O Fantasma (2000) - full transcript

Young and handsome Sergio works the night shift as a trash collector in Lisbon, Portugal. He can't force himself to connect with his pretty female co-worker Fatima, who displays an avid interest in him, so instead Sergio roams the city with the trash company's pet dog. Eventually Sergio becomes fascinated with a sleek motorcycle, and then also its owner, João - a young man totally indifferent to Sergio. The frustrated trash collector's surfacing sexual desires unleash his darkest impulses, sending him down a dangerous path of violence, depravity and degradation.

El fantasma

a story of
Joao Pedro RODRlGUES

You know what I have isn't it??


Who is it, Lord ?
Shh... !

- Assun?ao...
- Cold!

- It's Z?...
- Even colder!

It's Rosa...

Shit, Fatima !



Sergio !

Stop !

Did you have a pleasant journey ?

What did you do ?

I have dreamed of you.

Dream or nightmare ?

A beautiful dream.

Tell me.

Virgilio fucks you, isn't it ?


I waited for you yesterday...
why didn't you come ?

Leave me !

I will become crazy, Fatima.
If you think that I don't know...

No, Virgilio !

Let me go !

Bastard !

And if I told it to your wife ?

Course !

Here you don't get bored.

Catch that !

Catch !

Go !

Lord !

What is that...?

It's a policeman.

Stay here !

Tourn?e 802...
Gon?alves and Barata.

Tourn?e 804...
Rodrigues and Nuno.

Tourn?e 811 ...
Pessoa and Cruz.

Tourn?e 815...
Silvino and Anibal.

Triste and Teixeira,
Avenue du Br?sil west...

for cleaning.

Pay attention to the heap of sand
at number 23.

Alexandra... you will wipe.

Avenue da lgreja west,
starting at the end.

Don't forget the dead leaves
on that side of the street.

Marques et Miranda,
on Rio de Janeiro, for cleaning.

Matos... with Sergio and Mario
take the big basket.

Don't forget to pass by the lady in Viana street...

Say, Virgilio...

Do not interrupt me !

On our way !

Fatima...take the carrier cycle.

First the garbage at avenue de Rome
after that avenue da lgreja

and go down Santa Joana Princesa,
as far as possible.

First the avenue da lgreja...

one goes up Rio again, after that to Montepio.

- and the clinic...?
- Not this evening.

Lord !

Go back home !

- Goodevening...
- Goodevening !

Everything is in the garage.

- Joao !
- I come, mother...

- They have arrived ?
- The things over there.

What is it mother ?

Give them that suitcase.

You remember the clothes I want
to give you... ?

Let's go !

There is one suitcase left.

How much dis your motor cost ?


- Sergio... ket's go, boy !
- How much do you pay me ?



You are very joyful today!

Wanker !

- Make a blunder !
- Say... did you fuck her ?

- Why.... are you jealous ?
- No, but Virgilio fucks her.

- I become crazy.
- You are a bastard.

Come see !

Don't do that !

You don't have enough class.

That guy...
he had a holy motorbike !

Disappear, Lord !

- Fatima... !
- Faster !

- Jump !
- Faster... !

- Go there... jump !
- Come closer !

- Speed up your truck !
- You are going to fall !

Faster !
Go as fast as you can... !

- She is afraid of nothing !
- Wet chicken !

- Closer... closer !
- And me? I want to try... !

Go there ! Don't be afraid !

- Later...
- fuck... you're scared shitless !

- Go, there is a ralley you know.
- I do know that...

- It's your task to get me tickets.
- Are you okay, boy ?

But you don't hate cars ?

It's for bringing my girlfriend.

Release it !

Continue !

Hi... !

You're looking for me...?

Are you hungry ?

Who did release you ?

Go away !

Go... Go away !

Faster... !

Turn...turn, turn !

Go there... Faster !

Let me try it.

You are nog strong enough...
Push harder !

I will show you.

That is enough.

Let me !

Shit !

Close the door !

You want one...? Here.

It smells like a dog.

- Asshole !
- Bastard...

One day you will pay for it !

What is it you're looking for ?

Shit !

Let me !

What are you doing here ?

Help me.

- Why do you track me down ?
- Don't be afraid.

Go away !

Asshole, you listen !



Why did you burn my trolley ?
Are you crazy ?

Virgilio waits for you.

Bastard !

Is that what you want ?

Stop fooling around!

Don't even try to touch her,
understood ?

She is everything for you..

Go away !

This film is contributed to Joao Rui


a movie of

subtitels: Theo Hoogeboom