O Olmasin, Bu Olsun (1956) - full transcript

Popularly known by the name of the main character, "Mashadi Ibad" was based on a musical comedy by composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov and written in the early 1900s. The story is based on the age old-theme of a beautiful young woman (Gulnaz) who falls in love with a young man (Sarvar) but is obliged to marry someone else. Gulnaz' father, Rustam bey, is bankrupt. He decides that the only way to pay off his creditors is to get money by marrying off Gulnaz to the rich, old, widowed bazaar merchant, Mashadi Ibad. But Sarvar contrives a way to foil the plan by disguising himself as the bride hidden under the thick Muslim veil. When Mashadi Ibad lifts the veil to see his bride's face, he discovers Sarvar who holds him at gun point and makes him write a statement that he really wants to marry the maid, not Gulnaz. This is where the work gets its title, "If Not This One, Then That One." The strategy works and Sarvar succeeds in marrying Gulnaz.

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If it's not this one, it will be another one

Baku 1910

in accordance with Islamic culture

in this city too, women had no rights

their lives were entirely governed by the laws of sharia

husband and father had complete authority over them

they were forced to spend their lives looking through the window of their black veil

watching desperately the outside world, waiting for a sign of hope

Gülnaz had lost her mother when she was a child

her housekeeper Sənəm had raised her

her father was Rüstəm Bəy, ruined because of big gambling debts

Rüstəm Bəy was looking for a solution to pay them

but it didn't matter, when he knew there was no hope

he knew he could turn to Məşədi İbad

but old Məşədi İbad was stingy and did not give as easily

in exchange for his money he wanted Gülnaz's hand

but Gülnaz's heart only beat for Sərvər

I often see this young boy with Mirzə Cəlil (Editor of Mullah Nəsrəddin)

he publishes in the journal

he writes satires?

yes, and he is very talented

he follows in the footsteps of Mirzə Cəlil

Mullah Nəsrəddin is a true institution

absolutely, let's go

come on, Sərvər, be frank, are you in love?

do you know what Vaqif (poet) said?

"I missed your beautiful eyes and body, your divine beauty, look over here"

"night and day I think of you constantly"

"your absence wears me out, look over here"

"separation makes Vaqif sick"

no, no, "makes Sərvər sick"

"morning, noon and evening, I think of you"

"of your fresh cheeks, your pistachio-shaped lips"

"your sweet mouth, your pretty words, look over here!"

to the poet's words, the sweet replied!

got it!

if the girl you love is Gülnaz Hanoum,

then, put a padlock on your heart, and throw the key in the Caspian Sea


we can take her with us if you want to


now isn't the time yet

let's go!

good bye, see you later!

I will bring you the money in half an hour!

I swear it on my honor of Bəy!

what do you want?!

nothing brother!

go away!

of course!

Baloğlan, where is my goat?

look! it's eating raisins

hey goat, this is not a buffet!

you, animal, move from here!

you and your father are the animals!

don't you know you can't touch my goat?

ok Əsgər, I'll show you...

go away, there is no sugar!


oh, Rüstəm Bəy, nice to see you

enter the store, please!


don't bother

sit on this cushion


tell me, are you giving me your daughter's hand or not?

if you are not, I'll go look elsewhere

and I'll say : if it's not this one, it will be another one!

I am a man of my word

but first I will need you to give me an advance

1000 manats enough?

an additional 1000

but there are still the wedding costs!

it's true, but you're not very young...

you would have paid less...

a pity that you are old

I may be old but I am worth 1000 young men!

frankly Bəy, I don't see why people say I'm old

people are blind

look at the mirror, look at me...

maşAllah, I have all my teeth

and my beard is jet black

"old" is when you are blind, deaf and you can no longer move!

me Hamdoulah I am like a bird

hop there!

I say maşAllah to protect myself from the eye!



here, 1500, I'll give you the rest later

but, Bəy, I would like to meet my bride, talk to her, what do you think?

seriously, I want to know if it is worth its price!

I don't mind

tonight come visit us

we will discuss and you will meet the miss!

ask its value to the one who is separated from love

ask the value of water to the one who is thirsty

the one who never tasted it cannot know love

Fuzûlî, ask the pleasure of love to the one who is in love

Sərvər, you look moody today, what happened?

your father wants to marry you to someone else!

what makes you say that?

I know it from a reliable source

but he didn't tell me anything!

he may tell you today...

and why would he tell you? your duty is to do as he says

no, no, I'd rather die

there is only you that I love

but this man is richer than me


more handsome than me

I do not care!

younger than me

he could be a child, it doesn't matter!

I'm lying, I'm lying my beautiful Gülnaz

it is true, he is way richer than me, but he is old!

he is at least 50 years old

you would be afraid if you saw him

I will confess to my father my love for you

no, Gülnaz

listen to me

do not tell him

I know your father needs money

he wants to give your hand to Məşdi İbad for money

if he tells you, stay indifferent

then you will leave it to me

if your marriage took place today,

I could have danced

you will dance soon

why? are you getting married?


I'm not the one getting married

Rüstəm Bəy is marrying Gülnaz to an old man

oh, shame on him!

how can such a pretty young girl marry an old man?

don't worry Gülnaz, nobody will separate us!

my master may arrive anytime, I'll go take a look!


*annoyance in Turkish*

in Turkish: how can they come after me? Rza Bəy?

in Turkish: a man like me!


in Turkish: I will show to Mullah Nəsrəddin (satirical press) I will destr...

you will do well!

but what's wrong with you old man?

you clearly see!

calm down!

be my guest tonight

I have a little news to announce


in Turkish: my edition of tomorrow will talk about you!

in Georgian: leave me buddy!

pay me for the vodka you drank

leave me!

it's always the same with you

it's not correct!

in French: oh, Mr.Rüstəm Bəy, good morning!

Həsən Bəy

tonight, come to my house

in French: with great pleasure!

with great pleasure!

should I bring a bottle, or...?

no, no

don't worry, I got everything!

Həsən Qulu Bəy!

Oh Rüstəm Bəy!

leave me!

I told you to leave me!


please, Rüstəm bəy

get out!

Həsən Qulu Bəy, come to my home tonight, I have good news

is it about your daughter?


you should've said it before!

hello Kərbələy (title)


enter, brother!

Kərbələy, how is business?

how? I got slapped in my shop because of a goat!

who did that? who?

the Qoçu Əsgər, there he is!

what's up?

in Russian: my God! Боже мой!

oh Allah!

in Armenian: my God! իմ աստված

in Georgian: waouw ვაიმე

in Russian: mommy, mommy! мамочка, мамочка!


you, dog progeny!

you play the Qoçu (bully) with me?

stop, I'll kill you!

by Jove, he stole my veil!

ladies, there's a man in the hammam!

Rüstəm Bəy!


I could've killed you!

lower your hands

right now

lower your hands!

tonight, I invite you to my house... I am having guests

okay I'll come

Baloğlan, accompany him


my daughter, do you want me to buy you a fabric?

I do dear dad!

my daughter, do you want me to buy you slippers?

I do dear dad!

my daughter, do you want me to buy you socks?

I do dear dad!

my daughter,

my daughter, do you...

my daughter, do you want me to marry you to someone?

I do not, dear dad...

I do not, dear dad!

my girl!

are you saying no?

I found you an exceptional husband

rich, very rich

money like it's raining

well it's true he is a bit old

but he's a good man!

even searching with a lamp, you won't find another one like him!

what's the point? he is old!

you shut your mouth!

you know nothing about it

surely, but I will not give this girl to an old man!

you'll decide when I'll try to marry you to an old man

as far as I know, she's my daughter, I'll marry her with whomever I want

so my daughter do you agree?

I have no choice but to listen to you

that's my smart daughter!

my beautiful daughter

I always knew that you would listen to me

so I promised him your hand, he's coming here tonight

and I invited people, organize a nice reception!

my daughter, he wants to see you!

I authorize you to meet him

do not be scared!

because she has reason to be afraid?

you curl it

what do you want, you said "don't be afraid"

Allahu Əkbər, woman, shut your mouth!

I told you to shut up!

oh Allah, but what did I say wrong?

you are a housekeeper, do your work and shut it!

you are an animal!

I've had enough, you'll see!

I did nothing master!

you, dog progeny!

I picked you up, I brought you home, you lost yourself!

once Gülnaz is married, you can get the hell out of here!


Məşədi İbad, you are here!

you are welcome!

so, you did remember us?

of course I did, I always have you in mind!

give me your daughter and see how happy I make you

so tell me, are your pockets full of money?

let me give you a virgin, what would you do with a widow?

I'll give you all the money in the world old man!

give me your daughter and see how happy I make you

you want some money?

yes, I do

will you give her to me?

I will

right here, right now ?


will you give her to me quickly?

I will

swear it!

I swear!


give me your hand!

swear it!

I swear!


give your hand!

it's okay


can I meet the girl?

what do you think?

I have no objection, wait here


I have a white hair there

I have to tear it off

you, dirt

this damned barber misapplied henna

the charlatan


how should I put my hat on to please the girl?

like that...?

she will be afraid

she will think I am a Qoçu from Baku


and like that...?

the girl will flee

she will think I am a cotton farmer from Karabakh


and this way...?

she will hate me

she will think I am a gambler from Gəncə


and this way...?

no, no, no!

I will look like a Şamaxı deceiver


then how?

without hat, the better

then I will please her!

I'll look like a scholar!

I'm afraid of him

he's ugly

it looks like they are scared

it's even better, women should be afraid of their men

Hanoum, your hair is very black, did you use henna like me?

no I don't need henna

she doesn't have white hair!

me neither Hanoum, I don't have white hair

I don't need henna, the black of my beard is as deep as jet

only, I like to do it because of the tradition

may your deads rest in peace

my late mother used to say that if she didn't get henna she got headaches

it was a habit

why am I even talking about henna?

it's off topic


clarity of hair or beard has nothing to do with age

I'm lucky!

I am facing two beauties

as the poet would say

to stroll in the garden of your beauty

to pick the prettiest of flowers

to see your beauty in this garden

to get drunk at the sight of her sweet cheek?

to get drunk at the sight of her sweet cheek?

these are impossible things, you can go die

old man, what would you do with a 15 year-old-girl?

aren't you afraid of getting in trouble later?

a 100-year-old widow would suit you better, you fool

a 100-year-old widow would suit you better, you fool

even a dog would refuse to approach you

you can go die

I feel like you're staring at me a little too much
I'm afraid you'll lose yourself

if you want, I'll tell you the truth

if you want, I'll tell you the truth

a girl doesn't suit an old man like you,
you can go die

a girl doesn't suit / befits an old man like you / me,
you can go die

goodbye uncle, we are leaving


good bye!

I want to marry them both!

so Məşədi, did you like the girl?

yes, I liked the girl, her housekeeper too

so give me 5 or 600 more and her housekeeper is yours too

no, we'll see that later

see you later!

no, stay!

sit down!


I shouldn't tell you...

but I'm proud to have you as a son-in-law

that's why I allowed myself to organize a small reception with friends

a little celebration

who are your guests?

nice people, you will see

here they are!



Məşədi İbad!

they say there will be a wedding

that Məşədi İbad will marry a girl

so when is this wedding?

so is this marriage true?

so when is this wedding?

if Allah wills, soon

but when?

InshAllah soon

but is this marriage true?

so when is this wedding?

and this marriage...

this marri... this marri... this marriage...

is soon!

so when is this wedding?

let's refresh ourselves a little

this way

I don't drink


so sit there


as you understood

I offer my darling daughter's hand to this man

not to this man, to his money!

and this marriage is for me...

easy money

a great honor!

at table!

gentlemen, please calm down

please enjoy some music





shut up!

once upon a time,

one evening at 9 p.m. sharp

I was coming back from the market place...

when I noticed that...

I was being followed...

the follower didn't let go

I told myself that he was certainly one of my enemies

so I grabbed my pistol

that I drew

I told him to go!

and there he ran away!

I told him "stop"!

he didn't stop!

I told him "stop", he didn't stop!

boom! one bullet!

and "boom!" he fell to the ground

I said to myself "let's see who it is"

and who did I see...?


our good old Məşədi İbad

I thought I had killed the poor man!

but luckily

I had missed it!

thank you Məşədi İbad

I'm drinking to your health

thank you very much!

*he toasts in Turkish*

in Turkish: gentlemen, don't you want me to talk?

yes exactly

in Turkish: gentlemen, you don't even bother answering me, I am outraged!

thank you, thank you !

Rüstəm Bəy!

have you gone mad?

Rüstəm Bəy!

in Turkish: if you wanted to insult me, why do it in your house and not in a neutral place?

thank you very much, completely agree!

in Turkish: I'm tired of this fiasco, I'm not staying!

Rza Bəy?

Rza Bəy ?!

where are you going?

I've been asking you all the permission to speak

but you don't even deign to answer me

it's too complicated to understand you!

we don't know what you want to tell us!

I myself read half of the Tarixi-Nadir (Life of Nader Shah)

but I don't understand what you're saying, how could these uncultivated people?

it's an offense!

I will talk about it in my journal!


hold on

I thought you were toasting!

I swear I didn't understand

come and sit down

you don't believe me?

in French: gentlemen!

Plato said that:

in Russian: man is an animal

that is to say "man is an animal"

Məşədi İbad: you are the animal!

the famous scholar Darwin,

has proven to the world that

man descends from monkey

to accept Darwin's words

it is not worth going to Africa

here we have a very nice specimen: Məşədi İbad

I'm not trying to hurt Məşədi İbad with my words...

I also look like a monkey

but not to this point

Məşədi İbad on the other hand resembles an orangutan

leave me!

you idiot, I'm on the verge of banging you!

in French: if I may

why would Məşədi İbad please Rüstəm Bəy?

why would he give him the hand of miss Gülnaz?

his beauty?


I've just told you that he is ugly

his youth?


Məşədi İbad is old!

but then what?

maybe, his money? his possessions?

his wealth?

no no

Rüstəm Bəy is not greedy

so what is it?

look, we drink wine

Məşədi İbad,

drinks tea

so what is Məşədi İbad?

Məşədi İbad

in French: is a true Muslim, isn't it?

that is to say: Məşədi İbad is a true Muslim

I think that's why

Rüstəm Bəy is giving him the hand of his daughter!

cheers Rüstəm Bəy!

enough talking

it's time to leave, goodbye!

thank you


in French: Məşədi İbad, farewell!

go to hell!

you idiot

you call me a monkey and you want to shake my hand?

donkey progeny!

your father is the donkey

I'll show you

Rza Bəy still hasn't recovered from this caricature

take a look

it is well done!

it's senseful

Hüseyn, look at the gestures

of the great Rüstəm!

ah, come in, come in!

nice to see you Sərvər!

come in boys, come in

my friend

how are you doing?

it's bad Mirzə, Rüstəm Bəy gives his daughter's hand to an old trader

so when is the wedding?

he met her yesterday

and so? they got engaged?

they promised the girl

but they hit her father well too!

so they got engaged?


we have a great plan

it is a great idea indeed!

did you hear Mirzə?

he gives his young daughter's hand to an old trader

it's a shame that this world goes into a spin!

it's like in your collection: Xan dostu, amandı! (Ḥopḥopnāmah)

quote an extract, for these young folks to listen...


Xan dostu, I'm afraid, don't let him approach me!
he's awful, don't let him approach me

oh, oh, it's the end of my world,
he is not even portrayable,
my God, this is not a husband,

it's a monster, it's a boar, don't let it approach me
he's awful, don't let him approach me

I'm afraid, my God, my heart implodes
I'm on a fragile silk thread,
my heart is beating too fast

I am burning, don't let him come near me
he is coarse, don't let him approach me

a big ugly hat on his head
you can see his white hair on his eyebrows

he is as old as my grand-father,
he is coarse, don't let him approach me

I wanted to come see the girl tonight!

but it's too hard to climb the wall

I will go find a miserable to help me




this way

over here, quick!

wait, one person!

one person!

me, me!

I need one person!

you, miserable, come with me!

right now!

here, 1 abassi

get on all fours

Məşədi, is it to commit a crime?

shut up


it's to see my bride

may Allah give you strength!

Məşədi, don't break my back!

no, no!

miserable, my bag

Məşədi, if I move you will fall

hold on

the girl is there

and there is a boy with her

who do you think that is?

who is that?

boy, who are you?

who are you?

me? I am Məşədi İbad

and I am Sərvər

what are you doing there?

what are you doing there?

I came to see my bride

I too came to see my bride

who is your bride?

and you, who is your bride?

mine is the daughter of Rüstəm Bəy, Gülnaz Hanoum

mine too is the daughter of Rüstəm Bəy, Gülnaz Hanoum

shut up you fool, how dare you pronounce my bride's name?

hey, Məşədi, get down, you're going to break my back!

you are lucky that I have a miserable under my feet otherwise you would have tasted my anger!

hey, miserable, wait!

Məşədi you broke my back, give me 1 more abassi!

I don't get it!

I am her suitor

I find myself on the sidewalk

and this quack is with her

I will go find the Qoçu Əsgər

guys, the Qoçu Əsgər is here





Baloğlan, this rascal is cheating

I am cheating?

you're cheating

no, I am not cheating

yes, you are cheating!

no, I'm a real player me


a cop!

brother, Məşədi İbad is looking for you


so, do you agree?

anyway, with Gülnaz gone, I won't be able to stay in this house

there was a spring

that made all the flowers bloom

there was a spring

that made all the flowers bloom

the nightingale painfully sang

true love is to be willing to sacrifice for one's half

do not love if you are not willing to sacrifice for your half

do you hear? he's singing

Məşədi, the girl is singing too

yes, do you see what the problem is?

I understand you, let's settle that

it'll cost you 2000, 1000 for me and 1000 for the guys

poor me, how will I give you so much money?

as you wish

if you want, we'll leave, Baloğlan, let's go!

you will be covered with shame

no one will want to trade with you anymore!

Əsgər Ağa

Əsgər Ağa, Məşədi wants to talk to you

okay I accept

come and get your money at my shop tomorrow, but kill this boy quickly

otherwise my heart will explode!



let's go

follow me

let's warn the guys

let's go!

whoever you are, open the door, let us come and kill you!

open the door, let us come and kill you

Sərvər, I'm scared

don't open the door

otherwise they will kill you

Sərvər, Sərvər, come!

open the door!

I'm not afraid of you

keep talking!

the best is to leave us alone


draw your pistols!

I'll count, you'll shoot when I'll say "three"!

get ready!



Rüstəm Bəy!

Mister Rüstəm Bəy!

Rüstəm Bəy!

in French: hello


I am suing your son-in-law


for defamation!

come on, leave me

I swear on the Shah's head

I had no choice

here is the complaint, he will answer in justice

between us, Rüstəm Bəy, Miss Gülnaz has nothing to do with Məşədi İbad, no!

you are right Həsən Bəy, my daughter has nothing to do with Məşədi İbad

I managed to substract 5 to 10,000 manats from him

but Gülnaz pains me

she will end up unhappy

but what can I do? it's the downside of poverty

I lost my sweetheart

hey, Məşədi!

I gave up on life

I lost my head...

to the point of forgetting my own name

I lost all my fortune

enough, Məşədi

I was looking for a mare (girl)

I lost my saddle (my money)

I fell in love with a young girl

I lost 5000 manats

hey, Məşədi İbad, how did you lose them?

where did they come from? where did they go?

to hell your 5000 manats!

I beg you

I implore you

where is my abassi?

look over here, the girl has two fiancés



the girl has two fiancés!

the girl has two fiancés!

who are you? what are you doing at my place?

me? I am a student and I'm not doing anything at your place

tell me how you dare come to my house

I would've never came here if I wasn't in love with your daughter, and if she weren't in love with me

what is it you dare say?!

I'll knock your head so hard, your brain wil explode

he will kill him, he will kill us all!

oh my God!

it is me who will draw the weapon

against who?

against myself

what do you mean?

because once I kill Gülnaz, I won't be able to live

you can't kill my daughter

you won't even know


because I would've killed you first

what is this madman saying?!

look, you want to make this girl unhappy

but I, Sərvər, tell you Rüstəm Bəy that

if you don't give me Gülnaz's hand

I'll shoot you, shoot her, then shoot myself

and that's all

look at me

look at me

I promised my daughter's hand to another

it's too late

if you trust me, I have the solution

so tell me, did you calm down?

yes, I did

excuse me, excuse me

what is that Məşədi? it seems that the girl has two fiancés?

Həsən Qulu Bəy, didn't Rüstəm Bəy tell me next to you that he was giving me his daughter?

yes, he did

what is this I am victim of?

and he squandered me 5,000 manats!

don't worry Məşədi, I'll take care of it!

take care of it, I feel very bad

so give me 500 manats because it will cost a small sum

vAllah, I'm ruined, vAllah, I'm stripped

as you wish


Rza Bəy, please take your pencil and write about this in your journal

humiliate Rüstəm Bəy!

excuse me Məşədi but this is not my responsibility, I do not talk about private affairs in my newspaper

oh, but writing on a piece of paper isn't complicated

hmm, that's another thing

now I understand you

I will write and put shame on Rüstəm Bəy

Məşədi İbad, don't worry, Qoçu Əsgər isn't dead

here, take it

in French: excuse me, excuse me

what an imbecile

Məşədi İbad

you insulted me

so I'm suing you

leave me alone, you're the one who calls me a monkey and now you're suing me?

in French: excuse me but

I won't let go

you will answer in court

okay, take it

in French: that's another thing


that is to say: that's another thing

I withdraw my complaint

Məşədi, you give money to everyone, give me my abassi and I'll go away

go to hell!



let's go talk seriously to Rüstəm Bəy

this poor man, loses his money and is covered with shame

you think it can work?

believe me, yes

do you agree?

yes, I do

but don't say anything to Məşədi İbad

and urge him to do the wedding


what can I say

it sounds like a good idea

if it works it works

if it doesn't work, it will be Sərvər's fault

if I don't solve the case...

if you don't solve the case...

if I don't succeed...

if you don't succeed...

it will be Sərvər's fault

it will be Sərvər's fault


this is not possible, this is not possible

you're cheating us

you're giving the girl to another

to another!

what should this poor man do?

I swear to God, I tell you, you have to give me the girl!

if you don't, I won't be responsible for the consequences

because I am a great merchant!

I would ignore your Bəy status

because he's a great merchant, he'll ignore your Bəy status

truly, I don't understand what you're accusing me of

how come you don't understand?

you squander my money and you lie to me by promising me your daughter but you give her to someone else!

who said that?

me! I saw your daughter with a young boy with my own eyes

when I asked him who he was, he told me he was her fiancé

do you at least know who that was?

who was it?

it was her uncle


he really appreciated Məşədi so he made him a little prank

I was saying to myself...

Rüstəm Bəy wouldn't do that to me

excuse me Bəy

I was wondering why not get married now?

what do you think?

the earlier, the better

thank you

Məşədi İbad, congratulations

congratulations on your wedding

thank you very much, thank you for your help

Məşədi İbad, congratulations

congratulations on your wedding

the new Bəy (groom) is welcome to our hammam

come in gentlemen!

come in

the hammam is really a beautiful place

a relaxing place

in the heat of summer, where to cool off?

in the hammam!

in the cold of winter, where to warm up?

in the hammam!

where to look for holy water?

in the hammam!

so let's go!

inside and outside the hammam

in spring, in summer, in winter, in spring

warmth and freshness

rich, poor, come quickly, you have your place

in spring, in summer, in winter, in spring

warmth and freshness

rich, poor, come quickly, you have your place

inside and outside the hammam

in spring, in summer, in winter, in spring

warmth and freshness

rich, poor, come quickly, you have your place

in spring, in summer, in winter, in spring

warmth and freshness

rich, poor, come quickly, you have your place


undress the new Bəy (groom)!

the hammam is irreprochable but who will pay?

for the hammam?



I will make a fuss at the entrance of the hammam



did you like the hammam?

it was great!

this hammam would wake up a dead man

if I had a hat worth 1000 manats and someone had thrown it in this hammam,
I wouldn't have came to get it

I'm only here for Məşədi

I thank you

excuse me but I did not understand if this hammam's water was water or Boz Baş (soup), I am not staying here

there is only Məşədi to love hammams anyway

in Turkish: yes, yes, yes, yes

Həsən Qulu Bəy, wait for me!

Məşədi Qəzənfər, that's all because of the water of your hammam

you, miserable, go get them, tell them not to worry, I'll pay

tell them to come and get the Bəy (groom)

look at me

for him

finally! where were you?

here is a proverb: everything that is beautiful has a flaw

I've thought about it a lot

I understood one thing: my only flaw is being flawless

hmm, I'm not badly dressed

call Məşədi İbad

the Bəy (groom) must dance on his wedding day for his prosperity

please come and dance

I thought you were going to be my other half

that you would be my faithful half forever


it's time, it's almost daybreak, let's go get the bride

in Persian: the night and the candle will witness it, tonight I will finally drink the sweet wine

in Persian: let's take this sweet night as an opportunity to meditate on our era

I am afraid that a girl who grew up in such a family, doesn't have the patience to live here

but she has no say, I will lock her up and it will be settled

I'll condemn the windows

I'll give her a chance to settle, if she doesn't, I'll beat her

the more a woman is berated by her husband, the better

I've had proof of this through my past experiences

they're leaving

it's time, let's go

let's go

come girls, it's time, one day it will be for you, come, come

congratulations, may God make you very happy

thank you, thank you

enough, enough girls, let's get out

God bless you my girl

I may be old but I am worth a thousand young men

I will never eat stale bread

I will not be satisfied with the necessary

I would sacrifice myself for my lady

I'll give her everything: my goods, my money, my life

come, Hanoum, come to me, come my sweetheart, come to me

come, my half, come to me, come

I beg you, I beg you, I beg you, come

my lamb, come to me

I would give my life for my other half

I would sacrifice myself for my lady

I'll give her everything: my goods, my money, my life

come, Hanoum, come to me, come my sweetheart, come to me

come, my half, come to me, come

I beg you, I beg you, I beg you, come

my lamb, come to me

I would give my life for my other half

I would sacrifice myself for my lady

I'll give her everything: my goods, my money, my life

if you make a sound, I will shoot you in the head


sit down and write what I dictate

what am I writing?

write: I, Məşədi İbad Kərbələy Hoca-Verdi son of Khan

how do you know my father's name?


I'm writing

otherwise, I'll blow your brains out!





I, Məşədi İbad Kərbələy Hoca-Verdi son of Khan

don't want to marry Rüstəm Bəy's daughter, Gülnaz

but I want to

you don't want to

I do not want to

and instead, I will marry the housekeeper Sənəm

by Jove! what happens to my money?


I'm writing

otherwise I'll explode your empty head with this gun

don't move!

I wasn't moving

Allah U...

do not talk!

I wasn't talking

by Jove, I could've died!



hold her back, the bride ran away, hold her back!

don't let her go!


hold her back!


hold her back!


help! the bride ran away! help!

when you brought the bride, didn't you even check if it was a woman or a man?

what are you talking about Məşədi İbad? the bride is necessarily a woman

this one was a man

it's a fake one

Məşədi, give me 50 manats, I'll humiliate Rüstəm Bəy in my journal


Məşədi, give me 40 manats and I will bring the Governor here


Məşədi, give me 20 manats, give me 20 manats and I'll ...

Məşədi İbad, give me 10 manats and I'll put a bullet in the head of Rüstəm Bəy

no, no

Məşədi, and my abassi?

get out of here! with your abassi!

where is she?

come here

go tell the mullah to religiously marry this woman to me

that's another thing

what can we do? if it's not this one, it will be another one

let's go see the mullah, for him to marry them

for you to be his wife, do you agree?

yes, yes

do you agree?

yes, yes

they agree

yes, yes

then, let's go

go tell the mullah to marry us

you will become my wife, do you agree?

yes, yes

you agree?

yes, yes

she agrees

yes, yes

then, let's go


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