Oglinda (1994) - full transcript

Focused around the August 23rd 1944 coup against Marshal Antonescu, the movie also tackles other topics from the same era such as the Iron Guard rebellion and the execution of political leaders by communists.

MOTTO: "History is the first book of a nation in
which we see the past, the present and the future.

- Nicolae Balcescu-

Jilava military
prison June 5, 1946.


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Constantin Z. Vasiliu
Former Minister of the Interior

He was sentenced to death by the People's
Court for war crimes and other charges.

Gheorghe Alexianu, former
governor of Transnistria

The Bucharest People's Court sentenced them to
death for war crimes and crimes against humanity

Mihai Antonescu, former
vice-president of the Council of Ministers

In 1944, he was sentenced
to death for war crimes

Ion Victor Antonescu military
officer, dictator, former head of state

In 1944, he was sentenced
to death for war crimes

Participants in the execution Avram Bunaciu
- secretary of the Ministry of the Interior

Mihail Gavrilovici - MI inspector
Alfred Petrescu - prosecutor

Gheorghe Sandulescu - prosecutor
Alexandru Rugina - commander of the execution platoon

Colonel Dumitru Pristavu - commander of Jilava military prison
Octavian Teodor Totolici - prison confessor

Gheorghe Colac - clerk
Alexandru Grigore lonescu - medical examiner

Constantin Paraschivescu-Balaceanu - lawyer,
Ion Antonescu's defender at the 1946 trial

6:06 p.m



August 1944

I need to receive the direct connection with
Mr. General Friessner (Johannes Frießner).

Captain, you have to wait. The general
is together with a special envoy of the OKW.

(OKW = German High Command)

He did not sleep for two days and two nights.

My dear Rudi, now
we can talk like friends.

Ten days after I asked OKW's permission
to withdraw to the right bank of the Prut

you come and tell me that you agree with
this withdrawal and show me even the direction.

What does Guderian think,
that the Russians stayed put?

The front was broken...

Our divisions are being harassed.

and the Romanians don't want to fight.

On August 20, Tolbukhin and
Malinovsky started an offensive

which I can only stop on the
Namoloasa-Focsani-Braila line,

and with only one condition:

for Antonescu to give me his
reserve divisions that he promised.

What did Antonescu promise you?

Empty words...

There are various rumors
about the situation in Romania.

I went to Bucharest.

Indeed, Romania's military
and political situation is uncertain.

and I have to maintain a front whose back must be solid.

I made two reports. One for the
Führer and the other for Ribbentrop

and I didn't get any answer.

You give more confidence in Killinger
and his diplomats from Bucharest.

Today I have a meeting with Marshal Antonescu.

I will let him know that I have considered a truce,

which will allow us to withdraw the army group to the homeland.

Rest and you will
become more optimistic.

The sun rose.

"Rest, Savior, the soul of your servant, Alexandru..

"Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

"and now and forever and ever. Amen

"A pure and innocent Virgin Mary...

The poor thing... If only he
had lived a few more days.

How many decorations! Look, he
received a bigger one, post mortem.

Anyway, this leaves the poor man cold...

Shut up!
- But what did I say?

"We are still praying for the repose of the soul of
the sleeping servant of God Alexandru Vogoride...

...so that he can be forgiven for all his unintentional mistakes

What are they doing here?

My child died because of them.

Mr. General, I am from the newspaper "Ecoul"...

It's not the right time!

If you allow me, I'm waiting for you.

Can you tell me something
about the situation at the front?

Ask the Marshal for a press conference.

He knows the situation at the front as well as I do.

Then something about the deceased?

You, as head of the German military
mission in Romania for the Air Force...

I told you before!

This is not the time!

General, you should know that our newspaper...

Damn it, they will fire me!

I'll take a picture of you on the edge of the grave,

and you tell me one phrase, three words, "A man of legend"

"A useful life is a delayed death.

Are you satisfied?

You paraphrased Goethe:

"A useless life is like a premature death"

Thank you.

Mr. Patrascanu, tell me how you, a
communist, got into the circle of the palace?

Who helped you?

My cousin Ulea works there.

He helped me a lot.

We have different opinions but we are in the same pot.

Yes, but not for long.

We are living in a historical moment
and we have no right to lose it.

Whoever acts now gain the power.

Mr. (Emil) Bodnaras,

it is rumored that in Chernivtsi (Ukraine) the
Soviets are preparing a communist government.

Do you know anything about this?

I heard something, but I have no confirmation.

There are three variants:

One: together with the king we conclude the truce,

before the battle on Siret, the version that
advantage us.

Two: there won't be the truce.

The Russians break the
front and occupy Bucharest.

The variant that benefits the government from Cernauti.

And three: Antonescu concludes the armistice
and then we will hardly raise our heads.

You are informed that in the afternoon
you are expected at the palace.

Fine, thanks.

Good sign.

No! This way.

-You are late.
- I was very busy.

Long live, Your Majesty!

Hello, Mr. Patrascanu.

Please forgive me. Gentlemen.

Continue, General (Constantin) Sanatescu!

Your Majesty has been
informed of the existing plan

which ensures public order
in case of disturbances.

Everything will depend on element of surprise...

"In extremis", it will be possible to count on the
leavers withdrawn by Antonescu from the front.

I am sure they will
answer the first call.

What was I telling you! He also prepared the rope
with which he can be hanged!


I asked you...

For now, the Marshal wants to
personally deal with the front of Moldova.

He changes strategies, make new appointments.

Whatever, he is the commander of the army.

General Vasiliu-Rascanu,

according to the Constitution, the
head of the army can only be His Majesty.

Which Constitution, Mr. (Dinu) Bratianu?
We are in full dictatorship!

That's what I wanted you to know!

At this time, Marshal Antonescu is at General
Friessner's headquarters in Slanicul Moldovei

where he establishes the battle plan.

There is only one way.
Let's call them here.

According to the plan, the German
troops retreat to the Siret line.

thus covering the rear of the 20 Romanian divisions,

which had to last at
least two or three days.

I thought that the Romanian army would fight with
more conviction on the territory of its own country

On the contrary, the officers refuse to fight,

and Iasi fell without any resistance.

I made an analysis of the situation
at the front with all the commanders

I was informed that you spoke to your
generals of treason, of the court martial

But you were wrong to tell them:

"If you now think about a political solution,

this is my competence and not yours."

You are well informed.

Confirming this possibility,
they panicked even more,

not willing to die or be taken
prisoners in the last days of the war.

Allow me to tell you, Mr. Marshal,

that you should fear your generals
more than the politicians from Bucharest.

Mr. (luliu) Maniu, you know
Marshal better than I do.

Do you really think that the commitment to Hitler
could keep them from signing the armistice?

Truly, Your Majesty, of all those
present I know him the best.

That is exactly why I wanted
him to sign the armistice.

He dragged the country into
this war, then he must get it out of it.

And yet, the Marshal insists on notifying
Hitler before concluding the armistice.

Is this how you get out of a war?

It is difficult to get out of a war when the
victory does not belong to you, Your Majesty..

I wrote dozens of letters and memos to
Antonescu from the moment he joined Hitler

beyond the liberation of Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina

I told him: "For God's sake, don't do that!"

And he did it.

And Mr. Bratianu wrote letters to him.

However, it is my duty to try again.

I will go at his place tomorrow, Your Majesty.

If you don't get rid of him now, Your Majesty

you will remain further in the shadows,

while he will pass with the allies.

He was with Hitler and Mussolini.

You will transform a finished man
in a stronger and more dangerous one.

If we accept this role, too,
we will never get rid of him.

He must be removed.

You are young... hot
blooded and thirsty for power.

But I don't blame you for it.

We all want a change, Your Majesty.

First of all, the people want it, Excellency.

In this matter, water and fire are twinned

and the devil with God.

lata, I (luliu Maniu) leader
of the National Peasant Party

I met four times Mr. (Lucretiu)
Patrascanu, communist leader.

Five times, Your Excellency!

All memorable for me.

Thank you, dear sir, no less for me.

Although we might pay someday.

If you want to remove Antonescu, I would
still like to talk to him one more time.

Maybe he will respond to the proposals coming from Stockholm.

Do you mean the story with Mrs.
(Aleksandra) Kolontai, the Soviet ambassador?

Or a possible truce
concluded by Antonescu?

It's not really a story,
Mr. Titel Petrescu.

I also used that channel.

It is obvious that the Anglo-Americans leave all the
initiative to the Soviets as far as Romania is concerned.

The favorite of the allies in terms of signing the armistice,

apart from me, of course it is
Antonescu, gentlemen and your Majesty.

Yes... Yes... Why?

Because he is the head of the
government, he is the head of the army

and he knows the Germans best.

So he can ensure the
transformation with minimum risks.

And there's something else, gentlemen...

Antonescu is the only person in
this country whom Hitler respects.

We will prove that it is not so.

At the first meeting I had
with the Führer, he told me:

"I'm counting on you.
Count on me."

He proved it in 1941, on the occasion of the Legionary Rebellion.

His confidence flatters me and obliges me.

Regarding the Romanian officers...

Mr. General...

In 1939 you divided Poland
in two with the Russians,

and in 1940 you gave Bessarabia to
Stalin, and Transylvania to the Hungarians.

In this situation, why the Romanian officer,

whom you blame for the lack of attachment to the German cause

why should he send his
troup to die in a war that is lost?

How would they motivate such a gesture in their conscience?

I will remain faithful
to the commitments I made...

This does not mean that I should not foresee the
possibility of concluding an armistice with the Russians,

to save my country from a disaster.

I am overwhelmed by the situation.

But I remind you that Germany did not oppose the
armistice negotiations conducted by Mannerheim in Finland.

Anyway, by stopping the Soviet offensive,
you will talk to them differently

and we will have time to withdraw.

I, as a soldier, can only wish you to get peace

without losing your honor.

Regarding the political
machinations you alluded to

I want to say that I am very sure
that in my country I have no one to fear.

And what do we do if the Marshal refuses?

As an alternative, we thought
at a military government.

Excuse me, sir, I heard you asked the Justice (Ministry)

I understand you, you
want to save your comrades.

If you insist, we agree with civilians in the
government, but without portfolios, Your Majesty.

Excellency, a coup
implies a political amnesty.

I have foreseen everything.

We also have a proclamation to the country.

I will study it.

I also sketched one, Your Majesty.
I'll think about it.

And regarding the civilians in the government...we insist.

Your comrades or the Russians?

Gentlemen, thank you.

- Your Majesty, if you allow me.
- Yes.

You know, at least we still have some
experience in the rules of conspiracy.

Starting today until Saturday,
26 all those involved must "sink" themselves. ("go to the bottom")

It's not a formal term, but...

All right.

Gentlemen, you heard - "to the bottom"!

If the king said "to the bottom, then let's drink it to the bottom.

Good luck, Your Majesty!

But you are impossible, dear!

I thought you complimented
her, like any beautiful woman

but everywhere you
turn, you only hear politics.

How about dancing a "Conga"?

Yes! Yes! Conga!

Poor Vogoride...
with both legs torn off.

They didn't even find them.


And how much he loved to dance!

It was an exceptional funeral.

You will regret not coming.

Ruxandra, you have a happy nature,

go from conga to funeral.

Good thing you can...

What do you want us to do, dear?
"A la guerre come a la guerre".


Oh no gentlemen! I said that
I will kill if I hear politics again!

Mr. Morosan, have you heard what the
American soldiers put in their rucksacks?


- How no?! No!

An inflatable rubber woman!

Poor boys! I can imagine how inhibited they are!

And they want to come here with their chewing gum.

Miss Ruxandra, I'm afraid that others will
come with balalaikas and without chewing gum.

Do you think they will come with balalaikas?!

Wow, how romantic!

Go to the piano and sing "Oci Ciornie"!

Good idea!

Oci Ciornie (Black eyes):

Black eyes, passionate eyes,

Burning and wonderful eyes...

Gicu, where is His Majesty?

What is it, Mircea?

Your Majesty, doctor Cîrstea, intercepted a telephone
conversation of an officer staying with him in Sinaia,

and who works at the Marshal's office.

It seems that the Marshal wants
to return to the front on August 23,

establishing his headquarters in Sighisoara.

They decided to fight alongside
the Germans at any risk.

Gicu, you can take it off!

Gicu, tell them to prepare their
weapons, we're going hunting!

I understand, Your Majesty!

Understood, Your Majesty - I will summon them all.

I was told that the Marshal would return to the
front on the 23rd to take command of the troops.

What do you know about it?

I also found out from Steflea.

Take care, General Sanatescu.

Tonight I will be in Bucharest.

You mobilize everyone, especially the elderly.

I understand, Your Majesty!


I think I made enough fuss.

Let's go!


This is Reder. Did you know that
your king hunted at Scrovistea today?

I knew.

And you knew that, instead of returning to
Sinaia, he is heading to Bucharest?

Mr. Reder, His Majesty
is sovereign in his country.

Of course, but I see that even the Marshal's cabinet does
not know exactly what is he doing and I see that neither do you!

Do you think he intends to stay in the capital?

He stays where he wants. I don't see
what worries the German embassy!

We have worked together excellently so far.

But there are happening some things that
I have the impression you can not control them.

And does the German embassy want to control them?

It would only allow it "in extremis".

Then don't allow it.

In the name of our old collaboration.



Gentlemen, the situation is not
catastrophic, but it could become.

For now I have separated
our troops from the German ones.

-Did you summon the Council?
- Only the ministers of war, that's what you said.

- Exactly! Nothing from Stockholm?
- Nothing!

Neither from Cairo nor from Rome.

Instead, (Carl August) Clodius is waiting.

Clodius? What does he want?

Oil overdues.
Maybe some money...

- Minister (Constantin) Pantazi, (Minister of Defense)!
- Marshal!

Please receive him and make him understand that we
are obliged to conclude an armistice with the Allies.

- Later I will receive him, too.
- I understand!

Something else?

(Ion) Mihalache, on behalf of
Maniu, wishes that this evening...

I will receive him tonight, after Clodius.

- And the palace?
- We'll see tomorrow.

What degree does that one have?

He is General (Erik Oskar) Hansen, the
German military attaché in Bucharest.

Grand Hotel du Boulevard, built
in 1867, in the heart of Bucharest.

You are not very fit, doctor!

I saw Marshal Antonescu this afternoon.

He seemed quite disappointed
by the visit he made to the front.

Do you doubt the feelings of the Marshal?

No, I wouldn't say that.

Antonescu remains faithful to
the promises made to the Führer.

But the state of things is getting worse.

And tomorrow, from an economic point of view,
I must obtain a great effort from Romania.

Good luck!

I hope you will not forget, the loan is very
necessary for our troops in the country.

Three months have passed since
they did not receive their full pay.

Mr. General, this is a trifle on the list
that we must impose on the Marshal.

However, I stand by my conviction

that a total occupation of Romania would
incomparably solve all economic problems...

not to mention the insecurity
that reigns in this country.

Lili Marleen!

Lili Marleen!

Lili Marleen! Lili Marleen!



- Yes I am!
- I thought I should inform you immediately.

The man of the palace together with
the head of the Marshal's military cabinet

had a strange discussion on the lake.

At this time?
- Yes, at this time!

I was surprised too.

Then he hurried towards Bucharest.

It is certain that something essential was communicated to him.

Our man Eric tells me that:

Mr. Marshal has an overloaded agenda for today:

The Council of Ministers, the
reception of Clodius, of Mr. Bratianu.

You are also targeted by an audience.

Wait for me at the known place.

I'll be there in half an hour.

Ok, I got it.

It seems that Maniu, Bratianu and the
other party leaders convinced the king,

to form a coalition government under the command
of the Marshal, for the signing of the armistice.

What's wrong with that?

Ionel, think about it...
the proposal is not bad.

The king must not interfere in politics.

Today I do politics and I want
him not to be engaged in anything.

As for the politicians,

I am waiting for an answer from
Maniu and Bratianu this very morning.

Why do you take again all the responsibility?

Leave me alone because
I know what I have to do.

Get in!

Nothing from Stockholm?


See? And I promised you
that I would make peace today.

But to make peace, at least two are needed.
Like in love.


We cannot let him escape us.

He won't be here on the 26th.

I can't hear you, speak louder!

I say: today or never.
We can get him only now..

Sire, I smell him, I know him!

There is a reason for which we dislike each other as much.

If he goes to the front, he will have ambitions,
he will lead us to catastrophe

He imagines that he can stop the Russians.

You understand me, the Russians!

Until they approve all his conditions.

Sire, call them to the palace, both him
and (Mihai Antonescu) and arrest them!

We have no choice.

But we all decided otherwise.

But his return to the front changes everything!
Sire, decide!

And how we find the others?

Which "others?" The king decides!

All right!
Call them to the palace.

Good morning! To live!

Has the meeting started?

A quarter of an hour ago,
Mr. Maresal started the meeting.

Quickly, I'm in a hurry!

I checked.

Mr. Marshal will return to
the front in the afternoon.

He has already prepared his luggage.

That's probably what
they discussed on the lake.

Did he contact the palace?

Mr. Marshal requested an audience for 4:00 p.m.

Who is on duty inside?
lonescu, the lackey.

Isn't he Bratianu? Sure.

- Hello!
- Hello!

You are right.

As a former governor of
Transnistria, you can't escape.

The few Russian historical values recovered
after the Soviets evacuated Transnistria

were placed in shelter in the event of their restitution.

If only the Russians had behaved the
same way with the Romanian treasury.

I gave them a cigarette break.

I listen to you, Mr. Bratianu.

Mr. Marshal,

in these moments,
more than ever,

the country turns its eyes to those
from whom it expects salvation.

That is?

I mean to your lordship,
to us, to the palace.

Otherwise, there is a risk that the
Communist Party will seize power.

I also have a mandate from Mr. Iuliu Maniu, to assure you

that by signing the armistice,
we will stay with you.

That is?
That is, guarantees.

All responsibilities arising from the consequences
of this act would fall to all of us equally.

Perfect, Mr. Bratianu!

But please take responsibility yourself through a written act.

If we have your understanding, at 3 pm
I will be here with this written document.

One more thing...

At the insistence of the palace, I appointed
Mr. Vice-President of the Council of Ministers

to announce that at 16:00 I will
have a meeting with our young king.

Please be punctual!

Without this act, my meeting
at the palace becomes useless.

And I don't have time to waste!

Thank you!

They postponed you again, didn't they?

I gave them a deadline of 3 p.m.

Do you believe it

Such a document could constitute
evidence of an act of high treason.

and they will be executed.

They have to risk something once in a while, too.

Haven't they?

Let's go!

Remember, my dear, in politics,
haste is close to suicide.

You, professor, are a well-known historian,

but the name obliges you to decisive political attitudes.

Family tradition, Mr. President.

Yes, you, the Bratianu family, have a great vocation.

But sometimes you become sentimental.

And the sentiments and politics...

I think that he should still have taken the promised letter to the Marshal.

See, you reproach yourself.


What the Marshal had to do,
he had to do without our letter.

If they are from the palace, I'm not here.

I respect the setpoint I agreed with.

Please, you know what to tell them.

- Who is?
- Ghica, Mr. (Corneliu) Coposu.

- Hello, Mr. Ghica!
- Hello!

Useless. Absolutely useless to insist.

He expressed his the opinion to His Majesty .

Okay, then please convey to
Mr. Maniu, on behalf of his Majesty,

tomorrow morning at five o'clock at the palace.

I will pass it on.


Who was it, dear?

lorgu Ghica, prefect of the palace.

He insists that you take over the government.

It seems that...

See? You say "it seems that"!

In politics, you cannot make decisions based on uncertainty.

They want you to go to the palace today.

To take over the government and accept
the conditions proposed by the Russians?

No! No, dear...

I cannot link my name to the
borders imposed by Moscow.

I know that the people from
the palace are in a juvenile hurry

and if what I assume happens,
everything could end in a catastrophe.

But we don't matter, the country does.

Only the country!

- Good morning!
- We are waiting for you.

I received a call from Marshal, he asks us to
postpone the meeting until the afternoon.

So we have time to determine together
how the requests should be formulated.

And find the most suitable solution to get the maximum.

Last night I spoke with General
Hansen who gave me some instructions.

Yes, my dear, but I must remind you that
Erik Hansen is a friend of Ion Antonescu.

He is the man who gave
orders to the German troops

to help him during the legionary rebellion (21-23 January, 1941).

In his turn, the Marshal
intervened next to the Führer,

to recall him from the front
to the position he is now.

Did he tell you this?

The general is a true gentleman.

Yes, of course!

Mr. Marshal, Mr. Bratianu has come.

He can come in!

Come in, Mr. Bratianu.

Mr. Marshal! Mr. Minister!

I'm sorry, but I couldn't find them.

No, Mr. Bratianu!

You were supposed to bring me the written
agreement before my audience with the king.

where I had to go with the decision made.

That is, I should have confirm that, given the fact that
the internal political union has been achieved

I can begin the peace negotiations.

Couldn't you just take their word for it?

I'm tired of empty words, Mr. Bratianu!

I am criticized for not wanting to leave the
war because of the promises made to Hitler.

If you had brought me the letter, we would have
announced to Germany today that we are out of the war.



Don't worry.
I have a plane ready.

I can go to Ankara anytime.

You go to the palace alone!

If we all agreed to an armistice,
we would all go to inform the king.

This way... all I have to do is
convince my officers at the front

that stopping the Russian offensive obliges Moscow
to respect us and conclude an honorable armistice.

We will be here with the team, Your Majesty

and your Majesty together with the two Antonescu
and Mr. General Sanatescu, in the cabinet.

The door remains slightly open.

When you'll raise your voice and say...

What? "You are dismissed!"

Leave the rest to us.

We'll lock them up in the vault room upstairs.

Metal walls, armored door.

Gentlemen, let's be clear,
this remains the last solution.

Absolutely the last.

When there will be no other way.


A cable from the front, from Colonel
Dragomir from the command of the 4th Army.

Although it was addressed
to me, I present it to you.

"If we do not receive
written instructions today...

"we will take the liberty to act as we see fit.

"It's time to solve it.

"You can count on our absolute Romanian faith..

I don't like the tone!
It sounds like an ultimatum.

Like a "pronunciation" (declaration), sire!

What do you want people to do?
They are being followed by Russian tanks.

They must not forget that they are soldiers!

Call the guard!

Nobody walked here since the earthquake of '40.

Help me!

You will be told what to do.

That's the key.

You have three locks: one, two, three.

From here it closes.

Take care of it, don't give it to anyone.

I understand, Your Majesty!

Ionescu, what is going on there?

The Marshal gave up the audience.

He sent Mr. Mihai Antonescu
to apologize him to the king.

Good. I'm going to the office.
Call me there if something happens.

I understand!

Only Rica is coming, Emilian lonescu is bringing him!

Sire! Mr. Prime Minister!

I have an unpleasant mission.

I know what awaits me.

The head of the one who bears bad news will fall.

The Marshal cannot attend
the requested audience.

Please excuse him.

You are making a mistake, Professor.

The marshal has been summoned!

He was not granted an audience.

And a summons from the king is answered unconditionally!

If Your Majesty would grant
me a strictly private audience...

I mean, in private.


Take a seat!

I'm listening, professor.

The marshal does not want to involve you in
a problem that he wants to solve himself.

He will not come to the palace.

I have an emergency solution.

I want you to know first that the efforts
in Ankara seems to be fruitful.

If I had the honor to receive the
high royal mission to travel there

Where? In Ankara.

When? Now.

With what? I have a plane.
Everything is ready.

Plus high royal power of attorney,
which you only have to sign.

And Marshal Antonescu knows?

It's my own initiative...

Not. He does not know.

You were my professor of Roman law.

Do you know what this is called in legal language?

Your Majesty, you misunderstood me...

Professor... the protocol imposes
in such situations the formula:

"Your Majesty, excuse me...I didn't express myself well"

Mr. General Sanatescu, call the
Marshal and make him come here!


Hello! Is that you, Davidescu?

This is General Sanatescu.

Give me Mr. Maresal on the phone!

It's urgent!

He calls him.

Stop begging him so much, sir!

Command him in the name
of His Majesty to come here.

I know how to talk to him.

It's me, Ionescu.


Mr. Marshal received a phone call from the palace

and he was convinced to go there.

The luggage is packed for departure.

Good. Keep me updated!

What's going on, Ionescu?
Nothing special is happening, Mr. Marshal.

His Majesty is waiting for you.

He's coming.

Long live, your Highness.

Take a seat!

I don't ask for explanations.

The facts speak.

Without consulting me, you decided
on your own to continue the war.

Despite the fact that the
entire front is collapsing.

Your Highness!

Not the continuation of the war, but obtaining a favorable
moment through the fight, if there is no other way,

which will allow us an armistice
and not an unconditional surrender!

Yes, but the army no longer wants to fight!

That's exactly why I go there.

If I have a single chance of
victory to stop the Russians,

they will prefer a truce.

I have sent a note with our amendments.

What amendments?

Your Highness!...

Stop telling me "Your Highness"!

But how shoul he call you?

The correct form of appellation is "Your Majesty."

Finally, say what you want...

I resume...

The note was presented
today in the council.

Avoiding the devastation of the country,

avoiding dishonoring
the Romanian army,

and respecting the Romanian administration.

The problem of Bessarabia and Northern Bucovina

to be resolved at the end of the war.

The payment of damages should not exceed the possibilities of the country.

That would be it.

There were also recoverable damages from the Germans...

This is after the signing of the peace,
at the closing of the final accounts.

Above all, obviously,
the supreme condition:

non-recognition of the dictate from Vienna,
implicitly the reunification of Northern Transylvania.

Do you think you can get all these conditions?

We are waiting for an answer
from Moscow, via Stockholm.

That's why I came back from the front yesterday.

But while waiting for the
answer we have to fight!

According to my information, apart from Stockholm,
action was also taken in other directions.

I facilitated them all deliberately

without asking why they go without me.

I also told Messrs. Maniu,
Bratianu, Titel Petrescu:

"You conclude the truce..."

"I will not oppose you..."

"On the contrary, I'll help you..

"I become a soldier and execute the order I received...

"take the lead"

Their answer was always negative.

It was a little different.

Their answer was:

"Antonescu dragged the country into war...
Let Antonescu get it out."

I take it out, but not anyway.

In no case with the Bolshevization of Romania!

I don't give the country into the hands of the Russians!

Do you really think you could stop the Russians?

Yes. We have such a plan.

Which, in case it won't be done, it will
turn into a national catastrophe.

The truce must be concluded.

I want guarantees.

And if I don't have them, I will continue
fighting alongside the German troops.

I don't agree with your attitude.

You will call for an immediate truce.

I will choose my own moment.
I don't need to be taught.

There will be only one solution.


Should I resign and leave the
country in the hands of a child?


Here we go ! -Silence!

I do not have any cigarettes.

Please excuse me.

- Bring me a glass of water!
- Don't let them gain time:

Make your decision.
Armistice now or resign on the spot.

You know the formula.

Don't give in. Go on!

I'm sorry you don't realize
the situation you're in.

Nothing can convince
me to change my plans.

I will continue the war.

In this situation, I feel obliged to
take into account the will of my people

and I will personally take measures
to save the country from disaster.

I have decided to
conclude the truce today

and if you refuse, I
order you to resign!


I don't take orders from anyone!

I am the one who decides in this country!

Then you are dismissed.


At your command.


By high order: you are under arrest.

What are you doing?

A platoon officer lays hands on the head of the state?!

What is this, Sanatescu?

I come to you like an honest man
and you treat me like a bandit?

What are you doing?
Take Mr. Marshal's hand!

I said, execute!


Tomorrow you will all be hanged!

Remove the Antonescu's
cars from the front of the palace!

Double the guards everywhere!

Find an excuse and disarm the escort.

- Come on! Execute!
- I understand!

- Yes.
- Hello! Talk to Mr. Tobescu.

Put him through.
- This is (Constantin) Tobescu.


The minister called me and told me
to take you and go to the palace together.

But I didn't like his voice.
What do you think?

What do I think?
I am sure that a coup is being prepared.

The marshal, Mihai Antonescu and other ministers were called there.

I think they were arrested.

And what are you going to do?

What should I do?
I'm going to the German embassy.

Okay, I'm coming too.

Stay! Calm down!

Stop being so agitated. Consume the air.

At this time we were supposed to receive Clodius.

It doesn't matter now anymore?

They will sound the alarm
and will get us out of here.

Do you believe it?

I can't believe that the Germans
and my army will leave me.

"With full confidence in the
future of the Romanian nation...

"let's walk resolutely on the path of making tomorrow's Romania...

"of a free, strong and happy Romania.

Do you think it turned out well?

Right, Your Majesty.

Out of three recordings, we make a good one.

- Where is Sanatescu?
- He is waiting for you.

I would go personally, to
look for the party leaders.

Agree. Let's go.

I'm sorry, I couldn't find the party leaders.

Mr. General Sanatescu,

I can' help it,...
I put you in charge of the government.

We will consult about the portfolios.

Maniu, Bratianu, Titel Petrescu, Patrascanu

all the ministers, without
portfolios, as Maniu proposed.

(Lucretiu) Patrascanu, we can leave him
provisionally ad interim to Minister of Justice.

(Aurel) Aldea... At Internal (Affairs)!

(Grigore Niculescu)- Buzesti

you have diplomatic experience, you take
over (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

I want about ten more generals.

General (Gheorghe) Mihail!

I saw him downstairs, in the market.
I called him here.

Chief of the General Staff, what do you say?

Yes, Your Majesty.

And I?

Barons (loan Mocsony-Stârcea), I make you marshal of the royal court

Your majesty...

We thought about everything,
but we didn't decide anything about the ones which are above us.

Where do we shove them?

Here I predict that the situation starts to get complicated.

I will think about it.

Go to the door, point your gun at them!

We can't breathe anymore!


It useless being angry with us.

We must obey the orders and when they come from his Majesty,
there is no room for bargaining.

You will receive water, cigarettes, paper and two chairs.

Keep your eyes open.
If they attack you, shoot.

Yes. One moment. Wait, please.

Who is it?

Embassy, Herr von Killinger.

(Baron Manfred) Von Killinger.


The Marshal and the minister?

It can't be!

Who else is there?

Be calm, gentlemen!

I know Romanians well.

This can only be a small
operetta episode.

I'll be there in a moment.

Get dressed, Ella. I was leaving.

Why? What happened?

For more than three hours, Antonescu and several
ministers were summoned by the king to the palace.

It is not excluded that they were arrested.

Okay, but it's just an assumption, is it?

And if it isn't?
No, Ella, that would be crazy.

I can't even imagine that Romania
leaves the war under the current conditions.

That would be a disaster for us.

Soldier, raise the barrier!

Ella, do you see what they are doing?
Raise barricades.

Yes, I think so.

I feel like I'm in a rat race.

I don't know what's wrong with you,
Manfred. I do not recognize you anymore.

You will find another Antonescu, right?

We have enough in Berlin.

But not even three weeks have passed,

since I assured the Führer that nothing
happens in this country unbeknownst to him.

Don't be upset, but the order sounds like this:

twenty minutes - outside
and twenty minutes - inside.

You can also take the chairs.

So far no one has reacted.

What do you think?

Now I know what I have to do.

Mr. Marshal, time is not lost.

We knock on the door
and say that you agree.

Although I am Romanian too

unlike you, I want to remain consequently
in my honor as a man and as a soldier.

Don't be upset, but I have to remind you

that after the first meeting
with Hitler you said:

"He's a big man."

After the conversation on
August 5, you said: "He's crazy"

Do you want to stay with a crazy person?

I must choose between a madman
and some cowards and traitors.

I prefer to stay on the side of the first.

Please contact the palace and request
an immediately audience with the king .

Yes. I understand.

Whatever the consequences for us,

we must announce the Führer's Headquarters

and Friessner on the Moldovan front.

As far as I'm concerned,
a few tanks, a battery of cannons

and a squadron of bombers
I would make order in this city.

But I want a written order.

All the more since I am also
responsible for Romanian oil,

which is indispensable
to the German army.

His Majesty is waiting for you.

Hail Hitler!
Good evening, Mr. Ambassador.

To what fact do I owe such an
urgent request for this meeting?

Your Majesty, the Reich Embassy has been
notified of the arrest of Marshal Ion Antonescu

and of the vice-president of the
Council of Ministers, Mr. Mihai Antonescu.

I regret, Mr. Ambassador,
that you believe the rumours.

Your Majesty, I am here to
ask you on behalf of the Führer:

Has the Marshal been arrested?

Mr. Ambassador, instead of rumours,
I recommend you to listen to the radio.

At 22:00 a press release will be broadcast.

Am I to understand that Mr. Maresal is well, healthy?

If that reassures you, I assure
you that the Marshal is healthy.

Your Majesty, is the
Marshal now in the palace?

I'm sorry, but I couldn't say
where the Marshal is now.

Am I to understand that Mr. Maresal has resigned?

Please just understand that at 10:00 p.m

an important announcement will be broadcast on the radio.

Your Majesty, I think you will realize that I am neither gullible nor an idiot.

I just want to warn you in case of any malfunctions
on the part of the Palace

our response will be necessary for the
normalization of the situation in Romania.

Mr. Ambassador, it is not
prudent to make threats,

before knowing the facts.

You can discuss the diplomatic details later

with Prime Minister Constantin Sanatescu

and with our new foreign minister,
Mr. Mircea Niculescu-Buzesti.

So, new government.

Without our information as
allies and, I suppose, against us.

Shall I convey this to the Führer?

Your Majesty, do you realize what will follow?

Mr. Ambassador,

Please tell the Führer to take advantage
of the opportunity I am offering him

to withdraw his troops from the country without delay and without violence.

In this way, you can keep a
friend in the Romanian people,

not turning it into
a formidable enemy

through the reprisals with which you
do us the honor of threatening us.

With this, please consider the audience closed.

You didn't help me much,
you left me alone.

You were formidable, sire.

And here we have done
what Antonescu wanted to do.

How do you mean?

He told Hitler that we
were withdrawing from the war

and let them leave in
order and without reprisals.

That's what Antonescu wanted, right?

Your Majesty, they have come.
The are at the door.

Patrascanu with one more, the engineer Ceausu.

Maniu, Bratianu, Titel Petrescu?

I didn't find them, Your Majesty.


I received an information that some representatives
of the communists entered the palace.

Know something?

I know more, but this
time I'm a bit worried

and the fate of the marshal of the Marshal and ours.

What have you done, Your Majesty?
You made us miserable!

Mr. Patrascanu, I don't understand your excitement.

Who is this mister?

Excuse me, I didn't make the
presentations... Engineer Ceausu.

Alias Bodnarenko or (Emil) Bodnaras,

former officer, convict, deserter,

Recently returned from the Soviet Union.

You forgot, Mr. Starcea,

that the Soviet army is
300 km from Bucharest,

that you need us and not the other way around.

I represent the Romanian Communist
Party together with Mr. Patrascanu.

Party that in a way represents the victorious
Soviets, even if it doesn't even have 800 members.

Mr. Patrascanu,

I congratulate you for the acceptance in the government.

You hold the Justice portfolio.

Thank you for your trust, Your Majesty!

Having this new atribution, what do we do with the two
prisoners who must be put in complete safety?

The two Antonescu?

We decideded that a guard is needed for them.

Don't let what happened to Mussolini,

who was saved by Skorzeny's
Germans (on September 12, 1943).

Bratianu said that he doesn 't
not have people for such a thing.

Maniu said he would give us Ilie Lazar, his bodyguard.

But now there is neither
Mr. Maniu nor Ilie Lazar.

We have people.
We are taking this problem upon ourselves.

At the same time, you also
take the moral responsibility.

I hope you realize its importance.

Do not worry.

I would not want the Marshal to
fall into the hands of the Soviets.

Do you take them now?
- We will come after them this very night.


Gentlemen, the situation is serious.

But let's not cause panic.

Ion Antonescu and most of
the government... were arrested.

Please, I wasn't told that,
but it goes without saying.

Anyway, we have to announce Berlin.

- Friessner.
- This is Hansen. Bad news.

I heard something. I want clarifications.
We have no time to waste!

Is it true that Ion Antonescu was arrested?

Von Killinger met the king.

This was confirmed by the new government,
who wants to make a truce with the Russians.

However, he does not intend to fight against us.

That's what you think!

Here on the front the situation is catastrophic.

You must immediately take the initiative.

Think of it, as the entire
army group "South Ukraine"

remains without the possibility of withdrawal.

Yes. But we were waiting
for an answer from the Führer.

Who did you talk to in Berlin?

(Alfred) Gerstenberg
spoke to Marshal Göring,

who advised him to do nothing
and to wait for the Führer's orders.

I will also talk to the Headquarters.

But I want to draw your attention to the fact that
the time you lose is categorically unrecoverable.

In a few hours the situation will be different.

"I was lost in the wave of the world...

"I could hear laughter behind me...

"Everyone was laughing as they laugh there in the spring...


"Leave the devices on".

"We will send an important message to the country.

What happens?

An interruption...



"Leave the devices on.

"We will send an important message to the country.


"In the most difficult hour of our history...

"I apreciate in full agreement with my people.

"that there is only one way to save the country from a total catastrophe"

"our exit from the alliance with the Axis powers...

"and the immediate cessation of
the war with the United Nations...


I hear it for the third time. I'm still listening,
sire, and I don't know what it's missing.

I keep thinking what made Patrascanu
say that I ruined them.

What did he mean by that?

You took the grass from under their feet, sire.

Anyway, the communists
will claim the authorship of the act.

Even if they weren't there.

They were ready for the 26th,

when everything would have
happened under their supervision.

I wouldn't want to leave Bucharest now.

The country needs a living king.

I would like to be on the
street now, with the people.

I am afraid that the street should pay for this pleasure.

Hurry up, sire.

Get in!
- May we enter, Your Majesty?

Yes, please.

The spies (Alfred de)
Chastelain and (Silviu) Metianu

Immediately remove from the gendarmerie
and bring them here!

Then I leave.

And what do we do with Hansen and Gerstenberg?

They asked to be received.

Let Sanatescu receive them.

I feel sorry for Hansen...


Tell Sanatescu to be firm

and to convince them that
we do not need bloodshed.

They have three days to leave the country.

I understand!

We have got the hardest hit.

The whole rear of the front fell.

And maybe even worse...

They will attack us...

We asked the Germans to
leave the country in three days!

Gerstenberg demanded an escort, who would pass him
through our checkpoints upon exiting Bucharest.

And you gave it to them?

I don't know if I did it right, but...

he gave his word of honor.

Gerstenberg and the word of honor...

Sire, so far they haven't fired at the palace.

But from here on we can expect anything.

Leave the palace. We remain here.

So we have 22 divisions against 60.


The Führer appoints me the supreme
commander of all operations in Romania.


It is a great responsibility
but also a great honor.

Honor? My honor is fidelity!

lar my fidelity at this time

is to avoid the fall of the German army we lead

in one of the greatest catastrophes of this war.


The radio connection with Bucharest was interrupted.

Sire, we will keep you posted on everything that happens.

Do you think it's good to hand Maresal over to these communists?

Mr. General, you are the prime minister.

You will decide for yourself what you have to do.

I thought about it and I don't think it's
good for me to get involved in this problem.

It is important that it be in a safe and secret place.

May I?

Yes, but briefly.

The SS brigade commander Hoffmeyer reports that he faces
difficulties in executing the order to attack Bucharest.

I didn't even expect another answer.

A radiogram from Bucharest.

It's from Mr. General Hansen.

"Nothing gives us the chance
of a military or political success.

Instead, the situation of the army
group can become even dangerous."

The question is, will Gerstenberg act before
he receives an answer from the Führer?

We need to do something.

Send a telegram!

"4th Air Fleet:

Not to undertake anything against the
Romanians, if they will not be attacked.

Wait for new orders!"

I understand!

- Mr. General!
- I am, Mr. General, Ceausu.

Ah, Mr. Bodnaras!

I didn't know what happened!

I brought a van and a driver from the palace.

We are ready to take them over.

Are you armed?

Of course. We have revolvers.

But it would be good to
give us automatic pistols.

I think that Mr. Maresal and the prisoners we hold
at the palace would be safer in a military unit.

Mr. General, you're joking!

We came to take the
prisoners as we agreed.

I would like you to give
me your word of honor.

We have a very secure place.

Everything was prepared in the smallest details.

Where are they?

Give me the duty officer!

What are you doing, man?

If you don't know how to use a
gun, why do you get your hands on it?

Do you think they will shoot us?

Everything is possible.

But I can't believe that
the army will leave me.

Get out, please!

Will you shoot us?

We won't shoot you.

If you obey orders, nothing will happen to you.

Follow me!



Yes! say!

You have received a telephone
note from OKW, directly for you.

Please excuse me.


"Regarding your request, Mr. General Hansen

and of General Grolman...
the Führer's order remains in force.

So in Rastenburg (today Ketrzyn-Poland)
Gerstenberg's view has won.

An aviator.

- What time is it?
- Five, General.

Hello, Baneasa!

Yes I am!

Hello, Baneasa!
Here is the Otopeni-2 observation post.

A heavily armed German column
is heading towards Bucharest!

General, I have orders not
to let anyone enter the city.

Lieutenant, are you crazy?

Don't you see what I have behind me?

Move the barricade aside!

Come on, Ionica, you are getting closer...

Battery, fire!

Mr. Maniu!

His Majesty left the palace around 2 o'clock

You were searched all afternoon yesterday!

I'm surprised.
I'm surprised, Mr. General.

Yesterday at 14.00

I informed Mr. Niculescu-Buzesti that I am
waiting for news in Splaiul Unirii street no. 4.

I was also found there by Mr. Iorgu Ghica, sent by his Majesty.

who informed me of the arrest of
Mr. Maresal and several ministers.

A meeting was fixed for this morning at five o'clock, and here I am.

But that's not the point, General.

I found out that you handed over
Marshal Antonescu to some crooks,

which was under the honest
custody of His Majesty

and which is not subject to such
an inapropriate procedure.

I handed him over to a team sent by
Patrascanu, to be kept under surveillance.

I was afraid to keep them here.

They would have suffocated in the safe.


You made a serious mistake, Mr. General.

The oil region is
practically in our hands.

In Ploiesti, the refineries are under
the control of the Romanian army.

At this moment it's going on the decisive
attack on the German Air Command,

one of the last points of
resistance in the capital.

Mr. General.

The Soviet army moved away from the
insurance fronts through a too fast advance

which forced them to a temporary stop.

The Romanians retreat in disorder.

Entire divisions are taken prisoner by the Soviets.

We have started the
execution of the withdrawal plan.

By nightfall, all the big
units are on the move.

This day doesn't end anymore...

How are we doing?

Exactly as predicted.

Most of the 92 German
resistance points were annihilated.

The number of prisoners amounts to thousands of non-commissioned officers and officers.

Most of the airfields from which German
bombers could take off are now in our hands.

What does the military
command of the capital propose?

Mr. General!

As much as possible, without bloodshed.

But that also depends on von Killinger.

The Führer ordered the destruction of Bucharest, and this is what happened.

Gentlemen, we wait for Gerstenberg in vain.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was taken prisoner.

If you allow me... I would remember that

you gave assurances to the Romanian army
that you will not proceed to hostilities.

If we had retreated
in order as proposed...

Didn't they tell me at the palace
that Antonescu is alive and unharmed?

And they arrested him!

We have an honor, gentlemen!

And now, please leave me alone.

Gentlemen! We need to contact Friessner.

Mr. Patrascanu!

As president of the Armistice
Commission and as Minister of Justice,

you must watch over the legality of each article
of the armistice that you will sign in Moscow.

Sire, the law of the loser never
matches the law of the winner.

I don't accept that you have the defeatist mentality there.

It mustn't be forget everything we did and that we were
the only ones who cleaned our country of Germans.

20 German divisions fell due to our action.

These are realities that must be recognized.

If you allow me, Your Majesty..!

Even the Russians recognized it

that, despite the alert that Hitler's espionage services
had entered on a political and military level

they failed to find out anything about our coup.

I acted in desperation for the cause.

And it wasn't really a misfortune, as you said
in the evening of the 22nd, Mr. Patrascanu.

Hand of Providence...

It is the left hand of Providence, sire!

I hope you don't
mind this little detail?

I appreciate the humor.

But I hate appropriating the merits of others.

I am referring first of all to the Romanian army.


Don't forget that where you are going, you will
engage Romania... God knows for how many decades.

Your Majesty, let's not forget the
actions of the Red Army in Moldova.

Surely this also meant our salvation.

The Red Army you are
talking about, Mr. Patrascanu,

took over a hundred thousand
Romanian prisoners after August 23.

I beg you to forget the political color you represent.

Otherwise we are lost.

Sire, before being a communist...
I am Romanian!

" Romanian troops, cross The Carpathian Mountains,
To war, with leaves and flowers

"Victory awaits you, your brothers await you too
Thinking fondly about the mountain passes.

"Victory awaits you, your brothers await you too
Thinking fondly about the mountain passes

Ahead, ahead towards The Great Union
Let us break the unfair boundary,

Let us cross The Carpathians, we need Ardeal (Transylvania)
Even if we could be buried alive.

Let us cross The Carpathians, we need Ardeal (Transylvania)
Even if we could be buried alive.

To the Command of the 4th Army!

Do all the diligence
next to Marshal Tolbukhin

regarding the disappearance of General
Avramescu, the commander of the army,

and his chief of staff.

If they were detained by the Soviets,

draw attention to the fact that any insult to Romanian
officers is only within the competence of the Romanian army.

We regret the withdrawal of the
Romanian army from Budapest.

The Romanian army will do its duty
to the end alongside the allied troops.

Erhard Wolff's car factory from Bucharest

I have come to Your Majesty to
find out what you have decided

regarding what was discussed last night.

I called General Radescu and
explained the situation to him.

I started the consultations.

This is not enough.

The resignation of the government
must be announced today by 6 o'clock

and the name of the person in charge of forming the new cabinet.

I haven't finished the consultations!

It is a material impossibility
in such a short time...

Please do not interfere!

I do not discuss with Mr. (Constantin) Visoianu!

I am talking to His Majesty.

I want Your Majesty's answer.

I have to consult again.

I want the answer immediately!

Do you agree?


I will announce the resignation of
the Radescu government by 6 o'clock.

We want a government in which we and Your Majesty trust.

As a suggestion title, I
would propose Petru Groza.

The government I represent instructed me to
inform you that it HAS confidence in Petru Groza.

I did not say anything to the representatives of England and America.

and Your Majesties I tell you as a
recommendation from my government.

On your Majesty's side is... sovereignty.

and on our side is the moral.

I took into account everything you said. But...

Almost forgot.

Two days ago, General Radescu allowed himself to
remove from the army 10 generals who were against him.

We request the annulment of this decision.

I want your majesty's answer.

I will contact the competent ones.

I want the answer immediately!

It will be done.

That's all!

(Andrei Januarevich Vyshinsky
- Stalin's "fist" in Romania.

- Deputy Foreign Minister of the
Soviet Union at the time (1940-1949)).


July 19, 1945. Bucharest, Royal Palace

The arrival of the Soviet delegation on the occasion
of the awarding of the Order of Victory to King Mihai I

The Order of Victory was the highest
military decoration of the Soviet Union

The great throne room in the Royal Palace

For the brave act of Romanian politics,

breaking with Hitler's Germany

and its association with the United Nations,

when the defeat of Germany
could not be foreseen.

we award the Order of Victory to King Mihai I of Romania.

President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union,

Mikhail (Ivanovich) Kalinin

Dated July 8, 1945.

The award was presented by Fyodor Ivanovich
Tolbukhin, Marshal of the Soviet Union

You see it wasn't that hard, Your Majesty.

How did he end up sitting next to
Stalin, Churchill, Eisenhower and Tito?

Mr. (Petru) Groza,

This action made available to
Comrade Stalin not only Romania,

as well as Bulgaria, Yugoslavia,
Hungary, Czechoslovakia.

No Soviet marshal was able
to give him such a victory.

You're right, I didn't think of that.

Long live His Majesty, King Mihai I!

"Long live the democratic king!

Enter, Comrade
(Alexandru) Voitinovici.

Have a sit.

Comrade Ana Pauker and comrade
Teohari Georgescu want to meet you.

Me too..

On the recommendation of Comrade Patrascanu.

You will be the president of the People's Court

and you will judge
Antonescu and his group.

Do you understand, comrade, what is your responsibility?

Do you have something to ask, comrades?

Are you a Mason?

I am not, Comrade Pauker.
I give you my word of honor!

We know that you are in a circle of
writers, most of whom are Freemasons.

- How old are you?
- 28 years old.

Do you feel capable of performing this duty?

Thank you for your trust
and I will not disappoint you.

Why do you accept?

As a criminal lawyer, I firmly believe that in matters of
politics there is a collective and an individual responsibility.

As for Antonescu,

I have no doubt that he was paranoid,

a power hungry man,

a fascist dictator.

Comrades, thank you.

"The universe! Tomorrow begins the trial of Marshal Antonescu!

The discussions I had with you, General,

in the basement of the Ministry of the Interior and here, in
the building of the Court, now, in the middle of the night

have as a goal - you are convinced of this-

my unerstanding of how
the events unfolded.

Yes. What do you want to know, Mr. Judge?

Your first meeting with Hitler.

So the German troops had to conquer
Paris, for Romania to find its way to us?

I have come, Mr. Minister, with the hope that there
is also a desire for cooperation on your part.

If some Romanian politicians - you
know who I mean... ignore history,

you, as an officer, are
not allowed to do that.

You know that in 1878,

the King's Carol I of Romania great ally,
Russia, could have wiped you off the map.

And who helped you?

England? Or France?

They even convinced
their own students,

as this contributes significantly
to traditional friendship.

You survived with the help of Germany

and, in accordance with the Treaty
of Berlin, Romania received Dobrogea

in exchange for Bessarabia

and won his independence on the battlefield.

The Krupp factories gave you the
knife (steel), with which Bucharest

"stabbed" us in the back in 1916.

And finally, I would like to express my wish,

that the bombs we got from England

will serve our common purpose.(?)

Do you want to make us empty the cup of humiliation to the brim?

I have been drinking from this cup for 20 years.

The Führer is waiting for you.

Mr. General,

I advise you to stop talking
about the problem of Transylvania.

Not yet.

And did you follow his advice?

After a tiring discussion about Munich

and about meeting with allies,

I told him:

Your foreign minister
advised me not to mention borders.

I prefer to make this statement to you
right from the beginning of our relations.

The main objectives of my policy

will be the return to the motherland of Bessarabia,

Bucovina and Transylvania.

In Europe, no border is permanent.

Only after the war will a
final decision be made.

And what was the
conclusion of this first meeting?

In the future, all my foreign policy related to
Romania will be based on friendship and respect.

I trust you

Trust me.

Against the Legion,
Hitler won your cause.

and you eradicated the fanatics
in favor of the "technicians".

However, was there any moment when this dictator
tried to impose political measures on you?

Don't you want to understand that our relations
were of a completely different nature?!

Once he complained to me about Mr. Mihai Antonescu
that he was trying to get in touch with the opponents.

It was true.

But I cut short the discussion by
saying that I know my collaborators better.

What about Mr. Maniu, the opposition?

I can assure you, Herr General,
that the Reich has sufficient resources,

so that the existing balance
does not break in his favour.

If Germany only manages to be equal,
to the ever increasing forces of the enemy

one can only hope for a draw, and not a victory.

In this situation, as your ally

we will have to take part in this compromise.

We still believe strongly
in the final victory.

You talked about equality.

Today we are talking about a qualifying competition,

referring to you,
in sports terms.

We were now playing the semi-final.

Or we eliminate the USA here,

or they will fight in the final
of the Second World War.

The war began with limited objectives.

Today, the goals are limitless.

You said that the war
that Romania is fighting

it is different from the one Germany was fighting.

What do you mean by that?

The Romanian people approved
the war against Soviet Russia.

Even the opposition enjoyed the
liberation of Bessarabia and Bucovina.

But after it, the campaign
beyond these limits makes no sense.

Why do you support Maniu's provisions?

He constantly strives to weaken
the internal front of the Romanians.

Until Romania releases all the
territories that were stolen from it

I don't have the moral authority to do otherwise.

Romania can stop the Soviet
threat, but only together with Germany.

If you had stayed with Stalin,
how did you start in Poland...

only a fool or an opportunist
would have done your politics in Romania.

And yet you joined the Axis powers, and the
conflict in Russia had not yet been defined.

Who will say that at that
moment I was not an opportunist?

That day I understood that
Germany had lost the war.

We had to concentrate
our forces not to lose ours.

Have you been offered a truce?

Messrs. Maniu, Mihalache, Bratianu

and all the political people at that time

asked me to make a truce.

I said: "I can't make a truce...

I am a soldier, I cannot turn my
weapons against those I fought alongside.

Do it yourself, I'll give you the
whole contest, take the lead."

Their answer was negative.

Did you intend to ask for the consent of the Germans?

In the evening of August 22

I talked with the German Minister
Clodius in front of Mr. General Pantazi,

and I told him that I have to get out of the war.

The armistice was the consequence of the defeat at the front.

Avoiding a catastrophe.

There was someone else
who acted as an intermediary

between you and other politicians
for the conclusion of the truce?


I dictated to Mr. Cristescu, the
head of the Secret Service, as it follows:

"Marshal Antonescu offers you the leadership of
the state to conclude the armistice immediately.

He request a categorical answer in writing."

The message was addressed to a great politician.

The man was Mr. Iuliu Maniu.

It was Maniu.
I sent them by courier.

Accused Cristescu, I
didn't allow you to talk!

Let the witness Iuliu Maniu be invited.

We all prayed to God that
the sky would light up in France

and our prayer was fulfilled.

Now it's our turn,
Mr. Marshal, and we must act!

For me, the German failure in
France is a reason to continue the fight.

For you, on the contrary, it is a
reason to capitulate to the Russians.

God knows who is more
Germanophile among us.

I have always been with you in the
most difficult moments for the country.

But now why don't you want to understand the
historical moment we are living in, Mr. Marshal?

Only those who will break away from
the Reich at the right time will survive.

Maybe Hitler was right:

I would do better if I shot you.

What is our greatest enemy, Mr. Maniu?

The German?... Or the Russian?

The Germans lost
the war, Mr. Marshal.

We must go over to
the side of the allies,

as the Hungarians tried in March

and the Finns are doing it now.

You have invested too
much in this alliance.

You only have obligations towards
the Romanian people, Mr. Marshal.

I am a warrior, Mr. Maniu!

and war is waged
only against the enemy.

Romania's mission was to defend civilization on the eastern frontier

Fulfilling this mission with faith, it justifies its existence.

Is it true or not?

Our mission is to ensure the future
of a small country, Mr. Marshal...

But not under any conditions!

Even if it loses the war,
Germany will rise again

and this with the help of Europe.

Because it, Mr. Maniu, is the only
country that can stop the Russian tide.

We don't have to be afraid
of the Reich, Mr. Maniu!

We don't even matter to them.

From the Russians!

From the Russians, because
they will continue their expansion,

no matter in what form:

Panslavism (the unity of the
Slavic peoples), or Communism...

I entered the fight.

I will not win.. I will be defeated.

But I don't want to be a coward and a traitor!

This is for history, Mr. Maniu.

In this situation, I can only
lament your fate, Mr. Marshal.

and I will try to save my country.

Mr. Maniu, if the Russians occupy us,
I will be the first to be shot.

all the worse for me...

You will be the second.

All the worse for you.

But our persons do
not matter, Mr. Maniu.

It only matters what they represent.

We are all Romanians

and at some point a political
opinion differs between us.

But this does not mean
that we become enemies.

Especially me.

Ever since Romania became great, I have been of the
opinion that every Romanian must be treated with honor

whether he is a political opponent or not.

Mr. Maniu, I recorded your oath at the first deposition.

Just answer my questions.

The accused Ion Antonescu told you,

that he cannot turn against
those with whom he fought?

Yes. A very nice point of view.

But not politically.

It is not possible for a statesman to say:

"I brought the country to
ruin, but I saved my honor"

Were you interested in what were the causes
that determined his arrest on August 23?

Of course!

But the only person who could
give me authentic information

was His Majesty King Mihai I.

But on the morning of August
24, when I arrived at the palace

His Majesty had gone.

Before the legionary rebellion, you were with Hitler.

Was it a routine visit or
with a specific purpose?

Hitler, according to me, was the
expression of a people's despair.

Despite appearances to the contrary,
he was just an upstart who was in a hurry.

However, he achieved in 5 years,

what (Otto von) Bismarck
had failed to do in 20.

Hitler made many mistakes,

like crimes, the most serious being the
demolition of everything he managed to do.

I was received at Berchtesgaden (Eagle's Nest), a
villa in the mountains on the border with Austria.

The being who, at the previous
meeting, had forced me to extreme caution,

had become an almost senile character.

There is no doubt that the biggest events in Europe

were Christianity and the fall of the Roman Empire

The revolutionaries of modern
times must not doubt themselves.

Their role should be that of trailblazers,
not agitators (political instigators).

And what will you do with the fanatics?

Because it will be difficult to establish
an innovative movement among them.

We must eliminate
them without hesitation.

Every movement has fanatical fighters,

who imagine that if they destroy everything
they will fulfill their revolutionary mission.

These are... more dangerous reactions.

Brutus had to kill Julius
Caesar to save the empire.

So I had to choose between the
Wehrmacht and the aristocracy.

I also sacrificed (Ernst) Röhm,
because he didn't want to obey.

He could not destroy the revolution.

The fanatic who has achieved
his highest goal... power, uses it to get in touch

with the institutions
who criticized them in opposition.

He is a destroyer.

For the revolutionary coming to power,
as a leader you must ensure yourself

of improving living conditions and
the functioning of existing institutions.

National Socialism recognized
the powers of civil workers.

This cooperation is
ideological dynamism,

the neutrality of the state technical
apparatus ensures success.

I, as a soldier, can believe in
reorganization, but never in revolution.

Forgive my pessimism in ideological matters

but I doubt that a political system can solve the
serious problems raised by the needs of a people.

For me, the only indispensable
thing in the life of a people

it is the instrument that guarantees
order, security and peace.

This is the definition of a police state.

If you want...

But the police and the army must
be strong enough to enforce order,

regardless of means.

The order that is the minimum
necessary for the work of a people.

Problems that arise after this minimum
can be solved by competent technicians.

I have always found absurd the
political practice

by which the head of a parliamentary
group is imposed on a department,

or a demagogue instead of competent people.

The democratic system
is built on incompetence.

The demagogue inevitably takes
advantage of the fact that the electorate,

that is, the ignorant masses decide everything.

There are people who believe
in the permanence of revolutions.

They must be prevented
from doing something bad.

They are the most dangerous.

I am extremely pleased to hear you say this.

When I left Bucharest, I
told one of my colleagues

that I come to you to arbitrate
the conflict I have with the Legion.

He told me: "You want to get justice from the
Pope in a dispute with the Catholic clergy.

The fate of the agitators is even worse.

But a state without an ideological
movement is a senseless state.

A soldier who loses his battle position,

proves that he cannot
use a machine gun.

A 20th century dictator cannot
be overthrown in any way.

If he failed, it means that he
succeeded in committing suicide.

Yes, Hitler was right.

In the century of the machine gun,

if a dictator falls, it means that he committed suicide.

Are you saying that
Hitler was a special man?

Hitler was the specific product of universal suffrage

of constitutional democracy.

However paradoxical it may seem
to you, Hitler won the political battle

in electoral elections of
undisputed democratic orthodoxy.

This success was due to his natural qualities.

And he knew that.

But what do you think about Comrade Stalin?

I will quote what Hitler told
me about the Soviet leader.

"Stalin in Russian means "man of steel".

"He leaves his name for a nickname.


Being the leader of a subjugated people

he behaved like the American Indian tribes

a nickname worthy of admiration.

He rules Russia by preemptive terror.

Fear must be his only means of mastering the Slavic hordes."

Hitler said.

I asked you what you think.

I haven't finished what Hitler told me.

"Stalin killed 10 million Russians.

We have to suppress 20 million,

as a preventive measure to save
Europe from the Slavic invasion.

Thus we remove the Russian danger for 100 years.

It is a necessary surgical measure
to save the old world".

I finished.

I repeat...

what is your opinion?

Yes. This is one of the reasons
why we lost the war in Russia.

Did the accused Ion Antonescu have a political team or a party?

As far as I know, no.

Which surprises me a lot and I
can't find an explanation even today,

is why Mr. Maresal requested the collaboration of Mr. Horia
Sima (Romanian fascist politician) and the legionnaires,

whose views did not coincide with those of his lordship.

Why didn't he address from the beginning

The National Peasant Party
or the National Liberal Party

to form a team corresponding
to the interests of the country?

He didn't approve the Germanophile
policy carried out by the legionnaires.

When Mr. Maresal changed
his mind, we parted ways.

Other parties made cartels with legionnaires.

Yes. Even ours.

I made an agreement with the legionnaires,

but not politics, not governance,
not even the opposition,

but a momentary agreement for a specific tactic
against the absolutism of King Carol II..

By the necessity of a state order

did the accused Ion Antonescu have the
right to repress the legionary movement?

I am not called here as
an expert, but as a witness.

You are not an expert, but as a
politician of extreme importance

do you think that the legionary repression
made by Ion Antonescu was justified?

I can only express my opinion.

When legionary members of the government
switched to physical means of revolt

against the very government
of which they were a part

it was obvious that the
Marshal had to make order.

This is so obvious
that it can no longer be discussed.

The witness doesn't agree that the cartel that was born in 1937

between a terrorist
group and a political party,

was the first act of promotion of this
group, which led to the events of 1940?

Don't you appreciate that this alliance promoted
the legionary movement and made it a public force?

I do not think.

This has an electoral
non-aggression pact

signed by other parties,
it followed two things:

to bring to the surface those forces that were then working underground.

So " let's get to know each
other, measure our ideas,

and then let's see what
Romanian public opinion says".

Have you achieved this second goal?

Yes, the legionnaires came to the surface

especially through the attitude taken towards the Antonescu government

When a politician does this
experience on the back of the country,

he should also think about the
suffering of the country.

I am convinced that no experience
is more dangerous for the country

as a dictatorial government.

You said you could not confirm the fact

that the real representatives of the
German "Fifth Column" were legionnaires.

But can you deny it?

If I don't know something, I
can neither confirm nor deny it.

(The fifth column - traitorous elements
within an army, who sabotage it.)

Did Mr. Maniu receive legionnaires in his party after August 23?

I discussed the legionary problem with Messrs.
Bratianu, Patrascanu and Titel Petrescu

and we agreed that the request of the
legionnaires to act as a party cannot be accepted

and that the legionary movement must be abolished.

But the legionnaires who were
not guilty of violence and abuse

if they renounce their ideology, they can be
accepted in the existing democratic parties.

Moreover, most of them were accepted
into the ranks of the Communist Party,

who also gave them places in management.

I am the representative of a Labor Party

which suffered from the legionary movement.

On behalf of the Communist Party,

I protest against the insult that the witness brought to this party.

I do not blame the Communist Party
for this and I have not accused anyone.

I have only restored the facts.

Mr. luliu Maniu stated here today that his
lordship on behalf of the National Peasant Party

and Mr. Dinu Bratianu, on
behalf of the Liberal Party

indicated the accused Ion Antonescu,

as the person who must conclude the armistice, since:

"Mr. Antonescu was the only one who had the moral
authority for this and enjoyed the support of the army."

Does the witness think that the
people agree with this opinion?

I said he had the moral authority,

that he had state power, so it
was advisable to do this action.

But I didn't say he was the only one.

I want the witness to tell us

what is his opinion of the policy carried out by the
Antonescu government during the four years of government.

I will be very brief.

I have no doubt that Mr. Maresal
had the best intentions.

However, they remained
fruitless for the following reasons:

One: because he made a policy with Germany,

which struck at our traditions and aspirations.

Two: because it had a dictatorial government.

And three: because he allowed that Germany

penetrate in our army and our economic life.

Beyond that, I don't dispute his intentions.

In conclusion, the policy pursued was anti-popular.

"Antipopular means
"against the people".

I said something else.

I said that he worked without
the consent of the people.

It is one and the same thing.

It's a big difference.

I don't want my words to be changed, neither
in my favor, nor in anyone else's favor.

My language is connected to my brain.

I know what I say and why I say it.

The accused Ion Antonescu claims that on September 4 or 5,
1940, he proposed to you to participate in the government.


I was never asked for this and I
would not have received it anyway.

Accused Ion Antonescu!

You have the floor!

I was called to the palace by King Carol II on...

on September 4 -
September 4, 1940, 12.00 p.m.

I received a mandate to form a government of national union

All, from Mr. Dinu Bratianu, George Bratianu,

Mr. Alexandru C.
Cuza and Mr. Iuliu Maniu,

they all said: "We are not discussing.
We want the abdication of the king".

After the abdication,
I told Mr. Maniu...

"Mr. Maniu, my role
should end here...

I have no party, I have
no political partisans...

You wanted abdication, take the leadership of the state.

He told me: "We can't take it.
You have to do it too.

I did not see Mr. Maresal
neither on the 4th nor on the 6th.

Only on September 16, when he had formed the government
and made the agreement with the legionnaires.

He did everything without asking me.

It's our last meeting.
Do you have any questions for me?

Judge, what is known about Hitler's death?

I have heard so many versions.

The Soviet version confirms that he
committed suicide in the bunker in Berlin,

together with Eva Braun and a german shepard.

Then they poured gasoline
on them and set them on fire.

The victorious Soviet troops were fighting a few hundred meters away.

That's it.

Anyway, he was lucky.

Normally he should have been judged as
the most criminal of war criminals.

We are fighting for our European civilization

and I congratulate you for being
the first to understand our goal

and you expressed it best.

You called "holy war"
our crusade against Bolshevism.

Today we fight as they fought
our ancestors against Attila and Islam,

as voivode Stefan,

who defended Europe
against Asian invasion

and received from the Pope
the title of Knight of Jesus Christ.

Today I award you the
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

I hand you the
highest German order.

You are the first
foreigner to wear it.

That day Hitler spoke to me
for the first time about total war,

which was no longer a battle
of armies, but of peoples.

He spoke of total victory,
a true bond of violence.

I was terrified.

From the information we have
on the occasion of this decoration

you agreed with the deportation of the
Jews from Romania beyond the Nistru river.

It's not accurate!

I did not deport a
single Jew from Romania.

I agreed with those Jews

which were found in Bessarabia and Bucovina,

upon the entry of Romanian troops into these territories.

90% of them didn't know
not even a Romanian word.

The majority was brought to replace the Romanian
population deported by Stalin to Siberia.

Accused Ion Antonescu, you have the last word!

In my political testament, if I
still have time to write it,

I will say:

"Romanian people!

I am proud to have been part
of a nation with double ancestry,

romanian and dacian.

I fought in two
wars for your glory.

I am happy to descend a few
moments earlier next to your martyrs.

They all fought for your justice."

Some of my former collaborators
tried to disassociate themselves from me.

I will not disassociate myself from their mistakes.

I leave to the country everything that was good in my government.

Everything that was bad...
I take on myself, except for the crime.

If I had been victorious

I would have had statues in every city of Romania.

I ask to be sentenced to death
and refuse any pardon in advance.

I finished.

But before ending

paraphrasing Scipio Africanus,
the dead Roman general in exile.

I want to say to the Romanian people:

"You, ungrateful people,
will not even have my ashes."

The Court retires for deliberation!

Death to war criminals
and traitors of the people!

Death to criminals!

Today, May 17, 1946.

The People's Court, in the name of the law, decides:

condemn the accused Ion Antonescu,

former head of state, together with

Mihai Antonescu, Constantin Z. Vasiliu,

Gheorghe Alexianu, Eugen Cristescu,

Radu Lecca and Constantin Pantazi,

guilty of the crime of the country's disaster and war crimes.

to suffer the death penalty

in accordance with art. 101 of the Criminal Code.

You lost weight.

Does your neck hurt?

No, no...

I took it to leave it for you.

I wore it in all the prisons.

There, in Russia, I realized that
you were also imprisoned there.

I heard you cough.

Take care of your health, Rica.

Go to Bistrita to the monastery.

The nuns will take care of you.

Mr. Marshal, how many bricks in
these walls, so many eyes are on us.

I warned you, I begged you nicely..

Are you still coughing?

Little, hardly at all

Rica, when everything is
over, I would like you to take me

and bury me in my village,
Iancu Nou, near the ancestors.

I don't want anything else.

For God's sake, you fool, don't talk like that!

I haven't lost hope yet.

Everyone is waiting for your pardon.

And to rot in a
communist prison?

Not! I prefer the bullet!

lonel, however, life...good God

Rica, life is only
worth living in dignity,

as much as you can be of use to yours.

For us, circumstances and
people did not allow us to do the good

which together we wanted with so
much passion to do to our country.

Time is up!

I think you understand my confusion.

You gave the Marshal to the Russians,
although I did not agree with this.

They gave him back to you and
you made the kind of process you wanted.

And now you want me to
reject his request for pardon!

Sire, I'm sorry, we don't want this, Moscow does.

Then why didn't they shoot him there?

The Kremlin wants to preserve
the appearance of the rule of law.

We have the sentence of the people.

Whose sentence?!

Let's say, sire...,

of the panel of judges who pronounced it.

"Let's say"...?

Strange form of
expression for a lawman!

Let's say, then, that I have not yet
been deprived of the right to pardon Him,

although he didn't ask me to.

But the Marshal's mother sent
me an extremely pathetic letter.

Sire, no one can save them!

Considering also...this
position of the throne...

Would follow a wave of demonstrations that would repudiate your
gesture, making you complicit with the enemies of the people.

There will be serious disturbances.

The people want it, they demand it, sire!

And "the people" are you!
Yes, sir!

And if a mistake is made, which
history will judge and turn against me?

Sir, the communists have a saying:

"It is preferable to be wrong even in
front of history together with your party

than to be right
alone against him".

As far as you are concerned,
now maybe I accept this situation.

But what if one day you will have your
justice and they, their justice?


Then, sire, do you think there will be
anyone to give such a decree of pardon?

Then, sir, you agree?


May I issue a decree
in your Majesty's name?



What a shame!

Madalina crushed you!

Come on, done!

Yes, good!

Look at Patrascanu! Thanks.

What is it, minister?

What's so urgent?

I'm sorry, I'm bothering you.

Mr. Prime Minister, I was at the king.

He agrees with our proposal to reject the pardon,

to the group of four, but...
he didn't want to sign.

He is cunning.

He does not want history to judge him.

- Do you have the paper with you?
- Yes.

You say he agreed?

Surely. I also have witnesses.

Then let history judge me.

Mom, please don't cry!

Don't cry! Please!

Mother, I'll die quietly and peacefully.

As one who knows that he
has done his duty to his country.

You know me from childhood that I was bold, determined..

maybe absurd sometimes...

But I fought for
dignity and honor,

what our nation has the least.

In two wars, I got to know the
Romanians better than myself.

I didn't want to accept betrayal.

And I will remain an example
that our history has rarely given.

What do I care about history, my boy!
- Mother!

- Mother, please...
- And me, a poor mother...

I believe that there is a God who will do you justice.

Mother, God cannot do justice, mother.

Himself is righteousness and eternal faith.

Justice on earth is the privilege of power.

As Hitler said:

"If a dictator of the 20th century falls,
it means that he committed suicide.

I did not know, mother, how to
carry my role as a dictator to the end.


Now all that remains for me is to lead my destiny with dignity,

to the end.

Time is up!

In 50 years, in 100 years I
will be stronger as an example.

I want to have this satisfaction in the last moment of my life.

Tell the king I thank him for giving
me the opportunity to die a hero.

Mama's boy!

If I ever upset you in
my life, forgive me mom.


We will see each other again...

May God take care of
you and your old age.

"Mihai I, by the grace of God and
the national will, King of Romania...

health to all now and in the future.

On the report of our Minister of Justice

I decreed and I am decreeing.

Art 1. We switch to forced labor for life

the death penalty to which Constantin
Pantazi, Radu Lecca and Eugen Cristescu

they were convicted by the sentence
of May 20, 1946 of the People's Court

dated in Bucharest on June 1, 1946.
Minister of Justice, Lucretiu Patrascanu."

Attention! Stay!

May God forgive you, release you in the name of
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

May God forgive you, release you in the name of
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

May God forgive you, release you in the name of
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Father, forgive me - I do not
deserve to receive Holy Communion.

They must forgive me because
they are dying because of me.

May God forgive you, Mr. Marshal.

Attention, wait!


Considering the order 53875 of June 1,
1946 of Mr. Minister Lucretiu Patrascanu,

by which we are informed that His Majesty
the King rejected the requests for pardons

made by Ion Antonescu, Mihai Antonescu,

Constantin Vasiliu and Gheorghe Alexianu,

sentenced to death by the decision
of May 17, 1946 of the People's Court

orders us to comply with the rules of the
regulation in the execution of the death penalty.

According to art. 18 of regulation no. 12/1942

we should tie you blindfolded to the pillar.

Do you have something to say?

I would like to be blindfolded with my own scarf.

You? No.

Your? Not.

Platoon commander, execute the sentence!

Platoon, listen to my order!

In the shooting position!

Arm up!


Long live Romania!

"If I had been victorious,

I would have had statues in every city of Romania.

I ask to be sentenced to death and refuse any pardon in advance.

In this way I will be sure
that I will die on the soil of my country.

On the other hand, you, the others, will not be
sure if you will still be here when you are dead."

Your Majesty, Nigel called from Bucharest.

Dr. Petru Groza is asking you to come to Bucharest urgently.

- Family problems.
- Family?

Maybe it's about marriage.

Yes, that must be it.

All right, Mircea, we'll leave tomorrow at 7 o'clock.

And tell them that at 10 I'm waiting for them at Kiseleff.

They probably gave
their consent to my request, after all.


We came to discuss
an amicable divorce.

I didn't understand, what kind of divorce is this?

Sire, you must understand that today in Europe

a monarchy can only confuse the process of
democratization and modernization of the country.

Despite your youth

it is impossible not to agree that Romania has
started on a path from which there is no return.

But to be clear.

Please sign this document.

This is an act of abdication

which does not come from my
desire or that of the Romanian people

and it is an abuse that you
are trying to impose on me.

I will never sign such a document.

Only the Romanian people through a referendum
can determine me to such a gesture.

Your attempt violates the Constitution and
does not respect the Romanian Parliament,

the only one who can confirm a decision taken by the people!

The Romanian Parliament
was convened this afternoon.

We also have guests...

from the Romanian Academy, Union of Writers.

If necessary, we take the people out into the street.

We will be here until three o'clock.

If you also put in the balance
the thousand arrested students...

I think it would be wiser of your Highness to sign...

A simple formality.

If you want, you can leave the country.

You have 4 days.

Don't you understand that this gesture
can only be asked of me by the country?

The country was taught to love you.

Now we will teach it to love us.

I retire to consult with the queen-mother.

You have 5 minutes.

Your Majesty, all the telephone lines have been cut.

The guards were
arrested and replaced.

Something is happening.

They asked me to resign.

Gentlemen, it means that there is nothing left to do.

In the face of blackmail, I will sign.

Provided the commitment you have made.

Leaving the country with part of my suite.

Put your hand here.

A revolver?

I didn't want what happened
to Antonescu to happen to me.

- Mrs.
- Your Majesty.

Don't cry, mom.

(King Mihai's mother, Elena - princess of Greece, Denmark and Romania)

The first time I went into exile from Greece with my father.

The second time alone,
chased by Carol (II).

Now... with you.

God will be with us, mother.

What's the matter, why do you beat like that?

- What is it, ma?
- Mr. Maniu, see what's wrong with him!

Stand up, you! Can't you hear?

It's cold. Bring the bag.
Yes, sir.

"Mr. Maniu...

if the Russians will occupy us

I will be shot first.

All the worse for me.

You will be the second.

All the worse for you.

But our persons, Mr. Maniu, do not matter.

It only matters what they represent.

You thought you'd never see the light of day, right?

Well, look at it.

Since when did you say
they didn't take you out in the yard?

For five months.

You're lucky with me...

Today is St. George.

(April 23 - the day of his death, in the year 303).

It's your birthday, you bastard.

Yes, pay attention to me!

Keep your head down!

Don't say a word, don't make a sign!

I can't hear a sound!
Paws on the back and eyes on the ground.

Come on, move!

What did you say you are, a writer?

What, a writer on wagons?
What did you write?

Hey, enlighten me too!

Guardian citizen, I wrote
the "Book of the Black Sea".

Well done, well done! I have nothing to say.

And I also wrote "An enigma and a miracle:
The Romanian people."

What, we are an enigma, fuck your mother's enigma?
What did you say in that book?!

I, citizen guardian, wrote
that the truth will remain

whatever will be the fate
of those who served it.

What are you doing man? Where are
you looking? Where are you looking?

On the ground.

Your earth is in the sky, fuck your mother's sky!
Is your earth at that window? Fuck your mother's window!

Are you taking advantage of my kindness
to get in touch with the class enemy?

Go back to the cell!

Move, get in the cell, fuck your cell,
you motherfucker!

I have here 80 ministers
and 20 Papists (Catholics).

I hit you for each minister.

I'll teach you!

and a fist for each Papist.

Hold it! Go to the cell!

Go inside, I'll teach you!

What about you, writer?
What, you bought it?

Hey, don't play with me!
Don't do that, you hear?

Well, I have children.
Do not play with me!

This one bought it.

I took him out to the yard to
get some air, as it's his birthday

But the air was strong and his heart gave way.

I'm going to get the doctor to ascertain.

losif Vissarionovici Stalin
(December 18, 1878- March 5, 1953)

Tell me, how is your patient, Pantyusa?

Which of them are you referring to,
Comrade Secretary General?

To Patrascanu? - Yes.

Well...he writes, but "he tears".

Do you know what I found out?

When we were there to arrest him

he asked us to see someone
from the Central Committee.

When you send comrade losca
to convince him to follow us.

Until we came back to take them,
-his wife told us-

he burned the entire manuscript of
his book about August 23, page by page.

Doesn't he say anything about me?
He says, of course.

To see you, to receive them..

Like only you...

What, did he do everything he did with me?
What dies he want to explain to me?

To explain to the Court!

Now he wants the halo of martyrdom...

Find a solution for the execution of the sentence.

But without fuss, without noise..

Has the law spoken?
Its application is a duty of honor.

You have the experience.

Everything is okay. (Russian)

(Gheorghe Pintilie, real name Timofei Bodnarenko, - Pantiusa,

one of the main organizers of
repression in communist Romania)

Come on!

Where are you taking me, Pantiusa?

Shut up and walk! Take a walk...

You never took me out here.

Walk faster, the sun has risen!

Come on, sir, walk for once!

Before I'm a communist...
I'm Romanian!

"Whoever does not have the memory of history,
risks to repeat it" - George Santayana-