O chyom eshchyo govoryat muzhchiny (2011) - full transcript

Four friends are forced to stay put in a radio station on New Year's Eve after one of them gets into trouble. They use the opportunity to remember memories from the past, talk about women, music, and decisions they had faced in their lives.

"Quartet I"




"Happy New Year, Moscow"

- Yes, Lyosha!
- Hello, Kam!

- Do you remember about tomatoes?
-No, I don't...

-I forgot to buy pepper then remembered and bought

- Kam, wake up!
music by "Neschastny Sluchay"

- I told you if Nastya asked you to say that you forgot to buy tomatoes and asked me

- Stop! You should have whiskey and...
- Kam, I explained everything to you yesterday.

- I'm going to Katya, and Nastya said that I'm going for tomatoes

- Oh, yeah! I remembered! I bought tomatoes and put them in the trunk

- Hello! Happy New Year!
- Hello!

- Ok, come on! Go! I have Slava on the second line.

- Hello, Slava!
- Kam, and you who would be more pleasant in the evening...

...with Lera or Sonya?

- I don't know, I don't care....

- And I don't care and what to do? So listen and Sasha today will be alone?

- I think...alone
- So Vika will not be?

"Operator Andrey Debabov"
- No! Vika will not be exactly!

- And maybe then I'll take both? And one to choose from him!

- Oh! Funny! And Sonya is such a red-haired?

- No, no.. Red-haired is Sveta!
- Hmmm...

- I don't know!
- Ok, I'm not bothering...until the evening!

"Production Designer Viktor Nikonenko"
- Girl, and you like the name more Lera or Sonia?

- Me? Maksim!
- Thank's!

"Sound by Roman Hokhlov"
- Ok,I'll trying...Hello! E-95 please.

"Lead Producer Alexander Nakhimson"
- Vika? Congratulated Vika!

...but she is not yet!

Yes, do not worry, everything will be fine! Yeah!

....I'm a man! I'll call her first
"Executive producer Alexander Rubtzov"

....Gennady Vasilievich greetings, don't worry!

"Script by Leonid Barats, Sergey Petreikov, Rostislav Khait and Alexander Tzekalo"

...Everything will be OK

- Miss, E-95, second column. And Happy New Year, too!
- Happy New Year!

- This is a gift!
-All the best, thank you!

Alena Babenko, Ekaterina Vilkova
Elena Podkaminskaya, Natasha Shvetz

Anatoliy Beliy, Denis Shvedov
Vitaliy Khaev

Maksim Vitorgan, Alexey Makarov
Konstantin Chepurin

Vladimir Menshov, Sergey Burunov

- Your mother...
and Mikhail Efremov, Valdis Pelsh, Alexey Kortnev

- Where are you going?
- Look back when you leave!

- And what, lady?
- Freak! Where are you going? That you don't see I'm leaving!

- And that is, I'm still guilty? Have you read the rules at all?

- Shut your rotten mouth!

- So, Lady keep yourself, come on!

- You don't understand me? You are quickly explained now!

- You know what? Fuck off!
- What you said?

- What you said? I don't understand, you ghoul!

...You to whom it said? You rustic trash!

Leonid Baratz, Alexander Demidov
Kamil Larin, Rostislav Khait

- And what are you joking? Play to pipe with your wife!
"In film Dmitriy Dyachenko"

- Beautiful girl!

"What Else Do Men Talk About"

- Hello! With the coming of you!
- What do you want? Go! Get out of here!

- Wow! I go and I give!

- Hi!
- What?

- Oh, no...nothing else! Bye!

- Well where do you go? That I should wait for you 100 years?

- Angella Viktorovna! I found out he's here!

...He has an office on the 3rd floor!

- But where can it be? In the top drawer?

- What you mean falls out? Well, it's okay.

- So! And where is the rag?

- Oh Ivan Timofeevich! So we are comrades in misfortune?

It's good! Will have someone to drink!

- I do not drink at work!

- Oh! Did you bring it to me?
- What?

- From his pocket that sticks out?

- So, come on! Go...

- Oho..I look to everyone happy to see me here!

- And where goes is Valeriy?
- He will come now!

....He just go from the South-West

- And where is the South-West?

- In the South-West!

- Sasha!

- Ok, thank's! And Sveta with the coming....

- Oh, bitch!
- Who is she?

- Hi, Maks!
- Hi...and she is on the Bentley...

Imagine, I congratulated her on the New Year...
and she a woof-woof...

...opened her mouth!
- On the Bentley? Where?

- And why do I need all this for the New Year?

- She's the one to you, ah?
- Yeah...I don't know.

- And what to do now?
- What's up?

- You wait!
- I'm standing, waiting...

- Call my friends...folly! Yeah, I call my friends.


- And why do I need all this for the New Year?

- Good day, dear radio listeners! This is the "Like Radio"

And I'm Dj Max!

Welcome everyone who is in a hurry to join us
In these last New Year's Eve!

- And today one year goes by us!
And I want to say by a Classic lyrics

...but unluckily the Classic did not tell us anything about this...

So just music on the "Like Radio"

- Here's a pie of some kind...

- Call the Police!
- I called! They say unlawful actions against you commit?

I say "No, but can by all means"

...they said:" And don't called again"
- Logically! Call when you are killed!

- And what to do now? Wait...quiet!
- Who is it?

- It's Vera!
- So it is written: "They are"

- Go to hell!

- Hello? Hello! I'm and who?

Why in a whisper? Fine.

...In stock...Vera....disport oneself here came!

The alarm went off! That's how it is!

Yeah, for the new year! I don't know....

Now I'll figure it out and come soon!

And I kiss you too!

- Well, what are you lying to her?
- But what should I say?

That i have you?
- Yes!

- But that you didn't warn me?
- About what?

What is not in stock and Sasha?

- So, let's face it

A Kamil home
It's been 9 hours 52 minutes to go until New Year

- Where are you, Nastya?

- Vera, I drove the girls. Now meet with Vika and I'll come!

- Lets go faster! They bought so much that we don't understand!

- Come on! You always worry and then so much remains!

...I'm half an hour!
- Look! Buy tomatoes! Kamil did not buy.

- Lyosha specially went for tomatoes!

- Lyosha? Strange....Kamil also specially went and forgot yesterday.

- Listen! Yesterday I was behaving this matinee!

Father Frost asked how the name and report of the Medvedev?

...No one knew, only my hand raised!

Get up and said: "Medvedev name is Mikhail Potapovich"

- So funny! Ouch... but what is actually Medvedev name?

- Hi!
- Hi, what's up? Vika?

Vika everything is fine! No.... badly! Not in this cause!

- Yeas, dear! With the coming of you! Are you in Moscow?

- So! Happy New Year! And Zelimhan in Moscow? Ah, he with you?
Hi to him!

- You do not have anyone to parley seriously?

- We have a problem...well, ok! With the coming...

- They are in Thailand!

- Timur and Zelimhan...so it's once problem...

- Hello! I'll called you five minutes ago...

Vera, I can't leave now.....so that they fix it!

Yeah..So that they all take out!

- Yes! Phone security agency? Fine! Take a few numbers!

No,no that's so many!
- Explain what's happening now?

- Have you seen the Jeep below?
- Yes, I saw.

- Wait...sorry! Nastya...
- What?

- Dial my number!
- And you can't do this?

- Dial my number!
- Ok.

- Hello. Oh, Nastya. Drove the girls? Fine! Everything is okay

- Where am I? One second please, I have a second line

- Slava, where are we?
- Differently! I'm in stock with Sasha...

- And I?
- I don't know, in the library or something?

- Are you serious?

- I'm in the library....ouch... Nastya, I'm on the market...

...Listen, there are a lot of people here...

...I don't know....soon! As soon as I buy I will come home

- So and what did you do on the market?

- And how do I congratulate Katya on 31st?

I agreed with Kamil that he seemed to forget to buy tomatoes and asked me!

I go to the market....ouch..to Katya..

And Sasha called me...I'm with the tomatoes and gift...

I mean I'm with flowers and gift...and tomatoes too

- And why do I have so much time then?

- Aha, thanks. All right.

- Dictated to me 20 numbers but said that before the 10th no one works

- Do I need fucking then?

- So! What's the matter?

- Thanks!
- It's a shame!

- You and Sasha are such a good couple!
- Nastya, understand - it's all over

- But you've been together so long and suddenly...

...Oh my God!
- Take it!

- In fact of the matter is that no sharply!
This has been postponed for 10 years!

I'm tired enough!

And I imagined that we are coming to Vera with Kamil and you are not there

And Sasha is alone...

A year later, he can be with someone else! Oh, sorry!

Well, I understand, it's okay

You know, he really needs some other woman, stronger than me

Stop talking about that. How are my girls?

- Oh, I said that yesterday!

- I really don't know, Katya....Probably soon

- Sasha, how long it will last?
- I don't know!

- About..some?

- half-hour, Katya! Yeah...Ok!

She made a festive dinner...with present for me

- And what do you want from me? Go!

- Lyosha, who is more dear to you: friends or women?

For me - women, and I'm sitting here!

- And I'm here!
And for me - friends!

- Can I go, please?
- Fine!

...High, 43 years old, pretty, works in an insurance company

- And so serious?
- Yes.

O! Dmitriy Vladimirovich!

- No....Medvedev Dmitriy Vladimirovich - really!

- You decided with whom you will?

- No, I'm in the process! I have no one after Ira!

- How?
- So...two of them but one like after 150 grams, and the other after 250 grams

- You'll become an alcoholic!

- So take that which, after 150 grams!
- Why?

- Because she looks like better!
- But today I have more than 250 grams some drinks

- Maybe take a second?
- Take both....

- I'd rather drink 1L and no one needs!

- So you can't sit! Let's go outside and...

- And if they have weapons?
- Indeed!

- Who are they?
- They are gangsters, Lyosha!

- Will they shoot?

- They'll shoot you in the leg...
- Why me?

- What's the difference?
- Principal!

- Have you tried to talk to them, Sasha?

You are an intelligent man...apologize!

Let's go to compromise with them

Atos, Portos and Compromis

- You should have left with him!
- Why?

As if we will fight...and so it is clear that the man went to talk

Why fight?

- Hello.
- Good day!

I would like to clarify the situation



I told you....yeah....all this time

To whom to give a phone?

They are fix it, Vera!

Give them?

OK! Tell her I'm in stock!

- Yeah...yeah...in stock! Fix..

Soon likely

- So, you are convinced? I'll call you back!

Thank you!

Thanks again...sorry!

- What was it?
- You saw!

- Gave the phone and said that he is in stock!

- And you?
- And I said that he in stock

- So, what is next?

- Repair, she says? I say we fix! She asks soon to fix it? I say, soon!

- And what?
- And all!

- And do you think he came for this?

- Maybe yes...

- Listen...What's your "maybe yes"?

- In the sense?
- You say "maybe yes"

- What are you talking about?

- I mean "yes"!

- Why not just say so? "Yes".

- I don't know everyone says like that!

- Well...every nonsense you do!

So...Probably you understand me

Until the New Year there are 8 hours 11 minutes

As the people say...

If at 00:00 AM to write on paper a wish

Then burn this paper and ashes to throw in a glass of champagne

And drink it...Then the next morning you will have heartburn

As a surprise waiting for you live performance group "Neschastniy Sluchay"

which will start after 00:00 AM

it doesn't quench hunger!

How do I get there?

- She enraged me so, Sasha..I forgot about all...

- So, I didn't have time.
- Sorry!

- I'm really sorry!
- Well, OK

- Every time I promised her and don't do that again

- And and this bullshit "soon" and "fix it"...

- She is so delicate and don't say anything!

- And Vika doesn't answer me at all

Write to her:"Marry me!"
- She's gone, Lyosha

- She left for the sake of these words!

- She has a man...

- Leave the phone alone

- She should you somehow catch!

She deliberately makes me suffer! Its a dirty trick!

- And what is the name of the fact that you will not marry her for 10 years?

- Left your phone...
- What do you want?

Of course I'm not just holding the phone

Vika left and stopped answering calls and sms

I'm still waiting!

And I noticed that I began to turn on the sound
and put the phone display down

Not logical? Then I realized!

While he is in that position, there is a chance that
she answered, and I have not yet seen

Take it...and "You have a new message"

And you open it slowly..

As if she looks at you and you are worried

Open..."Buy gifts in the market online Nokia"

Terrible disappointment but also relief!

You expect from her about forgiveness words

But as written would be another negative words from me

And so again you can hope for a good message

What's wrong with me?

I think that the phone is a symbol of the phallus

My dear, you're dead!

- Now send police squad to us, I invited

- Well done! But how?

And you don't know, how? We will be very grateful!

- Prepare money!
- Yeah, OK. Thank you!

- I still don't have time...

- But you write to her:"Marry me!"

- Why do you advise him? He is afraid that she will not return to him

But it will be even more afraid that he would return!

He will have to marry!
- Marry...marry...

DJ Max 3 years lived with a woman, then got married

They broke up after 3 months ago!

Stamp in the passport changes something

- As well as a need?
- I don't know...v.v.

- Marina, I love you so much!

Please! Don't marry me!

- Oh, God! How long I've been waiting!

Dear Max and Marina!

You made the most important decision

Never violate each other's freedom

To keep love and respect for a long time

Maksim, would you agree not to marry with Marina?

Never to walk with her through the house in his underwear

Don't betray her, not to come home drunk

Don't insult her and don't hit her

Yes, I do!

- Marina, do you agree not to marry Maxim?

To not find fault with him over trifles

Not jealous of his friends

Don't watch his mobile phone

Not come up with that you have a headache

And don't walk around the house wearing a cucumber mask

- Yes, I do!
- Now you are not a husband and not a wife!

Be free and love each other!

- But how did you know?

- They said!

- Serious novel?
- I don't think so...

I don't trust him anymore!

- And what? You forgive him?

- No, he didn't confess me

If he had said "Darling, I didn't want it"

"I will not do it again anymore"

I would forgive!

- But I would have killed him!
- And I also would have killed!

- It may be nothing, Nastya?

After all, he said that there was nothing!

- Probably wasn't!
- Really?

- Yeah! I think so...

- How do you know?
- About what?

- That nothing was!
- I don't know!

- So it was? Did Lyoshka tell you something?

- I really don't know anything. Let's drink,Vera?

- I don't drink!

- Here employees...There photography

- And you have a lot of people?

Ten or twelve person

- And this is a utility room. Oh...again...

- Help me, Lyosha!

- I feel so good! Sorry!

- Katya is incredible!

- But when Katya appeared, Nastya also felt good!

And there it is good, and here!

- Don't even try to understand him, Sasha!

- But I understand him!

- You feel guilt before Nastya for the fact that you feel good with Kate!
- No!

- You feel guilty before Katya, because you are
good with Nastya and therefore don't go away

- Also no!
- And I told you!

"It's not advertising"

- I feel guilty because I don't feel guilty!

- It's so just...

- I feel good with both! But this is wrong!

So..I feel good....and badly too....

You know, if you put a light bulb in your mouth
then you can't pull it back

- But who else should I tell?

- We were taught in childhood to say lies wrong...

...and you are well on your lies?

Let your mother tell you to lie and you'll be fine!

- No, Mom is not an authority for him!

Need someone else...like Lev Tolstoy

- Do you think he suitable?
- I think so...

- Lev Nikolatvich, please give me advice!

I love my wife

And I love my mistress

- It's bad! Mistress - is immoral

- But you have spoiled in the village all the women!

- I can! I have authority!

- Daddy....daddy....daddy..

- And how will this help me?

- Don't need to negotiate with your conscience!

- It sometimes needs to be sent far away

- But how?

- Well... I came home and there is nobody there!

At first it seems great! But then you start to scold yourself

- Aren't you ashamed? It's your children!

- What kind of person are you?
- I love them...

- Love is deeds and responsibility!

Sacrifice in the end!

- I'm very tired in to my job!

- Why then start a family, give birth to children?

- You know what.....f**k you!

- So...OK?

- Yeah!

- You f**k me? But I'm your conscience...

- Do you respect yourself after this?
- Yes, I do!

- I can't do that every time! Shame!

- What are you doing?
- Yes, I know...

- Why there can be and there is no back?

- And what doctor then to address?

- If you want a light to burn, then to the electricians!

Until the new year left 6 hours 23 minutes

- And what do we repair?
- What are you talking about?

- Well, you said that we repair...

Is that what you said?

- I don't know! She asked what you repair? I said yes!

- And why did you say that we will soon fix it?

- And if not soon or never?

- Oh! They called the police.

- Will understand!

- Thank you so much! Happy New Year!

- No! What are you?

Put it here...

- Go!
- And Happy New Year...fom me?

- Oh....sorry!
- Thank you!

- Thank's...Gentlemen!

- It's my job!

- Meybe I'll make it to Katya?

- Say that the police arrived at 8 PM?

- Don't say that we were here!
- Why?

- Don't tell the truth! Will not believe!

- And how can I tell her that I will not come?

- Let's go to me!

- No! I need to change my clothes!

- Have I not seen your beautiful shirt?

- Hey! What's up? They leave!

- All right!
- No, the Police are leaving...

- What?

- And what was it?
- They showed their IDs and the police left

- How is a....but my money?

- Well, and who are they with IDs?

- How is this a false call? I don't understand you!

Stop! We agreed with you? No?

We sent you a Happy New Year!

- Key took in 1:02PM but didn't give it!

- Well, she took it with her...

- I'm hungry!
- Can you drink it?

- Come on...

- Have you any snacks or something?

- I have!!!

- Jelly....please help yourself!

Homemade it!

- I don't have a snack after the first, I remembered!

- Chin-chin!

- So! It's unclear who's they are.

- Did you go to them?
- Yeah.

- Why didn't you tell us?
- I grew hysterical because of the police

- And what?
- Quiet and polite, nothing just....

Angela Viktorovna wants to talk with Alexander Sergeevich

- And who is she?

- This your bitch!

- I thought you went to call the police?
- Yeah...

- They threatened with a fine for a false call

- What lovely guys!

- Why have you told them my name?

- They said!

- How did they know?
- I don't know!

- We are friends for 20 years, you know!

- What?
- Slava doesn't know where they got your name from!

- And what should we do?

- Nothing...Sit here

Waiting for Angela Viktorovna's husband!

- I thought, why am I such a fool?

Why am I so faithful? It was necessary to change him

- And you would be able to?
- And what's wrong with that?

- Wait! Naked stranger....with you?

- Naked?

- Imagine this...arms...legs

- Legs?

...I didn't think about.....legs

- Takes off socks....briefs...

- Fie! That's enough!

- I just imagine it...

- Wait..How do you imagine this?

- Well...candles...champagne...music....legs!

- That's a bastard! Even can't be changed!

- I am surprised. Policemen took money....

...Nothing done and leave...

- They have done what is necessary!
They don't protect for a long time, but they extrude

- And they illuminate their offices!

Don't smoke here!

- What are their instructions to the priests?

- That bribes are not reduced..

...and the number of outlets and brothels is increased

And that there are many Vietnamese who are not registered

- And if the same thing will happen in the traffic police?

- So withered hand, giving less than $ 100

...So were always overdue driver's license

...Technical inspection failed and technical inspection failed!

- Take it. It's all from us!

- Here!

- All right with Katya! I will come tomorrow

I write forty messages to her and make twenty calls!

I already won it! Now I write and call rarely!

But she wants more and more!

- I guess you're already tired of it?

- No! But soon tired!

- I discovered the second law of World Gravitation!

The more you achieve a woman, the more she annoys you!

- But not sometimes!

- But then it will all the same become!

And this is the third law...
- And not everything is so bad!

- Even so....I was upset that I didn't go to her...

...I feel better...Because it's very scary!

I began to be more afraid than to fuck lately.

It seems to me that Nastya knows everything and sees

- Here we see adultery

Aleksey atop changes his wife Anastasia

With his mistress Ekaterina alow

- It's not what you thought. Nastya!

- Katya....this is Nastya.
- Hi

- Terribly!

- Well, I'm alone from this New Year!

Refused both...

- Really sorry, Slava! Go!

- What a wonderful holiday, ha?

- We have not been alone for a long time!

- So, let's drink to the health of Angela Victorovna!

- Do you have a lemon?
- In fridge...

- And I would have eaten anything!

- Well guys...I'm telling you...

42 page.....line 13

- Came together and nobody...

- What does it mean?

- It's about us! We are alone! And nobody here!

- And you....
- Page 28...line top 4

- All this is now dilapidated

- What?
- Dilapidated

- What does it mean?
- Dilapidated

- I look so bad?

- No, you all right!
- And why are you reading this?

- This is Pushkin, Vera!

- All men are against me! Even Pushkin!

- I brought tomatoes!
- Good! And me too!

- He so restless!
- What is he talking about?

- I hear everything

- It's Vera? Look!

- No! Pasha ARM

- Read, please.
- Bro, with the coming. Hug you, Kamil

- We served together with him!

Over us mocked Tajiks, but he hit one of them with a stool...

- Every time the problem is how to get away from her?

- Of course,she wants to talk with you.

- It is not necessary vulgarity! She's not at one time

- Many times over....OK.

- Sorry!

- She also wants to talk to me! But I need to go home

- No...I need!...I want go home!

- iI is a great skill to immediately leave with his mistress

- You've told her that the house you feel so bad...

...With your wife you have not slept for 2 years

- No!
- Didn't tell her?

- I'm serious! I said that I love my wife and will not leave her.

- You're such a decent man!
- Yeah...

- She didn't f**k you after that?

- No! Said that I didn't call her when I was drunk!

because I confess to his wife love!

- How pretty!

- Let's drink!

- What did he bring?
- Tomatoes..

- And the other?
- Same thing.....

- Why do they need so many tomatoes?
- I don't know!

- It doesn't matter

- Take it.

- Tomato or tomatoes?

- I have not seen!

- plural genitive

- How many Georgians or Georgian? Right?

- Do you really care? Nobody here

Tomatoes are sold by Azerbaijanis!

- If you need to leave your mistress urgently...

Once you can do so!

- But then you need to change your mistress!

- As good if there is a child! It can be bathed!

- But if it has already grown up?
- Especially need to bathe!

- How can she explain that you do not leave your wife?

- she is already?
- No...She's so delicate!

...but soon....

- Children!
- To bathe again....

- Let them grow up!

- I remember when my father left us, I went to job

At 5 years old...Onion sinker...

Another option is that the wife is sick!

- You know, my wife is sick! You have to wait a bit

- It's no good. Pity her!

- Mom?
- No, the more pity her!

- Mother-in- law? Her not a pity

- You know what...Svetlana Ivanovna loves my girls so much!

Let her grow up a little....recover.....

And of course, the best option

- You know, we need waiting... a bit!

Important not to laugh!

And don't specify anything things!

Let her think that soon everything will be decided!

- And if she asks some...

- Then the first option for you!

- Funny!

- Only she can get tired of it...and bathe

She told me that all is well...

...but you live your life, and I'm yours...

When you leave, then your life goes on, and mine ends

Mayby....let her go?

- Do you think she'll feel better?

- I still can't do this!

- Pasha! We haven't seen each other for 10 years

...and then he wrote me!

He has a personal driver and ID

- Pasha!

- I perfectly understand Vika! She expected him to marry 10 years

- All women want to marry! Even married!

- Who said that?
- Me!

- Cool! I want it again, too!

Dress, flowers, Wedding dance...

- And for whom would you marry?
- For Lyosha!

- And you?
- Me too!

- for whom?
- For Kamil

- What's are we fools!

- Know leave her!

- Whom?

- Katya or Nastya....both!

- I love her!

- Love her?
- Yeah!

- You have a choice,man!

....You understand me?

....You understand me?

...I do not want both of them!

- I'll explain everything
- Don't...suddenly I understand everything?

They also want to feel, and I talk with them only by telephone and have sex

Here you can't talk at all

I remember how it used to be for hours with Ira!

About everything! What's the difference?

Well, now will come!We were best friends in the army!

Huge elk!

- He will fight with them?
- Why?

- He's like a major! Hunted wild boar with Shoigu!

...powerful man!

- Late...

- Sasha!

- Hello! With the upcoming!

...Do you have something to eat? My food was locked

- Tomatoes, please!

- Is there anything else?

- Still tomatoes!

- You can strongly eat!

...Is not it funny?


....strongly eat?! Hmm....It's funny!

- Sasha! Stand up...

...And she asked me to buy her...some yummi

- So Lera will not last long...and Sonya?

- There is another story. She's 19 years old!

- Do you feel oldest?
- No, youngling!

- I'm 19 years old too....for 20 years more!

...but it's really a problem! We are different!

...We love different things...Few common themes

- How in sex with her?

- Good sex!

Though...I think that it is not enough for her

...I try again and again...

...She says enough, let's sleep?!

But I think that she specifically stops me!

...she was afraid that I would be bad...

...But I'm really bad!

...But I'm proving!
- She's smart!

- She's good...or smart

- But how to understand this?
- In the sense of?

- She does not know anything!
- How is it?

- Anything at all! I did not fully read "War and Peace"

But....Visotskiy, Okudzhava

She didn't look the film "Beware of the Car"

She writes with errors to me...

I ask her to write to me with no some errors

It's not difficult, right?

And she says, I understand what she means...

- You are really old and boring fool

....to your 19 years old!

- Over your years!!!

- Maybe it's me?

We came to the disco...

...I started to dance

...and I see that strange look at me

...or rather don't look at me!

I'm used to attract attention

- Maybe you did something wrong?

- No, that's right. It just doesn't work anymore...

She turned on her favorite music

...me something like it

Complete bullshit....

- I like it!

....and she doesn't like what you're listening to

- What? Pink Floyd is bullshit? What you say?

- I just objective!
- It's not necessary to be objective, Lyosha!

- Pink Floyd is not bullshit!!! She's stupid girl.

- What time did Lyosha arrive to Sasha?

- In 6:00 PM
- Oh..

- And Kamil in 6:30 PM.....

...this is suspicious!

- And what's the big deal?
- Because it doesn't happen like this!

- Do you think that they aren't there? But where are they?

- I know! He is in stock!

- Why?
- Because when he really was in stoke, he didn't lie to me!

And I know who I talked to on the phone!

...and when he was with Sasha, his voice was shaky

- Why should he lie, that he is with Sasha?

- Nastya! It is logical!

It's men!

- We don't need no education...

....We don't need no thought control

- Crazy....

...over the rainbow...I'm crazy!

- Who is this?
- Maybe, Pasha?

- Where is Kamil?
- In the toilet!

- Or not Pasha? I just see..

Slava...come on!
- OK!

- Hey guys!

- Who's there?

..who's there?
- Ok...

- Where is hi?
- Who?

- Where?
- Who are we talking about?

- We are not understand!

- Wow! Pasha!

- Cool man!

- Hello, dear Kamil!

- Son were given the task in physics

The camera from the soccer ball was filled with water

Put a board on it and above the weight in 5 kg

camera joined by a rubber tube with another glass tube

under the pressure of the weights, water enters the tube

...question is:

Why did they do that?

who needs it?


This task is assigned to children in school...

- Fifty!
- What...fifty?

- Area!

...The issue of the area of contact of the board with the camera

...And it's fifty centimeter squared

- Did You had a good score in physics at school?

- Yeah!
- And I have on the subject "Russian language"

...and how this knowledge is useful to us?

- Did you hurt or scratched her car?

- No!
- You are not guilty?

- Pour a glass!

- She drove herself

- Don't worry! Now we decide your question!

- You funny guys!

You can't solve the problem of the four?

Although women sometimes create problems!

I had such..cute but a bastard!

- Pasha? Pasha!

- Why did you pour me?
- You asked me!

- But I'm drunk, and you're sober!

...you thought about it?
- No....

- We need to do something!

- Let's move him to the sofa?

Before the New Year there are 4 hours 19 minutes

- Good office, Sasha! Sorry that he'll no longer need

- Why?
- Because they will kill you...

...and we're going to celebrate New Year!

- That's enough, Slava!

- Powerful man!

- Let's close the door for them? And go to bed!

- And where we bury Sasha?

- On the Vagankovskoe?
- Of course!

- Or Troekurovo as an option?

- You'll not go to me! Let's try better..

That there were excellent funeral commemoration!

- Don't worry! Give it to me!

"The song of Zhanna Friske - Malinki"

- In your death there are pluses!

....Vika will immediately come!

- To understand who's she lost!

- Ouch....
- Oh, Sasha!!

- Didn't live to see!!! Didn't love to....

- What a vulgarity, Sasha?

- Nothing! Once you can do it for me!

- One with a punch and a cooler against ten killers!

...He held 40 minutes
- He was killed not on the forehead

...and from the back

From a cannon...from five meters!

- From you there's nothing left!
- All right!

- Women didn't realize anything in this matter!

- Oh....Vika, Vika!!!

...It all happened because of you!

- Did you hear? That's right!

- Sometimes I envy people who've everything bad!

....Not like you, Sasha! Thank God!

...when absolutely everything is bad!

...Wife is gone...was fired from his job....no money!

...no friends...
- And something to envy?

- In his life came the certainty! It failed!

...And it is clear why?! All the blame around!

...not understand.. not appreciated...

....And no luck!

And he became an alcoholic!

- Well, you become them!
- And why me?

...I'm fine!

...not quite the way I wanted

...exactly I don't remember how I wanted!

...but somehow it's not so.

....I remembered that earned a good money after the institute!

I carried faxes from Singapore.

...Now I earn about the same...

It didn't happen to step forward...

from twenty years....

- And you call me boring?
- Wait...it's interesting!

- And I'm not interested in talking?

- I like everything turned out but...

....not too much!

And I'm also not too much!

...And nobody bothered me,no!

I don't blame anyone in this things...

You know my problem is.....

I understand all this...

..But I can't change it!

...Once I realized...

...because I strongly wanted nothing!

- Strongly? What?
- Too much!

- Slava allways wants a lot of different women!

...And he achieves them! But I didn't want anything so much

- No one wants so much!
- Lyosha....

- In the childhood all collect marks...and I'm not!

...It was the same with labels
- Because you don't have a Juice Fruit!

- I have it!
- Really?

....and Vera watches TV show for example!

I'm sure I don't want to watch this...

But I don't know what I want?


But I don't like hockey..

It's not very interesting for me..

....You have a passion!

...Are you upset because of nonsense?

- Wait a minute! When they scored a goal in overtime?

- And when was that?

- You know what? I don't want to watch hockey
with you never again

- Slava, relax!

- You had a pack of gum or label only?

- Well, either!

- This didn't please you?
- Not exactly!

- It's strange!

- Ivan Timofeevich a porter..

....he hasn't yet old... about fifty years old

Do you think he wanted to become a porter?

As he wrote about this essay at school?

"I wanna be a porter!"

Probably he wanted to become an astronaut

- Why did you tell me about someone? I'm!

I counted on myself and let me down...

...Well it to hell!

- And that's all?
- What?

- No way!
- Where are you from, boy?

...Who let you in?
- How could you?

...I had to become an astronaut

- Ouch...astronaut....

...At me all became bad after seven classes at school

...but I'm satisfied with the job!

...Work with an intervals of 3 days

....Not far from home!

- I don't want to be you!

- Don't cry!

...you're future astronaut!

...Wait! Where you go? It's cold!

...and you're in shorts...

- And I knew from childhood

...that my mom has a lover.

- From whence?
- She said

...we went to the cafe together!

- Why she said it to you?
- She was so much easier.

She shared a secret with me

..therefore I'm a...

- What?
- Not like that

- What do you mean, Sasha?
- I could become an alcoholic..or something..

- You are not alcoholic, Sasha!
- Sure..

OK...no alcoholic....but pervert maybe...

I would have been forgiven anyway

- Here is the accounting department

....here the sales department

....Here is your office!

- Great!

- Who is it?

- hHs mother's lover was, and he knew from childhood

- How awful!

...Well, all right! Wellcome!

...You want to come to my office?

- What are you looking at? I have a psychological trauma!

- Pasha in your toilet! Is there one more?

- Go down!

- Why do you tell everything?

How your friends will treat Nastya? And Katya?

- You are out of place now!

- We had a chance in Yastaya Polyana...

...One woman became pregnant...

- Hi, Nastya! Are you all right?

OK. We have a problem!

- You all right, Lyosha?
- Yeah, I'm OK!

- Are you sure?
- What?

- You forgot?
- Me?

- Wash your hands...

- I'm an officer!

Why should I wash my hands?

They are clean! And my head is cold!

...and a hot heart!

- You can't come to us! Wait for us!

..Why did I call?

...Just..calm down!

- Come on now!

- Why?
- They'll be killed there

- Sure...

They will be punished!

- What? Will Kamil be killed?

- Yes.
- Nastya!

...Are you crazy?

- Hey guys! They are at the bottom....

- Who?

- One of them at the bottom...
- Is he coming here?

- No. He was in the toilet after me...

...I saw his face.
- And what?

- Nothing....
- So!

- They go to the toilet..is another matter.

- Wait...Everyone goes there

We don't know what he doing in the toilet

- F**k you!

- Come on, Lyosha!

- Happy New Year!

- But I left at home...

- Sasha! What is this?

- Just open it!

- Where did you buy?

- It's not me! It's my secretary.

- Thanks, but this is my last gift to you

- No way! Sorry!

...Today I can't think of anything...

- Why do I need women's tights?

- You serious? What's wrong?

- It's my presents!

- I'm really sorry.

..there is probably something good to you.

- I have a good thing!
- What is this, Slava?

- The wallet!

- Happy New Year, Sasha!

- Thank you!

- What? I put it

...the wallet shouldn't be empty!

- Why have you written "Happy Birthday"?

- Let me now!

..you don't like it?

...It's a nice wallet.
- I give it to you!

- Congrats!
- Wait..whose wallet it's now?

- It's mine!
- Why?

- Because you present it to me!
- But you gave it to me before

- But now he's mine again!

- I'll give it to you in a year!

- Wow! How nice here!

- I liked this place! It's calm here.

- What an awful monument!

- Peter Ist would be very angry

- Do you remember how we rode in a limousine?

- Previously, it was very expensive!

...It was in 2001
- No...in 2002

- We rented a house in 2002

- No...It was later...or earlier

- In 2002...Slava...

...When we rode in a limousine?

- Wow!

...I was with Olya...in 2002

- Sure!
- And a house?

- I was with Natasha....in 2004

- Is not in 2003?
- No!

...I was with Julia...we quarreled

...and I was with another Julia!

- That's another advantage of a single man.

- Oh...it's been ten years?

- Yes! Ten years ego!

- Really?!

- Yeah

...I used to think that life is just beginning...

...It will be the most interesting...

...but recently I realized that it had already passed...

...and soon it will end...

...and I still don't have time to do

...make it, try it...or something...

...it doesn't mean that I'll die but...

...the most important thing will pass by me!

...and I'll just think about it.

Zigmund Yakovlevich!

- I'm listening!

...15 cm - it's certainly very little!

...there are complexes and problems...

- Kamil!

You don't want anything? But what about Yana?

- And what about Yana?

- So, you were dying...

- Yeah...

...I really wanted her!

- I was frightened. Not only lose my family!

I haven't lived in a different way to 22 years old

- I'm scared...

...I've never felt this way before!

...and not only good emotions.

It's a great happiness, which can't survive it!

I quarreled with her...

I didn't quarrel with Vera so much!

...we actually fight with Yana!

- And then you had sex?

- Yes!

...I thought it was specially invented for me.

This happens in reality....

...it's unbelievable!

- And what?
- I was frightened, I'm telling you...

...I no longer recognize myself

...I realized that I could kill her!

- How do you put up with it?

- It's OK. I know what to expect from her...

...and from myself....

- I thought that you loved her!

- I love Vera...maybe yes!

...What ever!

...it's something like with stamps...
I can collect or not...

- You stopped to collect?

- And I didn't throw them away!

- I want this real feeling but...

...if I looking at you...go all to hell!

- A man was killed there you, Sasha!

- Oh God!

...They can't calling for...?

...No, I can't!

...I really can't do this!

...What can I do?

..Well! Don't do this! OK?

...Bye! Sorry!

...With the upcoming to you!

- So...

- Just silence!
- Who is this?

- I don't know! How he got here?

- Maybe, he was put?
- Through the closed door?

- In the window?

- That's impossible! It's too high here!

- Look! Pizza...
- Call 911

- And the police!
- Why with me?

- Wait! Who is this really? And who did this?

- Blue Hyundai, 378...


- You are ready?
- OK!

- What?
- I said, I'm OK!

- Vera, take the knife?

- I'll take firecrackers!
- Why?

- We frighten them!

- It's the New Year!

- What are you, drunk?
- Me?

- You don't feel sick?

- No! I'm fine!

- You could have killed him, Pasha!

- Yes...but didn't kill him!

...He has a strong skull!

- Have you a pain reliever, Sasha?

- why do we need a pills?

...Champagne? Without gases...

...it is injurious to health!

- It may need a doctor?

- Of course there is a concussion! It's my job!

...Close your eyes!
- What for?

- And do it like this...

- Can I go?
- All right.

- Sorry! Please be careful!

- Happy New Year!

- And who ordered pizza?

- With concussion so you'll not make this...

...I can't...

- With the upcoming!

- Do you have a pizza?

- Yeah!

- It's for me! Where is it?

- It's gone...

- But what are you still doing here?

...come to me..I have any guests "Neschastniy Sluchay"

- Really? Cool!

- New Years is soon!

- I need to go, guys!

....Problems await at home!

- Let's go already, Sasha?

- No one will come here! We break through!

- OK! Go!

- Sorry! I forgot to give you a pizza!

- It's not for us!

- Ow! Thanks

- He liked this!

...Where can I smoke?
- On the balcony

- Let's come home!

- Which again happened to pizza?

- Good evening!

1:00 left 03 minutes before the New Year!

- So..what's up guys?

- Nothing! All right!

- It's obvious that she's wrong in this situation!

- Shut up!
- What?

- I said shut up!
- You asked me to telling...

- Well, how you talk! I decide who was at fault!

- Can I get through?

- You can!

- Are you okay, Sasha?

- Yeah...I'm OK!

- All right!

- Is that all?
- Yes.

- Look! This is my wife and I love her...

...I have a man's request to you!

...I'll call her now...

...And you'll apologize to her!

- I said...it's a request!

...Apologize to her...


- I don't even know....

- I call?

- Where are we?

....I have a navigator!

....I don't know how to use it...

- Hello! Who is?

- It's a taxi! Blue Hyundai...

- Put the phone down!
- Wait...can it come here?

- Whereabouts? We don't know where are we!

- Tell me, can he go there?

...I mean at that address?

- I really was wrong...I couldn't hold back himself

...so...you're a women!

....I apologize for the rudeness!

- Angella!

- It's me!

- I'll call you back!

- And one last question! Do you sent her?

- Wait a minute! We've already decided everything!

- I asked a question! Do you sent her?

- Yes, I do.

- How I envy you! With the upcoming...

- Borya! Valera!

- You were called!

- Yeah, Angella!

...Where are we late?

...but you said yourself...

...Let's talk about it tomorrow!


...Stop yelling, Angella!

- Sasha! You'll all right?

- Yes.

- He understood?
- Yes.

- They left?
- Yes!

- OK! It's fine!

- What's fine??

...well, I got involved in this?

...I'm 40 years old!

....as if he were here the most important

...and why they the most important?

..if they smarter or better?

...If you love her..

....teach her to talk to people!

..."Man's request"

...Who would let him in without his security?

...if I come to him and help him to apologize to my wife?

- Come on, Sasha!

- Nothing...I just..

....I'm afraid to go to him! I'm brave with you!

...she still hasn't called me....

...Sorry me! I ruined your holiday...

...and where is your Pasha?

- Sorry!

- Let's calling on 911?
- Take him to the hospital!

- Let's go, guys!

- What else happened?

- Let's don't go there!

- Nastya?
- We've come to save you, Lyosha!

- Are you drunk? How did you get there?

- We take a taxi!

- What's going on here?

- Everything is ok, Vera!

...Let's go, guys! We has little time!

- Are you already celebrating?

...Why not include a garland?

...Come round and see me!

- Oh! Unfamiliar faces! Happy New Year!

- I know you!

- We've to start working very quickly and have a drink!

- You have come to the address!

- So..let's celebrated here!

...We still don't have time! But here's a live concert!

- OK!

- Come on, guys!

- for Russia! Two jerky and one rolling!

- Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

- Why did you kiss me in the ear?

- Angella!
- I'm an Angella 25 year old!

- What?
- Nothing!

"This bitch ruined my life"

"Her mother"

- Hi
- Hello!

- Are you OK?

- Yes!

- Oh, I was told that ...

- Everything is fine!

- Well...I go?
- Sure...

- Please, don't go!

- Someone is waiting for me!

...Don't start, please!

...I don't want it!

- Don't go away, please!

- Ambulance promised soon to come, Pasha!

- It would be better soon!

"A good year beginning makes the whole year good"

- I'm so sorry...

- Yes..an once turn right! OK?

...and now you'll go to our house!

- Who are you talking to?
- One second, please!

- Who is she?
- Pasha's wife!

- What Pasha?

- Further everything is very simple...

- Listen! You are so pretty today!

- In what sense? Why today only?

- I'll be right back.
- Where are you go?

- To wash my hands.

- It's time to New Year!

- Let's drink, guys!

- One, two, three...four

- Comrade Dementiev! is glad to inform you that by order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief

...you have been enlisted in the astronaut detachment!

I order you to come to the training center tomorrow...

In 8:00 AM at 1st of January!

- I'll try to!

- Kamil!

- Kamil!

- Where are you, Kamil?

- And what? What do you want?

....What do you need?

- Happy New Year!

- Well, here comes the New Year!

- And I want to talk about...no...

...I don't want to talk anything!

...I already talked a lot of things before..

.. just want to have a drink and listen to music..

...and maybe to dance

"Neschastniy Sluchay"

...just listen to music...

...If I did not have you,

...tell me why should I live?

...In the noise of days as in streams of rain

Torn leaves turn...

- Tell me, do you like Pink Floyd?

- What is it?

- Forget it!

..I'm yours in it would be looking for features

...And I was convinced again and again!

What is this all not you...

...If I did not have you,

Then for what then should I be?
- Go home quickly!

"Dear Katya!...

Once you start the Year with lies!

"If I did not have you,

I would go around the world like a blind man

- Stop man!

...He sent me again!

- It's his complexes, Lev Nikolaevich!

...Let's drink, my dear friend!

- In the Yasnaya Polyana?

"Open your arms!

..Let me catch my breath a little!

...We flew above the sky

But now it's time to land..

...our time is almost over

And the space is compressed...

None of us ever...

Did not dare say stay!"