Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) - full transcript

Adam (Tom Hiddleston), an underground musician, reunites with his lover for centuries (Tilda Swinton) after he becomes depressed and tired with the direction human society has taken. Their love is interrupted and tested by his wild and uncontrollable little sister (Mia Wasikowska).


♫ Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love ♫

♪ Here I go, falling down, down, down ♪

♪ My mind is a blank ♪

♪ My head is spinning around and around ♪

♪ As I go deep into the funnel of love ♪

♪ It's such a crazy, crazy feeling ♪

♪ I get weak in the knees ♪

♪ My poor old head is a-reelin' ♪

♪ As I go deep into the funnel of love ♪

♪ I tried and I tried to run and hide ♪

♪ I even tried to run away-ay-ay ♪

♪ You just can't run ♪
♪ from the funnel of love ♪

♪ It's bound to get you someday ♪

♪ Deep into the funnel of love ♪

♪ Deep into the funnel of love ♪



- ADAM: Ian.

- Adam, man. How are ya?
- Hey. This is the Supro?

Yeah, it's a beautiful one, man.

I really hope you're gonna like it,
cos these Supros,

...they're getting harder and harder to find,
do you know what I mean?

You get one and the pick-ups are messed up. You
get one, the neck is messed up or something.

Oh, shit.

Adam, do you want me to take off my shoes, man?
I think I stepped in some mud or something.

- Oh, you know, I really wouldn't bother.
- All right.

ADAM: The Supro.
IAN: 1959, man.

- Really nice, Ian. Thank you.
- Cool.

All the electronics, everything,
are original, of course.

I plugged 'em in,
made sure they all work.

Just what the doctor ordered,
as they say.

I shall call him William Lawes.

It's a male?

This one is, yeah.

Who's William Lawes?

Oh, just some old 17th century English guy.

Wrote some great funeral music.

Then, during the English Civil War, he was
casually shot dead by a Parliamentarian.

Oh... that sucks.

Adam, check this one out, man.

- This one...
- Is a very strange Hagström from 1960, Swedish.

- Yeah.
- Look at this thing.


Look at the back.

- Mother of toilet seat.
- Seriously, man.


And this one... Check this out.

ADAM: It's a Silvertone from the very early
'60s with an amp built into the case.


IAN: Right?
ADAM: Yeah.

IAN: And...

ADAM: Oh, that's a lovely
Gretsch Chet Atkins.

IAN: Mm-hmm.

61-20, double cutaway.

I once saw Eddie Cochran play one of these,

...though he had the front pickup modified
to a Gibson P-90.

Wait, you actually saw
Eddie Cochran play?

Yeah, on YouTube.

Oh, right. 'Course, man.


Hey, you,
I have something special for you.

Hey, we have what you need.

I know you don't wanna play live.

I know you wanna remain
completely anonymous.

But you being so reclusive
and everything is...

...probably only gonna make people
more interested in your music.


What a drag.

Listen, Ian,
there is something you can do for me.

Anything. Yeah, anything. What is it?

I need a bullet.

A very special bullet.

Really? I got you that box of shells
with the .38 last year.

I know, the .38.

I need a .38 calibre bullet,
but made of wood.

A wooden bullet? Seriously, man?

And made from the hardest
and most dense wood you can find...

I'd suggest ironwood, lignum vitae,

maybe snakewood, piratinera guianensis,

...or possibly African blackwood,
dalbergia melanoxylon.

Think you can find someone
who can make it for me?

Yeah, but... could you just...
Could you repeat the last couple?

Ironwood, lignum vitae,
snakewood, piratinera guianensis,

...or Blackwood, Dalbergia melanoxylon.



Yeah, I mean, I think I know someone.
But what the hell for?

It's for a... a project.

A secret art project.

OK, cool, cool.

All right, let me think. Urn...

Thank you, Adam.

The shell casing should be brass,
but the bullet has to be wood.

You just want one?

Just the one, yeah.

OK, cool.

Er... anything else weird or interesting
you might need?

There's a... a warehouse sale.

This guy's selling all these Sovtek amps,
Germanium resistors, er... Soviet tubes.

I thought I might go over there
and check it out.

- See if you...
- Nah, I'm good, thank you.


Can I use your bathroom
before I head out?

Er... I'm afraid it's still out of order.

- Still? I'm... I'm gonna get someone over...
- No, don't bother.

- It's really no bother...
- No!

Look, Ian... I'm gonna fix it myself.
I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Er... please feel free to piss
in the garden.





Madame Eve.

Shukran ahki.


Tell me, how is he, really?

My teacher is fragile.

But he has a strong spirit.

And he is in such good hands.

He is my family.

And I protect...

I protect his secrets.

And yours too.





Mistress mine.

There's only an hour before sunrise.

I'm well aware of that, my dear.

Is that the really good stuff?

Yes, Eve.

From the French doctor?


So, how is the fabulous
Christopher Marlowe tonight?

I've told you a thousand times,
never call me that name in public.


You nutcase.

I can keep a secret.
You should know that.

But I ask you, the most outrageously
delicious literary scandal in history.

Dear Eve, that was four centuries ago.

You've been wearing that waistcoat
for four centuries.

I was given this in 1586
and it's one of my favourite garments.

So, are you saying that we're never
gonna let the cat out of the bag?

Can't we drop the odd hint here and there?

It would cause such thrilling chaos.

I think the world has enough chaos... keep it going for the minute.


Oh, I see.

Jesus Christ!

You scared the shit out of me!

I've... sort of been expecting you recently
for some reason, Doctor...

Doctor Faust.

It's good to see you again too, Doctor...



You know, er...

...this whole set-up is a
bit unnerving for me.

Wouldn't you consider meeting somewhere
outside the hospital sometime...

...instead of just appearing unexpectedly
like a... phantom?

That would require pre-arrangement.

Yeah, and it would be safer for me.

I like to come to the source.

Besides, the mutual jeopardy
makes me feel safer.

And if you'll excuse me...

I don't have any spare time.


Well, then, let me get you
what you desire...

Doctor Strangelove.

Type O, negativo.


Er, by the way,
that stethoscope of yours..., for all practical purposes, an antique.

It's from the 1970s.

- Maybe even the '60s.
- Is it?


Cat gotta be from Cleveland.







Hey, darling.

- Hang on a second. I wanna see you.
- Oh, I wanna see you too.

What is that? Is that you scrabbling about with
all your wires and knobs, my old pack rat?

Yeah, one second, I just...

I just...


There you are.

Hello, sweetheart.


- What is it? You look tired.
- Do I?

- Mmm.
- Uh, I guess I am a little, yeah.

Any Supply problems?


So what is this, then?

Can't you tell your wife
what your problem is?

It's the zombies and...
the way they treat the world.

I just feel like all the sand's at the
bottom of the hourglass or something.

Time to turn it over, then.

Oh, my liege lord.

We've been here before.

And you missed all the real fun, like the
Middle Ages, the Tartars, the inquisitions.

The floods, the plagues.

Well, how about your music?

I seem to be writing a
lot of funeral music.

Oh, my darling,
why don't you just come here and kiss me?

You used to love Tangier.

You loved the music.

Oh, fuck.

All right. I'll come.

But I can't believe
you're doing this to me again.

It's just the travelling
that's such a drag.


I love you so much.

I'll take that for the journey.




Fucking hell.


♫ plays Niccolo' Paganini's: Caprice No.5 ♫

Yes, and is there a possibility
of a night flight from Tangier to Paris?

Yes, that would work.

And then flying the following night
from Paris to Detroit. Is that correct?


Name of Fibonacci.



Hey, man, I hope this isn't a bad time.

I wanted to come right away
cos I have that thing for you.

Wooden bullet, .38 calibre.

It's Cocobolo.

ADAM: Dalbergia Retusa.

- For your art project!
- Mm.

Guy made it for me, no questions asked.

He said the wood was so dense
that it sinks in water.

And I think they make
guitars out of it too.

Both are true, yeah.

It's perfect. Thank you, Ian.

No problem, man.

You know, for a zombie, you're all right.



Oh, no, man.

You already paid me so much the other time.
It's OK.

Ian, please.

You bought my car and everything.

Thank you, Adam.

Er... anything else you might need, man?
Anything you want me to get you?

There were some rock 'n' roll kids
here last night, ringing my doorbell.

- Really?
- Yeah.

How do they know where you live?
No one fucking lives out here.

I don't know, but it's not cool.
We talked about this.

I know. I know we did, man. It's not
cool at all. It's completely fucked-up.

How would they...?

All right, I know. Don't worry.

I'm gonna spread some rumours,
very cautiously,

...about where you might live
and I'll just throw 'em way off track.

Whatever you need to do, please do it.
Just take care of it.

- I'm on it.
- OK.

Look, I'll see you later.

I've got something I need to do.

You know...

I had a dream...

...about your infamous
little sister last night.

You had a dream about Ava?

What sort of a dream, Kit?



Oh, sorry, I...

Sorry, I drifted away for a minute.

- You were miles away.
- (CHUCKLES) Italy, actually.


A few hundred years ago.

Was he painfully good-looking?



Look, I know I don't have to say this
to you, but... please be cautious.

I couldn't bear it if... I couldn't
bear it if something happened to you.

Frankly, I don't understand
why you don't live in the same place...

...because you can't live without each other.

Anyway, give my regards to that...

...suicidally romantic scoundrel.

Do you really think he is?

A scoundrel?

Well, let's hope he's just romantic.

Even so, I mainly blame Shelley and Byron...

...and some of those French arseholes
he used to hang around with.

God, I wish that I had met him
before I wrote "Hamlet".

He would have provided
the most perfect role model imaginable.


"Love alters not
with his brief hours and weeks..."

"...but bears it out
even to the edge of doom."

"If this be error and upon me proved."

"I never writ, nor no man ever loved."




MAN: Ow, shit!

Oh, man.

What a mess!

Excuse me.

ATTENDANT: Ooh la la.
Let me get you something for that.

MAN: Thank you.

STEWARDESS: Ladies and gentlemen, we are
beginning our descent into Detroit Metro Airport.

We thank you for flying with us on Air
Lumiére and hope to see you again soon.

- I appreciate it.
- No problem.


Mephitis mephitis.

My lady.

May I?


I love what you've done with the place.

I love your newest music too.

It made me think of when you gave
that string quintet to Schubert.

- Remember?
- Mm.

And he presented it as his own.

Yeah, but I asked him to do that.

And I only gave him the Adagio.

Just to put something out there.

Is that why you released this new stuff?

I needed a reflection... see if it would echo back before...

Before what?

Oh, Adam.

You always have the convenience
of the zombies to blame when you get low.

What about all your heroes?

- I don't have heroes.
- No?

- What about your blessed scientists?
- The scientists?

Look at what they've done to them.

Pythagoras, slaughtered.

Galileo, imprisoned.

Copernicus, ridiculed.

Poor old Newton
pushed into secrecy and alchemy.

Tesla, destroyed.

His beautiful possibilities
completely ignored.

And they're still bitching
about Darwin. Still.

So much for the scientists.


And now they've succeeded in contaminating their
own fucking blood, never mind their water.

Yeah, well...

...if we're gonna have a litany
of all the zombie atrocities of history...

...we'll be here till the sun comes up.


The sun is coming up.

Shall I tell you again
about "spooky action at a distance"?

Einstein's theory of entanglement?

Mm, I love the way you tell it.

But not now.
We don't want to be up all day.

- Eve.
- Hmm?

Can you tell me how old this guitar is?

I think it's an L2, but I've never
been able to date it exactly.

EVE: Oh... she's a pretty one.

A Gibson...


She is old.

Yes, my darling, but you know your
dressing gown is at least a century older?

- Is it?
- Mm.


So this is your wilderness?


ADAM: Everybody left.

What's that?

That's the Packard plant...

...where they once built
the most beautiful cars in the world.


But this place will rise again.

Will it?

Yeah. There's water here.

And when the cities in
the south are burning...

...this place will bloom.

Do you wanna see
the Motown Museum?

Although it's not much to look at
from the outside.

I'm more of a Stax girl myself.

Actually, there is something
I could show you.

It's not far.


That's Jack White's house.

EVE: Oh, I love Jack White!

ADAM: That's where he grew up.
EVE: Oh! Little Jack White.


Do you know he's actually
his mother's seventh son?

That figures.

And this is the famous Michigan Theatre.

They built it back in the 1920s.

For a huge sum of money.

It's built ironically on the exact same site
as Henry Ford made his very first prototype.

They used to be able to seat
over 4,000 people in here.

EVE: It's fantastic.
For what? For concerts?

ADAM: Concerts and as a movie house.
Can you imagine?

Mirrors used to reflect the chandeliers.

And now, a car park.

There goes your queen, playboy.

By the way, your hero,
Christopher Marlowe, sends his love.

I don't have heroes.

And I know what you're doing.
You're trying to distract me.

Now, no more talking.

- Did you play chess with Byron?
- Eve, please.

No, I want to know.

You love telling me these things
and I love to hear them.

So, what was he like?

Frankly, he was a pompous arse.


Why am I not surprised?

And what about Mary?

What was Mary Wollstonecraft like?

Come on, tell me!
What was she like?

She was delicious.


I'll bet she was.

Oh, talking of delicious,
I have a surprise.

An experiment.

That doesn't work, by the way.

It does. I plugged it in.

- What is that?
- O negative.

That's delicious.

- Blood on a stick.
- On a stick.

That's not bad.

Very refreshing,
especially when you're in a hot spot.

Checkmate, my darling.

Eve, you're ruthless.
You're brutal.

I'm a survivor, baby.

It was all the bloody talking.

You gotta hear this one.

It's Charlie Feathers.

♫ Can't Hardly Stand It playing ♫

Do you know it?


"Can't Hardly Stand it".


♪ ...runnin' around ♪

♪ I can't hardly stand it, ♪
♪ you're troublin' me ♪

- (DISTORTED) ♪ I can't hardly... ♪


Oh, what a lovely place!

Vitis vinifera. Hello!

ADAM: Look at that!

Fucking zombie shit.

The grid.

It's so antiquated.
I mean, what century is this?

Tesla had light bulbs
you didn't even have to plug in in 1895.

- But it's not even connected.
- Yeah, I disconnected all that.


Oh! What a hidden treasure, my darling.

Did you make that?

Well, I cobbled it together
from bits and pieces.

It's beautiful. You're an alchemist.

- Now, I just need to check...
- Wow!

The charges and the connections.

Oh, this might need a recalibration.

Are these the antennae?


They're receiving electrical information
from the atmosphere.

From outer space.

They get converted into energy
by this dynamo here.

Hang on, let me just see this.

Amanita Muscaria.

How odd.

- Adam?
- Yeah?

Have you noticed these?


Fly agaric.

They're behaving rather strangely.

- You know, this is not their season.
- I know.

They kind of appear and then disappear
and then reappear, those caps.

I guess they're receiving information
from the atmosphere, like my antennae.

Just goes to show,
we don't know shit about fungi.

Even though life on this planet
couldn't exist without them.

You know, you guys
shouldn't really be here.

Not until the autumn.


What's going on, my love?
Are we playing doctors'?

I am. I have to go out
for about an hour or so.

- Am I not included?
- Not this time.

1968. Surely you could do with a newer one?

Have you ever used this on anyone?
Doctor... "Faust".


What is it, my darling?

I had a dream... about your sister.

Not a good one, then.

Well, I suppose it could have been worse.

But not by much.

- Back in a flash.
- Hope so.

Good luck with the surgery, Doctor.

June 23rd, 1868.

Our third wedding.

We look so young.


Dalbergia Retusa.

This has been newly made.

You're looking awfully pale there,
Doctor... Caligari.

Maybe you need to get a
little more sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency
can have serious consequences.


Fresh blood, baby.

What's this about?

Just tell me that you're having trouble with
one of the others. Please tell me that.

I don't see any others.



Don't ever fuck around like that.

Just playing a part in your story.

It's the zombies I'm sick of.

And their fear
of their own fucking imaginations.

My darling, that's true.


...just tell me
what's so not frightened about that?

How can you have lived for so long
and still not get it?

This self-obsession,'s a waste of living...

...that could be spent
on surviving things...

...appreciating nature,

...nurturing kindness and friendship...

...and dancing.

You've been pretty lucky in love, though...

...if I may say so.

♫ Denise LaSalle’s Trapped By A Thing Called Love playing ♫

♪ Somebody tell me, ♪
♪ what has this man got? ♪

♪ He makes me feel ♪
♪ what I don't wanna feel ♪

♪ Somebody tell me, ♪
♪ what has this man got? ♪

♪ He makes me give ♪
♪ what I don't wanna give ♪

♪ On solid ground ♪
♪ I feel myself sinking fast ♪

♪ I grab a hold, ♪
♪ but I don't think it's gonna last ♪

♪ I'm slowly losing my ground, ♪
♪ slowly sinking down ♪

♪ Trapped by this thing called love, ♪
♪ oh baby ♪

(CHORUS) ♪ Hooked on this thing called love ♪

(CHORUS) ♪ Hooked on this thing called love ♪

♪ Somebody tell me, ♪
♪ what has this man got? ♪

♪ He makes me cry, ♪
♪ Lord, I don't wanna cry ♪

♪ He calls me up ♪
♪ and I tell 'em to say that I'm not in ♪

♪ Then I cry all night ♪
♪ if he doesn't call again ♪

♪ I'm slowly losing my ground, ♪
♪ slowly sinking down ♪

♪ Trapped by this thing they call love, ♪
♪ oh baby ♪

♪ I'm trapped, I can't help myself ♪
(CHORUS) ♪ Hooked on this thing called love ♪

- ♪ I'm hooked on you, baby, I just can't let go. ♪
- (CHORUS) ♪ Hooked on this thing called love ♪

- ♪ I could never be happy loving no one else. ♪
- (CHORUS) ♪ Hooked on this thing called love ♪

- ♪ Oh baby, I love you ♪
- (CHORUS) ♪ Hooked on this thing called love ♪

♪ Ooh baby ♪

It's a full moon.

Did you know that there's a diamond
up there the size of a planet?

It's a white dwarf.
It's the compressed heart of a star.

And it's not only a radiant diamond...

...but it also emits
the music of a gigantic gong.

A diamond?

That emits the music of a gigantic gong?

Where is it?

It's just 50 light years away
in the constellation Centaurus.


I wonder what it sounds like.


I have to tell you something.

I also had a dream about my sister.

As did Marlowe before I left Tangier.

I think she's looking for us.


Well, I mean, it's been quite some time.

Yeah, not long enough.

Shouldn't she be sleeping
in a fucking coffin somewhere, anyway?

Preferably with a wooden stake shoved in.

- Adam, she is my sister.
- Is she now?

Well, we are related by blood.


I didn't leave these lights on.

That's your music.

EVE: Ava.

What the fuck are you doing here?

Oh my God, it's so great to see you!


You're still so beautiful.

May I?

My amazing sister, I've missed you.


- Did you get my message?
- I think I might have. I had a dream.

Oh, how cool. It worked!

There's your "spooky action at a distance".

Yeah, well, "spooky action" anyway.

AVA: What are you guys talking about?

You do know it's very bad luck
to cross a threshold without being invited.

Are you still afraid of garlic?

I'm not talking about myths here, Ava.

It's also bad luck to listen to someone's
private music without invitation.

Oh my God, I love it, Adam! It's totally
brilliant. Can I get a download?


So... you were just
passing through Detroit?

No, I mean, I came to see you!

I've been living in LA.


Zombie central.

Are you alone?


I'm here with you guys!


Oh, fuck!

- Well, you can't stay here.
- Adam!

- No fucking way, not after last time.
- Oh, Adam, it's been 87 years.

What? When?

Are you still upset
about that Paris thing?

- Well, are you OK?
- Yeah, but I'm...

I'm really, really, really hungry.

Do you maybe have something?

Could you smell it
all the way from LA?

Come on.


What? I just want to see
where you keep it.


It is so amazing to see you!

We're gonna have so much fun together.

She drank a hell of a lot
of our O negative.

I know.

But she's been travelling,
and that fries you, you know?

It'll be all right.

It's always a bit weird with family.

- Where's she sleeping, though?
- I put her in that little bedroom downstairs.

- Which little bedroom?
- You know, the little one down the corridor.

I'm gonna have to put my tapes
in the bloody safe now.

Don't worry. Go to sleep now.

She's out cold
and it's getting light out.

You can do all that
when we get up tonight.

Just think of that magical musical diamond
in the sky above us now.



AVA: Eve? Adam?

EVE: What is it, Ava?
AVA: Can I come in?


Isn't it time to get up?

Darling, can't we sleep a little longer?

But it's dark out already.
I'm starving.

Go away, we're still sleeping.

In a little while we'll all get up
and have breakfast together, all right?

- Some more of that good stuff?
- Sure.

Where do you keep it?

You go and get dressed
and we'll bring you some, all right?


- Peek-a-boo!
- Oh, no.

I see you!


♫ Hot Blood's Soul Dracula playing ♫

♪ Come in, little girl ♪

♪ Let me do it ♪

♪ Soul Dracula, hahahahaha ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh... ♪

ADAM: What the hell is this?

EVE: Oh, this is from
French television, 1975.


- Hey!
- You're pushing your luck, Ava.

Why did you turn it off? I love that!
I found it on YouTube.

Of course you did.

Hmm... I don't feel well.

What is it, sweetheart?
You think it's all the travelling?


It's probably blood poisoning.

- Don't joke, Adam.
- I'm not.

Are you taking care of your nutrition?

You have to be very careful.
There's a lot of contamination around.

I'll try.

Hey, you guys fed without me!

ADAM: Take it easy. Shit!

My God, that is good!
I want more.

No, you've had more than enough.

This is pure shit.

You're gonna drain our whole
fucking supply, so take it easy.


Then, I want to hear some of your music.

No. I told you, it's private.

Oh, yeah?
Well, how come I heard it in LA, then?

What do you mean, you heard it in LA?
Where did you hear it?

In, like, an underground music club.

Oh, I don't believe you.

So don't.

How did you know it was mine, then?

Oh, come on, I could tell immediately.

I might have been born at night
but I wasn't born last night.

Fine. Then I'm gonna go out.
I wanna hear some music.

Good idea. Go out.

Oh, but I wanna go with you two.


You're so fucking boring!

Bet he never takes you out ever, right?

Well, no, we do go for a drive
from time to time.

Oh, a drive? Well, that's exciting!

I mean, go somewhere
where there's music.

Don't you wanna go, Eve?

Well, I wouldn't mind.

We are in Detroit.

- Yeah!
- No!

- Adam's gonna take us out!
- No!

Adam is not going to take you out.

♫ White Hills performing Under Skin Or By Name ♫

AVA: Whoo-whoo!
IAN: Yeah!

- Man, they are awesome! They're so good.
- They were great!

You all have such awesome gloves, man.

Where, er... where do you get 'em?

- Hey, Ian. How's it going?
- Scott, how are you? Nice to see you.

- I haven't seen you in a while.
- It was the Danny & The Darlenes gig.

I think so, yeah.

I got something for you.
I'll be right back.

- That was great, huh?
- Oh, it was so good, yeah.

- You remember that 12-inch I was telling you about?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Let me go grab it.
- OK, cool.

- Check it out, man.
- Whoa!

- Triple black, man.
- That's great.

- Yeah.
- 180 gram vinyl?

- 180 gram, man.
- Amazing.

- Yeah, no printing anywhere.
- Man, that's awesome.

So mysterious.

Thanks, man.

IAN: Nice meeting you.

Wow, man!
This is... this is so great, you know?

Like, I couldn't get this guy to just come
out and see some live music, you know?

- Did you like it, Adam?
- Yes.

- Adam, you wanna meet White Hills, man?
- No.

Cool, man. I'm reading you.


Oh, I'm so sorry. That's so rude of me.

Can I get you a beer or anything, Eve?
Something to drink?

I'm Ava, she's Eve.

I'm so sorry.
Eve, can I get you something, a beer?

- No, thank you, nothing.
- Oh, Ava?

Oh, very nice, you brought your own.
What is that? Jégermeister?

- Where did you get that?
- I filled it at home before we left.

"At home"? You mean at my house?

Yeah, want some?

- No.
- I'll have some.

Do you think I can get in on that?

- Sure, Ian.
- Cool.

Whoa, man!

That was like
some martial-arts type shit, man.

This guy is just amazing, man, you know?

- He's brilliant.
- He is brilliant.

Do you know I can't tell anyone about him?
How weird is that?

Like, I had to sign
a confidentiality agreement and everything.


That's your music.

Are you gonna dance with me, rock star?

- What? Now?
- Yeah.

- Eve, we've got to go, right now.
- All right. Just cool it, OK?

Don't draw attention to yourself.
Just go easy.

- Ava.
- Hmm?


Adam, do you think we could hear
some of your new stuff?

Now is not a good time.

Seems like a great time.
We're all here, you know?

Yeah, I got you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm just getting excited.

Me too.


Adam? Could I have that flask back, please?

No, Ava. No more tonight.

I'm just really thirsty.

I think we should all just go to bed.
I mean, it's getting light out.

I think it's time to retire.

Well, do you wanna share some of this?

ADAM: Ian.

I think... I think it's time for you to go.


He's gonna go
as soon as he's finished his little beer.

Yeah, I should... I should get going.

Yeah, he's gonna go in just a second.

I think that's an excellent idea.
Good night, baby.

Good night, Ian. Very nice to meet you.
I hope to see you again.

Yeah, I sure hope so.

You're leaving soon, right?

Yeah, no, I'm... I'm going, man.

Yeah, it's...

I'm gonna... I'm gonna get outta here.



(WHISPERS) Peek-a-boo... I see you.


Don't even dare say it.


- Is it dark outside?
- Yeah.

What are you doing with this?

I've filled a little something for Ava.

Oh, fuck.

I'm gonna go and check on her.

But, you're right, darling.
She's gotta go.

- I need you all to myself again.
- Mm.

Good idea.

Before it's too late.

Mm... well, I guess I'm getting up then.





- Eve!
- This is the bloody 21st century!

Oh, I didn't mean to.
He was just so cute and now I feel sick.

What do you expect?
He's from the fucking music industry!

Oh, just back off!


You drank Ian.

- Adam...
- You drank... Ian.


We can sort this. Ava is leaving.

Just get off me, Eve!

How many times?

I don't mean to. Ow! Let go!

- What the fuck? That's my stuff!
- Get the fuck out of my house.

- Where am I supposed to go?
- Go back and rot in fucking LA.

You know what you guys are?
You're condescending snobs!

You've no fucking idea.

Fuck you!

Go fuck each other!

Oh, my love.

He seemed like such a lovely fellow.

Why couldn't she just have turned him?

- Can anybody link you two?
- Are you joking?

We were all out together last night.

So much for that confidentiality agreement.

- Where's his car?
- He left it down by the club, remember?

Yeah, well, it'll be gone in a day or two.

Look what she did to my Gibson.

The 1905.


How beautifully made it is inside.



Have you got a bit of old carpet?

Behind the sofa.

Shall we?


EVE: Hang on. Hang on. Let's do it.
ADAM: OK. You got it?

EVE: Yeah.

EVE: No, no, his feet first.
ADAM: Feet first. Put the feet in first.

EVE: Just bend the knees.
ADAM: Yep.

EVE: Careful with his head.
ADAM: Ooh!




What are we gonna do with him?

I mean, it's not like in the old days
when we could just chuck them in the Thames...

...alongside all the other
tubercular floaters.

Any other ideas?


Canis lafrans. How lovely.

- I think they're clocking you.
- Yeah.

They're all over Detroit.

Come on, Eve.

Don't even ask.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

That certainly was visual.


Hello? Good evening.
I would like to book two flights.

From Detroit to Tangier,
travelling at night.


EVE: Who is it?

ADAM: Some rock 'n' roll zombie kids.
They're onto me.

Yes, well, be grateful it's not the police.

Yes, I'm still here.

Thank you, yes.

Two tickets, first class,
leaving and arriving at night, please.

Yes, I'm sorry, I know it's complicated.

Connecting through London?

No, no, I'm sorry. London's no good.

Yeah. Is there another connection?


Madrid's fine.

Yes, two travellers, er... no luggage.

What about all my instruments?

My darling, the world is full
of beautiful instruments.

I'm gonna find you
a magical instrument in Tangier.

Yes, just carry on.

Can we carry on blood?

Kit has the best stuff,
as soon as we arrive.

Yes, credit card.
Which would you like?

Yes, er... the names of Stephen Dedalus
and... Daisy Buchanan.

Chet Atkins.

Dates of birth?


Do you need something?

Monsieur, Madame.


I have something very special for you.

Not far to go now.

Come on.


Shit, Marlowe, where are you?




What was that for?

Come on.

Where are we?

Did you find Marlowe?

No, but we've gotta go find him.
You've gotta get up. Come on.

If I can even fucking walk.

I have something very special for you.
I have what you need.

Not what I need.

Oh, fuck! Kit!

- Bilal.
- Madame Eve.


- Monsieur Adam.
- Bilal.

Come in, come in, please.
Come in.

Madame Eve, my teacher is not well.

This is a very, very bad situation.

Very bad.

You... you look not good.

Please... please.

This way.

MARLOWE: Well, well.

Look what the cat dragged in.

You look like shit.

My old darling.

Oh, yeah.

What a piece of work is a man!

What is this quintessence of dust?

What happened, Kit?

This is the very last of the good stuff.

No more good French doctor.

I got some bad stuff.


Avoid the hospital here.

You've still been scratching
away, though, Kit.

Well, you know,
here and there over the centuries.


Bilal... an excellent writer
in his own right, you know?

Maybe not yet.

Humility... gets you nowhere.

There's the proof of that.

Illiterate zombie philistine!

The game paid off, though, Kit.

You still got the work out there.

Never had much choice.

It was all... so political.

Anyway, I was supposed to be... dead.

And now... at last...

I shall be.


Oh, Eve.

Oh, look at that shit.

BOTH: What are we gonna do?

Well, I know what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna get you that present.

Give me all your money, baby.

Come on.

Now... you're going to stay here, OK?

And I'm gonna go around the corner,
just for a minute.

And no funny business.





Eve, this bird is fantastic.

Yasmine. She's Lebanese.

I'm sure she'll be very famous.

God, I hope not.

She's way too good for that.

Come on, baby.

Look at the bowl.

Dalbergia Retusa.

It's beautiful.

Thank you.

82 percent of human blood is water.

Have the water wars started yet?
Or is it still about the oil?

Yes, they're just starting now.

They only figure it out when it's too late.

How much of the human body is water?

55 to 60 percent.

And how much of the Earth's surface?

Well, 70 percent is ocean and...

...then there are lakes... and the rivers.



I'm barely still here.

We're finished, aren't we?


Tell me now about entanglement,

Einstein's "spooky action at a distance".

Is it related to quantum theory?


No, I mean...'s not a theory, it's proven.

How does it go again?

When you separate
an entwined particle...

...and you move both parts
away from the other,

...even at opposite ends of the universe...

...if you alter or affect one...

...the other will be
identically altered or affected.


Even at opposite ends of the universe?


Is that what we're thinking?

Adam, really!
So fucking 15th century.

EVE: They are deliciously beautiful,
though, aren't they?

ADAM: What choice do we have, really?

We're just gonna turn them, though, right?

How romantic of you.

I get the girl, though.

Excusez moi.