Old Joy (2006) - full transcript

Two old pals reunite for a camping trip in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.

Leave a message, we'll call you back.

Hey, it's Kurt! I am calling you.

I'm in town. Just hoping you're around.

I don't know if you're there or what...

Pick it up, man. You will not regret it.

Hey, Kurt...

So you're here?
Where're you stayin'?

Yeah, thanks. The rumors are true.

Naa, we didn’t wanna know.

Oh yeah? What've you got? Lay it on.

Sure... I could be into that.

I could use some time in
the woods, absolutely.

Yeah... I think that would be cool.
Let me just run it by Tanya.

I'll call you in ten... Right on.


Don't ask my permission...

I said I'll run it by you.

He wants to check out some hot springs
near Daketa, camp out tonight.

Get an early start tomorrow, be home by...
noon I'd say.

Look, if it's gonna be a problem I'll just
call him back and tell him "I can't go."

Hey... you should come too.
You're totally welcome.

You know... that'd be fun.

I'm not exactly up for camping.

It's probably gonna rain anyway.

Could rain all day...

Look you just waiting for
me to tell you to go...

We know you're going so I don't know
why we have to go through this thing

of me letting you off the hook.

I'm not gonna enjoy myself if you are...
miserable about it.

Go in, Lucy, Go in!

That'd be Eleven Nine. Hugh How are you?

Very good. How are you today?
Good, Thanks!

I'm callin' in...
I never could understand why Lyndon Johnson

became the champion of the
Civil Rights Movement.

Are you talking about? I mean the
Voting Rights Act was a great thing.

- Oh Yes...
- It was the...

It was the beginning, literally the
beginning of American democracy.

- I grew up in a state...
It also became the foundation of the...

Southern Strategy.
He said we've delivered the South to the

Republican Party for a long
time when he signed the Act.

I mean is that what you're talking about?
- Yeah.

You said it with regret...

These were all wedge issues.

When Reagan talked about...
He's for State's rights.

All it was, it was just a veiled
way of saying "He's a Racist. "

When Nixon talked about "Law and Order",
that's what he was talking about!

He was talking about the...

Think about this. You had... Lee Atwater
kickin' around when all these guys were

devising the Southern Strategy.

Including Karl Rove, he's taken the
Southern Strategy to the next step,

and that's to divide us by way of religion.

So, I don't think you're insane.

But, I mean... is here sayin'...
- Not Really.

I'll tell you... I'll tell you this.
I agree with the fact that...

May I interject here?
- Yeah.

I didn't call up and assert that Lyndon
Johnson did this, I asked a question.

But Bobby reacted as if I was asserting it.

And then he starts calling names.

- Let me go back...
- It was a bad question.

Listen Bobby
there's no such thing as a bad question...




Hey man!

Hey, Kurt!

I brought a cooler.
Take it. And a wagon. And a TV.

- You're looking good.
- Really? I wish!

He hasn't sold the house yet?

No, not yet. But my days are
numbered here.

I'm really glad you could come.

I didn't know if you could make it
on such short notice,

everyone's so busy now.

You know I had a dream about you
the other night? Where you're...

in like a hospital or something.
It was really weird.

But you were the best thing about it by far.
- That's cool...

How's Ashlyn?
Ashlyn? Amazing!


I'm at a whole new place
now really.

Aw you've really got it all goin' on.

Hell yeah!

- Where's your shit?
- It's in the car. I've got the dog too.

Really? Why don't we take your ride.
What do you think?

Cause this thing is just a
slug in the mountains.

Uhm... Sure! I can drive.

Alright! Let's load it up!

The Democrats are sitting on their damn hands.
What do you make of that?

First of all, the Democrats in Congress
have made a tragic mistake, and that is...

they seem to think that they're
part of the Government...

- Yeah. Yeah that's a good point.
- Rather than going to the people.

Opportunity is not just knocking at
the door, it's pounding at the door.

There's the Democratic donkey, you know
sittin' there sip in peace sayin':

"I don't know! I don't know if I should
get up and answer the door or not. "

It is there. You know we saw the same thing
in last year's presidential election when...

Our party's nominee did not...

- It'll just take two seconds.
- ... the corporate crooks.

- Hope that's all?
- ... the fight is not

about them. It's not a fight for them.

- It's a fight to hold on to the very solid...
- Yo, you got ten bucks?

By the Exxon, by the Coors,
by the Murdoch, by Richard Mellon Scaife.

It's a fight, we can't win by removing
ourselves, standing on the sidewalk...

Some people say we need a
third party,

I wish we had a second one.

And I'm gonna fight for that to be
the Democratic Party.

But I certainly understand people...

- Hey, what's up?
- What's goin on?

- 30 dollars?
- 30 dollars...

- ... and other folks, because...
- Take it easy.

And if we do not stand up for
working folks...

The one good thing about the... is trying
to flip the party back

to the grassroots level. In last month...

This thing go back any further?

How's your dad?

He's alright, you know.
All things considered.

Last I heard he was
living in... a new place.

Yeah, right.

For some reason he decided
at age 70,

that he didn't want to be married anymore.
So he moved out.

Yeah that's what I heard.

Then he ended up with these...

fuckin' blood clots on his brain.

Oh fuck.

And they just showed up, out of nowhere.

He was really weak for a while,
nobody knew what to do.

Then they... dissolved.
Just went away.

That's heavy.

Put my mom through the wringer.

Yeah, I bet.
I bet.

It's kind of like when an old Eskimo
goes off to die alone.

Who knows?

You still have this.

Didn't this use to be Noah's?
- Yeah.

Found it behind Krugers, there's... There's
crumbs in there where you can add it.

And then, it was mine for a while.

Man, Mark you really hold on to shit.

Not that I should talk.

I've still got crates of
records in the garage

stuff that I haven't even listened to in...
ten years.

I'm gonna have to take the whole load down
to Syd's I think. See what I can get for it.

- Syd's gone man.
- No way!

The rent got to be too heavy, now it's a
...smoothie place.

- Rejuicenation.
- No!

Syd sells on eBay, now.

Oh that makes sense.
I should be doing that.

Tony went by in the last days,
...the only records left in the bin

to our friends.

No more Syd's.

End of an era.

Come on!

That was amazing!
Were you catching that?

- That young soldier got a raw deal...
- And everybody that was there...

- Do you know where we're goin'?
- Oh yeah!

Cruisy... Downtown!

Now you take this.

No, you take this one.

You take this one.

These aren't even funny.

Back to you, Lucy.

Shoot up.

It's a great spot, man!

Gonna love it!

I was here...
two summers ago.

Totally private.
No one around.

And most of all...

It has this otherworldly
peacefulness about it.

You can really... think.

Sounds awesome.

Cause you can't... you can't get
real quiet anymore.

I visited this hot spring in Arizona
last summer.

Where no one is allowed to talk at all.
Total silence.

It's fuckin' amazing.

They want me to come back and
work as a chef sometime.

I've got a whole menu
worked out for 'em.

Right I think I read about that place
in a magazine.

You remember Yogi?

Sure, he stiffed us on the rent
when he left town.

Really? I forgot about that.

Well I ran into him in Big Sur last month.

We had the most incredible night together.

We were out under the stars,
dancing to these drums.

Everybody was jumping over these
huge bonfires.

I've never seen anything like it.

Everyone there...
was just so joyful that night.

Beautiful women...
singing and dancing.

I don't know, just a really
really amazing group of people.

- No shit.
- Yeah. You should've been there.

I think Yogi got laid.

Slow down...

Slow down, you wanna go left.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Trust me Mark.


I'm in your hands.

I remember that.

I think we're somewhere...
in this area.

I need some space.

- It's the mother of your child.
- Thank you.

I have no idea...

No it's fine...

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

What was that?

No... I mean, we are looking for it.

I can't hear you.
We're gonna have to go.

I'll call you when I have reception.

I love you.

I love you.

Sign up there is literally blank.

We've entered a whole other zone.


Getting dark...

What do you think Kurt?

I spotted a turn-off
where we can camp for the night.

Just a few miles back
down that road we passed.

We can camp there...
And find the river in the morning.

You know how to get there?

Yeah, I know how to get there,
but you gotta turn around.

Well. That's close to here I guess right?

Still get a good start in the morning.

Looks fine to me.

Lucy, stay here.

It's good to get out of the city.

Forget all this is out here sometimes.

No shit.

It's not like there's any big difference
between the forest and the city though.

Know what I mean?

It's all one huge thing, now. There's trees
in the city, and garbage in the forest.

What's the big difference, you know?

I see what you mean.

So you lookin' forward to fatherhood?


Sure, I mean...

We're stretched so thin with work,
it's almost impossible to imagine, but...

It'll have to work itself out.

We'll just... find another rhythm.

Do it is whatever people do.

So... fuckin' brave man.

I have never gotten myself into anything
that I couldn't get myself out of.

It's just...
Having a kid is so fuckin' for real.

Watch out Ham's cans!

- Did you... are you pumpin' these for me?
- I pumped it.

It's easier to aim with one hand
than with two hands.


Why do you think on TV
they do it with two hands?

Everything is about looking cool.

- But I look pretty cool with one hand, right?
- Yeah...

Two Hands is the responsible shooting.
One Hand is renegade shooting.

Yeah, renegade...

I'll try leftie.

Switch, switch.
Switch Hitch shooting.

I think one more shot...
Let me take one more shot.

You know I was gonna sleep out, but...

Is it... cool to sleep in?

- Sleep in the tent with you?
- Fine.

- So you're gonna sleep in the tent?
- It's a two men tent.

Two men and a doggie.

- That's cool.
- Two men and a doggie tent.

That's pretty cool.

Sleeping with the dogs.
Pretty cool. She's a girl.

Keeps you warm.

- I took some night classes.
- Anything good?

It was alright.
Some physics classes...

But here's the thing about that,
It's that I knew more than they did.

All this quark and superstring shit,
I know all about that.

It makes sense.

And don't get me wrong.

I understand it.
But that's not the final answer.

- Wow, you think you understand it?
- Basically...

It's like this see...

Sometimes things look like they don't have
any order, and then, from a different level,

you realize that it does
have order.

It's like climbing a mountain.

Look around, you see trees and rocks
and bushes, pressing around you.

And then you get above the tree line,
you see everything you just went through

and it all like comes together. You know,
you see that it has a shape, after all.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get high
enough to see it, but it's there, it's...

It's all about space and time and how it... How
they change the rules sometimes. No no no...

Makes perfect sense to me.

It's like... two mirrors.
Moving through space.

There's a single atom moving
between them.

I forget...


But I... I... The thing is: I get it.
I get it on a fundamental level.

The thing is...
Is that I have my own theory.

Ah yeah?

It's that the universe is falling, man.

That's what explains it all.

The entire universe is in the shape of a falling tear.
Dropping down through space.

I'm telling you man. I don't know how it
happened, but that's just the way that it works.

This tear, it's been dropping down
for ever, just doesn't stop...

So did you tell them that? Your theory
about the tear-shaped universe?

Did I tell them?

Who the hell am I?

They don't care about my theory,
doesn't mean shit to them...

I don't have any numbers for it.


I miss you, Mark.

I miss you really, really bad.

I want us to be real friends again.

There's something... between us, and I
don't like it. I want it to go away.

Man, what are you talking about?
We're fine.

Are you serious?
Do you really think that?

Of course!

Course I do, we're fine.
We're totally fine.

I don't know...

My God!

God, I'm sorry.

Just being crazy.

I'm sorry.

I'm just being crazy.
I know...

Don't pay any attention to me, okay?

We're fine...

Everything's totally fine.

Feel lot better now.

- Your dog's in distress.
- Yeah...

Tanya calls it "Separation Anxiety".
It hates to be left out.



- How far are we from Bagby hot springs?
- Oh you're real close.

I think. I've never been there, but it's
around here somewhere. Maybe 10 miles... away.

- We might have a little map printout in the back.
I'll check for ya. - Great.

And I'll bring you some coffee while
you're looking at the menus?

This is better anyway. Now we won't be rushed.
Take our sweet time!

- Need more time?
- No.


Hey, hang on a sec.

Could I get... two scrambled eggs,
dry toast and sausage.

Before my call comes. Could I get the same
as my friend please?

Except, bacon instead of sausage, and
no dry toast.

Wet toast please.

Very good.

Not too wet, just make it damp.

I know... I know, I'm sorry.

Well he thought he knew
where it was, but...

Remember who we're dealing with.

I don't know. Apparently we're...
closing in on it.

Did you do anything last night?

She's fine.

We're super close.

I never doubted you man.

This is where we're goin'.

- This is where we are?
- Awesome

Yo, yo, yo yo yo...

There! On the tree.

How we could've missed that!

I'm tellin' you man.
This is a very special place.

If you can't see the little arrows
at night, you can't get in.

- Grew pickles?
- Yes.

So they grew pickles?
It's only like a half-sour.

It was... I guess it's called half-sour where they're
sort of salty and don't have a lot of flavor.

- How are you feeling?
- Good.

I feel good.
How about you?

Feel good too.

I see sticks!

Yeah! Here!

My God! Lucy, come!

Go catch it!

It's only one day a week but,
really pulls me out of myself.

The kids are cool.

They're really into it.

And it's fun thinking about carpentry and

in a way I haven't for a long time.

Makes you realize how long ago
sixteen was.

So now this... it was basically a dumping ground,.
..is this really happening community garden.

I'm so proud of you, Mark.

I'm serious.

You've really done something.

- You've really given something back to the community.
- I don't know...

No, really.
I'm serious.

It's really something.

It's not that big a deal...
It's not that... much time out of my life.

It's nothing you couldn't do if you
felt like it too.

Not that you don't give to the community,
I mean...

Just a... different community.

This is it, Mark.

- Cool, this looks fantastic!
- I hope you like it.


Alright. Let's start these flowing.

Plug it up, and then...

- Let's grab it.

Come on.

Fill up here.

And then... just make the tubs
cool enough to get our bodies in.

Dump it in.

- Whole thing?
- Yeah!

Probably wanna refill.

Look at that water.



Wanted to get a notebook, for...
my journal.

So I borrowed Pete's bike,
and first when I took off riding,

and where I was on the sidewalk,
there was this old man on the sidewalk too.

And,... you know he was walkin', walkin'
walkin', so I thought: "Oh, I'm clear."

And I took off to the left, around him,
and just then he stepped to the left,

And I didn't ring the bell or anything.

When I got past him, he yelled at me.
He was like: "Hey! Thanks for the warning!"

And I just felt so... bad.
All of a sudden I felt so guilty.

But it was fine, you know.
Never gonna see this guy again.

But I realize I forgot
something at the house.

So I rode back. Had to ride back by him.

Just looked at his face, like, I felt like:
"Oh he's so angry at me. Totally hates me."

Whatever. Can forget him again.

So, then I wanna go, you know...
Get something to drink.

And I go into a little
store, stop the bike.

When I come back out, I get on the bike,
I'm riding,

I'm riding down the same street, cause it's a hill.
And I pass the guy again.

And again, I'm just like,
feeling more and more tense, like...

Then I've got a stretch, you know,
before I get to the notebook store.

So I'm like: "Okay! I can finally move
on with my life, not have this guy!"

Go down to the notebook store, look
for my notebook. It's like 20 blocks.

Look for my notebook.
Come up to the cash register.

I'm buyin' the notebook,
and the automatic doors open,

and I look up and the guy is like, walking
right into the store, right, in front of me.

And I'm just... can't believe it! And then the cashier
woman, I hear her talk to me all of a sudden,

She's like: "Superstar".


And I look at her. And she's this Indian woman, maybe
like 50 year old Indian woman, with glasses and

dot on her forehead. And I was like: "What?"
She said: "Jesus Christ Superstar!"

"You said Jesus Christ!"

I was like: "No! I didn't
say Jesus Christ."

You know? I looked at the bagging guy.
Asked like: "Did I say Jesus Christ?"

He's like, just, shrugs.

And she's like: "It's ok! It's ok!"

felt like, I feel like I would've known
if I'd said "Jesus Christ", you know?

I would've heard my voice in my memory,
like: "Jesus Christ"

"Jesus Christ", Kurt said "Jesus Christ".

So, I was still shaking my head, I was
like, I feel like I'm going crazy.

And I'm still sorta tense and everything.
"I feel like I'm going crazy!"

She's like: "It's ok! You're not crazy.
It's ok."

She was really nice.

And right when she said that, I...

This dream that I'd had just,
just yesterday morning, just flashed on me,

because, the same lady, the cashier lady was
in the dream, doing the same thing, basically

I mean it wasn't in a store

But I was really upset about something.
Totally depressed about something.

And she just... put her arms around me
and said: "It's okay! You're okay."

"Sorrow is nothing but, worn out joy."

I see all kinds of shit out there, man.

Most people don't see
it, they don't want to.

Hey, what's goin' on?

Just relax, man.

- Just, settle in.
- Alright.

- All righty!
- Yup!

That was... that was awesome, Kurt.

I'll call you soon, man.

Hold on a sec.

See ya.

See ya, Kurt!

Take care of the new people
who come along every year

to join the labor force or to re-join them.

And it doesn't take care of the sharply
higher cost of necessities.

It's one thing to say inflation appears
under control of the aggregate.

But when you notice that housing cost,
healthcare cost and energy cost are exploding

you're talking about things that make up the
overwhelming share of the budget of an ordinary family.

And so the combination of uncertainty about
the future and the pressures on the present

create this mood. Now the White House is
well aware of this.

You hear the word "recovery" all the time, because
they don't dare use the word "prosperity".

You also see things like these...
photo opportunities this week

from the... uh... so-called...
working vacation in Texas.

Think about help me out with a little change?
- Ahhh... I'm sorry, man.

- Hey man.
- Right on.

- Have a good night.
- You too.