O Quatrilho (1995) - full transcript

The story of two immigrant couples: Teresa and Angelo; Pierina and Massimo. While fighting for survival in the new world, the unexpected love of Massimo and Teresa appears. They react against family and cultural traditions and leave to a new destiny, leaving their partners. Quatrilho is the name of a card game in wich the player have to betray his partner in order to become the champion.

Leaving their homeland in search of better days, great waves of
italian immigrants drove off to far America by last century's last half.

A significant part of these adventurers ported at Brazil's deep south
where they, and their children and grandchildren,

built a prosper society based on small rural
properties and, later, over trade and industry.


- Easy!

- Faster, dear. Let's go.

- We have a wedding to celebrate. I don't
know about you, but I'm starving.

- Let me remind you about your mutual obligations and your duty to accept all
the children that God, in his almighty goodness, decide to concede to you.

- The rings...

- The rings, stupid!

- The rings...!

- Are you mad, Father Giobbe?

- I get a little sad when
I celebrate a wedding.

- Why's that?

- There's a spark at the groom's eyes...

- ...a spark that will not last.

- And the bride, so cheerful...

- In a few years...

- ...become ugly and bad shaped...

- ...aged...

- ...full of sorrow and regrets...

- ...crying at the confessional.

- But what can one do?

- Right?

- Let's go. Andiamo!

- I accept you as my father!

- I accept you as my daughter.

- Drink, friend! Wine is good for health.

- Teresa...

- Angelo needs much wine in order to have
more blood and become stronger!

- Don't make that face, Angelo!

- I should have married you, sir.

- You wouldn't regret it, i assure you.

- Teresa, if Angelo shows weakness
tonight... Cosimo will be ready!

- But then Marieta will beat you with
the polenta's (cooked corn) spoon!

- I'll send Marieta away.

- Angelo... Let's make a deal.
I'll give you the mule back!

- I own the mule... The family owns the pair of oxes. The milking
cow is mine, but the other one belongs to Dosolina.

- We have so much!

- I feel rich.

- We're not rich, Teresa...

- If Agostinho gets married,
I'll have to follow traditions.

- When the youngest marries...
I'll need to leave and find a new home.

- Yes... so?

- Then we'll have to...

- Let's not talk about this for now.

- Today...

- Is our marriage's first day.

- Come. - Where to?

- I want to see the rest of the land!

- You never agreed to show me.

- We cannot grow anything on the rest. I didn't
show you before because people could talk.

- But now... we're married.

- No one gets to say anything.

- Come! Come! Let's take a walk.

- The sun is so beautiful. Come! Let's go!

- Let's go.

- Come, Angelo!

- No... I don't...

- Come!
- I don't want to.

- The water is warm.

- No, it's cold.
- Please, come!

(singing in italian)

- What? Something wrong?

- No. Nothing.

- I have a headache.

- That's what you get by putting
your feet in that cold water.

- Yes...

- That must be it...

- I'm so dumb.

- Where's Angelo?

- At the barn.

- Go wash your feet...
I just cleaned the house.

- Didn't I tell you to wash yourself?

(cursing in italian)

- Are you crazy, Agostinho?

- Go wash!

- Plase, don't cry.


- ...he kills me.

- Stay calm.

- I won't tell. Don't worry.

- I hate Angelo!

- Agostinho!

- If nobody told you, then let me...

- You need to get married!
- I don't want to marry.

- What about your girlfriend, Adelaide?
- To hell with her.

- You're definitely marrying her,
young man! And soon!

- Be at her parents house by
sunday to talk to them.

- And as soon as the priest shows up...
I want you to set a date!

- You know what's gonna happen to you
and Angelo if I get married, right?

- You'll have to move out.

- Look for a new land to work.
- Think about yourself!

- Forget about Angelo! I know
what you're thinking.

- You're thinking that I'm not your mother,
to be talking like that to you.

- But I'm assuming her place, understand?

- And you'll do what I tell you!

- You don't want me to tell Angelo, right?

- Then...

- Let's make a deal.

- You'll marry Adelaide. And that's it!

- Oh, my...

- Didn't she ever invite you to
watch the cows at the stable?

- This one day... she wanted
me to see the carps...

- And you...?

- Did you go?

- Her mother woudn't allow.
- You know what I think?

- Go with her and see the damn carps!

- And you go wash! Now!

- Move!

- Teresa! Come here, Teresa!

- What is it, auntie?

- Come here.

- What?

- Don't play silly.

- I want to know everything!
Everything about your dear husband.

- What a nice young chiken you caught!

- Don't be afraid. No one
can hear you here.

- So... how are you feeling?

- Cosi, cosi... Like the virgin Mary.

- Don't tell me that... Angelo, all tall
and such... doesn't do the deed?

- It's not like that, auntie...
I'm just saying.

- You don't look happy.
Don'try to hide it.

- Come on. Tell me everything.

- How's he like... at bed?

- Don't you give me that look.
Women can talk about it.

- I thought it would be different.

- Everybody does...

- So... What you do with a husband...?

- First... Never let the man without an answer.
If he shouts at you, you shout louder!

- Men are afraid of losing their women... Where else
they'll find some slave to do thei chores?

- And there's more... Don't you do all that
he asks you to. Not even between the sheets.

- Make up some ache.

- But some days...

- Some days my body gets feverish...

- That's bullshit. A sickness!
Think about something else.

- A good salami and a glass of wine...

- That's the world's only good thing.

- Hey! A woman with a small waist
won't do... No wonder your body heats.

- You must do like Pierina. Married before
christmas and already three months pregnant.

- Pierina have no waist!

- She's strong! Like the men want.

- A toast to Massimo and Pierina, who decided
to come back to the settlement!

- Welcome back!

- What's wrong, Teresa?
Did you dislike my food?

- That's not it, aunt. I'm not very hungry.

- Eat! You have to get fatter!

- Angelo, Teresa'sa too thin.
What have you been doing?

- Teresa doesn't need to get fat.
She's beautiful like that.

- Stick it to your own business.

- Angelo likes me this way. Thin.

- Women need to know how to work. Nothing
else matters when the lights are out.

- Thin or fat... Tall or short.
The hole is always in the middle.

- Watch your manners! Your daughter is listening!
- But it's the truth.

- Shame on you! Are you seeing this?
- Auntie!

- Why did you have to stare so much at Teresa?

- Who? Me?

- You set your eyes straight at her.

- And why that's your business? It's
my eyes, I look at wherever I want.

- Don't be mad. I was just saying.

- I stared at Teresa the same as at
everybody else. She's not that special.

- Teresa...

- So Agostinho and Dosolina will
get married at the same day?

- They didn't like Angelo's decision, but accepted it.

- But he was right. If you have to
spend money, better once than twice.

- Does anybody want corn cake?
Or sweet potatoes?

(italian rhime about corn cake)

- When are you going to serve the wine? We're far
from the fire. We need something to get us warm.

- Here. Real wine. But please don't mind the mugs.

- This girl gets prettier everyday.

- Angelo always chose the best companies. But how is
he winning every round? Is he the king of quartet?

- Pretty! Pretty girl!

- Beware of Angelo. He may not like it.

- Serve yourselves.

- Do you want corn cake?

- Si.

- Take one, Massimo.

- Gracias.

- What are you talking so much in this corner?

- Don't women talk about men? So off
course men will talk about women.

- You have nothing to say about me.

- Don't listen to his bullshit...

- He's talking about the time he
lived in Buenos Aires.

- You must have much to say about it.
Bet you did many bad thing.

- Nothing like that. Only work.
Worked like a slave.

- Excuse me. I'll attend to the others.

- Teresa's still in love with her dear husband.

- Look at her face. Just 'cause
spent some time with him.

- Face? What face?

- That silly face!

- Go serve the peanuts.

- What a beautiful embroidery, Pierina.

- Thank you.

- How long was Massimo in Buenos Aires?

- A couple of years. He told me, but I forgot.

- And what did he work with?

- I'm just asking. You don't have to answer.

- Oh, no. There's nothing to hide. He worked as a carpenter,
with construction, and later at a furniture factory.

- If you count the fabric's threads,
the embroidery will be more even.

- I know, but I'll put it behind the stove.
Nobody will look it closer.

- I still didn't visit your house. I'm so ashamed.

- Everybody says it looks real nice.

- What a miracle. I can't believe it.

- I brought you some eggs.
- You didn't have to.

- Teresa, how big are these eggs!

- I won't even eat those. I have a chicken about to calve.
It will be nice to have some chicks from another rooster.

- Come. Come inside.

- Wow!

- How beautiful is your living room.

- Massimo did all the furniture.

- Look at this cabinet.

- It's beautiful.
- You haven't seen anything yet.

- You have to see our room.

- Come.

- Look at the details in the bed's wood.

- All cedar.

- Look the chest...

- Everything fits in the drawers with space to spare.

- Massimo didn't tell me, but it was really expensive.
If we were to sell all this, we would make a fortune. But...

- Each one has their tastes.

- Oh. I wish envy wasn't a sin.

- I would be jealous of your furniture.

- Would you? Your face tells me you already are.

- You're right.

- I'm already jealous.

- I was thinking...

- Could Massimo make me a chest?

- Just ask him.

- There's plenty of space.

- I'll do the chest. It's my pleasure, Teresa.

- But I don't want it for free.

- Why not? You're a cousin.

- No. I don't want it as a gift. That's not right.
- Why not?

- Let's do this way... You pay me for the wood,
and I won't charge you for the workmanship.

- Then it's okay.

- Grazie.

- What about Angelo? Why didn't he come?

- He said it was too nice of a day to walk around.

- He prefered to fix the pigsty.

- That guy will die working as a mule.

- If I could, I would never work again.

- Every men has two chances of getting rich.
The fist one is, off course, to born rich...

- The other one is to marry a rich woman.

- I wasn't luck enough at both times.

- Someone told me that you could also get
rich by marrying a worker gal.

- You just have to be patient.

- In Buenos Aires... I met a girl...

- The daughter of a fur dealer.

- She had sparkly green eyes...

- Everytime she saw me...

- Gave me a good morning.

- It didn't go farther than that.

- You never told me that.

- I didn't think it was worth it.

- She must have realized I was a poor as a rat. If I had any money,
I wouldn't be delievering her milk every morning.

- I like when people laugh at my tales.

- It's getting late...

- I better leave.

- Ciao. Gracias.

- But Angelo, there's no settlement
to be bought at Nuova Vicenza.

- You have to do as everybody else. Go to Caxias.

- The railroad will be open for
business in a few months.

- There will be plenty of work for grabbers.

- The only thing I know how to do...

- Is hold the hoe.

- Move to the city is the same as die of hunger.

- It has industry, shops... They are building new homes...
inaugurating roads. And anyway... You can always resort to the pickaxe.

- It's no big deal.

- Pickaxe...? That I can do.

- I could put some money aside... While I keep
looking for a new settlement, huh?


- You're that guy from Corona!?

- I received a letter from our
friend Cosimo. I'm Rocco!

- How is he?
- Cosimo is fine.

- Be very much welcome.

- Cosimo told me that you're
really good at playing quartet.

- Don't be impressed by the city's size.

- This is nothing but a big pile of junk.

- They are all thieves, I assure you. Tutti ladro.

- The biggest thief is the govern.
Without govern, all would be better.

- Do you know where I can buy land?

- Land? Ask at the town hall.

- But be careful not to be cheated on.

- My chest!

- It's beautiful.

- Not as much as its owner.

- Beautiful? Me? With this waist...

- I look like a kite.

- Please don't look at me.

- Every woman who's expecting...
is beautiful.

- And Angelo... how's he?

- I think he's fine...

- Smashing rocks with his pickaxe...

- I'll make some coffee.

- I bring news.

- You need to look for a man named Ambrosio.

- I have from secure source that
he has a settlement for sale.

- But meet him soon, because there's
a lot of people interested.

- This Ambrosio Batiston doens't play around.

- Listen to what he has to say,
but don't make any promises.

- You're not the first one that he'll try to deceive.

- This settlement that he's selling...
He took it away from a settler.

- You know how it goes... You give some advance...
You lend some money... Then...

- He grabs the land!

- Now he's fat and rich, easy like that.

- I'm not thinking about selling that settlement... I'll erect
a mill there. The land is crossed by a river that is worth a goldmine.

- But depending on the situation, we can make a deal.

- Looks like you know how to parley...
Letting me do all the talking.

- Do you already have an offer in mind?
- I have yet to see the place.

- I can assure you it's a bargain. I already told you about the river.
It's 80 acres. A barn, stables, house... You just have to move in.

- And it's close to Caxias. A three hours ride.

- I really shouldn't sell that land...

- For less than five million.

- I know that sounds a lot... But you, sir. You wouldn't take me serious,
after seeing the land, if I asked for anything less.

- Off course, off course.

- That's the full price.

- But since you're an honest, working man,
I can think about a payment plan.

- You can give me 30%, wich is about 1,5 million. And the rest you can
pay me with 12% of interest. If you can't pay me that, you return me the land.

- And the money you spent... stays as rent.

- That way, nor you or me owes anything to each other.

- A clean and rightful deal.

- Finally! Angelo's back.

- Congratulations for your son's birth.

- And congratulations for your daughter's.

- You got luckier than me.
- Why's that?

- Because... You got a man.

- It's a little expensive. 5 million.

- A little? Angelo, it's big expensive!

- But it's worth it. I saw it. I can assure you.

- Except for the house. As I said,
we can't just move in.

- It needs a new roof, windows...

- But the house will get me a discount.
And I'm not really worried about the price.

- The problem is the down payment
- How much?

- 1,5 million.

- After that, I'll get a discount.
Batiston is a just man. He'll agree.

- Even then, it's too much. Even if
he discounts 200, 300 thousand.

- 1,2 million is a lot of money.

- I know, I know...

- That's why I came to talk to you.

- See... It's not just the down payment.
It won't be easy to pay the quotas, as well.

- Not by myself.
- Wait a minute...

- Why not by yourself?

- I think you got it.

- The only solution is to make a partnership.

- I immediately thought about you guys, since you too don't
have a land. We both work together to pay for the settlement.

- Then we split it and each one gets his own scripture.

- And it's a big house. After we make the repair, both families
can live together... after all, it's only two kids. Huh?

- Teresa doesn't mind sharing the kitchen.

- If Pierina agrees, off course.

- Whatever you decide is fine by me.

- Okay, then...

- The terms of the sale are not good. I'd say they're the worst
I've ever seen. If everything goes right... no plagues, no sicknes...

- ...Maybe we can pay for the land.

- Otherwise, Angelo... We lose everything.

- The money, the work, the land.

- If you can't give me any guarantee,
I can't do that kind of business.

- Around here we don't find good prices.
Only if we move to the new settlements.

- Do you want to move to the new settlements?
- I did not say that.

- What I'm trying to say is that... with only corn,
wheat, grapes... we'll never pay for this land.

- The only solution is to lift the mill as soon as
possible. Then we can talk about guarantees.

- I'm talking about the mill since the start...

- I know. I just want to make it all clear... That is
my condition. Build the mill as soon as possible.

- Want to start now? This month?

- No... First we plant the corn,
fix the house... bring the families...

- So you agree.
- Yes.

- Then let's shake hands.
We're partners.

- Teresa, are you crazy?
Get out of the rain.

- This is Angelo Gardone.
Our new neighbor.

- How's the wineyard?

- It's looking pretty. If we
don't have any delays.

- The weather will help.
This year we'll have lots of corn.

- He's telling upfront that prices will drop.

- You see? You barely got here and this capitalist
pig is already taking advantage of you.

- Ain't I telling the truth, Natale?

- Anyone can be a capitalist. Anyone!

- You just have to drink less and work more,
instead of sleeping by the side of the road.

- The devil should have taken both your eyes.

- Give me one more glass of this
horse piss, you pirate!

- Can you give me a cigar, please?

- Sure. Sure.
- Capitalist pig!

- Don't listen to him.

- Scariot is like that. Talks
big, but can't hurt a fly.

- He critiques the priests even more.
He learns this crap on his books...

- He's an anarchist.

- Anarchist?
- Yes. Anarchist.

- I'll make a special deal with you...

- But it has to be our secret.

- We'll be great friends some day.

- This cigar is on the house, huh?

- Grazie.

- A mule like this costs about 80 thousand in Caxias.

- I didn' buy, 'cause thought here would be cheaper.

- But I can't do less than 80.
This mule is worth a hundred.

- I pay 80.

- You wanna ruin me.

- In the name of our friendship... I accept.

- Massimo! Massimo!

- More working hands.

- Go ahead. Serve yourself.

- Are you sad?

- Sad? I'm the same as always.

- It's because of her?

- What you're talking about? She who?

- No need to be afraid.
I'm not telling anyone.

- I can see the look in your
eyes when she brings the food.

- We'll have about 200 bags
of corn in the barn.

- Not bad, right?

- We're doing fine.

- It's getting better and better.

- Listen, Teresa...

- I've found a way to pay for
the settlement sooner.

- I'll borrow 4 million from San Giuseppe's
Settlers, at 6% of interest each year.

- I can pay for the settlement
and still make some money.

- That way I save 6% and don't
have to pay just one person.

- Teresa... We can be rich. Really rich.

- Aren't you happy?
- Yeah...

- But it is immoral...

- Immoral?

- Wrong. It's not right to do what you're thinking...

- Why you say that?

- Because you'll be taking
advantage from the settlers.

- Taking advantage how? I'm not
stealing... I'll pay interests.

- They'll win too... it's better than letting
the money rot under their matresses.

- Advantage, yes. You should pay the same 12%.

- But then I'm not gaining anything.
What's good about that?

- What's good is that you keep being honest.

- Wait... Are you calling me a thief?

- I'm helping the settlers.

- It's a win-win.

- And you win more than all of them together.

- Off course for you it's a good deal.

- You know the name of it? It's capitalism.

- So that's it...

- You've been talking to Iscariot.

- Wasting your time with that poor and stupid drunk.

- I'll not argue with you. Not like that. Good night.

- And you, Pierina? Do you think that's okay?

- I don't get involved with those things, but...
if we can pay for the settlement, I think it's a good thing.

- Can you convince Massino?
- Oh, no. No...

- That is men's business.

- What an ass... A dupe.

- Are you ill?

- Me? Ill?

- Scariot said you were sick.

- I'm fine.

- Oh... Then what kind of joke is this?

- I don't know. I told you, I'm fine.

- Why are you mad at me?

- Mad?

- The idea...

- Scariot is a good person...

- You are what people say. He really likes you.

- Wha...? Me? But why?

- Because you're smart. You're
not dumb, like Pierina.

- Did he say anything else?

- That marriage is a priest's invention.

- What do you think?

- The priests say that it's holly.

- A commandment, I'm not sure.

- God's law.

- Don't ask me these things, I get all confused.

- I have my own ideas...

- But you have to promise you won't laugh.

- I promise.

- No. You have to be serious.

- You have to really promise it.

- Then I really promise it.

- Tell me. Tell me of your ideas.

- Aunt Gema doesn't believe in love.

- But I... I thought hard about it.

- And I know it's real.

- It is, right?

- Yes, it is.

- Love is real.

- So... My first idea is right.

- The second one... is that
love is never a sin.

- It's always a good thing.

- Because it was created by God.

- Keep going... Keep going.

- And I think...

- I think love...

- Love is something...

- And marriage is a different thing.

- What about when these two things...

- Happen...

- Apart?

- What someone can do?

- That's what I don't know.

- That's also what I don't know.

- Can I kiss...

- Your hand?

- Just the tip of the fingernails.

- I just remembered...!

- I have to cook the chicken!

- Oh! Good morning, Mr. Gardone.
I see you woke up really early.

- Well... I made the math.

- 1,92 million...

- 1,9 millon is the debt, 20 thousand
the interest, right?

- Uh... I came to pay off the whole debt.

- I see that your business are
doing well, Mr. Gardone.

- 3 million... 920, right?

- No. 3,923,500. One year and
three days of interest.

- Those three days does not count.

- I insist. What's right is right.

- You're smart. And know how to do business.

- This business is over.
I have another one for you.

- Let's hear about it.

- You said you wanted to build
a mill on the colony...

- Did I? I remember it vaguely...

- I've built it. Me and my partner.

- And you want to sell it to me?

- No, I want to sell you flour.

- My stocks of flour are full.

- But it won't be like that forever.

- You can send me... two cargos.

- All of it. Or no deal.

- What am I gonna do with all that flour?

- Polenta.

- Very well...

- What's your conditions?

- On my mouth.

- The mouth?

- Come, come. The table is set.

- Playtime is over.

- Let's go.

- You know I never drink...

- But this is our third christmas
here in San Giuseppe.

- And we can celebrate.

- We have the means.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- And you, Massimo...?

- Oh! Cheers.

- Oh, it's so hot... I bet
it's chillier by the river.

- After lunch we could go and wet our feet.

- What do you think, Angelo?

- I still have business
to do in the afternoon.

- Even at christmas...

- I'm not going either. I'm not
taking the baby to the woods.

- Then forget it.

- Teresa can go.

- I'll stay with the kids. You spent
the whole day with them.

- Don't you want to?

- I'll come along.

- I cannot sleep...

- Iscariot!

- Hug me, Scariot! Hug me!

- I'm a happy man!
- Hey! I'm not hugging anyboy!

- With all this flour, people
will say i robbed the mill.

- It really happened!

- I can see that.

- Hey... I though you'd be happy about it.

- I'm gonna lose a friend...
What's there to be happy about?

- What you're talking about?
You're not losing any friend!

- Do you think you'll be able
to stay here after that?

- Sooner or later you'll be
denounced by that happy face.

- These people may not be that smart...

- But they are not dumb.

- And you know the penalty for your crime.

- A rifle shot to the head.
Yours and hers.

- Come in.

- I'm getting my things organized.
I'll leave early to Caxias.

- You never asked me to bring you anything.
There is something I can buy you?

- I'll spend one day in Caxias,
before leaving to see my mother.

- I wasn't going to ask, since I don't like to be a bother... But I'm needing
some fabric. For working clothes. And also a needle, if it isn't too much.

- Off course I'll buy it. You know
it's what I like the most.

- I know. How I know...

- Grazie.

- Pierina...

- You know I'm your friend.

- I never said you weren't.

- No...

- It's not that.

- I mean...

- I've always trusted you.

- And you...

- Do you trust me?

- I've never distrusted you.

- Are you and Massimo okay?

- Teresa... Men are men and women are women. If
everyone knows their places, everything is fine.

- What if Angelo was your husband...?
- God forbid!

- God forbid me from thinking
something like that!

- Isn't Angelo a good man?
- How would I know?!

- That's for you to know, not me.

- What's with all this talk?

- I'm just being silly.

- I'm just wasting time.

- Looks like children talk.

- It's not subject to two old women.

- What if Angelo hears you...?

- Mr. Gardone...

- Don't be afraid. There's nothing wrong.

- You may be new here at San Giuseppe,
but everybody speaks well of you.

- I know your business are doing fine...

- The mill... brought great progress to the community.

- And Nane Mondo now tells me that
you became a partner of the market.

- For all that, I thought...

- There's the right man for the church's board.

- I see that you're also a humble man...

- And also pious...

- Fulfiller of your duties.

- I also know that you do not curse.

- That's very important.

- The church's board must set
the example at everything.

- That's why I ask you to accept my invitation.

- If you order me, father, I obey.

- Great, great!

- I like those who make quick decisions.

- Speaking of wich... With you on the board...
Now's the time to think about a new church.

- Made of rocks... or bricks.

- San Giuseppe made so much progress.
Thanks, also, to your hard work.

- The house of God must show this progress as well.

- Let's do all we can.

- Great, great!

- We'll talk about that on your next visit.

- 400... 500... 600.

- Goodbye.

- Damn these two...

- Guess where I went to yesterday...?

- Where?

- To the movies.

- It's astonishing. It's pictures! That move!

- You went all by yourself?
- Are you jealous?

- No... No, I never get jealous.

- Off course. Off course I'm jealous.

- Teresa and I will leave.

- We're not going back to San Giuseppe.

- Tell Angelo.

- Tell him that... We still
don't know where we're going.

- Before you go back, do all
the shopping, as he told you.

- One more thing...

- Do not forget to sen our regards...

- To him and to Pierina.

- Tell him we wish...

- We wish them to be happy.

- Understood?

- Be well.

- Give this to Iscariot.

- Don't go back without doing the shopping.

- Or else Angelo's gonna kill you.

- What!?

- I told you already.
Teresa's at her mother's.

- What kind of joke is this?

- That's what I told Massimo.

- "What kind of joke is this?"

- Do you know what he did, Gardone?

- He kissed Teresa.

- In front of me.

- They...

- They kissed each other on the lips, Gardone.

- On the lips!

- Hopped on the train!

- It's terrible, Gardone.

- Terrible.

- Get out.

- Get out!

- Go to hell!

- Out! I told you to leave!

- Get out, son of a bitch!

- What's with all the yelling?

- Go to sleep!

- Why don't you leave me alone?

- Sorry...

- I lost my temper.

- You need to know as well.

- Holy Mary. Who died?

- No one died!

- They left!

- Massimo stole... Teresa.

- They left. Ran away.

- Sichopa saw everything.

- They kissed on the lips. On the lips!

- You won't say a word?

- They ruined your life and you'll
just stand there like an ass?

- On the lips.

- On the lips.

- Hail Mary, full of grace...

- Hog woman!

- What are we going to do?

- What we... We'll go to sleep.

- They are sleeping now.
Let's sleep too.

- I've been thinking...

- I think you should go back
to your mother's house.

- We sell everything...

- And I look for another place.

- Not even in your dreams.

- It's not right to throw everything away.

- If people knew we want to leave,
no one would pay what this is worth.

- At least my share is not for sale.

- We're not throwing everything away.

- But think what people will say.

- Oh, what they'll say...

- I don't care what they'll say. Only
that I have a clean conscience.

- Did we do anything wrong?

- Answer me. Did we?

- After a while they'll get used to it.

- Did Sichopa bring the indent orders?

- I don't know. I did not ask.

- Poor Sichopa. I treated him like a dog.

- You need to apologize.

- We'll need our friends more than ever.

- Don't forget to ask about the indent orders.

- I'll go to the market.

- Angelo...

- You should have sold the
chest instead of burning it.

- I'm really sorry, Gardone.

- About what happened to you.

- How do you know already?

- Pierina came to the house this morning.

- Don't you worry. We arranged everything.

- Arranged what?

- I thought you knew...

- Joanim will live with you guys.

- You know how things are.
People talk too much.

- Don't be like that, Gardone.
It's not the end of the world.

- Courage!

- You have to face the circumstances.

- Or else people will think you quit.

- How will this affect business?

- I have something to tell you.

- My wife ran away.

- Ran away with Massimo Buschini. That whore.

- But business is the same as always.

- Hail Gardone!

- Hail!

- "Me and Teresa are leaving. She wants
you to warn the relatives..."

- "And tell Grandpa Aurelio that
Rosa is with them. - Massimo".

- Isn't Massimo's wife named Pierina?

- Yes. That's right, Father Giobbe.

- And who's Teresa?

- Teresa... Teresa Gardone.

- Angelo's wife!

- Oh, wow... Now I get it.

- Who gave you this note?

- My friend from Caxias. Rocco.

- And did he say... Do you know anything else?

- It's a really hairy story, father.

- It seems that your nephew
Massimo stole Gardone's wife!

- And they ran away. Took the train...
to Porto Alegre... S?o Paulo...

- They did not know, or did not want to say.

- The day of the escape,
they lunched at Rocco's house.

- He said they were very happy.

- It was like they were
married for a long time.

- I can imagine...

- That means the affair has
been going for a long time...

- That I don't know, but...

- They used to live together, all
under the same roof. Both couples.

- You don't say, Cosimo...

- They left here already with
everything arranged like that.

- It was Gardone's idea.

- And Gardone's still leaving at the
same house with the other woman...?

- With Pierina. I guess so.
They only have that house.

- Giobbe...

- I've never heard something like that.

- Looks like the quartet card game.

- The quartet...?

- Yes! Every hand looks for a new pair.

- A devil's game...

- That gives life to the temptation of infidelity.

- Holy Mary...

- Good night.

- Good night.

- Joanim...

- Go rest. Tomorrow you have
work to do at the mill.

- Go to bed, go.

- Good night, Pierina.
Good night, Angelo.

- Angelo...
- Huh?

- Want some wine before bed?

- What's on your mind?
- Nothing.

- I have nothing on my mind...

- I know what's in your mind.

- Then why bother asking?

- You're thinking about Rosalba.

- Rosalba...?

- You think I didn't see...?

- She was all over you.

- That's my business.

- I'm also a woman.

- If you need a woman...

- I won't give you to anyone else.

- I'm deeply sorry, Gardone.

- Must have been a hard blow.

- But you must see this, before
anything else, as God's will.

- Your wife gave up to the temptation
of the flesh. And you have no fault in that.

- But you will also be punished if
you give to temptation, like her.

- You can't get married again, Gardone.

- That's the cross our lord reserved to you.
You have to bear it with patience and prayers.

- You cannot live with another woman.
Even worse if she's also married.

- That would be a horrible thing. An abomination by
God's law and a terrible exemple to the community.

- I know from safe source that you
still live at the same house as Pierina.

- I know you're gonna say that you took care of that, and now there's
a young man living with you... I praise that mindfulness...

- But sin is a treacherous one.

- Withdraw from Pierina. Don't
raise your eyes to her!

- This is the advice of a father
that I give you: leave that house.

- Promise me you'll follow my advice!

- I promise, father.

- You're a saint, Gardone.

- God will help you keep this promise.

- I want to talk to you about something else...

- I invited you to the church's board, but... in face of the
new circumstances, I'll have to withdraw the invitation.

- The bishop would not approve the recommendation.

- But when I move out...?

- It's not a trust issue. But now
you're a man without a family.

- She was the one who ran away.

- That's exactly why. I can't have on the
board a man who was abandoned by his wife.

- Want it or not, you wouldn't inspire
the same respect as before.

- They will call me a cuckold.

- I'm not a kid, Gardone! Don't
speak like that at God's house.

- You're the one who did bring that up...

- Shut your mouth!

- The pride's demon took over you!

- I'm also not a child. I didn't ask anything
from you. Take this recommendation and...

- Calm yourself, Angelo. Be calm.

- I always knew this priest was worthless.

- He practically called me a cuckold himself.

- He wanted my money to build the new church.

- Now it seems my money is not worthy anymore.

- We'll be saving a lot.

- He said I shouldn't live with you anymore.

- He wants me to move out.

- Angelo...

- I'm expecting.

- But... With only one try?

- I... I was warm that night.

- You were a furnace!

- I'll ask father Gentilli to do the baptism.

- Good morning.

- Buongiorno, Marieta.

- We've always been friends, Nane.
Why did you change?

- I want to hear it from your
lips. Face to face.

- I didn't change. You did.

- Me? In what way?

- Father Gentilli said your way of
life in wrong. And you know it.

- So that's it...?

- Father Gentilli declared me a cuckold.

- And Pierina a whore! We're both
condemned, living in sin!

- The church's law is God's law.

- Father Gentilli only enforces it.

- In this law's name you abandon your friends,
as if there was nothing between your legs.

- I didn't abandon you like you're saying.

- But now that Pierina is pregnant...
that makes it all different.

- God's law is God's law.

- And one more thing... Joanim.

- What about Joanim?

- I'll have to take him from the mill.

- I'll need to close the mill.

- I'll show these guys.

- Do you have an idea?
- I'll find one.

- There's only one way...

- If you can't deal around here.
Deal elsewhere.

- I don't want to leave. I wanna rub it on
father Gentilli's face. And everybody else.

- Si. Keep living here. But take
your business elsewhere.

- What kind of capitalist are you?

- Every capitalist wants to go even further.

- Sichopa... I still haven't asked
you... But I need to know.

- You're still my partner?

- Off course, Gardone!

- I won't die of hunger
because of some priest.

- So let's buy a new cart...
and close this shithole.

- What about our booze?

- We'll also close the mill.

- At least till I find someone
who can operate it.

- And we'll dissolve Batiston's contract.

- But I know how to operate the mill.

- Will you work for a capitalist pig?

- I'll stay by your side.
Till you take down the priest.

- You know... Church is capitalism's scum.

- After we demoralize the priest...

- Me and the people of San Giuseppe
will take you down as well.

- Just kidding... You know...

- I have the habit of siding with the
persecuted ones. I feel sorry for you.

- Gardone... You still didn't tell me...

- What you plan to do.

- Sichopa... You know the brazillian farmers?

- They raise sheep and cattle...
but don't grow anything.

- We could sell a lot to them.

- What do you think?

- Good idea.

- Good idea!

- What is it, Pierina?

- You know my name.

- I am not a pig.

- I brought the kids so everybody
get to see they're not pigs.

- They are people, father.

- People, like everybody else.

- I don't understand.

- Calm down, Pierina. Let's stay calm...

- Calm a goat's ass!

- I'm not a bitch...

- I'm the mother of three. And I
have one more inside me.

- You're going to hell, father Gentilli.

- You're all going to hell.

- I have no husband at home.

- Yes, husband. Yes, sir. Cause i'm not a whore.

- And why? Because you did everything in your
power to force him to look for work elsewhere.

- Why can't he work here?

- If you weren't a priest,
I'd have brought a rifle.

- Look at these children!

- Look at these children! They can't leave home... They can't leave,
because everybody says: "There goes the whore's children".

- And who taught them this?

- It was you, father!

- You taught it.

- You hate women.

- You hate, because you can't.

- And nobody can prove to me you're a saint.

- Who can assure me you don't have a whore?

- Watch your tongue, Pierina!

- I'll say everything I want
to say, to the very end.

- I too have sins. I'm not saying I don't.

- But I've never seen christian
people do what you did.

- Let's go!

- Hell is real for priests, too!

- Don't you forget it, father Gentilli.

- Get in! Get in!

- My God...

- Who's there!?

- What the hell, Pierina!? Calm down!

- It's me! Angelo!

- Angelo!

- Angelo...

- Pierina...

- I have good news.

- I negotiated the sale of our land.

- How much?

- About 50 thousand more than expected.

- And... Do you know where we'll live?

- I closed another deal about it.

- Batiston?

- Did you buy Batiston's wharehouse?

- Together we'll go very far.

- I don't know if I'll get used
to live at the city...

- Pierina...

- Tell me something...

- When did you know we would end up together?

- The day they left.

- Dr. Gardone. Buongiorno.

- Buongiorno!

"Dear Pierina. I took the liberty to send you this picture of the Buschini family.
I know that the harm caused to you and Angelo by us was great."

"But I hope you understand that, sometimes, life forces us to make terrible choices."

"You may burn it, if you still have some hate at your hear.
But if time has brought you peace and serenity..."

"I ask you to send us a picture of the
Gardone family. As proof of your forgiviness."

"From your friend, Teresa Buschini."


"Teresa, you said it well. It wasn't little the harm caused to us. I cannot,
like you did, call you a friend. Because it would not be truthful."

"But after seeing the little Rosa changed into such a
beautiful woman, Angelo and I came to the conclusion..."

"That our hearts hold no grudges against you two. So here goes
the picture of the family, as a proof of our forgiveness."

"Attentively, Pierina Gardone."