October Moon (2005) - full transcript

A straight man's life becomes disastrous - and obsessively dangerous - when his family, fiancee and friends all begin to reject him after he realizes he has fallen in love with another man.


(somber music)

(water running)

- [Speaker] My mother always said

you should appreciate what God gives you.

Because he can take it back at any moment,

you have lost it forever.

I never listened.

(door creaking)

- [Jake] Corin your mom just
called and left a message

on the answering machine.

Something about dinner
at your grandmothers.

- Wow, you're actually cleaning
up after your own mess.

- Yeah well I got tired of
waiting for you to do it for me.


Ah, shit!

So why haven't you called her back?

- I told her after five
years it's time she realized

you're not going away.

- [Jake] Aw.


Really doesn't bother me.

I mean, she'll accept it when she's ready.

My parents finally came around

and now they call to talk
to you more than they do me.

- [Corin] Well I am cuter.

- [Jake] Shut up Mary.

- [Corin] I'm just happy that
I'm the one who's got ya.

- [Jake] Forever.

(lightening crashing)

- Love me Jake.



(door opening)


You okay?

- Oh god, it's embarrassing.

- Screaming like an LA queen?

- You always know how
to make me feel better.

(lightening cracking)

(eerie music)

(birds chirping)

- [Jake] Any reason why you
didn't come to bed last night?

- I didn't think you wanted me there.

- You know, fights work best

when the other person comes at you

with what they're thinking.

- I just wish you'd spend
some of the time with me

that you're always
spending with your friends.

I mean, we're supposed to
be in a relationship here,

and actually doing things together.

- So why don't you just
come out to the club with us

or something?

- I don't always wanna hang out with us,

I wanna hang out with you.

- That's fine, but I'd rather be out

than reliving my childhood
through Blair and Tootie

and Mrs. Garrett every night.

- Alright, first of all,
don't diss my girls.

Especially Jo, we grew up together.

Second, I'm too old to be
out clubbing every night.


- Please Corin, you're
only as old as you feel.

- You're 23, I'm 30.

That's haggard in gay years.

- So what are you gonna be when you're 40?

- Dead.

- Alright then,

I'll be sure to throw you
a little funeral then.

- You still gonna be around?

- Why are you always so
afraid that I won't be?

- You just seem preoccupied
with everything but me.

(soft music)

See now that, that makes me happy.

Also make me happy to see you
out looking for a job today.

- I will.

Nobody's hiring right now.

- Well do the dishes at least.

- I will, promise.

- Alright.

- After I go out to lunch with Maggie,

but I will, I promise.

- I was thinking about eating in tonight,

should be back by seven.

- Is it safe to come in?

- You come in here Nanc.

- Well you think that's bad.

The Anderson account wants
their new artwork by Wednesday.

But I've got some good news too.

- You finally found
yourself attracted to a man

who isnt't gay?

- Oh please, I haven't had
a date in eight months.

Why ruin a good drought now?

Besides I'm still shopping for a lipstick

that doesn't smear so easily.

- Yeah me too, not that I need it.

- Are you about to qualify for
regaining your virginity too?

- Ah, a strapping young buck like myself,

nothing in six months, it's not normal.

- Well I have something
that'll put a smile

back on your face.

- Vin Diesel in a sling?

No, no, wait a minute,

Cher's doing her third and final concert.

- Nope, the big boys upstairs
finally gave me permission

to hire you an assistant.

- Are you serious?

There is a goddess.

When do I get him?

- Him?

Isn't that kind of uh
leaping to conclusions?

I was thinking a busty
blonde with killer legs,

you know give your eyes
something new to feast on.

Maybe convert those tastes of yours.

- Honey, the only fish I
eat comes from the sea.

I need some man candy around here.

- Um hello, I just got in
a sexual harassment suit,

what should I do with it?

- [Corin] You can file it
under F, for forget it.

- I'll see what I can do.

I've got three guys
coming in this afternoon.

- Nanc, I'm gonna be at
the studio all afternoon.

- Oh calm down.

You shouldn't be doing the hiring anyway.

You know it doesn't look good

preventing sexual harassment and all.

Besides I want somebody that's
gonna do some actual work

around here, not just pose for you.

- Hey Nanc,

just a little bit cute?

- Mh, how much do you worship me?

- [Corin] Lots.

- One half cup butter,
three fourths cup sugar,

three fourths cup all purpose flour,

three tablespoons cocoa,
an eight a teaspoon salt.


Dammit Elliot!

- What?

- Oh I hate it when you do that.

You know I don't like being scared.

Alright, what are you up to?

- We can finally set a date.

- What?

- I got the job.

(screaming and laughing)

- Oh Elliot, the wedding.

- Well give me a few days

to get a couple pay checks together,

but go ahead and send out
those save the date cards.

- Oh I don't know who to call first.

I have to call my brother.

Did you tell your mom yet?

- Well no, I figured we
could do that together.

- Oh, she's gonna be so excited.

- Yeah well it'll finally
get her off my back,

but we'll have to put up with those

when am I gonna see the
grandchildren lectures.


- This is so wonderful.

Oh, can we stop by the cemetery?

I wanna tell my parents.

- Sure.

- Oh can we go to the store?

I wanna pick up those
new bridal magazines.

The new ones are supposed to come in

either today or tomorrow.

- Okay.

(soft music)
(birds chirping)

- So your mom wants to have

that engagement party next weekend,

so we better get started.


Earth to Elliot, come back
to Marti, Marti calling.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Are you sure you're okay?

- Well, I think some gay
guy was staring at me

back at the store.

- So?

- Well I guess it just
kinda freaked me out.

- Well I don't think
their bite's poisonous,

so I don't think you have to worry.

- You're right.

He was just looking anyway.

- (chuckling) Yeah, he was
checking out the merchandise.


I didn't think they did that
kind of stuff in the daylight.


- I'm so sorry.

I completely fucking forgot.

- [Corin] It's okay.

- No, no, I'm really sorry.

- It's alright, forgotten.

It happens.

You know if you're cheating on me

I'm not gonna continue
with a relationship.

Do you want to see other people?

Have sex with other pp?

- Alright.

As stupid as this sounds,

I do think about having
sex with other people.

But I don't want to think about you

having sex with other people.

Do you want to have sex with other people?

- We know plenty of people
that are in open relationships.

And they're perfectly happy with it.

It's not for us.

But if, it's something
you're thinking about,

I'll be willing to try it.

- So if we do all this
and we find someone else?

- Then I guess we found the answer.

- But you just said.
(soft music)

Why do you love me?

- Because when you're not
around and I think about you

you know I still smile.

Oh, this bites.

- [Nancy] What's wrong sexy?

- See for yourself.

From the Anderson shit.

- Oh.

- Mh, deadline approaching
- Yeah.

- rapidly as well.

- Well, I got some good news,

it'll get that constipated
look off your face.

Are you into meeting your
new assistant in an hour?

- I love you.


Thank you.

A boy?

- Uhuh.

- Cute?

- Um, so so.

- Family?

- Possibly, but he's engaged to some girl.

- Ugh, another classic case.

- Oh Mr. Horny pants,

you shouldn't be fraternizing
with the staff anyway.

- You know I still have those
Xeroxes of your bare ass

from the Christmas party?

- Mh, yeah there's that.

Anyway, his name's Elliot.

I'm guessing he's a mama's boy.

- Aren't we all.

- He's eager to get to work,

and he says he wants to learn more

about the advertising business.

So train him right, and he'll
climb and scratch his way,

and suck his way to the top,

just like you did Ms. Berkeley.


- Watch that top step
on your way out, okay?

- Just be nice to him, alright.

He's a tad nerdy, but I think
he'll give you what you need.

Speaking of, how did dinner go?

- Late, again. (sighing)

We had a good talk though,

nothing really resolved but.

- You know there's plenty
of other hotties out there

that would love to get down your pants.

- Hmph, what the maintenance guy,

300 pounds, 60 years
old, sweater on his back?

- You know if they're rich
and on their death bed

I'll be their Anna Nicole.

- Hm.

- Hey sad face.

- I'm just not interested in
meeting anybody else, Nancy.

I want him.

- So what's the problem?

- I'm John Denver, Enrico
Caruso, Nora Jones,

he's Britney Spears, Pink, No Doubt.

- What about Madonna?

- Oh, we're both Madonna.

What good fag isn't?

- Do you think maybe you're
hanging on to a 23 year old

just to maintain your own youth?

- No, I was 25 when I met him.

I certainly didn't have age issues then.

- It'll all work out honey,

something will happen,
it'll snap him out of it,

and he'll realize how
lucky he is to have you.

(serene music)

- I don't know how to
get this thing right.

- Elliot calm down.

I'll get to it in a moment.

You think a boy your age
would be able to do it

all by himself by now.

Are you sure that you're
qualified to handle this job?

- Thanks for the vote of confidence.

- It's just that it's a
big responsibility, Elliot.

It's not some simple retail job.

You have got to take this very seriously.

You have a wedding to pay for.

- Oh my god mom, I know.

I think you want me to get
married more than I do.

- Now that is not true.

I just want to make sure
you don't lose Marti.

It's a good thing you put
that ring on her finger

when you did.

'Cause I'm not gonna be around forever.

And I know Marti will be good for you.

I was already married
12 years at your age,

and taking care of you.


Come here.

There we go.

- I wish that dad could
come to the wedding.

- You know I don't want
that man anywhere near us.

The only good thing he gave me was you.

Before he ran off with that


Now, you go downstairs
before you're late for work.


- [Nancy] Corin do you have a minute?

- Yeah, come on in.

This is Elliot.

- [Corin] Elliot how are
you, nice to meet ya.

Corin Buckman.

- [Elliot] Hi.

- [Nancy] Should I leave
you two alone together

or you want me to finish
showing him the office?

- You know I got to
finish these contracts.

Why don't you show him around the office

and he can come back then,

I'll show you what I need
you to do for me, alright.

- Elliot.

- Oh, sorry, I'm just gonna follow her.

- [Corin] So I hear you're engaged?

- Yeah it's just to my girlfriend Marti.

- Marti?

- Everybody asks, she's
named after her father.

- Oh, nice family?

- Actually they died in a
boating accident a few years ago.

Their bodies were never recovered.

It's been a really hard time for her.

They have memorial stones at the cemetery,

but it's just not the same.

All she has left is a younger brother.

- God that's horrible.

- I'm so sorry.

Were you dating her at the time?

- Yeah, we'd been together
ever since high school.

I never got along with a girl

as well as I did with Marti.

I never even looked at another girl.

She's more than a girlfriend to me,

she's more like my best friend.

Oh what?

- Nothing, nothing,

Corin feels the same way
about his other half.

- So you have a girlfriend?

- Actually Elliot I have a
boyfriend, five and a half years.

- Oh.

I think that's cool.

- They're having relationship
issues right now though.

- Which we're working out.

- So uh, how did you, you know, know?

- I guess when I was six or
seven playing with Barbies

and all the other boys were
playing with superheroes.

- [Nancy] You never played superheroes?

- Well, Wonder Woman.

Even started as Diana
Prince and do the spin.

- (laughing) You are such a fag.

- I know.

- So, how did your mother
deal with all this?

- She was hysterical,

didn't really sink in 'til
I smacked her wig off.


Uh, seriously she had a very
hard time dealing with it.

She blamed herself,

not enough masculine
influences in my life.

- So where's your father?

- I don't know, I haven't
seen him since '86.

- Wow, me either.

Actually mines been longer,
he's been gone since I was four.

- My mother comes by every now and again,

she's okay with Jake.

- Who's Jake?

- A pain in my ass.

Ah, he's my boyfriend.

You should come by with Marti some night,

have dinner with us.

- [Elliot] Yeah, I'd like that.

- Ahem.

So, inviting the little office
boy home for dinner already?

You home wrecking slut.

- Whatever you saw how uptight he was,

just thought it might relax him a little.

- So is he one of you?

- Oh, hell yeah.

She screamed Mary the
minute she walked in.

- Why do you always refer
to gay men as women?

- Aren't we?

- Yeah, I guess.

You know what, I knew he was queer.

The way he's been drooling
over you all morning.

- He was not.

- Come on Corin, you like projects.

Help the little fella outta the closet.

- No way.

- Why?

- A, I'm too old to be
dealing with drama like that.

B, he's in a relationship.

- Early day?

- Mh, I have to make my bitch some dinner.

- Mh, do you think he'll
actually show up for it?

- [Corin] He better.

(soft music)

- How's the coffee mom?

- Just fine dear.

- So the dresses at Myron's
Bridal go on sale Saturday only.

- So, when shall I pick you up?

- Well they're open at nine.

- I'll be outside at 8:45.

So, how was your first day?

- A little scary, but I'll
pick up on everything alright.

My boss seems a little
rushed with paperwork.

But uh, he's very friendly.

His name's Corin.

- Corrine?

- [Elliot] No, Corin.

- That's an odd name for a man.

- Well, I guess he's kinda gay.

- Well, then I guess his name fits him.

Why do parents do that?

They should know better

than to name their kids
something like that.

They're just asking for it.

- Well he's very friendly,
he's a very nice person,

he was telling jokes all day at work.

- [Marti] I've met lots of
gays, they're really funny.

And they dress really good, too.

- [Elliot] Well Corin says that--

- I don't think it's right
to mingle with that type.

God made men and women for a reason.

And all they do is destroy
other people's lives.

Well they base everything they do on lies,

and a disrespect for God.

- I don't really think they're that bad.

I mean we know they're
gonna go to hell eventually,

but they're not really hurting
anybody while they're here.

- Well I guess you don't want to go

to Corin's for dinner then.

He invited us over this week,

and I told him all about you,

he seems really excited to meet you.

- Sure.

I guess we could.

(suspenseful music)

(TV playing faintly)

- Guess I'm a little late.

Went out with Benji tonight,
and we got a bite to eat,

so sorry I'm a little late.

- So you stayed for dessert?

- What's that supposed to mean?

- What if you want to read into it Jake?

- What are accusing me of?

- Quit giving me reasons to
think bad shit about you.

Pick up a fucking
telephone once in a while.

Think about somebody other than yourself.

Spoiled little.

- Will you just

stop putting such a
stranglehold on me, please?

- The only thing holding
you here is my bank account.

So the faster that we can
get these guys docking

the sooner it'll come.

And that's what is so very important

about these deposit records
getting out on time.

- Oh, no problem.

Hey there's this really great pub

that Marti and I go to called McCullubs.

- Oh, I used to go there in college.

- Really?

Well you and your boyfriend

should go out with us tomorrow night.

- Oh, I don't know Elliot,

I'm not really into the bar scene.

- No, no, it's really cool.

I mean everybody there is really great.

And if there's any problems,

I promise we'll leave right away.

- Oh, alright, one condition though.

Take you out to Club 94 this weekend.

- What's Club 94?

- It's where all the gay boys hangout.

- Oh, I've never been to a gay bar before.

They don't come out and have
sex right there, do they?

- No, it's not a bath house.

Just a regular bar.

- Well I think Marti might
be a little uncomfortable.

- Oh no, no, no there'll
be girls there too.

- Really, but why?

- Oh you know, fruit flys,

street boys like lesbians, don't ya?

- Yeah, I guess we're
supposed to. (chuckling)


- You're okay Elliot.

- What's a bath house?

- I wonder what their
house is gonna look like?

- I don't know,

I've never been to a gay
person's house before.

- I bet you there gonna have flowers,

and bright pink pillows,
and Madonna posters.

There's not gonna be condoms
all over the floor, is there?

- Oh, I don't know.

I hope not.

- Well I'm glad they're using them

rather than being unsafe.

- Can we change the subject?

- What is wrong with you?

- Nothing, it's just this is
my boss we're talking about.

I'd rather not discuss

if he leaves his used condoms
laying around the floor.

- I wonder if they're
gonna have a dungeon.

- Come on in, have a seat.

You were expecting
disco balls, weren't ya?

- Hey, have you seen my white belt?

- Yeah I think it's in the bathroom.

Jake, this is Elliot, his fiance Marti.

- Oh, hi.

- [Marti] You've got a gorgeous home.

- Oh thanks hun, Corin keeps it up.

I'll be ready in a second.

(pop music)

- The eventer breed are hell.

- I need a drink.

- So when she leans over I see her boobs.


- Hey, sex on the beach.

Could you make that a bourbon, neat?

How's it hanging fellas?

- Oh, look at his ass.

- Is there something you want to drink?

- Garmin, diet.

- [Woman In Hat] Are you
old enough to be in here?

- Wanna see my ID?

- Oh no, but there's something else

I definitely want to check out.

You're a really good dresser.

- Thanks, it's an inherited trait.

- [Man In Gray] What about that?

- Man, that's an old pussy.

Probably all shriveled up like your mom's.

Hey what do you think buddy?

Would you eat pussy as old as your mom's?

- You know, you can't have pussy

until you had the pussy that had you.

- Oh girl, he's a cutie too.

- I heard that.

- God I ought to put some
Madonna on the music.

- [Both Women] Oh!

(rock music)

- [Patrons] Chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug!


- You are so lucky to have gay guys.

Where did you get them?

- It's been tough,

I've known I was different
since I was seven.

- You poor thing, must
have been so hard on you.

Haven't you ever been curious
about what it would be like

to make love to a woman?

- Well yeah, I've wondered about it.

I just don't know if I can pull it off.

- One night with me and I
bet I can change your life.

(laughing and chatter)


- Alright, deal's a deal.

(dance music)

- This is so insane, I can't believe it.

- I can't believe how many
gorgeous men are in this room,

and I don't stand a
chance with any of 'em.

- I know, doesn't it suck?

What a waste.

- Excuse me.

Hi, I'm Maggie.

- I'm Tom.

- Did that do anything for you?

- No.

- Thanks honey.

Oh, hot guy over there.


- I'd like to suck the
children right out of that one.

- Need another drink?

- Where's the restroom?

- It's down the backside of the bar.

- Do you think one of
you could come with me?

- Oh don't worry honey,

they may be lesbians, but they
only bite if you ask them to.

Come on, I'll fend off the fish.

- [Chantal] Hi.

- [Elliot] Oh, hi.

- You don't recognize me, do you?

Well we met the other day.

Well actually we didn't meet,

we just saw each other at the bookstore.

- Oh my gosh.

- Well that's what most guys
say when it finally clicks.

Anyway, I'm Chantal.

- Chantal?

- Well, Sean by day, Chantal by night.

And you are?

- [Elliot] Uh, I'm Elliot.

- Sweet delicious little Elliot.

So, are you hear by yourself?

- No, I'm here with my girlfriend.

- Oh honey, no, no, no.

Not that little beard?

- Beard?

- Yeah, the girl you were with

at the bookstore the other day?

The one you're here with tonight?

Darling, you're gay.

- No, (stammering) I'm not.

- Oh just give me five minutes
in the woods to prove it.

- Well if it isn't the not
so much a lady who's a tramp.

- Fuck off bitch.

Didn't you go down in 1912?

- You know I haven't gone
down half as many times

as you have.


Oh by the way the vet called,

they put your fairy dragmother down.

Come on El.

- Girl, you've got more on your hands

than you know what to deal with.

- No, no, I can't dance.

- Come on.

♫ You came into my life

♫ One look in your eyes

♫ Took me by surprise

♫ It's youuu

♫ And nobody else

♫ Your love has made me

There you go.
♫ So blind I can't see

♫ I am his champion

♫ In heaven above

♫ So catch me I'm falling baby

♫ Hold on to my love

♫ Catch me I'm falling

♫ Catch me now I'm falling

♫ Catch me I'm falling

♫ Catch me

(dramatic music)

- Elliot I've got your clean underwear.

(clicking rapidly)

I hope you're not looking
at one of those websites

with naked girls.

- I wasn't.

I was just checking my email.

When one of those junk folders opened

and it had all these ads
that just keep popping up,

and I couldn't get it to stop.

It was really pissing me off.

- Elliot, come on, no
swearing in this house.

And no more popups.

(camera clicking)

- [Elliot] Surprise.

- Jesus Elliot.

- I'm sorry.

- It's just way too early for that.

- I just needed to use up a
couple of these last pictures.

Hey Corin I was wondering if
you and I could go to lunch

later on today.

There's a couple things I
wanted to talk to you about.

You know.

- Sure.

- Okay.

I just don't know if I'm ready
to get married right now.

I mean, I love Marti,

but I've just realized

I have all these unanswered
questions in my life.

And I don't think it's really fair

to drag her into that right now.

- Well it's good you're taking

Marti's feelings into consideration.

Don't do something just for
your mother, to make her happy.

- Well I don't want to get married

just because my mother wants me to.

I just wish I knew where
my father was right now.

Then I could talk to
him about all of this.

- Would he understand better?

- Well I'd like to think he's
a little more understanding

about these sort of things
than my mother would be.

- You haven't seen him in a while.

- No.

I think he sent me a birthday card once.

My mother tore it up and threw it away.

When I tell her I'm putting
this wedding on hold,

I mean she's gonna go insane.

- Tell you what, why don't you stop by?

Watch a movie with me and
Jake, hang out with the guys.

- The guys?

You know what I mean.

- So why does she make her
daughter call her mommy dearest?

- Hello, she is psycho.

Well probably just a bit poor actually.

Hi, popcorn, popcorn.

- Elliot, can I get you anything?

- [Elliot] No.

- [Jake] So you and Corin

been getting along pretty well, huh?

- Oh yeah.

He's terrific to work for.

So you guys have been
together for five years?

- [Jake] Yeah, crazy.

It's like 25 in gay years.

- So how did you know that he was the one?

- [Jake] Well, I don't
know if he's the one.

I mean, I love him,

but things tend to
fizzle every now and then

if you know what I mean.

- Oh.

So, how do you make things better?

- Well, don't tell him I told you this.

- No, I swear.

- Whenever trying to get him
to talk to me after a fight,

or you know I'm ever trying to get him to,

well you know, I tickle him.

- You tickle him?

- Yeah, yeah, he like gets
totally aroused by it,

and he can't control his erection.

- Yes?






You bitches.

You know what that does to me.


(soft music)

(birds chirping)


Okay, so just fill in each of these,

answer in most cases is going to be no.

But if you're ever unsure about anything

don't be afraid to ask about it.

Um, package each one with a label.

Which Johnny should already
have printed for you.

And make sure you get
them into the post office

by four o'clock, so they
can go in today's mail.


- Corin I,

can I see you in my office for a minute?

- [Corin] Yeah, sure.

(eerie music)

- I feel really odd about asking you this,

but I'm doing it because I love you.

Is there something going
on between you and Elliot?

- Oh God, no.

- I know my morals aren't the highest,

but people around here
are saying differently.

- [Corin] Well I don't give a flying fuck

what anybody in this office says about it.

- [Nancy] I know Corin,
you don't have to explain.

- I think I do have to explain.

You know I love Jake, I'd
never do anything to hurt him.

- I do know that Corin,
but I have to admit

you and Elliot have been
spending a lot of time together.

And he's becoming increasingly
affectionate towards you.

- Look, people can talk all
they want in this office.

I'm trying to help Elliot out,

I know how he feels, I've been there.

- Corin.

- Everybody in this
office can just piss off.

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

- Hey it's me.

- Hey, what time you coming over?

- Oh god Marti, I'm sorry,

I completely forgot I already
made plans with Corin.

- Elliot we talked about this last week.

- I know, my god I'm sorry.

I already said I'd pick
him up in 20 minutes,

you should have called and reminded me.

- I'm not your mother Elliot.

I used to think that
I was your girlfriend,

but I haven't seen you in four nights.

And so I'm starting to
wonder about that too.

(phone clicking)



- [Corin] Hey come on in,

sorry I'm running a little bit late.

Sorry I had to drop off the
artwork over at the printer.

Got in to a much lengthier
discussion than I planned to.

Those guys are real idiots sometimes.

- Where's Jake?

- [Corin] He's upstairs with Maggie,

she's gonna meet us down at
the theater after dinner.

It's too bad Marti couldn't come with.

- Oh yeah, she had to stay home,

she had a lot of work to get done tonight.

- [Corin] Oh, it's good

she's dedicated to reaching her goals.

(eerie music)

- [Mrs. Hamilton] Oh
Marti, oh I'm sorry dear,

Elliot's not home.

- Oh, I know Ms. Hamilton.

He's out to dinner with Corin.

I just came to get a few
of those bridal magazines

I left the other night.

- Um, Corin?

Isn't he that gay gentleman?

- Oh, yeah.

We went out for drinks
a couple of nights ago.

And now they're like best friends.


(dramatic music)

(phone ringing)

- Probably my hoe Maggie.


- Did you catch the remote over there?

- [Jake] Hey what's up?

- No, mh mh.


- Don't even think about it.


Oh shit.


Alright, alright.

- [Elliot] I think I'm
gonna go to the washroom.

- Who called?

(dramatic music)

So now Jake thinks that
Elliot is in love with me,

even though he's still in the closet.

- I hate to break it to you honey,

but I think he's got a crush on you too.

- So what am I supposed
to do, tell him to stop?

Fire him?

I can't do that.

- Do you have feelings for him?

- No, you know I love Jake.

Elliot's not even my type.

- Oh that's right, he's
already out of high school.

- You're not even remotely amusing.

- Sorry.

- You know I'm just
tryna be there for him.

I never had anybody when I was growing up,

trying to come out.

- Yeah but to damage
your own relationship,

is it worth it?

- You know Jake was
only 17 when I met him.

- [Nancy] Uh, hello, illegal.

- Well, we waited 'til
12:01 on his 18th birthday.

I think after the first
three years we spent together

we finally got out and
saw what else was there.

- Hm, you know you were there for Jake

for his coming out process,

maybe he came to think
of you more as a parent

than as a boyfriend.

Now that his wings are strong

he wants to go out and see the world.

Maybe if you guys put
things on hold for a while,

until you figure out what you each want.

- I know what I want,
it's Jake who's undecided.

- And if you bring up
the idea of a separation

it might freak him out,
and get his butt in gear.

(soft music)

- I'm losing him.

- Then fight for him.

- I can't compete with a
bunch of skinny 20 year olds.

- You act like you're
decades older than you are.

Forget what those bitter fags have to say,

you are gorgeous,

and you're one of the most
wonderful people I've ever met.

He loves you, Corin.

He'll come around to what's important.

- Am I still gonna be around then?

- [Maggie] Alright, spit it out.

- [Jake] What?

- Your issues?

- What are you talking about Maggie?

- You and Corin are becoming distant,

and it's mostly because
you're pushing him away.

You're even wondering

if maybe you shouldn't
just let Elliot have Corin,

since he obviously wants him.

And you can't seem to make
a decision for yourself.

There, now are we doing playing that

guess what's wrong with me game?

- Damn, you're good.

- I know, that's why I'm your fruit fly.


- [Jake] So what's your analysis?

- My analysis?

Is that you're a major dumb ass.

You better figure out
whether or not you love him,

and start appreciating
what you've got with him.

Because it could all be gone in a second.

You know, I had my suspicions,

but now I definitely know.

Gay men are just as bad as women.

- So he was telling me
all these crazy stories

about the stuff they used to do in college

like skinny dipping, and
drinking until he puked,

and oh.
- Ow.

Do you have anything else to talk about?

- What's wrong with you?

- I don't know Elliot.

Maybe just once in a while I'd
like to have a conversation

that didn't involve
something that Corin said,

or something Corin did.

- And what would you rather talk about?

- I don't know Elliot,
how 'bout the wedding?

- Fine, if you don't want me to talk about

the only male friend I probably ever.

So, I guess you don't wanna
go to their party on Saturday.

- (sighing) Are there gonna
be any straight people there?

- A few, I think.


(classical music playing)

I think I'm gonna go see
if Corin needs some help.


- [Corin] Will you give
me a hand with this?

(glasses clinking)

- [Both] Cheers.

- So Marti, how long
have you known Elliot?

- [Elliot] How'd you
know I had to dig deep?

- [Corin] I mean you had no idea.



(TV playing)

- Marti why are you, what's going on?

- Well.

What do you think?

- It's um, it's different.

Are you okay?

Where's my mom?

- She isn't home from work yet,

which means that we have time to.

- Oh Marti, I don't know what to say.

- [Marti] You don't have to say
anything, just do something.

- Oh god Marti, I just can't.

Not right now.

- Why not Elliot?

- I've got a lot on my mind right now.

Corin has a big workload
that I have to sort through.

- Oh, fuck Corin and his big load!

What is wrong with you?

Is there something wrong with me?

You haven't touched me for weeks.

All you want to do is this with
Corin, and that with Corin.

I'm the one that you're
marrying Elliot, not him.

- Well I just want to
keep him happy Marti,

he is my boss.

- Yes Elliot, he's your
boss, not your lover.

You are becoming completely
obsessed with him.

- Fuck you Marti.

You're just pissed off

because I'm spending a few
minutes of my fucking time

with somebody other than you.

- Oh excuse me for not
only being your fiance,

but the only friend you've
had since grade school.

- [Elliot] I don't need
to listen to any of this.

- Elliot!

(somber music)

- [Mrs. Hamilton] Well they
base everything they do on lies,

and a disrespect for God.

- [Corin] What is this?

You cooked?

- Baby steps.


- So what brought this on?

- Nothing.

I just have a lot of apologies

for the last few months of insanity.

And I've been really confused about

what I want out of life, and
what I want to happen with us.

I know it's been tearing you up inside,

but I just want you to know
that it means the world to me

that you stuck around for all this time.

- Thanks.

I don't know what to say.

- I just I,

- What, it's okay.

- I'm so confused right now.


- Look, why don't we,
let's get out of here.

Let's you and me go away for the weekend.

(somber music)

- I hope it's not a problem,

and if it is I can come
back some other time.

- No, no, it's fine.

Just tell me what's wrong with Marti.

- It's not Marti, it's me.

She's all gung-ho about
this wedding and I'm not.

- Shit.

- What?


- Nothing, just missing some laundry.

Jake's problem wearing it.

So when did you feel that you weren't?

- Um, I don't think things
are right with us right now.

I mean, I don't think I love Marti

the way that a man should love his wife.

- [Corin] Are you in
love with somebody else?

- I don't really know what's
going on with me right now,

but I'm starting to think
that all I have with Marti is

a really deep friendship.

I mean, how am I supposed
to tell her that?

My mother's going to completely freak out.

- Hey, what did I tell you before?

You gotta take care of yourself

before you can take care of anybody else.

And if you really are this unsure of it,

somebody could really wind
up being hurt in the end.

(phone ringing)

Sorry, it was my bitch.

- Oh, where's she?

- She's picking up some
supplies at the store.

- Supplies?

- Yeah, we're going out to
our trailer this weekend.

- Could I come with you guys?

- Oh gee Elliot.

- Please Corin, I promise,
I'll just sleep in the trailer,

and I'll spend the rest
of the weekend by myself.

You won't even know I'm there.

Where's Corin?

- He's at his alone place.

- His what?

- It's this place he
goes out in the woods,

it's just north of the lake,

he goes out there to be one with nature.

It's the Jon Dembrow thing in him.

He goes out there for hours by himself.

- Oh.

Well, I think I'm gonna take a walk.

What time should I be back for dinner?

- I don't know, seven.

(crickets chirping)

- Hey.

- [Elliot] Hi.

Mind if I join you?

- Yeah, come on up.

- [Elliot] It's quiet.

- Beautiful.

Nothing you can see or
hear that's man made.

All the problems I have,
at work or at home,

doesn't matter up here.

- I shouldn't be here.

- No, no, stay it's alright.

- But this is your private place,

I shouldn't have come.

I shouldn't have intruded.

- No, it's nice to have
someone who can appreciate it.

Jake just doesn't understand it.

- [Elliot] What are you thinking about?

- Jake, the problems we've been having,

how to make it work in the long run.

- I'm gay Corin.

- I know.

- You do, why didn't you say anything?

- You had to figure it out yourself.

I was just in the sidelines,

waiting to be there for ya,
when you finally figured it out.


- You don't know how much
of a weight has been,

it's been just lifted off
of my shoulders right now.

- Yeah, actually I do Elliot.

Anyone who's ever come out of the closet

knows what it's like.

You finally tell that first person.

I'm glad you trusted me enough
to let me be that person.

Feels like you can
breath again, doesn't it?

- Yeah.

Getting kinda cloudy tonight.

I was hoping for an October moon.

- October moon, what's that?

- Oh, it's a moon you only
see a few times a year,

mostly in October.

It's this burnt orange color,
and it's so big and full,

it hangs so low to the ground

that it seems like you could
almost reach out and touch it.

It's beautiful.



It makes me happy just to look at it,

and I'm happy even though I know that

it'll never be mine.

Just being around it, well it's wonderful.

So would you ever consider
dating anyone else?

- No.

I love Jake.

I knew I loved him from
the moment I saw him.

17 year old busboy.

He might be a pain in my ass,

but I really do believe we'll
still be together when I die.

(upbeat music)

- [Jake] Hey will you go wake up Corin

and tell him dinner's almost ready?

- Sure.

(suspenseful music)


Um, dinner's ready.


- That was the most
uncomfortable covers in my life.

- I don't ever wanna see

that fucking bitch in this house again.

You know, why'd you even
bring him in the first place?

- I told you he guilted me into it.

I didn't invite him, he invited himself.

- Then grow a set of fucking balls Corin.

It's supposed to be our
weekend, just the two of us,

instead we've got some closet case in tow.

- Look if you would have
spoken up in the first place

and said something, none of
this would have ever happened.

Instead, you were just a whiny
little cunt the whole time.


- Screw you.

You knew damn well I
didn't want him there.

And you can't deny

that he doesn't want
your cock in his mouth,

because he pretty much
proved that tonight.

- Alright, fine.

But I see him everyday at work,

what am I supposed to do?

What would make you happy?

- If I ever see you with him again

I'm gone and I'm not coming back.

- Well they were supposed
to be docking on Tuesday,

and I.

Yeah, I know, I know.

(dramatic music)

Okay, alright.

Great doing business with you too.

Alright, bye bye.

Hi Elliot.

- I tried calling you a
couple times yesterday

to talk about what happened.

You never returned my calls.

- I was doing some repair work with Jake.

- Oh.

Where do you want to go for lunch?

- Uh, I actually have to
have lunch with Nancy.

Get this doc business straightened up.

- Oh.

- [Nancy] I don't know what to say,

it's like a gay version of Glenn Close.

- Oh stop it, it's not that dramatic.

- Look don't get mad at
me for suggesting this,

but is it possible you
let his crush on you grow

because it made you feel good?

- No, not at all.

- I'm serious Corin.

You know Jake's pushing you away,

in comes the little straight
boy, he falls for you,

suddenly you've got
sexual power of somebody.

That's quite the ego boost.

- That's quite the load of crap.

You can burn all your Dr. Phil books.

- Do I need to move him
to another department?

- In where, maintenance?

There's no other place for him.

And besides people would talk.

- Like they're not already.


- Hey guys.

I saw you outside through the window,

and didn't look like

you were doing too much
business talk anymore.

Mind if I intrude?

(suspenseful music)

- What the fuck?

- What?

- [Automated Voice] You
have 23 new messages.

(phone beeping)

- No way.

- [Elliot] Hi um, Corin, this is Elliot.

I was just giving you a
call to see you at work.

(phone beeping)

Hey Corin it's Elliot, uh I
guess you're kind of busy.

(phone beeping)

Again Corin it's El,
just giving you a call.

Alright, talk to you later.

(phone beeping)

It's Elliot, hey um, anytime
you'd like to call back

would be really convenient.

(phone ringing)

(thrilling music)

- What are you doing Elliot?

There are 23 messages
on my answering machine.

- What, I didn't think I
called that many times.

- Well you did.

What's going through your head?

- I just needed to talk to you.

- About what?

Do you understand nothing is
going to happen between us?

I am with Jake, I am staying with Jake,

nothing is going to change that.

- I'm sorry Corin.

I didn't mean to make you mad.

- Look, I know you didn't,

but it's clear we can't
be around each other.

Maybe you should start
looking for another job.

- I'm sorry Corin.

It won't happen again.

- Well you're goddamn right it won't.


So are we ever gonna be back to normal?

- [Jake] I don't know.

(eerie music)

(camera clicking)

- I came in early this morning

to proof the new out of the pan menus,

I left them on your desk.

If everything's okay I can
take 'em to the printers

for you during my lunch break.

I was gonna.
- I'll have Johnny

drop 'em off.

(eerie music)

(breathing hard)

- Hey Corin?

- [Johnny] He left about 20 minutes ago.

- Oh crap Johnny, don't do that.

- Sorry.

- Why didn't he tell me he was leaving?

- You were in a meeting

and he said he would
call you later tonight.

- Did he give you the
print for the textile ad?

- No I think Elliot was
proofing it just before he left,

it's probably on the desk.

- Okay thanks.

- See ya.

(suspenseful music)


Guess I have a habit of that today.

- Jesus Johnny, I get to
experience that twice.

- Yeah, unlike the men I meet in bars.

Just forgot my gay planner, tootles.

(suspenseful music)

- Oh shit.

- I can explain.

- You don't have to say anything.

Unfortunately I'm not the
only one who knows about this.

It has been a topic of water cooler gossip

for the past several weeks.

You're giving yourself,
Corin, and this company

a very negative image.

- But Nancy I,
- On top of that

your personal appearance has declined.

I do not consider this
appropriate office attire.

- Well if it's about my shirt,

it's right out at my desk, I could.

- I'm giving you a chance
to leave on your own terms,

an amicable separation, it'll
look better on your resume.

And if a future employer calls

I would be more than happy
to give you a good reference.

But this has to happen peacefully
and before Corin arrives.

- [Corin] Good morning Jim.

- Good morning Corin.

- [Corin] Oh look, you blew
up a picture of yourself.

- Whatever.

- Hey.

- Hey gorgeous.

- We need to talk.

(suspenseful music)

- Why the hell isn't he at work?

(phone ringing)

I saw you!

Damn it.

(eerie music)

- Marti.

- What is this Elliot?

- I, I.

- Answer me damn it.

- Give those to me.

What are you doing here?

- Why Elliot, why are
you doing this to me?

- [Elliot] It's not my
fault, Corin did this to me.

- What?

- None of this ever
happened until I met him.

I think about him all the time.

All I do is think about him all day.

I can't stop.

I'm going insane,

I can't control the way I
think about him all the time.

- [Marti] Elliot did
you have sex with him?

- No, I didn't.

- Then how do you know?

- Because I love him.

- Don't!

(thrilling music)

- Get out of my house.

- Mom.
- Out!

- But mom.

- No son of mine is going to be like that.


- I can't help it.

- How could you do this to me?

What's the family going to think?

Your grandparents?

Don't you dare mention
this to your grandparents.

- But mom.


- You are either going to marry Marti

and forget this entire thing,

or you are no longer my son.

- Corin did this to me, I swear.

I can't control what I'm feeling.

- [Mrs. Hamilton] You are
just like your father.

Get out of my house.

(lightening cracking)


- Elliot, you know you can't be here.

- My mother threw me out,

I don't have anywhere else to go.

- Look I just, I can't trust you.

- They found out.

- [Corin] Who did?

- My mom and Marti, they
found my pictures of you.

I only took them because,

because I love you.

I don't have anyone else right now.

- [Jake] Hey Corin where are you?

- Look, you've betrayed
all my trust in you

and if Jake sees you standing
here he's gonna flip out.

You've gotta go.

- No Corin, don't.

Please wait.

- I'm sorry, goodbye.

- Please, wait.

(lightening cracking)


You can't leave me Corin.

(breathing hard)

You can't leave me.

- You don't keep making these sequels

unless there's an audience.

- What's wrong with you?

- What do you mean?

- You just changed your
clothes, dear cakes.

- You need to do some
laundry one of these days.

- Never.


- [Corin] I got it.


- That's what you get
for destroying our lives.

- Marti.

- You couldn't leave him
alone, could you Corin?

Why did you have to destroy him Corin?

He was mine.

He was mine!


- [Jake] You didn't
destroy anybody's lives.

Elliot brought this on
himself by not being honest.

- It's still gonna affect other people,

it doesn't matter how old he is.

- Yeah but you know, come
to terms with who you are

before you have a wedding
planned, or kids in the works.

The guy's 30 for Christ sakes.

- I should have let him in Jake,

he doesn't have anywhere to go.

I'm the only person that he trusts.

- And he shouldn't have gone

all psycho obsessive over you then.

Damn it, do you want to
go look for him, or what?

- Yeah I do, but,

I don't know where to start.

Where would he go?


(lightening cracking)

(dramatic music)

(people chatting)





Oh come on kids.

(thrilling music)



Are you back?



- Sorry, I forgot my wallet.

- (laughing) Nice.

- I only got eight bucks,
can I borrow some money?

- Didn't I give you 20 this morning?

- I went to breakfast with Maggie.

- While I was looking for Elliot.

Make sure you're back in time

for Dohan Jones' party tonight.

- I hope you don't think

I'm gonna be wearing a costume tonight,

'cause uh hell no.

- Oh I wouldn't dream of it.

(hangers shuffling)


(car beeping)

(thrilling music)


(muffled groaning)


- Corin!


(thrilling music)


(birds shrieking)


Fucking bitch.

It could have been so easy.

All I wanted to do was get
you to be alone with me,

just the two of us.

But I never wanted to hurt you.

I just wanted to take you to
a place where we could talk.

But I just can't trust you now, can I?

I know this is gonna hurt.

I didn't think I was gonna have to

resort to such an extreme measure.

But I am going to get you to listen to me.

And know that I can treat you better

than Jake or anyone else.

You owe that to me.


I know it hurts Corin, I know.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I just had to make sure that
you couldn't get away again.

- You can't be serious.

You're not actually gonna wear
that to that party, are you?

- Hey.

This thing is gonna get me laid tonight,

don't you think?

- Um, I don't think there's gonna be

any other breeders at this party.


Come on.

- [Maggie] Just put on something,

like one of Corin's outfits.

(thrilling music)

- [Jake] Corin!



- So this is a roommate?

- No, he's my boyfriend.

- Oh, I see.

So did the two of you have

some sort of disagreement
earlier today, a little tiff?

- Tiff?

The fuck are you talking about?

- [Maggie] Jake, calm down.

- No, no, no, what are you implying?

- I'm saying we've dealt
with couples like you before,

trying to get revenge on each other

by creating some sort
of dramatic situation.

- The only thing dramatic
about this situation

is that I'm gonna go down to your office

and I'm gonna file a
sexual discrimination suit.

How's that?

- Right.

My apologies if you
misinterpreted what I was saying.

- Can't fucking believe this bullshit.

I know he has him, I know.

(dramatic music)

- Elliot please.

- Shhh.

(breathing hard)

I've always wanted to do
that, since the day I met you.

I love you.

- What are you doing here?

- I want my boyfriend back.

- I already told the cops I
don't know where Elliot is.

Besides, what difference does it make,

he didn't kidnap Corin.

- How do you know?

You kicked him out of your
life last night, right?

- Get out of here, or
I'm gonna call the cops.

- What are you gonna tell 'em?

A faggot tried to break
into your apartment?

- Yeah, that's right.

A faggot.

- Look, I'm sorry that Elliot lied to you.

But that's not my fault,
and it's not Corin's.

In all honesty I don't give a shit

what Elliot does with
his life, or with you.

All I care about is
getting my boyfriend back.

Now I know, I know, that you
have some kind of suspicion .

You know, Corin hasn't been
anything but nice to you.

He has so much respect for you.

He wanted to warn you about Elliot,

before Elliot could even
figure it out about himself.

Can you just, he didn't
want to see you get hurt.

That's a real fucking shame

that you won't consider
doing the same thing for him.

If my boyfriend winds up
dead, I'm blaming you.

(car starting)


You knew where they were
the whole fucking time!

Didn't you?


(thrilling music)

- Jake.

- Corin.

- Oh Jake.



- What are you doing here?

This, this, this is my house!

Nobody told you to come here!

- I came for my boyfriend!

- He's with me now.


Do you even realize that he's
the most wonderful human being

that God put on the face of this earth?

- [Jake] Yes, yes!

- Liar!

You are too consumed with yourself.

If you only knew what I had to go through

to get him here alone.

And I know that if people
would just leave us alone,

I know that if you would talk me.

But what I did, what I did, what I did.

What I did, what I did, I did.

I did, I did out of love.

Because I love you.

And you,

you're just gonna have
to stay out of our way!

- You're fucking insane!


- Oh, am I?

Go on.

Tell him, tell him you can love me.

Tell him.

- I want you to listen very
carefully to me Elliot.

I love Jake.

He's the only person that I'll
love for the rest of my life.

(thrilling music)

- [Jake] No!



- It's okay.

It's okay, it's alright.

It's okay.

- No!

No! (sobbing)

No, no! (sobbing)

Please, please, please.

(dramatic music)


(footsteps running)

- [Marti] I need to know that you're.

- [Elliot] Corin made me
feel this way I swear.

I don't know how to
control what I'm feeling.

- You are just like your father.



- Please tell me, please tell me.

- Oh God, oh God.

Oh Corin, what did I do?

Oh God, what did I do?

I'm so sorry, so sorry.



- You fucking took him away from me,

the only person I loved.

And now he's never gonna come back.






- You killed him!

Why, why did you kill him?!

- That fucker took my life away.

I love Corin.

I never got to tell him
that before he died.


(soft music)

Yeah yeah, I'd like to
report a double murder.

- The gay lovers were discovered

in an abandoned farm house,

where coincidentally a family
had been found slaughtered

17 years earlier.

- Says her son was the victim,

having been seduced by Corin Buckman.

- The gay killings were the
result of a homosexual affair.

- The trap for the gay
slashing begins today,

as Marti White stands
before a jury to decide.

- Were the result of.
- The gay couple.

- Gay men who killed for love.

♫ Watch the rain sets

♫ Stating everything

♫ Finds my face and it

♫ Bombs away

- [Elliot] Getting kinda cloudy tonight.

I was hoping for an October moon.

- [Corin] October moon, what's what?

- [Elliot] Oh, it's a moon you
only see a few times a year,

mostly in October.

It's this burnt orange color,

it's so big and full, it
hangs so low to the ground

that it seems like you could
almost reach out and touch it.

It's beautiful.



♫ Hear me

♫ Almost there

- [Corin] My mother always said

you should appreciate what God gives you.

Because he can take it back at any moment,

you have lost it forever.

- [Elliot] You can't leave me Corin.

I don't have anyone else right now.

Because I love you.

I always wanted to do that
since the day I met you.

I love you.

♫ You're washed

♫ Squeal and run

♫ We both know

♫ That your

♫ Parents on you

♫ When you go

♫ I'll find

♫ You'll find her

♫ Stay here I'll kill the stars

♫ Can you hear me

♫ Almost there

♫ But I've been blind

♫ Don't you worry

♫ Stay here I'll kill the stars

♫ Can you hear me now

♫ Almost there

♫ But I've been found

♫ Don't you worry

♫ Oh

♫ Oh

♫ Oh