Odinokim predostavlyaetsya obshchezhitiye (1984) - full transcript

Middle-aged woman organizes a marriage agency directly in the female dormitory with mustachioed commandant.

Thank you very much!
Thank you for everything, for everything.

- Oh. How can I be alone without you ?!
- Well, what kind of one are you now?

You are now alone, and
then, look, and three of you.

I am
alone without you.

- Will you allow?
- You are welcome.

* Dear Vera Nikolaevna, thank
you for the photo of Zina *

* Amazing, kind and simple
face, beautiful in its own way *

* And the fact that she is seriously interested in
music solves a lot for me *

* See the announcement that I am
sending you at your request *

Sincerely yours, Shilov *

* Non-smoking man,
secondary education - special *

* Character is calm,
kind *

* Wants to start a family
with a woman 25 - 30 years old ... *

* Please kindly respond to a single
woman, no older than 20 years old *

* Loving home comfort,
striving for family life ... *

* Man 42 years old, height 175 cm,
Russian, no bad habits *

*Higher education. I would like to start a
family with a single woman *

* Nice looking,
simple and modest ... *

* I am 34 years old, Russian,
average height ... *

* ... With serious intentions. I would like to
meet a woman under 30 *

* With a pleasant appearance, with a gentle
character. Without children…*

*I am 33 years old. Growth and education
above average. I appreciate humor *

* I would like to meet a
girl who is not beautiful, ... *

* ... but with inner
and outer charm ... *

* Young man
27 years old. Height 178 cm. *

* With higher medical
education *

* Wants to meet a modest,
pretty girl ... *

* Man 54 years old,
height 165 cm *

* With a beautiful face,
green eyes, Russian *

* There are conditions for
living together . Without bad habbits*

* Hobby - tourism, physical labor,
cinema, theater, pop music *

* He was not married. I need to
communicate with my life friend ... *

* Resident of the Omsk region
48 years old. Russian…*

* Please kindly respond to a
single woman *

* Able to share
with a man 35 years old ... *

- Well, you understand me, Aunt Zina ...
- You can't. I said no.

- Wait.
- Yes, of course, of course.

- Good evening. I'm at 107, to Vera.
- To Vera? Can.

- Upstairs, 3rd floor.
- What's going on here?

- Don't they let them in?
- Only until 11.

AND! And who is this - Vera?
Why does everyone go to her?

I have no idea.

- Aunt Zina, hello.
- Hi.

- Can I go to Vera?
- Come to Vera.


- Hello.
- Good evening.

Aunt Zina, this one went
to see Belova at 18.

- How at 18? How about Belova?
- Here, figure it out.

- Girls, look here.
- Good.

I'm going to get this goat out now.
And then run to Belova!

- Who are you for, comrade?
- I am to Vera, at 107.

- Well, go.
- Mg.

- I'll get through?
- Third floor to the left.

I'll find it.

/ Knock on the door /
- Yes?

Good evening.

Are you Vera?

Yes, Vera.
Vera Nikolaevna.

- Who are you?
- Victor Petrovich Frolov.

Very nice. We, it seems,
did not agree with you ...

- But, if you urgently ...
- Urgently! How!

- Good good. You have a seat.
- Thank.

Well, tell me.

Why is it so urgent? What are
your plans? What are the intentions?

Tell us what kind of
woman you would like to find.

- What???
- Yes, don't worry.

The more honest you are,
the better the result will be.

Which women do you like

Blondes, brunettes, height,
character, education?

And then what -
for every taste?

Well, let's not

Well, of course, there is some

Choice? Interesting!

Only I will have
some frank questions for you too .

It is very good. Only before
I have to find out something.

No really. Let
me find out first.

Tell me where am I? AND?
Where did you get interesting?

Is this a dormitory from a
weaving mill?

Or a hangout in
the Port of Naples?

Haha. Blondes,
brunettes ...

- Did I come here to woo?
- Is not it so?

- What - no?
- Didn't you come to woo?

Who! I AM???

Who are you, Vera?

Who are you,
Vera Nikolaevna?

Yes, like ...
I seem to be a matchmaker.

- Who?
- Yes. Matchmaker.

Who are you?

And I! The new commandant of your
hostel! That's who I am!

No, Mashenka,
not yet.

- I understand.
- But it will be. Necessarily will!

Yes, today one of the management
should come.

True, he is in years, but
this is not the main thing. True?

You understand?

- I understand.
- Well.

And not he, so different.
The main thing is to wait and hope.

I hope.

I ask you, as a deputy director, as a
friend of youth, as a friend of childhood ...

“… Find me another place!
- Vitenka? What's a bad place?

For a young pensioner
and a single man?

Ilya !!!

There was no forecast for you.
Fell like a snow on your head.

And then, Victor, how long
can you live with pain alone?

- 5 years already ...
- 7 years.

All the more so. You
broke your heart with this pain .

And not only your
wife left you alone.

I asked
not to connect.

She didn't leave. She escaped
when I was at sea.

And you know this perfectly well,
and I have nothing to poison my soul!

Calm down, Victor.
What can you do?

- We must start a new life.
- What's new ?!

What's new,
Ilyukha ?!

Everything was clear in the navy -
from wake-up call to lights-out.

And here I am ...!

And now your dorm job is
solving the housing issue.

Temporarily, of course.


Temporary housing is the
most permanent one.

But mind you, Ilya,
do not regret it.

I am a marine man ...

And I will establish
naval order there!

Perfectly! Haha.
Just what we need.

Naval order!

And Shura, Luda, never
lost hope.

Never, never

And even though she was not lucky in her early youth,
she still believed.

That when he comes to the realties.
She waited and waited and waited.

And then one day, one
fine day ...

Maybe not beautiful,
but the most ordinary day ...

- He came.
- Right here?

Where to? You are now
living in Shura's place.

He came and said: "Alexandra,
I cannot exist without you."

Listen, listen to the tales of
Grandma Vera, darling.

Well, why fairy tales?
Didn't he come?

Came, but how long did
you process it?

So what. People can not always immediately
discern their happiness.

But I have a sense of my own
dignity. That's all.

And ...
I am not going to look for suitors with your help .

And by the way, I
do not advise you, my dear .

Hmm. But I don't need it,
I have Volodka.

And who is Volodka?

This is a guy from our village.
Serves at the border.

- And he writes letters.
- Mmm ...

You are not in order,
comrade teacher.

- There is no order around.
- Kindergarten teacher.

And here everything is running.

And in the hostel - the

And here you are not in order.
Devastation, dirt.

Uh-uh ... Sorry, Viktor
Petrovich, my diocese is ...

... educational process,
cultural leisure.

But this is also not your
diocese? Broken glass.

Uh-uh. It?
These are the suitors.

When they are not allowed in, they
call the girls like that - with pebbles in the window.

Whose particular suitors?

Uh-uh. Specifically draws. We generally
call all guys and men that way.

Well, as potential


/ Ringing of broken glass /
- What? Did you say something?

- Here ...
- Can you solve the question?

Will you be our
commandant for a long time?

This is how it comes out. I suppose
not for life.

Clear. The groom is coming
and going.

/ General laughter /
- What is the name ??? Break down!!!

- What?
- I say what is your name?

Me Lisa.

Oh, and you are an ulcer, Elizabeth!
You will never see a groom !!!

/ General laughter /
- And what is here?

Study room.
We have many evening parties and ...

- Aha!
- ... extramural studies ...

- A-a-a !!!!!!
- Ah !!!

What is it?!!!

I didn't have time
to explain to you.

This training was temporarily given for
housing - there is not enough housing.

And the students will
adapt how realistically.

Why is this???
Boarded up !!!

- Victor Petrovich?
- Here, apparently, some kind of den!

ABOUT! Oops!

Good evening

- Meet.
- Good evening, comrades.

Please pass.

- Have a seat.
- Hello.

Well no. There is no
time to sit down .

I am your commandant
for review.

Viktor Petrovich.

Tell me, do you have any
complaints? Claims?

No complaints.

How not? That
there are no complaints at all ?

Well, no further

You weren't the
first to come to us , right?


Did you walk down the corridor?

Were in the kitchen.

We saw a closed study.

- So?
- So.

Well, why complain.
Need to work.

- So.
- Golubeva!

- No complaints? Yes?

Why? There is!

Listen to you.

There is no happiness in
personal life.

Well, Sanko! ...



Is he really a
bit like a pirate ?

And the commandant was a fighting man
. Can you imagine?

With the construction of a new hostel I
reached the very top.

- Good.
- The builders have already begun to stir.

- By the spring, they say, they will hand over.
- Finally, otherwise they delayed for 5 years.

Natalya, I'm going to
send your photo.

Yes? Oh…

Thank you.

Then we will wait.
The answer must come.

Not yet, Masha. Not.

But it will be necessary.
Will be.

I understand.

I spoke with one of the UTK yesterday,
but he is really divorced.

You understand?

I understand.

And if you are against -
we will find another.

Hope is the main thing.

- I hope.
- Be sure to hope.

- I hope so.
- Well, good.

* Dear Vera Nikolaevna, I
am proud to inform you ... *

* ... that, having lived to be 40 years old, he
has never married *

And it is not necessary. Well done.

- What are you?
- Hi girls.

- Seriously?
- Hello.

Oh, focus is everything. His
therapy - wow!

Horror. You sit all in
needles, like a hedgehog.

Shurochka! Shura!

- Shura!
- Well hello.

Hey. Nothing

- Nothing.
- And Kolya?

Nikolay, how?

- Nicholas is all right.
- Mg.

A husband is like a husband. At the level of
world standards.

I just miss you,
and the girls.

Oh. I got
scared of something so immediately.

What? How can I forget
our hostel?

After all, my home.

Pulls me here.
Pulls ...

Well, well done for coming.

Do not forget us.

Okay. Now
we will drink tea.

- And gossip about life.
- Mg.


/ Knock on the door /



Are you Vera Nikolaevna?

- Yes. Hello.
- Hello.

- And I am Shilov.
- AND! I find out, I find out, Yuri Petrovich.

You are very photogenic.
And this is Irina, this is Darling.

- And this is our Shurochka.
- Very nice. Hello. Hello.

How did you get there?

- Thank. Yes, driving here ... Can I?
- Sure.

Just three hours.
The bus is soft.

Well, come in, please have a

- Here, have tea with us.
- Thank.

Yes, I already drank tea.

- Yes?
- Thank.

- In the bus.
- In the bus?!

Yes, I have a thermos.
I always.

It is a pity, Yuri Petrovich, that you did
n’t telegraph ... you did n’t telegraph in advance.

You see what a
surprise it was.

Zinochka is on our second shift today.
Will come around 10 o'clock.

Well, you know, a woman after
work is tired, then, syo.

Therefore, how can we
agree with you?

You come tomorrow
at 10 am.

Zina will just rest ...

Why are you looking at me like that ?

You are married?


I say - are you

What does
it matter?


Well, in general,
this topic is closed!

And let's not.


Well, that means we agreed with you?
Yes? You will come tomorrow morning.

Because Zinaida
will be ready by this time ...

Sorry, I'm
not coming tomorrow.


return it to Zinaida.

Sorry again.
Excuse me.


- He's funny. I like this.
- Yeah.

Listen, Vera, you
amaze me.

How did you refuse him?

What if this is your fate?

Fools! Well, you fools!

What a kitchen, girls.
Thanks to the new commandant.

Our pie.

- Smell, girls!
- The first pancake is not lumpy!

- Well, well, well.
- Come on, quickly cut.

Well? Mode.

Let's try now!

No, I'm the first!

- Give me this piece.
- Little by little, girls.

Galina? Do you have a wedding on Saturday?
And when will we go to the cafe?

- For a bachelorette party.
- Tomorrow.


- Wait, hungry people.
- Hmm?

Let's leave a
piece to Frolov.

He deserves it.

Oh, pirate! Oh, the
girl turned his head.

What are you?
He's old.

Old? So what?

- You can't cook it.

- Telepathy.
- Well, how did you settle down?

Everything is good?
No complaints?

Everything is OK.

With gratitude for the
opening of the catering unit.


Mmm! ...

- Well? Like?
- I like it a lot.

Tasty, but you
don't want to be friends with us .

Avoid us.

What? Don't
like women very much ?

I do not like. Very.

He did not like women
until he met our Vera.

- Katya!
- AND…

She wanted to say that you
will find that one ...

... which Viktor
Petrovich will love.

Hardly. And in general, as soon as
it occurred to you?


Well, this is a matchmaker. These
days. I do not understand.

So what? People are looking for each
other any day.

Do you want me to
marry you a good bride?

/ General laughter /


* I would like to meet ... *

*30 years. Russian.
With secondary education *

* Wants to meet a pretty,
slender woman ... *

*I am 32 years old.

Higher education…*

* Passion for science did not allow
me to start a family on time *

* If there is a woman tired
of loneliness who ... *

* ... can become a faithful and kind
friend, then let him respond ... *

* 31 years old, height 177 cm.
Russian. Engineer…*

* Height 175 cm.
Higher education. Divorced *

* Wants to start a family with a
woman under 30 ... *

*I am 47 years old.
Height 180 cm ... *

* Dear Petr Savelievich.
Sending you…*

* ... the promised photo of
Natasha Zotova *

* Or rather, Natalya Ivanovna,
how respectful everything is ... *

* ... they call her - the head of the shop, a
sincere person *

* The rest, I hope,
Natasha's eyes will tell you *

* And about her tenderness, and
about the mind, and about kindness *

Okay, then how, girls!

No more
hunching over the rooms.

Let's rotate the tables so
that the light comes from the window.

- Right. And the lamp is on the left.
- Of course, we write with our right hand.

- I'm left-handed!
- And we are your personal table.

- Mercy.
- I'm left-handed too.

Don't make it up. Lizka
will take up the entire training with her personal table.

And we'll put him in the corridor

/ Melodic song
"Autumn days" /

Already winter is close
And there is not a leaf ... on the tree.

And yet I am silent,
And yet I want to ... hope.

The gardens are empty again,
Already now ... they have nothing to lose.

Though it's a sad time,
I am waiting for you from morning ... until evening.

Autumn days,
autumn days ...

At the river pier there are
farewell honks.

Autumn days,
autumn days ...

In trouble you are so long,
but in happiness you are short.

I will wait for you all,
Sweep the leaves from the ... steps I.

That's enough for me.
Quite enough ... patience.

Again he will go for a walk
At the very gates ... thaw.

And if we are friendly,
Then all the knots must ... unravel.

Unravel ...

You come to me
And in vain do not erect ... vain.

I only believe in one thing,
That we will all the same ... we are happy.

Vera Nikolavna.

Mother of All Russia.
Wait, don't rush!

Talk to the lonely

Well, why should Mitka talk to you?
If you're out already in the morning!

Ha. You are wrong,
since the evening.

- I, so you know, Stendhal.
- Who?

The writer was Stendhal.
Drank red on black.

Listen, intercessor mother!

Stop turning
Lyuska away from me .

you say another word against , I will! ...

Well, let it go. Let go!
Throw Mitya, throw it.

Think about it yourself - I'm not turning Lyuska away,
but your face that does not dry out.

Sorry for the straightforwardness.

Preparing to marry someone

I do not cook.
It's up to her to decide.

I'll decide for you!

I will solve it and I will solve it! I will
deprive all of you of your life !!! Everyone! Clear?

- Stop what are you?
- V-cv-er-rra!

- Mitka, go home.
- What?

Stop it! What are you?

Oh my god. Viktor Petrovich,
you see - he's drunk.

Mitya! Mitya, go home.
Mitya! Mitya!

Are you out of your mind?
You will kill each other.

Victor Petrovich!
Victor Petrovich!

- I'll show you!
- You ... this will ...

You see, he
doesn't understand anything.

Mitya, please
go home.

Go home.
For good. AND?

You need to rest.
Well, stop fooling around.

- Go, go.
- Well, nothing, pirate.

- I'll make you yet.
- Pirate!

Have you seen? AND? Wow!

Pirate! It's not the first time I've heard it!
And who only thought of it?

Viktor Petrovich, you
say you got the tiles?

Got the wrong word. Struck!
I broke through! Gnawed through! Ha!

- You are great.
- Aha! I'm with you!

The devil knows what I've

Become a caretaker somehow!
Worse - plushkin.

shake over every piece of iron.

I collect carnations. Heh.

I fold the glasses.

I'm changing the slate for washbasins.

Drying parquet.

- And who is this? What type?
- Who?

And this one that attacked you.

Ah, Mitka! Yes, no,
he did not attack me.

It was love on him - melancholy attacked.
In general, he's a good guy.

Well yes. The guy is good, the
vodka is bad.

- Okay. I'm going for a walk.
- Where should you go? Already walked up.

- Let's go. Let's go.
- Not. Not. I can't go there.

- I have guests there.
- As guests, are you here?

Mg. I'm here. Ira
went to the library.

Darling in the movies.
We have Lida Karpova there.

With Lev Andreevich.
Do you understand?

So ... Is this a hostel
or a dating house?

n't think anything like that.

Not in the cold, not
talking to them on the street .

Typical female

What should I do? At least women have a
female logic.

- Men have none at all.
- Mx !!!


I return.

Hello Nathan.
Hello Ninochka.

- What happened?
- He brings me back!

I don't understand. Well, you
at least undress, sit down.

I return my wife
because she did not justify ...

... my hopes of a happy,
family life.

Or rather?



Can not…


- I can cook!
- You can not!

- I can.
- You can not!

- I can cook!
- You can not!

I can.

But I can't, there is
what you can cook !!!

AND! And the scrambled eggs?

ABOUT! Scrambled eggs again!

Scrambled eggs in the morning, scrambled eggs in the afternoon,
scrambled eggs in the evening.

And at night - an omelet.

Soon I'll be clucking
like a chicken!

Hmm, the chicken cackles.

All the same, a
rooster cackles from such food .

I have lost weight.

Everything inside me hurts.

Then our house is a table.

Big table!
Like this room.

You see, I have
friends, different people ...

That is why I am bringing back
my beloved wife.

Nina Alexandrovna.

/ Speak
Azeri /

She tells me - I love
you very much, she will miss you even now.

I also say that I love. We always
say that. She to me, I to her.


Well, what are you Ninochka?

No, well, he, of course, behaves
like an unfinished feudal lord.

I am returning my wife,
not returning.

- Wait a minute ...
- Excuse me, now I will speak.

Did you get it back?
I accepted it.

- How?
- So.

Your marriage is my marriage.

That is, marriage is in my work.

Come for Nina
in 2 weeks.

She will become
such a cook for me !

Am I a husband or not a husband?

Am I right or wrong?

Of course you are a husband.

And of course you are right.

And Ninochka may
not be right.

Do you know what the
French say?

If a woman is wrong, you need to
ask her for forgiveness.

Here. Your job.

Nastya, hello.

To her...

Sit down, undress.

Your job is to admire.

Well, why mine?

And whose?

You brought me to him.
You taught me.

But that's not what I taught you.

You, too, came running happy. She said -
he called me the best.

Mg. He called ...

And when he saw the belly, you
know what he said?

With a lovely paradise in a hut,
and a sweet one in an apartment.


Did you go home?

Lord ... I went.

The father swears too.
Says - I dishonor their family.

And that would
not return home without her husband .

In the train, she was
shaking now ...

Okay. As long as
you live here.

What are you? They will
trample out of the hostel with the child.

Yes, they will not trample.
I answer.

Moreover, with
such a pretty one.



Moreover, it is a copy of
this parasite.

But we will arrange a
confrontation for him ...

Such little eyes, but they
will turn any parasitic soul.

Larissa, well, why did you
raise such a fuss because of Nastya and the child?

please come out for a minute.

Well, I found ...

Petka this.

They talked heart to heart.

And immediately re-educated?

And he realized everything.
Ashamed. He melted right away.

Why, not right away,
but when I saw my son.

- One of these days he will take it to him.
- Here's how! And you believed.

I believed it. What?

Yes, life taught you little.

Well, good, good.

In the meantime, Nastya and the child will
stay with me.

- Am I right?
- You have.

Ninka has been visiting you for 2 weeks .

Well, how
did you teach her marital borscht?


You were kind, groovy.
Why are you so angry?

And you are kind.

You are kind.

gave you an apartment with me , and you gave up to the Zhukovs.

So what.
The Zhukovs have a child.

And they will give me more.

Yes, you are kind.

Remember, to whom we
only did not do good!

Always reliable, without sleep.

Without rest! And who
appreciates this? Remember?

forgets the good of this . So what?

And then! It's not enough for them!

And you still respect them,
grow up in front of them.

Odinoko you,
Lariska. Yes?

Are you not alone?

Why are you?

Are you not alone?

And your dress has already been ironed. Itself
take whether to carry on the rack?

- I'll take it myself.
- Okay. Well, how are the girls?

- Will you finish soon?
“Don't worry about us. Everything is good.

Abba, Genghis Khan,
Boni-M. Yes…

It's a bit late, of course, but it
would be necessary to clarify what they are singing about.

Washed out the text.

What's the point?
Continuous "ah live yu".

Yes? A good friend of mine who
speaks foreign ...

... in language, he says that not
everything is so harmless with them.

In addition to love, they sing about the power of
money, and, sorry, about sex.

Our contingent may
misunderstand this.

Yes? What is there to understand?
You can't understand without language.


Our language, thank God, is within the scope of the
school curriculum.

- Can I ask you one question, Larisa Evgenievna?
- Yes?

Tell me, where do the
teachers in the hostels come from ?

- Where are the realties taught?
- No, well, what are you. You can't teach that.

This is a calling.

- Well, and you, for example?
- I worked as a weaver.

She was engaged in social work.
So they nominated me.

- Nominated?
- So what. I love my job.

But love is not enough,
you also need to be able to.

I can. Have you
noticed - in the morning?

The dorm is still asleep,
and I'm already on my feet.

And in the evening? The dorm is already
asleep, and I'm back on my feet.

- And this is why?
- Well, what about?

After 11, everyone should
be in place.

And in general, I have a huge
amount of work.

On me, literally, everything.
Everything is literally on me.

- This is what scares me.
- What?

Well no. Nothing.

Well. It works.

Fu. Has had time.

Now spread.

It didn't burn, did it?

Something smells like smoke.

What are you?

Do you smoke?

What? Can't you?

Oh my God.
What have you done to yourself?

Well, what are you making noise? We
did her face make-up according to Dior.

- Come on. Fast.
- Do not.

- Go! Wash your face!
- Do not.

- Look at who you look like ?!
- I do not want.

Go! You had to
come up with such a thing ?!

Come on, bow your head. Fast,
I say, cant.

- Do not. Oh, eyes.
- I'll kick you right in the face ... with this washcloth.

- This is necessary! Painted like a doll!
- It pinches!

Oh, don't.


Leave Darling
alone. She's in trouble!

The trouble? What's the trouble?

Volodka did not wish him a Happy
New Year.

Well, think about it, trouble!

I didn't congratulate, I didn't write, I
didn't need to, and I didn't really want to!

Well, okay here to roar.

Volodya will write
you a letter.

you will go on vacation to your mother soon .

And in general, that we are
your friends or what?

Girlfriends! The
dearest friends.

Well, if so, then let's
paint first.

Only culturally. Girls, well,
what's the matter then? New Year is coming soon.

Early, early. Here are the people! After 11 you
don't let them in - you are not happy.

And you don't let them until 11 - again
they are not happy. O people!

- Mom ...
- Quiet, boys.

Wait, wait.
You will have time.

Come on, guys!
Fly in!

A-a-a !!!!!!!!

And I rented

I would take it too.

Through the snowdrifts,
can you imagine?

Vera Nikolaevna,
I feel bad, I am dying.

Well, why is it so rhinestone? Be patient,
only one week remains.

You stab me right
into my heart. I can not.

A man should be patient
and calm in the sea of ​​life.

Again, what do the French say?

/Chiming clock/

Dear comrades - women!

And the girls.

Comrades - men!
Happy New Year.

I wish you ... In general, the
very best. Hooray!

- Hooray!
- Hooray!!!

Viktor Petrovich, may I
invite you to dance?

- Do not refuse.
- Actually, I'm not on this case.

The best women of the
plant. Which choice!

Can I ... can I have you?

- Me?
- Yeah.

- Yes, of course, please.
- Thank.

But you know, I
called you the first pirate.

How? You? For what?

Well, so ... Excuse me, you
're just always so formidable.

And then this scar, when
doing a special assignment.

Well no. This is me when stealing
apples from neighbors ...

... at the age of 7
fell from an apple tree.

Well, girls.
Well, liars.

They wrote legends about you. What
just did not come up with about you.

Dreamers! The captain
of the submarine.

Barely escaped after completing a
special mission.

Retired in the
prime of his life. Well, they lie!

The girls are still okay. You, too, are
apparently not averse to fantasizing.

- Yes? To dream up?
- I think.

- Yes?
- Imagine.

And I
didn’t notice it.

But you notice everything about others.
This is your famous filing cabinet.

What? Well, you have nothing to worry about.
You won't get there anyway.

This was not enough yet!

Oh, I'm thirsty, dying.

- And here, mineral.
- Pour, please.

I beg.

Why did the commandant
shy away from you ? AND?

- Have you quarreled or what?
- Why, why ...

Just tired of
talking to him.

And you definitely need to know everything -
who is with whom, and who is from whom.

There are no other interests or what?

And in general, girls, you love
to compose various fables.

You have to be more serious.

What are you, Vera? What
fly bit you?

Happy New Year.

Vera, we'll eat. Thank you
very much. Was very good.

Now come to visit
us with the girls.

- Yes.
- Happy New Year.

- Happy New Year.
- Congratulations guys.

- Come, don't forget.
- Thank.

Vera Nikolaevna,
excuse me.

I got something wrong.
Nerves. It happens.

Yes, yes, I understand. What are you ... There
are only women around.

All different. You
probably won't please everyone.

Yes Yes. The hostel
is, you know ...

In my opinion, you do
not understand something .

The hostel is
very important.

This is not just a shelter
for the lonely and homeless.

Millions of
people pass through hostels .

Both permanent workers, students,
and migratory builders.

Then, of course, they will disperse
to their homes ...

... but they will leave with what they made
in the common house.

- Well, the luggage is small.
- Not true.

Dormitory. Listen carefully.
What a word!

Common living.
And you won't hide anything.

Neither bad nor good.
Everything is seen.

As in an aquarium,

Well, why is it like an aquarium?
Just in plain sight.

There are a lot of
good things in the hostel .

I have never
seen such a friendship. Brotherhood even.

They can help, like nowhere else.
And just to cry there is someone.

And the wives
come out of the hostel the best.

You can believe me.


What's again?

Are you wooing me again?

Yes, what are you God.
I didn't even think.

We thought, we thought.
This is the second time.

- Well, you know, you ...
- I know! I know!

You only have one thing on your mind!
There are no more other worries.

Yes! ... Yes! ...

Who are you asking for?
You are some ...

You are a gloomy type.
You are like some kind of priyuk!

And you!...

And you, like a trashy grandma! Matchmaker!
Just do it!

And you! You are a pirate!

All to hell!

Our patience has run out.

Golubeva systematically violates the
routine of the hostel.

She constantly has some kind of
extraneous personalities ...

… Men, suitors by
advertisements and correspondence.

She's a disgrace to
our entire team.

And I don’t know if this is
matchmaking or pimping ?!

In general, we put the
question point-blank.

Or Golubeva, or order and
tranquility in the hostel.

We must end this
marriage bureau.

You see, comrades ...

Here, they write - the lonely is
provided with a hostel ...

And, in my opinion, a lonely
person cannot be happy.

There is nothing worse than

But everyone knows this ...

A happy society is
made up of happy individuals.

Therefore, people ask,
I help.

Well, you also need help.
But the question is - how?

Right? We have a club.
Evenings of meetings for those over 30.

I see, yes, that's all right.
It is very good.

But not every person
comes to the open ...

... to admit - I just
want to get married.

And some find it easier to face it
. More intimate, perhaps.

- More intimate ?!
- Comrades, be quiet.

Yes, do not pretend, you are Golubeva.
All this is very interesting.

Only not convincing.

Your personal example
refutes you.

Here you are Golubeva - both a
leader and a mentor.

Hmm. Although lonely.

And family changes, as far as I
know, are not expected in you.

Despite all
your marriage office.

Larisa Evgenievna,
stop it!

What? What is it?
I just want to understand.

Katya, go!

“She’s wrong.
- It can be understood.

- Well, Alla Petrovna?
- What?

What do you think of it?

I do not know.

Actually, Anton Sergeevich,
she does good to people.


That's it!!!

If you don't want it, don't!

I'm a fool! A
real fool!

Of course she's a fool.

I have been saying for a long time -
why do you need this ?!

To me? Not! If no one
needs it, then I don't need it either.

Let them write,
let them search for themselves.

Right! And in general, nonsense -
suitors by correspondence.

That's it, the end! More
than ever. Never!

- What are you?
“There is… one more thing.

Last thing.

worry, okay?

I AM? And why? Why
should I worry?

You see, Ir ...

There was one announcement.

He is from Riga, engineer.

And he wrote his dream.

And growth, and age, and character,
and education, and habits.

Why are you
telling me all this?

Wait, Irochka. That
's why I'm telling you all this ...

... that all this, and the mind, and beauty, and
habits, ... it's all you, Irochka.


Oh, she's definitely not normal.

What do you think
I'll allow myself ?!

You see, I wrote
him a letter.

And I sent your photo.
He answered me.

And he wrote that
you are the dream of his life.

And that he wants to
meet you .

And so, he flew here.

And in an hour he will be here.

What are you, Ira?

AND!!!!! Why did you give
my Finnish dress to hi ... chem ... dry cleaning ?!

How much can you repeat, well,
I wash Finnish myself !!!

Excuse me, please.

what are you doing ?!

Well, what are you doing ?! Liza, are
you crazy ???

- Congratulations!
- Irka, happy!


Vera Nikolaevna, I
would like to talk to you.

- Honey, go. I'll catch up with you.
- Good.

I've been thinking. I was
wrong, sorry.

There was a lot I didn't understand.

You are engaged in such a noble
and important business.

Do you really understand?

Of course it's true.
I told you.

Oh, how glad I am.
You know, I'm very glad.

Because the most important thing
in life is to understand.

And maybe even more important - to

Strange! And I can feel it!

A shared kitchen is a hotbed of all
psychological conflicts.

- However, you will not understand this!
- Not really?

- So, so ...
- Well, let's decide with the washing ...

Nothing hunched over in
separate tubs.

We will deliver cars,
equip a laundry.

- Everything will be good.
- Wow swung!


Well, now the furniture.


So let's decide so with furniture.
The girls suggested it to me.

Why are
standard beds needed ?

- It is necessary in every room ...
- What do you need?

- One bed ... ah ... uh ...
- One bed? So what?

- AND?
- One bed? So what?

And one sofa. It
will be cozy and at home.

One bed and one sofa ...

It will be like home.

- I see.
- Each room will be comfortable.

Victor, I finally
fulfilled your request.

- Which one?
- It's time to get you out of this harem.

Found a real job for a
real man.

You will work in dosaf.

You are a fool boatswain, and
your jokes are stupid.

I wanted to tell you, Vera Nikolaevna,
here you are wooing everyone, right?

I don't do this anymore.

I understand. Can I
match one person myself ?

- You?
- Yeah.

What is this - a matchmaker man?

And what, it might
be curious.

Try it.

Yes, I am somehow not dressed
for this occasion.

Well, that's okay.
You are not in front of the bride.

Well? Get started.

Tell me, Vera Nikolaevna,
who do you prefer?

Blondes or brunettes?

Ay! So you are
going to woo me ?!

It is a pity that empty chores.

After all, I am indifferent to men,
just as you are to all women.

And I am no longer indifferent.

That is, he is
indifferent to all women.

Except for one.

- Vera Nikolaevna ...
- No!

I'll tell you straight. I love
you, Vera Nikolaevna.

Not. It's impossible.

What's the matter with you,
Vera Nikolaevna?


Vera Nikolaevna?


I'm nothing.

I just ...

I was just very unlucky
from the start.

I stopped waiting. And so, one day
I said to myself - no, Vera, no.

Your happiness
is lost somewhere.

And there will never be another.

And I stopped
hoping, waiting.

And somehow it became ...

Calmer, easier.

I do not want…

I don't want to start all over again
because it hurts a lot.

I do not want ... I do not want ...


- Storm!
- First. Spring.

Vera Nikolaevna, I love you.
I will love you all my life.

Trust me, it's true.

- Understand, I am ...
- It's not possible.

Only patched up,
but it would be necessary to repair.

So we thought we
’ll overeat in the new. Yes?

- And in the old deluge.
- Girls!

Let's have another pelvis.

- What's that noise? Oh, girls?
- This mess.

- And you look, admire.
"Ha, old vessel!"

And I admire! AND!

- Oh, thunderstorm!
- Just think about it. In the spring - a thunderstorm!

Does this happen ?!
Gifts of nature.

And in winter, they say, there is
snow in Russia.

/ Laughter /
- Not that happens!

U! U-u-u!



The second hour is knocking.

By the way,
he's not old at all.

And his act is masculine.

Nonsense. One of
them is not enough for all roofs.

It is necessary to lead him,
not to knock with a hammer.

- That's it.
- Seems to have stopped?

- Well? How? Doesn't leak?
- Does not leak. Thank.

- Oh, you're all wet.
- Maybe you have a seagull?

- Hot?
“You’ll get cold.”

The sea soul does not
catch cold! Ha!

/ Knock on the door. In a hoarse voice: /
- Come in!

- What? What for?
- Calm down.

What's the matter?

Do you think we'll let you
die quietly in your den?

No really. Raspberries are the best
remedy for colds.

Milk and soda for
cough night.

- And put the banks.
- Oh, banks, no.

- And how!
- No banks!

But, first of all, we scrub the
deck. Varya, come on.

- What for? AND? What?
- Come on.

- Girls!
- What are you doing?

Girls, girls,
what are you doing ?!

Calm down!

Well, how good is it?

Very well.

Oh, thank you
comrades - girls.

My dear
girls, thank you.

- It is you?
- She, she. And her pie is her own.

Viktor Petrovich, how
do you feel?

Thank you, Vera Nikolaevna.

I feel myself good.

And your heart?
Does it hurt?

My heart doesn't hurt.
It sings.

- Sings?
- Mg.


I do not know.
Do you know?

I do not know either. But you know,
I'm still very happy.

Although I can't hear
this song.

This is a very good
song - sea song.

I'll sing to you.

When my
throat is gone.


Well, well ...

Well, get well.

n't you need anything else?

Please, ask,
Viktor Petrovich!

- Ask!
- Today is your day.

And I will ask.

Vera Nikolaevna,
be my wife.

Get married!
Victor is getting married!

- Oh, you're getting married!
- What are you happy about?

But you get married, then you will be
delighted. Ha.

Deserting, Verka? Who will
marry us the poor now ?

Nothing. I
exceeded my quota.

It's your turn.
You will replace me.

- I AM?
- What?

You are capable.
You can do it.

And I read - the electronic
matchmaker was invented.

- Can you imagine?
- Cybernetics.

And I have to go to rest.

Masha! Masha!

Well, where do you go? I've
been looking for you all day today.

Listen, Masha, the
main thing is not to worry.

- But it seems there is.
/ Car horn /

I'm pretty sure there is.
One letter arrived yesterday.

And you can imagine, he writes there,
well, everything is literally about you.

Well, as if he has
known you all his life . It's amazing!

Mash, I have no time now
. Yes?

'll talk with you tonight . Yes?

Why are you so sad,
baby? AND?

- And in the evening the wedding.
- Just think, a wedding.

When we have such
an important business!

You, the main thing, Masha, hope.
Do you hear? Required.

I hope!