Odessa in fiamme (1942) - full transcript

The occupation of Bessarabia by the Russians in 1940 separates an opera singer from her family, leaving her under Bolshevik rule until Romanian troops enter Odessa.

Prized film at the Venice Film Festival.


- Go to sleep, Kolya.
- Mama, I do not want to sleep. Esche too early.

- Sleep, if you want to be kissed
tomorrow morning.

- I want you to kiss me, but still
bed early. Tell me a story!

- What story? You know them all.
You've gotta get ready for school.

- Tell me a story, Mommy!
I will be very pleased!

- Did you fall asleep?
- Yes, Mommy.

- There was once a Roman emperor, Trajan named

- No, no, do you want me to study,
and I do not want this,

And nothing interests me about Trajan.

- Trajan came to our land and
nobedil Dacian. It was a great victory.

- After Trajan gave birth to our nation and
country called Romania

Word and Romania is a descendant of Rome
justice and civilization.

- I can not sleep, can not sleep, do not sleep!
- Son, you're a pretender!

- I want to wait for dad!
- But your dad will not soon come.

- But why?
- He has a business meeting.

- Why does he have so many of these meetings?
I would like to see what he was doing.

- Let me tell!
We will spend 4 days in Bucharest.

- Did not I say five?

- 8, 8 please!
- 6!

- No 7!
- I can not believe.

- Are not you ashamed to bargain with me for
number of happy days,

spent together,
like you're the seller of Persian carpets.

- Well... 7!
- Let it be 7 deal.

- Explain.

- As far as I know you, you do not stand it.
- Hear me out!

- You will spend 7 days without thinking about anyone.

- No talking about? Even about you?

- Yes, about anybody. The whole year, I asked you about
holiday that you'd spent with me,

and now I want you to belong to me only
. You promise me that?

- I promise!
- How ugly it sounded...

- Dear Clara, I ask you a favor of

- During the 7 days do not say about anybody
... - Why?

- Of no... - So be it, but I still
very disappointed.

- Why?
- Because your wife is decent.

- Would you like another?

- God, let it change you too.
What is to be done?

- I do not know, never thought about it.
- Hmm... sure?

- Yeah, sure.

- Are you leaving?
- My dear,

need to collect luggage
time we want to go tomorrow morning.

- Only reason? Do not need something else to do
? - I do not understand.

- You did not ask my permission?
- Already 8:00. I have no one to
will refer that delayed me,

and if I come home too late,
I would have problems.

- I want to ask you. What you maestro
akkomponiroval on holiday show?

- Sergey, I think. I saw him just a few times...
he's just an artist.

- Romania?
- No, not the Romanians! Or Russian or Polish.

I did not ask.
But if you need...

- Oh, just out of curiosity. Nobody knows where he
, what, what lives...

- Earns music.
Do you know what my wife gives artists the opportunity to play
on kontsetrah.

- It you are interested in?
- Me? No.

- Leave it, dear.
It is not worthy of you.

- You're right, Michael, I want you to do too much...
- Would I want that bad.

- Note that not I told you.
- Oh, dear.

- Still awake?

- No
mom promised me to sing a lullaby.

- What is this news?
Seems that today you're a little moody.

- Good evening Sergey!
- Good evening!

- Heard my husband?
For 3 days he treats me.

- You have 3 days akkompaniruete my wife.
- She is very lonely.

Let her go back to work.
- But I do not want it!

- I do not need her to sing.
- But I can not sing.

- After a few days I will go into
Florrick on the festivities,

they coincide with my birthday.

You forgot about it?

- With whom are you going in Florrick?
- Sergei. It will make me company.

- It would be advisable to ventilate the room.
In addition, I am also leaving.

- Where?
- In Bucharest.

In cases.

- What's the problem?
- I told you about it.

- There was not anything like that.
- There was.

- Excuse me... good night, ma'am.
- Goodnight.

- You spend?
- Thanks, I know the way.

- I have no doubt.

- Thank you.
- Please... I mean...

- About what?
- No other time. It's getting late.

- Goodnight.

- What happened? Mary, in the name of heaven,
Control your nerves.

You can not behave like this.
What did I say.

If you do not want me to go to
Bucharest, will not go. Throw their affairs.

- Your deeds.
- Mary, please!

- You're right, I'm sorry.
Still not convinced that all is well.

Go on, go to Bucharest.
I need to go too.

And now... What time you wake up?

- Do not worry about it, and so you have
tense nerves. Better go to bed.

- Kohl kiss?
- Of course.

- Good night, I go to sleep.
- Goodnight.

Try to relax a few days, and
can take with Kohl.

- It will not work, I need to go
soon. - Sorry,

country air would not hurt him.

- Perhaps you find it difficult to take time off was
on this journey.

- Why?
My wife nothing to guess.

- Regaled cigarette?
- Of course.

- Do you know where the maestro Sergei?
- He had only just left with my mistress.

Got into the car and disappeared from sight.
They traveled to Florrick.

- When he gets back?
- After a week.

- Plant, dammit!

- Well, manners...

- Sergei...
- Sorry. Why are you so sad?

- There are reasons for this.
- You must trust me.

I guess, what do you think
and understand you.

- What do you mean?
- We are talking about literature...

old western literature, create a player

immense confusion prejudices and sizes.

- Talk better about something else.

- How could I forget?
- What happened?

- I forgot!
- What is it?

- Because of you I lost my head, Maria.

An hour later I'm meeting
impresario for the organization of concerts next tour.

- Again? You always disappear with this
impresario, and I never saw him again.

- Do you really want him to meet
, though never on
I did not ask. What to do...

I promise to meet you tomorrow.

- You are so strange...
- Yes I have sinned this, but still... you...

need to continue your journey.
Think of me a little bit,
I love you for this.

- Bye. Ivan, stop the car.
Mr need to leave.

- Goodbye, I'm sorry.

- This is ridiculous.
- Have you gone to tell me something!?

- No, I would byly more funny than you.
Sit down again, do not waste time.

- What happened?
- Like that? In what world you live?

- Speak!
- Sit down, hurry up!

- You can increase the speed?
- Why?

- I want to meet with old wife
and eat in the restaurant, "Bird on a tray."

- As a young man I had a girl like you,
and I circled it in dance, circling...

- Ivan, what's on your mind?

- Come on! Come on! Dance! Come out! Come out!
- Ivan...

- Ivan, Ivan!

- Who is it? What does he want?
- I do not know.

Bolsheviks moved the front line and entered Bessarabia!

- What happened? What happened?

- Take it easy! Calm down! Listen!

I have bad news...
but do not know their degree of reliability.

Mistress went to City Hall to learn the truth.

Until then, I remain calm and
call you to peace in your homes.

Please do not worry!

- What about the Bolsheviks? What?
- Who said anything about the Bolsheviks?

Go home... well as go!
Do not worry. Fuel!

- Where is everybody going? In Chisinau?
- Further, much more...

- Paul where your scarves for the festival?
- Leave them alone, they are not we really needed...

- But how do we get out? God!
- Come on, come on!

- It's true! It's true, Ivan!
- Lord, how is it possible?

- Bolsheviks crossed the border and go to
Chisinau. We have little time!

They are about to be here.
I immediately need to be in Chisinau!

- I'm going with you!
- No, no, stay with her.

- For God's sake, do not cry!

- I congratulate you, Michael! 3 days without newspapers,
radio, telephone, and other concerns.

- Julia!






Julia! Baby! Baby!


- When he was taken, he was not hurt.
Leave him a pullover and a leather cap...

- And where they took him away?

- I do not know. I wanted to die, but I,
, unlike the others, was not touched.

- Kohl Kohl...

- What's happening?

"Evacuation of Bessarabia.
Russian border guards crossed the front line"

- Michael.


- What do you want? Where to go?
It's crazy, really crazy.

You can not even get in Bessarabia.

- What you gonna do?
- You said that you already think about her.

- Rodica, understand.
- I see only one.

You love her, while I was just
toy in your hands.

- Do I have no right to think about my son
, home town?

- And about her?
- Yes, and about her! I have to protect them there,

Even die for them!
Instead, I'm here.

- Did you could have seen this coming?
Your not at fault.

Something I could do, but I was not with them.
Do not you think... where they are, what happened to them?

- Welcome, Captain Teodorescu!

- I was ordered to appear at a time when
going to go to the other side.

You see, sir, there
I left my wife and child.

- And my regiment there forced to leave their homeland and honor


- Clearly, sir. Waiting for you!

- Mistress!
- Julia, where can I find out about the baby?

- Lady, I do not know.
Russian rob and kill, but
Smirnov and do not say anything.

- And how do I find this Smirnova?

- Those who have tried to do this,
no longer in this world.

This is awful, awful...

- Alex, Alex!
- I want to see.

I hear the noise of the engine black car.

- Come into the house.

- Faster, faster!
- Leave me alone. Do not irritate me.

What do you think will happen?

- Do not open the door. It is forbidden!

- Better close it, still we hear
when they come and be able to wake up.

- Do not you know that
Smirnov said that the police did not interfere
go to the house,

what it will need?

What are you doing, Nona? Hide it.

- Heard, a black car drove?
- No, I have not.

- To whom it went last night? -
Go to sleep, you have done nothing wrong.

Do not you involved in politics? Then...

- They came yesterday and took Nicholas.
What did he do?

- Do not want to pass the cow
because they could not feed the children.

Matthew And for that idea?

- For the fact that
he asked where to send Nicholas.

- A Stepan? - For what
he said that he was familiar with Smirnov.

And he even never seen the national commissioner.

- No one had seen him
he never appears in public ..

It's not his black car;
Is his hyena looking dead.

- Madam, for God's sake, to
you nothing happened, do not go.

Hear! Black car, black car!

Damn . She stopped here.

Shut up!
- Look, here they are!

- Maria Teodorescu?
- Yes, it's me.

- Come with us!
- Where?

- Do not ask too many questions.

- No, ma'am, no!
- Julia...

- Careful, careful...

- You need to come with us.
And she was an old woman and she dies.

- Julia!

- We're here 20 hours,
what you want to do to us?
If you kill, then hurry.

- What is our fault?
- Where are we to go?

- Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done...

- Shut up!
- I pray to God,

mine and yours.

... As in heaven, so on earth.
Daily Bread,

Give us this day, and forgive us our sins
as we ..

- This is my grandfather! What do you want him to do
? Where it will lead you?

- Shut up, and then you will be worse.
- No, no! Do not take him out of here!

- I hate the bastards.
- Be careful, think about Peter.

- I'm careful, do not want to get into the clutches
these animals.

- Peter, my son!

- Look! This Maria Teodorescu!

- Stay here!

- Mrs. Teodorescu!?

- Hostess, hostess!

- There are no owners.

- Ivan...

- Dear hostess...

- To the Commissioner? What happened???

- Comrade Maria Teodorescu here.

- Ask her to wait until she gets it.

- How much longer?

- Wait until you are told to freely
do not need to talk.

Think you can help someone?
- Say, I can see his son?

What happened to him?
It is very small and sick...

- Let the patient is a little stronger, and
recover. Importantly,

It to become a real Bolshevik.

- I need lists of boys.
- I have not copied all...

- Why so long are you dawdling?
If I would have had a typewriter...

- Here are the lists of boys. This is not all, but as long as enough

Some of them were sent yesterday,
send part of today, and the rest
send next week.

Central Committee requested
reports with all the data.

- Well, do it! Let the others wait
orders. But we need to make them more effective

These suckers will stay forever
hems of skirts for their mothers.

Who are you, and what you want?
- This is the mother of one child, Titian.

- On what issue?
I hope not because of trifles.

- A very important matter.
My child is sick. I just know it.

- Do you think that we have doctors?
If your son will recover,

and you get sick, who feel any better?

- Lady, lady, you're a woman

Have mercy, have mercy...
it's my baby, my baby...

- Lady, do not you want to understand,

that your child is in public care

He may live there. -
I want to reclaim his son. Give me it!

Tell the silence her.
Leave us. Your son will stay with us and become a real
Soviet man.

- Taking it
Do not you destroy our family?
- Family is not your personal business.


- Listen to me, listen,
bastards, you bastards!

Leave me alone!

- Go to the output.

- Come on!

What is your name?
- Maria Teodorescu.

- Singer?
- Yes, but...

- We know you have abandoned the profession, married

a wealthy bourgeois.

- In your home, we have not found anything
valuable, absolutely nothing.

How is this possible? - Mr. Smirnov,
I do not know about it.

- But here the whole horde led peasants.
What do we do with them?

Go and immediately solve this problem.

- I have to go, and you sign the
these orders. Still needed cleaning.

Yesterday's shooting is not enough.

- Sasha!

- Comrade?

- These are the orders for the night.

And now you, Maria Teodorescu.
Have a seat!

- You! You Smirnov?

- You know,
I could not so then introduce...

- This is terrible! Your art
poverty, friendship, love...

- No, it's true.
- What does it mean?

- It's true. Thanks to you my feelings
still alive and look at me with contempt.

- And how am I supposed to look at you?
- Understand Maria Teodorescu, that you, as

Bourgeois wife, an active member of the organization antibolshevistkoy

should be shot, along with his son

- Nick... tell me about it!
- Let's try to sort this out,

But first read and sign this statement
no comments.

- I? Sing for you? For these...
- I advise you not to engage in polemics,

Girlfriend you can not save as
to engage, as a singer for the people.

You'll sing, where necessary;
We pin great hopes on you.

Your name voice should help you.

- Do you?
- We... and if you refuse,

I can not anything pomomoch neither you,

nor your son.

- How? I can only say only.
What if you deserve it,

Then you see it.

- Promise?
- I promise!


We'll see you in the finals of the first cycle,
two days later.

- Two days?
- It's very soon.

You do not tell me anything?
- And what would you like to hear?

- Nothing.
Just understand that you rely on
can only me,

instead of her husband; and I can only
help solve your problems.

- What will be the next station stop is
? - Who knows...

- Hear Ivan!
Our Mrs. here.

- Yes, I hear it! Sings and cries for us.

- Enough! Stop singing!

Stay where you are!

- The train has left.
- When?

- An hour ago, this train left

- Perfect!
- You said goodbye to her?

- Are you jealous?
- Maybe, but not as a woman.

- What does this mean?
- You could make for her,

something stupid?
- That's the idea...

- Open the gate!

Men right, women to the left!

- Dramatic songs of your repertura
must be proekzamenoval us,

but you is no trouble at all.

- What's happening? - Remember that
here nothing happens.

- Ivan! Ivan!

- Expenses,!

- Good luck,
Maria Teodorescu. And be careful
train you sang the song banned.

- I do not know.
- And now you know. Godspeed.

- You see there, like last week, Russian

You need to get inside,
but how to do it?

- It would be easy, but
I need to do there?

- What are you so impatient?
- More than impatient.

- Requires little wait.
- And this time, they will rob
, deport and kill.

- Bastards!

- We got a good report
about your work.

- And your promise?
- I have not forgotten about nemyu.

- Sergey!
- While it is impossible to perform.

Know Thu retrieved all children became property of the state

They have no names, just a number.
Kohl now under number 7568.

- And when it will be possible?
- Meanwhile, you will need to

look good in front of today's listeners.

- I'll have to sing for them?
- Not now, at another time.

You just look at them.

Remember 7568!
- 7568...

- You are a scoundrel and a liar!
Why do I not told about it?

- I assure you that I did not know, did not know.

- And how could I trust
a man like you?

- I'm telling the truth. Obviously
Luba wanted to divert my attention

from your child... if so...

- And if this is so?
- What you will not find it.

You see, I do not hide from you.

- Never?
- Never!? I do not know...

- Where is Luba, with bezchuvstvennym
tiger heart that nothing touches?

How I want to die ..

- What is the trick?
- What do you mean?

What do you want from me?
- You singer, and is still alive.

What do you want? Your son? Ha, ha, ha...
By what right do you ask?

If you were a Russian mother, it is doubtful whether
dared to defend their rights...

And your son is alive, healthy and
traveling north.

What else do you want to know?
- About alive!? Healthy!? Traveling north?

- Pretty, go! And thank me, that I forgive you
your hysterical antics.

Go! Get out!

Expression changes a person; I have so much to
made for this child.

- You think so...
- Yes, I think so; because of him you

shock you admits mistakes
he touched a chord with you.

And you gotta be tough, will not give
feelings. We have high hopes for you.

Look... look at this!
- Again? Skolno still need to Death?

- As long as necessary.
Do not need to fear death, it is not.

Subscribe! Sign it!



"Almost a year since the Soviets invaded
to our land.

All this time the population of Bessarabia
subjected to fierce ostracized.

Deportation, persecution, torture and mutilation

Now Romania is ready!

Country took weapons in their hands,
believing in victory.

Army crossed the border "

- Read the newspaper!

Liberation Chisinau!


"At 8:00 we
following news. Attention, attention!

Emergency message
High Command of the German Armed Forces.

After the onslaught of German, Romanian and Italian armed forces
defense system of western Ukraine fell.

Main forces and their allies suppress
last pockets of resistance.

mass surrender of the enemy. "

- Mr. Captain!
- What happened?

- Colonel ordered some prisoners to interrogate
they Romanians from Chisinau.

- Very good.

- I will be back soon. Come on.

- I hope it will end soon.
I'm tired of this life.

Please put us to the barracks, now
again thither. Think I want to run.

- You will see that we will be sent to a concentration camp.

- Listen guys, I have an idea.
- What's the idea?

- Very good idea.
- Not Tom, tell me!

- My dear, hope to bomb them to
vzrryvalis in the right place at the right

time, otherwise they are useless.

- Mr. Captain!
- Who are you? Who?

- Captain, you do not recognize me?
I Ivan, Ivan Alexeev,

waited for your wife and your chauffeur.

- Ivan!

- Long live! Long live Romania!

- Come on!

- Get in! Tell me!
- About what?

- Everything.
- Where to start?

- Since arriving in Chisinau.
You were there or not?

- Ah, you do not know anything,
doing their business in Bucharest.

- Well... tell me!
- I little I know.

I went with your wife in the Florrick,
and then could not get home

because the national commissioner;
Is a musician who akkomponiroval

your wife live.

- Sergei?
- Yes.

- What the hell happened?
- I do not know sir. I saw her

last time in the police station,
caused her to him.

- And what else do you know?
- Passing on a train

Was riding in hell, I heard her performance
Romanian songs.

Then we were separated, she
one hand, I'm on the other.

I have my wife and I met,
and my son was killed.

- Killed?
- Yes sir. That's all I know.

Smirnov now in Odessa, and I want to be there, before
Russian drapanut there,

and kill them as much as possible.
- This is it possible?

- Yes, Captain. We know the plan of the city, where we were hiding

We know where the weapons depots,
factory command, everything.

We know how to move silently through the streets of
. Captain, we have

revenge on our enemies.
Come with us, sir.

- No way. I have already suggested
command to do this, but it is against.

- Maybe there you will find his mistress.

- You really do not know? Romanians
will be here next week.

- If not for these extraordinary measures to
security, it would be quite good.

Are you sure?
- Yes, why not.

- Up Dalika?
- Yes, to Dalika. It is 20 kilometers away.

- Why are they so fun?
- No it's for,

that no one knows about their plight.

- No more forces.

- Do as you can drink?

- And I do a little.
- Why do not you find another way to forget?

- What?
- Such a beautiful lady, how are you...

- I swear, I would have done everything to make this
cardiac wound healed.

- Crepes. Your child or resigned to
with all or already dead.

- Shut up, witch.
- Oh, what a rage...

towards me,
you better use your appearance.

You could get from Smirnov, everything.

- Night will take place very quickly.
- Leave me, finally!

- You're stubborn,
but still listen to my advice.
You do not know how things are going.

No one knows, but I do. Because I
watching commissariat.

Romanians occupied the ports of Odessa.

- Romanians?
- Keep your voice down, If Romanians come,

Smirnov then end. I'm telling you, you go to jail
and your child...

Where are you?

- Come on, subscribe! Come on!
- I said no!

Enough of this!

- You do not take into account...
- What?

- Requirements imposed on us by
this difficult, dangerous situation.

- What you will achieve all of these death sentences

- You're not at liberty to discuss
orders received by us. Anyone not interested in your opinion,

from you only need to sign them.

- This is the death penalty...
Total death sentences.

Even now, do not these people are guilty, that
resskaya army could not take

Bucharest this week?

- Whose fault we suffered 20 defeats
this week?

Odessa should stand.

- 50 Death did not make any resistance
greater or downwards.

I will not sign! Do not sign!

- If you're not able to do its job
, I execute it for you.

Do you think you will be allowed to do so, no?
I have to complain.

- You can do this right now...

I do not care, I'm so and so die
I even want it.

Do not you understand that I can not do it myself

- What do you mean?
- I mean,

I am very afraid of death?

I am very afraid of death! Yes, I'm afraid.
This is my rock,

She stands before my eyes.

- It's all
end, when we build a new world.

- This new world will stink,
as a graveyard.

- Idiot!
This is a celebration of the ideas of Marxism.

- We and our world, and not the ideas spawned
so many murderers.

This is a utopia, madness.

- Well, so what?
- Nothing good night. I'm telling you,

In anything that I do not believe that I do not care...
and I will not sign it!

Notify the central Commissariat,
let them come with BEM weapons.
Let them come! I'll wait for them.

- Sergey, listen to me! I do not want to lose you.

If you want to hurt yourself, do it
differently. I do not want this in your end...

- Let everything was okay. And so comes the end of
... Now go.

- Sergey, I do not insist!
- Haha. What's going on?

You afraid of death? Even you?

- You're waiting for someone?
- No, I think not.

- There's Mrs....
- Maria?

- You guessed right.

- I came, about the trial in the opera.
Let go down!

- Sergey, I do for you?

- Mauger you give the order to shoot
and fall asleep.

- I can not believe that you sacrifice a
in this situation.

- Do not worry about me, I

As a politician, you could help me, but as a man

- Do you still love her?
Not fooling.

- I know where the boy.
- I do not care!

- I wish you well, take it easy

- You want me to sign these orders

- If you will sign them, then I will tell where
is this boy. Sign it,

and I'll show you how...

- Waiting prize for good behavior?
Too late, I do not care anymore.


- Smirnov will see you now.

- Good afternoon. What's the matter? Dissatisfied
productions of the operas? These directors,

directors do not always suit you,
is not it?

- I did not come because of this.
- Then why?

- Sergey, it is true that Odessa lost?

- I think so. But not bespokoytesa
srektakli will go,

and you'll still sing.

- What Kolya, my son?
- Again this child all the talk.

- What do you mean?
- And stop talking about it.

- You promised to find him, and I can not wait any longer
. If Odessa falls,

That my son will be in the thick of war.
And I already never see.

- I understand you, but can not do anything.
I'm finished. You know what I'm doing now?

I'm waiting for my death. Because Chisinau
lost because of me.

Army lost because of me, but if
Odessa will be lost, and accuse me.

- About FM is you, Sergei?
- I died,

as a politician. That's it!

- And you talk about it so calmly?

- All that interested me, discharged into the sewer

- Sergey, have mercy, I relied on you.
I can not give up the search,

But without you I have no hope
in their success. Help me!

Romanians there, they are closer than we thought;
We can quickly start quest

Do not want to join us? We'll save yourself
, for the sake of Koli,

and I'll do whatever you want.

- Forever?
- Yes, forever.

- Then go Maria.
I need to continue to work;

Wait for my signal, and then I'll tell
what to do.

- Sasha!
- Comrade?

- Call a soldier to me urgently.

- Hey! What have you got there?
- Bread.

- How many days do you not eat?
- A LOT!

- Shut up!

- Say Pavlik why...
- Hush, guard!

- Why are we here kept locked?
- Because here

next port and we will be easily evacuated.

- How do you know?
- He knows everything!

- I overheard the word guard.

- When we were released?
- I do not know.

- Is it time to execute his plan?
- No, not yet.

- I'm hungry!
- We all want.

- Think you forgotten us?
- I think...

- I came up with.

- I want to understand what they want from us and why
keep us here.

- Shut up! If you do not know what
need to survive this difficult time,

then you boneheaded.

- But they have to get out of here as soon as possible
how these and other

boys, into the heart of Russia.

Somehow we hold in these catacombs,
who yesterday were armories.

And not encouraging, regular attacks
Romanian artillery.

- They're getting ready to ferry us to the other side

- Perhaps to feed the fish.
We have here, though, would have food.

- Well,
that I took a piece of bread with cheese.

- How delicious!

- Hey! I want my cheese!
I am here for the commander,

and will not tolerate such disrespect.

- Leave me alone! I did not take anything.

- How not to take it?
- Hey.

- Who is calling me?
- Order here for you!

- Finally, something clear.

- What did she say?
- She asks for help,

her sick child.

- Try to find a doctor.

- Bedy boy, he has no help.

- What did she say?

- Captain, this woman wants
christen her boy.

- It's possible.

- What's his name?
- Kohl.

- Kohl...

- On your knees!

- Nikolai Nikolayev.
- I baptize you,

in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!

- Captain, and we...

- baptize you in the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!

- Stick to your guns! Continue to fire!

- Sergey, baptize you in the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!

- Whose is this card?

- That woman!
- Where did it?

- She said that this photo
one Russian soldier who was here.

Mr. Captain, I think it's just a coincidence
. This is one

cafe singers of Odessa.

- No, no. This is exactly it is!

- Very good!
Now you can relax a bit.

Let's start again from the third act of foreplay.

- Where Kohl?
- I found it.

- And where the same?
- Wait! Listen to me!

At the right moment, I give the signal for departure.

I'll tell you what needs to be done.

And then you leave immediately.

From that moment, every minute counts.

I risk everything for you, without hesitation!

- Beautiful reason to say that the world does not change
... women are always themselves

Considered the most important in the life of men.

- Good point.
- And then...

- Stop it!

- This clothing
I like a Bolshevik.

- For you and your people
volunteers assigned a difficult mission, the implementation of which will

for you honor. What you need to do in Odessa
, very dangerous.

Lord is with you! Good luck!
- Thank you, sir.

- Ivan And you take care of Smirnov.
He ​​is the main threat to us.

- Be calm, sir, this man from
I did not leave.

- Pavlik! Pavlik!
- Tshshsh.

- Guys, if we do not leave now, you will not go

What happened?
- You're a team, and I'll go with you!

- Come on, let's go!

- Shhh, go to bed!
And see to it that the others are asleep.
Did you go to the kitchen,

And the two of you in the other direction, and you find
that upstairs.

- I am with you!
- Shut up! Well, take me!

- I am with you!
- Easily!

- What are you doing here?
You're too small. - I have a small but strong.

- Sentry goes!
- Cowards! I wanted to help!

- Down!
Pretend sleep! Come on!

- What are you... sprawled like a marmot?

- How do we find this guy?
- It is difficult, but we have orders.

- And I
order to shoot at each offender
even if it Smirnov.

- Have you gone mad, because of this?

- I just need the number 7568.
- 7568?

- Oh, mother.
- What is it?

- There want.

- Romanian guy always crying
if something wants his mommy?

- But mom is not here.
- Then why upset myself.

- I'm not upset, I just want to eat.
- Stop whining, and then I'm gone.

- No, no, no. Look!
I'm not crying in the presence of the captain!

- Then go to sleep! Come on!

- I think that is the number 7568, which is needed

- It is simply impossible to fulfill the order.
- But I have ordered.

- In the evening we will have fun.
I'll see if you dare

Shoot Smirnov.
And I have orders to look after children.

- I see.
- This boy is probably the son of Smirnov.

- I do not know exactly but
son some bumps.

- Why stop?
- To not run into a Russian patrol.


- Do not be silly! Need to get out of here.

- Mr. Captain! Captain!
Seems carried by.

- Hey, Hey! Look! This Odessa!

- Maria Smirnov is calling you!
- For what?

- Fast, on the stage!
- I am now!

- You can not go!
- Who ordered so?

- You can not go outside the building!

- Who gave that order?
- Comrade Luba.

- Let me out!
- Do not let Comrade Smirnov.

- This is nonsense, keep me locked.

Call Someone to resolve this problem

- Okay, I'll do it.

- What a beautiful voice.
- What?

- What a beautiful voice!
- Oh, yes!

- Everything is ready, sir!
- Bravo, Ivan!

Now waiting for the appointed hour.
What do you think? About what?

- This dog, Commissioner... bastard...
I will kill him.

- Sooner or later it will happen
, but care of yourself.

- I am ready to fulfill all.
- That's what I expect from you.

- Then, with God, Ivan!
- Goodbye, sir.

- Come on!

- All right?

- Lord is waiting for you in the old port.
- Then... this evening?

- Yeah, come on faster. When we have enough, we should be
far away.

- Very good.

- It's time. Go! I'll meet you here.

- What happened?
- Who knows...

- What are they waiting?
- Why not start?

- Go figure.

- What is it?
- Primadonna ischesla. Inconceivable!

- As it happened, nerds?
- During the second act she asked

Sasha Secretary Smirnov.
- I saw how they came into the dressing room.

- And then?
- And then more have not already seen it.

- Freaks... this monstrosity...

- Guys,
stay put! Calm down!

- I'm scared! Scary! Let us out!

- Killing me!

- Do not worry, it's ours.
- Is Romanians?

- Want to see your father?
- Yes.

-... And he probably among them. And there is nothing wrong with
we will not. I think...

- And I think of something.
- And what is it?

- About the same as you.
- Will there be a moment of escape?

- Yes, but now bombing...
- Yes, and the soldiers around.

- Well! Follow me! Run!

- Here! Run!

- Hurry!

- Tunnel destroyed!

- Where are you going?
- They took him and left!

- You do not remember where the entrance to the catacombs

- Yes, go there.

- Open the door! Where are the keys?

This you shut me here?
- Absolutely!

Why? Why did you do that?
- Do not you see?

You do not have to change our business!
- I act on their consciences.

Are you sure
in their commitment to our cause?

- You do not get out of here!

- Out of the way!

- Eli I'm not mistaken,
he said in the old port.
We had to wait for him at this boat.

- Why does not he come?
He ​​had to be here.

- Are you afraid?
- I think that he will not come.

- Entry prohibited!
- I need a captain Smirnov!

- I have an order for it!
- Let's go! Only fast!

- Too late.

-... In a cave...

- Drink, but it does not neutralize the poison
your heart.

- Why is it so late?
God, did something happen?

- He comes, Mary!
- Are you sure this is the place?

- Sergey, you said Maria Teodorescu
waiting for you in the old port. Why?

- Child...
- Whose child?

- Kohl...
- Where is he?

- In the catacombs...

- Look! Here the secret entrance.
- See to it that the soldiers did not come!

- My God! He will not come... My son...

- Calm down Mary! Calm down!
I am sure he will come!

See! Someone goes out.
Do you see coming! We're here! We're here!

- Come on! Come on!

- It's me, Ivan! Ivan!

I am your servant, Ivan!
- Do you know anything about my son?

- It is in the catacombs. Come on! Come on!
Hurry! Come on!

- Where are the catacombs?
- About a mile from here.

- Ivan, what is it?
- To hurry! Otherwise it will be too late.

- Smirnov And why not come?
- Luba killed him.

- To death?
- Yes, but let's quickly. Come on!

- Captain!
- Yes.

- Everything is ready.
- Then, hide behind a rock!

- Mr. Captain! Boys inside!
Stop in the name of God, you kill them!

Cancel blast! Cut the wick!
- Why are you here?

- Your son is here.
- Do not be?

- I assure you.
- Matthew, cancel a blast! Quickly!

- Kolya!

- Dad!
- Quickly me.

- Is not there another way out?
- Maybe there is, but he is swamped.

- What will become of us?
- Follow me.

- Exit filled up! Here we shall not pass!
- Wait for me here.

- Dad! Look out!

- Dad!

- Dad!

- Dad!

- Dad!

- See the sky! See the sky! We are saved!

- Dad!

- Kolya! Kolya!

- Dad!
- Kolya!

- Dad!

- Kolya!

- Dad!

- Kolya!

- We see the sky! We are saved!

- Michael! Kolya!

- Mom!

"ODESSA Palau!

TODAY victorious troops entered the city
ODNOVREMEPNNO from all sides"

- Nick, come here!

Look here!
- What is it?