O.G. (2018) - full transcript

A maximum-security prison inmate named Louis, who, 24 years after committing a violent crime as a young man, finds himself on the cusp of release from prison, facing an uncertain future on ...

When you are working on a case

that you think
is a wrongful conviction,

you're only on one side.

And that side
is getting to the truth.

18-year-old Hae Min Lee
disappeared on January 13.

Police found
her half-buried body.

She had been strangled.

The suspect is Adnan Masud Syed.

I've been saying to Adnan,

"We should go to media.
We should go to journalists.

'Cause they can do things
we can't do."

Adnan Syed's story
has captivated millions

since the launch of
the podcast Serial.

It's our
responsibility as investigators

to consider other suspects.

Now, Adnan
Syed heads back to court

as questions about his case
continue to surface.

This is a piece of evidence

that nobody even realized
existed for all these years.

I might've been the last person
to see him.

I'm telling you,
that's what happened.

I wish I never would've talked
to y'all in the first place.

This is perhaps the critical
piece to the state's case.

Now, I know there are
things that don't look good for me.

Full search, guys.

Man, they didn't even kill
the motherfucker.

How's it going, Louis?
Same old.

Hey, CO!

When we getting
out of here, man?

See the playoffs last night?
I did.

Bullshit, man!

The Pacers are gonna win it
next year.

What Pacers?

Right there, Louis.
Come on.

Hey, yo, Rocco.

Did you hear about that
bullshit up at the Synd?

Yeah, I heard about it.

These Syndicate motherfuckers

and the United always beefing.

You don't know shit, Rocco!

These white motherfuckers
is always

getting us like that.

You're a white nigga.

I ain't that kind of white.

You guys want to go back on?

Fuck your mama, Lenny!

Keep talking, Pete.

She gonna be taking
this big old dick!

I'll send Bower down there.

Ooh, I'm scared now!

All good.

All right, Louis,
you're good to go.

Hey, CO, man, come open up
my door.

I'm tired of this shit.

Yeah, we must have done
something wrong... it's long.

Too goddamn long, bro.

I've been reading, you know,
keeping myself cool.

Yeah, that's what's up.
That's what's up.

Hey, you... you know,
got that brown, though?

I ain't got shit, bro.

Man, I ate the first half
of that shit.


Where they smartass now?

Better get them eyes out
and be ready.

♪ Devil doll ♪
♪ Devil doll ♪

Hey, Larry.

Larry, what's up with this
wheel well, man?

It's rusted
straight through, Jerry.

Well, can't you grind it down
and Bondo it?

No fucking way.
It's wasted.

Oh, man, that guy gonna spend
a fortune.

Ray's idea, you see.

He makes 400 grand a year.

That is a fair point

And he pays five bucks a day
for this top-grade work.

Hey, sir.

Uh, do you mind if we switch
away from

that white crooner shit?

That's just about killing me.

That's Roy Orbison.

It sound like his... his pants
is inched up too tight.

You... you got any
Teddy Pendergrass in there?

In what?
In... in my radio?

All you got to do is slide up
the dial to 106.7,

let that play.

I tell you, you finish up
with the Sunfire right here,

and then I'm gonna
think about it.

Yes, sir.
Can I ask you something?

Why's he keep calling me "sir"?

He's trying to kiss
your fucking ass.

I think he is.

What, just 'cause I don't
know who that

Teddy "Pundagas" is?

P... Pender?

I never heard him sing.
I don't know the guy.

You want to hear some?
Yeah, I want to hear some.

You sure?
I'm sure.

Hey, Wilson, hit that.

♪ Don't play your game... ♪

♪ Come on and go with me ♪
♪ Come on, come on ♪

♪ Come on over to my place ♪
♪ Ooh ♪

You don't know that, Piner?

♪ It'd be so nice ♪
♪ Be so nice ♪

♪ Be so good ♪
♪ Come on and go with me ♪

Tone deaf.

♪ Come on over to my place ♪
All right, back to work.

Brother, he needs to make
your Sunfire still.

You got the easy job.

Backing plates, discs,

grinder wrench
for five-inch grinder,

angle grinder.

What about the grinder wrench?

I just gave it to you.

Oh, I didn't hear you, man.

Snatch them bolts out
your ears, dude.

Make sure you speak
up for young UN.

Slide hammer.

I call heaven and earth
to witness against you today

that I have set before you
life and death...

Blessing and curse.

Therefore, choose life that you
and your offspring may live.

Hey, Petey.

You got my three for
the third quarter last night?

Man, Warriors tanked
that shit, Louis.

That's why you owe.

I'll put it on your card.

Yeah, the spread five
for the first quarter tomorrow.

You want it?

Against Curry?

I'll take the spread.
Hmm, all right.

For my offspring...

Hey, Louis.
How's it going, man?

Still got that dog
walking you, huh?

Escort one, offender Beecher...

What can I do for you, Menkins?

Uh, I got
a parole officer coming.

I want to make sure
he's on the visitor's list.

When's he supposed to be coming?

Sometime next week.

Okay, it looks like
I've got here Pinkins.

Yeah, that should be about it.

Finally getting
out of here, huh?

Anything else?

I'm good.
Uh, thank you, Miss Molly.

All right, then.

All right.

Five-one, I've released
offender Menkins back to...

Yo, what's up, man?

What's going on down there?

Fuck my shit up, bro.

Ralph, come open up
my cell, man.

Hang on, I'm coming.
This is bullshit, man.

Hey, knucklehead.

I want to do the first thing
you want, man.

You going to chow, Menkins?

Not for no meatballs.

Your call.
I know it is.

Five-one-one-six, chow line...

Oh, slow.
Baby bro.

Please add credit
to you prepaid telephone card.



Louis, the ball, let's go.
Game on.

You know you got that
old same old dumb-ass shot.

Come on.
Don't be talking about...

If you ain't got the money.

Come on, Louis,
shoot the damn ball.


Damn, why you always hitting
that broke-ass shot?

Same fucking shot
over and over and over again.

It ain't broke.
It ain't broke 'cause it's

the only motherfucking shot
you ever take.

What can I say?

Come on.


This is horse shit, literally.

He's right, man.
Pile of horse shit.

Go ahead, Mo.
Come on, man, throw the ball.

Shoot it once, come one.

Who shoots like that?


Shit ain't no fun, Louis.
Rick Barry-ass shit.

Then don't play.


You worse than me.

Come with that motherfucking
Texas shit.

Y'all sorry as shit.

Hey, motherfucker's getting
out of here in 40 days,

and he act like his shit
don't stink.

Well, I tell you what,
his shit gonna stink

when he get out there
after 30 years.

All right, man, all right.

He's gonna be like, "Hey, man,

where my Betamax at?"

All right, all right, all right.

How come my beeper ain't
working no more?

All right, all right, man.

What up, getting nervous?

Life won't be the same
without three hots and a cot.

He's scared as shit.

Hey, you ain't hear me, huh?

What's up, man?
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo...

I was just playing, man.

We cool.
Better be.

We cool.
Come on, come on, easy.

We cool.
I know we cool.

All right, then.
All right.

Don't forget
my $2 tomorrow either.

Hey, time's up, yo.

All right, all right,
you got that.



United says you got to pay rent.

Who the fuck are you?

I said United need rent,
ten a week.

Terry sent you?

Hey, I'm not your man,
young blood.

Ten a week starting today.

Hey, look, see...

I'm not the one, motherfucker.

How you feel now?


What's up?
Relax, motherfucker.

I ain't your man, motherfucker.

Get off me.


Beecher, turn around, cuff up.

Fuck, man.

Turn around, cuff up now.

I was just defending myself,
man... he came after me.

Beecher, I don't know where
you're from,

but this fucking place
got cameras.

He was talking shit, man.

Then next time,
turn the other cheek.

That ain't how it works.

Well, I guess you're fucked
now, aren't you?

Get your fucking hands
off me, man.

You don't be pulling on me
and shit like that,

bending my motherfucking
hand up.

Punk motherfucker.
You're gonna fucking go.

Oh, okay.

What you gonna do about it?
Go get your brothers, huh?

Row five.

Get dressed.

Investigator Danvers
wants to see ya.

I thought we were too old
for this shit.

Yeah, you and me both.

Now I got to call you in over
this latest round of bullshit

that we both know is beneath
our pay grade.

Uh, you and me got different
pay grades.

What's going down with you
and the Uniteds?

No idea.
You're lying.

Come on, Officer Meadows
got you on camera

fighting with that young guy
probably from the Uniteds.

Officer Meadows?


Yeah, yeah, what's going on
with you all?

Like I told you, Mike,
I got no idea.

Ah, you're bullshitting me.

Hey, um, the kid came up
to me looking for money.



Y'all had us on lockdown
for three fucking months.

Ain't nobody got no cash.
Why you think?

Did you know the kid?

Which kid?

Stop playing games,
the Beech kid.


Dante Beecher, that's the kid
you fought.

Beech? What the fuck kind
of name is Beech?

I don't know.
Beecher, it's his fucking name.

What do I...

Is this the first time
that you had contact with him?

With who?

Hey, look, I've never seen
the kid before.

I got no reason to mess
with him, and what,

you think I want to spend
my last five weeks in the SHU?

Did he have any affiliations
coming in?

Who, Dante Beecher?

The fuck would I know?

I'm just saying,
Terry must want him awful bad

if he's willing to send him
after you.

Yeah, Terry's a fucking dumb-ass

sending anybody after me.

Uh, he's probably desperate...

because of what happened
up at Indiana State.

What happened?

The Uniteds put a hit on Warren.

Guy died.

Head of the Syndicate?

Yeah, and you know things
could get real bad real fast...

Which is why I need you
to tell me what you hear.

Fuck out of here.

Come on, Louis.

Fake-ass sugar.

Never been a snitch,
not about to start.

I've never hesitated to throw
you in the hole,

and I'm not about to now.

I got a bad heart.

I got fucking prostate cancer,

but I still show up at this
shit hole each and every day.

At least you got a choice.

They don't pay me enough
for choice.

Yeah, well, maybe they should
give you a raise

every time you throw somebody
in the hole.

You know, you must have
thrown me in there

at least 15 times.

You deserved every single
one of 'em.

Nah, I deserved maybe four.

You were running
the entire prison.

Nah, I was helping out Moses,

but I was never really running
the whole show.

That's a bold-faced lie.

After Moses passed,
it was all you,

and we both know that.

Ah, you embellishing.

What are you talking... we knew
that you were bringing in

eight to ten ounces of powder
every month, every month.

Fuck out of here.

What are you talking about...
"Get the fuck out of here"?

I was the one who caught
that chick Sleepy,

and she told me the whole thing.

She was stuffing it so far
up there, you couldn't find it

with waterproof night-vision

Talk about putting people
in the hole.

Holy shit, man.

She a pretty girl, though.
Yeah, yeah.

Hey, I used to get with her
in the infirmary broom closet.

Yeah, I-I'm gonna pretend
that I didn't just hear that.

Hear what?
I didn't say shit.

Point is, if Terry's up
against the wall,

then he's gonna kick back.

There's no doubt about that.

And I need to know
what's coming, and...

you're probably gonna have
that information before me.

Listen, everyone knows

you didn't want Terry
to take over from you.

So maybe you'll help me out.

I'm not saying you want
the Syndicate to win.

I'm just saying that...

you might enjoy
seeing Terry stumble.

If I did...

it wouldn't be that way.

All right, then.
That's it? We're through?

For now.

Leave 'em.

I ain't did shit.

This shit crazy, man.

Hey, young blood.

Run up on me again,
I'm gonna stretch you.

Hey, big dog, let me talk
to you for a minute.

What's up?
What's the problem, Louis?

Terry sent this fresh fish
after me

talking about paying rent.

Not all at all, man.

That was Spider.
That wasn't Terry.

Bullshit, Macon,
it's disrespectful.

Look, we got a situation
on our hands.

I don't give a fuck.
You don't send nobody after me.

I don't care what you
give a fuck about, Louis.

Your ass is going home
in a few weeks anyway.

So we doing what we need to do.

Now, you know Terry
respects you.

Then why he sending people
after me?

'Cause we gearing the fuck up.

And even if he did call it...

You heard what happened
in the city.

That don't affect me, Macon.

Everything affects everything.

Now, your ass either with us
or against us.

And if this about you still...

Now, if this about you still
being mad

about not getting a piece
of the tray, now, you know...

It ain't about that, Macon.

So then back the fuck up,

and let's do what the fuck
we need to do, then.

You ain't running shit no more.

Hey, let me tell you
something... you ain't either.


Anything else you need to say?

Don't be sending
motherfuckers after me.

Yeah, what the fuck else?

Better give a brother
some space, motherfucker.

Yeah, there's a lot of space
out here.

Yeah, you know I know
your people.

Yeah, I know. What the fuck
that got to do with me, though?

Louis, I was thinking about

that Teddy "Powdergrass"
song you were singing.

Pendergrass, man.

Exactly. I was thinking
how easy it must be

for old-school black dudes
to get laid.

All you got to do is put on
the "Powdergrass,"

roll up some smoking grass,
run a hot bath,

and boom, instant horniness for
whatever chick is listening.

Well, it does help grease
the wheels, Larry.

Hold it for minute,
will you please?

Hold on.

Hey, Ted.
Jerry, what's happening?

Well, Nellis said he lent you

a-a brake spring stretcher
he signed out.

He did, and I gave it
back to him.

Well, he says you still have it.

I don't got it.

I put it right over there.

It's not there, man.
That's bullshit.

I put it on that damn stool
next to him.

All right, all right,
can you hold the work

for a minute, please?

Dansey, will you please
turn the radio off?

All right, now, I'm looking
for a brake spring stretcher,

and I don't want anyone moving
till we find it.

So, Ted...

Where'd it go?
What happened to it?

Well, maybe that damn thing
just fell.

So get on the floor
and start looking,

'cause not one single person
leaving this place

until we find it.

That's just... that's just
the way it is.

I'm gonna find that damn
brake spring stretcher.

I know it's around here

All right.

A lot of dangerous stuff
down here on the floor,

so he got to find it,

otherwise gonna be trouble
for everybody.

This dumb motherfucker fell,
nowhere there.

This motherfucker over there.
There it go.

Here's the damn thing, Jerry.

All right, then.

Now, everyone,
if you borrow a tool,

you must replace it directly
in a person's hand,

or we could have a problem.

Can I go back to my station now?

Yes, you can.

Okay, everything's fine now.
Let's get back to work.

Hey, Dansey, would you please
put the radio

back to my station?

♪ My, my whale
in the sky ♪

♪ Just got up
and don't know why ♪

♪ If I start,
I know I will ♪

♪ Come back all the time
to kill ♪

♪ I see others floating back ♪

♪ Cashing in on my own high ♪

♪ Stealing as they
don't know why ♪

♪ I see people floating back ♪

♪ Cashing in on my own high ♪

♪ Stealing as they
don't know why ♪

I thought about the other day.

I didn't know who you were.


I meant you no disrespect.

I'm Beech.


All right, then.

Hey, Louis,
let me holler at you.

Hey, Louis, that fine-ass
woman calling you.

What happened at auto body
this morning?

Oh, you know I can't
tell you that, Samantha.

You got a mouth.


I heard Mr. Piner fired
that new guy, Ted.

No, he got mad at him,
but then they found the tool.

Yeah, but I heard they fired
him anyway.

That's news to me.

Well, it won't be no news

when this place goes back
on lockdown.

Hey, Louis.
Ms. Ludlow.

I spoke to your sister.

She said she's got a room
all fixed up for you.


I'm sure she'll have
your favorite meal

all ready for you,
your first day out.

She don't know my favorite meal.

Well, then you should tell her.

Eh, sister burn water.

I'm going to the Golden Corral.

I hear they got
a banana pudding over there...

Out of this world.

Come on in and have a seat.

So the Golden Corral
is not gonna pay you

to eat their banana pudding.

No, ma'am, you're right.

Have you been thinking
about a job strategy?

Since you've been working
in auto body,

why not think about that?

Start making a list of shops
you might apply to.

They can help you type up

your résumé in the library.


Now, you remember

I signed you up for that
restorative justice program?


It's part of your parole

It can really make a difference
in people's lives, Louis,

including yours.

But it's not really
at the top of my list.

I wish we could do more.

Yeah, I know,
I know you're trying.

Yeah, but maybe you can take
some more classes

once you get out.


It's normal to feel nervous
after 24 years.

Um, I really don't want to
talk about this anymore.

Fair enough.

Okay, then, Louis, I will see
you in a couple of weeks.

Yeah, right, Ms. Ludlow.

All right.
I'm gonna see you then.


Yo, what's happening?

Come on, boy.

You need more follow-through.

Only missed by, like, an inch.

That's a inch too much.

Follow-through, see that?

Key to a perfect shot.

See what I'm talking about?
You feel that?

Same way I shot it
the first time.

Nah, you had more extension
that time...


Do it... do it again.


There you go.

Hey, yo, Beech!

We need one!

Hey, man, I'll holler
at you later, man.

Hey, let me breathe on you
for a second.

You know, normally I ain't one
to preach.

And I mind
my own fucking business.

But running with them...
No future in it,

especially with what's
going on right now.

When it pop off,
you be the first to get it.

You just saying that shit
'cause you don't like 'em.

Who said I don't like them?

It's obvious, man.

You used to be the mayor, right?

Hey, let's go, motherfucker.
Fuck that.


dignity, self-respect, grace...

At the end of the day,
that's what you want

to try to hold on to in here.

Might not mean much to you now,
but it's something to remember.

Let's ball, man.


Louis Menkins, right?

Okay. Louis, we're just
gonna go over here

and have a-a private room,
and we'll have a chat.

Does that work?

Great, great. Um, sorry,
did I introduce myself?


You can all me John Pinkins,
or Johnny's fine.

I'll be your parole officer
for your release,

you know, during your parole,

for any supervision,

After you.
All right.


So I read your case file before,

but I was just... yeah,
just brushing up on it.

And... okay, uh,
I'm gonna have a mint.

Am I allowed to give you a mint?

Do you want a mint?
I'm all right.

Okay, so what I can tell
from your... your file is...

Yeah, I'll have a mint.


so it looks like
your release date is...

July 18th,

uh, at which point
will have been incarcerated

for exactly 24 years
and 3 months

of a 60-year sentence,

which was cut to 30
and has been reduced to 24...


Dash three due to
good behavior/time cuts.

Time cuts.
Is that correct?


Do you have any, uh, questions
about that?

On that? Nope.

Okay, um...

I see that your parole
is pretty standard.

"Required to remain in Indiana
for a two-year duration."


"Upon your release, you'll be
given a check for $100."

Uh, plus my pay, right?

It should be, uh,
754 on the 18th.


After the prison take its cut.

Victim fund and whatnot.


Okay, uh, sorry,
I wasn't aware of that,

but I will look into it.

So we're all good.

They, uh... they have
any job-placement programs

for people just getting out?

Oh, you mean like
a halfway house?

No, I mean like job placement,

you know, skills training,

Uh, is it something

you've spoken
to your social worker about?

Uh, she just deals with stuff
on the inside.

Um, I mean, there's nothing
formal that we're set up to do,

but I can certainly advise you
of job opportunities that...

As they come up.

Um, Louis, do you have
a college degree?

How about a GED?


So you're comfortable
with reading and writing

and all that?

I'm fine.

Okay, great.

Okay, cool.

Oh, and there's our time.

Um, so I'm gonna look
into the skills thing, okay?

And I'm gonna totally do that.

Um, I really look forward
to this.


Yeah, cool.

Okay, cool.


Big Black, what's good?
It's lit, it's lit.

Hey, what's up, Louis?
Yo, yo, yo.

Yeah, my fault I'm late.

Where were you?

I had to run by admin,
check in with my PO.


Excited about getting out?

You know, wouldn't you be?

Probably a whole mix
of emotions, you know?

Like I said, it ain't always
easy on the outside either.

Oh, you're talking
about your wife.

No, granted, she ain't
the first person

to ever come down
with lung cancer, but...

Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that.

Yeah, thank you, Louis.

Yeah, so, uh, what happened
yesterday with Ted, though?

Oh, it turns out
he was trying to steal

that spring stretcher.

How you figure?

Because Jonesy
told me he saw him

put it in the welder on purpose.

Jonesy told you that?

Yeah, but I don't want to get
Jonesy in trouble.

That's between you and me,
all right?

I mean, we got to keep
this group tight,

otherwise they're gonna
eliminate the whole program.

Yeah, I hear you.

Who are you gonna
replace him with?

Well, you got any

Well, there's this new kid
named Beecher...

No, I don't... I don't hire
new kids, you know that.

I just thought
he might be a nice fit.

I'm fixing to retire.

Might be nice to get
some young blood in here.

All right, well...

Well, we'll think about it,
all right?

In the meantime, let's get you
set up for work.

All right.

Hey, Charles, you good.
Go ahead and drive, man.

Hold on, hold on.


I'm going to your city one day.

I like New York.

I hear you.

It might be a couple years...
a couple years or so, you know.

All right, there you go,
pull up.

Hey, Charlie.

Hey, I appreciate it, man.

Hey, everyone need help
every now and then, Louis.

All right.

Just put it right there.

Meet Beecher.
How you doing?

All right.

Hey, Beech, check it.

Come on.

You know anything about cars?
Yeah, actually, I do.

My pops used to fix them up
for fun back in the day.

Which day?

I just meant when I was younger.

Dickies or onesie?

Fuck a onesie.

No doubt.

Pops still around?

Nah, he cut out on us.

He teach you anything?

He didn't teach me shit.

Taught his brother,
so I learned from him.

Boom. Hold this.

You gonna give me this?

It's possible.


Maybe just trying to help
the next man get along.

Grab you a rag, too.

Why is that so important?

I don't really know.


Either that or fuck with Terry.

Just don't fuck it up.

A lot of motherfuckers
would kill for this.

Better than sitting
in your cell all day

rotting your brain
and watching TV.

Here, put a little fat
on your head,

make you a little cheese while
you're doing it... dollar a day.

Hey, Louis, you want to get
back to work on this Sunfire?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

So... you know I knew
about cars, huh?

Sixth sense.


Let's go.
Yeah, let's go, Beech.

Hit the fucking shot, boy.
Let's go.

Uh-oh, he got it.

Ooh, what the fuck
I'm talking about, boy.

Man, that boy got skills.


New kid who just won that game.


Beech, Beecher.
Fuck, I don't know.

Is that the kid you got
in auto body?

Which one?

The fucking kid
we're talking about.

Right there, the fucking
Beech kid.


Why'd you get him
into auto body?

You got that kid into auto body?

I mentioned him to Piner.
You didn't mention me?

I didn't know you wanted in.

Man, I've been trying to get
into auto body

for three fucking years, man.

I didn't know that.

You knew Beans wanted in
auto body.

I didn't know.

Why you got to say it like that?


Like what?

Like you're a motherfucking
black man.

I was just saying shit.

Nah, man, you said "shiiit."

That's the way I talk, yo.
Oh, Jesus.

Nah, now you're saying "yo."

I can't say yo?
Nah, man, not like "yo."

I didn't say it like that.


Motherfucker been in prison
ten fucking years,

and now he want to act

like he's
from the motherfucking hood.

I am from the hood.
I'm from South Bend, fool.

Bitch, you from Granger.
No, I'm not.

Well, Edwardsburg or some shit.

It's just outside of South Bend.

It's motherfucking farmland
and shit out there.

Not all of it.

You got fucking cows
and pigs and shit.

I used to go to South Bend
to buy my drugs, man.

And that's where they capped
your motherfucking ass.


Motherfucker going
into the hood talking about,

"Yo, you got some motherfucking
marijuana and 'shiiit'?"

Nigga, please.


White niggas kill me
with that shit.

Hey, that's how y'all talk
about me?

Get the kid a stick, man.

Bring your ass over here.

Get your fucking hands off me.

Boy, if you don't put
the shit right back

where you found it...

What's wrong with you?
Who did that?

Some white motherfucker.

Well, then use these instead
of lifting shit out of here.

That's on me, who put his word
on the line

to get you in here.

You better have that shit back
by the end of the day.

Or else what?
Don't fuck with me, Beech.


Don't fucking
"whatever" me either.

Get the fuck out of here
with that shit.

How's your little protégée
working out?

I ain't got nothing to do
with him.

Oh, come on, Piner says
he's your guy.

You know, Larry...

half the time you be all up
in people business

and don't know shit.

What's up with you?

Wrong side of the bed
this morning?

Listen, I was
with this woman once.

Actually, it was three women.

Great night, fantastic.

Got up the next morning,
wrong side of the bed.

Later in the day,
I caught my first case.

All that bank stuff went down.

That's why I'm here
all these years with you.

You must have thought

all that pussy
was gonna pay for itself.

Seemed worth it at the time.

That's pretty good.

I got it.

Still mad at me?

I put that fucking thing back.

I see you eating
that bullshit-ass goulash.

Half the time I eat in my cell.

I thought you didn't have
no more side hustles.

Frosted Flakes
costs $3.20 a box.

I got my pay.

Plus, you know, I wager
on the side.

What you reading?

"War Against the Weak."

America's attempt to create
a master race

by breeding out
the so-called weak.

Why you reading that?

Trying to understand
the history of why things are

the way they are around here.

In this place?

A lot of forces at play that
helped get us to where we got.

Maybe if I knew then
what I know now,

made some smarter choices,

done things differently,
feel me?

Look, man...

me and Terry are both
from South Bend, East Side.

He like family.

What'd he get you for Christmas
last year?

So, what, I should just go
tell him to fuck hisself?

Outlast him.
Is that what you did?

Ain't it true you used
to run shit around here?

I head you was mad OG.

I wouldn't say that.

They said you had runners
inside and outside the wall,

get your hands on anything
you want.

I did my business.
Just don't get nowhere.

It do if it gets you
what you want.

What it got me was in the hole,

which ain't good for your head.

If I was you, I'd do my bid,
get the fuck out.

How long you got?
50, do 25.

Shit, you'd be younger than me.

Put something on your mind...

Stay clear of these

'cause they will take your life
if you give it to them.

Seem like I got to be here
for a while,

so I might as well just
get comfortable.

What are you looking at?

You know, I had one friend
the whole time I've been down.

One true friend.

Name was Russell,
but they called him "Moses."

Moses did run this whole joint.

Had to see who was working
for him, inmates.

You know the deal,
recruited his bitches,

had them motherfuckers
bring in shit

straight through the front door,

warden looking the other way.

But after... after a while...

It started getting
too hot for him.

Got thrown in the hole.

Caught a couple cases
up in here,

got 20 years added
to his sentence.

He was already in for 70,
so at a certain point,

he... he just couldn't take
that pressure no more,

couldn't part the waters.

One night, he went back
to his cell,

grabbed a razor,
slit both his wrists,

then cut his throat
ear to motherfucking ear.

And that was the end of Moses.

I wouldn't do that.
You say that now.

Trust me.

You know...

Play too hard, it take its toll.

I know that's when
I stepped back.

OG, shit about to pop off.

See how it play out.

I got to go ride with them, bro.

Let the bees be still, son.

Hell, no!
Major fight...

Damn fucking Syndicates, man!

Come on!
Knock his ass out!

I'm not a fucking snitch!

Fucking pigs!
All right, turn around.

Turn around.


Stop resisting!
Stop resisting!

Young man, stop resisting.

Fuck this...

Fuck that!

Get your fucking... get
your fucking hands off me.

Hey, Marcus,
it's... it's your pops.


Yeah, so...

you remember I'm getting
out of here next month?


So I'm... I'm over here
trying to keep to myself,

but, you know, I can't leave

the state of Indiana, you know,

'cause of my parole conditions.

And then on top of that,

I really haven't put that much
away since I've been down,

so I don't even know

how I'll even get all the way
out there to California.


But that's... now, I'm not
asking you.

Marcus, hold on.
Hold on.

Hold on.
Hold on one minute.

Yeah, yeah, here's Sonia.
Hey, hey, Marcus.

Marcus, don't...
Don't put her on yet.


Hey, there, baby girl.

H-how you doing, Sonia?

Uh, that's great.
I'm good, I'm good.


Yeah, of course I'm still
working on it.

I got... I got it almost all
sketched out.

I think... I think
you're gonna like it a lot.

I can't wait to see it.

I can't wait
for you to see it, too.

I need to go.

Oh, okay, then.

I love you.

Here's the starting lineup

and the changes.

Andrew Bogut's out
with an injury.

Andre Iguodala will come off
the bench...

Hey, Menkins, they're asking
to see you again.

For what?
Row five.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Don't ask 'cause I'm not
a mind reader.

Maybe it's about you
getting out.


Hands up.

Spread your fingers, show me
the backs of your hands.

Reach your hand across
your face,

pull your ear back.

Turn toward me.

Run your fingers through
your beard.

And open your mouth for me.

Take your fingers,
pull your cheeks apart.

Raise your upper lip,
bottom lip,

stick your tongue out.

Turn for me.

Keep turning.


Bend at the waist,
spread your buttocks.

And get dressed.

Have a good day.

Thanks for sitting
with us, Louis.

As you know...

Does he know?

Investigator Baxter handles
STGs in Pendleton.

Security threat groups...

I know what they are.

Great, so then you know
it's serious business.

Yeah, I do.

So then you probably
also know we've had a situation

that's arisen due to an attack
on the leader

of the Syndicate Crew up
at Indiana State Penitentiary.

I heard some rumors.

Well, clearly, they're more
than rumors at this point.

Now, I understand that you
spoke to Investigator Danvers

and that you decided that you
did not want to share

whatever knowledge
you might have,

but given subsequent

I'd like to give you
a second chance.

So, you, uh, march me in here

for the entire population

to see me coming in here again
to talk you.

They have no reason to suspect

what you're being asked.

You monitor gangs
for the fucking prison.

Oh, sorry, STGs.

What do you want me
to do, Louis?

Communicate with you via text?

I don't have a phone.

Sure about that?

The point is, I know
your standing in the prison.

So I'd like you to take
this opportunity

to tell me anything you know

about what Terry Macklin is
planning against the Syndicate.

I don't know nothing.
I don't believe you.

That's your problem.

Don't fuck with me, Louis.

I can make life really hard
for you in here.

Fuck you, worm.
Don't fucking threaten me.

All right, Louis, calm down.
I'll fucking threaten you.

I'll do whatever
I need to fucking do

to maintain the safety
of the offender population.

I bet you will.
I know you know things!

Even if I did,
I wouldn't tell you.

Same like I told Danvers here,

who at least had the decency
to ask instead of demand.

Don't you ever call me in here
and walk me across the yard

like a bitch-ass snitch.

Have some respect before
I smack the fucking cum taste

out your mouth.

Fuck you.


I'm sorry.
Come on. Louis.

Hey, hey, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have let him
talk to you like that.

Motherfucking worm.

Come on, come on.
He's just doing his job.

We also shouldn't have
brought you over like that,

but you got to be careful.

Of what?

Well, for one thing,
that Beecher kid...

We know he's gonna get patched.

It's in your best interest
to stay away from him.

The kid just need
a friend, Mike.

Yeah, well, don't forget
the oldest prison rule...

Anyone who wants to be
your friend,

watch the fuck out for them.

You motherfuckers,
stay out of my shit.

Second crew, J cell, 7-13!

Get your punk ass down now.

Hit that son of a bitch.

Stop resisting.
Stop resisting.

Stop resisting, stop resisting.

Man, fuck all y'all.

Get off me.
Get up.

Keeping free of this mess?

You know how it is.

East Side roll with U.I.,

especially when shit
about to go down.

Always some dog shit
to step over.

I already told you...
We're both East Side.

Joint about to pop off
black and white.

You know I got to rep mine.

Just like that, right?

The Syndicate dude probably
owed money so they hit him,

or, fuck, you don't know...

Maybe it's some lover bullshit
or something.

But now all of a sudden, it's
a black-and-white thing, huh?

I don't give a fuck
what it's about.

It don't even matter.

You think Terry is willing
to die for you

'cause you from the East Side?

The prison let this gang
shit survive

'cause the prison want it.

It's all a game.

In 1992, I was at a pay phone,

and a man, this man,
came up to me.

He was planning on stealing
my car,

and he put a gun...

point blank in my face
and fired.

I spent eight years in prison.

When I got out,
there was a court hearing,

and Janice and her family
were there.

And at a certain point, I asked
the judge if I could speak.

When I did, Janice's family
started shouting me down

before I could get going.

Ten years after that,
I looked Sean up.

And when I found him,
I asked him,

"What were you trying to say
to me that day?"

And he said,
"I wanted to apologize"...

Which began a conversation.

And here we are now, wanting
to continue that conversation

with people like you.

The victim participant
in your case

is Karen James,
sister of the deceased.

She's obviously been living
with and processing this crime

for many years,
but she signed up.

And I can tell you
firsthand, Louis,

to look your victim
or, in this case, a relative,

in the eye and own
what you did...

not easy.

But I promise you,
it'll be worth it.

The three values
of restorative justice

are encounter, amends,
and reintegration.

I shot a man,
and I robbed his house

while his dying body
was in the trunk of my car.

How do I make amends for that?

We're not out to fix.

You can't repair the harm
you've done.

But to sit with her...

to tell her how you feel

can help repair
the harm done to her.

And to you, Louis.

To own what you did is to heal.

Someone wants to talk to you.

I ain't gonna
say it again, brother.


Afternoon, Louis.


I imagine you've been
expecting this.

Fuck you. This what?

Fuck me. This what?

That's how you feel when you
say fuck me like that, huh?

So what do I have to do?

I have an iron hand...
without the velvet glove.

What'd you call me
down here for, dude?

We need Beecher with us.

So I'm gonna ask you to stop
putting shit on his mind.

I got a organization to run.

Things are tight,
I need to value he has.

He got good hands, he's smart,
he's an asset.

Now, Macon offered
to cut you in.

I don't want no part of that.

That's your decision.


But I can't have you talking
with Danvers or Baxter

or any other
motherfucking officer

or administrative official here.

You feel me?

We through?

I got a price on my head, Louis.

Last thing I need is you

Now, are we good?

And now, are you through?

You know what time it is.

Get out the way, man.

Louis, can I holler at you
a little bit?

Yo, you got that 30?

No, man, but I got a little
something else for you, though.

A little knowledge that fell
from a tree.

Man, I'm out of this joint
in a week, Pete.

That don't affect me.

Not if it's going down

like it's supposed to
in auto body.

Not if what's going down?

They're supposed to be
bringing a whistle in.

A piece?

Yeah, a fucking gun,
through the auto body, man.

Where you hear that?
The ear hustle, man.

Who bringing it?
You work up in there.

So we good on that 30?

Hey, yo, Patrick, you got a sec?

Sure, what's up, Louis?

Brah, I heard there's a strap
coming through auto body.

Is it for you?

Come on, let's go.

If I needed a piece,

I wouldn't bring it in
like that.

Why not?

Can't trust Piner.


He's working both sides.

Jerry Piner?

You didn't know that?

Terry's been controlling Piner
for the last year.

Piner looks away,
Terry brings in phones.

So now Piner's letting Terry
bring in a piece?

Piner's got no choice.

Terry's got
a paper trail on him.

Plus, he needs it.

Piner's got a sick wife.

Okay, so, who's picking it up
when it come through?

You sure you want to know
all this?

Knowledge ain't always
a good thing...

Man, just tell me who moving it.

Whoever you placed in there
most recently, Louis.


He's not STG, no
affiliation, he knows cars...

Putty in Terry's hands.

Terry got Beecher that job
to bring in heat.

That's why he got that dude
Ted fired out of there.

You thought you got
little Beecher that job?

You know Terry's
gonna use the kid.


Thanks, man.

Don't be doing
nothing stupid, Louis

♪ The longest train ♪

♪ I ever saw ♪

♪ Was on that ♪

♪ Georgia line ♪

Thank God it's Friday.

Take care of yourself.
Have a good weekend.

Hey, how's it going, Louis?

Kind of slow.

Anything new coming in, Jerry?

Well, we're supposed to get
a pickup in a few days.

Oh, yeah.
Where's it coming from?

A friend of a guard
over in D cell.

Mostly just needs body work
I'm told.

♪ I shivered ♪

♪ When the cold winds blow ♪

♪ Little boy ♪

♪ What have I done ♪

♪ To make you ♪

♪ Dream so? ♪

Where you get this
bullshit on your face?

Macon's guy on upper J.
You like it?

What the fuck you doing, man?

What, you don't got to
answer me now?

What the fuck
you want me to say?

You seriously gonna do this?

Do what?

Get brothers killed.

Fucking asshole.



The doctor wants to see you
in the sick call room.


Yeah, sick call room.

What's the deal?

What the...?

That nurse in there is
the only one I trust.

Why don't you have a seat?
I'm fine how I am.

No more fucking around, Louis.

We know there's something
coming in from outside,

and I need to know what and how,

and I'm pretty sure that you
have that information.

Why would I?

'Cause you probably talked
to Patrick,

and Patrick fucking knows

So fucking talk to Patrick.

Patrick does not talk to us.
Me neither.

Well, then I will extend
your sentence by 20 years

on charges of conspiring
to smuggle contraband,

and you will die a lonely
fucking death

within the confines of your cell

because I can fucking
arrange that.

Yeah, I don't think
you can legally do that.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Whatever it is that's coming,
just tell me how.

Is it over the wall?

Trash truck, laundry,
food, auto body,

CO, staffer, visitor?

Just tell me where to look.
I got no idea.

Do you not think I'm serious?
I'm sure you are.

If Terry Macklin makes that
hit, people are gonna get hurt,

and your wish of not being
on lockdown for your last days

will go right out the window

because you won't have
any last days.

You will be here forever,

and this place will be
shut down for eight months,

I swear to fucking God.

Do you, dude.

Stupid fucking mistake.

Get me out of here.

Man, I ain't got time for this.

Walk in, Louis.

Louis, go in.

Louis, go in.


You ready?

For what?

You have a meeting

with the restorative justice
committee or something.

Louis, good to see you.

Louis, this is Karen James,
sister of Abraham James.

Karen was eager
to meet with you.

Hi, Ms. James.


It's good
to see you again, Louis.

Anybody want to get started?

Or maybe talk about how you're
feeling right now.

Uh, I'll start.


the last time I saw you
was in court.

I had a lot of hatred and anger
toward you,

and I've been wanting
for many of those years since

to find a way to let that go.

And being here today right now,

even though some
of those feelings still exist,

I can also say that I am
no longer consumed by them.

And seeing you, as you are now,

as a human being is meaningful.

That's great to hear, Karen.
Thank you, that's great.

Uh, thank you
for saying that, uh, Ms. James.

And I hope you do know
that I very much regret

what I did to your brother.

It seems almost silly now

to say that
after all these years,

but it certainly is true.

I was a very dumb kid,
young man,

um, when I did that.

And I've tried, um, to use
these years here

to learn from it...


to not be that person...

um, and to be
a better human being.

Thank you, Louis.
That's amazing to hear.

And how old would
your brother have been today?

Uh, he would have been
50 years old.

The night of the robbery,

the night your brother
was killed...

I just remember him being
a very brave man.

And as you may know, there was
no real beef between us.

It was more the groups
that we were with.

And I just remember,

uh, him being very brave
in the face of what went down.

Could you tell me more
about that,

about what went down?

You... you want me to?

Well, um...

I was supposed to rob him.

He was carrying cash,

and I was selected to go get it.

And when he didn't give it up,

uh, we started yelling, and...

and he ended up getting shot.


'Cause he didn't do what
I told him to.

But why did you shoot him?

W-why didn't you just hit him

or even just shoot him
in the foot?

Well, he had a...
He had a gun, too, Ms. James.

Still, couldn't you
have just hurt him

instead of kill,

instead of shooting him
in the head?

So that
his brains just... just...

fell on the... I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I just...

May I say something else?
Of course.

I don't want you to get out.
I don't think you should.

And I-I'm so sorry,

I don't mean this
to be vindictive,

because I know the law,
and I respect it,

and... and... and... and I would
never try to stop it,

but I just feel
that I have to say

that sitting here

knowing Mr. Menkins
is soon to be released,

I would be lying
if I didn't say out loud

that I don't believe that
that is the correct decision.

And... and I respect you.

And... and I'm sure
that you are truthful

in saying that you are
a different person.

But you killed a man.

You shot a man point blank

in the head,

in his eyes.

And you tried
to get away with it.

And you would have

if you own mother hadn't seen
the blood on your pants

and called the police.

And so I do believe

that you should remain
in prison for that...

for the rest of your life.

I, um...

I understand how you feel.

And there are many days...

That I've wondered
if you're right.


Maybe this...

That this is where I belong.

Open the damn thing, man.

You haven't started
packing up yet?

You got less than a week.

I ain't got much.
I'll get to it.

Shit, I've seen guys with a
month to go already packed out.


You were right
about that thing with Terry.

He said if I don't help him,
I'm dead.

I stayed up all night thinking.

It's like all my choices
are bullshit.

I can't... I can't keep living
like this, Louis.

What you want me to do?
I don't know.

Tell that motherfucker no.
Hold your ground.

He won't mess with you, not if
he know I'm looking after you.

He doesn't give a shit
what you think.

I'm sorry, but he don't.

And even if he did,
you're about to get out.

Then what?

I still got to wake up
in this motherfucker

for the next 20 and deal
with the consequences.

The road is hard that
leads to life.

Those that find it are few.

What the fuck
are you talking about?

Sometimes the hard choice,
the right choice.

So then maybe you can make
a choice.

What do you mean?

Maybe, like, do it for me.

What, I take the gun
out the shop,

so now I'm looking at
a extra 30?

But you wouldn't.
How you figure?

No one would suspect you.
You're about to get released.

Terry says I can get away with
it because I'm new,

but he's lying.

Now that I'm in auto body,

I'd be the first one they come
at when the shit go down.

And like you said, it will.

No one would suspect you.

That's the stupidest shit
I ever fucking heard.

Look, it's coming today.

It's going to be
in the back fender.

Only thing I need to do
is grab it

and drop it off by laundry
on my way back.

I don't want to be this dude
no more, Louis.

I can't find my way
out of this shit.

I need your help.

All fucking talk.

Oh, here she comes.

Bring it up.

Let's take a look.

Right there.

Hey, not too bad, not too bad.

Well, got
a little bumper damage,

couple dents here and there.

Okay, let's bring it in.

Hey, Larry, why don't you
and, uh, Beech

start on it tomorrow?

Oh, yeah, we got this.
All right, then.

What you think?
Can it be done?

I'll just, uh... get started
on this back bumper.

Lefty loosey, righty tighty.

Louis, what you looking for?

Just, uh, feeling for damage.


Can you grab it for me?

And put it where?

Put it in your pants
or wherever.

Doesn't really matter.

It ain't got to be perfect,
Piner already knows what's up.

Get out of here, man.

You gonna do it for me?


Start that tomorrow.

Great work, gentlemen.

All right, let's go.
Let's go, wrap it up.

Hey, Piner! I think we found
something here, man!

We got a gun, man!
It's a gun!

We got a gun, man!
We got a gun!

It's a goddamn gun!
Drop the gun!

I need backup in auto body
right now!

Get away from the truck!
Roll, roll your body!

Put your faces to the ground!


Get your hand off...
Get your hand off me.


Pass it back, pass it back.
Let's go.

Appreciate that.

On your left. Hi-yah!

Got it.

I may be old...

Shoot the damn ball.

Put this on. Let's go.

You live out there, Louis.
You live out there for me, man.

I got you, Beans.

Moving offender Menkins to 5-10.

This is it.

What is it?

A check for $853.30.

Do you need street clothes?

Uh, yeah, I can't really
wear these.

Do you know your sizes?


All right, wait here.

What's up, Louis?


Yeah, I heard.

Yeah, they went to find me
some clothes.

That's probably a good idea.

I'm sad to see you go.

Yeah, thanks.

Yeah, you always were
a pretty good friend.

No, I wasn't.


So, um...

What actually happened
in auto body?

Oh, uh, like I told you,

I heard a rumor about a gun
in the car,

and, uh,
thought I'd take a look.

And you're saying that... that
Beecher saw you looking in

in that car bumper
and then just figured

that he had to have a look, too?

But that he didn't know

about the gun before that.

That's right.

You're so full of shit, Louis.

Yeah, I can understand.
That's complicated stuff.

Not really.

Here you go.


So what, I just change
right here?

Yeah, might as well.

Sister's picking you up?

That's what they told me.

What time?

Uh, 10:00.

I should get back.

I got to deal with all
the nut jobs.

All right, Louis.

Don't stay in touch.
Don't plan to.

All right, we'll buzz you
through the gate,

and then you're free to go.

That's it?
That's it.


♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Where you going
with that gun in your hand? ♪

♪ I'm just asking, man ♪

♪ I just want to know ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Boy, where you going
with that gun in your hand? ♪

♪ Joe looked at me
and said, uh ♪

♪ "I'm going down to shoot
my old lady ♪

♪ "You know I caught her
messin' 'round ♪

♪ With another man" ♪

♪ And that ain't right ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ I'm going down to shoot
my old lady ♪

♪ You know I caught her
messin' 'round ♪

♪ With another man ♪

♪ Whoo-hoo ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ I heard you shot
your woman down ♪

♪ You shot her down, now ♪

♪ That's the truth ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ I heard you shot
your old lady down ♪

♪ You shot her down
in the ground ♪

♪ Joe looked up at me
and said, uh ♪

♪ "Yes, I did ♪

♪ " I shot her ♪

♪ "You know I caught her
messing around town ♪

♪ "And I couldn't have that,
man, no ♪

♪ "Yes, I did,
I shot her, yeah ♪

♪ "You know I caught
my old lady messing around ♪

♪ Messing around town" ♪

♪ Well, what you do, Joe? ♪

♪ "And I gave it to her,
I gave it to her ♪

♪ "I gave her the gun ♪

♪ I shot her down,
yes, I did" ♪

♪ Well, shoot her one more
time again, then, baby ♪

♪ With your bad self ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ I gave it to her,
I gave her the gun ♪

♪ I shot her,
yes, I did ♪

♪ Shot her down
in the ground ♪

♪ Well, shoot her one more
time again, then, baby ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ I gave her the gun,
yes, I did ♪

♪ I gave her the gun
I shot her down ♪

♪ Yes, I did, oh, Lord ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Well, shoot her one more
time again, then, baby ♪

♪ Yeah, mmm ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Say now ♪

♪ Where you gonna
run to now, boy? ♪

♪ Where you gonna go? ♪

♪ Mmm,
look what you done done ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Ain't no hangman
gonna get me ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Ain't gonna put no rope
around old Joe, no ♪

♪ Hey, Joe ♪

♪ Whoo-hoo ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ I got to get up
out of here ♪

♪ Yeah, you better
believe it right now ♪

♪ I got to go ♪

♪ I got to go right now ♪

Do you think you
could look at me and say,

"There is a good carpenter,
mechanic, scholar,

knowing that I was a murderer?"

I feel like
if I was to share my story,

would this prevent somebody else
from committing violence?

Tell me a little bit
about your childhood?

The streets was presented to me

at a young age
before I even knew myself.

We lived in a raggedy trailer

on a mountainside.

One day, at the gas station...

I had left my foster home...

My dad said, "Let's
go over to the neighborhood."

It's one of them
things that is unraveled.

There's no turning back
the clock.

How much time did the judge
give you?

Oh, 45 years.

All of us come
from different places,

but our stories are so similar.

I want people
to see this and be like,

"They needed some help
at one point in time,

and they didn't get it
and look what happened to them."

I don't want us
getting into making this feel

like a sympathy type of thing.

Let's also tell the other story
of I chose to kill you.

Do you think your mentality
could have got put back

on the right track?

I think it was plenty
of opportunities.

We just couldn't get it
back then. We were just livin'.

Now we do get it.

It's a hard truth, ain't it?