O.P.160/18 Kakshi: Amminippilla (2019) - full transcript

O.P.160/18 Kakshi: Amminippilla is an unusual court drama happening in Thalassery. This realistic court drama unveils interesting case from different layers with humor and emotions.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

- Ammini!
- Where is he?

- Come!
- Ammini!

- Come, come, Ammini
- Come this side

- Come here
- Sheela, please hold this

Oh! Finally my boy is here.

My sweet boy,

Keeping all these open, Where
are you going?

You shouldn't be a Glamour Guy

Your idiotic fashion!

- Come Ammini, let's go
- Oh yeah!

Ammini, Ammini, Ammini,

Gosh! Can't you just call
me by my name?

Am I a nursery boy?

- How Mean?
Didn't you see he's pique?

Even if you go to Dubai
or somewhere else

For us, you are still our 'Ammini'

- Come
- Yeah, true

Come my boy.

- Walk, All of you
- Mukesha!

Hey, Buddy!
- You too have come?

my friend

Oh! My Buddy,

You've put on weight. Guess
you're hyper-eating

Even you've become fairer.

You can have your
small talk later.

Hurry up home now.

Even if his DADDY is cast
out from this car,

I'll not let this 'Shivasraka' fall off.
( A mantra to get suitable wife)

That is how Mukeshan
has hooked it up.

If you move a bit,
I could SIT and drive?

For that, your car is too congested
dear Mukesh

- Then, can't you catch a train instead?
- Just a 10 people overfilled your car

How Worthless your car is?

- True, All is my car's fault

Sajith, This is a procession that has
come to receive you.

Isn't it?

You better stop your blabbering
and may drive instead.


- Drive straight to Mangalam
- Why there?

What a funny question?

We've brought him straight
from the Aeroplane.

He can't take leave
more than 2 months

It doesn't matter at all.

I've conducted marriages of
many busy bee NRI's

so effortlessly.

We can move things fast.

- Tea!
- Give it to them, Please have it.

No, No!

He doesn't drink tea.

Do you've milk here?

Why is it just milk?

Get him HORLICKS know?

Our astrologer

has predicted this to
be a perfect match

So, we need not delay.

Straight to marriage.

- Definitely
- Marriage for whom?

For YOU my buddy,
To whom else?

- But, I should see the girl ?
- Why?

We've seen her.
That's enough

- Wanna see the girl it seems!
- You keep quiet. Let them speak

What is your name, you told?



Shajith Kumar A P

Dear Shajith, don't get tensed.

Did you see this?

All these were set up by Mangalam

Mangalam has conducted all
of their marriages.

Many of them have met their spouses,

only at their first night.

It is called 'First Night Me Too'
in English.

- That is true
- What true?

I mean, the exposing..

at First Night!

Your daughter, daughter, daughter!

$ Did you see the Wedding bells
of the loving Koels $

$ And we are here sharing
wit and humour $

$ Did you see the Wedding bells
of the loving Koels $

$ And we are here sharing
wit and humour $

$ Throwing cheeky glances at
this chilling honeymoon $

$ When the Groom glanced over his mate $

$ Inside the bride,
Bloomed a thousand flowers $

$ Later can be your
chuckling and giggling $

$ Later can be your transient melee $

$ This is a day of jolly huddle $

Mukesh? Is she not a

Who are you talking about?

You Silly Billy!
Poor girl she is.

$ In the little dreams,
popping up in the eyes $

$ Bloom a thousand jazzy rainbows $

$ This moment is that sunk in blush $

$ Mind sways in the brim of love $

$ When the couple spread
on to each other $

$ Closed their lustful eyes $

$ Shut the tilting doors,
with a desirous heart $

$ When the Groom glanced over his mate $

$ Inside the bride,
flowered a thousand shining stars $

$ Later can be your
chuckling and giggling $

$ Later can be your transient melee $

$ This is the day of jolly huddle $

$ Did you see the Wedding bells
of the loving Koels $

$ And we are here sharing
wit and humour $

$ Throwing cheeky glances at
this chilling honeymoon $

$ When the Groom glanced over his mate $

$ Inside the bride,
Bloomed a thousand flowers $

$ Later can be your
chuckling and giggling $

$ Later can be your transient melee $

$ This is a day of jolly huddle $

Are all these your ideas?


Of Mukesh

(song from old movie
plays in mobile phone)

Are you a fan of old songs?


I listen everything.

Hindi is my favourite.

Though I can't make out the meaning,
I do listen to them.

Does everyone call you 'Ammini'?

Who told you?

If you don't like it, I'll call
you 'Shajiyetaa'

Isn't it fine?

You can call me 'Kanthi'

Everyone calls me so.

You sleep.

Which side you are ?


On which side of bed do you..?

Here or there?

Any side will do.
You sleep.

What the hell?


I'm in trouble

Why mate? Problems
will be there

Is it not your first night?

You just need to handle
the situation wisely.

Issue is something else.


Let her snore dear.

There is nothing serious as long as
she is not taking Marijuana

Keep the phone,
For God's sake.

Hello?? Hello..??

That stupid spoiled my sleep.

Snoring it seems!


Dear Vanaja,

Hey Vanaja,


Which package do you prefer?

Will go for a cooler place.

What if we go to Munnar?

Chill it is!

- Is it the Honeymoon package itself?
- Yes!

Then, we'll go for Munar

- How much is for the package?
- You get it from 17,000

Number of days is up to you.

So, which one do you prefer?

3 days would be fine?
Or shall we go for 4?

So, Fix it.

Total amount is Rs.21,000

Wanna go for a Honeymoon

Wanna book it here.

Why are you staring at us?

Not for us, But for him

You tell me.

Paris, Kulu Manali, Lakshwadeep,
Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar..

Which package do you prefer?

( A pilgrim centre)


Don't you offer trip to Pazhani?

That is enough.


Shajith, Dear..

I wanna buy something.

Bro, how much?

Bro, What is this for?

To postpone periods,
that's all

Couldn't you buy it there itself?

Just to embarrass me

I was terribly humiliated.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Order your favourite dish and
eat them, all of you

Applicable to you as well

- Bro
- Tell me

Can I get chicken roll here?

This is a vegetarian restaurant.

Then, for me,
a MASALA DOSA will do.

For me also, a masala dosa

Ammini, what do you want?

For me, a Coffee


No way!

- Milk is there?
- Yes madam

Coffee will 'DO'

Hey, get him a Coffee.
Problem Solved right?


Get me an Oothappam
and Vada here

Get me 2 vadas


Don't you want vada?

- How's Masala? Delicious?
- Noop, It's Substandard!

I need a DIVORCE!

Dammit! Did I crack
any Joke now?

I'm damn serious.

Hearty Greetings Sir,

No need to howl out.

Aren't you a Robber?

You're not here winning
elections right?

Any grievance against police?

What a question sir?

Can't have a single complaint.

They are so loving.

As sweet as honey

Aren't they the gems who we
meet almost everyday?

What is the offense?

Theft, Your Honor. I appear
from the side of prosecution

Prosecutor may sit. I'll read
- Yes


I am here for
the accused, Your Honor.

Yes, yes.

The stolen property and the place of..
- Yes, yes. Come to the point.

Come to the point,
dear advocate

Kindly grant the bail.

Have you filed the
bail application?


I am strongly opposing
the bail application, your honor.

Why the hell is it for?

Hey lawyer, TWO thefts
in a shot!

Let him enjoy the jail for
a couple of days.

Isn't there a limit for theft?

Nothing like that dear judge.

The story is mistold

Oh! Is it?


To be frank,


I'm a Socialist

The truth is that,

I had gone to Muthappan's
Temple to steal.

There, the HUNDIAL was
too kinda small

When I hit-broke the hundial, only
PETTY cash was there

Just a few coins

I was truly disappointed.

- Then, didn't you take it?
- eh...eh..I Took it.

But my inner consciousness says that

I being a socialist,

Isn't it shameful to steal
from one god alone?

So, I went to the very next church

Broke the hundial there and
took the cash in it

and put it in the previous
hundial to make them equal.

He is OUR god right?

Isn't it bad to show
Bias to our god?

These are all little things
that I've done.

The bail application for the accused
stands dismissed!

The accused is remanded in
custody for 14 days.

Sir, he's innocent!

Innocent? How stupid?

It is DURING his theft, the police caught
him, that too with the MAINOUR

Then, what is the logic in claiming
that he is Innocent?

That will be seen during the trial!


Next case.

Your Honor, kindly reconsider
the bail.

No, no. Next!

Oh! Poor me.

Lawyer, Lawyer,
hey Lawyer,

Where is the bail lawyer?

You only promised me
bail using your tongue?

Why the hell did you speak
about Socialism there?

Isn't it that created
the Problem?

Don't dare to act stupid

That's right.

Yeah! True that I was

What is the bloody use of it?

Robbers should never ever
be this honest.

Do you get me?

Now, Do one thing.
Spend a 2 weeks in jail

- It will be a CHANGE for you.
- What damn change do you mean?

Then you also come with me. Even
YOU can have a change.

Can you just leave?

I'll somehow get you bail
on the next date.

God knows!

Hey Sura,

I'll come in the evening.

We'll plan it together.

Inform everyone in our group as well

Just a few things after
getting out from here.

After that, I'll be there.

OK dear

Pradeep Bro,

I've sent a client to you

my acquaintant

What is the matter?

All that, you deal yourself.

It was a case that
came to my senior

that I routed it to you.

Then you also join me.
Even you are sitting JOBLESS, Isn't it?

I wanna accompany that FATTY
to the Magistrate Court.

- Which Fatty?
- Who else, my Senior!

- Then OK
- You proceed

Please call me once
you make this deal.

If I'm right, Aren't you
our charming Peelakkul Hamsa?

Yes, I'm

BRO, We're your hard core fans

We just love your music.

Which is your next Album?

Next one.., Aren't you following
my Facebook page?

- Didn't you see our new posters?-
- Oh! New posters are out?

" Isaloor Eenthapazhavum Monjathi
Fathimem" ( Name of the Album)

Give me a feedback
after listening to it.


This will not work out.

Both of you just GET OUT.

Fast! Fast!

Dear lawyer, don't risk us

ALL the lawyers we meet,
are saying the same.

- So what?

- This is concerned with the
marital life of young man

Please give a try atleast.

Please understand brother, getting
divorce is not that easy.

There are certain grounds for it.

Saying that my wife Snores,

she Over Eats, she is Fatty,
you can't go there

The Judge will throw us out.

Get it?
- To get what?

Turn on the switch!

Looking at this...

After marriage, to apply for divorce,
there is a minimum period of one year.

- How long have you been married?
- 8 and a half

- 8 and a half years?
- No, Months

8 and half months?

Ah! Best!

Shove Off you!
I've better things to do in life.

Go, go, go!

Dear lawyer, PLEASE do
something about this

If you want, I can do one thing

I'll give you a number

You better visit there.

A good counselling will
solve your problem

It's not for counselling,
we've come here.

I know better ways than this.

Aren't there plenty of
lawyers under the sky?

Very true! You better
approach them.

I can't take up this case.

God bless you!

You see, we Thalassery natives
are too kinda hospitable

To those who visit our homes,

before asking 'WHO, WHAT',

Did you eat? Did you drink? etc.

would be asked by the Mothers
here at Thalassery.

The Thalassery natives have
their own Stern opinion

about each and everything
under the sky.

To ask them stories and to
have some small talks,

I'm here, travelling with
a few questions

So, today's journey starts here.



So today,

we're at a baker's laboratory,
that is 150 years old.

We can see a scientist here,
Let's go and speak to him

For marriages at Thalasery,

Just before serving Biriyani,
you get a tasty and rich dish

Our one and only, Salsa!

Not 'Salsa',
It is 'Alsa'

We are standing at the center
of Thalassery market.

Let's ask these Thalassery natives,

of what they've so much to
talk about Thalassery

Here, we can see a vibrant
young brother.

wearing an elegant
wrinkle-free shirt.


We're from Thalassery Vision.

This is a show named
'Thalassery Peruma'

Can you tell us something
about Thalassery?

What is there so much to
speak about Thalassery?

Anything simple will do.

Simply saying, there are
a lot of programs about Thalassery

- That is not a problem.
- Yes! it is!

Especially, to a responsible
citizen like me,

when you get a platform like this,

anything I speak should be beneficial
to the place and its natives

That, you can say even later.

Did you see the vegetables
sold in this market?

This is all poison.

This poison is what we
consume everyday.

Do not stop shooting.
You continue.

They are something that we can
grow at our OWN homes.

Where is your house, sister?

- Enough! Enough! Let's go
- Do not go like that

Let your house be anywhere under
the sky, doesn't matter.

Behind it, legumes, lady's finger,

tomato, bitter guard etc.

They can be grown so effortlessly.

It is very easy.

Without getting wasted like this,

can't you just do something
good like this?

- Alright Mr.Clean!
- Hey, are you cross with me?

Get me a half Kg of
Cabbage as well.

Very sorry, I don't have SUCH
vegetables that you want.

All contain POISON

I was just kidding man.

Those I've said for a punch.

But you were Punching on
our Chest indeed.

00:29:50,691 --> 00:29:52,691
I'll give 10 Rupees later.

(people chatting while playing carrom)

Pradeep bro has come.

Pradeep bro, sit!
Let's play a game.

Sorry all, a lot of work is pending

- Kanakan bro is here?
- Yes! Go upstairs.

Hey, Pradeep!
- Yes.

Are you really going?

This humour never lacks

(People continue playing
carrom and chatting)


What surprise is in your hands?
Vegetables ?

Do you have SUCH habits as well?

Without some tricks like this,
I can't withstand at home

Hey! I guessed it

Being Good is not
your cup of tea.

At home, they've started saying
that I'm not responsible

I want to correct it.

Do the veggies contain
'Vitamin Responsibility'?

Shut your mouth man.

See this,


Read it aloud

# While being DEAF to the tracks of time #

What is this?
A poem?

Pradeepa, you only read it.

They are SLOGANS!
He is not capable to lift it up.

Kanakan bro,

I'll do one thing.

I'll just go home
and come back.

Hey, don't leave. Are you
doing a Fair Escape?

- You first finish writing it
- No, no, I'm also coming

This will get over now.

Pradeep, See you later.
- Later.

Pradeepa, just a minute.
Wanna say something.

What is it?


There is a small problem.

This time, In the 8th ward,

Party has confirmed the candidature
of Sajeevan, who lives in Chokli.

He is a reputable person.

How mean is this,
Kanakan bro?

You please try your best

If I don't get a seat atleast now,
I won't be able to stand

That's true.


You're not that famous know?
That is the problem.

So what?
I'm a BA, LLB holder.

Yeah! That's true.

Pradeepa, you leave now.

I'll pressurize them.

Kindly do it bro,

I hope you know
my condition?

Did he invite you for
his marriage?

- Babu! from Chandoth...
- Oh him?

Is the petrol over?

Step down.

Oh, Pradeep bro,

Are you still crazy of this?

Isn't it a fun?

Come bro,

Enough of it.

Is it not over?

Let's go

What is the use of writing
on these walls?

You wait and see,

I'll definitely win a
seat this term.

This is what you told in the
previous election as well.

But, It is sure this time.

(Dram serial plays on TV)

Fantastic! Have You also
started watching it?

It's fun. You watch a
little and see.

My loving bro, Don't you have
any better job to do?

Can't you wash your hands
and start eating?

Why did you embarass her
from the market?

Oh! She served it on your
table as well?

I shined well in
the market today.

Finish eating and come,
I have kept something in retaliation.

Bring me the urn
of the chilli dish.

Only 'URN' is there.
Nothing is left.

How was today's Marital First
meeting with the girl?

Tragic my dear.
Nothing is working out

Prakashan, my boy,

Can't you take a girl out from somewhere
along the line and marry, Like him?

I don't have ANY problem.

I see only that possibility
left for you.

Are you aware of your age?

Oh my god!

Why are you people reminding
me of my age very often?

I'm just 38+
That's not a big age

Don't try to make me a
fool out of it, OK?

It's just that you can
convince youself saying so

All your hair has fallen off

Lemme see it.

No need. I'll do
Hair Fixing.

Prakash bro, Don't do it OK?
It will be so boring.

The STYLE lies in this.

You are our 'Kunjako Boban' right?
( Actor )

Is it?

It's better you people stop
fooling me around. OK?

This year, Prakashan will
definitely get married.

Hope it is not like Him claiming
to get a seat everytime

- That was a cool one Mommy,
- Today, In which side are you?

Get me some pickle,
you stupid.

Good for nothing!

Didn't you put salt in this curry?

That's enough for you.

Shamsu, what are
you saying now?

Haven't I said earlier?

No, no, no!

You should never send
him to me again.

He is a little MAD

What is his name?

Some Girl's name know?


That name itself is problematic.

Shajith, what are you doing?

Who's there?
- No one, no one!

What are you doing?
Don't act foolish.

Just a minute,
lemme finish it off?

Leave me alone.

Don't act like a MAD.
Get into the vehicle.

Get in! Get in!
I say, Get in!

Hey, who's there?

No one, no one

# While being DEAF to the tracks of time #

# When the world laughs
at your foolishness #

# When it calls you BARBARIC #

# We'll shout up with enthusiasm #

' Inquilab Sindabad'

Up with the revolution !
Up with the revolution !

- Where are you going?
- To there.

There is Lathy charge and
Police intervention.

Do you think you can escape
if anything goes wrong?

You better sit here.

There is no problem here, as of now.
If anything goes wrong,

- We'll take action for sure
- See, this Advocate Pradeep Kumar..??

Go man, GO!

- Sorry sir, I was replying
someone else here.

# ......calls you BARBARIC #

# We'll shout out with enthusiasm #

# Inquilab Zindabad #

# We'll shout out with enthusiasm #

# Up with the Revolution #
# Up with the Revolution #

# Inquilab Zindabad! Inquilab Zindabad #
# Inquilab Inquilab Inquilab Zindabad #

# Up with the Revolution #

I came with Ammini,

Don't beat, don't beat, don't beat !
I'm arrested.

I'm arrested

Your ridiculous Dharna.

Oh! All are here ?

Why getting wasted ?

Will see you at club
in the evening

How you'll go?
Do you've vehicle?

- That's ok, You leave
- Then, OK

By the by, what to
do with him?

You catch an auto now,
I'll come

See you

Can't you understand
what I say ?

Why are you after me?


Pradeepa, Let's have a tea.

No, thanks. You have It.
I've work

Stars bulged out of our eyes.

Leave it. Apply a little
therapeutic oil

It will be alright.

- OK Sir,
- lemme go?

For god's sake, go and see
some other advocate

I can't take up this case.
This is a CLOSED chapter.

We've already seen many advocates.
Nothing worked out.

- Why is it so?
- That you better ask him.

But, where is he?

He's there

Your adamancy will
not find fruits.

With your reasons, you're not
going to get divorce also.

How can one tell things which
is not there?

I can't LIE

Get him off from my sight,
will you?

Don't ever bring him to me,
you leave, leave!

You shouldn't open your
bloody mouth. He'll dictate.


You please tell, please

I'll take up the case.


But, I'll write the reasons
for the divorse.

In today's world, a case will not
stand without strong grounds.

Tell me if it is OK?

It is OK,
OK only.

If it is OK,

Come to my office tomorrow
and sign the Petition.

But, Fees will be high

I'll charge Exorbitant Rates

Pay for this as well.

Never heard of such an
advocate in Thalassery

No allegations stipulated
in this will withstand.

I will simply Weed Out This
advocate from the scene


We're not aware of why
Shajith wants a divorce?

Leave it. Even
She doesn't know.

That's the Mystery here.

Some Gobshites are like that.

Be courageous for now. OK?

I BET this R.P. will give back your
husband in Your hands.

Your LOVE is even more powerful
than the LAW prevailing here.

Everything said in it are
FAKE, dear advocate.

I know it better than you.

These advocates spin up stories

We'll pay him back in
the same coin.

Send here a 3 Black Tea

You please wait a bit.

What dirty names did the
petitioner call you?

He didn't call me anything.

'HE CALLED'. You should
say that he has done so.

- Don't get confused.
- Yeah, I get it.


You please go there and
read out the Counter

- Have you learnt?
- Yes, I've.

Ok, then tell me.

What did they call you?

He called me a 'DOG'

In the aforesaid case,

The reply that the respondent
Kanthi Shivadasan gives

1. Excluding those stipulated
in the following,

This respondent defends all other
claims made by the petitioner.

2. The claims made by the Petitioner


3. Post marriage till now,

due to the disinterest of
the Respondent,

Since, the Petitioner Sajith
Kumar Amminipilla

and the Respondent haven't had
any Physical relationship

the marital relation has not
culminated in its full and

the Respondent has been indifferent
to the sexual needs of the Petitioner


$ You are my Princess $

$ You are my Love $

$ You enrich my Fantasies $

$ The Autumn wind winnowing its way
through the mango orchard $

$ Hugs the dusty storm,
Strips down the mangoes of LOVE $

$ Seeking mate,
For a misty girl, of butterfly wings $

$ When the chuckles of wedding night,
Poses a blush on her cheeks $

$ The fate lay up,
A painful parting $

$ But, this silence tears me off,
My mate $

$ Why has this Love splintered,
Into distant pieces of sly lives $

$ Without you I remain, As
a hapless unsung song $

$ I wait for you my love,
Till my breath fades away $

$ To the eternal rest $

$ Till my breath fades away,
To the eternal rest $

$ The colours fade away on the skies,
When the doodling clouds overturn $

$ Squandered before blooming,
The flowers of little dreams $

$ Like an outlying row boat,
In her river of Tears $

$ When she searches,
The greener coast $

$ She burns inside $




Do you've Coin?

One Rupee coin

Give it to me.

Are you a New Face?

I'm asking you whether you are
a new recruit? - Yes sir.

- Where is your native place?
- Here itself.


Eat Well OK?


You've to be a Glamour puss
in this uniform


You may leave.
- Sir.


Did Kiddie go to school ?

What is special for lunch today?


Indian Salmon?


Apply chilli and prepare it.

Partition it and add a
little of Pepper

Keep it in a low flame till
it becomes a paste.

Hey, Hang on!

Before you take it off the flame,

Pour a little of Coconut oil to it.


MC 412/18, Hamsa,


Why is this Hamsa?

Are you not bound to
compensate your First wife?

Then, why did you do a
second marriage?

Are you playing a Joke?

I'm out of cash right now,
that is why

How much?

Yes. Five thousand
per month, Your Honor.

Can't you afford such a petty amount?

You please come down a little.

- Me?
- Not YOU.

Please lessen something
from this 5000.

If I pay her 5000, I'll have to pay
5000 to the second one also.

Am I not a Human Being?

Don't I've to Eat? Drink?

Atleast, I need money to
fill petrol in my vehicle?

Please come down from
5000 to Rs.1500.

1500? What you mean?

Even you've a wife know?

Don't you know the expense it would
come up to, for looking after her?

Please imagine my condition
of having TWO Wives?

Adding Rs.500,

Fix it at Rs.2000

Please do some Adjustment.


Here in this court ?

Hamsa, do one thing,

Move to the rear end of
the room and wait

man are you?

what I'm saying.

OP 160/18

Petitioner Shajith Kumar

Kanthi Sivadhasan

R.P. ?

Good to go?

Got a new vehicle ?

Saw you in a stylish Crysta

How can a person like me
buy Crysta and all?

It is my brother's car

For us, where from the blue
can have so much money?

I'll pretend to believe for now.

Your Honor.

Where are the parties?

Please grant a plead for

Is it not just one year?

Can't you negotiate and
solve your issues?

If this is the case, how many
times we would've divorced?

Will send them for counselling.
After all nothing bothers me?

In the line, 'Ramanan
ka Prem' right?

Pain! Pain!

A little more PAIN should come.

Right from Ramanan.

Dear advocate, why should
I need a Counselling?

Kindly avoid all these
and get me the Divorce

What Nonsense?

This a Procedure at court.

Is it a Pizza to get
it at your order?

This counselling is just
for a NAME SAKE.

They'll try their maximum
to put you down.

Then, what should YOU do?

You should never get
caught by them.

I'll dictate you how
to perform there

What will I speak there?

You dare speak anything
and everything there.

If you want, call them some
bad words as well.

Oh God, Bad words?

I don't know any bad word.

- That Mukesh will teach you.
- Isn't it?

Why not? You just tell me
which TYPE you want.

You should perform with VIGOUR

Like an M.N. Nambiar

Who is that?

So Annoying! Can you
switch it off?

Pradeep bro, How is
the song?

Gosh! How do you people
tolerate him also?

See, you are absolutely free to
talk anything you want

I will not record it.

You feel free here.

You don't have to bother
your advocates.

They just wanna get
Fees from you.

This is just your LIFE.

So, you are the Ultimate
Decision Makers.

Let's go and have a tea?

Let it get over, bro?

It will take Time.

You just wait

I understood why you are tensed.

If they reunite,
you're finished.

The Fees will just remain
as a DREAM.

You Kiddo, It's better you fill
your mouth with tea.

Advocate, I guess we're
into a Hornet's Nest.


I ask you, where is our BOY?


Who are you?

- What you want?
- Don’t you know, you filthy!

Let's have an OPEN talk.

Let all of your emotions overflow.

Whatever it may be?

Why such a delay?

Tell me Ammini,

How dare you call me Ammini?

Was Me kept on your Frigging
Lap when I was named?

You better call your
husband, Ammini.

You Spook-Eyed Vampire!

I neither want your
Bootless counselling

nor a Life with her

Do you know,

On the 4th day after marriage,

She sent me to buy
Stupid tablets.

Eating! Eating! Eating!
This is the only thing she knows.


We'll find a way for all these.

- You please be seated first.
- You don't have to Beef-up things.

The saint, 'Mother Teresa'

I'll have a second marriage.

You get me?
Do You?

Let me...##

You come here.
You! You! You!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Leave him!
This is COURT

Who are you to say that?

I'm his Advocate and
he is my Client.

That's the thing. You're the one
who spoiled him, right?

WE are the ones who
got him married.

We know how he should live.

You don't have to CRIPPLE
in between. OK?

If at all you're coming,
come with her.

Otherwise, don't even dare to come
near the boundary of our house.

Did you hear me?

Did you hear?

You don't have to get
scared for all these.

This is a part of it.

What happened inside?

Did you ROCK?

Hey! Tell me the Matter.

I'll charge you a little high.

These are all Extras.

- Higher than this?
- Why a doubt?

'Fathima 3' is gonna launch.

Is there no end for
THIS Tragedy?

See you in the evening

His Brainless friends!
Haughty Chap!

Nothing of his stupid belongings
should be kept here

Hey, How ruthless are you?

You shouldn't be seen here anymore.

Let him live for himself.

You shut your mouth.

- Where else is there for me to go?
- Anywhere you wish.

Born just to embarrass others.
Get Lost.

You all listen !

After winning a divorce,

marrying a girl of MY choice,

I'll come HERE itself.

Come back here, You HAUGHTY?

- Definitely
- Will see

What's his problem?
- Let him go!

When the world is Globalizing,

in the third world countries,

Autocracy, Illiteracy,

Downfall of Democracy,

accompanied by challenges
like Poverty,


Epidemics etc.

will spur up.

And from its peak...

Hey, what the Heck is this?

I'm speaking infront
of the laymen,

and not in Polit Bureau.

You do one thing,
make it simple

Her crazy Downfall
and Third World!

This is the maximum that I can
do in a short notice.

You yourself write it,
I've better jobs.

Don't cross with me munchkin.

I was just kidding.

What is there so
much to Chuckle?

Are you not saturated enough?

That's OK.



Pradeepa, Go fast! Otherwise,
things would worsen.

- Where is he?
- He's there

What the hell are
you doing here?

Do you wanna hit the skids?

Is this a lodge?

They threw me out of
my house, Advocate.

Then, what the hell
brought you here?

Can't go to Mukesh.

He's living with his family.

This will not work out.

You look for some
other place to stay.

I've taken up only your CASE

And not a package including you.

You leave, Get lost from here.

I don't have any
other friends here.

I don't care all that.
This is my Office.

You just Clear out.
Go! Go! Go!


Till I find some other place, let
me stay here for some days?

That's OK with you.
I know it.

Can't you clean all these,

See the dirt in all these.

Move a bit.

By the way,

How did you get in?

When the key is with me?

Hey Buddy,

Did you break it open?

You are not as innocent as
I thought earlier.

You read it and study.

These are questions that might come
from the opposite side during prosecution.

Nothing to worry.

It's just like an exam only.

- Wazzup? Studied?
- It's over.

You better take a glance
outside and come.

Let her learn it without distraction.

Just repeat whatever
being stated in it. OK?

The rest, I'll manage.

Good Morning!
- Huh? Good Morning!

Pradeep bro, Where were you?

Come dear.

Even didn't get to see you in
the club for 2 days?

Don't we have to
plan the Procession?

Is this the THING
you told us?

Eat! Eat!

Is it Spicy?

Drink water, if you want.


Did your Mom add Chilly to it?



These are the probable questions that
R.P. Advocate can ask you.

Read and Study it.

Here it is. Teach him.

Tomorrow is very important
for your case

Prosecution Stage is what decides
the direction of the case.

- Do you get me?
- Yes

Oh! You both!
Don't make him panic

No, I was just explaining the fact.

You should say only those things
that I've dictated to you.

Even if R.P. advocate bombard
you with questions,

You shouldn't loose the focus.

You should never utter
nonsense there.

Advocate, what if he asks me something
that you've not taught?

It is a Judicious question.
He has wisdom.

Even if he asks anything like that,

you should meticulously look
at Pradeep bro's hands

without getting noticed by the
Judge and the opposition. OK?

If I show like this ONE
time, it means 'Yes'

If I pat like this TWO times,
it is 'No'. Got it?

Shamsu will teach you religiously.

- He is not going tonight.
- But, let Us go Buddy.

Pradeep bro, Please consider
that I'm a Celebrity

Even I know it.

- Hey, get it to me and go.
- It was somewhere here.

- Candles are somewhere in the corner.
- Oh! That our Great Celebrity will find.

Take care of This Kiddo, OK?

Oh dear Ammini, you stop
exploring the plate and

help me in searching candles.

Oh yeah!

(Crowd and Lawyers
chattering in the court)

OP 160/18

Petitioner Sajith Kumar Amminipilla,

Respondent Kanthi Shivadasan.

Is it a CROSS?

Yes, Your Honor!

Do you want Encam?

My client requests Encam,
Your Honor.

If so, tell everyone to go outside.

Move outside, All of you

Go! Go! Go!


You shouldn't stand here.

Move! Move!
Move! Move!

You come and stand here.

Didn't I tell you not to
peep into the room?

Go away from here.

What is your name?

That I know.

Tell me your fullname.

Shivadas is your Father's name right?

Why didn't you add your husband's
name with your name?

Is it a mandate to add husband's
name with wife's ?

Your name itself is
Pradeepan Manjodi, right?

Manjodi is not your Wife's
name know?

Then, why didn't you change it?

You dislike it when you are called
'Kanthi Sajith Kumar'.

This is what I understand.

Is it not true?

Absolutely False!

'She dislikes it when she is
called Kanthi Sajith Kumar'

is not true.


This says that you've been
an irresponsible wife.

Also have not understood the
likes of the petitioner.

- Is it true?
- No.

That is not true

For my client, who had a lot of
fantasies about his marital life,

as a wife,

you could deliver him only
disappointment, I say

Is it true?

- Is it not true?
- No.

Not true!

The sexual life you
people shared,

is a total failure and,

you were avoiding
the petitioner, it says.

Didn't you hear me?

Simply tell that it is true.

Sir, the advocate is
trying to insult her.

Is this a venue to
vomit your Bullshit?

Why do you hit the roof?

Only those written in THIS
is been asked.

Sex Refusal is a strong ground.

Sit R.P.

I am trying to prove my ground,
Your Honor!

What are you trying to prove?

Did you peep into their
bedroom anytime?

Till now, Is it by peeping into
bedrooms you won cases?

- You....
- Sit R.P.

I say that,

You don't love the
petitioner sincerely,

You're deliberately avoiding him,

and you're deliberately denying
his right of sex in marriage

Please don't stand silent

Speak on.

Do you wanna repeat
the question?

Not true.

I LOVE him.

You're not capable of providing
a happy marital life to the petitioner.

Is it true?

The reason why you don't
agree to this divorce,

is just to deliberately harm
the petitioner, Sajith Kumar.

and also due to the
pressure from outside.

Is it not true?

Have you loved anyone?

Sir, what nonsense is he asking?

Like questioning college students?

Have you loved anyone?

I'm asking you that did you
love anyone before marriage?

Yes, I've

Yes? Then, how many people?

This is non sense, sir!
- Wait!

How many people?

Can't count it?

Is it that you don't
remember the number?

I say that you've had
many love affairs,

and you don't feel even a
fraction of love for the petitioner,

And by this marriage, you were destroying
the dreams and life of the petitioner.

Is it not true?


Yes, Your Honor!
Thank you!

You can go.

- Yes!

Why are all they here?

A tug of war is going on

For what?

Between a furious couple.

- Who won?
- No idea.

Not your cup of tea

Fishy BATHROOM scenes!!

This is a COURT bro,

Why did you get married?

I'm asking you WHY did
you get married?

Why you are looking
here and there?

Don't you understand Malayalam?

I'll repeat, ' WHY
did you get Married?

He doesn't know why
he has married?

You give him Some Time to speak.


Was this alliance
with your consent?

Is it not right?

It was my family who
decided first. Later,

You don't have
to narrate a STORY.

Answer TO the
Question! OK?

This marriage had
your consent, right?


This marriage had my Consent.

After marriage,

You've lived together
only for a week

- Is it not true?
- Yes.

It is within This one week,

you understood that you did not
get Sex from your wife. Right?

Look here and Speak.

Reply him.

Is the advocate right about
what he asked.


What kind of responsibilities,

did the respondent fail to do as a wife?
Can you tell?

Can you tell?

- That's it, You CANNOT!
- That how can I?

Reply to my Question.

Yes or No?
- No.


When was this taken?

- On the day of wedding
- Was it marked?

Exhibit Two. Already marked, Your Honor!
- Yes, yes, yes.

I say that, during the initial
days of marriage,

You and the respondent shared
Love and Happiness.

And, some external advices forced
you take THIS decision of Divorce



But, You HAVE Love for
the repondent right?


Infact, your Inside is full of love,

You can never insult a person like
the respondent in the society

Having a MOTHER and
a SISTER at home,

You can't harm an innocent
woman like the respondent

The allegations should be FAKE and...

- Your Honour, he is trying to
emotionally blackmail my client

** I want 'DIVORCE' **


Whatever said here is
NOT the Real TRUTH.

Is This your Advocate's Brain Child?

Tell the truth.

You proceed

What he said are not the reasons.

My problems are different.

I don't want her.

I want Divorce. I don't
know anything more.

See, Your Honor!

These were just FAKE grounds

Advocate Pradeepan Manjodi,

created to pocket fees
and to win the case,

My client is emotionally disturbed.

What the hell are you cooking up?

I'm here not to get
them separated.

Did you ever think so?

Show Some decency
in conducting the case.

Do you think that you can
do any GIMMICKS here?

Infact, I should file a
case against YOU.

You only tried to insult that girl.

Why do you fill your
pocket being so brutal?

Don't ever come to the court
with such STRATAGEMS.

Your experience is not even half
life of mine, dear Pradeepan

I've always been a
BLOODY Player!



I couldn't stand it.

Shut Up you!

I should NEVER see you here.

You are a FOOL,
a real BUFFOON

Can't you die,
you Muttonhead?

Couldn't stand it seems.

Are you happy for
humiliating me?

Why the heck did you
get married also?

You'll NEVER ever get
Divorce in your life

If I speak further, You'll
see your PYRE in me

If you stay here anymore,
I might beat you.

All is over by today.

What the Unhappy Lot made me
take up your case?

You are a Bloody BOLT
inside my neck.

Get Lost!

Yes Kanakan bro,

You tell me the matter.
What is the problem?

- OK, I'll come
- Pradeep bro, tell me the matter

Pradeepan FAILED!

What is FAIR in this?

Am I just for screaming slogans,
stick postures and whipping?

At last, if you were to give
seat to some Alien,

Why the hell did people like
me die for the Party?

Pradeepan, please stop.


My dear Pradeepan,

Elections can't be won
with just your LLB.

Infact, who knows you here?

What Fame do you
have here?

Leave it!

Atleast can you sight a single
CASE that you've won?

That someone knows?

Then what?

You may leave now.

So, you're avoiding me.

Alright! You may give
seat to anyone you like.

But, I'll be here around.

First Priority to Pradeepan
is the PARTY Itself.

Hey, don't get upset.
You come.

To say What?

Pradeepan has no Fame. So,
Pradeepan shouldn't contest

Is it not? Let it
be, No problem.

- You be seated. Sit! Sit!
- Don't loose your temper.

I'm leaving!
I'm leaving!

I'm going to DIE.

I'll be no more by the time
you finish watching this video.

My life is feckingly ruined.

All of them together, spoiled
the life of a young man

I will never have a GOOD wife.

The people who are responsible
for my death are

my family and Advocate Pradeepan Manjodi.

Now a days,
Baldness is a fashion.

But, you're not much Bald.
Are you?

No, I don't have. I
was saying 'In General'

Some bald ones are doing
hair fixing and all.

That is so boring.
Your beauty lies in this.

In truth, how old are you?

By the month of 'Kumbham',
he will be 39.

Why aren't you having tea?
Please have it.

Have it

What are you by profession?

- I'm an Advoc...
- Don't you know him?

He's a Busy going advocate.

He has a plenty of
cases at High Court.

Yes Shamsu,


One moment.

Lemme..Out Please?

Didn't you see it?
He is always busy.

Yeah! tell me, what is it?

Pradeep bro, you should come here
at the earliest. There is a problem

You tell me the matter!


- What is it?
- You come, I'll tell you.

You come.

You watch this.

What is it?

* By the time you finish watching
this video, I'll be no more *

The responsible people
for my death are my family and

Advocate Pradeepan Majodi!

What shall we do
with him, advocate?

Don't beat him.
Move, move, move.

Are you blackmailing me?

Whom do you think you're?

Can't you die instead?

- How do you think you can harm me?
- No advocate, No.

People would see,
People would see.

Let them see This.

Is he trying to threaten me?

This is an extra dose of what
received from court

- Chill Pradeep bro
- Please! No!

It was not fair to beat him up

Gosh! I'll Kiss him instead.

May be his situation
forced him to do so.

Don't we know that he
is a Brainless Bimbo?

Got escaped only since
Mukesh followed him

He is a Wisecrack!

* By the time you finish watching
this video, I'll be no more *

Pradeep bro, Let's have a drink.

- I've an important call to make.
- Hey, Don't scoot bro!

Okay, okay. Important call, huh?



It's not to Belittle you, I did it.

I was not courageous enough to die.

So, at that moment,
I felt like doing so.

That is the thing.

It would've been a Menace
if Mukesh hadn't come.

We all would've hung.
It is Section 306.

Is it getting into your brain?

This is not a Kid stuff.

I wouldn't have died even
if Mukesh didn't come.

Since my school days,

I've always been a Joker.

I don't have the Guts
to even look at a girl

My family taught me so.

Being always held in check,
I became THIS.

Even my marriage.

I definitely wanted a partner.

But, I should be able to
love her, right?

Though a Joker, don't I also
have dreams and likes?

Leave it. Shame if
they come seeing this.

Oh, Your beating him in the
public is not shameful ?

You go off.

Don't take it serious.

Did it hurt you?

Leave it, That's OK.

You carry on.
Go man

Leave it. Go!

He is a poor guy as well.

So, what's the plan?

What Plan?

Let's drink?

I'm asking the plans for HIM.

Let him also join us.

Ammini, hold it.

- I don't want. I don't drink.
- Cummon, hold it man

Let's ENJOY.
Have it buddy.

Drink it.

Didn't you see him drinking?

Likewise, you also have a gulp.

For all of you to know,

I'm going to say something
very serious.

We're going to Retry your case.

We're going to Catch it up.

Going to 'SEPARATE',
make it clear bro


Pradeep bro, THAT old song
of your's, Please sing know?

Is it not for our Ammini? Sing Advocate
Sing! Sing! We'll pat the rhythm

If it is for Ammini, OK!

$ Oh my Charming beauty $

$ Oh my charming beauty, I knit
a nest of Love in my heart $

$ Oh my charming beauty, I knit
a nest of Love in my heart $

$ When you dawned after a long wait,
the nest flew off with the cheeky wind $

$ When you dawned after a long wait,
the nest flew off with the cheeky wind $

$ Will flowers bloom on the stems
scored by thorns $

$ Will flowers bloom on the stems
scored by thorns $

$ Will Love bloom in the heart,
Of an angry she-bird $

$ Will Love bloom in the heart,
Of an angry she-bird $

$ To douse the thorn Off the eyes,
And strip the Love Off the heart $

$ To douse the thorn Off the eyes,
And strip the Love Off the heart $

$ The mindless wait, to turn tragic,
When a mug's game is on $

$ The mindless wait, to turn tragic,
When a mug's game is on $

I'll be outside

$ When She is a puzzle in herself $

$ When She is a puzzle in herself $

$ Digging deep into her,
His life beats to the rhythm of Booze $

$ Digging deep into her,
His life beats to the rhythm of Booze $

It's our friend, Pradeep.

Yes, tell me Pradeepa,

Kanakan bro,

Only Pradeepan Manjodi's face
would smile on the walls here.

I'll never allow an outlander
to play politics HERE.

Otherwise, why are we here?

Pradeepan is gonna play a Game now.

Even I know ways to become famous.

Hey, Shamsu,

In the case of Amminipilla,

there is a Sensational Loop hiding behind,
that any of us didn't notice

We're going to Shake it out.

So, You want Divorce?

Definitely Sir, I can't
live with this Demoness

Even I can't.

Sir, he is a STONE in himself,
A Huge ROCK.

You shouldn't Utter a word either.

My mother had warned me
not to marry you.

but I disobeyed.

For what I'm suffering now.

Do you think Hemamalini
would marry you, OLDSTER?

You stop blabbering.

Sir, his mommy right?

She was a Vampire,
a real life VAMPIRE.

She persistently bullied me a lot.

I'm the Lottery that you've
got, you Dumbo.

Yes! Yes!
A TORN Lottery

You can't find a single person in
Thalassery, who is more handsome than me.

Don't worry. We'll solve it out.

Sir, Nothing is there to SOLVE.

- I can't Live with her.
- Me too.

I want Divorce.

Sir, It's for him to remarry.

Yes Sweets. You are RIGHT for
the first time in your life.

Sir, didn't you hear his plan?

- Wicked Devil.
- Wicked Devil is your Dumb father.

- One Minute, One Minute, ONE MINUTE.
- How dare you call my father, Names?

How long have you been married?


It is '61', sir.

He has Alzheimers.

- Alzheimers is your Daddy's.........
- Behave properly

- I'll not let go if you attack my Daddy.
- Stop It.


61 Years till date?

Many others are striving here to
live ONE year together.

That is when you come
with 61 years' story

You people constitute
The Wonders of the world.

Don't you have Children
and Grand Children?

Now, why do you wanna
get separated?

Can't you live together happily?

Can you get me the Divorce?

Yes, I'll get you Divorce.
Do one thing.

Both of you watch a
film from Chitravani,

eat a Biriyani from Paris hotel

and come here.

Even after that,
if you feel the same,

I'll grant you, Steadfastly

OK? Then you go.

You come home.

- I'll Frenchify you.
- What Bullshit are you capable of doing?

- I'll throw poo at you.
- How funny, we'll see who's gonna win.

- Please go out.

Wait Man, I'm also coming.

Sir, I wanna tell something.

It's your misunderstanding.

Sir, you'll understand once I explain.

It was not a deliberate one.

You'll understand if I explain.

Sir, one...

This will not work out, Pradeep bro.

It WILL, Shamsu.

Sir, remember me? Hamsa?

Oh Hamsa? You alone?

Noop, both of them are with me.

How are things?

Giving 2000 each is
something very difficult

Court can say any crap.

So, I took both of them with me.

This is my first wife Amina, and
she is my second wife Aysha

- Greetings!
- Both of them are big fans of your's

- Have it? Don't want?
- Sit properly.

You watch it. I've
seen it twice before.

- Now, I've come for my wives.
- Let it be.

Tell me if you don't like it.
We'll skip it after interval

Get me 3.

One second, what is it?

You stay here.

Hey, he is coming.
Pretend some respect.

I'm rich enough to address my
kid's needs. Ok?

Why is this sir?
it's just for a pleasure.

I'm NOT taking up THAT case.

You don't have to waste up
your LOVE for that.

- Don't say that, sir?
- I'm not SAYING.

OK Then.

- A little mango juice ?
- You go man.

What the heck again?

Just one thing. I'm not forcing
you to take up That case.

But, please listen to me for a while.

- Kiddo, I'll get you chocolates tomorrow.
- You sit there

This is concerned with the
Life of a poor guy.

He is young.

And this is his life.

What if he does something
out of the box?

- Will he?
- Yes, I'm damn sure about it.

I'm the JUDGE of a Family Court

And not a School Headmaster.

You lift your hands from there.

I've just done what
others also do?

You know it very well also?

Then, why so adamant?

Sir, what you show right now is
the adamancy of a School Teacher.

Advocate, you lift your
hands and leave.

Go! Go!

Alas! What to do with this?

What if we meet him at his house?

Noop. It will not workout

Advocate, what if we move
to high court?


Do you even know where
the High Court is?

Doesn't Advocate Shamsu know it?

You and your Shamsu advocate!

Get lost!

He doesn't know?

There are chances that
the matter gets settled.

Will it be over?

Does it have scope?

Doesn't it need one more Posting?

If it doesn't get solved
by one more Posting,

I'll move on with the case.

- MC 115/18
- Stop! Stop! Stop!

Take 160/18

OP 160/18

Petitioner Sajith Kumar Amminipilla,

Respondent Kanthi Shivadasan.

Next hearing: August 20th!

Thank you, sir!

God, Is it TRUE?

Otherwise also, they can't
Stop taking up your case.

They are court procedures for it

It's just that he
put us on the couch.

Your case has been taken up.

Oh Godspeed!


People around are looking.

How crazy?

When we take up a case,

It is not enough to learn
our clients alone.

We should study the
Defendant Advocate as well.

That is the Success Formula.

R.P. knows it.

He is a Shepherd.

Cross Examination is an Art.

If you pass in it,
you win the Case.

It is after knowing the psychology
of those in the Box,

one should Cross.

Sir, Can you make
it a little simpler?

To make it simple,

During Prosecution,

Advocate should be like
a Theatre Artist.

Increasing your voice,

and by decreasing it,

Also by Staring,




and threatening them.

Life is but a walking shadow,

A play that stands and flex is
always upon the stage

There is to heard no more,
it is a tale told by an idiot!

Two more Large, please.

What is that drink he had?
Bring me that one to me here!

As you know, this is a fabricated
guess, Your Honor!

Wasting the Court's valuable time.

Those who doesn't even know
the grounds for Divorce,

have come wearing
an advocate's coat.

Kindly dismiss this case!

Sit R.P.,
We'll find a way out.

Does he have any lies
left to bring out?

Sit R.P.

Your Honor, may I?
- Yes!

One person,

an oldie indeed,


Everyday, he used to tie his goat

adjacent to a wall nearby for gracing.

What Rubbish is he talking?

Are you narrating a story?

It is something relevant.

One day, the entire wall fell on the goat

and it died.

The owner of the goat went straight
to the court and filed a case.

The Judge called up the Owner
of the wall and said that

You are the Culprit.

It's your wall that killed the goat.

He said that, the fault lies with

the one constructed the wall

The one who constructed
the wall said that

the fault is with the one
mixed the Cement

When the one mixed the
cement was questioned,

He said, It is not his
fault that the goat died

Later, do you know who
was held responsible?

The one who tied the
goat under the wall.

That is,

the petitioner himself
became the culprit.

Court ordered to Hang him.

Come to the point!
- Your Honor!

It's an old story.

But, my client is in
the same situation.

Here, 'Goat' is his 'Marriage'

The 'Goat Owner' is 'Him'.

Please don't give order
to Hang him.

Please come to the point!
- I want to cross examine PW-10 to PW15

While Cross examining new people,
am I not liable to know?

What the heck is this?

Cool down Advocate, Cool down.

You don't know the case.
It has just been filed.

Is it marked?

Yes, Your Honor!

Do you want all these?

They are relevant.

August 30,

This is just his Gimmicks
to earn Publicity.

Please don't sway
according to his tune.


Before me, you advocates
are irrelevant.

Only Petitions matter.

Court is not to create problems

but to solve them.

Did you understand?

Like last time, don't come up
with Stratagems this time

I can listen to Genuine Stuffs only.

- R.P. Sir,
- Ooh !!

Isn't it being a Single
player damn boring?

You Play as well.
We'll see.

Yes, I've my Masterplan
set ready for the Play.

Are you not older than
my experiences?

You give your best to
chase me up.

- Where are you?
- Bro, I'm here.

You just have to give
this cover there.

Remaining, I've discussed.

- You go
- OK, I'll call you.

I'll tell you later.

First time in the Judicial
history of Kerala,

we've an Odd case come up.

The system of arranged marriage
has been contested in the court by

Advocate Pradeepan Manjodi and
his client Shajith Kumar Amminipilla

The preparators of his marriage,

the Matrimony guy, the astrologer,

and own family

has been sent to Family Court, with the
help of Advocate Pradeepan Manjodi

by Shajith Kumar Amminipilla.

This has never happened in
this world before.

What the heck if you
all talk at a time?

- You can't park the car here.
- Then, you move it yourself

From where the hell has he come?

Move! Move! Move!
What is this?

I'm a famous Broker who has
conducted around 400 marriages.

Don't we have to
live peacefully?

- How unfair is this?
- First solve this

This Fight is not just for Ammini

It is for all the youth who suffers
from an Arranged Marital Alliance.

I represent their Voice.



Weren't you the one who checked the
Horoscope Matching of Shajith Kumar?

- Yes
- What was the match scale?

10/10 is the Match.

Then, why has he come
for the Divorce?

Which means you've checked
only the Matching part

and not the differences.


Your name?

Shanmugan! Heard me?
Mangalam Matrimonial!

How many marriages
have you conducted?

- Who?
- You.

What a funny question?

To such a famous broker,

if you ask the number
of marriages conducted

Numberless they are!

How many of them are
divorced now?

See, Marriage happens
at Heaven right?

- Aren't we just Mediators?
- His as well?

Yes, Of course!

How do you get the details of
marriages happening in the Heaven?

Do they call you or
send an email?

Before marriage,

Do you arrange a meeting for
the Bride and the Groom?

What is the need for that?

Because, they are going to
see for another lifetime.

So, why do they need
another venue for that?

So, before marriage,

you do not provide a venue for
the Bride and Groom to meet.

Did your son come to you
anytime saying that

he wants to marry?


Then why did you
get him married?

Because, we know that he
is at his marital age.

How come?

Did he pass any special signal,

informing you that he is
at his marital age?

Dear Mukesh Kumar,

Is you friend Handsome?

- Somewhat
- What about his wife?

Isn't she beautiful?

Is there nothing to complaint?

There is nothing to complaint about.
Yes or No?

She is Beautiful only.

Then, why is he getting a divorce?

Aren't they a perfect match?

Aren't they a real Match?


Now tell me,

Is there anything wrong
with his wife?



If I say that there are no reasons
for them to get separated,

Mukesh Kumar will agree or deny?


Will you agree?

You'll agree or deny?

- Will agree
- Will AGREE.

No, no...

Are you the one who
conducted this marriage?

That is going to get divorced.

Don't you know?

Tell something.

You know about this marriage,
then speak something!

Why you want to peep your
head into these things?

Many such marriages will
happen in our family

All of us have got
married like this only.

You better inquire
about it and come.

In Kerala, the rate
of Divorce is 700 %

It's high time we ponder over

the journey of a state
with 100% literacy.

Are you saying that the problem
lies in 'Arranged Marriage'?

Don't try to shoot in the
dark, dear Advocate

Did I tell that? Never!
I haven't!

If you are not allowing me
to talk what I have,

then find someone else to
bombard your blabbering.

- The remaining, I'll tell in Court.
- What is the use of saying that?

This is a democratic country.

Here, we've the right
to speak anything.

Don't say that.
You don't go like that.

Please don't go

Did you shoot me creating
a fuss over there?

Yes, I shot it.

Post it on Facebook.

Let it get VIRAL.

OOOhhh!!! To get VIRAL.
How Quick-witted?

* If I don't get to say what I want, *

* you find someone else to
bombard your blabbering *

* Remaining, I'll tell in Court *

I support Arranged Marriage.

What Pradeepan advocate
says is just his opinion.

Since you get support from family,
Arranged Marriage is better.

In Love Marriage, people can know
each other well before marriage.

So, in my opinion, that is good.

Love Marriage is a lottery
of 50-50 chance.

100% I support Arranged Marriage.

I support Arranged Marriage.

Lemme tell, Love cum
Arranged is more good.

She did a Love Marriage for which
she is suffering now.

Always, Love Marriage is good.

That will always be a failure.

Love or Arranged, Marriage
itself is suicidal

This is Love, this is Arranged.
I'm happy with both.

Marriage is a very common affair.

Let's find out what is the
reason behind his angst?

Arranged Married is the
only reason for Divorce.

I'll never say that.

But, if you analyze you
can see that,

Arranged Marriage is one of
the important reasons of marriage.

A flower is Blooming

It is with similar simplicity,

the youth gets married.

It looks as if it is to get divorced
that they are marrying.

Where would the world
end up like this?

Through this show,

we are coming, to know your
opinion about the topic

You chill. He is coming.
Let him come.

Come! Come!

Why all these have queued up?
What is the problem?

All of them want Divorce.

All Arranged Marriage teams.

At this age?

Have you loved anyone?


Couldn't you love anytime?

It's fun.

Yours was a Love Marriage right?


When I was in school, a girl
had gifted me a flower.

I gave it directly to my mom.

- Then?
- Then what?

Mom called her and
screwed her up.


How is your Dream girl?

Tell me.

That's a secret.

Cummon, tell me know?

Remember our old Actress,


My dream girl resembles her.

a-ha !

Dear advocate,

Lemme tell you one
dream of mine?

What is it?

I wanna rock life like you do.

with your friends and all

Are you asking me
to spoil you?

A little bit.

I've one more desire.

What is that?

I wanna do 'Something'
with Courage.


Anything with Courage.

You can help me out.

He is coming.
He is coming.

- Wear the helmet.
- Put it for him, Fast.

Go! Go!

Run! Run!

Bend! Bend!

Who is this?

What are you doing?

- Hey, How was it?
- How was it?

I beat him down.

- Now you are Man-like.
- Shall I give one more?

No, no,
You have time.

You have a lot more to do.

Get down. Now go inside and
blabber whatever you like

Advocate, Dad will beat
me for sure.

Let him do that. Isn't
he your father?

What should I tell him?

Should an advocate dictate
that as well?

At least now, get out of that
'Munchkin' impression

Did you hear me?

That's true.

Get me some rice.

Stop! stop!

Why are you here?

Why have you come here?

I've sent one of your
Products inside.

He missed you it seems.

You only spoiled him.

I'll show you my true colour.
Let the case get over

We grew him up with
a lot of coddling.

He was a Faultless boy.
Do you know that?

What use?

Children shouldn't be forced
to grow according to your wish

What is the use of growing him
like a Broiler Chicken?

He is also an individual who
has desires and dreams.

Only if you understand it, even
you can be a part of his life.

Are you still gabbling?

You come, come,
Walk out I say.

You wait and see.

Leave him

Bringing justice?
- Leave him be!

- Eat, eat well
- Enough Mom, enough

I'm full

Why Kiddo?

Silly boy.

It is after how many days
he is eating from here, mom?

Hey Advocate,

Start the bike.

Start the vehicle,

Hey Ammini, don't jump.

- What is that?
- Start the vehicle advocate, Fast!

Fast! Fast!

- You tell me the matter.
- Yes, I will

But, why did you thank him?

Why is the matter?

Isn't it because they
got me married,

I could come for divorce?


Is that not why I could meet you?

Only after falling into your hands,

I started enjoying life?

All is Great

It is Pradeepan.

Yes, Pradeepan

- How are things there?
- All good, just going to start

Remember, you rebuked us
saying many things?

Only YOUR face is seen
on TV now a days.


you come here tomorrow.

We'll discuss about the SEATS.

Are you serious?

You come dear.

We'll talk.

What is the matter?

It was Party Secretary.

- Is it fixed?
- Yeah! - Is it?

Give him your ID Card

Hand me that paper!

Okay, I will inform sir.


Are you getting divorced?

How long have you
been married?


Oh my god!

For leaving a Lovely
girl like you,

he should be beaten up with
pestle till death, SATAN.

Tell him to Get Lost.

You'll get a Lovable
person as husband.

Aren't you pretty enough?

He is not lucky enough
to get your Love.

I am a Chatterbox,
I know

Hope you don't mind.



At least 500 flags should be...

Advocate, Be careful!
We should win! Okay?

Pradeepa, I wanna tell
you something.

- You all carry on.
- OK

We'll go there

Pradeepa, you are famous

not only in Kannur,

but in the whole of Kerala.

It's true that

the youth are crazy about you.

That is good enough,

But, there is a trap in this.

In fact, you are trying to
separate two people right?

In the opposite side,
it is a Girl

On a second thought,
You are a Villain

What do you mean?

All you Do, should
reflect on Vote, Pradeepa


So, you proceed.

Are you not ready?

Ready for the argument?

The petition submitted here,

at a single glance itself,
we'll understand that

this is baseless.

This is not at all accepted by
any court of law!

Didn't you see the reasons?

Snoring it seems.

Fatty it seems.

In any provision,

due to these reasons,

do we have the history
of giving a divorce?

His family tactfully got him
married it seems.

Was he Dumb?


Here and now, whether he has
any problem or not,

god only knows

Infact, this petition has been filed
for harrassing and insulting my party!

Hence, this petition may be
dismissed by any cost!

That's all.

Advocate Pradeepan, proceed!

Your Honor!

Just one single question.

Like giving a colour pencil,

Like giving a toy,

Like giving a dress,

Is it possible to gift someone,

A Wife?

This is Marriage!

The secret of happy marriage is finding
the right person!

I'm not saying that Kanthi

is a bad wife.

If my client is not able to
find happiness in her,

Won't it just turn out to be
an adjustment alone?


Sometimes, they might
adjust also.

They can pass on any number of
years with this adjustment.


Can it be called as a 'Life'?

I'm never against
Arranged Marriage.

To satisfy the family and others,

when you are forcefully
getting married,

Is it not a kind
of acting?

The outcome of a marriage
should be

a perfectly matching couple,

rather than 2 actors.

That's all, Your Honor!

I shall possess for order!
Let me go through the file.

Verdict is on Jan 20th.

What the hell is this? How long
I have been waiting for you here?

Why should I come to select
Invitation letter? Bro, you go.

No, you must come.

Only you know the current style.
You come, get on.

Advocate Pradeepan,


I wanna say something.

I still don't know what is
the problem with Shajietan

I am knowing the reasons
for this divorce

only when you tell

I Love him a lot.

He is my HUSBAND

Aren't you on the
winning side now?

Selling our lives,

didn't you earn Fame?



I can't let me loose the game.

If I loose in this,

In this case, I'll only
win, dear advocate.

Let me go?

Where is she?

She is taking bath.

- Bathing? Here?
- Yes

Oh my god!

What are you trying to prove?

This is my Office.

- So what?
- Don't you know?

You should leave right now.

What if I don't?

What if you don't? Hey!

- Without standing Idle, throw her out
- Me?

Me, then?

You can call police,
I'm not going

I'm staying where
my husband stays.

Divorce is not yet done.

Till the verdict, legally,
I'm his wife itself.

You make a call to her house.

Pick the bloody phone and call
someone at her house.

Tell me.

Your daughter,
what is in her mind?

Please come and take
her with you.

This is my office.

Don't put me in trouble.

What should I do?

Her life belongs to her.

What a Prick is your


If you stand outside for a while,

I could change my dress.

But, Shajietan can stay back.

You come out with me?

What is it bro?

cleaning is going on.

What is this, a mare's nest?
Will you make me ashamed?

Pradeep bro,
there is an idea.

What if we ask our mates to
make a total fuss out there?

Can tell Suran to pest
her to the maximum?

election is coming up.

I'll loose my face if
anything goes wrong.

That will not work out.

Will it be a trap set by R.P.?

Would it be?

May be.

Now, there is only
one way out

You should advice.

She'll obey you for sure.

I'm not courageous
enough, advocate

She will not eat
you up, OK?

You come.

What is this?
A Hotel?

All set?

Mixi, Stove, Urn, Pot

You can live even if you
don't work, Pradeep bro

Mirror is also there?

Pradeep bro,
she is coming.

Tell her.

You should go from here.

Didn't you hear?

You should leave this place.

Advocate, you don't have to
break your neck for this.

I'll NOT go.

I'm as stubborn as a mule.

Do whatever you can.

Get Lost you!

What a dumb are you?

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

$ She steps in,
like a spring of love $

$ Giving a Pat, on the budding
flowers of my heart $

$ To fill in dreams,
In my winking eyes $

$ To swing in my mind,
like a swithering bubble $

$ She gives it a wirl, to turn silence,
Into the song of my heart $

$ To listen to the murmuring,
Of the nearby fluffy dove $

$ To uncover the Love inside,
To unfold the light inside $

$ To uncover the Love inside,
To unfold the light inside $

$ To join hands and to
share endearing words $

$ Rise up my mind, my life $

$ To join hands and to
share endearing words $

$ Rise up my mind, my life $

$ At times I gaze in awe,
At the varying paths $

$ Where some unknown pass by $

$ High up in the skies, the birdies
yearn for a little nest to live $

$ To give away,
those remnants of memories $

$ To relish the sweet little words $

$ To uncover the Love inside,
To unfold the light inside $

$ To uncover the Love inside,
To unfold the light inside $


I'm going.

Tomorrow is the Verdict,

The elephant you drew
has come out well.

I'm also leaving.

You reach the court
by 10 O'clock.

I'll be there.

- You're happy right?
- Yes

Tomorrow, your case
will get over.

Thereafter, I don't want you
to stay here.

You go home.

Your marriage is valid only
for this night more

Tomorrow, you'll get Divorce.

I'm sure about it.

After that, you can
remarry if you want.

or else go back to Dubai.


Before going,

you should settle my fees
without a single penny due.

Did you hear it?


Are the clients not here?

Where are they?

Stay there itself.

35 pages are there,

The Judgement!

Should I read it fully?


No need.
- Okay.

I'm not reading it fully.

I'll read just the Verdict.

This petition is filed under Section
13(1)(a)(b) of the Hindu Marriage Act

for Desolution of marriage.

One: The marriage has not been
solemnized with the will of the petitioner,

Shajith Kumar, alias Amminipilla.


It is understood that, it is
just for appeasing his family,

the petitioner had got married, And

the petitioner, by no chance can lead

a happy family life with the respondent.

The petition is
along declaring that

the marriage between the
petitioner and the respondent

which has solemnized on 02-11-2017,

is dissolved on the ground of
Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Is it not OK?

Are you Happy?

It's Divorced.

The detailed Judgement,

Collect it from office.

Thank you, Sir!

Call the next.

MC 338/18

October 21st

Don't want to change it know?

Next hearing on October 26

Take this.

Let's go!

Next month, This Magistrate
is moving to somewhere else.

Will get you Bail once a
new person comes in. OK?

- Will it work out?
- Why not?

Now, can you believe
what I'm saying?

There is something.

Tell me.

Can we marry once more?


But, you only got
divorced now right?

Yes, But...

So, did you people Reunite?


Marriage right?

I'll arrange.

So, what is your plan?

We wanna go to Pazhani once more.

- Yes!


Then, alright.

All the best!

Thank you.

Wish you a happy married life!

I'm here trusting YOU

I come and go everytime,
but nothing is working out

Am I repeatedly saying that I'll get
you the bail, for the past 3 months?

- You are a Big-Mouth, I know
- Bring him next month

His Dialogues are pretty interesting.

I need to get back soon.
We've Chicken today.


Not everyone has to be separated.

Can't advocates advocate
reunion as well?

If you get such a chance in this case,

you should do it OK?

Not an advice but,

Otherwise, you'll
be both, a lost Advocate

and a defeated human being.

Kanthi, can you stand with me?

Sis, you come, get up.

This is just a Try

Not sure.

A 50-50 chance.

Go ahead!

Pradeep bro, How did
you reunite them?

Wasn't he as tough as old boots?

That is simple.

They lived together only for 7 days.

But, lived for this Case for 1 year.

Morethan the negetives that
he saw within these 7 days,

I could show him, atleast one
positive side of Kanthi

That's all

If people understand each other,

Not 5, not 50,

Can live 500 years together.


Thalassery's own Lovely son,
Manjodi's own youngling,

The Roaring lion in the court,
The eye-ball of Youth,

Nightmare of anti-socials,

The Gem who works really hard
from Dawn to Dusk,

for the betterment of Thalassery,

The one and only
Pradeepan Manjodi, BA. LLB.

Please vote for him dear friends.

When you go to the polling booth,
forgetting all other symbols,

Please Vote for 'Paddy Grain' symbol

Our symbol is 'Paddy Grain'
Clap you Dumbo!

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain