O Último Êxtase (1973) - full transcript

Young man goes camping with some friends, looking for some peace, but strange and disturbing events happen.

Bye, Marcelo.

I'll vanish for a while.
Later I explain why.

Don't go after me, please.
I'll come back.

I'm sorry about the money. I'll give
it back later. Kisses, Marcelo.



What Happened?

My mother took long to go out.

I'm taking Marta.

The bitchy one?

Bitchy but hot.

And Lucy really accepted in?

She did.


What are we doing first?

The tent.

Good morning, may I help you?

I'd like I tent and some things.

Sure. What model?

What's the cheapest one?

That one.

Is it just the tent you'll need?

Nothing else?

No accessories?

What do you suppose we'll need?

Well, you'll need sleeping bags, a stove,
gas, pans, knives and forks, canteens...

A bunch of things.

I'll make you a list.

Canteen... Forks... Knives...

A lamp...

This and that...

Three and five, eight... Plus two, ten...
Plus seven, seventeen...

Three... Plus two, five...

And the beer.

You all right?



It's seems this honeymoon ain't happening.

C'mon, let's go!

- Hi, all right?
- How do you do?

You'll see what a nice place.

It's not closed woods.

It even seems like it once was a park.

It has tall, huge trees.

A pleasant scent in the air.

Also, there's a huge lake.

A river with a wonderful
waterfall we can bathe in.

Which way?

That way.

Open on the floor with
the tip facing down

and hit the metals all around

stretching without forcing.


Push it!

Pull it!


What's this?

This must be the floor.
The floor and the ceiling.

Set the stake inside the
tent, one on each corner.

This spot is fine, right?

Did you bring too many clothes?

No. They're good for about ten days.

Are we staying that long?

I don't know, it depends.

Is he your first boyfriend?

The first serious one.

It looks like you really like him.

One can notice.

I think that's nice.

It should be like that with every one.

But that's over for me.

I don't wanna get attached.

Or annoyed.

I want nothing.

That water ruined your hair.

I know.

How did you find out
about this place?

I camped here over ten years ago.

When I was little.

With my parents and brothers.

I never forgot those times.

I always wanted them to come back.

We slept together.

I was the smallest one. I slept
between my father and my mother.

It was a big and warm tent.


Sometimes it seemed child play.

We went swimming and fishing.

One day it rained all afternoon

and we stayed inside the
tent looking at the rain.

I've always remembered that rain.

The sound of the drops on the cloth.

Everybody happy.

We never came back after that.

We always went to other places.

And then nobody went anywhere anymore.

I don't know what happened.

It was never the same.

Everything changed.

It must be just some animal.

It might be.

These are hunting grounds.

As long as it's not people.

I'm only afraid of snakes.

There are no snakes here.

Let's take a stroll.


- Come!
- But...

Let's go.

What did you tell them at your place?

That I was going to S?nia's house.

And then we'd go to Angra.

What ithey find out?

We're to have travelled yesterday.

There's no one at her house
to answer the phone.

But there's no problem.

My mother always believes me.

Do you regret it?


I almost told her everything.

- I don't like-
- Why didn't you?

I don't know.

At the time, I was afraid.

Wanna give up?



For how long will they
enjoy this honeymoon?

Wait a little longer.

I'm sleepy. I wanna sleep.

How silly, coming all the way over
here just to get this thing settled.

Let it be, it's important for him.

He's been planning that
for a very long time.

It's his big day.

And what have I got to do with it?

I just want to sleep.

This kid's full of whims,
it gets to my nerves.

It's how he is.

And he's actually kinda nice.

Only until you get sick of it.

And he's to arrogant.

Forget about it.

Let him do his inauguration.

For me, whatever.

Only it's taking too long.

Why didn't we go to the beach
with Ze Luis and the guys?

That would be too expensive.

And I got no money.

How come you're always broke?

What do you want me to do?
There's no way.

Back home, it's through.

How can it be that lately I
only find broke people?!

Yeah. It's tough.

What about him?

Where did he get the money?

He doesn't work or anything either.

I don't know.
From his mother, I think.

I only brought the car.
He even payed for the gas.

If it's like that,
he could have come alone.

He didn't have a car.

Not now.

- Come here...
- Later.

This is even kinda fun.

I'm really sleepy.

No sugar!

Where's the sugar?


Didn't we buy sugar?

How are you?

I'm fine.

If I'm with you, I'm fine.

What will we do here?

I wanna leave.

Yeah, I think we better leave.

Let's leave?

I'm staying.

What will we do here
with this weather?

Soon the sun will come out.


I think it's passing.

Excuse me.

Gimme that.

Isn't it the batteries?

The batteries are new.

Then I think it's broken.

I wanna go away now.

That's it!
I'm sick of this thing.

If we leave now, before
midnight we're home.

Ialready said I'm staying.

That's blackmail.

You know very well that I'm not
leaving you alone here without a car.

So I have to stay too.

You can relax, I get along.

Get along how?

You're staying without a car and then...

You're crazy.

By foot, you'll never leave.

You're really annoying.

My God, kid.

What a stupid whim of yours,
staying here enjoying the rain.

I already told you, you can go.

If it was up to me, I'd go.

I'd leave you reminiscing
those times with your daddy.

If the weather doesn't
get better, we leave.

I'm leaving anyway.

I also have a bunch of things
to do; I'd rather leave.

We can come back som time.

You decide it then.

I don't wanna leave you here.

If you stay, I have to stay too.

All right.

Tomorrow I'm leaving,
even if I have to walk.

What's that?!

Hold it! It's falling!

Open it!

It's hurting me!

Be careful!

Let's go!

C'mon c'mon, let's go!


Good morning.

Good morning.

What happened?

The rain brought down our tent.

Listen, don't you wanna have
breakfast with us?

Yes, thank you.

You have a fever.



Let's fix that fever.

Lie down.

Come here!


How long have you been here for?

Today is our third day.

But only the first one counted.

The second was hell.

A flood, that is.

I thought it would never end.

What about you,
how long are you staying?

I don't know yet.

I don't know.

It depends.

It depends on the weather...

We never plan that far ahead.

It depends on the hunt, the fishing...

On our mood...

It depends on so much.

Now me.


What are you drinking?


Well, it was great.

Excuse me.


Feeling better?

Look at this.

Now we can handle that animal.

What animal?

It's an animal that appears at night.

That's right, he makes a lot of noise.

We can handle it.

So, let's go?

Let's go.

I rather fish.

I'm fishing too.

Let's go?

Let's go.

Judging by the noise,
it must be huge.

Nonsense, there aren't big
animals in these woods.

What's your name?


Nice name.

Oh, you.

You see?

A very small animal.

Now let's find something to eat.

You're very pretty, you know.

Where do you live?

It's a working class neighborhood.

I don't like saying.


I think it's big.

I think we better stay a little longer.

I agree.

Thank you.

Thank you.

How old are you?

Just turned nineteen. Last month.


What about you?

Twenty one.


And you?


Eighteen years old.


Is it too much or too little?

It depends.

When I was eighteen I
was already in the war.

And at nineteen...

At a concentration camp.

Two years in that camp.

In the winter, 68 below zero.

In summer, a living hell.




And what was the advantage in that?


In fact, I don't even
remember the suffering.

It didn't even seem
like it was with me.

It's like I read it in some book.

It doesn't even affect me anymore.

And it seems like it didn't get
in the way of your life.

That's true. Not a bit.

But it's always good for reminiscing.

After thirty years.

In a late afternoon.

Drinking good scotch.

We're leaving.

I wanna stay a little longer.


Just a little longer.

I have a suggestion.

The ladies can sleep on the trailer

and I sleep with you men on the tent.

No, thank you.

Let's go.

Good night.

I can't stand this kid.

I don't know english.

Don't know french.

I know nothing.

I'm stupid and lazy.

But I'll learn it.

I wanna know the whole world.

All of it.

I already know almost all of it.

But I'm not done.

In two months, we're going to Africa.


What for?

A safari.


How lovely...


And then Congo.

We go every year.

Wouldn't you like to go?


Oh, yeah.

I want to go anywhere.

A little tighter.

I wonder if there's
space for everybody.

I need to talk to you.


What is it?


Why didn't you wake me up?

You didn't ask me to.

I don't want you with those people.


Because they're terrible people.

They never did nothing to me.

We're strolling with the boat.

No you're not, pack up your
things, we're leaving.

I don't like it when you
talk to me like that.

Don't bug me, we're not
going in that boat.

If you keep talking like
that, I'm going.

- No, you're not.
- I am!

Are you listening?
I'm going!

Let go of me!
Your turning into an ass!

- An ass! Let go! Leave me alone!
- Shut up!

- You think you can tell me what
to do? - Stop that!

You stop it! Let me go! I wanna leave!

- Let go of me!
- Stop!

- Leave me! You're hurting my wrist!
- Let's stop that!

- You're hurting me!
- Why stay quiet!

This guy is going mad.

What he needs is a good spanking.

Now come.
Let's have breakfast.

What's up with that kid?

- Let's go, then?
- Let's go.

Let's go away.

- No.
- You better come.

I don't want to.

Listen, kid. You better stop that.

I'm not talking to you.

- Listen, kid!
- Get out!

- Give me that.
- Stop it!

- Come on, give me-
- Stop it!

- Give me!
- Stay back!

I'm going there.

Take him this.

Can I come in?

What's the matter with you?

We want you to stay here with us.

We all like you.


Come with me.

We're riding the boat.

All of us.



I'll go in a little while.

Take it.


I'ts loaded.

See you.

He's coming.

Let's finish preparing the boat.
You coming?