Ode to the Goose (2018) - full transcript

Yoon-yeong has been harboring feelings for Song-hyeon, a friend's wife. When he finds out that she is divorced, Yoon-yeong and Song-hyeon take a trip to Gunsan on a whim. They find lodging ...

Gunsan tourist map

I think it's crazy.

You suddenly telling me to come along,
and me tagging along.

They say there's a U.S. army base nearby.
Must be their plane, right?

I think I've been here before.

You said this is your first time.

Weirdo. You always say you've seen
all those women somewhere too.

This is weird.

You think you've seen this place
somewhere too?

Myeong-gung noodle

fxcuse me.

It's so delicious.

Is it?


This is the jeolla-do I know.
Look at the side dishes.

Isn't this a little bit of a waste?

Such a city slicker.

Now that I'm full, I'm a little sleepy.

Should we go sleep somewhere?

Oh, should we, song-hyun?

You should get some sleep too.

Should we stay here a few days?

Excuse me, but can you do business
serving so generously like this?

You two should have a glass with me.

Oh, thank you.

I made it myself at home.

So priceless.

The thing is,
we drank too much last night.

So you should keep on drinking.

Thank you.

You don't seem like someone who'd run
a restaurant in this kind of place.

Who cares who runs a restaurant.

Where's your hometown?

What hometown?
Home is wherever we settle.

By any chance, is there a b&b nearby?

Already in the morning?

It's great to be young.

No, we're not in that kind of relationship.

Nobody's in that kind of relationship
from the beginning.

Thank you.

Let me pour you a glass. Here.

There's a b&b if you step out, make a turn,
and go through a tunnel.

There's an odd house

they say they're selective with guests.

They're selective?

They say you need luck.

I see.


Do you like doing it
in the day or at night?


Why have me come to gunsan
with you all of a sudden?

How strange.

Would this be a good thing
or a bad thing?

Good thing. Bad...

I don't think this is the place.

Should be okay, right?

Oh, somebody's coming.

We should pass, right?

Isn't this a little weird?
I think we should go somewhere else.

Why? I'm liking it.

You're looking for a room, right?


Come in.

That was easy.

Excuse me, haven't we seen
each other somewhere?

Have we?

Come on in, what are you doing?

It's so nice here.

It's also uncomfortable at times.

You're taking us in, right?

Of course, you're our guests.

You've seen him somewhere?

I think that room back there
would be best for you two.

Oh, the back room.

We're just friends.

Go take a rest.


We can smoke here, right?

Yes, go ahead.


That looks good.

Let me touch somewhere.


Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

This doesn't feel right.

It's so nice here.


It's really like Japan.

I really like Japan.

Didn't you say you like
the poet yun dong-ju?

Yeah, I like him.

Yun dong-ju died in a Japanese prison.

So what?

That's that and this is another thing.

Why are you so twisted?

I apologize.

What do you think of the b&b owner?


He's attractive in his own way.

His smile has this feeling.

People who smile easily...

People who smile easily what?

What's up with you?

Are you jealous? Huh?

Are you upset?

So cute.

Isn't the girl ghostlike?

She's autistic.
That's why she doesn't step outside.

How did you know?

The owner told me.

Well, he spilled a lot
in that short time.

You're really jealous, aren't you?

Come on, let's get along here, yeah?

Aren't these sneakers pretty?
Ti like them.

Oh! Oh my gosh!
What's the matter?

Hey, don't you know me?

You've got the wrong person.

I don't know you.

Check this girl out.
You speak just like a Korean.

Aren't you soon-yi?

I'm not soon-yi.
You've got the wrong person.

Look. Your yanbian
dialect comes right out.

I'm telling you I'm not.
What's wrong with you?

Is it because you're with a young guy?
You know I can keep a secret.

How could I not recognize you?

You have a big Mark
on the back of your neck.


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
I'm really sorry. Sorry.


Mom. Yes?

Mom, your hand smells good

it's the smell from doing laundry

it's the smell of lather

mom _ yes?


This weather is so wacky...

Did you get rained on?

A little.

- The weather is so fickle.
- Yeah

is the stuff I asked for ready?

Yeah, I guess.


Can I have mine?

This one and this one.

I asked for another room.

That's more convenient, right?

Oh, anchovies! Wow!

It should be salty.

It's tasty.


Are you originally a photographer?

It's just a hobby.

They're all sceneries.

You use film?

People rarely use film these days.

I'm an old man.

You look like a modern man.

Oh my, you sleep with your eyes open?

Wake up.

He made noodles with anchovy broth.

Aren't you hungry?


What about your daughter?

My daughter eats alone in the room
when there's other people.

You don't have to worry.

But still I feel bad.

Don't you have to eat
with your daughter?

My daughter seems to be okay
with you two.

She doesn't even step out of
her room at other times.

You must be worried.

Should I do it like this?

Join your hands.

Move forward.

This isn't easy.

Join your hands first.
Then we come up.


Oh, you're up.

And we come up.

Come straight up.

Wipe your sweat off.

Wanna go out?

Wait a second, let me do this.

Here, join your hands again.

You still have 53 bows left.
We're going down.

Come down.

Move forward and then

don't you have to go out with him?

No, it's okay.

Come up, quick!

So unlikely of you to wait for me.

It's nice here.


What is that?

It's changed again.


Your clothes.

I like it

Excuse me, she's gonna pay.




Hey little puppy.


What do you want to know?

I was born in jia yin year, gang wu month,
jia chen day at guy you hour.

So in my Chinese horoscope
there's a lot of water.

They say that'll help me,
but I'm so tired.

A big tree like me is coveted
by many big mountains

and has that seductive glow,
you know.

Now it's too arduous for me
to look after all those

wild animals and flowers
gathering underneath the tree.

Open one.


If you know so much,
open a fortune telling house yourself.

What's its name?


What are you doing?

What would happen
if a train passes by?

Why talk about that kind of stuff?

My mother died like this.

Who are you looking for?

Excuse me.

I'm looking for a place to stay.

Are you from Japan?

Yes. This is a b&b, right?

Yes, it is.

It's a Japanese style house.

It's really nice here.

Oh, here comes the owner.

She's looking for a room.
She's from Japan.


I'm sorry. There's no room.

No, there's a lot of rooms here.

Yeah, there are more than enough.

I apologize.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Right, it's full today.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Is that right...

- I'm sorry.
- All right.

Oh dear. Thank you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Unbosoming thoughts the ruins harbor

Alas, for what has my pitiful self

Wandered the evanescent street of dreams

What are you doing?

Why not take a picture of me,
not even once?

You're not from gunsan, are you?


Where are you from?


You're ja panes e?

I'm Korean-Japanese.

Oh, where did you live in Japan?

In a place called fukuoka.

Oh, I know fukuoka.

The poet yun dong-ju died
in fukuoka prison, right?

You know very well.

Who doesn't know
the poet yun dong-ju?

He's a national poet.
We should know that much.

Japan is really beautiful.

Then why did you come to gunsan?

It's my wife's hometown.

And where is she now?

She passed away.

Can I ask you something?



How did your wife pass away?

I'm sorry.

When my daughter was a teenager

I quarreled with my wife in the car.

Enraged, she told me to stop the car...

So I stopped, and she burst out of the car.

And a truck hit her just like that.

My daughter saw everything.

I don't know what you're saying,
but don't be sad.

You're so funny.

You're so old-fashioned
but really funny.

Have a drink.

Excuse me,
but may I ask your name?




Excuse me?

I said baek-hwa.
Why, is it too old fashion?

No, it's very beautiful.

You're a young man with an old soul.

Have a drink.

Don't you have any questions for me?

What kind of person
do you think I am?

My age? Whether I'm married?

What kind of person
my husband is?

Aren't you curious?

Your husband?


Dead here.

So you've been drinking.

When I was in Seoul,
I was drunk everyday.

Then a thought came to me.

Do you know why
men came into this world?

They came to hurt women.

You don't seem to be
one to hurt a woman.

You don't like me?

I haven't done this for a long time.

I apologize.

Excuse me, what are you doing?

What about you?

Have we met each other
by any chance?

Can you hold it?



Oh, thank you.

On the port of gunsan
where my dear love left

The sun sets along
the endless seaway

What are you doing?

What are you doing over there?


Jang yun-young!


You can, but I can't?

What's going on?

I think I had an empty dream.

Song-hyun, I'm missing
some of the film rolls.

Have you seen them
by any chance?

Why ask me about
the missing film rolls?

Fxcuse me.

Excuse me!

Why shout like that?

Would you like to have
a drink with me?

I'm sorry to bother you.

No need to be sorry.

I was wondering
why you wouldn't ask me.

There's nothing more forlorn
than a woman drinking alone.

Did you do it?


He was young and handsome.

There's a lot of wind today.

It's about time for a typhoon.

Straighten your back.


Straighten your back.

Take a deep breath in.

You think everything will just work out
if you shut your mouth, don't you?


Don't kid yourself.

Once the victim wakes up,
that's the end of you.

Sir, I beg you.

I just need a moment.

I heard she came round.

I'd like her to testify
if that's okay.

Don't go in.

My daughter doesn't
talk to strangers.

Why not?

My daughter is autistic.

Don't make it harder on her.

But sir, are you then
just gonna let go of the guy?

We need the victim's testimony
to understand the situation.

Please, you can help
your daughter to speak up.

Fxcuse me.

She's still young.

Please don't push too much.


This is not gonna work.
Please step out.

We got the guy.

We got the guy who was with you.

So if you could just tell us
what he did to you

we can lock him up right away.

I'm 23 years old.

That man,

he didn't do anything to me.

He saved my life.

What do you know
anything about it any way?




Are you okay?

Did you get back from somewhere?

Yes, I went to my mother's hometown.

I see.

For the first time.

Did something happen?


Where did my father go?

Looked like he was going to
the veterans association.

By the way, I think you should
have an eye on your father.


He may have dementia.


There's no way such
an uptight man is demented.

I'm not sure if I should say,
but since a few days ago

your father keeps on
talking to the goose.

He would call it
young-ah, young-ah.

Sometimes he would cry,
hugging it.

It was a little odd.

Good afternoon, sir.

Oh, you're here?

Wait a second.

Boss, your son is here.

Rok marines veteran's office

what is it?


Have these all together.

I'm off, dad.


He's a good son.

A bum is no good son.

Hey, you've lived this much
and still don't know?

No matter a bum,
a good son is best.

Good son my ass.

But is he going nuts or something?

People here donate
money every month to unicef and whatnot.

But when it comes to Korean Chinese,
they don't take any interest at all.

This is all because
they don't know history.

There's no future for a nation
that doesn't know its history.

Without knowing history,
people are no different from animals.

I'll explain briefly about
our organization.

Fxcuse me.


Do you happen to be Korean Chinese?

Are you Korean Chinese?

Go your way, you son of a bitch.

Are you a goody-goody or what.
Mother fucker.

Get lost. I'm hella busy.


May is the month for children.

Let me tell you about
our organization.

Our organization...

Fxcuse me.

Anybody here?

May I help you?

Do you remember me?

Not really.

A few days ago, I bought painkillers here
and wasn't able to pay.

Don't you remember?

Did you?

Do you need anything?

Do you have any medicine
to recommend?



I'll have some vitamins, please.


- 4,000 won, please.
- Okay.

Excuse me, where are you going?

Hey, you can't go in.

What are you doing?
Please step out.

What brings you here?

Wait outside, please.

What's the matter all the sudden?

If it's okay with you,

I'd like to see the night view
from here.

Where are you?

That guy you brought in last time,
he came again.

He's suddenly like
“I'd like to see the night view.”

Such a crazy bastard.

All right. I'll tell him to bug off.

Ode to the goose

This is
humiliating. We are not animals.


Are we less than animals?



We are all Koreans, aren't we?


Let us shout out the slogans.

When I say 'we are not animals, '
you say 'we are Koreans.'

we are not animals!

We are Koreans!

We are not animals!

We are Koreans!

We oppose discrimination!
Reform overseas Koreans law!

We oppose discrimination!
Reform overseas Koreans law!

Fxcuse me.

Anybody here?

May I help you?

I have a bad toothache.

Do you want a painkiller?

Yes, thank you.

5,000 won, please.

I left my wallet.

I'm sorry. I'll be back.

Sir, can you stand the pain?


take it

thank you.

By the way,
why would you give this to me?

Do you trust in me?

Thanks for the painkiller.

By any chance,
have we met before?

Well, probably not.

Okay, I'll definitely pay back later.


You've heard of 'employment
permit system for foreign workers', right?


Man, this is really dangerous.

This 1s so ridiculous.

It sounds good.

But it has nothing to do
with us, foreign workers.

What's relevant to us is
'work' permit system for foreign workers.

Let me sort this out for you.

You have to listen to me
carefully today.

The 'employment' permit system
for foreign workers grants businesses

the right to employ
foreign workers.

But 'work' permit system for foreign workers,
this is what's really important to us.

Let me emphasize this again.

This is a system that grants us, foreign
workers, the right to work in companies.

What brings you here?
It's been such a long time.

Why is Mrs. yoon here?


Don't call me mrs yoon.

What else would I call you?

I'm no longer Mrs. yoon.

What do you mean?

I'm divorced.




It's good to see you again.

Anyways, is he really Korean Chinese?

His accent is

I'm not sure.

Suits you well.


Wait a second.

Stop crack down!
Save foreign workers's human rights!

Do you still bum around
and write poems?

Why talk about ten years ago?

Because I heard that poets
who quit writing are the worst kinds.

You should be doing something,
you know, at your age.

Doesn't your father run a big factory?

He's old,
so now somebody else runs it.

I just get a little money from it,
that's all

your father doesn't trust you, right?

Even I don't trust myself.

Are you an only son?

Excuse me, we'll have
another bottle of soju, please.

Are you Korean Chinese?


Thank you.

You're from China, right?

Does he look like
Korean Chinese too?

He's Korean.

My grandfather and his brother
went to manchuria in the 1930s.

But my grandfather returned to Korea
and his brother stayed there.

If my grandfather hadn't returned
and continued living in manchuria,

I would be Korean Chinese as well

This is all a coincidence.

A coincidence.

I understand why you're
touching my face.


But why touch yours?


I apologize.

You act ambiguously.
You talk ambiguously.

Even your name is ambiguous.

Yun-young, yun-young it is.

Not a woman's name,
not a man's name, yun-young.

Should I just call you young-ah?

Sounds good, huh?


Where you going?

My dead mother used to call me that.


My mother used to call me young-ah.

Who is it?

Do you need help?

Fat some lettuce.

Today's broadcast commemorates
the 67th anniversary of the Korean war,

a great pain and national tragedy
in our contemporary history.

Backed by China and the ussr,

North Korea raided the south
on June 25th, around 4 A.M.

You Korean Chinese people,

you say you went to China for the independence
movement, but cut the funny shit!

You call swarming down with the commies and
shooting people to death an independence movement?

That's war, a war of aggression!

This country has come to a mess
because of you guys!

That's why you Korean Chinese people have no
right to say you're snubbed in Korea or whatnot.

Dad, please stop.
You're going too far.

What do you mean too far?

Everyting I said is true.
Facts, all facts.

You can treat me however you want.

But don't speak of
us Korean Chinese as a whole like that

fven a worm will turn.

Good afternoon, sir.

Yes, how's your father?

He passed away.

What? I can't hear you.

I said he passed away.

What? He passed away?

What's happening?
He was fine just yesterday!


Thank you.


Thank you.

You know how to do this?

Oh, this?

You want to see?

Thank you.

You shouldn't keep a woman
waiting like this.

Or take off first.

I apologize.

Are those the only clothes you have?


What's the commie of
our family doing here?

Gee, what's up with
such an outdated term?

I et's see.

Oh wow, you lost weight again.

Come here.

What is it now?


Yun-young, come on.


This is my cousin, Dr. Lee.

And this is jang yun-young, my friend.


He's young.

Be nice.

Hey, he's not a commie.

Probably centrist like you, right?

The hell with centrism, come here.

What does he do?

He's a poet.

You're crazy.

Is that mt ansan over there?

Why, I also see
mt bukhansan back there.

There's a yun dong-ju
literary house there.

- Yeah?
- I can't treat you when you're talking.

I apologize.

There's a good and evil all together.

You haven't changed.

How is there good and evil
inside one's mouth?

Not the mouth. The eyes.

Oh, now you're an eye doctor.

Hold it in your mouth.

The night view must be
awesome here.

Yun dong-ju is from yanbian,
you know.

What would've happened
if he'd stayed there all along?

He'd be Korean Chinese.


wishing not to have

so much as a speck of shame

toward heaven until the day I die,

I suffered, even when
the wind stirred the leaves

with my heart singing to the stars,

I shall love all things that are dying

wow, the dentist is
right around there, right?

I guess?

You think the poet yun dong-ju
had cavities as well?

Why wonder about
yun dong-ju's cavities, you weirdo?

You said Dr. Lee is your cousin, right?

Yeah, my cousin.

Feels like I saw her somehwere.

I wonder where.

Perhaps in a dream?

My cousin is really sexy, right?

Come on in.

Where should we sit?

Take a seat wherever
you feel comfortable.

What do you want?

A hot americano.

Two americanos please.


How much is it?

7,000 won, please.

We can pay later, right?


Here are your drinks.

I'm sorry, but can I change
mine to a cappuccino?

Can't 1?

Sure, I'll do it for you.

You wanna join?
I think you'll be good at this.

Here's your coffee.

It's somehow uncomfortable here.

Can we move to over there?

Sure, go ahead.

Are you joining her?

Oh, yes, I apologize.

What are you doing?

Maybe I should've had an americano?

Mrs yoon.


Oh, Mr. yoon.

What's up?

Well, I just met Mrs. yoon...

By coincidence.

You said song-hyun.

Are you gonna keep standing there?

Why are you always messy?

When did they come?

It's been a while.

How much is it?

8,000 won, please.

Hey, I'll pay.

Let me pay.

Let's shake hands.

I knew it.

What did you say?

Your hand is chilly.

I'm sorry.

Pretty, right?



Let go of me, will you?

But why?

Let me go.

I mean, I have such
a fine man next to me,

so I should feel good, right?

How was she?


The cafe owner.

I found her pretty.

Well, you don't have to be
so honest in this kind of situation

I apologize.

It's okay to be ambiguous.

I don't understand
what she's saying.

Let's ask another person.



go straight and cross the light,
and you'll find insa-dong.

Thank you. Are you Chinese?

No, I'm Korean.

How come you're so good at Chinese?

Have a pleasant trip.

Wow, that guy's handsome.

You like men, don't you?

How come you're so good at Chinese?

I live in yeonhee-dong, you know.

I went to an overseas Chinese school
for two years.

You're Chinese-Korean?

No, my father was friends
with the school principal.

Your father had an eye for the future.
China's on the rise now.

Oh, the school was run by taiwanese.

My father likes Taiwan,
but he hates China.

He still calls them
the Chinese commies.

Give me a cigarette, please?

What a right-wing nutjob
your father is.

I shouldn't meet him.

As if you ever intended to.

Do you want to meet
my father some time?

Not at all.
Don't get ahead of yourself.

Where are you going?

Oh, this is my father.

This is song-hyun.

You've got the wrong person.
I don't have a son like you.

Excuse me?


Dad, what's the matter? Huh?

I'm dead, aren't I?

Do you know the 108 bows?

I've been doing it for about a year.

It's so good for your body.

You get a flat stomach.

No, it's really simple.

Don't do it.



- First...
- Don't, don't, don't.

Everybody can do it.

You join your hands.

Hey, jang yun-yonug!

Join them!

Join your hands!

You go down, move forward,

a little forward, and come straight up.

Again, join hands, go down,
move forward,

a little forward, and straight up.

108 bows.

You, you have anything? Huh?

Want it?

- You want it?
- Ti want it!

You want it.

Goose, goose, goose

you bend your neck
and sing skywards

your white feathers float
on emerald waters

your red feet raise clear waves

yun-young! What are you doing?

Oh, Mr. yoon.

Here, this way.

Mrs. yoon, it's good to have
Mr. yoon, isn't it?

What the hell were you doing
in my café today?

Isn't that a little too much?

That cafe is yours now?

Congratulations, man.

You, boy, pay for my scooter, got it?

Hey, we were husband and wife.

Of course.

We're husband and wife.
My wifey.

- I was, right?
- My wifey.

Get your hands off!

What are you?

Fxcuse me.

Who do you think you are, huh?

You know how many years
we lived together?

You know how many tens of thousands
of times we touched each other?

Aye. You little brat.

Our relationship, boy, isn't
something you can interfere in.

You son of a bitch!

You touch me once more,
I'll cut your hands off.

Where are we?

You wanna sleep with me, huh?

Ugh, such a guy.

What's the problem with you?

You're all the same bastards.

You stink.

Not here, come.

Fxcuse me.

Fxcuse me.

What's the matter?

Why do you clean
the empty room so often?

Dust collects quickly.

Why? What's the matter?

Is your name yun soon-yi?

Yes, it is.

- Here's a letter for you.
- From myeongdong-chon, longjing.

By any chance, is that the myeongdong-chon
where the poet yun dong-ju was born?

That's right.

Your last name is yun too, right?
By any chance...

Yes. The poet yun dong-ju is
my great grandfather's cousin.

They say I was named after
a line from yun dong-ju's poem.

What a connection!

Hurry up, won't you?

I know only one song.

And it's not in the book.

If it's not in the book,
then just sing it.

Who cares if there's
no instrumental?


On the port of gunsan
where my dear love left

The sun sets along the endless seaway

Without any promises of reunion

my hateful dear who has
gone away a thousand miles

there is no way to meet you
however much I long for you

Do you always quit in the middle?

Just do half of everything?

Then good thing I didn't sleep with you.

Are you really laughing at this?

Have you been to
gunsan by any chance?

Does this look good on me?

You can have it.

The sun came out.

What was your mother like?

Why suddenly ask that kind of stuff?

Because I saw your father.

I'm curious
what your mother was like.

How long has it been
since she passed away?

It's been 10 years.

What was she like?

She smiled a lot,
but she was a little


She somehow looked sad.

Maybe because she was an orphan.

Gunsan bus terminal