October 22 (1998) - full transcript

An almost typical day in the lives of several Los Angeles residents, with their moments and experiences intersecting in many different ways in stories involving love, desperation, obsession. All those men and women are finally put together by the tragic fate of going to a diner that was about to be attacked by a dangerous armed man.



911 emergency operator.

There's a guy here with a gun.

Slow down, sir, and say it again.

I can't understand you.

He's killing people.

God, please help us.

I'm sending someone right over, sir.

Can you stay on the line and
give me some more information?





Drop it!

Drop the gun,
or we'll blow your fucking head off!

You're a dead man if you don't drop

that goddamn gun right now!

That a boy, Louis,
I think you're gaining on it.

I think it's going to be a great
day, Louis.

Yep, it's gonna be a good day.

I don't know why I'm getting your machine
at 8:00 in the morning.

I don't know what to say to you.

Now I'm late for school.

Just give me a call, OK?

Come on.

Come on!

Just looking back, a jaded dream.

I'm out of here.

This is ridiculous.

Hey, Rick.


I got to go.

It's the starter thing again.

Aw, geez, I'm really backed up.

I got a couple of guys that
haven't even shown up yet.

Well, just, you know,
call me when it's done, OK?

Sure thing, Mr. B. I need a signature
right there if you don't...

OK, what time will the car be ready?

I know, I know, I'm late.

I'm sorry.

Hey, Phil.

Third time this week.

What are you, my conscience?

I'm just warning you.

Rick's getting really pissed off.

Yeah, well fuck him.

Problems at home?

Look, would you just back off, Lanny?

I'm just asking.

You look like shit.

I took a second job, at night.

What the hell for?

Kathy's back went out.

She had to quit her job.



I needed a second job.

Like, everything's
going to medical bills.

And today's Billy's
birthday, and I cannot even

afford to buy him a present.

How long do you got to keep at it?

What's this, October?

I don't know about 15 years.

We don't open for an hour.

I'm Terry's friend.


OK, come on.

You don't want to stand around out there.

Yeah, this used to be a
really good neighborhood.

And now it's turned to shit,
just like everything else.

OK, let's see it.

Well, since you're a friend of Terry,

I'll give you $175 for it.

No way.

OK, $200, but that's it.

I want this.


Wait a minute.

Terry says you're broke.

You're living out of a car.

What the hell do want a gun for?

For luck.

You can do an awful lot
of damage with that baby.

Jesus, son of a bitch!

Excuse me!

Look, it's probably my fault. I'm sorry.


Look, let me give you a hand.

No, keep your hands off my stuff.

I'm sorry.

It was my fault. I apologize.

So, you're an artist?


Stupid question.

I paint store windows.

So is that like a
guerrilla, like, art thing?

Advertising. You got a problem with that?


It's great.

I work right up there.

Aren't you afraid of falling?

No, Type As don't fall, we jump.

So is there much call for
this, you know, window art?

If you're good.

And you are?

The best.

I'm Peter.

You look like a Peter.


All right, well, I've got to go.

Well, I'll see you around.


Don't land on on me when you jump.

Thanks for caring.


Come on.

Thank you very much.

Good morning.

Yes, ma'am?

Hi, I need to find out if a
check posted to this account

last night?

Sorry, I'm not showing anything.

Son of a bitch.

My husband, ex-husband as of today.

Well, if he made the deposit
last night after 6 o'clock,

it won't be reflected here until tonight.

How much is left in the account?


I'll take the whole amount in cash.

Wouldn't a cashier's check be safer?

Fifties and hundreds, please.

Yes, ma'am.

Nice, fresh new ones.

Yes sir?

I need to raise the
limit on my credit card.

Have a seat.

I'll try to help you with that.

Do you have your card number?

Looks like a beach day out there.

Mr. Ackerman, are you aware
that you're two months behind

in your credit card payments?


Four months on your car loan.

That's with another bank.

It all comes up on the same report.

I'm trying to dig myself out.

Raising your credit limit is just

going to dig you in deeper.

That's my problem.

Until you start missing payments.

Look, we work from a formula
that balances an applicant's

income against his obligations.

What's your gross monthly income?

I lost my job.

Any income from investments,
annuities, trust funds?

Nobody is going to approve
a credit limit increase

under these circumstances.

What, you only give money to
people if they don't need it?

We're not in the business
of giving money away.

I'm good for it.

Right now that's not how it looks.

I'm sorry I couldn't help.

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

I'd start by getting a job.

Listen, asshole.

You'd better leave, Mr. Ackerman.

You think you're safe behind that desk.

I'm calling the police.

You don't know how fast
it can all go away.

Mrs. Jennings!

Mrs. Jennings, I'm here.

Hi, Arthur.

How are things at Maple brewing?

Clarissa just found out that
Ivan is her half-brother,

just like your mother said.

But I thought she was in love with him.

Now she says she was
trying to make Ted jealous.

Hey, guess what I brought you today?


Something bad?

Yes ma'am.

Tin Roof Sundae, your favorite.

Arthur, you know it's
too early for ice cream.

No, ma'am, not today.

No, today is a celebration.
- Of what?

I'm getting married.

Arthur, that's wonderful!

And I wanted you to be the first to know.

I'm so pleased.

My goodness, when?

Well, we don't have a date
yet, but real soon.

Well, in that case, I'll take two scoops.


Come on over here!

I am so happy.

She must be a very special, young lady.

Yeah, she is.

She's got a really big heart.

But I was hoping, well.


It's his mother, his mother's gone.

I was hoping maybe you would come

to the wedding in her place.

I would be honored.

OK, the ice cream's gonna melt.

OK, and?

And Katherine Burgess phoned
to warn you that Marty.

Bickle is about to call. Marty Bickle?

Who's Marty Bickle?

The new Head of Marketing
at Whiler's Confections.

New as of yesterday?


What happened to Alex?

Something about a sexual harassment suit.

There wasn't time for any details.

But Alex is out, Marty is in.

And we're back to square one.


I had him eating out of my hand.

Seems you weren't the only one.

And there they are.


Want to call back?

Um, yeah. No.

I'll take it, I'll take it.

Line one.


Peter Benson at Promotional Concepts.

Yeah, Katherine filled you in?


Is she there?

Yeah, put her on speaker.

Hey, Katherine.


Yeah, yeah, I know.

Marty told me.

Yeah, look,
I'm very excited about this deal.

Wubbles is going to be the
Reese's Pieces of the '90s.

All it takes is the
right movie franchise.

Well, what are your concerns, Marty?

I mean that's what I'm here for here.

Of course, I'm aware of your image.

And I'm very sensitive to
Mr. Whiler's feelings about that.

Yeah, I know what it says on the
box, are you kidding?

I've got it memorized.

"A great country deserves a great candy."

And you know when people think
Wubbles, they think America.

No, the full title is Turbo
Warrior 3: A New Beginning.

There's this kid...

Well, yeah, the movies are about.

But, but, it's a moral
violence, you know.

They only kill the bad guys.


Have you read the script though?

Yeah, he takes a 12-year-old orphan,

and he turns him into the Turbo Warrior.

It's, it's myth, you know,
and the kids are going to go nuts!

They're going to want the action figures.

They're going to want
the collector's cards.

And trust me,
they are going to want the candy.

The producers are
totally behind this idea.

They love Wubbles.

They're like, they're kids.

It was actually one of their kid's idea.

They were like Dad...

Right, well,
production starts in three days.

So, you know,
talk it over and get back to me.

There's a lot of heat on this project,

and all the major candy
companies want in,

so you know, I can't keep
them off much longer, ya know.


OK, yeah.


How'd it go?

They're faxing us a list of demands.

Not unlike terrorists.

Seems like yesterday
was a much better place.

Before I cut my bangs all
crooked around my face.

When chestnuts seem like
good candy for me, and all

that I could see were the possibilities.

Look where you want to go and
not where you want to fall.

That's what she said,
and she skated over.

Blow a kiss goodbye.

Tears stain my eyes.

But they cannot see what's
right in front of me.

Look where you want to go.

And not where you want to fall.

That's what she said,
and she skated away.



What are you waiting for?

Watch but never boils, ooo-oo.


Sweetie pie, lie around.

You got no reason to moan and cry.

Hi, Denise!

Hi, Arthur.


Do you have a second?

No, I just came back from class,

and I got so much homework to
do before I even go to work.

It will only take a second.




Well, you know my mom died?

Yeah, I'm sorry.

It's OK, but thanks.

Well, the thing is I got
all of her stuff now.

And I was thinking, maybe,
there's something you'd like?

Of her stuff?
- Yeah.

I don't know, Arthur.

Just, you know, look and see if there's

something you can use.



I'll look.


I'm sorry to rush.

It's OK.

It's just, I got so much homework.

Yeah, you know, if you
like, there's plenty

more where that came from.

I'll see you later, all right, Arthur?

OK, yeah, see you later.

Same again?


The garden calls my name.

And if by chance I find
my way into the dream,

climb up on the wall,
and fall into the void of the garden.



Listen, the Whilers people keep
calling me about this Wubbles


I mean they want the deal,
but they can't wait forever.


M&M's, Phil.

M&M's are yesterday.

They're... they're adding
colors, they're desperate.

Well, yeah, historically you're right.

Wubbles is a girls' candy.

That's the beauty of this deal.

As part of a larger strategy
to reposition Wubbles,

they want to build a huge
campaign around Turbo Warrior.

I mean we're talking TV.

We're talking in-store kiosks.

We're talking color supplements.

We're talking 2 and 1/2 million bucks

to promote your movie, baby.

Come on, Phil, it's Turbo Warrior 3.

You're going to need an angle
to make it a blockbuster,

you know what I'm saying.

I mean Two only grossed
half as much as One.

No, no, no.

No, I'm not rubbing your nose in
it, absolutely not.

It was a much better film,
and Tim Curry was fantastic.

I just don't know where the kids
were, you know.

No, no, the Turbo Warrior
doesn't have to eat them.

The new kid can.

Yeah, there will be like a bowl of them.

And the new kid will grab a
punch, you know, run out, and...

Well, you make it organic in the story.

I'm not a creative like...


No, you didn't mention that, no.

Well, I think I would have...

I think I would have remembered a list

of conditions there, Phil.

Yeah, no, no. You know what?

Let me get a pen.

Hi, Tony, it's me.

If you're there, pick up.

Come on, pick up, pick up.

OK, it's really important
that we talk today.

Because, well, if you get this message,

just give me a ring as
soon as you can, OK?


Just fucking call me.


Yo, lunch.

I'm so far behind.

I'm going to skip.

It's still your turn to make the run.

Can you take this one?

No way.

I did your last two.


Feel better?

Did you read these?


These people make jelly candy.

Nobody's going to give
them script approval.

Phil's even worse.

I mean, he produces a
couple of Turbo Warriors,

and suddenly he's brokering world peace.

Can I make a suggestion?


Walk away from this one.

It's not worth giving yourself an ulcer.

If only that was an option.

There's always an option.

I need some air.

- You want to take that?


Well, when will you be back?


Going back to Georgia.

That's the only place to be.

The folks I left there,
I'm longing to see.

I'm going back.

That's the only place for me.

Around here, no smiling faces, trouble

replaces laughter and song.

Down there, your friends are truer,

skies are much bluer, where I belong.

That bit of heaven.

You're good.

I told you.

Well, everybody says they're
good, but you really are.


Look, I've never really done this before,

but would you marry me?


I mean, you know,
after you finish the painting.

But thanks anyway.

Marriage is a big step.

How about if we just run away
to a desert island somewhere?


I'm serious.

Just put down the brush,
forget the painting,

and I won't call the office,
and we'll just disappear on a beach

somewhere, and eat coconuts.

Trouble at work?

Yeah, you could say that.

What do you do anyway?

Did you see the movie Hair Trigger?

You made Hair Trigger?


But Lorenzo Lamas plays this guy
who chases after this vigilante

who kills his brother.

You work with Lorenzo?

No, in this one scene,
he drinks this beer.

And that beer is Buck's Pale Ale.


And I'm the guy who put Buck's
Pale Ale into that scene.

It's called product placement.

You get paid for doing that?

Only after you make the deal.

And I've spent about the
past eight weeks trying

to make this one deal that
would be worth about a quarter

million dollars to my company.

But if I don't make the
deal, I don't have a company.

And are you going to make the deal?

It doesn't look good.

Bad day.

Not all bad.

I met you.

That's sweet.

But I still don't want to
get away to a desert island.


Look, why don't you take a break.

Go to the country.

Have a weekend to yourself.

Write a poem.

I got to get back to work.

A poem.


Is that it?



Give me one of those
things, Scratch-N-Win.

- That's a buck.

Hey, hey, hey!

Give me the money.

Instant winner, right?

You've got no idea how
much I needed that.

So how do you want it?

Give me the crispiest, newest,
fanciest $50 bill you got.

How about that?

That's my kid's birthday.

See ya.



Your drinks.

I haven't won nothing before.

Can I help you?

Make me a winner, too?

That's a buck.

So what did you get?

Friends, we are gathered here today

in the company of these witnesses

and in the sight of God.

Is it time for me to speak
now or forever hold my peace?



This is a lot nicer than our wedding.

Then you're a very important man
now, right?

Take a good look, Matthew.

It's a little woman who
kept the home fires burning,

so you could be a big shot.

Will you get the hell out of here?

I kept thinking to myself, it's not

as romantic as it used to be.

Maybe after the next promotion,
he'll make time for us,

or the next one, or the next
one, you never know...

Leave me alone!

Just go.
- Sit down.

Will you just get on with your
life, Carol, please.

Yeah, well,
it was supposed to be our life,

you son of a bitch.

Hey, Carol.

15 years I waited for
you, and what do I get?


You couldn't even give me
the dignity of a divorce.

Does little miss nose job
know what kind of a guy

you really are?

It's really nice to see
you, Carol, but Matt's

kind of busy right now.

How can you stand up for him, Stephen?

A man who would do this to his wife.


As of today.

Well, actually I think you mean non-wife.

Because the Church says
we were never married.

15 years, never married.

Isn't that right, Father?

And just to make it perfect,
you had to do this today.

You couldn't even wait for the weekend.


Carol, why don't we get some fresh air?

God help you when those boobs
start to fall, sweetheart.

You'll be out of there so fast,
it'll make your head spin!

Shall we continue?

Yes, yes.


Let go of me, or I will scream.

Just let go.

Jesus, Carol, aren't you embarrassed

to make a scene like that?



I have no dignity left.

You don't have to have to
let 40 other people in on it.

What do you expect me to do?

Sit at home with my hands
folded like a good, little girl

while that slut steals my husband.

She's not stealing anything.

It's a done deal.

You and Matt are history.

Get used to it.

Well, thank you, Steven.

I had no idea you were such a romantic.

Look, if it means anything to you,

I don't think he should
have dumped you either.

You don't?

Well, it's such a cliche,
marrying your secretary.

I thought Matt had more class than that.

I guess we were both
wrong about that one.

I guess we were.

And why are you here?

He's my friend.

Steven, he's your boss.

Well, if you want to
be technical about it.

Go on in.

They're probably ready for
the ring right about now.

Can I trust you to stay out here?



How much have you had to drink?

I don't know.

You're not going to try
and drive anywhere, are ya?

Why do you care?

Look, give me 20 minutes.

I'll give you a lift home.

I will think about it.

Hey, hey, hey. Give me that.

I'm taking your keys.

Wait for me, OK?


Hey, Chuckles.

Where's Singer at?

Probably in his office.

What are you doing here?

Don't sit down.

This will only take a minute.

OK, one minute.

I want my job back.

Why would I do that?

Because I'm a good worker.

Because I can't get a job
anywhere else with you

bad-mouthing me.

Because you know I
didn't start that fight.

I do?

I was set up.

Look, somebody had it in for me.

Can you prove that?

Look, you damn well know
I didn't start that fight.

You do, don't you?

Would you get out of my office?

I am a good worker.

Screw your work.

I don't like you.

That doesn't give you the right to stop

me from making a living.

Hey, how much did you
have to drink to make

this seem like a good idea?

I need the job.

Hey, you want to try to make a
case for wrongful termination,

I'll see you in court.

Til then, your minute's up.

We're not through yet.

Yes we are.

You're going to get what's
coming to you, Singer.

What I'm going to get
is your ass out of here.

Come on, move.
- Hey!

Come on, out!
- Don't push me!

Hey, this is private property, all right?

I could have you arrested.



Get this kid off my property!

Hey, back off!

Back off!
- You fucking idiot.

Now you're going to prison, asshole.

Hang up the phone!

Or what?

Or what!

Yeah, I've got a guy here with a gun.

I'm at Polymax on Washington.

He just took off.

Yeah, but I can give you his
name and a full description.

So Ronaldo got promoted
to Store Manager at MAC.

I fully got passed over.

And it's just because he
sold so many Viva Glams.

I'm just not good at lipstick,
you know what I mean.

I know shadows.

That's what I do.

He's such a queen.


The sweet ones?


No, thanks.

Have some chips.


What am I eating?

Baked, no fat, no salt.

No flavor.

So how long are you going
to be doing this job?

Just today luckily.

Why luckily?

Some guy keeps hitting on me.

Is he rich?

I didn't ask.

So what's he do?

Product something.

He puts stuff in movies.

Can he help your career?


My god, maybe he knows
some gallery owners.

You want to spend the rest of your life

painting store windows?

I want to change the subject.

I'm not saying you should sleep with him.

I'm just saying keep an open mind.

Is he cute?

Drop it.

He is, isn't he?

If you like the kind in suits.

Excuse me.

He's not a starving musician.

It is not a crime to go
out with somebody who

could help you with your
career, or god forbid,

be a good provider.

I can take care of myself.

Is that why you still live on Skid Row?

Nobody calls it Skid Row anymore.

And I like it there.


Because it's more real.

Yeah, it is.

So this is a rule.

You won't go out with successful guys?

It's not about success.

It's about what type of person they are.

And what type of person is he?

I don't know.

OK, so how are you
supposed to find out if you

don't give this guy a chance?

You're right.
- I am?

This has no flavor.

- What?

Did you make those phonecalls.

Yes, but I...

That's all I want to know.

Do you really think that's...

I'm in the zone.

Marty Bickle, line one.


Yeah, hi, it's Peter.

Yeah, go ahead.

Hey, Katherine.

Yeah, I got them.

What did I think?

I wondered what the fuck have I been

beating my head up against the
wall for the past eight weeks


I'm sorry you're offended.

But I... I got to be blunt.

I've never been in a situation where

two parties have been so unable to see

their own best interests.

Well, I'll tell you why you need this.

Wubbles is a girls' candy.

No, Katherine.

There's nothing wrong with that.

But boys run the candy
market, and boys do

not buy unicorns and rainbows.

So I'm giving you a
chance to reframe Wubbles

for boys 8 to 12, overnight.

Phil Winetrop, line two.

Well, you know,
I know that this is very hard for Mr.

Whiler, and I'm sure
life is much simpler back

in Omaha, Nebraska.

All right, you know what, could you just

hold on for one second.

Hold on one second.

Phil, hey.

No, I refuse to present these conditions.

Because they're totally irrational.

You don't know that?

Phil... No, I never met the man either.

But just because he belongs to
some right-wing organization

doesn't make him an anti-Semite, OK.

The real question is here... the
real question, Phil, is how can

we best serve Turbo Warrior?

I can answer that in one word, Wubbles.

Hold on, think about it.

I'll be right back.

Marty, listen, you know what, we can

probably resolve this by just phone

conferencing this whole thing.

We'll get everybody together, and we'll

settle this man-to-man. Sorry, Katherine.

Woman-to... I mean, person-to-person, OK.

There we go.


So just hold on for a second, all right?

Phil, why don't you just
talk to these people?

You know we'll just settle
this once and for all.

It'll take two seconds for Liz to do it.

OK, hold on.

You really want to do this?

You're the boss.

Hit conference and
function at the same time.

Like this?

Like that.

Marty, Katherine, Phil?

Can everybody hear each other?

OK, let's talk Wubbles.

What's right from wrong.

But somehow, those folks belong.

Ever since the day of my birth, I've been

a stranger, stranger alone.

Now I've been living the best I can.


I looked through all this stuff,

and there's nothing I can use.

But thank you.

Can you come in?

I can't.
- Just for a second.

There's something else
I wanted to show you.


This all your mom's stuff?

Yeah, all the worldly possessions.

Him, too?

No, no, he's mine.

His name is Louis.

I bet he's good company.

He's not much of a talker,
but he's a good listener.

Hey, Louis!

How's it going?

Hey, fella.

He likes you.

Does he come out?

No, there's his whole world in there.

And if I take him out, then it will

start to seem like a prison.

Hey! Yeah.

Do you like these?

They're nice.

You can have them.

They're not my style.


How about this?

Arthur, Arthur, I really can't
use any of your mother's stuff.

But you haven't seen what it is yet.

This is her wedding dress?


And I want you to have it.

Well, your timing's a little off.

My boyfriend, he just dumped me.

I know.

How do you know?

I heard you fight.
Now he doesn't come around.

Look, why don't you...

I know what you can do with these.

You can sell this to one of those stores.

No, no.

I don't want strangers
to have her things.

But I'm a stranger.

No, no, no, you're not.

Denise, you're a really good person.

You don't really know me.

I do.

I do.

I know you.

You wake up every day at
6:15, and you make coffee.

You go to grocery store
on Saturday morning.

You do your laundry on Sunday.

You never clean the lint out the
dryer, but that's OK.

I do it for you.

You order carry-out pizza on
Thursday, and you watch TV.

Denise, I know when you leave.

And I know when you come back.

I know when you're happy.

I know when you're sad.

What do you do?

You just sit there, and you watch me?

No, no, it's nothing like that.

I look out for you.

I don't need anyone to look out for me.

Yes, you do.

When your phone got shut off,
and somebody paid the bill.

That was me, Denise.

I love you.

No, look.

Look, I'm going to marry you.

I love you, Denise...

Shut up!

No, no.

Get out of my way!

Get away from the door!
- No, no, please.

I don't want you to come near me.

I don't want you to talk to me!

I don't want you to even look at me.

Over here.


Hey, I'm Officer Harper.

This is Officer Pine.

We're looking for a
tenant, a Gary Ackerman.

Yeah, I had to evict him.

How long ago?

I'd say a couple of weeks.

Well, I carried him for three months,

but I'm not running a shelter here.

He didn't take it too
well, I can tell you.

I almost had to call you guys in myself.

Do you know where we can find him?

No, we weren't exactly on
speaking terms when he left.

What are you doing here?

Does he have any friends, family, spouse?

No, he pretty much kept to
himself, come on.

Tell me now.

What are you doing here?

We just want to talk to him.

I'll tell you, I knew he was
going to end up in trouble.


He's just a bad news guy.

Wait a minute.

Somebody said that he
had a girlfriend who...

No, ex-wife,
works down at the Lucky Lady.


Figures, right.


Don't go telling him you
heard that from me now.

I got enough problems.

OK, OK, this is our last chance.

What are you talking about?

I got all the interested parties together

and let them go at each other.

How was it?

It was a total disaster.

I'm sorry.

No, it was great.

I never felt so free in all my life,

and it's all because of you.
- Me?


Seeing you out here today, just living

your life on your own terms.

I realized, basically,
all I do every day is

jump through hoops,
kiss ass, and tell people

what I think they want to hear.

But, on the phone this afternoon,

I suddenly heard myself
saying what I really thought.

It was like I was a different person.

I felt powerful.

I felt centered.

It was great.

And then, it hit me.
- What?

No matter what they decide do, I lose.

That doesn't make sense.

OK, if I get this deal,
I spend the next six months

running interference between
this psychotic producer

and a bunch of corporate commandos

who think covering your ass
is the 11th Commandment.

And if I lose this deal,
I'm broke, and wind up

on the corporate food chain, somewhere

between peas and carrots.

But if I run away with you,
live life on my own terms,

a free man, I win.

So, if I put down my brush right now,

you will walk off down the street?

No, not walk, run.

No questions asked, no looking back?

That's right.

You don't even know my name.

I know everything I need to know.



I think somebody is trying
to get your attention.

Does she have blonde hair?

She's tall.



They're on a conference call.

Everybody's waiting for you.

Aren't you going to answer her?

Not until you answer me.

Any time now, Peter.

Please, say yes.


You're sending me back
there to lose my soul,

you realize that.

You're a big boy.



All right, all right.

All right.

Hey, big winner.

You buying drinks after work?


Come on, man.

You got to spread that good luck around.

I got to go get a Turbo Warrior.

Yeah, my kids got two.


I've been telling him since
Christmas we can't afford it.

He's gonna go nuts.

Just got to figure out how to
get out of here early, so I can

get to the toy store, then get home

before my next shift begins.

How are you going to
get out of here early?

You're not.

I got to get a birthday
present for my kid.

That's today's excuse?

Well, I got a present for you.

A guy just dropped off that Benz,

and I promised him a tune-up
by the end of the day.

I can't finish this and
do the Benz by 6:00.

You come in late, you work late.

You got a problem with that?



Wish your kid a happy birthday for
me, will ya?


Carol, you're home.


You're not going to make this
easy, are you?

Come on, Carol, wake up.

Stop it.

You can't sleep in the car, come on.

Frank, go away, all right?

You OK?


I mean, can you walk without assistance?

You know where

I thought I'd be today?


I thought that on the
day the divorce came,

Matt and I would fly to Acapulco,

rent the biggest suite
in the fanciest hotel,

and make love for old times' sake.

Well, that doesn't seem
entirely realistic.

But I thought that when he saw me.

I mean, look at me.

I've never looked better in my life.

And I thought when he saw
me, he would remember.

Look, you want to go get some coffee?



It's a masterpiece.

You didn't look closely enough.

- Right there.

Hey, that's great.

I don't believe it.

A free man.

As free as you want to be.

Well, not exactly.

What happened?

You're looking at the man who
put Wubbles in Turbo Warrior 3.

Congratulations yourself.

I'd give it all up in a second for
you, A. Junot '97.



So where do you go from here?

Home to feed my cat.

What will he do if you're late?

He'll sleep.

Cats like to sleep.

They like it a lot.

Maybe you should let her sleep.

No, no...


Look, it's two minutes to 7:00.


No, we're closed.

It's my kid's birthday.

Please, just lousy toy.


I got cash.

I got cash?

Go around back?

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

What are you looking for?

A Turbo Warrior.

Meet me at the register.


Do you got it?

Do you have that?
- Yes.

I got it.

I'm sorry, could I use your phone?

As long as it's a local.


No, no, I'm not going to make it home.

No, I know he is.


Look, I'm barely going to make
it to the warehouse by 8:00.

I'll just have to get
something to eat on the way.

I don't know.

There's a restaurant right
across the street, I guess.

No, I'm at a toy store.

Why do you think?

That's right.

Yes, yes, we can.

Look, today we can.

Look, I really got to go.

I'll tell you about it later, OK.

Yeah, me too.

OK, bye.

It's really your kid's birthday?

You'd think I'd lie about that?

You'd be amazed what people
say to get in after closing.

Your total is $37.89.


Nice, new one.


My big lottery win.

You won this?

Today, on my kid's birthday.

Can you believe that?

Somebody up there really wants
him to have Turbo Warrior.

Gift wrap?

No, I'll let you go.

I'll just put it on the foot of his bed,

and when he wakes up in the
morning, he'll see it...

Give me that.

If you're going to to surprise
him, surprise him.

Thanks, thanks a lot.

Where's Maggie?

On stage.

Thank you.

Roll for me, baby like you roll for me.

Roll over.

You want to roll for
me, baby, for my love.

Roll over, roll over, roll over.

You got to roll for
me, baby, for my love.

Roll over, roll over.

Should I be.


You know I just can't see.

I'll come around.

I'll get so high.

Come around, I'll tell you why.

Cops were here looking for you.

About an hour ago.

What did you tell them?

I told them you promised
to stay away from me.

So much for promises.

You promised me you weren't
going to work here anymore.

Yeah, well, I got to make a living.

With all these creeps watching?

That's none of your business.
- Mag.

You and I have nothing
to talk about until I

get the money you owe me.

I told you, I lost my job.

That's not my problem.

They threw me out of the apartment.

And the bank's coming after my car.

I've got nothing,
you understand, nothing.

I'd give you your money
if I goddamn had it, OK!

Would you keep it down?

There's a show going on.


Maggie, I'm getting pushed
towards some kind of edge,

and I'm afraid of what I might do.

Why did you come here?

I keep having this dream
that I'm laying in your arms.

I keep hoping that someday I'll wake up,

and it'll be true, Maggie.





All right, wait here just a minute, OK?


That's what you really came here
for, isn't it?

I came here to tell you I still love you.

Hey, asshole.

This your car?


Get it the fuck out of my parking lot.

What did you say to me?

I said get this piece
of shit out of my...

Go on.

Finish your thought!

Hey, I didn't mean anything.

Was it worth it?

Was it worth getting your
fucking head blown off?

Fucking asshole, fucking asshole!

What's wrong with you?

Are you out of your fucking mind?

Hi, are you alone?


Would you like a booth?


OK, this way.


And your waitress will be right with you.


How sweet.

Is that for me?

No, it's my kid's birthday today.

You should have brought him with you.

Kids get free dessert on their
birthday, and we all come out,

and we sing to them.

It's really embarrassing.

Maybe next year.

Are you ready to hear our specials?


We've got breaded veal
cutlet with your choice

of soup or salad.

We've got pasta with mixed vegetables.

I do not recommend this.

And we've got our famous five-way chili

dinner with a salad,
and cornbread, and ice cream,

just delicious.

Good, sold.

My name is Denise,
so if you need anything.


Coffee for you.

I'll be back in a minute with your salad.

Can I get you something?

Yeah, let me get two
Bushmill's on the rocks.

You got it.

OK, now that you know everything there

is to know about me...


Let's talk about you for a while.

I don't like to talk about me.

Why not?

It dispenses that air of
mystery I like to cultivate.

So you admit it.

Of course,
what's a woman without mystery?

But see, we're always going, you know, I

don't understand my girlfriend.

I don't understand my wife.

But, until now,
I've never met a woman who would admit

that she's doing it on purpose.

You make it sound like I betrayed my sex?

Wait until I tell the guys.

Well, what about guys?

There's no mystery to us.

We think there is.

Well, yeah, that's because
you guys deal in subterfuge,

so you look for it in us.

But trust me,
what you see is what you get.

You'd better hope that
fact never gets out.


That was not nice just then.

Thank you.

What are you, Carol, 34, 35?


You're a beautiful woman.

You're sexy as hell.

There could be someone else.

Listen, I have a crazy idea.


I got all this cash.

Let's get a hotel room.


No, no, listen.

I'm not asking for a commitment
here, Steve,

but a night of wild, romantic abandon

would go a long way in not making

this the worst day of my life.

Carol, I'm gay.

I'm sorry, what?

I thought you knew that.

The wind's blowin' colder,

and the sun's going down.

Well, lay yourselves down.

Down, doggy, lay down.

What's wrong with you?


No, no way.

Come on, baby.

That's a good boy.

Come on, bud.

Bye, Louis.


It's OK.

I'm sorry.

Cesar, this veal cutlet's overdone.

Give me a new one.

What do you mean overdone?

I don't know, I don't eat veal.

Just get me a new one.

Just do it, you fucker.

Just fucking do it.

One, two, three.

For he's a jolly, good fellow.

For he's a jolly, good fellow.

For he's a jolly, good fellow-

which nobody can deny.

Hey, no handouts tonight.

Go on, get outta here.

Count to three.

Hey, what's the matter with you?

Don't understand English? No handouts.

Come on, get out of here.

One, two,



Cesar, where's my cutlet?



Cesar, something's burning.


My god.


There's something I gotta tell you.


You're married.



God, Steve.

Nobody leave!

Nobody leave!

Andrea, no!




Where's Denise?



Where's Denise?

I don't know, mister.

I swear.

I got to get to the
wife and kids at home.



Big gun.

Jesus, God.



Hi, Denise.


Please, please.

Let us in!

Open the damned door!

Get it moving.

Come on, pull on it, hurry.

Let us in!

All right, all right.

Hold it, hold it!


Drop it.

Drop the gun,
or we'll blow your fucking head off!

You're a dead man if you don't drop

that goddamn gun right now.

No, no, let me explain.

Get down!

Caught the son of a bitch.

Come on, get him up.


Listen to me!

Shut your hole, you piece of crap!


It's not him.

It's not him!
- Take it easy.

Paramedic's on the way.

You got the wrong guy.

It's not him.

He's the guy who stopped him.

Go easy!

This guy says he's not the shooter!

Sorry, buddy.



Jesus Christ.


Hurry up, you guys!
- You OK?

You got to understand.

We see dead people, a guy with a gun,

we put two and two together.

I'll get a paramedic
to take a look at you.

I'm OK.

We have to report the
extent of your injuries.

It's to cover our asses.

Then we're going to have to take you

down and get your statement.

It all may take a while.

I got nowhere else to go.

If what these witnesses say is true,

you're going to come out of this a hero.

You hear what I said?



This was his birthday?

It's his... his birthday.


Are you hurt?

No, I'm OK.

That's your blood.

I guess I'll be taking
that break after all.

What I was about to say before...


Don't talk.

I'm not married.

I'm having the best day of my life.

There's nothing to see here.

Get back.

Right over here, right over here.

Let's go.

Sunshine come running.

Run through this haze.

Fill my heart with
hope, bring better days.

Dark clouds all around
burn through the gloom.

Come a brand new day, shine in my room.

Need to feel the light of day.

Feel the light of day chasing
darkness from my room.




Don't have nobody.

What's left to lose?

With the life I live
and the road I choose.

Nowhere to go.

Life on the run.

Ain't got no home,
but the trigger of a gun.

Lord deliver me from evil.

Show me the way.

Got four of a kind, more money to play.

Need to feel the light of day.

Feel the light of day chasing
darkness from my room.






Got to keep moving,
blues falling like rain.

Every door that opens
is a chance to take.

Dark clouds the sunshine,
just a point of view.

My clouds are fading, with a sky so blue.

I can feel the light of day.

Feel the light of day chasing
darkness from my room.






Live to find another day.

Live to find another day.

Need to feel the light of day.

I need to feel the light of day.




The light of day.




Need to feel the light of day.