Octonauts and the Caves of Sac Actun (2020) - full transcript

The Octonauts embark on an underwater adventure, navigating a set of challenging caves to help a small octopus friend return home to the Caribbean Sea.

Okay. Everybody in position.

Everyone, get ready.

Snoop-a-do... who?


It's only Codish.

We thought you were Peso
and you-know-who.

You know, Peso and his little matey, Co--

Listen. Someone's coming.

Alright, now, easy does it.

Just swim on out




Surprise, Coba.

The whole crew came to watch
you take your swim test.

Coba, Coba, Coba!

We wouldn't miss it, Coba.

You've been with us for so long
while your tentacle healed,

it almost feels
like you're part of the crew.

Well, Coba, are you ready?


Good. Now remember,
if you pass the swim test,

it means your tentacle is all better
and you can go home to the Caribbean Sea.

I'm sure all your friends back at the reef
are rooting for you.

Oh, Coba, Coba.

That's the spirit, matey!

Alright, Coba.
Let's start by taking off the bandage.


Everything looks good there.

Now for the swimming!


Vegimals, prepare.






Uh, oh.

I got it.

Okay, Coba, for the first test,

all you have to do
is swim through those hoops.


Nice work!



-Coba, Coba!

Well done.

For the next test, I need you
to swim around in a loop the loop

as fast as you can.

Coba, Coba!


Now, all that's left
is the long-distance test.

Do you think you can swim
all the way around the Octopod?

Coba, Coba.

I'll be timing you.


-You can do it, Coba!

Coba. He's a tough little octopus.

He should be coming around the other side
any moment now.

Where's Coba?

He's been quite a while.

-I hope nothing's happened to--
-Coba, Coba, Coba!

Flappity flippers!

That shark's after Coba!

Hang on, Coba!

Coba, Coba, Coba.

Oh, no, you don't.

That's right. Follow the Fish Biscuit.


Come and get it.


He'll be chasing that for a while.

Cheepa, cheepa!

-Captain, you're alright.

I'm fine.

Now, Coba,

are you alright?


Well, that's Captain Barnacles for you.

He's not afraid of anything.

Not even hungry sharks.

Well, what do you say, Peso?
Did Coba pass his swim test?

Take a look.



Captain, after all the excitement,

we should get Coba home
to the Caribbean Sea.


Dashi, let's set a course
for the Caribbean.

Captain, I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Right now, the Octopod is here

and the Caribbean Sea is over here,

on the other side of Mexico.

To get to the reef where Coba lives,

we'll have to take the Octopod
around here.

Right. But we'll have to go
through these big storms.

You know, Cap, it might be faster,
and safer, to fly there.

Right over the Yucatan jungle.

Good thinking, Tweak.

We'll take the Gup-H.

-Ready, Peso?
-Ready, Captain.

Ready, Coba?


Fly safe, Captain.

And whatever you do,
don't land in that jungle.

Why not?

Well, I've heard that the Yucatan jungle
is a strange place, matey.

Legends say
it's full of spooky Ghost Caves,

guarded by giant lizards.

And not everybody who goes into the caves

comes back out.

What's inside the Ghost Caves?

I don't know. Cave monsters, probably.

Cave monsters?

Don't worry, Peso.

We're taking Coba straight home without
any stops in the jungle along the way.

Tweak, open the Octohatch.

You got it, Cap!

-Goodbye, Coba.
-Seeya around, Coba.

-Bye-bye, Coba.
-Farewell, my fellow cephalopod.


Next stop, the Caribbean Sea!

So long, matey.

Well, Coba's certainly enjoying the ride.
How much further, Captain?

Almost there, Peso.

It should be smooth flying
the rest of the way--

Captain, look out!

Hang on, everyone!

Uh, oh. We've lost one of the rotors!

No, it's no use. Abandon ship.

Abandon ship?

Here, parachutes.

Alright, here we go.

Hang on, Coba.

Peso, pull your cord!

Flappity flippers! It's stuck!

What do I do? What do I do?

Don't panic.

I'm coming for you.

Hang on tight.

Quick, lean to the left!

Phew. That was a close one.

Oh, no. The Gup!

We better call the Octopod
and let them know we've crashed.

My Octo Compass is gone.

It must have come loose during the fall.

But I don't see it anywhere.

Without the Octo Compass,
we have no way to call for help.

Captain, look,
Coba's Fish Pack is leaking.

Coba can't be out of water for very long.

We have to do something.

Don't worry,
we'll find some water right away.

But we're still too far
from the Caribbean Sea

and I didn't see any lakes or rivers
from the air.

Water. Water...

It's those birds again.

It sounds like they're saying...

Water. Water...

Water! We'd better follow them.

We might need these.

Water. Water...

That way!

Water. Water...

Water. Water...

There's a clearing up ahead.

Water. Water...

Flappity flippers!

That's water, alright,

a whole cave full of it.

Captain, you don't think this is
one of Kwazii's Ghost Caves, do you?

What brings you to our cenote?

It's the giant lizard guards,
just like in Kwazii's story.

Easy, Peso.
There's more than meets the eye here.

Sorry to bother you.
We're just looking for some water.


You seek water?

Well, you've come to the right place.


Welcome to our cenote, amigos.


That's right.

Cenote, you know,

an entrance to a deep cave
that fills up with water from the rains.

Where else do you think we get water
here in the jungle?


Sorry, Coba.

Let's get you down in that water.

Hey! Not so fast!

You must give something
to the great guardians of the cenote.

That's us.

Oh, well, in that case, I...

I offer you these very rare,
very tasty Fish Biscuits.

There's one for each of you now

and I can bring you more later.

You have my word.

-Fish Biscuits.
-I know. They sound real nice.

-I am hungry.
-I don't know.

-Come on, it's a good idea.
-Okay, let's agree.

The great guardians of the cenote

accept your offering.


You may now enter the cenote.

But be careful down there.

Not everyone who goes into the cenote

comes out of the cenote.

Thanks for the tip.

Ready, Peso? Ready, Coba?




I've never seen anything
quite like a cenote before.

Now that Coba's back in water,
we should wait here.

The other Octonauts will come
looking for us soon enough.

Coba, what's wrong?

Of course. Remember what the iguanas said?

Cenotes are filled with water
from the rain. Fresh water.

And Coba's home
is the salty Caribbean Sea.

He needs salt water.

If he stays in this fresh water too long,
he'll get sick.

Oye, amigos!

There is salt water down there

if you know where to find it.

Coba, Coba!

It looks like there's
a tiny current of water

coming up from that tunnel.

Si. Salt water.

Those caves lead all the way
to the Caribbean Sea.


That's it, Captain.

We've got to swim down into that cave
until we get to the sea.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Cave diving is extremely dangerous
and we don't have the right equipment.

But, Captain, we don't have a choice.

Coba can't wait in fresh water for long.

He needs to get home
and there's no other way to get there.

Coba, home.

You're right. Peso, prepare to dive.

Good luck, amigos.

It's going to get pretty dark down there.

And remember,
not everyone who goes into the cenote...

comes out of the cenote.

Stay close, Coba!

Coba, Coba.

Well, good game, Kwazii.

I challenge you to a rematch, Professor.

I've got to find a partner.

I can't keep up with all of them paddles.

Fair enough, Kwazii.

I'll be waiting.

Hiya, Dashi.

Up for a round of table tennis?

Can't right now, Kwazii.
I'm looking for the Captain.

The Captain! That's a great idea.
He's always up for a game.

Where is he anyway?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

He and Peso still aren't back
from taking Coba home.

Still? But they left ages ago.

I'll call him.

Kwazii to Captain Barnacles.

Come in, Captain.

No answer.

Yep. And there's no sign of them
on the Gup-Finder, either.

Something must have happened.

Maybe they got lost or crashed or--


Shiver me whiskers.
We've got to find them.

Sound the Octo-Alert.

Octonauts, to the HQ.

Octonauts, we've got a problem.

Captain Barnacles and Peso are missing.

-Oh, my!
-Oh, no!


We can't reach them by radio

and there's no sign of the Gup-H
on the Gup-Finder.

We think they might have crashed.

We know they were flying
towards the Caribbean Sea,

so they should be somewhere
in this part of Mexico,

right near Coba's reef.

That's where we've got to search for them.

But how, without the Gup-H to fly there?

We'll have to go by... land.

I've got to hand it to you, Tweak.

For a ship so big,
the Gup-G sure is speedy.

It sure is, Kwazii.

At this speed,
we'll get to the Caribbean Sea

faster than you can say,
"Bunch of munchy, crunchy carrots."

What are you working on back there anyway?

Just a little project
Dashi and I've been tinkering with.

It could help us
with the search and rescue.

Try the lights, Tweak.

Perfect. Now we just need--

Hey, Kwazii!
Try to take it easy on those bumps.

No promises, matey.

Look! Up ahead.

It's the Caribbean Sea.

We're here!

Then let's get this search and rescue
started, me hearties.

Cheepa, cheepa!

Okay, we'll search on land.
You guys search the water near the reef.

Good luck, Tweak.

Don't fall into any Ghost Caves!

Cheepa, cheepa.


Split up, mateys.

Peso and Captain Barnacles
are out there somewhere

and we're gonna find them.

-Aye, aye.
-Aye, aye.

Well, Coba,

can you tell which way
the salt water's coming from?


Then the Caribbean Sea
must be that way, too.

These aren't like any underwater caves
I've ever been in before.

Ocean caves are big and wide.

These are small and twisty.

And the walls are made of white stone.

Yes, they are...

awfully small and white.

Almost like...


Hey, where did Coba go?

Coba, Coba!

Don't get too far ahead, Coba.

Flappity flippers!

Look at that!

Ancient fossils.

Maybe someone has been down here
more recently.



There are creatures living down here.

Look at all of them.

Shrimp and eels and cave fish and--

Captain? I can't see anything!

You just stirred up a little dirt.
Are you alright?

I thought I saw a cave monster,
but it was just--

Oh, no, my helmet.

Captain, where are you?

I'm right over here, Peso.

Over where?

Over here.

Just follow the sound of my voice.

Okay. I'm swimming towards you now.

I think. Do you see me yet?

Easy, Peso. I'm right here.


With the water so cloudy,
I couldn't even tell I was upside down.

But what are we going to do
about my helmet?

Don't worry, Peso.
I'm sure there's a solution.


A limpet.

-Hello there. You don't mind, do you?
-Not at all.

Nice to have some visitors down here.

Limpets make a sticky slime
that's as strong as glue.

It should seal the crack right up.

That kind of tickles.

Thanks for your help.



Looks like that did the trick.

Sorry I got so spooked back there.

Don't worry, Peso.
Just remember, stay calm and don't panic.

Alright, Captain.

From now on, I'm going to keep calm
and be brave, just like you.

I know you can do it, Peso.

Now, where did Coba get to?

Coba, Coba!

Looks like he's found the way forward.

The cave gets pretty narrow here.
We may have to squeeze through.

Be brave, Peso.

Ready, Captain?

Um, uh.

Everything alright, Captain?

Uh... Yes. Everything's fine, Peso.

go through the tunnel.

Well, any luck, Octonauts?

Afraid not, Professor.

Me neither.

Aye. We've searched the whole reef

and it's almost like Barnacles and Peso
just vanished.

Oh, no!

How very strange.
Where could they have gone?

Wherever they are, I don't think
they're in the Caribbean Sea.

These tunnels just keep going and going.

Doing alright, Coba?

Coba, Coba.


It's a dead end.

But if we can't go forward,
how will we get to the sea?

Looks like we go up.

These caves have dry sections, too.


Or at least damp, kind of slimy sections.


This part of the cave
is full of little berries.

Those bats up there are dropping them.

Captain, look at all those vines.

Those aren't vines, Peso.

They're roots,
from the trees in the jungle above us.

They must have grown through holes
in the rocks to reach the water.

And it's a good thing they're here.

They're perfect
for swinging over these stalagmites.

Your turn, Peso.

Remember, stay calm and don't panic.

We can do this, Coba.


That's it, Peso.

Hey, that wasn't so bad.

Actually, it's kind of fun!

Uh, oh. We're lost. Read the map.



Any luck, Vegimals?

I found a mango.

No, I mean have you seen any sign
of Peso and the Captain?

Hmm... uh-uh.

Well, I guess we'll just have
to keep looking until--

Wait, I'm picking up some kind of signal.

It could be a clue!

Whatever's sending out that signal
is somewhere around here.

We've got to find it.

Don't see nothing.

Ooh. Hoo, hoo. Found it.


That's a snail, Codish.



I found it!


Codish, that's just a mango.

I found it!

What did you find now, Codish?

Captain's compass.

Cap's Octo Compass!

-Way to go, Codish!

That's what was sending out the signal.

But how did it end up here?

Uh, oh!

A parachute!

And there's the Gup-H.

Or what's left of it.

Don't worry, Grouber.
I think they made a jump for it.

I found it.

I wonder where they were going.

Cheepa, cheepa.

Cheepa, cheepa!

Hey, wait up, Codish!

Follow those footprints!


Uh, oh!

Woo hoo!

Oh, me, oh, my!


The footprints end here.

And there's Peso's Fish Pack.


Come in, Octonauts.

That call's coming
from the Captain's Octo Compass.

Tweak, what are you doing
with the Captain's Octo Compass?

I found it out here in the jungle.

And I'm pretty sure Barnacles and Peso
went into that watery cave.

Watery cave?

-More like watery grave.

Not everyone who goes into the cenote

comes out of the cenote.

The lizard guardians!

I was afraid of this.

Peso and the Captain
are lost in a Ghost Cave!

Not a Ghost Cave, Kwazii.

That big hole is a cenote.

They're all over the Yucatan Jungle,

and they lead to massive
underground caves filled with fresh water.

Si. And not everyone
who goes into the cenote

comes out of the cenote.

Sure sounds like a Ghost Cave to me.

The caves run all the way to the ocean.
The caves of Sac Actun.

The caves of Sac A-who?

Sac Actun. It means, "white caves."

They're the main source of water
for the whole jungle.

Even the trees' roots
stretch down into them.

But why would Barnacles and Peso
go down there?

Wait, what about the mango?

What's he going on about?

I think he's saying

that they were driving through the jungle
when a mango fell from a tree.

It was the biggest, tastiest mango
he'd ever eaten.

Sweet and juicy and--

Enough about the mango! What's it
got to do with Barnacles and Peso?

The mango fell from a tree
that was shaking all by itself.

In fact, he saw lots of trees shaking
on the way to the crash site.

Shaking trees?

Something must have been
pulling on the trees' roots from below.

Something like Captain Barnacles and Peso!
That's it.

What's it?

If they went into the cenote here...

and Grouber saw the trees shaking
somewhere around here...

then I have a feeling that the Captain
and Peso are trying to get here.

The Captain and Peso
must be swimming through the caves

to bring Coba back to the Caribbean Sea.


And, by my calculations,
they should be somewhere right around...


Even if they can find the way to the sea,
they still have a long way to go.

Too long.

Their tanks will run out of air
before they get there.

Well, come on then.

We've got to get down there and rescue 'em
before their air runs out.

Tweak, wait!

Yeah. Where's our offering?

It's bad enough that Captain Barnacles
and Peso are down there.

We don't want you
to get stuck down there, too.

What's so bad about these caves anyway?


not everyone who goes into the cenote

comes out of the cenote.

Is that all they know how to say?

Those iguanas are right.

Cave diving is the most dangerous
kind of diving there is.

It's like a maze in there.

Very easy to get lost or run out of air
or get trapped by a cave-in.

There are 100 different things
that could go wrong.

We'll need to launch
a careful search and rescue mission

with special cave-diving gear
to get them out of there safely.

Who's that, Dashi?

That's my friend Ryla.

She's the best cave diver
in the whole world.

In fact, she wrote the book on it.

No, really. She wrote the book.

Let's see.

"Dark, Dangerous Caves
Full of Dark, Dangerous Things."

Sounds like my kind of book. And...

Wait a minute.

Dashi, it says here
you took the pictures for it.

That's right.

Before I joined the Octonauts,

Ryla brought me along as her photographer

to some of the deepest, darkest
underwater caves you can imagine.

We found all kinds of creatures
no one had ever seen before.

And she taught me a thing or two
about cave diving.

Well, I'll be a sea monkey's uncle.

Guess we know who's leading this mission.


We can reach them fastest

if we enter from the cave
I saw earlier on the Caribbean side.

Tweak, is our latest project
ready to launch?

Sure is, Dashi.

I'm heading back now.
But don't wait up for me.

Come on, mateys. We've gotta hurry.

If I know the Captain
as well as I think I do,

he's not having a great time down there.

Keep it up.

We just have to swing
over these last stalagmites.

Here we go, Coba.

Nice job, Peso.

You're really-- Whoa!


I... I think I'm stuck.


I can barely move.

Peso, get me out of here.

Easy, Captain. I'm right here.

Peso, hurry!

I just need to give you
a little tug and...


Phew. Peso, thank you.

I dunno what came over me back there.

Captain, is everything alright?

Peso, I've never told you this, but...

I have a fear of tight, closed-in spaces.

But... Really? Since when?

Since I was a little cub.

Once, a long time ago,

I got stuck in some white caves,
just like these.

In the Arctic, where I grew up,

I loved to go exploring
with the other Polar Bear Scouts.

And we especially loved ice caves.

We were always going deeper and deeper,

looking for shortcuts
and secret passageways.

But then, one day...

the ice cracked right out from under me.

I was trapped down there
for a very long time.

Finally, the other Scouts made a rope
long enough to pull me up.

But ever since then,
I haven't liked tight spaces

and I think these white caves remind me
of being stuck down there in the ice.

Wow. Captain, you're always so brave.

I didn't think
you were afraid of anything.

Everybody's afraid of something.

And besides, you can't be brave
if you're not afraid first.

Well, don't worry, Captain.

You've always helped me to be brave
and now I'm going to help you.

Follow me.

Thanks, Peso.

Looks like we're going back underwater.

We'll be fine
as long as we just stick together--


-What was that?
-Hush, listen.


I think there's somebody else in here.

The flashlight must have broken
when I fell.


Sounds like it's coming
from that little nook.

Looks pretty narrow, Captain.

Better let me check it out.

That might be a good idea.

Be brave, Peso.

Hello? Is somebody in there?


Easy, mate. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Who's there?

Just an old wombat with a bad leg.

Name's Ryla. Who are you?

I'm Captain Barnacles and this is Peso.
We're the Octonauts.

Octonauts! You're Dashi's mates, eh?

You know Dashi?

Sure do. A while back, she took
the pictures for my cave-diving book.

Deep, Dark Caves Full of Deep, Dark--

Ryla, you're hurt.

Afraid so.

I was down here looking for a creature
called the Poisonous Venom Tooth.

Have you seen him?


Well, neither have I.

But I got my leg in a twist
searching for him and now I'm stuck.

How long have you been here, Ryla?

A few days, I reckon.
Been living off the berries the bats drop.

Say, you boys got anything to eat?

I'm sorry,
but we gave our last two Fish Biscuits

to the great guardians of the...

Well, a couple of hungry iguanas.

I know those jokers.

Oh, well, bat berries it is.
Not bad with a little moss.

Want one?

No, thank you.

More for me then.

You'd better let me take a look
at that leg, Ryla. I'm a medic.

I help anybody who's hurt or sick.

Righto, Peso.

I can bandage that right up for you.

Without your medical bag?

I've always got some spare bandages.

Good on you, mate.

There. How does that feel?

Much better.

But I still may need a hand
getting back out of here.

Which way are you lot heading?

We're taking Coba
back to his home in the Caribbean Sea.


Well, you sure chose
a tough way to get there.

I've explored heaps of caves in my day
and this one's a real doozy.

Then it's lucky we found each other, Ryla.
Do you have any air left in your tank?

All out. Spare some?

Of course. But how can we?

Air splitter tube, for sharing air.

A good cave diver
never leaves home without one.

A little bit from you.

And a little bit from you.

There. Now we've all got some.

I hope we have enough air
to make it out of here.

Come on, everyone. Back into the water.

There's just one problem.

Our flashlight is broken.

Uh, oh.

No worries, mate. Same thing
happened to me the other day.

Good thing I brought my backup.

That's chapter seven in my book,
"A Backup Gets You Back Out."

It really is lucky
we found each other, Ryla.

Now, let's go.

Ryla, how's that leg? Can you swim okay?

I reckon I won't set any speed records,
but I'm moving along.

Good. And how are you doing, Captain?

The cave's getting a little tight,
but I'm doing fine, thanks, Peso.

Come on, Peso.
Be brave for Captain Barnacles.

This way, Captain.

It is awfully narrow, isn't it?

Don't panic, Captain. You're doing great.

Stay calm and you'll stay swimming.
That's what I always say.

Okay, the tunnel makes a little turn
up ahead here.

There you go.

And watch out for that stalactite there.

Now just keep it up
and we'll be out of here in no time.

As long as our air doesn't run out.

Extra air tanks?


Light-up cave suits?


Looks like we've got all the gear we need
to rescue the Captain and Peso.

There's just one more thing.

Shiver me whiskers!

That's the Gup-Q. Tweak and I
have been working on it for months.

It's the ultimate search and rescue Gup.

Though we never thought
we'd be using it to rescue Octonauts.

Well, what are we standing around for?

Barnacles's and Peso's air supply
isn't gonna last much longer.

Let's go!

Shellington, activate hatch.

Peso and Barnacles, here we come!

Everybody doing okay back there?

Righto, Peso.

Doing fine.

I know it's dark in here, Coba,
but we just have to keep moving forward.

We'll need to move quickly
if our air is going to last.

I know how to pick up the pace
and save some air.

Down here, mates.


Flappity flippers!

This here's an outflow current,

fast-moving water
rushing through the cave.

Could take us right to the sea.

Ryla, this is perfect.

At this speed, we'll be out--

Peso, look up ahead!


Have we made it
to the Caribbean Sea already?

It seems too soon.
But there's only one way to find out.

It's going to feel so good
to be out of this cave and back in...

Another cenote?

Those iguanas did say there were cenotes
all over the jungle, connected by caves.

Bat berries!

Coba! Coba! Coba! Coba! Coba!

What's gotten into the little nipper?

Don't worry, Coba,

we'll find a way to the sea
and have you home before you know it.


That's just a couple of crocodiles.



This way.

Captain, what are we going to do?

Crocodiles breathe air.
They'll need to head back up soon.

Head for that tunnel.

Coba! Coba!


Coba! Coba!


Octopus ink.
Now they can't see us or smell us.

Good job, Coba. Come on!

That was a close one.

Well, the good news is
we got away from the crocodiles.

And the bad news?

Our flashlight just ran out of power.

Is there a backup?

That was the backup.

Everybody, stay calm

and don't panic.

Hang on.

Look up there!



I've seen this stuff in caves before.

Glowing fungus.

Come on. We can take some of the fungus
with us to light our way.

Follow me!

Just one problem, mate.

The fungus only glows

when it's dry.


Coba, of course.

Ryla, can I see the flashlight?


It'll stay nice and dry in there.

A fungus flashlight!

Great idea, Coba.

Now that's going in my next book.

Come on, everyone.

Here we are.

This is where the caves of Sac Actun
meet the Caribbean Sea.

In we go.

Keep an eye out for cave monsters.

Activating searchlights.

Hey, I thought you said
it'd be narrow and twisty in here.

It will be. Just wait.

The deeper we go,
the twistier it will get.

Here, stop the Gup, Kwazii.

Better place a guide rope, Tunip.

Cheepa, Dashi.

What's that for anyway?

The Gup-Q's guide ropes

will help us find our way back
if we get lost in the caves.

But isn't that what all these gizmos
are supposed to do?

It's good to have a backup.

Like Ryla says in chapter seven
of her book, "A Backup Gets You Back Out."

Now, let's see how deep these caves go.

The Gup-Q's echo mapper
uses special sounds to map the cave.

Shiver me whiskers!

These caves are even bigger
than I thought!

Captain Barnacles and Peso
could be anywhere.

And their air tanks
are almost empty by now.

So let's go find 'em.
Everybody, hang on to your hats!

-Kwazii, head right into that tunnel.
-You got it, Dashi.

Easy, Kwazii.
You've got to be extra careful in here.

Don't worry about me, Dashi.

I'm always careful!



Look out!


Look out!

Kwazii, stop!

What's this?

A dead end?

Maybe not.

Follow me.

Dashi, I can't help but notice
we're leaving the Gup-Q.

I don't think we can make it through
this section. It's too narrow.

We'll take the Q scooters.

-Now you're talking.

But where are we going?



This cave just keeps going and going.

Activate wheels.


Peso! Are you in here?

I don't see anything here but stalagmites.

Look out!


This way!

Now up here!

We're almost through.

Not quite.


Shishka balla!

Full speed ahead, Dashi!

That was a close one.

That was incredible! Let's do it again!

I mean after we find Peso
and Captain Barnacles, of course.

We're really deep now.

And the cave's getting narrower.

Look. We've got company.


No, not cave monsters, Tunip.

Just little white cave fish and shrimp.

Aye. It feels like they're watching us.

I don't think so, Kwazii.

Most of them don't even have eyes.

You mean they're blind?

We sure are, but we get around okay.

We use special sensors on our bodies
to feel our way around.

Hello. We're looking
for some friends of ours.

I don't suppose you've seen, I mean,
felt them have you?

Well, I have never met your friends,

but I did feel something funny
from down there.

But you don't want to go in there.

Why not?

Because that's the home of...

the Poisonous Venom Tooth!

What's the Poisonous Venom Tooth?

Believe me, you don't want to know.

-Ever heard of it, Kwazii?
-The Poisonous Venom Tooth?

Let's see here.

I've heard of the Poisonous Snaggletooth

and the Venemous Poisonclaw

and, of course, the Venom-Toothed Snapper.

Had a few run-ins with that one
back in the day.

But I've never heard
of the Poisonous Venom Tooth.

Well, let's see what this beastie's
all about. Come on, Dashi.

Thanks for your help.

You take care now.

And beware of the Poisonous--

Yeah, the Poisonous Venom Tooth.

We got it. Thanks, matey.

It's okay, Tunip.
I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Is there?

All I see is a bunch of pointy old rocks.

No Poisonous Venom Tooth anywhere.

Tunip, did you just bump my tail?


What about you, Dashi?
Did you just bump my tail?

It wasn't me.

Well, something just bumped my tail
and if it wasn't you and it wasn't Tunip,

maybe it was...

The Poisonous Venom Tooth!


Easy, guys. Look.

It's a remipede.

Who goes there?

That's the Poisonous Venom Tooth?

But he's tiny!

I may be small...

but look at my giant fangs.

I guess they are pretty big.

Yeah, for an itty-bitty remipede.

Not just any remipede.

I am a Tulum Cave Remipede.

And these fangs are poisonous!


That's right. I only use them
on teeny-tiny things.

But still.

I've never heard
of a poisonous remipede before.

That's because we only live
right here in this cave.

Now... prepare to face the fangs!

Easy, little guy.

We don't mean you any harm.

Here. Why don't you sink your fangs
into this Fish Biscuit?

Hey, it's pretty tasty!

I've never tasted
anything like that before.

You must not be from around here.

Are you with those other guys?

Other guys? What other guys?

I don't know. Some strangers.
I can feel them.

Down in there.

Well, who are they, matey?

You know, another biscuit
might help me feel them even better.

Oh, for Pete the Parrot's sake.

It feels like...

two big guys and a little guy.

Barnacles, Peso and Coba!

And also another big guy.

Someone else? Who could that be?

Doesn't matter. It's got to be them.

Thanks, little remipede.

Don't mention it.

And don't call me little!

Come on, Kwazii. We must be really close.
We need to hurry.

They must be almost out of air by now.

You've been in fresh water too long,
haven't you, Coba?

Well, don't worry. We'll have you
back in the nice salty sea soon.

I hope.

Alright, Coba, which way now?

Where's the salt water coming from?

Coba, Coba.

Oh, dear.
Coba can't find the trail of salt water.

I think we're all out of outflow currents.

So what does that mean for us, Ryla?

Well, in my expert cave-diving opinion,

I'd say we're lost.


Our air tanks are almost empty.
We don't have much time left.

Flappity flippers.
How could this get any worse?

-Well, I guess that answers my question.
-Trust me, Peso, it can always get worse.

But we can't give up now.

Quick! Up there!

An air pocket.

Just in time.

-But the air in here won't last long.
-We just have to hang on.

I know we can find a way out of here.


Captain, look!

I see it, too.


And listen.


It almost sounds like...


There you are, mateys.

Thank goodness we found you.


Looks like you guys
could use some extra air tanks.

Tanka, tanka.


What are you doing down here?

G'day, Dashi. It's a long story.

But I'll tell it to you right now.

It all started last Tuesday

when I heard a legend
about the cenotes of the Yucatan Jungle

and a strange creature
that lives in them called--

Right. I'll fill you in later, Dashi.

We've got to get Coba
back to the salt water as fast as we can.

He can't stay down here much longer.

Come on.
This map will show us the way out.

Hear that?

It sounds like a cave-in is on the way.

Watch out!

Well, so much for the map.

Mapa dega.

Hey, not to worry, mateys.
We've got a backup.

Everybody onto the Q scooters.
Follow that guide rope.

It's a lot easier to find your way
with a guide rope, isn't it?

Sure is.

A backup gets you back out. Right, Dashi?

Now, I wonder who taught him that.

I learned from the best.

Here comes the cave-in.

Everybody, get down!

Everybody okay?

-I'm alright.

We're fine, Captain. But look!

The rocks snapped the guide ropes
and they're blocking the way.

Don't worry, mateys.
I can take care of those rocks.


Actually, I don't think those rocks
are going anywhere.

There has to be some other way to...

Flappity flippers, what is that?

That's just a Poisonous Venom Tooth.

Thought your friends
might like to see my fangs.

That's the Poisonous Venom Tooth?

You've heard of it?

Smaller than you were expecting?

Yeah, but look at those fangs.

Wish I could get a picture.

Already on it, Ryla.

Of course you are.

Make sure you get a close-up
of those teeth.

Finally! Some respect for the fangs.

Great chompers, mate.

But we're in a bit of a rush here.
Can you help us find a way out?

For a fan of the fangs...


Right through there.

Coba, Coba!

A hidden tunnel

with a saltwater current.

Way to go, little matey.

That'll lead us straight to the sea.

Better get this boulder out of the way.

It's small,
but I think we can fit through.

Why don't I go first
and see what's on the other side?

That's awfully brave of you, matey.

Go for it, Peso.

You can do it, Peso.
Just stay calm, don't panic and...

I made it.

Well, Peso, what's over there?

I think you have to see it for yourselves.

Come on over.

Here I come!

Thanks for the help, mate.
Love those teeth.

Crikey! Now this is what cave diving
is all about.

Squeeze on through, mates.

I'm not sure I can make it through there.

Old fear of tight spaces
acting up again, eh, Captain?

Don't worry.
We'll go first, then you can follow.

Here I come, Peso.

Sending the Q scooters
through now, Kwazii.

See, Captain?

If the Q scooters can fit,
you can definitely make it.

You can do it, Captain. Follow me.

I don't know.

Your turn, Coba.


The little matey's trapped!

Captain, you're the only one strong enough
to push that rock out of the way.

-Yeah, Captain. You can do it.
-We'll be right here.

You're right. I can do this... for Coba.

You can do it, Captain!

You know, this isn't so bad
in here after all.


-Way to go!

-Well done, Captain.
-You did it!

Thank you.
I couldn't have done it without your help.

You've always helped us be brave

and we'll always help you, too.

Check it out!

The cave-in opened up a whole new section.

I reckon these could be
the biggest caves in the whole wide world.

Well, there's no time
to update your cave book now.

How do we get outta here?

Coba, Coba!

The saltwater current
is coming from that direction.

Better hurry.
Sounds like another cave-in.

A big one!

Onto the Q scooters, everyone.

Come on, Coba.

Let's do this.

Bonza! Hope you're getting
lots of pictures, Dashi.

Just like old times, eh, Ryla?

Hang on!

Yes! The Gup-Q.

A new Gup!

Gup? What in the world's a Gup?

I'll fill you in later, Ryla.

All aboard!

Hurry, Kwazii.

Here we go!

Follow the guide rope.

A dead end.

Not for long.

Activating Piranha Mode.

Piranha Mode?

Here goes.


Look at it go! Chomp, chomp.

-Come on. We've gotta keep moving.
-You got it, matey.

Flappity flippers, look up ahead!

The Caribbean Sea!

Hurry, Kwazii!

-We're not gonna make it.
-Yes, we are.

-Dashi, reattach.
-Already on it, Captain.

Turbo power.

Come on!

Dashi to Gup-G.

We all made it out of the caves
safe and sound.

Well, Coba, how does it feel to be back
in the salty Caribbean Sea water?

You know, Coba,
this reef looks pretty familiar.

Coba home!


You're welcome, Coba.

Well, look who's here!

Captain! Peso!

You made it!

Cheepa, Tunip! Woo-hoo!

Here you go, Cap.
I think you dropped this.

Thanks, Tweak. And well done, Octonauts.

We were in a tight spot back there,
but, working together, we made it.

Nice work, Dashi.

I think we ought to do
another book together.

Anytime, Ryla.

Now, everybody, how about a photo?

Say, "Seaweed."


Hey, is that who I think it is?


Coba, Coba!

Hey, everybody, Coba's back!


Missed you so much.

Coba's back where he belongs.

And it's all thanks
to the bravest Octonaut I ever met.

You mean... me?

Uh, huh.

Thanks, Captain.

I guess we proved those two iguanas wrong,
didn't we?

The iguanas. That reminds me.

See? What did I tell you?
Not everyone who goes into the cenote...

Comes out of the cenote.

I believe I made you two a promise.

Thanks for your help, amigos.


These are really good. Really good.