Odd Man Out (1947) - full transcript

Johnny McQueen, leader of a clandestine Irish organization, has been hiding in the house of Kathleen and her mother, planning a hold-up that will provide his group with the funds needed to continue its activities. During the hold-up, things go sour: Johnny is wounded, cannot make it back to the hideout, and disappears in the back-alleys of Belfast. Immediately, a large-scale man-hunt is launched, and the city is tightly covered by the constabulary, whose chief is intent on capturing Johnny and the other members of the gang. Kathleen sets out in search of Johnny.

Hello Granny.

Anyway, I know you're
quite clear up to that point.

After that I should turn to the left to
make your own ways to Main Street.

Then you can take
on Eagles a turn to the right

to bring you out to the back
of Northumberland Street Post Office.

Then drive straight across the parade
ground to meet the North side of the park.

- How is it Johnny?
- Fine.

The orders haven't
been changed, you can go ahead.

Weather is good.

It'll snow later on but
we'll be back before that.

I've been telling the other Dennis,
we'll do the way we planned.

Across Queen's Bridge, down Main Street,
Bedford Street coming Shaftesbury Square.

Will be longer but...

leaves the car into a better position,
facing the broad end of the street.

There's no hurry, it's time for a cup of tea.

- Is the car all right?
- She's OK.

- Is it a nice clean one?
- Oh, we got decent tires on her.

I picked up a good one.

One of these days you
might have a car of your own.

I never mind that,
wouldn't mind having this one.

- How much petrol?
- Three gallons.

- Half will do us.
- You never know, we might have to...

No at all, we'll be back here by five.

Well, I'll have the car
perfectly set at 5 minutes to.

- I'll be on the bridge.
- I'll be at the car sales room.

- Come some tea Granny?
- Everything settled?

- Yes, we have to hurry they're leaving soon.
- I already heard that.

- You hear everything, don't you?
- What I don't hear I can put together.

- Pour in the milk.
- Will he be coming back here, me darling?

Ah, should I have to been into
the water then I watched yous grow-up...

and I know what's in your
heart for that boy up there.

Maybe you know what's in his heart too.

- Did you sell me coupons Maudie?
- There's no time to talk about that matter.

Figure it's a matter of prices going up, I
want three bob a piece for the clothing ones.

You can have the meat ones so you
just give me a few points for me sweets.

We're 3 district managers coming to make
a weekly report, Friday is always their day.

What do these 3 managers talk about?

Oh, goods, goods on order,
export market, you won't know.

And I'll along there Johnny, I'll be where we
said with the pram, is nothing changed?

We'll be there on time Maudie.

When we give you the money,
just take it to Hannigan, you know...

he'll distribute it through out the weekend.

I read it.

And after this, you won't be to worry
until your man comes out of prison.

- Slice of the party cake?
- A few crumbs of that won't go amiss.

- Well, good luck.
- Good luck.

Good luck Maudie.
Well, we better be moving too.

- I'm here, hold hard for a second.
- I shall wait here for any comeback.


Murphy, you got to look
like businessmen, you know.

- I wouldn't wear that if I were you.
- So I, haven't coat.

Go easy with those now.

Well, anybody that asks for it can have it.

Yes, but don't, don't encourage them to ask.

You haven't mixed up in
shootings before, don't start now.

- Ok.
- See you later.

- Sure.
- Good luck boys.

Your, your heart is not in this job Johnny.

Is it?

- Won't be sorry when we're back.
- Don't believe in it?

I believe in everything we're trying
to do but violence is getting us anywhere.


were sentenced to 17 years in prison for
bringing guns and ammunition to the towns.

- You talk about violence?
- In prison you have time to think.

If only we could throw the guns away...

make our cause in the
parliaments instead on the backs streets.


Hiding in this house for six months
since your escape from prison...

it isn't the right kind
of training for a job like this.

You were in prison
for eight months before that.

It's over a year since you were able to
get out and show your face in the streets.

You're not fit to go right out
on a job like this, let me go.

Let him go Johnny.

- Do I look soft then?
- The men had noticed something.

You changed lately, they
want me to go in your place.

- Don't they trust me?
- They trust you all right but...

Dennis, I'm the leader
of the organization in this city.

I've spent months planning this raid
to get the funds for all the things we need.

For Maureen and her husband and the others.
I got my orders and I'll see them through.

When I want your advice, I'll ask for it.

All right.

I wait downstairs.

You haven't drink your tea Johnny.

Now, don't you start worrying
about this business Kathleen.

It'll go fine.

- Thanks.
- Here.

Johnny, you haven't told me if you're
remaining here after the job is done.

I'll be back for a while.

But when the excitement
ends, I'll make for the hills.

- There are friends up there.
- Shall I come and see you?

Of course, bring Granny.

You know, you've been
a great friend, both of you.

Putting up with me the way you
had while I've been hiding here.

You've been very...

Well, you know what I mean.

- Johnny, will you ever be free?
- Someday perhaps, I must go now.



Do I look like a businessman?

Don't worry Kathleen,
we'll be back in no time.

Johnny, you've been stuck
in this house for six months.

You're not fit for it, let Dennis go instead.

Will you be here when I come back?

Here we are now.

Harry Jermison, seven...

All right, you can lay
off your work for a few minutes.

Back up there, back up.

Sit down Make yourself
comfortable, put your hands down.

Have you not got these in yet?

I say, stop, what you doing in here? What
you doing in here? Stop I say, stop, stop.

- Get in, hurry,
- Come on Johnny, come on, quick, quick.

Come on. Get in.

- Look out Johnny, hide yourself.
- Hold down, who are you?

Get him in the car, quick.

- Look out.
- Get him in man, take man, he's hit.

Pat, not so fast, wait a minute.

- Stop, stop, wait till we get him in.
- Pull him in, pull him in, can't you?

Look out, he's slipping, don't let him go.

Stop Pat, stop Johnny.

Stop it, don't go.
Pull up, can't you? Pull up.

They you are now, the
whole crowd of us will be lifted.

Back up Pat, back up quickly.

- Get on you and fetch him over.
- He's dead.

Get off I tell you, yous told me to hold
the car and now you just sit there.

Go on man, will you reverse? Reverse.

I wonder, do we turn and go back for him?

We cut down that street there, will
be waiting for us, let's go to the next.

No, let's take chance
and run back and look for him.

Will pick him up through
the next corner, drive one Pat.

He'll be there ahead
of us, risk they've seen us.

No, I'm not going to staying
around here, it's too bloody risky.

- If you'd only backed the car Pat.
- Here's the street now.

Keep a look for him, can you see him?

No, he's not there.

Get going, he'll may go alright,
Take us to Kathleen's house, he'll get there.

- Here they're boys, here the big shots.
- Yeah, all planned up to get Johnny McQueen.

Can I have the thousand
pound reward if I catch Johnny?

- Alive or dead.
- Here's come O'Leary.

- Yeah, he's chief of the cops.
- Hey, do you want my identification card?

I'm Johnny McQueen, I'm Johnny McQueen,
all the police are looking for me.

Murphy and Nolan, they had
a hold of Johnny, you see? And...

they must've let go of him somehow
because when I looked around...

I seen poor Johnny,
lying in the middle of the road.

And I was just going to back the car,
you see, but before could've done a thing...

- he was up and away down the street.
- Why did you let go of Johnny?

- Who said we let go?
- But can you deny it?

I took you by the coal
cart right enough, didn't I?

And that was no easy thing neither, a
nd then you see, when I made the turn...

You took it too quickly.

- There's no need for such thing.
- And who let go of him?

We told you to slow down
so we can get him into the car.

- Slow, I did slow down.
- But a minute too late.

Have a wish I only hear fellows, then
would made no need for me to slow down.

Johnny was wounded,

And at the turn the car door get Johnny left
arm and terribly cracked it sweetly let go.

- You mean you let go.
- And what to do then?

Come, tell them all of them facts.

We saw Johnny lying in the crown
of the road, we kept telling you to stop.

Yeah, you drove on,
you went on near 100 yards.

- Yes, you did.
- Tell him what you did.

Sure, before we could get out,
Johnny got up and cut up an attorney.

That's a lie sort is, yous fellas
wouldn't stir out of the car.

- That's enough. Give us the facts.
- Where's Johnny? What's happened?

Well, that's the whole
of the thing, you know.

They kept on shouting
me to pull up the car...

so I did pull up the car
and wouldn't get out from.

You mean to say that three of
you came back here without Johnny?

I'm handling this.

- Without your chief?
- Ah, don't you be get know yet?

What do you know of better?
You weren't in the blooming car, will you?

Look them, their own chief
and they left him in the lurch.

Ah, for heaven's sake, leave us
alone, we done our best we could.

It's way you won't
give us a drink or something.

Give me the facts quickly,
Maureen, bring some tea.

A drink of tea, is it, and a dose of poison.

Oh Donald, what a dream I had.

What an outing.

I dreamt I'd escaped from prison.

I dreamt I was on a raid, robbing a mill...

funds for the organization.

I remember I wasn't feeling so good.

I hadn't felt so good
ever since I'd escaped from here.

After we'd done the job,
there was a fight and I shot a man.


I dreamt I shot him.

And I couldn't get onto the car.

Somehow I couldn't get onto it.

That's right, I was wounded in the left arm.

I fell off, then got up and ran...

along streets...


Afraid I'd killed him.

And then I came to an air raid shelter...

slumped down...

must've passed out.

All right, it's all I wanted to know.
May be an inquiry into this.

- Inquiry? What about?
- And we didn't finish it off right, did we?

- That's poor thanks anyhow.
- Need to thank you for a hard night's work?

Kathleen, will you get
some bandages and things.

- We did our best.
- What's the bandages for?

I'm going out to look for Johnny, the
bandages on may take me for him.

Should the police will
be out in hundreds man.

You wouldn't stand a chance.

Armed raid on Mill, cashier
killed in desperate struggle.

Wounded assailant still at large.

Killed? Poor Johnny. May heaven protect him.

Listen Pat, Nolan, you Murphy, get to
headquarters at once, go the back way.

Dennis May I go with you?

No, go to headquarters and tell them
what I'm going so they can take action.

- Oh, right you are sir.
- Good luck.

You think this will deceive them Dennis?

The police around they'd be looking
for a man with a wounded arm.

So chances they may take me for Johnny.

I'll give them other amusement, that'll
give Johnny a chance to get away.

By yourself?

They don't know he's down there,
they don't know he fell off the car.

Too many will attract attention.

For a long time now,
there's been no serious trouble...

but tonight the police will be everywhere.

- Take a few of the men with you.
- No, it's better this way.

- Take with you somebody you can trust.
- Come on, finish it.

Dennis, let me come with you.

- Why?
- It's something I want to do.

Something you want to do for
yourself and not the organization.

Sooner or later the police will get him.

Let me have him until then.

As long as he lives,
he'll belong to the organization.

- Always the organization.
- Yes.

- Wait here in case he gets back before me.
- Here's Granny.

Stay here.

May I see your identity card please?

Right, thank you now.

Identity card? Hang on.

Come on, through here.

- Pat. Where are you taking us?
- Theresa's house.

- Theresa's?
- There'll be trouble if we go there.

Where it took place us
to go till the road is clear, isn't it?

- What else are we to do?
- Ought to go to headquarters.

- Go on you and try.
- Now, come on, come on.

Look, look Pat, we're in trouble
enough without asking for more.

I haven't seen much, so she'll give
us a drink or something, won't she?

And a bite to eat too maybe.

I don't know, she's
tricky, I wouldn't trust her.

But she wouldn't
trust nobody, don't you worry.

Steps like in the Mill.

And you keep the mouth shut about that,
you hear me. Just keep your mouth shut.

- Theresa, how are you?
- Pat, Murphy and Nolan.

Come in, give me your coats and hats.
Come in forward and let me see you.

I'm away to me mother's Pat.
Sorry Theresa, I can't stay.


Oh, he is in a terrible hurry.

Actually you know Theresa,
we just dropped in for a minute.

But you're not thinking of leaving
without having a drink first?

Give me your coats, it is barely 6 o'clock...

and it's plenty of time
now for something to eat.

For your own peace of mind now,
you'd better keep these handy.

Come on into the warm and rest yourselves.

In here, come on.

- Somebody will see us Lenny.
- It's all right here Molly.

- No. I...
- Now what's wrong?

I don't want to.

You said you would.

Yes, I know but I've changed my mind.

Anyway Lenny, I've got a stye.

I haven't seen you for
two days, where else can we go?

You'll see Lenny, we'll
have a place of our own.

Lenny, is somebody here.


There is somebody.

- Put it out, clear off.
- It's that fella...


Lenny. Lenny, come on.
You'd better not get mixed up in this.

When the fella came rushing out of us and
shooting, got Johnny in the left shoulder.

We dragged him onto the running board but
he fell off it before we even got started.

Aye and wasn't I saying to Dennis the whole
time that Johnny wouldn't be fit for it?

Johnny? Have they found poor Johnny, tell me?

Did the police find him
or is he safe with friends?

- Oh, he's safe enough.
- Somebody will get him out of it.

- And is he still down near the mill?
- Aye.

Sure Dennis will be able
to get a hold of him somehow.

Dennis is it? There's
no better man for a job like this.

Drink up Pat darling..

No, it's good stuff right enough, I'm sure
all they'd give us is tea. Imagine, tea?

- Where was that?
- Kathleen's house.

A little music now, I'm here to cheer you.

I won't be 5 minutes
in getting the meal ready.

And then we'll put our feet
under the table and proceed to eat.

Hey, what watch out what we tell her.

Oh, whatever she knows, because you told her.

You told her all about Dennis
going down trying to get Johnny out.

Oh, for heaven's sake man, will you pipe
down? Leave a fella take a drink in peace.

Get out.

Police headquarters.

Inspector, this is Theresa O'Brien speaking.

I know Theresa like I know a
bad sixpence, she's right as rain.

Plenty of dough too.

Here, go on.

Go on, have a smoke?
Go on, she's on the house.

Of course, there's people says
queer things about her sometimes...

they say queer things about me too.

Jealous, you know?
Much of the town is full of it.

I dare say no...

she'll lay down a right good feed for
us fellas and a wee spot of very turf.

She's not but ordinary old chancer mixed
up with every touch racket in the city.

Smuggling, money lending, squeezing
the blood out of the poor, you know.

Is that so? And you
can sit there warming your...

Maybe we shouldn't have come.

We'll take what's here and what else
is to come, then we better be going.

Aye, sure.

You're always saying
I'm a bad one and against the law.

Well, I'm, I'm proving to you now that
I'm always willing to help the police.

I know, I know there's a big reward
for this but I, I'm not thinking of that.

These boys have told me the whereabouts...

Johnny is and they're
sending someone to look for him.

We, we'll talk about that later on.

Why, I wouldn't like any
trouble in this house Inspector.

I see.

Well, in a, in a few moments, I'll,
I'll do me best to get them out of here.

Yes, thanks.

- Somebody is ringing the bell.
- What you're afraid of? You brought us here.

- Stop, listen.
- I'm off.

Stay where you are, don't be a fool.

Let her come in, put away that
thing man, I happens see enough.

You're terrible man,
there's no doubt about it.

You do nothing unless
you've a load of booze inside you.

Leave us a spoonful.

Come, put your coat on, go on.

If she starts any of her tricks, I'll
make her pay for it, I'm telling you.

Let her try.

When she comes in through the
door, I'll give her a right good fright.

- No, no, go easy.
- I'll shot her.

Listen boys, I just
got word on the telephone.

The police are heading this way, go before
the police surround the house and lift you.

If you don't go this minute,
things will go terribly bad for you.

Stop flourishing them things
me dear, must I tell you what to do?

Out you go now, run for it.
There are three steps.

Alright you are. So, come on.

Are they killed?-

I heard them running past me house and then
they were shooting and now there they are.

Get the place cleared.

Go on sonny.

You said on the telephone they'd sent
someone to look for Johnny McQueen.

Where are they looking for him?

Go inside, then I'll join you.

I'm Johnny McQueen.

- Who long here you?
- I'm Johnny.

- Go on, give him a kick in the face.
- Give him a kick.

- Go on Johnny, shoot him.
- Bang, bang.

Hey mister. Give us a penny.

- Go on, beat it. Go on, call the police.
- There's no police around here.

- What?
- There's no police here around here.

Have you not seen them? All the
police are at the end of the street?

- Listen, give us a penny.
- There's no police here now.

They're up there, looking for
the fella killed the man at the mill.

- Give us a penny.
- They've all gone there.

Did you see them?

If you haven't got
a penny give us a cigarette.

- But they were here, won't they?
- They were but they went back again.

- Are you sure?
- Quite sure.

Mister, give us a penny.

They find the man
who killed the fella at the mill?

- No, they'll never find Johnny.
- He escaped in the car.

Mister, give us a penny.

You sure they didn't find the man
who killed the fella at the mill?

- Quite sure.
- You know where Johnny is?

No, we don't know.

Did you see him? Did you? The man?

Where was he?

In a house?

In a shelter?

Which one? Show me.

Take me to it.
Come on, be a good girl. Show me.

Did the police come and
take him away? Did he run away?

The police never came?


- Did I kill that man?
- Can you walk?

- Did I?
- Can you stand up?

Grip my arm.

Can you walk? Come on man, come on.

Fine, you're not too bad at all.

It's fine, come on.

You hear that?

They got to know you're down here.

Listen Johnny, I'll cut off to
the left and draw them off.

When you hear three shots in quick fire,
are you listening Johnny? There's no time.

When you hear three shots in quick fire,
go to the right and make for the house.

It's a long way Dennis.

Johnny, it's our only chance, you'll get
through. Come away now Johnny.

Stand near the door here.

Wait for three shots, your
coast will be clear and then be off.

Good luck.

Dennis, did I kill that fellow?


Come along please clear the platform.

Rear that one, right down the center of the
car please, right down the center of the car.

Please ladies.

Make a bit of room for the orphans
of the storm rear in the flat box.

- Oh, go ahead and start her up again.
- Pull the cord.

Fares please, how are you
Mrs McCluskey? How are they all?

What's holding us up? The car is overloaded.
Chuck that bunch at the back some off.

- Take your face outside.
- And go back to your fizz and pains.

Some of you can get out and push.

Come on, clear the platform or
help the dames hit the other end.

I've brought something
hot for you, here's the police.

- Well, seem outer ranks.
- Come in and warm yourself Constable.

Come on, get off the tram.

It hit him.

- Are you badly hurt?
- We better get an ambulance for him.

- Leave me, I'll be all right.
- Why won't come indoors?

We know all about
first aid, we were in the ARP.

We've got bandages and
everything, can you come in?

Maudie, I got your umbrella.

His arm is broken.-

Don't be so dramatic, we'll do
what the book said, keep calm.

Fetch a basin and a kettle of water.
It was boiled, so it's sterilized.

His arm is broken.

Now look here, who
did the first aid? You or me?

I did the all the ARP,
saying his arm is broken.

No doubt why you failed your practicals.

So get the boiling
water and the first aid box.

You'll see as
soon you get his coat off, you'll see.

- Oh, my goodness.
- Can I stay here?

- It's quiet.
- Maudie?


- This fellow is badly hurt.
- I told you his arm is broken.

- Maudie...
- Oh.

Help me off with his coat, can you?

That's right.

There now. Sit down.

- Give me the scissors.
- What you going to do?

Cutting a jacket like that?
You shouldn't do that without asking him.

It's the way they told
us up in the town hall..

Maybe, but whose jacket is it?

The troubles you make.

I'm only warning you that it's his jacket.

- Look at your hands.
- What's wrong?

- Germs. Go and wash them.
- Oh, fuss, fuss, fuss.

Anyway, they told us at first
lectures that the air was full of germs.

Can you sit up? I want to take your coat.


You see to it, don't bring a doctor.

I should not interfere with that.

- He needs to get to the hospital.
- Of course.

Look at him.

Help me up.

No, just lay quiet.
We'll bring a doctor to you sir.

- No...
- No, no, just lay easy, rest.

I must be on my way back.
I can't stay here, they're waiting for me.

Get a glass of water.

And listen son...

you've been badly hurt by that lorry.

- I'm going to send for the doctor near by.
- The doctor, no.

Is there someone we can fetch to help you?

Your wife maybe? Or a friend.

If you send to her, she might...

If she could, she would.

Is it your wife son?

- Who, then?
- Some friends.

Where do they live?
I'll send Maudie for them.

We're new to this
town, we'll find them somehow.

I'll just slip on my coat.

Where do they live? What's the address?

I can't bring them out tonight.

Why should I have to bring you in?

Or what will my husband say when he sees you?

Give us a hand up
from this couch and I'll go.

Stay there.

What will I do with you?

Said in the papers
he was wounded and got away.

- You're right. It's him.
- Chief of the organization.

Did that fellow die? Did I kill him?

Rosie, what will we do with him?

I can't hand him over
to the police, not as he is.

- Lying there, near dead.
- Nor can I Rosie.

- There's a reward out for him.
- A thousand pounds.

- I wouldn't lay a finger on it.
- No more would I.

There's Tom.

What will Tom do?

Tom will do his duty, he'll go to the police.

Not thinking of the reward or anything.

But surely putting
himself in the way of getting it.

Now Rosie, bit late tonight.

Got stopped by the police at the
end of the road, this mill business.


There's something I,
we found this fellow outside.

- What's happened to him?
- Come here, I'll tell you.

Listen Tom, we just being out for
a few minutes, getting the rations.

Who is that fella?

That's Johnny McQueen,
the man the police is looking for.

I know Tom.

Well, you can take him and
put him back where you fetched him.

We can't do that Tom.

He didn't laid in our
power, how did he get here?

He was laying on the road,
nothing matters, he's here, isn't he?

- And did any of the neighbours see him here?
- No.

- Are you sure about that?
- Quite sure.

Rosy, you realize who he is,
that's the chief of the organization.

The police are out in
hundreds looking for him.

How he's now, that I'm thinking about.

Alright, I'm thinking
about the decent man he killed.

I have no pity for those fellows...

shooting at police at the dark,
murdering innocent men at they work.

But his dying now Tom, let me
send Maudie for some of his friends.

His friend? Well, are you mad? How could
we get them through the police cordon?

You wouldn't treat a dying dog the
way you'd asked me to treat him..

No, he's a friend of ours,
you know he's fellow are?

I don't know Tom Maybe not.

He's not long with this world
and I don't like to be hard on him.

Call the police then, they'll send to the
doctor and get them to take him to hospital.

Not giving a dying man
a bit of peace seems hard.

- It's sense.
- Sense is cruel.

I respect the law. Rosy, I know
what the men in my ship will say.

I tell you there's a police cordon
around here, we'll be in it too.

Alright then, put him
out, you're the master here.


I'm going now, the thing is settled
for you and you won't have to worry.

What you going to do?

Open the door and I'll go out
and never trouble you again.

Here, hold on a minute.

Close the door when I'm gone and forget me.

- Rosie?
- What about?

Drop it in the drain. Rosie.

Good luck lad.

Come on folks, hurry up.

You noted chump, I've got wet enough as
it is rapping splashed by your feet to me.

A little of that won't hurt you.

You alright, chum?
Want to get in, there's no driver.

- Come on Harry, he's drunk.
- No, no, I think the chap is hurt.

- Or he's tight.
- Tight? Are you? Let's have a sniff.

- Oh lovely, you're right, he's had a drop.
- Ask him where he got it.

Here, where you get it
mate, eh? Had alright mate?

- Our tram.
- Look out, there's our tram.

Come on, get up.

Identity cards.

- Come on, what's the matter?
- That chap trying to get out of the cab.

Well, don't blame him, I've been trying
to get out for five years, you know.

- You not caught him yet?
- Not yet, think he's out of the district.

- Who you got in the back?
- In the back? Johnny.

All right Gin, on your way,
on your way, get on with it.

Get up.

- Peelers.
- Sit down.

Let them knock in the
door, let them in, but don't talk.

Like some poor old creature that
hasn't got a bit of spirit left in her?

Sure I've seen the time when I could
hold a dozen of them with me eloquence.

Now give them a taste of silence instead.

There's a gun
upstairs, I'd better get rid of it.

- We've orders to search your house.
- Well, somebody will get to it..

- Who are you?
- I live here.

- Who occupies this room?
- My father.

Wait downstairs.

Ah sure, it a fine, brave sight, our James.

They'll never think of searching me.

Where is he?

My father is out.

I wasn't asking you about your father.

Come on, come on, I know they've been here.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking
tea, the whole bunch of them.

I'd friends in to see me.

The fellows who raided the mill.

You were all wondering how
you could find Johnny McQueen.

It was about Johnny.

I can tell you nothing.

You were making plans how you
could find him. That's the truth, isn't?

What do you want in this house?

He's gone too far this time
for any of you to help him.

Finish your work here and
get out and leave us in peace.

We're not after
him for taking a shot at us...

or for blowing out the windows
of a police barracks with explosives.

This time he has shot and killed a man.

- You know what that means.
- It's his concern.

- And yours.
- I'm not responsible for him.

You're responsible
for what goes on in this house.

I warn you, if there's
any evidence found here...

it' will go very hard with
you unless you help us now.

- What you want me to say?
- I want the truth, that's all.

You want to know where Johnny is?

- I'm ready.
- There's nothing upstairs Mitch.

Take a look around here.

Stand up, old girl.

- Give them to me, them is my sweets.
- All right, you can sit down now.

Whose coat is that you wearing?

- Belongs to my father.
- He hasn't lived here for two years or more.

Put it around me sometimes when I'm cold.

Are you often cold? You shouldn't
be with a crowd always in the house.

These didn't help Johnny...

or Dennis.

Alright, I'll join you later.

- You searched this house and found nothing.
- I found all that I came to find.

- The bandages and the jackets, is it?
- More than that.

- There was nothing more.
- There was.

Something that you couldn't hide.

- I'm not afraid because of that.
- He belongs to the law now.

It might be easier for you if you
could bring yourself to realise that.

If you don't and you try
to help him, you'll be in trouble.

Stay out of this business.

That wasn't a bad fella as them fellas goes.

- He spoke fair.
- Give it to me Granny.

There was decency in him, he spoke sense.

- Give me the revolver.
- And what he said was true darling..

- Let me have what I want.
- Ah sure, you'll never find Johnny.

I've seen the men go out the same as he did.

And I've seen the women take off to go
look for them but they never found them.

Stay here darling.

Where's the sense in yous running towards
trouble when you know you can't mend it?

Look at me there,
that was me on me wedding day.

I was 19 then and as lovely as yourself.

I had the fine looks,
the same as you have them now.

I had the boys admiring me.

There was Hughie Fitzpatrick,
he wanted to marry me, so he did.

He was a rebel on the run
and was never seen again.

Did I go out to look for him? I did not.

I stayed and had
me life and grand times I had...

with Frankie and the rest of
them saying I was an angel of God.

Grand times, thanks be to God.

And the voices of the
fine boys singing the songs.

And I'd 11 children, so I had.

Fine boys and girls,
all of them. Colm and Frankie...

And spirit of them.

See you home madam? Cab sir?

Cab sir? Cab sir?

Cab sir? See you home madam?

Cab, cab.

Right sir, yes right, be with
you right away. Come on, get up.

There's somebody inside Jack.

You've already got a fare, the man is drunk.

I'll soon get the heads and tails of this.

- Come on, out you get.
- Take your hand away.

Oh, it's you.

And I drived you
through the police cordon in my cab.

- Carry on the way you're going.
- No I can man, I can't.

Listen, I'm not for you, I'm not against you
but I can't afford to get mixed up in this.

Hey you, com on, get along there.

Yeah, yes Constable, right
away Constable. Just in a moment.

Come on son, you'll be all right here.

Now listen son,
if you get back to your friends...

tell them I helped, me, Gin Jimmy.

But if the police get you,
you won't mention my name, eh?

I saw you Gin.

Is he hurt bad?

You keep out of this
Shell, get away out. Come on.

But why ask me? He's got
lots of his own crowd in the city.

- But if they don't get to him, you'll help?
- Oh, it's an awful risk Kathleen.

- What time you say to be leaving?
- Soon after eleven.

- It's only eight now.
- Yes, but where is he?

But I'm going to Father Tom,
he might know something.

Yes, he usually hears things.

Now listen, if you do find him, don't bring
him the way you came, you won't get through,

Bring him by Dock Square, I'll see that the
gate at the foot of clock tower is open.

Good, I'll be here before eleven.

Out for a little walk, I suppose?

Well, I'm glad you're
keeping out of this business.

It's a nice place,
I thought you might stayed.

You're wasting your time, Father Tom
can't help you with a thing like this.

- You're going in then?
- Yes.

Why don't you go home?
Well, go in if you want to.

But you too late miss.

Is Father Tom in?

He is but I think that
somebody is with him still.

Will you come in a moment?

- You came to ask me about Johnny McQueen.
- You know him Father?

I taught him as a child, I know them all.

I's expecting people to come inquiring about.

I've another visitor,
a poor man whose little bird is sick.

We'd better hear
what he's got to say first, eh?

And this is my other visitor,
his name is Shell and your?

- Kathleen Sullivan.
- How are you miss?

Shell is having trouble with his bird.

Do you see this
wee creature? He's a rare one.

It's a budgie, there thousands of them.

Sure there's millions of men and
women but there's rare ones among us.

Like this bird, you
know this fella is a chief.

A devil of a fella, always making mischief.

- Just like some fellas does.
- What's his name?

Me and Lukey and Tober,
them is the friends that I live with...

the three of us calls him Johnny.

Of course I must tell you miss Johnny is
well, what you call a menace to society.

That's why me, Lukey and
Tober, we have a rule saying...

that the door of
his cage must be kept shut...

because there's other birds
in my room besides Johnny...

and he can't stand them
and they can't stand him.

You know, there's a sort of a difference
of opinion, like between them.

Hey, you hear that, the bird is almost human.

- How bad is he?
- I tell you.

He, he gets out of
his prison, his cage, I mean.

And off he goes.

- But he's back now, you have him there.
- Tell her what happened when he got away.

Murder, you see his left wing? It's hurt.

- Ah, poor fella.
- Oh, should he gets out...

and does mischief,
killing one fella in the struggle.

But the one he killed
contrived to sort of give him a dig.

And there it is, a spot of blood.

How did you manage to capture him again?

Oh I, I got word from a friend
and got me hands on the bird.

- And he's hurt bad.
- How is he now?

Well, this corner that he's laying in it's...

not the, not the sort of
place for him to sit up proper.

- And perhaps he's not long for this world.
- There isn't a sound out of him.

If he's badly wounded as that, perhaps would
be better to let nature take her course.

Father Tom, I'd hate for to
let the bird slip out of me grasp.

Word say, it's a hard world
Father and I don't mind telling you.

And I want the bird
because there's money in him.

Ah, my son, it's a
hard world, a very hard world.

Oh, it's fierce, was I know
there's praying and all that...

but if I don't take what's coming to me
as chances, I'm finished, I just starve.

- That's a fact.
- Poor fellow.

- What will you do with him? Where is he>
- But I've told you.

I just want to get him out of
the corner and give him something.

- Put him right.
- And after that?

I know that maybe you don't believe
me but I'm telling you there's...

lots of people that'd
pay me a grand price for Johnny.

- The police?
- Not referring to them.

I'm thinking of the friends that he must've.

- Where is he?
- Don't blame him, he's got to live.

But asking a price for
it, not telling us where he is.

But I've told you where
he is, he's in the corner.

If he knows where he is, we must trust him.

Tell me now, what price
are you asking for him?

Well, I could, I
could get a thousand for him.

You foolish man,
money wouldn't make you happy.

No, I'm only telling you what I
could raise on him if I had a mind to.

Why, we'll get you a little
something but not 1,000 pounds.

Why, all that money
would be a terrible burden.

First of all, where is he?

- Go and bring him to us.
- That's what I was waiting to hear.

But of course Father, it won't be,
won't be an easy job, you know.

- No, but you'll try.
- Oh, I will, I will, I will.

You know Father, I'm
still thinking and wondering...

- how much you...?
- I'm a poor man, I got no money.

Oh, that's bad.

Oh, but it might be the young
lady here, she could lend you a bit.

I'm sure she couldn't.

Oh, well, listen...

A fella was telling me...

the he heard tell that His
Reverence the Pope is great and rich.


- Is that a fact?
- It is, just blabber.

But then, how do you suggest that
we should settle this matter decently?

If you like, I'll try to inspire in you
a precious particle of faith.


Would it then, pay the rent for me and
help me to get a pint of stout now and then?

Shell, you and I are poor men.
We must live the best we can.

I've been poor longer than you have.

Bring back Johnny and I'll
show you the way to get real riches.

We'll talk about the way to live and then
there'll be a fine reward for you Shell.

It say, still the bit of faith?

Yeah, but what is
the value of it in hard cash?

Trust me, bring Johnny
back and we'll settle it all.

Now, will you?

Aye, I will.

I will.

- Oh no miss, I'll bring him.
- You stay here.

- Well, my child?
- Father, when Shell returns...

give Johnny to me.

- It's not for me to give him to anyone.
- Why you having him brought here?

Shell says he's wounded Maybe dying.

I want to hear his confession
and do what I can to comfort his soul.

And afterward?

I'll try to persuade him to give himself up.

- Father...
- What you want me to do child?

I'm to take him back to the boys so that he
kill more people and defy the authorities?

So that I can take him away
from order and be with him.

You will never hear of
him again, I give you my word.

- But you couldn't hide him for long.
- I've done it before.

Ah, this is different, he's killed a
man and he must pay the penalty.

Rather than that, I'd take his life myself.

Child, you mustn't say such things.

Why, Father? The law would do it for revenge.

I only do it out of pity.

Have you thought what would happen to you?

I shall go with him.

Kathleen, you don't know what you're saying.

If he's arrested,
I'll have to live while he's on trial...

while he's being executed.

And afterward for all the years of my life.

Kathleen, there's a little glove
somewhere for putting on the coals.

Can you see it?

Listen to me Kathleen,
when people are in deep trouble...

they often say to me they'll kill
themselves and they mean it at the time.

But when everything seems lost,
God gives them the courage to win.

- It's not for myself that I'm afraid.
- Why then?

I'm afraid for him if he should die alone.

When men were against him, I protected him.

If I go with him,
perhaps I can protect him again.

Listen to me Kathleen, this life is
nothing but a trial for the life to come.

You're being tested now...

and if you wish to get real
happiness for Johnny and yourself...

you'll face your ordeal
and win your own heaven.

You wise Father, good I know.

I want to listen to you but I can't.

I can't take it in.

I only know what I feel
is stronger than my religion...

- stronger than myself.
- Kathleen, where's your faith?

My faith is in my love.

You have neither the power
nor the right to do this thing.

I believe that what I intend to do is good.

- Did you see who came in?
- Yes, keep your mouth shut.

Half pence change.

- Mr Fencie, you know...
- Quiet.

- Who is that fellow just come in?
- It's Johnny.

Get on with your work.

Mr Fencie, let Charlie chuck him
out before there's trouble here.

And what you think would
happen if his friends found out, eh?

- Well, what do we do then?
- You carry on.

Now come on, take this and get out of here.

I need to stay and
rest, I'll go when you close.

You're not going to rest here,
come on, get a hold of this.

You're wasting good stuff. Come on,
get out of here, pull yourself together.

- Shall we turn him to over head and run man?
- No, no, wait till closing time.

- Then get rid of him, keep your eye on here.
- Serve number four.


That you Shell?

Why yes, but I'm going out. I have business.

Ah, got it.

That's right, you be good birds.

- Ah, Shell dear.
- Lukey. Lukey.

- Shell, I need you.
- Lukey.

Look Lukey, I have
important business matters Lukey.

Look, you see? It's not right.

- I haven't got what I wanted, have I?
- Oh, you're at it again Lukey.

It's the eyes.

But, but Lukey, why don't paint a nice jug
and some apples like the other fellas?

- Sit down, Shell.
- Luk, but...

- It'll only take a couple of minutes.
- But it's always a couple of minutes...

stretching to hours in this blasted chair.

One day you'll die Shell,
but this, this picture will live.

Lukey, Lukey, I have
important business matters.

Lukey, I know where Johnny McQueen is hiding.

I, I know where I can lay hands on him.

And Lukey, he's hurt bad, he can't move.

- What's that you say?
- I went to Father Tom.

And him and me agreed on terms.

Nothing definite,
no promises, but you know...

a rich thing, a particle
of something, very precious.

What have you been up to,
you sneaking little rat?

But Lukey dear, there's hundreds
of police out to get Johnny...

and where was the wrong
in me diddling him out of harm...

and putting him clean into the
gentle palm of the hand of mercy?

- You.
- Lukey, I only asked...

- For selling a human being.
- Lukey, he goes to the right buyer.

- And how much did he offer?
- There was no exact figure.

Shell, how much?

Negotiations was left open for further plan.


I'm going to hit you hard for trying
to sell a man who's on the run.

Now Lukey don't, I know
where Johnny is at this minute.

- Let me to squish him to Father Tom.
- I'm going to hit you hard unless...

- Unless what?
- Unless you bring him here for me to paint.

Lukey, that's a desperate thing
you're asking to do, what about his friends?

I want to, after you can do
what you like with him.

- You'll do what I tell you.
- It'd take too long.

Just head and
shoulders, you see Shell dear...

there'll be something, something in his eyes.

- Something more than all my failures have.
- Oh, but Lukey, I don't know.

Don't you? Then I'll break your
little neck and lock you in your room.

- Lukey, let go of me.
- Yes or no?

- Yeah, but I want to think over me plans...
- I said, yes or no?

Well, yes, yes. Yes.

If you don't bring him here,
I'll hit you hard where it hurts.


But if you do bring him here, then I may,
I may find some good in you after all.

Now look, I'll have everything ready.

You dirty little...


I, I, I'm not running any risks for the fun
of putting up models for you me boy.

- Are there faces in the fire Lukey?
- Hundreds of them Tober.

Beautiful ones, ugly
ones, smiling, glaring at me.

Men and women, one after another,
telling me things, shedding tears.

But they don't stay.

Oh, Tober dear, if I
could only get just one of them.

- Go and get yourself a drink Lukey.
- Oh, thank you Tober.


Johnny Johnny, I've fixed it for you.

Johnny. Johnny?


Look out where you're going.


Have a drink Shell, have a drink.

- How's business?
- My best bird has flew.

- Too bad too bad.
- Aye, I'm looking for him.

- And what sort of bird is he?
- Mr Fencie, he's hurted.

In the, in the left wing.

Do you think you'll find him
in dark on a wild night like this?

I'm halfway to him already.

Is that so?

Oh, I know rightly,
where he is at this minute.

- Why don't you catch him then?
- No hurry, no hurry.

He's in a corner, can't get out.

What would you do with
him if you had on your fist?

I'd sell him, he's a prize
creature, wounded or sound.

Suppose now, just suppose
like, you didn't find him at all.

What would you do then?

- I'd go to the police Mr Fencie.
- I see.

I wish you luck.

Would you give me a hand to get him away?

Wait here a minute.

Look out.

- Large whiskey.
- Hello Lukey, how is the art?

Still making the paint fly.

Ah, listen to them all yap yap, all
about a man who committed a murder.

The police want him but you're all
afraid of man or his friends but I'm not.

- I'd face him and then look into his eyes.
- And what do you do after that Lukey?

I'd paint him and it all be
there, the truth of life and death.

- Like those pops of yours up there?
- That muck? Beer money.

Hold on, who are you? What do you want?

What are these people
doing here? Who are they?

- I wouldn't interfere with that.
- He needs to get to the hospital.

Didn't I bring you through the police
cordon in my cab? Come on, get out.

You all right, chum? Oh, you're tight.

There's that little rat.

Time gentlemen please, time.

Let me get at him.

Let me get my hands on the little wretch.


Get out of there, get out.

- Give me a couple of those vases.
- Where's the money?

- It's alright, put it on my account.
- Ah, no.

I suppose you must be feeling just
a bit tired after all your exertions.

The damage will amount
to about 25 quid, I should think.

Come on, what suggestions
do you got to offer?

- I have no money.
- No, no money.

But plenty of talent
for smashing up the place.

Well, there's no more to be say, it's
the police for you this time Lukey.

Oh the last occasion when your and your
friend had this small artistic difference...

I forgave you,
this time is a little more serious.

- I must send for the police.
- ?25. I'm just a painter, not a publican.

Pay up or go to prison.

But I'm afraid I'm a little
pinched financially at the moment.

- Then it's six months in jug for you.
- Alright, have your revenge.

Now, I got a proposition to make.

Yes, of course, a couple of
my pictures, that'll square everything.

- Well no, a better alternative.
- So what?

You'll soon see, the police are
my proposition Make up your mind.

But I'm afraid I'm too busy at the moment
to take a six months' holiday in prison.

- Then it is my proposition?
- Yes.

Joe, go and tell Bill to
bring his cab here, come over here.

- Sam, give us a hand with another one.
- Give us another picture you've painted?

Well, he's going to make good that mischief.

But it's Johnny.

- Yes, it's him all right.
- How are you?

I've ordered a cab for you and the fellow
who drives is not asking me questions.

- What do you want me to do?
- Get rid of him.

Tip him out somewhere
in the dark, away from here.

Here's ten bob for the cab.
Now Make up your mind.

Now, get him out of
here. Sam, give us a hand.

- It'll be ten years if we're caught.
- Now, watch that arm, he's for the road.

It's only one road
for him whichever way he goes.

Wait here.

- The street is empty, the cab is here.
- My bottles, my beer.

- Outside, see if there any police about.
- But, Mr Fencie...

Shut up.

- If the police see us...
- Shut up and open that door.

Thank you.

Lukey, come on, outside. Come on, come on.

Think you ought a
little brandy for the journey?

Outside. Go on, go on, go on.

Come on, go on, get him in there, go on.

- Now be careful with him.
- Come on, give us a hand. Go on, get in.

Hurry up.

- Alright, take it away.
- Stop, have you no manners?

Go on.

When I get you home, I'll give you a drink.

And a friend of mine,
he'll fix your arm for you.


Tober? Tober, is, is this serious, eh?

When you were a student in that university
in London, you learn about things like this?

Look, tore. Look am I, am I hurt bad, eh?


I thought I might've been.

Fish and chips, eh?
Good nourishing food Tober.

Never one for poor
Shell, I, I'm desperate hungry.

You're a decent man Tober.

Tober, Tober, a bad thing is happened.

You won't be cross that
if I will tell you? You won't, will you?

- Lukey was terrible cross.
- Well?

Well I, I, I found where
Johnny McQueen was hiding.

- Go on.
- And I...

I took and I went to Father Tom.

- To get your dirty bit of profit?
- Listen, I have to live.

- Shell, you are foul.
- Oh, Father Tom never said so.

He was decent, I, I just told him that I
had to live and he sort of agreed with me.

Of course, he has, he
has no fortune or anything...

but he sort of hinted he'd something else.

It's faith, precious particle,
something he has by him.

- That's where I've lost.
- It might've glorified your miserable soul.

Tober, what does it mean? Faith?

I knew one man had it.

I wonder how, how Father Tom
would've given me a bit of it.

- What is it Tober?
- It's life.

I got him, it's Johnny.

- Put him over there, by the fire.
- Oh, no.

Is, is his shoulder.

He's in a bad way.

Boil up some water quickly.

Clean out a bowl and bring
here a piece of carbolic soap.

- Bring that case from my room.
- I know, all them silver scissors.

- What is this you're up to?
- Look at him.

All the other people I've painted
were living but he's different.

- He's near death, he sees it.
- He's dying, I don't need to be told that.

There are wonderful thoughts in his eyes.

- You madman.
- Won't take long.

After I've fixed him up,
he's going straight to hospital.

You know who he is, don't you?

All the same, if he
gets there soon, he might live.

- You might say his life is lost already.
- Not my concern.

Patching up his body just so that
he can be tried and then executed.

I can't help what happens to him later.

There's more to be
considered than the body Tober.

That may be dying
but the soul is still alive.

Tober, are you, are you going to operate?

Bring the hot water, fetch
a clean towel from the covet.

Have you got the stuff
that makes the smell in hospitals?

Get those things.

And you'll keep out
of the light, won't you Tober?

Why do you want to do this? Because...

it's something to be
said about him before he dies.

- And about all of us.
- I can see it Tober.

Take care, you might find something you
don't understand, that will frighten you.

- I understand what I see in him.
- What is it?

- It's the truth about us all.
- Is that all?

- He's doomed.
- So we all.

- Is he really dying Tober?
- We're all dying.

Could you, could you
not fix him up so he could...

walk home? I'd, of course I'd see him
safe along the road Maybe I'd go with him.

Shell, in my room
there's some brandy, bring it.

Aye, that'll give him the strength.

Father, it's an inspector, where will I go?

You stay here, I'll see him downstairs.

Hello, Fred.

Hello Father, I just want
to have a few words with you.

I've a visitor upstairs, do
you mind come into the vestry?

Thank you.

I know what you've come to talk about.

- Then you know it's a serious matter Father.
- Johnny McQueen's doings.

That and there goes the woman Kathleen
Sullivan was seen entering your house.

It's nothing against her, surely?

In the eyes of the law,
she's a dangerous woman.

I've been listening to her.

She's been asking you
where to find Johnny McQueen?

- That's a crime?
- A serious one.

Tell me please, tell me your experience of
men and women, would you say they're all bad?

In my profession Father,
there is neither good nor bad.

There is innocence and guilt, that's all.

I've seen the bad in them
and would condemn that and rightly too...

but what do we do when we find
something that is good in them?

Shouldn't we recognise that?

I know what you're trying to tell
me Father, this woman loves McQueen.

She can't find him, so she comes to
you to ask you to help her to find him.

Like all the people, they
expect me to do miracles.

Father, I have my duty to do.
Where is this man McQueen?

Out there somewhere,
amidst the stones of the city.

Is that all you have to tell me Father?

You all come asking my assistance...

but I wanted to see this
man for a very good reason.

- Why?
- You might think it strange.

But I wish I could've
seen him before his arrest.

- I wanted so much to comfort him.
- That isn't unreasonable Father.

But you can't do that
unless he's coming here.

I shall the streets around here watched
and this time Father, don't interfere.

Oh I, I wasn't interfering.

I was only just wondering
if there mightn't be a little mercy.

I'm sorry father, but is my
duty to bring this man to justice.

That's the duty of all of us.

Father, it might be better if that
young woman stay here with you...

- for a while, you understand?
- Good night.

The young lady left a few
minutes ago, she said she couldn't stay.

- Where did she go?
- She didn't say.

It's time you were in bed Father.

Wait a little longer, it's only 11.

Do you expect the tide to wait far?
Is dropping fast,

- by midnight the ship will be grounded.
- He'll be at Father Tom's any minute now.

You get him here by midnight,
I'll do what I can for you...

- but I can't do a thing after that.
- I'll get him before then.

Aye, you, you'd been a great doctor Tober,

if only you'd finished your studies.

You, you'd had that top hat
and fine clothes and a big house...

and the rich customers
coming to you to be cured.

And and you wouldn't have to get out
of bed until maybe ten in the morning.

When the streets would be sort of aired.

Easy now, easy.

He's ready for hospital now
Lukey, give me a hand with him.

He better rest a bit longer,
you, you can't move him yet.

- He must've a blood transfusion.
- What good will that do?

- For God Heaven's, it might save his life.
- But he's not fit to be moved.

- You and your infernal paintings.
- Give him a brandy, can you?

But I've been there, while
the life dribbles out of him.

The pot calling, the kettle black, you
fellows are not care not a pin about him.

Yammering about his body and
his soul, he has an immortal soul.

He must go to hospital, that's uncivilized.
Make up your mind about him quick.

And I'm not going to stand any
nonsense, from, from you, you fellas.

Do you think I dressed
his wounds and got him...

comfortable as so you could
stand there and paint him?

You only fixed him up so when you get him...

to the hospital you can
proud of what you've done.

- If he dies...
- Give him peace to do it in then.

Have you, have you
ever heard tell of Father Tom?

Father Tom.

- The old priest at St Catherine's?
- That's him.

Where is he?

Tell me Father, like you used to tell us.

Louder Father,
speak louder, I can't hear you.


We've always drowned your voice
with our shouting, haven't we Father?

We never really listened to you.

We repeated the words
without thinking what they meant.

But I remember when I was a boy...

I remember.

When I was a child, I spoke as a child...

I thought as a
child, I understood as a child.

But when I became a man,
I put away childish things.

Though I speak with the tongues of
men and of angels and have not charity...

I am become a sounding
brass or a tinkling cymbal.

Though I have the gift of prophecy and
understand all mysteries and all knowledge...

and though I have all faiths
so that I could remove mountains...

and have not charity...

I am nothing.

He's mad, he's out of his mind.

He's delirious,
I'm going to fetch an ambulance.

Father Tom is waiting for you.

There's a young lady named Kathleen with him.

Could you get as far as
Father Tom's if I gave you a hand?


Alright, come on now, come on, you're doing
fine. Come on, step it out, that's the lad.

Step it out. That's it, that's right son.

- Show me the way.
- Right Johnny, right, right, come on.

That's the boy, come on, come on.

That's right, come on Johnny, come on.

That's right, you're doing fine, come on.

Stay there Johnny, stay there.

You see, so I, I, I was saying...

And this fella, he said to me...

he said if you bring the
bird round to me next week as yet.

Come on.

Johnny, come on.

Come on.

It's alright Johnny, come on, it's alright.

Johnny Johnny, listen to me, you stay here.

I'll, I'll get past the police and
I'll, I'll bring Father Tom to you.

Stay there Johnny.

It's a hardy old night Sergeant.

Where is he?

- Oh I, I left him safe a wee bit back.
- But where? Where?

- Just before the square, we couldn't get...
- Well, come on, take me there.

- No, no Miss, the police are all around.
- Don't, wait.

But you look, I'll have to
leave a message for Father Tom.

- Will you tell Fath. Tom come to the square?
- Aye, that's right.

Hey, me shoelace is busted.

Oh, me shoe is come off.

A sock full of snow and ice.

- Johnny.
- Kathleen.

- Is it really you?
- Come to me and see.

I can't.

If you are real,
stretch out your hand to mine.

What you want with me?
Go back to life and peace.

- I'll stay with you, my love.
- Hold up your head, don't cry.

It's our chance, will you take it with me?

- Is it far?
- Keep hold of my hand.

- Father Tom, me shoe came off.
- Where is she?

- The lace busted, she went on.
- Which way?

I couldn't keep up with
her, but we'll get her now.

- Kathleen, where are you?
- It's alright Johnny, I'm here.

Is it far?

It's a long way Johnny,
but I'm coming with you.

We're going away together.

There's their gun sir.

- Two shots fired.
- Yes sir, that's when we had to fire back.