O Rei do Baralho (1973) - full transcript

Sexy blonde meets a man who calls himself "the king of the pack". He had been told about this relationship by a fortuneteller.




You have to explain to the guys
that he who has it, has it.

He who doesn't have it, doesn't have it.

A blonde is coming,

bringing, in these queens of diamonds,

good news for you.

You getting your hands
on some big money.

Magnetic - Encounter

- What's your name?
- Dalila.

Are you waiting for something?

- Not now.
- You're smothering me.

I'm the King of Cards, by chance.

And I'm an ace at baccarat.

Do you play?

I play and I can read cards.

But my addiction is baccarat.

- I have a deck.
- New?


I want you to read it all...

...for me.

From end to end.

Will you read it?

For you, I'll do everything
but one thing.

I don't mention rope
in the house of a hanged man.

And I always look both ways
before crossing the street.

You have the vitality of 13 cats.

I'll take you to the top of my tower

and you'll see stars.

I only felt like this in my maiden dreams.

This is the pain that looks like...

...the pain that pain itself doesn't know.

I'm a kaleidoscope.

I'll show you the dance of stones,

the hieratic megaliths that guide us,

the path to heaven.


For now, I'll show you
the postcards of the desert night.

But, are you the King of Cards
or the King of Trouble?

They just call me "King of Cards."

You don't have to say anything.

You don't have to do anything.

I just want you to whistle.

You know how to whistle, don't you?

The parrot talks, the ant economizes
and the blue manakin dances.

Man carries within himself
the stigma of the fish,

the saurian and the batrachian.

"We are animals,"

said a wealthy Argentinean, very wisely,

years ago, on a transatlantic.

- Were you going to Paris?
- No.

I was going to Alegrete, in the south.

I was going to organize
a show of very fine French girls.

I always dream of a boa.

A fire boa,

a flying boa,

that descends from heaven.

A thick boa,

that shines,

that I mount,

and start riding
across the seas and stars.



I've been arrested for stealing
a deck of cards, but I ran away.

- Do you know the Marata anthem?
- No.

Do you know the people
who let the poppy fall?


- And the toast group?
- No.

And the King of Cards?

The vice president of public relations
is on the grandstand.

The vice governor,
Dr. Edmar Fetter, patron...

Lieutenant colonel Miguel Estanga,

president of the Federal Council

of the Argentine Football Association...

The international player is proud,

he's more and more pleased

to be able to collaborate
in the development

of Brazilian sports and football.

First half,
it's the tournament of first-timers,

Erasmo Martins Pedro Cup,
vice governor of Guanabara.

Ball in command of Flamengo's attack.

Moisés intercepts,
the rebound belongs to Arilson.

Ball crossing the right midfield
to Paulo César.

The star of the moment advances,
Flamengo attacking, Paulo César leading.

Plays in the right midfield.
He passes to Sérgio.

In the lead is Paulo César.

Moisés gets the ball,
delivering it to Tostão to start a play.

Game eight, 15 minutes, first half.

Rio do Sul, Juventus, one,
Figueirense, nil.

Home team is winning game eight.

Ball in the midfield, Zanata attacking,

he passes to Dé.
Dé returns the ball...

On the far end,
Rodrigues Neto intercepts it.

He raised his foot too much,
almost took off Dé's helmet,

and the fans of Vasco da Gama screamed,

complaining about a foul
that the referee didn't call...

Tension in the penalty area of Flamengo.

Goalkeeper Renato touched it
with his fingertips...

Now Alcir has the ball.

He dribbles,
sets Zanata in motion on the right,

Zanata, with a volley,
plays into the Flamengo area...

Hi, good people.

Pour me the one
that resurrected the snake.

What's up, Mosquito, anything new?

I made this for you.
See if you like it.

♪ Not everything that is said, is done ♪

♪ I say it but I might not be able ♪

♪ To resist ♪

♪ Let's not talk about it ♪

♪ If the orgy is over ♪




They like me because my head is huge.

And I always thought it was my magic.

There are thick ones and thin ones,

but whoever tries them
and likes, goes crazy.

And turns into a wolf. And goes nuts.

And even plays the fool.

Here's the thing:

I'm not me anymore.

I revoked myself.

I don't play...

...because losing hurts.

I lost.

It hurts but you get used to it.

There are people
with fire in their heads.

There are people
with the sea in their heads.

There are people
with the stars in their heads.

I have a deck of cards.

I'm the King of Cards.

This is the blonde of baccarat.

Gentlemen, have a great time.

What a strange couple.

♪ I wake up thinking about you ♪

♪ I fall asleep thinking of you ♪

♪ I can't forget you ♪

♪ I think about you night and day ♪

♪ I look at life ♪

♪ Through the light of your eyes ♪

♪ Please, let me at least ♪

♪ Think of God ♪

Give me a deck.

The cards never lie.



This deck makes me hieratic.

I shiver,

I pinch myself, I go crazy.

It's the warm wind of the tropics.



A Stone on the Way...

I want you to take me to the zoo,

to the monkey island,

and throw bananas into my mouth.

Silver bananas, gold bananas.

It's big money.

Do you know that I'm addicted to you?

If I think about you
I forget about death.

Devour me.

Devour me!

Devour me!

The men are busting my balls for nothing.

They were there and they took the money,
the machine and the tobacco.

Watch out!

There's a parrot on the perch.

They even took my deck.

- Your deck?
- Yes.

Let's have a drink
with the gentleman from Ponte Grande.

I thought he was from Ponte Preta.

Arabian - Fairy

We are the Arabs.

The Arabs are the future of the world.

There is nothing like us.

At this moment,
there is nothing like the Arabs.

We are the only ones.

Do you envy me?

Do you feel it inside you?

There is nothing like the Arabs.

Neither the Greeks,
nor the Turks, nor the Persians.

Europeans are useless.

Nothing. We are the only ones.

Do you feel me, my sun?

You're out of your mind!

♪ Come... ♪

♪ My heart calls you ♪

♪ Ay... ♪

♪ Desperately ♪

♪ Come... ♪

♪ My life demands you ♪

♪ Ay... ♪

♪ Desperately ♪

♪ I know... ♪

♪ You will come back tomorrow ♪

♪ With the cross of your pain ♪

♪ Ay, look... ♪

♪ This way of loving you ♪

♪ Come... ♪

♪ I need to see you ♪

♪ Ay... ♪

♪ Desperately ♪

Here's the deal: You're marked.

Marked card.

This card is saying that you're marked.

Be careful, it's envy.

There are a lot of people
who envy you...

...with an evil eye on you.

They're fools but treacherous.


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