O Signo do Caos (2005) - full transcript

In the B&W first part, a customs agent, Dr. Amn├ęsio, examines some reels of film, a documentary Orson Welles made about Brazil, and tries to confiscate the material. The color second part shows a party in which those repression agents celebrate their victory against freedom and creativity.






and introducing

Guest Stars

Directed and produced by

Did you bring water?

Faster! Faster!

What do you want now, man?

Hold it!

Stupid, stupid...

There are limits, you know!

You're not worth
the junk you eat!

What never leaves a suitcase...?

The handle!

- Whistling is forbidden here!
- Take it easy! Brazil is ours.

Keep quiet, you buffoon!

I feel a strong weakness!

A bird only survives without
water when stuffed.

That won't make a living.

Won't fill your belly.

- Excuse me.
- Come in.

Let's get right to the point,
without delay-ay.

Well, in little time
he succeeded

in showing what kind
of figure he was.

Crazy enough to transform
himself into the slum's champion!

But who does he think he is?
The king of the world?

He must be destroyed at once.

Whatever the damned

However, his mental weakness

doesn't just end with this
here at hand,

showing his tendency

to stir up a hornets' nest.

We were lucky that
they filmed in vain.

Everything has its price,
including fame.

Take care, my son.

Or rather, don't take care
and no hard feelings

at the nearest rubbish dump.

And no hard feelings, okay!

- Well, boss...
- Yes?

I must go home now
and serve my cat its dinner.

It must be hungry by now.

It's the price of fame!

Well, well...!

I'm going to do a cesarean on
that guy and get the king out.

I'll open up Brazil's belly to see
what's inside.

I'll commit parricide!

Not parricide, as the Press
and Propaganda Department

is the child's father, "sonicide"
would be better.

Not even "sonicide".

Brazil's the father of the
stillborn child, Cinemacide.

- A toast! To us!
- To us!

Cinemacide! Cinemacide!

Come on, open up this door!

If we just stand here waiting, it'll
never open up.

If I could, I'd break it
down right now!

No, we're not paying for
the damage! Open up this door!

Leave it to me.

All Brazilians should be
forbidden to exist!

No need. They're born punished...

and die even worse!

Above all, without even
knowing why.

The image of chaos is
chaos itself.

Collect all the material.

But what in hell! What are we
actually looking for, boss?

Anything incriminating against
that trouble-maker.

We need a scapegoat,
dead or alive.

Right, and nothing less.

Well incriminate the bastard for
rust and anything else.

Let's collect all this material.

A load of rusty cans?

The rusty bastard gets
away with anything.

The beastly ambitions of
that gringo!

Looks like he's
got a screw loose.

Stupid fellow! The dumb will
be struck by lightning!

Time we used our heads.

The top or the bottom
one, boss?

All three dumb scum!

The showing is set for
11 o'clock.

- What time is it?
- My belly says lunchtime.

Start with the left hand

Boss, the one that
doesn't work properly?

The one with the shaky

- The lame one!
- The lame one.

- The film will snap.
- So what?

- Boss...
- What do you want?

I'd like to know...

What has this gringo done
that's so wrong?

- Everything!
- Foreigners are tourists.

The great hero. He screwed up
and will be screwed.

He's out of the official

He did what he wanted and
this is the result.

This very day, we declare
war on the genius.

We can throw it off

Great! This film will never
be judged.

Keep your anxiety to yourself
or I'll call the police.

In fact, Brazilian cinema has
always been a police case.

You can't feed kids on
sour grapes!

The first days of the latest art.

Let's get cinema out of the
toy cupboard.

The more I pray, the more
haunted I feel.

The truth is no one knows the
truth. That's the truth.

And truth hides itself.
Passion blinds.

I close my eyes to see.

The worst blindman is the one
that doesn't want to see.

The worst deaf who won't hear.

In blindman's land,
is the capital of Brazil.

And that Brazil is a country
of blacks.

But it still is the country of
the future, they say...

Why this silence? Let's check
out the rest of carnival.

They tell marvels
in Technicolor

All these colored costumes,

well only see after
next year's carnival.

And "The Raft"!
A real mess!

Never seen such a mess!

It's not brainwashing.
It's soul washing!

I feel like a fool.

Well, nonsense. It's pretty hard
stuff to swallow!

What's this?
The man's a genius.

He's 50 years ahead
of any other director.

He did everything
before anybody else.

To be kept 50 years on a
shelf, in the freezer, in limbo.

What do you suggest, then?

Show it on the wall
of an infected public toilet

Or otherwise cut, cut...

Or just leave it.

This is a more explosive
mixture than the "Berlin Samba",

by the way, the only reasonable

thing that poor bastard ever did,
the arrogant imprudent!

What hell is that?

- The extras from the slums.
- They don't look like extras.

They're authentic slum-dwellers.

But what about the great
black orchestras

and the great samba singers?

They may be all you want,
except musicians!

Look here, they?re not extras.
They're actors.

A dollar a day.

My God! He's gone too far!

This burdensome joke is no
part of the civilized world!

- Boss?
- Yes!

There's someone to see you,
waiting outside.

Keep him waiting.
I'm not in for anyone.

I actually don't like knowing
people I don't know.

The Vargases don't forgive,
but they forget.

The nation is weary of such
rags and tatters.

Not worth a pamphlet.
Not even a flurry thin dime.

Coarse! Coarse so very weak.

Very, very weak.

Absurd that a man can
earn dollars

and commit such
imprudence as this,

filming a film without
any structure.

Impossible! Total madness!

They are extremely poetic

I can't take so much poetry,
my boy.

The most beautiful part is
what is most hidden.

What do you mean
to say by that?

Cinema is like an ocean,
not like a drop of water.

Any need for so much water?

It's not worth watching.

If it's not worth watching,

then life's not worth living!


Which of these lies
do you want me to believe?

All of them. Or none.

The best thing is to wait.

We'll wait.
Go on with the projection!

That was all,
except for the best part.

I realize it's not easy to
understand a genius, I know.

But he surpassed me.
Only he could.

This goes too far!
The most expensive flower of poverty.

Even free, it still is expensive.

Won't even pay the film poster.

Not worth a cent.

Don't measure genius by using
pygmy measurements.

Who told you that?
Your local popcorn seller?

The best filmmaker
of the Press and

Propaganda Department:
Primo Carbonari!

Ah, Primo mangiare,
doppo filosofare...

Whatever blows up your skirt...

There's still a lot ahead!

The limbo bar's still quite high!

The devils not as ugly
he's painted.

Rabbits tail,
knock on wood three times!

Rabbits tail,
knock on wood three times!

And God deliver us from the
devils of such caliber!

Mend this shit!
It's rubbish, worthless!

A one-sided, tough fight! As if
we weren't on the same team.

Don't try to put your anxieties
on my shoulders.

Actually the film is more
real than reality.

Will you stop that!
Don't do that to me now.

This here is shameful!

Take it away, out of my sight!

What kind of joke is this?

Is this cinema,
or just a load of shit?

He earns in dollars
and makes believe he films.

- This man is useless, boy.
- You don't know what culture is.

Is this the image of a country?

Show a bunch of niggers
dancing the samba?

Who's going to want this, for
God's sake?

Let's go, boys!

Even free it's still expensive.

Won't even pay the ink
for the poster! Worthless!

"The Rafts" is also
a load of devils shit,

with no story, no actors
no stars,

not even lighting equipment.

Put on the lights.

The best way-out is the
Santos Dumont airport.

Tom Jobim, flying, just for flying.

What has this to do with me?

Oh my friend, the last one
turns off the lights.

To and fro. To and fro.
To and fro. To and fro.

I can't see. See for

I'd never set foot in a
country like that.

Very well, you're beautiful.
Fabulous photos.

This you can get anywhere.
No need to be cinema.

Our eyes don't lie and life
goes on, the same way.

Even if not, it's no big deal.

An absurd! Horrible!

It's unbearable!

It's forged and dodgy.

As you can see,
it's dull and unbearable.

Look! Try to see, try to see...

It means nothing.

Very commonplace,
it's not cinema!

It's nonsense.

Less than a film...


Contra productive.
A bit of this and that.

Overdose, my friend!
You can't make films like that.

- Forget it!
- What's this?

Dock lights. Strip-joint neon.

Less than amateur

I will never get enough of it.

Look at the chest.

Magnificent Splendorous!


This is prejudice and prejudice
is not the same as ideas.


Leave it on the shelf
for 50 years

and I bet no one will miss it.

Enough! This is magic!

I'll bet one to a billion.

You talk too much
and without any understanding.

And there's something else,
I'll tell you...

You're not going
to tell me anything.

Stay calm, like me...
I'm calm. Otherwise...

- What?
- The seventh art.

I hate them all!

I refuse to support this veto
He had no credit nor guilt.

The crime of intention.
Forget the rest.

My advisers, as a surprise
for my dear friends,

we have been waiting endlessly
and nothing happens.

It goes beyond all limits.

Let's be
cautious with this citizen.

It's a revolting and
pestilent film.

You force me to tell the truth.

What is this, after all?

A new position for Citizen
Kama Sutra.

"?a suffit!"

It makes me want to throw
everything into the sea!

It's decided.

Into the sea! All this material
into the sea!


We won't allow
this negative view

to be shown throughout
the world.

Chaos and crisis.
A very dodgy piece of work

See for yourself.

Rather than remember all,
it's better to forget

Let's see, for instance,
the man reaches the shadow.

My thoughts would fill a

Several! Where they will
never be shown.

A "pederasteque".



A revolting and disgusting

I'm sure you saw very little,
Mr. Amnesium...

I have no courage to see
the rest.

Won't you watch the rest, boss?
We need to see...

Don't ask me to watch it,
I won't do it.

See? Look, nothing happens.

They're all stock still.

It's forbidden to whistle here!

It's total chaos!

No fear for other torpedoes
that can harm him

and sink the career he's
won inch by inch.

Until when? Until when?

As far as I Know, no one in
this country has noticed.


The world shook several times
because of that human hurricane.

The end is near in terms of
nowadays moral zoology.

A madman is mad. An imbecile
is something else.

This is no good.

Less than amateur.

That's your opinion,
Mr. Amnesium.

Why is it you can't understand
we have to stop stupidity?

- Nonsense;.
- Is it?

Worse than useless.

Like teaching
a joke to a deaf parrot.

You know nothing.
That's your opinion.

For everyone's sake,
delete it.


I vote that the film be

Cut some scenes, or I veto!

Your intransigence won't stop
people from seeing it.

See or not to see.
That is the question.

This veto will pass under
your responsibility.

What right do you have to
veto a work of art?

It's awful and no
one should see it.

Everyone's heard of the
madman Orson

sleeping peacefully surrounded
by thieves.

Go for it!

Madness has taken over this
other-worldly envoy.

It's all canceled for now
and ever! I hope...

Shameful injustice!
False freedom!

Please withdraw.

I have serious and
more important appointments.

A veto "ad eternum"
is the least.


I'll show you the first 3 reels.

There is a primary error
in them.

You discover it.
Come on, boys!

We will not allow it to be
taken abroad.

Show me the error
and then...

I also want no more
complaints from

the offended
and oppressed.

It's worthless.

I bet a million to one.


Each scene gives fright.

It's a waste of time.

It makes no sense.

Waste of time.
Better not to approve it


You already know?
Best to ignore it...

What's this?

Leave it. Take your paw off!

You can see this anywhere.
No need for a film.

It doesn't fit in. I don't see how,
young man.

- Bullshit!
- Impossible!

It must have taken all of him!
More than you can see!

It?s all a kind of theorem,
a puzzle.

Head breaking!

He wanted to film
like Shakespeare,

his basic reference.

If only I could kill my
memory with crossword puzzles.

This is nofilm.

Parrot! Parrot!

In those days,
it was all done secretly, right?

Art in Brazil has no
future, boy!

Without any doubt.
I fully agree.

They spend money like water.

- And always short.
- Look...

Anyone makes films nowadays.
Or think they do.

Everybody knows no one ever
watches these pseudo films.

No one ever has.

Recommended for those
who suffer from insomnia.

You know who you?re talking to,
old man? Didn't I tell you?

The rottenest fruit of human

- A true masterpiece!
- A work of art!

Merit has nothing
to do with it.

Even if so, it's no big deal.

I only wanted to take
out the suffering.

So it would pass more quickly.

What for? For what reason?

So it would pass more quickly.

Get rid
of this film-horror.

I want to tell all of
you that in a poor man's

houthere is no need
for apologies.

Let's remove this stain off our
national civilization!

That human hurricane!

He couldn't stop creating.

He won't have another

This film is like a bottle of
sparkling mineral water.

It's refreshing, sparkles
but I prefer champagne!

Just fizz!

This is an offense to human

From now on, only civilized films
will be released in this country!

Wholesome, rich and costly!

So we don't look bad abroad.

Let's go, boys!

This is all very good
and excellent,

but it all goes to the dump.

This is not cinema at all!

Come here sweetheart.

Don't get offended!

- I'll bring that ring.
- Pink...

Okay, boss.

As you gentlemen know,

all those who focus on poverty
with other interior guilty.

Ulterior motives.

We can't innovate in this case.

You seem to think
with your feet!

Don't put your foot in it!

Think with your toe nails

And put all four feet in it!

A smut in the eye of humanity...

I'll tell if I want
it shown again.

It's giving me a hell of a headache.

It's a friggin'
obnoxious film,

Instead of our NBC - nice,
beautiful and cheap,

they've given us CBS,

cheap, black and sluts.

Don't lose your sleep over it.

Real black magic dolls!

Well stuffed!


Scum of the earth from
start to finish.

Pity it's still at the start.

I veto it "ad eternum" and


A sty in the eye of

I wash my hands!

Recommended for those who
suffer from insomnia.

I hate films.


That's not the point.

It's a forgery.

The height of madness!
A fraud!


A threat to our policy of
good neighbourship.

Don't look.

This lunatic does not belong
to the civilized word.

We of the Dept. of Press
and Propaganda

would like to say that this
tattered patchwork

was stillborn and it's no use
even to try to resuscitate.

It is "nati-morta".

This film is ugly,
boring and upsetting.

Only he could have done it.

Because films cannot
show reality

aw and naked as it is.

- I go even further...
- This time he's gone too far.

When they brought the
duck-billed platypus to

- England, they stuffed it...
- It is the height of mayhem.

It is a threat to our policy of
good neighbourship.

All that doesn't fit
into our vain philosophy.


This is and will be ever
more boring!

Let the mine cave in!

If your foot makes you trip,
cut it off!

Knock on wood three times.

Enough to try the patience
of a saint.

Lord deliver us from the
demons of this caliber.

We'll cut this monster's head
off today!

Thus have acted the fools
of all times!

Get this trash out of here.
It is not ours.

Does it mean something?

Go on!

When I die, I'll take you to
hell with me.

Pig swill!

The bestial ambition of
that gringo!

What do you want me to do?

Chew and swallow a crocodile?

Kick down a wall?

Forget it!

Amnesium is just an
enormous ignorant.

Crazy because he has to be.

An idiot by heavenly compulsion,
his own overgrown shadow.

A result of bribery and slaps
on the back.

Good God!

Take care of your holy

The enemy is in sight,
a price on his head.

Now I know.

I will not be accomplice to
this unworthy chicanery.

I was downcast. I must induce,
grope and deduce.

Could it be the Blessed?

It will be infallible!

He's ruining the country's

When he trod, the earth
shook several times.

All because of that human

He couldn't stop creating.

He extrapolated, he overflowed.

He lost out!

He'll end up destroying
Brazil's image abroad!

He did horrors under the
law's very nose.

Extrapolated, overflowed.

Hide the masterpiece
I never made!

All down the great drain!

Obscene scenes!

He'll try to say he was robbed.
It's a trick!

Give that can!

Throw it all into the sea
right now!

Drift or drown!

Export forbidden.

The sea is the sea.

The enemy is dead.
Now to remove the corpse.

Just as well you noticed.

I will be the avenger in this case.

I'm just an onlooker.

As if we lived in different
ages and on other planets.

...of a dream that fades.

Throw it away.

I am a walking movie theater.

I know many forbidden films
by heart.

I saw them overseas.

Food for the sharks!
All down the drain!

The boss is always right.

Hunger is no excuse for
bad breath.

My most Brazilian Brazil,

My dark-skinned boy whose
wicked smile lingers still,

With your laugh you my
verses fill,

My Brazil were samba plays
and with rhythm sways.

Brazil, love land
made by God's hand.

Brazil, Brazil...

The Vargases don't forgive.
But they forget.

In that case,
there'll be hell to pay!

Hey, wise guys! How's it going?

Hi! Thanks, princess...

What a lunchbox!

Get me out of here!

- By the skin of your teeth, boss!
- So close!

The world's full or it.

Never treat a genius
like an idiot,

to avoid treat an
idiot like a genius.

Who's never dreamed about

The cover girl!

They are extremely poetic images.

I can't stand so much poetry!

The most beautiful things
are the most hidden.

What do you mean
to say by that?

Cinema is like an ocean,
not like a drop of water.

Is there any need
for so much water?

This film isn't worth watching.

If this film isn't
worth watching...

What is this?

Have you the slightest idea
of who I am?

Get lost!

Only in his country!

Hey, Boy!

Let me go!


I can't allow such things.

Let me go!

Show some respect, boy!


- I told you.
- What's this?

I only won't call the police

It wasn't quite like that.


The worse it gets, the better.

I'll get her,
no matter what.

Here we dream
bigger and better.

Do we still have any money?

From start, go.

This country has the largest
reserves of iron-ore

and the greatest
water reserves.

We've made it into a
country of sweets!

God bless!

Sugar, cocoa, banana,
tobacco, coffee.

A good fork, but an even
better sponge.

So be it.
No one can take away...

The eternal character.

It won't produce films like
it won't produce cherries.

See, hear and keep quite!

My bibelot!

7 keys, 8 keys,

A drink prepared by that

A toast to the end of time!

- Go for it!
- Mad conflicts in hell!

It would seem were
in for a miracle.

Samba in Berlin!

Delicious! A Lolita!

A rare orchid!

Exquisite! Frenetic!

There, the bibelot of our
Eden oasis!


Forget it, Amnesium!

She has never lived in society.
She can't lie

Love, love, love.

To and fro, to and fro..

Let's send him to
the depths of hell!

Perfect for putting him in
nice cat's cradle?

Go ahead.

So far even the devil will get
blisters on his cloven hooves,

out into the sticks.

To make sure he goes
completely crazy.


That madman!


May he never
bother us again!

And then...
I'll send him to...

I want some too...
I want some too...

A perfect braggart.

And then send him
to the very depths of hell...

and leave him there as light
as a kite!

That ring is great on her
but I must have it back.

Marvelous. It's over!

May the legal penalties
be applied!

She's got something going...

I'll give the "coup de grace".

And the hero is ours...

The legal proceedings.

A perfect swaggart.

To send to the very depths.

The good life!
Wine and delight!

This is the life!

Wine and delight!

A headful of rum!

Everyone made a fool of him!

Lolita, is it true you're
the whirlwind of Santos?

Of course!

And you the airborne reporter.

You write for the crowds in the
sky and clouds. Right?

Maybe. But on land,
my head is heavy.

It's the heat.

So let's drive by the casino.

I can't. I have business at
the Department.

As you wish.

Persistent rumors.

Waves can break
the hardest rock.

Sometimes even the fame
can walk straight.

Liquor, rum, lime, Coca-Cola.

It's all a 'Berlin Samba'.

- On Sinner's Corner?
- Where else

They also say the gringo
wanted to change Brazil.

I questioned a friend from
the American Embassy

and he put his hand to his
head and said: "God forbid".

Let's show them who's going to
outlast everyone.

How do you feel?


- Another?
- Of course.

I already got it.

That guy has crazy legs,

as if he'd been bitten by
a tarantula.

Do you know who
I'm talking to?

Let's show them who's going to
outlast everyone.

With the advantages of that
gold ring,

as pure as the color of
its feathers.

Cruel destiny.

To and fro, to and fro...

I never really understood
what they wanted of me.

We despised him.




A shipwreck, just like a
drink prepared by me.

Poor thing!

And then we send him to the
depths of hell,

to where even the devil
dares not go,

because Hollywood has a lovely
"apple-pie" bed for him.

In the cat's cradle!

Certainly enough to make him

quite intoxicated enough!

Let's drink to the shipwreck

like a glass prepared by
that lunatic.

and then send him to hell,

to the very depths where the
devil dares not go.

He's made his own bed in

If the world ends now,
be it God's will.

Right on!

Friends have fled and
black magic is hot on his heels.

Fame always has its price,

Give the "coup de grace"!

I veto it "ad eternum".

That shall always be
my motto!

See if you understand.

All together, it doesn't even get
close to the "Shadow" series.

It's forbidden to think here.

Not even close to Zorro.

In Brazil,
nothing good ever lasts.

Whatever it is, spit it out.

Saints kick you when
you're down.

It's not a saint's day.
Today's a holiday!



It's all a waste of breath.

Welles lost a film through the
fisherman's mysterious death.

Mysterious, the disappearance
of the drowning scene.

Before he left, Welles
paid off Jacar?'s kids.

He paid them handsomely.

He said he would only tell the
whole truth

by the time the film was

Oh, no!

Sounds like a well-planed
crime to me.

Jacar? talked too much

and censorship reigned
at that time.

- Hard handed.
- Really?

But let's see what you think.

Let's go, guys!

I think it was just a crime.

And well planned at that.

At that time of censorship,
Jacar? talked loo much.

And it was mysterious.

The disappearance of
Jacar?'s death scene.

All very sinister.

The 5 senses are
as dumb as a child.

They can't tell
illusion from reality,

truth from fiction.

For me, the truth is he is the
Napoleon of films,

the God of gods!

Silly boy!

For sure.

Give me the ring you slut!

I don't have a dime.

I need to pawn it.

I don't have two pennies
to rub together.

You have to be sure to
start up a scandal.

Give me the ring.

Don't be so pessimistic.


A pessimist sees everything
on the black side.

The optimist only sees pink.

Even the colorblind see the
blackest poverty

there on the screen.

Nonsense. Give me the ring.

A mere phrase and
out of fashion.

Since I lost all my money,

Aurora has not given me a
moment's peace.

The ring is all yours.

How I hate you!
How I hate you!

It's not possible.

- Aurora
- Morel!

- How I've missed you!
- How I've missed you!

- You must see the house!
- You're beautiful!

Let's go.

I'm so tired.

Who are they?
They're waiting for you.

Waste of time, boss.

- The Department people.
- Now?

What I've heard is
all a waste of time, boss.

If it hadn't been for my
watchful intervention...

Thinking is forbidden here!

- Aurora!
- How I've missed you!

My love...

Are you all right?
You're lovely...

- The suitcase.
- Ah, yes.

You forgot the suitcase!

It is forbidden to think here.

This looks like a swindle to me.

Everything makes us look bad.


- Aurora!
- Morel!

How was the trip?

I found a lovely house in a
wonderful town.

It was raining heavily.
I put on my raincoat.

We'll have a roof now,
won't we?

Something happened
on the way back. Really?

Aurora, I've looked everywhere...

- It can't be, Morel!
- I?m sorry, my love.

Where's the money
for our house?

It was the money for the house.
Not for me.

I know it was the
money for the house.

I hate you, I hate you!

Look, I did all I could.
I came running.

I don't know what made me put
the money in that pocket.

Whores? It went on gambling!

For heaven's sake, Aurora!

You've changed. It's gambling!

You're mad! You?ve got mad!
I wouldn't even have had time for that

This can't be true!

It's the money for the house!

Our house.
You think I did it on purpose?

You were never like this...
This has to do with girls!

- For heaven?s sake, Aurora!
- And gambling!

You?ve never done this before.
It's gambling!

For God's sake, Aurora!
You've gone crazy!

You think I wanted to lose it?

Give me that!

A dodger can dance
his way out!

The government does not allow

the last judgment.


Let's go boys!


I think one day it will be shown.
One day.

When they took the stuffed
platypus to England,

scientists couldn't believe
their eyes.

They thought the beak was
stuck on.

Go on with the projection.

- Who knows!
- Don't be stupid!

I think it will be
shown one day...

These are the wonderful

you should film.

And always in black and white.

Didn't they have films in
color then?

Of course. Old things are
always colored.

But the world was
black and white.


Yes. The world went color
around 1940

and color isn't all it's
made out to be.

How very strange!

Yes. Truth is stranger
than fiction.

Why are old paintings in color,

If the world
was black and white,

why didn't they paint it so?

Painters always have been crazy,
cross-eyed and shortsighted.

They were mad irresponsible.

Then how could they paint
the colors?

Weren't their paints only
black and white?

Of course! Painting went color
in the decade of the 40s.


Have a drink!

Long live today and forever!

That's what counts. Women!

The money, the money...

I've looked everywhere,
in every pocket.

It was the money for the house.

It was in my hand just now.

Enough! Enough!


Waif and stray!

Insolent, arrogant!

It's all that damn film's fault!

You can forgive planes and
typhoons, but not madmen!

Aurora, I'm not mad.

I may be a bit mixed up,
but not mad.

As mad as a hatter!

- It'll be all...
- A stray!

- What?
- A stray dog!

Maybe a stray dog,
but with a mistress!

It'll be all right, Aurora...

- How many?
- Trust me.

- How many mistresses?
- You alone, Aurora.

To and fro...

Love, love, love...

A talented man has talent
for everything.

Has it ever occurred to you

that I am just doing my duty?

The party's over.

Our duty is to shut that
mouth up.

The government cannot allow the
country to be seen as a beggar.

As if that were the totality
of our physiognomy.

It is the Council's job to
judge him,

but as I see it, we should grab
him by the throat

and throw him into a

As for the so-called film, one
day it will be shown.

Who knows? One day.

At Judgment Day.

He wants to compare himself
with him.

Our drive is to hurt and

The platypus, Mr. Amnesium!

Hot stuff!

Clearly the best solution is
to cater to pride

which is perilously near

The mysterious enemy arises:
he himself.

Let's see what is the best
Trojan Horse...

You really understand nothing.

All this is Brazil.

Our poverty, Mr. Amnesium.

But also our
wealth and greatness.

Get out! You Portuguese poverty!

That could mean
several unpleasant things.

All this is clamor from
heaven to earth,

exhorting me to a more
rigorous examination,

to cast out the swindler,
the swaggart and braggart.

are dismissed from this
tormented gathering.

But you must sign
the black book!

The brand of power holds the
key to chaos.

All is canceled for today and
forever. I hope...

Amen, Amnesium! Amen!

Let's show them who's going
to last forever

with the help of that pure
gold ring,

as pure as your feathers,
little king.

Follow me!

I give half a century for
the material to rest.

And I bet no one will
even miss it!

What shit!

It's over.



The irony of destiny.

A film is like a match.
It only lights once.

The government is about to
fall, to collapse!

Follow me! Follow me?

Follow me!

It has been written!

You haven't seen anything yet.
Nor will you!

"Alea jacta est".

The eve's genius is the next
day's beast.


I hate everything!

And whoever disagrees will be
arrested and strangled!

Amen, Amnesium.

Subtitles: gooz
for karagarga, 2018