Octav (2017) - full transcript

When an elderly man returns to his family home after decades of absence, the apparition of his childhood sweetheart triggers a rewind to the life-changing events from his youth.

Your Honour,
please request an expertise report,

under penalty of forfeit or replacement,

within a deadline of your choosing.

Your Honour,
I insist:

an expertise report
has already been drawn up.

It needs no amendment.
That was its purpose, after all:

identifying the property
adduced in the case.

This was already done
a few years ago,

when the case was opened.

The expertise report
is procedurally necessary and relevant,

with objectives
already probated and admitted.

The court requests an expertise report

identifying and establishing

the legal status
of the property.

I beg your pardon, Your Honour.

The Romanian state has been
using the property for 50 years.

It is not just.

Now I'm the one
who has to pay pointless taxes.

You can appeal my decision

if you are dissatisfied.

There are tens of thousands
of cases like yours.

The procedure is
the same for everyone.

Your Honour, please
approve my request

for the defendants to return
the property taken illegally by the state,

for which my client was not compensated.

-Including court expenses.

Without court expenses,
the motion would be ungrounded.

The motion is granted as formulated.

The defendants will return
the property to the plaintiff.

Your ticket, please.

Your ticket?

Sir? Your ticket!

Thank you.


Is that really you, old boy?!


You're here...

Finally, you're here.

-After all these years.

Yes, after all these years.

-You've grown, old boy.
-So have you.

I'm sorry we're late.

We took a detour around the hill.
The poplar road was blocked.

Don't worry,
I hardly waited at all.

This is my youngest boy, Marcel.

He's driving,
I don't drive anymore.

-So you're the youngest?
-Yes, that's me.

-He has his grandpa's eyes.
-Everyone says so.

Glad you stood by his side.

Well, someone had to.

That's Marcel for you.
Youth nowadays...

Another rough winter.


Remember that old oak?
It's gone.


How come?
It was younger than you and I!

It died of loneliness.

Only humans die of loneliness,
Spiri, trees don't.

Well, sometimes trees
die of loneliness too.


That's it then?



So your mind is made up?

It's better this way.

Much better.

Thank you, Spiri.


Just as you left it.

You have food in the fridge.

See what you like.

You might be hungry
after your long trip.

Someone will come
see the house later.

I'm going back into town.

-Anything else, Father?

-I'm leaving the suitcase here.

How did you get in here?

Who are your parents?

Do you hear me?

Who are you?

Who are you?
I have no clue!

One, two, three,
Cats in the tree!

Three, four, five,
Bees in the hive!

Hive? What hive?

Who are you?

-Octav, please, let me count.
-Imagine that!

You know my name?

Who told you my name?

One, two, three,
Cats in the tree!

Three, four, five,
Bees in the hive!

I have no clue...

-Who are you...
-Wait a minute.

Mum, I'm riding the banister!

Please, come in.

This is the next room.

It was the old painting room.

It overlooks the garden,
like the music room.

-But this room is...
-It's special.

Who painted these?

Mr. Octav's mother.
She was a great painter.

A true lady.

One senses the richness
of her universe!

Maybe she was better understood
as an artist than as a woman and mother.

Such a big heart...

She treated me, the son
of the caretaker, like her own child.

Would you like to see the garden?

Honey? Honey, the garden...

Yes, of course.

Let's go.

Mum, can we come again?

-Children, let's go see the garden.
-Garden! Woohoo!



Dribble it!

-Pass it!
-Where is it?

Catch it!

-Pass it here!
-Very good!

-Ștefan, pass the ball!

Stop laughing!

Come on, Matei!



Well done, guys! Goal!

Kick it!

That wasn't a goal!

Well, well...

-You again?

How did you get in here?

It's a secret.

Spiridon let you in, right?

Octav, I'm fed up with that game.

-Don't you know Spiridon?
-Shush, come play on the swings.

You want me to ride the swing?

Come on!

Let's see...

Let's have a contest.

-A contest?

Whoever swings the highest wins.

Wait a second...

I am a Prince, you can't challenge me.

I am Prince Octav.

If you're Prince Octav...

...then I'll be Princess Ana.

And I order you to swing.

-Princess Ana.

Now swing!

There you go!

-Mine swings higher!
-No, mine does!



-I'm higher!

I have to go to lunch now.
But I'll see you later.

Yes... I'll see you.

-Am I disturbing you?
-No, no, of course not.

-May I?
-Please! Of course!

-Thank you.
-Marcel was just leaving.

Not on my account, I hope.

No. Why would I?

My wife is waiting, my son has a fever.
I'm going home.

Sure, go home to that matchbox of yours!

Father, please!

-Need anything else?
-No. Go take care of the little one.


I don't know why they all move to town.

They have everything
they need right here.

-You used to be taller than me.
-As a child, yes.


-Brandy, at this hour?
-Why ever not?

I have a little one every evening.


My own homemade plum brandy.
It's practically medicine!

Just one then.

-One, for now.

-To your health!
-Bless you!

A lady called earlier.
She wouldn't say her name.

I told her to call again tomorrow.

Very well.

It's going to be hard to say goodbye.

I was born in this house.

I grew up in this house.
So did my children.

I know.

Imagine what it was like to watch those
bastards sitting at your father’s desk.

Or eating in your dining room...

I know, Spiri.

That was what gave me strength -
knowing that you were here.

Why sell it, then?

I have no family.

And the lawsuit left me broke.

All the expenses...
I've had enough.

I've had it,
Spiri, do you understand?

Yes, I see.


Have you thought about what you're
all going to do? And for yourself?

Well, I have my pension.

That so-called state pension of yours?

Little as it may be,
I make do with it.

And my eldest grandson lives near Cluj.

I'll find work there, in the apple
and plum orchards, don't worry.

I still miss her.


I'm sorry I couldn't come
to Maria's funeral.

Don't worry.

Paris is such a long way.
And the cost...

The flowers were
very beautiful, though.

Forgive me.

I went to the cemetery
the other day.

I stopped by your mother's grave too.

Perhaps it is time
you finally went there.

You can't go on like this forever.

You have to move on.

We'll see.

-Goodnight, Spiridon.


Octav, bedtime!


How many times do I have to tell you
not to eat with your hands, Octav?!

At 10, you should be an example
to your siblings. Matei, elbows!

Nina, you're naughtier than a boy!

Behave like a young lady!

Stop making faces!

Come on, Octav!
You'll finish last again!

Come on...

Vera, please bring Nina
the second course.

Look! Avram is here!

-Stop that!

Avram is here!

Excuse me for a second.

-Thank you.


-Have you finished your lunch?
-Why are you crying?

I'm not crying, it's from...

-I get this in the summer...
-Is it me?

Go finish your meal.

Go finish your meal.

And dessert is for eating,
not for throwing at the walls.

Silly billy!

You scoundrel!

You're a cabbage roll on bread!

On bread!

You throw like a girl!

You'll never find us!

Hide well!

...19, 20, 21...

...48, 49, 50.

Ready or not, here I come!

Found you, Matei!

Found you, Nina!

-Found you, Paul!
-Told you it was a bad hiding place!

Spiridon's behind the tree!

Spiridon, no cheating!

Found you!

Found you, Simona!



Sultan, go away!

Leave me alone!

Sultan, go away!

Go away, Sultan!

Octav, get out of hiding!

Best hiding place!
Behind the dog!

Thanks, Sultan!
Let's find Ștefan!



Now it's Matei's turn!

-One, two, three...

Hurry, Matei's already counting!

-I'm not playing anymore.

I'm not playing anymore!

I've tried many times too.
Eventually, they'll eat out of my hand.

Yes, right!

-Why are you laughing?
-I'm not.

Yes, you are. You don't believe me?

I do, but...

-It's impossible.
-Really? Why?

They are wildfowl, Ana,
they cannot be tamed.

Have you ever tried?


Well, then?

Then what?

Look, it's impossible
and that's that!

Then "that's that" from me too!

Oh, princess!

I'm just warming up!

Can you catch this one?

Even your sister can hit higher.

Definitely higher than you.


Yes, father!

There you are!

-Hello, Spiridon.
-Hello, Sir.

-How was school?


Look what I got for you.

-And this is for you.
-Thank you.

So you can play together.

Come on, open it!

It's the latest model.

Fresh from Bucharest.

Won't you open yours?

-You shouldn't have!
-Why not?

Go play!

Take it to the attic,
with the others.

-Off you go.
-Thank you!

I can't, Octav, I have to help Father.

-Mr. Petrescu.

-How was your trip?

-How is she?
-I'm concerned.

Last night she ran a fever.

She perspired, too.

She slept, but intermittently.

-Has she eaten?
-Not much.

-...rest the soul of your servant Emilia...
-Hot water!

Wash her, we can't
let the children see her like this!

Vera, hurry down!

...Establish in the tents of
your Saints the spirit...

Take the children out of here!

Close the door, don't let them in.

Don't leave us, Emilia!

Don't leave your children, Emilia!

Why are you still up?

Since you're here,
clean the red ball for me, please.

Getting along
with your mother?


Your mother needs you.
Take care of her.

It's not easy at all.

You may not understand...

...but she has made many sacrifices.

She had sensitivity.


But she chose to take care of you.

Don't forget that.

Do you understand?

Really, you do?


We have to cherish
every moment...

...we spend with her.

Time flies so fast.

You waste years thinking
you have your whole life ahead.

And one day...

You wake up,

you look at all those years,

and you don't know
where they've gone.

May I ask you something?

Is growing old so bad?

If I think about it...

...but, you know what...

I don't think about it.

I knew it.

My little Spiri!

Your flat feet came in handy after all!

May God keep you safe, Octav!

Nina, don't cry!

I'll be back soon.

Don't cry!

Take care, Matei.

-Paul, take care of everyone.
-I will.

Come back soon.

You should hurry...

...you'll miss your train.

I won't even miss you!

Off you go.

-Got a light?


You're welcome.




Is everything alright?


No, nothing is alright.

See for yourself.

-Put the engine back...
-Excuse me?

-Put that black engine back...
-This one?

-Who else? Put it on the rails.

-Like this?

There you go.

Very good.

Good, slowly.

-Mine is...
-I've lost it.

No, wait. Yours is the freighter.

Stop this one.

-Phew! It stopped.
-It's carrying supplies to the front.

To the front?
With ammunition and things...

Now here comes the Orient Express.

I'll announce it.

The Orient Express will be pulling
into the station, platform one.

Hurry, hurry!

The train goes bye-bye,
Ladies, don't cry!

Careful with the freighter.

Look how fast mine is.

-And the small engine?
-Haven't seen it.

-It will show up.
-There, look!

-Coming in.
-Look at them go!

But slow down with yours.

What does yours sound like?

So heavy?

Mine is much finer.

Well, yours is an Express.

Mine is only a freighter.

Watch out, you're too fast.

I'm going as slow as I can!

-But you're still too fast.
-What can I do?

It just runs fast.

It's a train, not a...

..donkey cart.

One, two, three.

Another one!

There must be one!

Come on, Octav, find one!

A four-leaf one.

I'll keep looking.

-Did you count these?

No, not yet.

Come on, Octav,
you have to look everywhere!

That's what I'm doing!

I found a four-leaf one!

Wait, no... just three.

Who do you love?

-Tell me, who do you love?

My mother.

My father, too.

No, silly. Parents don't count.

-They don't?

Then I don't know.

What about you?

-Who do you love?
-I love Ștefan.


Go on...

I also love you.


Then I love you too.

I love you and...



-Who's Smaranda?
-What do you mean?

-You don't know Smaranda?

Yes you do.

She's the petite, dark-haired one.

She lives on the street
with the church, remember?

Right, Smaranda...


There is no Smaranda!

-I tricked you.
-No. I knew it all along!

-Sure you did...

So you only love me then?

Maybe, maybe not.

And who do you love more?
Ștefan or me?

It depends.

Depends on what?

Sometimes you are likeable.

-I am?

But other times you are moody.


-How so?
-You are a bit strange.

Alright, but...

...who do you love today?

Catch me
if you want to find out!

-The steak is so good.
-Yes, I like it too.

I would also like some salad.

Vera will bring you some.

Octav, what an honour!

Forgive me, Father.

-Sit down.

And how are things in Bucharest?

-In Bucharest.

Nothing good,
if you ask me.

The Iron Guard
keeps gaining ground.

This cannot lead
to anything good.

Do you really think they are a threat?

I don't know.

...but their ideology is dangerous.

No one there seems to realise this.

-If they gain influence...

They might even get
into Government.

With their green shirts...

Vera, don't forget the wine, please.

Vera will bring
the wine after the food.

Let's hope the King will temper
this nationalistic aberration.

That philanderer?


Even so...

Isn't he our only hope?

No, thank you.

Thank you, Vera.

Thank you.

Octav, we're dining. Please!

What's with this behaviour?

Paul, you will not leave the table
until you've finished your plate!

I've come to say goodnight.

What is it, my baby?

-You can't sleep?

Come on.

Let's think about
the beautiful flowers up on the hill.

The wind gently caresses them...

Can you see them?

-Can you hear the wind?

What sound does it make?

I'll tell you a story.

The story of the Thinking Tree.

Once upon a time...

...there was a big tree.

A strong, healthy oak tree.

Near him ran
a beautiful river,

with pure, crystalline water.

And our oak tree wanted so, so much

to declare
his love to the river,

because thanks to her
he had grown so tall and strong.

But try as he might, he couldn't.

The distance between them
was too great.

But so strong and pure was his love

that he eventually succeeded.
Guess how?

Tell me.

He put all of his love
into one single leaf,

a tiny leaf,
the lightest leaf,

and asked his friend, the wind,

to gently cradle it
all the way to the beautiful river.

And so the tree managed
to tell the river how much he loved her.

Have you noticed that each spring

many little leaves
float on the water?


Mother Nature
always makes things right.

Then why is Vera leaving?

What does the maid
have to do with our story?

-Never mind.
-Does she not love us anymore?

Of course she loves us.

Then why is she leaving?

She has a man now,
she'll have a home of her own.

What about you?
Do you have a girlfriend?


Not really.

Really, you don't?
You're fibbing!

Tell me, who is she?

Whisper it in my ear!


-Do you think about her often?

That's wonderful!

My baby.

Let's close these little eyes
and see her in our dreams, alright?


Good night, mother.

Hurry, Avram is coming!

He'll pass under the balcony!

There he is!

-You take it!
-You're a coward!

-Octav's coming!

-Give it to him!
-Take this!

-Throw it!

-Throw it!
-Avram's here!

Avram's here!

-Want me to throw it?

-Why would I throw it?
-Now you're all scared?

Fine, I'll throw it!

Sorry, you had your chance!

Do you know Avram
has a pitchfork ready for you?

What was that?

I told him Avram
has a fork ready for him.

-Throw it!
-Is it true?


-Are you alright?
-You nearly killed me!

No... Probably the wind.

Which reminds me...

The windows are original?

Yes, as old as the house.

Pity! They'll be terribly draughty.

Not efficient at all. We’ll have put in
aluminium frames with double glazing.

-With six chambers?
-Yes, exactly.

Moving on...
What's with this junk?

My father lives there.

-We'll demolish that.
-A good spot for a parking lot.

Great idea.

What about the roof?

Original ceramic tiles,
very durable.

Only pretty on postcards!

Nowadays, roof tiles are useless.
We'll put in galvanised roofing.

What is the total surface
of the roof?

I wouldn't know.

Never mind.

And these extensions?

Do you have the environmental
and construction permits?


You're floundering, boy.




-Good morning.
-Good morning.

You scared me.

He looks very hungry.

Sultan would eat rocks.

Where is your mother?

My mother...

...is at the market
with my father.

I see.

Usually, you're the one who
accompanies my father to the market.

That depends, Octav.

Sometimes I go,
sometimes your mother goes.

You love him, don't you?

Your father is very good to me.

So is your mother, actually...

I was talking about the dog.

You love him, don't you?

Enough talk!
I've got work to do.

Go play!

Did you like it?

Good morning.


Please carry on.
I was just passing by.

I've just finished.

It's a lot of work!

Yes, it grows so fast.

The soil is good.

You're doing great work.

I do what I can.




They were my mother's favourites.

Your dad told me
he loved her very much.

He still misses her.

She must have been
a wonderful woman.

I'm sorry I never met her.

It doesn't matter anymore.

At least she was with her loved ones
when it happened.

What is it?

Excuse me, I still have
a lot of work to do.


Was it something I said?

Not all her loved ones
were there.

I thought you knew.

When Mother died...

My father was in Bucharest
taking some papers to Court.

I asked him to postpone it
because mum was in a bad way.

But he kept saying:

"My duty is my duty!"

I am sorry.


Mum passed peacefully.

I am sorry.

What are you doing here, Octav?

-Did you knock?
-No, I...

-Did you?
-I came to see what you were doing.

As you can see, I'm painting.

-What is it?
-You tell me.

-I don't know.
-Have a guess.

-It's a tree.

An apple tree?


Anything else?

-There's a river, too.

Is it...


It's never finished, Octav.

What you see now
is the expression of a moment,

a simple moment.

Like a living photograph

that comes to life
on its own, with time.

Come to life? How?

If you've managed to express
a true part of yourself,

you've put a little piece
of your soul into the painting.

So it will have its own destiny.

It will go on its own way...

...spreading its wings.

Is this one ready to go?


It's not ready.

Let's go to the kitchen.

Do you mind if
I stay here a little longer?


But don't do anything silly!

How did... ?

I'm afraid she has worsened,
Mr. Petrescu.

There must be another treatment.

She isn't responding to treatment.

It happens.

Further treatment
would only weaken her.

Her body is very feeble.


It's too late.

It's too late for surgery.

I am very sorry.

Is there no hope?

Lord, rest her soul...

Why have you come
for my daughter, Death?

Vera, get towels!

Why have you come, Death?

Clean water!

-With the Saints give rest, O Christ...
-Vera! Hot water!

-...for her eternal repose.

You, get out of here!

...and forgive her sins!

Bring towels
and take the children away!

Emilia, why are you leaving us?

Why are you leaving this beautiful home?

Get out of here!

Take the children out of here!

Close the door, don't let them in.

Lord, don't take our Emilia!

Come here, Octav.

Have I ever played
"Reverie" by Debussy for you?

No. I don't think so.


Listen carefully to the beginning.

-Do you like it?
-A lot.

What was the first note?

I've forgotten.

Sit here.

Listen to this note
and tell me when it ends.


Are you sure?
Put your ear to the piano.

I can still hear it.

You see?

It is not because you think
you can't hear a note anymore...

...that it is no longer there.

Once played, it remains there.

In your conscience.

Like an echo.


A musical piece is not
merely a succession of notes.

It is so much more.

It is a superimposition...

...of all the notes played
from the very beginning.

If one of the notes gets lost,
drowned in your memory,

the musical piece loses its balance.

Think of life as a musical piece.

Each event is a note.

And its memory
is the resonance of that note.

If you suppress a memory,

as painful as it may be,

you will lose
your entire balance.

Let's listen to some music.


-Octav Petrescu?

-Who is this?
-Is this Octav Petrescu?

Yes. Who is this?


I'm calling from DCT Media Company.

Next week, we're laying
TV cable in your area.

May we offer you
a promotion with a free trial?

No need, thank you.


I know you're not sleeping!

Come here, you!

I'm too tired.

-I know you're faking it, Octav!
-I'm too tired!





Come with me!



Come on, Octav.


Come on!

Follow me. Trust me!



Come, don't be afraid!

Come on,
everything will be fine!


Hurry, Octav!
You'll finish last again.

Your mother needs you.

What are you doing here, Octav?

Eight, nine, ten,
Grab a pen!

Octav, what's with this behaviour?

You can't go on like this forever.
You have to move on.

One, two, three,
Cats in a tree!

Do you understand?

-Five, six, seven...
-Really, you do?

Eight, nine, ten
Just try again.

Who are you?
I have no clue!

Vera, where are you?

Take the children out of here!

I want to get through.

-Close the door, don't let them in.
-Excuse me.

Hold this, please.


Have they come this morning?

No. They're probably just
on a stroll.

They'll come back.

Eventually they'll get used to you.

When do we get married?

Excuse me?

When do we get married?


Tell me! When?

-I don't know...

Let me think.

Let you think?

Think about what?
You want to get married or not?

You don't love me anymore?

I do, of course.

Do you love someone else?


No, I just...

What is it?

Ana, I am 84 years old.

And I'm 85. So what?

We can still be in love.

I really am 84 years old.

This is not a game.

It's reality .

But... what does reality mean?


I planted a rose
down the stream.

Please take care of it.

Are you leaving?

Are you going to leave?


Ana, please stay!

Princess Ana, I order you to stay!


I too order you to stay,
Prince Octave!

Please don't cry.

What should I do?

I have to go home.

But please know I've understood.


I'm finally in a good place.

Please do something for me.

Keep me with you
always, will you?

-And I will do the same.

So, you're coming back tomorrow?

Tomorrow, perhaps not...

Maybe the day after.

Farewell, Ana.

Thank you, Marcel.

Have you got everything?

Don't worry. We'll be fine.

I'm sure.

My dear little Spiri,

I have good news and bad news.

I'm afraid you're not retiring
nor going to your grandson's in Cluj.

I still need you here.
You and Marcel.

The good news is that
I have decided to sell the house

to the young family with children.

I feel that
this is their home now.

More good news:

The house you live in...
I haven't sold.

It is now yours.

It was so good seeing you again.

Come what may, I remain in your debt.

Your friend always,