Odd Obsession (1959) - full transcript

An ageing antique specialist in Kyoto, Japan is losing virility but finds himself excited when he deliberately makes his daughter's boyfriend attracted to his younger beautiful wife. Things begin to spiral as his health declines and the plotted becomes the plotting.



Produced by Masaichi Nagata

Story: Junichiro Tanazaki
Natto Wada, Kaisi Hasebe & Kon Ichikawa

Man's senility is believed to
begin at the age of 10.

Eyes begin to lose their
elasticity at 10.

Ears begin to dull at 20.

Man's eyesight begins to
weaken at 40.

His sense of taste becomes
blunt at 50.

His sense of smell abates at 60.

Then, at 70, he loses two-thirds of
his physical functions.

This theory says a man becomes 12mm
shorter every 20 years.

This theory may not be conclusive.

Yet no one can escape physical
senility. It is inevitable.

You, too.

This is the interesting case of
a pathetic man

who attempted to fight senility.

He's not a complete stranger to me.


Any headaches or ringing
in the ears?

Nothing of the sort.

Is my blood pressure high?

No. Not too high.

But Dr. Soma says you'd better
stop the injections.

Dr. Soma is a great moralist.

Why don't you try something else
to make you feel young?

You can think of something.

I'm too young to suggest one myself.

I don't know.

What's keeping Dr. Soma?

I'll go find him.

Never mind.

He'll lecture me again.

You can give me a shot.

If you insist.

Won't you visit us this evening?

I was thinking of it myself.

It's been some weeks since the
last time.

I got Karusumi from home.

I like Karusumi.


Kimura, as I've repeatedly told you,

my wife musn't know that I come here.

I don't want to worry her.

I understand.

Did it hurt?

Cinematography: Kazuo Miyagawa
Color Consultant: Shozo Tanaka
Music: Yasushi Akutagawa

Wardrobe: Yoshio Ueno
Makeup: Yoshitake Nomura
Film Processing:
Tokyo Laboratory (Agfa Color)


Machiko Kyo
Junko Kano
Tatsuya Nakadai
Ganjiro Nakamura

Tanie Kitabayashi
Ichiro Sugai
Mantaro Ushio
Kyu Sazanka

Jun Hamamura

Directed by Kon Ichikawa

I was in conference and
couldn't see your husband.

Kimura, you checked his
blood pressure?

It's a little higher than last month,

but with him, it's not exactly abnormal.

Tell me, how long has he been
coming here regularly?


September of last year.

I didn't know that.

Generally, men will hide it
from their wives.

What's wrong with him,
if I may ask.

Nothing at all.

Let me explain some things to you.

Sexual desires become

milder by degrees as people grow old.

Was he a very passionate man?

He said his was of an
artistic nature.

- Artistic?
- He did things...

that embarrassed me.

I suppose he regrets the loss of
his youthful vigor,

but I can't approve of so
many injections.

I prescribed a life with less
stimuli of any kind.

A quiet and temperate life.

It's the best kind of life.

I hope he'll be able to live a long
life, and he can with your help.

He's such a valuable man.

He's the foremost authority on
classical art objects.

- He's one of our cultural assets.
- Do me a favor, Doctor.

I learned of his frequent visits here
from my daughter.

But please don't tell him that
I came today.

Should he learn that I know
his secret,

he may worry.

I should think so.

You, too, Kimura.

I know, Ma'am.

I'll pay you a visit tonight with some

Karusumi is delicious.

We haven't seen you in weeks,

Toshiko will be pleased.

Why are you here?
Come in.

I don't want to be seen.

- Why?
- Just because.

I waited for you at the concert.

Gosh, I totally forgot about it.

I had to help Dr. Soma until late.

Was it last night?
Enjoy it?

I waited two hours at the door
for you.

When you didn't come, I left.
I didn't go in.

This is the ticket for it.

Your ticket for it.


It's useless now, so you may as well
tear it to pieces.

Well, goodbye.

Your mother seemed to suspect that
I'd told you about your father.

Does father come here often
for treatment?

Mother came, too?

Why should we worry?

I'm planning to visit you tonight
with some karasumi.

- But my parents will be home tonight.
- I know.

Let's go to Osaka.
The same place.

No one home?

Where have you been?

Next door, to get some salt.


And yesterday, I had to ask
for some flour.

- Madame knows.
- Where is she?

She's out shopping.

When did she leave?

When was it...

Here she is.

I'm sorry I'm late.

What can I do for you?

Didn't you want me?

- Where have you been?
- To Nishiki Street.

What for?

To buy some food.

We had nothing in stock.

Anyone coming?

I hear we have no salt or flour.

Didn't I give you money for
food yesterday?

I went shopping with that money.

I know you aren't very practical.

I have no regular occupation,

and I've sold my assets.

I know... Even the curios are just
left in your charge.

I can raise money if we need it,

but I want you to be frugal.


- I couldn't see you in the dark.
- It's not dark.

It's so bright outside that it
feels dark inside.

You're home early.

The usual hour.

Come here.

What is it?

How are you getting along with

We went to the movies
some time ago.

You should be seeing more
of him.

I hate Kimura very much.

I hate Kimura.

That's no way to talk to us.

What a nasty girl!

She pays no attention to
what I want.

She doesn't mean it, I guess.

She takes after you.

You think so?

I think she's quite like you.

You're not very nice today.

- Still angry about last night?
- What do you mean?

You always pretend ignorance.

Certain things are better
left unsaid.

Spoken like a priest's daughter.

You're so cute.

Who's pussy cat are you?

So you're hungry?

I'll give you some milk.

A cripple!

How ugly!

Go away!

Hello there.

Welcome, stranger.

How have you been?

Fine, thanks.

Come right in.

It's been a long time.

My husband and I were wondering
what had become of you.

I've neglected visiting you.

- Is Toshiko upstairs?
- Yes.

Do you want me to stay longer?

- No, you can go.
- Good evening.

This is karasumi from home.

Thank you very much.


Bring some brandy.

- And a knife.
- Ok.

Toshiko! Come downstairs!

Mr. Kimura is here.

I thought you weren't coming.

I couldn't come earlier.

- Good evening.
- Evening. How are you?

How have you been?

- You need a hard surface.
- This will do.

I can't drink.

You know that, mother.

Oh, that's right.

Let me get that.

You have homework?

She can do it later.

Go ahead, if you must finish
it tonight.

Yes, I'm afraid I have work
to finish.

That reminds me, I must
do something myself.

Excuse me, I won't be too long.

Finished your work?

What was amusing you?

I told him, "What a funny
looking fish a karasumi is!"

I said, "It swims this way."

Very funny.

It's just dried mullet roe.


She drinks a little.

I've been training her.

- Is she alright?
- Yes, she's fine.

Have you decided?

To marry Toshiko?

My father is a fisherman.

I don't deserve to be her husband.

- Social status doesn't matter.
- Thank you, sir.

I'm just an intern until
I get a degree.

Then Dr. Soma wants my service.

I'll speak to him.
Start a practice.

That would be wonderful,

but I need backing.

Would you?

Sure, why not?

Is your wife drunk?

I'm afraid so.

Toshiko is hard to understand

She's wise.

When someone says a
girl is bright,

they mean she's homely.

You mistunderstood me.

She doesn't have her mother's

but they're very much alike.

I'm very worried about your wife.
I'll go find her.

When she's drunk, she hides in
the bathroom.


Jealousy makes me feel
much younger.

Good method.

But, I don't understand what
you mean.


It's about time she was back

My wife.

I think I should go find her.

Mrs. Kenmochi.

Mrs. Kenmochi?

Mrs. Kenmochi?

What's wrong?

Ah, Toshiko, it's very strange...

Your mother disappeared.

- Gone to bed?
- Not with you as a guest.

Are you there, Mother?

What happened?

Wake up, mother!

Sir! It's terrible.

I'll make her bed.

Come help.

- Should I come in?
- She musn't catch cold.

Wipe her hands.

Her night clothes.

Shall I send for Dr. Kodama?

- Our neighbor.
- Cerebreal anemia, maybe.

You can examine her, right?

Yes, if you'd like.

Cerebreal anemia, yes.

Heat won't help.

I see.

She'll be all right.

She may need a vitamin shot.

You have it here?

I think I have it.

I'll give it to her.

- Don't bother.
- No need if she's okay.

I see.

Well, I must be leaving now.

Take good care of her.

Thank you.

Kenmochi speaking.

How is the patient?

She seems all right.

But do see her again.

She hasn't woken up yet.

That's strange.

I'll come over as soon as I can.

Who's out there?

Sneaky thief.

That's terrible.

I don't feel sick at all.

I'm all right now.


But your husband sent for me.

My husband did?

He's not in right now.

I see.

No? I'll get up then.

You'd better not.

I really overslept.

Is Toshiko at school?

Will you please help me?

I feel weak.

You'd better stay in bed.

Oh dear...

Will you help me too, Hana?

I felt dizzy.

You seemed all right last night.

- Did I?
- Yes.

Take that to the living room.


Tell me,

did I do anything improper
last night?

I was just alarmed.

I didn't know you were so drunk.

I lose control when I drink.

Then you'd best stop drinking.

I drink because my husband
wants me to.

You do everything he wants?

Thank you for taking care of me.

I remember it vaguely.

You carried me here,

gave me an injection and nursed
me until dawn.


I didn't.

I left around twelve.

But look...

The mark.

You stayed here until dawn,
didn't you?

Did I...


What's come over me?

Don't we have fantastic
dreams sometimes.

It was probably just a
wild dream.

I always get shots here.

A real thrill.

I smell of blood.

I find my mouth full of sand.

I'm in a desert.


It's vast and boundless.


Very mellow.

The best kind of brandy.

- Who says so?
- The wine dealer.

Liqours bring bliss, eh, Kimura?

Toshiko should drink a bit.

Kimura should do the drinking.

You bring happiness.

Come every night.

I'm afraid I'm intruding.

I have to study.

Stay a while.

You can take a bath too.


Ever use a Polaroid camera?

What's that?

You can get a print right away
from the camera.

Here it is.

You can borrow it.

You left the table again.

Because I finished eating.

I'm in an awkward position.

I can't refuse your father's invitation.

Then he starts drinking,
and you leave abruptly.

Did I offend you?

You're his guest.

So there's no reason why I should
entertain you.

Is there?

Kimura! Kimura!

Come help me!

She'll sleep until morning.

I don't know how to thank you.

Don't mention it.

I'm happy to help you.

- Is that you, Kimura?
- Yes.

It is, sir.

I want you to do me a
big favor.

You're looking well.

- Am I?
- Yes. Younger, somehow.

I can't seem to focus your camera.

- Is that so?
- Maybe the film was old.

Could I ask you to develop them?

You took them?

But why me, sir?

Can't you guess what I

No, I can't, sir.

I want you to develop them yourself.

As it happens, I studied photography
as a boy.

What was my wife doing?

Speaking with the maid.

Hey, Kimura!
Done yet?

Hurry up!
I'm busy today!

You said you wouldn't be long!




It's working.

Speak to me.

About what?


I'll do more than just talk.

I'll show you something.

Look at her carefully.

It's somebody that we both know
very well.

- Why...
- I was asked.

- By father?
- Yes.

He asked me to develop the film,

and I've enlarged what he selected.

Don't crumple them.


Daring postures, eh?

They're reckless.

But why did he ask you?

It's only a guess.

He wants me to desire her.

Then he uses his jealousy as a
kind of stimulant

to make him feel young.


So you've become my father's

It's hard to refuse him.

But your game is mother.

His game.

I can play too.

If it's your wish.

You're very formal.

- Well, I like to present my card.
- You're strange.

It's believed to have belonged to
Lord Mori's lady-in-waiting.

My client bought it for his

It bears the signature of a great

Its laquer work is good.

But my client would like your

Can you oblige us?

Let me see it.

All right.
Leave this here.

But my client is in a great hurry.

- It will take at least 10 days.
- I know.

Showy, old-fashioned weddings are
being revived,

so we see excellent items nowadays.

By the way, Mr. Kenmochi,
that statue there,

- can I take it back?
- Do you have a customer for it?

Not yet, but I'd like to display it
in my shop.

You can bring your buyers here
any time.

May I bring that Korean vase to
my place?

It's yours, but leave it here.

Very well. Will you call me when
you want to sell something?

I'm already sold out, I fear.

I heard you sold three
scrolls recently.

I was a go-between.

Really? Just call me in case, anyway.

This is for your written opinion
from the other day.

Thank you.

Mr. Kenmochi!

What happened?


I felt faint.

Hana, why did you bring such
a thing here?

Don't do it again.

This insecticide will kill a man.

I thought it was cleanser.

That's in the green can.

Isn't this green?

It's red.

Hana, are you color-blind?

My grandchild often says so, too.

Maybe I am.

Put it in the storage.
It's dangerous.

I can't tell which is which.

I'll switch the contents so
I won't make a mistake.

Tell me, what do you think of
Kimura, mother?

He's good and kind.

Is that all?

What else can I say?

I wish I were born as pretty
as you.

You're prettier than I am.

You should pay more attention to
your appearance.

Why bother flattering me?

How can you live with yourself?

I've rented a room.

Why all of a sudden?

And I'm moving today.
It's my French teacher's annex.

The rent is cheap.

- What will your father say?
- He gave me the deposit money.

It's all right with me, if he
approves of it.

But I'll miss you.

Kimura will still come,
just the same.

You'll find it more convenient.

What's on your mind, anyway?

Tell me.

Taking advantage of your fainting,

Father is abusing you every night.

A wife should be obedient to her

- Then you knew everything?
- No, nothing at all.

I feel unwell at night lately.

I pass out, don't I?

You seem to enjoy your fainting, mother.

I can't hold liquor at all.

The very smell begins to contaminate
my body.

I feel like taking a bath then.

You have an answer for everything.

But Kimura is aware of it.

Did he tell you?

He wouldn't talk about it.

Father needed a man to talk to,

and Kimura will soon be his son-in-law.

So don't blame Father about it.

You're a model wife, Mother.

I'm an old-fashioned woman.

You may look upon me as stupid.

I'm on your side, Mother.

Don't you worry.



Mother did it again.

- What?
- Fainted.

- Where?
- At my place.

- Didn't you go to the movies?
- That's right.

But then Mother and Kimura

came to my place

I made tea with a spoonful of
brandy in it.

Mother and Kimura had some.

I suggested to Mother that she
have a bath...

I see.
Did you leave them alone?

I shouldn't have?

- How did you get here?
- I took a cab.

I'll get ready immediately.

Hurry, Father.
I couldn't find any cabs,

so I had to walk to the garage.

It's been 20 minutes since I left.


Stay 'till I get back.

Don't rush.

You'll need this.

You must have been alarmed.

So this is Toshiko's room, eh?

The bath is by the corridor,
so nobody else knows about this.

Toshiko and I brought her here.

Since she left, I haven't touched her.

I haven't even taken her pulse.

Aren't you a doctor?

Faster than normal.

She's still very wet.

We tried to dry her off.

She'll catch cold.

Take her clothes.

Will you dress her?

My hands are frozen from the rain.


Watch it, she's a sick woman.

- Very high?
- Higher than I expected.

How high?

You almost broke the gauge.

Broke it?

A slight exaggeration.

But you're in bad shape.
I can tell you that.

You're an alarmist, Dr. Kodama.

Double vision is what we call diplopia.

It means hardening of the
cerebreal arteries.

You might have a stroke.

Instant death, if you're lucky.

Or paralysis.

I can't believe it's that bad.

Have your eyes examined. And your
kidneys and heart. At once.

You know Dr. Soma...

Go and see him.

He's an authority.

Stepping out?

Well, yes.

I haven't seen this coat before.

Is it new?

Does it look funny?

It looks very nice on you.

Do you need any money?

It's lucky I met you here.

I don't need much.

Here's 3,000 yen.

I'm taking a walk myself.

I feel refreshed.

Have a good time.

Where'd the master go now?

- Turn off the light.
- Ok.

Aren't you feeling well?

The light bothers my eyes.

It's due to stiff shoulders.

Think so?

I happen to know a very
good masseur.

Shall I send for him?

I dislike being pawed by
a stranger.

You do, huh?

Dinner is served, sir.

- You're here.
- Yes.

I'll serve Father.

Bamboo-shoot soup.

Boiled beans.

Frozen bean curd in soy sauce.

Fried lotus roots.

I cooked them.

I prefer meat dishes.

Do you want to have a drink?

Not with you.

It's been quite a long time since
I ate alone with you.

An intern's life is rather easy,
I think.

He has three afternoons off.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And Mother goes out three times
a week. Today is Wednesday.

You see then.

I ask them to the movies,
but both say they're busy.

Your plan didn't work out.

You wanted to embarrass me

by bringing them together.

You didn't think your Mother would
take him from you, did you?

Aren't you angry?

Kimura's an opportunist.

He wants to make use of me.

That's the only reason he wants
to marry you.

I know he was more interested in
her than you.

I don't even like him.

Then why grumble?

Do you know where they go?

No. I don't want to.



Want to know more?

How do you know that?

It's his favorite rendezvous.

He took me there once.

So he's as low as that.

I just wanted to have a look.

I'm different than Mother.

She's loyal and old-fashioned.

She won't betray me.

- You still trust her?
- Yes, I do.

I see.

But even if

there's no adultery, there's

- uglier ways...
- Shut up!

We're your parents, remember!

Such filth!

Get out!

Have you finished?

I've made tea for you.

Time's up, gentlemen.
Let's see what you've written.

Time doesn't wait.
Not even for poetry.

I've begun to doubt the good
taste of this.

Grumbling again?

You've won the poetry prize for
the last three months.

No, four months.

No one appreciates my work.

Don't exaggerate, please.

A lavish party, it's my turn
next month.

But I can't match this.
Kenmochi's the best.

I'm not an envious man,
mind you,

but that wife of Kenmochi's...

What a prize she is.

Why this indirect praise?

It's a legend that it took him
five years to win her.

Don't exaggerate.

He admits it's a fact.

By the way...

What's your phone number?

I've lost my address book,
so I'm asking everyone.

Mine is...

Let me see...

Exchange 12.

Is it?

You're asking me?

I forget things.

At your age.

It's not age.

But I forget.

Especially names and places
and men.



It's temporary.

About 10 minutes.

Know my name?

I will.

Wait 10 minutes.

Did my husband phone you?

Yes, he did.

He must have called from outside.


I feel awkward in coming here.

I came because Father asked me to.

He said it was important.

Really? He hasn't said anything
to me.

Excuse me.

I'm a chiropractor.

Aren't you at the wrong house?

Isn't this the Kenmochi house?

It is, but we have no need of
a masseur.

I sent for him, as the master ordered,

Come right in, doctor.

He hates to be called 'masseur',
call him 'doctor'.

Doctor, I'm awfully sorry.
She forgot to tell me.

Mrs. Kenmochi.

How do you do, m'aam?

- Hana, take the doctor to his room.
- Yes.

Why don't you come in?

You're very stiff.

You'll feel better soon.


- Rub more softly.
- Softly?

But that wouldn't do you
any good.

Kimura and Toshiko are here.

Did you call them?

Yes, bring them in.


Forgive me.

I wanted to come earlier.

I wanted to bring you some cod roes
from home, sir.

I've been waiting for them
to arrive.

Forgive me.

Are you all right?

I can stand it.

No, you've had enough.

You're stiff

and it's painful.

Expert as I am,

I can't cure it with one

It's due to your high
blood pressure.

No specialist can cure it quickly.

I also practice acupuncture
and moxibustion.

I'll cure you.
Don't worry.

Is his blood pressure high?

- Must be over 200.
- Quiet for a moment.

I asked you to come to fix
the date for your wedding.

- Why talk about it now?
- Pay no attention to me.

As my profession takes me to
many homes,

I've learned to mind my
own business.

And to hear nothing I shouldn't.

Forget I'm here.

But may I congratulate you
just the same?

My health is declining rapidly.

I'm anxious to have
a grandchild.

Let's discuss it after this
is over.

Wait out there.


Can I have three towels and some
hot water?

That's the first time I've heard
him whimper.

He seems to be giving up.

- Is that so?
- With high blood pressure.

That quack.

But excitement is bad for him.

Yes, that's right.

Mother may have known about his
failing health

and wanted to kill him
by excitement

with your help.

Don't say such a thing.

Though I know you're joking.

We own nothing here.

Even the house is mortgaged.

I'm sorry to hear it.

But your Mother is so cheerful.

She was born that way.

I'm sure she'll make a
carefree beggar.

You too?

Will we get married, Kimura?

We're formally engaged today.

Let's celebrate.

You're kind to me when
Mother isn't around.

I love you, so I care for your Mother.

Isn't Father absurd?

To call that Masseur...

He gives me a creepy feeling.

Is he finished?

It'll take another hour.

Father must be tired.

He says that he can't talk with
you today.

- I see.
- He's sorry that he asked you to come

He suggests that we should go
to the movies.

Not me.

If you're not going, I won't either.

I'm reluctant as Father isn't well.

But if he wants it, we'd better go.

You're right.

Let's go.

All right.

I think I'd better go back.

- I'm worried.
- Going home?

I think I'll go shopping first.

You two go ahead.

Excuse me.

Shall we go?

Don't you have to go?

Oh, I'm on duty today.

Good thing you reminded me.

I'll have time off in a few days.

What brought you home so soon?

I'm sorry.

Enjoy the movie?

What's the matter?

You know where I've been,
don't you?

You wanted me to go to him.


I was a fool, playing a fine lady.

I'm beginning to see it now.

I feel I've awakened as a woman.

You've been so patient with me.

For such a long time,

I've made you suffer.

Forgive me.

You're sweet.

Thank you.

But please believe me,

nothing ever happened between Kimura
and me.

I believe you.

Yes, I do.

I brought it down for company.

Standing there that way,
it reminds me of you.

You look very sick.

I made you strain yourself,
didn't I?

The doctor warned me several
months ago

that I should take care of
my health.

But I thought life would be empty,

if I had to give up our pleasures.

At last, you've become mine,
body and soul.

I'm satisfied.

I'll do anything you want me to.

I'm sorry to trouble you
so late at night.

This is Mrs. Kenmochi.
Thank you, Ma'am.

Hello Toshiko.

Father is in danger.
Come at once.

Bring some ice.

Dr. Kodama's office?

My husband had a stroke.
Can the doctor come at once?

Will you tell the doctor

I'll be expecting him?

It's a stroke.

It must have been sudden.

- Which side?
- His left side is paralyzed.

So cool the other side.

Give me some light.

Bring it here.

His blood pressure is 190.

It was lowered by the hemorrhage.

He had a masseur rub him for
hours yesterday.

That was bad.

It's probably the direct cause.

I'll come again later.

But you'd better ask Dr. Soma
to come.

Shall I ask our relatives to come?

You can wait.

Better get a trained nurse.

I'll send you one.

Toshiko was here all night.

You don't need to come.

He's unconscious anyway, and
our house is a mess.

I just wanted to let you know.

Yes, I'm going to phone Dr. Soma

Yes, I'm all right.

- Ah. Dr. Kodama sent you?
- I'm from the nurse's agency.

My name is Koike.

He began to snore around 8 o'clock.

What do you think?

It's dangerous when one is in
a coma too long.

Leave your bag in the other room.

I've prepared a room for you.

I'd better stay as near the patient
as possible.

I see. Then you may use this room.

Mr. Kimura's here.

How is he?

I didn't want to disturb you,
but I just wanted to see him.

He's still in a coma.

Come with me.

Excuse us.

I told you on the phone
not to come.

But it's common courtesy.

But not before Dr. Soma's visit.

You're right. That would have
looked better.

You'd better go now.

You can't go out while he's
like this, can you?

It's for the back door.

Hana leaves at seven.

Toshiko will leave by eight.

The nurse will go to bed by ten,
when I'll relieve her.

Come at eleven tonight.

How's he getting along?

Dr. Soma was of the same opinion
as Dr. Kodama.

He came out of the coma
at about 5 o'clock.

I'm glad to hear it.

I think he's a fortunate man.

Many families would suffer financially

but he can receive proper care.

Money has never been a problem for us.

Naturally, he's a resourceful man.

I love you, Ikuko.

Toshiko told me that you wanted to
kill him by exciting him.

If she could see us now...

I know we shouldn't excite him,

but he'll be sick a long time.

I must come!

You're so kind.

What are we going to do?

I've always been obedient to him,

so I'm anxious to respect his wish.

You want me to marry Toshiko?

She'd be delighted if you'd take her.

I'll do as you wish.

Marry her... and live here.

You can practice here.

Can I?

It's far away from the city center.

But I mustn't ask for much.

Ah, what a lucky man I am!

I don't like the smell of this job.

But I want you to stay.

The master will be too helpless
without you.

It's a nurse's duty to take good
care of her patient.

If the family is seriously worried...

Well, I'll do the best I can.

That's it.

You see it all, don't you?

You're sharp.

It's murder.

Right, you are.


Miss Koike... Oh, you're eating.

Father's awake now.

I just sent the masseur away.

I shouldn't have sent for him.

I'm awfully sorry.

So high-handed!

Nobody else is nice to him, so I...

It's wonderful that you
can speak again.


Didn't he say "footstep"?

What footstep, Father?

What does he mean?


The doctors said yesterday

the pressure ought to go down.

I told them that he couldn't
sleep that much.

He can't sleep?

It was the night before last.

Soon after I went to bed,
I heard footsteps in the yard.

Last night, also?

I don't know. I fall asleep easily.

I gave Miss Koike a day off today.

Toshiko hasn't shown up either.

The weather is nice today.

What do you want?

You don't want to eat?

You want me to strip?

Don't think of such a thing.

I'm beginning to feel cold.

Can I dress now?

He's dead.

You musn't work.
You're tired.

I work to forget everything.

So many distinguished people.

The mayor, too.

The red can is here again, Hana.

- That's the cleanser.
- I told you it wasn't.

So I arranged it so that I wouldn't
make a mistake again.

What is it?

She's color blind, and brings
insecticide for cleanser.

Does that red can contain

You must be careful.
It's poisonous.

- But it's cleanser.
- No, it's not.

- What an ignorant woman!
- Take it away.

- Nice weather.
- Yes.

Sorry I've kept you waiting.

I had to fix my hair.

I had no time to go to the
beauty parlor.

What's this party for?

In recognition of your devoted

Thank you very much,
Kimura and Toshiko.

I couldn't help you at all.

It's a terrible thing to
lose one's husband.

He'd protected me all the time.

You've worked so hard,
disposing of everything

I'm glad they're gone.

I don't have to worry anymore about
breaking them.

His death was so sudden.

Dr. Soma was surprised.

That was the nurse's day off.

It happened just as Mother
brought his food.

Luckily, I was there at the end.

How fortunate, Mother.

He must have died happily.

I suppose death can be both
peaceful and sad.

I started my diary last night.

I'll go get it.

How can I get out of this?

Look at this empty house.

The curio dealers took away
everything of value.

They weren't his property.

It must be true that the
house is mortgaged.

Though he was famous,
he's dead now

and useless, as he's left nothing.

Ikuko is pretty, all right,

but doesn't appeal to me.

Toshiko is out of the question.

Rotten luck.

Isn't the salad ready yet?

In a few minutes, ma'am.

Why bring tea so soon?

Ah, thanks.

Suddenly I wanted to drink tea with brandy.

When you drink brandy,
it's an event.


Why don't you keep a diary?

I have nothing to write about.

We're turning over a new leaf,
as it were.

It'll help us to enter into
a new life.


Would you mind reading your
diary to us?

All right.
Later. Yes.

A drink may give me courage.

What a combination!
Salad and tea!

Kimura, what's wrong
with your appetite?

She's going to read her diary to us.

Sometimes her innocence is weird.

But I can guess what's in it.

An array of nice, sentimental words.

What an odd taste this salad has.

It tastes strange!

Does it?

You're right.

Toshiko! What happened?

Why me?

Why poison me?

What did I do?

It's unfair.

Hana... It's your fault.

Look what you've done.

"This is the first diary I've
ever started."

"I wonder how long I can
keep it up?"

"Why am I hesitant when our
new life is ahead of us?"

"Kimura and Toshiko will make
a good match."

"The three of us are turning over
a new leaf."

"My late husband will be glad."

"Someday, we'll all meet."

- Date?
- March 16.

The night before the tragedy.

A prophecy.

Her handwriting?

Definitely, sir.

Hana's confession doesn't
count then.

She could've put poison in
the salad,

but so could the others.

Hana said that Mrs. Kenmochi
warned her about the poison.

Hana has no motive.

The stuff was used for the
kitchen garden during the war.

It was learned he'd
had no income recently

The house is mortgaged.

They had nothing to live on.

That's obvious.
I think she committed suicide,

followed by the young couple.

She was known as a faithful wife.

Kenmochi's friends all vouch for it.

As I've repeatedly told you,

it was I who killed them.

We're busy people, mind you.

With many other things to do,

so that we can maintain public peace.

I know they were wicked,

but it's worse to murder them.

Ask her to go home, will you?

We'll arrest you if you don't go.