October (2010) - full transcript

Clemente, a moneylender of few words, is a new hope for Sofía, his single neighbor, devoted to the October worship of Our Lord of the Miracles. They're brought together over a new-born baby, fruit of Clemente's relationship with a prostitute who's nowhere to be found. While Clemente is looking for the girl's mother, Sofía cares for the baby and looks after the moneylender's house. With the arrival of these beings in his life, Clemente has the opportunity to reconsider his emotional relations with people.

Do you have anything of value
you can leave behind?


Julia Huaman is your guarantor?

That's right.

Your ID?

If you pay the interests
on time,

we'll avoid any problems.

Since it's the first time,
I'll lend you...

500 soles.

The money is welcome.

I hope this time I take off.
It's my time.

What's important is to make...

See you in a month.

Time's up!


You want more
for putting in some screws?

She didn't tell me anything.

I thought she was still here.

Look, Mr. Barrionuevo...

We have two options here:

One is that you bring us
the baby,

and we send her
to a children's home.

And when they ask us
who brought her,

we'll tell them it's you.

Maybe your picture
will appear in the newspaper

for being a good citizen...


there is another option,
which I think is best:

Take full responsibility.

It's not my responsibility.

You don't know
where the Cajamarquina is?

I told you I have no idea.

Let me know if you see her.

This child can't stay here.

I'll have to charge you.

If Madame sees her,
she'll kill me.

There is a feeding bottle
in the kitchen.

What a cunt...

"Poor isn't someone
who has little...

but someone who wants a lot."

Talk to your landlord.
You can't live on the streets!


How much do I owe you?

Some coins for a soda.

Let's see if
I'm lucky this time...

If I win, I'll give you some.

We'll see
if you're telling the truth.

Have you seen Clemente?

Do you need money?
He must be at home.

No one answered the door.

Did you knock?

Keep trying

Thank you, Don Fico.
See you later.

Good morning.

Thank you.

I'm going to pay interests,

but I still can't pay you
the capital.



and 180.

I'm giving you 180 soles.

But I need you to loan me
1,000 soles more.

Are you sure?

I wouldn't ask you otherwise.
I always pay you back.

You owe me quite a lot.

Do you have anything of value
as a warranty?

Does this cover it?

It's OK.

What do you want?

How much can you give me
for this ring'?

35 soles.

Last time,
you gave me 50 for it.

I don't have time.
I have to leave.

And that baby?

She's not mine.
I found her on the streets.

I saved her life.

That kind of crying
is not normal.

Can I come in?

She has a rash,
of course she's crying.

Bring me a cloth.

What a shame...

Look how he has me...

A clean one.

And water.

Yes, it's not fair...

It's OK.

You can keep her.

Take it.

Let's see...

Isn't that nice?

And it's done.

Take her.

Are you busy now?

Can you stay
and look after her?

A couple of hours.

A couple of hours.

It can be a bit longer.

- Miss.
- Yes, Sir?

- This is secondhand, right?
- Almost new.

Good morning, Miss.
Can you give me a minute?

- Just a minute...
- OK, go on.

Can I help you?

I need crutches
for my mother...

Like that one?

No, I've seen some
over there...

My mother is very fat.

She has high blood pressure
due to her fatness...


I put these aside for you.

Lend me your magnifying glass.

How much do you want?

200 soles.

What's up?

I left you the money
and the magnifying glass.

I'm buying everything.

And that baby?

A present from
your girlfriends...

I found her on the streets.
In a plastic bag.

I saved her life.

You saved her life...

Are you going...

to pawn that chair?

I'm not selling or pawning
this wheelchair.


300 soles.

From my pension, man.

How much have I saved up?

Why do you want to know?

It's my money, isn't it?

You have around 2,000 soles.

At the end of October,

I'll take my money

and fuck Lima!

I need money to do this job.
I don't know if you can...

lend me money. Here...

I have the address
of the customer

who's giving me this job...

See you later.

Let's see if you like this.

- Don't take so long.
- Wait, I'm just checking.

I have a party later on...

2,000 soles?

It's not for gambling
this time, I swear.

Let's go.

Just leave the money
and let's go.

Wait a little longer.

Let's go, don't be like that.

We have to wait to pick up...

How much do you need?


You have to give me something
as a warranty.

You have to give me something
as a warranty!


The shower is broken.

You have a bucket there.

I'll only need you for a week.

Here you have towels,
blankets and sheets.

The oven doesn't work.

The baby can sleep with you
on the sofa,

you can put your stuff here.

Don't worry, I have few things.
I live nearby.

I'll need a few hours
so I can bake my nougats.

I can stay as long as you want.

What a beautiful dress!
Did you buy it?

I pay on the 15th.

If you lose the key,

it comes out of your salary.

Take care of the shopping,
ask for receipts.

Justify everything.

Darling, wings,
neck and giblets separated.

And I'll take the gizzard...

My husband loves it.

- Shit!
- What's wrong?

Where did you find this bill?

In your pants.
The ones I washed.

How could I've been
so stupid...

It's all that thing's fault.

Don't talk
about your daughter like that.

Where are you going?

Come by on Friday
so you can talk to Brenda.

Did she tell you anything else?

No, just that
she knows something

about the Cajamarquina.

Don't you know where she went?

No, but come by on Friday.

I'll go look for her.

No, come back on Friday.


Friday it is.

Hurry UP...

Bed number 11.

One hour left for visits.

Do you think anyone will
notice if I sleep over?

Tell him to pay us with change.

We don't have any change.

Thank you.

October arrives,
people feel lucky.

Can you fill it in for me?

Isn't that the baby Clemente
found in a plastic bag?


He has hired me
to take care of her.

You haven't found
a place to sleep.

"Broad and alien
is the World. "

Eventful journey,
heroic deed."


Ll Every dog

has its day. "

"A good death

does honor to a whole life. "

"There's no fool
like an old fool. "

Maybe you could help me...

Help you with what?

Well, I'm not really sure...

I know she's being taken
good care of here.

You said it and it's true.

But you've also said that...

when she's with me,
she feels better.

So, when you...

send her out,
hopefully she won't...

- You're Brenda, right?
- Yes.

Do you want something special?

I urgently need to find
the Cajamarquina.

Juanita told me you have
some information about her.

That information has a price.

- How much?
- 50 soles.

I imagine that includes you...

No. My services included,
it'll cost you double.

Don't you have a smaller bill?

I don't have change.

Just the information.

You can find her
in the Cono Sur.

The Cono Sur is big.

In Pamplona Alta,

at Madame Raquel's.

Everybody knows her.


To the Cono Sur, Pamplona Alta.

Will she take any longer?

She's cleaning herself up,
she won't be long.

You can come in.

Wait, I'm going in first.

Sit down
and take off your clothes.

Where is the Cajamarquina?

Why are you looking for her?

I need to give her
something back.

That information will cost you.

Fine. How much?

50, minimum.

Does that include you?

70 soles and I'll give you
the full service.

You have to go to
the Mariscal Hotel,

Huari Street.

The Cajamarquina
is working there.

Here it is.

Come on, take off your clothes.

I can't Pa) YOU...

You'll have to wait.

I want to pay but I can't.

You shouldn't let people
smoke inside.

It's as though
the baby were smoking.

Go back to the bedroom.
I'm working.

Saw, saw

The Woodsmen of San Juan...

Can I pay you back
doing some work?

Your work is no good to me.

What happens
if I don't pay you?

If you want to find out,

try me!

It's your choice.

Let's see, Milagritos...
Yes, like this.

Can you tell me
where you were last night?

Where is the stool I had here?

In the bathroom.

Put it back in its place.

Here is a list of medicine
for the child.

We're here already.


and two.

You're babysitting?

Sort of.
She's Clemente's daughter.

- The pawnbroker's son?
- Yes.

I understand.

What do you understand?

Is it true that the child's
mother is a hooker?

I've heard it's not
the first child

you've had with a hooker.

I only care for
your well-being

and the child's.

That number doesn't exist.

How come?

It doesn't.

Huari St. ends here.

You were given a wrong address.

Wait here.

Do you know the Mariscal Hotel?

There are no hotels here.
This is an industrial zone.

Let's go.

Where to?

I don't know.

The street ends here...

There must be a Huari St.
In another district.

This is the only Huari St.

Don't be an idiot.
Look well.

Watch your language.

Why don't you treat me
with respect?

I'll stay here.

Take the money.

- I can't accept that bill.
- Accept the money.

I won't accept that bill.

This is the only bill I have.
Take it.

She looks like Clemente.

I don't care
whose daughter she is.

I can see that from miles away.

She needs someone
to take care of her.



Thank you.

How's Rosa doing?

The hospital wants documents

that prove
we've lived together.

That's why they won't
let me take her out.

And how do you do that?

I don't know.

With money,

a notary,


I don't know, I guess it
costs a lot of money.

Why do you complicate matters?

They take care of her
at the hospital.

You don't even have a home.

I complicate matters
because she's my girlfriend.

I need these.

That'll be 45 soles.

This bill is useless.

You're the pawnbroker's
son, right?

I know you.

Take the medicine,
you can pay me later.

They make them
more difficult each time.

I'll fill this in for you
for free.

Thank you, Don Fico.

Can I eat another omelet?

Of course.

You have to eat.
You're too skinny.

But leave one for Clemente.

He likes omelets and gizzards.

Good morning, Clemente.

Some sweet bread?

How come that bitch isn't here?

Brenda is out.

Where is that fucking bitch?

Lower your voice.

Don't show disrespect to
anyone, we never did.

- Something wrong, Juanita?
- No, everything's fine.

What happened?

They've been lying to me
and stealing from me.


Yes, money.

All of you.

You, Brenda, the Cajamarquina.
All of you!

If the Cajamarquina
doesn't show up,

you'll have to keep the baby.

We can't be here
chatting all day...

Are you going to need
my services?

I'll have to charge you.

- One more week.
- No.

20 % interest is too much!

You accepted.
No one forced you.

I won't break the deal,
but give me one more week.

What is it to you?


One more week.

I don't need you any more.

You'll leave
at the end of the month.

Alone, you won't handle this.
You work all day.

I'll get by.

It isn't a good idea.

The baby needs someone
to take care of her.

I've found her mother.

The hooker?

Hooker or not,
she is the mother.

And why hasn't she come
to pick the baby up?

I'll take her myself.

Here are the 5,000 soles.

That's all the money I owe you.

It's been a good month,

thank God.


everything is settled?

Your water, Clemente

Can I have my watch back?


That guy you sent me,
doesn't want to pay me back.


Little Julian!

He must be going through
a bad patch,

but he'll pay you back,
don't you worry about it.

I'm not worried.

You're the guarantor.

The baby isn't mine.

I found her on the street.
I saved her life.

You'll get me into trouble.

I'll leave the baby
in my living room.

I can say that I got hit
and lost consciousness.

If you help me out...

I'll cancel your debt

and here are 300 more.

You won.

I'm going to have to
start believing in

the Lord of the Miracles.

Hide the newspaper, I don't
want Clemente to see it.

Aren't you happy?

Yes, of course.

I told you if I won
I'd give you something.

Forget it.

What I need is for Clemente
to give me my money.

He sure is
good with money all right.

That's how he was brought up.

What about you and him?

In total, you have like...

2,620 soles.

I trust you

Can you both go to
the bedroom for a moment?

Don't worry about us, your
money is still in the oven.

Sign here.

I have a pen.


Just like your father.

Better than a bank.

You're going to need this.

Hide it inside the pillow case.

Don't forget what's mine.

Don't worry.
That's been taken care of.

Would you do the same thing?

It depends.

You're doing it for her
or for yourself?

Happy birthday, Clemente.

Happy birthday.

Take it.

It's from all of us.

The picture now.

Take the baby.


Let's cut it.

Do you like it?

Haven't I been clear?

Let's see, slowly.

Be careful.

Tilt her back.

What's wrong?

It never happened
to you before.

Just open it, it's been fixed.

You can't stay the same way
your whole life.

Good morning.

Here is what I owed you.

Are you looking for something?

How much is that?

- The blue one?
- Yes.

200 soles.
It's imported.

I have domestic ones.

It costs 50 soles
and smells the same.

Tomorrow is
the final procession

of the Lord of the Miracles
through the streets of Lima.

The Lord of the Miracles
will salute its worshippers

until the next month
of October...

Maybe being carrion vulture
contributed to being...

Where's the baby?

Wasn't I supposed to take her?