One More Shot (2021) - full transcript

After his wife's death professional bodyguard Lung Wei went overseas to find doctors for his daughter, but instead found a new job as a virtual reality tester.

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the black rock
science and technology laboratory.

The security of the world's science
and technology conference

remains our top priority since
the conference is right around the corner.

We have developed a mechanical exoskeleton,

code named,


The operator will be able to
generate 2700 pounds of punching power.

And easily make a 30 meters height
leap when wearing the exoskeleton suit.

In the face of sudden danger,

power can make rapid
responses and avoiding any attacks,

while its high-strength
synthetic fibered shell.

Provides the total
protection for its operator.

To say that power integrates today's most
cutting edged and advanced technologies,

is not an exaggeration
but an understatement.

It is a machine that combines
speed, agility, strength and endurance.

Thank you.

That's incredible.

I am glad to announce that power is ready.

It has passed all the control tests.

And in three month,
at the science and technology summit.

It will be revealed to the entire world.

Boss, we will need to
ensure the loyalties of the operators.


I am a little bit worry about

the operators.

What if they...

You don't have to worry about that.

We have the most
advanced vr system in the world,

which can help us
screen out the best operators.

Well, congratulations, doctor Cohen!

Ok, power's core data, has been
securely stored in the central system.

It's still hard for me to figure out

how so much power can
reside in such tiny device.


Are you all right?

Power is a double-edged sword.

Any mistake is not tolerated.

I think we won't have any problems

because we have the
best doctor in the world.

You have been working so hard recently,

I want you to take your
team for a good time.

It's my treat.

Well in fact, I prefer to work.

Recently, Anthony the
president of the kb corporation

has received bullets
in three consecutive mails.

As kb corporation recently
launched the "omega" new energy plan,

which has a huge impact
on the crude oil market.

Insiders have revealed
that as the president.

Anthony might be
retaliated for the company's action.

Anthony said the intention of
"omega" plan, is to benefit mankinds

- hurry up get ready.
- And will not be compromised.

The round table conference of Asia pacific
business, will be held today as it plans.

But Anthony will be there
or not? It's still unknown.

God, why did they chose
such a picture of me?

Can't believe it.


Boss, are you ready?

We are ready when you are ready, captain.

Let's go!

Captain, I heard next week
is your daughter's birthday.

It is for her.

Thanks, my friend.

Never mind.

It's nothing, it's not important.

Is it working now?

Thanks, captain.

This will never happen again, I promise.



Are you ok?

Back up! Everybody back up!


Keep move!


Back up! Back up!

Wangyu! Wangyu!


you guys keep on moving,

I will meet up with you later.


- Go now!
- He is here!

Hang in there, wangyu!

Go now!





Don't go inside!

Don't go that way.

It's dangerous!




Don't worry about me!


I will kill your family!


Follow me! Go!




- Please, I am afraid of heights.
- Great.

Hurry up! Let's go!

Be careful!


Hurry up!

Let's go!

Keep going! Keep going!


Help! Captain!

Hold on!



At least let me die with a hot girl!

Heavy firing! Hit them down!

Suppressing fire!


Oh shit!

Are you ok?

I'm still breathing.

I am a bird in the forest,

living on a beautiful hillside.

- Watching the sunset and sunrise.
- Fangfang.

Why fangfang and mommy are smiling,

but daddy is not?

Because it has been
long since daddy last smiled.

If daddy smiles,

can you also draw me a smiling face too?

You will have to laugh
like this. Ha, ha, ha.

Can you laugh like this?

Of course

ha, ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha.

Ha, ha, ha.

Daddy! Daddy!

Are you ok, daddy?

Daddy is fine.

What are you two doing?
What's making you guys so happy?

- Look mommy, daddy is smiling.
- Daddy is smiling.

Go sweaty. You go play
over there for a moment.

We will have the cake soon.

Cake! Yeah!

- We will have the cake soon.
- Are you all right?

I am fine.

Gao sir just called.

He said the retirement is all set and done.

I am thinking,

we can go visit Japan.

Go see mountain fujiyama.

You have been talking about it
several times before. But we never went.

This is a good opportunity
for you to go and relax.

Wang yu's funeral hasn't been held yet,

I can't leave now.

I am just worrying about you

that you are being too hard on yourself.

Let's not talk about this for now,

I need some time by
myself to think about it.

Mommy, the cake is here.

I am coming.

This is your cake.

Thank you.

Mommy, what's wrong?


Calm down.

- Mommy.
- Don't come here!


Calm down.

There will be a way.

It is too late.



- Mommy, mommy!
- Kexin!

- Mommy, mommy!
- Kexin!

- Mommy!
- You guys go now hurry!

Mommy, mommy!


- Go away!
- Mommy,

mommy open the door! Mommy!

- Fangfang go away!
- Mommy!

Mommy, open the door mommy!


Hot dog! Delicious!

Come here!

Take a look!

I am back.

Come let's eat.


You must be hungry.


Fangfang eat first.

Today, daddy found a new school for you.

I did all the research.

Everybody there at this new school

are extreme friendly.

Daddy promises you,

there will not be bullying this time.



Doctor lin.

Mr long,

the results of fangfang's
last test are not very optimistic.

The blood clot inside her brain
hasn't been completely absorbed.

It could happen at any given moment.

I recommend an immediate operation.

Mr long, are you still there?

Yes I understand.

I will get the money for the
operation ready as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.



I'm going to the bathroom.

Things are getting worse this year.

I had to consult a divorce lawyer

that was my last resort.

But the inscription fee
is 400 dollars per hour

way beyond my pay grade.

I can't afford that.

She is smoking hot.

I'll be right back.

Good luck.

Is it fixed?


It was the circuit board,
I replaced it with a new one.

It is all good now.

How's everything with
fangfang's transfer to the new school?

We got the approval from the president,


fangfang's test results
are back and they are not good.

I am afraid that the
school thing will have to wait.

Here is the money for
the past couple of jobs.

Thank you uncle liao.

Uncle liao, this is too much!

This is for fangfang.


What are you doing here?

Help! Help!

- Shut up!
- Don't touch me.


Help! Help!


Help! Help!

Looking for trouble?

Are you ok?

- Thank you.
- Get up.

- Damn!
- Be careful!

Help me! Help me!

I am not looking for any troubles.



- Amy.
- What's happened?

Oh, my god.

Are you hurt?

- Are you ok?
- I'm ok.


And then,

it hits the little bear with a bang.

Have some water.


By the way, how did you find it here?

It was uncle liao who gave me your address.

I didn't get the chance
to thank you for last time.

Don't mention it.

Actually, I want to thank you

for bring fangfang so many presents.

She hasn't been this happy in a long time.

Thank you so much.

Don't mention it.

Mr long, with your talents and skills.


Why do I do repair job?

What else can I do?

It's too late for me to start fresh.

If you want to mr long,

you can come working for our company.


We are recruiting security personnels.

I think you are perfect for the position.

Thank you, but no thanks.

If it was ten years ago,

I would consider.


Don't worry you can think about it.

If you are up to it, just
give me a phone call.

Oh, ok.

Well it's getting late.

I still have work to do.

Oh! Ok.

I will get going.

I will talk to you next time.



- Fangfang!
- Fangfang!

- Fangfang!
- Fangfang!


Fangfang. Wake up.

You are scaring daddy.

Wake up.

Call the ambulance now.

It will take too long,
there's not enough time.

Is there adrenaline shots?

Is there adrenaline shots?


Longwei. Longwei.

Adrenaline shots.

Yes. Yes.

There is. Here.

Hurry now!



Fangfang, fangfang.





She's waking up.


Fangfang, daddy is here.

Thank you.

Brother tang.

Brother tang.

Brother tang.

Can you count me in for
that job at the dock tonight?

How's your body holding up?

Don't risk your health for
the sake of making money

to pay for your daughter's
medical expenses.

Don't worry I am all good.

Hello, hello.

Hello, hold on!


May I talk to long feng's parents?

Yes, I am.

This is the central hospital.

I am putting the money together

to pay for the treatment.

All I am asking is just
a couple of more days!

The record shows that the fee
has already been paid earlier today.


I hate you.

What is that?

Get up.

What do you have there being so sneaky?

This is for you.

Did you hurt your hand

for making it?

Dose it hurt?

It doesn't matter.

It will keep you safe is what matters.

When did you become so superstitious?

I am telling you it works.

Plus I made it myself.

It will protect you.

Thank you honey.

You are such a caring person.

I have decided,

I will quit my job tonight.

Tomorrow we will fly to Japan.

Go see mountain fujiyama.

How about that?

- Really?
- Yes.

For you.

Stop it.

I just want you

to do what you think is right.

My only request is

you come back safely.


Open it see if you like it.

See, the three beads

represent you, me and fangfang.

Jennifer, what's in the mail?

The information of all
interviewers has already been sent.

I think this point is very important.

We need to focus,

you know it is,

I'll meet you in the lab.

How's fangfang doing?

The operation is all set.

I don't know how to thank you,

for paying for her surgery.

Don't worry about it,
I just wish to help fangfang.

Actually the reason I went to you last time

is that our company has
developed this defensive arm our.

You will be able to become
the operator for the arm our,

once you pass the our test.

There's something I
want to tell you before.

I have PTSD

due to my previous work

and I am still on medication.

I already knew your condition,
even before I went to see you last time.

Then why did you choose me?

I think when facing a problem,

the best solution is

not avoiding but facing it.

Relax. Don't be stressed out.


Once you pass the next vr test,

you can join us.

Any questions?

Let's rock and roll.

I would like to remind your guys

that you tasks

are randomly assigned

and the testing system is too real.

I hope you guys get
prepared for any emergency.

Everyone, good luck!

The experiment will start in five seconds.






It's here.

- No.
- Longwei.


Help me.


No. No.




What's wrong?

Are you ok?

What happened? Are you ok?

Leave me alone!

I quit.

I quit.

Are you ok?

You think it is funny?


Open the door! Open the door!

Ok, ok, wait please.

Permission is needed.

Miss Amy, please come to the testing room.

Participant is asking permission to leave.

Open the door!

Miss Amy, please come to.

Stay inside!


You hurt?

Who are you?

Freeze or I will bust a
cap in your ass, you nerds.

Get down. Get down.

Come on Steven. Don't be so rude.

Let me help you.

Dr. Cohen.

I've heard a lot about you.

What's you motive to be here?

We are here for the core data of "power".

As long as you are willing to hand it over,

it will no dead game.

Power was created for peace.

I will not let it fall into
the hands of the terrorists.

Do you want to try?

You want to try how to shoot?


What do you think?

Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

You can have it!

Stop it!

Are you sure?

Yes, yes. I promise.

The password is dynamic,

I will need ten minutes to retrieve it.

Very good.

Very good doctor.

By the way.

You are good at shooting.

He is better than me.

Hey! Don't move.

Raise your hands slowly.

What's going on?

Who the hell fired?

Someone's got away,

but he has been taking cared of.







It's seems like you are
the one who broke our deals.

There is no reason to respect
an agreement with terrorists.

Even if I had...

Mr. Cohen.

Keep silence! Please.

Dr. Cohen is a hero

and I admire him very much.

Destruction process has already started

we can not stop it.

You know what to do.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Come here.

- I can stop it...
- Shut up!


What happen?

Check it out.

Someone triggered the alarm in area d9.

I don't want anyone out of here alive.

- Understand?
- Copy that.

Let's go!

I can stop the destruction process.

I can stop it.

I can stop it.

I can...

A Chinese.

I am Dr. Cohen's assistant.

I can help you to stop
the destruction process.

But you have to promise,
nobody will get hurt.


What are you waiting for?

This way.

Stay alert, he is close.

God damn I can't see shit.

Show your face! We know you are here.

I am going to kill you myself!

David what's up with you over there?

Where are you?

David, anything over there?

He got away.

Shit luck bastard. God damn it.

Did you find anyone over there?

Answer me!

Don't you dare to trick me.

All of their lives are in your hands.



We got a man down and
some one is wearing our uniform.

It seems like our new friend is
playing hide and seek with us here.

Hey! Mr. New friend.

I know you can hear me.

Base on your behaviour,

I won't let you get away.

Welcome to the game.

Hey! You.

Where do you think you are going?

And you lost your tongue?


Take off your mask.

Take off your mask!


Steven can you hear me?

You don't have much time left.

You've got what you want.

Let us go now.

You liar.

Come on.

Liar, you liar.


Seems like I am just on
time for the grand finale.

Finally you showed up.

It is not easy to track you down.

You have got what you wanted. Let them go.

Are you negotiating with me now?

Do you even have any chips on the table?



Is that a chip?

You son of a bitch!


What do you want?

Exchange hostages and let them go.


I will release them,

as long as you promise to
bring Steven back to me alive.

You will lose.


Who cares.

Release them all.

What if I said "no"?

Then I will kill him.

Don't you hurt him.

I will do it myself.

You are pretty good.

Take everyone and go!

Hurry up and go!

Go! Go!

Everybody! Go!


Go go!






Let me go!

Let me go!


Let her go!

Toss your gun!

Let her go!

- Leave me, go!
- Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up!

Stop it!

Don't yo want to save her so bad?

Go now!

Go, leave me, go.

Go now!

Go now!




Go you guys!


That's all you got.

My only request is

you come back safely.

You lose.

Take care of fangfang!

Blood pressure, normal.

Pulse, normal!

Breathing is steady.

He's waking up.

I was worried about him.

You did a great job.

Nicely done.


Congratulations on becoming our operator.

- Take blood pressure in two hours.
- Ok.

How do you feel?

Better now?



I miss you so much.

Daddy misses you too.

Does it still hurt?

You are so great.

It's worst than we thought.

Looks like we will need
to start the x power.