O Pitta Katha (2020) - full transcript

Venkata Lakshmi, the daughter of Veera Raju, owner of a small theatre in a town is stuck between two guys who love her, Prabhu, a carefree guy from her village and Krish, son of Veera ...



"Something seemed a puzzle to my heart"

"and glittered in me mischievously"

"Asking me to rush..."

"My feet don't stop"

"Oh no...!"

"Moon is shining by looking at me"

"By touching me..."

"The raindrop is turning into a pearl"

"Being a creator, won't I indite..."

"...my dreams like a floral garden"

"I'll catch all the dreams with a net"

"Only if the reality
was even more beautiful"

"Oh no...!"

"Moon is shining by looking at me"

"By touching me..."

"The raindrop is turning into a pearl"

[birds chirping]



[camera captures]




[vehicle arriving]

Is the Sub Inspector available?

-Yes. He's inside. Go.

Please come, uncle.
[phone ringing]

Sir, can I speak with SI Mr. Murali?

Mr. Murali has been
transferred to Vizag recently.

New SI has taken charge.

-Wait here.

Sir... Sir... I really don't know.
I didn't steal it, sir.


You'll know everything now.

Remember you asked
me about this case...

Excuse me, can you please call the SI?

He will scold if anyone interrupts
his interrogation.

Tell me.

-What did you do with the necklace?
-Sir, I really don't know anything.

Answer me!

Answer me, dammit!

-Answer me!

could you please call the SI urgently?

How many times do I have to tell you
he's busy?

I swear, sir.
Someone is framing me for the crime.

I'm telling the truth, sir.
I didn't take it.

How long do I have to wait, sir?

This is a very serious matter, sir.

A girl is missing and you don't care
the least.

Call the SI right now.



What's the problem?

What did you say her name was?

P. Venkata Lakshmi, sir.

-How long has she been missing for?
-Since the 10th of this month, sir.

-Hmm. So it's been 3 days.
-Yes, sir.

Then why didn't you
file a complaint till now?

She was done with her exams.

She wanted to take a trip to Araku in
the car with her friends and I agreed.

She drives recklessly,
so I sent one of my workers as the driver.

Both their phones are not reachable now.

I called her friends and found out
that none of them went on the trip.

I'm scared they might've met
with an accident.

No accident cases have been registered
in Araku in the last 2 days.

Moreover, she said she'd go with
her friends but she went alone.

-Maybe she left with her boyfriend or...

I admit my daughter is free
spirited but her character is not cheap.

Every father trusts his daughter.

It's not like they tell their fathers

But she tells me about everything, sir.

Venkata Lakshmi lost her mother
as soon as she was born.

I was always there for her so that
she doesn't feel her mother's absence.

[music mutes voice]


[no audio]

-Hello... Is it?

Venky, it's your friend Kaveri.
Your supplementary exam results are out.

Lord... Lord... Please, Lord.

Make sure I pass M1 subject.

It's been giving me a hard time
for 3 years.

-Please, Lord.
-Venky cleared all the subjects?

Very good!

You're powerful, Lord.

-I'll visit your temple for 3 weeks.
-Is it?

Dad, what about her results?

What about your results, dear?

Poor girl!
She couldn't clear M1 subject.

Lord, not just 3 weeks,

I'll visit your temple for 7 weeks now.

-Yes, dear.

-Here you are.
-Congrats, dear.

You can congratulate me later.
First, close your eyes.

Why, dear?

Just close your eyes and open your mouth.

What is this?

It's the holy offering
of Lord Sai Baba.

You'll be cursed if you insult it.

But I'll lose my sight
if this gets into my eyes.

Tell me this. You say it's a
holy offering of Lord Sai Baba.

But you eat all the sweets
and give us the holy ashes.

You don't know how
powerful Lord Sai Baba is.


I thought he could only perform
materialistic miracles.

But he failed the girl I cheated from
and made me pass.

That's his power.

Kaveri is going to be so pissed off.

-This is sadism.

Why are you so excited that she failed?

It's obvious.
While I write one exam a day...

They will have multiple exams
and it's so damn satisfying!

Anyways, you won't get it, dad.
I'm running late for college. Bye.

Hey! Hey!
Your breakfast...

You only made that upma, didn't you?
You only have it.

She was all about college, dance and me.

We were more like friends
than father-daughter.

Do you remember Madhu?

She wouldn't do anything
without telling me.


You're right.

That's how they behave at home.

She wouldn't tell you who all
she's meeting outside, right?

You two might be really close,

but she wouldn't intimate you before
eloping with someone, right?

Stop it, sir.

Venky is not that kind of a girl.

Don't talk about her like that.

Who is he?

My nephew, sir.

He lives abroad.

I was planning to get them married
next month.

Hmm. That's the matter.

She's in love with someone.

She could neither tell you the truth
nor marry him, so...

No, sir.

She was in love with me and
wanted to get married to me.

Ours was love at first sight,

When I first came to India...

-Alright then. See you tomorrow. Bye.
-Okay, bye.

Hi... I'm Krish.

I'm actually coming from Shanghai, China.

So... I'm new to this place.

Can you guide me to
Mr. Veera Raju's house?

-Mr. Veera Raju's house?

Hmm. I'm also
going that way.

-Get on. I'll drop you.
-Nice! Thank you.

-Hello, brother.

Take this.

Keep the change. Thanks.

Let's go.

So, how do you know Mr. Veera Raju?

Ah... Why?

It's just that I know him really well.

He has no distant
relatives who live close.

I'm closer kin who lives
in a distant land.

-Hmm... You know... It's a long story.

No problem. We have a
long way to go. Tell me.

Mr. Veera Raju is my uncle.



-My mom and dad fell in love 25 years back

Uncle didn't approve due
to the caste difference.

-They eloped and got married as usual.

uncle didn't let them into the house.

So they moved to China
and settled there.

I was born and raised there in China.


I've recently watched Mahesh Babu's
Brahmotsavam on the internet.

I've been eager to
meet my relatives since,

so I found the address,
intimated uncle and here I am.

That's all. That's my story.

It's really a long story.

-We can make it into a web series.

My mom used to tell me that the village
would be very beautiful.

If I knew it would be so beautiful...

-...I would've been to India long back.

My dad tells me that the Chinese
invented everything.

But I never knew you people
invented the art of flirting too.

Get down.

What happened?

This is Mr. Veera
Raju's house you asked for.

Wow! Fantastic!

It's superb!

I've been noticing you.

Why do you exclaim at everything you see?

Umm... I don't know.

By the way, where do you live?

I live in this house only.



So you are Mr. Veera Raju's...

I'm your Veer Raju uncle's daughter.

-Dad! Look who's here for you.

It's funny, uncle.

She got all the details out of me but
she didn't tell me... What do you say?

-That she's my sister-in-law.

Maybe she just wanted to tease her cousin.

Venky is still a kid at heart.

She doesn't have a mother.


How was she born without a mother?

So is she a test tube baby?

Test tube baby?

Thank god you didn't say YouTube baby.

No, son.

Your aunt was gone after Venky's birth.

Oh. Where did she go, uncle?

She didn't go to any place.

She left me behind and went up there.

Okay. Okay. Now I get it.

So aunty divorced you
and she is living upstairs.

She isn't upstairs, goddamn it!
She's dead!

Why don't you tell me that directly,

It can't get any direct than this.

[phone ringing]

Hey, mom!

-Hi, mom!-Hi, Krish.

Did you reach safely, dear?

Yeah, I did, mom.
How are you? How's dad?

Everything is fine. but

we have to respond to the
alliance from Vizag are calling.

What do I tell them?

Tell them you have nothing to do with it.

Always with the escape.

So, what are you doing right now?

Ah... I'm talking to your brother.

-Do you want to talk to him?-No. I'll call you later.

Bye, dear. Take care.

Alright, mom.

Don't feel bad, uncle.

you know how mom is!

You've been watching
her since she was a kid.

All the ego and stubbornness
is limited to your generation.

Our generation is pretty cool.

That is why I came to visit you.

It's okay. I'm happy to see you.

-Uncle, that's mom, isn't it?

Mom looks really beautiful back then.

She looks very beautiful.

-How does she look now?
-Do you want to see her?


you remind me so much of your mother.

Dad... Dad... I also want to take a look.

Auntie is so glamorous.

-She doesn't look like him.
-Hey! That's not fair.

-Mr. Veera Raju...

You guys keep talking. I'll be right back.


So, what else?

what are you doing at present?

-Umm... I'm done with my MBA.

Dad wants me to get into the business
while my mom wants me to get married.

I came to India to give them both closure.

Sorry, cousin.

Both business and marriage are a big
no-no in India for China products.

-Hey! This is too much.

[music mutes voice]

[birds chirping]
[phone ringing]

-Hi, mom.-How are you, Krish?

-I'm good. How are you?-We're fine.

So tell me,
what all did you visit in my village?

Are you bored or do you like the place?

Krish, we've been offered another
alliance from Vijayawada.

What do I tell them?


Actually, you don't have to
find alliances for me anymore.

I found your daughter-in-law.

Who is that lucky girl?

I'll tell you.

I like her.

But I'm not sure if
she likes me or not.

Cousin! Being on the
phone for too long is not healthy.

Alright then, I'll call you back, mom.

Okay, dear.

[birds chirping]

-Tell me, Venky.


It's okay. Tell me.

A letter?


In today's generation
of Whatsapp and Email...

...you still write letters?

A message can be deleted.

But a letter always stays with us.

Cousin, after reading it...

...don't misunderstand
me for writting this!

This is related to both our lives.

Whether you like it or not...

...please accept it for my sake.

Cousin, don't read it right away.

Read it after I leave.



[birds chirping]

Shraddha Sabri.

This is Lord Sai Baba's miracle.

If you read this letter and pass
on 11 such handwritten letters...

You'll be delivered good news soon.

Hmm! Interesting!

A guy from Nellore did this
and became a millionaire.

A guy denied the miracle and
a lizard fell into his coffee

and he died!

Oh my god!

Oh God!

-Kaveri, I've passed on 10 letters.

Who did I give it to?
I gave it to my cousin.

I have one last letter left.
[crow caws]

Who do I give it to?

I'll give it to Durga from 2nd year.
I'll be done with my 11 letters then.

This is Lord Sai Baba's miracle.

Come fast, cousin.

Hey, you want to drive?
Sit back.

Cousin, you can't drive on these roads.
You sit back.

What are you talking about?
You know what? I can drive planes.

I have a pilot's license too.

Anybody can drive up there as there
would be no traffic in the sky.

But Kakinada is tough.

What nonsense!
Sit back and watch me drive.

-Okay, man.

I said, "Let's go."

Cousin, drive carefully.

Hey...! Stop...!
[vehicles honking]

Hey, wait...!

[vehicles honking]

Krish, pull over.

You get down.

Riding a bike in Kakinada is not
as easy as flying a plane in China.


Venky, I didn't expect you'd
bring me to such a theatre.

This is our theatre, cousin.

-Oh, is it?

Rendava Ratri (Second Night).

What's that?

This director's first movie was
'Modati Ratri (First Night).'

It was a blockbuster.

So he made a sequel called
Rendava Ratri (Second Night).

Crazy guy!

Let's go and watch the film?


The poster has more explicit
content than the movie.

[phone ringing] Give me a second.
It's mom.

-Hi, mom.-Hi, Krish.

Krish, you talk to aunty.
I'll give lunch and come.

Why didn't you even call me since 2 days?

"It feels like..."

"...some magic has tingled me"

"A meaning of a strange beautiful word"

"A strange feeling that provokes thought"

"When they cause a tide in your heart"

"It's not my fault, but yours"

"It feels like..."

"...some magic has tingled me"

[music mutes voice]

"An unsual dream sparkled in my eyes"

"A strange aura wriggled
like a long braided hair"

"A strange naughtiness in her call"

"Expressed something"

"A strange fun in the evening"

"Time runs when I'm with you"

"There isn't a moment of loneliness"

"What could be this feeling?"

"It feels like..."

"...some magic has tingled me"


I love you.

Yours, Krish.

-Dad, I'm going to the temple.

Dad, where are my bike keys?

-Look properly. They must be on the table.


-Hello. Yeah, tell me the number.

-Hold on.

Tell me.

-Oh no!



-Where did I put my bike keys?


I'll talk to him.


-What else?
-Where are my bike keys?

Hmm. Okay.

-Dad, I'm going to the temple.

Shall I join you?

-Sure, cousin.
-I'll talk to them.


You made my love letter as an earbud!

Now I understood why the heroine's father
becomes the villain in every love story.

He should give us money.

-Wow! Nice temple.
-This is my favorite temple.

All your wishes come
true if you pray here.



By the way, cousin,

what did you wish for?

I wished for all your wishes to come true.

Dear, take this.


Cousin... You sit over
there. I'll go get the holy offering.



Can I ask you something?

Take it, cousin.

I come here all the time.
I can get another one.

Whoa! I didn't mean this.

[ritualistic bell rings]


I really like you, Venky.

I fell in love with you
the first time I saw you.

Your mischief, wit and innocence...


I want to marry you, Venky.

Our families will reconcile
if we get married.

By the way, I'm sorry.

I've only been giving you my version.

I like you.

But I'm not sure if you like me.

If you wear a green dress tomorrow...

...it means you like me too.

So, I'll be waiting for
your decision tomorrow.


I think it's going to rain.
Shall we get going?


[ritualistic bell rings]

[cicadas crittering]



[birds chirping]


Where's cousin?

I don't know, dear.
He hasn't come down this morning.




Here you are.

I've been looking all over for you.

Cousin, I'm talking to you.

Cousin, your coffee.

-Thank you very much, Venkata Lakshmi!

Krish, it's my last exam today.

Ah... All the best!

-Thank you so much, cousin!

Bye, cousin!

Bye, cousin.


I'll come in 10 minutes.

Ah, uncle...

What is it, son-in-law?


Venky and I are in love with each other.

We want to get married with your consent.

What more can I ask for when my
nephew wants to be my son-in-law?


But, what?

Your mom is so upset with me that
she didn't even speak for once.

She will definitely oppose
your marriage with Venky.


That is why I want to get married first
and then take Venky to my parents.

Yes, uncle.

If this is wrong...

...what my mother has done
back then is also wrong.

But what my mother has done is right...

...what I'm about to do is also right.

my mom also loves you a lot, uncle.

She always talks about you.

But you know there are ego
clashes between you two.

One of us has to break the
ice sooner or later.

Let me start with myself, uncle.

What do you say?

What can I say?

I can see your mom's stubbornness in you.

I denied your mother's choice back then.

But today,

I can't deny your love.

I'll have an auspicious
time fixed right away.

Thanks, uncle. Thank you very much!


Don't tell Venky about this.

It's just that I'm
planning a small surprise for her.


And also...

I'll be going to Mumbai for 2
days on some business work.

Dad will be upset otherwise.

So, I'll just go and come.

don't discuss anything with Venky.

-Thanks, uncle.

-See you.
-Thank you very much!

-"It feels like..."

"...some magic has tingled me"

"It feels like..."

"...some magic has tingled me"

[waves splashing]

That day,
Venky came to me after her exam.

Hi, dad!

Hi, dear!

How was your exam?

It went great.

By the way, where's cousin?

I knew that it would be
the first thing on your mind.

-Your cousin is off to Mumbai.

Dad, now that we're done with our exams...

I and my friends are planning
a trip to Araku.


Settle for the beach.

Dad! We're not going out on
a walk but for a vacation.

Please, dad.

No matter what you say,
I'm not going to allow you.

I get it.

Things would've been
different if mom was alive.

I'm a motherless child, aren't I?

Please don't cry, Venky.

Even I don't have anyone except for you.

Okay, dear.
You can go.

-Thank you, dad!
-My Venky is a sweetheart.

-Thanks again, dad!
-What for?

For cleaning the car for my trip.

-You're going to take the car?

No chance!

You drive recklessly.

On top of that, it's a hilly road.

I won't let you do it.

Dad... Dad... Please, dad.

I've already promised my
friends that I'd get the car.

Please, father. Let me take it for
the last time. Please... Please...

Alright. But on one condition.

You shouldn't drive.

You can take the car. I'll send a driver.

I'll agree only on that condition. Okay?



Shall I leave?

Prabhu will come with you.
Let me call him.

We're already running late, dad.
I'll pick him up on the way.

Listen to me, dear.
He'll be here in 30 minutes.

-Bye, dad!
-Okay, take care.

[cattle mooing]

-Drive slowly.
-Hmm, okay.

[engine starts]

Take care.

She left that day and
hasn't called ever since.

Both their mobiles are turned off.

I'm really concerned, sir.

Don't worry, uncle. Venky will be fine.

Don't worry, sir.
You've filed a complaint with us.

-I'll have an enquiry done.
-Okay, sir.

Please go home.

if you could give special attention...

Look, mister... What's your name?


I know my duty, okay?

You can go now.

By the way,
are you suspicious about anyone?

Did you or your daughter have any enemies?

Let me know if anything is suspicious.

Nothing of that sort, sir.

-Alright. You may leave now.
-Thank you, sir.



Don't you worry, uncle.

Venky will be safe.
I'll make sure of it. Get in.


You carry on, uncle.

I've got some work to do.
I'll see you at home.



Sir, one minute.

-You go.
-Okay, sir.

Tell me.

You asked me if I was
suspicious about anyone.

I am, sir.

He must have done it. Undoubtedly.

Who's he?

-Prabhu, sir.

Yes, sir. Prabhu.

He works in my uncle's theatre.

He's a rowdy.

He's a psycho.

He's a womanizer.

How can you be sure that he's done it?

Any particular reason?

Yes, sir.

When I saw him at my uncle's
place for the first time...

Mr. Veera Raju...


You guys keep talking. I'll be right back.

Okay, uncle.

By the way...

[cattle mooing]

Why is the collection
getting lighter every day?

From tomorrow,
I'll get you coins instead of notes.

-It will be heavier.
-Sarcasm, huh?

Do you expect our adult
rated films to make millions?

It doesn't matter anyway.

You'll lose all the money gambling.

Yes. It's my money.
I'll do whatever I want with it.

If you cross your limits,

I'll have to fire you and you'll
go begging on the streets then.

I'd rather do that.

Hey! Come here.

-Watch your words.

I'm keeping my cool but you
are crossing your limits!

Get lost!

Venky and I went to my
uncle's theatre one day.

[phone ringing] It's my mom!
Hi, mom.

Cousin, you talk on phone.

-I'll drop the lunch and come back.

I'm very happy, mom.

I'm being honest.

Okay, mom.
I'll call you back later. Yeah!


Let go!

I'll tell my dad if you repeat this.

Any problem, Venky?

-Nothing, cousin. Let's go.

It was the day of Holi.

Prabhu misbehaved with Venky in public.

So Venky slapped him.

Prabhu couldn't bear the insult.

So he developed grudge on her.

Prabhu is really pissed off
with Venky and my uncle.

My uncle doesn't know about it.

He asked Prabhu to drive Venky as
Prabhu's been with him for long.

Damn! If I hadn't gone to Mumbai...
I wouldn't have let Venky go with him.

He must've done something to Venky.

Please, sir.
Please do something.

We can definitely find Venky through him.

You don't worry.

I'll look into him.

You can go now.

Thank you, sir.

It's okay.


-Let's go!
-Okay, sir.


Ramana, do you know where Prabhu lives?

He lives behind the railway gate, sir.

This is it, sir.
Please come.

Hey! Come here.

-Hello, sir.
-Does Prabhu live here?

Yes, sir. He's my son.

-Where is he?
-Why, sir? What happened?

He'll be the better one to say it.

First call him out.

He went to Hyderabad, sir.
It's been 3 days.

I know you father-son are good actors.

-Call him!
-His mobile is turned off, sir.

-Ramana... You stay here.

Call me when you see him.
[phone ringing]

Okay, sir.

-Look. He can't escape from me.
-Hello! Is it?

-I'll definitely catch him.
-Sir, Venkat is on the line.


Sir, we traced Prabhu in Uppada.

Okay. Keep him under observation.

-I'll be there straightaway.-Okay, sir.


We found him!


Tell me.

Where's Venkata Lakshmi?

How would I know, sir?

I just returned from
Hyderabad this morning.

I was at Pandu's place.

Don't cook up stories.

No, sir. I'm telling the truth.

Stop it!

Tell me what you did to Venkata Lakshmi.

Why would I do anything to her, sir?

I love her to death.


Yes, sir.

I don't just love her
but she's everything to me.

And it's been this way since my childhood,

I don't get it.

Make it clear for me.

Hey, Prabhu! What are you looking at?

Come. Hop on the cycle.


Why don't you buy a car?

If you knew our status,
you wouldn't have said that.

Look at Venkata Lakshmi, dad.

She comes in a car every day.

But you always take me on this cycle.

They're riding a car
because they're fortunate.

Otherwise, they'd also have
to ride cycle just like us.

How come, dad?

Veera Raju got lucky.

It's like he won a lottery
without even buying the ticket.


Do you want to see Veera Raju's flashback?

-Let's go.

-Hey, Yesu!
-Yes, sir.

-Turn the projector on.
-Okay, sir.

(Veera Raju's valiant love story)

That's us.


Veera Raju and I used to
work in the same theatre.

I was the operator.
He was the gatekeeper.

Mr. Rama Raju was the owner and
Jaya Lakshmi was his daughter.

There she is.

She was a movie fanatic.

That is why she'd come
to the theatre often.

-Hey, Veera...

-Go get a soft drink for her.
-Yes, sir.

Uncle, I'm taking a soft drink.


-One samosa as well.

Veera Raju put his brain to work.
He knew she loved samosas.

So he gave her a samosa along with
the soft drink and flattered her.

-What next?

He became Mr. Rama Raju's
son-in-law and this theatre's owner.

Doesn't Rama Raju have another daughter?

If he did,
why would I be narrating his flashback?

I would've also become
Mr. Rama Raju's son-in-law

and this theatre's owner.
[honking] [vehicle arriving]

Never mind, dad.
Mr. Rama Raju doesn't have a daughter.

But Mr. Veera Raju does, right?

So what?

Hey, Aasirvadam...
Get a soft drink for her.

-I'll get it, dad.
-Okay, go.

-Uncle, I'm taking a soft drink.

One samosa as well.

Did she fall for a samosa?

Don't tell me you want
to try with fritters.

Sorry, sir.


Now tell me. What happened next?

We started liking each
other as we grew up.

[music mutes voice]

"I don't think this
heart can resist anymore"

"As you step mischievously on
the ledge of my hopes slowly"

"If we and our worlds..."

"...aren't different"

"I'll guard your throbbing heart..."

"...and give you my breath"

"I don't think this
heart can resist anymore"

"As you step mischievously on
the ledge of my hopes slowly"

[music mutes voice]

"Little does the youth know..."

"...about the real story"

"Little do my lips reveal
in their own words"

"As our eyes argue with each other..."

"Our hearts have no
choice but to surrender"

"The random games are
binding us together in love"

"I don't think this
heart can resist anymore"

"As you step mischievously on
the ledge of my hopes slowly"


I succeeded in love.


I failed in love, sir.

She passed and went on to pursue degree.

I failed and ended up
working in the theatre.

Brother, did the show start?

No. Rahul Dravid's cigarette advertisement
is playing. Go.

-Alright. I'll finish my work by then.
-Okay. Go.

Does he come here every day?

If this theatre is our
home, they're all like family.

The movies in this theatre keep
changing but not the people.

By the way, where's Baby?




Did you call me, sir?

-He called Baby not you
-I'm Baby, sir.

What's up with all that?
Clean it properly.

-Okay, sir.
-Urgh! She's Baby?

The couples would stop calling each other
'Baby' if they know about this.

I'll introduce you to a weird man now.

You should stay as far
away from him as possible.

His name is Pandu.

Hey, Pandu. Stop hogging on food.
You've become so huge.

Not happening, uncle.

I might drop all the pounds
if I got cholera or typhoid,

but dieting is so not my thing.

He eats more from his
canteen than he sells.

Pandu, there are way too many
mosquitoes in the theatre these days.

Do you expect girls from
Dubai for what you're paying?

Get a mosquito repellent with you.

Hey, Prabhu!

Hold on, I'm coming.

Hey! What are you doing here?

Do you know my son?

Of course, I do.

We've been close friends since schooling.

Oh. Is that why my son is so spoiled?

Never mind, Prabhu. My dad is
making me work in the canteen and

your dad is making
you work in the theatre.

How do you feel now that we've met again?

I thought bad luck was out of my life but,

I didn't know it would come back.

Stop kidding, man.
[vehicle arriving]

I'm not joking. I'm serious, man.

-Hi, uncle!
-Hi, dear!

Are you coming back from the temple?

My exams are going on.
So I visited Lord Sai Baba's temple.

Is dad here?

-Yes, dear.

Hey! You know that she's Mr.
Veera Raju's daughter, don't you?

Stop fooling around and take care of her.

He actually took a little
extra care of her

and that is why he's here
instead of the exam hall.

Doesn't your dad know about your feelings?

-Will you just shut up?
-This is how innocent fathers are.

Everyone in the village would
know and they'd still be clueless.

you'll be managing the theatre from today.

He's passing on the legacy to you.

You just have the tag of 'Manager' but
you'll have to do everything around here.

Uncle, you can't make educated
people do stuff like this.

Educated people?
Who are you talking about?

You couldn't clear a 3 year
degree even in 6 years.

You have no right to get offended.

Hey! You're taking all the
humiliation because you're shameless.

But if it was someone with
self-respect like me...

...he would've committed suicide by now.

I meant that for you but not him.

You're such a bad influence on my son.

-Damn it!

Let me know how the 'Manager' thing goes!

[birds chirping] It's weird, man.
Ever since the dawn of cellphones...

People are literally glued to them.

Hey, uncle!

Looks like you're super busy on Facebook.

Get lost! I don't want to talk to you.

Why, uncle?

I post so many pictures
on Facebook and yet...

You have never 'liked'
at least a single picture of mine,

why should I talk to you? Bugger off!

But when a girl posts her picture,
he leaves heart emojis. Idiot!

Forget it, bro. Why do
you think Venky called us?

I asked her some money for my expenses.

Maybe she called us to give that.

You're a lucky man.

Because you found a girl who spends money
on you instead of making you spend on her.

It is going good since you've
impressed her when you were kids.

But now, forget about Venky...

Not even her maid would fall for you.

Bloody mouth! Will you just shut up?

Yeah, whatever!

[water rustling]

-Hi, Venky!

Prabhu, close your eyes.


Venky, you know I don't
like this kind of stuff.

Never say that about Lord
Sai Baba's holy ashes again.

You're always hitting me!

I think it was during 10th grade,

you've hit me for the first
time for pulling your braid.

That was out of anger.

Once, you've hit me for
getting you a birthday gift.

That was out of happiness.

You've also hit me at the
beach for saying 'I love you'.

That was out of love.

So whatever the reason is,
hitting him is inevitable.

-I'll shut up.

Ignore him.

Why did you want to see me?

I feel really bad when uncle
yells at you like that.

[scoffs] Venky, why you are you so
concerned when I, myself isn't bothered?

Prabhu, you can't work
in this theatre forever.

You should achieve something great.

My dad should ask you to marry me.


If we were so talented,

we wouldn't be in this position right now.

-I'll shut up again.

Prabhu, you have to clear your
degree exams at any cost this time.

Please do it for me.

That is why I brought these for you.

What is this?

-Study material?-No.

-It is Lord Sai Baba's 10 million writings
-Come again.

It is Lord Sai Baba's 10 million writings.

Write Lord Sai Baba's name 10
million times in this book.

-You'll definitely pass in the exams.
-What if I don't?

You should keep writing till you pass.


Okay. I'm running late
for my dance class. Bye!


Rather than writing Lord Sai
Baba's name 10 million times,

I guess it's easier to write
your exams properly for one time.

Prabhu! Start writing it from today.


Watching Venky's devotion,

The future of your family would be...

Bro, you had such a great life.
I feel sorry for you now.

Hey! Stop scaring me already.

We need to do something
creative to grow in life.

Bro, ask me about it.

Creativity is in my genes.

There's no underwear
beneath your jeans.

I don't think you've got any ideas.


I might not be having
underwear on all the time.

-But ideas are forever flowing.
-Whatever. Tell me what it is.

Cinema reviews.

Let's create a YouTube channel
and upload public talk of a movie.

We'll get millions of views and money.

We'll get name and fame in one shot.

The idea is good but...
how can we review this kind of films?

Hey, anyone would upload
reviews of a good film.

But no one would upload reviews
of R rated films, other than us.

Trust me, it will create a sensation.
Give me your phone. I'll start shooting.

-Why don't you use your phone?
-My phone doesn't have a camera.

Whatever. Take it.



Rolling! Action!

This seems more like
'over-action', rather than action.

The camera is rolling, man. Say something.

Hello, brother.

What's your opinion on today's release

'Sarpanch Sarasalu'
(Tales of Village Head's Romance)?

It's like the biopic of our village-head.

So does it have elements like working
hard and sweating it out for the village?

You're right about working hard and
sweating it out, but not for the village.


The actor who played the
village-head performed wonderfully.

He carried the whole
movie on his shoulders.

He carried the heroine,
not the movie, man. Next.

If this kind of message
oriented films are shot in 3D,

we'd have a closer-experience.

Why so desperate, man?

You want to watch it in 3D?

[phone ringing]
Hey! Naveen's calling. Let me talk.

-Just a minute, sir.

-Hello, Prabhu.

Prabhu is busy.

Hey, Pandu! How are you?

Well... I'm always good and
stay fit like Mahesh Babu.

Well... Prabhu said he'd
drop me at the bus stop.

Tell him I'll be there in 5 minutes.

Come fast, it's been so
long since we last met.

Okay. Bye.

This idiot needs someone to drop him?

Why can't he just hire an auto?

Why are you friends with such fools?

Stay away from him.

Please watch this kind of
films only in the theatres.

-Kill piracy. Save the industry.

You already look like a
pirated version. Idiot!

Hello, sir.

Hi, Prabhu.

-Hey... Hi, dude.


How are you doing, Naveen?

Does a fool's life get
any better? No, right?

How do you know I called you a fool?

You forgot to disconnect the call, idiot!

Oh! Sorry, dude.

Bro, you guys can chat later.
Take my opinion first.

A sequel 'Tales of Chairman's
Romance' is coming up for this.

You can give your opinion then. Go now.


I have to admit it,
Pandu is really amazing.

Just look at his hairband.

He lives in a village but
he's got a trendy fashion.

Hey! Shall I tell you something?

This is not a hairband.

-My underwear was still wet, so...

He'll never change.

Well... Forget about
him. He's always messing up.

What's with you? You came to
the village recently, weren't you?

-Why are you leaving all of a sudden?
-I got an offer from a different company.

They're interviewing me tomorrow.


Don't get excited and congratulate him.

It is just an interview
call, not the offer of the job.

Okay. Ignore him.

Why don't you come to Hyderabad with me?

-The thing is...
-He's not interested in Hyderabad.

His target is to go to
Dubai and settle down there.

-Will you shut up?

-You're getting late for your bus, right?
-Let's go.

Naveen, don't take any
of my words to heart.

All the best.

[bike starts]

For the first time in my life, I'm going
for an interview for a high position.

Walk towards me for to bring good luck.

Hey Naveen, I've called you names,

but you've chosen me
to bring you good luck.

You're my truest friend, dude.

Hey! Don't be flattered.

If anything goes wrong,
I will need some idiot to blame.

-So you're that idiot.

I didn't know people are so insensitive.

TV playing: But this is a
very big issue for sure.

TV playing: They are trying to
cover up their mistakes in it.

TV playing: That's why,
they've exited by showing this reason.

TV playing: Mother, please...
It is not them but us, who have exited.

TV playing: Anyhow,
you have gone to their home and...




Hi, Venky!


Why are you always hitting me?

Even the remote doesn't work
unless you bang it hard.

And how would I expect you to listen?

What? You're watching this soap opera?

Didn't she deliver the baby yet?

She got pregnant when I was in 10th grade.

And she's still pregnant.

That's when even our love got blossomed.

And it's still intact.

Well... Did you talk to my dad or not?

Oh yeah, I did.

What did he say?

He asked me to go home and get his lunch.

Umm... I didn't mean the lunch.
What did he say about our marriage?

-No, Venky. Your dad...
-Lunch? That reminds me...

I must've burnt the vessel on the stove.

Wow, Venky!
Are you making Sambar?

No, it's dal.

Now that you realize I can't cook...

You prepare it.


Why don't you learn how to cook?

Why? Dad cooks for me all the time.

-What about when you get married?
-Then, you will cook for me all the time.

What about when I'm not around anymore?

If that day comes...

I'll consider it my ill fate and
order meals from Subbayyagaari Hotel.

It will feed me for two meals. [laughs]

-But you're not going to learn how to cook

Okay. Taste this.

Show me your hand. It's hot, right?

"Hey, naughty girl! My beautiful wonder!"

"Don't fool around with my heart"

-"You call for these naughty beginnings"

"You leave me with sleepless nights"

"Oh! My glance hits you
and flares up in the air"

"It's not your fault
that you're so beautiful"

"There's this stinging
desperation within me"

"It's your love that sways my heart"

"Hey, naughty girl! My beautiful wonder!"

"Don't fool around with my heart"



I didn't expect you'd behave so cheaply.

-Sorry, Venky.
-Never talk to me again.


She stopped talking to me since then, sir.

She left me and got closer to her
cousin, out of anger towards me.

In the meantime,
her examinations have started.

So I didn't get to meet her.

[train honks]
Why are you looking so dull these days?

Is it about Venky?

I know everything, son.

Pandu told me.

I didn't know how you'd
react if I told you, dad.

What would I say?

Venky is really a nice girl.

She's like a daughter to me.

That is why I'm telling you this,

If you ever meddle with Venky again...

I'll hire thugs and get you
beaten up in the theatre.


A rogue like you wants a gem like her?

Look. Get this loud and clear.

You'll keep fooling around
if you stay here.

Go to Hyderabad right
away and find some job.

If I get to know that you're
chasing after Venky again...

-I won't even hesitate to kill you.

And I'll have our Pastor
perform prayers to wash away my sin.

Do you get it?


What are you doing here?

Aren't you hanging out with your cousin?

I'm going to Araku with my friends.

Dad asked me to take you
along to drive the car.

Oh! So now you need a driver.

You should've asked
your cousin to take you.

My cousin has been to Mumbai.

You came to me because
your cousin is in Mumbai.

You father-daughter duo
would use me in times of need,

and then yell at me and hit me.

Look... If you don't come with us,
I'll drive to Araku all by myself.

Are you threatening me?

I don't care if you go to Araku or Africa.

I have nothing to do with it.

Today, I'm going to my friend
Naveen in Hyderabad to find a job.

I can't do it anymore. Leave now.

Just leave!


I'll forget Venky.

I'll go to Hyderabad and find a job there.

She left that day, sir.

I called her later to talk to her.

But her phone was switched off.

I thought she had switched off her
phone because she's upset with me.

I went to Hyderabad and
came the next morning, sir.

I was at Pandu's place.

And then, you've brought me here.



You didn't go with Venkata Lakshmi.

She went to Araku all alone.

Where is she?

What's going on, sir?

-What happened to Venky?
-Don't worry.

It's just a missing case.

-You go.

Sir, I won't go.

I'll stay here till Venky comes.

Don't irritate me.
I asked you to leave, right? Go.

Of course, I'll go, sir.

But I'll not leave your
station until Venky is home, sir.

I'll stay here.

I'll stay right here.

I can't live without Venky, sir.

I'll stay right here, sir.

It's just a case of 'group clashes'.

We've closed it.




We found a blasted car in Araku, sir.

It was identified that the car belongs to
Venkata Lakshmi as per chassis number.

Oh my god!

Sir, some tourist found a
cellphone at the hill view point.

Even this belongs to Venkata Lakshmi, sir.

There's a murder video in it.




Oh my god!

Krish killed Venkata Lakshmi?

Moreover, he acted so innocently
and misled the case towards Prabhu.

We need to arrest him immediately.

If I'm right, he must be planning
his escape right now.


Tell me, mom.

What? Dad had a heart stroke?

Don't worry. I'll start right away.

Sir... Sir...

Do you have any update
on Venkata Lakshmi, sir?

Tell me, sir.

I can't live if something happens
to Venkata Lakshmi.

Tell me, sir.

-Sir, Venkata Lakshmi...

Don't worry.
Nothing happened to Venkata Lakshmi.

I'll let you know if we find
anything about her.

-You go home.
-I'll go, sir.

But if something happens to
Venkata Lakshmi, I can't live, sir.

-I can't live, sir.
-I said nothing happened to her.

You go.


Venkata Lakshmi...

"What's rightfully yours"

"Will slip from your hands"

"What twist of fate is this?"

"Your life slowly slips..."

"...out of your hands"

"Wonder what violent act wins"

"In the guise of a human..."

Why didn't you tell him that
Venkata Lakshmi is dead, sir?

You just saw what state he was in.

If he finds out that she's dead,
he might die here itself.

Poor fellow!

"He's a monster"

"Monster is who he is"

"He is the..."

"monster of this story"

[siren wailing]

Sir, I have a doubt.

What's the need for Krish
to murder Venkata Lakshmi?

In simple words, there's only
one reason behind every crime.


Anyway, Veera Raju has no heirs.

So if he kills Venkata Lakshmi,
he gets all the properties.

If it is about acquiring properties,
he could've just married her.

Then, why did he kill her?

Who knows? Maybe he has a girlfriend.

We've been coming across
such cases these days, right?

They flatter one girl for money
and another for fun.

Why did he file a missing complaint
on Venky when he is the murderer, sir?

He's really smart.

If he kills Venkata Lakshmi
and frame it on Prabhu,

he gets all the properties
and Prabhu gets arrested.

Wait and watch, he'll cook
up some new story to escape.


Dad had a heart stroke.

They're saying he's in
a critical condition.

Mom got worried and called me, uncle.

I have to go.

I know I shouldn't leave
you alone in this situation.


I have no choice.

Staying with your mother at
this time is the right thing to do.

And regarding Venky's matter...

The things would
happen as per her destiny.

You go.

Nephew, take care of your mother.

Make her talk to me on the phone once.

[tyres screech]
[siren wails]


-Sorry, sir...
-Why'd you stop in the middle of the road?

-Sorry, sir. I'm moving it.

Sir, Krish is in this car.

Ramana, I guessed it
right. Mr Krish is fleeing.

Yes, sir.

-Let's go.
-What happened, sir?

Not under the hot sun, but let's
sit in an AC room and talk smoothly.

-Hey! Come on! Move!

-What's happening, sir? Please let me go.
-Just move!



You've created a good
story and a screenplay.

Dialogues are also pretty natural.

No matter how smart a
criminal does the crime,

he'll leave some clue
behind without his knowledge.

Same goes for you as well.

The twist in the plot is...

When you were murdering Venkata Lakshmi,

you didn't notice the fact that you
were being recorded on her phone.


Sir, ask him to play that
video one more time. Please.

Did you really like the movie so much?



Play the video one more time for Mr Krish.



Sir, you should observe two things.

First one: When the phone
gets dropped during the struggle,

how does it get
straightened up and record by itself?

So someone planned the
whole thing and shot it.

Coming to point number two...

That's not me who is in the video, sir.


Yes, sir.

Observe closely, sir.

The beard never grows thick on my cheeks.

Someone morphed my face intentionally.

-So this was all a...
-Don't you get it yet, sir?

Someone planned Venkata Lakshmi's
murder, executed it and tried to frame me.

Sir, try to think logically.

Venkata Lakshmi and I were in love.

Even my uncle approved our marriage.

All her wealth will be mine
once I get married to her, sir.

What does he have anyway, sir?

Except for an old
house and a crappy theatre.

It's nothing compared to my wealth.

You know...

Many beautiful and rich
girls are desperate to marry me, sir.

We thought our families would
reconcile if we got married.

Above everything,
I'm madly in love with Venky.

And she considers me as her world.

How come?

Prabhu and Venkata Lakshmi
are lovers, aren't they?

That was a long time ago, sir.

They've broken up.

Prabhu couldn't take it when
Venky starting falling for me.

He behaved like a crazy person!

I got furious when he publicly grabbed
Venky's hand on the day of Holi.

[knuckles cracking]






Are you a human or an animal?

Damn! I fell in love with you as I
didn't that you are of this kind.

-The thing is that...

This is enough!

Never talk to me again.

Let's go, cousin.

[phone rings]
Sir, can I?

-Turn the speaker on.

Hello, mom. How's dad?

He's been admitted in the
ICU. I'm really worried.

Please come fast.

No, mom. Don't cry. Dad will be fine.

Please take care of yourself.

I'm coming today.

Okay. Okay, son.

Daddy's had a heart stroke.

He's in a critical condition.

But you're wasting all my time
in the name of interrogation.

I can't, sir... I can't take
it if something happens to dad.

I just can't take it.

Sorry for troubling you, Krish.

It's okay, sir.

But I have a small request.

It takes 2 days for me
to come back to India.

Until then, please don't tell
uncle anything about Venky.

He can't deal with it.

I can't afford to lose anyone else. Please

And one more thing.

I'll not spare the guy
who killed Venky, sir.

Neither will I.

Happy journey!

Sir, what do we do now?
[siren wailing]


Sir might have got some idea.

No. He might have found some clue.


[birds chirping]

What does he see here?

[siren wailing]



Sir, who do you think murdered
Venkata Lakshmi? Krish or Prabhu?

They both seem like good guys.

There are no good guys and bad guys.

It is just the situations, before
getting caught and after getting caught.

Sir! I have a superb plan to
find out who the criminal is.

What is it?

We could toss a coin and check.

Hey head constable,
you don't really have brains!

Sorry, sir.

A policeman needs to
sharpen his brain and stay fit.

But you do exactly the opposite.

Sir, I have a feeling that Prabhu did it.

Prabhu wouldn't have done it, sir.


Every time I go to the
theatre, he lets me in for free.

That doesn't make him innocent.

If you think logically, Krish is right.

Krish doesn't have the motive or
chance to kill Venkata Lakshmi.

So, Prabhu is the murderer.

[engine whirring]


Why are you so late?

Why does the food taste so bland?

You should've bought from Subbayya Hotel.

Wait for four days.
We can eat at the Star Hotel.

Hey! You've dealt with Venky' issue.

You've also got your money.
Why are you still greedy?

Hey! Don't be loud.

Someone might overhear us.

Well, is the money safe?

You don't have to worry about it.

The money is safe with me. Here.

Hey! Did you hide fifty
lakh rupees in this?

No one will suspect us if money
is hidden in this kind of things.



Hey! Don't you have the common sense
to drink water when you get hiccups?

Why should I drink water
when he gets hiccups, sister?



That's not for you.

It's for him.

Even this is not for you.

It's for him.

Do you think I'm Paytm, sister?

You're making me transfer
beatings like it's money.

Even a shock can stop the hiccups.

Look. It worked.


You should only thank outsiders.

Then go stand outside, sister.

Hey, Pandu!

I'll break your head!

I was just kidding.

You can't even talk properly,
on the top of it, you are cracking jokes?

My dad is looking for matches.


Sister, my dad is also watching matches.

He is also into betting.

Why does that make you sad, sister?

I didn't mean cricket matches.

It's a marriage alliance.

My dad said he was busy with matches.

Was he finding a match for himself?

My cousin is coming from China tomorrow.

My dad might fix my wedding with him.

Chinese stuff doesn't have a guarantee.

Tell that to your dad.

Sister... Sister...

You've reached your
transfer limit for today.

He has enough problems already.
Why would you get angry at him?

He doesn't have problems.

He is the problem.

Anyhow, I lost my mind and fell
in love with a fool like him.

Do you know how lovers call each other?

They say 'Baby... Baby...'

Did he ever address me in that manner?

That's your problem?

Hey! Call her baby once.

Uh-huh. I won't do that.

If I call her 'baby', it would remind me
the maid Baby who works in our theatre.

I'll not talk to you until and unless
you talk to my dad about our wedding.

Got it?

However, it is not a
crime to punish you...

...in whatsoever way for
the thing you did yesterday.

What have you done so badly that
she'd chiding you in that way?

Hey! You're hiding something.

Yes, dude. I've deposited
20,000 rupees in the State Bank.

Was that supposed to be funny?

Tell me what you've done.

I asked her for a kiss.

A kiss?


Clean the box and get it tomorrow.


If I knew all the decent
girls fall for rogues like you,

I would've tested my luck too.


If Veera Raju approves
my wedding with Venky,

I'll be the luckiest man on Earth.

Bro, let's test your luck right now.

Pick one finger.

You're really lucky, dude.

How can you be so sure?

I had the other finger in
my nose this whole time.

You've picked the clean finger

-and that makes you lucky.
-Hit you with footwear! You idiot!

Hey... I'm somehow scared, dude.

You shouldn't be
scared in love and at war.

That's when you'd triumph.

I just want to win Venkata
Lakshmi over. That's it.

Say something to motivate me.

The colour is not the necessary factor
for an underwear. See for the comfort.

Why are you telling me that now?

It is you who asked me
to say something, right?

Punch you, idiot!

Of course, you'd hit me
when I say something.

But when Osho says it,
you'd use it as a quote.

Whatever. Let's go.

Aunt is very glamorous.

She's nothing like Krish.

Hey! That's not fair.


Hey, who's this new guy?

He must be Venky's cousin.

Let me be honest.

He looks handsome, just like the
hero in a Sekhar Kammula's movie.

What about me?

You look like the villain
in Rajamouli's movies.


This is how I slipped once.


What's so funny about that?

Venky is laughing her eyeballs out.

Umm... People from China are known
to be competitive in all aspects.

Hey, you!

[clears throat]

-Dude, call me if something goes wrong.

I'll wait outside.

-Wait, man. Hold on.
-Go away...

Hey! Where are you going? Hey...

Mr Veera Raju...


Here is the collection.

Why is the collection
getting lighter every day?

Well cousin,
what are you doing currently?

-Watch your words!


I'm keeping my cool but you are
crossing your limits. Get lost.

Hey, let's go.

Hey... Didn't you talk
about you and Venky?

He has hit me when I was
telling him about the collection.

And if it is about his daughter's
wedding proposal, he'll smother me.

Hey... If not her, we can find
some other girl if we are alive.

-Let's go.
-You're right.

[phone ringing]
Hey! Who is he?


Turn the speaker on.

Hey, Paddu! No!

But you girls listen to my conversations
with my boyfriend. Turn it on.

-It's okay. Turn it on.
-Come on.

Prabhu and I had a small fight.

I've quit talking to him.

You don't say a word.

We'll just listen to him.

Turn the speaker on.


Hello. Venky...


Are you still angry with me?

You won't talk to me anyway.

At least, put your friends on the line.

I'll talk to them instead.

College Beauty Kaveri
who's always with you...

Put her on the line.

Sirisha who looks slim like Samantha...

Put her on the line at least.

Tripura who looks
cherry red like tomatoes...

Or Tanuja who is like a
palm sprout dipped in honey.


Or Paddu who is decent like
Sunny Leone, put her on the line.

Hey! What do you have to do with them?

Because true friends like
them help true love win.

Anyway, you're so lucky
to have such good friends.

Look at my only friend,
he's annoying as hell.


You carry on.

Finally, this is all I have to say.

Two friends don't need
a lover to be together.

But two lovers need a good
friend to get them together.


Convey my regards to your friends.


Why are you buttering her friends now?

Hey, we are well aware of college friends.

When a couple is talking on the phone,

they grab the phone, turn the
speaker on and enjoys the conversation.


That is why I've
flattered those numpty girls.

Poor guy! Why don't you talk to Prabhu?

Why are you so angry on him anyway?

You know what he did?

He doesn't talk to my dad
about our marriage but...

he kissed me yesterday.

Who do you expect to kiss
you? Vijay Devarakonda?

So they'll support me in that manner.

Those lines that I said earlier...

They'll go viral in the college.

What a great quote he said!

Two friends don't need
a lover to be together.

But two lovers need a good
friend to get them together.

It's a great quote indeed!

I'll post it on Facebook right now.

Venky, none of us will talk to you
unless you talk to Prabhu. Got it?

-Let's go.
-Hey, Paddu! Listen!

Will you talk to Prabhu or not?

Okay. I'll talk to him.

Oh. That was your plan all along.

How do you know college girls overhear
friends' phone conversations?

You know...

You've never been to college.

Now, do you get how I know?

I get it.

I shouldn't ask silly questions
when you're holding a tea pan.

Thank god! I didn't ask a little later.

I would've got hit with the cooker.

Carry on... Carry on...

[phone rings]
One second.


Hi, Krish!

Cousin, I'll drop the lunch
box and be right back.


I'm very happy, mom.

[thunder rumbles]

[smoking advertisement
playing in the theatre]

Venky, stop.

What? Aren't you going to talk to me?

Aren't you going to talk to my dad?

I came to talk to him the other day.

But he was really furious.

I didn't want it to get any worse for me.

Theatrical advertisement: Being run out
when you are batting well is very bad.

Theatrical advertisement: It can happen
because of your own mistake or... [laughs]

Forget about me.

You're really happy with your cousin
even though I'm not with you.

Theatrical advertisement: Who
wouldn't wish for happiness? [laughs]


Theatrical advertisement:
But, at the cost of what? [coughs]

You were laughing out loud
when your dad was hitting me.

The thing is that,
I'd be the only one to hit you.

But now my dad has also
taken over. That's why.

What kind of sadism is this?

By the way, why don't
you go talk to your dad?

What have you been doing?

Theatrical advertisement:
We have left the burden on God


I'm already so worked up and the
guy from China is adding to my woes.

Well... How is my cousin?

He's so smart, right?

All the Chinese mobiles
would be smart indeed.

But they'd explode someday or the other.


If you get married to him,

do you know what your future will be?


Theatrical advertisement:
We had to sell both her bangles.

That would be your future!


If you're with him, he looks handsome.

But if you're with me,
you'll look beautiful.

What kind of a logic is that?

Suppose you and I are going on the road...


What a beautiful girl she is!

I can't believe she
fell for a guy like him.

He's lucky, dude!

That's what they'd say.

But when you and your cousin are going...

He's so smart, man.

I can't believe he fell
for a girl like her.

She's lucky, dude!

Really lucky, dude.

That is what they'd say.

What do you think is better for you?

I feel my cousin is better for me.

[thunder rumbles]

Anyway, you're not angry with me anymore.

-Why don't you give me a kiss?
-Another kiss?

Right now?

You don't need the right
time to kiss, Venky.

Come on, give me a kiss.

I'll tell my dad if you
act like this again.

Any problem, Venky?

-Nothing, cousin. Let's go.

Well, do that.

Anyway, I can't muster the
courage to tell your dad.

Hey Paddu, how are you doing?

Have you ever looked at
yourself in the mirror?

I did. That is why I'm
trying to impress you.

Otherwise, I'd have gone
for someone like Tamannaah.

Do you think your face
stands a chance? Idiot!

-I think my body also stands a chance.
-Yuck! You'll never change, idiot!

She's not even three feet tall
but she wants me to change for her.

What up, dude? So desperate
to get yelled at this morning?

Forget about me and look over there.

My sixth sense says Venky will dump
you and marry that guy from China.

Hey, you don't even have common sense,

and you're talking about the
feelings of your sixth sense.

Venky is not that sort of girl.

Hey! I can look at a girl and tell
what kind of perfume her granny is using.

So I'm like a trained
dog when it comes to girls.

Even now, no one thinks
you're human anyway.

Well... We'll have to separate Venky
and her cousin by any means.

You can take the cumin out of cumin rice.

But not the lemon out of lemon rice.

Venky's prayers have been finally
answered. She found her perfect match.

I'll break your face!

Hello, Venky...

Tell me.

Come to our meeting spot immediately.

We need to talk.



These old Government buildings
make great meeting spots for you.

Shut up and eat your corn.

Why did you want to see me?

Nothing, Venky.

Just wanted to know how
your Holi was going on.

Hey, Pandu! Everyone has all kinds
of colors smeared on their faces.

But how come you only have black?

Venkata Lakshmi is sarcasm personified.

Pandu! I'll break your face!

Don't get so angry, sister.

Okay, just ignore him.

Looks like your guy from China is
moving a little too close with you.

Don't tell me he wants to marry you.

Have you lost it?

He was born and raised abroad.

It's quite common for him to
move closely with everyone.

It should be the least of your worries.

Alright. I'll leave then.

My guy from China is waiting for me.

Psst! Bah! She's always talking about him.

This is how all the women are.

You play with guys' emotions.

We chase after you like dogs.

We toil like cattle.

We work our asses off.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Talk for yourself.

Don't include all men.

Am I not a part of those men?

Venky is here now.

You can leave.

I know, man.

You need your friend to leave
as soon as your lover is here.

But once that lover dumps you,
this friend is all you need.

Paddu, I'm coming to you.

Okay then. I'll also leave.

My cousin is waiting for me, remember?

Okay. Bye!

Hey! Venky! Venky!





I should've known better when I loved you.

Let's go, cousin.

Why don't you come inside too?

You go, dad.

You'll never change.

How are you, God's child?

I'm not God's child.

I'm Mr. Aasirvadam's child.

Aasirvadam is also God's child.

What are you doing here?

I came to drop father.

Father, who?

Who's the other Father of this
Church when I'm already here?

I didn't come here to
drop the Church Father.

-Its my own father.

Let's go inside, son.

Well... Father...

So you don't trust God?

I just trust fellow humans more.

Don't say sinful words, son.

God is here for sinners like you.

Come on, son. Let's go.

May Lord be gracious enough

to wash away our sins.


So what I'm trying to tell you is...

[mobile rings with film song]

Stop it.

Prabhu! Go outside.

Sorry, Father.

Oh, Prabhu (Lord)!

Father, did you call me?

Lord wouldn't forgive
me for calling you once.

Why would I risk calling you again? Go!

Okay, Father.

-And don't come back.
-Sure Father.

-Pandu, tell me.

Bro, our friends want to party tonight.
Do you have any place in mind?

I think Subbayyagaari Hotel is the best.

What do you say?

Hey, man. I'll call you back.

Hey! We could go some place else, dude.

Don't hang up on me. Dude!

Cousin, you wait here.

I'll go get the holy offering.



Hey! How did you know I'm here?

What can I say? You pull me towards you.

Why'd you come to our temple
instead of going to your church?

When I don't believe in God,
religion doesn't make any difference.


You might be so self-confident.
But believe in some God.


It can be your God or my God. Got it?

Tell me this.

You supported your cousin
when we got into a fight.

I wasn't supporting him.

I was handling the situation.

Either you should tell my dad or I should.

It'd be really bad if my cousin tells him.

That is why I managed something.

Hmm. You weren't so bad.

My cousin might see. I'll catch you later.

[temple bell rings]

Umm... Venky...

I need to tell you something.

Hey! What are you doing here?

My cousin might see us. Go away!

I didn't come here to leave.

What's with the clothes?

-Dress prim and proper at least tomorrow.
-What's special about tomorrow?

Is it your birthday?


It's your birthday tomorrow.

Lose these dirty clothes
and buy some decent ones.

Your dad doesn't even pay me
enough to buy an underwear.

Decent clothes are a lost cause.

Why don't you give me 2000 rupees?

Aren't you ashamed to
ask a girl for money?

Ain't it our money, Venky.

Forget about me.

I want you to wear a half
saree for me tomorrow. Please!

Yeah, Venky.

When you come dressed in a half saree...

Hmm. So?

When your waist peeks in between...

I love watching it, you know.


I'll be waiting for
your decision tomorrow.

[thunders rumbling]

I think it's going to rain.

Shall we move?


Half saree, please.

-Cousin, coffee for you.
-Thank you very much, Venkata Lakshmi!


Bye, cousin!

Yeah... Bye!



You know how you look in this half saree?


You look like an angel from heaven.

Angel from heaven or not...

Come quickly. Someone might look.


You got scared, didn't you?

You're not so scary to look at.

You look somewhat average.

Hey, I'm always buying things for you.

Aren't you going to give
me a birthday treat?

What do you want?
Tell me!

I want a surprise!


I've had this desire for so long.

I want to leave behind these
people, this world...

And spend 3 days close to nature.

Can you take me to some place like that?

[Prabhu sighs]

Is your whole family this crazy?

What kind of a fantasy is that?

Being close to the nature for 3 days.

I'm naturally a nature lover.

And I'm naturally your lover.

Would I ever say no to you?

Thank you, Prabhu!

Prabhu, how do we plan this?

Go to your dad and tell him you're
going to Araku with your friends.

-Tell him you want to take his car.

He won't give you the car anyway.

So he'll send me as the driver.

Hmm! Good idea!

So, what if I take you some other
place and do something to you?

You wouldn't do anything to me.

You trust me so much, huh?

More than I trust myself.

Poor girl!

She trusts you blindly.
Is it right to do this to her?

Stop it, man.

We're talking about 50 lakhs.

We can't even dream of earning
such money in our life.

Two birds with one stone.

We get the money.

Krish gets arrested.

What about Krish then?

He must be on the run after
that encounter with the SI.

We don't have to worry about him.

Krish is done for life.


Hi, man. What are you doing here?

How are you, Venky?

Fine, man. This is a surprise.

-Hey, Vijay.
-Yeah, tell me.

Come here urgently.


Hmm. Bye.

We shouldn't spare Prabhu, man.

He ruined our whole plan.

How is it?

It's a little too spicy.

Now this is too much sarcasm.

I don't mean this.

I mean that.

What else?

You haven't been here for a week.

You're already at it, huh?

Do I have to wait a year or what?

Do we have to lead these
petty lives forever?

-No chance!

It was just recently that you were
on with Rajya Lakshmi in Rajahmundry!

She was a sweet girl, dude.

Village love story.

I planned everything to the dot but...

I couldn't even make 10 lakhs out of her.

What about Vaishnavi from Vijayawada?

She was stylish and all but
she didn't have much money.

What happened with Malasri from Guntur?

She's too innocent, man.

Hey, I have to tell you something.

I love you.

I used sentiment. She fell for it.

I said we'd elope and she came with
all her money and jewelry in a bag.

[mobile rings]


As soon as we got down at the bus stop...

I told her my friend met with an
accident and left with the bag.

I then changed my mobile number.

Hey! You've been involved
in 4 such incidents.

You got lucky that no girl
filed a case against you.

They wouldn't do that, man.

They wouldn't.

It's middle class psychology, man.

They would care less about the money
and more about their daughter's dignity.

They wouldn't want to be
humiliated in the society.

It is their weakness and our business.

We've earned about 50 lakhs
till now using these tricks.

Why are you still working at this Fast
Food Center when you have so much money?

Kohli doesn't stop playing cricket just
because he has endorsements, does he?

Same goes for me.

Anyway, my target isn't 50 lakhs.

It's 50 crores.

This is the correct lifestyle
till we earn that money.

One con!

We should crack one big con!

We'd settle down in life.

I've been waiting for a
girl like her so badly.

Hold on. You think she's damn rich?

Her dad lost everything in gambling.

An old house and a crappy
theatre is all he has left.

What else do we need?

The land on which that old house and
crappy theatre stand costs 50 crores today

50 crores?


It might actually cost more.

There's a software venture coming
up in the site beside that theatre.

Real Estate will have a boom.

Super, man!

How do you plan on trapping this girl?

Veera Raju used to have a sister.

He abandoned her because she
married outside their caste.

No one knows of her now.

You go to his house on some excuse
and get his sister's photograph.

We're going to Shirdi, dear.

Would you be gracious and help us?

One minute. I'll be right back.

Okay, dear.

[no voice]

[no voice]

[no voice]

Now I'll enter the scene
as his sister's son.

Can you guide me to
Mr. Veera Raju's house?

How does your mom look now?

You'll talk to him as his
sister, using a fake voice app.

Hey, mom!

Hey mom. Hi!

People from the Vizag
alliance just called.

What do I tell them?

Hi, mom.

Hi, Krish.

-What did you see in my village?-Krish, you talk on the phone.

Hello, Krish.

Are you getting bored over there?

Dude, there's nobody here.

Stop over acting and call
me back in 5 minutes.

I'll make Venky fall in
love with me in no time.

If you wear a green dress
tomorrow, I'll take that as a yes.

Thank you!

Man, Venky is trapped.

Next, it's her father.

Super, dude!

Venky and I are in love
with each other, uncle.

We want to get married with your approval.

I'll have an auspicious
time fixed right away.

I have a Mumbai trip for two days.

Hey! You manipulated
the old man so smartly.

I'm an expert at that.

What if he wants to see
his sister after marriage?

I have a plan for that as well.

You'll call me on a fine
day after my marriage

and say 'Dad has suffered a
heart stroke and is serious'

And I'll tell them sobbing...

that dad died of heart stroke
and mom met with an accident.

That old man will feel all sentimental
and offer me to stay with them.

That's the right time to get rid
of Venkata Lakshmi and her dad.

We'll get to have all their wealth.

Super plan, man!

By the way,
why'd you leave the house suddenly?

Oh, that?

Her dad has a few debts to pay.

If I clear a few of them,
he'll completely be in my favor.

Well, if i get back to my past affairs,

I could make some bucks.

That is why I told him I was going
to Mumbai to check on my dad.

Man! Why is she hanging out with him?

She told me she broke up with him.

How will she marry you if
she's in love with him?

Our whole plan will flunk now.

No. No. No.
Let's go and look.

Prabhu, I'm done with my exams.

If you don't talk about us to my dad,

he'll get me married to someone else.

Why someone else?
You have your cousin, right?

He's richer than me.
He's also better looking.

Would I marry him just because he's rich.

I'd rather die than marry
anyone else but you.

And yeah. What if you had that chance?

What if you found a girl who's
wealthier and more beautiful than me?

I don't mind if she's not
more beautiful than you.

I'll marry her straight
away if she is wealthier.

I'll go to the land of my dreams,
Dubai and settle there with that money.

Stop kidding now.

Hey! Get down! Dad is right there.

-Manage carefully with your dad. Okay?
-Okay. Bye!

Hi, dad!

Hi, dear.

Now that I'm done with my exams...

Me and my friends are
planning to go to Araku.

Okay, go. But I won't let you drive.

Take the car. I'll send a driver along.

Only then I'll let you go.

-Okay. Thank you, dad!

[phone rings]


Hello, Prabhu.

This is Krish speaking.

Can I meet you once?

What for?

I'll tell you. Let's meet up once please.


Why did you want to see me?


I know you're in love with Venky.

But, do you know what true love is?

It's when you put your
loved one's happiness first.

Does Venky have to struggle all
through her life for loving you?

True love desires sacrifice.

Whether it's you or me,
all we want is Venky's happiness.

Venky won't have a good
life if she marries you.

But in my case,
I can offer her a rich life.

Think about it.
[hawk squeals]

You'll give her a rich life, huh?

With the money earned
from making Manchurian?

Hey! Don't use your Fast
Food Center tricks on me.

What are you talking about?

How do you know I run a Fast Food Center?

The spices on your shirt speak everything.

What a cooked up story, man!

You work in a Chinese Fast Food Center...

And you pretend to
have landed from China!

A foreign returned person usually
claims to have pursued MS from the USA.

But you said you were from China!

That's when your over
smartness caught my attention.

Hey, forget about it.

Just tell me who told you.

How do you know about it?

You didn't give anyone
else that opportunity.

Bro, your Manchurian...

I had Manchurian in a shack on
the Rajahmundry highway once.

It was delicious!

I looked to see who made it and found you.

Bro, one more Manchurian for me.

Okay, sir.

Later, when I saw you at
Venky's place for the first time...

I found you identical to that guy.

I've seen him before, man.

Everyone from China look alike, dude.

I played a small trick
to confirm if it was you.

And you fell for it so badly.

You were so quick to react
when I mentioned Fast Food.

Let me be honest.

You make really tasty Manchurian.

Now that it's all out in the open...

I'll go and tell Veera Raju everything.

You better pack your bags quickly.

[ship honks]


One minute.

Think about it Prabhu.

Both of us are looking for
a short cut to success.

You want to tell Veera
Raju about me, right?

He wouldn't believe you even if you did.

Even if he did,
he would kick me out of the house.

But never get Venky married to you.

Suppose you two elope, you wouldn't
get a single penny of his wealth.

You know how he is.

He abandoned his own sister for 25 years.

So if you listen to me,
we'll both benefit from it.

What do you want me to do now?

Kill Venky.


Let me inform the police about this.

Dude, you might be new to a
police station but I'm not.

Even if I get locked up,
you can't have Venky.

Even if I stayed out,
Venky wouldn't marry me.

It's money that
both of us want, right?

If you're a good man,
that remark is all you'll ever earn.

Cool down and think about it.

I'll give you 50 lakhs.

50 lakhs!


You want to go to Dubai, right?

Take that money and settle down there.

Veera Raju doesn't have any heirs anyway.

I'll settle down as his nephew.

Both of us will be benefited.

Only when you think nothing is
more important than yourself...

You can achieve anything in life.

Let go of these vague feelings like love.

You can have any girl you
want when you have money.

Look, Prabhu.

Opportunity isn't like a wave
that crashes all the time.

It's like a tsunami.

It strikes only once.

Just once!

What are you still thinking about?

[Prabhu chuckles]

Thinking of ways to kill her.

Go with your Araku plan.

Push Venky's car into the valley.

It will be written off as an accident.

You get the money ready.

Hey! He loved Venky so much.

How did you know he'll
be ready to kill her?

Money has the power to make
anyone go to any lengths.

He is just like us.

The only difference is
the price that he is sold for.

I knew he'd definitely be up for it.

Do we have to give him our hard earned
money that we made by cheating some girls?

Give me 50K.
I'll get the job done for you.

Hey! You need a bait to catch a fish.

If you think bait is a waste,
how can you catch the fish?

Prabhu will take Venky to Araku
after what we just offered him.

He will kill her over there.

So we'll get to have Veera Raju's wealth.

I don't care if you'll
go to Araku or Africa.

I want nothing to do with it.

I knew you'd listen to me, son.

Shall we move?

My dad himself asked you
to come as the driver.

Why are you showing off now?

My dad warned me that he'd
kill me even if I talk to you.

That is why I refused to come.

Whatever. Where are we going now?

You wanted to be one
with the Nature, right?

So I'm taking you into the Nature.

-Let's go.

[birds chirping]

"What's rightfully yours"

"Will slip from your hands"

"What twist of fate is this?"

"Your life..."

"slowly slips out of your hands"

"Wonder what violent act wins"

"There's a monster
hidden inside every man"

"He manifests hell as his smile fades"

"He's a monster"

"Monster is who he is"

"He is the monster of this story"


You don't have to count.

It's the right amount.

Go to this address as soon
as your reach Mumbai.

My friend Mastan will meet you there.

He'll make all arrangements
for you to go to Dubai.

"He's a monster"

"Monster is who he is"

"He is the monster of this story"

Mastan will kill him as
soon as he lands in Mumbai...

and give us half of those 50 lakhs.

Now you're a tourist who
came to Araku from Kakinada.

You found this phone here.

You'll recognize the photo
of Venkata Lakshmi in this...

And would hand over the phone
in Kakinada police station.

Police will search for Prabhu
after having watched that video.

Because Mastan would
have already killed him...

He would never be found.

With that, the case will be closed.


What a perfectly crafted plan!

I have one more doubt.

You didn't marry Venky.

What's the guarantee you'll inherit
Veera Raju's property legally?

Man, I've created so many nuances.

How did you think I'll ignore that one?


Hi, uncle!

Where's Venky?

I came back from Mumbai
to give her a surprise.

Krish, Venky has been
missing since 2 days.

I'm really scared.

Don't worry, uncle.

I'm here now.
I'll take care of everything.

[phone rings]


Oh no! Please don't say that.

I'll give you the 2 lakhs I owe you.

I'm already worried about
my missing daughter.

Please give me 2 days' time.

I'll return your money.


Take these 2 lakhs and
clear their debt, uncle.

Nephew, you've saved me from humiliation.

You should take care of Venky,
this house and the theatre after me.


You are everything to me from now on.

You'll never leave my side, will you?

I'll never leave you or this house, uncle.

And Venky will be fine.

Let's go and file a complaint
in the police station.

Since when is she missing?

Since the 10th of this month, sir.

He must have done it for sure.


We can definitely find
Venky if we get to him.

Ramana, do you know where Prabhu lives?

So you don't know anything.

After she left that day...

I called her later to talk to her.


Hey, man.

Prabhu didn't go to
Mumbai like we expected.

He's right here.

The new SI caught him and
made him spill everything.

Escape from wherever you are.

Hello, mom.

What? Dad had a heart stroke?

Your mom needs you right now.

I thought Prabhu went to Mumbai and
told the SI everything about him.

I don't know what you told about him.

But I'm sure he must've
revealed everything about you.

Man, it's the police.

Hey! Why did you stop in the
middle of the road? Move!

It's you who took the wrong way sir.

-Let's sit in an AC room and talk.
-Please let go.

Someone killed Venkata
Lakshmi and tried to frame me.

[mobile phone rings]
Sir, can I?

Turn the speaker on.

Hello, Krish!

FEMALE VOICE: Doctors told me
that dad had a heart stroke.

Sorry for troubling you, Krish.

Thank god you manipulated
the SI and got out luckily.


He ruined our plan, dude.

Prabhu seems like a
bigger trickster than us.

We used him as bait and he
swallowed us like a shark.

I wonder how I ended up being in the
video when I made him commit the murder.


Everything happened
according to our plan thankfully.

What if the SI got to the video before us?

We would've been locked up by now.

You grew up right in front of my eyes.

I thought you were
roaming around aimlessly

but I never expected you to
stoop down to such deeds.

Let's go to the station.

Uncle, you said you've watched me grow up.

Don't you know the kind of person I am?

But what about this video?

Give me one day time.

I'll clarify everything.

I didn't do anything wrong, uncle.


But if I find any clue
that says otherwise...

I'll not spare you.

Thank you, uncle.

How did you get hold of this video anyway?

Some tourist found this
phone when he went to Araku.

He came to the station and
handed over the phone to me.

I watched the video and found you in it.

Okay. I'll talk to the SI.

Okay, sir.

Luckily SI wasn't around at that time.

But, what are you going
to do with this video now?

I'll tell you. First call Naveen urgently.

Hmm. Okay.

[phone ringing]

-Hey man. How are you?

You wished me luck, remember?
I got the job as a designer.

Oh really? That's great!

How is it great, you idiot?

I would've become the Supervisor
if you hadn't wished me luck.

Prabhu wants to talk to you.

What is it?

I need a small favor from you.

[no voice]

Send me the videos and photos.

I'll take care.

Thanks, man.

I can't live without Venky, sir.

I'll stay right here.
[mobile message beep]

Hello, Naveen.

Hey, did you check out the video?

Yeah, it matched perfectly.

Thanks, man.

You don't have to thank me. Bye.

Uncle, go and give this phone to your SI.

He'll take care of the rest.

What actually happened?

Tell me at least now.

What really happened was...

After Krish asked me to kill
Venkata Lakshmi for money...

What the hell, dude!

Are you going to kill her for money?

I've decided to take
his offer of 50 lakhs.

-That's my plan.

Would you kill the girl you love?

You dumbo! Listen properly.

Get a car similar to Venky's
to Araku view point tomorrow.

-Hey, are we on the plan?

I can't believe you're
eating at such a time.

Don't you have brains?

I'm actually eating this
to stimulate my brain.

What is this anyway?

Chloroform. I brought it for Venky.

Give me some. I'm thirsty.

Chloroform is not some soft drink.

I know, man. It's alcohol, right?

Did you bring some soda then?

I don't even have the time to yell at you.

Did you bring the car's replica?

It's over there.

I'm telling you beforehand.

Car's rent is 5K and my
commission is 500 rupees.

We're taking 50 lakhs from him.

5K is the least we can spare.

Don't get too busy eating
and miss the timing.

Got it?

Okay, bro. I'll take care. You go.

You better don't stroll around.

-That curly hair guy might notice.
-Okay. You go.

[muffled groans]


Krish, who was looking from a top view...

thought I pushed Venky's
car into the valley.

And gave me my balance amount as well.

That's what happened.

You did good.

I'll give this video to our SI.
He'll finish the rest of the story.

Krish killed Venkata Lakshmi!

Did you find out anything
about Venkata Lakshmi, sir?

I'll let you know when I do. You go.

[boat engine revving]

Venky trusted you so much. This is so
wrong that you've done this to her.

Hey! Why do you talk like I
did something gruesome to her?

I didn't abandon her in some desert.

I've left her near the
Godavari that she loves the most.

We arranged her enough food
and are here to keep her safe.

-What else do you expect?
-I don't know, man.

-I'm worried Venky might be angry.
-Look. She's reading stories.

Look how happy she is.


Hello! Wait.

Why are you hitting me?

Why aren't you reacting
even when I'm hitting you?

It's just his crappy face.

I said that I want to
explore Nature alone.

I didn't think you'd really bring me here.

And you made it look like a
kidnap by giving me chloroform.

How is it a surprise if I tell you, Venky?

You only wanted to spend some
peaceful time amidst Nature.

That doesn't mean you do this.

Prabhu, I was really angry
about what you did at first.

But I had a gala time in the Godavari.

I didn't even feel scared.

Lord Sai Baba would watch over
me from that tree every night.

Lord Sai Baba?

Don't be alarmed. It's me.

Venky is next level crazy for
seeing Lord Sai Baba in you.

Thank you, Prabhu.

Please stop. I can't watch this anymore.

Prabhu, I've been here for 3 days.

I didn't even call dad.

I'm worried he'll be angry with me.

Listen to me carefully.

Everyone will ask you for the
same story in different scenarios.

But we must stick to one story.


Stop acting like Venkatesh from Drishyam.
Just tell us what we're supposed to say.

What we have to say is...

Hello, SI...

Venkata Lakshmi came home safely.

Her car had met with an accident
and fell into the valley.

Luckily, Venky jumped out of
the door and saved herself.

She was in a coma these 3 days.

It's not coma. It's a drama.

The guy who works in my theatre, Prabhu...

He looked for her day and night and
finally brought her home safely.

Anyway, thanks a lot, sir.

-It's okay.
-Bye, sir.

Venkata Lakshmi came home safely.

Then how did this video surface?

Sir, this looks like graphic work.

Look. There's a watermark below.


He must've gotten it edited
by some movie editor.

That is why you can see a lot of
close ups, mid shots and master shots.

We only missed the simple logic of how
a phone recording has so many clips.

Damn it!

You could've mentioned this logic before.

It's because of guys like you that...

we see fewer promotions
and more transfers.

Sir, what shall we do now?

Don't leak this anywhere.

We'll be ridiculed in public.

Okay, sir.

Next case!

Prabhu, thanks a lot.


Dad, I don't want to
hide anything from you.

Actually, what happened was...

I'll tell you only if you
promise not to yell at me.

I promise. Tell me.

I only wanted to explore Nature.

So Prabhu took me to Lanka
in the midst of Godavari.

Sorry, dad. I gave you a lot of tension.

It's okay. Let's not discuss that again.

I'm just happy that you're back.

Don't think about anything else.

Thank you, dad!

I can't believe he
responded so positively.

I thought he'd kill us if he knew
that we kidnapped Venky for 3 days.

He'll not say anything, dude.


My father-in-law is also
a partner in this crime.


After Krish gave me that offer,
I've revealed it to Veera Raju.

He has cheated us!

I'll teach him a lesson.

What will you do?

Will you tell the police?

Of course. We can't just leave him to be!

-Who says we'll just leave him?

We'll take his money and
then leave him alone.

My father-in-law deserves an
Oscar, you know.

Mr. Veera Raju... Venky is safe here.

She's happy.

Oh no! Please don't say that.

I promise I'll pay back
the 2 lakhs I owe you.

I'm talking about Venky.

Give me 2 days' time.

I'll return your money.

What's wrong with him?

What the hell is he saying?

Take these 2 lakhs and
clear their debt, uncle.

You are everything to me from now on.

You'll never leave my side, will you?

Never uncle.

We might have been smart in
looting 50 lakhs from Krish.

But my father-in-law is street smart. He
made Krish pay for our expenses as well.

So you and your uncle swiped him clean.

By the way, where's cousin?

-I'm looking for him too.

Venky is the only one who
doesn't know about Krish.

Why did you tell her?

Let's make her a part of the plan too!

Poor girl!

She thinks she has relatives
over for the first time.

Let her enjoy that feeling.



Prabhu, come.



Why are you hesitant with me?
Tell me!

Mr. Veera Raju...

Give me your daughter Venkata Lakshmi
and your theatre Venkata Lakshmi talkies.

I'll take really good
care of them both. Please!

[whistles and cheering]

Stop! I'm giving you!

Oh my god, Prabhu!


Are you sure this is our theatre?

I introduced an offer where you get a
samosa free on every soft drink you buy.

Look how it worked out.

Theatre is packed with audience.

You're great, Prabhu.

I wish cousin was also here.

He didn't even attend our wedding.

I knew aunt wouldn't let him
come back once he goes to China.

You're right.

I wonder where he is.

Venky... Your cousin is
really busy, you see.

He must be in China with
his business delegates.

Bro, 2 plates noodles.


Make sure you add ample salt.

Yeah... I will.