Oliver's Story (1978) - full transcript

In this sequel to Love Story (1970), grieving Oliver is being pressured by his in-laws to move on and take part in the family business. He meets a pretty heiress and they start dating, but memories of Jennie come rushing back.

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Sprinkle me, O Lord,
with hyssop,

and I shall be purified.

Wash me and I shall
be whiter than snow.

O God, most kind,
father of mercies,

the God of all consolation,

it is your will
that no one who believes

and hopes in you
should perish.

In your boundless mercy,

look with kindness
on your servant, Jennifer,

and true faith
and Christian hope
commend her to you.

Come to her
in your saving power

and because
of your compassion

and the death
of your only son,

be pleased
to grant her remission

and pardon all her sins
that she has committed.

O God, most kind,

the father of mercies
and the God
of all consolation,

it is your will
that no one
who believes

and hopes in you
should perish.

In your boundless mercy,
look with kindness
on your servant, Jennifer,

for true faith
and Christian hope
commend her to you.

We commend our sister,
Jennifer Barrett,
to you, Lord.

Now that she has
passed from this life,

may she live on
in your presence
and mercy and love.

Lord Jesus, you alone are
holy and compassionate,

and cleansed from every stain
by the blood of your son,

may enter
into life everlasting

through Christ, our Lord.

Lord, give her life, joy
and peace in heaven,

where you live forever
and ever, amen.

Thank you, Father.


It might be good
for you to come home
for a few days.

Take off from work.

Your room is
always ready.

I have to be at the office
tomorrow, Mother.

Go back to the car.

Go sit in the car and rest.

Well, please call
if you need anything.

I will, thank you.

For coming,
thank you both.


She's not
in there, Oliver.

She's somewhere else.

I wish I could
believe that.

Don't they lower
a casket anymore
at a funeral?

I don't know.
I guess they wait
until everybody leaves.

Well, I'm gonna stay.

Come on, Oliver,

it may be hours before
they get around to that.

It's freezing out here!

I want to see it.

I'll stay with you.

No, Phil.

This is my time
with her. Please.

please, the next bus
to Kennedy Airport

will be leaving
from gate number seven.


I'm sorry I'm late.

Hey, kiddo, it's our
night on the town.
Why the books?

I'm working
on a new case.

I've been at
the law library
all afternoon.

I'll drop these off
and you can see
my new apartment,

then we'll go have
something to eat.

As long as you've
got a little milk
and crackers.

My ulcer needs feeding.


That's it.

It's about
a 20-minute walk
to the office.

It's the only exercise
I've been getting lately.

Well, anything
that gets you
from here to there.

This is how successful
young lawyers live?

Well, my needs
are simple.

Yeah, they must be.

What happened here?

Oh, one of my projects
I never completed.

I was going to
knock this wall down
when I first moved in.

What the hell are
all these books
around everywhere?

Phil, I'm a lawyer.
I gotta read.

You've also gotta
live, kiddo.

Well, tell me, uh...

What do you do
for kicks?

Well, I was working
on a case today

I thought was
pretty exciting,

one of those landlords
trying to pull the rug out
from under his tenants.

I'm glad you're savin'
the world, Oliver.

What about yourself?

It's been two years.

I'm telling you,
it's time to get out
and meet people.

Eighteen months.


It's been 18 months,
not two years.

Well, yeah.

Well, I...
I meant approximately.

I tell you this,

if we don't get
to a restaurant
in ten minutes,

there'll be no more
dates with me.

I don't see anything!
I'll prove to you
that I am the greatest...

She doesn't believe
I'm an expert
at making cookies.

Oh, yes,
this is the mad baker

from Cranston,
Rhode Island.

Hey, that's really neat!
What else are you into?

Sweet rolls, cupcakes,
hot cross buns.

With all this
bakery stuff,
are you rich?

Well, let's say
I'm a man of means.

Now I'm not as cultured
as my son-in-law here.

You're his father-in-law?

Hey, wow...
I mean, I think
that's kinda neat,

you two goin' out
on the town together.

I mean, that's
really something!

But, uh,
tell me something.

Where did you stash
your wives tonight?

Okay, okay,
it's my mistake.

I won't try this again.
No more singles' bars,

no more double dates
with your father-in-law.

I just want you
to know

that you don't
have to feel bad
about it, you know?

Don't worry about
Jenny or me or
anybody else.

You gotta plug
into life again!

This kind of life?

Let me tell you somethin'
straight, Oliver,
even if it hurts.

If it had been you
instead of Jenny,

well, she wasn't the kind

to go off to
a nunnery, you know.

Take a guy off
the ice rink,

put him in a sauna,
what happens to him?

He's in a fog.
He doesn't remember
his old roommate.

How you been, Barrett?
Simpson, how are you?

I'm fine, thank you,

except about
20 pounds I don't
know what to do with.

Ah, married life.

To Gwen, remember?

You know, I have
so much on my
mind these days.

I got six cases coming
to a head at once.

You're a regular
workaholic, huh?

Well, I like my work.
Is that what you mean?

No, I mean that you're
a saint and a martyr

and should be canonized
by the Supreme Court.

How about lunch?
I wish I could,

but I've got somethin'
at the office.

Steve, it's a
very busy time
for me right now.

The old peanut butter kid
rides again.

Look, uh, I'm glad
I ran into you,

because Gwen and I
have been meaning
to ask you to dinner.


Because you're so
much fun, Oliver.

Now come on,
8:00 Friday, all right?

I'm sorry, I'm busy.

Friday, 8:00.

No more excuses.
Phone and address
is in the book.

Steve, I... I can't!

you look great!

Have you lost weight?
I wish Steve could!

Maybe a couple of pounds.

My cooking leaves
a lot to be desired.

Just take it easy
on the appetizers,

Gwen has
prepared a feast!

That must be the
rest of our party.

You didn't tell me
this was gonna be
a big group thing.

No, no, no.
No group. It's just
a single guest.

You mean a guest
who is single, right?

she is, but...

But you didn't want
to scare me off.

I'm sorry
I'm so late!

Oliver, she's very nice.

Ah, Gwen, I know
you both mean well.

And she fixed,
uh, some scones.



This is Joanna Stone.
This is my ex-roommate,
Oliver Barrett.

How do you do?
How do you do?

Joanna designs furniture.

She does incredible things
with almost nothing.

Have they asked
you to become
a partner already?

I wouldn't be a bit surprised.
Have they asked him
to become a partner?

If he wins any more cases,
they're gonna ask him
to run the joint!

Will you stop it?
I'm sure of it!

He's gonna
be the president
of the whole darn thing!

I'll tell you something
about him. We were talkin'
about when we went to school.

I was thinkin' about
this the other day,

This man, not in the top
10% of his class, right?

Not the top 5%.

The top 1%
of his class at Harvard.

Right sitting across
the table.

First in what,
25 years, to get those...

Hockey, let me
tell you 'bout this!

I was playing hockey.
We went out there.

Nobody could beat him!

One time,
we were playing against
Dartmouth, right?

A guy that
looks like him
could take on

the entire Dartmouth
hockey team!

Here's little Joanna
standing there.
Everybody's quiet, right?

She looks up
at the guy,
and she says...

Everybody, dig in.
"I'm proud of my work.
How 'bout you?"

She's incredible.
She is fantastic.

You wouldn't know
to look at this
little pretty face.

She works a drill,
a handsaw, right?

An electric saw,
a handsaw?

She went
to school with honors.

She knows all
about architecture.

Fantastic, I mean,
the shapes. You know, I think
she has a whole concept.

Now correct me
if I'm wrong.

I'll tell you something
right now. If...

Joanna creates space.
She does not make furniture.

- We go for spaces.
- Right.

Joanna designs spaces

out of materials that
you would never expect,
right, Joanna?

Yeah, tape, cord, wood.

Wood, okay, wood and...
It's spaces.

I'm sure this is
very boring for you.

I'm so sorry!


Well, I had no idea
they didn't warn you.

I was given
such a briefing

that all I could
think about was
what not to say.

I guess everyone
you know must be
trying to fix you up.

No, it's not
that bad.

Oh, come on.

A bachelor in New York
who isn't a creep?

Oh, I can be
quite a creep
when I want to be.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I think
I just had too many
refills of the wine.

Yeah, I had
too much, too.

Well, he didn't
let us get a word
in edgewise.

What else was there
to do but drink?

Um, well, thank you
for seeing me home.

Would like a cup
of coffee before you
start across town again?

Oh, that's all right.
I'm fine.

It would be very nice
to see you again, and...

Do you have
any decaffeinated?

You mean, everything
in this apartment is
of your own design?

Almost. Except for
the old stove,
of course,

and one or two
odds and ends.

It must be great
living in an

that you've created
entirely by yourself.

Oh, well, there's more
to environment than
just furniture.

And is...is this
where it all begins?

No, it usually begins
in the bath,

or when I'm buying

I have to rush
back here and get it
all down on paper.

I had a year
of mechanical drawing
in high school,

but I always had
trouble keeping
a T square square.

Ah. Yeah,
I had to learn.

I used to all my drawings
on the backs of envelopes,

But no one would take
it seriously until it looked
like a professional drawing.

And you really make
these things yourself?

Oh, yes,
that's the best part!

I love the actual work!

Um, this is my latest,
over here.

I called it an air chair.

May I try it?
Yeah, please do.


Very nice.
Very comfortable.

My idea was to put all that
inside something that had
a bit more natural texture,

so I used the canvas.

What is that?

Oh, that's very simple.
Most of the stuff is made
for people that travel a lot.

You know, they don't want
the hassle of heavy furniture
when they move.

It's exactly what I need
for my overflow of books.

Are any...could I
buy this anywhere?

Yes, yes, that's one
of the few designs

I've had accepted

Can I send you
a brochure?

You have some
lovely things here.

I hope you don't think
I asked you up here
just to sell you things.

Oh, no.

So that's, uh...

What was it, Jamaican?

No, it's half-mocha,
but it is decaffeinated.

I mean, you won't
be up all night.

Oh, that's good.
I need some sleep.

Yes, yes,
so do I. Work.


I'd better let you
get your rest.

It was, uh,

the coffee,
was very nice.

Um, thank you
for the evening.

Thank you.

Oh, it would be nice
to see you again,

you know, when
we have more time
and we're relaxed.


I'll call you.

Thank you, Joanna.


I don't know.

I'm really not sure
why I'm here.

In these situations,
part of me says,

"Go on, there she is.

"She seems to like you.
You like her.
Take a chance."

Then another part says,
"Don't rock the boat.

"Don't make waves.

"Play it safe.

"Go back to work.
Don't complicate your life."

Is that how you see
such relationships,
as complications?


I mean, all relationships
are complicated
in one way or another.

It's never easy.

People seem to think
I'm some kind of a freak

because I don't want
to go out and get laid
three times a week.

I just don't feel it.

What do you feel?

I don't know.


I feel lonely.

And I miss her...

I do.

Well, I can certainly
understand that.

You're feeling loneliness.

What do you do
with these feelings?

How do you express them?
How do you deal with them?

Well, if I'm in my apartment,
I just lie down
and hope they'll go away.

Sometimes I'll come
straight home from work.

I won't even eat anything.
I'll go right to bed.

Now I wake up
in the middle of the night.
I'm famished.

And I can't go
back to sleep.

The next morning, I wake up.
I'm exhausted.

It starts all over again.

There's several areas here
that we could work on.

But a good place to start
is feeling good physically.

Do you do any exercise?

I used to run a lot,
play hockey.

I love sports.

I don't know.
I've just drifted away
from them lately.

What's so funny?

You and your ice skates.

Well, why do they drain
the rink so early?

I think it's to keep
people from drowning
with their skates on.

Well, do we have
to run while we talk?

Do we have to talk
while we run?

No, I guess not.

Well, if you'd like
to run alone, just say so.

I will.


Do you run to meditate
or something?

You mean astral aerobics?

No, I'm not much
of a mystic, you know.

I just do this
for my tennis.

Good, because I've been
looking for an opponent.

Someone who would
play very well,

then fall apart
in the third set.

Yeah, well you wouldn't
want to play me.

I've got incredible

Prove it.


Well, tomorrow, if I can
catch my breath by then.


How about
the Midtown Tennis Club,
27th and 8th, 6:00?

Well, make it 7:00.
I work till 6:00.

No, it's okay.
I meant 6:00
in the morning.

Who plays tennis
at 6:00 in the morning?

We do, unless you
chicken out by then.

Okay, I'll try
anything once.

I'll reserve a court.
Ask for Marcie Nash.

All right, I will.

Could I know
the name of my victim?

You may call me Pancho.

Hey, okay, Pancho.

Hey, don't forget
to bring your ass, huh?

What for?
So I can whip it!

I guess I can count on you
to bring the balls!

Boy, aren't we perky
this morning?

Do you know
it's still dark outside?

Well, that's why we're
playing inside, Sancho.

What are we
playing for?

I beg your pardon?

The stakes.
What are we playing for?

Oh, fun.

I need a more
tangible incentive.

Okay, um, are you rich?

How is that relevant?

I just wanted to know
how much you could
afford to lose.

How about dinner?

Winner picks
the restaurant?

Oh, goody.
I know just the place.

Don't be premature,
Miss Nash.

You haven't won yet,
and I warn you.

I eat like an elephant.

Well, that's logical.
You run like one.


It's your serve, Pancho.

Uh, you're on
the wrong side.


Ooh, it's in.

Oh! Oh!

Listen, I have
to be at work by 8:30,

so let's just
knock it off, okay?

Well, I was just
getting warmed up.

Play me one
more game, will ya?

Double or nothin',
sudden death,
winner take all.

Okay, fine.

Thank you.


So what do you
do besides jog
and play tennis?

I work at Bonwit's.

Well, that's a
great-looking store.

Yeah, it is.

It's a swell place
to shop,

but you wouldn't
want to work there.

Why not?

Because behind
all of those
elegant displays,

it's somewhat of a mess.


Uh, listen,
you'll be so sorry
you ever asked me

once I start
talking about this.

If we're gonna talk
about work,
let's talk about yours.

Oh, don't be so sure.
I'm a lawyer.

Well, lawyers
don't scare me.

Are you a specialist
or more like a GP?

Well, I do a little bit
of everything,

but right now,
my main interests
are liberties.

Giving them or
taking them?

These guys let the taxes
on their most run-down
buildings accumulate

as long as they legally can,
use up all their extensions,

and then they turn
it over to the city
without paying a penny.

Now the city is
stuck with a lot
of run-down real estate

that they do not know
what to do with,

so they put it up
for public auction.

Now the absentee

under a new
corporate name,

come back and buy it.

And it all starts
all over again.

Does this stuff
bore you?

No, no, I would
tell you if it did.

I think you would.

So what about
the rest of your life?

Well, there's not
much to tell.

Are you married?

No, why do you ask that?

I don't know.
Something about you.

Were you married?

For a couple of years.

That's it.
Listen, I don't mean to pry.

I happen to be divorced,
and, you know, it's hardly
a hot topic for first dates.

No, it's not.

Listen, I have to
make a plane at 6:00
in the morning.

I have to be at the airport
at 6:00 in the morning,

so do you mind?

I have a lot of work
to do myself.

Oh, listen,
it's all taken care of.

I mean, a deal's a deal.

I don't know.

I wanted to
tell her the truth,

but it just
didn't seem right,

didn't seem like
the moment for it.

Do you find it difficult
to talk about Jenny?

Yes, I do,
especially to women.

Doesn't seem right.
Doesn't seem fair
to them or to her.

How do you mean
not fair to her?


Do you believe
that Jenny is dead?

I saw them
lower the casket
into the ground.

I stayed after
the funeral to
see that.

Why did you do that?
Because I felt
I owed it to her.

Because I wanted...
I wanted it to be final.

Do you sometimes feel
that Jenny is reacting
to what you do or say?

She was the other
half of me.

And now that half is
not there anymore.

It's missing.

You feel incomplete.

Do you see any way
that you could
feel whole again?

Well, people keep telling
me that it's easy,

you included!


One dies and you
find another girl

and you pick up
right where you left off.

You know my man,
Orville, right?

And this is
Dora Corbiasco.

Hello, Dora.
Did you get all
the names on your list?

I just finished
them this morning.

How about yours?

Been to the mountaintop
and back, but we did it.

They can't
turn us down now!

We need
all the ammunition
we can get!

there's no good
reason in the code for it.

I checked
the code thoroughly.

Well, I would talk
to Bill about it.

Okay, you get
back to me.

All right.

Good morning,
Mr. Gentilano.

Fifteen minutes late
for an appointment.

Is that how this group
is gonna handle
all the requirements?

I'm sorry we're late.
We had a lot
of signatures to collect.

Well, if a group
can't make a deadline,

they can always apply
for an extension.

You know about the rules,
don't you, Mr. Barrett?

We don't want
an extension.

We wanna get this
show on the road!

A lot of people are
ready to go to work

on that building,
Mr. Gentilano.

We don't want their
enthusiasm lost in
any more delays.

But I don't want
this program hurt
by any group

rushing into this
kind of responsibility

Believe it or not,
there is a reason

for each of
these approvals.

There better be.

I signed each one
of these questions
three times.

And I told
the truth each time.

Yeah, well,
I'll get to it
as soon as I can.

Obviously, nothing's gonna
happen overnight.

Mr. Gentilano,
I know the usual
waiting time,

but if you could see
what these people have been
able to do on their own,

I think you'd realize
they deserve a quicker answer.

You should come down
and visit us sometime.

I should visit
a lot of projects.

Brooklyn, Staten Island,
East Side, West Side.

Uh, well, uh,
let's see what I can do.

Well, you sure didn't
humor me today!

I had a week to lose
my sense of humor.

Well, I don't know
what you're
so pissed off about.

You won another dinner.


There was a dinner?

Well, isn't that
what we play for?
Tangible incentives?

Yeah. I just didn't know
it was a standing bet.

Only if I get
to pick the restaurant.

All right.

I used up my list
on the first try.

Where would you
like to go?

Do you know
La Cremaillere?

It's a country French
restaurant north of the city.

Sounds interesting.

I have to be at our store
in Scarsdale next Friday.

if it's convenient for you,
you could pick me up there.

Excuse me, lady.
Is this Macy's or Gimbels?

Twelve minutes late,

Oh, I just drove through
the most incredible
rush-hour traffic!

It was
a horrible ordeal.

Well, it must have
been horrible.

It looks like your car aged
a little bit in the process.

This was a Ferrari
when I started.

This is very good.
I have to say it again.
I told you.

And also very expensive.

So how's the
unholy mess?


The store?

I mean, is the one
in Scarsdale doing as badly
as the one in the city?

Oh, no.

No. As a matter of fact,

the reason that I'm here
is that...

I'm what you could call
a troubleshooter.

I had some ideas
for reorganizing things,

so management gave me
some space in the store
to try my experiments.

And are they working?

Yeah, they are.

They're working
very well.

Well, you don't seem
very pleased about it.

It's the end of one thing
and the beginning
of something else.

I can't try things
for the hell of it
anymore, you know?

Because they're watching me.
They're keeping score now.

I don't like being watched.

I know what you mean.

Would you
like to see the
dessert menu?

Oh, listen,
I'm just gonna
have coffee,

but they have serious
desserts here.

You ought to have one.

Well, it sounds tempting.
I'd better not.

I'm trying to stay
in shape, remember?

Two coffees, please.

Boy, nice willpower.

What about yours?

You know,
I'm good tonight
in front of you,

then tomorrow
I'll sneak off somewhere

and eat ice cream
and eclairs.

That's the difference
between us, you know?

I'm self-indulgent,
and you're self-sacrificing.

What do you mean?

I don't know. It's just
an impression that I get.

You believe
in rightness and fairness
and high-minded things.

I bet you didn't
even tell lies
when you were a kid.

Oh, yes, I did.

Sometimes I still do.

What do you mean?

Well, it wasn't
a lie, exactly,

but I wasn't being
completely honest
with you last week.

I mean, you...you, uh...
you seemed to assume
that I was divorced.

You're separated?

She's dead.

I mean, how did...

How old was she?

She was 25.


I'm really sorry, Oliver.

I know this was
not the right time
to tell you,

but I'm not
a good liar, Marcie,

and I couldn't
let it go on like this.

Oh, I know. It's okay.

Excuse me,
the clerk would
like to know

if you will be
staying the night.

The reservation says
"Will confirm."

And there are
other requests.

Yeah, I will be staying
the night, thanks.

You're staying here?


You know, they have
the cutest rooms upstairs.

Fireplaces, brass beds,
very tasteful.

How could you stay here
if you didn't have a car?

You don't have to take it
that way, Oliver.

It's just I don't like
to feel managed,

to be maneuvered
into something.

I have to go
to Hartford tomorrow.

I had someone
bring my car over.

Well, have a good
time in Hartford.

Sorry it
worked out this way.

Maybe we can start over
again the next time.


Call me sometime?

You never gave me
your number, remember?

Do you want it?

I don't know.

Well, let me know
if you decide.


This is it?
Did you get that name
I wanted you to track down?

I checked
with personnel
at Bonwit's.

Well, did you find her?

There's only
one employee
named Nash.

That's it.
Get her on the phone.

Uh, her name
is Albert.

That's the only one?

Okay, Barrett!

What is this
6:00 a.m. crap?

I didn't get
to sleep till midnight!

Well, go to bed
earlier tonight.

You mean we gotta go
through this again?

I haven't even finished
this match yet.

Steve, there's a
girl involved.

Oh, yeah. Joanna?

No, it isn't.

Anyway, she comes here
at 6:00 sometimes,

and it's the only way
I have of finding her.

Okay, anything
for the cause.


Ah, what happens
if she doesn't
show up tomorrow?

Well, we just have
to keep playing
till she does.

Hello, doctor.

And how are you today?

Not so good.

Any particular reason?

Oh, I could name a few.

You know that case
that I was working on?

Oh, the law,
it seems so simple

until you get down
to specifics.

Now I'm not sure that case
is going to work at all.

You remember
that girl, Marcie,
I was telling you about?

Well, I had an
argument with her.

I walked out without
finding out how to
get in touch with her.

I've tried to call her.
There's no number.

There's no address.
She's not even listed.

So she seems lost to you?

I didn't know I could feel
this miserable anymore.

Do you think you
could see that
as some sort of progress?

Is that when you know
it's good for you?
When it hurts?


Hello, Oliver, it's me.
It's Marcie.

Hi, how are you?
Oh, fine,

you know, busy, lonely,
feeling a little stupid.

Do you think we could talk?

We are talking.

I mean off the phone.

I've been
on the phone all week.

Where are you?

I'm at the store.

Maybe it's time
that you saw me
in my natural habitat.

Which store?

The main one.
You know where
it is, right?

I just don't know
how you can work there

and not be on someone's
employees list.

Oh, you checked up
on me, huh?

I was trying to find you,
for God's sake.

Well, I can
explain all this.

Just ask at the elevator
for the executive offices.

Hello, excuse me.

Did you see anybody
working here today?

Oh, there's nobody
works on Saturdays.

Her name is Marcie.

Oh, Marcie! She works over
there on the other side.



"Marcie Bonwit?"

I use my maiden
name here.

I can see.

You don't work for Bonwit's.
It works for you.

Oh, come on, Oliver.

It's not quite
that simple.

You wanna go for a drive?

I admit,
I'm a little paranoid.

I give a lot
of credit for that
to my ex-husband.

What was he like?

He was the perfect
Mr. Right.

He was everybody's idea
of the man I should marry,

including my own.

He was bright.
He was charming.

He was ambitious.

He was really ambitious.

What's he doing now?

He's a wealthy divorce
living in Beverly Hills,

investing his money
very wisely.


You know,
I don't mind the money.

What I regret is
really just handing

my life over to someone.

You know, really just
giving it all to them,

basing it all on them,
and then...

Then my father died.

We lost control
of the company,

and they gave me a seat
on the board as consolation.

It was a hell of a year.

So this is where we
go when I'm buying?

I love this place.

We used to come here
every summer after camp.

Yeah, my parents and I.

They were so concerned
about me mixing
with the people,

they always put me
in situations where
the other kids were from

Brooklyn or the Bronx.
Hey. Give me some
cookies for the kid.

I was always
the only rich kid.

I spent my childhood
pretending to be poor.

Want me to make
you feel better?

My family is
filthy rich, too.

Two hot dogs,
two coffees, please.
The works.

Oliver, why didn't
you tell me that?

I was afraid
you'd love me
only for my money.

You want
some mustard?
It's free.


Thank you.

Rich kid.

It's nice out.
Let's stay by the car.


To our true identities.

Whatever they may be.

What are you looking at?

That funny sign
over there.

No brass beds,
probably no fireplaces.

We could watch
a little TV.

We got room service.

When will I see you again?

How about
five seconds?

One thousand one,
one thousand two,

one thousand three,
one thousand four,

one thousand five,
one thousand...

Look at that sunset.

How are you doing?


But you feel
a little guilty, right?


'Cause you thought
about Jenny?

Because I didn't.

Red Apple motel,
our rooms are
rotten to the core.

Oliver, what is the
Red Apple motel?

I didn't know it
would be you.

I was expecting a call
from an old college friend.

Well, your mother and I
were just talking
about next weekend.

We haven't seen you
for months really.

Well, I don't know
if I can make it.

I have an awful lot
of work piled up.

I know, Oliver,

but your mother would
be very disappointed.

Well, what does she
have on the agenda?

Oh, nothing elaborate,

but we'd just love
to have a quiet
weekend alone.

All right,
I'll come down
on Saturday,

but I have to be back
here Sunday night.

We understand, Oliver.

How are you, Sean?

Hello, Mother.
Darling, how are you?

Oh, I'm fine.
How are you?

Oh, I'm bearing up.

Did you come alone?


Where's father?

Oh, he's on the phone.

Darling, why don't you
run up and change,
then join us for a drink?

All right,
I'll see you in a minute.

I personally think

it's a much better approach
to saving these urban areas

than the...
These government projects.

Now if I can only get it
through the city bureaucracy,

these people,
whatever work they put in,

whatever labor,
whatever carpentry,

That becomes part
of the investment

towards their
own building.

That's what they call
their "sweat equity."

Couldn't they call
it something else?

Mom, I think that's
a very good word for it.

That's all these people
have to invest,

is their sweat,
their labor.

You know,
not everybody was
born with trust funds.

That's a very
interesting idea, Oliver.

I'm in favor of anything
that expands the tax base.

Oh, there are some very
sound economic arguments

for this, Father.

These are not
charity cases.

Now all my life,
I was taught to believe

that poor people
did not know how

to take care
of property.

Well, why should they
when they don't own it?

And the people that do,

these absentee landlords,
these no-name corporations,

do you think that
they give a shit?

Oh, Oliver!

Well, Mother, do they?

They don't care about
the human beings
that live there.

it's admirable for you

to give so much time
to such a project,

but keep it
in perspective.

I'll try, Father.

Oliver, I want you to try
some of these.

I think you've been
losing weight.

I've been running.

I'm getting back
into shape.

I'm trying
to lose a few pounds.

I want you to leave
here well-fed

and well-rested.

"There was a crooked man,
and he went a crooked mile.

"He found a crooked sixpence
against a crooked stile.

"He bought a crooked cat,
which caught a crooked mouse,

"and they all lived together
in a little crooked house."

Next month, Oliver,
I'll be 68 years old.

The more I think about it,

the more I like the idea
of retirement.

I didn't know that.

The only thing
that bothers me is

who would run things?

Ward and his family
own 12%.

Seymour has 10%,
and the rest is ours,

ultimately yours.

Ward's a good man.
I think you can trust him.

He's certainly been
around long enough.

Oh, he'd handle
the business

and banking
side of it,
all right,

but as far as
the mill is concerned,
he wants to sell that.

He says it's a
losing proposition.

Oh, he'd look after
his interests fine,

but I don't think
he'd look out
for ours as well.

Things wouldn't
be the same.

What do you mean?

Oliver, this business
was started by our family.

It's identified
with our family.

And a member
of our family
needs to be in it,

needs to be involved.

Father, if you're
talking about me,

I have involvements
of my own.

But you'd have
a bit of time for
your own projects.

But I don't want
a bit of time.

I need a lot
of time for my work,

for my life.

Oliver, where's Gentilano?

He got away
from you already?

No, I thought it
would be better

for Willy and Dora
to show him around
for a while.

It's about time for our
spontaneous coffee break.

Has he cracked
a smile yet?
No smile.

He looks like a sergeant
inspecting the barracks.

Now what are we going to,
plan A or plan B?

Plan A for now.

Mix the plaster.

I can pin a large canvas
on the wall

and paint
to my heart's content.

I see.

Anybody ready for coffee?
I got a pot full downstairs.

Every time you have
to repair the walls,

you're gonna have to
buy three different
colors of paint.

Mr. Gentilano,

I'd like you
to meet Carlos Cruz.

You know,
most people would put

a sheet metal door there,
an ugly one.

Carlos, tell him
where you got that door.

I don't like desperdicios,
waste, you know,

so I took this door
from a building,

an abandoned building,
a few blocks away.

It was 14 blocks.

Teo carried it
on his back.

I want to bring character
to this place.

I live here,
and I want to...

I wanna be
orgulloso, proud.

That's why we could
do a better job

of rehabilitating
this place than
a contractor.

I wouldn't be too sure.

So the real question
is not what gets done
on one day

when you have a party,

but what happens,
whether or not

you go back to work
on Monday.

You know, I've had
several groups like this

attempt the same thing,
and they've failed.

Then I go back
to my office,

and my department
has egg on its face.

Now what I'm
trying to say here

is that we are
concerned about you,

but that there are
layers and layers

of government over us,

and that when
budget time comes,

they want to know
what happened to their money.

Now a good program,

a responsible program,
is good publicity.

A bad program,
an abandoned program...

An abandoned program
is bad publicity.

Now if the wrong people
get wind of it,

then our program
is destroyed,

absolutely destroyed.

Now, uh...

What's that?

Oh, that's
the television crew.

They've been
coming down here.

They're just
filming the work.

I hope we didn't
knock your concentration.

No, no,
that's all right.

Landlord problems
are nothing new,

but here in the
lower East Side,

or Low East Side,
as sometimes it is called,

there is a new approach
to an old problem.

Waltereen Jones
and Willy Hernandez

the tenants' committee
of this building.

Can you tell us
exactly what's
going on here today?

We're settling in.

This is a work party
to launch the rehabilitation

of this building
by the tenants
and the neighborhood.

Is this
an official project,

or should I say,
a spontaneous gesture?

You have to
ask our lawyer,
Oliver Barrett,

how official it is.


Uh, well, we're fortunate
to have Mr. Gentilano
with us today.

Perhaps you should...
He's a city official.

Ask him your question.

Sir, what do you think
of what you have
seen here today?

Albert Gentilano.

I am very impressed
with what is happening
in this community.

And we're very impressed
that a city official,

a civil servant
like yourself,

would take time out
of his busy schedule

to come down here.

Actually, I get here
as often as I can.

This is where
the action is.

I mean, good government
isn't sitting behind a desk.

I'm proud
of these people.

I'm proud of
the way they're
pulling themselves up

by their bootstraps.

I mean, what
we have here is what
we call sweat equity.

That's correct.

Do they have your
official go-ahead then?

Of course, of course!

How about that?

There you are.

Hello, Barrett residence.

Who is this?
This is Marcie.

I'm the mad baker
from Cranston.

I want to
congratulate Oliver.

It's the mad baker
from Cranston?

I'll get it.

He says he wants to
congratulate you
on something.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Hello, Phillip!

Hey, terrific, Oliver!
I'm proud of you!

How you been doin'?

Great, great.
I'm going to Miami.

Well, that's great.
I hope you enjoy yourself.

I hope you enjoy yourself,
if you know what I mean!

Yes, Phil,
I know what you mean.

Well, good-bye!


Who was that?

It was my ex-father-in-law.

Is he always like that?

No, I think he just
gets like that
when he's around me.

He's trying to rediscover
his lost youth or something.

Listen, he did
sound kinda cute.

Oh, he is very cute.
If you want to catch him,

he's taking that
9:00 plane to Miami.

He didn't sound that cute.
I'm staying put.


I better get your dinner
before your tuna fish
gets cold.

What did you do, fry it?

Isn't that what you're
supposed to do?

Take the big plate.
I'll take the one
with the crack in it.

I notice that your silverware
is pretty eclectic also.

I like all this stuff!

Yeah, I know. So did I.

I went through
the same stage myself.

What stage?

Oh, you know,
the sort of mock
poverty routine.

What do you mean?

I mean that finally

you have to come to terms
with who you are.

You and I, Oliver,
are upper-class wasps,

and we're always
going to be.

I mean, our guilt
about that isn't gonna
change anything.

These things are not
important to me.

I don't have to have caviar
or eat off sterling silver.

But you know good stuff,
and you like it.

I mean, I saw
some of the labels
in your closet.

Did you come over here
to argue or what?

I thought we were
going to have dinner.

If you don't like this,
I'll take you back

to La Cremiere.
La Cremaillere.

Listen, Oliver,
you don't have to make
everything a class struggle.

I'm in the same class.

Now eat your tuna fish.
Don't be defensive.

Who's defensive?

Hello, this is
Oliver Barrett.
Is she in?

Just a minute, please.

Is it important?
She's very, very busy.

Uh, would you tell her
it's me on the line?

It will only
take a minute.

All right,
hold on a minute.

Thank you.


Hello, Marcie,
how are you?

Can I call you back?
Of course, I...

I just wanted
to say that I was sorry

about the other night.

I think things got
a little tense.

I understand.

I'm in a board meeting.
Can we talk about it later?


I get the message.


You were like
a total stranger.

It was scary.

I'm sorry, Oliver.

It's just a policy
I have to stick to.

I can't take a call
in the middle of one
of those meetings.

It makes me
sound like a
lovesick teenager.

I just don't know
how you can play roles
like that, Marcie.

How you can
put one hat on,

take one hat off
so arbitrarily.

Well, it's not all
that difficult

once you get
used to it.

I don't think I'd want
to get used to it.

No one's asking you to.

What do you
mean by that?

I just mean that
when you met me,

I wasn't in the kitchen
cooking casserole.

I work, Oliver.
I like it!

I mean, this is it.
Accept it.

I don't try
to change you.

Well, what are
you then,

a business magnate
or a woman?

Well, Oliver,
what are you,
a man or a lawyer?

What kind of
question is that?

I would just
like to know

if I am to be
your boyfriend
on the weekends,

and then during the week,
I'm just another one

of those telephone calls
that's put on hold.

Oliver, I never
put you on hold.

My God,
I can't believe it!

Do you always
exaggerate like this?

What if you're
in the middle of a meeting
with the senior partners,

and someone named,
for God's sake,
Marcie calls?

I mean, what do you do?

Well, that's easy.

First I would resign,
and then I would
call you back

from the
unemployment office.

I'm sorry, Oliver.

It's just that
I'm trying to be more

than a decoration
at a board meeting,

and it ends up taking
a lot out of me.

I get really tired
of doing it all alone.

Well, I'm exhausted, too.

This case is taking
ten times more work
than I expected.

What a pair.

Listen, I'm going to
Hong Kong on Tuesday.

I have to check out
some factories there

and handle
a photo session.

You wanna
come with me,

and we'll make
a working vacation
out of it?

Hong Kong!

Well, isn't that halfway
around the world?


Welcome back.
How was your trip?

It was fine.
This is Oliver Barrett.

This is John Hsiang.
He's our man in Hong Kong.

Hello, John.

That was quite a view you
provided on our landing.

Oh, we do our best.

Is this your first
trip to Hong Kong?

John, the man
has never been out
of New York,

you understand.

Oh, how is
the big apple?

Anything less
than the penthouse
will be a comedown.

All I could get
was something called
the Marco Polo suite

John, can you get
two extra models

for the photo sessions

You got it.

Nice to meet you, Oliver.

Oh, thank you, John.

The car will be here
at 10:00.

Pleasant dreams.

Thanks, John.

Good night.
Good night.

I got one question.


Do you see
a bedroom tucked
around here anywhere?

I think I saw one
just around the corner.

Oh, yeah.

Look at that.
Oh, my God.

Where'd you learn
to eat with chopsticks?

You noticed?

I had this Chinese
friend at Harvard.

He promised to teach me
to eat with chopsticks

if I would teach
him to ice-skate.

If I were you,
I'd ask for a refund.

But you should
see him skate.

Do you have
any film left?

About half a roll.
You're kidding.

Most people who come here,
the first day they get here,

they buy three cameras
and shoot 12 rolls of film.

I think that's
why I didn't.

You should just relax
and be a tourist, Oliver.

It's permitted,
you know.

Is it a requirement?

No, but,
I mean, it is

what a lot of
these people live on.

Yes, I see how they live.

I know.
That was hard
for me, too,

when I first came here.

But you got over
that stage.

You know, Oliver,
this is beginning
to sound

like a conversation
we've already had.

Yes, it is.

I'm sorry.

No, let's talk
about it.

Oh, no, let's not.

I'll be over here.


I'm sorry.

These things always
take longer than
they're supposed to.

It's all right.
It's a lovely setting.

We're in a heated debate
over underarm hair.

Well, you're the boss,
aren't you, Marcie?

Isn't it your decision?

Marcie! Marcie!

Time's running out.
Come on.

Okay, that's fine.


Move back.

Okay, ladies. And go.



And go.


One more.

Ready, okay. Nice.

And again.

I thought
we settled that.

I wish I'd known
about it before
I left New York!

Well, I guess I have to.
I mean, do I have a choice?


Okay, I'll see you.

I'll see you at 10:00.

What's wrong?

Another crisis.

I'm sorry.
I have to meet
some people.

Do you mind?

No, it's all right.

We can sightsee later.

John, maybe this
is a good time
to take Oliver around.

I have a complete tour
all planned.

You know
what I'd like to do?
See your factory.

What for?

I don't know.
I know everything else
about your business.

I'm curious.

We'll have to make
another tour on a nice day.

That's all right.
I want to see it all.

This route
to the factory

is not the best look
at Hong Kong.

They're so young!

Don't let the youth
fool you.

These are some
of the best cutters
in the business,

and we pay them well
by Hong Kong standard.

Their parents may be
working in another part
of the factory.

We also have work that
the grandparents can do.

On this side,
each person handle
one piece of a garment.

On the other side,
they assemble everything.

I must admit, John,

I had a slightly different
picture in my mind.

Yes, I know.

In the United States,
Hong Kong means
sweat shops.

Well, what do you think?

About what?

About the factory.

You made such a point
about wanting to see it,

but you haven't
mentioned it since.

I was very impressed...



No, not really.

I was beginning to think
that you expected
dirt floors and rats

and 8-year-olds
slaving away.

Well, Marcie,
you've got to admit

that there is
a certain image
to Hong Kong labor.


So you thought
I was running
a sweat shop, huh?

I don't know
what you're doing.

Well, listen,
I hope you're not
too disappointed.

Why should I be?

Because it would have
made a great excuse.

For what?

For you to break this off
and still come out
looking swell.

But I don't need
any excuses.

And besides,

who's talking about
breaking anything off?

I guess the point is
that you're not talking
about anything. Period.

Why do I feel that
as long as I'm in
the wrong tax bracket,

this is never
gonna work?

That's not true.
Of course it is.

That's why you're partly
obsessed with Jenny,

because she was
your pass to
the people...

Don't ever talk
about her like that! Ever!

You just leave her
out of it, please!

Keep her out of it?

How can I?
She's right
between us!

I can't even reach you,
she's so much in the way!

Then reach for me
in another way!

There is no right way
with you, Oliver.

You don't know what
it's like to compete
with a dead woman.

Then stop trying!

Leave her alone!
Leave me alone!

I don't need anybody.

You're right, Oliver.

Only the living
need each other.

Well, what am I, dead?

I don't know,

but something
feels dead here,

and you know,
I'm sick of trying
to bring it back to life.

I'm okay.

Just takes a little
while to adjust,
that's all.

it's better this way.

Why do you say that?

Well, for as long

as I was with Marcie,

there was always this
growing tension

that happened
between us.

I mean, we had fun.
It was exciting.

Where do you think
that came from?

I know I'm not
supposed to make
comparisons about Jenny,

but I really don't think
I'll ever be able to
keep from doing it.

Nothing happens
magically, Oliver,

but just being aware
of a problem

is beginning to solve it.

* The years are comin' on,
So better face it

* And the lamp is burnin' low

* Oh, you can't do
The things you used to do

* Thirty-five years ago

* Oh, no, you can't
Do the things

* You used to do

* Thirty-five years ago

* No way

Okay, if there's anybody
left that don't know me,

my name is Jamie Francis,

and I work here, huh?

Now if this were
an ordinary day,

and I started
to make a speech,

the old folks would
reach for a chair
and light up a pipe.

And the young ones
would reach for
their sweetheart

and slip away
behind the looms.

But it's not
an ordinary day,

and well we know it.

So I won't be boring you
with that sort of speech.

Now this shuttle
is from loom number one.

And on those calculators,
we got the payroll department,

Maria Labruzzo
figured out

this has made
the trip back and forth

between the yarns
over seven million times!

So we have decided

to take it out
of loom number one

and give it a rest.

Give it to someone else
who deserves a rest.

It's, uh...

It's a homely
sort of thing,

but it means
a lot to us,
Mr. Barrett.

We hope it means
as much to you.

Oh, yeah,

I have to read
the inscriptions.

"To Oliver Barrett III,

"who stayed when
others left.

"In gratitude,
the men and women
of Barrett Mills."

Thank you.

Thank you very much,
indeed. I...

Thank you.

Mr. Barrett.

Congratulations, Father.

It's beautiful.

Thank you, Oliver.
Thank you.

I'm so glad
you've been here
to see this.

So am I.

Oh, have you
had anything
to eat yet today?

Not much.

Where is the food,

Well, it's over there.
Go help yourself.

I'll be right back.

You are
spending the night,
aren't you?

Yes, Mama.

Welcome back.
Hey, John.

How you doing?
Nice to see you.

Nice seeing you, too.

I don't care what
you say, Jamie.

It don't strike me right
for the union
and the members

to be knockin'
themselves out
to throw the boss a party.

True we're on
opposite sides of
the bargaining table,

but this goes
beyond that, Arlie!

My old man would
turn over in his grave.

Remember, he led
the strike against
Barrett's father.

Got his head
broke for it, too.

Ah, those were
bitter days.

Barrett's old man
is not the same
as Barrett.

This man,
you can deal with.

just as easy as that,

he could close down
this whole place.

Years ago,
when the others
were goin' to Carolina

and to Puerto Rico
for cheap labor,

he took a half-million
dollars from his
banking company

and sunk it into
this place to
keep it going...

Oh, there you
are, Oliver.

Good morning, Father.
Good morning.

Did you sleep well?

I'm usually
awake at 6:00.

Your mother's still
asleep, though.

I just discovered
some homemade donuts.

Would you like one?

Oh, no, no,
let's call Stewart.

He usually doesn't
start until 8:00
on Sunday morning,

but he can fix
breakfast today

and put it in the study
or the dining room,

wherever you'd
like to eat.

Where I would like
to eat is right here.

This is my favorite room
in the house.

Besides, I've made
some coffee.

I used to love this room
when I was a kid.

I liked the way
it smelled.


Yeah, I remember
we had a wonderful cook

when I was a child.

I remember
climbing the trees
to get apples

for her to make
her own cider.

Her name was Clara.

She was Dutch.

Died before
you were born.

Would you like
cream and sugar?

No, no, just black.

Now I think we should
take a drive

in the country
this afternoon.

Lovely this time
of the year.

And I promise not
to talk business.

Oh, you can talk
all the business
that you want to.

I just want you
to know that I enjoyed
yesterday very much.

I've never seen
the mill quite like that.

I never had
the feeling

you were interested
in the mill, Oliver.

I used to hate it.

I was thinking
about that
yesterday. Why?

But I realized, it...

It was because

the mill took you away
from us so much.

I never realized.

I just want you to
know that, uh...

That I'm proud
of what you've been
able to preserve here.

Father, I'd like to help
in any way I can.

Only the living
need each other.

Only the living
can carry life on.

Part of me was
trying to die

because I thought
I owed that to Jenny.

I owe her something else.

Something much
harder to give.

A new life,

another try,

a setting free.