O zi buna de plaja (2008) - full transcript

The short is about three juvenile delinquents who break out of prison, kidnap a prostitute and a driver and play with them on an empty beach.

Produced with the support
Romanian Center of Cinematography

A good day for a swim

We swim.

We swim, bitch!
Come on, bitch.

You want to call the police,

- Take this.
- Fuck.

Want to run?
Your shit!

You get children?

You get children,
son of a bitch?


Just kill me!

I imagine that time is.

They should have put
police behind us now.

Let's go.

And what do we do with these two?

Put them on trial.

What is your name?

- Bitch, what your name?
- Liliana Moise.

And yours?

Mihai Petcu.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Go, then.