O statecném kovári (1983) - full transcript

The story is begining

Come with me

Sit on my lap

Song and stories

Under the mountain is a small village

Where the dogs bark

Above the mountain it glitters

Behind the mountain is a forest

What is that upcomming

In the forest near the path

Within the trees, snow and silence

Well, you tell me

Dad, I don't want to tend to the cows
I want to be a blacksmith already

What do you think Jacob?

Well of course he'll be a blacksmith

-A master of the craft in fact
-I want to be a blacksmith right now

Well, come on then

Stands the smithy

Happiness is foreseen

Beautiful and pretty

Like the bloom of a rose

and the dew on the petals

secretly within the grass

The smithy rings

The birds are singing

First, you must grow up
Mikshiku, you know?

He'll become a strongman one day, blacksmith.

Dad, how come wood burns, but iron doesn't

Where does the sun go to sleep?

Why does a blacksmith's mare walk barefoot?

He'll be smarter than us both, blacksmith.

When the fire starts, the forge shines

The blacksmiths then start to hit the iron

Within the smithy, childrens stories are forged

They'll bring her in a shawl
with songs made from iron

Blacksmiths, have a loving heart,
for a long time.

I know, Jacob.

Dad, what is this for?

He'll also be most curious, Jacob.

He actually is already

Nothing for you, son.


That club was handled by your father's father.

It is a special club.

Whoever throws it over the house,
it'll be a start to wearing down their shoes,

as you may start your journey into the world.
We didn't see your dad for seven years.

You talk words into the wind
and you are confusing the boy

Nevertheless, he'll make his own way
You'll never hold him back.

-You weren't any different yourself.
-You know what? Just work.

Hey, is anybody here?

Well is anyone here?

What would you like, sir?

Have a look at the hoof of my horse, blacksmith.

Don't startle...


And there you go.

Good work young man

Are you not preparing yourself to go into the world?

So, will you let me go Dad?

What did I say, blacksmith?
The eagle is spreading it's wings.

Where there isn't courage and a good heart,
a strength of one hundred times will not help

Don't fear for me, Dad

And don't do more than what you already are

That's one man in two.

And don't only think about yourself

It is an illness, where strength
and courage is taken by the handfull.

Go on.

and on the journey back
look after your own heart,


You'll have to trust him,
he is your own blood afterall.

Hey, strongman!

What are you doing?

Can't you see? There is no wind.

The miller says, that i'm good enough on my own.

and is it good working here with him?


As good as sleeping on a
cold stove top in winter

Then come with me,
i'm going into the world.

What are you standing around for, lazy skin!
I've got a full load! So move yourself!

What am I paying you for?

When have you ever paid me?

Wait for me!

I'll come with you!

It'll still be better in the world than
milling without pay.

-What do they call you?

You heard the miller, no?
Lazy skin.

But at home they called me Matthew.

Even sometimes little Matthew.

and I am Mikesh.
I've learned to be a
blacksmith with my father.

So, Matthew, little Matthew,

When we're going into the world together

and every step is a different stride,
we will not get very far.

We'll have to make a truce.

From now on we'll work as a team.
During the good and the bad.

Show me!


and this club you'll carry yourself?

I will.

Hey, Mikshi!

The sun is above our heads,

A chunk of the journey already behind us,

Ahead, an even larger one,

in my belly it's...

Wouldn't there be a bite to eat perhaps?

-You mean for both of us?


No way!

Hey, strongman, what do they call you?

My peasant boss screams at me,
"stupid, move yourself!"

But at home they called me Andrew.

Even sometimes cute Andrew.

and where are your horses?

The peasant said, that taking
horses into the woods is a waste.

When you can move the carriage yourself.

-and is it good working here with him?

Like a hungry man sitting
at an empty table

Well then come with us into the world.


-Come on, climb!
-I can't!

Just a bit more.

-So what boys, can't you do it?
-No, we can't.


Well come...


-What's the matter?
-Hurry and move!



Well, grandma, is it better like this?

Nice and sweet she has it

-But like that
-Move, you crazy man!

-How you're my sweet?

No talking! We know everything!

You are those three!

-Quickly leave!

Of course.

Those three, who are walking through the kingdom
and singing.

The sun is shining, it's nice in the world...

We know everything!

Under the orders of our king...

Damn, boys...
You can sing, but only sadly.

But I don't know how to sing sadly.

Then nothing can be done.

In the name of our king,
lets not be held up any longer,

You're going straight to jail!

and they still can be reasoned with.



-What? Leave me be!
-Don't be afraid.

-No, me no!
-But yes.


-Have a nice time up there.
-It suits them, doesn't it

Hey, pub patrons, give us a table!

-We're hungry, enough for five men
-and a thirst for ten!

What kind of a pub is this?

Tables are empty
and music like it's black friday.

You must come from afar, boys.

Over here you cannot.

When the youngest turned eighteen,
again was the whole castle on it's toes

On guard they were for three days and nights
Eyes peeled.

All doors
on all seven casltes were locked

-Windows were nailed shut.
-She vanished.

-Without a trace?
-and no one managed to do anything?

-They gathered at the perpetrators castle
-They fell apart like the petals of a dandelion

The king promised the person, who finds them,

Gets to take one of them as their wife
and half the kingdom

However, after the princesses
It is as if, the world has fallen silent

Not a word,
Not even wispers remained.

And never think only about yourself.

you know, blacksmith
all three of them were beautiful.

However, the youngest was
of the utmost beauty

Like a white rose.

Her heart,

Her heart was loving.

and within her eyes of blue, filled with goodness.

Hey, friends!

Get up!

-Whats the matter?
-It is day already.

-We're going for the castle.

Do you have any sense in you?

-Do you think that we have not walked far enough already?

Thats what I thought.

We have to get ready to go.

And breakfast will be when?

breakfast, hm?

-Have you gone mad?
-What are you doing!?

I'm walking the path

-What travels under the hillside
-With that will be life.

Like hopping over hot stoves.

Big deal, for a little bit of water.

What kinds of people are that, down there?

You will soon find out, my king.

Those are the three! Those who sang!

But we just want to go see the king.

We want to go tell him,
That we'll go after to find the princesses

We'll seek and lead them home

Such arrogance! How many
proclaimed princes have risen to the call,

brave knights
on noble horses, and you!?

-But, we really...
-To jail with them!


and they still can be reasoned with.

What is going on here?

Hurry up and arrest them!





Lets go.

Which way is to the king?

This way.

Didn't I tell you right away, king,
that we should've let them be

Should've thought it through.

These must be the princesses.

The vanished.

Indeed, she is beautiful.

Even more so,
than the tale from the pub.

So you want to go out and find them?

My three daughters.

May they be wherever.

One of them will be granted as your wife

and with them, half the kingdom

But no...

-I am but a blacksmith, my king.
-I saw.

Strength and arrogance is not missing from you.

Why would you want to put your neck on the line?

But for those, gentle, fragile ones,
I feel saddened.

Why are they to be lost?

They are instead to bring happiness to people
and even for perhaps decorated dance.

Over all the lands is saddness. At work
no one can sing to happiness

Is that meant to be some kind of justice?

You have courage, blacksmith.

Please, my king.

You will make yourselves prepared for a journey
you'll give them, what they'll wish.

I was the first to say it, my king,
that they'll be the ones.

This way, my firends,
have yourselves follow me

This way, please, this way.

-Would you like anything else, blacksmith?
-But why? why would they vanish?

Nothing happens in this world
by chance, without meaning.

No, it doesn't.

Their mother. Over a long time ago I
fought over her with the king of black.

I cant say more. Nor where to look,
or which path to depart on.

and what?

We'll ask around on our way,

We are who, whom have journeyed around these lands

When they cant be reasoned with,

they'll have to use their own reason.

and if he too falls,

then surely, the voice of the heart will proclaim.

I wish you luck, boy.

-We could've at least taken the horses.

We would ride like gentlemen.

and we'd save our boots

They were even offering!

You won't make it any further in yours

True, that is how the world is.




When I think back to that
embellished table in the castle...

Anywhere I could reach
would be full of delectable treats.

The mouth would start to water.

When you become a king, you'll order
to embellish a table for ten.

It's better to have something small in hand
Rather than something promised but larger

I was first to say it. They are fools
and liars they were.

How can it be that ordinary villiagers
with hay in their shoes

Have the lands rely on them.

Its unbelievable. To think that,
one of them could be king...

and where are your courageous and brave?

In guilded weapons and armor?
and on nobles horses?

I trusted the blacksmith the most.

I know it here.

There as well.
But I never heard anything.

and over there?

There I have heard,
that luck does not grow.

Lets go then.

When I think back to
the beds in the castle...

Cloud like covers on me...

Clouds under me...

You get used to softness easily,
smarts ones...

When I was back at the miller's
it wasn't too bad actually

Occasionally, he'd heat, I'd warm up...

Not bad.

or when I would lie on a
hay bale in the barn

-Everything there would breathe warmth

-It needs younger hands, blacksmith.
-I shouldn't have let him go.

Soon, the winter will end
and the lands could've relied on him

The world is large.

To travel across from one end to the other
takes a long while.

and to find luck, a while longer.

How about instead, stir the fire
so that you'd work instead of talking

Now, which way.

If, a villan you want
there is nobody here

But, there was someone here before us

The morning is a wiser night
We'll camp overnight.

That was courageous in front of the king...

But which way now?

If only someone could tell me

How may one take advice, when they
don't know how to take it from themselves

The heart will proclaim.
Those are your words, blacksmith.

Is anybody there?

I had, my friends, a beautiful dream.

I was walking along and at every tenth
step, I found a gold piece

What is the point of gold pieces when your
stomach is grumbling.

But I, had a dream!

At every step, sausages,

A few steps further, a roast...

I, in my dream, it said to me...
or wasn't it a dream?

That we should go this way.

No way!

-I dreamt it was this way.
-What? This way?

Nah, friend, it was this way!

Eight... Nine... Ten!

Hospitality like at the castle!
Best in the world!

Gold, gold everywhere!

Come on up,
I am already waiting for you!

So, where are your gold pieces?
sausages and roasts?

You know,

something went wrong, Mikshi...

All magic and spells
and to you, did nothing happen?

-Hey, Andrew?

To want, without work
is what happened.

-To fill your pockets without any labour
-You were right, Mikshi.

-Please don't be mad at us anymore.
-Next time we'll listen to your word.

Well come on!

We'll each all follow a different direction.

and whoever finds a path
or a village

will return here and whistle three times

-and what if we find nothing?
-At the setting of the sun we'll meet here again

and we'll figure something else out.

What are you doing here?

Can't you see?

Looking for a "path", or other goods.

Well in that case, Ill look with you.



Well I am really liking it here,

What if here, there were
some kind of gang of bandits?

and at night they return.


Who cares




-Get up!
-Whats the matter?

The table! Its empty.

Why would there be dinner at night,
but no breakfast in the morning?

Do you really think that, somebody
will always be there to look after you?

You'll wait here, and will make mash.

Andrew and I will go find something to eat

But I...

mash, yuck

Last night, that was a different kind of feast.

Mouth was watering,
tummy got filled up...

and now, mash...

Plain, unbuttered mash.

Matthew, I really like mash.

I would die for some mash!
Give me some, Matthew, you won't regret it.

-This mash is for my friends
-Come on, there is too little

You'll only be able to get a small taste


Ill give you a better feast.

But my friends will come soon.
What am I to tell them?

Ill make something up.
Take it, runt!

-What were you doing here?

Well I, was stirring the mash,
so it wouldn't burn...

-stirring, stirring?

How I was thinking about you guys
if you were coming already...

Then all of a sudden I got a headspin,
and then, I know nothing further.

Now you'll remain here, Andrew.
and we'll go find something.

I'd love a fish. To death I do.

Give me the fish, Andrew, you won't regret it.

I would die for some fish!

Too little for one, for three, nothing.

I've gotcha now!


For every bite I get, you'll get a gold piece

For every bone, you'll get silver.

But my friends will be here soon.


What am I meant to tell them?

Ill make something up.

Take the stupid fish.

Take the whole thing.

-Whats the matter?

I was roasting the fish, turning it,
so it doesn't burn...

Turning and turning...

and as I was thinking about you, friends...

It didn't grow very much,
you're going to be skinny meal,

For everybody there'll be only a bite.
But, who cares.

Skinny roasts I like.

To death I love it.

Give the roast to me, Mikshi, you won't regret it.

Silence, you runt!

The roast is for my friends,
they'll return hungry.

Too little for one, for three, nothing.
Ill embellish a real feast for you, a real one!

It'll be only for you.

The hospitality!
You'll have it like a king.

So that's you?!
The weakness of my friends.

Spells and magic
on good hearted people you prey.

Return it to me at once, mate!
or misfortune will haunt you.

-Return the hair of my chin!
-No thanks.

-Well, will you?
-Silence, witch!

Even if were to change a hundred times,
I'd give you such a beating...

Well, come on in.

-You're alive and well?
-He didn't like... do...

Neither this or that.
You strongmen of mine sure are reliable

One with his own bare hands cuts forests,
the second spins windmills,

But all it takes is to shake some food
or rattle some gold...

-Don't be mad, we defended ourselves.
-But some kind of spell came over us...

-Yeah. Invisible barries...
-It completely came over us...


We aren't even capable of lying to you

-We trust you more than ourselves

Well come on and eat

and the little imp, Where did it...

You defeated it!

-and killed.
-but why would I want to kill it?

This way, I don't think it'll forget about me.

Do not tug on my hair, worldly man!

I am telling you a second time, return it!

Witch, stop trying to scare us.

Leave it!

Blacksmith, Ill fulfil your every wish.

If you know how to perform magic, witch,

and you know how to fulfil my every wish,

Then you know why we are here.

-and that we do not know the way forward.
-I can't fulfil that

-I think you'll know.
-Stop it, blacksmith!

The king of black has abducted them
into his kingdom.

Where the sun's light cannot shine,
and flights of birds cannot reach.

Deep under this earth.
The path there numbers one, only one.

For a person of true courage,
with a true heart and a soul, pure.

-Show it to me.
-and remember, blacksmith,

This path is a type that doesn't go backwards

One where you may not return from.

It takes once to stagger
and you'll be forgotten about.

He's lost his sense.

Who could hear that,
the path is through a well.

and its full of water!

Be fearless, blacksmith.

Now there isn't a drop of water left.

and what will be of us, Mikshi?
You are not going to leave us here, are you?

At least for once you'll look after yourselves

You'll lower me down and you'll wait

When I signal you'll pull me out

Hey, stop sleeping! A bit further!

-You can still return, blacksmith.
-I'd rather you tell me, which way forward.

You still have time.

You're near, Mikshi.

Just beyond the forest is the throne of the king of black.

You are trustful, blacksmith, however here,
with goodwill, it is not enough.

Even if you'd have three times the amount.

With the strength of the flame
you'll blind the might of evil

From here you'll have to travel alone.
The power of my magic is only so strong.

If you commmand: Burn, embers of the
flame, use your will to entame.

and be careful,
so that the flame does not go out.

You life is dependant on it.

and so is mine.

Burn, embers of the
flame, use your will to entame.

I have come for you, princesses.

Your father, the king, is
considerably at loss.

A person may not even sing happily

-You, really?

However, you number little.

There are meant to be three. Three.

We really do not know where our youngest is

Since we were first here,
not once did we see her.

But she must be here somewhere...

Don't waste anymore time,
hurry on your journey back.

Hey, friends!

Matthew! Andrew!

Don't be afraid.



Pull, but carefully!

It'll be alright, I have my friends up there.

-and what about you, blacksmith?
-What about me?

Ill lead them back to the king and,
Ill start again.

The nicest I still haven't found yet.

Hey, friends!

You are trustful, blacksmith.

Change your mind, how many times have they
seen wealth drown out true compassion.

How many opportunities did they have. To not
take, however, taking they desired

Pull me up, friends!

One princess
and half a kingdom Ill get.

Aha. Another half of the kingdom and
a princess for me...

A third princess is not around...

Stupid me!

and Ill even bring them under their nose!

Don't worry about them.

They both have figured that they
must return back to the castle.

Only then will they get a reward.

-Lets go back to the king
-For our half of the kingdom!

-The hospitality will be excellent!
-All the food and drinks...

Long live Andrew the brave!

Long live Matthew the brave!

-Long live the hero's of brave
-Long live!

But your friend was who saved us, Mikesh.

Blacksmith Mikesh.

-Have you ever heard of such a blacksmith?
-How could've I.

Do you see anywhere some kind of
friend of ours?

Nor other goods.

and to you, beauties,
Ill tell you something.

Around us, there isn't and never was anyone



-We'd never harm a fly.
-We're an honourable team.

But, if our words were ever to be altered..

-Tell me witch.
-You want to know the journey back?

You well and truly know!
I want to know, where is the third.

How can I come across that information,

I've liked her from the begining,
right from the words of the pub owner.

and then, as I saw her painting,

she was looking into my eyes.

Our eyes touched a hundred times.

It touched my heart a hundred times more.

As though they were to say something.

Let go, blacksmith.

I could've known a hundred times

Many times I lead my sisters here,

but not a word I could speak,
not an echo I could make.

The king of black cursed me

As I was the most similar to my mother

The one which your father battled with and won.

Then he set out towards you?

I want him to come now!

I'd like to speak with him
about certain corrections.

It won't be that easy, Mikshi.


His strength, might and life
was confounded to a shell

and it was put into the body of a dog,
that walks in his footsteps.

Which is why, even with your club,
you cannot harm him.

But remember, Mikshi,
remember why you came.

-Here, take my ring.
-But, you can't...

-Just take it, you're trustful.

The anger of people is often worse
than the secret magic of this world.

So this is you, the fool,
who has made it all the way here!

Do you not care about your life?

Actually, I do.

Good, what you've done,
may be well enough.

You'd like to return back

But you must leave at once!

Over a step back you mustn't take, Mikshi.

You're hesistating, Mikshi.

Stop, mate!

Ill give you your own whole kingdom
Of such wealth you've never dreamed of.

Or would you like to lead the world?

You'll have rule over everything,
that is possible.

Of such power, you couldn't
dream of in a thousand dreams


Was this just all,
just a dream?

or not?

No, I didn't.

But those are the... those can't be the...

My king!

I was the first to say it my king, the first.


And where is...

Here I am, Dad.

-Glory, the king has his daugthers home.

Well, for faithful reunions!

I will reward you,
how I had promised you.

But wasn't there also a blacksmith with you?
Where did he go?

Yeah, he was.

But not for long.
At some point in the journey, he let us go.

He became lured by gold.

However, we called out to him, that we are to
save the princesses. But he...

And I trusted him so much.

When there isn't honour told,
the heart shall proclaim.

Those are your words, Mikshi.

You've brought back my heart
along with happiness to the lands.

I will now fulfil my word as king

Each of you, belongs with
one of my daughters

and half the kingdom, my king.

yes, and also half the kingdom.



I knew it, I was the first to know it.

-My king

-When is the marriage?
-Maybe right away.


-Dad, can I ask you of something...
-Go ahead...

Stall for a while.

Am I to go back on my word
or what am I to do?

No, you still have to fulfil your word.

But, you can still wait
to make a decision a while later.

And you all? How do you feel about this?

Anything concerns me?
I am happy to wait.

I however would like to
look over my half for a bit

Well, I would like to first
bite of a bit from my half

Her heart, her heart was compassionate.

And her eyes were filled with goodness.

Ah, sorry.

I won't interupt.

Remember, Dad, that ring,
that you gave me?

From my mother?

On the engagement day I handed it to her
and my life with hers became one.

I... I also gave it away.

-How's this, how can there be dancing?
-You must step back and see, if you don't know,

that now, here you can be joyful.

I am pouring now!

Its going to be a year since
song and dance returned to us.

-What those two brave lads...
-Men of courage!

Tomorrow they'll be in the castle
two weddings at the same time.

Our king is joyful.
Happiness is everywhere.

But our princesses are still saddened
as if the darkness from the underground followed.

When secrets...

You were already...

You were actually...

Hurry! Hurry yourself, blacksmith!

Under orders of our king, not a step further

and they still can be reasoned with.

where are you taking it, dear?

Well, to the kings table of course.
This ones for our king, these for noblemen

and these for the sad brides.

and this one?

This one? This is for the third.

Apparently, she's still waiting for a groome.

and I would love to keep getting married

What about you?

Would you want to get married?

Who knows.




He was the one I gave the ring to.

Dad, he was the one who saved us.

That was a good move I did,
that I put my trust in you, blacksmith.

I had a feeling!

As soon as I first saw them.

My king, what shall we do with them?

-Make them a head shorter!
-Yes, my king.

I can think of a better punishment,
my king.

From the kingdom

The daughter is joyful

She found an honest

Husband of hers

They live together happily

Like a happy couple

The end here is nearing

knocking on our doors

Move yourself, you fool!
What am I paying you for?

They live together happily

Like a happy couple

The end here is nearing

knocking on our doors

Hey, king!

I know that you're here.

Whats the matter, uncle of chambers?

I said it first.

You have to lead, king.


He has already given out all
the necessary orders.

That everyone is allowed to be happy,
when they are,

and that everyone may have a good life...

That was ages ago!

This year you didn't give a single order.

-What is the matter?
-You know. The kinging.

From real work
this just wastes time.


Where are you going, dad?

To lead.

Let's go, at least we have something to do

-Return soon.
-Look after my son.



Mum, what is this club for?

For the good ending

It makes the heart joyful

In the distance, a bell rings

Goodbye, Mikeshi.