Oar (1985) - full transcript

The story of Iwago, a troubled Japanese man who has grave personal problems and strained relationships with his wife and step children.

This film is adapted
from the novel by Tomiko Miyao.

Any resemblance
with people living

or having lived
is purely coincidental.

A TOEI films


Buy my plums.

Freshly picked this morning.

My beautiful plums ripened
by the sea winds.

KOCHI, 1914,

They're really beautiful.

They're very tasty.

Buy them quickly
now while they're still fresh.

You don't want my plums?

I picked them this morning.

They're very tasty.

Thank you for buying
many of them each year.

Thank you.

They're as fresh and tasty
this year as every year.

Don't wait to eat them.

I'll put some more.

A free gift.

One, two...

Those plums sell very well.

"The fruit is big
and the stone is small."

Good quality.


"...the best ones."

End your sentence.

They learned it by heart.

Go give the neighbors some.

Come with me, Kame.

Do eat, children.

That one is perfect,
really ripe.

The plums are here!

Thank you, it's too much.

When you eat some...
you have a better summer.

And they say you live a longer life.

The boss and Kiwa are very generous.

Say thank you to them.

We'll keep the best ones for dad.

If we hang them here,

they'll remain nice and fresh
thanks to the draught.

These plums mean that it is
summertime in Kochi.

You've just been back?

Everything all right?

You're back.

Come in.



Oh, it's you, boss.

Good evening.

It's dirty.



You were good?

Did you have a nice trip?

But who is this child?

I don't know where she is from,
but we'll keep her with us.

Let's call her "Kiku,

since her kimono
has chrysanthemum pictures.

Take care of her.

Heat water for a bath.

She is very dirty.
She must be cleaned.

Don't move.

Go away.

Boys should not see this.

She's covered in such thick dirt

that you have to clean her
again and again.

We'd need a scraper.

She's not a pot.

She hurt me.
Damn kid!

What's going on?
Come back here.

Catch her!

No way!

Tell me how Iwago
found that child?

The boss paid 10 yen for her
at the port in Kobe.

Ten yen?

Let go! Damnit!
Let go!

Are you deaf?

Will you obey,
you nasty little thing!

Who are you?

I'll buy her from you.

Will that be enough?

You don't want her?

You can have her.

Kiku would have been sold in China.

Over there, they make drugs
using fresh livers

coming from young girls.

God, how cruel!

With that depression,

many children are left alone.

Nothing we can do about it, but...

Iwago wanted to save that little girl.

Thank you, brother,

I'll give it back to you
as soon as I can.

Take it.

Iwago spends everything he earns.

Here's what I've got.

Thank you, sister in law.

They're old kimonos,
but it's quality cloth.

Come see this, Kiku.

You like this one better?

It suits you.

You look beautiful with it on.

You want wee wee?

It's there.

No, over there.


she is always afraid to go
inside the toilet.


She can't eat properly
neither does she brush her teeth.

I must teach her everything.

Which is more...
she's never uttered a single word.

Is she dumb?

I don't think so.

Your husband has added a new burden
to your heavy lot.

Yes... if I ever manage
raising this little savage,

everything else will seem easy.

Outside, Iwago behaves
as if he were a prince

but here, at home,
he gives you a rough time.

Stick it on straight...

Don't forget it's a talisman.

Stick it on properly.

It's the Five Mountains talisman,
it protects from diseases.

It must not...

It mustn't be slanting.

What are you doing?

You can't even stand up!

Nasty brat!


Stop it!


Stop it!

Kiku, you must not hurt
the child of the house.

This time, I'll tell the boss.


I saw the whole thing.
It's Ken's fault!

But... Ryu!



The Osaka patrons won't like
your daughter, go see somewhere else.

Maybe, we...

We were expecting you.


Do come in.

Hello, Maki.

Have your meal with your daughter
before you go back.

You won't see her any time soon.

No, thank you.

You're the Madame?

Your husband is always
very nice to us.

This is my daughter, Toyo...

Mum, aren't you well?

It's nothing.

Mrs, Mr Tomita,

and all of you here

thank you for taking care
of my daughter.

Be all thanked.


You must work well
and become a good geisha.

Earn a lot of money;
that will make your mother happy.

You understand?

Make her have a bath
and find her clean clothes.


Tomorrow, we'll sell her
to the Daisada.

To the Daisada?

The Daisada madame
will make a good geisha out of her.

Eat as much as you want.

At the Daisada,
you won't eat so much.

Aren't you eating?

You must try and understand
the poor girl.

She does not want to go there.

Here I eat three times a day,

when my brothers and sisters
have got nothing to eat.

I have good white rice,
but they haven't got anything.

I'm ashamed.

Because of that, I can't eat.

How courageous that girl is!

She did it again.
What a dullard!

You should follow Toyo's example.

She's a better girl than you are

Yet, you're the same age.

I wish I could keep Toyo
here some more.

She would be Kiku's sister.

We cannot.

The Daisada Madame
is expecting me to sell her.

To become a good geisha,
a girl must start training young.

But the Madame is too harsh.

She makes her trainees cry.

It's the right thing to do for a girl,
to help her parents in need,

even if she's got to sell herself
for that.

The poor have no other way
to cope.

All the same!

She is so nice.
I feel sorry for her.

In those slums she was living in,

she was starving.

She'll fare better at the Daisada.

You can trust me on that.


I sent the maid back to her home
because her mother is ill.

I hope it is not dysentery!

Go bring rice at Maki's.


Toyo's mother.

Don't worry,
she hasn't got dysentery.

We haven't got
enough rice for our own use.

Bring her what we have left.

And what shall we do?

I'm going to bed.

The doctor said she was tired,
that's all.

She'll be all right
in a couple of days.

Good news!

Take good care of your wife.


Be nice to her.

Thanks, neighbors!

It's not dysentery!

I'm sorry.

It's Heaven's punishment.

I went to Maki's too late.

It is not your fault.
The world works that way.

If I could stop doing
this despicable work, I would.

I do it because
the money is good.

What's wrong with you?

If you can find a way,

I want you to stop doing that job.

I knew you didn't like what
I'm doing for a living.

But thanks to it,
I can help the poor.

Poverty is evil.

It corrupts people's hearts.

Neither you, nor my children
must witness this.


Did you cook this gruel?

It's true?

How nice you are...



You're not very nice.

Make a better price.

Five cent for three.

You want my death, don't you?

Well... then I'll tell your wife
that I saw you coming out

of the brothel in the lower district.

Tell me, Kiku.

No, I didn't say anything.

I give in.
All right for 5 cents.

- Thanks.
- Kiku, won't you buy anything from me?

Look how beautiful my fish is!

Caught this very morning.

Your tits have swollen.
Were you stung by a bee?

- Your buttocks too.
- Stop talking nonsense.

Don't you want that octopus?
Tomita loves it.

- If you accept a date with me, it's free.
- I'd rather date an animal.

She always has a ready reply.

She talks like a boy.
She must be one actually.

- Say that again, Takeichi!
- Kiwa's coming.


Are you finished?

Let's go back.

Kiku is a beautiful girl
and she has her head screwed on.

You should marry her.

I don't want to get in trouble
with Tomita, he is a terror.

Buy my beautiful fish!

A young girl
must pretend she doesn't hear.

But they're so annoying....

Move away!

Make way!

This is geisha Someyu
from the Daisada.

People say she exhauts her customers.
It's Tanigawa's turn.

Someyu will take everything from him,
even his gold teeth.

Someyu is Toyo, the pauper
who used to come with her mother

and beg rice from us.

That's history.

Kiku, you must never talk
about people in this way.

All right.

I've still got something to do.
You go home.

All right.


I borrowed 50 yens.

And I sold my kimonos
and accessories for 30 yens.

All the other theaters
are under Tanigawa's control.

So I chose this one.

You really think people will care
for a street singer?

It's been some time
since this popular singing has no success.

I will succeed.

It will be the first show I produce.

It must succeed.

- Where were you?
- I was at the market.

Ryu, you're really improving.
Have mum listen to you.

I'll start from the beginning.
Listen carefully.

All right. But you must eat first.


Look at that.

Dad will invite a genuine
street singer from Osaka.

Do you know
where that flier comes from?

From the Mill café
which has just opened.

They have sexy waitresses there.

I'll take you there with me.

Ken, that's enough.
I'll tell mum about you.

You could put on some make-up
from time to time.

You'd look much nicer.

It's none of your business.

"It's none of your business,

"she says to me grumbling."

It makes you wonder if he really
is top of his form.

Now, do eat.

My brother, Ken...

He laughs at me because
my bad health

prevents me from going to school.

You're wrong.
In spite of the way he behaves,

he's really worried about you.

I don't want to eat.

Do. You promised.

You're tiresome.

You're wasting good food.

God, forgive Ryu for behaving
this way and doing wrong.

Tell me, Kiku...

Let's say...

If I had tuberculosis

what would you do?

Would you avoid me?

I would never do that.

Is it true?

Of course.

It's natural.

Mum already told you
to go and see a doctor.

Doctors have a cure for everything
these days.

In fact, it would have
been better for you

if I had died from my disease,
last autumn.

If I had died, your parents
wouldn't have banished you

because of our love.

Though I caused this misfortune

never will I be able
to forget you.

I am racked with remorse.

My regrets will accompany me
in my former life.

Even if our adultery love
was impossible,

I wish I could have stayed
beside you.

What a great voice!

She is the embodiment
of the greatest tradition.

The hope of being able to meet you,
even only from time to time,

had helped me to bear my sadness
until today.

I had better let myself die
from my disease last fall.

Our forbidden love
is the source of your misfortune.

Yes, I had better die then
when I think it over.

It's been a long time.

Someyu, what do you want
to talk to me about?

About this show.

Tanigawa says he did not agree.

I had proposed him to be the co-producer
but he wouldn't.

Tanigawa is in a mad rage.

That singer's shows are successful.

Tanigawa is afraid you'd take his place.

Everything frightens him.
Be careful.

I'll remember.

Someyu, we're waiting for you.

I know.

I still remember

the day when you bought me.

You've become the best geisha,
as I said you would.

Enjoy life.

What's with you?

Do you think I'm a customer?

I'd always dreamed I could

feel you in this way.

Since I was a little girl,
you're the man of my life.

If it was not for your wife,
I'd seduce you.

You frighten me.
You're very single-minded.

How could I convince you?


Take care of your wife.

Don't hang on too much
to that singer, Tomokichi.

If you do,
I will never forgive you.

At fall last year...

La, la, la...

When I was young,
I studied in Osaka.

I heard that sort of song
at that time

for the first time.

It was like love at first sight.

I sold my cloths and my books

to buy tickets to go to the shows.

And that young singer, Tomokichi

is so much like the great singers
of that time,

that I was really thrilled.

When she tours Japan,

she'll become really famous,
no doubt.

Iwago, you must be happy.

Owing to the patronage of the
chairman of Shikoku shipyards

your production will get prestige

I entrust you with organizing it all.

You have a free hand.

- Thank you, Chairman
- Excuse me.

Someone is asking for you.

Excuse me please.

Can I trust him?

Since I have been a partner
in this business,

I have heard lots of thing
about this Iwago.

It is true that he is one
of the most pathetic scum


I know he practises a most detestable
trade but I vouch for his honesty.

I've known Iwago

since I came here from Osaka
to settle down here, in Kochi.

He's got strong principles.

Where others hesitate,
he is not afraid of moving forward.

And that attitude of his is the cause
of much hostility towards him.

Ryu has got tuberculosis?

Fortunately, we diagnosed it
in the first stages.

With the right treatment,
he'll recover.

For now,

I advise you to send him
where he'll get pure air and sun.

All right.

I'll talk about it with my husband.

Thank you, Doctor.

You must be happy, Ryu.
It was nothing but the flu.

Next time, I'll invite you.

I've saved 30 yens.

That's nice!

Mum says: "Great oaks
from little acorns grow."

You're always talking about mum.

She's the most important
person in the world to me.

And you're the second most
important one. Suits you?


Hello, lovebirds!


Did you have an appointment here?

So what?

Ken, is this boy your brother?

I am Someyu. Glad to meet you.

Ken often comes to our place.



Don't you remember me?

We met at Tomita's
when we were little girls.

Who is she?

She is our maid.

Ah, she is the maid!

And do you remember?

You often came and begged
for rice from my mother

when you were young children.

Stop laughing at our past.

She's right. Apologize.

I only told the truth.

You're crazy, aren't you?

Stop, Ken.


Kiku is not the maid.

She is the child of the house.

She is our sister.

She is no sister to me.

Let's not get mixed up in this.

Let's go.

Sit down.

Are you hurt?

No, I'm all right.

I'm sorry, it's my fault.

It's my fault.

It is not.

It's Ken's.

The more it goes,
the more he imitates dad's ways.

He wants to show he is important.

I am sure

he'll end up badly.

He'll certainly end up
with the yakuzas.

"Though I was the cause
of your misfortune,

"I'll never be able to give you up."

I'd like to talk to my husband.

About my son. It's important.

We must speak about it tonight.


I am Tomokichi.

Your husband takes good care of me.
I thank you.

You know, I...

He never tells me
what he does outside.

Don't worry.

I've go it. I'm coming home.

I apologize...

for disturbing you.

I'll leave now.

Good evening.

Ryu has a lungs disease?

Yes but the doctor says
it can be cured.

That boy is such a weakling!

He's always had poor health.

Can we send him to a sanitorium?

Do so.

I got a letter from Ken's school,
asking me to come.

I hope it's nothing serious.

He's often spent the night
away from these days.

I know what they will tell you.

He sees a girl.

A girl?

Yes, Someyu's sister.
He's asked me for money to take her out.

He's only in High school
and he already chases girls?

It's no use forcing him to study.

You care so little.

You bother too much
about those kids.

Tomorrow, I'm going on a trip.

With that singer?
You go on tour with her?

I have nothing going on with her.

"Yes, I had better die
when I think it over."

Your wife...

Does she know about me?

People say she is as rigid
as a bamboo pole.

She does not condone
my seeing you.

To show how discontent she is with me

she even went to live
at her brother's.

I'm so sorry.

I only bring trouble to you.

Well, as for me,

I'm not sorry at all.

My father was a barber.

He hung himself
because of gambling debts.

My mother was no better.
She abandoned me

and she ran away
with a younger guy.

I was five then.

I still hold it against her.

I hate her deep in my heart.

What you're telling me
is really frightening.

Why are you telling me about this?

Because you're not
like the other girls.

You never ask me for anything.

You're unselfish with men.

I'm tired of Kiwa.
I'm through.

You mustn't say so.
Heaven will punish you.

Don't talk any more.

I'm not asking any questions.

I feel good when I'm with you.

So good I could die here right now.

Yes, die.

Hello, Mrs Daisada.
You're most welcome.

Thank you for your kindness.

I was told Kiwa is living here.
I need to talk to her.

Call her.


Mrs Daisada wishes to see you.

- Take this.
- Thank you.

I must talk to her alone.
Do not disturb us.

I'm going up.

Kiwa, what's going on?

You pretended you were unwell so that
you could come and live at your brother's.

But your convalescence is really
lasting too long.

I am sorry.

You don't look ill enough
to remain in bed.

Well, I'll go straight to the facts.

Yesterday, your husband came to see me.

He thinks you're not coming back home

because of that singer, Tomokichi.

That's right, isn't it?

Having one or two mistresses

is a sign of prosperity for a man.

You're not a young girl any more.

For a wife,
jealousy is a shortcoming.

And what did my husband tell you?

If you stop showing you're jealous

and you come back home,
he will leave her.

Iwago acknowledges
he was hard with you.

But he wants you
to adopt the child.

The child?


Tomokichi is pregnant.

I didn't know about that.

It is not possible.

Quiet down, will you?

It's natural for two people
sleeping together to have a child.

The mother is young.

I don't want anything to do with this.

In the world, many women

bring up the children their husband
had with their mistresses.

There's nothing weird about that.

I wish I were deaf.

Look at the state of you!
For such a small thing!

If you knew what Iwago really
thinks about you...

You see, Iwago...

Iwago is unable of being proud
having you as his wife.

What do you mean by that?

Talk straight.

You know what job he is doing;
try putting yourself in his place.

Your fine clothes...

Your easy life... They come from the
misfortune of thousands of poor girls.

How can you pretend you don't know this
and lead a respectable life?

Listen to me. If Iwago is so
interested in Tomokichi,

it's because he's always wanted
a responsive wife. Don't you know that?

If that is the case,
why did he send you for me?

If I am useless in the Tomita House,
leave me alone.

But who do you think you are?

In that case, he will leave you.

Whatever I'm told,
I won't adopt that child!

It's the last straw!

I wear myself out talking sense to you
and you stand up to me.

I said no.

Even if I must die.

And if no one wants it,
you can kill it!

Kiwa, stop barking!

Say it again!

Say it again!

You always use me
to sort out your problems!

Nothing can be done with her.

She really is unsufferable.

You should leave her
and live with Tomokichi.

I've decided...

I'll leave Tomokichi...

for good.

But will you be able to?

In for a dime, in for a dollar.

What will you do
with the child to be born?

If Kiwa won't raise it,

I'll hire a wet nurse.

A wet nurse?
That's a good idea.

You're really unlucky to have
a wife such as this one.

Place your bets.

All bets are placed?

Place your bets, please.

Here's my bet.

All bets are off.


Damnit, I've lost again.

I've got two yens,
if you want them.

Two yens is not enough.

All right, give it.

Ryu is here.

Ken, come home.

It's because of your behavior

that mum won't come home.

Let go of me.


I don't give a damn
about that family.

Aren't you sorry for mum?

I don't care.

Come at once.

Let go of me.

You've got nothing to do here.

This is not a place
for a good boy like you.

Go away.

It's your fault,

you corrupted my brother.

Say that again!

I'll tell my father.

Your father?

You mean Iwago,
the pimp, don't you?

- What?
- So?

Wait a minute!
You should know that your father

laid low in front of me.

He's a real wimp.

Stop pissing me off talking about
your father and shove off!

My father is not a wimp.

If he is not a wimp,
he is nothing but scum.

You are scum, all of you.
Not him!

Shut up!

Stop it!

Don't go!

Ryu, go away!


He was asking for you.

Ryu darling...

Ryu, forgive me.

Forgive me.

It's my fault!


Forgive me.

Ken gave himself up to the police.

He did?

Tanigawa is getting ready
to come against us.

We'll kill them all.

You wait here.


I did not hire you to kill.

Wait here.


Don't go.

Don't fight.

That's none of your business.

No fighting!

Don't you want to avenge Ryu?

We have other children.

What will happen to Ken
if something happens to you?

And what about those
who work for you?

Everyone depends on you
for their living.

And so do I.

Don't forget it!

All right...
I'll go to the police.

Stay with Ryu.

Madame, don't be afraid.

The police have just called.
They're watching Tanigawa.

They're not here yet?

No, not yet.

Go see.

It's long.

Kiku, did you take a decision about
Takeichi, the market's salesman?

I wanted to talk to you about him.

Tell him no.

Why? Don't you like him?

No... He is too good for me.

That's not a good reason.

Can't I stay beside you
all my life long?

No, I don't want that.


a new one is coming today.

Boss... they're coming.

There it is.
The new one is coming.

It will make things livelier.

Here it is, Iwago!

Here's what you were expecting.

Thank you. Please, do come in.

I know that you would have
prefered it to be a boy.

But it's a girl.

It's not a problem, is it?

She's sleeping well.

She is full of life.

We can hear her breathe.

That's reassuring.

- She is cute.
- She'll become a beautiful woman.

It's a princess we've got here.

Everything is all right.


thank you for everything.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Kiku, go and see.

I know you want to.

Don't worry about me.

No, I don't want to.

About Takeichi,

make a decision.

You say yes?

She's well fed.

Let me rock her.

No, let me first.

You're not very good at it.

Give me back that money I lent you.

Shut up.

We can't leave her with you.

That child is the House's heir.

Madame is here.

It's not too difficult for you?

You've got to breastfeed
at your place and here too.

No, because my mother in law
brings my child here.

Did Mrs Daisada
prepare all these clothes?

Yes, it's all made of silk.
A real luxury!

It must be expensive
for your husband.

As Mrs Daisada
has never raised any child,

she does not know silk
is not suitable for an infant.

Imagine washing up silk
every day!

Tomokichi begged me
to let her sleep

at least one night with her baby.

Taking the child away
from her was difficult.

But if she had given her
even a single drop of milk

that would have created
a mother-child relationship.

And she would have become
attached to that child.

I had to do that dirty work.

Listen to me, Kiwa.

You could raise her.

Paying someone will be very expensive.

And the work won't be done properly.

You could start taking care of her.

Hurry up!


I do know you well.

You really like children.

I know.

Kiwa, I've got something to show you.


For tonight's naming ceremony,
I prepared this kimono.

Do you think it will fit the baby?

It is very beautiful.

After the ceremony,
I'm thinking of altering this garment

to make an ordinary garment of it.

Yes, but babies are not sensitive
to cold as is commonly thought.

In this springlike weather,
the lining is useless.

After the ceremony,
we can remove the lining

so that the garment can
be used until summer.

We'll have to cut off
the sleeves then.

And we'll cut off the ceremonial
belt too

to replace it by an ordinary
cotton one.

And, there is no layette.

Layette gets dirty faster


The collar gets dirty quickly.

I see.

You must have raised 3 children
to know that.

I don't measure up.

I'm not asking you
to take care of her

but I hope you'll take
some interest in her well-being.

Ayako... that's a pretty name.
Dad chose well.

When I have served my sentence,
she will be nine.


when I come out,
I'll do my best to help you.

In memory of Ryu, too.

I know you feel sad,

but wait until I'm back.



Breathe, Ayako!





She's breathing.

She's breathing.

Excuse me.

Starting tonight,
I'll take her with me upstairs.

Your job will only consist
in breast-feeding her.

Take all her clothes
and bring them upstairs.

Come with me.

We're going upstairs.


- Don't run too fast!
- It's me!

- Mum, it's me.
- Good evening.


How was your day?

You're breathless!

Look, mum!

I'm head of my class.

You are?


Did you tell your dad?

Go tell me quickly!

He might buy that organ
you so much wish you had.

Go see Kiku at the market too.

All right.

I'll ask Kiku to tell dad
about the organ.

You'll tell the customer
I'll come around and see him

in a few days.

All right. I'm going.

Have a good day.

You're as beautiful as ever.

Good morning.

It's been a long time.

Someyu, what brings you here?

I came to see you about Sayoko,
my younger sister.

Come inside and sit down.

I am Sayoko.

I am happy to meet
my future father in law.

I know.

Sit down.

Kiwa is against that wedding?

She does not make
the decisions here.

I'll give Ken the Midori district,

and I'll work here.

With Kiwa and the others?

Yes, probably.

Kiwa is too weak with Ayako.

I must be here.

When Ken is back,

we'll celebrate the engagement.

That will be great.

Are you glad, Sayoko?

I shall be a dutiful wife,

dear future father in law.

Thanks for the girl.

We'll do business again.

Here you are.

See you soon.

We have nice girls here.

Let go of me!

Dirty bastard!

I got it.

Madame, quick!

Thank you.


Iwago was attacked in Osaka.

Is he wounded?

I don't know all the details yet.

My God, this is serious.

I'm going tonight.
I can still catch the last train.

I'm coming to. I'll get ready.

Madame, what's wrong?

It's nothing.

Call a cab.


Oh God!


My husband... Quick!

Call the doctor.

Hang on!

The operation has started.

Will they save her?

The doctor says her heart is weak.

It's bad.

She has a big tumor in her uterus.

She never said
she had frequent bleedings.

My sister is a real cause of worries.

It's all right.

You must not worry about that.

I am to blame.

Kiku has stayed
in the operating room.

The nurse could not make her go out.

Is the operation going to last long?

We were told it would last 3 hours.

O Budda, all-merciful...




Everything's all right.

You'll be all right now.

The operation was a success.


The doctor says it's a miracle.


I'm looking for the house of Matsui,
the rickshaw driver.

It's in an alley. That way....

But Matsui is dead.
He was killed in a fight.

Mrs Matsui.

Is there someone in?

You're making a lot of noise.

If you came to pray for my husband,

do so quickly and leave.

Godfather Tanigawa,
how dare you come here?

I was passing by.

It's a beautiful place.
Just as I was told.

Take Mrs Matsui upstairs.

This way...

Teru, go and visit
Kochi harbor tomorrow.

We'll talk when you're back.

Thank you.

Quite a pretty piece of flesh!
And what a nice ass!

Sit down please.

Godfather Tanigawa...

What do you want?


I am really sorry
for what happened in Osaka.

I don't know what my men
told the police

but I did not give any command
of that sort.

Those fools attacked you
to avenge their colleague

who had been killed
by your son Ken.

Take the envelope out.

It's a compensation.

It is to congratulate you
for your quick recovery too.

Please do accept that money.


The woman you've just seen

is the wife of that rickshaw driver
who was killed in my stead.

Is she?

I see...

Since you are in such good spirits,

pay her compensation that will last
until the end of her life.

I could do that, but...

How much would that be?

Fifty thousand.

Fifty thousand!

She's still young.

Iwago, you're taking advantage
of the situation.

Why such a huge sum of money?

If you're not willing to pay,
there's only one way out of this.


You've got a nerve, Tanigawa!

You're just a fool.

Times have changed.

You've got no influence left.
You're good only for the scrap yard.

You were lucky to remain alive.

No one will be allowed
to make fun of Iwago Tomita.

All right.

I got it.

You win. As for the money,
I'll see what I can do.

But in return,
you'll forget the past, all right?


Let's go.

Purify the doorstep with salt.
He brings bad luck.

Boss... do you really think
he'll bring in the money?

The money does not matter.
What matters is that...

from now on,
I am in charge in Kochi.

I'll comb your hair.

You must lie down.

I look like a ghost.

What matters is that
you're well now.

Wear a hairpiece
until your hair grows back.

My drawing is finished.

Who is it?

It's you.

I am not so round-faced.

Yes, it's you.

You must do something, Mum.
Ayako is always talking nonsense.

Ayako, you must not
come here too often.

But I don't like staying at home.

Next year,
you'll go to Junior School.

You'll have to learn many new things.

I'll do it when you're back.


It's me!



You're back. At last!

I came out two weeks ago.

Dad invited me to Osaka
to celebrate my coming out of jail.


I am Sayoko.

Glad to meet you.

So you are Ayako!

You are a pretty little girl.

I am...

I am your brother.

Glad to meet you.

You could have come here
straight away.

Instead of having fun in Osaka

you should have worried about her.

What will you do now?

Are you going to work
with your father?

From now on,

you and Ayako
will come live with us.

You won't depend on dad any more.

It's difficult for me to accept.

Dad asked us to come
and live above his office.

But the situation has changed.

What do you mean?

He's got a woman over there.

Dad is very vigourous.

He needs a woman.

Come on,

don't think about it.

He is the way he is.
We are different.

Ayako, the taxi is waiting.
Come with us.

I will bring Ayako back.

Ayako, leave with your brother.

She will go to Junior School.
She must study.

I told her not to come here any more.


I entrust Ayako to your care.

I'll take care of her
while you're here.

Ayako, come with me.

All right...
We'll come see you again soon.

All right?

I shall go to dad's office,

to see what's going on.

Why do that?

It's no use.

Nothing he does surprises me any more.

I'm so used to all that.

Teru, may I?

May I?



Let me stay with you.

I'll do everything you want.

Promise me you will keep me with you.

Where is Ayako?


Who is making you work that way?

You want me to leave?

As you know,

father left me the care
of this house.

You will go in the outbuilding
and live there with Ayako.

You'll leave the first floor to us.

We'll also manage
the money separately.

I'll give you some money every month.

Does your father know about that?

Of course.

If you have things to say,
go see him.

He is somewhere around.

Dad is totally detached from you.

It's mainly because

you too often reproached him
with his job.

Ayako does not love her father,

because you speak ill of his work.
He is mad with anger.

It's only a pretext.
To hide what he is doing.

What will you do about it?

He is at the top of his vitality.
Turn a blind eye on it.

It is not the first time.

He's always done as he pleased.

Don't start with this again.

If you are willing to accept
his being with Teru,

I can try to fix things
between dad and you.

It's no use.

- I shall leave.
- Mother!

I don't want you to provide for me.

What about Ayako?

You aren't going to take her
with you, are you?

Tell me, Ayako.

If I leave from here....

what will you do?

Will you come with me?

Iwago will never accept it.

I would be surprised
if he let her go away with you.

You won't go with dad, will you?

I don't need him.

You will report everything
you heard today to Iwago.


We use that shed as a storeroom.

You can use it the way you want.


There is no electricity.

Where shall we sleep?

It smells bad.

We'll go live somewhere else.

I like it in spite of that.

There's plenty of books.

So we'll stay.

Cleaning this place
will take several days.

Are you all right?

Remember, my friend, that day
when I told you to come away with me.

I no longer wanted to live
in that narrow country.

Beyond the sea,
there was China.

China and its 400 million people.

It's already been ten years
since we arrived in Manchuria.

The big land of the valiant
manchu riders.

We resist the furious
attacks of the enemy.

An army of 2000 thugs
is coming against us.

Will you leave your wife?

Who told you that, Someyu?

Ken told me so.

I don't agree.

I heard you are with one Teru.

You won't take her in the place
of your wife, will you?

I'm the only one who has the right
to replace your wife.

Don't you forget it.

What will you do about Tanigawa?

Since you humiliated him,

he has been nothing but a wreck.
I'll leave him.

No more money, no more love?

You are a specialist
in women of that sort

because you're surrounded by them.

Me above all.

I am your masterpiece.


Do you know

what your wife has been doing
for a living

since she left you?

She won't take any money from Ken.

- She sticks envelopes for a living!
- Shut up and have a drink!

If you want to fuck me,
I will always agree.

But you'll never be my wife.

My wife...

My wife is my wife.

Your wife is the best!

The others are nothing
compared to her.

You will never find anyone better.

He ill-treats his wife

but he will never leave her.


A divorce?

I want Ayako back here.

Wait a minute.

Kiwa does not want a divorce.

Good day.

Thank you.


you have a right to be angry
but please be patient.

I'll try and convince Kiwa.

Give me three days. No...
Two will be enough.


Have mercy!

If you don't bring Ayako back,
you will pay what you owe me.

I lent you a lot.

In my opinion, he does not
really want a divorce.

He only wants you to come back.

If he has Ayako,
he thinks it will make you come back.

No, Iwago really wants a divorce.

He's really angry.

It's no use crying
or asking for pity.

Give Ayako back to him,
and have him pay you alimony.

You can stay here

and we won't have
to fear Iwago any more.

Brother, sister-in-law,

I apologize for all the trouble
I'm causing

but I have no intention
of stooping before him.

I have never done
anything wrong, have I?

Why are you always rebelling?

Kiwa, think things over seriously.

Ayako is twelve.

She might learn you're not her mother.

If you must leave her, do it now.

No I will never abandon Ayako.

Whatever you say,
Ayako is my daughter.

You fool, what will you do
on your own with her?

I don't mind dying as a dog,

if it's the price of escaping Iwago.

That's enough!
You're not my sister any more.

Don't take care of her now.

Think it over.

You can't go on that way.

Your health is not good.

Thanks for the rice.

I'll give it back.



Let her be!

We can't do that.

She is crazy.
Let her do what she wants.

The girl wearing

red shoes

was taken away

by a foreigner.

Kiku brought us fish.

She did?

That's a beautiful mackerel!

Shall we cook it or marinate it?

Stop doing that.
You're not a geisha's daughter.

Did you do your homework?

Have you finished it?

At school, my friend Saburo told me
that I am a geisha's daughter.

What's wrong?

It's nothing.

I was surprised. That's all.

Saburo is the son of that shopkeeper
in the Midori district?

Did you fall out with him?

No, coming back from school,
he shouted this to me.

Was there someone with him?



I don't understand.

I wanted to know who dared
say something so mean.

It's natural for your mother to know.


We shall proceed

with the laying of the first stone

of the new Kochi Hospital.


What a beautiful day!

He made it!

It cost him a lot.

He's paying half

of the cost for building the hospital.

That Tomita is really successful.

He deserves being sponsored

for the next municipal elections.

Quite right.

I haven't got any tea, but...

I have come to have Ayako back.

There's nothing you can do
to prevent me from having her back.

Stop doing that pathetic little job.

Stop it!

If Teru is the problem for you,

you've got it wrong.

I'm thinking of getting her some job.

Maybe in some Osaka café
as a waitress.

If, after that, you still have things
to say, say them!

You're really....

You think you can run it all.

You get all the women...

saying it's part of your job.

You always did what you pleased.

Do you think you can
steal women's hearts?

You don't have to worry
about me any more.

You can marry that girl.

I'll take care of Ayako's education.

She'll become an honest
and decent girl.

Next year,
she'll go to the Girls' High School.

Until when do you intend to defy me?


I thank you for the education
you gave my daughter.

It's understandable as
you're not her real mother.


You should reconsider the question.

There are some difficult
moments in life.

At your age,
most of it is behind you.

It would be a pity to give up now.

If you go away from Ayako,
it's because you care about her future.

I know you really love Ayako.

It's because you care
about Ayako's future

that you decided to divorce.

But you're mistaken.

You understand?

Listen carefully.

Ayako is not someone's else's child
any more.

Time passing,

she's become your real daughter.

Don't you think so?

Did you understand?

They'll be here soon.

When mum comes in with Ayako,
help me keep her here.

Stop in the middle of the bridge.

All right.



I'll go down first.

Don't catch cold.

Take good care of yourself.

Mum... where will you go?

To Teppo, where I met your father.


I alm not going any further.

I'll watch you leave.

Mum is not coming.


Mum got down on the bridge.

Let me go get her.

Let me

go get her.


show Ayako the organ.

It's in the back sitting-room.


What about mum?

After thirty years together,

What is she to you?

Don't take her

for a toy!

Show me my organ.

Hurry up!


Ken Ogata
(Iwago Tomita)

Yukiyo Toaké
(Kiwa, Iwago's wife)

Yuko Natori

Mariko Ishihara
(Kiku, Iwago's adoptive daughter)

Junichi Inoué
(Ryu, Iwago's adoptive son)

Kimié Shingyoji
(Singer Tomokichi)

Mari Shirato
(Teru Matsui)

Ryuzo Tanaka

Mikio Narita
( Boss Tanigawa)

Mitsuko Kusabué
(Daisada's Madame)

(Kaori Takahashi)


English subs: cinephage/raleigh