to is emotional
and physical control.

You are not guests.

You were not invited.

You will be treated like what you are,

animals, my own personal menagerie,

Becker's pets.

Some of you are dogs.

Some of you are pigs.

We'll sort that out as we go along.

What's important for you to know

is that I am the one and only.

I am the almighty.

I am the god here.

And I am a vengeful god.

Most of you will not come out of this test,

how shall I put it,

completely intact.

That's because you're weak.

My job is to cull you out and step on you.

That's the job your country,

and, ironically, you
yourselves have given me.

And, gentlemen, there is one
thing you may be sure of.

You have been abandoned here.

Clothes off now!

I want to see a pile of it right here.

Everything but the boots move it.

Wait a minute you got a woman here.

I don't recall asking your opinion.

Shut up, get the clothes off!

Start moving!

What are we waiting for?

I wanna see it all move itl

get them off!

Maggot, move it!

Oh, what's the matter, missy?

You need some help, huh?

Get it off, get it off!

Judging by this group,
you don't need to worry

about a damn thing.

Come on get them off! Get them off!

Pile them up right here!

Come on move it, move it,
move it, move it, move it!

Everything let's go!

Wait a minute I'm drawing
the line right now.

- Hey, what are you doing?
- Shut up, shut up!

What is this? - Get them off!

Get him up, get him up!

Come on, major, you're holding us up.

Get those pants off now, move it!


What the hell are you looking at?

Come here, get over here.

Get over here line up, line up!

Get them up, get them up!

Tight, tight, chest to back!

Chest to back, close, close!

Closer damn it, closer!

Make that person in front of
you know you're there move it!

Eyes forward.

Get your eyes front!

You look at me like that again.

Now we're gonna take a little shower.

We're gonna delouse you!

Never say we didn't do
anything for you, right?

First man, move out!

Move out, move out!

Open the chute go!

Come on move it.

Get your arms up!

Keep them up, turn around, turn around.

Now movel

what are you waiting for, come on!

Step down, step down, get that poncho on!

Get back in line after
you got that poncho on.

Come on move it!

Get over there let them
touch you, prisoner!

Next in line come on.

Move, tighten that line up.

Tighten that line up!

Chest to back.

Keep your eyes forward.

Come on now, move it.

Turn around, turn around, turn around.

Come on now, boy.

Let's go!

Get up in that chute, maggot!

Turn around, turn around, move.

Move it forward.

Next prisoner!

Eyes forward!

Smile now!

Hands up, hands up, hands up.

Move it, move it, major, I said move it.

What are you looking at?


Next man, move it!

Turn around, turn around,
turn around, turn around!

What are you waiting for?

Come on, get that poncho on!

Come on, come on, come on, come on!

College boy doesn't know
how to put a poncho on.


Down in the dirt!

Down in the dirt!

Dogs, damn maggots, move it!

No one stands.

How's this for fun?

These guys are way out of line.

Remember this is a training
course, so there are limits.

They can rough us up,
but they can't kill us.

I'm starving.

Bet botts isn't.

Hey, wait. - Come on!

Hey come on.

All right, I'm going, I'm going!

You idiot!

Get your hands off me!

All right, quit pushing me!

I know you're an old pro,

and you probably think all
of this is just bullshit.

But we gotta go through the motions.

It's my job.

Of course, you know that.

Not gonna say anything are you?


Logan William j., major.

Okay, okay, okay. - 0-1-2-7-8.

I know I can't intimidate you,

and there's no point in me

beating on you like those
other punks out there.

Bunch of candy-asses.

Look, guys, why don't you take a break?

You know, I'll tell you something.

I don't trust those bastards.

They're only loyal to Becker.

Go ahead have one.

You know he recruited them.

Got the brass to give him a mixed bag,

for realism.

And his buddy tuan,

now there's a weird monkey.

Of course if you ask me,

they're all a bunch of weirdos.

You may think that Becker is

something out of an old war movie,

but he believes it.

He believes that it's his
sacred duty to bust these guys

for their own good, for
the good of the country.

You know, all that crap.

The reason that I'm telling you all of this

is that for some reason or another,

I think he's got it in for you.

My advice to you is to
be very very careful.

Tell me, sergeant.

From what old war movie
did you get your routine?

Lay off!

Damn it!

You know I must admit.

I never thought I'd see the day

they'd let a split-tail come through here.

Maybe I'm old fashioned.

Must be kind of raw on you, huh?

I'll tell you what.

Why don't I just...

Hey, guys, listen why
don't you take a break?

You know, I'll tell you something.

I just don't trust those bastards.

They're only loyal to Becker.

Was it something I said?

How's it going, lieutenant?

Logan, where are you?

The next condo over.

Are we having fun now?

Did they hurt you?

They didn't punch me
if that's what you mean.

Stafford's a Jewel.

Tells me all the time how crazy Becker is.

Yeah, the desperate commander routine.

Little truth, big lies.

Mind games.

That's what I figured.

What'd you say to him?

I played along with him.

Thanked him very politely for his warning.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

How's your leg?

Which one?

I wonder how long we'll have

to stand in these things.

You ever sleep standing up?

Sure, I used to do it in
formation all the time.

No talking.

Shut up.

Top of the morning to you, major.

We thought we'd give that leg
of yours a little exercise.

You are good at hard labor, yes?

Sir, am a U.S. military officer.

According to Geneva convention,

I cannot be forced into hard labor.

Very good, major.

Now you take this shovel,

or I'm gonna shove it up your
ass so you'll always have it.

Mr. bottsy will show you the way.

Say something guys. - Yeah, we're here.

How you doing, botts?

Look they always try to
break someone down first,

and they give you the worst of it.

But just try to go along with it.

You still can make it.

But nobody will talk to me.

1'l see what I can do.

Have you seen lieutenant
Casey this morning?

No, I haven't.

Well try to locate her, will you?

How's it going boys?

Just peachy! - Missed all the fun, major.

Well, let's just try to
get through this all right?

There's the wimp.

Hey wimp!

You sleep good last night?

Yeah, how's the food here, boy?

We haven't even tried it yet.

All right go easy.

It's not his fault. - You son of a bitch!

Hold it, hold it!

I don't hear him saying no.

Knock it off, lieutenant.

Okay, so what do you wanna know?

Nothing, bottsy, nothing at all.

Come on.

Where's our little honey this morning?

I don't see her out here
breaking her sweet little ass.

Get off it, ripkin.

Oh, right, major, I forgot.

She's your territory, isn't she?

Now what the hell is
that supposed to mean?

Don't think we don't
know what's going on.

We got the word.

The word? - Yeah.

The word, who from?


Well, it didn't take him too long

to get to you guys, did it?

And it didn't take
long for the little lady

to get to you did it?

You are a sick young man, ripkin.


Well, I know when I'm getting screwed.

You got no marks on your face, major.

Special treatment doesn't apply to us.

You ready guys?

Yeah. - Yeah.

It's too soon.

You got nothing to say about this.

It's all set up.

And remember we head downriver.

Right downriver. - Right.

Okay, let's go!

Ripkin, Conway.

Who is it?

Ripkin, Conway, and Dunn.

Not bad at all little lady.

A little skimpy for my taste.

The guys here seem awfully appreciative.

Sir, with all due respect

as far as I'm concerned you are an asshole,

and the boys should get distemper shots.

That's some mouth you got on you, missy.

I could have made it so
easy for you, you know?

But you wanna be a hard-ass.

Let me tell you something.

You'd better pull your balls up, bitch,

because captain Becker wants to see you.

That's enough, Stafford.

Yes, sir.

Sit, Casey.

You present me with some special problems,

interesting problems.

I don't know what to do with you,

how to treat you, how to get to you.

I understand you want to be
treated like everybody else,

but I don't think that's possible
if you know what I mean.

No, sir, I don't.

Well, conditioning can be a cruel master.

No one here, not even
your fellow prisoners,

is able to treat you as if you were a man.

A lot of what we do here is psychological.

We rake up common fears.

What the enemy would surely
attack if a man were captured.

Some physical brutality, of course,

but mixed with isolation,
disorientation, fear of failure,

homophobia, stuff like
that standard routine.

My problem is aside from the
obvious death and so forth,

I can only guess what you're afraid of

because I don't know what makes you tick.

You're not like anyone else here.

You're different,

and, I don't know how to test you.

Really test you.


Give me a line.


Hold out your hands.

You gotta be kidding.


Next man, hands.

Just say the word and we'll send you back

to the base safe and sound.

It's not a defeat.

Nobody expects you to make it anyway

no matter what the computers say.

In fact, it'd be a victory.

You'd be fulfilling expectations.

They'd tell you how proud
they were of you for trying.

Come on, lieutenant, you'll
save us a lot of trouble,

and yourself a lot of pain.

We don't play very nice here.

Sir, no thank you, sir.

All right.

Put her in isolation.

Well, I don't care.

You know I'm thinking maybe
this is not enough pain

for a man of your experience.

Yes, and this hip of yours

that's gonna give you a
little problem, huh?

All right, Stafford.

That's enough.

Out of here all of you.

Sorry, major, sometimes he
gets a little carried away.

I can't be everywhere at once.


Never had a man through here

as old and seasoned as you, major.

In fact, I don't think in
all my experience I've.

Well, certainly not in the three years

I've been in charge here.

Three years, yeah.

It's a long tour, huh?

We're kind of in the same boat, major.

They don't know what to do with me either.

So they leave me here, a throwaway,

disposed of you might say,

and now they wanna retire me.

But I'm sure Stafford told you all this.

He likes to talk out of turn.

Unlike tuan here.

You know he once commanded a battalion.

Things change.

What are you doing here in
this course at your age?

That's none of your business.

Isn't it?

They're phasing you out of the action,

and you can't stand a desk.

Afraid you can't cut it in civilian life.

Jesus I hate you fucking pilots.

So goddamned arrogant.

All the glory without
getting your hands dirty.

Just like in nam.

Fly out, strafe some village,

drop a bomb, back for lunch.

Who cares how many women and babies

get turned into dog food?

If the blood could splash
up and hit the clouds,

it still wouldn't touch you

because you'd have already
flown onto the next village

to kill the next bunch of innocent kids.

I'm on the same side,

and I can't stand the sight of you.

Fucking long-distance push-button killer,

maybe somebody ought to
kill your kids major, huh?

Maybe somebody ought to slit their throats.

Then maybe you'd know who you are.

You son of a bitch.

Got it in one.

That was easy.

I thought you might be more
of a challenge, major.

Guilt is so mundane.

Yeah, I'm a son of a bitch.

At least I'm not bullshitting myself.

I know who I am and why I'm here.


You're at the end of the line too, major,

whether you know it or not.

You don't rate this course.

Attention, fall.

Ready, fall.

No modesty.

You're a real slut aren't you, Casey?

Go ahead put it on.

Look lady I don't give a goddamn.

You can go back in the compound
like that for all I care.

Coffee, lieutenant?

When you pass out Stevenson,

try not to hit your head on
the shit can behind you.

The rest of you candy-asses
sticks over heads.

Yesterday some of you wanted to run.

Today we will run that out of you.

Left face.

Forward march.













Smile on your face, move it!

Get him out of here!

Come on, ladies, come on, come on.

Move, move, move.

Come on, girls, come on, come on, come on.


So what do you think?

Leave them all in the cage tonight?

It doesn't matter they're
not gonna do anything.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

A couple of them are
about ready to wash out.


Damn, I hate this job.

You'll be gone soon.

Not soon enough.

I don't think I can take much more of this.

Casey shall I leave her
in with the rest of them?


Logan? - He's finished.

Leave him with the others.


Better let botts out for a while.

Otherwise, he won't be
alive in the morning.

After that it's quitting time.


Suit yourself.


I don't know if I can take it anymore.

I've had it.

So bug out what are you waiting for?

You won't qualify.

I know I'm just not
even sure I care anymore.

Well, I sure as hell
don't care if you qualify,

so why don't you shut up about it?

Fuck yourself ripkin.

Hey, ripkin!

Just stop!

Where in the world do you get your energy?

It's a good question for you old man.

Let go of me.

Or what?

I said let go of me!


Maybe you and I should try and escape.

How the hell do you
plan to do that in here?

Beam yourself up?

I'm not talking to you.


Conway, knock it off.

Conway, sit down, Conway!

Knock it off! - Listen to me.

Listen to me forget him!

Forget about him.

Listen to me.

It might be possible if we plan it all...

Botts get out here. - Work it out.

They got this whole island wired.

Can't think your way out
of this one, genius.

How long have we got to go do you think?

Who knows?

Just get out.

Been kind of raw for you, huh, bottsy?

For sure.

They all hate me.

Except Logan.

I don't hate you, bottsy.

As a matter of fact,

you're about the best first
pigeon I've ever had.

Which reminds me have
you heard any more talk

about escape since you've been in there?

No sir.

Well, keep your ears open okay?

Yes, sir.

Get out!

All right.

Get your clothes off.

Jesus, sir, is this all
you do for kicks, sir?


All right, lieutenant, I'm
gonna ask you one more time.

What's your unit?

Where's your base?

What's your mission?

Sir, Casey Catherine,
lieutenant 2-0-1-1-8...

I think you'd better
answer me, lieutenant.

You know what happens next.

Sir, Casey Catherine,
lieutenant 2-1

I want information.

Bastard, that's enough.

I getit.

I don't think you do.

Don't touch me!

Shut up!

You son of a
bitch get away from me!

I said shut up!

Leave me alone!

What do you think would
happen if you were captured

by the enemy, lieutenant?

You're dreaming if you don't
think worse than this

would happen even if no one
wants to talk about it.

You're frightened now.

After a few more times, you
won't be afraid of rape at all.

You'll be in control.

What is it, what's wrong?



He raped lieutenant Casey.

- Becker, get out here!
- What's going on out there?

I think you better get out here

we got a guy cracking up on us.


Hey what's the matter with you?

Get out here!

- You're gonna blow it for us.
- Get out here!

I want to talk to you!

Take it easy. - Captain!

Take it easy, man. - This is major Logan!

I'm calling the exercise off.

Do you hear me?

You shut up! - Major!

All of you shut up!

Stafford, I don't want you.

I want Becker get him out here now!

You hear what I'm telling you?

Becker get out here!

I'm calling it off now!

If you come any closer I'm
gonna punch your lights out!


Becker! - Hey, Stafford.

I'm calling this off!

It's over!

Null exercise!

Under article 135,

code section 1165,

I'm relieving you of command!

You guys love this shit don't you?

- Do you hear me?
- You really get off on it!

Lay off of him. - Get off me.



Stafford! - Stay back.

I don't know if you're in on this or not,

but there's something very wrong here.

And if you don't get these goons off me,

you're gonna be up on charges too.

Or are you too stupid to know

when your co has gone over the edge?

Becker's out of control!

He's abusing Casey.

He raped her.

Says who?

Just get him out here.


Come on.

Stafford, don't you walk away from me.

Did you hear anything I said?

Is there someone around here who's sane?


You're gonna go down with him!


You hear that one?

Get out here. - Most of it.

He's really gone.

He's got you raping lieutenant Casey.

Where'd he get that?

Beats the hell out of me.

He's probably gonna be a pain in the ass

for the rest of the course.

You know, I think we ought
to ship him out of here.

Yeah, I'll think about it,

especially if he's come apart.

I'm going back to bed.

Please come with me, major.

Where'd you get your information, major?

You've been out here too long, Becker.

Why'd you do it?

For her own good.


I think you actually believe that.

She wants to qualify.

My job is to provide her with
the tools to survive capture,

physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You're going up on charges, Becker.

You're a fool, major.

She isn't.

In time she'll see I'm right.

Then she'll be prepared for
whatever happens to her.

She's young, ambitious.

It's all ahead of her

unlike you and me.

Now who told you?


Make it look like an accident.

Well, it's obvious he got away.

Don't you think I should call the base?

Not yet.

At least till we know what's happening.

I wanna talk to tuan first.

Miller, Wilson stay here.

The rest of you let's go.

Keep your voice down.

Major, how did you get here?

What's going on out there?

They're after you,
Becker and some guards.

How many?

Most all of them I think.

Not Stafford.

Where's lieutenant Casey?

In the isolation shed.

Get dressed.

Let's go, botts, what
are you waiting for?

Come on botts let's get a move on it.

No need to shout he's right inside.

Come on move it.

Hey, major what goes?

Logan, take it easy, take it easy.

What the hells going on here?

- Hey, major, you okay?
- Look whatever your problem

is it can be worked out.

How many guards left?

What are you
doing in there, Logan?

I don't wanna have to repeat...

All right a couple!

Watch out for them.

Now you listen to me.

Becker has to be relieved.

He tried to kill me, tuan is dead,

and I am pulling the plug.

There's only two
guards left now, major.

I want mps out here now.

That is an order, Stafford.

Logan, you guys crack up all the time.

I can't take orders from you.

I said that he raped lieutenant Casey.

What the hell is going on here?

Botts saw it. - Becker is a little

weird at times. - I am talking about rape!

Shh, the guards.

Careful here they come!

Come on, Becker. - Watch out, major.

They're looking for youl

come on. - Okay.

What's going on?

I want to see some control.

Go! - Just take it easy.

Move it. - Easy.

Easy, easy.

All right.

Up to you.

Dave, bill just put them down.

Put them down.

Do it!

Go on move.

Come on in the middle.

Back offl - attaboy, botts!

Stretch out!

All right, botts, way to go!

No blanks here.

All right.

Keep an eye on them.

Take me to, Casey.

All right get back there.

Get over here.

That's good enough.

Casey, it's Logan.

Logan, what's up you
got your flight suit on.

You going somewhere?

Doesn't seem to be too damned

broken up about it now, does she?

You'd just love that
wouldn't you, sergeant?

Oh, my... - It doesn't matter.

Casey, listen. - It doesn't matter!

If that doesn't matter, what does?

I don't know anymore.

Make that call.

Take him out.

"Asap investigation team to follow.

"This is direct to general MacDonald."

Two-nine delta, please confirm.


Are you sure he was gonna kill you?


Well, where are we gonna go?

We just keep moving
until the mps get here.

Look I'll hold them off as long as I can.

Botts, put these guys in the pen.

Okay, let's move it.

You heard him.

Come on.

You're gonna
have to take botts with you

because I'm gonna have to
finger him to save my ass.

You'll be all right.

Yeah, I hope so.

I just don't wanna lose my stripes.

Logan, you know I was just doing my job.

You know that. - Yeah.

I had no idea.

I had no idea.

Come on!

The keys are in the pocket.

Major, what is going on here?

What happened to Stafford?

- Hey, Casey, you all right?
- Where's botts?

Getting out boys.

What about the course? - You're done.

Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute.

What happens when they get back?

Ripkin, this is an escape.

Do it, don't talk about it!

It's a trick.

It's a setup just like before.

He's not after them let's go.

- Let's get out of here.
- I think we should go.

We should go. - Stay all in one group.

I'm not going anywhere.

- Yeah, who cares ripkin?
- Good luck, Logan.

You're gonna need it.

You're making a big mistake!
We don't need ripkin.

Let's get out of here. - Let's just go.

Let's think it through.


I'll get the firing pins.

Find ammo yet?

Oh, my god, hand grenades.

Forget the pins.

1 got it.


Let's go!

It's gonna blow!

Cordon off the perimeter?

Yes, sir.

Watch your flank!

Nice going, Stafford.

He had botts and Casey helping him.


I should have known.

I really am ready for the pasture

when I make mistakes like that.

What about Casey she say anything?


Well, I mean she's with him.

Well, you should have seen it.

He came storming in here all pumped up.

Takes me down there, we open up the door,

there she sits just as quiet
and cool as a cucumber.

Not saying anything.

Like nothing had happened.

Well, that's when I knew
that he'd gone crazy.

But he gives her this look,

and she buys the whole story.

You know, I guess, women just
can't stand to be alone.

Hard to believe though, isn't it?

So many people would tell the same lie?

It's too bad.

The girl was coming along.

She would have qualified, I think.

She was right on the edge of
understanding her position.

A little longer and she would
have known how to handle it.

In her gut she would have known.

Yeah, well, captain how
about getting me out of this?

Which way did they go?


Funny Miller and Wilson seem
to think they went north.

Well, it's hard for me to.

I would have liked it better

if Logan hadn't lost his mind.

Gone on this rampage.

Men who crack under stress
can be very dangerous.

Yeah, well, how about...

And I would have preferred
that you had been more loyal.

Sorry, Stafford, but I'd
just as soon be dead

as spend time in leavenworth.

They killed Stafford.

They're out there somewhere.

We'll outflank them.

You three go that way.

The rest of you that way.

With me on the chopper let's go.

Thank you.

Yes, general MacDonald here.


Let me see that.

Missed the bone.

Come on, let's go.


Here it is.

This one, come on.

Let's get it started.

Ready? - Yeah.

Let's get out of here!

Confirmed captain, we
got them right here.

Drop it down just beyond the trees.

We gotta keep moving.

What for?

Till the mps get here.


No what?

No they won't get here.

We have to fight.

Look I already killed one man.

Botts has too and you're wounded.

I'm not gonna just.

Oh, this is crazy.

This is absolutely crazy!

Listen, Logan, why do you
think I put up with this

my whole life?

I can't lay down and die.

Don't you get it?

I won't!

High ground is defensible.

Let's go.

Okay, botts, get down in that gully.


Other side!

Here they come!

I'm hit.

Damn it, I'm hit!

Come on!

Come on, botts!

Let's get out of here come on over there.

Over there.

Sit down.

Oh, to hell with this.

I'm going after Becker.

Botts get down!

Okay, I'm okay.

Cover that flank.

I got that son of a bitch!

Hang on, Logan!

Jesus Christ!

Oh please jeez.

Don't die, Logan!

You've gotta hang on.

Oh, Casey.

Jesus Christ please don't die.

They kept the pressure up

for an answer that would
get them off the hook.

All I really wanted to
know was did I qualify?

When they said, "yes,"

that was enough for me, sort of.

They're still waiting for my answer about

what I'm going to do.