O Cemitério das Almas Perdidas (2020) - full transcript

Corrupted by the power of Cipriano's Black Book, a Jesuit and his followers begin a reign of horror in colonial Brazil, until they be cursed to live forever trapped under the graves of a ...

After living so
many adventures,

I can't believe we're dying
on this fucking boat.

Full of morons.

I've never seen
such a storm.

-The ship will sink soon.
-Damn it!

It no longer depends on me.

Father! Please.

I was never baptized.

I want to die in peace.

May God bless you.


We don't have to die today.

I know of a way
to save ourselves.

What are you saying?
Now you work miracles?

Yes, I do.

The only thing
we need is blood.

Now that your thirst for
blood has been quenched,

go back to the darkness,
creature, and take the storm.

I, the Carrier of Cyprian's
Grimoire, order you

to go back to the darkness,
and take the storm with you

-My God, it stopped
-It's a miracle!

How should we call you, sir?

Call me Cyprian.


Did you have
another nightmare?

Boy, just have three shots
before bedtime

and you don't dream at all.

Don't worry about Jorge,

Everyone wakes up crying
like a child once in a while.

Oh, that's right,
you do it every day.


You can make these trips
worse than they already are.

Does anyone know
where we are?

I have no idea.

Between nothing and nowhere,
following a crazy old lady.

As always.

I don't like this place.

We've been here before,

This can't be good.

It's where the pendulum
is point to, Fred.

We'll stop at the first
village that comes up.

All right, then.

Let's go where the
pendulum is pointing to.

Let's go north.

Yet another shithole.

I doubt we'll make
even a penny here.

Hey, c'mon!
Are you awake, man?

I don't like this place.

I don't know what it is,
but I don't like it.

How could anyone like
a shithole like this?

Let's stop chatting
and start working.

C'mon, let's unload everything,
there's a lot to here, okay?

A little bit more.
That's it. A little higher.

That's right.

Be careful with the sign,
it's worth more than you both.

That's it!
That's what I'm talking about.

-I can hear anything.
- Can you see me?

- Yeah.
-Then it's great.

Attention, attention,
ladies and gentlemen!

The most horrifying
show of all times

has arrived in town!

Come and witness the battle
between demons and wizards.

Something never before seen!

Horror! Action! Magic!

You can't miss out
on this performance!

That's right!

Right here, in your town!

Uncover the mysteries
and dangers of Alchemy

with Nomarus!

Is everyone ready?

It's showtime!

Once upon a time,
on this Earth,

when witches and
demons walked freely,

Nephastus was born!

Such creature launched the
world into an age of darkness...

and suffering.

Centuries later,

a legendary alchemist,

bitter over the death of
his best friend, Noebio,

used Nephastus' blood

to try to bring his
friend back to life.

evil can't be controlled.

You better be ready!


He was always by my side

in every battle.

Including those that
were only my own.

He was a great warrior.

And he suffered...
from a terrible!

And cruel death.

The great truth is...


is not fair

Master Nomarus,
something terrible happened!

Nephastus has escaped
and freed the creatures,

leaving a trail of blood
and destruction behind.

My God, Master!

It's Noebio!

You've injected him
with demon blood?

-He'll become a creature!
- No!

No! Not Noebio.

He is pure.

His blood is stronger
than the creatures'!

Get up.

Get up, my friend!

He is alive!

Run! This way!
Come on, run!


I saw the Devil.

Make no mistake, my brothers,
make no mistake.

The Devil's church
stands before you.

They mask themselves as artists
but are Satan worshipers.

Those who set foot there
will be cursed in the Lord!

Their money is being used
to glorify the Devil!

Honorable audience!

Those words couldn't
be more wrong.

Know this, ma'am,
we are God-fearing people,

but we also believe

that there is a Devil sitting
on the marbles of hell.

Jamanta is too gruff.

You didn't have to scare them
like that.

They pay me to scare people,
so I scare people.

We're an artistic group

who glorifies and
blesses the Lord's name

Here's the deal.

I invite you and your friends

to watch the show for free.
If you don't like it,

we'll leave
this beautiful town tomorrow.

No hard feelings.

God forbid I enter this
place of damnation.

You are a woman who
has God in her heart.

You don't need to be
afraid of anything!

Some smug ladies are coming
to watch our show now.

It must be as soft as possible,
do you understand?

I want everyone
looking like idiots.

-Where is Jamanta?
-He's in the back.

I'll let him know.

Hey, we're having a session
for old ladies now, okay?

You keep hiding and
don't scare anyone.

Don't scare them.
Seriously, don't.

Once upon a time,
when unbelievers ruled the world

a terrible sacrilege
was committed

and the Devil was brought back
to the world.

Many servants of
God lost their lives

trying to send the Devil back to Hell.

Among them was Noebio,
Nomarus' best friend,

who now prays,
searching for God,

to try and reach his goals.

Welcome, all of you.

Come in, come in.



Oh, Noebio, my friend.

How many souls we
converted together,

to the Lord's flock!

And now you lie
dead before me.

Master Nomarus,
it's terrible!

Despite all my prayers,
Nephastus is coming here.

Let us pray, Mariat!
Let us pray

so that this horrible
creature doesn't get to us.


Look what happened
to Noebio,

there's no time for prayers!

There's always time for prayers,

But he's breathing!

Yes, indeed!

He's breathing!
God has answered my prayers!

He brought my friend back!

He brought him like Lazarus!

No, no...
Don't, don't attack me.

Nephastus is coming.

Calm down, calm down.

Do not fear,
for faith will overcome evil.

take these faithful women

through the path
of salvation.

-Yes, Master. Come with me!
-Go, quickly!

Hurry, please!

We must burn this
place to the ground!

I promise!

In the name of the Lord!


Let's get out of here, now.

Wait, Freddy, let's talk.

We're leaving now!
Get your things!

-All of it!

Don't be so hasty, Fred!

The odds can turn
to our favor.

Fanaticism is the worst!
It's too dangerous, okay?

Start with the dummies
and most valuable things.

We're leaving now.

Think about it, you fool!

The cards told me nothing
bad will happen here.

And they're right,
because we'll be long gone.

Take off the make up
on the ride, okay?

Let's get out of here now!

An actor like me carrying
this much weight around.

What a waste of talent.

They would disagree,
but I know my rights.

Hey, Jamanta! Take this.

Go on! Hurry!

This can't be allowed.
It's all your fault.

-I'm a star.
-What do you mean?

-I'm a star!
-You're a pain!


Come on, seriously?

Hey, you!
Help me out here.

I'm having a hard time here
and you're over there flirting.

Hold on.

Hold tight.



Gee, Jamanta.

Let me go!


You motherfuckers!

Let me out of here! Help!

I counted 48 heads.

This land houses more savages
than ants.

Yes, it was a fruitful crop,

I've talked directly
with the governor

about the outcome
of the campaign.

We can count on a generous
increase in our profits.

Put down your sword!

She is mine.

Where were you?

I saw you
come back from the dead.

I could tell.

I've read a lot about it.

Kill you?

No, my girl.

You are very special to me.

You'll stay with
me for a long time.


Cyprian ord you take
this to the crypt.

I will not touch that.

Wasn't this the Indian body
part that you liked most?

Or was it the other head?

It's not your decision,

Just do as you're told.

Hurry up, boy, go.

- Go!
-You little shit.

Excuse me, sir.

I'd like to make a request.

Allow me to alphabetize
the savage girl.

Why do you care about her?

It's not about her, but me.

I've always been a
teacher and I miss it.

It will be good for her to
learn about the Holy Church.

The 'Holy Church.'

I understand.

But no.

With all due respect, sir,

I can also learn
a bit about them.

This could b useful in
our future missions.

All right,
you can teach her our language.

But don't waste
time on theology.

I am God-fearing.

God didn't save our boat,

I don't know if you are a
fool or just a hypocrite.

Just one more thing.

If you touch her,
you will know hell.

I guarantee that.

I'm Joaquin.

I brought you some food.

You need to eat.

Don't do that.

You cannot die.

If you live...

your people live.


We hope...

for the light,

but so it happens

that there is
only darkness.

We hope for the brightness,

but we walk

in... darkness.




-Verse nine
-Verse nine

Well done.

You're a quick learner.

That's enough for today.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Help me leave.

I can't help you.

The Nauru people will help.

The Nauru are cannibals.

The fiercest Indians
of these lands.

They won't help anyone.

Give this to the Shaman.

He will bring the tribe.

And everyone here dies.

Don't say that!

Somebody may hear it.

He is evil.

Joaquin is not evil.

Yes, I am.


asks for help.

I don't know how,
but you've plotted this.

I will put you
in a hole so deep

that no savage in this
damned land will find you!

Filthy bitch!

Filthy bitch!

You won't get rid
of me that easily.

Let's go to the crypt!

Take the foolish girl!

Quiet, bitch!

You will die!

They have arrived.

Dear Lord,

have mercy on my soul!

We will all die!

Tie her up.

pull yourself together, brother.

Pull yourself together.

The dark book has
saved us once.

And it will save us again.

The only thing
we need is blood.

Joaquin! You came back.

You came back to save me.

I will get you out of here.


Come on.
Hurry, come on


Where do you think
you're going?!

Treacherous rat.

Take this, you asshole!



Let me go!

Damn you! My book!

Thank you, my Lord.

Drop it!

That book is mine!

Drop it!



Imaculada, my child...

Imaculada! My child!

Where are you?

For God's sake, Imaculada!


Come on! Quickly!

Come on,
everyone For God's Sake!


My child!

Come back here,
for Christ's sake'.

Come on, everyone! Quickly

My child!
No, don't go in there!

Imaculada! No!

-No! Not my daughter!

Come back here, baby!
For God's Sake!

-Imaculada! Come back!

-Come back!

-Come back, baby!


Forgive me.

Imaculada! Wake up, baby!
My child, wake up!

Listen carefully, woman.

I want the blood
of the damned,

of the slaves or the outlaws.

But I want it
every full moon.

Or all the children of
the village will die.

Do you understand?

I do.

I'm sure I'll wake up.

I must wake up!


I want to get out of here!

Let me go!

Let go of me!

Let me out!

I want to get out! Help me!

Savages! You monsters!

Let's start with the elderly.


I know that is not
your real name.

But you like to be called by
the same name as the old wizard.

Hold on.

I stand here before of you...

out of free will.

No one comes here
out of free will.

I did.

And I brought them as
an offering to you.

Damn you!

Tell me you're lying, mother.

No lie will save your life.

I know what you really want.

You want to get out of here.

I have the pages that
were torn from the book.

What do you want?

I don't want to die.

I don't want to be
this dying old woman.

I want to serve you
outside these walls.

I want to be young
and beautiful...


That is what I want.

That's why
I brought this girl here.

I knew her youth
would be mine someday.

Make me become
one of you.

If this is true
and you have the pages,

you have my word.

They've been with my
family for a long time.

They were passed down from
my grandmother to my mother.

And then to me.

And now they're yours again.

What a bitch.

Take the girl.

No! Don't do that! No!

Not her. No!
She is so little!

Don't do that to her.

Let her go!



-Jamanta is dead, let's go!

I want them all!
I want their skin!

We are screwed.

-It's the only way out.
-No, no.

I won't go into that hole.

You have no other choice,
just go!

Go, Carlos!

I don't want to die here.

How did I allow my life
to get to this point?

What is this fucking place?

We're in a grave.

Wait, calm down.

Look, I promise
I'll get you out of here.

I promise you, trust me.


They are coming, Jorge.

They are coming.

A way out!

Come, come.
Now it's your turn.

Come on, climb it, quickly.


-I've got you.
-Thank you.


I want to get out of here!

Carlos, help me out here!

It's the sun!
The sun hurts them.

But... it's already dusk.

Exactly, we've got to get
out of here, let's go.

Let's go!

Brigitte, are you all right?
Give me your hand.

Who are you?


What are you doing here?

You've seen me in your dreams
ever since you were a boy.

But you forget it
in the morning.

And why are you
in my dreams?

Because you are different.

You have a special gift.

In your dreams,
the sun is always warm.

And I feel so alive here.

How do you do that?

I don't know.

Are you dead?

I don't know.

Why all of this?

What do you want from me?

I want you to jump.


No, I can't. It's too high.

It's your only chance.


Let him go! No!

You should have died
a long time ago.

But I saw your potential.

So I kept you alive.

I made you strong.

And now
that we will finally be free,

you betray me.

You kept me alive?

You call this a life?

Ayra would rather have
died with her people.

But even that Cyprian
took from Ayra.

I am ashamed to
have helped you.

I hate you.


Traitress bitch!

Very well, so be it.

I don't need you anymore.



I'll kill you!

Today you will
see the sun rise.

And it will burn
you to the bones.

No one shall
drink your blood.

-Bury him alive.
-I'll kill you!

No! Ayra! No!

I'm going to kill him!

No, Jorge, no!

You must keep dreaming.

You bastard!

Kill him, Maciel!

You are dead.

Bring it on!

Calm down, it's me.
Come on.

Come on.

No! No! No!

-Get out of here.
-What about you?

Get out of here!

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