Odd Job (2016) - full transcript

An unemployed factory worker takes a job as a hit man to make ends meet.

Hold on a sec.

I feel 20 coming.

Too bad I don't have it.

That's how it's done.

Reading coffee grounds?

No, pastis.

I see you losing big time
and going home drunk.

I have a gift.

Got any doubts?

10 euros if I get the next one.

Enough already.


There you go. Pay up.

- I didn't bet.
- What the hell?

- Pure luck.
- 20 euros for the next one.

Two can play at this bullshit.


50 euros.

Give me the next number plus the bonus.

All or nothing.

Wise ass.

If you want to lose...


What is this crap?

And the bonus ball...


Two-bit psychic.

- I'm outta here.
- Wait!

Let me explain, Jeff.

Liquor makes him dumb.

One last round?

It's on me.

No, it's on Jeff.

Oh, yeah.


Until I killed Karine Gardot,

that was my shadiest money-making scheme.

Before the factory closed,
everything was easy.

So easy.
I'd come home tired but satisfied.

Glad to see Cathy and take a nice shower.

Was I happy? No idea.

I paid no attention.

Life was easy, that's all.

Then things fell to pieces.

First, they trimmed the fat.

And when there was no fat left,

they chucked the carcasses
and shut the factory.

Ours and others.


My buddies and I went hunting for jobs.

Our bankers came hunting for money.

Cathy ended up having
enough of our shitty lives.

She left.

I felt it coming.
But what could I do?

No need to open the envelope.

Or no courage.

Tom lucked out.

Got a job at the gas
station for a crap salary.

He helped me out often.

Jeff got mixed up in two-bit scams.

You want free cable?
Half price for you.

I sold my screen.

I got some hot ones in my trunk.

No, I'm back into reading.

Wait until I get a job.

You'll be reading for a while.
Dumb ass.

Things got tougher.

More and more layoffs.

We took on odd jobs.

Locals got poorer and poorer.

We were ready to take anything.

I want you to kill my wife.

Why me?

You're a nice guy.

You must be kidding.

The kind of guy who needs work

but won't blab, if you say no.

No girlfriend, so no pillow talk.

You're perfect for the job.

Life sucks nowadays and
it won't get better.

No time to turn down work.

True, but... there's work and work.

I'm flattered nonetheless.

After 2 years without work,

it's nice meaning something to someone.

This is a job offer.

Pretty rare around here.

I get by.

Good for you.

I guess Tom steals beer for you
because you have no change?

Lucky stiff, at least he found work.

Pumping gas for chicken feed.

But he's manager.

Climbing up the social ladder.

You must be green with envy.

All I'm offering is a job for 20,000 euros.

And to wipe out your poker debt.

That leaves you 10,000.

I get by, like I said.

That's great.

Everyone's happy.

The guy who repossessed your bike is happy.

The one who bought your TV is happy too.

Good thing you sold it:
they cut your cable.

Only your asshole banker is upset.

And me.

I'm worried.

About what you owe me.

Gardot is always smiling.

That's why I like him.

Old-time thug who lends a hand.

Organizes backroom poker games.
It's why I owe him money.

I won't kill her, Gardot.

Like pasta?

Depends on the sauce.

It's a deal.

I'll kill your wife.

For the pasta, I'll have 3 cheese.


Sorry, but why do her in?

Guys in my line can't have wives who cheat.

Mine cheats a lot.

I know for sure.

If I knew who he was, I'd
have you waste him instead.

Give our marriage a second chance.

Carbonara for him and 3 cheese for me.


Saturday night I'll go to Deauville.

Go to the house, slip in the back door.

Whack her with the gun I'll give you.

Go home calmly.

- The door will be open?
- Broken lock.

Even if you make noise, no one will hear.


Wrap your shoes in rags.
No footprints.

And no gunpowder.
Wash under your nails.

Keep on acting broke afterwards.

Start placing small bets at the racetrack.

I'll buy you some winning
tickets till you reach 10,000.


3 cheese.


No problems?

I got it. It'll go fine.


No problems morally?


Good answer.

Or I'd have known you were lying.

I don't trust liars.


I have some great news.

The cops killed my assistant last night.

The job's yours.

About 1,500 a month.



- What happened?
- He dealt drugs.

When he saw the cop car, he ran
out with the alarm pistol.

He came across a cop who
saw the gun and fired.

We'll be working together again!

Yesterday I'd have sobbed with relief.

Why take on this fucking hit?

Now I need a phony excuse to
miss work on Saturday night.

I didn't realize hired
killers needed to think.

Watch out for...

the cameras.

If you want to steal beer or even smoke

there are blind spots.

- Right, Mulot?
- Come.

- Blind spot?
- Like I said.


Watch out here.

There's a camera.

- Where's the monitor?
- There.


You can smoke here too.
There's no camera!

Deaf as a doorknob!

Is everything clear?

Except for Mulot...

How do you understand him?

I leave it to chance.
He's a good kid.

I gotta take a leak.

- Got a driver now?
- I'm no spring chicken.

I bought myself a new car.

Make sure I left it clean in there.

What's your problem?

- I have a favor to ask.
- Yeah, what?

- Isn't Tom your buddy?
- Yeah, why?

If you say no, don't tell him I asked.
I could get fired.

Tuesday and Thursday I work till 8.
I can't play soccer.

Micky who got iced covered
for me if I left early.

We could do the same thing.

You're comprehensible when you want to be.

Go play soccer.
Don't worry.


Just a second.

I need a favor too.

Saturday night I'm seeing someone.

Back before midnight.

Come fill in for me at 9 and keep quiet.

I'll give you 20 euros.

You got a babe to bag?

Yes, a woman.

Married. So keep quiet.

- So it's a deal?
- Deaf as a doorknob.

I used to want to be a husband, a father.

Not a killer.

I've always been honest.
To the core.

I said I'd kill her.
So I'll kill her.

Here... I'll pay you up front.

Keep your mouth shut.

Even if you're unintelligible.


You can go, kid.


You fuck fast.

She's married.
We can't linger.

So you fuck fast.

It was so easy.

I killed the dog by reflex

and Karine followed.

As if I were just a spectator.

Killing is awful.

Actually it's the noise that's awful.

Or I need a silencer.

Hiding the gun at my place was dumb.

I couldn't throw it away.

Reflex of a former factory worker.

We respect our work tools.

Pain in the ass.

Gardot wants to talk.

- When?
- Now.

I haven't slept in 24 hours.

Sorry, he said now.

Why is he staring at me?

Checking for a mike or eyeing my ass?



How great.
It's nice that you came.

It's been ages.

What are you up to?

Killing time.

I guess you heard the news.

My wife.

I heard...

I still can't believe it.


So I sent Karl.
At times like these, friends count.

Karl, will you sit in for me?

Talking will do me good.

Two drinks!

Like the house?
I know it's your first time.

- Who's that ass?
- An ass.

I use him for unimportant stuff.

Good job.

The black suit is a bit much.

I'm in mourning for Karine, no one else.

Don't I owe her the minimum?

As for our deal...

You have a winning ticket in your pocket.

Not here.

Why hire him if you don't trust him?

Ass on trial.

The ticket isn't for much.

It'd be suspicious.

Keep losing.
I'll give you another in a month.

Cops say it was a peeping tom.

No trace.

You're gifted.

Would you do it again?

I have friends who need problems solved.

It would mean serious
money, if you get my drift.

I'd be like an agent.
We split 50-50.

I don't want to become...

a hired killer.

Is that what you call it?

I was distracted.

Limited vocabulary, I guess.

Karl will take you back.

Come back when you're ready.

- It's Tom. An inspector just came.
- What the hell?

Hurry. This is important.

Is there a problem?

What do the cops want?

- What cops?
- The inspector.

No, a company inspector.
A real pain in the ass.

Did you touch the cameras?

No, I suck at technology.

Tell him the video room is locked.
It was his first question.

He wants to see you.

Mr. Brecht?

This is Jacques.

The newspapers aren't in
the right order. Fix them.

Where's his uniform?

But he's not on duty yet.

He's in the shop.

It's that or step outside.

Of course.

He wants to see you.
Put this on.

He's a real prick.
Guys like him shut the factory.

Chill out.
I need this job and so do you.

I'm here because of last week's events.

We take what happened very seriously.

A dead kid is always tragic.

I can't say. Psychological
support isn't my domain.

Our company can't remain
linked to that incident.

Understand, sir?

Scoran... Jacques Scoran.

Do you take drugs?

With what you pay, I cut back on coffee.

An attempt at humor?

I'll stay longer than expected.

I don't like what's going on.

The surveillance footage has
left me with a few questions.

The equipment's old.
It breaks down.

As old as it may be,

it can't remove uniforms
from what it films.

There's no trace of a uniform on any tape.

So we forget.
Not a life or death matter.

That's where you're wrong.

It's why I'm here.

One last thing:
is the video room always shut?

Yes. Tom is a stickler about it.

Good to hear.
If you say so.


Hey, Jacques.

- Gardot paid someone to kill her.
- Bullshit!

No... I'm sure of it.

It was a peeping tom.
They said so.

My ass.

A few weeks ago, he asked me to do it.

What are you talking about?

And you said no?


Sometimes I fuck up but I respect life.

I was raised Catholic, communion...

Can you tell me what he
offered you for that?


It pisses me off he was asked first.

Still pumping gas?

And you?
Cable and plasma?

Pisses me off more he was
offered twice as much.

We could have been partners
but it's not your style.

Even in deep shit, you still
want to keep your hands clean.

How's it going, Mulot?

RL products on top of
displays systematically.

The guidebook says so.
On top of display cases.

Check the store.
Put everything where it belongs.

It's not your fault.

Tom probably can't read his email.

Tom's not here?

I'll stay in charge a bit longer.
Come to my office.

And you put everything where it belongs.

He's impossible to understand.

You get used to it.

Our customers don't have time.

In and out.

We can't keep him.

This is a business, not a
charity for the disabled.

And wear your uniform.

Does he understand "asshole"
or should I write it?


What's with Tom?
Why is he absent?

He's taking your night shift.

Until he proves himself back up to par.

You demoted him?

- And his wages?
- It's up to him.

We worked it out.
It was that or unemployment.

He needs money.
He has a family.

Let's talk about you instead.

The head office wants a urine
test for everyone at this branch.

You can't do that.
It's illegal.

Only cops can do that.

We can. We arranged it with a lab.

Everyone else agreed?

As you wisely observed, they have families.

So yes.

To avoid cheating, it's
smarter to do it here.

You may go to the restroom.

Then put...

this container

in this envelope, sealed.

I'll leave you.
This is important, Mr. Scoran.

So... do you have the envelope?


To avoid cheating,

it's smarter to do it here.

What the hell? You're crazy!

Clean this up or I'll take care of you!

A branch full of retards!

- Yes, Tom?
- What the fuck?

Are you stupid?

Brecht is furious.
He's writing up a report.

We'll both be fired!

If I lose this job,
Jacques, I lose everything!

Take the next right.
Don't turn around.

Watch the road.

Look ahead.


Don't turn around!

What do you want?
You're crazy!


Piss in this, asshole.

Make it quick.

You don't have a gun.

You're more pathetic than I thought.

I'll send my report from here instead.

Since we're acting wise.

You're all fired.

It's all ready.
I'll just hit "send".

But no network!

So... any network?

Yeah, too bad for you.

Too bad for you.

It's in the guidebook, Mr. Brecht.

RL products

must be on display


For the first time in 9
months, I feel strong.

On the job again.
Jacques Scoran is back.

It's Tom. Turn on the TV.
Watch the news.

No TV. What is it?

Brecht got killed.

No way.

Same peeping tom who killed Gardot.

Same gun. And they found him
butt-naked in the quarry.

What did I tell you?

He had a wild side.

- So you got your job back.
- Indirectly...

He didn't want to fire you.
Come back Monday.


I have to go.
Someone's banging at my door.

Hello, Jacques. Gardot's waiting.

I hate being woken up.

Unintentional. Sorry.

Change pillows.

You're covered in feathers.


Oh, yeah.

Using the same gun twice was stupid.

No more plans for my gun?

I got rid of it.

I should destroy you, but I'll be honest.

On TV they say he had something in his ass.

They think it's a sex crime.

You're an artist.

Why did you kill him?
Got another contract?

You don't have exclusive rights.

He was a piece of shit.

He was firing us.

He had it in for us so I beat him to it.

You wasted a guy for minimum wage?

I have scum to waste.

I should destroy you.
You lied.

You asked Jeff first for your wife.

That's not cool.

He was so gung-ho, I quickly
realized my mistake.

I pretended it was a joke.

I realized I needed you.

- Dumb enough to pay half price.
- Honest enough.

Honest, angry, level-headed.

Jeff is a douchebag.
A ruthless sleazeball.

I'm ruthless too, so go on.

What are you offering?



For what? Who?

We agree to 50-50?

I take the risks.

70-30. Non-negotiable.

You took less for my wife.

Friend's wife.

Okay, but you pay for the trip.

My friend has a bistro.

Sit at the bar and tell her:

"Fries, fast. I have a train."

I'll call her.

I can even sing Brel.

Rather say:
"I came for the murder"?

She'll explain and supply the equipment.

- Karl, drive him home.
- I'd rather hitch.

I'm not into Karl.

Fries, fast.

I have a train.

I hope you make it.

I'll do my best.

Are you a believer?

- No.
- Neither am I.

But I'm practising.

I'll go pray nearby.

Let's say at 3, after the service.

It's a pretty little church.

I'll go see the stained
glass before my train.

Please don't let him suffer.

Walter has smoker's cancer.

He's doomed.

I can't do it myself.

So I asked Gardot for a pro.

So one bullet will be enough.

How awful.

Excuse me.

Technically, what's the lay-out?

He's in the upstairs bedroom.

Taking his nap.

I unlocked the kitchen window.

Use the backyard.


a gun under the cash register.

And the payment?

I'll give it to Gardot after.

My God, how horrible!

No silencer, I suppose.

No neighbors.

That's not it.
Like an idiot, I forgot my plugs...

Go upstairs.

It's the second door.

Why are you here?

No nap?

I won't die for money.
Empty the register and go.

I'm no thief.

Why are you here?

To kill you.


So you don't suffer.

Your wife sent me.
Your disease...

Disease? What is this crap?

Your cancer...

from smoking.
It's what she said.

I never smoked!

But I own 51% of the
bistro and life insurance.

She's fucking with both of us.

When I first met her, a
baguette got you a blowjob.

She even gave change.

Go on, hurry.

I'm afraid I'll change
my mind and chicken out.

Another victim of cigarettes.

I realize I'm not a pro.

It's easier to kill scumbags.

Result: empty pockets and
train tickets on me.

That's what honesty gets you.

You think everyone else is.
Bad trip.

How are you managing?

I had to let Claude and Leslie go.
There's no one.

Even Lefèvre hasn't come in 2 weeks.

Think he went broke?

I doubt he went sober.

It's on me.


Haven't we met before?

You in the tournament?

Nice to see you again.

If it's the second time.

Same here.

See you around.

There you go.
I missed my launch window.

It's been so long, I've lost my touch.

I'll put him on.

For you.

What the hell happened?

You there?

Why the fuckup in Brussels?

Bad timing.

I'll say.
Why did her husband ice her?

He did?

I didn't know.

That's why she didn't come.

To tell me about her
projects, after the service.

I waited where she said.
She never showed up.

- I thought she'd backed out.
- For the last time.

He was onto her projects.

That explains everything.

Talk tomorrow.
I'll send Karl.

Hey, man.

Cops want to see you.
They asked where you were.


They think I wasted Brecht?

Looks that way.

You're kidding.

His wife says

he was telling management you did drugs.

So they'd fire you.

You'll keep me on.
It's nonsense.

Go there tomorrow morning.

No, I swear.

A round trip is cheaper than one way.

Just a sec.

- The police want to see me.
- What about?

I don't know, but...

A guy where I work got killed.

- Name?
- Jacques Scoran.

Victim's name?

Mr. Brecht, I think...

Have a seat.
Someone will come.

She's a cop.

- We met up at Pierrot's.
- I remember.

We spoke.

- Why are you here?
- Nothing. Parking tickets.

Wrong building. This is Criminal.

Just cross the street.

Follow me.

- Have a nice day.
- You too.

What's your name?


Pretty for a first name.

I hope we'll meet again
at Pierrot's one night.

Sure. I'm shooting pool in the finals.

Great. I'll come root for you.

Are you coming?

What the hell?
He's not black!


Who are you?
Why are you here?

Jacques Scoran.

Not him.
Where's my guy?

What you got to say?

I'm not black.

I'm Jacques Scoran.

I was told you wanted to question me

about Mr. Brecht's death.

Wait in here.

Have a seat.

I need the chair.

Either they're very stupid

or very smart.

I better assume they're really smart.

I have to seem cool.

I'm sorry.
Inspector Massé had to step out.

- What do I do?
- No idea.

Come back later.

My favorite driver.

- What have you been up to?
- Miss me?

Just wondering.

You haven't seen the boss in ages.

It's easy to grow attached to me.

Yeah, Tom?

He came back?

I went.
I hung around for nothing.

I'll call him for an appointment.
What's his name?

One sec.


Let's go.

Whose bone is this?

Hello, old chap.
Isn't he sweet?

- I need to talk.
- I got him this morning.

Come on, boy.

I want to talk in private.

- His name is Pooch 2.
- And where's Pooch 1?

Wait inside.

- Are you deaf?
- What the hell?

Yeah, what the hell?

Scram. Go in the bar?

These mood swings are pissing me off!

Shut the fuck up!

Be nice, order us beer.
5 minutes.

He's a cop.

You bust my balls.
You've hated him from day one.

I've been right from day one.

He lent me a pen earlier.

I saw the same one at the precinct.

Souvenir from a hotel in La Baule.

I chewed on it.
There are teeth marks.

Why were you at the precinct?

Nothing, I...

Brecht, from the gas station.

Dumb asshole!

- I said get rid of the gun!
- Listen up.

Karl works for them.

You were there.
You a cop too?

Beat it!

You already wasted one!

Go on, scream.

Play his game.
I bet you're bugged.

How did you find him?

I met him here.

He was with a drug runner I know.

He swears by him.

Your guy must have been arrested.
Copped a plea to go after you.

A mole.
They sent you a mole.

My former delivery guy just vanished.

Let's speak to him.

- He has a tracking device.
- We'll see soon enough.

We have to settle this.

I'm warning you.

If you fuck up, you're a psychopath.

I can't live with a grenade
ticking in my boxers.

We'll make him talk.

I gotta pee.

I shouldn't have drunk Jacques' beer.

Anyone joining me?

- What now?
- Nothing.

We pee and think it over.

That's true about beer.

So? What did you do this afternoon?

Nothing. I washed the car.

Get a chamois from the cops?

What's this crap?

You went to the precinct this afternoon.

Not to borrow sponges, so why?

What do you mean?

I went to the precinct too.

I was nervous.
You never know what they want.

Yes, you do.

On the desk was a pen.

I couldn't help chewing it like a kid.

How silly.

It happens.

It was a funny pen.

Souvenir from a hotel in La Baule.

The chief must have tried the spa.
Cops are under stress.

I guess so.

Can I borrow your pen?

- Why?
- André has a note to take.

- He's taking a leak.
- For his treatment.

He takes note of each pee.

I don't know where I put it.

Watch out!

You're a psycho!

You said "watch out".
I thought he had a gun!


I hope you had me kill someone innocent.

It sucks if he's a cop!

Where's the wire?

Give me his wallet.

My assistant, my wife, my dog, your boss.

You're a public danger.

Nothing in here says he's a cop.

What did you expect?
His precinct cafeteria ID?

He's a mole.

What matters more than what's
in here is what isn't.

No credit card, insurance
card, family pics.

Phony wallet.

I'm sure of it.

Why remove his shoes?

For the Red Cross?

What's this?

A pen, dick-brain!

- No proof he's a cop!
- My teeth.

Proof he hangs with cops.

Why not just show us?

Why run back to the car?

I have no idea. You scare me!

We're in deep shit!

What about the body?
For the wolves?

We'll drown the body near the old reactor.

- They'll send divers.
- It's radioactive.

1,000 years to find an alibi.

I should ice you.

Help me, dammit!

I'll take the shoes.

Problem is they saw us at the bar.

They're friends.

I could send each one
behind bars, 5 to 10 years.

We'll be fine.

Thank God for friendship.

You have a message.
Today, 8 am.

I know you killed Karine Gardot.

20,000 euros or I tell the cops.

I know you had Jacques kill your wife.

20,000 euros or I tell the cops.

Same person.

One major difference.


My number is unlisted.

Only one person has both our numbers.




I wasn't sure.
Now I am.

Listen, Jacques.

Do me a favor.

Want me to kill Jeff?
I can't.

Not a former coworker.

We went on strike, we drank beer.
I can't.

Take out that bastard.

Kill him, bash his face in,

toss him in a hole full of lime.

- Lime?
- Yes, lime!

I'll talk to him first.

Take this.

If ever peace talks fail.


Come in.

Take off your jacket.

What was that message?

What do you mean?
I didn't hear it.

Yeah, but you recorded it.

- How did you figure it out?
- Figure what out?

I don't understand at all.

What's wrong? Have a beer.

- Sit.
- Or something else.


I'll shoot you.
You give me no choice. Understand?

Sit your ass down or I'll shoot
you in your living-dining space.

Shut up!
Shut up and listen to me. Okay?


If someone's fucking with you, it's not me.

I have a few questions.

Answer them.

If you answer honestly, totally honestly,

you get to live.


Well-decorated living-dining space.
Very stylish.

Totally honest. Got it?

Question 1:

How did you figure it out?

Your reaction when I told you Gardot

asked me to kill Karine.

I needed...

I needed to do something.

You understand.
Something dumb, but something.

I know that feeling well.

And you got the job.

- Prick gave you my job.
- Sorry, Jeff.


Fuck off.

I'd have done it clean, without a trace.

But he didn't trust me.

What's wrong with me?

Why do you always get the job?

- What do you mean?
- The factory.

I should have been foreman.

They chose you.


Why do you always win?

Why not kill me, asshole?
Get it over with!

You ruined my life anyway!

Why do you always win?

Even at Lotto!

You picked the numbers!
I lost 70 euros.

You've always fucked me over!

Jesus, Jeff...

The TV behind you was a few seconds early.

- Your back was to it.
- What the hell?

- Laughing at me?
- Not at you.

I'm laughing at us.
At this nonsense.

You'd rat on me for money.

I'd ice you in your living-dining space.

Isn't that funny?

Look, you're laughing.

I'll talk to Gardot.

He'll need someone.
Don't worry, he's cool.

That's great.

Thanks, Jacques.

I'm afraid my phone is tapped.

It's a disaster.
Cops on my tail.

- Relax, you're imagining it.
- No, I'm not.

They're not even hiding.

Wherever I go, an unmarked
car follows 100 feet behind.

Think about what to say during questioning.

And destroy any evidence at your place.

They have nothing.

The guy in the coma dropped his phone.

What's wrong?

- I'm seeing blurry.
- Insurance card?

I have to stop freaking out.
Up to now, all is cool.

- What's going on?
- Mr. Scoran?

We have a search warrant.
Get dressed.

- Arresting me?
- No, it's for questioning.

- I have to come?
- I advise you to.

When was the last time you saw Brecht?

End of my shift. Monday.

- Did he say anything?
- Yes.

RL products go on top of
displays, systematically.

Nothing else? Drugs?

- What time did you see him last?
- Excuse me.

Not all at one.
Bad concentration.

Things will get worse if you keep it up.

- Know André Gardot?
- Sure.

- Why "sure"?
- Everyone knows him.

- Know his line of work?
- He has gambling clubs.

2 or 3 in Liege. But all legit.

Employers are leaving France.

Know about his backroom poker games?

You hear rumors about everyone.

Big mouths, small town.

- Ever played his poker games?
- Lots of us have.

It's illegal.

If you play for money.

We play for points.

Like in old-age homes.

Except we win beers.

Not Oreos.

Did you know that Brecht and Gardot
were killed by the same gun?

But I read there's a sex
maniac in the area.

You may go.

One more thing.
Know this man?

He gave me a few rides.

Gardot's new driver.

Know where he is?

Maybe he fucked up.

Gardot's tough.
Hates dishonest folk.

Fine. That'll do for today.

We'll meet again.

What's wrong?
Why are you here?

- Something in my eye.
- Serious?

It's been taken care of.

But a friend of Karine's
brought me sugared almonds.

She told me who my wife was banging.

A pilot from Air Palma.

Every Saturday, layover in her ass.

They wanted to split with my dough.

I loved her, wed her.

And had her wasted.

The world was hers.

Take out that motherfucker.

Not now. We got cops all over.
Contain yourself.

He has a house in Majorca.
My pal in Palma will supply the gun.

I'll pay well.

Please, Jacques.

Every plane I hear makes me cry.

Cops aren't dumb.

Karine connects us.
Me to you, you to me.

The scumbags fucked in secret.

Only her friend knew.

She won't talk. I'll marry her.
To keep an eye on her.

And to thank her.

At least you're grateful.

But bring a girl.

"Weekend sexcapade".

So it won't seem fishy.

I have no one on hold.

You'll find someone.
You're good-looking.

A romantic hotel in Majorca should do it.

Because he only sees hookers,

he thinks all women are for hire.

I'm marrying a young stripper.
I'm not blind.

Want my opinion?

Fucking lousy stripper.

You wondered why she was there.

It's why I liked her.

I need time to think it over.

I feel a bit at sea.

Just don't sink.

Hold on.

I hate sugared almonds.

Oh, yeah?



We're dead.

What is it?

We're losing our jobs again.


They put our station up for sale.

Bad for the company image.


This is the end of me.

I'll lose my home.

God knows how I'll tell Melanie.

I don't have balls enough.

Damn it...

You okay? Bad timing?

Car trouble?

It's not burning oil?

White smoke.


Let's grab a drink, then we can fix it.

I came prepared.

Why not drink them outside?
It's mild.


- What are you two up to?
- Hello, Melanie.

We're tuning up his car.

I'm coming.
I'll clean up and come in.

All well, Jade?

Don't get too drunk, guys.

We'll buy the station together.

- 20,000 each?
- Yes.

Where will you find the money?



I'll see to the money.

You kill his wife?

Cut the shit.

Why on earth ask that?

You kill Brecht?

Jesus fucking Christ. Tom!

Yeah, I liquidated them.

Both of them.

Two scumbags.

Brecht was firing you.
Know why?

No uniform.

And because you didn't put RL
products on top, systematically.

There are no more rules.
Wake up, dammit!

Guys in skyscrapers plan layoffs
to double their stock-options.

The economy is bullshit.
Pain, cheating, lies.

I've found a nice niche.

Kill anyone else?

Are you in with me?

Come on, that's some serious
shit you're telling me.

If you find the money, I'm in.


I want it all in my name,
in case cops snoop around.

It's a deal.

Tom and I are buying the station.

I'll do your hit.
We need 40,000.

That's exorbitant.

It's not a gift.

Lend it to Tom, no mention of me.

We'll pay half back in cash once we open.

Don't you think they'll see Tom is a front?

You're better with guns than brains.

It's the hit for the station.

Cool down.

I have a better solution.

Tom gets a loan from a banker
I've got by the balls.

- Neither of us appears.
- He'll agree?

Between a small credit and
nice group picture on the Net,

he won't hesitate.

What you should do is call me

to ask me to reserve

your plane and hotel, since
you have no credit cards.

Say you'll pay me back in cash.

It'll be our cover while they listen.

The pilot goes for a swim at dawn
before going to the airport.

He'll be there next Sunday.

Shoot from a distance.

From a distance?

I'm not a sharpshooter.

I never used a rifle.

Modern weapons are easy.

The undertow will take him.
They'll think he drowned.

With half a skull?

A propeller.

- Different holes.
- Depends what caliber.

I'll try to get a girl.

Sorry. I didn't expect
to impress you so much.

You do crunches?

Not since the factory.

Now, while I'm rubbing.

It's on him.

No, it's on me. It was my fault.

Go on, confess.

- Meaning?
- What did the cops want?

You work there?

That's what worries you.
You're all tense.

Because you look at me with those eyes...

You really lay it on!

So what do you do?

Odd jobs, right and left.

For guys like Gardot?

Know Gardot?

Everyone's heard about him.

How did you know about us?

Pierrot told me.

I did odd jobs for him.

Like what?

I'm modest.
I don't talk about myself.

How's your life?

Things aren't great with your guy?

Pierrot told me.

I don't talk about myself.
I'm modest.

- Working tomorrow?
- Not till Tuesday.

How about a weekend in Majorca?

Sure. And why not Venice afterwards?

It could be fun.


I have two free tickets.
Pity to lose them.

Sorry, I have to go.

My partner will kill me.

- And this weekend?
- I wish...

But my pussycat is sick.

Saturday is the vet.

I can't cover for your drug run.

No drugs. It's just a vacation.

Something to drink?



Did you see my eye?

Still red but... better.


It's nice to be concerned.

How is work?

It's tough at the moment.

They're selling the gas station.


This really sucks.

It... really sucks.

Glad I filled my car.


Handy service station.


That's life.


Take what life offers.

Sometimes we have no choice.

Like now.

No way, man!

I won't take the risk of wanting
to screw my pal's wife.

Money can't buy everything.

What a surprise.

- I thought it over.
- What?

Is Spain still possible?

You bet.
Want to come? That's great.

I need a change of air.

I know you work for Gardot
and I don't give a damn.

Just don't hide drugs in my bag, okay?

I need a break from here.

- No problem.
- Cool.

- Separate rooms.
- I only have one.

I'll sleep on the floor.
No problem.

You know I'm with someone.
Please keep this quiet.

Don't worry.

- No drugs in my bag!
- It's not about dope.

Not my thing.

Pussycat better?

As of 30 seconds ago, I'm a happy hit man.

I have a quick errand.

You can swim or take a walk.

Then we'll find a nice place to eat.

You don't find this trip weird?

No, why?
Because we just met?

I don't think so.

I do.

It's cool you came.


Sorry, the internet said junior suite.

Emphasis on junior.

2 beds.
It beats the floor.

It's perfect. I love it.
An ocean view.

It's beautiful out.

I'll go swimming while you're out.

Who do you want?


It's for you.

He's down there.


Speak French?

A little.

What you want?

I'm a friend of Gardot's.

I came for the rifle.

What rifle?


Yeah, André.

He called...

about a gun.

- You aware of this?
- What?

- Someone called?
- I told you. I was stoned.

You never said.


We got a gun?

In the crapper.

Give it to him.

It's gross.

Smells like piss.

I don't understand.

It still works?

It's old.

Any bullets?

- How can I work with this?
- I found ammo.


Anything to hide it in?

This too. It goes with it.

She looked in my bag.

What if she's the mole?

We killed a guy for a pen
and now I'm getting fucked.

How was it? Not too cold?

Yes, but it's energizing.

It makes you hungry though.

Restaurant by the water?

But reserve. It's Saturday night.

I'll tell the desk.

See you downstairs.

See you.

They're not stingy with liquor.
Don't you think?

Sorry about the hotel room.
Zero glamor.

It's fine, I said.

It smelled like piss.
I aired it out.

Your table is ready.

My life sucks.


A boyfriend more often
in his truck than home.

He comes back, showers, drinks alone.

Alone or not...

But not with me.

We have nothing left to say.
My job is boring.

- What exactly do you do?
- It'll disappoint you.

- Cop?
- Would it spice up the trip?


Sorry. You're spending 2
days with a paper shuffler.

Classifying crimes and misdemeanors.

Like "attempted assault"
or "petty crime".

I follow the Ministry's orders.

That's why I came, for a change of scenery.

I'm the one getting the spice.

Come on, your turn.

My girlfriend left me after the layoffs.

I know. It's not my question.

Why did Gardot send you?

The game begins.
I should have had an answer ready.

You got all serious.

How do you know my girlfriend left?

Pierrot told me.

- What else did he say?
- That you're a good guy.

You went through a depression


only a serious girlfriend
could revitalize you.

Want to revitalize me?

Who knows?

You want to choose the seafood?

Mind if I use the bathroom first?

Of course not.

It's your bed.

- What?
- The odor.

Someone marked his territory.

Must be in the mattress.

It doesn't gross you out?

It does.

But it beats the floor.

Who mentioned the floor, Jacques?

I don't care if she's my downfall.
I like her.

Too bad if it costs me 30 years.

Piece of shit.

I can't use this crap!


Where's the pilot?



Sorry, old mate. The rifle jammed.

I don't know you.
Don't do it!

Sorry, but I can't.

I need that gas station.


My heart.

It hurts.

I need help. Call someone.


I don't have my cell phone.

I'm in pain.

Up at dawn?

I was hot.

I wanted to swim before...

all the kids come.

- Next time invite me.
- It was...

Have you been here long?

Not long. Why?

No reason. Just asking.

Sleep well?

Not enough. And it was your fault.

I'll also swim before the kids.

Oh, yeah?

Let's find a fun beach.
Here's a deadly bore.

I don't like being fucked with.

I had doubts about Brussels.

Now I want a plausible explanation
or I'll be very upset.

It means a lot coming
from me, "very upset".

What are you talking about?

Puech got word to me.

You never came for the rifle.

He's full of shit. I went.


This guy is like family.
Why would he lie?

Keep it down.

What exactly did the prick say?

He's not a prick.

My cellmate from 30 years ago.

He says you never took it.
I believe him.

Your cellmate?

He's barely 20.

He's wasted 24/7.

The rifle was a toilet mop.
Couldn't kill a cow point blank!

20? Red hair?

Maybe when he washes it.

Why not ask for his father?

I went to the address, asked for Mr. Puech.


Wrong address.
It's his son's now.

He had a great weapon.
Cost me a fortune.

I came to tell you I'm done.

I think I'll stop killing people for a bit.

I'll lead a normal life.

With a normal job.

In a normal gas station.
With Tom.

What money?
You didn't kill the guy.

You read Spanish?


It's for you.


They found a body. Heart attack.

Fucking Air Palma pilot.

How did you do it?

I gave him a mean stare.

Deal done?
What about the money?

I'm squeezing the banker.
Won't be long.

If you need money to make ends meet,

I can find you some hits.

Forget me, André.

I get it.

You're fucking her.

- Butt out.
- It's serious.

Could be.

I'd be really happy if you found someone.

I mean it.

So long.

Are you okay?

Did you have a good day?

The afternoon was a pain but it ended well.

It's a bit empty.
All repossessed.

- It's cool. I like it.
- Have a seat.

How about you? Your day?


But it's ending very well too.

Gardot kept his promise.

He told the banker nicely he had no choice.

We work 60 hours a week.

Easy when you're your own boss.

In 2 years, if all is well,
we'll make 3,000 each.

Sometimes Jeff stops by.

No mention ever of Gardot's odd jobs.

Even dumb-ass Jeff understands
it's best to shut up.

Sorry, I gotta take a leak.

Make sure I left it clean in there.




You're not asleep?

What's going on?

Happy birthday, honey.


Hands up!

You scared me!

I'm happy to come home tired from work.

To find the woman I love...

and my buddies.

Everything's simple again.

Maybe happiness is not being aware.


That cool rifle from Majorca.

The one I never got.

A masterpiece. He was right.

And it comes...

with a silencer.

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