O lipotaktis (1970) - full transcript

A soldier runs away from the horrors of war, finds love with a virgin farm girl and a mistreated housewife, and will find that it is difficult to survive the battles of sex and love.






What do you want?

Go on, get out of here.
Do you hear me?

You're so stubborn!

Listen, do you know if anyone
lives in that farm over there?

Look, I have some money
in my clothes, take it all

Look in the shirt

In the right pocket

Did you find it?

It's all yours

Come on now, go away!

What are you up to?

Leave them, are you crazy?

Stop! Stop!

If I catch you l'llé

Give me the clothes back

Please, I can't run around naked

And... they're no use to you

Keep the money I gave you,
buy whatever you want

ls that OK?

You look like a nice girl

Why'd you want to harm me?

You're so pretty


Stop! Wait!


Don't be afraid,
let me explain

I'm not a criminal, I'm a deserter

I'm in danger of being found

You have to hide me

Calm down

But I have to ask my husband

We'll see

What's your name?
- Alexis

Mine's Ermina

You want anything else?
- N0

They won't ever find you here

But now you're safe,
can you tell me what happened

It's difficult
for someone to understand

Suddenly you hear...

that war is declared

You have to go

You don't think anymore.
Your mind stops

Until the moment
when you say... enough

What'll you do now, Alexis?
- I don't know

D0 you want to stay here?
- For a bit

I still have to work out if...

my actions can lead
to something positive

At least it's better than
people killing each other

Isn't it?

D0 you have children Ermina?
- One child, dead now

Come out you half wit

Help me unload

Ermina? Will you come back?

Come on. Gently...

Ermina! Where's dinner?

It's ready

is it worth risking my life
for a few pennies?

Come on, I'll feed you

If you expect her to,
you'll starve first

Get on with it!

You're asleep on your feet,
damn you!

Done the barrels?

Not there,
I told you, in the loft

You like, you dumbass?

Come on, time to sleep now

Yiannis, I must talk to you.

It's quite serious


you never listen to me
when I have something to say

These last months
it's like I don't exist

You only think about money

People are dying
and you just carry on

You don't give a damn

You do yourjob and
I'll go on making money...

then at least this war
will be good for something

If they don't kill us first, you mean

Yiannis... Yiannis, please...

Leave me alone

Why are you like this?

You don't love me anymore

Yiannis... Don't you hear me?

Stop it!



Oh God...

I can't take it any more...

Enlighten me, my Lady...

You who suffered the death
of your dear child...

help this sinner

Since I lost my child my Lady...

every day that passes
I become more alone


Shut up!

Shut up, damn it!

Shut up damn you!

Enough, you devil!

You pig!
You're the reason we're cursed

Will you be late tonight?

- ldunno


I'll be back when I finish

What's up with you this morning?

What are you doing?

I'm human too

I don't want to always be alone

You're right...

Yiannis, can't you see what I need?

Oh yes, Yiannis...

My love... My love

Don't go

They'll be waiting

Come now

What's that?
- You'll see

To pass the time...
Try it


Helps you forget your troubles,
but don't let them hear you

Now, finish your food

You're very kind

You're a wonderful woman,

Stop that


If you knew how much
I want you, Ermina


Stop it... Please, stop it

Get me a drink

I never felt like this before.
I don't want this night to end

We've got until sunrise

Get up!

Someone's here

My husband

Oh, God...

You're back early.

The place is full of cops
looking for this deserter

Damn him

Shut up! Don't shout!
They'll hear us!

They took the ladder

Alexis, do you want me
to come again?

Hey there?

Alexis, come down

Come on

Come on!

My love, let's leave this place

Where can we go?

Don't forget... I'm a deserter

Wherever we go they will hunt us

- Good morning

Can I help?

We're chasing a deserter,
he was seen near the river here

A tall, young guy,
maybe still in uniform

We'll have to search the house



You live here as well?
- Yes

Let's go

Help me, he's heavy
- S0 that's how it is...

How did you know he was here?

Alexis, don't be afraid

They've gone now

Quick, he almost drowned

Come on, let's go

You dirty whore, I'll kill you

Filthy slut!

In my own house!

And then...


Ermina grabbed my hair
and pulled me down

Don't be too hard on her

It's dangerous to hide a deserter

S0 there's nothing
going on between you two?

How can you come up with
such nonsense?

Tell me the truth
- But I like you much more

Alexis, I love you so much

I've never, ever been so happy

Tell me...
are you happy too?

Whatever happens, I'll always
remember you with endless love

Why say that, are you leaving?

I can't know

But I'll love you anyway

What's wrong?

Don't you want any?

What's wrong, my love?

I know the police scared you

You mustn't fear

S0 long as I'm here

You're now a part of me

And I'll keep you

N0 matter what happens

But if I had to lose you...

I'd rather die

To die, do you understand?

My love, I want
you so much

Now I am yours

D0 you love me?
- Of course I do

Witch Esperanza, I came to say
you were right

I met that boy, just as you said,
down by the river

I knew at once it was him

His name is Alexis,
but he's a deserter

They're hunting him.
I'm afraid

O muddy cave, 0 fearful child...

from the dark that surrounds you,
a deep peace will come out

I love him

But Ermina, my cousin,
wants him

She's older, married,
but more beautiful than me

I fear she'll take him

I invoke the lightning,
I invoke the winds...

I invoke the powerful thunder


Fire, destroyer, flame and smoke,
time and fate,

spare this love I invoke

Come closer

And now will I smear
this magic balm on your hair...

so to chase away fear
and the weakness you bear

to give you the strength
for all you dare

O astral gods, O candid wings...

with a veil you bewitch
and destruction you bring

Liza Alessio Liza Alessio...
unite unite unite unite...!

O night of death, O creeping fog...

of arrogant shadow disclose the fate
and let love pretend to be terror

O gods of the underworld,
O adverse forces...

come, rush, to me, to me,
to my command

You can never flee from my will

With this potion
that you'll give him...

from a cruel destiny
your love you will save

Now repeat with me...

With this blood that I spill
- With this blood that I spill...

Alessi0's love will I save
- Alessio's love will I save

I swore I'd never come back

Jealousy burned in me like fire

My love, even now...

when I think about it...

I feel like...
I'm going crazy

But now it's over my love

I'm yours forever!

I almost forgot

I've got something I made
specially for you

Drink it

It's got raspberries, honey
and wild roses

Drink it all
- What's the strange taste?

I'll tell you later, it's a secret.
Drink it all

From this moment on you are mine

Now tell me your secret

If I tell you, you won't get angry?

I went to see the witch

She told me what I had to do
so as not to lose you

D0 you understand?

I was so afraid, my love

But who else could help me?

Only she has the power
to protect you from them all

The war, the policemen
that are hunting you...

and that rabid woman

Forgive me... my love


Many times our actions
conflict with our feelings...

but we have to take them

With you I find something the war
made me believe I'd lost forever

That's why I love you


Nothing can separate us now

And if you were taken from me
I would rather die

We must get away from here

Tomorrow, even...
just the two of us

What's this wound?
How did you get that?

It's from the witch

She needed some of my blood

Just a drop,
I didn't feel any pain

So... you mean é

You should go, it's late
- Yes

Be careful

If she suspects anything,
we're lost

She'll likely call the cops
to get you

Don't go to sleep tonight,
wait for me

Alexis! Come down quickly

I'm coming

Come here

Get in quickly

Don't tell me you're shy

Why are you waiting?
Come on!

Come on, be brave!


now I can't look

Come down


Drag him outside

S0 you're this deserter?

Tie him up,
I'll get the cops

He's theirs

We'll not soil our hands
with this dog's blood

That's their job

Let me go

Haven't you done enough?

Let me go

Orjust kill me

Stop it! Damn y0u...!

For God's sake, stop it!

Leave him alone

You beast!

Untie me, quick
- Alexis...

There, it's over now


What did I do?
Forgive me

We must leave

Before they find us

We'll survive

Don't be scared

Just stay here, wait for me

I'll go and get a horse


Be brave

I must go

Forgive me

It wasn't your fault

It's no one's fault!

What did they do?
- Quick, we have to go

It's over for us.
They'll catch you

You have to go

Leave me

Our worlds are so different

It's wrong to die so young

Go, save yourself

N0, I don't care if I die

Do it for me...
Get away from here